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The Silvertonian 1899-10-28

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 W lNlMM oJ ^-UAJ
And Up To Dafe
Mining News
Of The Richest
Camp  Of British
OCTOBER 28, 18lff).
S. B. Morris, banker and millionaire
<dRodney, Ontario, spent part of tbe
week ia town on mining business. An
.-lamination of the Noonday mine was
made by him, he showing his appreciation of tbe property by purchasing
i.m 1,000 shares of the stock in the newly
(oimed compsny. Mr. Morris desired to
■ !.*> -ount the bond on the property from
Dickenson 4 Felt of Slocan City. This
latter firm however preferred to await
the maturing ol the bond and to collect
the face value.
This purchase of shares by Mr Morris makes tbe first large block disposed
nl and places a Rood amount in the
treivsury of the company. It is under-
■timi'.hat the workitiK lorce at the mme
Is t7 be added to at once and it would be
po surprise to see one hnudred men at
work attain at tbe mine within a few
Tbt uuna>it-iieut at thu Emily Edith
mine have been importing miners from
the Coast, disembarking ibem at New
Denver and bringing them over the
trail to Ibeir workings. Or. Tuesday lettl
e-imc-i members of the local Miners' Un-
icu visited the Emily Edith, talked with
'he i ui parted men and whan they came
tark Ott-jr were aci-oniH""-**•_. * by the
mint's crew, tho carpenters being Mt
the r __l.ii c.
Mme managers And it easier to bring
iii-ii ni under miarepreeentations than
lh v do t. keep them at work alter they
i-ecnms acquainted with the cotutitions
pMv.iilins here. None »ill sc.»t. if they
kn iw it.
The earth is full of aimer,
The seas are dark with wralh,
The Nations iu their harness
Go up against our path,
Ere yet we loose the legions—
Ere yet we draw tlm blade,
Jehovah of the thunders.
Lord God of battles, aid I
High lust and forward hearing,
Proud heart, rebellion* brow-
Deal ear and soul uncaring,
We seek Thy mercy now t
The sinner that forswore Thee.
The fool that passed Thee by,
Our times are known before Thee—
Lord, grant us strength to die.
For those that kneel beside us
At altars not Thine own,
Who lack tho lights that guide us.
Lord let their faith atone
If wrong we did to call them,
By honor bound thev camn 1
Let not Thy wrath   he-full them,
But deal to us the blame.
From panic, pride and terror,
Revenue that knows no rein,
Light haste and lawless error,
Protect us vet  again.
Cloak {Thou our undeseiving.
Make firm (lie shuddering breath,
In silence and unswerving,
To taste Tho lesser death I
What is (he blue on our flag, boys?
The waves on the boundless sea,
pTide1" VWMl*rIde in ,heit t»meless
p^d..lhe '"*' °->e wind« ■¥• 'fee;
-rom the sua and smites of tbe coral
\vl.tl," icf.of **• SMth •■■<■» No'th,
With dsuntiess tread through   tempests
E'en now their vanguard gathers,
E'en now we face tie tray—
As Thou didst help our father*,
Help Thnn onr host to-day ]'
Fulfilled signs antl wonders,
In life, in deathmsle clear—*
Johovah of the. Thunders,
Lord God of Battles, I ear!
Rudysrd Kipling.
The guardian ships go forth
What is the white on our flsg, boys?
Tlie honor of our land,
Which burns in our sight like a bearon
And stands while the hills shall stand;
Yea, dearer than fame is our land's greet
And we fleht wherever we be
For the mothers and wives that pray for
the liv«s
Of the brave hearts over thn sea.
What is the reJ on onr flag, boys?
The blood of our Ik roes slain.
On the burning sands in the wild wasto
And the froth of the purple main ;
And it cries to God from the crimsoned
And the crest of the waves outmlled
That, he send us men to light again
As our fathers foittsht of  old.
We'll stand by the dear old flag, boye,
Whatever bo said or done,
Though \h* shots come fast, ae we face
the blast,
And the foes bs ten to one;
Though our only reward be the thrust of
a sword
And a bullet in heart or brain.
What matter one gone if the flag  floet
And Britain be Lord of the main.
—Frederick George Scott, Quebec.
pepws were to criticise the individual
a» freely as tbe people criticise the news-
Pnpers, ssys an exchange. Every issusi
of A reputable newspaper is a mantel of
charity and the matter left out—truth
not gossip—would often equal in volum
th* matter published. If an editor
Were to get out a cold fact edition some
day and climb a tree and watch the
re .Bit— what a plo'iio he would have.
Wui Hunter returued on Wednesday
from his trip through the Bonndsiy district. Among all the towns visited, Mr.
Hunter picked out Phoenix as the winner. Belore he left for borne he had
purchased a lot there and let tbe contract (or the building of a store for the
Phoenix branch of the Wm. Hunter Co.
When he sees a good town he knows it.
Phoenix is the centre of a rich mining
district with such properties ss the Ironsides, Knob Hill, k<: in the immediate
The Boeun made s twenty ton shipment on Wedneeday from Boson Lead*
Slocan City ore exh ibit won Orel prise
lor Silver Ores at tbe Spckane exposition. . .
Tsck Estabrook leit on Monday for
f.ibby, Mont.
Miss Burr, n ho has been MUs Hun-
tar's vuset for the la*>t lew months, has
-ett_.ri.eil lo t'ri-ue- Edward I'laed.
"Wm. Bran****, nli. In* been  examln-
On Sunday the Slocan made  an extra j ing ->ome East Kootenay properties dnr
Practical miners are not alone in  tbe
business ol  m Inmg.   Many  men  who
never held or stiuck a drill, or shovsled
a ton ot dirt into a alulce box,  and  wbo
can't tell a stull from a stope will speak
very learnedly about mines and mining
aud frequently throw out a shingle  with
ths legend "mine expert" lettered  upon
it.   Several years ago these  "expette"
could be found  in  nearly  every  little
mining camp lu   tlie  .torthwest.   They
•re not so plentiful these  latter  days.
men who in\est  in mines aro  more
ii uticular in selecting their mine managers than they were in the early mining
days,   They  have   learned by  dearly
bougnt experience, that ''book learning"
while all right enough as an equipment,
dose not fully prepare a man to assume
responsible positions in  mine management.   Ho   must   or should have a
practical knowledge of mining to acquire
tbo full measure of success in his calling.
It ia  true that  fortunes have  been
made by investors in mines, who  never
swung a pick or trod a level,  but' they
employed practical men not theorists, to
manage the  underground  part of the
If the whole truth were known it
would transpire that the great bulk of
the mining failures is directly chargeable
to ignorance—to the failure of theories to
answer expectations raised. Any theory
baaed upon the working of a mine or
group of mines, may prove baseless
vlii'ii applied to a different formation.
Mother earth was uot built upon any
given plan or rule. She is full of freaks,
and theorists never take freaks into consideration. The practical miner meets
Hnd surmounts them and goes about his
business until he finds something elee
unusual to tsx bis resources, The thoorh t
may build a theory from what he saw,
but it dies "a bornin" for lie never finds
a condition to fit it. Practical miners
know when they meet changed conditions
of the earth in shaite or in levels, but
ihey can't say whether they will mnke
or break by pursuing the change. A
theory is often followed to financial rain;
a practical man iollows only what is in
tdftht, Theory and practlue in mining
"ever trot in the same class.-Weelern
•"Wou \Vqt\d,
r■t***^t%*-^sl)**.«.t'**H)t*}m*t>'imt .
trip (rom here loaded with dynamite for
Camp Mansfield.
Silverton presents a lively appearance
in the early mornings, as at that time
the numerous pack trails are being
loaded with supplies to be taken up to
the different mines.
The miners working around New Denver are contemplating the formation of a
branch of tho Western Federation of
Miners. This is a good move ii there is
enough of tbem to form a branch,
Geo. A. Jacksop, one of the owners in
the A. E. mine on Red Mountain,
visited the property on Sunday. He
reports the tunnel ss now in 62 feet and
with every indication tbat it is Hearing
tbo ledge,
Business is picking up all along the
line in Silverton, there are few idle miners around despite the fact that prospecting parties are returning to town and the
subscription list of Tin: Silvmtoniam is
growing steadily. Could anything better be aaid.
Twenty carpenters are being employed
ln the construction ol tbe Wakefield
concentrator and under tbe supervision
3 R. McRae the building is assuming
shape. Tbe employees are fortunate in
having Bert Wilhelm in charge of tbe
commissary and it is needless to say
that it is well looked after.
C. T. Cross, who had charge of the
Silverton ore exhibit at the Spokane Industrial Exposition, returned on Wednesday, The ore exhibit from this
place attracted a good deal of attention
from the mining men who attended the
Exposition. The exhibit won the following prises: First on Biltor-lead ores.
First on Zinc ores, Second on Cabinet
exhibit and Cross & Co were awarded
first prise tor an individual exhibit of
ing tho
pa.i*. two   weeks, returned on
While returning to Silverton on Thure-
d.iy evening after finishing Ihe assessment work on one of his claims, Joe
Brandon met with rather a piilnful accident While riding down the Galena
Farm road near town he became entangled in the te'ephone wire which had
fallen down across the road and wl.lh*
frying to throw off the wire, frightened
his horse, The animal began to buck,
throwing off his rider who received a
severe cut on tbo bead besides other
This particular telephone wire hss
long been a source of danger to travellers
over thp road after dusk. It should either be taken dqwq entirely or put up
John GraireeeHi and John Kasada left
ou Wedneselay for Tacoma. They have
lately been employed on Mafia Hill at
'he Emily Edith mine.
P. E. Wilson, of Gallagher k Wilson,
Nelson, was in town on .Vonday on business connected with the Noonday-Cur
ley mines for which he is solicitor.
Quite a number of our eitisene left last
night for Slocan city to enjoy tbe hospitality of tbe Oddfellows of that to.-u.
We feel safe in s-ying tbat they bad a
good time,
Tlie local gunners will hold a meeting
this evening to consider tho queetion of
forming a Guu Club. The marksmen ot
New Denver have announced themselves
as ready for a match.
The rumored drowning in Atlin of
Peter Grant is happily not substantiated.
Late arrivals from the north report having seen Peter alive and well after the
date of hie reported death,
Kaslo, Sandon and Slocan City are
quarreling among themselves as to v. ho
shall have the tiade (rom Camp Mansfield. In the meantime Silverton is
quietly shipping goods to the camp via
Ten Mile.
An able paper on the life of Ihe p iet
Bobert Burns hy Mrs. B. Calbick was
read on Wednesday evening st Oe
meeting of the Literary Society. Durin,,
litrrvals in the reading several so' ga a iH
reading were given from the po*\ T •
meeting «lo<*ed by singing "Anld Lang
Syne."—The Secretary,
The secretary ol the lo_al Miners' Union desires to supplement the free "sd "
given bim by a loral never to the effect
that he h»a just received a fresh llpe of
confectionery in uddition to the fruit and
notions ou hand.
A water pipe ie lieing laid to a spring
upon the monntain back of the Victori*
Hotel nnd Thorburn House This
spring will furnish ample water for both
these hotels and will give a good pressure
that can be used io case of fire.
Silverton's pew .chool house is now
completed and only lacks the placing nl
lhe seats to mnke It ready for occupation*
These are expected to arrive in Silverton
at any time, in the meantime the scholars are getting impatient for their new
The cash receipts of the local C. P. R-
office laat week amounted to over one
thousand dollars. This will (urnish some
Idea of the business hoing done l.y lhe
Silverhn merchants, tho whole amount
being collected on merchandise imported and exported.
What * bowl would go upil the news-
ityAW«t\*y. *t** -*_<•*«-*-._>___>• «<_*_» *sy*m*
Only the presence of mind and prompt
action of Herman Braskey prevented
Slocan Lake (rom claiming another
Victim and averted what might have
been another aad drowning accident.
Tuesday morning as the es. Slocan waa
towing the big barge into Rosebery
harbor Herman Biaskey, one of the
deck hands, who waa pulling a line
across the barge Ml overboard. He
rose directly in (ront of the barge and
attempted to swim out of the way, but
seeing that he could not keep ahead he
dove to avoid being run down.
Meanwhile en tlie steamer the cry of
'man overboard" was heard and the
crew were prompt in throwing the
struggling man a line. They were
horrified however to see the mun go
under and the barge pass over liiin
This barge being 160 feet long and going
but slowly, thev considered bis chances
of evW coming to the surface again small.
Braskey however lieing an expert diver
and retaining his pie-*enc-* of mind held
his breath end ..l'owed tlie b<trge to puss
over liltn defending hishe«d from contact
with th{i barge bottom, with his hand.*
Hecmoe to tun -mhuoii of Um water
behind the barge and drifted near the
stern of thewteamer. A lite line was got
to him and the swimmer was soon hauled
on lm«rd snd although full of water,
none the worse for bis cold plunge,
Aftor considering the matter the people of Silverton hnve decided to let thn
members of the Townsite Company volunteer in a body to fight the Boers
SiiveJton should Iva represented and it is
decided tint the chosen would be missed
\e*n than anyone else. Tnese patriots,
if kept well np to the front in a battle,
misht save the government the lives of
some good men.
The Nelaon Miner waxes hysterical
over the action of the New Denver
Miners'Union. As there is no such s
Union the Miner's fire is badly misdirected. From what is known of the Nelson
Miner however the simple fart ol the
n iii-existence of the base of its articles
cuts ti i ico. The weight of its articles is
usually in the same fix.
A copy of the Statistical Year Book of
Canada for 1898, issued bv the Department of Agriculture, has been received
st thi** office, lt is a complete review o'
all matters relating In Cannds, its history,
trade, immigration, banking, in fa-t all
facts and figures within the r.-acli of the
Department, lt is su excellent hook of
reference and a pnbllmtloH 'hat should
help Hie Bureau of Immiirrat'on in filling
up the great Nonh-West wilh setilers.
"The 81 ican District. British C .lum-
bis; Ils Kesoimes and Opportunities for
Investment" is the title of ths 90 page
pliamphlet prepared by C. Cliffe, editor
ot the Sandon Mining Review. This
puVlicstion, although not quite up to
date as regard s ui»< nf the information
given, is an excellent one and is the
first work of Ihis nature* which is confined exclusively to the Slocan. It has
been in course of preparation for some
time which accounts for the decrenan-
ciesof some of the figures awen. In
ihe introduction of this town, the pamphlet reads: "This snug little town on
the lake shore four miles below New
D-nver, h**s ssveral very tine buildings
Including well kept hotels and stores,
Wm Hunter c rrying one of the largest
stocks in the country. In point of number ol shippers and volume of shipment,
the town ranks next to Sandon in the
Slocan. The M-.tht.snn Bros, publish
Tux Sii.vkrto-.iai. here, a paper very
Instructive on the mines o( the loe-aliiy."
His compiler nf tills pamphlet deserves
cpeiiit lor his efforts tn draw attention to
the resources ol tbe Slocau,
I* A: M'Kinnon
& Co,,
SIlTrextoxi, B. &
T# Sfe m:« B-3-y_-0r>uiv_:_
■A. S S -£_. "2- B B,
•-f 1 TEST AKDICins,    PURE DRl « S,
Mineral Glasses   and   Compasses.
—   _>
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
Lake Hv -  - ■ Silverton, B. C.
Xdt  3_v£.   Knowles.   Bxop.
Patronise Home Industries.
OS88 988 888 88 88 88 88 8 88888888888888898888888 89
®8.8-8_8_8_8S8-8_8_.'8 SIS. S8888898.8888.8_8®
I. WRY  B10(I
V. f.
I>. BURIVS &co
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir.  Kaslo,   Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City , Grand Forku, Slrdjr,
Midway and Greenwood.
■ _ti_»_.'**v*.* <.***n*-*t*c.... .-ik«i>«____m.    "--MMni**  -SMS. **» utr
*****   *.«««*■»*_«'_    *,W*.'M,V««Ht< OM--M  ».__-l_ ».    <-jJ
A^-tiim^mn*^^ mh»
A Complete Review of the Event* for
tbe Pant Week iu Tht* and For-
..|«n l.nmls—Sumnmrlseil Front the
Luteal DUpa-.*he».
Gambrlll,- at St. Annes, Miss., tied Gam-
brilPs wifo and four children together,
piled a feather mattress on them, poured oil on the pile, cremated the family
and robbed the housu, Leflore was
burned ut the stake.
It is stated that John'©." Rockefeller,
the Standard Oil magnate, is about to increase his milling business to a large extent on Texuilii island.
A big tire did considerable damage in
Knightstown, Inch One llremun waa killed
by fulling walls. Several others aro missing.   The loss will be $100,000.-
The newspaper 1'atria at Manila 1ms
been suppressed, and ita editor, .Senor
V tor, a Spaniard, placed under arrest on
the charge of printing and publishing seel it ions documents,
Majofl Frank K. Upham, treasurer, acting quartermaster and commissary of tlie
soldiers' home at Santa .Monica, Oul., In*
stantly killed liimself by accident.
Ten pounds nf giant powder exploded, it j
the 900-foot level of the Rabbit's Foot
mine near Eureka. Utah, where the men
were at work, killing James Radford and
Oscai Sett. Hie other men were brought
to Ilie surface alive, but almost suH'ocaled
by gas. Paul Berk, a miner ut the Grand
Central, was killed by a shot going otr
while he was still in the winze.
Dan Creedon of Australia knocked out
Pat Ready of Washington in New Vork
in the eighth round of what was to have
been a 25-round buut at loS pounds.
Admiral Sampson, in the speech made
at Morgantown during the reception to
Captain Chadwick, created a sensation and
contributed a most interesting chapter to
the unwritten history of the Santiago
State President J. M. Hunter arrived ni
Spring Valley, Ills., on the call of the executive committee of thut district, and
called a strike of 2000 miners employed
by tlie Spring Valley Coal Compuny. The
men ull struck, and the supply of coa!
from this point will drop 5000 tons. The
dillii-ulty which brought on the strike is
alleged to have been tlie refusal of General
Manager Dal/.ell to -top union dues at tiie
company's office.
The sale of the Sutro street electric road
in San Francisco was formally consummated, after some spirited bidding in
Judge Coffey's court, the purchaser being
the Sutro Street Railway Company, and
the pries to be paid $215,000.
Dr. Klupper, editor of the Deutsch
Agrar'Coriesponilenz of Berlin, ha_ been
sentenced lo imprisonment in a fortress
for six months on account of lese BUM
jeste for criticising Kinperor William.
Governor Frank tslcunenberg of Ielulii
has protested against the proposed removal of federal troops from the Coeur
d'Alene district.
A large number of men have handed in
Uieir names to Captain P. SlcL. porin of
the Rossland, li. C, rille company, as volunteers for the Canadian regiment now
being formed for*service in South AfrlvA.
Joseph lleinii.'i, the alh'gi-d mine Salter.
i» lodged in the county j.iil at Olympi.i,
Wash., awaiting his friend-, to put up
$1000 bail before lie cm be -cl at liberty.
The American link Wiltia, Captain
John Slaler, caught liie at Tacoma dock,
and will be a total loss. She was loading
at the St. Paul i. Tacoma Lumber Company's mill for Australia, und hud 41X1,000
feet of lumber below her decks at the time
of the fire. This, with the vessel, which
was uninsured,*'will make the total loss
f 34,000.
Georgia Parker, an unfortunate living in Rossland, B. C, died from drinking a quantity of corpsive sublimate.
Vincent Burch, a waiter on the ferry
boat Sau.salito at San Fi*anoisco,._was
stabbed to death by Manuel Mi-Bride,
cook on the same vessel.
Columbia is a three time winner.
She tore across the finish line six minutes to the good In the third race, so
the cup remains In the I'nited States.
Chicago's population was increased
by 15,000 iu one day by the decision of
tho Illinois supreme court, which has
ratified the election of last spring, annexing part of Austin to the eity.
Choynski whipped Jimmy Ryan of
Australia in a deolBive mancr. He
showed himself a better man all round
In the seventh round three knockdowns
proved.too much for the antipodean.
The* Great Northern road has latelv
bought 17,000,000 feet of fir tlmhcr in
Washington, nearly all or It for the
road's proposed ore dock at Alloties
Harry Elkes, the professional bicy-
rllst, wns injured by being thrown
from his wheel on the Berkeley ovnl
track. He sustained a badly lacerated
wound on the left leg and his left arm
was broken.
The dwelling once occupied hy former President Van Buren at 37 East
Twenty-seventh street, N. Y., has heen
sold and It Is announced that the property will be converted Into a husiness
An jjfiheroft, B. C, report states that
there was a big fobbery at the Cariboo
mine, near Quesnelle Forks. The big
safe lh the Cariboo Hydraulic Company's oflice was blown open and part
of the amalgam, worth $50,000, stolen.
Al Fawcet.t, conductor on the netting
passenger train on the Nelson-Rohson
branch of the Canadian Pacific railway,
while at East Robson, breaking a conch,
slipped from tho front platform and
fell on the track. The wheel caught his
left arm, crushing it fearfully.
Serious riots have broken out. In lower Chldwin, district of Biirmnli. A
number of Sepoys of the Karr military
police, who had heen prohibited from
attending tho Burmese theater, broke
hounds, entered the thenter and attacked a number of English officers, severely wounding four.
A posse captured Joe Leflote, n negro, who confessed that he and Hob
Anderson wont to thc house of J. ll.
Hoqulam has an indebtedness of but
The P. A. F. cannery will probably
run all winter.
Anacortes is to have a new bunk, of
which W. T. Oden will be manager.
Another vein of fine-looking coal lias'
been uncovered on the lappet- Taenum.
Whntcom    county    bus 00 miles of
trunk line wagon roads, costing $18,-
The receipts of the Walla Walla fruit
fair this year were $5,300 and expenses
only $4,000.
Menlo creamery, at South Bend, won
first prize for cheese and second on butter at. the state fair.
Washington dairymen nre to hold a
.conventioii at North Yakima on l)e*
cemher  2X, 29 and  30.
John Thomas, of Tacoma, claims the
distinction of helping to start Sir
Thomas Upton in business.
Aug. Smythe shipped from Grants,
neat' Qoldendale, for Chicago, the other day 2500 head of lambs.
Tho boys nt the reform school nre
making 100 suits of clothing for the Inmates of the Stellacbotn asylum.
Thieves at Everett last week stole
about 2000 feet of copper ground wire
from the street railway company.
August Soapley, a farmer living
north of Ritsville, was found dead lust
week on the floor of his residence.
A sockeye salmon hatchery is about
to be established on Ohilliwack lake,
which empties into the Fraser river of
British Columbia.
Five hundred thousand sacks have
J_ieen sold to wheat raisers In Lincoln,
Wash. Every warehouse Is full and
still grain is coming In.
Waverly, Spokane county, and Berry-
man, Walla Walla county, have been
made money order offices with Spokane
as their depository.
The Whitman county fair has been a
great success, having over 1000 individual entries and a large attendance.
There were over 300 displays of fruit.
John McCall, a brakemau on the
Northern Pacific, fell between the
wheels of a moving caboose near
Grays Harbor and his leg badly crushed.
The superior court of Spokane county has decided that the school board
has no right to refuse admission to the
schools to children who have not been
The Northwestern Improvement Company was awarded the contract of supplying 1000 tons of coal for the state
institution nt Walln Walla by the state
board of audit last week.
M. A. Short of Pleasant postoffice,
better known as "Pony" Short, and the
only breeder of Angora Routs in Klickitat, is said to he stricken with small*
pox nt his home on Rock greek.
Heel clover measuring 5 feet 6%
Inches, a squash weighing 95'i pounds
and three apples weighing 4 pounds
and 2 ounces are anion-.' the big products of Kittitas county.
The Pacific American Company at
Falrhaven will supply a large order of
canned salmon for the use of the British troops in the Transvaal during the
Boer wnr.
The Pacific Coast company at Seattle
bas announced an advance in wages of
12 to 15 per tent for all the men employed in the noal mines at Newcastle.
Coal creek, I.awson and -FwnkJin, hi
all about 1200 people. The advance is
made retroactive, and will Include the
entire month of October.
John Prussia, who was on the Confederate gunboat Alabama, when she
■was destroyed by the. United States
warship Kearsarge, olT the harbor of
Cherbourg, France, in lSt.4, ts employed in the i.e.v factory at Cosmopolis.
When the Alabama was sunk by her antagonist, Prussia was saved by a
'.'rench fishing boat.
There are now f!..7,ono bushels of
wheat and 70,000 bushels of Ofits and
barley, making 407,000 bushels, of
grain in the Pullman warehouses, with
from 40.000 to &n,o«i) bushels yetlp l*-
brought In. Tins does not' Include'
Whnt hea bc-en brought to the mill nor]
what has already been delivered there.
The figures are only given of the grain
thnt will be exported. The total amount
last year was 400.000 bushels.
Hel.els II,,I Hie Deed—lit* Witx cjeinr-
l.i'iiiii-l. r of tilt* Volunteer..—(.ell.
1.lilt Ion nl Sn ii iNliIro—Ti-iiiin|i. irln-
tioie   I'ur   Sii|>|illt-N   In   Sinill.
Houses are in groat, demand iii Bilker
The prune crop of Douglas county Is
all sold, and nt good prices.
Tho lumber business is booming In
this region, says the Coqullle City Bulletin.
In the Powder river vnlley considerable damage was done by Inst week's
Colonel  Randolph  is    in    Wallowa
county, buying horses for the cavalry
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   service.
Washington, Oct. _*ft. — The war depart-' The warrant indebtedness of Lake
ment. teniae received the following from county on October 1 amounted to $«<),-
(ieiieriil Otis: ...    1624.88,
"Alai.il.,,-('..plain Guv Howard, qunr-1 T1*« wa*0D r0:u* betWeen Suaanvilla
term..*!.'.* of volunteers," was killed near ilml 1>0,*''*<'ton is bni"« W^f-Wr***
Ai.i.vat   while  in  a   launoh   on    the   Rio  lmProved; .     ,    _      .,
Giufeliyer by concealed insurgents- His' Thore is every Prospejit 0 Fossil,
clerk, a civilian employe and a native W'licele*" connty' Wo8»omlD« into a mln-
wcre woiinele-el. I "'K  town.
"A scouting det.ielime-nt „f the Thirty-1 A womnn *?*** openPl' nn °mi'P nt
sixth volunteers encountered insurgents Stimpter M m)1 osti„e ami niluinK
miuiliwe-i nfSint.i Rite,.Mattering thejn i brokerage.
killing .i - nml capturing fight nn-n und'I Cranberries of North slough, Coos
10 lilies.   .No casualties.■ " county, are reported to be extruordln-
••ilciier.il  Lim ton is operating at  Sun arlly flno tt_.a fall.
Isidro.   The forwarding uf supplies to that1    Thp   ■*•*■■■"■■   teachers' Institute
point continues at fended wilh some difli-
i ulty nn account of the lack of tru importation, whii-li will In  supplied soon.
"The in urgenls in southern Luzon At-
Lu l-cd Cil.iiuliii. bill niie driven off. No
casualties. Kline*, commanding at Cihini
I   ^^
n   Dallas Oc-
Polk  county will  meet
tober 26, 27 nnd 2S.
I! Is expected that the telephone line
connecting Fossil with tho railroad
will bo completed  in about five dnys.
The millinen In Dallas are now hnv-
vig.rju-ly   attacked   the   imuigent 'n- a great rush of orders for lumber
foiie eeiii,-.nt mi inn- ,,„ |,js ttont, I0ut,.,i but are unable to get cars for shipment..
Beef cattle are becoming scarce
them from lhe trenches and pursued them
three miles.   His casualties were one private  killed,  one  corporal  and   three  privates wounded.   The ciiemy'
lo-s is mi
'  The wheat crop in many sections of
eastern Idaho is proving light.
Great activity is manifest in rebuilding Placerville, recently destroyed by
The sawmill of Joseph H. Schelaske
of Boise, located on Daggett creek,
burned lust week.
Near the Thunder monntain district
a prospector named Fitzgerald has discovered senile phenomenally rich gold
The surplus in the hands of the Idaho interniountain Fair association, after paying all premiums and expenses,
is nbout $300.
•The Congregational association in
session ut Boise, adopted a resolution
aguinst the seating of Congressman B.
H. Roberts of Utah.
It is said that large copper ledges
have been discovered in the new territory east of Warren. They are on
Monumentul aud Smith creeks.
Mining in the Coeur d'Alenes is in a
very healthful condition, notwithstanding the serious state of affairs
tbnt prevailed a few months ago.
The I'nited States soldiers will remain in the Ccpur d'Alenes. The Idn-
ho National Gunrd will relieve the regulars of gunrd duty, but the federal
troops will remain.
Ten pioneers accidentally met on the
streets of Boise last week, whose combined ages were C81 years. All of them
hud ccjnie west thirty years or more
ago, and ull hnd engaged in mining.
Lewiston is to have a third national
bank. The new enterprise in to be
known as the Idaho National hunk, nnd
will probably open for husiness about
November 1. The capital stock will be
The receipts of the secretary of
state's office for the last quarter were
$57!».20, agninst $479.40 for the corresponding quarter of last year. For the
first three quarters of the year they
have heen $2,71.1.90. against $1,797.(10
for the same period of 1898.
The award of the capital prize at
the i-.pokan'*. fhlr went to Nez Perce
county, Idaho, for the* best display of
grains, grasses, fruits and vegetables
from counties or districts. Quality and
i|iiantity were the points on which the
mutest was decided. The prize was ,i
beautiful silver cup valued at $1-0.
At Silver City lust week Joe Shields
was shot and killeel by Tom Murphy.
a saloon keeper. Murphy and his victim had a dispute about some matter
of change. The dispute grew Into a
quarrel, which culminated In Shields
culling Murphy a vile name. t'pnn
this the latter drew a gun and shot
Shields through the .body. The victim nf lhe shooting* died almost Itiimc-
tlie I_ong Creek country, the ranges
having been pretty well cleaned up by
The Wasco county woolgrowers manifested their appreciation of Senator
Michell's efforts in behalf of the
scalp-bounty bill by sending hint a live
The sugar warehouse nt La Grande,
50x180 feet, will be taxed to its utmost
capacity this year, us the estimated
output is placed at 4,000,000 pounds. 40,-
000 sneks, or 200 carloads of 20 tons
____. _-
lleniulls ot Foreign  Powers.'
London Oet. 25.—Sensajtiopitl rumor-, of
designs of foreign power- Inimical to British interests meet, with scant credence,
though it is Admittedly diflieult to explain
the Immense force ou land which Great
Britain is now mobilizing.
In Vienna it is reported thai the British
naval movements are ehie to a rumor tliat
Russia, with thenss-mt of France, is about
to a. quire from Spain, t'e.iui.t. or some
other naval station on the African coast.
Elsewhere it is stated, that the movement..
have increased to 11,000 pounds.
lti-|Mll>lll-    (Hill 11.
The Jim Blaine drift is in a full face
of ore.
It is definitely settled that Republic
shall have its own custom mill.
Work is progressing stendlly on the
Surprise .shaft, and nlso in the drift.
The talk of the town is the strike ou
No  Four tunnel in the Republic- mine,
The |edge is 27 feet wide, lielng tnihil gost body of ore ever found In the
Andrew Clyde is preparing to develop
the l'-iinn Girl und Crown Point nbout
six miles enst of Republic.
The shaft on the Knob Hill Is down
18 feet. In it is four feet of quartz going an average of $28 per ton.
Workmen are engaged in excavating
for the purpose of making room for the
whim on the Hit or Miss.        i
There is more quartz in sight, in the
Black Tail Hum in any other claim in
cnmp save the Republic and Mountain
The shaft on the San Junn is reported to be. 80 feet ln depth. The ore
looks well but Its value ls a mutter
of conjecture.
On the Quilp work is continued steadily em the jvinze and the ore maintains
its solid character and there is no
change in valnes.
In tbeSun Poil the face of the drift
•was full of high grade ore. From tlie
point where first encountered this rich
ore has been penetrated about 10 feet.
The Chespa Blue Jay Is reported to
be Iftokfng very well, with four fret
of average good ore, and a ftfar-tneb
streak in the vein, which it is claimed
will run $175 per ton.
The winze-on the Flag Hill Is clown
of lhe French Mederterranean fleet in the'28 fe>t*   *rhis ls Ma* mnV on tnP
iicif.diborho.-d of. the Levant,    where    it \ t.'r0l,s ,'>,,-e*   Crosscuts are Mng driven
eiiiild easily he Joined  by  the  Russian
lllack  sea  fleet, via  the straits of  Dar-
il.inelle-., are OOCtSSionidfe suspicion.
work being done in that   section   |g
yielding satisfactory results.
Julius Pohle, one of the heavy owners in the Leadville Gold Mining Com.
pany, has Blurted w«}*k on the proper
ties o{the company, which arc said lo
be among the most promising in that
Holster and Chesaw nro growing
steadily and at lust visitors here can
he furnished suitable sleeping aocnni-
niodutions. One of tho two hotel build,
ings at Holster opens tomorrow. At
Aluminum has just been used for tho'Chesaw a throe-story, 20-rooin frutue
construction ol* u new fireproof curtain hotel ls well under way and is being
to be used in the opera house, Besun- pushed to completion,
con. The curtain is 00 feet wide, by 54 j South of Chesnw, on either side ot
feet high, und its total weight, compos- ( Myers Creek, equally'grittltylng snowed of aluminum sheets one-twelfth of ings reward work. The Inflepemient.
an inch thick, will be 4,000 pounds. Temple Group, Omega und other'prop
Had sheet iron been used instead of! cities ,on the east side, tbe State of
the lighter metal tho   weight   would | Washington Group and. many    other
Iteini Ohoinoel Brain tlie l,»te_ Baportl—
All llUtrlnU An K«lu( lie»elo|i««l A
Prtt_.per-.___ Your I* Predicted—Mining
Motei and Perionali.
Jarvli ni in pi*
Wnshlhg-on, tiet.   it...—
\ otter.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Cup! a in Shoe
iiiakfr, chief of the ie-,i nue flitter aerviee,
li. received from Lieutenant Jurvis a
brief report dated St. Michaels, Alaska,
S pt' lube T 30, in lhe- in. lit liip of the rev-
i-lilie cutter Hear to P,iinl lliinjw, iu lhe
0 urse eif ..hich he .av-:
At Cape* Nome ue Mime 460(1 people
with the possible ml,lull,n of Irom ..00 to
11*00 from Yukon rivti points. I think
there will be ample lees-oinmoelations for
all eli-iiiug to en an'.. And also Mlffleienl
provL.ioni for those who remain Typhoid
fever is prevalciil, bill the* coming of cold
weather ia expected to check it.
I"l ender In m ilntDined, but there is
a IuwIcau clement that it is desired.to get
rid of before lhe .cinler closes in and I
will co-operate with the military author-
ItisS and  thi"
lii.it   ell,I. <
"There i-i also n large nuinlier nf . iek
.unl Indigent whom it will lie noce-Hary to]
lake awiy on the Ite.ir to prevent siider
in;.-.   Tin- Hear is enroute lo siika."
i iisin.  lit   liirnenn.
Caracas, Venezuela, Oct. 25.—General
(astro, the insurgent, .e.uiinuniler eliiring
tlie lectnt revolution, .:ns etiterid this c'.ty,
A  cardial .ree-cptlem  WIN aei i.r.l».l  blm
\o ii-.ir of renewed .is-iting is felt.
One of the tentacles of the Standard
Oil trust has shot into Indian Territory
nnd gobbled up thirty-live copper
Kaslo k .bean
Tralm Run on.Pacific Standard Time.
l.. h ve. . Arrive.
doing Weat. Daily. Cluing East.
1:00 a. m   Kaalo    3&J p. m.
IM ts. m...
v jo a. m...
1:46 a. in...
»:S6 a. in....
10:12 a. tn.,.
HI _6 a. 111...
10;M a. m...
10:40 a. m...
South Km*
.... Spioule'a 	
..  Whitewater ....
... Hear J___ike	
i,.   Mi'CiciiKUll   	
....  Bailey's 	
Cody Jim.-tl. n t.
i.m p. m'.
.. _.:'_.!> p in
.. 2:10 p. in.
.. 2.00 p. in
.. 1. p. ni.
.. 1:34 p. m.
xctMjpt m.
.. 1.16 p. in
lirli.-1.   i .,l.i...1.1..   Stilillfr*.
\ .iiiioiiVer, Oct. 24.- -Much enthusiasm
j"Aas evidc-nceel he-re ovei the departure of
the region nt of goldifiis for Quebec, bound
for the Transvaal. The national anthem
was sung efinl great ciowcJU assembled ul
the iftunt lu bid thc soldiers farewell.
Each -nlilier was presented with a well-
■ iille-d purse, lhe gift nf citizens of Van-
em.ci, \ ietoii.i, hiuI i.ihcr Hiitish Oolum*
bin cities.
I -'iii.sli.it    lo   lie   llrlitii.li.-r.
Washington, Oct. 2.r*.—Following a con*
fereiue between the president and Secretary Boot the latter telegraphed lo Gen.
•Krctlericjk Funston the lender of a brigadier ei'iieialship in tb,- newly funned volunteer service.
llllt->-»   II.nl.    llr...mill   Home.
Sjrt Krnncisco, Oct.  24.-Tlie body nf
Leave 11:00 a. ni..Sandon..Arrive 11:40 a. re.
Arrive 11:16 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:26 a. m
O.  F.  I'eil'Kl.AN'li.  Superintendent.
lulled Slates marshal'Jo.^tieutensnt Colonel Mlley wns brought
■homo on lhe transport Senator under pi*
enil. He was General Shatter's chief aide
in I'uiu i\.nl fell a viilim In fever in lhe
Phillnpjoes. His widow and children reside in Ihi. slate.
KM It'll   In   it   l| nil reel
ItH.I.l.VCS, Mont.. Oct. 24.    Mux IT it
debiaiiill. a  Mnmg sheep herder, was shot
and killed by l-'iank ('lister, n German
rancher. The men quarreled over some
inisiing pelta.
Queen Victoria loathes cats, and no
one In her Immense household is per-
li ii nsii.iri .    Snllf-.l.      .
Manila, Oct 21. C,ilumbia snilcd for
San Francisco October 10, Belgian King
sailed Imlav. Mu- Siam. via 'T,,n,iliiln. Oc*
tober 20.   " OTIS.
«'<>Bl   Hunkers  Bnrned.
l'-isco; Oct. 10 —The Immense coul bunk*
milted to own n cut.    She hi.s an un   or* ol the Northern Pacific nt thin place m»
canny fear for them. I burned. j
ni. Kootenay;...
Railway aod Navigation
Operating Kaslo __ Slocan Railway, International Nav. A Trading Co.
Schedule of Time—Pacific Standard Time.
Passenger train for Sandon and way
stations, leaves Kaalo at 8:00 a. in.
Iially.-rrtuiiiliiK, leaves Sandon at 1:11
p.  in .  arriving at  Kaslo at 3:65 p. m.
International Nav. _tt Trad. Co.—Operating on Kootenny lake and river.
Leavea.Kaslo for Nelaon at 6:00 a. m.
dally, except Sunday. Returning,, leaves
Nelson at 4:30 p. in. calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and all way points
. Connects with 8. Y. __ N. train -te and
from Spokane, at Five Mile Point.
S. 8. "ALBKRTA."
Leavea Nelson for Bonner's Ferry Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. in , meeting
steamer "International" from Kaslo at
Pilot Bay.
Returning, leaves Bonner's Ferry at l:M
a. m.  Wednesdays and Sundays.
Connects at Bonner's Ferry with Qreat
Northern railway for all points east and
•tesrosrf call at principal landings In
both directions, and at other points when
Tickets sold to all points In Canada and
the United states
To ascertain rates and full information
ROM-IT iftVINQ. Manager,
Keels, ». 0,
from the tunnel to tap two north and
south ledRes.
The superintendent of the Docile says
that the shaft is uliout 275 feet deep
with two feet of solid quart! showing
In the bottom which assays better than
$_.0 per ton.
The new shaft on the Delta is down
about __,Teet. The ore body is promising. The. whim mae'hinery is not yet
on the gTciiind. and It is. therefore, un-
eertain.wh-*-. the work will lie resumed
on "the old shaft.
The artic]e*s of incorpnr.ili'n of ilie Itepiiblic Iteeliiefinn Company have Wii
elravui up am) sent to tin' secretary of the
slate. Tlie incorporators are M. IV Itiown-
lee and Waller M.nkay of Spokane and
.lames I*. Lansing pi Republic.
The development of the Tom Thumb
is constantly showing better average
values In the newer workings than
were found in the old. and the property ne.Ver exhibited fs strung a tendency for a permiiiicflt pay shoot as It
does' toduy.'
Sli.-. iilnn   I'm,ip.
Tlie Little Chester has a shaft down
100 feet'ami Is producing some nice ore,
about j;be same as the average of Hie
The Horse. Shoe claim has an ouUrop
of oro thai runs from the smaller.values np (0 fcLMO per ton. U Is on flu; Polar Star vein and a crosscut
driven to develop It. ^L^^^^
• The Discovery claim, situated on the
Zalu Consolidated vein, bas a shaft
down SO feet and Is being sunk deeper.
It is producing ore tbat runs aliout
$".'. per ton. |
Some very good oru l« comipg out of
the Litllji Ned shaft, also on the Zula
Consolidated vein. This -chaff is 'dn\£n
ii little over 1.0 feet.
The Polar Star, on o different vein,
with ore thhl. furnishes some very good
asmy'values, hns a shaft clown HA teet,
.'ind a crosscut from the hottom of li Is
being driven for the vein,
The American Flag claim, on the
Hnme vein, has 'been opened by cross-
etits unci has a shaft, down SO feet on
the ledge. It has produced some very
good looking ore. of the same chnracter
as tbe Horsei Shoe and Polar Star, nnd
it assays as high as flSQ per ton.
Another consolidation deal of importance to Sheridan camp Is under
way now. .The American Flag, ifncle
Sam and Poltir Fraction claims, all on
thc snme lend', and showing high values
will be joinpil Into one company, nnd
active development work will be pushed this winter. This property promises
to he one, of the best In the camp. Snm-
plete of the Flag ore were on exhibition
at. t.lie Spoknne exposition and attracted much attention. Knowing ones predict a .gre»t future lor this proposition.
Myers Creek Cnmp.
A good, deal of work is being done on
Rnck|iprn .mountain, lying east of
Myers Creek.
A. W. Hurry, who owns a group of
live claims, two of them joining the
Wisconsin, has started n crew to work.
With shortening days Myers Creek
camp has taken on Increased activity
and on dll Hides prepare! Ion for winter
in being rushed. No effort has been
mnili- to liemni the camp.
The Horafcstako, recently purchased
by tho X)lt,t,mer Brothers, Is reported to
be showing phenomenally Ape ore. All
claims belonging to Simpson, Wood,
worth, lllsley, Jackson and others on
the west side of Myers ('reek now being
worked, ure showing up in n way to
gladden the hearts of their owners. A
good deal of work will bo clouc Ibis
British  Inliiinliln.
.lohn Y. Cole returned from n visit
to the Hunker Hill on the Pend d'Orellle river. He reports that the site for
thc mill has been graded, lu ground
dimensions will be '1U by 70 feet.
A special meeting of the directors of
the Hainblcr-Carlbiio company will be
lit Id at Ko8sland on November 2. The
purpose of this meeting is to declare u.
dividend of one cent a share. As the
capital stock of the compuny ts now
1,..'oil,000 shares, the eleclarutiou of tills
dividend means the distribution or
% 12,500.
In the Oro Denero in Summit camp
tlie crosscut at the hot turn Of a *_0U foot
shaft is 4f> feet long. Two recent as
says gave average vulues of }_.ti nnd
$47 per ton, respectively.
Harry Guger, M. K., states that he
had a aut.isfac.tciry interview with Jay
P. Craves iu regard to securing a site
for his .proposed smelter adjoining the
tlriinliy smelter now building at Orand
Forks. The smelter, he adds, is now an
assured fHct. Mr. (lager proposes treating sulphide ores by the I_oder, or Ward
system of pyrltlc smelting. He will
react here in a few davs with his principal, Kdward T. Bradford, president of
the Southern Smelting Company of
lienver, Col.
News from Camp McKinney, B. C,
says a line strike of rich gold ore in the
lower level o'n the Waterloo. The report is that six feet of ore in the west
drift at the JiO foot level averages better than $l.r.U a ton and has been doing so for several clays. There is plenty of free gold showing In lt, and the
sulphurous which carried the high values in the. upper drift are snid to la*
abundant in the lower workings.
The cleanup from the five stamp mill
on the Cranile anil Banner, in Camp
McKinney, last week was a gold brick
valued at ..-_7. The shaft la down _.".
feel In itolld ore.
I'e-velopment on the Humming Bird,
on the North Fork of (he Kettle river,
is lieing carried out rn an extensive
\V. F. Robertson, provincial mineral
ugiFt, made an examination of the auroral mining camps In the Immetllieie
in-ij-biiiu li'ioil of Columbia. He says
he fonnd the on* Imelies simply liicx
Four thousand acres of rlcb placer
ground will Ik- brought into use by the
building of the great High Line ditch
In southern Oregon, when It is com-
ph te-el. Thia ditch will lie the greatest
on the e'ciust, and the cost of Its construction is $700,000, furnished liy Port
land capitalists.
In the good old days of placer mining
a man with a pick, pan, shovel and a
rotter or a single sliiiee Ihix was fully
cciuippcil iii fackle any ' "from grass
root* to la-el rrw-k" pay dirt where wuter
was buiicly. A I'pw ilciilars hi'e-iired the
outfit anil with a little- grub und a dirt
roofed log i abin the old-time miner was
ns much at home in his surroundings '
as the manager of a heavily capltall/.eil
(|iiiul7. mine is today in his c-xpolish''
and, in serine instances, luxuriously fur
Dished apartments. But conditions
Irire greuilv cbunged since the eat'.'
day mining. It. takeg money to carry
on any niinipg proposition now.
(J. J. lleiekiiileli of Sallese, liluho, Is
enthusiastic  as  ever   o\i'|-   the   ollllool.
for tin- Monitor, the copper property on
which In- hns be-on woriiliig for the luVt.
year. There Is now $S,ou0 or fti.-OOO
woilb of ore on the elump which hns
been taken out In sinking the shaft and
drifting on the loo*level. Supplies have
been taken in sufficient to fin nisb a
dozen or nfore men all winter, and it h*
expected thut by the time spring opens
there will be enough ore on the dump
to justify them commencing work on
a wagon road and pushing It up the
mountain as fast us tbn snow goes off.
let.lie em   C.linir,
Sin I'laiiei-eii. f>ei. 'l'i.—The Iowa vol-
liniei'is landed from the transport Senator
and partook of a splendid breakfast at the
I'Viry building. Hovernor Shaw and
many other prominent lowntiR were pres-
enl and speeches appropriate to the 00*
C'Hsieui u(,|v delivereel.
The march to the EVasldio was iimler
the sn me eiithiuiiastii' conditions yvliicli
greeted the other,rctuining regimciils.   ,,
ill.—The    Dewey
l»t*«e>"s   tlttnir
Washington,    Oct.,]	
home, committee, whi -b has itl ch.ifge lhe
pujeiiase. of a home foi the mlmli.tl fWn1
moneys received by popular snbii ription,
have -t-l *,i i.<i the 'house No. 1747 Rhode
Hand n.enue, \. \\„ known as (he Kil'li
\o Uliiil.
New Ynik, list, 20--The third ram.between  Ihi; Columbia  and  Shamrock  was
ci laii'il oil on .iiiiiimt of no wiml.
n*.«_M**» mm.^-.s^.^, ?*^ _-_____■ -*u.tv.
' O. .."»iA*mf*»**yi&myt>*wMHi<myw> •
..n»i. .nr im   .■ew__sai_>ts.ini<i__«_i»i Astswa*w*. tm,*.*i*.,*>*'*s*i»vw*tr%*s*tt'u*y*s**^ .wj*y.ysmsu.-*m**Mr». i<**~^c**u*r.*.-<<t*.t. *<mu*sr*wum.>.:*r'u.,\u wettti'tsutm mm
it&i-mEacre^ V^^v^^^.^»^^^^-^-s*. True Economy
The difference of cost between a
good and a poor baking pow=
der would not amount for a fam=
ily's supply to one dollar a year.
The poor powder would cost
many times this in doctors' bills.
Royal Baking Powder may cost a little
more per can, but it insures perfect,
wholesome food. In fact, it is more
economical in the end, because it goes
further in leavening and never spoils
the  food.
Royal Baking Powder used always in
making the biscuit and cake saves both
health and money.
You cannot, if you value good health, afford
to use cheap, low-grade, alum baking powders. They are apt tn spoil the food; they
do endanger the health. All physicians will
tell you that alum in food is deleterious.
Tha unsoundness of mind of one of      The Chinese are   much    Impressed !
the conspirators at the time of the trial   wilh the powers of the sewlQg machine ■
of un aitiein ia held in Tucker vs. Hy-   and  to  meet  their demand  for these |e*v*s       „
all td,nil.-), tl ti. It. A. 12!t, to be no de-   helps to busy Women some American  ,,f inspection of ilit.  ..cat, northwest aft
firms lately set\t a shipment to Hans- southwest.
Knk, valued nt about $H)3,"50.
Mites Cuiiif-i «t> lhe Wwl.
Washington,   Opt,  23.-  Oeneral  _**%■
immediately tor au extended tour
.,,.     >   .»»■<.,,      _.     ...     ...    *».    -_...•,    	
fense in any of the other parties
iiiiyv.   i misr
VTa ett.r Cttus Hundred Dollar. Reward f.n
• n> raw eif fnlarrh llmt culiniit be cured bl
11.11 a Catarrh Cat*.
If. 1. l*IIKNKT ft re*) , Toledo. O.
Wa. th* ugilrri-iictivti, h.ive knu-.ii I-*. J
Clieney fur the IftKl 1, year*, and belli-ve him
perfectly hnnuiable In all bu*li.m_> lr_tti-s..ci_i.»
and nn.,ii, .aII) „i.i. i,, carry uui any obligation*
mad* by   lh, ,i   Item.
UI.ST A Till' A X. Wli..|.-s.,le L.rucill.ta. Tn
l.do.   II.
'. Al.i'IN.i.  RINNAN ft MAHVIN.  Wh.iloaala
l'i "I «,-!-.      *l i.|_—I,.      ...
Mali* Catarrh c'uia la takan Inle nniliy. art
liiK -lira, ily upon th« I.I...-.I and mucoiM eur
farei of lh« .yetem. Teetiinonliili* ..tit tree
Cn.a  •*«.-   i-t   twill*.    Bold   by   ull   Dru_(l_ta
Hall'a Family  l-ili- ara lha bast
Some  17,(MM.i u|e|iii. :i!'.i.-i    frr  pensions   have already  lieen   .'.led   hy  sol-
lie will go first to Chicago, thence to
v.       ,   ,    ...... Omaha and along ihe Northern PaciBc ai
ln.|.ro.art Train Fi|iil|iinent. I.,,   ue-t  ?( St-.ittlc- nnd   I'm t J.iilil.  theme
The O.  R. & N. au.l Oregon Short L, s.ui Fran.ispo and bacls by wny of New
Idne have milled u bntTttt, smoking and  Orleans,
library  car to their   t'oitlancl-t.liieago :
through tiain. and a dining car servics Mo-iium.- at Home,
haa been inangiiarated. Tba train il j Butte, M.mi., Oct, 25'-- The First M"ii;
equipped with lim latest obair cars, j ,,,„,, vu|iurfteei. Imve. an.vol and »■*"
day  coaches  snd   luxurious  flist-class
snd ordinary steepen.    Oiiect connection made at Granger with   Union Pa-
ciflo, and st  Ogden   with  Kio  Grande
line, (rom all points in Oiegon, Washington and Idaho  to all Eastern cities.
For   information, mtes,   etc.,   cull   on
..    ...   anr  U. K. & N. agent, ot adelreea   W.
tilers In the war against .Spain.   That   »• Hurlbnrt, Ueneral Passenger Agent,
nieiins mure giie-f for the niiili with Ihe   *™»«s~>*«« ! •■'-'    _•'  _     '__
eiveu a nntsing reception,
An it* speeches nil.I a dinner tlie men
wen- presented with special medals of
honor by Senator (.'lark.
Millie  lo  <_<-u<-riil   Ollie—I'lo   Del I'lliir
In tl.e HilHliicxa—Capture of Aiculn-
lelilo   nml   Iteliellloti   Stopped   l.n-
Il.e   lliunli.il  'ITiimihiiihI  Dollar*—
Anollier S_.irnil.ili,
.Manila, Oct, 20,—General Otis 1ms re
eef\eil iiies^i^es purporting to coma frmn
i lie tnsurgenl general, i'io Del Pilar, offering to wll out anil deliver his uriny inlo
Hit- hands of the American... Although lie
is'mil .sali-ll.-d that this otier i. .uitliciiti.-,
iii is not intrinsically improbable,
Tin* policy of General Otis is liriuly set
ityainsl buying any sin renders.    Pilar o_-
fe'is for tho Hum uf .fob,nou to retrain from
atlaekiiig Manila with bis army, for the
mini ni $200,000 to stiiTciidcr his anny nf-
li-r a fliJim battle, botli side* tiling in the
air, and lor $oUtl,tii)U lie say.- he wili pro-
outre the overthrow of ths in..une. tiun and
capture. AgttllBilBO, Hmeriiu und otlior
le.iiliis.     Ill  llje^iillise ol   the cuUiUlilllie.l-
lioii lie refers to Aguinaldo in eontemiitu-
mis i,mis, iiiiliealiiig tliufstraini'd relation. e.\i-l  between llieni.
ltepiiits are being received from dis-
,lriiis occupied by tlie t-nciny which state
I lli.il l'il.ir has an aiidaeiou* plan to bieak-
throiigli the Aini-rieau lines inlo Manila
and seize. <_uiicr.il Otis ami tlie archbishop.
I'wtsibly llic.-e riiiui.rs were stated with
lilt i'lea of helping*'liiui lo make a deal
tt. 1-..I tlie Aini'l hauls. ll is needless to
s.iy tlie Aiuiiicalis would wt-l.-t.iiie an at
Luck nf (his iiift,
Ihe-ie has been much speculalinn of late
rpgaiJing Iho whereabouts ol Plo I'el
I'll..i, Ilie recent attack a_'l_.i lamia being
liTlited to his nen. It ia bejietetl lie is
ie i in tjie vicinity of San Mateo valley
ai.h a lorce of from 1500 to .KHIU men.
iJi,humcrs sny .-sp.ini-li soldiers who
.\i;i.o captured by the Filipinos anil for a
liiiit- acted as ollii-er.s and members of a
b|lipino artillery regiment, are located
in ihe vicinity of Santa Kosa, determined
,i.surrender the artillery. The plot wis
Ji-.i-iivi.rt.il by the Pilipiiios, who killed
seven of tin- conspiratb**s, the other tluee
• sr.iping to Manila.
lialstiii's .Miicalicle scouts encountered
Lhe enemy at San Mateo, near Aravat, at
iT.vn today and attacked them on lhe
.Mill und ileiiik, iliiwny litem out ol tin:
trenches und dispersing them completely.
Several Filipinos, iiicliiil-ilg the e-aptain
and iie-uicuaiit, were killed. A quantity
of aiuis was captured. The M.uabeles
lin.1 one in.in killed.
Filipinos attacked the railroad patrol
of eight nieii, members of the Seventh re-j*
iiiniit. at t-uiguiiiio, Hiuiiiiliiif,' two.
Jin- Americans reinforced ibe palrol
ami iIium- nil' Uie enemy, capturipg a
quantity of aiiiiuuiiitioli.
Pktaftfng e.r IIik Hrtrae.
Sosiioiias nature sees an improvement
tin-re is ii change; The candle gave way to
electricity ami I lie )iur_.e to Ibe automobile.
The fact ihat Ho«tetter's Stomach Hitters
ban been Sold fe.r Over balf a century,
prove" Us value. There is itiitbiiigtoei|ual
t (or stomach nr liver'triiuhnY,
... for 1900 ...
I 1
We mean to have the new volume surpass
all former ones in the interest of its articles,
the charm of.Its stories, arid the value of
Its miscellaneous reading.     ::.:.:
'.  wC   -.-.I
The   Companion  Calendar }
*'     l      ,.   _ ,.r, r, , r'   '   '.t it, ,*.,s    'I
For 1900, which is given to every new subscriber, is a Calendar beyond compare.    :   .: '
OUBSCRIBE NOW, nenijing. $1.75, the price of a year's
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-,. 1
Send us your address ot) a postal and we will
mail you our Illustrated Announcement of the 1900
volume   and   sample  copies  of  the   Paper  Free.
Tbe YduthS Companion. Boston, Mas*.
I.llilon la Sntialli-il.
New  York, Oct.  2:1.- Sir Thomas  Up-
toil mid his friends we-ie peifce-lly satisfied
that ihe lie-Hi b'at win.    David ll.irrie. bis 1  slalt
\111eiie.1u   ii'ini'si-nlative, Aaid:
"There are no regrets.   Columbia is in- j
diaputably and unquestionably the better
boat.   She is it wonder.   She beat Shamrock il) all suits ol.Weather and we are
glad  we had  such  a  blow   yesterday  be-
iau-e it places her superiority beyond all,
questions.   It wus a great race and 1 bc- I
lieu- it Columbia had got tlie best of the •
i-tart   she   wouhi  have j;iveu  Shamrock j
even a Worse beating."
Quiet  lit  I'ltritt'ttM.
Waahirjgton, Oct, 23,—Commander
ileni|iliill cabled the secretary of the navy
as follows from La Uusyra, Vt-ue/.uela:
"Andradt-, with a partially disbanded j
anny. brought with him yesterday fr.1111
1 .ir.n.is, sailed early this morning on a
gunbOat and transport. Andrade went
eastward and the other vessel wi.«t»arcl,
destinations unknown. All quiet at Caracas.''
lliiiiltiiiiin la   lusiii..-.
S.111 Qurntin; ('at.. Oct. _!.-.    Amos T,iint,
who,  during  eight   years  service  nt   the
pris.ui here, has excciilcl '111 murderers, has liecifme a mental wreck.
lie is haunted by the visions of the men
lie has hiingtyl. v   ,    ;
1)tMvt*>   l.ltetl  Spt-t-lHl   II..I*.
Wnthinglon, Oct. tt_—Secretary f^.ng
ii.is i-sneii an order assigning Admiral
Dewi'y to special duly al the navy department.
Hi the advice of his pliy__i, ian. Admiral
Peivey has cancelled bis proposed trips to
I'hilailelphia   ami   Atlanta,   und   will   ac-
i|.i   11.1   moie   invitati<his   before   next
of a
CITO- Pertnien. ntly ('iireil. J*3o lUstirnervonsneft
Tilt- uht-r Ursfr tluy's erne of Or. Kline ■ Ureal
Serve; Kesteir.r. Send for I Itll*. •» .-.oo ir.ul
>H>llleai,.l ireatlm*. Dlf. K. II. K1.INK. 1 Kl., A*
Ircti street. I'lilla.lelnlila. l'a
|C.:,.^..^**r;s  pension
If liU'Kl-'iiltli.Witaliln-rlnii. D. ... I Iffy «ol.
II reielvf ,|iii. I. replies II. .'.lh N. II. ve.la
iiutf juii. c»rp.. freMMUna DtalHU «lne« WiJ
'lhe window glass workers, the trust i w.ivcilv. Oet 28.—The body of Albert
nnd the Independent bosses have at last 1; j*ernsf.el'was found in a tent where he
affected a compromise, and niter being j,M u...n livin„ about lla|f a „lile {l.01ll
idle Xor many months the employe* Will town. By all iippeaiaiiivs he had been
go Lo work In about a month. dead for more than a day before the body
 ,                    ] was fouiiil.    He was a t-iiund  Army Vet-
Mothen    will    find    Mrs,    Winslow'a j c ran and  was known to be a pensioner
Kiitl_,*.l.iir>    Ai.iioliilt-fl.
Wash ing 11 ui, Oct 2.*!.- The preident to-
,iy appointed  Edward,  P.  Kingsbury of
Centralis, Washington,   to  be   -uiveyor
!e',ni'ial at tilyinpia, vice McMicken, deceased.
The two   hatmakern-   unions   have      Mothers    will    una    Aim.   .«n.*.™ _,  ,
ninnliyMuuted, and the ne.w organization , Soothing Syrup the best  remedy to uss! for injuries received in tlio civil war.
;- ..i.u.i...-, ,i,,,;n„ the teething ner-1  ,   .
will now have 22,000 members,
Feiire  and   Irua  Works.
aiii.1 it.1.1 frneiiiK. niili-. r_.ll.itK. He. Xll AUrr
About r.O niiiniifni.turers   nf   under-
. Wear Unit goods In the easl .ire organ*
iring :i inamnnith trust.
for their children during the teething period. I
Iln it run tine-   in   Kiiitaita.
Oalena, Kns., Ott, 23.—Mayor Allen to
day   piionulgated  qiiaianlilie againt   .I<>|>
I'm. Mo., Wliere he alleges tliere at
cases of smallpox.
Plso's Cure for Consumption ls the onis
cough medicine used In my house.—D. C
Albright,  Mlfflnburg., Pfc,  D«c.  11, '%.
Aii army of unemployed .vorkers
l being organized in the niiitiufiie I uring
i town of Creiisol. I'ranee, lo mnrch into
Paris and demand relief ito.n the government.
i mmm woman.
Holds Ua Peruna as th.x Ideal Remedy For Feii ile CLtarrh.
Alltakllll    tli,Uns    Viveiull.
London, Oct. 11.— The Hritish foreign
ollice a-se-its that the verbal changes in
Ihe  tei uh of the Alaskan  modus vivendi
ne of im practical Importance ami have
iit.-ii readily agreed to, and tliat it i« assumed United Slates Secretary of Slate
Hay and the liiitish charge d'affaires iii
Washington will siun llnmedlately,
Hit it llott it it rialiiitK Seleooner.
Boston, Oct. 2.1.—The Hritish steamer
Aiil.inliii, outward 1. u:i,I for Halifax, ran
l..\\ ii and Mink the Gloucester fishing
schooner Two I',uly. Of I lio nine fi-her-
meii di board only two. it is thought) have
been savec"
25c. SAMPLE BOTTLE 10c. for next 30 days.
Mo DISEASE has so baffled tlm medical
•kill of all ages ao RHEUMATISM.
tenet no romody haa ever been known
to euro it until "5 Drops,"
the) Rheumatic Cure demonstrated Its
wonderful curative power*
It ham never felled to cure RHEUMATISM
In mny torm, Acute or Ohronlc.
--^_»- Bere la what a Prominent I'liyaiclnn liaa to say who has int.i US   ,
-■auk mark]        j-«_u-a <>r active Practice of Mnlit-inr :
1 hav. never before in my is vt.irs of practice of medicine given my testimonial or recora-
niriiil.iiii.il io any palrnt liiriluuir, tint llirre is n rrmecly, the reauU 01 which hits come uniler my
own ,,!,-• i. ,,ii,,n . for there is uo lllsntai* which hns so tinflk-tl the msdical skill of ui! ages us
II hr u in ul l«ui and to tint! a Itrliul.lr remeitv lor the utll, At hist we have fontid it in
"A liltiu-s," iii:,iiii(.iilini,l l,v tin mi mi sun Hlivuillittle < lire < nliipiiliv, I liliilgo. HI.
The "ft liltill's." hns proven Itself wetiidetliil for its curative power in Itlieiima)isiii. not
litlruiiiiiiini Itrllrvrr only.liut toglve a I'eiiiiaiit-nl I'eiii- even in chronic cases. Sometime
•jo, I liaef among othris several Rheumatic eases, miller my treatment and pieyierilietl for these
l-utienta the veiy liest Itet.ie.ll.s which I skillfully selected, lull without ilesiruhle results ' il""
heard o' " " ■*■_■«-»m .„,i „( |,, Wi.nilerriil Cn****  -*"-1 "rescrilied it to
Hon. J. It. FLrrcmit. formerlr
Governor of Sun h Ln.l.oia. but uow
aresleleut of Mulen- Ure.,s«>a:
"For over two years my daughter
had I..-.1. iiiiiiiiiio; Irom a aironn,
healthy, rony-e-tieeked an I to a pale
weak and helplesa luvalld tihe
was afflicted witli terrible headaches,
and gradually irrew weaker and more
languid, upparently without cause.
I tried aeveral doctors, but all wlihoul
avail. 1-iiiieily, to plense a friend. I
bought n box of Ur. V. illlaum' I'lnk
Pills for Palo People, and to oor surprise, before It was naed her headaches i e:i.f,l. the color begi.u to r --
turn to her cheeks unci lips and bt r
Uri-iiL-h bi-gieu to assert lis. il. 1
bought five lines more, and by the
lime she had mushed them ahe whs
completely restored, and to-day ahe
Is a robust, rosy, heitllhyglrl Inatead
of a pale, tired and alcitly one."-
I'r.,m the OrcuonIndependent, c'n.rin
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills lor Pale People
ara ne.er sold by tht doian or hundred,
but always in packages. At all druggists.
or direct Irom Ihe Or. Williams Medicine
Co.. Schenectady, N. ... 50 cents per bos,
BboitsS2 60.
THIS BIG CATALOGUE "'"'■ <"Hn •""•"•■ '"•"«'""hM
. _■ ..—.   —_  —■_.,    .	
UlltUlH*   .-"*ti    I'l-ifi'-,    i     *'■» !'*■»■■ ill- In
IB -ire. iiiUfailOOVfr 11H> ouo qnoMtlOM,
-...-.I riiimtli-tr- iHit lintr.i i»t*ireii ratalsf up
IU iMl |||t|'s| I lit ii'l-      Ihi   lar_r >l     Imu.I (•iiii1|.lrir a>ri    .,,-, l ,,,,,,,,..,.....
EVERt THING    ■"      i'ln  Inui'  InUri-erir..   111*.*.,    Ilrj U««m1s.   No*
(tl—i i<-Ih1.ik, i in.v.. llte^.**., h..i.r. Ki.d She**., «ati-h.*_. Jewelr-, leek*,
H.i-|i>_ti.. Siuir*. .trrltiilthial (wt|.tr*_»pMU, turnliUf-, ||ar«rae, •_Bil.Hr>,
Hut*lf.. H»wlM   Harhlma, I rut Ii-m . Urt ■-!•*.   V!nn._,   Umleal   li-.lrg-BpnU,
.-#«.!.. Mr. Tr»ll- jiiet what \ vur hint rkrciM*! at Jtiiniv.ini^l pay for
• •« c> ihitirf i.f* lm>*-hiuI will tirw vi h^lilnt fHnn oTurrlmrtrinir too on
ili> tinn<r fan l■ 11> o-ijilnlh* Ju«.l now to artier, tiow iiint-hl).r fr**l*thi,
lltmi ul   msbII m|II   be  mt  rtiivtlitnjf  to   JfOUf   t..vt n.    Thr bl« IsouW
«•■!■. ii. in urt .  *1.IHt, tlir i ..-i if.- • I..ii i- i -    I  '.iii
, , „|.    Ill   "lllli, I
l„  i  ua. ii„  'I .-fill.- I
h. Mall I-..*._-..!..in,I
ym*_M **'"" •" '•*"".*- -•■ •-—"Vui'J.
. _...! ._.. Kla B..I allia.wallajaalRI.lt
1,,1,'ltlillil. II lna.irlhHHIllllie-.thr l-.-l*nl»
It. Mali e_,.l p. 111. t.iiit II vim null 11 III I, i. ni. .,,,,,, ,w,.,,....
>,,ii -rt.il ni. a au t.i tin Inwaat »li,,ir..ii- |ni.e. urerenrthlint. -_)
■ ■  ,i      -    - ll ,_.a.H,,lfl. .rlari. »■■-.. I _.*»'.. „
,1111.111 ul lui-llil' ■. tliI,.|ii,uC|,'li "    Millli.i,p.,ll|. 1 Mii.ii 1
,4 Its kind In
Mr* i   n:ii Mak-ur-r.
Mrs. t'liini MiiLcuii'r. ln_*-ii_«*-k*»"C|.er- foi
the lleiiviu'e t'litti-nileii Aucliora^ti .Mia*
■ion, ol <'lii »i>it.. writes the lonorwi__|
letter from   :iu*J   Clit-stiiiit street, t'hi-
"Peruna  is tlie liest tonlo I  have
_^^^^^^^^^^^ ever 1,-iiown fur -.u'liernl ilcrlulitr, a mire
_        ,, j./-i. ...v.:..„*i„„   i cule   fur liver complaint, iitul   a  never
An Excellent Combination.  failuu;   ,.,,,, |n«iuJ of c,v.1„.1,Mlll_
Tbe pleasant method and benefie^
>"? rTvu.   ...,.11   L-iimin   remedy.
' k •unctarful (ileee o| work "   Uii-liinwi-'H \»Tli.nnl Tribune.
"Tin- < »iiti.njne1>» wuMei .'**- M««t'li«--t»- IN   Hj I moiu
•Hrail It.rt'liiii'k * I'tt. !■ on *" of *%*• i
^^^^^^^^^^^^___^^^^^^^^^^     "Thi" 1*1* i'lUi"Hili' to. nir -ne of tlir lme-1    1,-1 | :•      mi'ill'iiit- lt.nl
EtMlrrainloffQt t** ■ va.**i tlei-artitiem nor* bollMrfuwn.'     Mlintn i ■■Twtlhit.i.n *
■T-iH -rnfnlsnf in* t»> cattAlnlv « mci rlmu'll-** HWTl*lop»dla "       « MMpv l.pwoilli Uemlil
\ Uw- -hoillil Im- |.»-m*i1. 'u 'Uui* Mn".  < <*I I In- r*UI-... in- hi .,.,.!, l.l i:  -. h.ir.N '     Th. Hon  0. A Smitlitoun.
\ i* • »nl.I 'ill.'If thi.UMriil- Ol -lirtln-r #>\tl|.> l«*      l*-<*»it U r*nl* ni mar.  rmI  -nn wilt rrrri.r ikr   t  mmttrni ksfk fcj -rrlam
e in.     SEARS, ROEBUCK _. OO. (Inc., CHICACO, ILLINOIS, U. S. A.
iu)ailties   mill  weak nerves com*
and Ore Testing Works.
Batabllulled In Spekane In 1*****. Oold
Iiust and Bullion buuflit. Bend (or price
Hat ami mulling ora rncka.
f.r Oonorrh,. * med Cll^t art r.1411 r die.. Bpeelflr 11
■ Ihe ONLY ,11-,ll 11,,' w)iii-b will run* •• li aad ttttj
*e*. HO CASK kne/wn It fau ev.r (tiled to cura, 9-
latter Hoa eerlotu or or hew Iodic A.-tii1lQff. HeauHi
ita UM will   .'.tnnl-li yois.    It   la  .i..i.,li,trlj   *\t..
mm 11* uh wm  a   ,,,,,   .  ,...,.    ,.   .. ..w..._.
-«»«nt. itrlfUir.    anil  i-an be lall.t. wtthu.l IB-	
I.r.i-, .11,1 ,1, _"iit|,'ii from liurin. m I Iii, K, fl 00. I*.,
__e by al' reliable dr.inlata, or ia -it pre paid br esWtttt
,aln_y wrapi..!. on n-,-e'pt of priee, nr
10 the caraiivf i-owrro.    » "■"■ V^..,.. |„,„ ;. ..erfcctly lunieitt and ic
many Imetancs. 1 c... Truly rrcmn.cn. llheni.a "     so 'h"\,,f k'('   ,, C. Nel... A.ir. k», ^>-
llul.lc lo cltttl with.       C. A. JACKSON. I'liyMctnn biicI 8urfton, K *
Hour tons H*V. Yttt, 9*^***™™!^ Th.m o
Ho*, Lome Hmwrn Tmu O.N. aammt -B fJ^fSKlJ^denough?   If so,
IX, vou not think yen have wasted preccus tnM   n 1 mi *inHiti...is.
then trv tl.e " 5 drops •• and He promptly fuliVZm_t im Neuraljcia, Sciatica,
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Lumbago (lame Vk), Kidney »'"«"•/fl"'™d',cl,e%!^s orlfflgc.
Catarrh of all kinds, Bronchltfs, La Orippe. ""■SuScroup,Toothfclw,
Heart Weakness. Dropsy, Earache, gMW^ndJf-^g^™^'kln4ftd dis-
Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Creeping Numbness, m-'"^ '     .* (lf Ult. above 1 other *»I°™*_»,urKTSBH£. Fio Srttvi
eases.    " 5 Drops " ii.is curc.l more people*, dttriM He p «t f >«■ >fl,R|,eumlltism is   known to   ha (AL.rn.iM *,
named diiiases than ull other remedies known, and in case o. i.      , fc ,._ | ^   rmU,    ,n ord
curing more than ull the  " .... —
combined, for they cannot
valuable time and money longer, but try* 5 "™,.»    .■■•*■ ■-- j- .   ■  j|(0 bottle   (.r...i.-» "■■ '^   '   -,r eVRUP CO
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for|5.oo.   For the  „ ,.
sending 10 cents to pay for the mailing.       Ag
_r_.nl 1 v vt't Iireiij.t»..j   _——  --rr .."   -'    ..
or irritating the..., make it the ideal
ll4ln Uu- Process ot manufacturing tip !
1   -. il,.*v are plfiisant to Hit |
kincircci cut.- I remeil.v are   •1)ttt'"'   ,     bv  B  method
of the above 1 other aroinutic  Pj»»g5;  ™
to get its. beneficial: j^«>
_ o,„y ,1 £a«.r*~f gF&S&-t ^*s-' ™*w_. no syrup c0
iding 10 cents to pay for the mailing.       Agents -maUA. _wnw       .,,.„«
The microbes tlist cause oh.lls
■nd !«*er and mslaiia euter the sys-
Uu. tbrungh mucous uismbianes
„,„,.* porous by catairh. Pe-ru-na
heals Ilia mucous nic-ml'Tanes and
prerents the entrance of inalanal
genus, thus preventing and curing
these aSectloui.
That tired, languid feeling, tha calm lo tht ,
Sack ami tha 1 in,,ma hcadacli* will 4Uappaai !
fuicltl; U you lib.
floore's Revealed Remedy
It li an Ideal medlcloa lor women, aaay anS
tlaai.nl tu i.ia.   ll.iM pet botUa at youj Srar
ONE FOR A DOSE. fur« Sli-k M.a.tarh.
aad Dr.pe(,.la. It«iiin»eTlm,latSod Puri'" tl.
MUmuI, a, 1 |i|^.'sliuu andPra.au. Hiiioiitneii Di
:iot c.rlpe urHii-ken. Tooonrinca you. we will in ai
tampla (i.e tn lull Im. Inr :..■. UH. HOHANKt
CO., Pl.il_.il-... i-riiim.   «,,i,| hy Hr'i,:<i«ti.
-    ..--111....I    Ill.iHli.* ,,r l'miriiiliiia
'n*\*a%r a*U id om -micMt
Uaa Ills« fur iinuitiiiral
IrrlUliom ur nli-.-ratii.iui
nl 11111 null, membrane..
Palnleaa, nmt not aitriu-
lielil 111 |_iieiiuou«.
j   Hold hy Hrni»l.l<.
'or aent In plain  wrapper,
br expreiK.   prepaid,   for
11 in. nr I li.illle.. S2.T.V
t'lreiilur mnl mi n-nui-.t.
T_on.svr._LKK*. »»wyo»._-..7
liV-qoV. lord '<>   -.rKi-iillitn-
w^bit'igion. ontTS   \\iiii-""'- '""•''
,„* ,.r,.,.,,n  llriS  II sppoUltefl envoy <•.*-•
.uiiimlin.i.v  ..ml  Pllni'V;  I'1 "'I'0'"" *V
,„ .j,, Argentine Uepulmi*.
Tki.retin, •• »:'"__r"_____it.'.-'-;T:_:i___iii_»_w;_H:
...—-   — L...1. pi|^ Rnmeil)
II liirriiuiH.    .". * luiii.T-     ,.■'.
m ^_       1,1 acut bltii»itl..Tre.ti.a^r<ieiWnU
_u« .!■■' 11 roiir da
,, anil aaBlrnil. Bl*dip(£>>r Protrodlni
_      __. ..-._,^|(r_a 1.
.[1. Ill —
_.____.... reatiMfi_	
UH BOHANKl'.VUlaila. Pa
Stop. It,'!"". andl>leeilin«. Abeum.
J.r.l iiru««i«l.	
\;wt'V,..ai. -i^^per'
■****,**.■ ■■.Amu.mx*. s,.<sts^.t*<**t.,i,»tm.-.im***m*** iM*memm*+**l**m *memx *ma*M m
.elief for Women"
^***-- B.niA'ei.lniilUli.K.li'il.ii.eJiipa. Writ*
I,, ,1.1- for thi* .t'iii*tlrii.italn_iig l'artie-tt-
Ur, ami Tt_ll__.ll__ll ut Illl. MAH1 Kl.'a
French Female Pills.
.'minr-il l.y thmiMtitln of Mtln(IM IftdlenM
Mfe, KlwnyR rehab), ami without nt *M|uaL.
-***-- •*.       Hold by all drutrtfi*«ila m- ul boi, Kt» u- h
1*41 on t<>i> In Tii'n', whlt« ana ..nl.   Tak« no ..t in*t*.
Vnuoli l3ri_K c....:tui * _^» l'i-url Bl. M«w York Oil*
Is . i-l.-ntill.-.illy i-oni|i umliil of
►■      tin-   li.-sl    in,i',iII ,.i!>.
I . N...   Ill,    un.
V   V
i.di si nun   u -1 ni-fTi * n--"-ii -mii'inrr*" ~" mamm **■*■-»'"**»-
.scjm* ***Mmi^^ Co_ttxj>aL_cx5r9 T**stiXw
■Wholesale   ariad.   detail
Dealers Xn O-enexal
cpeoial  lines qf call jnd ^inter
Underwear Just jtoo»:^d.
♦»■»♦»♦♦»■»■»♦-»♦ *. *
FORKS   AND   ALAMO,   B. 0.
m offices
i-' a
Ijborii. _, . .^ .    .  _,
ftut I-ay ai. Opol ci) btr brtey.
Pt)d ljo|>« «uirivli tbt ttwjforf/
Stock of cases in the Province.
14k Gold Plain, Engine tamed ani
Engraved — The Jas. Bos* filled
ca_e_. — The Deuber filled cases. —
The Imperial 25 year cases. — Lad
jo« wlid gold watohes with plain!
and set cases.
18 sic 1 Crescent st rents, with Walt-
liam style cases at $25 00, guaranteed
to keep good time for three years.
The same with P. S. B_.rtle.ts movement at $13.50
Deuber Hampden 23 Jewels,
Deuber Grand.      Elgin 1? Jewels.
Royal 21 Jewels.
YEAR8.     ..      t      t      t      t
Stock of Diamonds, Ro hies, Emeralds and  Opels iit the Province.
Cal) and get prices at
0*«SS\fO   OR   IN-ARREARS   A
3_«4/?«§   DB  FOUND   IN THIS
888888888888888 88 888888._
Mr. Morris, wbo tbis week purchased a large block of stock in the
Noonday mine, is a business man who
has wade hia fortune through hi. own
efforti. He believes in hiring nood
men and in paying good wages. The
lact that |3.50 was being paid tbe
Noonday miners for every eight-hour
shift did not deter him from putting
his money into tbe mine.
Gall and See.
B. C.
B. C.
The hoed push of the Silver-Lead
Minea Association show their colors
admirably in the way   they did the
annual assessment work oo several ol
their claims in tins district during the
last week or two.   It shows that these
would-be dictators of British Columbian law are determined to down the
miners of this section even at their
own personal lobs and that a few dollars expended by them for this purpose
is considered welt spent.   These leader* in the cry of malicious legislation,
are themselves acting maliciously aud
spitefully toward the Slocan. miner.
A man of ordinary sense will not eu-
rich the treasury of the province by
1100. rather tbau do au  assessmeut
work on a mineral claim.     A   man
whose head had uot grown to a  peak
from  t-.t(otiem or   uiuleishnu.s would
prefer paying $100 for tbat amount ot
work to payiug   $10 0 for nothing.
But such able mine    managers  and
trustees of other people-.*  mui.ey a*.
'li/.*   *
J. Roderick Robertson,   Johnny Htir-
ria and Gtn_rjtt Hughes h*\e cb gm n to
•*•  ' i-rV-i--,
pay their a»*es.ment money   into the
Recorder's ollice rather  than employ
some miner to do the   work on the
claims   in  question.     What sort of
managers are these?   Where is   their
businesa aptitade.
t AMES BO WES    -   - ,-  «    PROP.
:•; Miurtnm for liiiig lei :•:
81LVERTON     •     •     •     -1.0.
Fjrst-Clsss Sleepers on all Trains Irom
TOURIST CARS  pass Medicine Hat
lUn y for St. Paul.
. u.days and Wednesdays for Toronto.
Fbidays for Montreal and Bostom.
■*- Same cars paas Revelstoke one day —
 -earlier. ——
AucriOMBEits, Customs Brokers,
Ahd Gkkeral Real Estate Aoexts,
•■»«• ■■ ■*•_•_* Black    '.' -     Maker »t.
NELSON,   B, 0.
(taeral Freight and Tnwsfer
Riuiesi Bom.
Orders lett at  News Stand will   be
promptly attended to.
■■       1.       .
hies, uumjuictimftjiwii
j. m. McGregor,
For the North, Reyelstoke, and Main
Line 7:30 K ex* Sunday iv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 18.20K.
For Rossland, Nelson and Cr _ws Neat
JBranch and Boundary Country, 10:90 K
ax. Sunday lr. Silverton, ar. ex. Sunday 18:10 K.
To and from Sandon.
13:00 ex Sunday lv Silveiton, ar, ex
Sunday, 10*20.	
Fo* retee and lull inioinutlon apply to
ri oarest local agent or
W. S. CLARK, Agent, Silverton
Trav. Puss. Agent, Nelson.
f. J, COYLE.
A. q. P. Agent, yeam*,yet
f*ffaiw^sutat\t\ms\^teaas1**s9      ts   __■__■_____!  a  **        ■ •fAmttusttsT __^__^M      !__*_. 1
m*w*^W*)mm*mmywr ^■^pw^ ****i ■   m**mw:.r^mp*m**tWt, *w***
*&* M. Brindle,
Will   v.teit Silverton every
Wednesday,    prepared   te
repair all disabled Watches,
Clocks and Jewelery.    He
will nlso have on hand a
Complete   Assortment    ol
Jewelry, consistinii of Rings,
Watches,   Chains, Guards,
Seals, Ac. Ac.      Repairing
is Guaranteed.     Prices an
as low as First-Clasa Work
will allow.    While in Silverton, he will be found __t
The Lakeview Hotel, aad
all work   lift there during
the week  will be promptly
attended to on hia first visit.   A trial order is solicited.
For Sale or Rent,
A H#_.l ia KilverlM.
A Ml; t-a-.MU'__.*o*_ im.
•liver*.*-, •, C.
rti *,A*twa*ms3mkAt»     -.\A*s!tsmtiBs**ia*£\- *■
ft9mwrmjm9ms*wm.     me*r**mmmax*mw-
The records show that for fear some
poor prospector or miner should be
able to earn a few needed dollars by
honest work, such men as J. Roderick
Robertson, George Hughes and other.*.
among tbe mine owners are paying
into the Provincial treasury sums of
one hundred dollars in lieu of having
those amounts of assessment works
done. These are the men who are
trying to starve the Canadian workingmen out of their own land ai.d
force them to seek employment in the
mines of a foreign country or be peoned
for the privilege of living and working in their native land. And yet
these men, headed by this man Robertson, have the effrontery to ask the
business men of the Kootenays to sap-
port them in their efforts to peonixo
tbe workingmen and override the law
of the land. Tbe acts of such men as
these should be remembered Any
measure asked for by theae meu ahould
be fought and combat ted by Labor as
it will doubtless Im some cunningly
devised scheme to provide a weapon to
be used against it
manager* to secure good miners will
soon begin. If they are not able to
get a full crew of skilled miners tboy
have themselves to blame for driving
soini* of out best boys away. But if
ihey make their peace with the
unions, good miners will 60on Hook in.
The conduct of tho Slocan miners
during the preseut strike has been
such ___. to (*ommaiid the respect of
our business community. Although
they have been insulted by the presn
of the mine owners, aud have been
ticcu-ed of all kinds of crimes by this
..11 me crowd. They bave tieated it
with the silent contempt it deserved
and have gone along attending to their
own business. We are proud to
know that We have so many good
citizens in our community and only
hope that when our population increases that tbe new influx will lie
made up of as good material as these
same miners.
Followlnii is a complete list of (lie
minim: traiieac'imiH recorded diiriig tli.
week (or tiie *SI.h„b Minin.* Division.
Oct 10— Upton, Washington Lasin, II
T Twig*.
Oet 11—Old Maid, Four Mile Of,. W S
Clark. Snowshoe, divide Granite and
Brindle or, W A Keith.
13—Aft»r Math, Vancouver cr, J Fin-
lav «r, J Finlay \c
14—lselln, Payne mt, E M Band-lends.
16— V Kr-.cti.jn No 2. ll.iWNon cr, l>
Cameron, .Ii.lif.it Fraction, nr Sandon,
L Craig,
17—Surpiise Fr, n Ik Carpenter cr, D
18-Roben Ruff, Beat hesln, J C Rj n
20—Muiirne. OarpQiiU.1 e*r    D.n   _!
Leod.   Snow Bird, Red m ,   11 ily.m.
(Hi put mi-ill nf $100 i 1   li un   of   wurlc..
Ort 10—Better fr,   14—Best fr    17—
J*0.   Charlotte,    Hertiert,   CarhoiiaK-
Klng.   21—Winnipeg    22—Eastei .1.
Oct 10— Qenmor., Formosa  11- It .m
Polo.   12—Almi, Pleasant  View     13-
Jessie,   Olilcsgo,   Mailiwi*^   I_xteiii>ioi.
Little (iinnt.   14—Cluck Cult, \< Hlerloo
16—Stnrtucint,    Illinuii.   Kdith,   Per.*
veranee   17—Kilpit*    IS—Inmhei,  R.i-
iler.   20—Kaulo lr. Tom Bowling. Yi k
21—Notma, Profesbnil, Piuai le, Ei..i>ii'i
Lake Klior.-, Cross Rom Is.
Oct V—Standard nnd Modi ton, John
Dcu'kiites.ler to Geo ll Deen, agreemeni
to .V.I f,.r*12 0ix\ Oct 7.
II—Standard and Me-nrt-.ii }.. inter.«;
iu bond, U.eo B Dean to L IX Kc*<ser,
Oct 9
Oct 12-Thereso, C W H_irri|igtun to' \\
E.Goiiien, .'iily 17 Archie Fr, %,'A
Pettier lo W J iit-.viilUn Sept, 28.
Iron Clad, Kayilc, Emily Edith Fr.
Engio Fr, all int. A Wild to M E R _m-
rnelmeyer, Feb, II!, 1890 Same claims,
1—5, P AlmlTler to 51 E Racnmelmeyer.
Feb 12, 1898. Centaur, all int, M E
Ramtneliueyer toC E Hope, Jnne, 16.
Iron Cl ml, Fagle, Emilv Kdith Fr. Eagle
Fr, all int, C M.-Niclioll tn M E Ram-
melmeier. Feb 12, 180*. Hastings \,
H **. Nelson to C E Smitheringale, Sej t,
Oct 13—Little Oiant, H'. G Faitbairn
to D Sulk. (>.t 11. Shonlione, ii.C McNicholl to I) A Vim Darn. *4ept. 18
Shoehnne, %, D A Van Dom lo E Pin,
Oct. 12
Oct 14—V Fraction, %, A 3 Beckei lo
Scotti.b Colonial Co, Oct, 11, Morn Fr,
h, same to same, Oct, 11. High Ore Fr
\. 3 Batt to Scottish Colonial Co, Oct, 10
Cape Fr, %, eamo lo same Oct, 10
Morn Fr, }A\ A 3 Becker to Geo W
Hiivhes, Oct. II,
V Friction, }■{, -tuinnto Mtno, Oct, 11.
Cape Fr, %, i Itatl to lieo W Husoes.
Hi*_li Ore rr, }£. same to same Oct, 10.
O-'t 17— StClnir. all int, J A Ginty to
3 H Moran, Aug, 14. Home Run, ill
mt, Minin- iciFiinip, Aug, 14. Deception
Lore Star, Colonel Sellers, \i, ear'
L. H. 603-1000, .1 Tinling to W Hun
Aug, 4. JehovH Fr, %, A Mullun to
D Peterson. $400. Sept, 18.
Oct 18—Snowden. bi- R McDonald to
C F/ench, Aug, 31.
Oct, 20—No 3 Fraction, all, J M
Martin to Geo W Hogbes, (6,000. Jt,ne
29,1897. Portland, alt claims relei^d
ny Geo B Dean. Aug, 10.
2v£olDo_ciald_.*© X_ilTr©x3r
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
Can Havo Them Reserved By Writing To—    A< P- MoDONALD,
t t t t ♦ t_ _t SILVERTON, • - B. c
Thorburn ^**
JBLo ULS6 mm mm mmm
I2.0H p«.r A
Use   None   But
The  Best!
CKR-IF.C.Vli'. Or   IMPROVE _.l.Mh
NpTICE:— "Excramm, (_h.raa Pmti
Skocim,  VlCTOBlA   No   4 anil  Wah.i
Mlnefsl Claims: Kitoate in tb«6l ran
Cily Mining Dtvlklun oi West Knoteim-
Where localeil :—Wret ul D.ivtot;
Creek, a iiiilenouth of Kpiiiiger creek.
Take n"'te*f that I, 3. Mnrr»v McGrep*
actinr • tseni ior the Nee* Gold Fi .ll.
Ol Br I <'o_-T,hja> Ijinitml, Free .Mm
eriCi'i'i 'tte No. *Mti?, totted huh
el.iyn I. e title herruf, to applr ij
the Mini... * "-i-roVr (or a Certilli-uf.' 0'
linprovei.ii'ii. for the purpose ol ol.taiti-
ingaCrown Urant of the aboveoleima. I
And furthor  Uke   noii.e that action1 K-ii'uri ni irlllia
under section 37.   most he coinin«nccd ' "WallSlipurum
berorethe IstiiiHnceof suili   Ceitiliraleol  . .- —
Dated thi J81at Juy o( «te|.tember, 18W. j WILL ERADICATE ALL TRACES
25 1 91 09. '" "' McCteWoi'   | OF   IMPURE   BLOOD,     CURWl
riieum;ati>m and all
Reports from the various Minors'
Unions go to show tbat many alien
miners are swearing allegiance to
Great Britain and qualifying themselves as Canadian citiaena. It would
be interesting to know how many of
tbe alien members of tbe Silver-Lead
Mines Association and other kindred
cliques have become citizens of the
country whose laws they rfriire to
SiWerton's big minee are ell
preparing to r -suiue   work   and   the
<rs*Vt*&%^J^**yt% *t&amm^.&'M*%&±m-J&
pafes are hojmkw _> _*<.« 0|ii x«4*- 1
.The ebipmeet   ot  ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and including   tl**.
present week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
Prom Bosun landing. TonrL
" -Bosun  o*\)
From New Denver. Tons
Marion.: 20
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise  680
From Slocan City. Tons.
Tamarac    20
Black Prince 40
Chapleau  15
From Wlverlon. Tons
Coii'Stt-Ck ..  ..      30
" concentrates  100
En Ily Edith 60
Fidelity     3
Nooaday 620
VnniDiiver 320
Wakefield 6«C
NOTICE :-"ExtiiANOE," •P.itotEa "
"Sube" and "Chaicj No. 2"  Mineral!
Cliinii;   situate to   the Arrow  Lukej
Mining   Division   of   .Vent Knotemty
Where lccated:—On the north aide of
Cariboo i"*eek, about on« half mile
north of the Millie Meek Mineral
Take r. .lie. that I, J. D Anderson. P. L
8., of Trail, B.C., acting as agent for H
K. Forster. Fite Miner. CertificeteNo,
25004. .unl H. 0 P.-llnck, Free Miner's
O- mete No. a i.'l.vai intend -tizty d»» ,
fiom the date heie-if, toapply tu thr Min-
i-g Recorder for e CertiA*ca.e of Im-
ini.-einenU, forthe pnipime of obtaining Crown Grants of the ebove claims.
And further lake notio that action
under section 37,-mum te ronunenced
before the iss'tance of such Ceniflcstrs
of Improvements
lUtnl Ibis Sii .la*, of Septemtier, A. D
21 | 10 | fit).
J. D. ANncasoN.
TheSllv.rtoti Drng Mon- has received
i Mhipraent of Ihe following goods;
Syrup of iloreh-mni. k loin, fi Drofs,
Swmnp R.mt, Sponttes and Perfunue.
All New G(.od«. I
All work in the Jewelry Repairing
Ine, lett st lhe ***llvertoii Dm.' Store, will
In* promptly forwarded tn .lueoli Dovei
Owing to a reduction in miners' wages
caueed by the enforcement ol Ihe eight
hour law, the miners are all idle snd the
mines have  shut down.   Thereforo all
workingmen are hereby warned to keep
away from   the Slocan   and  Kootenav
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles are  amicably  nettled  between
mine cwneri. hi.I miners.
Sandon. B. 0.      W  L Huuler,
June 2nd. 1899.        Secretary Sandon
Miners' Uolon
J. M M Benedum,
Pres. Silverton M. U
J. I. Mcintosh,
Secretary,    Silverton
Try It-Prove It.
Daigle's Black
smith Stic.
(tatrtl tfoksaitMig      • •
Ui tefltrilf e*W.
To Packers
and Freighters,
•For s*i*kl©-
21 Pack Mnlfs.
1 Work Hulfs,
2 Sa44ir> Horses.
 „. t**f
L'wo doors south of Post Offlne. the nn vvtrrcimiM   at a -ott
BILVEftTON.,   ,   ,   ■   h\.Q. SILVK^TQ^A^ ^(p. ajrem
.mettanttr.■ *»f vjswiesie   «««. ts.-eriswse'_>.*•»«*■..^*p*<#ji»m~*,-«sk«*c_v' ru*r*v+*
REPAIR: .,<; Dt.'NK TO
Boots and Shoes.
s:»m*m **m*'j-<>*L^<Jm™-^ K ^aiSgg jj *«* •• "■ i**^*™^***1


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