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The Silvertonian 1899-09-30

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Mining News
Of Tlie Richest
Camp  Of British
1   ■ ■■!  ^ ' '■ ■■■■_- -...,!■ I.  .—.J— . .     ..    i.    .— .     „       |   .         ., I ■■■■-■
30, 1899.
Tits work of building the Wakefield
flame la wall nnder way.
Tha contractor of the Wakefield concentrator have been advertising for carpenters in Nelson.
Jack Roberta has just -completed tho
pack trail to his Great Britain Group of
claims on Granite creek. Tl.ia valuable
Group is now made accessible and will
lie now tally developed.
The Emily Edith Mining Co. ia now
-suiting up a most complete set o|
bnlldiugs, for the accommodation of
th-lr employees, Jut below tho mine
aad adjacent to tbe site of their proposed
W. C. E. Koch, haa completed the
n«w wagon road to the Emily Edith
ml no and turned it over to that company'
This piece of road connects Um Emily
Edith mino with the Silverton road
atriki-g the latter about ono mile np the
ereek above town.
Tbo Cornnracker claim, situated near
the Fidelity-Bosun, is showing np well
under development.   Tha lower  tunnel
ia now in a distance ol IM feet and io
th* face of this tonnel the  ledge shows
to be over five  last  wide,  with an  18
inch paystreak of good concentrating ore.
Work has boon nsnmed on the La-
moat claim near town and another  100
(sat ia to be added to the tnnnel on that
Iffo-party, which is already in over 100
feet.   The Lamiot veto   averages  over
•ight feet in width and the face of  the
rait-fl ia in a good grade o(   coneentrat-
|ng ot*.   The owners ex pact that   in
-QaUimiut'th*  tunnel *t't_v   wil|  cuts
fcedy ufai-ppim. ore. *•
On Monday. Hill Bros commenced
<1 livering In-nttcr and tlin'cr* for the
■W-k._e_t u'uowilr.t.T*, Uieir * barg.
l.rin_ln_ clown 50,000 b-e-t. Snap of the*
litnlx-rs ant escei>ti.>nally heavy, one
•*W-4oI tam-rrcacalln.' li- 11 inches by
• J feel in length. Tbe freighters. Sin-
•ii.it *A O'D.nnrl, who have the contrHct
for the work, are delivering Hii-mnitr-rial
set ilie mill aite and a earn; ol carpetder*
en already employed in working it np.
■ "'i
Altaffer,   Al.Wilds, B.  Kneebone aid
Angus McLesn all  of  Hilyertou.   The
two claims   are being developed and
worked aa one property.   There are two
veins on tbe property which run parallel
to each other and a short distance opart,
Both of these veins have been traced by
a series of open cuts snd shallow shafts
(or a dial   ie of over  1000 (eet.   The
strike of tbe  veins are  northerly and
southerly with a pitch east, into the hill,
of about 45 degrees.   Tlie  formation  ol
the country rock is a series o( s'.ato  and
granite dykes, with  in  places a  little
lime.   The two veins  aie  named  alter
the two claims although  crossing both
properties, tbe one known as tbe Admiral
aversging about three feet in  width and
the Royal vein being over six feet in
width.     Most oi the    work   so   far
done haa been on  the Royal vein, on
which, near the hanging wall, a six inch
streak of high grade gold and silver ore
hss been  encountered.   The character
of the ore like most all ot that found in
the Slocan City country is a dry ore.
The Editors do not hold themselves in
any way responsible for tlie opinions expressed nnder this head. All communication, intended (or this column, must
be accompanied by tha name of the writ*
er.   None will be published otherwise.
Near  Twelve  Mile  Landing   R, W.
Thompson and Malcolm Nicholson have
a promising property in the  Silver Tip
Group.   This   Group   is comprised ol
Utree full claims, and lies directly on the
Lake shore, Twelve Mile creek crossing
tha property.   A ledge averaging over
t welve feat in width, carrying mineral
where over dug upon, has been traced
em tha property (or a distance of over
2000 feat.   The ore is what is known ss
dry and carries high   values in  silver.
Buildings will ha erected at once and
development work carried on all   winter
by tha owners, who hope to have a shipping proportion to oQor for sale by next
spring.   The situation  of  the  property
is such that it can be  worked  the year
round   and ore can be handled directly
from the mine onto the C P R ore barges.
The croee-cnt tunnel being driven to
tap the big A   E. ledge, on Red  Mountain, is naaring the vain, aa already big
blotc baa and streaks of copper sulphide*
are  being encountered,   although  the
cross-cut ia still   In  the country  rock.
Tha work la being done nnder the direction oi F. L. Byron,  who is one o(
thb principal  owners  in  the  property.
The tapping of the A E ledge at depth
will be of great benefit not only  to the
A E property, but also to the Congo and
other adjoining claims,  whose ores are
identical witli tbat of the A E.  This
big vain, which ia over 100 feet wide,
fitoa every Indication  ol being one o(
tha biggest gold-copper deposith   in   the
province and ths tunnel now being run
will be a large factor  in demonstrating
ita valttaa.
Eorroa -i.vxbtonmn*
The letter appearing in ths   Weekly
News Advertiser of the 27th. inst. signed
by Chaa, E. Hope of Vancouver, is inst
about what could be expected  from the
pen of a man whose knowledge of mines
and miners is so  limited  that  he bad
never beard of the  Western  Federation
of   Miners   before   the present 'ahot
trouble in the Slocan.   Mr. Hop.-   may
be conscientious  in  his views on   the
eight-hour Isw and  the attempted  reduction of miner-' wages  in the 81-van.
but his experience in mining and knowledge ol the subiec-ta discussed  by   htm
is so limited, tliat hia statements should
lie received for what they are worth and
uot lakec as  (acta.   When  tbe  eighi-
honr law Was first na-secl. Mr. Hope was
an ardent supporter of the   measure and
wanted it eiaiurced at once, stating  tb u
it would enable him to cut miner* wanna,,
and that ore would bo produced (or  less
money and thus make  the mine  more
valuable.   When told   that   the miners
would strike sooner than work  (or   less
wsges per day *nd   thut  they   would be
backed by the W. F. of M.,   he   laughed
al Ihe idea of the miners being   able   to
withstand  thn  d.uiand*   o(   the   mine
owners, thst tbey woul I soon Im starved
Into submission or their place, taken by
equally as good men.   As for tbe W. F.
of M .he had never heard of it and  did
not think it could amount  to anything.
!lle probably has charged  his   opinion
by this time,)   Iu his letter he  takes  a
fling at tbe Coeur d' Alene miners,  but
as his knowledge oi tbe Coeur d' Alene
is pi ottably about  as extensive as  his
knowledge of other mining matters, it ia
hardly worth contradiction.   He speaks
ol miners in this camp being in  (ear of
bodily harm and  alraid to come inlo
town.   Now lite troth ia that this man
Hope has two poor  igronaot  Polanders
working i_ his mine the Emily  Edith,
and either maliciously or tbrongb ignorance he or his agent haa  played  u-*or.
thee*    poor    ignorant  foreign ra  tears
until they are afraid to look  the honest
working meu ot the Slocan ir.  tlm  (ace
Mr. Hope  is indiguant to  thin'.*   tbat
workiugniei. have dared to stand   up ior
their rigbta, and, asaocialed with  other
mine owners, haa  ttied,  and (ailed,  lo
import   men   to work   in  bis   mine,
resorting to threats of boycotting Silver-
ton (-.cause the business men of tbis place
refused to take his side in this wage
Yooas TatTLY,
A Minsk.
Fiancia J.  O'Rielly,   P. L.8. ls  in
town on business.
0. T. Cross left yesterday   ior the
Qpoksne Fruit Fsir.
Charles E Hope arrived in town yes-
erday.   He is at the Emily Edith mine.
Little Elsie Barker received a severe
cut on her ioiehead last Sunday, tbe result of falling on sn old tin.
A. Kirkpatrick, who hss been hare
for a few weeks visiting his brother J.
A. Kirkpatrick, left yesterday (or Nelson
en ronte to his home in Nova Scotia,
A pleasant whist party and dance was
given at Hart's Hotel last Mouday evening, under the auspices of the M.I. and
R. Society. A large number partook of
their hospitality.
Alex Dodds, the popular foreman of
the Wakefield, returned to town on
Tuesday. He has been looking over tiie
miuing possibilities of the Lardeau during tbe shutdown at the Wakefield.
All   work  in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left at the Silverton Drug Store, wil ■
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovei
the well-known Nelson jeweler.    All repair* are o.araktssp rou onk vsak. *
The M. I. and R. Society will give the
srconcl of Uie series of entertainments
they purpose giving this fall. After tbe
program, ad nice will lie held. Then-
will be no admiasi.u fee and all are
i nvlted,
Tbe tegular Wednesday night meeting
of tbe Liteiary Society was devoted to a
discussion of the liie and works of lhe
poet Longfellow. An able t-*ay waa
read by Mr. A E Roberts and readings
Irom the poet were given by Mrs Yates,
Miss Barr and Mr A Kirkpatrick.
The ajlvertiaed meeting of the Liberal-
C-nservaihre* ol Silverton was h.ld on
Tiieied-j* evening. Mr, tVm Homer, the
President, was chosen as a delegate to
represent the local Coiinervativcs at tbe
Annual Meeting of the Association, to be
held iu New Westminster ou October the
With the above motto tha Spokane
Press Club begin their Invitation to their
nut-urban brother editors to join them in
the Editors' Day sport at the Exposition.
Tha invitation reads:
"General Order No. S, Spokane Press
'"Yon are command.:.! to appear at the
1890 High Jinks nt the Spokane Press
Club, October 7, Editors' Day.
"'The Eight-hour law is suspended.
Hostilities begin in the morning, and a
seat has been reserved for you on the
trolley car.
'The afternoon bombardment will occur at the Exposition Tents, which the
Press Club has leased and will absolutely own, manage and control (or that day
At ths stroke of 8 the Auditorium theater
and the company playing there become
tha property of the Press Club and
guests. At 10 a banquet such aa the old
Romans never dreamed of will be spread
at Davenport's. Eating, drinking, singing aad short speeches are tlie order of
the early night. Thru under the gnid
nuce ol experienced clubmen will b**
seen Spokane bv Electric Light. The
police force has been subsidised.
"Prepare to hit the road for Spokane
on the above date. Failure to do so will
be to miss the treat of your life.
"R. S. V. P. (French) Translated :
Answer P.D. Q."
Ji ____* __k__'Kl__i_n.O-Ei.
«s Co.,
SilTrerto_n-, 33- C-
MARRIED: Oo August 26th, at the
home of the bride's father, near Chir-
Ictteville, West Virginia, James M. M.
Benedum, of Silverton, to Miss Pearl
Beckweyth Sesy, daughter of Bichard
Seay. The ceremony was conducted by
the Rc-v. Mr. Laird. Tua bavxaTONiAM
adds its congratulations to the many
already received by tbe happy couple.
The return of th-* ss. Slucan on ber
regnlar run mav be exp-icted before
October 15th. Her reappearance will be
welcomed by local travellers. A ciianve
in the local timetable may be I oot-.il for
when the Slocan comes out. She is now
lying at ber moorim*. at Roaehery and
looks as spick snd span a* new paint and
gilding can make her.
Pele Sinnott during the week made a
trip out to Kara loons (or lhe pnrposu ni
buying work-sl«..k fc r Ira firm. He
sQcceodccl in piirrha*inif a six-mule
team und landed lu-rc -cith them on
Thursday. This with the stoak alraady
owned by ihetn makes tbe firm, Sinnott
k O'Donnel among our big Ireighting
One day when Caessr wm leaning np
aga'm*\ a wooden Indian in front of
Brut us' cigar store, half way between
the Forum and Iho republican central
committee headquarters, he was accosted
by a bunko tteerer with a green grip and
the finest set of lilacs that ever split
the btvese.
"Hello," said the bunko steerer,
"haven't I seen yon before?"
"I don't think you have Jo Jo,"  said
Cut-pur, who was dead on.   "I never was
in the penitentiary myself, and if I ever
saw you  ont-ide  of  the  bastile  it's a
mighty good thing for you  I  wasn't a
policeman.   You look a  good  deal like
a local option sentiment  in  a German
.village.   How much will you take  (or a
J slip Irom tliat (oilage olaut on your face
to seed my lawn withy"   Caesar was one
of the greatest joehera iu   Rome at  the
time, and it t'rkled him to guy tbe robe,
although he savvied his  gra(t all   the
The bunko mau pretended not (o
notice tbat he was a josh mark and
dropped his grip on the t-ieWalk.
"Ain't you Polonins ApplPSFodus, from
over ut I'ninpey'rt Crooning?" be asked.
He didn't know Caesar from a fever
blister, but he thought he might make
the graft stick.
Caesar    enjoyed    the    whole  thing
more    than   a    Judy   show.   "Not  on
voiir little red shawl," aai-i he.   I'm tb.
ic-emati.    You're ou  the   wrong  siele-
tr.ic, unci**.     Yon'd better consult an
oculist.    Here's an  egg   tliat    some
chicken laid   in   your  hair,"   ho   said,
banding the bunko msn an egg tbat he
carried round to use in   slight  of   band
tricks that he freqiientlv eld for the boys.
The  bunko   man   saw   that he   had
-struck a deaci game sport aud p-utsed on.
Caesar went Into the cigur store— "See
uie jolly th« rutieT" he sai I, dropping u
i.ick"l in tho slot and winning a handful
of perfectos
ii.uiui laughed fit to kill, and put
another    tian If in    oi   atogi.H   into the
-.ic-rf.-ctO liOX.
''While you were jollying the easy
mark," he said, "he touched you for
your wat.h."
Ceasar looked down and  saw  that it
was so.
History does not record whsl he said,
but it was iiot stuff.
T# S_js Ms JBgggrapxjiM-,
-_f-a.S  S
B. C.
Mineral Glasses   and  Compasses*
ii.'*-  ♦	
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
Lake Uve - - - Silverton, B.C.     *
^ Patronise Home Industries.
The Victoria Globe died in the act of
bringing forth another personal appeal
to W. W. B. Mclnnes. One article o(
that nature would kill an ordinary
newspaper, but the Globe, during its
short liie, had the traits o( tbe es Inordinary.   Peace to its ashes.
Guest—I don't believe in marriage
generally. Hostess (who ia richly
blessed with daughters, indignantly)—
And with such principles, how dare you
accept an iu vital ion to my house I—
Heitere Walt.
Mias Elderly-Don't you think I car-
my   ago  well?   Mis* Smart—You
You've carried it long enough
Vp Dayton cree* and adjolilig the
Evening Star mine, near plocan City, are
two promising prospect* called the Royal
et)h\ A<Jfr)ital  claims,  owned  by  Perre
ought to.
Msud—What do you do when a man •■■■•  	
persist* in asking (or a dance ao'l you their arrival, all hands j.ilned In.
don't care to dance wilh  him?   Marie
—Tell blm my card is full.   Maud—But
supposing it isn't, apd be still  persists?
Marie—Then I insist that it is, and  let
him tee that it isn't.
The dynamite salute which   greeted
the tug Sainton aa tbo neared the wharf
laat Tuesday morning was not intended
to strike terror to tbe   hearts  of any
chance   body   of  imiiorteil   miners on
board, but was a volley ul welcome for
President  Benedum   and     the   bride
whom be bad journeyed to West Virginia
to gain.   Had the exact date of  Mr. and
Mrs,   Benedum's    home-comlug   been
known, their reception would have boon
more elaborate but not more sincere. Mr
Benedum is one of Silverton's pioneers
and a popular citisen, evidenced by ibe
heartiness ui thu demon*'ration got up
(or him.
Sllveilon's style of welcoming a bride, ^^^^^^^
may   not be ceremonious,   tt may be The girls don't speak in calico,
ihockingly lacking in decorum, it may "'       '" "*H*" U*M1
be wild and wooly, but it* noise and
sincerity cannot be doubted. Thin*,
when the tin cnn brixaeht, heralded hy a
shower ni sky rockets, began to *en»n_d"
tbe 'iriele and groom on the evening ni
Oh, the old school exhibitions!
Will they ever come a.-iu?
With the   good   old fashioned speaking
From the girls an I bovi so plain?
Will wi- ever hear old "isar,"
With its rapid roll and sweep?
And "I'ilot, 'tisa fearful bight:
i bun's dauger on the deep!"
Sweet Mary doesn't raise ber lambs
Like Mary did of old;
Their fleece ia not "as white as snow
They're wandering from Ihe fold,
The boy upon "tbe butuiug deck"
I* not oue half as line—
He was not "bom at Bingen,
Fsir Bingen on Ibe Rhine 1"
Tbe boys io cotton jeans;
They've changed the old-time tl
'Long with tbe old-time scenes ;
They smiie and speak i" ancient break,
Iii nroid.lntb ami iu laoe;
And jou can't half see the speaker
For tbe collar round Ibe lace.
08 -8818 88888 8 8 88 •:__ 88 8.88 88888888 i 8 8888888 8®
®8 88888888888888888888 8888 88 88 88 88 8 88 88 88 88®
iii'-ii es...a<|—. _-. Mr.
Beueduio delivered himself up after enjoying the music for a short lime, and
headed ibe procession around town.
Ob, the old school exhibition I
It is gone forever morel
The oh! echnolhouse is deserted,
And the grass hss choked the door,
And tl.e wind sweeps round   the  gables
■atteii ineprocewi-u "■« ——        i    With a low ami mournful whine,
Mr and Mrs. Benedum will move in-. -^ ^ _,d Uoy8 ..■*,„, .t .Hi.igeii-
lo tb* new house in a few week. I    Fair Bingin on U* Jg^^,^
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Bandon.
New Denver. Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and Greenwood.
If umS-US, •* .-)-,'•*.»«*.<*-*». *rt,*wiWr.".WWtut. -,-l-VV _V. '«*■*>   ... a..- ->■___-   ~ *-.„ .
•^sw*/ -v**<^s^>.m»»c mmmtumtwaamtt.
■atWAuatusatr*. awtft-M **mr*—mvestm *r*..***'W^.iata*t.: *..•****>»*! tr ,**vve»&•*?***** i
<m*tam*as~*mmmu»***.'x« **mmm ^*-
ITEM. IM ill 111
A Oompl-M HaTl.w of thai -*»*_*• tot
the Vatt Weak » *-l* *-*« for»l»»
l-nds- 8-->-*»rls.el   Wrom She   I_*tast
Tlie permanent organifatlon o( the American Hide - leather Company ha* been
A formal strike o( bricklayers and stone
masons employed on the new fedcr.il
building in Chicago lias been ordered.
.lules (ineiiii lias surrendered. He i*
lhe man who defied all French authority.
J.e wa* coaxed from his improvised fort,
Kiel McCoy linel little difficulty in fretting away with Steve O'Donnel fii the
arena In New York city. It took six
rounds. .^_.
The heavyweight championship" battle
between Tom Sharkey and Jim Jeffrie*
will take place mi October 27", instead of
the 23d.
As a result of a domestic .quarrel Jud
son Herrendcn of Port Huron, Mich., has
three bullets in his body and Mrs. Hetren-
den is dying
But three of the Spanish vc-wls'it-ow et
Hong Kong will be of any use to the
United States—the Don Juan tie Austria,
I .-la de Cuba and Isla de Lur.on.
An attempt was made recently to wreck
the east-bound passenger train nn the
Montana Central passenger train on the
Montana Central railway at Iron Siding,
north of Helena, Mont.
Bear Admiral Winfield S. Schley will
gureeed Bear Admiral Howlson in command of the South' Atlantic station, lie
ha* no protest to'make against the ns-
slgnment which the navy department se-
lei-led for him.
The trial of Admiral Montojo, former
chief in command of Spain's naval force*
in the Philippines, has began. The prosecution demanded a sentence of imprisonment for life, with dismissal from the service.
ihe oilery owned by the Fraser River
Oil k Guano Syndicate, situated-opposite
Kadner's landing, Vancouver, B. t'., was
almost totally destroyed by fire recently.
The loss exceeds $.ri0,000, covered by insurance. .   .   .       ■ a
(ieneral Brooke has issued an order permitting municipalities to pull clown and
disriose of all temporary Spanish fori ill-
cations, returning to the. owner* such material a* tin- confiscated by the Spanish
Ior governmental purpose*.
Over .'loon person* are dead and missing
a* a result of the recent typhoons in
Japan, according to advices brought by
the steamer Empress of India fram the
Orient. The empress dowager of China is
said to be seriously ill. 1- Hung Chang
has been recalled to power.
Masked men attacked the sheep camp of
the Warren Live Stuck Company, 2."i mile*
ii.irlhwcHl, of Sterling,-Col., beali-sg the
herder, a young man named Crain, nearly
to death, shooting about-10(1 sheep and
scattering 1500 more. Crain will probably
I'resident Loubet has visited the site of
the exposition of 1000 and urged the directors of the work to exert themselves to
the utmost, in order to show the world
in 1U00 that France is still a "strong, laborious, united nation, whose generous
soul i* fllh-el with the sense of her mission
of progrc-w and peace, and that she, has
not been affected by fleeting quarrels."
There were 30 new cases ot yellow
fever at Key West and two deaths.
Sig* Marconi, promoter of the wireless telegraphy, has arrived In "New
Abncr McKinley, brother of President McKinley, has, arrived in San
It IS said that an Italian steamship
company will establish a line to the
coast of Chili.
Dr. George A. Hendricks, professor
of anatomy of the University of Minnesota, Is dead"/
President McKinley will probably
make a few speeches ln Ohio during the
present campaign.'
The seventy-first* annual meeting of
the Odd ."ellows grand sovereign has
adjourned sine die.
The steamer Barbara Boskowitz sank
In the Skeena river carrying down with
her 600 cases of salmon.
-The plant and"contents of the American Tin Plate company was almost totally destroyed by Pre at Atlanta, Ind.,
loss »150,000.
Almost a thousand more miners have
joined the strike ln Alabama. But two
• JlUerle- In the New river district are
new In operation.
The government issued a decree closing Colombian ports to ships having
the bubonic plague on board, arriving
from Infected* ports.
'There has been a recrudescence of
the bubonic plague at Alexandria. Two
casts have been officially reported, one
of %Mc_'h_s proved' fatal.
The following presidential postmas
tflrs have been appointed: Idaho—F. S.
Stevens, Blaokfoof. Washington—
0*ergcW. France, Hoqulam.
Owtng to ineressfd use of It in business money Is tighter in New York
and it is said.that arrangements are
being made to Import gold from Eu-
lOper -...-
Barrett, Farnnm k Co., of Chicago,
have failed. Notice was posted up on
change requesting that all trades with
this firm he closed. The house was
understood to be heavily short on
In consequence of anti-scmlte disturbances In Algiers the government has
established military patrols, practically amounting to iiiiioi'liinuiiIon.of martini law.
The Lenox Athletic club of New York
has secured the 25-round bout between
. Terry McOovern and C.eorgn Dixon for
which the club will' hang.dp n purse*
of »10,000. •     ** •-_.-'
Between 3000 nn.. 1000 marine engi
neers on the great lakes will probably
go on a strike unless. the.J_-.ke Carriers' Association grants a 1-V4« advance In wages. $\
The entire property ot.the Nor|hern
Pacific Trading k Packl-fe Company at
Klawawack on Prince of Waldo fslarfd,
about 125 miles from Wrangel, was destroyed by fire.
Chicago Bohemians are incensed over the circulars sent out by the Bohemian Brotherhood of America arraigning their societies on the charge of encouraging suicide.
The United States transport Valencia, having on board those companies
of the First Montana regimen, U. S. V.,
not brought by the Zeaiandia have arrived In San FranclBco.
The workmen of Havana held a mass
meeting recently at which aliout 5000
were present. Inflammatory speeches
were made In favor of a general strike
to secure _,n eight-hour day. ^
-The large nungeness coat mines In
West Virginia, which have been Idle
for two years, wll resume Immediately.
The general strike In the new river
field has brought this about.
O. D. Steen, traveling salesman for
an- Arkansas City, Kan., firm und
Frank 10. Coe, representing a Denver
house-, were "held up" near Clayton, O.
T., by a highwayman and robbed of
The Holland Society, or New York,
at Its next meeting, October 10th, will
take up the question of the trouble between Great Britian and the Transvaal
aid will adopt resolutions of sympathy
ve'.i^h the Boers. .c-
llobart, vice president, is far from
well. He may be compelled to retire
from the senate. Suffers from a kidney
trouble, not acute, but of a form requiring absolute rest for a long time. He
is now confined to the House-.'
Almonds are cornered and nre being
sold closely in the hands of the combi
nation controlling the market. The
combination In control of the market
Is snid to Include two prominent houses
in Chicago and a firm In California.
William Bonny, who Heconipiuiieil
Henry M. Stanley, the African explorer,
in 1887, In the expedition for tlie relief
of lOmin Pasha and who subsequently
received the, gold medal of tfle BoyaJ
Geographical* Society at the hnnds of;
the Prince of Wales, is dead.
Weir- on   the   VHrp.i..
Los Angeles, Sept. 27.—Official reports
of two battles between Mexicans and
Yaepiis have just been received here.
Oeneral Ins* Torres ha*, declared the
campaign suspended jtntil ..October, but
the Yae-his were not"consulted on that
point. Lorenzo Torres also appears to
have made different arrangements.
On September 14 Lorenzo Torres
crosfted -the river to Yicam, a town supposed to have been (raptured bv Lui*
Tones in August, and fiiund the Indians
They attacked his rear guard and a run
ning fight ensued. The report says the
Indians were dispersed and nine killed.
The Mexican loss wa* five killed and nine
wounded, annuiir Hie tailor J.ieiit»i>-i>t
Colonel Navarre of the Kleventh battalion, one of the best otlicers on the Mexican
The report of a battle on tbe 18th is
also authentic- and its statements may
be accepted. The forces under Hern.indez,
number not .stated, encounier.il 1000 In
iliansnear Lake EaquseM, a .small lagoon
between Ten in and l'olain. The Indians
retireel from the open field and sought
cover in the thick woods, where the combat leiged for more than two hoil'rs, beginning al (I o'clock in thi* morning. The
report says the Indians were defeated,
leaving on the field 87 dead. The Mexican losses nre stated as 14 soldiers killed
and 3(1 wounded. Major Ruiz of the
National Gua'rd was mortally wounded,
ami Julian Ksponzo, captain of the Ya
eiui*. who are friendly to the Mexicans
and Tetebias, a lieutenant in the 10
years' war, weie killed._
An interesting feature of the repor
is lhe statement that several inhabitants
of river towns were taken prisoner by tlie
Yne-nis in July,' and have bfen releatf-d
and have returned to headquarters in To-
rin. Heretofore the Mexicans have represented the Yaqui* as invariably tortur
ing and killing all prisoners.
. ll.-lt.-U Gain  In  Yenrsurla.
New York, Sept. 21.—A special
Washington says:
.Occupation, of Puerto Obello by 'he
Venezuelan insurgent leader, General De
Castro, is expected by oiliciais here to
prove of great advantage to the rebels.
It is thought' the insurgent government
will be established there, where il can
collect duties so us to secure money ior
the purchase of arms and ammunition
which can lie entered through the port.
It is evident that General De Castro is
iiillimiiig the course piiiMicd by tin* revolutionists in 1802 and oflieials would not
be surprised should he be a I lacking Cur
acas within a few days.
it was learned that th_ arrest ;>f Gen
eral Hernandez followed the discovery of
a plot to overthrow the government and
make himself the chief executive. General Hernandez hold* that* he, instead oi
General Andrade, was legally, olected "nd
that lie was cheated ont of thc presidency.
. ft. '■        __»_.— ,        ..
run War Vets to PSMht*.
New Yorltf, Sept 25.-*^-Veterans of tlie
civil war will participate in the land pa
rude in honor of Dewey, despite the de-
cision of the oflieials of Ihe G. A. B. not
to oreler out different prists. The Confederate Veterans, who also decided to not
parade, are now arranging to, .have a representation of iheir organization in tlie
parade. . .
Smallpox In  I'rls.-n.
San Francisco, Sept. 21.~TTiere are now
two well developed cases of smallpox and
14 suspei'ed cases in the quarantine hospital gt the Presidio. The cases are in
charge of the general hospital and oflieials
are using the moat-strenuous .efforts to
prevent ah epidemic. The developed cases
and the suspects are all •from the Thirty-
first regiment.
> ■    •
turns From the Blah Hi-Ions of th* Pa-
elflo -HorthwMt, Mews Wfsm All th*
Pri-elpU Mining tissi->i--*rioasli-
Miuing Motes.
The output of the Coeur d'Alenes last
week probably exceeded that of any
previous week ln the history of mining
in this region. The Bunker Hill _
Sullivan, Ernplre-State-ldaho, Standard
Mammoth, Helena, Frisco, and Hecla,
are all running with full crews, and
with possibly one exception, taking out
moro ore than at nny previous time,
~ ltt>uu.-llo  Kate*.
I'.ie Veln.n 1< ract'f i> claim which ad-
Joins the C: den Harvest group ls
show ing Uf, v Cil.
The Th-mb Thum-) cross-cut on the
150-fOOt level has crossed thc ledge.
Tbe 'edgo Is from four to si* feet tn
'i he Hi. cr Miss •'inlng Company
sink to the ISO foot level in the shaft
which is being sunk before drifting.
The shnft is nbout 75 feet deep.
The south drift of the Surprise has
colli, upon a pny chute that promises
to be ono of considerable magnitude,
nnd the ore is quite uniform ln values
The Nova funnel Is In about 75 feet.
Some fine looking float quartz has been
encountered for 10 feet back from the
face of the drift.
Tiet Golden Lion I ittle Four Consolidated Gold Mlne*c Company .have
sii-.i.i. tho west lead of the Mountain
I.ion on their Star claim the strike be-
in;-, made on a tunnel which was started near th.* Mountain I ion dump. The
oro Kas reae-.'icd after running about
ef. feet Tl.i* quartz t» solid, resem-
1 lin*.' thn Mountain lion ore. The
loted was sin.ck at n vertical depth of
niioi't 50 feci
.    British Colombia.
The news from the Tamarae continues to be of an encouraging nature.
The Nelson-Poorman has enough pre
blocked out for two-years' working.
• About 20 men are working at present on the Tangier, 28 miles north of
Albert Canyon.
The Wlndemere Copper Mines, Limited, are working a force of men on their
Copper creek properties.
The Jupiter Star has a.nlee showing
of grey copper ore situate- on Boulder creek, near the Delos mine.
The new diamond drill for the North
Star mine ls now at Cranbrook awaiting transportation to the mines.      -    ■
The people of Silverton are making
an effort to capture the honors for t,he
finest exhibit of ores at the Spokane Industrial Exposition.
Compressors are being put in at the
Oro Denoro and Rathmullen mines in
Summit camp, and at tbe Brooklyn,
Greenwood camp.
The Mackintosh syndicate has purchased from R. A. Brown of Grand
Forks the Sunset mine on Copper
mountain, near the Smilkameen river.
Joseph Metts, ah old time Idaho miner, has been killed at "Silver Thread
mine, Windermere. A bowlder swept
down the mountain side and struck
him on the head.
The mines tributary to Rossland, Nelson, Ymir, Ainsworth, Kaslo, and Sandon shipped an aggregate of 7000 tons
for the week ending Saturday, the 16th.
The ore was worth $165,000.
The LeRol has ordered a forty-drill
compressor. It ls arranged so that it
can be driven by either steam or electricity. Air cylinders are to be placed
between the steam cylinders and driving wheel so that they can bo disconnected and the plant operated by electricity. It is to be completed in four
months. This will give the Le Roi
a total capacity of 90 drills. This will
be a larger number than any other mine
in British Columbia. 'Tlie plant when*
Ir.stalled'will have cost $60,000.
Ia Slirrldaii Camp.
There Is no change ln matters at the
Blac.tail.      ■
The American Flag is showing up ln
fine shape.
The Texas Company has In the Little
Ned a most promising property.
The Gold Bug, near Greenwood,' is
putting up an aerial tramway.
Colonel Carter, manager of tne Discovery, Is making good progress on the
The Little Jim has a nice body of ore
and it gives promise of being a mine of
nciio within the ensuing year.
Work is progressing steadily on the
Lout! Pine and also on the Surprise.
There Is nothing new W-rtpoTt about
cither of them.
The Little Chester shaft has reached
a depth of about 90 feet. There is
about five feet of ore In the bottom.
Three feet of this Is of high grade
All the properties being worked in
this camp are turning out .well. The
recent find of native copper in the Little Chester shaft has caused the owners
of other properties to increased faith
In their holdings.
First on the llstls the Zella M. It
was the first clafni in the district upon
which any considerable amount ot
work waa done. The shaft Is 180 feet
in Ccpth, and Is well developed with
drifts along the ledge.
Sheridan camp, one ot the liveliest
camps on the reservation, Is doing a
great deal of prospecting and a large
iinioiint of assessment work is being
done. There are probably a dozen
properties that are now In process of
active development.*
'  The big mining suit at Butte   goes
wearily pn.
At the Spokane Industrial Exposition which opens tbis year October 3d,
the mining deportment will be one of
the most prominont and lt will be one
of the first ready. _    .  '
Spokane mtnlug Bieu and merchants
nre to be asked to contribute the cost
of finishing the Kettle Falls road to the
. The tunnel designed to reopen at
great depth the famous mines of War
l-agle mountain, Idaho, Is to be run.
A great deal of placer mining Is done
It. tho Pierce City district of Idaho. All
the way from 200 to 000 men are employed In this way.
At the lower works of the Anaconda
smelter a new matte furnace, which la.
c lnimed will be the largest tn the world,
is Wing put ln_
Butte owners of t he Big Seven mine
at Neih_Tt report that a force of men
bad to be reduced last week owing to
the difficulty of getting air to the men.
The strike In tho Ronoke, IH miles
north of Loomls on Mount Kllmeham,
Is causing quite A little excitement, by
reason of the ore coming from a depth
of 400 feet.
There is now showing np in the 275-
foot tunnel on the Oro Flno on Doug-
Ins mountain, near Loorals, a full face
of ore that assays over $100 In gold and
The Park Copper k Gold Mining Co.,
nt Wallace, Idaho, let a contract for the
iiyinlng of 300 feet of tunnel. The
tunnel will start on and follow the
ledge, and Is expected to be in ore all
thc way.
One of the finest collections of ores
ever put Into a private cabinet will be
seen in the mineral department of the
Spokane Industrial Kxposltlon this
year, lt ls the cabinet of F. R. Mlllls
of Baker city.
Owners and managers of quartz mills
have for a long time been divided In
their opinions as to the proper guide
to use for stamp stones at Sumpter.
About four months ago thc Red Boy
ordered a full set of solid iron guides
and substituted them for their wooden
guides. It was at first feared that they
would cut the stamp stems, and by eb-
tasion and friction soon would ruin
them. They were lubricated with
graphite and tallow mixed and cooled,
nnd from the first drop of the stamps
they have worked perfectly.
The workmen in the Sonoro ttinnei
neat* Burke, are expecting to cut the
lead any day now. The crosscut tunnel Is In nearly the 835 feet which was
estimated would bo required to reach
the vein, and thc water is coming so
freely-that It almost drowns the men
out. Heretofore the tunnel has been
The Spokane Industrial Exposition
has received word from Fred Mollis of
Baker City, that a ear load of ore from
that district Is being prepared for shipment to tho Exposition.
The Hilarity Mining Company hns
decided to put a four-drill compressor
on its Pine Creek. Idaho, properly. A
contract for an additional 100 feet of
tunnel was let recently.
Nine claims on Miller mountain. In
Rolse county. Idaho, were recently sold
rnr $46,000—10 per cent down. They
are mere prospects, but tho ledges arc
said to be very large—20 to 30 feet
wide, with gold visible In many places.
WflKsbrrsrr ronilaa-  tTo'uir.
Tacoma, Sept. 25.—Mail advices from
Manila state that Major ,1. .1. Wei*-.-
'bc-rgc r, ceimmaneling the First battalion .*f
the First Washington legiiucnt, wh.i was
nominated by Oeneral Uiis to bc lieutenant colonel in the regular army, and appointed by* President Me-Kinley .en.)
thought hy his family anil frie-nds to have
entered upon the discharge of his duties,
lias refused his oommission.'and is now
on board the transport Pennsylvania with
his  regiment  homeward bound.
Cola BUM*, on This Coast.
San  Francisco,  Sept.  25.—The  United
States mint in this city has received from
Washington. I). C, 1034 bars of silver to
lie  used  in  the  utterance  of  subsidiary
coinage.    With  the unlocked for arrival
and   reeoinage   of,  silynr  comes   the  announcement that henceforth the amount
of silver coins to be turned out at tlie
mint  will be $1,000,000 a month, or as
nearly  that amount  as  the capacity  of
the mint will permit.
Preddeat  of  (he  I.eagar.
Syracuse, Sept. 23.—Henry V. Johnson, mayor of Denver, wa* elected president of the League of American Muniei
In Omaha the storekeepers have combined to fight the clerks. Tbe latter
had won early closing on Saturday, and
then, as usual, grew lukewarm toward
the union. The bosses caught on and
now the clerks are In a fair way to lose
what they had gained.
l>r«*Mlil.*Ht  Aadrade tleehn lo  l.-cap.-.
New York, Sept. 23.—A dispat.-h from
Pott  ot Spain says:
General Castro, the leader of the Venezuelan revolution, holds possession of the
city of Valencia. He ha* been entertained
at a banquet by leading Valencia citizens.
It is reported that President Andrade
meditates an attempt to escape from the
country. It is said he has a yacht waiting for him. at La Guayra.
Hlluntlon    llnrliniiK.-.!.
London, Sept. 21—Great Britain's relations with the Transvaal remain unchanged, and, as far as.Ihe former is concerned, the situation is pot likely to take on
a new phase until after Friday's cabinet
council. .Whether the Boers will bo content to wait that long without ending the
suspense with hostilities depends upon
.    O>.t->rfov*ln|( Well Ignite*.
We-llesville, O., Sept. 25—While making
preparations to "-shoot" the Rayl well on
thc Htdinger farm the well overflowoil
and the oil ignited ,from the fire under
thc boiler causing a terrible explosion.
Two men were killed outright and three
others injured, two it is thought fatally.
Calling lt a landscape doesn't Improve the appearance of t-he back yard.
 I  *•'•■■''*"     *''
Oil'Cape Ann-Tool* Kour and a*, sjalf
Hours to Uo o*or tha Coursa—Waht
Against   lh- TltU-l-iv»-»>l  l-ruiiil-es-t
Men present—flood W*ath«r.
Boston, Sept. 27. The new  hattleshlfi
Keen-sage left her anchorage, ftlioiit four
miles oil Iloston light, for the trial ojwrt*
utf Cape Ann to have her speed lest. Tue
members of the naval trial board, icpro-
fimtative* of the. Newport News Ship
building _ Dry-donk Compiny, the builders of Ilie big vessel, ajul several men who
hail been granted the privilege, went on
board tlu* battleship just before »lie
weighed anchor.
The weather was excellent at the start;
the waler was sinoolh and the wind moderate.
As the big battleship crossed the line
under full headway, her bow pushed up
an enormous volume of water und great
waves were thrown up aslein by iii'i
screws. .She made goes! speed, however,
although Ilie tide was against her and
wind nearly abeam.
The vessel passeel the Potomac the second mark hoat,ti.li mils Irom lhe start, at
10:r»0:4">,   shore   lime,  covering   the  dis-
tame in 21 minuies and    Ave     se; ds
This shows a speed of 1*1.44 knots.
From shore the third in,irk was imli*-
tinet, hut tlie lvcarsage appeared to have
it abeam at 11:14, having -1 minute*
and HI se-coiieis en this leg, whicli woulel
make her speed 17.3 knots per hour.
These are .scutie.ns o| coinse; o\ei whicli
formerly the slowest time ha-i . been
Al 11:21 tlie big ship was lost lei view
in the ha/e.
The Ke.irsage crossed the finish line it
2:47:10, having taken four hour* 2U
minutes ami 30 seconds f.*r the run.
An estimate, deducting SO m'nute* for
tu...nc at Ciipe l'nipoi»e, shows that
she exceeded 17 knots bv a fi act ion.
W A»-UN«-_l->:__. .-,_j___:-^
Sptokane must ptjy out-$3iM00 in In.      i
teresl October 1     ' J.,^
There will be no more Bavin
year In Spokaui*.
Wiltsburg. has been forging
rapidly this summer.
Tl||».vlt_ treasurer of Folrhnv
iHstiwlflf'-lcytleMcensesj.-*-- mmm
Tacoma schools huve 5,205 pupils em
rolled in nineteen buildings.
Dnytiin business men have organize-.!
a social club with over 40 member)*?.
More tlmn one hundred students.--!,
ourolled at the Cheney aornwV aifkjift^.
*,      '
The Chehalls, Wa_w _ompwy;4>J(qi;iV
lijg an.,ai*,l}*sianAwell to add to Its supply
of water.".' „u■• i
The blackberry crop of tho Kittitas
valley has been   practlvuily   u f_1liu»
Tto Spokane I'nion depot property-'
is "old In NJl-wi-Otl- nt aricgon fo-
this season,; ^.,*      , .
One of the big days of tlm exposition
be Internhtlonitl
l.AT_   TEI_V*AI-IU   Rs-Wt.
During a severe wind storm 4ri Chicago the steam barge Cleveland, laden
with 200,000 feet of lumber, sank In the
harbor neat- the mouth of tbe Chicago
river. Captain Henry navls und a crew
of 11 men were rescued.-
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Williams have
arrived in Kansas City on a bicycle
built for two en route from Philadelphia, which plate they left on Augusl
0;on a $1000 wager that they will reach
San FranclKco in 90 days.  "^
Strikes of carpenters, affecting in nil.
It Is estimated, about 2500 men antl
which may Involve "many thousands of
men in other branches of the building
trades fn sympathetic, strikes, will be
ordered at onc-e In New Vork. *
The Twenty-eighth volunteer Infantry at Camp Meade, Pa., will break
camp and the trunk lines have orders
to rush the regiment across the continent, to San Francisco where the troops
will board transports for Manila.
At a mass meeting of Bohemian residents of Chicago they denounce those
responsible for using a circular In
wnicn it was stated that Bohemians are
in the custom of forming secret slabs
for the purpose of inducing suicides.   .
Two factory buildings, 133 to 139
south Jefferson street, Chicago, were almost totally destroyed by fl,e, iiiu-ting
a total loss of more than % 150.000, covered by Insurance. The principal losers are M. Keating k Sons, $25,000; A.
S. Klein k Co., $25,000.
The directors of the Western Turf
Association have decided to construct
a slx-fnrlong straightaway track at
Tanforn park, which it is proposed to
e-akr the fastest three-quarter ln tjie
.*•oi-'d. It will be made wide enough to
permit the starting of twenty horses.
In accordance with the rites of the
Russian Orthodox church, Miss Julia
Dent Grant, daughter of Brigadier Gen-
eral and Mrs. Frederick Grant and
granddaughter of General-C, a. Grant,
and Prince Cantacu-sene, Count Spran-
znkl of Russia, were married at Newport, R. I., recently.
E. C. Swift, of the big meat packing
hou«e, objects to the marriage of his
daughter to the 8ervlan Prince Alex-
Is Karngeorlvlch, for fear that should
the latter ever be raised to the throneof
Servla, his American wife would tie declared morgantle, as happened In the
case of Miss Patterson who married
Jerome Bonaparte.
Two trains on the Allegheny railroad
collided head on at Parker, Pa., totally
wrecking both engines, demolishing
eight freight cars, badly wrecking two
passenger coaches and Injuring nearly
a score of people. None of tbe Injured
will die. Officials nf the company say
the engineer of the freight forgot th it
the passenger train had the right of
At a meeting of a committee representing the largest, six rallwav systems
be country, In Chicago. It was de-
elded to recommend to a general meeting of officials of all roads west of Chicago, to be held In St. Louis, October
10th. an entire oblltlon of all passes
and all forma of free transportation
The only exception to the radical action
Is employees traveling on business for
their respective companies.
this year will
October 10th.
Tbe banks of C.olfnx, a city of 3,50n
population, have deposits of |YfiO,000>—
mostly from farmers.
A new bank, to be known as the Scandinavian-American, will lie opened in
Whatcom November 1st.
The five nays' session   or the   six-Ci   .
Stewtfis •joiinty teachers'    Institute is
closed yvith very satisfactory results.
The openfTig ceremonies of the Spokane liidustrial'l-xpositloii on Oefobe.-
3d, will be far more Imposing tbis year
than ever before.
One of the Interesting features of ee-
terlalnment at tho Spokane Imliuitrlul
Exposition which opens soon, will bo
the athletic spofts."
V. Oulllan, a laltorer. was run over bv
a work train lu Xhe railroad yards itn.l
his leg crushed, iit North Yakima. Ve
will probably die.
K. B. Rnymtrnd, the well-known bby--.
c-le r'der, was the victim   of u painful
bicycle accident  recently,   .vhlcll  mav
permanently disfigure him. a
John Auderson, a farmer living near
Reardan, wns picked up In the road suffering from a contusion of the • brain,
ennsed by a fall f-tmi his buggy.
W. A. Davis, of Steptoe, Is arrnngin■■',
for a bear chase' September 29th.    He
will furnish th*e bear, the animal beln; *"
one•he-Tiiiseel, butt-M become virions.
Spon tte the nqi*-8sary supplies can tut
ghlppecT up from Portland, a crew of 1.1
men will be piit'to'work repairing thn
Snake river dikes, at I.ox Cabin, and
Goose Island.
The body of August Bush. Whose rriys-*''
teri-ii* disappear':**"-, from Ma hoatedp
Seattle last. week. „V* found    tn I .a I.e .,
i'nion.     The presumption Is that Mush
committed 'suicide.
Representative Jones has received, a
ilispati'b from Senator Foster, now in
Washington, saying that the sheep ral«r  *
ers wouM haverb fer their (locks*off the •
reserves by September. •   .   .»•       »^
Volunteer grain ,1s springing up In
many fields and In some Instances nn
sowiiier will lie necessary, as the stand
will he siiinciem.tp insure a crop, Ul I
the BUensbury capitol.
The present grades In hoth bluiNtem'
and club require a weight of slaty -am:
a biili'.jivuiiils in choice milling, fifty
eight pounds fur rs'cx 1, fifty-six pounds
for r*.'o.*_, and flftyTour pounds for No.
3. ....    * .
Kaslo k Slocan
Train* Run un Paeilto Standard Ttra*.
Going W**t.
1:00*. m.\:
in *. m...
M0 a. m...
I:i»a. m...
Mt a. in
...   Kailo  ...
Booth Fork
.. Bin cole's ..
t},,!ng Call.
..'. I'M P. fn
...«•.» p m.
...IM p. n,
1.10 |>   ill
B__t IsakC. 1-00 p  m
10:11 a. m  M-Oi^f-"   I'M P a,
10:11 a. in   Ball*.'*   1:M p. m.
10.lt a. ni.... Cody Juliette n ....1:11 p. ra *
Arrlv*. ..        .... i-w-rt
10:40 a. m  landon  1:11 1*. m.
t.ssv* 11 |M a. m.tandon..Arrive ll:«0 a. m
Arrlv* 11:11*. :m...Cody...Lmv* 11:11 a. ni.
O.  F.  COp-JOAND,
-*"i"    Vortr,   *)«.|,t.   2«._Tl,e    VnltrA
Slates tr.-l.ep Olympia, bearing Ad-'
mlral Bom-sty, arrl-r.l „it Rnn.|- *,•,;„_ I
at -i***- (hi* morning:.
Trusts nro pushing to the front
.... Kootenay *-.
Railway and-Navigation
Cnmpany. ""
Operating K.slo A Blocan Hallw-r, lnt»r-
natlonal Nav..*-TradlagjCo.
■chcdul* of Time-Pacific Standard.Tlm*
Pa**cng*r train for Bandon »n.*t WM
•tatlun*, irsv.. Ktilo at 1:00 a, m.    ,
pally, 'ininning, i«_*v*c Sandon at'1:0
P- ni., *rrrvlng at Ka'»lo at MA't"*- V** *
JiiUrnstU.i.al. Nav.**'Trad. (*..—Op*r_l«
In* un Ke.ot.nsy Is l». .nel 11 v.r.   ,,'   - <
beavag KS*'o r..r.N.i»..n at,«:00..*..t*>
dally, *i.'*ui s'ntidayi ,R*turuln«..laav*»
Nelson *i 4:.0 p. m„ calling at Balfour,
Pilot Hay, Aln*worth, and all way pottrlr
-.nttetti with s. v.-a n. train «« a*d
from Bpokana, *t file Mil* folnU .- *U
B. S..<'ALBJDRTA." s.i.'j
I.«»r»s Nelaon for^JEJoynar's Fariy Tvi««-
d*y* and Baturday* at 7 «. in,, m**tlng
sir.ma, "lnt*r*4tloliat" from Kaili *t
PllotB*y.     •        ■.*•!-.   .,..  « -     , m
R.I liming, i..v.s Bonntr'i Fairy at IM
a, m. W*ilnc*d*y* and Sunday*.
Connects at BSnnlr"* r*rry with ar*at
Northern railway for all po»H*-«■» ;»nd
w**t. * m
S-«tm*ra call at principal landing* Is
both dlrseltons, *nd at otlrar point* rh*a
lino-   signaled
England.   Velvet, manufacturers,
leum and wall paper plantn, breweries '   Tlek*U .old to alt point* In Canada aa<
pawn shops and other Institutions ure  "*• lrnl,*d ■'»••■•'
being combined. |   To a*c*rialn* rata* And full Infonaatt**
The silk ribbon trnqt will hnve ISO- *Ut*"  -xJO*   i"A  '    11 "* • ^
0,000 capital. "'""ve i„i*. ROl.t^.BjWQ, Manager.
ivMle, ». a
iiiVlMillt!»*--*^W..,wSW>..u^-»^< *m J**at*stt*ttme *m.^mw*%.^ttseirK-wryugotaAts,.■ .-'-.--»,^.-»,-■..-  t%.tm^Jt*t^t*wmwat^^ 'M*,**W m*t*mytm   .r^w^*^.**.-
.: M.imM*± mem*AAU.m*iwW**ttmw^ '&*wWX s^*»«te-aMnw^x-^,_ik^if^e*-r-^«-i•i^v.^^ii-p^-^jfv^H-^^MKir-.^^_w_»i«»-^- %**jraw^j*fe*j w^joec *r. mt*
V Yo» fa? Bend the Sapling,
But Not the Tree,"
«i    _      i'
When disease has become chronic and
deep seated it is often difficult to cure it.
[That is the reason why it Is best to
take Hood's Sarsaparilta when disease
first shows itself.    In long-seated, tena-
[cious casts, Hood's Sarsaparilla ts also
wonderfully successful.
NcVL'r Disappoint
lhe llrnv.i- iimi ki.i Grand*—Th*
P'lllllu.-.leielse.u K.eeer.le.ee ~ Pfrions
Nerluutly lii,|ur«d-War« on tbe Way
li. the I'aeille t'oasl.
■ ■ •■ -.-•* ■■
/- i
lo    the
IH«}.-I. li Kroin Blnjur Kay -The Ulsli let
I lie Klcheet Kirr Hnowu -Nearly I lire.
Thousand People T here-Ureat. Buffering for Many.
Washington, Sept. il. -Genera] Shafter
has sent to the Ate de|inrliueiit a copy of
a ilispiileh wlijch he has receive- from
Major 1\ EL Bay.   Il i* dated at st. .Mi-
eliiii'ls, August 31, und is us follows:
"1 linel ut Anvil und along thu beach
Iiilweii MUtl unci 3600 people, Kully *_*>l.HJ
people will be compelled lo leuVc there he-
lore ihe close of navigation, owing to the
lai k nf fuel und shelter, From ull 1 can
Irani tliers will Is- but three li-uinVri here
io return in-fore the Kason closes. Unless
ihe |us.ple cm gel away, there will be
gieat .uttering und piob.ihly loss ul life
which it will bet impossible io unielioiate.
"As a rule ull have plenty ot money lo
jMiy tiie'ii pannage, i therefore suggest
tliat the transportation companies be
mHilled of the condition of ulfuii-i und the
treasury depurtment be- asked to order cutters to remain ihere us late us possible lo
meet any emergency.
"The Cape Nome di-cliict ia one of the
lie-heat ever discovered in our country
ami will rival the Kloudike. Beach washing is a Hod tend to the destitute and
Mlanded here. There ure l'tom six hundred to one iliou-a.nl people ulou^ the
beach und they *re hiking out from .flu
lo $'.50 pet duy per man with rockers.
"'lhe gulch district is as yet nol lully
developed, but show.-t* gieal rich—SU
wherever winki*d. 1 look for the greaiest
lesiilts next .Ma-oil.
"Will make full rejKiit frorti Kurt Kg-
licit. I sdil Iioin Inn' to llu I point U.
Slialii-r says he has notified the ir.iii*-
pollution ninipanieti ol tlie amount nf
p.iiiiiii.i",c they cun Wpeet il lln-y fiave
ships ut Knit St, Michael* lo In in-, ilie
|«-..ple dowll.   "
nia It. .ludkins, aged 12, Spokane
aged 10, Spokane,
Ii -rn.ee ns   liinir   I riiii.einll
llerlin, Sepi. lo.   An outbreak oi
et .i
Denver,   Sept,  LM.    A   spevia
Xetts  iVoin   llore'iiie, Col.,  M.iys:
One of the i t appalling accidents in
the hiit.ry of the Denver _ ltio (''.null-
luilrem.l cucuim-cI fgrur and one-hulf miles
west of this eity.   Sin person, were'killed
Outright and live b.dlv jniiue.. Tlie dead:
■. ..'.„,' ....   .
'I'll.-   lie...I. .
,   V. Sajtai*, manager of the exeursiiui,
Kvu Al. Walker,   aged ~12,  Wcstfdrd.
Allelic  !•'.  Judkih
Ueoige 11, Judklni, aged ti.
Willis, a boy, ug.-el 0, I_
lie.-   Injure-.
Mrs, K a. Willis, Los Angela), badly
Hurry Walker, aged 1!>, W'e.-tioid, Mi »,
Internal injuries, not mi1ou*.
-Mis. (Irani Kieldle, Cole Camp, Mo., in-
leinul  injuries.
.\li„ Kll.. lliddle, aged il, Cole Camp,
Mo.,   bruises.
0. It. (..'link, aged   25,    Millers,   Ind.,
The killed and injured were puesenger*
on a I'liilli|is .hi.l-ein exourslon train, wi'.-i
bound, whieh collided will, an cinl-binmd
freighr train. The *f_Cursion train ciiiinisl-,
ed  oi  one  clay  coctrjh  and   two  i'liliman '
tpurist  sleepers.    There   were  about  41):
passenger-.,  mostly  from     .M.issuchu.sclls. |
cn route to the Pacific coast   The special
hail   orelers  to  run   to   Iti-nci  siding   unl
when only a  few  hundred* from tiie siding   it   collided   with   the   freight   train,
'lhe   trains   came   together   with   terrili';
force.    The second Pullman teletOOpsd the
_r*t one and the duy i-eme-h i* a complete
w reck.
The  freight   train  con-Muted pf SO narrow gauge mis, loaded wilh oie und lum
lier  and   wreckage-   is   strewn   along   the
tracks for nearly half a mile,   lt is un-I
deratood the freight had orders to take the '
side track  at  Kenn, but  for some reason
it failed to dee *o.
re_eaW.lv F^fL.li T* tha" ,St^°d f-?,r S^SL. Tl,e *tomach tries to di*?est a11 tha*'s put Into it, bat If
Itom\T_^ «t goes on a strike.   That s indigestion.   Rich, over-sweet, indigestible food weakens the
than th t£L?ike,s lt Jffb e ¥ tak.l care,of the ,mterial Put "«° it   More food taken into a weakened stomach
_S3«v1_^^<^^^i^a^JW ^ r-jts- blilW on all the horrors of dyspepsi:
I$i_ff&?2 d^P,epS'a T t0 deuan out the digestive *$& with CASCARETS.  Keep it clean with Q
eat light tood sparingly, and give the stomach a chance to rest up and get -strong again.!.
Be sure you get the genuine CASCARETSI
a.   The
MS .
when lie ia tit
'osing to a heiress, do you?
.uui ii.il.
••For ■!_ -ears i was a vlralm or_.s-
ix-psla in Its worst form. I could out, nothlng
but milk tout, and at time* my stomach
would not retain and digest even that Last
March Ibeifan taking CASCARETS and slnoe
then l li-m siuaei.lv Improved, until I am a*
well u I ever was In mv lite."
David ll. miici-ut, Newark, O.
v      Th* discovery by the --'-i-bor* t"-*t a
25c.   50c.
C".* "J8 "/?_* " y *--,rn-*-,M' * rawlTT*f»t«bl» eMo-Mund. Ho mercarial or other miner»l pill-polaon ia Cascaret*. vaieirm pwmpUy, e.*ctlvely »ad permanently
M_h-, , i , m V Um*lch' Ur" *nd ■'■tertia**. Ihey not only cure constipation, but correct aay and every (ormtt lrr*fu__lty ot the bowel*, _ieIuatnf4_rrti*aa_d*y»*Bttry.
reasam, pa aut>ie potent. Taste good, do tood. Herer sicken, weaken or gripe. Be sure you get the genuide t Beware of tmit_tio_i and *ub»_tute» I Buy a box of CASCARBTi
«i-«*y, aa* u not pleased in every respect, get your money back I   Writ* us lor booklet «nd free sample I   Address STBRLIHO RBMEDT COW ABT.OBIC-OO or Hit TORK.
fitrr   tor  Insane   I'eeCi.-niM.
Joliet, 111.. Sept. 28. Irwin Fuller Bush,
a vnniie; iniei'iieil man nf this city, w.i-
>ent to Kaiikaki'e asylum last -lurch pro-
iiii.iiiiiil hopel-f'ly iu*ane. Iti-eentlv
through treatment with lymph frnm the*
gland* >>f tfoata, Biiah is borne, i-nuipleiely
.e-ste.ie-el ill Il.illel .lllll buely. The lyill[iil
Inul lieeii iliseuvi-rcil by Dr. Ilcibert*, a
A special with pliy-ie-iani wns sent to j phy*.ii>ian of Greene e-e.ii'nly, .Me., lis ap-
thc seene ni lhe wreck from Uiis eity hii<1 ' plication for insanity case* wus cleni.in-
the surviving pusneiif-eis weie br.itight to1 .tiaieil at a Chicago laboratory, i-here
thi* cily. L.ili'i the injiireel eiere taken l}ush *,\a* taken last .lime, lie was gnb-
to I'lii-tiln.    \\i*. \\ iili-. is hoyeripg be-  jar**.*'- to rrrjeotidni of the lymph, (bowing
twceii   hie-   and   clean.,     the   eitl.eis   will    sie'.nly   iiiip.eivement,   until   lu-   was   elia-
l-apv_r. . charj-cel last Tm-slay ciireel.    l)i. Itoliert-
li.i- gone to Europe to lay his discover-**
before Brofeasor K.
foreiso seienti-l-.
Slum- ii, i,i I n mill ii.,i,i,,-,i.
I!,ii*e, lelalio, Sept. 25.—New* has
li-ailieel this e-ity that the* stape rilliniilj.'
between VV-M X-'Al. lire., ami Ontario, was
hcli! up at a point GO miles from Ontario.
There wen- three robbei_ in si^ht, but
the driyer be_itveakt^ere were .umio hiil
inar by, Tlie robber* tisik the mail sacks
fiom tlie sta(>e emit ritiect them, though
lhe le"cis for the niii*l pail were rc-
(ilae-eii. The registered mail pouch Wa*
taken away by the rubbers.
Everybody,   "m I.sr.e i.nn i slaloeue cinitsliiiiig W
9' jXl'.jj iiiclie-s, will be se-nt |» sisjce j.inel on iec, l|,t cl t
rlcaa to
lagea, slsa
three cent*
ne re.urnliiK Hns ail and mi'iiiiunlni; this )iaper.   We eaa
save von f> |C eleillar* on ciuns.   Wrlii- eit once.
It. itoiiKKTS'  Slil'l'l.v   HOi'SK.  Minneapolis,  Minn.
ch of Berlin ami otlier
I lee. 11..,.,I and lemiliie.
Puerto   ltico, Bepb *_,"i.
in the lian-vaal is regarded lien-
i|iee*.(...n of ii lew clay*, or at the
ol ii week.
The whole prc«s elevotes considerable
-pace- lo the riia'ler. Neither the attitmle
ot Ihe people nor of the pies* has changed
materially. \\ itliout exception they eli^ap-
prove eel such a wa. ami blanie lire.it
ilriluin lor badgering tlie 'IT.tn-.vaal beyond endurance.
The liberal press also blames the Tran*-
vaai tor its illo-'iral atanel in llrst sauc-
lii.iiiiio tIleal Britain* attempt* ut interference iu it* internal affairs and then
rejecting sueh attempts and making uf
them a casus belli. Thus ague the V-)*-
hi-c-he Zeitnng. Cologne Uazette and otheia.
Who  *}hot   S.ov.l.r.
Ky., .**V-pt.  26.—__e man
la Ike Ma
who shot "(ieneral'' ij-wder has been fouml
to be "General" Turner, 20-year-old son eif
.lack Turnei*, the leader of the Turner
f.n-tion. "Oeneral" Turner telephoned to
lhe police today: "I shot 'Oeneral' Sowdci*.
What are you going U) do about it!"
A posse e-oniposed. of '_."> men is being
organized by Chief of Police Hall to go
after "Oeneral'' Turner. The Turner*, ISO
strong, are barricaded in "General" Tur*.
rier'a saloon, the quarter house of that
faetioni 'They say thut if the posse attempts to arrest Turner they will shoot
them down.
ll..-i.iii.l   li.-in,...I   i,v   Fire.
Norfolk.   Va.,   Sept.   21.—Pt. Vincent
ele'l'anl    hospital    wus e|,'-li,,yiil    by liie. ,
Tlie body of an aged woman, .Mr*. M '•»
t'line. and the Isjely of a lad have been Pone., Puerto ltico. Sept. _.">. I'ly-
(ennnl. Hue other patient is re|vorte-ei ' mouth, the capital Of tlie K_t—_ ol Moir.-
iiilaai—g. Two firemen wort injiire*«l, but | rerra*, i*»pi_i th* dsalr—ution by liie of
Sir expected to recover. | iiiany  biiilelings which hail neaped tbe
Tli property loss, it is estimated,, will j recent liiiiricane and most of the remain-
reach 1200,000, with small ihSur.nce.The ing iiiins were consumed, greatly inteiui-
Institution was one of the best equipped | tying the*dUtre*e of tbe populace, which
of il* kind in the south. is  growing  demoralised   over   the   tardy
  | and inadequate relief.   The lalsireis refuse
lien.    i:iiei.iern_lna   Snlriilt*. | in   unletael   the   relicl   caigoe-   linli--   paid
lliiilieil I in. in AlKlers.
Algiers, Sept. 2it.— in eonsecjiience e,f
tin- anti-Semite disturbances here yeslcr-
dav lhe government' has established mili
tary patrols, practically amounting to a
piiii'laimitiim of martial law.
e  It.-. ,.l ne i,..i.
Sept. i!7.    A  lev.
I  l.iul
Uni-nos Ayie*, Sept. i!7. A revolution
liioVce otH at t'alaiiiai'i-a against the local
<.>o\e-rileiie-lel   of   tlm I proviii*-^   'i'lee _,.\.-ill
niiiil republished order after a fight,
during   which   seven   were   killed   and   12
were wnuuile-il.e .The senate ha* approved
ihe conversion scheme by the govern-
May   He Tnac-.l   Five   Millions. j
Until   tlie   will   of   the date Cornelius
Yaiiderbilt i* tiled for probate, it will not
be known liow much federal war tax and 1
how much  inheritance tax from the estate will lie paid.
The war revenue tax on the legacies, it
is expected, will be 2 1-2 per cent, us it is
expected that Mr. Vanderbilt left his for-
tunn to his wife and children. If, as has
lie-en re-Hirled, he left to members of his
family us much us $lT,.,0tHJ.000, the war
revenue tax alone would be $.'l,700,lliHI.
The Inheritance tax due to the stale of
New Vork at 1 per cent woulil be neaily
11,500,000, and the estate would pay in
war revenue tax and Inheritance tux con- '
-i.J.j.il.lj,- over ■fc>,U_U,tMI0.
lt lias been suggested that Mr. Vander- ,
hilt may have made deeds of gift to members of his family so as to avoid tlie payment ot so large a  sum in taxes on his
estate.      No information regarding suelr
deeda lias been obtained bv the offlciala
l_.pru.an IralD  Kquipsnaat.
The O. K. At N. and Oregon Short
Line have added a buffet, emoking and
library car to their Port land -Cbioaga
tbiougb tiain, and a dining car aervion
ha* been inauguarated. Tha train la
equipped with the latest obalr care,
day coaches and luiurioua flret-olaii
and ordinary «leep«it. Diieot MBBM*
tien nml* at Granger with Union Pacific and at U|*deu with Rio Oranda
line, from all point* In Otegsn, Washington-arid Idaho to all Eastern eitiea.
For information, rate*, etc, call on
anv O. K. A N. agent, er addr*** W,
H. Hurll^urt, Ueueral Fa***ag*r Ag*atk
Poi t laud.
Dr. W. A. Rlllston, ot Stoke Hall, Ips-
wich, wbo has lieen choaen president of
the British Medical Association for
1900, is a well known East Anglican
physician. For the last 30 years he
has been on the staff of the East Suffolk hospital.
CMe-a'go, Sept. 23.- The Tribune today
Chicago Bohemian, are inoen*ed over
the circulars sent out bv the Uohemjan
Brotherhood of America arraigning tli?ii*
societies on the charge of encouraging suicide. Prominent Beliemiatis say that the
"brothers" will find trouble awaiting them
if they come to Chicago to attempt their
alleged reform.
Thr  Fever  Spreads.
Orleans, Sept.   27.--T'hive
New Orleans, Sept. 27.--T!ire'C n,'\v
eases of yellow fever are reported ill
the past 2-1 hours, making a total of .1
cases and six deaths.
At Angiiilla 700 inhabitants aie wildly
appealing for immediate -upplies e.t water
nml food, the recent huiricane having deal roved all the provisions and wrecked
the shops and the habitation* anil the -i a
having   wreekeel  all   the   wells  and   rain
i.Iii»_i.|... t'e.l n  SlielllliK.
Manila,   Sept.   25— The   Unite-el   State*
I i ui-i-i  I 'hail
ilie gunbottt Concord and the rappl] *!iip
/.uliro, attacked Olanga])o on Snbig bay.
The warship* after briskly bom-bardlug
i)langa|xi landed 2.*itl sailor*., wiio de-
stroyed the insurgent*.' position. One
American wa* wounded,
1.I...I. ...1  or  Kliiely-Three  I'er rent.
Cliatt-anooga, Tenn., Sojit 21.-'lhe
Crown Cotton Mills of Halton, Oa, at the
annual meeting of the slockholdc-rs declared a dividend of 03 per cent in cash This
beats the world's record in colton mill div-
The company will at once build another
$100,0011 c-otion mill at Dalton. lout year
the company declared a dividend of -Jit
per cent.  •
t.reat   Si.n.-rii.K  nn  Msrekenale Trail.
Victoria, Bi C, Sept. 27.—News
reached here by the Cottage City tliat a
relief expedition hns been aent by the
mounted police to the Mackenzie river
trail, where great suffering is snid to pre
villi, The last arrival from the Mackenzie w'ns un Australian named Kdwardson,
who, after losing his supplies, was a week
«i(hotit food.
A prospecting expedition which re'luin
ed to Dawson recently, after 10 weeks on
the upper Klondike, Porcupine and Stewart rivers', rrpmt thai nil hough colors are
found, Ihere ia no gold on any of the
creeks of the district.
M.I...RI..I Willi Willow With-*.
Chicago, Sept. 27.-—.V special from-. Dor-,
i nesrer, Neb,. Hays:
Winding willow withes around her
neck until she strangled herself, Mr*.
Sleinhciser ended her life at her honii*,
1wo miles enst of town. Ill health w,.s
the eattse of her suicide. A neiglilair
found her dead, wilh bin* hands clutching
the ends of the hough* whieh she employed to I'oitimil suicide.
Mr. H. N. Warner, ot Mlndeu,
Neb., *ald: ,
•• In 18WI w»s attAcked with para-
lvsls iii my left lids. You mlglit
stick a plo to the head Into my lelt
blp and I would not feel it. 1 wa*
unable to do any kind of work and
had to be turned iu bed. 1 mads
up my m'lnd tbat I oould not be
cured a* I had used all kinds ol
iiiRdieliinaiul had tried many doctor*. I was advised to try Dr. V* II-
IlieniH' I'ma I'llls for Pale People,
and commenced tholr use lust •September. Before 1 hud tlutebed my
nrst box 1 felt better, and by time
I had used six boxes tb* dlscfti-e
had entirely disappeared, and I
bave nol been so free from pain
since, r wa* a boy. The pnralysl*
also disappeared.and although two
months nave passed slne-e 1 finished my lost box, there ha* been
do recurrence of the disease.'
from tht Uaiette, Mimtrn, A'tb.
tt. Willi****' Pink Pill* tor P»l* People
— never sold by Ihe doienor hunorea,
sl»..sln pic.****.   «•» d'u«,,».,
Organization cobtlnuea everywherft.
A. Bellamy colorf-y- in th be Rtnrted In
New llagl-yid.
r.**«**'>sw* -<«l^a«r   <*.«»w.»M),.», ■<*»,.«,
Co.. Sch.n.ct»dy, N. Y., SO cent! per to»
I koto* 12.60.
*t*>-re*re I'nnlslinirnt.
Belgrade, Servia, Sept. 27.- The oourt
ha* rendered judgment in the case ol t ie
prisoners who have been on trial for some
time pa-t. charged with the attempted assassination of former King Milan of
Servia. July 6, wl.e-n  he  wa* sheet   at  by
the ltosniaii named Kaeae-trio.
Knerevic and Pasitch, leaden of tl.e
conspiracy, were lentenced to death: 10
others were condemned to 20 years' Ira-
priaonihefet, one to nine yenrs and seveu
•o live year*.   Six were acipiitttil.
Hy Iol-h' aspllcietlons. as the-y cannot read- ibe
loll, tlie monitor Monterey, diseased peenlnn of the ear. There Is only one
way to , in,- clearness, anil that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbling seeund or Imperfect
healing, and when it Is entirely closed deafness
Ib the result, .unl unless the Inflammation can
be taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed for.
even nine cases out of ten are caused by
e-atuirh. which is nothing but an inflamed con-
dilion  e,f  tlie inelrnui.  sur—loss.
We will give One Hundred Dollan. for any
case of Deafness (eaused by catarrh) that cannot lee cured by Hull's Catarth Cure. Bend for
circulars,  free.
F. J   CHENEY A CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold bv drUKKlsts, 7_c.
Hall's  Family   Fills  eere  the  best.
nreyfn» Lenves.
Rennes, Sept. 21.*—Oapttln Alfred Diey-
fus lias left the pii-on he-re iu which he
had been e-otiliecil dnce his'return from.
Devil's Ishtnii end proceeded to Vern.
,'he.e he took the train for Xantcs. His
departure was completely unnoticed.
Allen's Foot-Tease,' a powder for the
feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting,
nervous feet, and Instantly takes the sting
out of corns and bunions. Il's the great-
eai comfort discovery of the age. Allen's
l-'oo'-EaBe makes tight or lie*** shoes fee!
easy. It is a certain cure for Ingrowing Nails, sweating, callous and hot, tired,
aching feel. We have over 30,000 testimonials. Try it today. Sold by all druggiBts
and shoe stores. By mall for 25c ln
stamps. Trial package KREE. Address,
Allen S, Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
*-*. S. Peterson is said to have complet-
ed Arrangement* for a barrel and stave
nnd shingle mill plant at Port Angeles,
''.'ash., to tost entire $10,1100.
The sultan of Turkey has a great affection   for Switzerland.    "I   love it.'
WHY    PUT    IT   OFF?
When ft person Iflc-bmp.eteTy rundown, pains-
In tlie l-ai-k, hrniUfiii-n. tired, utterly worn out
feeling, wh) put off uking MuntMhiug to slop
the rftvdgta el dt«cA4e.t j
Hoore's Revealed Remedy]
says the sultan, "alnive all ojher states   will mate yon well, qo.ckly-it make* you fe>..|
in Kurope, and for a good reason—be-
! cause it sends no ambassador to Con-  *
stantinople to worry me with its grlev-
' anees."
like a new persnn,    ft'* ples.snt tu lake.
per boitle- eet your .Irn-g-^i-1-.
All Jl.illor Makers Arc <*„lli*il Ont.
San Frtu./isco, Sept. 27.—At a meeting
of the striking heiilermaker-, a motion
that men of all -hops that work on nil
transport* whether goverriracnl or chartered »t*y out until ihe eight-hour day,
fliiarinle-eel by law nn (rovernment wink,
i- granted llieni on all tinii<|sirt woi',,
w«s unanimously parried, A motion tint
thi* action lie final was also carded,
Hy this action the union men Working
are called out. us well aa the nicii eif lhe
Eureka Iron Wmk*. who aiv working on
the Centennial and were granted iheir eh--
nini-l* by lhe contractor*.
«iii>inr.-.i i>> Rebels.
Manila. Sept. 27-'the in-urgeiil* have
eaplureel the United State* gunboat t'r
ilanela in the Orani river, on tlie north
west  side of Manila bay, where she wa*
patrollng. One officer and nine of her
crew nre mining, 'Ilie gunboat Petrel,
sent to investigate, returned and reported
the Urdaneta beached opposite lhe town
of  Orani   on  the  ('rani   river.    She  w i*
burned and the following gun* with iheir
aiiiiii.iiiiliiiii were captured: A onc-
peuinder. one foil iiiite-lnatie.' gun and one
Nordeiifcldt. 2". niiHiiiieler,'gnn.
The crew n( the Urdaneta arc priaoner*
or  have  been  killed.
Several more socialists were at rested
In Chicago for speakidg on the public
streets. They will fight the cases In
the courts. * .
The iron and steel workers will pnb-
! lish a paper of their own, their organ,
the   Labor  Tribune,  of  Pittsburg,  an
old party political sheet, having been
repudiated.    It was high time.
I'snr mill Isnrlim  Arrive* nt
Kiel,  Sept. 2,I.-The czar ani'
have arrived. As the liussinn imperial
yaehl Polar star entered the harbor the
men on board the Oiinun warship*
manned the decks.
A large' crowd of people wilncwcd the
arrival  of their mnjestics.
The great lockout In Denmark, in
which 40,000 tr«d« unionists battled for
tho right to organize against combined
capital, ba« been settled, the bosso**
having Climbed down Irom their blgb
Ah Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
•ffects of the well known remedy,
SvKlii* or Fios, manufactured by the
OAi.iroiiNiA Fio Svkup Co., illustrate
'.he value eif obtaining tbe liquid laxative principles of plants known to be
.nedieiniilly laxative und presenting
them in the form most refreshing to the
'.aste and acceptable to tbe system. It
ia the one perfect, strengthening laxa-
•ive, cleansing the system effectually,
lispclling colds, headaches aud fevers
gently yet promptly and enabling one
•o overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its perfect freedom from
■very objectionable quality and sub-
.tance. and ita acting on the kidneys,
iver antl bowels, without weakening
jr irritating them, malce it the Ideal
ioxatlve. • v
In the process of manufacturing figs
>re use.l, as they are pleasant, to the
aste. but tbe medicinal qualities of the
eraeels' art* obtained from senna and
ither aromatic plants, by a method
tnown to tbe Caufokni \ Fio Svk-jf
ei only. In order to get its beneficial
•fleets and to avoid imitations, please
emember the full name of the Company
-rl-ted cm the front of every package
I.O*OIBV1_-K. -* NSW YOItK. N. T
•„. sale l.y all DlHtgUte.—PrtOI 50c. *J«i '"'"tit
For GoDon-hoi* aud Gleet ret Vabflt'a Okay Bpeolfle il
« Che OKLY nrtUlcine whJ-Nti will eurr t*vh and •rexy
aye. NO CASK known lt hm vnt falli-d to cure, urn
-uJter *iow feirow or at txcw lonx itandlnir. Heauli-
_rom ita uae will aatoniah you. U la atieolutelf ■*_•,
preventa atiicture. and can U- tr.-i.n without lnoooT*-
ttletio- and detention from bn.iuHW. i'HIi'K, tS.OO. rot
«Je by aU r. liable drUMUto, or aent srefUd by expraoa
Blti-U7 wrapped, on receipt of prtc-, by
r apb-- ciubii. * t no., cue-^t. ul
O-foaUr n_a_ltd 0 requm
Relief for Women
IC-.'N'^'*^    PENSIOJ
I f    BI-lCFORD,Wa*hlBEten, lv I' . they w
II iv.iim' quick replies,  n. .'all  N. ll.  vo
stuff '.'"tli corps.  Pr_**eu—ri| clalnis uln-
No one so completely realizes the Inefficiency of a superior as a subordinate.
Se.nt.fVM, In plsJn, ftp»les! envelope. Write
toe—j for this Book.cuilAtielnK Psrt.e-u-
l»r« anil T-itlmon-(> of DO. MAKTKI.'.*
French Female Pills.
PnUiMd by thouasnila of aatlafled ladle, ss
i—fe. slwaVarsl——:e and without sn equal.
Bnlilbvell dreiirgi.eain roi-Cal box, Fnoea
... Jlue, Wlill* »nel Tc«l.   Tske no oiber.
rug Co., SSI A UM i'l-uri BU, dew Vork City
I never used ao quie*- a cure a* Pis**'*
Cure for Consumption.—J. B. Palmer
Box 1171.  Seattle,   Wash.,  Nov.  25,  1886.
The Queen of Romania, whose noni
de plume* is Carmen Sylva, 'has just
completed her first play, which is Called
"A Pair of Shoes."
Uss Bt*« tor nnnatnra.
dlschsrges, inflsmmis'tio.s,
, IrritstloDl   or   ulceration!
of m u o o n s   _e*m-r—nes.
_ j aeaiaitaa.      .sinless, snd not ejtrl*
iTHtEOSI Orient OO, «-"" or KlSOBOU.
 1   B*M hy ttrmsytt.
'or sect Id plsln «ra»a«r
bj altraaa, prepaid, foi
11.00. or 1 buUlM, (P.76.
Olroular taut oT r***s*t
ONE FOR A DOS..   Curs Sick Ilcsilsclit
snd D-rspspsl*,  K.-inmo l'ini|,leaaii,l Purlfr th*
The mini who is his own worst enemy
UHiutlly has a number of other enemies ■ *',0<!d.._ldri»Jip'sV'on*iidPr*»*nt BUtaan
who run a close second.
not Grips or Hlcken. To confines you, ws will mall
•ample tree, or full box for 'ibe. DB. He ISA N Kl>
CO., Flell.,1.., _>e_un.   S„ld br DrufflsU.
Kriw-r and Iron Works.
and Iron fencliifl ofllce rolling, etc. :'M Aldsr,
Wlie'n a woman has credit she always buys a lot of fool things she
doesn't need.
rrOUlNci Piles produce nioiet ure and oauae I t,-li m_.
"ugor Protrudiiig
• Pll* Remedy
Tbla form, aa well as llliml, ni,„-,hng,,r Protrudine
'iiyOr. Boaanko'a
__.og aud bleeding. Abeorb	
-aratdmfgistaorseutbrroa.l. Treatise free. Writs
Piles are cured hy Dr. Bosnnko's Plio Heniocly
'*   x Snd bleeding. Abnorba tumors _6Uc s
Stops itching
ua about your ,-a:
UK. tlllS A N K (I. I'leilada . l'a.
Mother* will find Mr*. Winslow'* Sooth
lnjr. Syrup the be»t remcily to use for thaii
ehildren during the teething period.
Secretary of War. Elihu Root, ls said
to protest vigorously against the middle Initial "B." which some newspaper.,
have incorrectly added to his name.
_IT_ Permsnently Cured. «Jo Bis or nervousness
ill. after llrst day's une of Ur. Kline's Hrei.1
Nt-rve Kestorer. Bend for KltKIt **,'•.oo trlsl
Ii.iiii.isiuI treatise. Im. It. II. KI.INK, Ltd., HIT
Arch street, I'htlaeleliilila, l'a.
Is  what   all
tlie  i?n-at
V N. V.
fio, :i_, 'oil.
'««._bm^   —«.«a-K era***-
.'***     **.   e.*TV
- tttm rttayr iatm, <tmuttte^**tisav.*tA'H "»,.,'c,V4v««ia mv  m i sia*w»ii j - * we.,j*y^ju*&.wm.*tsr;<**i,***+** *.*m ■
'.zm?-'A*-*-* te■■ _«r_«_Vr__N-w4---_-.-Kt-t■tmtY*___-mmtA
«. »'l
-1 «J
an     i '    I
Company^ J^tCL.
FORKS   AND   ALAMO,   B. 0.
bead mm
J-ror Tlae People In tlie Slooan.
For One Week Only,
RAYMOND  Sewing Machine,
THE CAIHIET,   (Oak or Walnot.)    $45.60
mu DRAWEES,   "        *        &M
Jacob Dover, Ti
Box34     .  .   Nelson,B.C.
hit mm
tetW       "THE ANCIENT
fV       ORDER OF
John Houston i« after the nickle-
iu-tbe-slot machines with a club.
The Minor u too busy with its blue
ruin editorial* to pay much attention
to the skin games in its neighborhood.
Two big coal companies are uow
being hauled over the coals by the
government for employing Chinamen
in their mines. These coal barons,
who think they are bigger tban the
law and can violate it at will, should
be sent to gaol for a time to let their
heads shrink. If a poor man were to
break the laws with the aame audacity
aa these coal barons, a long te rut in
the penitentiary  would be hi* lot.
Tbe "strike situation" here is practically unchanged and the lockout is
still enforced at some of the big mines.
Thero is a prevailing spirit of conciliation however and the mine managers realize the impossibility of getting Canadian labor to scab. The
miners, through their Union, are making an honest fight in trying to k:ep
the true facts of the trouble before the
outsido public. They rely upon tbe
manhood of Canadiau workingmen to
keep them out of the Slocan until this
fight for labor is won.
VA88ED     Iff     TflE
B. C.
ftj le*v4qnrters Por Mining Mei
SILVERTON     •     •     *»      -   B.
B. 0.
Auctioneers, Customs Brokibs,
And G-hbrai. Rkal Ebtatb Agehts,
Oat* in Beale- _U*eb    .  ..    Maker at.
NELSON,   B, 0.
tad SOO UK
Sew Fast  Daily Service Between
Improved Connecting Service via Revel-
atoke or Crows Nest Routes,
First class sleepers on all trains from
Tourist car* pass Revelstoke, Daily for
St Paul, Thuradara (or Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays for
Toronto 92 hours, Montreal 96 hours.
New York 108"     Winnipeg 62   "
Vaneonver 26 "    Victoria   31 "
- For the North, Reyelstoke, and Main
Una 10:30 K ex' Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ez. Sunday, 15.60K.
For Rossland, Nelson and Crows Ne*t
Line 16*50Kex. Sunday lv. Silverton,
At. ex. Sunday 10* 80K
for rates and (ull information apply to
p**reet local agent or
W. 8. CLARK, Agent, Silverton
Tray. Paas. Agent, Nelson
**,..— -4>M'J. An*0*! Vancouver
General Freight and Trawler
Business Done.
Orders lelt at  News Stand will   be
promptly attended to.
SILVERTON, -      - B. C
Mi-usri*. McQuaig, Rykert A Co.
have not as yet correctly sized up the
situation iu the Slocan. . When they
learn that not one ot the men whose
fares tbey paid from Quebec to Sandon have gone to work at the Payne
mine, they will tumble to the fact tbat
contracts made in Montreal with workingmen are void in B. C. The firm
office ia too far from the scene of operations and in sendiug driblets of men
-cross the continent they are only
wasting tbe money of the Payne Mining Company.
15-Mayflower, nr Silverton, J Ester-
brook. Thistle, Galena Farm. J Taylor.
Tom Clair, June Wolff, Conrad Bill.
Oregon, Wilson ck, J HiraB, Maine,
hhu.b, M liroeaeau.
16— I-ittl_ Joe. Red Mountain, F L
Byron. Slide, Eim t Mile creek, fame.
Diamond Fraction, Ruth mt, G B
18-Silvcr Fox, Rossland ok, T D Davis, T C Hartn.au.
20— Herkului*, n I Carpenter, A Johnson.   WeBtmanna, same, C Kumlin.
tl—Elevated, Eight Mile ck. J E Barrett. Night Hawk, Fonr Mile.*, Ben
Kneebone. Web Foot, same, HSalt.
Bristol Fraction, same, B Kneebone.
26—Gibraltar, Blue Bird rot, E M
Quirk. Time Frnctiou, Four Mile ck, E
A Pallet-son. Orient, nr Four Mile, W
H Saudilord. Diana, same, J E Bronse.
Aurora, same, L R Furbea. Dividend,
same, A Thompson.
High Aro Fraction, Idaho basin,
J Bait.
Sept 13— liberator No 2, Northern
Pacific, Shandon Bella, Humphrey,
Blake, Random, 14—Fita, Copper Dipt,
Mountain Bell. 16—Loe Vegan, Province Ior 3 years. Prospect same, Pacific
same, Esse- Fraction »auie. 16—Defender, Orient Fraction. 16—Silvertonian
20 -Chits,**. Tanuack 3 years, Mammoth, Rossland, Red Mountain, Big
Jim Basin, Lucky Jack, Independent
Fraction. 21-T A B. 22—Daylight,
St. Clair. 24—Anglo 8axon. 26—Bob
Tail Fraction, Clipper, Vanconi, Ramola,
Sept 13-Blrke, C M Gething and G
Long to L H Weill, August 19. Glencoe
i*--. II McRae to DA McDonnell, Aug 6,
1897. Itnhy, A A Williamson lo H M
Walker, July 26. Peri<e>erence, same to
tame, same, Notice re Perseverance
aud Ruby.
14_p«rrott YA, H Dillev to C K Hammond.   Return hi. P J- Haves to Same.
16—Rubv snd Perseverc-nce %. H M
Walker to N D McMillan. Aug A Same
same to s T Walker, same, t'lii »go No
2 %. A D Coplen to F P O'Neil, Sept 1
Phoenix, Lihhv R, and Alhamhra ••» F.
P Cliriniie to G H Winter, Aug 8.
16—Little John, C Kumlin to F Hend-
rickson, Sept 13.
18-Notice of Sheriff's sale of the Cody
Fraction snd Joker Fraction,  Sept 15
Hubert Fraction hit   Florence L Mclnnes to D VicKinnon, Sept 13.
19—Hnrtney, Sylvanite, Hnhand Huh,
Aii_iist Flower, Hunter and Edith, sale
and exclusive option to A H Bluemen-
auer by A Jacobson, J Campbell, John
Goetlsehe, J C Butler, E Shannon, I> D
Mc-l-heri-on. A 8 McPhei-on, T A\i*on,
Sept 18.
20—Kootenav Sovereign, % lo W A
Van Te*wel, hi"lo Elsee B Way, by R P
Bremner, Sept 19 Ella B abd Abigail
if R Taylor to J T Kelly, Sept 16. Province fl- 16, -.feme- to .t MuMan, same.
21—F.lta B hi, Province U, same to F
L Christie. Sept 13. Proviuce *■/. JD
K, nn to*nme, I«ce 27, 1897. Aiucrioe' .
F tl Borilett to A L Robert, Sept 16
Gre.«t Britain VJ, J R Roberts to same,
same. America J_, F 11 Bartlett to J R
Hubert*, same. •*
22— Gipsy Queen and Forest King 1-6,
E L While to D L Brandon, Aug 16.
Tcpt 19—F W Wiight lo Emily Swan,
April 8. D D McPberson to E IShannon,
August 29.
I    .■   ..——i—' " ***wrs****s*y***T**ws**
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
Can Have Tbem Reserved By Writing To—    A. P. MoDONALD,
 t { t t t t t SILVERTON, -. B. c.
j. m. McGregor,
_E£. M, »r-_-ixcll<_>
Will visit Silverton every
WiDMESDAY, prepared to
repair all disabled Watches,
Clocks and Jewelery. He
will gi«Q have on hand a
Complete Assortment ot
Jewelry, consisting o( Rings,
Watches, Chains, Guarda,
Seals, Ac. Ac. Repairing
is Guaranteed. Prices are
aa low aa First-Ciass Work
will allow. While in Silveiton, he will be found «t
Tux Lakevikw Hotel, and
all work lelt tbere during
the week will be promptly
attended to on hi* first visit,   A trial order ia solicited.
A favorite and really original joke
of D. T. Lowery* ia tbe oft reiterated
charge of jealousy on the part of New
Denver's neighbor towns toward* the
spot on the map hallowed by the midnight gambols of the only one. His
remarks are truly jocular. The jealousy he ao often sees must be a shady
relative of tbe blue devils and pink
elephants that only a course iu the
Slocan Hospital will dissipate, In
what respect should New Denver incite a flood of tbe greet* f urv! Because
of her minest Well hardly! Because
of her citizenst They're all right, although they are all leaving. Because
Of tbe Government Office 1 Tlml is
not stationary. Because of the business done by her merchant*. They do
their share, or ought ta It must be
because of her newspaper, (that ie now
looking for a new location.) And
thats where the funny part ot the joke
comes in.
For Sale or Rent,
Aflottlln Silvertoi.
A-_ I. ta—Hat-essB Bros,
■Uvarton, B. C.
THE «ILVERTONIAN,  »2. aye-f.
Following is a complete liat ol the
mining transactions recorded during the
week for the Slocan Mining Division.
Sept 12—Vegia, Dardanelles basin, J
Brown. Lovesa, same. J W Powers.
Ruby Fraction, Fidelity Butte. 8 T Walker, N D McMillan aud H M Walker
13—Sir Kitchener, Carpenter cr, E M
Quirk. Little Jnliii. aame, F Hendrick*
son. Nam:} B.'ll, n I same, L H Weill.
Petti Bleu, islocuu Lake, C G Baker, H
M Walker.
H—Matt-net, name, N D McMillan, W
W Merkeley, S ! Walker. Eclipse and
Mica, aame, N D McMillan, W Merkley.
Edith Potter, Cariboo ck, F Garner, W
Bogard. Pelewore, same. Furneas, n (
Carpenter, H Keleal\.
"Do you sleep well here?" asked a
Hummer cottager at Bar Harbor ot a
newly-imported domestic, whom Mie
wa* anxious lo keep nntil the end o( the
season. "Sure I don't ma'am," waa
the reply, "because the snorin' ol tbe
ocean kapes mo awake all night.—Basar,
"I suppose mosquitoes were created
(or some useful pnrpon." "No doubt.
If they'd only stick to it and stop mak-
iu_ themselves a nuisance to ust"
The shipment   ot  ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and including   the
preaent week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Bosun Landing. Tons
Bosun     540
From New Denver. Tons
Msrion.  20
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise  680
From Slocan City. Tons.
Tamarac  SO
Black Prloce  ...... a_
Chapleau  16
From Silverton. Ton*
Co-i stock   20
" poncent rat t>*   100
Entity Edith  oo
Fidelity     8
Noonday 480
Vancouver 320
Wakefield 530
Total .386*-
To Packers
and Freighters.
•For Nale-
21 he! Mules.
6 Work Mulct.
2 Saddle none..
Thorburn *****
-House mm mm mmm
12.00 per Abemidi.
_*___— -
NOTICE:— "Exciusok, _t_v_t Pi m:,
8-rcx-iM. Victoria No 4 and Wasa
Mineral Claims: ait-Bte in the SI. can
City Mining Division ol West Kootenav
Where located :-Wr*t of Dayton
Creek, a mile* south of St-ringer i-reek
Take notice thatl, 3. Mnrray MrGregor.
artinn aa agent for the New iiold Field*
of British Columbia, Limited, Free Miners Certi-cite No. n212!i7, intend siitv
dsysfrem thedste hereof, to spply to
lhe Miniuir Recorder for a Certitu:*!,* ol
Improvement*, for the purpose of obtaln-
iiiiraCrown£Grunt ol the ahove claims.
And further take noliie that action
under section 37, mind he commenced
Iiefore ihe issiisnce of snch Certificate 0
Dated this31.t day of September, 1699.
25 I 9| W. J- M. McGaaoo..
Use   None   But
The  Best!
Owinc to a redoetion in miners' wages
caused by the enforcement of the einht
hour law, the miners are all idle and tlie
mines have shut down.   Therefore* all
workingmen are hereby warned to keep
away from   the Slocan   and   Kootenay
countrv, British Columbia, until present
irnuhlei-are  amicably  settled  between
mine owners and miners.
Sandon. B.C.     W. L Hsirler,
June 2nd. 1899.        Secretary  Sandon
Miners' Union
J. M. M. Benedum,
Pres. Silverton M.U
J. I. Mcintosh,
Secretary,    Silverton
Minors' Union.
Xll©   AtXtXtXCal
OF The Liberal Conservative Union
for British Columbia will be held at
the Assembly Hall, New Westminster on the nth dsy of October next,
commencing at 10 A. m,
All Liberal Conservatives will he
welcome. Tho right to vote is confined to delegates chosen by Liberal
Conservative Associations or District,
Meeting regularly convened for thia
purpose. One delegate for every twenty Members of such Atsooiation or
District Meeting. Proxies can only be
noed by Members of the Union. Advantage nay be taken of the Railway
Rates to and from the Exhibition
whioh is being held at the same time,
L\ P. Wiison,   Geo. H. Cowavx
President Secretary.
JnMt^Prave ft.
•When In
Corner flail ni Verm Ml C
PnniwW Htm*.
Daigle's Black*
smith Sim
«<Ml Blarifwithiii
and topim* Nt*
H.D.IIGI.E,      3ILVERXON. ■• ?■
*» mit.-*K^t**4S*v*Att*-.- ^ttsme" -»MMM».**_...«««*.«ti*M«*«^sv'tBas*ss. ■**&*+-x*Mm ,---*«*•*>.,«■-..1 utmss'i, *r. «<i#^MsV.."'**i.*Wr*i(*v«iw***.. *--v»-.■.»-. _]_-»■_<.«v-..
m «-i«*'   #**v»-——*m. «SUI»^.***<« - sfjtmusc.-^-
^'isswSSfntW .3AWtT9^msMrA\^m\^Ar*^r^^
^AX^mm mmWgmSti
a, W -rili smmewkw^ams. «^K_ri_x_.
:_tft mm^^^m^
Mtwaw fm1mmw>**^Irf-lis-h"' wawawaw3*x* ____^_b' SmatJi'il] fflilY
*v*Wam  mmme}wtr   '•memmmy-  mmmmmm     tammmm/^ mmmMm^eriym*W7


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