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The Silvertonian 1900-01-20

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U^AAU/vJ \kj)\\
And Up To Dale
Mining News
4>. 1,1
Of The Rfchest
Camp  Of  British
"~ ■ -.-'•**.
uf Tbe Slocan and Other
Mining Districts.
Sneaked Through in the Right
ast Monday evening the ss. Alberto,
all her Uehts covered, pulled into
ilo from Ponners Ferry with a mixed
of Flnlanders and Swedes, the for-
prcdojnlnatmg.   These were a sara-
sbipment from tho Minnesota Iron
pes.     Tho Alberta discharged   her
an freight, not at the city wharf but
ie beacK near the Kaslo k Slocan R,
pot.   Here a special train was in
llness and the importation was herd-
board, the coach doors locked and
whole hurried over the line to the
house ol Ihe Payne Mining Company
v the Payne mine, near Sandon.
this the three members of the Sii—
Uad Mines   Association   present
ricd their new friends as soon as they
liberated from the coaches so that
few members of the Miners'   Union
the spot could not talk with them.
ose who were approached could not
cult English.    Boon afterwards these
igners were sent up on the tramway
thc Payne mino, where tbey are now
I work.
It is thought bere tbst thia party ta
io advance guard of an army ol foreign
tbe coming in lor the Silver Lead
linos Association, and rumors of further
uportations are current.
Wakefield Concentrator.
Two more cai loads of machinery for
the Wakefield concentrator arrived
here yesterday morning and is being
freighted up to the mill. Among the
other machinery is a big Make crusher
with a 0 by 15 Inch jaw and weighing
over eight tons. All the machinery tbat
has arrived heretofore has already been
Installed in Its proper place at the mill
and but little more machinery, outside
of tha electrical plant, has yet to arrive
so the new Wakefield mill will soon be
'n running order. This mill is being
erected by White, Rogers k Co., of Ssn-
Francisco, for tho Wakefield company of
this place snd is being built under the
charge of J. R. McRao an experiemed
engineer and mill builder. When completed this mill will be the most modern
snd finest equipt concentrating plant
ever erected in Canada, no expense is
being spared and everything is of tbe
best quality and finest   workmanship.
In The Absence Of News   Items,
Which Are Scarcer Than Scabs At The
Present Time.
tfar And Tbe Diamond Indutrjr.
Those vi ho have bad occasion to pur-
liaae  diamonds daring   the   holiday
eton hsva hmn   impressed  by   the
tr.it of the South African war upon the
rii-o of  thi"i'   precious  stones.   It is
urcil Ibnt if tho city of Kimberley falls
o  trio  hands ol the Boers the great
luond mines from which 95 per cent
ho world's tupply is secured will be
stroyed,    the    valuable   mechanical
, ripment ol  these  propertiee demol-
hed und the mines themselves flooded
-  choked   i>y  means of dynamite ex-
I wives.
Die  De Beers  and Kim borVy mines
re especially noteworthy from tbe fact
hat tlm deposit in   which they are dug
i  tbe only  one  known   in the whole
■orld where the diamond is found in the
iriginal matrix in which it was formed.
When the workings were begun at Kiin-
herley the   diamonds  were found   In
disintegrated "earth" at and near the
surface, but as the workings were deepened the "blqe earth" was found in its
native   state, rock-Uke  and   requiring
to be blasted to be taken out.
Many changes in the methods employed have been found necessary as
i he mines were developed. At present
lhe working ia entirely from shafts dug
to the blue ground deposits at some
distance from the original pits and by
trasvorse drivings. . Home of these shatts
go down to a depth of 1,500 feet. Great
.are hai to he taken to prevent these
workings being filled up by a caving of
the upper soil about them, and it would
be easy ior tlie Boers, not only to destroy
millions of dollars' worth of machinery
about the pit mouths, but also to fill up
the pits so that It would be a work of
years to resume diamond gathering.
It is estimated tbat 1,300 Europeans
and Americans and 5,700 natives were
employed during tbe last year In the
operation of these mines. Most ot the
machinery employed is of American
design and construction and mnch of it
is ic the care of American machinists,
—Modern Machinery.
A monopoly is a good deal like a baby.
A man is opposed to It on general principles until he has one of his own.
Mabel—Would you marry a man who
had been refused? Dolly—Yea, if be
were rich and the refusing had been by
tbe insurance companies.
Wife (to her husband)—I ssy, my
dear, bow badly tha tailor has put thi*
button on your waistcoat I This is the
filth time I bave had to sew it jii again."
"I say, dad," little Johnny began,
"Now, what do you want?" ssked his
long suffering father, with the emphasis
on the "now." "Will ray hair fall off
when its ripe, like yours?
She (in affright)—Oh, Tom, why do
you make anch awful faces at me? He
(contritely)—I can't help it dear. My
eye-glasses are falling off and 1 don't
want to let go of your hands.
"Did they givo you a tip?" askod a
restaurant proprietor of a new waiter
who had just seryed his first customers.
"Yeseorr"waa tlje reply; "they told
me I bad bettbor go carry a hod."
Through The Week.
Teacher—If one man can perform a
piece of work in fix davs, bow long will
it lake six meu? Willie-About six
weeks. Teacher—How do you get that?
Willie—Six men would gel up a strike.
"Theevidence," ssid the judge."shows
thai you threw a etone at thia man."
"t-nre" replied Mrs O'Hoolihun, "an th'
look av the man ahows more than thot,
yer honor. It shows thot Oi hit him."
Lady (sitting for portrait)—And inske
my moutb small, will you, ever so small?
I know it is large reallv, but make it
quite liny, will you? Aitiat (politely)—
Certainly, madam. If you prefer it, I will
leave it out altogether.
The Irishman was painting his barn,
and he was hurrying hia work with all
his strength and speed "What are vou
in such a hurry for, Murphy!" asked a
spectator. "8ure,.I want to net through
before me paint runs out," was tho re-
"Lishen to reason, ui' dear," be explained, "lishen to reason. I waah—hio
—held up on m'—hie—way home."
"Hold up!" she exclaimed angrily ; "I
don't doubt it! If you hadn't been held
up or carried you wouldn't be hero even
A lady visiting in tho south wss told a
slory of an old colored man, who came to
a watchmaker with the two hands of a
"I want yer to fix up dcae hands. Dey
ain't kept no correct time for mo den six
"Well, where is the clock?" responded the watchmaker.
"Out at my houBe."
"But I must have the clock "
"nidii' I tell yer dar's nufflu de matter
wid de clock 'cepting dehan's? An' here
dey be.   you Jest want de clock so you
kin tinker wid it, an' charge me a big
price.   Gimme back dem bands."   And
so saying, be started off to find sn honest watchmaker.
Por the lart few months the users of
gasoline have noticed a falling off in the
quality of the article, the use of which ot
late has left a gummy resinous deposit
after it. Inquiry into tbe cause of this
has laid bare another little piece of
dirtiness on the part ol a corporation,
whose scoro card shows nlniost everything from arson down to petty spile-
work. For some time tho Standard Oil
Company has hud a monopoly of gasoline
manufacturing. As a rival of the coal
oil lamp, tbere has been lately introduced
the gasoline lamp so common around
here. This is a cheaper lump than the
oil lamp and tlie sale of coal oil fell off
In favor of gasoline. The S. O. Corc-
pany prefer to sell their coal oil and to
shut out the gasoline lamp are distributing a gasoline containing a large amount
of resin. This resin clogs up the tubing
of the gaaolini lamp and soon renders
ihem unlit for use. Thus when your
gas lamp clogs up, splutters aud roars,
blau.e the Standard Oil Company, of
whom wo are all vassals.
"If the British had ssid, 'Thia unclean
an' raypeei'ious people that we're against
is also very tough. Dirty though they be
they'll fight. Foul though their nature
is, they have cartridges in their belie.
This not beiu' England an' th' iniiny we
will forget the gloryous traditions iv tbe
Eng.ish an'Soudan armies an' instead
iv' r-rushiu' on them, sneak along yon
kindly fence an' bit them on tb' back iv
lhe neck,' they'd be less 'I regret-to-
sutis' snd more 'I'm plased-to-reports.'
They would so, and I'm a man that's
boon through colums an columa iv war.
Vu'll find. Hiunissy, that 'tis only
ar-anniea fights in th' open. Nations
flgnts behind threes an' rocks. Ye can
put that in ye're little book. ,Tis a
say in' I mc.l as I wint along," says Mr.
The rallying cry of the English mine
managers in ibis eouutry is "Alricafor
the English, Canada for the Swedes,"
Canadians are given their choice of
going to South Africa or migrating to tbe
Tbe (lun Club members are buay
practising st the traps.
BORN; In Silverton on Thursday the
11th. inst, to thc wife of Wm. Scctt. a
Member Green, on Tuesday, presented
tho petition from the Silverton mine
owners asking for a repeal of the Eight
Hour Law.
A large number from here attended
the Athletic Club dance in Slocan on
Thursday night. They report having
had an enjoyable time.
Divine Hebvice will bo held in Silver-
ton next Sunday evening at 7.30. everyone is cordially invited to attend.—John
G. Duncan, Presbyterian   Minister.
A very enjoyable social evening was
spent in the church last Wednesday evening by thc members of the Literary
Society. Several new members were
The ecting-President of tlie Sandon
Miners' Union is said to be about to
commit matrimony. The labor trouble
seems to have a tatal effect upon the
Sandon officers.
All   work  in Ihe Jewelry Repairing
line, left at the Silverton Drug Store, wil
be promptly forwarded  to Jacob Dovei
the well-known Nelson jeweler.    All re
pairs sre ooAHANTExn fob oki year.*
Tlie Official Gazette of this week
contains tbe appointment of J. G. Black
ol New Denver, as Licence Inspector and
Thomas Brown, Sandon and R. O.
Matheson, Silverton, as License Commissioners.
■ - ■   —   ———■—'" ■'   -,.~,- —-■■.■—,-.—
T* Ai.'M!
SilTrezton, B C-
T0 Jvx. JM. Brareprnjaq;.
Silverton,       -
"Conscience makes cowards of us all"
was never exemplified in a more striking
manner than is shown by the telegram
sent to tlm Superintendent of Provincial
Police by the manager of the Payne
mine at Sandon. After bringing a lot of
ignorant foreigners in to the country
locked up in cars and refusing them an
opportunity uf being spoken to by local
miners, he seems ashamed of himself
and frightened at his nWn shadow,
hollers before he is touched snd whimpers for protection against imsginsry
Jack Harvey Heard From.
The many friends of J. A. Harvey,
who left here nearly two years ago, will
lie glad lo hear that Jack is still in the
land of the living in spite of the rumors
Hist he had perished on the fata'. Edmonton trull, James Bowes of this place
having received a letter from him within
the last few days. Jack has travelled
over and seen a lot of country since
leaving here. His party whieh consisted of himself and two others, started
north from Edmonton with 35 pack
animals in July 1897, and wintered
last winter at Frances lake near the
head of Pelly river. This winter his
party is wintering at Duuvegau on the
Peace river about 400 n ilea north west
of Edmonton. He leports the country
and clima'e as not half as Dad as has
been reported and that Ihere is plenty
of game nf sll kinds including bear and
Xmi.      e%rmtm      SZaTLOTXTle©-       PlOp,
Kenneth Morrison, one of Silverton's
boji. bas * good thing Jn_the Torpedo
claim, a -gold-copper proposition near
Kimberly, B. 0.
R. Cook is finding some good ore on
the   Jessie   claim, a Goat  Monntain
The force at the Rockland mine Is
being increased.
At the Hewitt mine a large force of
men aro employed and the mine is
being rapidly developed.
Some fine specimens of gold-copper
ore h^yo lately been brought down
from the Repeater claim on I{ed
Pirely Personal Paragraphs.
II. G. Niilnnils, of Nelson, was in
town yesterday.
John (Sooty) Wilson relumed on
Wedncsdav from the coast.
(Irani Thorburn has been visiting in
Nelson during tho week.
Frsnk Watson and Judge Spinks were
among the incoming passagers on Wednesday.
E. Rammelmeyer, superintendent of
the Emily Edith, arrived in town on
Dr. F. E. Morrison, dentist, of Nelson
has been engaged professionally here
during the week.
Purser McDonald of tho ss. Slocan has
returned from his eastern trip and is
back again on duty.
Ed. Angrinon and C. D. McRao of
New Denver were down breathing tbe
city air on Thursday.
E. M. Brindle, the New Denver jeweler, has volunteered for the B. C. Contingent for South Africa.
W. La Hagler, Secretary of the Sandon Miners' Union, and Miss Mae E.
Si'iiislunl were united in the bonds of
matrimony last week. Our hearty con-
t rntu bit ions sre exter.ded to th? happy
Wae's me for Scotland, hear the wind
Hark, ye, tho wave as it moans on Iho
Tune up the pipes (or thc deed and tlie
Play for the laddies we'll never seo more.
Hlytbely they left us, stepping together;
Sporrans   were swinging  and   buckles
Some  of   tliem   sporting  a sprig of the
O how we cheered them! It's  all   liko a
Bright was the sunshine to gladden their
Seo how the mist hangs so caller and grey.
Suite up the coronach, set the pipes
Tell the black cairns that wo sorrow today.
Tell peak snd glen that our hearts are
Use breaking,
To think of our bairns who were marched
to tb' ir end,
Clone-ranked, grim, silent,   no question
Like sheep to the shambles,  no chaneo
to defend.
To think of our sons in the wan moonlight lying,
The HuiiH of our bosom, so lond, true and
brave; I
The dew on Iheir faces, their hearts'
blood deep-dyeing
The pink sprig of heather we kissed ere
we gave.
To  think of  their  fathers who gained
tbeir grim guerdon,
Whose   bones  cry   for   vengeance from
Maluba's side;
To think of the  boyB who  will tako up
the burden,
And die ln their turn aa their forefathers
Honor to Scotland I There's more of our
Who climb on oiy fell,, or who swim in
the to«.
Who lun* for the calling,   who   wait for
the leading-
Theu t«no the wild pipes to tho glorv of
—R. S. in Victoria Colonist.
Are You Looking For
It,   The Tailor:   Silverton, B. C.
t*. »;_bxj:r;ivs &oo
Silverton, Neleon, Tr: 11, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Oascfiue City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
MAIN STREET,    -,   -   -   SLOOAN CITY.
Syrup of Horehound & Tolu
- .. i ' ■ y
8. 0
ITEMS ill 111
a Vmplel. Review *t Os* Mvjtt* tor
tha Past WNk im Thle aa* For-
alp* Ukaii-A
UtMt DUpstek**.
Both houses of the Kentucky legislature
gave Blackburn a majority for Benator.
Food stall's are not contraband unless
intended for use of the enemy, says Salisbury.
The wool growers of Idaho have ap>
pointed 81 delegates to the Fort Worth
Victoria boycotts sympathizers of tbe
liners, and some oi them have had Uieir
ships scuttled.
Webster ia to be hanged. The supreme
court has dismissed the appeal of the Spokane murderer.
The new cruiser Albany made better
spoed than wus required in the trial trip
at New Castle recently.
Four new rear admirals have been appointed. They are Howison, Kauts, Reni-
eny and Furquhar.
Portland will have a bench show in
March, as the owners of high bred dogs
organize a kennel club,
Germany*! protest against ship seizures is set aside. Englaud will not be
hampered regarding tho seizure of vessels.
The Hritish authorities have released
lhe uernian steamer Herzog, seized January fl, while on tlie way lo Lorenao Mar
Miss Fanny Hall, a variety actress of
Ran Francisco was shot three times and
probably fatally wounded by'Thomas Car-
berry of Carboy, who is still at large.
Senator Boar says Oti* brought on the
Philippine wm-, as he suppressed a proclamation of McKinley and issued one of his
own. Hoar's remarkable accusation was
made in a resolution before Uie senate.
Judge Bellinger in the United States
diatrict court at Portland has appointed
J. B. Hassett receiver of the Coos Bay 4
Eastern Railroad k Navigation Company.
Cable magnets are worrying. They ob-
eet to the government owning the wire.
•Mr. Scrymser of the private syndicate
claims the United States can not lay and
operate a submarine cable across the Pacific with profit or markod success.
Bamst Orinberg, formerly a well known
Jewish business man of Seattle, Wash
has been arrested in Tarnapoli, Galieia,
Austria, on a (-barge of buying girls for
export from Austria to tlie United Stutes.
Terry McGovern haa wrested the featherweight championship of the WOrld from
George Dixon, who has defended it for
nearly nine years.   To save Dixon from a
STTiV'RRTONrA'W   astern In this country, has been filed
pi u * &A\±\>n iaii . for probate ln Chlcag0   He left an e8.
" I tate valued at 16,076,000.
The statement of tne gross postal
receipts for December, 1899, of the U.
S., as compared with the receipts for
the same month during the preceding
year, show a net Increase of $199,836, or
6 per cent
A recently organized company will
put Into the public service in the streets
of N. Y. this week 200 automobile omnibuses. Charge for cabs will be 25c
a mile and 75 cents an hour.
The recent New Mexico storm broke
all records, as lt covered a stretch ot
territory 50 miles in width, with white
Oakes and Nogalee for the centre. All
the roads and trails were obliterated.
Charles Elwers and Lura Sternberg,
proprietors of the Grand Bazaar, a
Brooklyn department store, have gone
into bankruptcy. Liabilities are given at $56,962, and the assetU $77,997.
The hospital train ordered by the
Red Cross society and named ln honor
of the Princess Christian has been com
pleted at Birmingham and within a few
days will be on Its way to South Africa.
Klondyke newspapers received,
chronicle the marlage of Lillian Green,
otherwise "Orace Anderson," a Dawson
vaudeville performer, to Jim Hall, one
of the richest mine owners of El Dorado.
Cloud of discontent In England assuming a threatening aspect. Rank
Incompetency ls charged. Both public
and press are clamoring for a change.
The very foundations of the government are ln danger of falling.
Secretary Hay read the reply of the
British government to tho representa-
tives regarding the flour seizure ln Del-
agoa bay at a recent cabinet meeting,
and wilil the British answer was entirely satisfactory to this government.
Renewed buying of silver by tlie Indian government, the London Statist
says cannot be much longer delayed in
consequence of rupee coinage requirements, and this will lead doubtless to a
marked Improvement ln the price of
Tommy Atkins and comrades lose
faith tn defeated men and demand new
leaders. Clubs ln London are filled
with vague rumors that Oeneral Buller
has fought a second battle. Jaded
public at last grows weary ot expert
"Kid" McCoy got the decision over
Joe Choynskl in a bout which lasted
three rounds ki N. Y. Choynskl would
have had the flght in the second round
were it not for an accident as to timekeeping. He bad floored the "Kid"
four times, but the time keeper pulled
the bell as McCoy was counted for the
limit of 10 seconds, and thus saved the
"Kid" from absolute defeat. McCoy
then knocked Choynskl out.
A dispatch from Paris says that Paul
Jaujou, the famous Frencii brewer anil
phllantropist, was shot and killed In a I nighi,
railway carriage yesterday by a young
American named William Martins. The
tragedy caused an Intense feeling-
throughout France, as Jaujou was   as
nor fin i w.
Three    Live*    Reported    !..»•<—'Massy
lla.im.-H       Snout iwil}—liillii.'llll
Tramway   and   \V m-.-tiou».'   Dam—
im.-.l— Tha- Whole Country Flooded
Kendrick, Idaho, Jan. 15.—Sudden.and
terrible floods in tlie waters of all Pol-
latch streams have caused enormous damage in thc valleys of the Potlatch and
Clearwater rivers. Three children are •"'""£"" ""'
known to have heen drowned, and there nor Rogers,
, bow of the anxious searchers being rewarded.
The tumor that two Chinamen had been
drowned proved to be unfounded,
The town ot Farmlngton has no doctor.
Rehberlee are quite frequent In Spokane lately .
A mv-w sewer system has been started at Walla Walla.
A poultry show will be held In Walla
Walla ln February.
All the houses ln Walla Walla are being numbered even to the suburbs.
During the year 1899 there were 350
notarial commissions Issued hy Gover
are fears for tho lives ol" others who are
living on bottom lands.
'Bridges and railroad tracks have been
obliterated; a score of houses at Kendrick
have been swept away; the streets of Kendrick and the highways near the river at
all  points us  far  south us  Pullman  are
An early closing movement ot business houses haa gone Into effect at Cen-
Col. John W. Pinkerton, for many
years a prominent citizen of Tacoma,
is dead.
Clarkston is now the nam" of the new
flooded and a waste of waters now forma postoffice in Vineland, formerly known
tho landscape where two days ago was as Concord.
when the negro wa* staggering helplessly,
bleeding and weak, but as game as a dy
ing gladiator.
Marvin Durham and W. D. Turner, ofllcers of the peace, "fere «hot to death by
two negroes while ht ihe dischai^e of their
duty. Turner and Durham had arrested
a negro named Gingery, and were taking
him to the Riple^ jail, when they were
overtaken by two brothers of the prisoner,
who, without warning, fired from the rear,
shooting both ofllcers in the back of the
head, killing them Instantly.
The loving cup of silver made of melted
dimes collected from over 70,000 Americans, the majority of whom were children
haa been presented to Admiral Dewey!
The cup stands nearly six feet iu height
and is appropriately inscribed. At one
side was a large, silver-bound volume containing the named of the contributors of
the dimes who had subscribed to the token
through the instrumentality 0f the New
York Journal.   -Saimim- !_,.,_,.„■ _.„.__j ..
An exchange of malls between Bosshurg, Wash., and Grand Forks and Cascade, B. C, and also between Northport
and Spokane railway postoffice and
Grand Forks, B. C, has been discontinued, to take effect at once. Malls
heretofore included In the above exchanger will hereafter be forwarded
via Rossland, B. C,
Journal. Senator Depew acted ae
spokesman. ,
Matt Quay's chances slim and friends
do not believe be will be seated.
Houee Committee has voted to make
a favorable report on the Nlcarauga canal bill.
The United States government ls to
build, maintain and operate the great
Spotted Tall, the well known Sioux
chief, who has been ln Paris exhibiting
is dead, age 89.
Rt Rev. Joseph Rademaneher, bishop
of the Roman Catholic diocese of Fort
Wayne, Is dead.
Gen. Corbin has announced tbat the
subscriptions to tne Lawton fund had
reached the handsome figure of $80,101.
A pension of $30 a month has been
granted by the commissioners of pensions to the widow of Gen. Guy V. Hen-
The British steamship, Elm Branch
Is off Cape Flattery with a broken pro!
Peller, and tto tugs went to her assistance.
W. W. Ogllve, the millionaire miller
of Canada,:fell-dead *n the street In
Montreal after attending a meeting of
the directors of the Bank of Montreal
Kvery living person perlBhed on the
unknown steamer which was mysteriously wrecked in St Mary's Bay New
foundland, reeehtly.
Lieutenant Gillmore, recently of the
Yorktown and for many mon tha a prisoner In the hands Of the Tagalos, has
Been assigned to temporary duty on the
H. H.JTamen and Fred Bonflls, pro-
prletors~of tbe Denver Post, were shot
In the office of that newspaper by W. W.
Anderson, an attorney. Both are seriously vftmndedi
Mrs. Jdhn Coftte ot Chicago,^was seized by robbers recently/at Chester st„
near North Clark street, thurst into a
cab and afterwards robbed of diamonds
valued at $600. j
The wll} of,the late   L. J.   Lehman,
Mr. Ualfour'a HenarkM.
Iaondon, Jan.  15.—The   frivolity    displayed in his recent speeches by Mr. Balfour, thc government leader in' thc house
of commons, has landed what has been
known  as  the strongest government of
modern times in the slough from whieh
extrication is difficult if not doubtful. His
light-hearted remarks, whieh were pleasantly accepted by the nation when times
were good and all was well, ure offensive
to a people mourning for lost sons and
deeply angered by the unprecedented re
verses.   Air. Balfour, if he had tried, could
not have more successfully put his countrymen on edge, and when Ixinl Salisbury
speaks he will have much to atone for.
The memory of Mr. Chamberlain's "alliance" s|_eech was dying away before Mr.
Balfour put his foot siill deeper in the
mire.    The conservatives hope that Mr.
Balfour will follow Mr. Chaimberlain's lead
and  "keep a  discreet  silence."    As  the
Saturday Review, one of the government's
staiinehest supports, puts it, "the administration is now fat* to face not with tho
Opposition but tne nation.   t| i, a crisis
out of which several must come with reputations smirched and possibly result in
the wreck of the government."
Great Northern Strike.
Minot, N. 1)., Jan. 16.—A strike of serious proportions is threatened by the
freight train operatives of the Great
Northern. At an informal meeting tlie
trainmen held here it was deeided lo go
out this week unless a modifiention of
the rules to compel freight crews to do
the switching at terminal points was
In ease the men go out the en I
tern will be affected.
farming acreage and busy marts. It will
bo weeks before the full extent of damage
ls known, for the rivers are still -bank
full and overflowing and rain threatens
At 6 o'clock iu the evening thu Potlatch
river, swollen into a raging torrent swept
through the embankment formed by the
railroad grade above town and poured
with sudden violence inlo Ilie narrow-
street which runs along tlio river bank.
Before the is'ojile could collect their senses
the flood was waist deep and rising, had
swept away a score of dwelling houses,
while the frightened citizens, carrying and
dragging their wives and children, were
breasting the torrent , and making forj
higher ground.
.So far as is now known, all but three
esoapod safely. The unfortunates were
the children of Charles Hamlin, street
commissioner ot Kendrick. They were
swept away and drowned, while the father,
mother and driver escaped after a nighl
of terrible peril.
Mr. and .Mrs. Hamlin and their children
and a driver were iu a buggy drawn by
two  horses, in one of the inaiu streets
of the little town.    Wheu they saw tual
the waters were rising about them efforts
were made lo get lo higher- ground, aud
this  would   have   been  accomplished   in
safely hud it not been that 100 cords of
wood above, carried on the surface of the
Hoot), swept around the frightened animal,
and iu au instant the vehicle was overturned.    It  was impossible for the par
ents to render assistance to their children,
or in fact to do anything for themselves,
for  stthnining among  the  thousands cf
stick* of cordwood was a feat the strong-
-i   man   Hould not have essayed.    Mr.
il.iniini  «ii.«  brought   out   on  the bank
iiie.r a daring rescue by John I-iong. Mrs,
Hamlin  was lound  this morning  in the
p  of a  duelling,  where she clung all
i.ill de.i.i ii.iiu exposure and .-.in
lertng from the terrible mental strain of
gliel over the lo<s of her loved one*.   Thi
liivei   was aim rescued in the morning
• n in the lop oi a building, where he also
uaii clung all night.   Although the house
where he was located was in the middle
of  the torrent,  ropes were  thrown  him
and he was dragged through the waters
lo dry  land
There were other daring rescues during
the height of the Hood, which occurred
just as darkness was descending over the
John Morgan is another who had a nar-
row escape. lie was swept out by the
Hood, but caught the roof of a dwelling,
where he clung until morning and was
At Juliaetta.
Juliaetta, Idaho, Jan. 15.—Juliaetta has
had a Hood experience the effects of which
will tie felt until March, for until that
time transportation over railroads will lie
out of thc question, if the opinion of railroad men goes for anything*  All bridges
above and below arc gone with the waters
anil  there has lieen considerable daaugt
done grain warehouses on Ihe river banks
Fears arc fell for the safety of people li.
ing on the bottom lands below where there
are a number of farms and families.   It
is believed, however, that the waters will
not be so high or tbe current so strong
that it will prevent citizens in tlie inundated district getting to safer places.
>o Train* Into I.ewlntoa.
Uwiston, Idaho, Jan. 15.—The rainfall
at this lime i, unprecedented in thc history of the valley. The Clearwater at this
point rose 8 feet in 24 hours.
Several narrow escapes arc reported
from I'otktch. A cattleman from Asotin
was caught in the Hood «nd lost about
20 head of cattle, his saddle horse, and
lairely escaped with his life. The Hood
was caused by the recent warm rains and
the melting of about four feet of snow-
in the Potlatch.
Spokane police court paid a profit
last year. Tho fines collected there exceeded police expenses.
Ktbel Pery, of Walla Walla, bus been
ordered committed to the reform
school by Judge Brentz.
Hot lunch ia lielng served dally at the
Spokane High School for the benefit ot
the pupils and teachers.
Orvllle, Okanogan county, Wash.,
has been made a money order office
with Spokano as Its depository.
The depot of the Washington k Columbia railway burned to the ground at
Waitsburg, causing a total loss.
There are now 360 students enrolled
at tho Waahinton Agricultural college,
tho highest number ln Its history.
Contracts have been let for the masonry of the new Great Northern
bridges nt Spokane to a St. Paul firm.
There ls considerable activity ln the
wheat market at Colfax, and several extensive farmers are selling their crops.
In a few days every street will have
suitable signs placed, showing the Intersection of every streo In Walla Walla.
Fish Commissioner Little haa arranged to plant a carload of eastern
lobsters in Puget sound waters as an
J. A. Dennis, of Dryad, statea that he
intends either moving his shingle plant
from Dryad or will put In a new outfit
at Montesano.
There are in King county 94 road supervisors, who have Immediate charge
of as many different road districts
within its limits.
The quarantine against smallpox at
Leavenworth had Just been declared
off and people were beginning to feel at
ease, when another case broke out.
C. L. Harris, of Billings, Mont.,
agrees to furnish water for liregatlon
purposes at Pasco, if the land owners
will give him half of their land when
the water system shall be completed.
Columbia county made a record In
the collection of taxes for the year 1898
The books have been checked up and
show that only 3 por cent of the levy is
still unpaid.
So far as known In Walla Walla, the
wheareaboiits of Clapp are still a mystery. It Is generally believed that he
has left the country. The theory of
foul play haft lost credence. ■
One of the largest individual sales
of wheat this year was that of B. F.
Manchester, a farmer living eight miles
southeast of Colfax, who sold to Chas.
de France 11,700 bushels of wheat
stored In t he warehouse at Mackene-
ma, for 38 cents per bushel.
Reporta pubmjtted to the charity organization society of Seattle show:
The number of applications for aid and
assistance during 1899 amounted to 373,
exclusive of the casual callers or the
migratory class of single men that
have been reported from the residence
portion of the city. .    ,
—j  The Cariboo mine in,Camp McKlnnev
TOTALS  01  THE NOElHWEST.'!1B8ture8Um"l8MPl'll>*JtBeoncentrateS
  j to the stnelMr.     Superintendent J'p
  Keane, ls arranging for the-shipment
Items From the iiieu iimiom of tho of concentrates to the Hall Mines smel
ter at Nelson.
The 160-horse-power electric hoist ou
the Josie mine, which was started last
week and run for two or three days under adjustment and regulation, Is now
In practical operation and running
miles northeast of Baker City, Ore., magnificently,
made a rich strike the other day at a; A rich pocket of ore bun been found
depth of 35 feet, it ls free milling ore. I In the I X L, at Rossland ' in No. l
and very rich. The ledge Is very wide stope above No. 1 tunnel, and alreadv a
and shows wonderful values. Develop- ton of this rich ore has been Ukenout
ment work ls being pushed as rapidly It Is by far the richest ore that has
as possible, A shaft will be sunk 100 been found In the mine. There ta
feet ,and the ledge crosseutted and Plenty In sight. The ore Ib lrapregna
drffllfts run. Seven men are now em- ted with large and small masses of freo
ployed and more will be added as fast gold. Roy H. Clark, manager ot the
ua they can be used. It has abundant mine, estimates that this ore will run
capital and Ita development Is assured, between $5000 and $7000 to thc ton A
The property was first located 32 years half ton of ore taken from another
ngo, and, like many others here has
Paelflc Northwest—H«WS from All
tke Principal Mining Cam**—Per
•onals-Mlnln* Notea.
The Union copper mine,   about 18
lire syi
America a Good* Released.
Washington, Jan. lO.-Sccretary 0f
State Hay says that the British government had released the American goods on
tbe Dutch vessel Maria and that they were
now in Delagoa hay. The goods consist
of Hour and other provisions which the
English authorities seized as contraband
of war, intended for the use of the Trans-
voal troops.
Won Three Ont of Five.
CBoago, Jan. 17.-James Fitzgerald,
lush handball champion, and his partnor,
Unls Keeg-in, defeated William Career I
Palonae Rivera HUla*.
CoUhx, Wash., Jan. 15.—The South Pa
louse river haa reached the highest point
in several years.
At Walla Walla.
Walla Walla, Wash., Jan. 15.- The highest water experienced since 1883 occurred
here. Trains were delayed and bridges
washed out. Below town the railroad
bridge was washed away nnd one bridge
was lost by the city. The damage i* con-
siderable, but the wafer is receding.
t'matllla on the Rampage.
Pendleton,  Ore.,  Jan.  15.-Thc  warm
weaiher during lhe post two days has
milled the snow in thc mountains.   The
Umatilla river has risen six leet and eon
tinues rising.
At Thorn Hollow, 18 miles east, a rail
road  culvert was  washed  out  snd  the
river spread all over the bottoms.    Fx
tend** damage lo the railroad and Wagoi
bridges is feared. K
PlaKtie in Manila.
Xew York, Jan. 10.—A Manila special
Bubonic pla»ne has broken out within
the city limits. . Three caws have been
discovered and horses are now being in-
n.H-tiiatiil to obtain set um. Other precautions are being taken and a Strict qiiarun
tine has lieen established. Many inspector* nie now at work and there, will |K>
I thorough ennvais of the crowded city.
It ii believed i but sn epidemic i* not likely
lo occur.
Took   Silver Only.
Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 10.— A tpeci.il says
that live men attempted to rob the Haiik
of ltiixhford, Allegheny county. Dynamite
was used but only the outer door of the
safe was opened. Currency to the amount
of $1115 and seven dollars In silver were
in this apartment. In their hurry the
thieves overlooked the currency, but took
thc silver.
I'lnaue I* Iniler Control.
San Francisco, Jan. 17.~Thc steamer
Oiiiiui has arrived here from the orient
via Honolulu, but anchored off that port,
the Hawaiian mail being carried out _o
the line on tugs. V,, ln January 8 thev
had bain )(i cases of plague. Tlie disease
hi now !houKhi to,lie well under ihe eon
nol nf ibe health authorities,
lain dormant till now. The ore resembles that of the Hecla-Calumet, but Is
much richer. The Copper Queen, situated near this property, ls under bond
to Captain J. H. Helsner nnd eastern
associates, and a 160-ton smeltar will
lie ejected ln the spring. These properties are situated northeast ot Baker
City, near Irwin Postoffice. The Golden
Chariot men recently made a good
strike, the assays running $206.07. The
ledge Is from 30 to 50 feet in width.
They have three shafts down from 12
to 16 feet. It is situated on Olive creek,
nbove the Van Andra mine, about one
mile. The owners are Jubilant over
the outlook.
11 .-public.
Republic longs for snow.
San Juan needs machinery.
The Quilp crosscut Is still being run
for the foot wall.
There is no change of conditions at
the Tom Thumb mine.
The boiler for   the   Princess   Maud
compressor has arrived.
A company bas been formed to take
over the Herculee claim.
The only wotk being   done   on   the
Black Tall ls ta On. wlnse.
Lone Pine grojts wider and the ledge
Improves as the drift progresses.
The Iaone Pine holds to an average of
six feet In width. The average values
have Improved some ln the west drift.
Barbee * Co. have taken a contract
to sink a sixty-foot shaft on .the Hercules.
The winze at the Black Tail ls down
12 feet and the bottom ls five feet In
width ot $12 quarts.
Contractor Dexter states that the
ledge has not yet been cut by the . big
tunnel on the Georgle Reed.
The Chlco shaft was sunk to a depth
of 135 feet and a crossut was run for
the ledge. Thia was encountered 44 ft
from the shaft.
The Columbia la making a fine showing. There ls two feet of fine looking
steel galena. The average value of the
assays Is $62.42.
The large stringer that has been followed for the past 100 teet In the Copper Mountain tunnel grows wider and
richer constantly.
The Rebate has six feet of ore In the
drift that Is being driven along the
ledge from near the south end line of
the claim toward the Tom Thumb.
The ore body ln the south drift of the
Shn Poll Is about six feet In width and
the high values that were encountered
In the ledge some time ago continue.
Chas. F. Porter, Superintendent of
the Little Four and Golden Lion Consolidated claims, reports that work ls
going steadily forward ln the east drift
from the 80-foot level.
The Gopher Mining Company having
purchased the steam hoist ot the Bodle
Company, It is lielng removed and will
probably be ln full operation on the Gopher within ten days. The Gopher
shaft Is 125 feet ln depth.
Galena of high value from the Davis
camp on the South half. A surface
crosscut shows a 12-foot ledge carrying
ore that Is said to assay about $85 in
silver, lead and gold. Claim is com-
I blnatlon No-. 2, adjoining the Park and
The Republic Reduction Company
which la erecting a custom mill about
1000 feet south of the old mill of the Re-J
public Consolidated Company, bas a^
small army of men working. It Is
claimed that every good carpenter who
npplies for a Job, la given work.
Qullp's great ledge shows sixty feet
of ore from wall to wall. It Is tho widest voln yet opened In Republic. Tho
oro Is claimed to lie full of paying value
acrosa the full width. Deep development again proved necessary in Republic.
Major R. O. E. Leckie states that the
permanent working shaft on the Quilp
mine will go down from the top of the
hill. The compressor plant to be used
for prospecting purposes will he placed
in the gulch, near the mouth of the tunnel. The usual prospecting work Is
going on and nothing new ls reported.
Mr. Jackllng's coming to Republic-
camp from Mercur, Utah, Is of utmost
Importance, not only to the Republic
Company Itself, but to every person Interested In mining In that camp. , JI?
has assured the directors o/ the Republic mine that he can reduce the coat of
reduction of the ores of that mine' «"«
pocket gave a smelter return of $2400
ro $4800 per ton, and this ore ls much
richer than that was. It in by far the
richest ore thnt haa yet lieen found lu
Trail Creek division.
A fine strike has been made on   the
300-foot level of the Old   Ironsides   at
Phoenix.     Crosscuttlng   bun been   In
progress for some   time   past.      Just
prior to the Christmas holidays ore was
encountered, but the holiday   suspension of labor prevented a determination
of the extent of   the   strike.      Water
rushed Into the crosscut when tbe vein
was encountered, and this has only Just
been mastered by   powerful   five-Inch
pumps.     The whole face of the crosscut lu In a fine quality of chalcopyrltlc
ore.     Tbe vein ls yet   to bo   crossed.
Accurate values have not yet been ascertained, hut there   Is no  doubt tbat
they are high.     The strike   is highly
gratifying to the Old Ironsides management, as lt proves aga.n the   continuity of the ore body.
Deer Trail No. 2 and Bonanza companies may combine. Both are controlled in Toronto.
The following dividends were declared by Utah mines during the first ten
days in January: Ontario, $45,000-
Mercur, $50,000; 8llver King, $75,000;
Swanson, $5,000; Dally West, $30,000;
Mammoth, $40,000.
It Is understood that negotiations are
now In progress In Spokane for the sale
of the Young, Butterworth, McKenna.
Gree and Glidden interests In the Big
Buffalo mine to Clark k Sweeny.    The
latter firm now own the Rice and Mai-
lory interest.., having completed the details of the purchase some weeks ago.  •
Captain J. W. Helser returned from
the Copper Queen recently and reports
evorythlng as   moving   along   nicely.
They expect to be in ore In a few   days
and their expert, Mr.   Welch, bas   lu-
formed him that he will be satisfied In
putting In a smelter, which be will do
ln the near future.
Kaslo & Slocan
Coin* East.
.. 3:K p. m,
.. 3:Mp. ih.
.. 2:J5 p. in.
.. 2:10 p. in.
.. 1:00 p. m.
.. 1:45 p. in.
.. 1:34 p. m.
.. 1:13 p. ni.
.. 1:111 p. in.
Trains Run on Paclftc 8tandard Tims.
„ Leave. Arrive,
Going: West. Dally.
8:00 a. ra   Kaslo 	
8:32 a. m  South Fork ..
»:30a. ra  Sproule'a ....
»:Ha. m  Whitewater ..
9:66 a. m  Bear kake ...
10:12 a. m  McQuljan ...
10:» a. m   Bailey's 	
10:33 a. m.... Cody Junctl. n
10:40 a. m  Bandon 	
Leave 11:00 a. m..8anilon..Arrive 11:40 a. Mi
Arrive 11:15 a. m...Cody.. Leave 11:* a. in.
O.  P. COPB_T__AND, Superintendent.
mi Kootenay .„.
Railway and Navigation
A i Lampion Wrmllcr.
fipokune, Jan. 15.—Twice in 82 minutes
did. the. huge Hali Adali throw both Doe Per cent, and that he can save 95 per
McMillan and Lewis Cannon. With eight ^nt of Its values. This is a bla; prom-
ninnlen to spare, the Terrible Turk fu|.|l«w. but the Republic owners believe
tilled hia contract to score four downs "that Mr. Jackllng can carry it out, and
against tlie two champions inside an hour.   ""
Captain Ward, three out of five" games.' drowned
lhe games were all well contested
As a midnight entertainer the
the originator of the department store age cat Is a howling success
hls record is an Indication that the
faith of his new employers Is not tin-
founded. <       ':
British (i.inmhla. ,
, a : The Oertrude and Iron Colt.two Rosa-
- »«31 boat          ■           y        ''Pitting ..f hU l*nd mines show fine ore bodies,
disaster in this town have b^n recover. |    " ' L i    The machinery for the Btamp mill for
champion of the world  aniTi i   ZE?I  f^ndri«k' '«««ho> Jan. i8.-The bodies
r„.i„i_, to.^   .i.:""' an1 h_to     'tner.of two of the Hamlin children who
in the flood that caused  n    ,
' Onmned In Jordan Diver.
Victoria, It. ('.. ,|,ln. ln.-liavM Wash
prospector, was drowned, while crossing
od.   The body of thc third child thot .van'    Th« n„.jm,i_.i t. 'the l*n><m mine, In Camp   McKlnnev
awep   away by the rushing waters l»«^ftEftffS wlift"Z*?*,   ^ ^ arrived at Greenwood "'
not been found, and there is hut  li,,,,' EJSZ™ *   °'   --^ ™.."W?BI«"«   ,rom   »«"«"id
(camp for (he first six days of the new
Operating Kaalo A Slocan Hallway, International Nav. & Trading Co.
Schedule of Tlme-Pacinc Standard Tlma.
Passenger train for Sandon   antl   way
BtatlnnB, leavea Kaslo at 8:00 a. m-
Dally, returning, leaves Sandon at 1:11
p. m., arriving at Kaslo at 3:66 p. m.
International Nav, & Trad. CO.-Operation on Kooienay lake and river.
Leavea Kaalo for Nelaon at 6:00 a. in.   ,
dally, e_xpept Sunday.   Returning, leaves
Nelaon at 4:30 p. m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bajr, Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects with 8. F. fk. N. tmln tu aM' '
from Bpokane, at Five Mils Point. ' • ,,
■S. S. "ALBERTA." ,:--»
Leaves Nelaon for Bojiner's, Ferry Tuesday* and Saturdays at % a. m., meeting
steamer "International" from Kaslo at
Pilot Bay.
, Returning, leaves Bonner's Ferry at
7:00 a. in. Wednesdays, Frldiiys and Bu|H
tlayw connwUng .vrtth.Mer. International
rorjvash), Lardo aud Argenta. '-'   '"'   *
Connects at BonnwV iF'srry. wlth.Oreat
Northejrh railway for all points east and
west.   3 .   .   , . _.. .
Hleamer International leavea _Ka»l* itr .":■»
iJir.lo and Argenta at R:W p. m. Wedncs-
gal's and Fridays.   Steamer Alberta leaves
Kaslo for Lardo and Argenta at 8 p. m.     ■
Sunday,!., ,.(>.    •   ..     , .... ...
Steamers call at principal" landings ta
t*nh directions, and at other polht* irh*n
lilKlialeil. '.;..
Tickets sold to all points In Canada aad
tha United Btatea.
To ascertain rates and full Informatioa
address . • "*
8. CAMPBELL,        .
Freight and Ticket Agt., Sandon.
kaslo, 9. A $4200 Reward!
Tha Bhortstory Publishing Company, Bos*
-, Mass., will pay M.300 ta oasb prisu, raug-
_. irom »ioo tolsu each, to those who will tell
_ writing some unusual experience, thrilling
adventure, or fasolnatlag freak of tha imagination in a style that will Tatarest the hundreds
Of thousands ot readers ef Tiia Bun Oat,
the unique shortstory inagr.zlua which haa
won'the title o\." The story-telling hit of tha
oenturv." This 1'rire competltloa ls open to
all, and each story will be Judged solely upon
Its merits without regard to the name or reputation of Its writer; but no ttory will b. consid*
•red al all unless it i, teul strictly in accordance with th. printed conditions,whloh will be
mailed free, postage paid, to any one, together
with ft complete specimen
stories, and many of tha
names and addresses, aa
references, of the men snd
women 1 a al 1 parts of Am-
erioa who have received
Srsr IM.DOOoaah for Alack
at stories, also Information of real value to all
who  are   Interested   ta
Ealng money at home.
d address at enee, ss
«   _....»•,._■■ m. nn,.,   __■ -
_    'contest closes March Slat.   Thi
Mary Puhllsf
festoa, Mass
Publishing On., S« High-Hart!
Are Trained Men—Military Men In
I'm uot. I'linir the Boer a— All Ua.
ureas   Hatred   for  Knitland—Strict
The wolves are again getting numerous on the range ln the vicinity of Fort
!    An unknown man was   drowned   in
I the Missoula river and up to the present time the body has not been recover-
I    During the past year with the County
' clerk and recorder of Cascade county
I were filed patents for record of over 2fy
000 acres of land.
I    Major J. 10. Edwards,   Crow   Indian
agent, is advertising for bids   for the
| manufacture of 600,000 feet of assorted
The timber ls to be cut from
New  York, Jan.   10.    A   Paris special
Enthusiasm for the Boers it awtming a lumber,
substantial thane among the French mil- the reservation forests and iniiiiiifac-
iiuiy men. According to an investigation tured In the government sawmill at the
iniiile by Henri lloehcfoit, 211 French of- Crow agency by Indian labor.
Beers have thrown up their commissions| There are now ln the Hearst library
and have already t-ikeii service In the at Anaconda 5198 books of all classlfl-
Transvaal army. Colonel de VilleboiB-Mar-' cations, which Is 821 more than were on
llrokrn lliiiin li> Hln Heteraea, Hi-
la No Lunger Fit to 1 oiiiii.ii.nl the
Troopa—Ilia Surernsor Nol Yet
D    Xew York, Jun.  13.—A dispatch from
l.niiilnii aayn:
lord Methuen has been recalled to Kug-
land. This statement is made OU the highest authority. It is reported that be was
laboring under nr,'<it mental excitement
after the hallle nt .Mmldcl   liver anil  tli.tt
iho war ollice has considered it necessary
to displace him, an he is evidently nut in
condition to command troops. Two mein-
lars of his family are miid to be weak-
euil, chief of stuiT to (ieneral Joubert, is
acclaimed ni hero of Colenso ami is described in (lie Parisian press aa the commander who litis inflicted upon the Ku^li-h
Iheir most ilntinutie defeat since the battle
of YorUtiiwn. l'ortraits of de Villebois-
.Mareiiil appear iu newspapers nnd iu siup
ndndows, He Mil- fair to icplnee Mar-
cliaint ni the jhijiiiIiii f.ivulile ol lhe mo
Popular enthusiasm lieconist keener
willi each week that the win lasts, Inn
ilio-.e who have had the most experience
the sheaves at the close of 1898. The
next consignment of new books will
number 400. These have been ordered
and will be ready for cataloging about
the close of the present month.
According to the report of County
Treasurer \v. L Steele, Lewis and
Clarko county, began the new year with
$l4:i,THii.!il iu hank. During December tho recefpts were as follows: Taxes
$(1779.73, licenses $1481, county officer's
fees $1163.72, other sources $2r_06.6&;
total $11,930.00.     The county treasurer
in gauging true    national  sentiment in | during the month paid out $109,666.78
France tay  that  the present  outburst nf  [n (.aah
feeling is caused  nol   by love for Boer
Hattlmhipa Near l oniiil.lloo.
'Washington, Jan. 13.—Admiral llieh-
borne, chief of the bureau of construction
and repair, hns made n report lo the mi'
rotary of the navy, showing that favor
able progro-w is lieing made on the gonitis nnder construction fa the nny. The
iiaiileship Keanatgs in reported to !«■
wilhin i Jul cent nf completion, mid the
battleship Kentucky within 8 per rent.
Until of these Vessel! are under cniisti notion at NewjiOit News.
Lovely Book Free.
Only a tew etyAtt WXi **iid today. 'Ilie volume
li gorgeoinly llltiil rated wilh iiuuirroua engraving.
of iniiittir acein - and Uie jrawtev -.rnriv In the
Rocnv Mountain*, lhe million ontt ll.iWMo |iuhllsli.
tt Is ool an ail. I'ur anjRine. Merely to introduce
our his lllnstrai.'ii Annlly m^i'li wi Mil itad a
copy ortlie above nii<- hi.dk trtr* to sll aeiidlna us t
iwo-ceni slainiK. i.ir a l.'i nwkV trial stibsurl|itloii_,
Our pseer pnblinlii*-. each week Mariaa of adven-
tore, all Ilie latent mining news, mil Ilium rations
of soenery. 'tenth jrear. > int.- of I forMc.: for (I
bill. Mention th:- paper ami a.ldrea.1 Western
Weekly, I hum r ■ . >iu
Tbe French ppasants who live near
tho sewage farma of Pana hnve entered
a protest because of the contamination
of their wells.
TO (THK  A  (ill.II  IK  iim:  DAY.
Take La-allve Ilrnmo Quinine Tablet* All
driiKKlxiK t.-iiii.il ih,. hi/hi..y if it fulls io curs.
K.  W.  Urovc's sltrna'tiiiT le in sadi  l>ox,  ISO,
More than 500,000 tenement, dwellers
are In Brooklyn, according to official
flgureR Juat iHRiied. The number of
tenement houses la 31,687.
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effecta of the well known remedy,
Btbup op Figs, manufactured by the
CALiroHMIA Fie iSniui' Co., llluatrata
the value of obtaining the liquid laxative principles of plants known to be
medicinally laxative and presenting
them In the form most refreshing to the
taste and acceptable to the system. It
la the one perfect strengthening laxative, cleansing the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
gently yet promptly and enabling one
to overcome habitual constipation permanent ly. Its perfeot freedom from
every objectionable quality and substance, and Its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating them, make it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing figs
aro used, as they are pleasant to the
taste, but the medlcinol qualities of tho
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a method
known to the California Fio Syrup
Co. only. In order to get its beneficial
•ffects and to avoid Imitations, please
remember the full name of the Company
printed on the front of every paokage.
i_ooisvn_r__s, by.       hbw yobk. w. t.
Por sale by all Druggitti.-Price 50c. per bottle.
luii hatred inward England. Each British
cheek is described hy military organs like
the Kelin de Palis us "ltevenge fur Kash-
11 seems well established HOW that it
uns the Belgian general of engineers, General   lie   Hisiliiii.nl,   who,   as  un  eltgineei
officer enjnys the reputation In Kurope
and America nl I«-in• * .it the head nf hia
profession, uim drew up the plan of campaign for Kruger, which Joubert and other
Tiiiiisvuui leaders have sn scrupulously
llolierla I-iiiii-.Im  the Wires.
London, Ann. Hi.- The veil oononlhtff
the theatre of war (rom the anxious eyes
nf Great Britain and the test nf the world
ii still unlifted. li Is Impossible to dnuhi
thut this absolute closing of all the channels nl Information is due to the rtmior-
thlp, i ne ttrictnesi of whieh has liceu redoubled since the landing of I.ord Hoh-
erts mid Lord Kitchener, concerning whom
nothing has transpired since the announcement uf their arrival ut i ,i|.e Town.
i...ri.iiiii>     IuhIii   Protests.
Berlin, .Ian. 16,—The correspondent of
tin- Asaoelated Brest learns from an oi-
iiii.il s.um-e that Germany has addressed
a -.eniiiil protest in <iieal Britain, urgently
requesting the release of the Germsn
-tiMiin t liiiinleni.ilh hiuI expressing astonishment si the undue delay. The prmesi
iil^n demands giiaisnliisi tram Great Britain against recurrence <u such evident
"wrongful and excessive application uf a
combatant's rights against neutrals."
li a I-u requests (iie.it Britain to define
the iiu-rtiiiii" uf contraband iu a ni.niii.-i
uceptahle to the nation* not concerned
in the war.
A Nkinuish N.-iir I ul.--.hura.
Benala-rg, Cape Colony, Jan. 10.—A
Strong force of British troops advanced
nnder coyer uf a brisk artillery lire and
encamped at Stlugetsfonteln, un the Boerrf
eastern il.mk. The Boers' patrol n-tireJ,
inn subsequently t imdy of Boers attempted in -M'i/e tlie |m».ium, threatening tne
communloation between the British encampment and Rensberg. The New Zi-a-
landers, with a brilliant dash, frustrated
the atlempt. They Mead ami seized lhe
pn-itiun litsi ami tired volleys at the enemy, wlm retiieil in the direction of Cnles-
Iliimur Aliout I.iuljHiiillli.
Vicuna, Jan. 111.—Tlie Xeue Freic Pie«_i
has published ii ilispaleh from Hrusaels
Baying that news had lieen received there
from Pretoria te the effect that the Boers
had stunned ull the heights urnund Lady-
smith uml the capitulation uf that place
is hourly Expected. It is possible the nMw
leieivisl ill Vienna by way of llriis-cls
fram Pretoria may refer to the recent
Word has reached Livingston of the
death of William Jump, which occured
at Jardlne, December 29. The deceased
was one of the oldest of old-timers, hav-
liiK resided ln the upper Yellowstone
country for over 30 years. He was
aliout 72 yeara ol age, and   came   here
from Alder gulch. Re leaves severul "'l"'rl ."nd_ ultogethei there is I
nophewa. who reside lu iho western
pari of the siutc. "Uncle Hilly," as ho
wits best known, was a generous, honorable man, and many an old-timer will
regret to hear of his death.
The epidemic of smallpox seems to
have broken out with increased
strength in Butte. What to do with
the Increasing number of patients is a
problem. Both pest houses are crowded to their utmost capacity, and If any
more are taken their lieds will have to
be made ou the floor. The house of detention Is crowded all the time. Since
the outbreak of the disease 70 patients
huve been taken to Uie pest houses, 40
remaining there, and only three dying.
Juat the moment a touch of cold weather arrives the doctors expect many
deaths from the disease. The Attorney General haa delivered (he opinion
that if the schools have to lie closed all
teachers will be entitled to full pay
while they are cloned. It ia probable
no schools will lie open next week.
I'Ire In Ions III).
Iowa  City,   Iowa,  Jan.   111.
N. N.  11.
No. 8, 1O0O.
Fire    do-
siruvcii an entire business bhsk, entailing
a loss Mlimated nt 1180,000, The linns
burned out are l'i ire, Keilh & Co,, jeweler... Mrs. J. W. II. Hum, dry jjnod";
s. ('s Lenner, grocer lee
Three   lliirn.-.l   to   ll.-nil..
New Yuik, Jan. in. Three people were
burned to death in a tire in a twnstnry
frame dwelling on rine street, t.'niona,
L  I.   They arei    Elisabeth Campbnlli
Bged -II); Jennie Campbell, aged 24; Archie
Campbell, aged 10, The cause of lhe fire
is unknown.
l.i. nl.-mint   i ii mm miller   Kuleltles.
Montevideo, Jan. 13.—Lieutenant Commander K. E. Greens has committed suicide. Arrangements have lieen made for
burial iislioie. A board has been appoint-
ed to examine thc circumstances nl the
case and report.
The offloer'1 friends at the navy de-
l-uitiiieiil are at a loss to account for his
act. lie had an excellent record and no
bid li.il.il.-4.
There Ih no smallpox al Wardner.
The Potlatch is ou a rampage. Tho
report la that Kendrick Is Inundated
and Bev'eral people drowned.
Wardner has experianced a sure but
steady growth this winter, amounting
almost to a building boom.
Senator Shoup will Introduce a bill
Increasing the limit of the cost of the
Bolao public building from $200,000 to
Small k Emery have purchased a site
for their mill about a mile above town
to the east. They will move their
plant sometime during the next month.
Burglars at lewiston entered
three buildings but got small booty.
Four revolvers, a few dollars and sledge
hammer comprised the spoils of the
Four new smallpox cases have developed In Moscow during the past week,
and the situation ls becoming serious.
Mrs. Fred Heir, living on Third street,
haa the disease.
As the results of a row on the Noz
Perce reservation l.ee Phlnney, a half-
breed, la In a serious condition. Johnny Low wielded n rifle and skipped.
George Woodard gave liims.-lf up. A
Joyous trio.
Acting for the State Land Board,
Bon Gray bus made a sale of 400 acres
of land In Blaine county, 12 miles below
Halley, to Frank R. and T. H. Gooding.
The land brought from $10 to $13 per
acre, the total amount realized being
A comparison of the records of Shoshone county for lhe past two years
shows a wonderful Increase in 189H,
particularly during the last six months
of the yenr, after the authority of the
slate had bi-on Invoked to bring order
out of chaos which had existed hero so
Section Director Blandford of lhe
weather bureau has completed hia report of the in eiei ir logical conditions
prevailing in Boise during the year
1899. It is shown that the highest
temperature reached was 102 in July,
and the lowest 9 degrees below zero in
Ploughing haa been going on in Lew-
ihton valley during the entire winter.
Hank Trimble, one of the largest wheat
farmers ln that vlolnlty, reports wheat
sown during the last ten days Is sprouting. Mr. Trimble has 1500 acres In
grain, and looks forward to tho harvesting of a big crop this year.
The atate treasurer hns notified Miss
French, superintendent of public instruction, that thel-e is $11,368.39 on
hand for the   semiannual   apportion
General Warren's IHvlnlou— lliuiy
Morli-s Afloat—ftmrn, French -Mount*
a i.uu on a lllH'li Monntain—Mafe-
klna  Bombarded.
Cape Town, Jan. 17.--The authorities
have received news that General Warren
ha-, crossed the Tugela and occupied,a
strong pusition north of the river.
This report hna lieen current here, but
is discredited in ollicial circles.
London, Jan. 17.—Up to the present the
reported cruising of Tugela river by General Warren's division remains but rumor.
Nevertheless, the whole tenor of such
news ns hai. been dribbling in from South
Africa recently indicates that a combined
movement of a comprehensive character
is proceeding. It is not necessary to believe unconfirmed stories of the Boers
being iu full retreat frnm Cnlenso because
it has been learned that a column is pro>
cffding via \\ ei'iieii lu help Masker in
cut ull their retreat, but at the same time
credible  informaliou  from  many  amircc*
indisputably jmints to momentous
changes in the disposition of the republic
.Military men are divided in opinion ua
to whether Buller is at Springfield or pel*
todally directing a flank movement from
Weciicn. Officials are inclined to credit,
the report thut the Hritish have crossed
ihe Tugela river in that direction, nl-
though there is no confirmation of the
hnpefiil feeling in ollicial circles. There
is li11It-   iiewi   of importance from ••i-.e-
French's forces have succeeded in dragging a l.'i pounder to the .summit of steep
rooky Coleskop, a thousand feet shore the
siinuiinding plain, and they successfully
routed a Boer camp three miles away
from Stiiiinitrnoiii. All interesting item
uf news is that lUiers escorting a party
nf reapers have successfully gathered «ll
the troops within two miles of the colonial cnmp nt Bird river, the British force
being lisi weak  to interfere.
A dispatch from Pretoria s.ivs the led-
eml forces rmoinmcnciHl the bombardment nl Malcking dining the morning
of January 12.
Died IViuille**.
Toledo, O., Jan. 13.—William W. Gage,
n cousin of the secretary of the treasury,
penniless and depending upon charity for
medical attendance, died -at a bearding
house in this c|ty.   He is a widower, and
lost ull his property during the civil war' irreahaven'tareiruter.ftesniifiBoTeioeDi or tn*
while he wa* living in thejqmth. . ._       BSfi^^'S? ^TiWHSMa
violent pUjolc or pill poison, Is dsuserous. ^Ths
amootlioat. easiest, most pertect wsr or keeplus tha
Ixiwisls cloar and clean Is ui tuko *********
The largest pie- <n the wofld Is
probably a gigantic seaweed, known aa
the "nereocytls," which frequently
grows to a height of more than 200 feot.
There tire five "tasters" in the sultan's kitchen at Constantinople. They
taste every dish before lt ls placed before their royal master.
Electricity operated dredges are now
used on rivers and harbors where Immense quantities of material hare to be
handled quickly.
New <'ulil« Lines.
France is dependent  upon  Kuglund  for
news of ths Transvaal  wsr, because  the
K'ww W) •• W *W ft
tram hm« atstSTtaia-
■°«UTE THE ^
■tS-SSKS: PeltfaWs, I'oteDt.TastoOood.noOood.
WcTOraintaD, Weaken, or Urlpi-IOe,.  . ufe  WrlU
ror freo sample, s nd book lei ort hesith.   Address
StoriUt ii. -.d, io.__i_.__,, Chltcty, *1*irtlls «•» »«*• W»
Will om-j'li'Iii corn; nil; n.aku the same kind
of meal; has superiorfaileiilns qualities: will
cables are under their control, unii she is , *olv* tho prol-lent nf fattening Hogs au<l<_.attls
reiulv io spend a vust sum of innnev to iln ? *h,e" country; should be town ln tha
free lieisell This is like manv IMOplawho I BRlBjUS.!.!KS "" who»t*"d ,"'» ftgj '/.<>?
have dyspepsia spend a furtu ,. 'seekiiig j S&^W.tjf^&SSS^rfgiSJ
drjlvenince.    1 hey should try  Hostetters ' tsjood ss hsy. wrwmas»s**s*ss*p
Htbmach  httters.    li  never fails to cure
dvspepsia, coiijtlpatU>ii aiu)   blliuiisuess.
l'rlee .it H.....I   in.-  per pound or SB  per
luiiiilri-ii.    AiiilrukH
». J, SHIKI.Ils * Ut).. Moscow,   Idali
An I in-....llnn. il Rumor.
KillIniford Harris, fomierly resident
director in South Africa of the British
South African company, has received a
cablegram tu the effect thai ltullei has
Suffered another reverse.
The war otli.-c has no inforiii.it'mi to
enable it to confirm or deny ihe dispatch
•uid to have lieen received by Rutherford
-lull   Break tailed.
llelleville, III., Jan. 10.—Thirty prisoners in the t%, t'lair county jail made a
break for liberty. One of them was mortally wounded. The sheriff wu* Wounded.
Turnkey I'red Phillips opened the door to
the cage to give the prisoners their supper.
As a trusty pinioned his arms the others
rushed out of the cage. The turnkey was
forced into a oorner and handcuffed ami
his revolver and keys were taken from
him. lli-i cries fur help were heard by
Sheriff llarniikal, who was at supper. As
ho ran up the stairs Ed Hivcly, a prisoner,
tired at him. He threw his left arm over
his heart nnd received the bullet in his
fuiciinn. He shot the prisoner twice. One
bullet entered his ubdomen und he is dying. When thc police arrived in answer to
a riot call they could not get into the
jail until the doors had been broken down
with sledge hammers. The prisoners were
then driven  back into their cells.
The St. Louis central trades and labor union has adopted a novel yet practical Idea ln the seating of delegates.
After January 1 no delegate from an
affiliated local union will be recognized
unless the proper union labels shall appear In his clothes, hat and shoea.
llllsboro's rail .shipments during
1899 were 1040 carloads.
A young man's bent girl la never too
good to be true.
W. H. ST0WELL & CO., »
Ami   I'.-:i|.iK   in   Assnytrfi'   Supplies, m
Artificial  Ks-es, m
At Indianapolis an effort ls being
I made to consolidate the various schools
i of higher education Into an Institution
to be known as the university   ot   In-
, illiiilupulls. P
I'ai-li paid for Slon» Arrows.S^ears,
Plpe_.,.\xe5,elc. Write and send out-
]>. Hamilton, Two Hirers, Wis,
"A Thread Every Da's
Makes a Skein in a Year."
One small disease germ carried by the
blood through the system "will convert a
healthy human body lo a condition of ,'n-
tialidism. Do not wait untd you are bed- j About 80 per cent of the fishing nets
ridden. Keep your blood pure and life-giv- In Hokkaido, Japan, are made of cotton
ing all the time. Hood's Sarsaparilla \ thread. Cotton nets were first Intro-
accomplishes this as nothing else can.      duced ,rom Scotland in 1888.
President Gates, of the American
steel and wire trust, says that under
no circumstances will his corporation
recognize organized labor.
We need your assistance la announcing ta the world the <1RI,ATI-5T REMEDY that Sclaac*
has aver produced, and you need our assistance to sccuri. relief for yourself aad friends
through SWANSON'3 "s DROPS."
ADC AA |T HY 421IOPPM P A" M,rf,y a" 'he American Navv has con-
■»««■«*' ■ WWrUfclllta que red and will conquer all tb&t oppose*
It, so will "5 DROPS" unfailingly conquer all diseases like Rheumatism, Sciatica, Neuralgia,
Lumbago, Catarrh of all kinds, ASTHMA, Dyspepsia, Backache, Sleeplessness, Nininsam
Heart Weakness, Toothache. Earache, Creeping Numbness, Bronchitis.
Liver and Kidney Troubles, etc., etc., ur any disease lur which we recommend il. "j DROPS" Is the name and the dose. " 5 DROPS" is per.
fectly harmless, lt does not contain Salicylate of Soda nor Qplatvs ln any
form.   The Child can use il as well as the Adult.
Read carefully what Mr. I.. R. Smith, of El Dorado Springs, Mo., writes
us under date of Nov. 27, 1899, also Marian Bowers, of Caraghar, Ohio,
^tssarr  rheumatism
1 do not udow how to .wpww.1, how woniserful l   tblok rftar "A SKOPB"
,..„,„.. „,i,k.| medicine Is.  I wan saSMas Inwuselr with -N'El'KA-L&IA and thought for
11   a ii.. 'i.umi amonihtlist I would have to die   One dar a lisdy called toi.ee me and bronfht
mean advertisetnent of your "It SRUI's." I resolved to try iiaud sent fur a sample bottle. Bave
been Inking li for three weeks and bave nol had an attack of suffering Hlnce 1 took the flrsl dose. 1 believe It has saved nir life. This statement tsnositlvrly true, lshallalso take pleasure' III reccnunend-
inii your "A VHOPS" for the cure uf X El K .1 LGI.l. I. u. 8MITU.
RI Dorado Sprluas. Ma. Nov. tt. 18_S.
Vuur "ft DROPS" came to hand on thc 11th of last month and wa* triad to receive It fori was suffering at lhe time wiih untold agonies   The tlrst dose beliinl me out of my pain on short notice.   Bless
-   will dor"
all rou -.iv it will, nnd more too
;e_uscd_ftuir diltor
vi . ii .    n HOW Kits." BoiTKLraraghirrOS-b"
I had .ri-eiv pMiiis all over ray ts.] v,
■ log.   I ixiiiM tiutnul mr fool to the
ior different kinds of medicine fur Kll El S.ITlsx
when night came I could nol sleep.  The worst i.ain was in my left log.   I couM nut nui niy fool to tht
niKirwiihuiii suffering gr.-iit tialii.   Have usi-,1 four dlflereiii kinds of medicine for KIIEl'MA'i
and got no relief ont 111 iroi your "A It Kll PH." which ^u ve mcjmmediaje relief as above stated
Dim;, in. lt».
will send i nsmplc.bottle, pre.
Iu.IImii   S.-nr.-   In  I niiuilu.
Montrenl. .Ian. 111.—Thero in fear of the
Canadian Imliiins in the northwest rising
owing to the withdrawal of Wine uf tbe
ununited police for the Transvaal. Tbe
cuiiditiun is considered serious, Clifford
SiftODj minister of the interior, and the
commissioner have telegraphed the Indian
agents Ed warn the Indians that miscon-
diicl on their part will mean a stcippago
of tlie government Isuiniy and any uiit-
bieak «iil bo suppressed by force, 'ilie
while men and half-breeds who have been
lining tlieii best lo foment truublo will be
made lu leave the country.
(ir.-..!   Luna or l.lf.-.
Victoria, Jan.    13.—-Advices   hy   the
steamship   Kinpress  of  .lajwn   tell  of  a
fierce storm sweeping thc .lapnno-ie coast ment among the counties of the state
December '2i, by which 36 junks Wttt\ for ^hool purposes. This Is $3,207.45
lost while lieing towed from Osaka to mor* (han was ever before avallablo in
Kobe and 171 persons perished.   A titi»«>, January for this purpose.       This   re-
wave accompanied  the storm  by  whieh1
411 lives in all were hud.
suits from the effective work done last
year In leasing lauds in the north for
wheat growing purposes.
Although county taxes become delinquent on tho first Monday In January,
AsHOSHor Daily, following the establish-
Joseph KlnlK Urownril.
Olympia, Jan, 13.—The body of Joseph
Kinig was found in thc net of two Greek
fishermen, when they made their daily ed cuitom, has not yet added the penal-
haul from the channel near this eity. ty. So far something over >80,000 lias
Kinig was formerly from Spokane, but beon collected. The total amount of
had lived here since 1801. I the taxes Is $103,000. The commis-
 — I sloners will decirto how much time will
Roast beef that Is not well done is a  alapse before tho penalty will take   ef-
rare thing. ! f«ct-
I'lnjcil  H1I...II..1.I. .1.
 i:■ ■    Jan. 13.—Harry N. I'illsluiiy.
champion disss player of  America, Ins
piat'lically accomplished I he I'e.illiie of
playing simultaneously 16 games blind-
folded. Plllsbury played against the
nieiuliers of the Chicago Che—i and Checker Club, nnd not only successfully ijoni-
pleted the majority of the games, but wun
the greater'number, ll is the first time
that any chess expert hns played su many
games without seeing the board.
Two tttm itiiii-ii in nun.-.
Hutte, Mont., Jan. 16.—By the premature explosion of a blast on the 1700-foot
level of the Mountain Consolidated lhine
IVter Sullivan  and ThonM.* Smith  were
instantly killed.    Hoth  we're single men.
. , ..,  ,	
Iluralnra ahot a Vli-rehmit.
Kdinbtirgh, Ohio, Jan. 10.—N. K. Goss,
a mcreliaiit, was shot and killed by three
burglars whom he discovered in his store.
The burglars escaped nnd nn armed posse
started in pursuit. '
Bleamablp   Stranded.
Cape Henry, Va., Jan. 13— The British steamship Empress is stranded a mile
and a hulf off the shore, opposite False
Capo life saving station. Captain 0*Xcill
and thc life saving crew assisted the vessel.
The Luxembourg Mesuem In Paris Is
to have soon a special room devoted to
Belgian art
The mass of lava ejected from Vesuvius since I sue amounts fo 64,000,000 cubic meters.
Oft   f% A V6 I" enable sulterrrs to give
WW  Ut\ t O pnldliy mall fur *ttc.    A sample bottle • 111 convlsce yoo. Aliw, Swim Im-IUm (_*__) doieai
•1.00,• bottles for*. Sold hy ua and agents.   Ai.KNrs m\Tm l. \,« Trr,n„r..   Don't wait!  Write newt
NWAKHOX    KIIKI'MATIC   CUKE   I'll.,    IHOti.   l«l Iul.   Nl . t IIICAUO, III.
At Amherst college 38 states are represented among the .students.     Massachusetts leads with 17, New York has
18, Conneeticut   has 23,   and Pennsyl- !
vaiilii 15.
$100 REWARD, $100
The readers of this paper will be pleased tc
leaiu that thare Is at leaat one dreaded disease that acience bas been able to curs In all
Ita stages and that la Catarrh. liall'a Catarrh
Cure Is the only positive cure now known le
the medical fraternity. Catarrh belnc a con-
stltutlonal disease, requires a constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and ma-
coua surfaces of the system, thereby destroyins
the fnun.lutli.il of the disease, and giving the
patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature In doing Ita work.
The proprietors bave ao much faith In Ita
cunitlv.i powers, that they offer One Hundred
Dollars for any case that tt falls to cure
Bend for Hat of testimonials.
Address,        F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, O
Bold hy Druggists, 7oO.
Hall's Family Pills are the beat.
Saturday, April Hth hns been selected us the date for the official opening of
the Purls Exposition, instead of Knster
All Infealiaal Troubles 1'r.ienleil.
T.in cents worth of prevention wiven fortunes
In doctor IiIIIm und funeral expeniliiS; lue buys .1
Imx ol Csscsreti L'tuidy t'uihsnic-.   Imukki-u..
lUC,    __-*'.    _rtK'.
There is a mother in St. Louis who is
so tender-hearted that she invariably
chloroforms her children before punishing them.
Fence   nml   Iron   Works.
poetiIanb wnut & iron wohkb, wike
and Irtm Fcnclns. ollice railing, etc. 231 Alder.
Some men hnve the faculty of letting
their friends and relatives worry for
.VITALITY low, debilitated or ex-iav-Leted, cured
by llr. Kline's lnvlgorntlng Tonic. FREE 11.
Trial bottle containing two week's treatment.
Dr. Kline's Institute,
Founded  1871.
9.11 Arch St., Philadelphia.
As a moss collector the rolling joke
easily distances all competitors.
Mothers will find Mrs.Winslow's Soothing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
children during the teething period.
There is an end to all things-
one's desire for new things.
Plso's Cure for Consumption Is our only
medicine for coughs and colds.—Mrs. Cf.
Heltz, 439 Elslvlh ave., Denver, Col., Nov.
8, '%.
You can not calculate the warmth of
i a Are by the crackling It makes.
For I Ji mi>r rfM'ii ii mi i i lii-t gi't 1'abet'K Ok a v HpocUfa*.  It
li Uie ONLY nit-dlcine wbk-n -.wll rorv <*wh and •very
CM*. NO CASK kiurn-n It bu »■' ■ r fulM to euro, Do
nut iter bow i- rii'iic or of how lotift KtanilLng- Hcaulu
fruta tic uw will n^i.ni-li you. Il ia aboolulely mate*
prrveots strloturv. mid oan ho taken without tin'ou»»
ikieaoo ainl JfU'nuou from hu.Hin*-Nn. l'ltlt I. ffltu. Fi«
wur bv all n-Uatili- dniirtfiFi.H. or MM pfpalU hy viptrm.
WApsWB VrUMd.00 p ifitil of iim -   hy
I'Altst OTUIICAX CO.. OwMmWm D*.
Qn-uUr maiit-J OD r\MU«*.
IV RlgU for ii una! iu al
trrilalinnii or ulcsratloas
sot ui tuiitar*.        of ni u euus membraDM.
J Pr*Tpnta Conualm I'niiil"—. and Dot aslrlo-
ItSlElHSSClltSIOAtOO.  gent ur IKiiSuuuUS.
Mi by  KrocsUU.
"or sent in plalo wrapper,
br ripniw,   prapald,   for
if iu. or .i l».iil.-«. H.19.
Circular mil un mjuMI.
glief for Women"
l^ MliMLla plain, tts\**a*t*mtpt, writs
to-darfor thin li....k,. ..utainiuK l'artliu-
Un aad Te_simi>iilall of UH.MtHTKI.il
French Female Pills.
Pmlaad by tbouMnila of Mtlritod UdtetM
Mf«,__Uway«r*illahleaud wit bout 9MJMb
Tiiriiir»fiiitiiu Hiatal hoi. Froneb
Holdby»lf dniir»fii
In BJiif. Wbltoftwl El
*taiu id«UU li
'labti im nt In-1.
fl«C OD Utp ll	
rroaob Drug Co..Nl A 9(0 liarl BU. Wow York City.
[Theres MONEY in" '
No bunlncns pnys ns well 00 nmount in Tented [
with  our modern machlnerr.
• it arc.
trAMS I'
sWaemmmimxmtmxwm AweKM
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Worn-Out People
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It quickly by ualtiK
Moore's Revealed Remedy
It contain! no dangnrotia i
t nli-aaanl taatn. 11 a bottle
It contalni no dangnrotia drugs—It ha»
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ONE FOR A DOSE- Curt 8lek Headuba
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Blood, Aid Uieiation ai.drrrrant llilioiiinaai. lu;
lot urtpa or Sicken. Toconilnca you wewlll mail
MmalafTM, or fi> 11 box for IKK. I>K. litis ANKO
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Addr*M DR. NEWKIRK, Mountain Hum., Ida. What   You  <t%V*P I*QPtelr*»
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Min-8 Association anil shut 4°w" ll>c
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B. 0.
»A*IvWAY —
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PAST akd WfcsT
first-Class Sleepers on all Trains (rom
Revelstoke and kootenay ldg
TOURIST CARS  pass Modicine Hat
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FaiDAYS for Montreal and Boston.
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•   >  j   earlier.	
Auctioneers, Customs Brokers,
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Ortli-n la Ilralry III.kH    .   .     mkn It.
NELSON",   B, C.
SILVERTQN,       -      -      -      B. C.
j. m. McGregor
Without impugning the motive of
Member H ggiu'- suggestion regarding
the 8-hour Law, wo might say that no
matter from what source the suggestion came, a cauous of mine managers
could not have drawn up a nicer plan
for the furtherance of their self-interests. Could anyone think of a better
scheme for the disintegration of the
local Miners' Uuions than tho following proposal of the member for Esquimau!
A Royal Commission to be appointed to investigate the workings of the
Law aud to fi.id some means of bringing together the managers and miners
in the Slocan. During the session of
tho Commission, the Lsw to be suspended and the mines allowed to start
up under the old conditions. The law
to be enforced or rejected according to
the report of the Commission.
This, as we understand it, is what
Mr. Higgins will propose in the House.
What would be the probable consequences should the plan be adopted!
Iu the first place, most of the mines
would begin immediate operations,
paying 93.50 for a ten-hour shift The
local miners will be asked to go to
work. Under these circumstances, a
good many of thc men would refuse to
go to work under the old system, having sacrificed so much for the priuciph.
of the 8-hour legislation. Thus, for a
beginning, we would see two factions
among the now united miners.       i
Then, supposing the miners accepted
the couditions and went to work, there
would be an excellent opportunity to
advertise the strike off and to import
plenty of men. At the conclusion ot
the Commission, should the finding be
adverse to the 8-hour Law, all would
be well, as the men could not withstand the law. Suould it be favorable
to the miuers aud against the repealing of tbo law, what would bo the
chance for the menl They cuuld not
hope to be able to take up tlie strike
where tbey left off, owing to the like
ly presence of a great many atratigi
miners in their inidit.
Mr. Higgins .nay mean well but
his efforts appear too one-sided to
meet with favor in the affected district*.
jEmily Edith.     He' never ope rated the
mine for ono single shift under the 8-
hour law.
How thon has he acquired the know-
lodge necessary to testify against the
law?   Quite possibly in tho samu way
in which ho acquired tho   inforraat ion
supplied in his letter to Mr. Cotton, in
which h.e stale 1 that thc miners arrund
Sijvertpn had raided his mine, arraer,
with picks and pick-handles.      ThiB
.tateraenj had no foundatim whatever
and was only advanced for thu purpose
11 having a special policeman stationed
at the mino and to   throw  a sinistei
jght upon the peaceful demonstration
of t io local Union.    The Emily Edith
and its few (.cab  iniuors   were never
at any time in danger, as Mr.  Hope
must have well known.     His modest
request for militia, for to  such an absurd length did he go, was only another attempt to blackguard tho miners.
At the present time, tho Hop"
Giavelry Co. are advertising fir
claims ip this district; a peculiar proceeding for a firm whose senior men -
beri| willing to declare Under oath
that the district is ruined for speculators.
The whole trutli of tho matter i>
that Mr, Hope, and many others like
him, favored the 8-honr Liw as lonj.
as they thought the way clear to re»i
all the benefits of it for them.ulves,
but now that they aro being asked tc
give up some equivalent, they invent
pretexts for a diiallowance of the
If there is anything to be given,
count Mr. Hope out Ho is the kind
a man who will throw down a mining deal rather than pay his share ol
a com mission.
Outside Parties Desiring Horses inMlvtiti.il MeTHVJAT.T)
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing To—    A' f' McUUNAUJ.
t i + t t SILVERTON, L- B. C.
Thorburn **■*■«■*
fcaP    i'uix i\>n..,. KalliLttG MACHINES AND VLSiBLE-
for the North, Revelstoke, and Main Line,
7:80 w Sunday lv. 8ilverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 16:20
For j Roeslsnd,   Nelaon     Crows   Nest
Branch and Boundary Country,
10:20ex. Sunday Iv. Silvorton,
ar. ex. Sunday 13:00
To and from Sandon.
13:00 ex Sunday lv Silverton,
1 • ar, ex Sunday, 10:20
Trccrra issued through an_j Baooaok
For rate* aud full information apply to
nearest lofial agent or
H:.H. REEVES, Afont, Rilverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
• ■       -A. G. P. Agent, Vancouvo
For Sale or Rent
Hotel In Silvwton.
J»n»lf t-w-MalK_ur.mTiri._i,    ....
NIlTcrton, B. C.
fonwil Freight anl Transfer
Biisinm Done.
Orders^Jelt^it tfewa. Stand  -vill •
aromptlf Windedtor
Contractu large or email taken
And promptly attended to.
Stables in SILVERTON, B   C.
TXlTatch and
Visits Silverton
(Leave Your Orders at Thc Lakb-
vikw Hotel.
The Jeweler,
|:•; lliadijiiiiiltfs For Mining Men :•:
§BMp&fcUIIUM,   Props.
•» S 1 I. V E R T O N,   B. C.
The public are eaulioned against cut'
ting or removing any timber from within the boundaries of the March Mineral
Claim. Immediate proceedings will be
taken agalnsl any person or persona ao
doing.'or trespassing on the above
claim. _.'
-fiTll. Fa\9Bf, Manager.
11      ' "ilvfu-toy.
" Charles Hope, of Messrs Hope
k Graveli v, also gave avitieuce uulavur-
able to the 8-huur legislation."—From a
Vancouver report ol Commissioner
Chile's inquiry.
The Mr. Hope referred to in tha ox-
tract quoted is the one operating the
Emily Edith mine near Silverton,
which has been closed down since
June 1st., Uot.
He was the first mine operator to
express himself aa favorable to the 8-
hour law. He informed us, sometime
laat May, that under the law the mines
of the Sloean would employ three drilla
where they were now employing two;
the output of oro would increase proportionately and, he thought, "the
law was a bleasing in disguise." At
that time he feared no strike, the lo
cal Unions were weak and he h,ad no
knowledge of the Western Fudnratioiv
Two shifts of mucken would work for
the threo shift* of miners. ' Capital
would bo tempted into tbe province as
a result of the law, as the miners
could not expect moro than a proportionate wage, or 82.80 a ahift, and
this would ho heralded abroad at a reduction in wages, although, Mr. Hope
naively observed, of oourse it would
not bo a r»dncti(\B.
The Mine Owners' latest movn is
the imports: mi of acarload of Swede*
and Fiulanders, to take tbe place * of
our present Canadian miners. In the
course of a few years theso same
ioreiguers will icarn our language,
laws and customs and by that lime
q ir foreign mine owners wilt be ready
io drive them out of the country and
fill their places with Chinamen.
Canada has for years been a lund of
stagnation, and with all its natural
resources has barely held ita own,
while the present generation of Canadians has seen other countries, with
'ess natural resources, forge ahead and
paas us in the march of progress. Tbe
cause is not far to seek. For years
Canada has bren merely a breed ng
ground for the United States and
other countries and as fast as Canadian
yo,.ng men grew  up  they  have  left
ur land and few ha\o ever returned.
Our immigration policy has been such
as to discriminate against our own
people and in favor of foreigners.
Our Chinese policy has tended to
drive our own peoplo out of tho land,
nnd our Anti-Alien labor law is hut a
fsree. Until these laws are changed
si as to protect or ut leait givo Canadians an even chance in their own
puutry so long will tbe stream of
outgoing Canadians continue.
CERTIFICATE OK IMPROVEMENTS! winiiiiin,. nv nl88U, Intend aiiiy.Uy..
NOTICK — "T.OI.-R" "DaABWOOD" !"""t",l! ""»•« beu_o/,ioa|,|,ly,tolii«.Mii,-
S^HowAlSftAono^aKvl '"-' ltec'^ '«? * <*«** of In
osa Fraction" iMmeial Claims, sltuatf
I'roveinei.ls, for Il.e I'liiiiofc    of Olilalli
.og Grown Grantp of the ibbvv claims.
And further lak« notice   that   aetiu..
I under auction ST.'muM   iip commai***'
in tho  Sinein City Mimug Division of
West Kooienay Dintriot
Where   loeatetl ;-On    divido   bet Wren .,
North Fork Lemon Creek and Springer I belote tho issntnea of suuu   Cerlifleatei
Creek about 7 miles from Slocan Citv   I of impr.iveu.eiit*
Take  Notice that I,   K.  C.  Green,  of]     Dated tl-'msth day of SejitemUr, k.l*.
Nelmiii, n run: as Bi;t>iit lor the Slocan 118BD.
Lake Cold  nml  Silver   Mines,  Limileil. ; J. D. Axdkbson
Tree Miner.a Certiticate No nl4,'-i55, in- '
lend sixty day a from fio date  hereof 10
apply to the   Mining tteo nler for Cer- ; ^^^^^^.^^^^^^^^^
lificatea of Improvement, for the purpobc   ><vwwv^/wvvy*vv v^vVVVV c
of obtuiuing Crown lirants of the above
'2X I 10
Silverton will celebrate the  Qioen's
Birthday, strike   or   no   strike.
Owing to a reduction in miners' nages
caused by the enforcement of the eight
hour law, the miners are all idle and the
minea have shut down. Therefore all
workingmen are hereby warned to keep
away from the Slocan and Kootenay
country, Britiah Columbia, until present
troubles are amicably settled betwoen
mine owners and miners.
Sainton, n. C.      \V. L Haglr-r,
•tune ?nd. IW9.        Secretary  Sandon
Miners' Union
J. M M. I.i'iii ilmn,
Pres. Silverton M. V
,\. I. Mcintosh,
iecrotarv,    Silverton
Miners' Union.
TH]j_ ^I.VERTONIAN,    »2. a yaar
claims. ■ (\
And fnr'her take   notice thut   action. Ji
iimler section 37, must bo   commenced I\i
Uefore Ihe issuance of inch Certificates ol
Im provmatits. i
Dated thia Mth day of November. 189_>.
F. C. Oiiekn, P. L. S.       j
26-11-99 I
Notice:—"BoumOB" Mineral Claim, I
ailnated    in   the     Blocan      Mining;
Division  of West  KooteiMj'  District.
Whero located:—On Four Mile Creek,
about three and a half miles from its
Take Notice that  I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of Rilverton, Free Miner's Certificate No.
u14ll3l5, as agent for The Wakefield Mines
Limited, of Silveiton, Free Miner's Certificate No  nil__2ii,    intend   sixty ilays
irni.i the   date bcruof,   to npply  to the
•lining   Recorder   for   a Certificate of
Iinprovenients, for the  pmposn   of   oh
Mining  a  Crown Urau.   of tlm above
And further tako notice that action
iinlr -.action 37, ni nut   be   coiiiinnnceil
before tbe isauaiico  uf   such   Ccri'licute
ol Improveiiienta,
Dated this lOlhday of November, 1H99
Fii.ixciH J. 0'Rkii.lv.
18 | 11 | 1)9
NOTICE:— "Exchanok, BiLVCRPbATB,
Saoci'M, Victoria  No. 4 ami  Wasa
Mineral CIiiIiiih; i-ituaie iii tlm Slocan
City Mining Division of West Kootenay
Whore located :—West of Dayton
Creek, a mile south of Springer creek.
Tuke Dot ine that I, .1 .Murray McGregor,
acting as agent for the New Cold Fields
of British Colnmbia, Limited, Free Miners Certificate No. n212»7, intend sixty
days fr> in thoiliitu hereof, to apply tn
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Imi'rovemeuie, for tbo purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe above claims.
And further take notice that action
under section 97, must bo coinmenocd
before lhe issuance of such Certificate o
Dated thiaDlst day of September. 1899
i J. M.  Mc< must ui.
25 | 9 I 99,
To Cure a Cold In   One
Day.      Contains   tho New
Ingredient.     Tbt It.
PRICE-25c.   At All Druggists.
NOTICE:— "Exciianob," "Bbobbb,"
"Si-idr" nnd "Chaio No. 2" Mineral
Claims; situate in thc Arrow Lake
Mining Division ol West Kootenay
Where located:—On tho north aide of
Cariboo creek, about one half mile
north of the Mlllio Mack Mineral
Take notice tbat I, J. D Andorson. P. I.
S , of Trail, B C, acting ns agent for H.
E. Forster, Free Miner's Certiloate No.
26064, ana 11. 0. Pollock, Free Miner's
Daigle's Blacksmith Shon.
General Itlndsinilliing
* • *      and Repairing Done.
Conveniently Situated near the
Railway Station and Wharf.
Dining   Room   under tha charge ot
Miss Ida Carlisle.
Tallies ropi-liod with all the dellcaciim
of Um seaaon.
BLOCAN CITY,   . . , .   B, O.


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