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The Silvertonian 1899-06-24

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Ind Up Tp Date
Mining News
L. H. and _. R. Imb Will
W«rk   W*  Imw.
M(« Mill «• »• ■•Ut-Ftoerttee
Red Mountain, wnlcb liee somo lour
kll*. back of town, is rapidly cwlM *9
[he Iron! and is attracting more attention
jthan any other parte, the  lake  region
,t the present time.   » »• » -"-tion of
L country trete-reed   by big flssure
Lim-. very similar to theee-olthe Roes-
fcinrf disirlct, bnt larger, better defined
I ol» mnct. higher grade, rnnnlng on
Ehe surface nearly as high   in   gold  and
[m*t «s those of Rossland at a depth of
100 teet.   Arnonf   tjp   H}*"7   'edges
enposed snd f oiked upon on this mmm*
r,l,i sre; the I- H^BSketeii ol whicli le
j.n.n in ihis isene, the A. K.. which has
|s mamm'jth ledge over 100 leet wide and
-lining vslue* in ooth gold and copper
|,■ cross its entire width on   the surface,
Tli* Wills, a big gold  property   Uiat  is
Linn .leveloi-ed,Ihe Little Daisy, Iroo.
Kriuch ore hss heen shipped netting over
IflOO per Ion  in gold, the   Kejr  West,
Lhowbiu ledge Bives promise of rauk-
|ing wiih the  best  of  them,  and  the
|('j*nito Irom which assays in told can be
Lhisineil running up into Um thousand**,
llint wj.ost chief wealth line in  its Im-
[n}-nse'irt«)M!sof-o!.l and  copper ore.
j|i in» sat* prediction to say ibat Red
[Mounts** aillbe  tiie vain  standby  of
fcilrertnn and  wili /employ  more men
Lot\>n>Xnee more wealth than all Ibe
1'w'si .e nf this rich diateict.
/.. It.   8TABTM TO   WORK.
acrow i.s entire width. The <*har#<-t.1r of
this ore is identical with that of the
-Congo and assays of $25 in gold have
been obtained. This chum lies let ween
the Congo and Little Daisy claims and
on it the five ledges exuosed on the
former appears to come together forming
tto big A. K. ledge. Work by the
owners will be commenced at once and a
.croes-vut tunnel driven to tap the ledge
at a depth nf not less than 75 feet, and at
that depth the or.. Is expected to lie of
high enoii.h grade to siai.d shipping and
leave handsome profits.
A short lime bond or option has been
given on the Congo Group of claims on
-Red Mountain for a large amount said
to be |50,000. Less tnau one year ago
this property wn? known hut littl*., if at
all, _'. L. fcyion of Silverton being the
first to rei'OKii!*.'* Ilie U:t that the ledges
on the Conge G.oup were deserving of
being properly prospected. He acqiiired
control and at once pot a force of men
to work, with the result that he has
proved the Congo lo be entitled to rank
amongst the biggest copper-gold bearing
ledges of Uie province.
The Wakell.'M company is rnajsing
extensive preparations for ihe installing
of a large concentrating plant. The
site selected is on Silver creek directly
below the mine at ihe point now known
as Bradyl-ur-.'. A ditch is lieing surveyed
that will furnish a splendid water power
This ditch will be over three miles in
length, the water beina taken out ubove
Granite creek. The mill and mine will
be connected by an serial tramway, the
contract fur which has alreadv been let.
This tramway yvill be oyer 00.W feet in
length ajid constructed iif'tri the F.nluy-
son patent.
Tlu-f .<day morning, a large pack-train,
i loa-le*} with supplies, went np to the
I.. H. v>ine on Red Monntain. Active
I'-it-raiions sill be conunenced  at once
I end litis property systematically opened
I *V -Iid dereloped, bv the present owners
J.ihn Tingling, Fred Fingland and Chas.
Bran*], a!I of Silverton.   A force of men
j will   be employed continuously from
now on.
Tin-1. II.. which wss  located  H (ar
I ftaek us Di, has had considerable dsvel
noment work done on it, bat owing to
I thc ledge's enormous etee, being over 70
i fat »ile, it t.ikes a verv large   amount
1 uf vork to merely prospect it. This
i progeny i. (itoated on tbe north east
I'ine-A* Red Monntain and about Ave
l.ni'esIrom Silverton, with wblcb place
1 »t it coaneccsd by an p*ay grade p»c-
! trail. About two mile* of wagon road
' *""iM connect it with tho Galena Mines
| ri.'l shove town. The L. H. is distinctly a irnlil property and the making of one
of (he biggest mines in this province.
■'•at pits sunk in numerous places on the
surface ol tlie ledge gave away values
9! from $10. to 150. per ton in gold. A
<*ra*«-cnt tunnel baa been driven into the
h-rtxe 50 feet and assay returns, aa it was
■>'»« driven, ran from 120. to f-08, pcf
tin m nol.l, and the face of the tinnel ia
in or« that runs over $100. per ton.
The owners expect to bare to drift this
'unnel over 26 feet fnrther before tbey
••III h»v« completed croas-cutting tbe
'"lire. The situation of tho property is
•uch that it can be developed aad
worked to a depth of several hundred
fflethy s system of tunnels, all oi which
can be driven directly on tbe ledge.
avoiding expensive cross-c-jttine. An
•linost Inexhaustible supply of timber,
mltable for all mining pnrpoeee, can be
"cured npon the property itself and on
the adjoining mountains. A good supply
of water for domestic purposes crosses
lbs property and plenty of water power
«« easily be secured. As a gold mp-
•rt? it ranks among tbe be* '*i)d >
•urely the making of a bonanaa.
The books of the Sandon Miners' Union hare been stolen from the Union
Hall in Sandon, and the officers are hot
on their trail. Editor Cliffe of the Sandon Mining Beview was arrested on the
charge of haying the stolen books in his
possession, but, aa might be expected,
the charge fell to the ground. Rightly
or wrongly, the Union men eeem to
think that the Mine Owners' Association
are In this affair and tf<# <#"• of the
secretary, E BI Sandilands, bas heep
searched, without result.
The crime ia a serious one and the
perpetrator or perpetrators, if caught.
should be made to suffer. Onlv a most
contemptible scoundrel would seek in
this way to pry into tbe secrets of any
Work on tlia Silverton wagon road is
being pushed ahead rapidly, the inten
tion being to have tbe road cleared as
far as tbe Wake6eld trail as soon as possible Jack Bm it h, the foreman, has a
gang of six men a.t j*ri*rj*. Shey have
done considerable cribbing at the canyon, and are now at work clearing out
tbe mud slide about a mile below Brady s-
burg. Considerable work will have to
be done at this point. Above the junction with the Vancouver road, the road
Is in bad shape, and a much lamer crew
will have to be put on when this section
it -reached. The initial expenditure is
limited to (500. barelv enough to clear
the rood as far ae the Wakefield trail
After July 1st, it ia expected, a mnch
larger crew of men will be put to work,
and the clearing finished as far up as
tbe Comstock mine. Whether the road
ia to he extended beyond Its present
length or nqt cannot yet. bp |a#*ned.
Another property on Rod Mountain
changed handa during tbo first part of
•hi* week, F. L. Byron, W.' 8. Clark
'•"-(i *• Jackson buying ont tern tw*-
h"J M. M.  Brnednm and a Abw-
ww.Mt the pnn|l»aHa H1* -WH-*
1"« deal was put through ty f. L. Byron,
*ho will alto have charge of its devejop-
**n'. On the A. E. is a * _-*k*p«loth
'""Re over 100 feet iu  width  op  the
FUco, giving gold and copper values
Wm Hunter is taking a trip through
the Windemere country.
Horton k Kyte are doing considerable
work on their claim the Eveline,
Secretary Elliott Is doing asses-me'-t
woik on the (i o P claim'above town.
A car-load of Noonday ore is ivlng at
the wharf awaiting transportation. It
will prob«blr be lifted to-day. This ore
Remarkably (line specimens of nat've
silver are getting to be quite common
arnund tl.e Noonday mine and specimens
can be picked out of most any of the
sacks being put up.
Frank Watson returned from Trout
Lake 1 -at Monday, On Tuesday be vis*
ited tbe Willi claim, on which he has
some men at work, accompanied by W.
J. Williams, the well known mining man
t.f Rossland and Boundary. Mr. Williams expressed himself ns greatly impressed with the future of the Med Mountain eon-try end compared the Willa
favorably with rttauy of the best properties of the Boundary district.
A-Bropert-yonwhi.il ste.ly d ivelop*
qjent work has been gun^ on, h the
Cracker Jack, adjoining the Filelitv and
Bosun Groupsqn the oast." T.vo tuu-
joeia have been drivea, e".'iii beinit in
about 60 feet, sn I the led je trac.J nb . it
•W0feet by a Sunes of o;.en c iti. In II. •
face of the upper tuunol tiiera is a nice
streak of clean or.*, Hi > c i.raoter being
cube galena. Tne Uraoker 3aak is a >o it
a mile from town.
O H Dawson, owner of the Essex
('roup, hss bonded the Baliimore and
Le Roi claims, lj ing near hi* property.
Mr. Dawson has now a considerable
crew at work on these claims and doing
contract work on tl.e Essex. Tl.e bond,
the terms of whieh are not made public,
waa given by Kd. Stewart of Silverton,
for sixty days. Ihis property lies between the Vancouver and tl.e Condor
groups, and on>_e Silverton wa gon road.
I). K. McQjinaid Is driving a ton nel
on his' property the Delaware claim,
which lies below the Reed k Robinson.
Ibe tunnel is now io AO feet snd he
expects to have to df-ipe at least 50 feet
further before he strikes the ore ehute
exposed in the shaft above. The led.e
is Iron, teo to twelve leet wide ami in
ilie shaft carries a paystreak of about 15
inches jo »iii'li, four inches of w)*>ich is
clean galena aud the balance licb
A. N. PehVy, of Vernon, B C. the
principal hoMer of Vancouver stock,
spent the fore part of the week in town
Hi* visit, coming when it did, wa*
thought by some to be in connection wilh
U.e shut down of the Vancouver owin*-
to Ihe prevailing wage dispute. If this
was ao, however, he did nothing towards
siarting up the property. While here,
beside making a thorough exnminat<on
ol tl.e Vancouver, he examined the Emily Edith and theOalei.a Mints property,
accompanied by W.J. Barker, foreman
of the Vancouver.
A good easy grade packtrail fs being
built fiom the end of the wagon road lo
tbe Congo Group of claims on Red
Mountain. This trail, which is being
put tn by the owners of tbis Group, will
soon be completed a force ol men having
been to work on it fqr some time. It
will be pf greet convenience to other
claim holders in that part of the district
and the owners of lhe Bristol Extension
intend to at once extend it onto U.eir
property, which will then be started up.
The lack of roads to Red Mountain
bas been its chief drawbsek, but that
dfflcnlty will in a large measure be now
Owing to a reduction In miners' wages
caoeed by the enforcement of the ei|*ht
hour law, the miners are all Idle arid the
minee have shut down. Therefore ajl
worklngmen are hereby warned to k#t*p
away from the 8!ocan and Kootenay
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles are amicably settled between
mine owners arid urinei-..
gandori.B.O. Grant Cox,
June nd. 1899.        Secretary  Sandon
Miners' Union
Honors were even ln Ihe game played
here last Saturday between the football
elevens of Sloe.*... City and Silverton.
The Slocan Cily 1-jyp are good players
and although the local forwards missed
several goodchan.ces to score the win-
nine same, they tetd well satisfied ,n
having held the lively visitors down to
The game was played under a biasing
sun, the intense heat sendiug that tired
feeling through the men, although at
times the play was fast enough to suit
even the sped tors.
At 2 o'clock the ball was kicked off by
Slocan Citv, their forwatda trying to
rush a goal at once. This ambition was
badly spoiled by the half-backs, who
forced a scrimmage, from which Mc-
Nau.ht was hauled for repairs O'Brien
took his place. Slocan made other down
field rushes wiih a better result, Brett
scoring neatly by a long shot. Tbe first
part of thia halt was all Slocan City. Now
the locals woke up and did a little rush
work pf their own, keeping the Slocan
defence working for the rest of the half.
Here tke home forwards showed tlie result of their practise in tyrneJy pacing,
bnt nltbou-h shooting repeatedly, tbey
fai ed to connect.
The second half was fairly similar to
the first, tl.e single goal however going
to the red and white. The vistors did
s> me nice combination work, puztline
lhe half ''arks, but the rombinaiions in-
vurialtly broke up when Malloy reached
for the ball. At times in this half, the
play I el**, een Silverton's wiggg apd Ihe
visitors' defence approached roughness.
Tbe mimes of the referee did not always accord with tl.e views of the locals
and considerable chewing of the metaphorical rag was indulged in.
However, ail's well that doesn't end
in defeat, and the grimy, preepiring
players cheered _ach._tber heartily after
time was called, each team wondering
bow the other bad managed to gain a
aland off.
A stood game was pulled off in New
Denver last Satnrdav between the Can-
yoniieo nf Sandon and the Browniea of
tl.e Windy City. The same was well
played, resulting in a win for the home
team with a score of two goals to one
Nn one was hurt except those who put
up their wad on Sandon.
The home team take a lay-off to-day.
New Denver wanted a same on their
(-rounds hut would not aeree to a return
match. This ope-tided scheme fonnd no
supporters here. The locals will play
home and home games, or will meet the
New Deuverites on a neutral field to
play off tbe present tie.
The Siocan City field will be ready by
July 1st. Silverton will meet the home
team there, shortly after that date,
Tl.e standing <-f tbe various Slocan
teams Is:
Slocan City ..
New Denver...
«ti_vio_v m_e>_st
&i--tol_-e   Union    -MCatlo Cisd-i**,
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle
Little Gem,
and Blue Bird,
are  the Best Union Made Cigars
On the Market, and ?*r$
Kept nt   nil the •      •      •
*Ofi>»T HOTELS All &AlyOQ-3F£}
IV   SlI-yVESl^'TO-V.      •      #      #
Sm Tbat The BLUE LABEL Is Ob Em_ l*x
Ui That They Are ifefe fi,
The Kootenay Cigar Mfg. co.4
P. O.   BOX 126
To..   _L-C.   3_Z_Q.o"^rles.    SPsop*
v Patronise Home Industries.         V.
A O8888888S8888888RI. §88888888-888.8888-8888f80    X
m -**jj""yv                                                                                mr
V              : OF NEW 8PRINO PATTERN8     CUSTOMERS   \*
m ALL                 : ARE INVITED TO CALL  AND  IN8PECT  MY   _V
<•! ®888m888888888888888 8888 88 888888888888888®
.-_--- nod W Sn.}Hi *re fQrM**"
on twtrr claim, tbe Ophir, at tbe head of
ibnUke. A* pieeent thfly are ground-
•loldng off the e-rfeoe o» the ledge,
which is a big one. Son* exceedingly
rich float hae been found on thia claim,
and th- boys are looking fo,r the source
of it. Thej* intend doing considerable
work on this property.
D R Young, ot the Kootenay Mining
Standard, Id in town.
Local fishermen are meeting with
considerable luck during the last few
days. Has "Bob" told yon his fish
story yet?
Subscriber-* will please note that this
issue of the Silv-crtonmn is No 53.
That means that next week we will ask
yon to renew your subscriptions. Strange
how a person, even an editor, will need
money occassional ly.
J ho new dtq-11-3 launch "Alert" paid
her first visit yesterday.    She It a nice
little craft, suitable for moonlight excursions Of picnic parties, and will doubt
have a good deal of custom.
F. L. Brron met with rather a nasty
accident layt Saturday.' While riding
his bronco up the Red Mountain road,
the animal became startled and bucked
off his rider. Frank mad.e a search and
gathered himself together, miming only
part of hia chin and nose. A severe
on his lip reqnired thrte stitches,
started up again on his broncho.
M»<- «**••*•.-«"»«   ,»,-►-*♦•**..      r-*SMp*->.     **-*«*•.   ■  -->  '.~.«-%>M.4rMHS'  '-*•«-****•--•*    *%t»   . **>'*** tt    <,-*»*_.*«_
F. F. Liehscher is spending these hot
days at (he Halcyon Springs.
Leslie Hill, manager of the Vancouver
mine, \a expected ln town in two weeks.
"Qus" Webb is doing some fitting np
around his Lake Ave. cottage near the
Townsite building
The ■vorl* being done on the Clever
store Is making It one of the most attractive of our business houses.
Tlie O'Brien brothers, frank, Jim and
Charley, have left for tlm Lardo-Duncan
on a prospecting tour. Their head-quarters will be Duncan City.
F. L. 0-rjt-i.it-, Barrister of Sandon,
B. C. will be at the Selkirk Hotel every
Friday in the future. Anything requiring his seivioee will be attended to by
hitr. t
All work in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left at the Silverton Drug Store, will
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Doyei,
tl.e well-known Nelaon Jeweler. A|l repairs are ooaraktbid kob one yeab. •
mr*rm*\W^mm*%\s*miWM*\j ~*4*Ws0.'^u, •t Vw^-'
P, BURNS  ^pq
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymlr. Kaalo, Sandon,
New Denver. Cascade City, Grand Forks, S'rdar,
Midway and Greenwood.
 SoleAgjsntsfnf   ,_•__,
The English Monopoly Ie Broken—The
Keolprocy Between the Island ana
United States Desired—Industries Are
Improving—Severe Ke_rthqu„_e.
Kingston, Jamaica, June 16.—The end
of the terrible fruit war and the coll-pse
of the English scheme for monopolizing
the Jamaican fruit trade leaves jthe Boston Fruit Company masters of tiie situa*.
This development has cauaed widespread
gratification. It ls generally regarded as
the first fruiU of tliat reciprocity, between.
Jamaica and the United States which is
so much desired. It is felt, that the presence of the fruit company will draw into
the island other American enterprises as
soon as treaty relations render assured a
permanent market for Jamaican products
in the United;States. -■•«   >
Already there is a marked improvcnaait
in the industrial condition of the island.
Only the conclusion of the reciprocity
tieaty is now awuitcd. Should the negotiations by any possibility fail, the blow
to the hopes of Jamaica would be a severe
one. I
.Mitch care lias been exercised in the selection of the delegates who are to proceed
to Washington to confer with the British
diplomatic authorities there with a view
to arranging the terms -of a reciprocity
treaty. If they are not successful in clearing the way for a treaty, it will certainly
not be their fault. The)* represent - not
only the interests, but the hopes of Ja
An Kart_a.u-.lt. at Moritserrat.
Montserat, one of the lesser Leeward
islands, which' is blessed'* with telegraphic
isolation and communicates with the outside world by mail only twice a month,
has just sent forth the following extraordinary and reliable earthquake story*:    .
On May 17, as has already been cabled,
a remarkable thing happened. From 1 a.
in. to (i a. in. the little island waa fairly
bombarded with shocks, some lasting
about two minutes, with an occasional exceptionally heavy one. Altogether during
tbe five hours there were 45 shocks.
During the night there were others and
so on at intervals by day or night for a
-seek, when the record stopped.
< avalrj  for the Coear d'Alenes.
Wallace, Idaho, June 19.-**T_e cavalry
troops guarding .the district will aeon be
more than doubled by'the'kdditlon of'BOoj
soldiers from the Sixth regiment, now stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. It is ex-
■M'cted that they will aoon start for the
Couer d'Alenes. They will relieve Oro-
panies A and F of the Twenty-fourth, the
colored infantry now stationed at Warduer
guarding the prison. It is probable that
these two companies will go to the Philippines. As no orders have been received
nh*ecting lieutenant Lyon's company of
colored infantrymen, they will probably
remain up Canyon creek, guarding the
'■ mining properties there. That will give
about 380 cavalrymen and 65 foot soldiers
ou duty here and that force will be probably the permanent one which will remain
until tlie ie-tor*L*(n cf the civil authorities
to power.        ,">
Hnttoa  Ont  on  Bonds.
The Northern. Pacific engineer, A] Hut-
ton, who was arrested for refusing to give
evidence as to ihe Identity of the dynamiters on the-, stolen train which he
brought down from Burke to Wardner on
the day of the riot, has been released on
110,000 bonds.* His was the first case
where bonds ]£ye been accepted for any
of the -men imprisoned here. Hutton is
now back to work on the railway.
—   «, .
Aid Ajarrlcan Exports.
Berlin, June, 19.—The canal bill engrossed attention last week, and the papers had miicA*- to say pro and con, according to party standpoints. The ultimate fate of the, bill concerns America, as
the construction of a network of canals
joining the three largest ri+erg in .'riu—u
--'Elbe, Rhine and the Weser—atld the fare-stern provinces, those bordering on the
(■errnan ocean*,' will cheapen and facilitate
the freights of American exports, notably
cereals, meats, cotton and other bulky
goods. Another point interesting to America is the factthtl Istie Prussian agrarians
and those pittite aONtati-g with them,
the conservatives, reichspartci and a portion of the center', have made the bill a
test of strength between them and the emperor, though with the entire Prussian
cabinet pledged for the canal.
His majesty left no doubt this week
thst he strongly wished the great cirri!
to be built.
Moae-r Metals of the Weat.
Washington, June tt.— According to the
director of the 'mine, Mr. Roberts, the
gold production of the United States for
the calendar year 1898 was $64,465,000;
silver, 54,438(000 fine ounces. The western states contributed as follows:
Alaska—Gold, $2,524,800; silver, 9200
fine ounces.
Idaho—Oold, $1,716,000; silver, 5,0/3,-
Montana—Oold, $5,126,000;  silver, 14,-
Street grading ls going on at a lively
rate ln Republic.
!   Republkt will celebrate the najal-day
of the republic ln proper style.
'   The Columbia river continues to rise
and high water ls anticipated.
Spokane haa raised a bonus of $12,-
000 for ita industrial exposition.
The Whatcom city council bas decided not to use asphalt pavement
Chewelah is a prosperous town and
ls enjoying quite a building boom.
The Olympia council has relieved
Police Justice Dobbins of his duties.
S. B. Stratton has begun,extracting
gold from the beach sands near Montesano.
The schools of Lincoln county have
been closed on account ot a small pox
The Spokane police are enforcing the
ordinance against scattering handbills
ln the streets.
There were 250 arrests by the Tacoma police ln May, and 1237 meals
were furnished prisoners.
Levi Ankeny haa declared that he
Will not bo a candidate for governor
on the republican ticket next year.
The body of Bert Whitney who was
drowned ln the Snake river several
weeks ago was found in the Columbia
near Columbus.
The defalcations of ex-Deputy State
Auditor Oeorge D. Evans, of Olympia,
Wash., will figure up nearer $60,000
[than $15,000, as was at first supposed.
A thief stole a gold-tinted cross from
she Episcopal church at Walla Walla
the other night Wnen he found that lt
was not gold as he supposed he threw
lt away.
It Is reported that there will be an
other stage line put on between Marcus
and Republic ln the near future. This
route is claimed to 10 miles shorter
than via Bossburg.
Owing to small pox ln a light form
having appeared ln Lincoln and Adams counties, the authorities have established a quarantine and ordered a
general vaccination of the inhabitants.
It is estimated tbat since the fire ln
Republic at least 75 per cent of the undesirable element of the population
have folded their tents and departed
for pastures new. There was no general mourning over the exodus.
Samuel Collyer, vice-president of the
road at Centralla, gives out the information that the road is to be extended
eastward to the coal fields at Hanna-
ford creek, and the heavy timber lands
between there and the Cowlitz valley.
After holding several meetings arrangement* have been completed
whereby a wagon road will soon be
completed from Kettle Falls to Republic. About $3,000 bas already been
raised by subscription toward doing the
A novelty In the form of a puffball,
67 Inches In circumference and weighing 61 pounds la on exhibition at the
bank of Colfax. The puffball was
grown In the garden of Fred Metx In
South Colfax. It ls attracting a great
deal of attention.
The management of the beet sugar
factory at Fairfield have ln 1,400 acres
of beeu, and will have their $400,000
plant ready for sugar making next fall.
They expect to make 3,000 tons this
year. They will pay $400 a ton for
beets at the railway station.
Rev. W. A. Smith, who died at Colville recently had a most remarkable
record of having preached for 50 years
without mlsBlng a Sunday, and lt was
his earnest desire to die in harness,
but It was to be otherwise. For more
than a year he had been a hopeless Invalid. He was born In Ohio and was
79 years old.
IM All
A Complete Review of the Brents tor
the Past Week ia This aad Foreign
Lands—Summarlsad fiom tha Latest
*» *
Oregon—Gold, M17j7,6tO- silver, 130.-
Washington—Oold, $760,200; silver,
The present national colors   of   thirl
United States were not adopted    by
congress until 1777.   The flag was first
used by Washington   at   Cambridge,
January 1, 187$. am* am*** t
iron Prleea Still Rising.
New York, June 16.—In place of any
check of the upward tendency in the iron
market prices are still rising all along the
line. Consumption docs not seem to be
checked in any direction. While it is true
that the bulk of current business in many
lines ia'* merely the covering.*.! urgent
needs, it is equally true that a disposition to take hold for next year's delivery
at or near present values is developing.
Americana la London.
London, June 19.—Thc tide of American
travel to Europe was at high watermark
last week and as a result not only are
tlie London hotels turning people away
but visitors are lueky if tbey find ordinary
lodging. Three steamships which arrived
this week had from 800 to 1200 passengers on board, ln fact, one brought 1300.
Death of Slaaoa fry.
New York, June 20.—The death ia announced of Simon Fiy, grand commander
of thc Ancient and Ar . ited Scottish Rite
of the United States. He succumbed to an
operation for appendicitis at a hospital.
He was 46 years old.
Portland, Oregon. — Wheat—Walla
Walla, 59(0*59 l-2c; valley, 60@60c; blue
stem, til («i'2o.
Tacoma,Wash.—An improvement of lie
in wheat marked the close ot the week,
prices going up to 58 l-2c for club, 61 1 .<•
for bluestem.
San Fj»_cieco.*-SIIvsr bars, 60 1 2c;
Mexican dollars, ■_> S 4(5)50 1 +**.
New York.—Silver certificates, 60.1-2
@62ej**bar sliver, 60 3-Be.
Near York.—The brokers* price for lead
is $4.25 and for copper $18.25.
Ijondon.—Bar silver, 27 i-4d per ounee.
Oliver Lee and James Gilliland were acquitted of the murder of Henry Fountain,
the son of Colonel A. J. Fountain, at Hills-
boro.N. M. -   '
Thomas Sadler, a miner, was convicted
of assault in the first degree on Patrick
O'Conner and the puiii-dum-ii. fixed at five
years' imprisonment.
Harry Fisher of Brooklyn stood 11
rounds before Joe Waleott, the welterweight champion, in Baltimore recently
and then threw up tlie sponge.
T. C. -haughnessy has been elected president of the Canadian Pacific, vice Wui.
Van Home, resigned. Van Home becomes
adviser to the board of directors.
Admiral Ivashintsolf of the Russian
navy has reached New York. He is on
private business and will return to Russia
via San Francisco and the Pacific
The six-day walk in New York appears
to have suddenly collapsed. The walkers
have all left the track, lt is understood
the affair has proved a financial failure.
The factory of the Marietta Torpedo
Company blew up, and Cal Harte, aged 45,
married, and Clyde Porter, single, aged 21,
were killed. Two horses aud a wagon
were blow n to atoms.
The members of the Buffalo and Kansas City baseball teams, who were arrested
at the close of Sunday's game in Buffalo,
for violating the Sunday law, were acquitted.
Tom Messor, one of the Lee faction, was
shot down near his home in Middeboro,
Ky., by unknown parties. This is the
second murder within two weeks in connection with the feud between the Taylors
and Lees.
Two negroes were lynched at Dunncllon,
Fla., recently by a mob of their own color.
The municipality of Havana has presented to General Maximo (tame, a certificate naming him as an adopted son of
the city.
Admiral Dewey landed at Singapore
from his flagship to pay a visit to the
governor of the Straits Settlement, Sir C.
H. B. Mitchell, at the government house.
He was received with military honors. On
his return to the Olympia he waa visited
by the governor.
The arbitration treaty between the Argentine Republic and Uruguay has beeu
The copper miners at Iron Mountain,
to the number of 800 are on strike at
Redding, Cal.
Gustave Frey, a gambler of San Francisco, dragged his wife into the street and
shot ber dead.   He then killed himself.
Pinkerton detectives, armed and in uniform, have been- ordered by the chief of
police to keep off tbe streets of Portland.
Admiral Dewey is desirous that tbe
money collected for him be used for the
establishment of a soldiers' aud sailors'
The Old Dominion steamship Hamilton
ran into the German steamship Macedonia off Long Branch and it is supposed
that the Macedonia subsequently Bank.
The responsibility for the riots of April
29 in the Coeur d'Alenes and the murder
of Smith and Cheyne has been placed by
the coroner's jury upon the miners'
unions aa organizations.
J. Frank Davis, chief deputy collector
of internal revenue for the district of Oregon, Washington and Alaska, has been
suspended pending the decision of the department at Washington, D. C.
Senator C. W. Fairbanks of Indiana,
Captain Terry of the battleship Iowa and
bred in New England and owned by J.
Malsolm Forbes, of Milton, ls dead.
Howard Blackburn of Gloucester,
Mass., set sail in his little sloop-rigged
tour-ton boat, the Great Western, to
cross the Atlantic.
Johnson's Island, Lake Erie, which
was famous as a prison for rebel soldiers during the civil war, has been
sold at auction for $45,000.
Blase Petri, of Cleveland, a railroad
section hand, has proved himself a hero
and was fatally injured in an attempt
to save a woman from death.
In a collision off Frederickahaven between the German steamer Arthusot
and the British steamer Mauritius, the
Arthusof was sunk, ten of her crew being drowned.
An eastbound freight train from
Portland collided with an excursion
train returning from Astoria east of
Linton station. One man was killed
and five Injured.
The trials of the Coeur d'Alene strikers are likely to extend over a period
of months. The defendants will Insist
on a separate trial each, and will make
every effort to prolong the hearings.
It Is announced semi-officially that
any Increase in the tax on American
bicycles in Germany ls Impossible because commercial treaties wth Austria,
Russia and Italy exclude such a thing. |
Kll J. Stubblefleld, connected
Wool receipts afthe Calfts bo fir this
year have been 2,500,000 pounds.
Many of the farmers In "the vicinity
«ra,0AT __w> nr ™°»'°'2'lTZ:™^^Z
  [iv some parts of Morrow County, Ore.
Roy k Roy1, of Seattle, have blMight
» American Lnmber Company's shin.
Rebels Received  Shot and  Shell   frou. (
Every  Oun — Filipino Barraohe  Were (,
Bombarded -Thalr Loss Was ssawy-'g]e inlll
Rebel Supply Trala Destroyed.
Manila, June 18.—A battalion of the
Fourteenth infantry is making a recon-
noissauce   from   imus    tourd    iSulitran,
in force.
. The gunboat Napidan has arrived here
and iiKt.ii- a brief stay. Her commander,
Franklin, reported the details of un engagement with the rebels on the laku while
Ueiii-ral Wheaton as lighting near Tagtiig.
Frenklifl saw a party of 600 insurgents
advancing under cover of the bluffs lo attack Wheaton's left flank. Tlie Napidan
steamed unseen by the rebels to within
600 yards of shore, when she opened lire
upon the enemy with every gun ou board
—tbe two and three-inch, thu llotchkiss,
the revolving Colt, rapid-lire Gatling, and
rifles in the hands of the crew. It was a
tremendous surprise to tiie insurgents.
The first discharge scattered tlie rebels
with'and threw them into utter confusion. The
the robbery of a Missouri Pacific train' Filipino commander, who was mouuted,
near Sedalia In November last, was' belabored his men with thc flat of his
found guilty and his punishment to be' sword, striving to rally them, but they
10 years imprisonment in the state'would not stuud to be cut down by the
penitentiary. murderous tire of the gunboat.  Finally
Exports from the United States to the rebels lied over the hill, the Napidan
Canada continue to increase, despite' shelling them until the last mau disap-
the legislation of two years ago Intend-' pearcd.
ed to give special advantages to ini-l General Wheaton first saw the insur-
ports into Canada from the United gents as they were scrambling over the
Kingdom over those, from the United ' hill in their Might. He was ignorant of the
States. reason  of  their  demoralization, his  own
The building occupied by Allen Bros.' fire drow uing that of the Napidan.
wholesale grocery of Omaha was de- The gunboat then steamed down ths
stroyed by fire. During the progress lake. A short distance down she saw a
of the fire a magazine filled with pow-1 Filipino supply train and opened fire upon
der which the firemen were moving to it, destroying every cart and killing every
a place of safety exploded. Eleven Are-1 cariboo. Continuing down she saw the
men. Including the chief, were Injured,'new barracks containing 500 insurgents,
two seriously. I which were shelled and burned. After the
New York Tammany ls going to ar- barracks were destroyed, Captain Frank-
ray itself against the trusts. Its ''■■*. With tt detail of men, went ashore and
Fourth of July celebration this year ] found nearly 00 dead Filipinos and several
will be mainly devoted to sounding the wounded rebels, who had been left where
auti-trust war-cry for the campaign of tnei' te"- Franklin picked up an officer's
next year. The principal speakers' sword, but it was Impossible' to distinguish
will devote their eloquence to marking ' officers from privates among the dead. He
The wooden block pavements of pur.
is, France, are said to have'cost, over
William Blackman, state Inspector of
  mills and factories,   haa   eatt>bllshed
where the rebels are reported lo be massed ,anaof*Bce ln Seattle.
r I    Sixty young men have arrived at La
the lines of battle in the national fight,
The Kolnische Zeting, ot Berlin,
Germany, announces "the complete
failure" of the disarmament committee
of the peace conference at The Hague.
A well developed case of smallpox In
a barn a few rods from the bull pen,
where tbe strikers are imprisoned, has
complicated the situation at Wardner,
Idaho. The patient is a laborer named
reports that the lake is cleared of rebels
south of Muntuilupa.
DnrliiK Work of Robbers.
Philadelphia,   June   20.—A    gang
With It Weat the Bodies ot sYour ot
the Etntployes.
San Rafael, Cai., June 19.—The United
States Siiiokclc-is Powder Company's factory, situated on Point San l'edro, four
miles from this town, was the scene of a
disastrous explosion. As A result four
employes were killed and three seriously
injured, while six buildings were demolished by the shock and resultant flames.
Tlie l-odies of the dead, which are now
masked robbers, probably   10 in  number
raided the receiving oflhe of Fairmouiit^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-—
Park Transportation Company at Belmont'at the morgue, are so mutilated us to be
in Fairmounl Park, and after holding up'almost unrecognizable. The dead: Kdwirl
the receiver and five other employes of Secunibe, John S. Secumbe, James M.
the railroad, blew open the safe, securing Hennessy, M. Holleiibeck. The injured:
$4000, the company's* receipts for two' John Farrell, Henry Carroll, William Web-
days. The entire city detective force is ster.
on the caw. To thc sudden igniting of the powder
Frank Leaven, receiver; Frank Watson contained in the graining room the disas-
and Henry It. Whitehouse, conductors: I ter is due. A second explosion quickly
James Cavanaugh, fireman of the power followed the first, and soon four mixing
house; Philip Eaves, electrician, and Will- houses were in flames and were entirely
i.un Cadmus, laborer, were bound hand consumed. The explosions at first were
and foot with aire. mistaken for the national salute at the
In addition to the men who actually military stations in honor of Bunker Hill
committed the robbery, others operated day. About a year ago an explosion oc
miles away from the scene by destroying currcd at these works from a similar cause.
Grande, Ore., from .Utah, to work in
tbe sugar beet fields.
A Salem, Ore., paper, says Uiat,hop
lice have appeared In many parts of
Polk and Marlon counties.
T. G. Bourdman, of Mountain Home,
has sold nts -Wool clip of 30*30*6 pounds
for 13 cents per pound to J. M. Johnson.
It is said there are 1000 strawberry
pickers at work in the fields at Hood
River' and vicinity, and they are gathering 4,000 and 5,000 crates dally.
The cold rains having given place
to warm weather, it is possible to tell
the amount of damage done to crops '
by the backward spring in Thurston
Persons who have traveled over the
farming sections of Wasco county, Ore.,
say there never bas been a better prospect for heavy crops in this country
than at present.
Mitchell, Lewis k Staver Co. have
just sold to the Great Northern two
Gates stone crushers, boilers, engines,
and other stuff, amounting to $12,000.
It goes to the big tunnel ln the Cascades.
W. H. Vessey, a large sheep rancher,
from the Yakima country, recently sold
90,000 pounds of this year's' crop at
7'/i and 814 cents. Most of this goes
to the Penaleton woolen mills. He
says that hard winters don't hurt the
sheep as much as the sheep owners.
Recently bids were received in Seattle for about 3,000,000 feet of stave
pipe or flume stock. The specifications
are very rigid as must be the Inspec-
ton. Tbe stock is to be worked curved
on two sides, beveled on two edges and
a special cut for joining, no knots to
show through or saps to he allowed.
An extraordinary condition of the
lumber market continues and tbe
Grays' Harbor Commercial Company
will start their mill at night as soon
as men can be bad. Fifty can find
work nt once. The mill will run.fy
four months at night and the men will
not need fear for work.' Tbe great
band saw Is an experimental success.
It cuts 100,000 feet per. day.    :..i-    * »   *
The fruit crop of Bast 8ound ami-vicinity has been Injured by the cold,, wet
spring. Tbe Italian prunes have suffered more than any other fruit There
will be a very small crop of them.
There will be a fairly good crop ot (he
other varieties of prunes. Tbe apple
crop has also been injured, but lt Is
not known yet to what extrtit. •' The
small fruits seem to have- escaped In-
telegraph and telephone wires connecting
with the trolley company's main office.
Each intruder was'armed with two revolvers and they took the employes by surprise.   It was the work of a few minutes
The property damage today will not ex
ceed $15,000.
It is surmised the primary cause of the
explosion was the criminal carelessness of
| one of the  workmen  who was smoking
James J. Hill, nresident of   "the   Great f°r the robbers to pinion the workmen, who  in thc graining room, and it is conjectured
*************'''■    _ars_—^—BBv'I —_■—**_^_^—B     _t^smmwms_^_■i
Northern, were guests of honor at a banquet at the Rainier Club in Seattle. President Hill acted as toast-ia* . ^^^^^^^^^^^^
The turnout in Butte, Mont., on Miu-1g**»g disappeared
ere' Union day was the largest in the history of the organization. Fully SOOO
miners and smcltermen and other work-
ingmen were in line. Edward Boyce,
president of the Western Federation of
Miners, was the orator of the day.
Samuel Simpson of Portland, poet and
journalist, is dead,
were rolled over to one side of the room  the offender was either Hollenbeck or John
with their faces to the wall.   Ten minutes Secumbe, who paid dearly for his folly,
later the safe had been cracked and the
Wnltl-K   for   Yankee   Money.
Havana, June 19.—-At Remedios over
5000 Cuban soldiers are awaiting payment.
Lieutenant Colonel Rafferty so  far  has
Jeffries and Sharker Next.
New York, June 19.—Jim Jeffries and      	
Tom Sharkey are matched to fight a 25-' paid out $28,275,
round battle for the heavyweight chain- j 'lhe mayor of Remedios has received 323
pionship of the world. The match will rifles. The men awaiting payment fill the
take place before the club offering the hotels and houses and many of them sleep
largest purse, the winner to take all. The ' in the parks. A number of men expecting
Douglas Martin, the 10-year-old son of j »i«»tch will take place about October 23.' payment have incurred debts for food and
Louis I. Martin of Spokane, was drowned  M'8 f°r the fight must be submitted by  several of the names do not show ou the
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Run on Pacific Btandacd Time.
Leave. .Arrive,.    ,
(Joins; West. Dally. Going-East.'
8'00a. m   Kaslo   J:M p. m.
8:31 a. m  South Fork  3:M p. m.
9:30 a. m  Bproule's  2:25 p. m.
8:45 a. m...... Whitewater ...... 1:10 p. m
»;-» a. m  Bear .Lake ....... 1:1*0 p. m.
10:12 a. m....... McGuigan   1:6 p. ni.
10:25 a. m  Bailey'a .....V.. 1*M p. m.
10:31a. m.... Cody Junctl. n .... 1-3 p. ia.
Arrive. Leave.
10:40 a. m  Bandon ...I..... l!l» p. m.
CODY BRANCH.       ' *   jfcjj*
Leave 11:00 a. rtl..Ran.lon..Arrive.ll:« a. m."
Arrive 11:16 a. hi...Cody...Leave 11:25 a. tn.
O.  P.  COPE-AND,  Supei-fntSndeDt.
Talks with cabinet ofllcers bring the
belief almost to a certainty that the president will upon his return from his eastern trip issue a call for volunteers of at
least 15,000 men.
The Masonic grand lodge at Washington has passed resolutions modifying their
act ion of last year in extending recognition to negro lodges. The effect of the
resolutions is to leave recognition of negro Masons with each subordinate lodge.
Wilbur Boyce of Butte, Mont., committed suicide by taking an overdose of morphine. He was a sergeant of Rough Riders in Captain Stivers' troop, Grigsby's
command, snd a son of James R. Boyce.
formerly a prominent merchant of that
A cloudburst occurred in the mountains
north of Spofford' junction, Texas. The
immens volume of water rushed down the
September 1. The men will each post a lists, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
forfiet of $2500 to bind the match. Al I Henito Hernandez, who served during
Smith was agreed on as official stake-. the 10 years' war and who has been in thc
holder, and Matt Clune receiver of bids.' field since 1806, has not been placed on
It was decided that the club securing the the list. This is an example of the way
fight must deposit the entire amount of in which the lists are drawn up. The
the" purse with the stakeholder 10 days' j\merican soldiers are restraining the
before the fight. | crowds who are anxious to be paid but the
•The contest will be for 25 rounds for Cubans are orderly,
a decision. I ,. ■ —
On behalf of Mike Morrisey, the Iri-h
giant, $2500 was posted on a wager that
Jim Jeffries can not stop* him in four
rounds.' Jeffries' manager covered the
money, and the bout was fixed for June
430 at Denver.
Serlona Riots In West Indies.
Kingston, Jamaica, June 20.—Advices
northwest Sportsmen's Shoot.
Spokane, June 19.—The fifteenth annual tournament of the Sportsman's As-
, soeiation of the Northwest is closed, after
three days of interesting and closely contested events. The tournament is declared
to have- been one of the best in the history of the association, and some of the
„ .,.. --.-*, • , scores made would do credit to any or-
from Antigua, Bntieh Wes Indies, Say l-a-fo^tf _£_tW«£*rt_»Wi! Seven-
there has been recurrence at Montscrr.it, "„„.. -i. -
If a train were run et the rate of 30
miles an hour, day and night, without
'« stop, lt would require 860 years to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ make the Journey from the earth to the
The largertJk*_|o1 *rtr the world ls sun.
the Jews' free* aclool of 8pItalafield, I    The highest range of mountains are
England, which has a dally attendance the Himalayas, the main elevation be-
of 2,800 puptla. I Ing from 16,000 to 18,000 feet
First musical    cotes    used,    1338,'    The bond which Clark k Sweeny held
printed, 1608."*,  g    vy> I ob the Big Buffalo haa been given up.
Electricity movse 288,000 miles per      Phonograph Invented by T. A. Edl-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^■^^■r teen events were on the program of the
Inward islands of serious riots in the  tollrnament am, Mch hTOUgni out go or
mountain, side  sweeping everything be-1 Plymouth, over the old excise duty col-1. the -^ offprod<   0f these Seattle
fore it and converting dry arroyas and lections, trouble, which occasioned the riots  „,„„ »,„„ -»._--,- 1„i.j ...._ _»*-	
small creeks and rivers into raging tor- of last year.   The police were overcome and
rents and completely flooding  the "valley . the island was for a time in the hands of a
and level country below.    At the sheep mob.
ranch of M. L. Butler every living thing
was swept away, and the entire Butler
family were drowned
Ten Thousand In the H>rd.
St. Louis, Mo., June 20.—St. Louis is
won two, Taeoma carried two others away
and the fifth went to Libby, Mont. Nearly
$3500 was distributed in prizes.
till .1
.... Kootenay
Railway and NavigatJon
Operating Kaslo A Slocan Hallway, International Nnv. tt Trailing- Co,   ,   .
Bchedule of Time-Pacific Standard Time
I'lissfna-er train for Sandon   and   way
stations,  leaves Kaslo nt 8:00 a.  in.  '.
DallV, returning, leaves Sandon at 1:18
p. m., arriving nt Kaslo at 1:66 p. m.
Internntlonal Nav. A Trad. Co.-Operat-
ing on Kootenay lake and river.
Leaves  Kuslo for Nelson at 8:00 a,  m.
dally,  except  Sunday.    Returning, leaves
Nelson at i:30 p. m., calling* at ."Bnlfo_T'r *
l'li.it ):■•>. Ainuvnirili, and all way points.
Connects ,wlth 8. F. A N. train m _-■!   •
from Spokane, at Five Mile Point.
*  S. 8: "ALBERTA.'-' ' *
Leaves Npison for Bonner's Ferry Tumi-  '
Ays niTd Saturdays at 7 a. m., meeting
steamer   "intern'atk«aa|i.' '/rum. .*Kasle.str
Pilot Bay.
Ex-United States Senator Benjamin [ overrun with Elks who have come here lo
E. Harding of Oregon, Is dead.
The German derby ln Berlin was
won by Baron Springer's Gallfard.
Rev. Dr. Wood, of London, former
president of the Wesleyan conference,
is dead.
attend thc annual session and reunion of
the Giand Lodge of thc Benevolent Protective Order of Elks.
re'-'ttesavf*;i_«m*-st.--'**** .«*»-«3*f*m*m..,
eon, 187T. _
('..Hlil.ii.  Coming; Weat.
t„ -. i* »_ _: •    Tcrrft  Ho"**. Ind., June 20.—Oantaln
Lawrence Townsend, the new United Ooghlan, of the cruiser lta|eiKh a r ,
States mnister to Belgium, has been in the city today, accompanl ^by'hUwln
received by King Leopold. |whoge home  was formerlv h  tl is citv"
Nlcol   (2:08%)  the fastest   trotter Coghlan is on the way U, Puget  ound^"
It has been proven by actual test that
a single towboat can transport at one  ,,|lot Bay.       "a    , & ..,_.    . ,        ..-,,. _
trip  from   the  Ohio  to  Ne-jr-onramH"-**11-''''''!. loa-p-s r^'wrr"Y«r*7 at »:<»'
29,000 tons of coal loaded ln barges. _»->f',^.|s>''*lT^l*'\*>V1'-- Hi,m*ays. c
tlinatlng In this way, the boat and Ita-* ^r^W Mi*£* FerryVllb^reat" "
tow, worked by a few men, carries _. 1™ f*M"M. »t' i^'**•» «»*,."*'
much freight tb it« destination as 8,00o"    H,Lm„-J „ ,. \     .,,',"   „ " '* ,
era  o„h  i«n i„„_„,i      ■   _.   *-"•■*""'      steamere /■»._'at   principal  landings  In
fil m_n n    ?H , I68' toanD6d by,b°th ""•"••""ns. and at other point, when
boo men, could transport. „ _ .    | signflad.
Tickets' sold to all points In Pnna'da nrtd   *'
io United states. . .
address        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Kaslo, B. C.
The supreme court of Pennsylvania -
has decided that the musicians' union'   To ■r,certtt'n r<»**s and tu\\ Inforipa
of Pittsburg must   reinstate two ex- *d6r*" waW-e *
pel led members who brought suit
****m*s,~-***»t-t*m,tm*u*mrt*m*-Hl>-mmet • ^mymts»fMt*rmMr*»im **'**W»»i»-'*«^W^ ***.**,.*-*« s^'^OV-.a.siiww-v-". »*<**-*■«,*
-" m>
Items Olennad rroin f h« _»t« lleporte-
All Districts Aim Bolng Develop----
irosperous tear It fraOletaiX- Mining
Notes and PetrsoaaU.
Michigan*'still ret-iiis Its supremacy
un tbe home jof the gfeateaf, beds of
i-oc_.-_8.lt. The whole" Bt_i'e seems to
be underlaid with It, some tM*i*he best
deposits being on"Uie* Detroit river, 12
lies from Detroit, at Wyandotte and
■•*«  ... '.*}.•
nt Manistee
(iood progress* lB**being made on the
Rebate shaft.    , f        ft]
The Delta Is Improving' fn values
rapidly. Jt will rjat; be.long before It
will be recognised as one of the great
iniues of the camp:.      .     i*.'.-
Sheridan camp Is becoming more active since the development of '(he Zella
M has advanced lt to the rank of valuable mines.
Auother rich body of ore has been encountered in 1 he-Little Cheeler, one of
the Texas Company's claims In Sheridan camp. It ls said to assay upwards
of 150 ounces ln silver per ton.
The drift on the Quilp has been suspended owing to foul air. At this time
the drifts and tunnels are being timbered.
Patrick Clark has taken a 98-day option on* the Trade Dollar mine ln Republic. *
The Mabel tunnel is being extended
several feet each day. The quartz is
mostjy.of high gra.de.
The Biackiail shows up better wfth
each foot of development. •••*•    •    -v-
The Princess. Maud remains about
the same as' heretofore reported. A
wlnae is _ei__* sank on the pay chute,"
and the values have materially Improved.
Tbe shaft on the Delta is down about
75 feet. The quartz looks better than
ever, and the values are said to correspond with t-st-ppeara-qe of.the ore..
The Trade Dollar mine has suspended work. The reason for suspension Is
not apparent. .-..-•
The Flag Hill tunnel has been equipped with a gdod irac_' and Tlfst class
ore car of modern design. The tunnel
is in about 70 feet.
The cro~Mci.it *on the Ijone Pine Is W
lug pushed. A raise for air ie alsq be-
I UK made.'
The Surprise tunnel is In 140 feet.
The shaft is down 30 feet. The ore ln
the shaft will average $.lo peV ton frorh
•op to bottom aad across the whole
width of the shaft
the Bodie shaft Is lit feet Indepth.
It is being carried down on the footwall, and as the"ledge Isjaucri larger
than the shaft Its real width w|ll be
unknown until the crosscut is -rirh*.
The Republic never looked better,
but It varies ho little that nothing new
can be said shout it* .Everything is
running like , leek work. The substi
tiit|on ,of„watef for steam power has
r<dtK*r-_.th.e expenses several dollars a
day. . }
The Mountain* Lion*-ill is a hive of
Industry. The big working shaft Is
going down slowly as only hand drilling ls done. The air shaft ls going
down at the rate»J0f.-*s1_- feet per day.
The machine drills "are running without Intermission. Crosscuts are being
made and the south drift Is being rssh-
ed at the rate bt six feet eacTi 24 hours.
British eolamtria. *.♦•'*-:-  <
The 3'mir. mine-Is'continuing steady
shipments pf ..concentrates, about 12
tons lielng seirt down per day. It now
Wears that the conn-any has. all.the
men it- wants at present, 'as'applfcants
for work are ijelng turned away. * .
The ore shipments for the past week
foot up sj&.-toas, -distributed as follows: By the Red Mountain road to
Northport, 62 cars, or 1,984 tons; by
('aua<Unn Pacific to Trail smelter, 7C
'•■«•», or 1,41* tons:
Week's shipment- Le Roi, 1,984 tons;
War Eagler 8»3;" Iron Mask, 130; Centre Star, 389; theyear to date: Le Roi,
•'8,003 tons; War Eagle, 18;654; Iron
•■leak. 1.200; Evening'Star, 36; Deer
Park.. 18; .Centre-Star, 94k Totals,—
weak, 3,396^ year/68,756.   ' '
Work has-been resumed on the Marl-
«''' group*,* slocan. ....-••;
There is every prospect of -a* deal be-
■»K put through on the Neepawa, In
■Seven men are at work oh" the Nooh-
day; SloUn Irtlstrlct.
The force"at the Arlington ls being
■.leadlly increased.   Per shift, fa.SO.
»evelojim'e-{ on th/? Dalhousle, on,
'en Mile, ls to lie.commenced In a
short t-irae,     . ,„,
The Mt*nrlmac, above the California,
started up their seasons operations
last week. ^ 	
Eighteen Indies of .olJd ire" was
tapped In the No. 2 wordings of the
Boson the day t„e men'walked out.'
* As »oon an-Hie* roads are in shape all
he ore sacked at the Queen Bess and
i^aho will be brought down, and.-ihln.
"**      tf _fe    "t      **** "**■    'W*'*1
Six men were put to work on the
•leather-Belle ■ayoxm--&tt*r\iig the
QlleSh Hess, en*^*^*^^ per
..The Information contained la a former dispatch from Fort Stet's regard-
«? *!** sale of the Lake Sbore mine ou
Moyie lake for $82,000 cash is believed
to be true, and<that the figures are exact. A correspondent states that it
was 1126,000 on a bond, and that a substantial cash payment had been made.
Twelve men are at work on the Big
Chief mine on Bouldor creek, a tributary of Wild Horse. Tnla mine was
recently bonded for $100,000 to an
English syndicate and promises, with
development, fo' be one of the largest
properties,In the East Kootenay.
iiuiTai,. Hnmp.
The Big Buffalo syndicate are working seven men on the Cracker Jack.
They are running a crosscut tunnel to
the lead, and have sixty or seventy feet
more to run In order to catch it. The
Monte Cristo people have bad to shut
down temporarily on account of surface water .which was pouring in on
them. The-lead look*, tis well in the
bottom.of lhe shaft as It did near-.*the
surface. — '-"-■-—- -
The Jumbo, which Is being operate-
by Clark & Sweeny, Is making a great
record as a producer, the ore averaging
In the lower tunnel 9100 along the face
of the drift-
Trie owners of the Big Buffalo have
their property cleared of water. The
manager of the Delamar syndicate ls
at the mine tb make an examination of
the property. It Is creditably reported
that they have a thirty-day option on
the mine, but the price is not positively
stated. It Is quieter now in "camp
than at any time since the flret of the
yt»r. Some of the prospectors have become tired of waiting for the snow to
disappear, and have gone outside to
bare ground east, north or south, or in
a few cases, to the Seven Devils copper
He That Stays
Does ihe Business/'
All the vxrtdAdmires "staying power."
On this quality success depends. The
bbod is the best friend the heart has.
Hoods SarsaparSU is the best friend the
blood ever had; cleanses ii of everything,
9<ves perfect health and strength.
floods Si
The Mississippi river, from the
source of the Missouri to the Eads Jetties, la the longest river In the world.
It is 4,300 miles in length and drains
an area of 1,726,000 square miles. The
Amazon ls the widest river in the
world, and, including the Bpnl, is 4,000
miles in length and drains 2,330^000
squai*. miles of territory.' '   '
- _—„—,    - ■    _
_-_£__! ■W'te"-"'"-". »" they cannot reach th*
diseased portion of th. .ar.   There ls only one
ut onal remedies. Deafness Is caused by an
B-ifSSS co"dl'lo» of M-s mucous lining- of th.
vou __.'"n TUbl*.. Wb,n "*"■ tul", " 'nflai-ed
you have a rumblin« sound or Imperfect hear-
ng and when It Is -tntlrely olosed, Deafness
is the result, and unless the Inflammation can
be taken out, and this tube restored to Its
normal condition, hearing wlU b. destroyed
rorever; nine cases out or ten are caused by
Sn,n7i ' !_MJf "■ B<>tMD* ■>*•»■ •**» inflamed
condition of th. mucous surfaces.
Vie will (|v. Ons Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot he cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Bend for
circulars; free.
Sold by Drugglnts, 76c.
Hall's Family pill. er. th. best.
[The Catarrh of Summer.].
Mil HI IIP  Epileptic
Tha Friendly Native* Turned Traltcrii-
Itecolve.l Their Dues—Inflicted Heavy
Loss to our Soldier*—Were Under the
Command or Oeneral Wheaton.
Toledo, Ohio.
Air.-foot tunnel has been driven on
lhe Queen fraction. <    *.       *■ *■ w*r
Tho effort Is still being matfe to get a
»•   mountain rM*oi*3rtl_8'th.2o-.ne.tl6n
w"« tho ~
<»roun1l.BiuKil_i J_ntfe*Wll-lrt,'{-efl!-\4»  t®S§ Batf «|l.
ipha  iiiuuniai..    _._   _______ -'-        . .."     <__?*&-wSLjCIM s
,,0'ly of dean
mouiUaint-Jjaa axpose* a fine
The steamer Qneen was in port at
J-verett, Wash., recently, and discharged 300 tons of Mexican ore, besides a
large quantity of freight Steamer
Selkirk ls unloadjng 250 tone of Iron
ore from Texado 'island. This ore is
used sis flux lu the furnaces at the Everett smelter.
jhe growth in copper production of
Arizona during recent years lg very
^gratifying as shown by the following
-ghi-ee;: 1887, 8,035 tons; 1893, 19,600
tons: 1897, 36000 tons; 1888, 48,359
tons. The ore is of much higher grade
than the average in other copper pro
ducing sections. This product has beeu
obtained Largely from the Clifton, Bis-
bee and Globe districts.
. Large deposits of carbonate of zinc
In Arizona, which have never been
touched except by mineralogists, aro
now attracting special attention.
Tbe famous asbestos mine at Sail
mountain, Ga., has been sold for $200,-
000 to Bancroft & Kennick, mining engineers of London. The sale on a basis of $200,000 Is the greatest amount
ever paid for a mine in the state of
Georgia, not excepting that of some of
the gold mines in the northern part of
the state.
The miners of the Parrot have been
officially notified that they were laid
off in.order tbat tbe long delayed work
of .etimberlng the shaft could be put
under way. This will take about two
mouths* snd-all that time .he entire
mlnfe will be closed down. When work
is recommenced the shaft will be developed about 600 feet additional. The
smelters'have ore enough on band to
run; for several weeks, then they, too,
wilf have to close down until tbe mine
resumes operations.
A break ln the compressor machinery at the Palmer mountain tunnel will
stop the drills for a short time until
the broken piece can be replaced, lt
having to b_ ordered from the factory.
Nineteen hundred and twenty-five feet
is tbe length attained, and the last
ledge is cut at a depth of 900 feet
showing a true fissure vein well miner-.
alzed and carrying high grade ore.
This should settle the question of depth
on Palmer mountain and whether the
mi nerd!'goes down.**
At the "Wehe group the force has
been increased and good ore is showing
at Sii feet depth in the shaft being
The Hillsdale will soon be down 150
feet and" will probably put in a whim
and continue another 100 feet, some
good copper having been encountered
In the last 20 feet.
A good many prospectors have come
in and have gone into the hills of the
Okanogan district during the past two
weeks.   5 ■
The largest state is Texas, which
contains 274,356 square miles, capable
of sustaining 20,000,000 of people, and
then it would not be more crowded
than Scotland at present. It has been
estimated that the entire population of
the globe could be seated upon chairs
within the boundary of Texas and each
have four feet of elbow room.
Congressman Amos J. C'ummlngs.
New York, Oct 11th, 1898.
Ee-ru-na Drug M'f« Co., Oolumbns, O.:
_ Gentlemen—Pe-ru-na is good for
batarlh. I have tried*ft' flrfd" kndw'll.
It relieved me immensely on my trip
to Cuba, and 1 always have a bottle in
reserve. Kinou my return I have'not
suffered fiom; catarrh, bnt if 4 do I
shall use Pe-ru-na again. Meantime
yon rAight tend me another bottle,
-"purs, Aiu.08 J. C'umnvugs, M. C. ■
Bummer catarrh assumes various
forme. Jt produces dyspepsia and
bowel complaint. It oauaes biliousness
and diseases of the liver. It deranges
the kidneys and bladder. Summer
catarrh may derange the whole nervous
system, when it is known to the medi-
oal piofession as systemic catarrh.
Pe-ru-na is a specific for all these forms
of catarrh. Pe-ru-na never disap*
points. Address Dr. Hartman, Co-
lumbus, Ohio, for a free book on summer catarrh.
Manila, June 20.—The battalion, of the'
Fourth infantry which left Imus, with
General Wheaton in command, this morning, to reconnoiter toward Pedas Desmsr-
ina, where it was Ibelicved most of the
rebels who escaped from Paranaque and
Unicorn- had fled, was attacked in the rear
by apparently friendly natives.
This brought on .a sharp engagement,
lasting several hours and resulting in five
Americans being killed and about 2.".
wounded. The loss of Uie rebels wo,*- very
heavy. . .
'Tlie battalion soon exhausted  its uin-
munition and at 2-ai|u ro nU|iri|^tr°[[-
on and his stair, with two monnteu gnnS
mid one field piece, WO-MotS-i-fc-l -M
troops attacked.    Geny'il-Wilson.,was
I   .. -   -    "ti*      ,.. .*
Sll.. K ft*   INTO   YOLK   SHOES
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder lor tbe feet.
It cures painful, swollen, smarting, nervous feet, and instantly takes the sting out
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rrylttoda,/. Sold by all <I/uggists and
shoe stores. Ily mail for iw. Jn stamps.
Trial package KRKK. Address, Allen 8.
Olmsted, Le Itov, », Y.
The largest empire in the world ls
that of Great Britain, being 8,557,658
square miles, and more than a sixth
part of the globe.
I.lte   to a   I.air   Liver.
Lazy, leaden liver cause ntne-tcnths of all
deaths. Olva your llvar life with Caao-reis
Candy Cathartic and save your own life! All
druKKlsts,   10c, _-*,<-.  U>c.
The Union arch of the Washington
acqueduct is tbe largest ln the world,
being 220 feet; 20 feet in excess of the
Chester Arch across the Dee, in England; 68 feet longer than that of the
London bridge; 92 feet longer than
that of Neuilly' on the Seine, and 100
feet longer than that of Waterloo
bridge. The height of the Washington
arch is 100 feet
The total number of newspapers
published ln the world at the present
time ia estimated at 40,000, of which
about one-half are printed in the English language.
There was a young man from Lenors,
Who boldly went off to the war;
The "beef'made him sick,
He recovered quite quick
By the prompt use or old Jesse Moore.
The largest ship ever built waa the
Great Eastern. Her total length was
600 feet; breath, 118 feet; total weight
when launched 12,000 tons.
fired on in the rood and1 fiat a ntrriHW' etT
cape. r ..      ..   -v     -,
A third battalion was 'BraMt* TO tlitf
front and formed on the Uis J^n.isji-jei).
Heavy firing on both sides followea, fhc
artillery being freeiy^Isf;d.y",^-,-*^-*N- '»'-" *"
Tlie enemy was located in the woods at
4 o'clock, showing signs of retiring, as they
If you snffej from Etdlepsy.-Prls,
Spasms, SpelW, Falling, Ktekjess, St.
Vitus' Dance,'&e.,"liave children,' refa-
tivos, friends or neigliboia that do so,
or know people that are. afflicted, my
New Discovery, K|ijlepticide, will give
immediate relief and PERMANENTLY
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•"When' writing please mention reading this in this paper, and give name,
rfjktJE and full aiMress. All correspond*
enoe professionally confidential.
Wm. MAY,  M.   D..
-»_■ Laboratory. 94 tint.SI. New York Ctr».
were being pressed .very J^\d. (^ne (run
of thc Sixth Artillery' in an advantageous
position did great execution. .■■•■ .*.-
The fighting wag still in progress at f
o'clock, at which time the Americans hud
secured a quantity of Filipino 'arms which
had been abandoned in the woods. The
scene of the fighting ia over 20 miles from
Want lo Go to  Frisco.
All volunteer organizations here desire
to muster out at San Francisco.
:' The largest body of fresh water ln
(he world Is Lake Superior. It ls 400
-miles long and 180 miles wide; its clr-
_ui_.feren.ee, including windings of its
various bays, bas been estimated at
1,800 miles. Its area in square miles
is 32,000, which is greater than the
rwhole. of New England, leaving out
Maine. Its greatest depth is 1,200 feet;
its average depth 960. It is 636 feet
above sea level.
BICKFORD, Washington, D. C. they wUI
receive quick replies. B, 5th N. EL vols..
Staff SOU, Corps. Prosecuting claims since 1871.
Nine men out of ten think that "The
Lord tempers the wind to the shorn
lamb" is from the Bible, whereas, Lawrence Sterne is the author.
Fence aod Iron Worlca.
and Iron fenolnc office ratlins, ate. IM Alder.
The great steamships consume about
three hundred tons of coal in twenty-
four hours, equal to about 466 pounds
per minute.
The largest desert Is Sahara, ln
Northern Africa Its length Is 3,000
miles' and breadth 900 miles, having
an area of 2,000,000 square miles.
Two Letters to Mra Pinkham.
Une Victim Dead.
Fort Wayne", "Intl., June 10.—An armed
mob has arrived from Columbia- City,
bringing Helms, the alleged criminal assailant,'.who came so near being lynched
at'Auburn the previous night
The ofHcers state that the mob at Gar-
ctt, where the alleged assault was com-
mitU*4, has scouts in the city. One of
tjit} girls alleged to have been assaulted,
_H*d before the mob was formed. Tlie
second is in- a precarious condition at
Garret L    /'   • .
Major Webster  Is  Dead.
kSaij .ftaiicisco, June 10.—Major Leroy
JQ. W-e-baier, U. S. marine corps, died at
Si. Luke's hospital. He was brought
tjittbcr three days ago from the Mare
island havy yard, suffering from; prtstradon, supposedly caused by overwork. .
In Fijvpr of the Striker*.
Oloucrs^r. jtfa**.; June 10.-Tlie strike
' i CoTupni'.v's qimr-
"i'n favor of tlie
or*., .similar Iu character
strikers jttln i^nW\vill Mum to work
t-   ..      . —   -«*vi -oiuinai   IU   r11(11,
10 that found Offrte*Ua?--W:» •
ontrary to thajeport sent out from
Overton ,that
(Sen I he
Klondike  Gold.
.Tunc '17.—One hundred
Mrs. Joint Williams, Engltshtown,
N. J., writes:
" Deab Mks. Piskuam:—I cannot begin to tell you how I suffered before
taking your remedies. I was so weak
that I could hardly walk across the floor
without falling. I had womb trouble
and such a bearing-down feeling ; also
tuffered with my back and limbs, pain
in womb, inflammation of the bladder,
piles and indigestion. Before I had
taken one bottle of Lydla Q. I'inkham'*.
Vegetable Compound I felt a great deal
better, and after taking two and one-
half bottles and half a box of your
Liver Pills I was cured. If more would
take your medicine they would not
hare to suffer so much."
Mrs. Jii.sK.rn l'KTKitso.N, 513 East St.,
barren, Pa., writes:
''Dkar Mrs. Pinkham:—I have suffered with womb trouble over fifteen
y< ars. I had Inflammation, enlargement and displacement of the womb.
I had the backache constantly, also
headache, and was so dizzy. I had
be.\rt trouble, it seemed as though my
heart was in my throat at times choking vie. I could not walk around and
I cot Id not lie down, for then my heart
woul I beat so fast I would feel as
though I was smothering. I* had to
sit up in bed nights in order to breathe.
I wan so weak 1 could not do anything
"I Vave now taken several bottles ol Lydia E. Hnkham's Vegetable
Compound, and used three packages of Sanative Wash, and can say
I am perfectly cured. I do not think
[ could 1. ve lived long, if Mrs. rink-
ham's medicine bad not  helped me "
For Qotwrtu™ and Olept irrt I*ab»t'» okaj BpeolfU- II
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esse. MO CASK known tt has cut failed to cum, no
matter how seHoua or of how lonir standing. RMUltt
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Blenoe and detention from builneas.   I'llicfc, ts.00.   I'm
Plso'a Cure for Consumption is our only
medicine for coughs and colds.—Mrs. C.
Belts, i;m 8th Ave. Denver Col.. Nov. 8, *%
Printing was known in China in the
Thirteenth Century. Polished metal
was used before that time.
Reunion   of  the   HoukIi  Bldc-rs.
Chicago, June 20.—A special from East
Ijis Vegae, N. M., says:
Word was received here today from
Chihuahua, Mexico, that Governor Ahu-
ni.nli of that province will attend the
Hough Kidcrs' reunion here as President
Diaz's personal representative. Governor
Alni-ii.ul.i will he c-cmted by the military
band of Chihuahua, numbering 80 piece*.
A number of Kough Riders have already
arrived, also a number of "bronco busters." Governor Alurphy of Arizona will
arrive the morning of the 24th.
Ens-land  Bloat  Choose.
New Vork, June 21.—A sjic_.il from
\Va.shington says:
Canada has served notice on England
that she must choose between the* Unite 1
States and Canada in the settlement of
the Alankan boundary question.
It is stated on the highest authority that
this statement represents accurately the
conditions submitted to England which
have delayed the negotiations between
Amlias-a.iiir Choate und Lord Salisbury iu
the provisional line of the inmln-- Vivendi.
.,KT ■  —
The largest anvil Is that used ln the
Woolwich Arsenal, Erigland. II weighs
sixty tons. The anvil block upon which
It rests weighs 103 tons'. Altogether
600 tons of iron were used ln the anvil, the block and foundation work. It
is said to have been six months cooling before it was sufficiently hard to
stand the shock of the immense hammer. •*,
l.jon-s  IliinrilliiK  School for Boys.
Superior advantages; reasonable chars*.
Send for prospectus to James Lyon, principal,
Spokane, Wash.
Meerschaum means "froth of the
sea." It ls white and soft when dug
from the earth, but soon hardens.
Clfa Permanently Cured. K n ou, or nerronsne,
rlla after flr»i day's use of Or. Kline's Urea
Nf rvr KcDtorer. Send for FKKK SS.00 trla
bottle and treatise. DR. R. U. K-VLMt, Ltd., u*
Area street. PU-Ml-pb-V ta
The largest Island in the world ls
Mothers will find Mrs. Win-low's Soothing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
children dung the teething period.
I'olncare  Takes   tbe   Job.
Paris, June 10.—It. Poincare informed
President Loubet that he would accept
thc task of forming a cabinet. He will
take the war portfolio in addition to the
presidency of the council.
M. Meline, in an interview with M.
Poincare, strongly urged tlie latter to
form a cabinet whose main plank would
be a settlement of the Drevfus affair.
Held L'p and Rohbed.
Spokane, June 19.—The Crystal saloon
at the northwest corner of Main avenue
and Division street was the scene of one
of the most daring holdups ever perpetrated in Spokane. Two masked men entered the saloon, which was brilliantly
lighted by a big electric arc light, and
while one covered the bartender, Cnle-Dor-
man, with a revolver, the other appropriated $103 from the cash register and a
gold watch and chain from the person of
Mr. Dorman, whom he searched.
Remains Shipped to Waahlngton.
Seattle, June 19.—The remain*- of Brigadier General Kaulz, who died here three
years ago were shipped to Washington for
interment in Arlington cetnetery. General
Kautz was a relative of Rear Admiral
Conflicts on the IVontl.-r.
Belgrade, June 19.—Serious conflicts are
reported to have occurred on the Turkish
frontier. According to the advices received the Servian post at Prepachtitda
has been plundered and burned and .several strategic iiosirtons are occupied by
thc Turkish troops and Albanian*. Great-
excitements prevails here.
Vei.esuelnn Arbitration.
Paris, June 10.—The first formal meeting of the Venezuela arbitration commission has been opened. The arbitrators, counsel and others begin assembling
at thc foreign .ollice shortly before 11
o'clm'k. They were received by the minister of foreign affairs, M. Del C-sse. The
rooms are thc same used by the Spanish-
American peace commission.
h.r all rellftble -.rufwlfttA, or m-nt- pn-jwul by tuptm
ay ■N»5^^^^J^I___A1-i
amrtmt emm <* mstsmts.
-— the .Vanoouven mine
WaL. ((;"lln»? PayingTK. did scale of sixty -fhousand dollars worth of Klondike
caml i    * the:mlners employed there sold has Wn deposited  at the United
ttt»e down the hill on Sundey. I states assay office. I
mmmtmemft .»A*«wiw»iws*--s-a*r»jw»*ia'
•v*»,i, *s**trsvi*syr*..A*^wmit m*A\mhSi
iTOr-lntvPllosProduce innlnl ure nnd oanneTtoTfn(.
This form, as well as lUlnd.Bleediuiior l'rotrudlnf
Piles aro mired by Dr. Bosnnko's Pile Remedy
Stops Itoblniandbloediuf. Absorbs tumors. Boa
Jsrat drnsgists orsent bv mai.'. Treatlae free. Writ*
in* abortion, cast.  PR. BOSANKO, Pbllsda., Pa.
Punish Titled Swindlers.
Chicago, Jum! If.—Bar-n and Baroness
De l>..ra, who were convicted several days
ago on a charge of using mails in conducting a fraudulent business, have been
sentenced. Baron De Bara was given three
years in tho penitentiary and his wife was
sentenced to one year in jail.
l<*-porta Kxeeeded Imports.
■Washington, Juno 17.—The bureau of
statistics has issued a corrected edition ot
the May statement of imports and exports
of the United States, which shows that
during tbe last 11 months the experts of
meiiliandiac exceeded .the imports by^U,
"A tape worm eighteen fSst long at
feast same oa tba scene after mv taking two
OASCAR-TS. This 1 em sura bas osused my
bad health tor tbe past threa years. I am 11111
taking Oascarets, the only cathartic worthy ol
notice by Mnslbls people."
Glao. W. BOWLES, Llalrd, HISS
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
affects of the well known remedy,
Svrup op Fios, manufactured by ths
Caufoiinia Fig Svrup Co., illustrate
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nedicinally laxative and presenting
them in the form most refresh ing to the
taste and acceptable to the system. It
is the one perfect strengthening la«h-
*.ive, cleansing the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
crently yet" promptly and enabling one
to overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and sub-
-.tance, and ita acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening*
or irritating tbem, make it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing flgs
ire used, as they are pleasant to the
'.aste, but the medicinal qualities of the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a method
known to the California Fio Svrup
Co. only. In order to get its beneficial
affects and to avoid imitations, please
remember the full name of the Company
printed on the front of every package.
r*nr sa 'e bv all Druinrists—Prlc** SOc. per bottle
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The Greatest Railway System* of
the United State's
They wouldn't use It if it wasn't Rood.
Costs you no more than poor ink.
Insist upon having it.
♦ ♦ ♦
Pleasant. PalatabTa.   I'ntaBt.   'Casta flood   Do
Hood, Never 81oaa». Weaken, or Crlpe. iDo. Mo. Wo
...    CURE  CONSTIPATION.    ...
Sttrilat a,_,4, i,.,,.,. in..,,, U..1...1. in tee- HI
M.TO RIP Sold and snarantjwd by all itrBf-
■ IU-Bftll «|ata to «:UKK Tobaooo He.a
lea-ornn-n at *W-* Rate-- .*£«!
London, June 10.*—9n-ie war insuranoo
wits effected at Lloyds at,15 per cept, for
three mouths and at 2 per cent for Insurance on buildings at Johannesburg.
&o^js>*ii#Mfium'>^-*s***k~¥***- ww ***** m. ***\*** mr*M>
and Ore Testing Works.
-stabltsliea' tn Spokane In' UW». Gold
Dust am) Bullion lunula. Band for price
Hat eh a mailing ore sacks.
In mder to t«*t the cffk'Umcy of this ujver-
tldement I WlU s.ma, fri-c of charge, to any person eutittnj this nut »"i! B»ml*''tfnt with his
Sftipple for fiswiy, a finml pocket magnifying
irh.es.'' iMntttanae tar tha a_*.y must accompany the ore.
Relief for Women"
Bont/V-M, In plain, w*]o<i povclope. Wrlt»
..-•-dav fur tht» Ilook.c«>titjiinlnff Pftrtlcn-
Ure* aod Tc«um«mul_ of Vli. UAKThL'tl
* French Female Pills.
Praised by thousand, nf MtiHtled ladleasa
safe, always rollahle nnd wit hour an .sjual.
Roldbyall dnicgiHtBln mi>tal box, French
flag on t<>i> In Blue, Whito and Tied.   Take no other.
Wrmass Drug Co., 381 * 383 Pearl St., New York City.
Use Rig *i tor nnnatnra
J dischargee. Inflammations,
■ .Irritations   or  ulcerations
.      of mucous   membranes.
nmu MBUctoa.      Painless, and not aatrin-
lTHEk»»»«(k*«IOAtOO. «•■•• or Poisonous.
wow by nr-nrt-Sa,
or sent In plain wrapper
prepaid,  foi
M.0-. -
Olrcolar sent
00, or 3 bottl,
b teeetteeAsm
When a little* simple clcanlmr up of
tht- lilniiii will remove that tlrej
feeling, puliis in the back, headaches etc., etc.?   Tako
Moore's Revealed Remedy
It's a medicine with honent merit—
pleasant to take. (U.U. per bottle at,
your dniBglMt's.
'"l^0 PILLS
QNJP FOR A DOSE, ^ure Slek Hcsdsche
and n--.pepi.ia, Remove Pimples and Purlfv tha
uiiKiii, Aid lilgiJtionaiidPreTentniliousiiess. Do
notOrineorHloken. Tocwvlnce votl.we will mail
!?J?pI£_r..e'_-rru_!,>0l-'0-'2'fc- 1>n- B__AltKO
C-., Philada., troana.   Bold bj DruggisU.
feet; it covers- four acres, one rood and
twenty perches of ground. It ls estimated to have cost $145,206,000 and
about 5,000,000 tons of hewn stones
were used In its construction. The evidence points to the fact that these
stones were brought a distance of about
700 miles from quarries In Arabia.
If.   IV.   V.
i teseeemnmm
ects»iVsx\mmi<eflm\ mm ft»e Wm. Htintef. Oo.,
,-■*" ^_«__w»-M«__«__»_w_»-»_«___™«_,-___"-»-*-i»--*-'-"_-^-»-s-»
re sre pow agents for
jewing Machines
Just Arrived *
t&f.e 18 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8.$ 8 888 8,8
8.888^888888888888 88888 8
'.-.... i|.
■ lo yotA  wnn.t
*& A.r*xyt\%lt\g£i*
JEWELRY,   -----   -
PIANOS t _--_.
Jacob -Dove*.
Box U
Ia tbe wage dispute between tbe
mine owner and miners, which has
brought on thc present strike and for
the thru* being closed down post of
our big/juii^'tho press and public
appear to be, losing sight of the truo
issue of the dispute, .. Some.papers are
bowling at tbe enforcement of the
eight hour law, while other* say-that
the miner*, are asking the same wage
lor the abort as tor this longer t^ip.
Neither, as we understand it, is tktt
titration at issue. Tbe eight boar law
is not the issue, for neither side bas
anything to do with that, it being a
law, simply * beipg enforced by the
proper officer*. Tbe question at issue
it limply tbis: The mine owners are
offering the miners a wage of $3 00
for a day's shift in place of the former
wage of $3.50, a clear cut of fifty cents
{Mr day in the mens' wages, aud
thieatening to import men from th'
east if thuir offer is refused. Tbe men
reply tbat tbey have fouud it bard
ei.ough, in this country of high pricts.
to live on $3.50 per day; that tbey
cannot work for any less.
It is not a question of hours but a
question of what can a man liv
respectably on in thc Slocan. If a
miner only worked one hour, he would,
if ho intended to live, bave to ask
enough to live on and as the government hai fixed tho hours he mav work,
he is simply asking a day's pay in this
wage* dispute now going on.
«. FA88ED*'   IN    THE   »,;.■
B. C.
•UMF.8 BOWKS'  -  - -  -   PROP.
SILVERTON      •      •     •      -B.C.
 - <—,
New Feat   Daily Service Between
Improved Connecting Service via Revel*-*
stoke or Crows Nest Route*,
First claw sleeper* on all train* from
• ^Jurist cars pass Revelstoke, Daily for
tH. Paul, Tliursdavs for Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturday* for
To-onto 92 boar*, Montreal 96 boors,
New York 108'•     Winnipeg St   "
Vancouver 2ft "    Victoria   81  "
Forth* North, Eeyelstoke, and Main
sVne 10.83 Kex* Bfcfiday iv. 8ilverton,
4r.ex. -unday. tf:20K.r "
For Roeeland, Nelson and Crow* Nest
Line 15:20Kex. Sunday ly.' Bilverton,
uy. e».JfaiitlaylO*80K*     u
For rate* awl (oil iuiormation apply to
f. arete local s*K>t or " ^H-
W.B. CLARK, 'Agatot, Wlvertoo
Trar. Pass. Agenf, Ne|sop
J5. 3. COYLE.
ttm. fern. Af*nt, Vancouver
B. O.
AccnoxuBt, Custom* Bbokrbs,
Axd General Real Estate Agents
•■a-    •  .     Baker tt.
3. M. McOBEOOB.   ..
provincial Land   surveyor
and mining engineer,
slocan city, . ',. b. c.
.aeri. Fracht m4 Transfer
Ut__MMt  __-_-_-*
WWamWVmm) WWmrOw
Order* bit at  News Stand wUl   be
promptly attended to.
SILVERTON.       -     -      -      B. C
W. Pellew-Hanrev. F. O. a, Member
at; Mroing--n-'Meiallnrnr, London,
, id fox many year* with Vivian k Sons.
waa*e*r and at present their repreeen-
tetive. In.tbU country, haa extensive
Metallurgical Werfca at Vancouver, and
is making a specialty of advising on the
ing lnT-WrVancb**,' with chemical analyse*.
Having bad ten year*' experience with
theoreeelB. C, in addition to a long
practical training in Europe, the ranlu
reported by tb* above ean be entirely relied upon 1 bare are no pupils kept in
he busioe**, tb* assistant* being;
Mbtaiwmor*   Cecil Bryant. Asso
ahd Amutxm.   *1at* Royal School of
Mines, London.   A. F. McEwen, Fell.iw
Chemical Society, and lata Chief Cliera
1st and Metallurgist wiih   the Caaeiar
Central Railway Company.
Ama_TMaj.'    A. A. Wataon, Fellow
Chemist. Inst.o.Chemistry. Lon
don, and Baobelorof Mangs, with bofaor*
in Chemistry, who has had » long and
varied experience in Chill and Qweens-
W, I'ellew-Harvey represenU tbo following Arms In Canada, vis:- Meeers
Vivian A Sons, Swansea; Tb* FUlott'e
MeUl Cb, Barry Port; The Caosel Gold
Extractiaf 0*, Obse-ow; Msmm. James
Rros.H. B_a_don-._od Is also apedal
GoveriinoeBt saaas-MT Jut tb* Pro-lode!
Assay ere* sxa*sta*sio».
Fortber ririwijW «• ynillw at
tbs tMee, Tskrmmi \rnrn, "memecm.
•*.••«.«      ;i;u"TT
"Let'Mqaw-p th* tuubeam*
I.yinu all around our path,
(let* trust on wheat and rose*,
Give the poor the thorn* and clmff;
Ut ue find onr choicest plefu-uye
Hoarding bounties of to-day,
So tbe poor shall havo scant measure
And two price* have to pay.
Yes/we'll reservoir the riverr,
And we'll levy on the lake*,
And jjfc-11 Uy * trifling poll tax .
0p each man *yho partakes;
WeNl brand lite number on him,
That be'il carry through Bis Hie;
We'll apprentice all hi* children,
Get • mortgage on hi* wife.
We'll capture e'en the wind god
And confine bim to a cave
And ihen through ojjr patent process
' We tlie atmosphere will savo.
Thds we'll t-queete our little brother
When his lungs he tries to till,
. ut a meter ou iii* * Indplpe
And present,our little bill.
"We-will syndicate Ihe starlight
And monopoli-e the moon,
Claim a royalty on lhe rest day*,
A proprietary noon;
For right 61 way through ocean's *pray
We'll charge just what it's worth;
We'll drive our stskes around the lakes-
Iu fact we'll own tbe earth I"
—E Bradsbaw in Helena Independent.
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Pllvetton
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing Tb—
t T t t '  t t t
^ jam " "
The question tbat arise* in every
disinterested mind isi What is required
of the miner lo earn his wage) In the
first place, bc must, if lie has a family,
leave it, and go to |ire on a steep
side-hill, often ne-*.*- the line ot eves-,
luting snow. . Jfor his wage, the
Slocan miner*. is required to toil, in
nost places, hundreds of feet under
ground in wet pieces, bad air and
among poisonous gases, caused by the
use of giaut powder. These gases are,
in most of our mines, allowed to settle
or "die" in the mine, owing to bad
ventilation. He daily take* chance*
of being mained for life or killed outright by caring walls or falling roof
and may be hurled into eternity at
any moment by a premature explosion
At nearly all our mines, hj* living
•ccomroodations are such a* any com
munity, having any regard for it*
health, wonld not tolerate for a moment
A badly lighten poorly ventilated and
evil smelling bunk house is where he
must live and sleep when off duty.
No wonder so many miner* are
brong-t down from our mines, suffering fiom pneumonia, or cripple.!} with
rbumatism, caused by .their forced
unhealthy mode of living; These are
amongst tbe many discomforts he must
endure if be wishes to make a living
by mining in the Slotan.
While discussing tho conditions of
the bunk bouses, around most of. our
mines, there being, of cours.i, some
exception*, we think that some system
for' tbe enforcement of reasonable
sanitary measures around our mines
should, in tbe cans. of decency ahd
common humanity, be undertaken* -l.y
onr government <
When th. government cqt, the
number of hour* that tha mine owner*
could work their miner* underground,
bow quickly tbe min* owner* concluded lo reduce the mens wag**!
When lead doubled in value and
silver moved op several points, tbns
largely increasing tbe mine owners
profits, we do not reroeipber of tbe
mine owner* tumbling oyer eanb other
in an attempt to increase tbe wag** ol
their employees*
The fool killer bu not harvested all
his crop. We meet men occassional ly
who light tb* f re with coal pil, who
monkey around tb* ligbtining end of
m*,les, wbo go to New Den vor to play
football, wbo don't believe in advertising, awl a law—very few—who believe
tbat tl 00 a day ia enoagh for the
Thorburn ******
GRANT TH9_tpV£iN,  Tmt. .. SlLyERTpN, p. 9.
Following is a compl»lo list of the
ininina transariions recorded during ihe
week (or the Slocan Mining Division.
KKW   niiXVUB—1.0CA-IO-B
.InueO—Miller Creek Fraellon. Miller
Ck. K I. VT .rn«*r. New V.uk, Wilson ck.
Fr.uk l-e,:*      Iowa. came.
ju ,9 S—Summ't, Wigou Qk, 1} 11
Fills, 6i Liwrenee, same Whistler,
WilHonek. EJ Traoy. 'Butte, Wilson,
II H I'i'ts
Midnight Star, n Sando I, P M Have*
Aronus, s.tiie. J  M   Doiinrly and J A
Black.   Hunter, Silv r lilt, A D Mrt'her
«.n.   Hub and  llu'., aame, TAvison
Wariltu, a.«j Alpha, H E Rogers.
June W-Oray, Three Forks, IIiij_li
June 1-—Jerom.i 3aldh3, Carpenter ck
J T Kelh.
Sune 14--Oraega, nr Thr*. forks, D
Bntcbart. Sllverite Frac, nr Pulinita, J
T Kelley.
June IE—Tyrrel, nr Three F..rks, Ktl
Bower. E.iiib May, Carpenter ck, I b
Innes, Flora Temple, 6ilveit int. 1) McKinnon, Hutiert Frac, same, Florence
L Mcli um.
Jun. IS—Atlantic, CHrpenter ck, P.
Cunieron. Pollard, Moaich ba.in, i*.
M.Donald. Balarat, same.
■■'3ane 17—Arnenta Fr., nr Sandun, J B
Cllffe, Rosioh, M iMellsn.
o June 19—Central it. nr Monntain Chief
Jno Bait.'" Una. Wilson ck W Co,^k.
Doncbrdia, nr Tl. w Forks, U Kumliu.
Parrot Frac, Four Mile ek, Ben Kneebone
June20— Adventure, ur Sandon, C 11
Jf *        .
June S—Bolivia, Peru, Silver Bill,
Mercury, Bi|i Timber, Jessie. 7—Star
West Frac.Mars Frac, Sunrise, Virden.
S--Evs Frac' 9—Admiral Nelson, Dixie,
Humm.r. Home Rule, Eureka. 10—
Diamond Croes, Lost Bear, Rebound.
Roulette, Lucky Move. 12—Sighee,
June Bug, Apis. Buffalo, St Charles,
Black Bird, Seattle, Nonpariel, Ironside,
Vernon, Rouse Fr, McAllister, Oshkosh
Mentor. IS—Vulture, Vult, Mineral
Hill, Ophir No 3, Semaphore, T»ntine,
Prickler Hornet, Snow Bird, i4— Bis-
mark, Rosettarie, Anscortes, Reliance.
15-Trto Fr.. J L P, Dfyton No 2, 1»—
Atlas No 3, Champion, International,
Butterfly, Shoshone, Little .lumuo,
Sliakesp*are, Cracker Jack. 17—Monterey. Willard, Golden Chariot, Monitor,
19-Milton.   20—King Oscar.
June  ft—Random    Shot,     Medford,
9—Chicago No 2,71.4—Oregon, Yakima,
Mine, Sunshine, -'Monday, Kasa Frac.
Monday Frac.
The shipment   ot  or*   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and Including  tbe
presen   week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Bosun Landing. Tons.
From New Denver.
From Tsn Mils.     „        ..
•y Enterprise-	
... 460
Erdffl 8ilverton.
-.,-■ Go .'stock ...   ■....
jf. -. .;•¥*■      ooijcentrales	
.   EyUjtEdltb	
«-> fidelity. >,,...	
.... 20
....   8
.... 20
Ores when recejved at costom smeltep
come from many pine* In many districts,
usually, ant^ pre made up of a great va-
rietv of oizns, says the ftfini^g and Scientific Press. These ar* run through rock
breaker* and crushin-* rolls, suonpled
and then spread ont in thin layers jn a
large bin. One consignment after another Is thu* laid down until the ore bed
is several feet in thickness. Slice* ar*
cot or dug off vertically so ss to gat it*
proportion of each layer and th* sample
reduced to proper quantity is analysed
foreilit-a, lim*, Iron, lest) aid other
minerals ae well as gold snd silver, etc.
The ore In this particular hm » then
set.t to tb* fornscss with tbs sddltion of
such flux aa mav be required, if" any at
all, and the entire Iqt receives uniform
T    JV-. 3V-* ---.Jg-CPP-VI.
Silverion.      •
Do You Know
Where   To   Oet
OENT'3   P V R N I 8 HI N O,
W . »        .   s- V •__»       *   •   *   *   ■
Oeneral        _<«ferot-.«Bi)f:«
^JlYertqH,      B.   O.
NOTICE,—"NoR-rn Exc-unoe Fsac-
tion" mineral''claim, siluate in the
tilocan Cily mining division of Wj-j*.
Kootena* district.
Whtre located: On Dayton creek adjoining the "bilver Plate" mineral
Take notice that I Francis J. O'Ocllly
ess-cent lor Robert A. Bradshaw, free
miner'scertidcate No. -2406a. F. C Inne*,
free miner'* certiBcale No. 6879a, Ueor.e
M. K'l.relle, free miner's certificate No
8356. end D O Lewis, free miner's certificate No. 2874a. intend sixty day*
from the date hereof, to apply to tlie
mining recorder lor a certificate of Improvements, for ths purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant ol  the above claim.
Apd further take nol ice  tliat action
under section 37,  tnust  be commenced
before the issuanco of such certificate ot
Dated tbis Twelfth dav nf June 1800.
FbX'kci.-'. O'R.olt.
24 I 8 | 99.
NO-WGE i—"Lueav  Jacb"    Mineral
Claim; situate in the 8lucan City Mining Division o( West Kootenay District
Where located:—On Summit or^Pass
Creek, 10 miles from Slocan Klvsr.
Teke notice tbat I, J. Murray McGregor,
acting as agent for Robert Bradshaw,
Pree Miners CoriifAoate  No. 22405a, in-
tepd sixty days ftvm the date hereof, to
apply ti the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for th* purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further lake notice that action
under miction 87, must b* commenced
before tbe Issuance of such Certificate o
Dated this fifteenth dsy of June, l_q_.
J. M. McGri-ob.
24 | 6 | 99. M
Use   None   But
The Best!
Try It-Prove It,
aire THK
tgwl tow jMjg MK
treatment. Tbe orss in an adjoining bin
may have a somewhat different composition and will be treated accordingly.
Smelter* very rarely treat *eparat*ly a
"batch" of ore from a single min*. The
minimum percentage of lead contained
in a charge of ore is only limited prac.
tlcally by economic considerations.
A PaAcncAt Boo*-roB F-ucncAi M-cft-
Shonld be in the handa of every
Mining Man and Metallurgist.
It la not baaed On laboratory teste, bnt oo
th* nuc-ncAt, nnvur* obteinfd.^ «•
autlior In an experience 61 ovia ttsJJJ
ybabs. sndtel's liow best to employ thsi
whjch Is alreadrin'-UMr. not-In any on*
locality, But all over tb* worW.
Modern Maobihbbt Po»tiMi*«» Oo
218 Iu 8al_b -tbbbt, On caao, U. 5* *•
IWhen ItR
J       _w___>iv»oisr.
J.M.BARRY,  ....»<>'
i*Am\t**mt**m*e*m.**o.ttai*r.*^m-mmm'- h_h*iiW<sib» mWmmmsWmlMmmWm «»<s»siwi_^w»>lU^»i»>t^». ■ '\t%wmm*


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