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The Silvertonian 1899-03-23

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$2 Por-A-nnum,
-Ll #
Jpt> Worlc
Neatly & Promptly Dtoe
We can quote you bodrook prictw
-"-■—":""" '       .... v...;      .T
This .
THE  k, K. TO BE
P., of RuKshind is larRfcly interested in
Wiliioii creek properly but the expense
ot packing up supplies to Ins prospects
has retarded the cpunin-** up ot the properties. The new trail will probably
be-jin on the north side of tho creek und
u bridge built about a mile above Rose-
limy, thus avoiding the dangerous mud-
tdidc over which the present trail is
built.       .   .
stilpmeiiU Htm   b*in-t   »t»d* -a
, Qood   Tulsl Kinoh.tl.
The present re-appeavanco of winter
b'.H had the effect of adding considerably
totlicsniountolo're shipped from this'
point. Three mines have been taking
tidviint.go of it and teams aro guinij tip
nnd down the roudn, load-d »'UU ore nnd
RUppliw. On ,sS.vturd.iy o( last week and
on Sunday, the Comstock teams were
worked to their full capacity nnd
succeeded in bringing down sixty ton-t ol
conrentrales This oro was sent out
on Monday to tiie Trail Smelter. The
Vancouver management h*vo succeeded
iu getting down t'wentv more tons of
their ore and nnolher car is coiiiing
down from tbe fcmily Edith mine.
Tiicsolait shipments bring tho t*tal
ihippcdirjm Silverton, from tho begin-
l fling pi the  year,, well  over   the  oi:e
[tl.iVHan-l.miuk.     .    .
Cat.ri.i Ull! nnd li V. Risl.jii to-A ttfi
|h lotrdof soppliw; .ii rb'irH'i.iy, tn the
rre'imiit Groifpfif wl-l- h -they irrh tlio
iin/neii They iiiieiid Id slart woik at
..n-'.* and add al Irtiat 100 f- et t. thc
length "/The tnnlo lunuel. Thi--* QroWp
j. ftitnptiscdof |he Si<*>*.*i, Treuiohl niul
OsbortK" cbuiijs and adjoin-, the CoQt-
„*..>, i; Mind. ComlsWrai.la wuik list*
*>«.-> ii dot.e. on ll und the load txnnsed in
si'Veral l'jit'e-*. ore liyvlnn been •truck
«hi*rev.*f the veinlui* le eurp ivcd up
Jlie-hdin*!'*) a tlssur.- in giajyie nnd. Ijhr
Tbe -.voile lattljV done on the A. ¥..
gold claim has ri'sult<>d in exposing a
line ledge ol quilts with a paystreak of
fnmi 14 to 18 Inches wide that gives
average assay returns of |_5. per ton In
gold Tbo quartz closely resembles
that of tho Congo ledge and carries
copper sulphides, but hh the rock tested
wnsBurfaco ore il was not tried for
copper. The A. E. is situated between
Ihe Congo and Little Daisy and forms
the connecting link between them, so
that both the Congo aud Little Daisy
veins must pass through the property,
ihe ledge lately uncovered has not had
enough work done on tt to determine
Whether it lt an independent ledge or
one ibut hns previously been discovered
on one nf the adjoining properties. A
abaft is to be tmnk ou Ihis ledge, nnd the
owners are prepared to do considerable
woik on the property this spring.
LOCALS.        |
The shipment   ot   ore   from   Slocan
Lake points,  up  to and   including  the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1809.
from UoBuii Lunding. Tons.
Boson     2ft0
From New Denver. Tons
Mitiion.' ;. ....20
Front Silverton. Tons
Co i ft nek    20
" concentrate*      103
En ily Edith    40
fidelity  ....         :*
V.ini-m*r 3W •
Wak-'dehl      NW
Messrs Lado and Olto nre driving
a cross-cut tunnel to tap tbo ledge on
the Htimbolt claim, neni the Vancouver
Work Is being done on the Storm
claim, adjoining the Noonday, nnd the
owners are well pleased with tbe showing
SO far made.
The Arlington mine, Slowo City's
star property, has been tnken over by a
Boston Syndicate nnd Ihat big property
will now be systematically developed,
The sale of the Enterprise mino on
Ten Mile, ix agniu rumored, but so fnr it
is onlv rumor. All Ihat ls known is tint
the experts of Ihe London and B.C.
GoldfieldsJinve experted the mine.
The lessees on the Noonday clnim are
meeting with good siic.*e*l8- and besides
several feet of good concentrating ore
havo six Inches of clean steel galena
exposed in the fnc-s of their   workings.
The   miners    who   lately    took  the
Next Friday will be Good Friday.
Three hundred cases of coal oil were
received on Sunday by tho Wm Hunter
The pies-ent cold snap has caused a
suspension, tor the time being, of the
Queen's Birthday talk.
HQU8E AND LOT for sale. Pleasantly
located.   Enquire at Sh.vkrtosi .*.*« office.
18-8-99 *
Thn Victoria Hotel Is belnft re-papered
and painted, t'.ndor the supervision ot
Joe Millward.
The Inspector of weights and me„sures
was nronnti the stores on Tuesday with
his little hammer.
Winter lingnrin. In tha lap ef Spring
may he nice for Winter but bas a blight-
| ing effect on woodpiles.
M-Mtter L.v of the Nelson br aneh Of
the Imperial Bank, was in town on Tues-
eontrael to sink n 2.W foot wirise in the ! ^*T* looking >uto the prospects of the
No 2. tunnel at tlie Wakefield Mines, are   .'amp.
making good headway and nre a'resdy      Mrs. Hope a*-riv*l in town last Wed-
down 55 feet.   This winze is* being sunk | nesdav. from Vancouver, and is visiting
at a point shoot 503   feet   in  from   the j Hi0 EmiW Edith mine, of which  Mr.
month of No 2 tunnel nnd is   to  connect! Hope is manager,
with an upraise that U to be pul in from '
No 3. When a connection
wiiiae, and r,»ise will have
length of 400 fe;*t.
it) I'.I ll do  the
ii   combined
Whilebiinging down a bind o( ore from
the Vancouver mine on Tntsdny, A. P
M.'Donald bad the nii-do'.iuio to dump
ore, sleigh, team*, und nil over (lie first
switchback. Fortoimlely no one was
hurt nnd nn damage done, although considerable trouble wm experienced in re-*
gaining tlie road and r.i« hiding tho ore
down to the neit switchback to bo reloaded.
,    a!,WAY- .'.Pi'i.ir'.vr.r.v:.
clean '
im* j. high grade galena. In -pi.ees
im mostly concent •.Hit!-,'.'
\mr.u- stiit dkEi-eb.
At the Eniilr EJ Hi niuie a no*} tunuoj
has been stutrd nbont <>' '■»t '■ low
the No- tnnoelan . ' ; 1-. nilII.-known
siN'u.1. An nfepiso h* i.hii ..tinted
In No S. ttiDt-%M *-* t'*»int EJH leet In
Irom the mouth, wliicti raiietis In he
t>ut through to No IF. al-sj'.*.-. A lar^c
»rao mt of clean oro-Uf being -mi' ;-.it«.r>*d
in hnth the Ntfl "k 2 ttiniiels, and is
l*eing Racked. Tho coiicenti atiti-
diimps nre growing daily in rise. ibis,
'-onipany ia now rending down to the
vs.hurf aiiitber euload of clean   ore
ft i- j'iKt forty ye.ir.-i since the first tlis-
oo\*ery. of gold in the state of Colorado.
At what to kiiuwii ns l-'ah j Spring.', then
known as Jackson's bar, George A Jnck-
8on iiiHtlc the fiift discovery of gold tn
tho mountains on that side of the cmti-
neiiinl d'nide, Jauuary 2lst. '83—forty
year-* igo. Some Itti-.e since the spot and
adjacent ground wn» acqnlred   for
Tue (illiiviug U l.tken froui Mto Miuei
| and Electrician-nd it nnalics to this
I sartlnii »« well n? t'V-many- ol-lrers.
'■Tin f.wn^r of a good proSipect cannot
enhancv* th" vain; Of hii pripjrty   more
rapidly than by  duiiij-  sor.e   bitelitreit
Idevelopment work n.-o-i  it.   Ii  honm
I camps, where Editions  values  prevail,
be may sell his uodevelojjod prop?rty at
a g*M)d tUn*v baoanse it bappsna to be in
i a favored locality ant!   in   the.  "lino   of
, prontiiion." but tbo same claim with a
i l.lile UHJ_e0 Judlcio-sly exueudetl in de-
jvelopment would  donbttnaa sell  it  at
the  nereial limes the   amount.   Not  uiiiny
Joseph ilraadoa, f*t Silverton, has
purehnsed nil the i'llerestsot llsssri N.
1'. McNaughtlnd Uert MeNaught in the
C'orncrneker at.d l-'.tirhavcn claims near
town. These pioterties adjoin tho
Bosun group snd considerable wotk has
been thine on them. Work will bo
commenced on jlifl-rCoriicrackor us booh
sstheMiow wiB'perTtiit An excllent
Hiirf.iee showing bn-t been eitposed on it
snd Mi*v, Braftdon iiropt.**^ \o ma_«* a
mine orit of it. if hard wor< nnd pei-
sevcranco will bring about th.it result.
purpotc of erecting a cotnniemor.tlive. mitiina investors nowadays buy mere
-Monument thereon, Doubtless the three i prospect holes. The rich lead nny lie
c.itiiilies of Boulder, (Jilnin and Clear' underneath "jmtn little way*." but tbe
Crtek, at.il. probatily, all Colorado, will I buyer does dOt'beVfovo It because he is
1 a;-prop.istely celebrate ibe dedication of \ told so. He wants to s.-c it and sample'
the rropo.si"! monument at no distant j it. and the only way to give him the
•or date. The Importance of the event to i opportunity ia to go through the hard
Colorado .ind the West is too manliest to | rock wiih steel and iiinselo. Experience
hood a line of comment. 'has taught that those cimps  which  are
By n siiiutilar coincidence this date, j meeting with popular favor furnish the
.laiuuiy isi-l, is also tbo unniversnry of beet market for ihe prospector, for il he
(ho ih tnonstralion oi the fact of Mar-| discover anylhiug of merit il will uot be
Shell's discovery of gold at Coloma, Cal.. diffleuR to real in* at a fair value, and
eleven .\esrs before the Colorado gold | tm greater the showing be baa male on
discovery. A year ago, with great cetc- his claim the greaterhi-i reward
ni ity. Ciilifornia celebrated thc fiftieth
aonivetsnfy ot that great event.
Jackson's Bar. where the Colorado
pioneer gold discoverer made his first
find, is et ill. worked and still yields u
little gold. It is different iu the case ol
the California gold discovery, the site ol
which now contains nothing that would
indicate that the littlo nuguot there
found started the great hiiman lido that,
ndjing over the (Sierras, has resulted in a
gold output nggregating in value oyer
♦1.300,000,000.—Mining   and   Scieclitle
J Tuilin-- ot (Silvorton has purchased
the jniertst held hy A. A. Webb in the
Colonel Sellers group on Cofley creek.-
This property is a-Very promlsitfg onci
the ore running well in gold nnd silver
anddlie ledge being stripped for a con-
siderablc distance. Last year.u trail was
built within n milo of tlio property and
a government appropriation, will cover
die cost of this year's trail building. Ore
it tacked nnd awaiting the completion of
the trail (or shipment. The price pnid.
>t Is said, for Mr. Webb's interest was a
oileb one, uf »1500.
All work in the Jewelry Repairing
lino, left nt tho Silverton Drug Store, will
h? promptly.forwarded to Jacob D-ivei,
tbe well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs ate oitARAXTEsn nn osb yeab. *
This iftt-rnoon a mttinee will he given
at McKiunon's II til bv the Buchanan
Drati.aricC.j*nt>inv. Tto play pre .used
willbe"Tn.- Hiyseol'. Ths price o(
admisrion will be '-•'< and 50 cants.
W. fi. G**ant, ftnancial manager ot
P. Burns k Co. spent lust Saturday in
Silverton. He expressed himself as
well pleased with tho husiness done here
by bis company, adding that in Nelson
Silveiton wns regarded as the coming
town of the lake region.
As an instance of juvenile depravity
we give the following confession of a wee
Silverton lassie. She lisped "I felt SO
sorry for tho poor Devil, and waited to
give him a little comfort, So I got a
glass of cold water and poured it down
a little hole in the kitchen floor.
"The constant drop of water
Wears away the hardest stone;
The constant gnaw of Towner
Masticates the toughest bone;
TIip constant cooing lover
Carries off the blushing maid;
And the constant advertiser
Is the one who gets the trade."
The strain from ovoratudy showing In
the faces of some of our schoolboys,
may result in something similar to the
following, which is told of the winner of
a scholarship in one of our Universities :-
"Soon after the snnouncement of the
results the man of genius was found
sijintted ou tho grass in tho middle of
the court of his college, clad onlr In a
surplice and holding au o|»en umbrella
over his head. The rain was descending
in torrents, but the Professor went out to
him nnd expostulated, All in Tain however, for in piteous tones the man of
genius rebuked him; "Leave me alonel
Let me grow !   I'm a mushroom !
It is seldom that as good a bom patty
ts tbo Buchanan Dramatic Company
visits the Slocan and to the credit of the
playgoers bf onr city| they are mooring
with  a   hearty   reception   here.   Tbo
several leading members nf the troupe. | drowned in Rosebery Bay last January,
mav well deserve the name of artists an I i Came to the surface during the storm that
For tho first time sinco its discovery
by the white man, Slocan Lake has given up its dead. The body of the unfortunate deckhand, Jack Evaus, who wns
from our Re«ulsr Correspondent.
'The citlxens of Rosebery are promising a large nmonnt of development work
on tho Wlleon creek* properties aa a
result of tho trail to ho built np that
creek lhls.BUipmer%_TI*ju vote of $750. by
the Legislature for tbis needed work
Will build a gnnd trnil for u .0.011*1(1 rab'-e
dutnttcp tip the c.ei'lt.. ei,d the tltnn
ttb-ll in hi, ,,u,. (gmt I,,,,,. ..,.,.„„. r |   |,. ,,,   »    >
1 '• ' ' "lev und l-.tli ,r.   J.inic.1  il.trii'..,  M  ;••«*»*'
..i-^s-ut*-*-** ,-»»-«s,i.v. *-*imphuwem+. *»*
The Buchanan Dramatic Company
played here three evenin.s this week to
largo uiidiences. "East Lynn." as put
on bv this company, is seldom bettor
Mcisrs. Beamish and Anderson are
doing development work on the Joe
Bailey group at Bailey's Springs on Lemon creek.
Thos. Lake and his W**'*.- began
crossciitting the lend on the Centre Star
group yesterday. This property lies on
tho second north fork of Lomon creek.
b-M Longhead and Geo McKinnon
left yesterday to develope the Canadian
Star and Missing Link claims on Union
rret k.
,.;,nv.„t  M.,,.n li i-   Morten I
two of Ih-nrt, Mus Hayes and Robert
Buchanan, aro the equal of most metropolitan players. On Thuradiy night
"Fanchon, iho Cricket" proved a
drawing card and tho humor of "Tho
Deputy Slieriir," as protrayed last night
met with hearty applause from tho
audience. Between ana, R*->b*rt Bio'i-
anan shows what cm be dona with a
violin in tho bauds of a miisci-in. Tonight this company will put on "Kail
Lynn" and a full home should greet
this clever company when tho curtain
-stirred the depths of tlie lake last Mon.
day. This wns exactly two months sfter
ihe drowning. The remains were interred in Nelson, tho C. P. B. Company,
tor which Evans had been working, taking charge of the funeral.
F. J.  O'Rielly is in town Irom Nol
son.   Ho will remain here several days.
'Loin Cummins, wlu hns been working
for some tine past at the Comstock mino,
was taken to tbo Hospital on Tties-uy.
lie has beeu sick for sumo time.
l'rof Joe Millward bus severed his
... .,,..-**,,., with 'I ••  B i '»' • '■' II •"•"
Do You Know
Wii-ere   To   Oet
'*'*"***'*'*"*"*'*- - - - ViV ^*ii*vv\r-ijViri)Vij*riAnAAiiO
>->*■>*■* ****Wi,'*^ArW*^VM*-*V*MMM*MM-*i**-»^
General Merchants
(Silverton,      _3.   C.
a     «  fl    A    ^T*  TH  T55
.-Ass.   to   te  tsCss_s    __■    JS--   JLWXt.
Hi.   1v£.   .-ETiELOTxrlesL   Prop.
Patronise Home Industries.
®8-8 88 8i-8 8 8-8-SXtB8-8 8888S8 88-89868B88 88SS<»
15)8 88888288888888888888 8888 8888888888i
88888889   Jfc
tlie 'Tailor,jL
SII.1ER1M,   I. C.
P. Burns & Co.
Silverion, Ntlsnn, Trail, Ymir. Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grsnd Forks, 8trdsr,
Midway and Greenwood.
General Agents nnd
,•©,; -VXining: Brokers.
Sole Agents For   	
NTRANlfl "'^TTrFN.
1 ! .      '.        >     I
—■— I—
•*i*r-j'_**. >*»ttm* 'sIwmsmsss **ss»s,.^..«<v-^. THE fl".v>wromAN. SILVERTON, B. C.
An Interesting Colleotlon of Items rrom
the Two Homlsphoros Prosomtod In »
-a_a«as«- Ifo-raa—*0o1I«mI Cross the To!'
•lSFMT* -JSpotrtS.
Rod Pipkin, the noted train robber who
was captured recently nt Mpab, Utah
was taken Vo .New Mexico from Winne-
inn. ca, Ncv., where be was wanted on a
charge of holding up* Santa Fe passenger train.
living B. Dudjey, United .Stole minis
ter to Penis -ml Richard R. N^ill, sccrc
tary of the I'nited 8totcs legation, were
guests •_« a banquet given by Messrs.
Garland snd La Rosa, thc Peruvian delegates at tli? recent Philadelphia congress
to Mr. SehofT, the representative of the
Commercial Museum.
Hon. Patrick Walsh, ex-United States
r.'iin.t_r aiisl limy.ir oi' Augusta, is dead
News has Itccu rccciyed frpm Smyrna
that 6000 Cretan Mussulman refugees
who were in des-iernte lack of work and
food invaded nnd pillaged the Greek and
TifrttMi quarters °' Constantinople, a
conflict resulting in which many persons were killed or wounded.
Mary Chirk, aged 53, was lieaten to
death «nd her sister, Annie Clark, aged
45, was fatally beaten inst week at Howie, Md., a village, by John Berry, a 15
year-old negro.
Thc United States transport Thomas
tins sailed for the United Stoles with tbe
_0_d New York voluntecre.
An Anglo-Egyptian expedition will be
undertaken next autumn, to finally dispose of the khalifa, Abdullah, and thc
other Dervish leaders in thc Soudan.
The smelters and tools at thc alleged
gold mine at Marvin, Ohio, are in the
hands of the sheriff of Carroll county,
who levTed on them to satisfy a judgment
of $600.
Mrs. Anna Hays flyers, widow of the
late Ebcn M. flyers, tbe millionaire manufacturer, has been adjudged a lunatic.
A serious conflict lietween the police
atid people last week at Havana resulted
in' much shooting and clubbing. From 30
io 50 people were wounded, somo seriously.. Among the iujurod Is Police Captain
F.stompcs formerly a colonel in the Cuban army.
While 300 dancers were enjoying themselves !ln the'-Wellington opera house.
Vancouver, B. C, last week, some one in
a candy store below overturned a lamp
and the whole building waa destroyed.
The erew of the new defender of the
America's cup were selected last week by
Captain IV P. Weed.
Inspector General Breckinridge of tbe
Culted* States army, who will inspect all
the military posts in Puerto Rico, review-1
*4 the troo-,is at Ponce ami has proceeded
to the Yaueo district.
.A.._ew satellite of tbe planet Saturn
hmrlieen discovered by Professor Pickering at tho Harvard observatory.
At a meeting of the Lake Carriers' as-
station at Cleveland it. was decided to
advance the wages nf sailors .?,'i per month
for the coming season.
A Finnish deputation of 400 persons
w|p|. rt-t-oiit 1 y arrived at Sf. Petersburg
to petition the czar against the Russifl-
eatton decrees has been onlcred to return
borne immediately, tbe czar refusing to
receive Irs' meml-ere;
A dispatch from Baltimore says that
thi;' new revenue cutter Seminole was a us
piriousk'*>l.-LiiiK'hed at tlie Columbian Iron
Works last week.
JDjr. Futterer, a scientist from Karls
mho, Germany, has arrived in San Fran-
cisi-fe f&m^Hcmg Koiig, after an eventful
trrp1 through Turkestan, Thibet and
nnj-ihern China.
rive Philanders plnim to have discovered evidences of a Russinn boundary in
scribed on some old mounds that will
place the Klondike country within the
United States.
General Miles has received a dispatch
d»ted Pone*'; Puerto Rico, stating that
ex-Secretary Sherman is much better.
•TheVhtirch of the Sacred Heart was
totally destroyed by lire early Sunday
 .. I—— SSSS.J—M_—._ .      »^_
morning.   The-loss is estimated at *r-.V
000, partially insurr-d.
Govern*-Wells of Utah, for the present at least, hns decided not to appoint
a United States senator to succeed Sen
at or Cannon.       ' *
Two government parties have arrived
on their "way to Alaska where they will
define the boundary lines lietween British Columbia and the Northwest Terri-
Thomas Moore, S farm band on W. H.
Rat-cock's ranch, near Walla Walla,
Wash., was found dead in lied last week.
The Cuban military assembly meets
again this week and it is reported that if
there is nn quorum, which is pruliablc, it
will dissolve of its own nccord, public
opinion having been too strong.
Tj?o explosions occurred at the government ammunition factory at Boitrgcs,
France, in the shell flllinji shop. Three
men were killed and five were injured.
The, Union Iron Works has just lieen
awarded thc contract for two of the largest freight stcnniors ever built in the
United States. They ore for the Hawaiian trade.
Janowski resigned the fourth game of
ehess of the match with Showaltcr.
Joe Walcoti, the colored pugilist,
knocked out Billy Edwards of Australia
at the Broadway Athletic Club last week.
Tbe American Ship Building Company
has been incorporated with a capital
stock of $3»,*noO,-(Ms->..
rthfXtyr (1-rk in tbe I'nited States cir-
t-jutt court fca*--f)lo»-r a decision dismissing
'"-"-"FlTI-l Df iettf(tfety'Tit \\'hr JtrA: "Alger
against the heirs of John F. Anderson.
Pn**l lament opened last week with the
cuStolnary f-efemoriy.   Tbe attcmlance at
torio, now under charter by the Atlantic
Steamship Company, upon thc claim that
the steamer was landing dry goods belonging to a Denver, Col., woman on
which the duty had not been paid.
General Russell A. Alger was in Montreal last week. He ls the guest of Sir
William Van Home, president of the
Canadian Pacific railroad.
Prince Henry of Prussia has started for
Kio Chou bay, where all the war vessels
comprising the two German squadrons in
far eastern waters will assemble for tbo
formal transfer of the commander-ship
from Admiral Von Diedriehs to Prlnpe
Admiral Sampson reported by cable
from Puerto Cortez, Honduras, that he
has sailed with thc flagship New York
and the Brooklyn for Caimanera.
A deputy sheriff of Columbia, Texas,
engaged In an altercation with a man
mimed Scott when Scott remarked tliat
if be had a gun he would fight. Ex-
Sheriff Reese offered him a revolver and
tbo shooting began. Reeso was killed at
the first fire. Charles Boehme, a bystander, was also killed, and a small boy Blamed Williams is badly injured. The trouble has been expected for some time.
Extensive changes in the relation* .between the United States and .Japan will
he brought about on July 17th, when the
new treaty between thc two nations goes
into effect. »-
Georgo Green snd "Mysterious Billy
Smith    have    been matched to box 20
rounds in San Francisco some time next
month. M^^
News has lieen received that scurvy is
raging among the prospectors on Copper
river, Alaska.
Tho decision of Department Commander Harris of Vermont to bold lite next
state encampment of th*. G. A. R. In
Montreal in June will mark an epoch in
the history of the order.
News has been received that thc trouble at Lake City, Colo., is at an end. The
Italians surrendered as soon as thc troops
Governor Rogers of Washington has
received wort! from thc war department
that the liodies of soldiers who died at
Manila will be brought home, but those
recently interred may havo to lie left until next winter.
Captain Norman, reputed to be several
limes a millionaire, has given j5*4<h).iH)0 to
the Seventh Day Adventist conference
now in session at Battle Creek, Mich.
Notice has been issued to thc 3,000 employees of the Pcncoyd Iron Works that
an advance in woges will be made on
March 17th.
After a careful Investigation, Major
General I-tonnrd Wood, military governor of Santiago, is convinced that the
skeleton found a few days ago in an arm
chair on the shore, four miles west of El
Morro, is the remains of the Spanish admiral, Villamil.
The battleship Iowa has been ordered
to t—• t*-t—n  Ires*. Wor—a,  lo  have  new
tulies put in her boilers and condensers.
Peace and quiet prevails in Hot Springs
Ark., although the details of thc bloody
street riot, in which five well known citizens were killed, are eagerly discussed
on the streets.
Thc president has appointed Hugh R.
Belknap of Chicago, Brandon D, Slaughter of Nebraska, and Captain Charles
Newhol.l of the District of Columbia io
be additional paymasters in the army.
A floating island between one and two
acres in extent and from four to five feet
thick, bas gone down the Illinois river.
The legislature of California adjourned
sine die without a United States senator
to succeed Stephen M. White having
lieen elected.
Over 50 Teasels are now fitting out at
San Francisco for tho salmon canning
trade and the shipping of crews and engineers, officers and men will soon he
Vdmiral Kautoz has cabled the secretary of the navy that be has arranged for
a meeting of the three consuls, those of
Ihe United States, Great Britain and Germany, al an early day to discuss Samoan
affairs. The cable dispatch ls dated a
week ago.
Dr. M. E. Streiby, for 34 years secretary
of tbe American Home Missionary Association, is dead. He was for a long time
editor of the American Missionary Magazine.
The form.intii.il of a biscuit and cracker combine to control the industry west
of Ihe Rocky mountains, is announced.
Jacob M. Woodring, a blacksmith of
Mount Vernon, is in jail at Seattle charged with running an illicit distillery.
The RiM-ni*. 's Loss Waa Severe.
Manila, Match 10.—The Filipinos in
force attacked a company of tho Washington volunteers at Taguig last night Ttvo
companies of the Washington and Oregon
regiments were sent to the assistance of
their comrades, and drove thc rebel* back
in front of the Twenty-second regulars,
who also engaged the enemy. Two American soldiers were killed and an officer
and 13 privates wounded. The enemy's
loss was severe.
<>l.ii I nder lAexst. Col. Ilamni-r.
Manila, March 19.—The island of Cebu
has been made a sub district, under Lieutenant Colonel T. R. Hammer of the First
Idaho volunteers. The other officers are
Captain W. T. Wood, Eighteenth regulars, collector of customs, and Lieutenant
Thomas F. Schley of the Twenty third,
port captain.
Ensign Everhart has been relieved as
port captain of lloilo by Lieutenant William B. Hanna of the Montana volunteers.
Think   They   Can Keep  up  Ihe  Fight
for Years—We  Need   More   Troops   In
Manila— Agulnaldo's  Fierce  Policy
List or Dead and Wounded.
Hong Kong, March 20.—An army bis
seldom operated under harder condition-.
tlmn have bten encountered by the Americans. The nature of the country ie such
that thc ci.. my can no; Ihi s.-jn it bundled
feet distant. During t.ie charges the
Americans arc ignorant as to whether
they are attacking a hundred or thousands
of rebels.
'A prisoner captured by ibe Americans
says the leaders bod-it they can Keep up
tho war for years, depending ujnn the
American forces being woikencd daily by
about 20 men killed,'wounded or invalided.
Some high officials think 10,000 reinforcements are needed as U'e troops now
on thc islands are hardly more than
enough required to maintain Uie lino
around Manila and police the city.
Auul-iiltlo'H   Fierce   Poller.
Manila, March 20, 8:20 a. in.—It is
rt«ported on hitherto reliable attlhoii'.y
that Aguinaldo is taking extreme measures to suppress signs calculated to wum
a cessation of hostilities. Twelve ndliri-
onts of the plan of independence, residents
of Manila, h;ivc been condemned to death
because tbey wrote advising surrender nnd
all loyal Filipinos have been called upon
to perforin the national service of dispatching them.
On Friday last General i.s. < 'aida visited l.abordes for the purpose of advising
Aguin.'ild.i to quit. He argued wi'.h the
insurgent leader and ot tempted to eon
vinco him of thc folly of his persistence
in the face of overwhelming odds. Aguinaldo was furious at the advice und ordered Oeneral I .a (tarda to l»c executed
immediately. The unfortunate general
was promptly decapitated.
A Cool   UsahlsKiiin  Cosapaay.
Among the incidents of yesterday's
fighting was the coolness exhibited by t
company of tbe Washington volunUers
who crossed the river in a unlive can-.-e
nnder a heavy fire, 15 being taken aero :*•
on ench trip of the small bo-u, to attack
the enemy's trenches.
The inability of the commissary train
to keep up with thc advun.-e Id lo considerable suffering, and many of the men
were completely exhausted when they
were recalled, and, falling from the ranks,
wera strung along for a distance of almost
six miles; nuinlM is reluming to camp in
artillery ambulances, whicli were ale ays
dose up to thc linos. The work of the
ambulances was especially wonhy of
Voiiordav's casualties were as follows:
Washington volunteers—*rii-n»es "s*eiW
and Barttett and Corporal W-itets, Company D, and Corporal Dricklin, Compinv
Oregon Volunteers-Private Brown,
Company _I.
Minnesota Volunteers—Private Bricc,
Company <».
;\ll the above named are more oi less
s rionsly wound) d.
Med In Hospitals.
Washington. March 20.—The fill.)..ing
has reached the war department:
It is believed that English walnuts can
be grown profitably'in Washington. 	
tIL will be a large   addition   this 	
spring"to the orchard acreage of Kittitas | ^fr "ftvES ' WERE     LOST
Pile' driving has commenced on the big
railroad bridge across the Kettle river
near Cascade.
The business of the Tacoma postoffiee
increased 10 per cent for February over
tho same mouth of 1S08. ■ ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_«
W. O. Ayre, the sheep king of Baker j    -\(rt„phi3,  Tenn..  March  18.—A aeries
ty, Or.,'has added four large peacocks    ,- win(i1,l0,ms a**.opt through portions of
'   " Al«baina,Mi*-i~ippi and Arkansas yester
day, doing an iuuneuse amount ot prop-
A Tnrottdo Swept all Before 11—Kvery
Toss Suffered—Loss of Life Was Large
Many Thousand Dollars Lost In Property—Disaster at Cleburne,
to the stock on his farm,
M. L. Weston, of Prosser, Wash., has
sold 100,000 pounds of wool for San Fran- jeitj. damage and killing a number of poo
cisco and Boston shipment
Tho stockmen in Asotin county are
somewhat discouraged over the losses
they sustained the past season.
It is estimated that fully UM immigrants from the east have arrived at La
Grande, Or., during the past month.
C. Berg expects to start a brickyard at
Dudley, in Walla Walla county. The
brick will be made by steam power.
Aliout tWO acres of spring grain will bc
sown in the vicinity of Spring Valley,
Wash.   This does not include re-sowing.
The Chuekanut stone quarry, of Fair-
haven, Wash., is operating a crow of men
getting out rock for some large buildings
in Vancouver, B. C.
Every move in the market sends the
price of potatoes upward at North Yakima. Eighteen dollars pet ton was the
ruling price last week.
Crow's Nest coal is said to be smokeless. The navy department at Esquiraalt
has received a consignment cargo for experimental purposes.
The surfacing gangs on the Great
Northern railroad between Snohomish
and Lowell, are composed of some twonty-
live or thirty Japanese.
The new North Tacoma Shingle Company's mill, located on thc water front,
midway between Old Town and the
smelter, will be completed about April 1.
The coal hunkers of ihe An.-hoi Coal
Company, located on the bank of the
Cowlitz, just below Ostrnnder, Wash.,
collapsed during a recent windstorm. Th»
bunkers contained at the time about 200
tons of coal.
John Minto, Secretary of the Oregon
Statu Board of Horticulture, says that the
fruits shipped out of that state so far
this season are as follows: Green fruits -
Five hundred cars of apples, 600 boxes to
the car, making a total of -."iO.OOO boxes;
100 cars of pears, f-0,000 boxes; 150 cars
of prunes, 24,000 pounds to the car; 75
carloads of plums, 2-1,000 pounds to the
car; and 75 carloads of strawberries. Thc
evaporated fruit sent out he places as
follows: Seven hundred cars of prunes,
24,000 pounds per car, making a total of
10,800.000 pounds; and apples, 2,100,000
pie. The storms covered a radius of several hundred miles, destroying telegraph
wires and cutting off couiiiuinicstt.on with
e large lection ot country. Clebnrn county, Alabama, seems lo have suffered the
ino.st severely, the storm assuming the
proportions of a tornado. The reports of
fatalities iu the county vary Irom six to
20 and many more uie said to be injured.
At Sellers and Lttverne, Ala., much dam-
uge is repor'.id and at Hob Uoy, Ark.,
one mail was killed and several badly injured. Dumas, Ark., was nearly wiped
out of existence and several other towns
in thc vicinity suffered severely. One person is reported killed at Hickory Mat, I
Miss., and as tbe tai-mhoii-ei in thc vicinity suffered heavily, it is not unlikely
many fatalities occurred which have not
yet been reported.
Reports Irom different points in Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama indicate that
in the sinnns which swept over those
slates today 18 persons were killed outright and 21 injured, us follows: Alabama, 10 killed, 4 injured; Arkansas, 1
killed, 7 injured; Mississippi, 1 kited, 10
injured. Tlie property l.ss will tun into
the hundreds ol thousands.
Hevea  Were Killed.
Birmingham, Ala., March 18.-—A cyclone passed through Ihe country today
creating great havoc between Ilellin and
hdwardsville. lt is known seven people,
memU'ts of the family of Mr. Coffey, a
farmer, are dead, and it is thought many
others are injured, although on account
of .lain.in.- by the storm to the telegr.tph
wires ii is impossible lo give details.
The bouse contained 11 people when il
was struck by the storm. The building
was demolished and seven inmates were
killed outright. The path of the storm
was about 25 miles wide and it tore everything to piece* that by befi.re it. Tele
graph Hires and poles ore down everywhere, trains are delayed greatly on ac
Manila, March 20.-Adjutant General! |ond 0ffn honw,
- H. roresinan, oi Lewiston, has been installed as jailer under Sheriff Rozen, vice
Billy Denny, resigned.
A number of sheep-shearers of Mouu
tain Home, bave gone to Rniiieau and
will begin shearing otioiit the 20th, if the
weather permits,
Nez Perce Ixnlgc No. 10, A. F. _ M.. of
Lewiston, has appointed a oOfOfflltlM
consisiing of J. W. Reid, Dr. Salsberg,
Wm. Robnett and E. <«. Cummings to negotiate for the purchase of a tot of land
on which to erect a new Masonic temple
A telegraph line now crttnci-ts Bom);,,,...
with Colyllle. ■
The city of Dayton has prsitloall}~„n
fib-ting debt.
The assessed valuation of property ,„
Tacoma is ^ 1,171,820.
Tacoma barbers have agreed nut to
open their shops on Sundny.
The anti-expectoration ordinance is i,,..
Ing vigorously enforced in Spokane.
A temporary organization nf the Seattle mining exchange has been enjeeted.
Ellensburg is enjoying a building.I.^,m,
owing to the scarcity of residence' houses
Tho Citizens' Bank, of Puyallup, ha*
rediu-ed hs capital stock from $23,000 to
A large proportion of the winter wheat
in Adams eonnty wos killed hy the recent
coltl spell.
The Red Cross Society nf Ellensburg,
Wash., has just sent $100 to the soldier
boys at Manila.
A plank road has been constructed from
Lako Stevens to Hartford Junolinn, |»
Snohomish county. t
R. S. Peck, ti resilient of Chehalls, R4
years old, filed recently on a homestead
in the Big Bottom country,    j
A company of Whitman college cadets
has been organized. The uniforms ate
to be navy blue with black braid.
An old resident and business man, V.
E. Preston, of Snohomish, dropped dead
at his home, of apoplexy last week.
Walter 11. French, of Seattle, n street
railway engineer, is dead from injuries re
oeived while caught in a cable winder
,1. F. Snvlor, of Lincoln, Nebr., has been
elected superintendent of the public
schools ol Spokane. Ills salary will be
$-,500 a year.
A. J. Jackson, a rancher of Cottonwood
island, nenr Anacortes, was shot and kill
ed by Joseph Henry, also a rancher, of
the same place.
Morris Koblman, an old resident ol
Prosser, was drowned the other night
about a mile above town. In attempting
to cross the river his boat waa capsized
Frederick Clark, a shoemaker of Ito*!-
lia, was found dead in his bed by a neigh
bor. The body wns found in"the l-a.-l.
room of his shop, in which he lived nlon.
C. A. Anderson has Ispen relieved from
the supcrintendency of the fit. Paul S:
Tacoma Lumber Company, at North Yak
iiiia, [tending an investigation of his accounts.
A 1.1-year old boy of Hnohomiah by tlie
name of Madden, living eight miles north
east of tbere, accidentally shot and killeit
count of debris piled on the track and it I himself w hilt? out  hunting  wAih  a   rinV
is thought great damage hits been done I the other day.
in thc farming district. The hoard of health    has ordered  the
Dtsaaler al « lebssraf.
Birmingham, Ala., March IS.—-Advice**
reaching h.re late (..night in.li. a.«- a get
storm ha- passed over Cleburne county,
devastating a large section. Ten people,
il ii- reported, have been killed. Tele
graph interrupted.
A passenger from Atlanta tonight eon-
dims the news of the cyclone. It was told
him hy citizen* of Kdwurdsville. It '•»
said a house near there iu which 12 persons lived wns -i-rrfckoj and nine of them
lei H.Hi.
The following deaths have occurred s.nte
ihe last weekly reforl:
.March 14—George Smith, H, Fiist Nebraska, typhoid; John Spielings, 11, .Second Oregon, dysentery; Corporal John
Kennedy, A, I'tah artillery, dysentery.
Troops  Hrtst  to  M«-*.l«-mi   llonler.
Washington, March 21.—Governor Saver
of Texas r>'.|ui «-c.l tl!e government to order I'nited States troops to assist the
local authorities in preserving peace ht
Ijaredo, saying very serious riots were
pending. General Corbin ordered Captain
Avers at Fort Mcintosh to at once proceed to Ijaredo and has received the following reply:
l^redo, March 10.—Adjutant Oeneral:
Have informed the mayor of Laredo of
your instructions, (licit bitterness on
the p.irt of the Mexicans of the other side
of the river on account of an attempt to
isolate smallpov cases. The Mexicans'
(lied on the civil otlicers today. One of
the latter is hurt. Quiet at present. I
lielieve the situation will lie in mv control. A-iKKS.
Is i .ireful of His Men.
Hun Francisco, March 10.—Paymaster
Bellows of the Baltimore, who has just
arrived here from Manila, says tbat when
he left thc Philippines Adndral Dewey
appeared to be in excellent health. Ha
says thc admiral exercises the most scrupulous care regarding the physical comii-
tbn of hi* officers and men.
A   I Arse  Den I.
Spokane, Wash., March 20.—A deal has
been closed ami tleeds are being flhil for
iho transfer of 8000 acres of timber land
north of this city, the purchasers being
the Buckeye Lumber Company and the
sellers the Northern Pacific Railway Company ami ranchers residing in that
section. This is the largest purchase of
timlier land ever made by a mill company
in eastern Washington or northetn Idaho.
Approximately $25,000 was involved in
ibe ptrrobn-e.
Fire Children llnriie.i.
Hutchinson, Kan«., Mnrch 21.- The
home of John Moore wan burned to tho
ground yesterday and five children ranging in age from three to 12 years lost
their lives.
Ilnr Iron Trnst.
Munlee, Ind., March 21—A $15,COO,000
trust of the bar iron manufacturers of the.
country will soon be completed.
the opening ceremonies was larger thnn
for many years. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[•» - ^'ejQar.m'tritm- **¥eLm**ssSvmj*^^ guiJMMi, i»' igirofc&aft
seized tbe Beaver Line steamer Luke On-  to get married.
At _ wedding, the cut glass, more than
People ore going in crowds to thc
church of the Sacre Coeur, in Paris, to
sec a statue of 8r, Genevieve, by Bogino,
on the •►c.liMiil of whieh, in bas-relief, is
a demon tempting tbe snlnt, whose features arc those of Henri Rochefort, thc
journalist, who is one of the most pronounced opponents of all clericalism. It
seems the likeness, which is too perfect
not to lie intentional, has just been dis-
11| covered
Messrs. Morris, Kroutingcr and Lee, of
Lewiston, have proved up on their 80-
ocre mineral and stone claim on thc Alpowai creek. Tbe claim embraces a big
quarry of fine building stone, and the
owners will donate the material for the
new Masonic temple.
jV decree of distribution has been issued
by Judge Koelseh of Boise, in tbo estate
of J. B. Oldham, deceased. The estate,
valued at between $5000 and $0000, is
distributed amonglilne heirs, six of whom
receive a seventh 'each, and three a 21st
each. The heirs all live in the east, most
of them in Missouri.
Within the next ninety dnys the Snake
river will have been spanned at lewiston
with a fine iron bridge. By this I^ewis
ton and Vineland, two of the richest and
mnst promising points in Idaho and
Washington, are put upon a basis that
will prove of mutual advantage. The
scene at the building of the structure is
one of bustling activity.
Robert Noble of Lewiston, i.s sending
sheep-herders from Boise to tend hi*
flocks in Owyhee county. Mr. Noble fed
his sheep nt his Reynolds creek farm during the winter. Ho has sent out a feu-
bands but still has 22,000 head in the
pens. While tbo sheep king was standing at the depot yesterday a man came
up and shook hands with him at whose
place he stopped in 18*30 whon Mr. Noble
was herding sheep on Dry Creek, for
John Early.
John Tynan, a hnikemen on the Northern Pacific, Burke branch, was caught between two cars and jnstontly killed last
week, while making up the train at the
depot. The train was all coupled together except the coach, and was standing on
a curve in tbe sidetrack. When thc train
backed down to the coach Tynan walked
between tbe. box car and thc coach to
make the coupling, but the draw Imrs
sprang past each other when they bump
ed and tho unfortunate man was caught
between the ond of thc box ear and the
platform of the coach, cutting bim almost
in two.
The   (limns   •«    M-rilln
Washington, March 17.—Advices have
been received from Manila which indie'te
that the climax may occur at any hour.
The officials here arc very well pleased
wilh the condition of affairs, but .vill uot
at present discuss the details of the oU-
The indications are that hostilities ir.„i
end within a very short time.
raptured  h>   ( <>ni|ia->   O.
Manila, March 17, 4 p. m.—Company il
ot the Washington volunteers hate caj-
turejl 150 additional prisoners neai Taguig, and also seized some ammiiniti.'..
Most of the reliels' arms were hiddc'i . i
thrown into the river.
Thc engineers threw a temporary br'dge
across the Pasig river for thc artillery
and commissary trains. The Twentieth
regiment will return from thc front today.
residents of three entire blocks in the
Blackchnpel district, in Seattle, to rscete
their houses on account of their nn-wn.
tary condition.
John Cnllahsn, of Seattle, fell from the
leleonipb pole at the northeast corner m
First avenue and I'niverslty "street tbe
other day, and was Instantly killed. He
fell about 45 feet.
l.o» driving ou the Palouse river lost
week was temporarily suspended owing
to the (iM weather which stopped the
thawing of the snow in the mountains.
Kaslo & Slocan
**li„l_  Is  Knotted.
Madrid.   March   10.—A   cable   message
received  from  General  Rios,  the  former
commander of the Spanish troops in the
Philippines, says that the situation of the
Spaniards  at  Manila is so critical  that j.
they all desire to return horae.   The Americans, the general adds, render their sojourn in thc islands impossible. Tho Span
i-.li steamer Luzon left Manila yesterday i
ior Carthagena, taking a numlier of Span- I
isb soldiers and 120 official-,
Trains Itun on Pacific Standard Time.
l.enve. Arrive.
OoIiik-West. Dnlly. Ciimc i'.n-*t
s:**-.' ...
tm a.
.. S:2S p. m.
»:ir. a
...   Whitewater...
t. 2:10 p. in
0:.V> n.
., 2:0(1 p. m.
ton) a.
10:-* a.
10:.-» a.
. Cotly Junctl. n .
.. 1:M p. ni
10:1.1 :t.
COD- i1RANh*1I
Leave l|-.0ft a. m Bnndon..Arrive 11:1(1 n. m.
Arrive 11:15 a. in Cody.. t,eiive 11:25 a. m.
O.  !•'. COl-KLAND,  Bu**erlntenileiU.
Mrs. Place Ktresird.
Sing,   March   20.-Mrs,
ro.   Tho
Sing ^^^^^^^^^
Place was executed at 11:01 a
first sho.-k lasted four minutes,
Mrs. Martha Place of Brooklyn was con
victed of killing her step-daughter Ida,
February 7, 181)8.
Net*-* U ssstlos in  the lire, r„, tanr,
London, March 17.—The. Evening News
publishes a sensational Dreyfus story. It
declares that thc former Russian amhassa'
dar, Count Von Mohrenheim, is the real
culprit, wbo sold both Russian and Fetich
secrets to the Oermon government, adding that thc Russian government Itgelf it
convinced of bis guilt
nn-illul  Hep-lsed.
Manila, March 20.—The mountain bin-
diiti of Pansy island recently tbreitened
a serious attack upon lloilo, but they
were repulsed with a loss of 200 men by
(Ieneral Miller.
^■A*i1rt%r!*«tt' SSSf \ Sett**** OsMi*»^ r0t*U**ta*&'r1kl' VlTJ "*'.».--''iCs-SlvVs i
f *JTB_mi-ft-W'ii_raffii .,1   Ruropean countries Is to
1 Spain are nobles.
be found    In
JohB   Shs-rnmn   Wrskrr.
Kingston, Jamaica, March 21.—John
Sheman is very much weaker and thc d.x>
tors are discouraged. The oruit-er Chiiago
has not yet arrived here, but it is expo t-
ed to reach Ihis port during the af.ern ion.
Tcnm *,»•••• Hirer HIsl-ssT.
Chattanooga,   Tenn,    March    20. The
Tenessee river is five feet above the danger line at this point and is rising rapidly.
Farmers along thc river ore sufTer'ng and
local manufacturing- plants hnve shut
down on act omit of thc flood.
—I nternatioiiiil—
Navigation and Trading
I I. * . l-n.l   Hotel   I Ire.
Cleveland, O., Mnrch 20.-The Brook
lawn hotel was partially destroyed by
fire this morning. All the occupant* escaped without injury. The kus Is ab>ut
xeeMyfmmt mmmtMmtmrs aaatamwmx
Parle Is to have electric underground
Steamers "International" and "Alberts"
on Kootenay Lake snd River.
Five Mile Point connection with sll
passenger trains of N. A ¥. 8. R. R. to
and from Northport, Rossland and. -P°-
kane. Tickets and baggage checked to sll
United States points.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson and way points,
daily, except Sunday, 6:46 a. In. Arrive
Northport 12: lfi p. DI.) Rossland, 3:40 p.
m.| Spokane, 0 p. m.
U'iivc Nelson for Kaslo and way points
daily, except Sunday, 4:35 p. m.   Leave
Spokane, 8 a. in.; Rossland, 10:30 a. ni ;
Northport, liftO p. in.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo, etc., Tuesday,
Wednesdny, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 8:30 a. tit.) arrive Kaslo, 12:30 p. m.
I>eavc Kaslo for Nelson, etc., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. tn.; arrive Nelaon, 8 p. in.
I-onve Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.; arrlvs
Boundary midnight; arrive Bonner's Ferry Sunday 10:30 a. in.
Ijeave Bonner's Ferry Sunday 1 p. m.;
rive Boundary Sunday 6 p. m.; arrivs
aslo Sunday 10 a. ro.
Close connection at Bonner's Ferry with
t iiitm easlhouml, toning Spokane 7:40
a. ro., and xreslboiiml^ -arriving Spoksn1*)
O. ALEXANDER, Gen. Manager.
Kaslo. B, 0.. Oct 1, 1807.
<^mk'^*^^*^'*4 -w**niw»^^ THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
"Out of Sight
Out of MM.
In other month wi forget
the harsh winds of Spring.
<But they fmv* their use, as
.some say, to blow out the
'Bid air accumulated after
Winter storms and Spring
thaws. There is far more
important accumulation of
badness in the veins and arteries of humanity, which
needs Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Tbis'great Sprin*',Medicine cliirli'i-N the
blood as nothing 'l*-* can. It cures -.oro.
fula. kldnev dtscni-e. liter trouble-., rheti-
luiiflsiii iilbl kindred iillmciits. Thus it
tive.s perfect henltlt, *tieiigtli and appetite
for months to conn-.
Kidneys—"My kidneys troubled nie,
snd nn advice took liooil'.s i-ni-sii-.iu-iLu
allien gave pronij.t relief. Ix-tier appetite.
My sleep is refrennioi*-. lt cnt*d my wile
-tlio."--■MicilAix flovi.r, 3-17.1 Denny street,
I'Jiisbiirg. l'a.
Oyspep»t---'",,"»M':i'-'l"d with liter
and kfTlnoV  rroiilne, I intTeretl for veitni
wilh dys'iei'sln, With severe pains,    Hood's
Sarsnpai'llla made nie strong and Ileum*."
—j. ll. Emmho.n, Main uraei, Aubuen, Us,
Nip Ul»e«»e- "1 i-'* n>niiiiii; sor." on
my liip efused 1ne to use .-rutehes. Was
conhued to bed every winter. Hood's .--ar.
Hparilln saved my life, as it cured me perj
fecilv. Am strong ami wcII/'—Annik
Kobert, 49 Fourth street, Full River, Muss.
Never Disappoints
B...k1-b I'llls cum* liver ill... tl..- /...ii IrrlUMInf and
orT'y cetfiartlo to take wilh Hood's MaruiparU*'
A western inventor has patented nn ap-
•kiratus for dispensing loo cream, which is
more convenient than those now in use,
consisting of a central tube in which the
i iciiiii is pla.-ed, with a slUling bottom,
which (s forced up, to push the cream
through an opening, to lie cut in slices.—
Chicago News.
.11, M. PUnley, the famous African en
flmer, hit.*.'bought an estate in Surrey.
For a neifjlilHir he will have F. C. Salons,
who psWewes one of the most complete
colhrtions of hunting trophies in the
The Fle-t-SUst. Most ruwerful sod
-fettlr* Mavsrl-illai R.mttj ret
Le Qtippe, Catarrh,
Will sure onr sebs or pslu knows
Is the tismsD body,   kll let trisl hottlc. -j-t.
2i°« vXor% eks.\ris ./tr *T "*
•WAM -oh rniumatio cum oo.
107 ent m wtttU •*..
Frude|*iek Remington, the artist, who is
inst Lack from Havana, always used a
small folding pocket \-amero while in Culm, draigned by him and made specially
lol his use.
A iMiwder to be shaken Inui the
Al litis srnson your feet feel swollen
JUtflf and .uncomfortable. If you have
smarttog feet or tight sboes. (ry Allen's
FooURoiae. lt rests and comforts; makes
walking way. Cures swollen and sweating
feet, blister*, and callous spots. Relieves
corns ami bunions of all pain and isaeer-
lain e_re for Chilblains, Sweating, damp
or frostJSd feet. We have over thirty thou
ssnd testimonials Try it UxUtv. Bold bv
si I druggists and shoe stores for*25c. Trial
pse-Mfe FREE. Address. Alleu 8. Olra
•ted. Le Roy, N. Y.
A Canadian has designed an ice skate
which has the foot plate pivoted to the
center of the runner, with springs at the
front and rear, which allow tbe foot to
i*oek up and down at each stroke and
cushion the skate in passing over rough
And   How   Mm. Pink-ana   Helps
Overcome Them.
Mrs Mary Bori.ixor.n, 1101 Marianne
St , Chicago, 111, lo Mrs. Pinkham:
"I have been troubled for the peat
iwe veers wilh felling of the womb,
ieueorrbree, pains q-er my body, sick
beed.ches, backache, nervousness and
wesknese I tried doctor* end various
remedies without relief. After taking
two bottles of your Vegetable Compound, the relief P«tWeined was truly
wonderful 1 have now taken several
more bottles of yotir famous medicine,
snd can say that I em entirely cured."
Mrs. Hksrv Dorr. No 606 Findley St,
f itic'.nnati, Ohio, to Mra. Pinkham 1
'For a !onf time I suffered with
chronic inflammation of the womb,
psin In abdomen and bearing down
feeling VVas very nervous at times, and
abVdak I was hardly able to do anything Waa subject to headaches, also
troubled wilh leucorrhcea After doo-
torlng for many months wilh different
physicians, snd getting no relief, 1 had
given up all hope of being well
again when i read of the great good
Lydia E Plnkham's Vegetable Compound was doing I decided Immediately to give it a trial. The result was
Simply past belief After taking four
bottles of Vegetable Compound end
using three packages of Sanative Wash
I csn say 2 feel like e new woman. I
•leem It my duty to announce the feet
to my fellow sufferers that Lydia
E. Plnkham's Vegetable remedies _a*«
entirely cured me of all my pains end
suffering 1 have her alone to thank
for my recovery for which 1 am grate
ful. May beaven bleu her for thi
good work she is doing for our sen.''
., __. —■, ss.    . ^ffsy,! xj^Vi . i.    f*y,.---- ■ ,
Items from the Kleh ills'" t Use Pa-
•lAo Northwest, Mews sTrom. All the
Prlnetiile  Mining   Camps   Personal*
Mining Notes.
All immense bed of lignite coul has been
discovered in Awtin county, Washington.
The whole country seems to be underlaid
with the deposit, which has been traced
up the Snake river from Mallery Ridge
as far us Elbow canyon, and crops out in
several places along the river in Wallace
counly, Oregon.
l'SISf   Mills.   Si.III.
The great Payne mine in the Slociin
has boon tnken over by Moiitieal capital-
ists and the head office of tne company is
to be removed, it \» mud, ot once from
Anaconda, Mont., to Montreal. Tha sale
was engineered by Charles 0. Griffith, thc
well known mining engineer and promoter of Spokane. . .
HusTalii 11 ii in |>.
A brief description of the camp und
how to reach it may be useful to many
at this time.
This famous region lies in the Buffalo
-lump mountains in Idaho county, the
highest altitude of the maintains lieing
nearly It.fHiO feet aliove sea level. The
altitude of thc camp is something over
7,000 feet above sea level.
The first discoveries were made the
10th of August, 1808, by two prospectoiH,
Rohbins and Rigloy. They located three
claims-the Dig HufTalo, Merrimac and
Oro Kino, and in sinking a 10-foot prospect hole struck a vein of solid ore 2(1
feet in width, and so rich that throe tons
yielded between i?."i00 and WOO. On the
20th day of December these two prospect
ors sold their claims for *i'C75,00O. After
the Kobbins and Rigley strike became
known a stampede commenced at once
and many locutions were mnde, in many
of which discoveries have. Wn made of
incredible richness, with veins running
from 12 to .10 feet in width. About 200
claims have lieen located, but old timers
who are acquainted with the country say
that the territory is exceedingly large,
and that there js room for at least 10,000
locations. Shortly after the first discoveries the heavy winter snow began to fall
so that comparatively little work could
be done, and prospectors were obliged to
wait until after the melting of the snow,
which will tn* along toward the last of
Auril or the tirst of May.
Parties going to the new camp reach
Lewiston over the U. R. A N. company
line in connection with the Croat Northern and other eastern lines; thence from
lewiston by the Idaho, Nevada k California Stage Co's stages 'two stages daily
out of Ijewiston), to thc following points:
From lewiston to Adam's camp via
Grangeville, thence by saddle horse 20
miles to Buffalo Hump; from Ijewiston to
Florence, thence, saddle horse 20 miles to
Hulfalo Hump; from Lewiston to Rodger via Elk City, thence by saddle horse
13 miles to BurTalo Hump.
The approximate fare by stage from
Lewi-ton to liuffalo Hump cnmp, which
includes ,*>0 pounds of baggage to each
adult passenger, is $15, but of course it
will lie understood that travel will not be
open till roads are cleared of snow which
will bo sonic weeks hence.
I'sliurr Hounliiln IMnlrii-t.
Following is a summary of working
mines in the Palmer mountain district:
The Palmer Mountain Cold Mininp and
Tunnel Company, of Spokane, owns 43
claims with a crosscut tunnel now in 1700
feel with nine veins cut. The depth at
the present fo.*e ih HOO feet. All veins cut
showing free gold. No drifting has so far
been done.
The Golden (tone shows nearly 20011 feet
of tunnels, all in ore. with iiO.OOO tons of
ore blocked out. A concentrator is now-
being erected.
The Okanogan Free Cold Mines, Ltd.,
of Rossland, has 280 feet of tunnels, numerous open cuts and shallow holes, ami
is erecting n mill, concentrator and cyanide plant. The company proposes to
mine out 1200 nnd 3000 feet of ground on
an average of 200 feet before sinking will
become necessary.
Thc Q. S. has a surfa.-e showing of a
vein 300 feet wide lor 3000 feet in length
and the company is running o prospecting
tunnel 300 feet" to tap the vein tKS) feet
deep. As soon as the vein is crosscut the
company will start a lower tunnel for
working the mine, which will tap thc vein
2000 feet deep, with 2000 feet length.
Tho Eldorado has a 00 foot tunnel
showing ore going 20 to 25 per cent in
copper. .1. P. Dexter is working it con
tiniiously with a small force.
At Weheville thc James 0. Blaine shaft
is down 00 feet and the bottom is in ore.
A contract  for 200 feet of work   is  in
M I -T h  .N
The Lake Shoro on Mount Elmeham
has a 70 foot shaft and is now running
a crosscut tunnel to top the vein 300 feet
The Roanoke on Mount Kiioeham has
a 400 foot tunnel, the last 200 feet of
wihch ran on thc ledge. The tunnel is
running to reach tho contact with a
cross vein.
On the Mammoth, a Whisky hill property, o crosscut tunnel is running to tap
the vein 500 feet deep.
Tho  claims  owned   hy. Captain
nenr Oolden are being worked  by
shifts   on   a  crosscut   tunnel.    This   ia
contract work.
Among the properties which arc expected to lie. working this season are Iho
Hunker Hill. Leadville, Hercules tattle
Falls. Copper World. Bull Frog, rnnne
Rainbow, Spokane, Ring Solomon Rla«.k
Warrior, Kalamazoo, Surprise and others. \ctivc preparations are being made
to start at least twothirds of the pmp-
enies above mentioned on April
"eason, and this year's development --v-ill
go far toward establishing this as a permanent and producing free gold camp.
Some fine specimens of copper-gold ore
were brought down from the Copper
ijiiccn end Number Nine claims on Buckhorn mountain. These claims lie about
half c mile north of the noted Buckhorn
mine. There Is a shaft on theCopper
Queen that is 20 feet deep and the ledge
is 10 feet in vvldth. Five assays have
l>ecn made of the oro that showed values
of from tftli to $98 per ton. The oro
is what is usually termed copper oro, but
it carries quite a percentage of gold
and silver.
The Number Nine is n mammoth
ledge, having a surface showing of 50
feet. It is a combinatiiion of magnetic
iron, copper and gold. The assays vary
from $16 to $33 per ton of all values. The
properties are owned by Don and Doc
It is reported that there is considerable
mining going on In that section. Sev-
erul of thc copper properties are lieing tie-
vcln-K-d and also one of the gold claims.
Among thc latter is the Review mine. It
is said that it Is looking better than
Everything at the Bridie is ready for
the reception of the hoist, but it is still
a mutter of doubt when it will arrive.
Frank .faekson, superintendent of the
Kxeelsior group, states that the shaft on
the property is 30 feet deep and tho ledge
thi-ee and a half feet wide. Thc ledge is
gradually improving in width and values.
The claim lies about tluce fourths of a
mile sotit h of the Golden Harvest.
One shift only is working on the Black-
tail.   The work is being done in tlie raise.
It is claimed that there is yet 40 feet
of raise to moke in the San Poil before
the two tunnels will be connected. Tho
ore remains of as high grade as heretofore. It is said to run from $20 to $80
per ton. It is just possible that the connection will be made by the first of
April.   .
The Quilp is more promising with every
foot of development, and there is a large
body of sloping ore in sight, but tlie
great value of the property will not bc
accurately known until after a shaft has
been sunk to a depth of several hundred
The Eureka hns been surveyed for a
The Kate Hayward tunnel is making
good progi-ess, and it is expected that it
will strike the ledge within tho next 20
In the Lone Pine there has been about
130 feet of drift run on thc ledge. The
tunnel was driven about 100 feet to tap
the ledge at a depth of about 50 feet.
From the face of this the drift was started east and along the ledge. Where it
was cut by the tunnel it was about nine
feet wide, 'but at. its present face it is
about 16 feet wide. The ledge widened
gradually as th« drift was extended east
and the values also increased as rapidly
as did the width.
mixing norm.
The Crystal mine near Fort Spokane
at thc mouth of the Spokane river is fast
■lev loping into a bonanza.
Ore, too rich to mill at thc mine, is lieing Racked for shipment from thc Bonanza, in Oregon.
Tbe Cold Hill mines of Oregon are now
being operated more extensively than
ever, aliout 50 miners being employed.
F.lkhorn mountain in Oregon will lie
one of the liveliest camps in these gold
fields tbis year. Plans of operation on
a large scale ore laid by the companies
interested in the camp, and before th..
year is out the monthly output from the
camp will reach or exceed $100,000.
The trustees of the Montana Ore Purchasing company have declared on extra
dividend of #80,000. Wing $1 per share
upon the capital slock outstanding, payable March 80, XHW, to stockholders of
record March 10. — This makes $<HW,0tKl
paid by this company since January,
The Magnolia mine, at Crnnitet, Ore.,
is among the big properties there that
will pass into the hands of capital this
year and be operated on an extensive
The reopening of the Monte Cristo
mines and thc rebuilding of the washed
out sections of the railroad near Everett, Washington, is going to be helpful
to the western Washington mining industry.
R. E. Cosnell of Victoria is in Grand
Forks, B. C, after a tour of the Bonn
dan- country. He was'fonnerly private
secretary of ex-Premier Turner. He says
he haa official Information to thc effect
that a smelter of 80 tons capacity will
lie erected this summer by the Old Iron
sides company within three miles of
Orand Forks.
Thc focc of the Lombardy tunnel, in
thc Couer d'Alenes, is now full of ore,
tho latest assay on whieh showed flil.rt
per cent lead and 22.8 ounces silver. The
rock Is very hard und progress is slow.
The Death of K-luliinl.
Honolulu, March 10, via San Francisco,
March 17.—Princess Kaiulanl died March
0 of inflammatory rheumatism.
Tho funeral of the dead ptinC-SS will
occur on Sunday, March 12, from the old
native church, and will be on a scale be
coming the rank of the young princess.
Kaiulanl was Ihe daughter of the
Princess Like Like. A. S. Cleghorn, i
Scotchman, was her father. He is now
living in Honolulu. Kaiulanl was bom
October 10, 1875. After the death of
Kalokaua, when Liliuokalanl ascended
thc throne, Kaiulnni was declared heir apparent to the throne of Hawaii.
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effects of the well known remedy.
Svrup of Fins, manufactured by tlie
Cai.ipoiihia Fio Svrup Co., illustrate
the value of obtaining the liquid laxative principles of plants known to be
medicinally laxative and presenting
tliom in the form most refreshing to the
taste and acceptable to the system. It
is the one perfect strengthening laxative, cleansing the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
gently yet promptly and enabling one
to overcome habitual constipation permanently Its perfect .freedom from
every objectionable quality and substance, and its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating them, make it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing figs
are used, as they are pleasant to the
taste, but tlie medicinal qualities of the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a method
known to the California Fio Hviut
Co. only. In order lo get Its beneficial
•tfe.'ts nnd to avoid imitations, please
remember tbe full name of thc Company
•irintod on the front of every package.
_Otn8Vn._E. KY. NEW YORK. H  Y..
Por sale l.y alt Druggists.—Price SOc. per bottle
The presence of a stenographer for the
state's attorney in the grand jury room
during the taking of the testimony of
witnesses, and the taking and transcribing of such testimony in lull, is held, in
state vs. Brewster (Vt.), 42 L. It. A., 444,
insufficient to abate the indictment, in
the absence of any statutory provision or
any prejudice to the accused.
An ordinance requiring abutting owners to keep sidewalks free from souw,
as they are required to do almost everywhere, is held in stotc vs. daekman (N.
II.), 42. L. R. A., 438, to be unconstitutional as a taking of property fm- public use without just compensation. This
is in conflict with the conclusions of the
nun is elsewhere.
A novel idea in the tea and coffee line
recently patented consists hi placing
enough of the article for one brewing in
n smull porous sack and attaching it to
a metal weight, which sinks to the hot
torn of thc pot when dr_s>i»c_ In.
Siiinellilng   Verj   Soolhlne.
There is something very soothing in
the use of St. Jacobs Oil for the cure ot
Neuralgia. It soothes the pain, while it
strengthens and restores the weak nerves
to a natural condition, li i- prompt and
Rev. Dr. Isaac M. Wise, who is probably Uie best known clergyman in the
United States, and one of the founders
of the reform movement in American Judaism, will celebrate his 80th birthday
next mouth.
Thej   Week  While  Yom   «*lr«*p.
While your mind and body rest. Cnsear-
ets Candy Cathartic repair your digestion,
your liver, your bowels, ]>ut them In *»erfeet
order.    All driiKKlsts,  li>c,  25c.  50e.
The queen <>f Rouroania is a licensed
lecturer, the queen of Portugal is a physician antl one of the best milliners in
Kurope, and ex-Kmpress Frederick is a
When coming to San Francisco go to
Brooklyn Hotel, 208-212 Bush St. American or European plan. Room and board
$1.00 to 1.50 per day; rooms 50 cents to
II.nd per day; single meals 25 cents. Free
coach.    Chas.   Montgomery.
It is said that Nelson Morris, the packer, can tell by the taste of a l-ecfsteak cr
roast 1-ecf if thc steer come from Texas
or Montana.
No household is complete without s bottle ol
.ho famous Jesse Moore Whiskey. Il Is t part
and wholesome stImulanl recommended by all
physicians.   Don't neglect this necessity.
Harlow X. Iliginbotham, former president of the World's Columbian exposition, has greenhouses in which sre 50,000
To Care a Cold la Oae Hay.
Trnks   -axstlvs  Dromn  Quinine  Tablets.     All
druggists refund money If It (alls to cur*, tto
Clous Sprcckels, tho San Francisco sugar king, uses a quill pen for all his writing and carries ono with him wherever
he goes.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow'B Soothing Hy nip the best remedy to use for theli
children during the teething period.
Most people are inclined to stay right
where they arc, imagining that life Ib
very much a repetition of what hns gone
before.—-W. J. Chichester.
UT! eermsneiitly Cured. No SMnr nertousnes
me after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Ureal
Nerve Restorer. Men.I Im HKi.if e-'-OO trial
1...til. and treatise. DR. R. H. KliNli, lid., MO
Arch street, l-Uadel-i'ila, l'a.
en li
Misrepresentation by a proposed buyer | ington
to a commercial ngeney, respecting his
financial condition, is held in Poska vs.
Stearns (Neb.), 42 L. js. A., 427, insufti
elent ground for rescinding a sale made
by one who relied on a report of tho commercial agency, whero that report includ-
I.ilierty when it begins to take root is
a plant of rapid growth.-tieorge Wash-
We will forfeit $100 If any of our puh
hulled testimonials nro proven to be no
genuine.   Tlio Plso Co., Warren, Pa.
The flerman people
daily for li.pior.
'^*9*mmy%jl^^ -mnk08
snil*  us   this   tne burer. i Vfilvc-J*.
spend    11,000,000
Loaded  Down.
Tlie air Is loaded down with pains' and
aches, and some systems take them in
like a sponge. St. Jacobs Oil rubbed
in will take the pain away and leave a
An Ohio woman has patented a teakettle attachment which will prevent it
from swinging around against the hand
when tilted to pour out'the water, a
piece of wire being secured to the side of
the kettle and extended to the handle.
Will make you money faster than any
other kind of Investment and now ls the
time to buy stockB tn the REPUBLIC
MINKS. Low priced stocks sometimes advance  several  cents  In  a  slnKlo day.
$20 will buy 1000 shares In the Morning
Glory Extension Mlnins Co., adjoining the
famous Morning dory mine. Ubespa-
nine Jay Qold Mining Co, stock 6c per
share. Morning Glory Gold Mining Co. ISc.
Iron Mask 10c. Quilp 16c. Gl Cullph 10c.
Savage Gold M.  Co.  2c.
Write us for quotations or Information
on any of the, standard Republic or Rossland stocks. Free map of. Republic camp.
References: Exchange Null, nml bunk,
Traders' Notional bank.
Spokane,   Wash
Employment to procure1 the passage of
ordinances for paving streets and alleys
at a eompeiifation which is in part contingent upon success in obtaining' the
necessary ordinances nnd securing the
contracts is held, in Crichfield vs. llcr-
niiidcz Asphalt Paving Company till.),
42 L. It. A., 347, to be void on ground of
public policy l>cottuse tending to bribery
and corruption.
Ws offir One Hundred Dollars Reward t«
say cane ot Catarrh that can not be cured t>*
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
P.  3.  CIIKNET *  CO.,  Toledo,  O.
Ws, tbe undersigned, nsve known t. 3
Jlwney for the last 16 years, and believe hia
perfectly honorable In all business (rantactioni
and fl—ancially able to carry out any obllga
Uons made by ibelr firm.
WEST  *  THUAX,   Wholesale  Druggists,  To
ledo, O.
Druggists,  Toledo. O.
Halle catarrh Cure la taken Internally, set
ing directly upon (he blood sod mucous aui
races of tbe sysism. TesUmonlalt sent tree
Price T6o per bottle. Bold by all Druggists.
Hall's ramUy nils are tbe best.
Mne  Cnptlvt*  Ni'uroes  Shot   Doss  b)
a   While   Mob.
Palmetto, Ga., March 17.—Four dead
negroes lie iu Johnson's warehouse. Be
side them, groauing in agony, are live of
their race. All are victims of an assault
made by the white men of this neighborhood at an early hour yesterday morning.
The negroes, who were shot down while
begging for mercy, lie where they fell, on
tho blood-soaked lloor of the improvised
jail, where they were held ou the charge
of arson.
Dead—Bud Cotton, Henry Bingham,
Tip Hotson, Ed Brown.
Dying—John Bigby.
Wounded—Clem Watt, abdomen -, Geo.
Taylor, thigh; isham Brown, body; John
.Iniuis.ii. arm.
Citizens are patrolling the main street
of the town and dispersing au occasional
group of muttering negroes, who seem de
term i tied to get some forui of revenge for
the slaughter of four of their race.
The mob was composed of lot) men.
Where they came from is a mystery, so
far OS the people of Ihe town know. Tint
some of ihe people of t'ulmotto—bul not
the better class—were in the mob goet
without saying. Kvery face was masked,
and when the warehouse was reached the
s-iechil guard of live men were covered
n ithout a word.
Two lirej of incendiary origin have oe-
currol here this year, one on February 2'A
and the other live days later. Fourteen
business houses in all were destroyed
Nine negroes were arrested on suspicion
and taken lo Johnson's worehouse U>
await preliminary trial, which was to ha.e
taken place yesterday morning. We.In s-
day the leader of the gang, Bud Cotton, is
Mid to have written a confession of thc
guilt ot" himself and associates. He was
tlie first to die in the uiol.'s bloody work.
QOT.   iiimllrr's    i'l'i.i'lioiinllnii.
Atlanta, Go., March 17. — Governor
Candler yesterday issued t proclamation
offering a reward of jJoIK) for the apprs
hension and delivery of the first menils'i
of the mob, and a farther reward of $100
for each additional person implicated in
the killing of the four negroes at Palmetto
yesterday morning.
Virtue, though clothed in a beggnr'i
garb, commands respect.- Schiller.
Tobacco costs John Bull $U,insi,ooo |
Jrpaa Ceylon
Engl -di Breakfast
Oolong Ideal Bletw1
The late E. C. R. Walker, of Roxbury,
Mass., who left $220,000 to various charities, wus seldom seen at public gatherings, and had but one hobby, that of
llower  culture.
lei    ADAMS    ST.,    CHICAOO.
Men r.qulrlns anaurpMaed treatmeat sheuM
eoasult persunally or by letter "_>••" with the
moaeer aod only eicluslre men's speolallsta la the
Waited States Diseases ot men Bad* tb*
study er a liff-tliue. Unfortunate* srery>rh«r*
should luimedlsloly cor-niunicste wilh Dr. FMIe,
ot OkloafO. Everything confidential. Remedls*
•eat everywhere In sealed paoka-f*a aad letters to
•tela envelopes.   Correspondence aollelt*- 1—.teat
tyled speolallsta la Weslera
towns, Fe* lenuln* speotallsts locate outside at
Mew York erCtilcu»o. Is these cities your private effhlrs srs ssfe. Uneqaaled treatment for all
SIMM** aad wea-n***** of tbe Oenlto-Urlaary,
Sexual, Reproductive and Nervous Systems. Impediments to marriage removed. ''Syphala"
poslUvely pnrlfle* tb* blood, curee syphilis end
removes all while ulcers la throat or mouth, oop-
per colored epots on body and eruptions en skla,
also catarrh and rbsumsttsm, " Vtgorala," lb*
only permanent raatorer sal Invtf orator, gives
tiger te vital organs aad aervss. prevents aad
SUM trip. It per bottle, i tot H. Tilal koN-M,
litter r-_sd>, k-l/prie-
A Frenchman has patented a-composition for closing punctures in pneumatic
I ires, consisting of guttapercha, a balsam, birdlime, turpentine, a saturated
solution of celluloid and a solvent to prevent the moss from hardening inside the
Strike* ln.
The chill of frost strikes in and carries
.-.iih it aches and pains. St. Jacobs Oil
■vill follow close behind and drive them
out of the system. It will search and
Huron   HiiKNcll   lo  Sncceed   Herscliell.
London, March 17.—Ine Tall Mall Gazette says it understands definitely that
thc lord chief justice of England, Baron
Husscll of Killowen, has been selected to
succeed the late Haron Herscliell on the
\ineilean lbiiisb joint commission,
.loK.'ph   Meillil   llen.l.
Chicago, Mare- 17.—Word was received
here today from San Antonio, Tex., that
Joseph .Medill, proprietor of the Chicago
Tribune, died there early ye^tciday.
It is said that 100,000 persons in London work all night.
There are 0000 cells in a sejuare toot of
"I sn flVred Ihe torture* of the (lain nr A
with protruding plies brought on by constipation with which I was afflicted for twentr
years I ran acroe* your CASCARKTS In th*
town of N-'v.-ii la., nml never found am thing
to equal them To-doj 1 am entirely free from
piles und feel like u new mun "'
C. H. K-cii-z Kll Jones St. Smut City, la
Pleasant. Palatalcr I'.'.rut Taste Good 1st
Good, Never Sicken  Weaken oi  <iri|>e. Hie 2jt-. Son.
...    CURE CONSTIPATION.    ...
tHsrllat t.mri, Ebsspu... Ckleeg*, S....rrsl. gee Tsrk. Sll
WTfl  DIP Sold snd tfiinrn e.l hy sll drug-
■IVDNW gists'.u t'l UKT..I>aer.i Uabll.
A soil ol \fi> deep dark losm: will prm* all
kinds of veKf tables, ursin. Iiav-iu ■rtem abuii
dance. Climate splendid, t'rop (allures impossible. Adnpii.1 tu ilie ruislng oi oattiu,
sheep, hoBs; daily nn.I poultry Industries. In
ininliiK district, provldtiu sn excellent market
for all products Also rich craubenv lands.
Mstnlllciu chance it tsken ... once: Write Ior
descriptive book eivlng lull particulars, Ad-
•Ircbi today. 0.   It.   I aWIIT. Secretary,
'_) Tliurlu'v Block.S_0 Krauuisco, Cat.
On receipt of 10 cents (In po«ts-tc) we will'
mall to your address (postage prepaid), three
new coiupoiltloni of sheet musfc.eopyrlghted.
Be Strong In Spring
At no other time In the year docs yonr blood
need such purliy. ri.liness and health. Your
dizziness, liitiKiil.l fi fl. ii_. t.slns in the back,
etc., all come from the blood.   Tnke
The litlontl
tnTtntoTi' AssoclatUt
(IsooeroatTse t
W* d. s general   PATBNT BUSINESS    W.
•Mar*, Introduce ani sell patents.   Onr regis*
Kniv end I'less
si i.e.-- and well
ni lie
U'ssant to take.   It will make you
;   it has   oireil   thousands of
II tier buttle at your druggist's.
ed attorney ean gel you palsnti direct from
• gorsrnment wltkeui delay. Agent!wan tei
ere-ry town te tall pat*nt«d artlolu.
kfermetto- furnished
■-■■sa est Ceim-MB
00 request    Room (11
1 BuiLBls*.   PeB-H-m
*'•<■■ I'*'* u tor uoufttur
AitehArgMi iiiH-in>m»tlon
! .i • \'i\u hi   or  ulcm-ttoj
o(  m u i' ti n «   M"Mit ■ rane-*
Vpniilfs.", and nut um
Wold *>y  DrnrtUto
"or m-iU In pUlu wrtpp«
i'v *m <.'•<. i'- i'■:■! ft
SUM, or 3 txittlo-, tc ;:..
OirrnUr te-ut on r*tiu«#
ForOonorrtumnnd ol.st r,-i l*sint'siUay Rpecliln. 11
6. the ONLY medicine uhlcli »iil cute .-li ami every
Omw. NO CASK, known ll hss e>er nil.il to cure, no
math-r hnw serious Or  nf line kinir stnuitlny.   Ilesulu
fi  lis use . Ill   -punish ) oil.     li   1< ulw.l.itely ssfe,
|ire\eiil« stricture, 1.1..I can Is. Uiken milium lncon»»
nielli's' and ik't.'iitli.iifi'>iii business. riili'K. $S.o«- l'*r
sale by nil reliable druinrisl.., el sent iiivpaul by i.ipr»_v
plauily-*ni|i|wil, on nss.'iit ef i.Hee. I.v _, M1
fAUit i-II_.SU.-Al. CO., Oileago, Ul
. Circular mailed un n*|U. st.
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cure Hick lb . I..■!,-
MM PylpepsIS, llsiiiiiTi! ilmplesatul Puri'- thi
111....il. Aid  I'll.'. aiiill'revcni  llilimisness'     1),
not.lrlpe.irHleken. Tiic<in»liiee ymi, we wil! mal
•ample free, or full lion for itSc. IHI. MOSANKC
OU., Pbll-ili... iviiiut.   Bold liy lIMiggl.ls,
and' arouud   Looini*  as   lUts ( ibe buyer.
I   It     111   Nl.   |'    1.        ,.!,>, tn     .-   ' .1  ,l|.    Nil. I  ,.»lt   ,.     ,|,   |llllfc,
fhi-> ,.inn, nn wi'll mn li.ni'l, H i'-*i1iiik nr Woim Im*
ils-n kt* cnrt'il tr pi ■ Botunko'f PUq Romeclv
St«ju« M.'liimt nml lilfs-illriv     \i.n..rT.« l-.nw.-,    („■,. J
'ttXrW^^.mimXr'*'"'*** ew*m^*.*mew*'e***ri*'.
Ask druggists for Dr. Martels
Fn li.-b Feiiisb' I'llls In metal tsix
Willi French Fliw on I op in I Hun, white
and lied.    Insist on hitting the genuine
"llell.'f for Women" mailed FRKK In plain
sesl.sl letter oilh le-liii Hisun.l particulars.
RCNCH DRU 1 CO.. 381 S3B3 Pearl St., Nt* Vork.
' ♦
'" ' '™*<^'m*^ _i-B-M-r-_tt-i -_!__* ^"t-'t-^^^ —■>^.— .»»<•■
, .'Sis,-*-
T*_e Wi**. Hi inter Oo.* T_rtct.
^/\fe 9 re now agents for
•»■ .IsCf g- Co___pa,ra.3r'S
Sewing Machines
"        Just Arrived
There ain't no wild west any moro, tlm
The tenderfoot now   strolls -boat  no
Ioniser fearimt that
Tlie "march o'rropr'css," as il's called,   For Mjjjgtjj^
the cii-  Iu vioUtion of the rules ol  bolder WP;
AND.A 8M-LT. _£*,
country's gone to wreck,
good ol' times of Ion*- ft-jo nave ■""• —•><"
»-:ffl,o'^ss."as il's called, Fur S?«i ,„V. , ■„, .lu ,..■.-.      m_<.   hi-
lies t-oiiiu a trauipln' in
An' flnnR the pious banner from
-nionotpsl'.8knocked the giimWer out, It*. 2?„V;n ir^iM V*»-"<*««ei.
1-knwi-u-the ready _im. m tailor clothes
Tl.o Bible ^'tho p. imRr hook l.ayo put Are Held iu W- nigh esteem an' full
ti... ,-'.iiiii.s.'ii 'nn - respect us those
•Il,oo....u"fil.c Christian-ilmn-li has That wear wool shirts and canvas dads,
swiped thc *• liUting cards with nistols on the side'.
An'downed the fiddle notes to wl.i.'h we 1  swear  it  nearly   breaks  mv   lieuitl
used to awing our purds. knocks out my liouest pride I
• •--
* 4».
PROPS.  eiLVKRt0jr'
we sell at the manufacturer's prices, with the
freight added. call and
see the Machines.
-fc — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
ive'rtnr'VTf'ff w*"s'ee. vvevvevveevt
The hostile ro.lmen ar.* no more, tin ir The courts o' law have downed the rope,
veils no longer tear .Indue Lynch has taken leita
The fringea from tho feathcrv wings of An'left the field to starchy chumps with
the astonished uir; heat's like ostrich eggs,
Their snakv eyes no longer g'otm wilh An'if a feller pulls his  gun an   downs
eagerness to twine. another gent                          .
Their llnaers in our huir os lu the days It costs a pile o' cash to sqtiare the trivial
of ol' lang syne. ovent.               ...
i Around tho reservations now Iho loaf un' An" jes' tu thli'kj a funeral is now put up
take their ease, Us be 3Sf,-J_J              ,-,,.,      n
1 Their bronse legs hid in paleface pai.ti A sad and serious affair, wlulo in the ol ,                                                                               >              . .  ...
quite baggy at tho kiieos; .lava;m                           ,        . mmm    flfatittliarterS   Pff HwM IH UB-WPI '***
! They while the hapuy hours away in fro- Wonld chuck his lateness underground j WW»    tmammx ivi»
qnent lazy naps, without n sigh or sob,
An'keep their cash iu motion  plnyin
poke or shoo'In craps.
Wilson Hotel.
Teeter   Bros.   -
WllllOUt n KlJ-li "r nuu, ' 1
In' )pavr» him there to rest iu peace while i
holdin'down Id** job, j
WW w w
Everything Firet-elaw Ib AH l«|twt-» H
o you   want
It makes mc rore to gaze upon the ruin of a land
That once in mak'n life a joy could play a'.winning hand;
To sec pslc tenderfeet come in with cranky eastern views
Of Dilxln' fancy bitters with tho purity of booze.
I feel us lost nn' out o' place an' short o' nervy sand
A*> any painted Injun would up in the Promised Land!
An' I would hit th** trail, but whare in thunder could I go,
Since all the west is ruined by this progress circus show!
—Denver Poat.
JEWELRY,    ->_---
~T?IAN08 t  -------   -
Jacob Dover,
Box31     .   .   Mm, B.C.
TIIE   JEfffiLffl.
Notice:—"Dayton"    Mineral Claim,
situated in Ihe Slocnn  City    Mining
Division  of West  Kootenay   District.] 	
Where located:—At. t he mouth of Day-!    NOTICE in l.orvby given Ihat IheCred-
lon Creek, near Springer. ! itorg of tho above named Company are
Tako notice thatI   Geo'-"^vlard net-,        .    , M      „     firgt d      ()f
inn eaogent forE. S. Kmney, rrce Min-i     ■ ■
»r_ Certificate No. 11030, intend Hixty j Ap«l next to send iheir names and t\d-
tlava from tho date hereof, to apply to ; dresses and the particulars of their debts
tho Mining Uecordor for a Certificate o'iorcl itusandtno nami-o on- arldm-.™
linproveuientii, for thu purpose ol ob , h - Solicitors (if nnv'; to Evan Frank
taining  a   Crown dram   of tho above   ,.,.„., ,,   * , ,., .     . .    „
clH|m Lloyd of Silverton, Ur fish Columbia, tin*
And furthpr take notico that action | A-eiit   of   Mr.   Edmund Heiech of 20
•ndr-i-ecUon 37, must  Im  ecraimuncetl, ; Threadnecdle Street, London E. C. the
S. 38S8SS8S8S838SSS88SS838
again been getting it: lira work on the
Nelson Tr bune iu their isaOn ef Wcd-
nrs'd tj last, The repirU tent out of
stiikc3 of  liig ore Iodic?,  which   are
they are the host judgro ns to  whether
it is needed  or   aot.    The   p»-op1e of
j Boundary ar*;   as   much   entitled   to
railway coTpetition as those of Nelson,
Winnipeg, Toronto or auy other town
The Irresponsible correspondent Las or _ePtion o( thc |)om*n*on.    jho wish
to hand over nny portion of the*
ct.ur.tiy to a monopoly, that it may
benefit some other portion or section,
without   regard   to  the wutiles.of the
2s/£©-D onal dL's
Outside Parties Det-iring Horses in Silvertcn
Can  Have Them  Reserved By Writing To--
t t t t +  '       t       ■ t
A. P. McfcONALD,
btsf'jre the issuance of  such  C'orti-cate
of Improvements,
Dated this 6th   dav of March, 1S99.
111 3 ! 99.
NOTICE:—   "Cnltns" Mineral Claim;
situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenav District.
Where located:—At the head   of the
North Fork of Lemon Creek.
Take notice that I, J. M. McGregor, acting aa aaentfor J, A. Finch, Freo Miners Certificate No. 1074*. ami E. J. Dyer,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 556U. intend
sixty days frcni the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for u Certificate
pi Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grunt ol the above claim.
And further take   notice that action
under section 37,   must be commenced Avctiokeehh, Customs Drokeps,
before the issuance of such   Certificate of „ _»_     _■ .
Improvements. ' A"D General Real Estate jVcests,
Liquidator of lilt said Company and if so
required by notice in writing from the
said    Even Frank Lloyd are by their
Solicitors to come in and prove their said
debt or claims at such time and place us
shall be specified in sin li notice or in
default  thereof they   will bc excluded
from the benefit of any distribution mnde
before sucb debts arc proved.
Dated this 14th day of January 1809.
Asiiurht MonRis Ciisr k Co.
Solicitors to the Liquidator.
17 Throgmorton Avenue,
London, E. C.
27 | 1 | 99
Dated thi» twentieth day of January jom<J.,n „.-,„- Block"
J. M. McGregor.
.Sill 99.
Baker Bt.
NELSON,   P., C.
NOTICE:—''Meteor" and "Ottawa No
6" Mineral Claims, Rituutu in the Klocnn
City Mining Division of Wist Kootenay District.   Whore located —On the
divide   between   Springer Creek mid
the north fork of 1.union Creek.
Take notice that I, J. M. McGregor
actinic   as agent for .1. A, Finch, Free
Miner's Certificate   No.   1674 \;   E. J.
Ever. 555H. VV. M. Shaw. 5552v, and
Charles rjweenev,   UtJ9&A,   intend  sixty
days from   the dale   hereof.to apply to
the  Mining Recorder for   a Certihonto
of Improvements, for tho purt-osu uf obtaining   a  t!iown Grant  of the above
And further take notice tha action nnder section 37, must be commenci'd before the issuance of such Certificate of
.-Oatcd this twentieth dsy of January
28 | 11 99.
J,M. McGreaor.
NOTICE is hereby given that the Head
Office of the "GALENA MINES, LIMITED" is now siluite in lh- Town o
Silverton and Evan Frank Lloyd of tliu
said Town has lieen appointed the Attorney ior the Company in place of.Percy
W. Evans of the City of Vancouver, B 0.
Dated this 4th. day of February, 189!)
fi.  Y.  W'OOTTON
Eegialrnr of Joint Stock
j. m. McGregor,
Shiloh'a   Consumption   Curo   cure
where others   fail.   It  is  the  leading
Cough Cure, and  no  home  should   be
wiihout it.   Pleanant to take and goes
right to the spot.   8old at
Dyspepsia   Cured.   Shiloh's Vitalizer
mtnediately   relieve*   Sour   Stom.n-h,
Cruniug np of Fo.nl l)it-trot-sea, and in the
great ki.lnev and liver remedy.   Sold  by
The Silverton Drug Store t
What Dr. A. E. Salter Says.
Buffalo, N.Y.—Gent*:—From my personal knowledge, gained in observing
the effect of your Shiloh's Cure iu cases
of advanced Consnmption, I am piepar-
ed to sav it is the most reniaikabln
Retncdv that has ever beet brought to
my "ttention. It has certainly saved
many from consnmption.   Sold at
The Silveiton Drug Storo. t
Stop thst Cough I Take warning. I
ra ay lead tConsumption. A 25c bottle
ot Shiloh's Cure mav save your life
Sold at The Silverton Drug Store.      t
For Constipation fake Karl's Clovf.
Root Ten. the great Blood Purifier Cures
Houdache, Nervousness, Eruptions of
the face, and makes tho hoad us clear as
a hell.   Sold at
The Silvurtca Drug 6:, re. t
only limited by the nerve of tl.e  writ- | ctmimun*,v afl^tcd, is radically wrong
er, are unfair to  thn  owners of  tin I	
claims named and to  the  |n*»|-i».r publishing them.    In the Tribune's desir.
A story cemps from  Nel^oii of  I'ib
to issue a dsilv, it would seem, any nld preparing cf • pet dojj for tlie oven by
tiling will do **.o  publish,   anyilnti^'  to I a Ohinainan cook aid thc horror cres-
fill its columns.     The   reported- strike] tn)J t»>wV- in the mind  of  the mis-
of eighteen inches   of clean   ore  on  n
certain claim new Silverton. is n  fake
and the repirt was  sent  not   without
the knowlege of the claim owners', who
trors. The strange part ot the story
is how could a housekeeper rmploving
a Chinaman afford to lie so particular T
are developing the property and do i.o».j*»V«- -*riouM stay out orthc'kltchen and
claim moro than they   have  in sight. | turn on tho faith wiieu at the table.
Strtkei of eighteen luchet  of oto   are
not so common, oven in thi*- section, as
not to «arrant more  than  a passing
We are not in the habit of contradicting the statements of Slocan correspondents, but soma of those sent t*>
the Tribune are too rank to be allowed
to pass. It is our theory that the
more reliable milling news made public, the better for thc district and the
news published in our column! is as
reliable i.s can bu procured. Some
weeks wo may be short on 'Strikes" but
nlwavs h-1 ou the truth.
OUT OF TIIE ErRY-GOOtffl BUSINESS, i offer the oiTosnr.
Ross   Thorburn,
Neckties, prcc wa* 76e ; now otK
White Shirts. '* •• \\1b; " 1140
Coloted Shins ' " 175; " I'fl
Il-avv Shirts " " 175; " MO
I"nib-recur suit » 3 5«; M 800
Miner's.Shoe. Overnlls, Jumpers.
Blankets. Ac. kc. All Marked Down.
B, C.
And S00 Line
ti i
• .tr
■- r-
An uneasy fowling is manifesting
itself in mining circles over tlio probable consequences to follow tho passing of the Eight Hour L»w by the
local Legislature. This measure was
apparently pushed through the process
of law making without any thought
of its consequences on the Slocan mines
ond only now are the fatal defects in
the measure, as applied to.this district, being appreciated. It further
appoars that thc intention of the promoter of the nieusure, Martin of Rossland, wus not to attach auy penalty
for its infraction, but by incorporating
it with the present "Inspection of
Metalliferous Mines Act" a penalty of
810 a day for every infraction is attached. Tbe initiative for any prosecution must rest with the Provincial
Mine Inspector or bo by written instruction from the Minister of Mines.
There is no necessity for tho enforcement of this measure in this section, where both men and management are satisfied with the present
state of affairs, although it is rumored
that the miners, instigated by this law
purpose demanding un eight hour day
with the present pay of $3 50. If this
should amount to anything, it must
result in trouble.
Hasty   end   thoughtless  k-i-islation'
was u feature of thu   late   hurry-up-
and-gc.t-through session.
\ tail Lint- «i hvi hhh by llu
Bfst of Modem A_:brs lias jus
Been Bteiivcd.    If yoa m a Read-
Motto  for our  L -gislators: '■—
"Wo have left u -done those thing? fr, T_U Will illff rOsUwi.
we were asked   to do   and   we have
done those things wn have  uot  been
asked to do.", to which some  mav sdJ
* e>
"and what are you poing to do   about
East and West
Mc IN TO* Hi
Slf.VEtcriiN.      P..
ninovcii nasi 11 *»■• & -rov-sirrr si.tirr«s|
QUICK 11305,      ,„:
For the second time during the last
three months, wo have been able to
write the fij-urea "1000" under the oro
shipment-i from this point. These
fig>-re8 include the small shipments of
tho prospects as well as thc several
hundred ton shipments of our larger
producers, and go out as a standing
advertisement of the camp.
Few mining sections can show such
a uniformly high grade of oro as that
produced by the Slocan and it is no
idle boast when we s*y that these two
thousand tons are equal in value to a
shipment of at least one carload a day
for a year from some of the less favored localities
Gratifying as the shipments up to
date have been, they are at best only a
hint of what the production of our
mines will bo in the near future. With
the increase in the number of shippers
and the incrc.sed facilities for quick
transportation from mine to wharf, the
shipments will multiply rapidly, the
production this year being limited by
tho slow and laborious process of raw
hilling snd packing and numerous
delays by unsuitable weather.
Karl's Clover itootTea. for Constipation il'a the best ami if ufter u-int* i< vou .
don't nay so, return the packaite and'get  of
your money.   Bm<; at '
It is the duty of Ihe Dominion Government    towards    the    people    of
(Southern Dritish Colombia, t-j  give u
charter to Corbin for the construction
his   railroad  into   the  Ilmndary
Divine .Servicos will be conducted iu
the Hilverton Church on tho second and
fourth Sunday of tho month by the Rev.
0. F. Yutcs, at 3 p, m. You are invited
to bc present,
Resinning on .Sunday, November, 6Lh
thc Rev. R. N. Powell will \.0\d services
every alternate Hunday at 3 p, ui. in tbe
Hilvercou Church. In addition to these
services will be held on evorv altertate
Monday evetvnu at 7 p. ni.,commenting
SILVERTON.       -   - -      -      I*   <
minted wmm IN
:•; Mqcartcni For Mining M :•:
Tkkf.ts Ism nr And _..•.««.__
— Ch-ckku To DttSTiXATji.-*. —
(excepting   SumUj-)
Rewlek.'.e and Main Lint Points.
6.0.*i—leave— rS'iLVMrro.t—aniVe—l«;i>|
Nelson,   Trail.   Rossland, Ac.
10 i,i-!cavi'-iSii.vKiJTOs—arrive— l'i.'.'.
Ascertain pr«««:U   raws and fiiU hi
fminatlou by   s-dr«Milni|   ne'-frMt  |. ■»]
ut-eiit, or      ."	
W   R. CLARK, Affcul, Wlvertcs
XV. T. ANDER80K,■•'    -
Trev. I'ass. A|(eni, Nelflon.
E.3, OOYI.K.
Diet. I'ars. Agent, Vsnsoiivcr |
__ J _        ■ 1,   |.    , ,s»..	
MAY, 24* 1899.
i ' country *iri> ewmonni frr it and eiucly I cordially invited to attend.
'    *• t
% mmwemeAsmae**mm **. em •>.-,
.<;.-■• '.A-.
'^5^^-~4Mfc#'- £imjKU&zms^:.m&*8& ^m «m djrv*«nv*r'^?»^^•1^^,'iyipt^ «i^^^«^^m-%*i^.>- -«^."sw;miiN.^w^%v%^.aPL-^-hr,"f^*j!*(f^,^v^r-'^^iB^43i^^.««
umamg isWa


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