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The Silvertonian 1899-11-04

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 * m  -    ."• et*sm*h>W
■'.-■   f I  .'*•■•.  ..
■om>tt .r
-  *!      ■
(nd Up To flata
Mining News
WjAJ^A£  tfX
01 The Richest
Camp  Of British
NOVEMBER 4, 1899
Another Red MounUin property is to
h,Pros|iec.t*d and at least one of it*
imtnen-e gold copper deposits develop.--]."
A deal has lately been coneummiitedi.ty*
whicli the Rockland and Ruttler claima
have been turned over to one ol the
ilroageiit miningsyndicates operating in
the Province, aod this coiiiimiy**_»tt.
alrssdy made arrangements lor"t1te
thorough development of this preiperly.
The Rockland and Rustler daii-aa. are
•tiuiated on Red Mountain near the bead
,,f Flight N_i!e creek and about sit miles
(ram Silverton with which place they are
ceinnecied by a good pack-trail. The
property is what is known as a gold-
co>eei- propoeltlon sV-d ri i- i» oin* ""* e
i.ig icst surfae** *b\ *»i     ' * -'• t
Thecltarat-.lei ui .i«* -ti-^-unii ni ._...ili*r. to
those of the Koesluiid district, bill bigut^
and giving highsr values iu gold on the
surface. It is to the demonstrating of
tbo value ol this deposit tbat the present
company will devote their energies,, ,
There are oo the property at present
good and suitable fuildtpgs to nueom-
modate a lnrvf force ai men A crti*-*-
tut tunnel has bvtm .riven w.ii; ■ \t\ »
iiiad'stanc-eof-40 teet |iut W.L-h *HI
hare to ue dnvon 100 f*~>t farther ImUr.
it sncou. t.**--. tin* l"*er side of tl.e OH.
dep-sit. 'tlie face ot the ti.niM.-i will
then hnve A vertical depth of 1W feet
New ore caie and -.i.e. rails ham Wii
ordered and will be at om* put in ard a
lorce nf men employed _-oa»inuot._dy in
.hiving Ibis tunm-l ah...n) The work
• iii he done nnder !!*•• management of
l-mnk Watsunuid'-Vd1 '■« pwhod as
(int as possible.
raoMfcura raoPEimr.
Witlnt, \\trtsi, mih a of Slocjn City is
eiliutrd the Rainbow Croup, owned by
M.«rs Hick., Barber. Callatisn anit-
lihin. Two toiiecls have been driven
on tin* property, the upper one -if which
i« ii. V> feet and ha .cut tbe-. tup of an
i.-t* sl'cite. Tbo lower tnnnel hss been
.'liven cm 'bo hnt^e eoino distance down
the inotint.iiii, with the intention of fining tbe ore shute exp ..id in the opper
tunnel, at ct |>tli., This tunnel ie now in
'.•0 It et and bom live to eight Inches nf
clean "re lus bene enetmntered. It baa
Mill 40 feet lo tun Wioru ii Kill Xm tliit*c'*>
ly below the ore showing mado iu tiie
tunnel above. Thecliaia-.fr of th* ore
i. a hhjb grade gahne carrying some
line and v_ry clos.'.y rcai-mlillng thai of
the Enterprise wine on Teif'-Mile. At
present l*ul__tiiina and ore bins are being
erected ami i: is the iute.ii.oo of the
owners to continue developing the property all winter.
The L. H. will work all winter aod a
string of pack animals are kept busy
packing up winter auppliee.
TtieSllveeCnp.'Lardean'e star mine,
la at present employing SS men. At tbe
Towser 15 miners are on the payroll.
Several Silverton boys are at theae properties. _^
A ganji.of men are at work firing up
fhe Silverton wagon road. The large
amount of heavy freighting done on this
piece of j-nad necessitates tbe repaii ing
of it quite often.
Tbe Wakefield concentrator is going
up tepidly and everything moves slung
like-clock work. This piece <_'f. **«rk
eliows what can!*.! ai*c.iupU_»b"eV by *
responsible firm who employ expericu-
'•o^.Hnperiiiiciideuto aud are willing to
pay good wages. "
On Wednesday last. Finley Fraser,
one of tbe carpenters employed in tbe
buildiiniofth-. Wakefield Concentrator,
fell from the ••ru.tnrt- a clir-Unce down
• ' '' ii* le-i; fuel, etrikinga npiur.* tiin-
i..-i A fr,.i-uriid rib waa the result.
Dr, Brouse ia-attending the case.
Tke Silver-Lou! fliim association
Inpwt ire Men.
Men K»w See What The
Aisociitiw b.
"Hilt Bros,our local sawmill men, have
delivered here during the week 90.000
teet of lumber and 25,000 shingles. All
for the Wi.kefi.-ld Mines new concentrator. This firm also delivered the first
lot of lumber, consisting of 80,000 feet,
at Bosun Landing for the Boson mine.
Itv.Mie   To   Work   Ahlmagli  Of-
r.r-d e«.eo a Skid -Ottawa
App.alad to.
fclLVFR TIP i.&QW.
Tbe Silver lip Group of elsluis at the
mouth of Twelve Mile creek lias for the
amount of work done on it shown up
remarkably well. The ledge which
averages nearly twelve feet in width has
been traoed tbe (ull length of two claims
and open cut* and ehello** shafts have
lieen dug on it every few feet. The
strike of this vein is eaaterly aod westerly
and it lias about a SO degree pitch south
erly into the mountain. The whole
ledge is more or lees mineralls'd, but
ths best streak of ore appears to bo next
to tho footwall and is from four to six
inches wide. The character of this
The character of this streak of ore is
galena currying some sine and black
sulphurate of silver nnd giving assay
values as highesSSOounccslnsilver to
ths ton.
One ot the -push givea tlie following
Jc tiiiiti.. im uf -mining ter_ps.
A prospector—A man wbo has a hole
iu Uie ground and is Ihe .biggest her ia
A pr.n .*iiiiin iinui-^-O.ie 'who wear*
Ueed boots aud coi.ii.uy c!ein_» ai.tt
never payable 1-oiud .-ill.
A mining espert—A man who can
talk about foirnutioii«, ramifications,
_.tr*tilicatione, dyke*, zone.*, dip.-, spurn
angles, tvlegiles, ooieile., setMe-iitea.
siid sll the other ites and tites; csu see
ii mile into mother earth and Invariaidy
condemns the country.
An expeil miner—A fellow who lonf-i
around town looking lore job as superintendent of» property, but would bo a
foreman if he can't be superintendent;
jm-wlio woiked on the Comstock ib '70
and 1ms been idle over since.
A "fy.r"—A nun who came to the
co Mt in the fall of "4:•» or epriog o' to,"
and knows wiere there are di**xRigs
thai will pay fl 50 to the pan and i. go-
Ing buck there j'ii-1 as eoon as cpriug
A wining reporter -A rami Hho wants
yon to .nli-k'iiiH- lor Ins pup.-r, wuuta to
*ri e up your pro|ieity. and wants you
lo tako him out iu the best buggy in
lowu, smoke your best cig-tra and borrows %b.
A mine promoter—A man who has
unlimited capital behind him but not
any around him; his watch is in soak.
A tenderfoot—A "Wiil.v boy" Just out
from the east. CarrUs a small arseual
with him. goes out prospecting with a
shotgun and fishing rod, buys a sailed
claim and gets itouey Irutu mother lo
come home iu tbe fall.
Au amalgamator—.V man who wears
long fingernails, draws f> a shift an 1
ele.po._ii-. $10 iii lhe bank e\ety day, if
ibe ore le low grade and more in proportion
"A local mill man of nob "—One who
ban lieen on the «vr of starting f'ir Suuin
Aiilcaor s-une other f-r UT iemon for
seven ye«rs, to take charge of tlio construction of a l.uOO "tamp mill for a Loudon syndicate; a mun who haa beeu positively known to bave constructed a
An assayer—A man who charges you
♦1.50 for throwing your ssmple out of tbe
back door and writing a certificate.
A mining engineer—One wbo makes
luony figures on biased stumps and
charges a big price.—Baker City (Or,)
At the Noonday mine thev are storing
ore away in Ihe old stopee, ss the'Yire-
sjrters are not able to anywhere near
keep up to the miners nnd sort and esck
ibe ore aa fast as It is coming nut of the
mine. All the available space on the
outside is piled up with ore, thu hIiiiIcs
in the mine are all as full aa it M puatdhle
tu get them and so the old stupes are
being used to pilo up ore in. Two carloads of ore are now sacked at ihe mine
aud awaiting traus|*ot tation to onr wharf.
A system ot sir plpee and a- fan have
lately been installed at the mine and
preparations sre being uiadp to work a
l«rge forpo ol men this winter.
••" ».-» -tt-V-eiaieK .!■■* ,,i .*«.rttsa.*As -hWMk •£_.«._«»..-.. *«j*_. -:...****
The Silverton Gua Club was formally
organised last Saturday evening at a well
attend, d meeting, held at the Victorie
Holed. About twenty gunners sgned
the roll of nifmi ers, some of whom can
be depended upon to ophnld the honor of
the t-wli iu whatever mai-hee should l#
arranged. B. Calbick was chosen cap-
lain and Dr. Elliott secretary- treasurer.
The Club iutends to soon bave powder
to burn, bsving ordered 6000 rounds of
ammunition as well as cl»y birds and
Once again the efforts of the Silver-
Lead Mines Association to down and
drive out tbe Canadian miner from tbis
section have fallen through and once
more the mine owners have been stepped
back from the rampart* ef unionism,
beaten again.
' Tbis time (he sugust members ot   the
Silver-Leud Mince Association have been
eirabl-ed by American dagoes.
They bave now beau turned down by
every nationality except the Chinese end
this exception may sou be unnecessary.
'   Caw* iMta _«a«i._ Vad.r Citalrnet.
,Ou Wednesday 1 osl a crow d of Ilitlinns
arrived in Sandon. They were the advance party of others engaged ju Scuttle
by Rod Tolmie, secretary of. (he Silver-
land Milieu Asaociation. through lhe
General Employment Agency.' tiev-.al
jihrreamved . ti Tuuti-day, fciwsrded
i*y.ihe&»iu-j-t-plv.. Otitatacams a. fai
aslt/velbtrk-'. AU were unlei couiraci
11 work iu ibe minea ol the Asaocl«II<>n.
M<K ..f«n «m* .»» maly two Star.
- -..nioiig all engaged by Secretary To'-
mie, only tno would go to work after the
circumstances now prevailing in tl e Slocan were explained. The _'ey_e mine
has tbe honor of employing the only
two scat* in tbe importation.
S«*ab» Bave A H.eU Italia g.
The Silver-L-iad Miked Asaociatiou was
'ormetl to piOtrct tbe working mine ow-
usrs of thia aection from tbe avaricious
ci.iiia-nim.i tbe Canadian niiii.rs, a ho
aak for S3.50 per shift. Tbis same Au-
cociation are cIT'iiog |4 prr shift to
scab.. Tli..* is uot only aioticd bandon
but also around N.dsou. Tne Miner..
Cbion is to be smashed ut any cost, apparently, by the A-cKOciatton.
tlr «lifrl.1 Laarler A,.pe»l«d Va.
The Miners' Union at Sandon sees tbe
signs of an approaching unequal fight
If they are to limit their tffoit to the
bounds.set by law, as they bav e done in
tbe past, tbe mine owriernimi.t  likewine
be forced into tbe ohMcr.-ancc ot the same
rule.   The Awociatioii have  broken tbe
law and tbe au'liorities are being appealed to     Tbe following  telegram ha«
been despatched to Ottawa:
Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
1000 Canadian miner* of «he Kletoan
with tneir wives and families sre being
driven mi  of Chiifda ly tin* import*
io i of labor from U.e United 8.ut.es
Mi.it. owners of the ffluuan ar.t importing meu to take our places.   Onr «ives
and families and all others dependent
on our labors, as well ss we ourselves,
appeal to you.   We ask you to asii. t
us in securing the enforcement ol the
Alien Labor Law.   As British subjects
-we naturally resent the eireum. lances
which are driving ns from our native
land.   Will you, ai First Minister of
the Crown, secure for us the protection which the Alien Labor Law provides?   I'loase assure ui l>van immediate   reply   that   we will have your
c i-oporut ion.
(Signed-.   W.L Hagler,
8ec. Sandon Miners' Union-
Josher Cele has wandered back from
the Lardeau,
0 A. Jackson visited Nelson during
the week on business.
John Adams, who wss laid off from
work at Ihe Wakefield concentrator aa
the result pf last week's sreident, ie boek
sgsin at work.
The Silverton Drug Store has received
a shipment of tbe following goods;
Syrup* of llorobound k Tolu, 5 Drope,
Swamp Root, Sponges snd Perfumea.
All New Goods. f
Alt work in (ho Jewelry Repairing
Hue, left at the Silverton IirugStore, wll
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Do.ei
the well-known Nelson jewtder. All repairs are ouAHANTiii.ii pon os* yeab*
A. P. McDonald haa been building a
large cf-alshed on Ind. Avenue for the
stork'bf fuel he is daily expecting from
Lethhr_dge. He is preparing to do • big
business in coal and wood during tbe
comi-g winter.
TM ciiy fathers sre slrosdy - planning
what civic improvements will have to be
done before Silverton's Third Annual
Queen's Birthday Celebratioo.
Mtt. Wm Brandon save s vtry enjov-
sble whist partv mi Thursday evening
in honor of ber guest, Miss Bennett of
Slocsn City, The evening waa pleasantly passed with coda, music and
fAst*Wednesday's meeting of the Literary **ociety developed into a discussion of the Government's action in despatching a Canudian contingent to the
...ne ol hostilities In tiie Transvaal. An
animated debate was carried oo by the
J. W. Bengoug-i, who was billed for
slocan City Inst night, has cancelled all
hia engagements, consequent to the recent death of tue fattier. Mr. Qengongh
will resume bis B. C. engagements later
on, when our citizen, will bo able to
hear him.
During the laat Dominion electi-ins,
Mr. Bengough contributed a series of
articles to tl.-. Toronto Globe, writing as
"Caleb Jenkins," a i ame now famous
in _'Hn...la Under the sane name, he
ia now relating Lis wet>-_ru adveuluioa
|ur rentiers cf the "Toronto Saturday
Night." His impressions t,f the Slocan
will __ printed nOOtt,
J* At M'Kiniio-a
& Co.,
,Sllv©rtor_., 33. c-
<*i  *na_is   Mia
T.  -gj fr*- Bt-gE-B-PXT-M*;.
SILVERTON     11   H
riTEST lEVICHHS,   ri'RE llCfiS,
S   J, . ■ r
Mincra Glasses   and   Compasses.
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
Lake Iv - - • Silvenon. B. C.
Early Thursdav morning the home ol
Capt. Seaman in t_locan Citv waa tbe
ac.-ne of a quiet wedding, when Mr
Fred Wright mid Mia. Maud Kiddell
Were nude man and wife,
Bodi of lhe joiing people are we'l
accj'wnted in thoSilocan. The bride is
sis.cr of itlra. Seaman ol (doc&n City,
with whom aieo has lived for some time
Mr. Wright was until a shoit time ago
purser on the C. P. B. Slocim lake*
Steamboat service, he now being on the
Kootenay L«ke run.
Alter the ceremony the happy couple
li.ft for a tour ol the coast cities, gaini*
vii KiMfl- tole. Oo their ret urn ti.ev
will r> side in Nelson.
Tin Kii.vtcainNivN exiends its best
-vibiius to Mt.and Mra. Wright.
X*e.  _-rv£.  2SZ».OT77-ls©.   -Prop,
Patronise Home Industries.
Other Mm»_«ii  *.<• nt.
Similar messages have been sent to
Miniater Cotton at Viuloria, to the Attorney-General at Ottawa and to Hewitt
BostocH, M. P.
As we go to press no reply hss been
received from these gentlemen, but when
such replies are received further action
will probably be (aliec.
The Freddie claim which lies just
below and atlj lining the Noonday mine
is to be developod at once. This claim
isowntid bv H. Nixon and John A.
Turner ol Nelron and it is the intention
of liie owners to erect suitable buildim..
and put a force of men to work as quickly
as iiossihle. The Noonday ledge cioeaea
this claim ami a large amount ol floa'
haa 'ie.n found on it, but as yet tin
ledge has not been fonnd in place. The
work of cro*s-cutting on the surface will
be commenced at oi near tbe wagon
bridge below the Noonday claim aud the
owuers are confident that lhe ledge will
toou be uncovered. Development work
will be carried ou all winter on this
IS.8 8S*8fl888888888888888 8888 8886188S. 88888888®
tlx-e TaLiloi-V
Mtt. MM
MLVFRT-K,   i. C.
I». BUR1VS &oo
From two to five pack-iraloe leave
Silverton every morning loaded with
i-upplies for tho various mines that are
«g yet not connected with town by
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo,  Sandon.
New Denver, Cascade City , Grand FoiU. Strda t
Midway and Greenwood.
>+z*m tow**.**. *•__*...„* j**. .s*¥t*..w*yrs.
mwx*-f**rm*tt gattaia ■_*_!-.
f %# v.* **»
if Ik* B-rats for
the rail miemk i»-Tl_Ut -4_A ForeJUasf tike elate, department
l,.nd*-Sa-nit»arlae<l *-•■* tha *__*_-
•at DMMfekee.
A C-»_W»e«e Review •_ *-* ■*
__._, r«t WweK in.Thi* MUl 1
Is actively and successfully engaged ln
the work of straightening the proposed
route and otherwise lessening Uie cost
of constructing the waterways,'
The story that Mr. Wild man' Is to
removed from the post of United ~ta<
Consul general at Hong Koig and
placed by Edward Bedldfc, late consul
at Canton, ls emphatically denied at
Grant Allen, the author, is dead.
lloilo is stirred by expectation of important fighting. ./'•••. . .
Vandals have defaced, the. .MwJy-er-C-cd.
monuments in the Sieges Alice, Berlin.
The little girl of C. A. Iuman of Cres-
ton, Wash., is believed to have been kidnapped.
Ted Perry was shj_
farm four miles south"
J. A. Willard.
The Tmm. «l,-Wales-reeeif*d |t>rrat_r
l'residenrfcoajaibiu Hah-_on in aadicwie
at Marlborough House recently.
The scarcity of seal and sable, furriers
Gen. Shatter has provided headquarters in the army commissary building
at San Francisco for the committee of
the Red Cross society uow engaged in
collecting books for a free library to
be established In Manila for the use of
American soldiers.
.A^speclal to the Post-Dispatch from
Austin, Tex., says: 'Samiiffl Watrous,
one of the murderers of G. W. Engberg
and Jils wife, waa hanged in the jail
yard here today.   W_»,fepMftJH-j4 hfi was
'-_iit1_-_i_.il*.- Silenced their Gi_-a—
Huiuort-tl Tbnt the Boer* Retreated—Both Side* Lost ll.-itvll. —
Sklriulah   at   Hltotlrs.    ...
lainee-Davideoa, con-
icted of tho same crime, will be hangup Hqy.^A., . .   .- i
J. head-end collision of freight trains
un-mi on the BaTtlmofe 4 Ohio railroad five miles east of Cambridge,
wrecking both engines and 14 cars. En
in Chicago declare, is the cause of the big jjtrie-er   Carney jffmalned nt his post
advance in the price of all furs. fjind "Wis  „11h*d.   "Three  tramps, who
The recall from hia post of duty of
Rounsevello Wildman, United 8tates consul general at Hong Kong, is imminent.
Count Torranaz, goven_pr-'*-f■ the Bank
of Spain, lias been appointed minister of I'ttotbitl). (la'nri.
justice in succession to Senor Duran, fclip-  /cAnfcridRe.'-Mls.., Oct.-.O.-Wniie Har-
resigned. vard had no difliculty in disposing of the
Advices from Colombo snnapw the ttm}ova Csrlisl^ndia** ek-vcm ob S.ldiera*
commencement of a revoltpmtteri **jffl WelJ ,the ,.,■),„,<„, players'were unable
the object of restoring ^-fSpanial e^iii-  fo ^ Rtttr IlitdsoS froth- flekihg his
were stealing a ride, were killed. The
accident was caused by Engineer Carney's failure to take a siding.
i—t a
Emperor William will exhibit the Fred
erick the Great colimWlf '*t'ettrtos, literary treasures and Fiendjjjaintingfc^fc the
Paris exposition. • ^g,    L *_;!*_»
The United States government expedi-
I'listoi^ary goal from the field, and a
wretched muff by Girasch early in thc
gamc/'followed hy a quick pick-up by
Kid Wat cr, who. rim 50 yards for a toin-li-
i down, gate - the vi_Horf***fr'*_rftfi*e points,
making the final score 22 to 10.
tion in ohmge of Capt. GklW, W-iie*.wfltf   ^f^, ..j-orkj   t^t.   30--At   Mnjtattan
north to explore Sushnita -ivory hm'tw^yi^g■■*;„• a.^,'figthal was fiercely contest-
turned to '.'aides to winter.
The courr of appeals of New York lias
affirmed lhe verdict of conviction in the
case of Howard Benham, the banker of
Batavia, sentenced to death for wife murder, and he will be resentenced.
An appropriation of $4585 was made by
the Woman!? flome. Missionary Society
of the Methodist Episcopal cliureh-at their
present session for the WCah wark,   , » .
Acting Postmaster General death 1ms
instructed1 Director of Posts Vaille at
Manila tft.it a United States citizen n-aiil-
ing*iti-the Philippine JslaiWs. may .secure
a copyright from that point.
Juan iJai'cfa, a Cuban, and his sweetheart, Miis Bus-.ie Maheney, daughter of
a prominent publisher, were found dead
in the roa-1 near Peoria, III. Garcia bed
shot ihe girl and then himself.
It is announced Chat a sensational burglary has taken place at the'Savoy Hotel,
London, where the room ot Mrs. Stnokwi-11,
of New Yorkv-widow of a New YorlstJeV
eler, was entered -and robbed ot jewelry,
valuables and money:   .   . ^
The resolutions of the VT. C. T. U. at
Seattle censure President McKinle,
Griggs and Gen. RusSffl'Afger.' Thi
denounce Congressman Roberts of Utah,
trusts, lynching, immoral shows And offensive advertising, and ask suffrage for
the ladies.
The typhoon through .which the steamships Empress of India and Senator pasa'd
proved even more disastrous on land than
on sea. Iu Tokio and Yokohama it raged
with great fierceness. Hundreds of houses
were wrecked in all districts, thong- the
sfcexm seen-.s to have been attended'with
less loss-ef life than usual. ■■ mi*
Notwithstanding the fact that fully 600
armed men surroanded the Island between
Atchison and Doniphan, the. tvfo -bandits
who recently killed one man arid wounded another at Doniphan, and duplicated
this crime at Atchison later while being
pursued by a posse, crept through the line
of guards during the night, and, stealing
a team, escaped.
Captain Charles fl. Lester, U. S. A.,
retired, is dead.
Fifty new resldeiices' hare been completed ln Hoqulam thia year.
John Goodby, a negro, waa lynched
at Reagan's mill, about six miles from
Macon,-Ga. _. .
A carload of express packages valued
at $20,000 was burned near Holton, 111.,
on the Santa Fe -read.
*' Rev. C. E. Morrison was banged at
Vernon^ Texas, fer >lfe murder.    He
met his death resignedly.
Miss Helen Gould haa given $6000 to
the League for Social Service, to be
used in £ crusade against Mormonism.
-, Joe Choyhskl defeated Steve. Q'Dpn-,
nell In-tin- fifth round of what waa to
have been a six-round bout in Chicago.
A game of football has been arranged
between the Universities of California
and Oregon, to be play-ed at Berkeley,
Cal., on November 18.
As a laeult of a quarrel with htr
lover, William Oliver, Verda Smith of
Spokane lies dying trotfi carbolic.acid
poisoning lu Rossland, B. C.
Joe MacDonald, provincial land registrar, committed.suicide in Kamloops,
B. C, by shooting himself ,in the head
No cause can be.asslRDcd for Uie act.
The United (Hates   transport    Min
sourl, -eWth a large quantity of'fiteaifcal-
supplloe and a number of nurses, has
arrived at Port Said en route to Man-
'•.la.      -
The first bloody fight of the coal miners' strike which was declared seven
weeks ago occurred at Decatur, 111. Two
union.joints were -hot, one probably
fatal. J*e mt..
A giant brass combine Is being formed which, it ls stated, will comprise all
the plants in the Naugatuck valley,
Conn. The main office will be In New
The Spokaue exposition was visited
by 80,000 people. The total receipts
were $31,000, and expenses $36,000, leaving $4,000 to be made up by the guarantors.
Current rumors In Berlin are to the
effect that the nineteen Russian,men-of-
war in the Pacific will soon be reinforced by six ships from the eastern
The canal commission in Nicaragua
ed throughout, the football eleven of Columbia defeated that of Yale by the score
of 5 to 0.
Chicago, Oct. 30.—The football eleven
of the University of Pennsylvania barely
escaped defeat at thc hands of the University of Chicago in a game in which more
elc-s]ieratc' playing has seldom been with
nessed.   The score was a tie.
ithaCKf N. Y.,- Oct. ^a-^In op* qt the
lines.- football  battles  that  Cornell   huaj li
ever waged on an opposing 11 .she wrested .victory irom Princeton, by" a acore'of
ikto 0.       * Mm* *u -      • ■
San Francisco, Oct. 30.—Tlie freshman
game between Lcland Stanford university
and the University of-California was win
hy the former. The score: Stanford li,
California 0,
* jA\ ,-Obarlin, Ohio—Ohio -lite tinivifsit
*y fc*Ob***rlin./U. i ,-'_.,    .
At  Cincinnati—University   of   Cin.in-
naU 2<i, Centre-College.of Kentucky 0.
-  At Cleveland- (.ise   school   34,   Baldwin •.ihivcrSHy-%.
•At Madison—University ol. Wisconsin
10, Rush medical college 0.
_ 1^^-^%-HS*** A* C 1*-, Buf-
At Washington, I'li.^-^S'ashington and
tftrfer-wii e, Westem Rseein-e 0./
Denver, Oct. 30.—The Denver Wheel
Club eleven defeated the team from Og
dep, Utah, at D. W. C. Park by a score
of 46 to 0.
Ladysmith, Oct. 31.— Firing
'itienced at 5 u. m., lhe Boere shelling
Ijadysmith with 40-p.iuJl_"rs.' -After'i?frren
allots the Hiilish jruimris succeeded in
.silencing the Boer force.
London, Oct. 31.—'Ilie war office has
received a dispatch which says General
White has fonghl an 'eiigagcitibnt, presumably with Joubeit's forces, which
Miwir pushed .back, ijfter aeveral li^in**'
JjlgSing. The Hiitish lost about UK) men.
'i'liPltoer loi.ses were much greater.
The lloers were im greater numbers and
had lii-li.'i artillery.. t
Wlia Humor 1 toil.  II..Hit ml.
Un lin, Oct. 81. A report received
from Holland say.i the, whole British
army at .Ludystnitli ha. surrendered and
the troopa are now prisoners.
London, Oct. ;il.- A diapatch to the
Associated Press from Ladysmith, which
waa sent at express rates, came tlniniyh
in the remarkable time of two.hours. It
shows a crisis in 0]M*rations in the present stage of the war'has been .'cached
and that the attack on Ladysmith by the
joint Boer forces has opefted.
That the heavy guns of the Boers from
which.so much was expected should be
silenced so speedily, as indicated .jn the
Associated 1'resS dispatch fiom Ladysmith, is a matter ol-great surprise, but
the subsequent advance*- of the burgher
force ou the British left flank show's the
attackers were still full of the self con
fidence and daring they have already exhibited on various occasions.
Apparently the" Boers" have concehtrat
ed lor a supreme effort at Ladysmith
They lijive withdrawn their forces from
other points which they consider momentarily to be of less importance.
ffbe lateitt 'news from the western bor
efe has apparently assured -the • British
authorities as to the ability .of ..-..-eking
and Kimberley to withstand assaults.
A dispatch from Fort Tuli, forwarded
during the evening of October 24, allium hits that Blackburn's force*iu a skir
mish at' Rhodes drift killed 12 Boers.
A Kaffir spy reported many more Boers
were lying in the drift dying. Blackburn
died of ins wounds on returning to Fort
Tnli. The scouts there report that the
Boers are concentrating strongly on the
Kliiieh-sian border with Maxims.
Greatest Transport Afloat.
l£pw York, OcL 3p.—Secretary Root
of the war department accompanied by the
army officers made an inspection of the
transport -Thomas, lying at' the* gurem-
ment dock in Brooklyn, and which came
hftfe a few days ago lorn the Cramps yard
at Philadelphia.
The vessel sails November "4 for Manila
with the Forty-seventh regiment, now at
Camp- Meade. There are 1340 men in the
regiment, commanded by Colonel Walter
Howe. Among the vessel's supplies are
200 coffins.
Secretary Root said the vessel was the
greatest transport in tbe world.
1'llaala.niona Won.
Chicago, Oct  30.—Jeff    Thome,    the
English pugilist, was knocked out by Bob
Fit/.-jpiii|niifl in one minute of .JijjhUnx at
TaUersalls.     Thorn*   who   was evidently
very much afraid of Fitzsimmons, did not
■j land a single blow, and ouly «______»- one
light attempt to lead with bis left, the
blow f.illiiig short by several i_eh_«i. fTne
blow delivered by Fitzsiramons was a
short left Jolt, whieh did not pass through
sir inches of space before binding . on
Thome's jaw. After ThOrnc was counted
oat Fitsaimmons picked him up | bodily
and carried him to his corner, placing-him
on a chair which Sam Fitzpatrick,. who
had been confident of 'J_iome'H victory,
had placed hurriedly on the platform.
__.rr1.1aa7'• Naval Plaaa.
Berlin, Oct. 28.—.The oArrespondent heie
of the Associated Press learns authoritatively ili.it the conference between the
secretary o( the admiralty, Admiral Tir-
pii", Uc -Slinkier of .foreign a_njrs, Count
\,n Bnelow, and-tlft imperialtShancelior,
, Prince Hohenlohe, related solely to the in-
ok ise of the Uermsn navy by speedier
and larger 'hips th*n those contemplated
;ilnder the- existing program. This-liS'due
to the radically changed political dtucitlcm
of the worlcL
 ! .__'
Drlag llouir  the Uead.
New York, Oct. 28.—A special from
Washingtem gays that D. H, Rhodes, an
employe of the ijiiarternusslcr's depart-
ment, who superinWnded the removal of
the dead soldiers from Cuba last spring,
has departed for Manila to make arrangements for bringing to this country the
bodies of the boys who have fallen in
batUe or died of disease in tbe Philippine
liir.1 of Hia Woanfla.
Macon, Ga., Oct. 88—J. L. Robertson,
a prominent planter of Twiggs county,
died from the oflVcts of wounds Inflicted
by,Jolin <_ nosh-, who was lynched by s
mob near here for the assault.
-England's youngest major is 2? years
Tho Boer War.
London, Oct. 30.—The South African
war has now been in progress nearly three
weeks and so far the British arms have
been consistently crowned with momentary fticcesses, though'at a cost which verifier'President Krngtf'a prediction that the
conflict would stagger humanity. But
though victory has fallen to Great Britain
whenever and wherever the issues were
of paramount importance, Gen r.l White"s
position is scarcely more reassuring than
at the outbreak of the war..So far he haa
only shown his ability to outwit by .strat
egy the Boers' strategy. That, in its con'
ception, meets bigh praise from tke British military critics. Now he appears to
have reached the limit of this game of
war, by which he was able to prevent the
massing of the Boer columns and mnst
either meet the enemy's combined forces
or retreat. Many people think that General White should rest content with the
successes so far achieved and fall back on
Colenso, pointing out that he appears to
be fully able to move his forces quickly
and without deterioration. It is scarcely
probable that he will follow this course,
preferring rather to hold Ladysmith,
though against much superior number*,
until reinforced. It is the feeling that the
general intends to follow the latter eour. e
that creates uneasiness, for victories over
Boers as units are not believed to indicate- that the same result can be achieved
over the Boers when massed.
a Great Fire la • Cannery.
Jairhaven, Wash., Oct. 31.—The Aber-
{e'cii    i'ackiiig   Company   cannery    was
in nisi yesterday.   Tlie loss is estimated
St W 50,000; insurance, $70,000.  *
There were fft.OOO cases of canned salmon in the building. Little was saved. A
Stlllicin and a half I.iImIs, 13,000 empty
pftxis, $2000 worth of.laoquer, 6000 empty
cans and other cannery material was
'The fire, originated from an explosion,
probably in the lacquer room. Thc Fair-
haven Canning Company's store house,
near by, was partially burned and part of
#40,000 worth of. .eocksye .palmon. was
damaged.    This loss, is fully covered  by
iflsu ranee.
*w - * —
Commission   to   the   Pope.
.j Manila, Oct. 28.—The Filipino congress
has selected a commission 0. native priests
to proceed to Rome and explain to the
pope the abuses and iniquities of the friars
aid ask for correcting intervention.
Aguinaldo, in a recent speech st Tarlne,
characterised the-friars sa intriguers and
abusers of honor, law and morality, and
declared they caused Spain's downfall in
the Philippines.
In Darkest St. I.onls.
St. Ltpil*, Pet. 31.—It is just reported
that Bobert It. Jennings, general man
niter of the Broadway Cable Company,
was held up and robbed of a large sum of
money, said to be in the neighborhood of
$H000. The rolAcry occurred on a erowel-
ed street.   The thieves escaped.
Aadrade Arrive* Bt Barbadoes.
New York, Oct. 28.—A dispatch from
llrii-Kctun, Barbadoes, says that Gen. Andrade, e\ president of Venezuela, who was
driven out of his country by insurgents,
has arrived there.
Several mild cases of smallpox are
reported at Doe bjsy.
gneak thieves Irobbett several stores
in Aberdfim recently.       or*
She first bank $n Castle Rock began
business last ,jvee)t.
Many home seekers ore coming into
this state over the several railroads.
Hog cholera ls making big inroads
Into the herds of swine near Walla
There is some talk at New Whatcom
and Falrhaven of building a Joint high
school.  *
...The disappearance of Little Ru,th In-
man of Creston is still shrouded with
mystery. ; ,
Henry Kampeter of North Yakima,
has shipped 12 carloads of potatoes to
the Sound.
An unknown man-was; killed at Badger on the westbound overland while
stealing a ride last week.
The prune crop this year in Yakima
county has been more satisfactory than
uny season for the past 10 years.
The ; 5-year-old daughter of Joseph
Olakra, of South Bend, was nearly
crushed to death last week by slabs
falling upon her.
The mysterious disappearance of the
4-year-old son of George Mlskin, a
rancher near Sequin, is causing general
excitement ln that section.
A wild deer came out of the woods
at Centralia, crossed the depot platform, where there were a number of
people, and escaped unharmed.
The flouring mill at Yakima City,
which has been idle for several years,
has been purchased by Spokane mill-
men and will soon be ln operation.
The hop growers near North Yakima
are much disappointed with the market UP to *-**e Present. They are now
planning to organize and to hold their
The section of country east of Garfield was visited recently by a severe
hailstorm, seme of the stone, lt is said,
measuring two and one-half inches In
Lou Spader shipped 33 boxes of
peaches of the Wonderful variety from
Chelan. They were so big that they
packed in the boxes four peaches wide
by seven long.
Mrs. Eva Llewellyn, keeper of a lodging house, at Tacoma, was awakened
by a burglar ransacking her room.
Springing out of bed, she ordered htm
to put up his hands and relieved him
of several articles he had stolen from
George Parks, of Qulnault, harvested
the following products from one acre
of ground: About 1 ton of good timothy hay, 3 tons of potatoes, 200 pounds
threshed oats, 7 sacks onions, 1000
heads cabbage, 1000 pounds carrots, besides much kitchen-garden truck.
Wallace Whitmore has been In Pom-
eroy buying horses for government use
in the Philippines. To fill tbe bill a
horse must be from 14 to 15 hands,
weigh from 900 to 1050 and be of solid
color. Mr. Whitmore says such horses
are hard to buy at the prices he is authorized to pay, which range from $30
to $60.
The Sound salmon pack for this season will be nearly 900,000 cases, says
A. C. Little, state fish commissioner.
Added to tbis is the frozen, salted and
dried fish, which will amount to what ls
equivalent to a quarter of a million
Cases more, and lt would be safe to say
that the total output of the Sound for
the season will reach a value of $4,500,-
000. That is a nice little item to be
added up in the list of products of the
state, and does not include the Columbia river fisheries, which until recently
were considered of far more importance
than the fisheries of the Sound.
Ia  It Malaria or Alaair
. IPopuUr Selene« Monthly.)
Languor, loss of appetite, indigestion
and often feVerishness are the common
symptoms of a physiological condition
termed "malaria." All these symptoms
may be and frequently are the effect of
the use of alum baking powders in food
making. There is no question about the
poisonous effect of alum upon the system.
It obstructs digestion, prostrates the
nerves, coagulates and devitalises the b'o. d
All' this has been made clear, thanks to
physicians, boards of health and food commissions. So "highly injurious td the
health of the community" does the eminent head of the University of Pennsylvania, Br. Barker, consider the alum baking powders, that he says "their sale
should be prohibited by law."
Under these circumstances it is worth
the while of every housewife to employ
the very little care that is necessary to
keep so dangerous an element from the
food of her family.
'A pure cream of tartar baking powder,
which is the only kind that should be
used, ought to cost about forty-five to
fifty cents a pound.   Therefore, if you are
A        _*—jf S
AFTER''' SE|_Sfe MOf'
_ •" <-i—I
TheVr*aeH<**-*_>P»ta-*Wrhe Situation of Our Forces-Railroads Ca»-
tnred—The Inswrrectloa Grows
Outside I-asoa Islaad—Robbers
I'lrntlful—Steamboats !_e*«_e*l*
Chicagp, Oct 80.—Here are somo fig-.
ii.es iiade seven months and a half after
mt ^eani'paign against the Filipinos began:       ,
Say if "Is .V nfilcs Angeles, \ve hold
possession of the railroad up to that point.
\\ s can fairly claim to possess the land
a half mile on each side of the track.
We have possession of tlie wagon road
and, let us say, a half mile on each side
from Han Fernando through Bacolor to
Santa Ana, eight miles, with four to
Guaga. We have a mad from Malolos to
lJalimiK, 11 miles northeast. Wc can
claim 11 square miles here, we have Manila, out as far as the water works, Uve
miles away. That gives, us, say 'ia miles
around the city.
Then wc have the road and a half mile
each side down 18 miles to Inius. Then
we have Calamba and some other points
on the lake that General Lawton captured
before he was otdered back. These to/.ns
are not approached by road, but by boat
across tlie ijiguna de Bay, aiid we only
control the land they stand on. Sum
ming up our total posessious, we find we
have Hi square miles.
The island of Luzdn contains 42,000
square miles.
Outside o( Luzon the insurrection seems
to be growing.
The insuigents hold ports in Mindanao,
the next largest island to Luzon ln the
Philippines, and said to be incalculably
rich in gold and silver niines, iron and
copper ones, coal and other minerals, be
sides wonderful forests of hard woods.
No Americans have dared ventuie tke.e
as yet, as General Otis has sent no troops
to the island. Englishmen and Germans
are prowling about the island, getting
all the concessions they can. It is said
several pro_>pi<.liug parties are at work.
General Otis reports conflicts between
"the robber bands'' and American sol
diers in Negros and Cebu. The Nine
teenth, the Eighteenth, the Sixth and one
batUlidn of the Twenty-third infantry are
now in these islands fighting the "robber bands," who dig trenches and occupy
towns and make night attacks after the
fashion of the insurgents in Luzon.
' A late report from Cebu is that 20,000
robbers were menacing our forces and a
collision was imminent.
The next campaign is going to be differ
ent from the last. We will get out of the
flat, open country, into the mountainous,
thickly wooded country. If we do not end
the war here, we will have to carry it
into the high, rocky mountains of Luzon.
It will be no violation of a state secn.'t
to say that the first object of the next
campaign will be to take'the rest of thc
railroad from the hands of the insurgents. The insurgents ought to be firmly
convinced by this time that we want the
Manila and Oagupan road, as we .have
fought along that line seven months.
They know we want it and they also
know we are going to get it, for they are
already tearing up the track, burning
the ties and burning the rails north of
Angeles.        *  '
The country east of the railroad, north
of Angeles, is more like it b south of Manila, except high and broken. Weat of
the railroad are high mountains that will
offer the insurgents better opportunity of
retreat and escape than they had in the
low country.
With the taking of the railroad, we w ul
have cut off the provinces of Zambe!e_,
Paggasinan, Tariac, Pampanga and Batumi from the main part of the island and
can lay claim to a good deal more country
than the precise amount of real estate on
which our army is now holding.
Another great need of the army is light
draught steamboats for use in the many
lakes'and rivers in Luzon. There is hardly a place in the world where an army
could use river steamers to greater advantage.
With almost 42,000 miles of territory
from which to draw supplied, and with
boats coming in without any opposition
from Hong Kong, Japan, and from Cen
tral and South America, and Australia,
the insurgents are probably doing well aa
far as supplies are concerned.
Ralatell at Km Isldro.
Manila, Oei 27—At San Isidro rain
has raised the river and supplies are arriving thero in cascoes of native* The
health of the returning columns is excellent.
The Twenty sixth infantry has arrived
here on the Transport Grant, and sailed
. for lloilo without disembarking,
paying much  less, something is wrong;      The insurgents have returned to the vl-
if you are paying twenty-five cents or less^cinity of Culamba.   They have inerea
per pound, tbe powder is certainly made
from alum.
Always bear these simple facts in mind
when purchasing  baking powder.
.. ,  .. _   They have increased
in numbers and are surrounding the town
on the land side.
■urled Wltb All Honors.
Washington, Oct, 31.—General Guy V.
Henry was given a military burial, his
grave being close to the Temple of Fame
and within sight of that of his old commander, General Crook. The president,
the secretary of war and other members
of the I'ubiiiet. attended the Services both
at the church 'and at the cemetery.
Inventor of Collapslole Boots.
. l^ondon, Oct. 30.—The Rev. Edwnrd
Lyon Bert her, the inventor of collapsible
boats, is dead.
Plan-no at Santos.
Santos, Oot. 28.—Two fresh eases of bubonic plague have occurred here.
There are In Europe 71 reigning princesses of marriageable age and only
47 corresponding print's.
Delia Fox may Recover.
New York, Oct. 30.—Bella Fox, the
actress, who has been in a critical condition from a bad cold the past two weeks,
is said to be better. It is believed the
crisis is past and it is expected she will
continue to grow better.
Sbot Himself.
Tacoma, Oct. 30.—Robert Minnes, manager of the wholesale department of the
People's store, the largest department
store in the northwest, accidentally shot
and killed himself.
Transports at Portland.
Portland, Oct. 30.-The United States
transports Pennsylvania and Olympia arrived here to take on board ths Thirty-
ninth Infantry and a battalion of the
Forty-fifth infanfry for tho Philippines.
Europe's national debt Is $23,000,000 •
•\_ ; *•*  -*""■_.
.... Max* Vaqnl Prisoners.
AustimTex:, Oct. 30.—rnforitiation Wj.8
received Jicee 'from Orits^ «t#te 'of JJonon j
Mexico, stilting that a ■ de-Whnieiu ,/
Mexican stroop^J^vf\tniyta]> ntJf^ ^.v)'
in char|e 26 "Vdqtil lhdian ' jirisonw.,
whom .Hey were tylrina to (ipaymaa-'.fe>
be placet}, in prison' prndlsg a seUfcinent
of the «»r.^H^herto the Mexican forces
have given out the information tliat-.leey
were taking no prisoners, nor would they
take any, as they proposed to kill the Indians us fust as they came upon them.
The fact that they brought in 25 tod.iv,
however, evidences the fact that ila'y* Intend to take prisoners.
it is reported thut these Mptonfrs were
captured in a skirmish with'Indian., near
Sahiuqrlpa, Mexico, during which several
Mexican soldiers were wounded.
It is also reported that t.wo were killed
and one or two taken prisoners by the
Indians. Immediately following thi. skirmish, which was somen hat in the uiture
of a surprise to the Indians, tbe main
body of Indians retreated to the mountains northwest of Sahuaripa and are now
hiding in the mountain fastnesses.
Shliinintr Killed and Hatea.
Charleston, S. C, Oct. 28. —Hie Norwegian government has instructed its represent a live at thia place to secure the re-
li-a.se of two shipwrecked sailors held here
for murder. The consul has secured their
In August last a Norwegian berk wa<
caught in a West Indian hurricane off tha
Hoi ida coast arid completely wrecked.
Three of the crew remained on a raft for
several days -"without food or water, and
finally drew lots to see which should die
for the others. The two remaining were
rescued and brought to this port und held
for murder when they related their experience.  Tlie men will be sent h. me.
Hobnrt Is Hrrtou.l,  III.
Mew  York,  Oct. 31.—The   family
Vice President llobart, who is ill at his
home in Peterson, N. J., announced tbat
the condition of the vice president had
undergone a marked change for the
worse in the past few days.
\% * _ crij Traared).
Wsverly, Oct. 31.—John Gaston was
killed Sunday night in the Lettig saloon
in a quarrel with Charles Adams, foreman
of the Corbin beet sugar factory at tun
place. Adams has been placed under arrest to await developments.
It Will Be a Holiday.
Olympia, Wash., Oct. Jl.—(Governor
Hogers has announced that the day the
First Washington regiment arrives in Seal (le will'be declared a legal holiday. The
exact clay cannot ne determined until the
date nf arrival is definitely net
llrr at Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Oct. 30.—The D. M.
Osborne Farm Implement Company's
plant and the W. S. Cooper brass works,
adjoining, were destroyed by fire, cau ing
a loss of $140,000. The Osborne Company's loss wss $100,000.
Argentine  Paper  Mosey.
Buenos Ayres, Oct. 30.—The chamber of
deputies has passed s bill fixing the conversion of psper money st the rate of 44
centavos gold per dollar ss soon as there
is sufficient specie on hand to permit nt
sucb conversion.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Run on Pacific Standard Time.
Leave. Arrive.
Oolnc West. Dully. (loin* Bast.
8:00 a. m   Kaalo  S:-> p. m.
8:32 a. m  South Fork  i JO p. ra.
.:_. a. in Sproula's 2:25 p. m.
-'-_ a. m  Whitewater  lio p. m.
8:45 a. m  Bear Lake 1:00 p. u>
10:12 a. m  McOulgan  1:46 p. m
10:25 a. m  Bailey's  1:14 p. m
10:21 a. m.... Cody Junctli n .... I'll p. m
Arrive. Leave.
10:41) a. m  Sandon  1:11 p. m
Leave 11:000. m..8anelnn..Arrive 11:40 a. m
Arrive 11:16 a. m... Cody... Lea va ll:* a. m.
Q.  F.  COPELAND,  Buperlnlendsnl.
.... Kootenay..,.
Railway and Navigation
Operating Kaalo * Slocan Railway  ''.tarnations! Nav. a Trading Co.
8chedula of Time- Pad He l.anuard Time.
Passenger train lor Sandon and way
station., leaves Kaalo at 8:00 a. m.
Dally, returning, leaves flnndnn at 1:W
p. m., arriving at Kaslo at t:B p. m.
International Nav. * Trad Oo.-Operat-
Ing on Kootanay lake and river.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson at 6:00 a. m.
-ally, except Sunday. Returning, leaves
Nelson at 4:80 p. m., railing at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and all way points-
Connects with 8. F. * N. train to and
from Spokane, at Five Mile Point.
8. 8. "ALBBRTA."
Leaves Nelson for Bonner'a Ferry Tuesdays and Saturdays at 1 a. m., meeting
■learner "International" from Kaalo at
Pilot Bay.
Returning, leavea Bonner'a Ferry at 1:00
a. m. Wednesdays and Sundays.
Connects at Bonner'a Ferry with Great
Northern railway fbr all points east and
Steamers call nt principal l.indlpgs In
both directions, and at other points when
Tickets sold to all points In Canada and
tha Untied states.
To ascertain reus aad full Information
Kaslo, B. C.
-**__ HA--. *set__*««t.a««|._».*i*i_'>  tm< <*. i^-E.Je-V-ty-s- ■<*» tr smtsus* 4S.s»c<w^_*mimm->wmi^ **-**• A**^**itV**i**h.'*Auu**m,*i• -V-afrO*"*.-esl**»»'*<.■**>mm«e»-■■»
■ Ki}&?cvT.*mrX'jii:)*r
\mmm***m*W*^^ MEW^^-HW^ *W*J#^W-W«^
ll » t '•• -jeV-
-Where-they met Kate-May-ward,
L     Kayo f
\-     Goose,
guy o them |2,0OO for' the
When she found
r^^_        .___ _  didn't  have
MEtAU-  OF  THE -_IO_W_SxnBW.%v ^en Hftrve8-*
lWWWf! I She kicked like the devil for Rebate.
tfo_;--_ you like to have Ben Hur?
:' ';■■'!
Items from tue HI«*I» Realona of the
1'aclflo Sot/tM*emuA**tle<**w Pwws All
the Prlaelpal Min lim _su»«-IVr-
aoaals-Mlnlitir Notes.   ■    j
—-JPrenfc Tlnney.
-British   -„l.enel,l».
The Black Prince, near Slocan City,
haa sent out Its second car load of ore.
The American Boy mine, in the Bio*
,„..    . ,„,,..„ t     can- ,8 8h|PPln_ Pre to the   Everett
The Anaconda Mining Company has smelter.
commenced suit against F. Augustus
Heinze to recover a seven-twelfths'ln-
terest ln all the ores extracted from the
Parnell lode claim and to compel tho defendant-to pegpit Urn rimipahy to enter into joint possession and occupancy
of the claim.
Rep.MI- CaAtAMA.   JAM**
- atk''™*9**"*  t3**M*\    ■*****'*-   . _- --
The shaft on the" Bodie fs 275 feet dlstrlct. ha8 heen bonded to Montreal
ln depth.       ,.- ..,, ,,,,.. capitalists and will be developed this
The Gopher shaft Is nearly 235 feet 'wJ"!''r-
Ihere Ib mikh uatlsfeetlon-in British Columbia that the Le Roi, the banner mine of the province,    has   an-
-/-About twelve miles from Vancouver,
B. C, a promising mining camp is coming into life on Howe found.
The French Creek Mining company
has Abpped 'worJT on Its claims near
Oro Flno, but will    resume' In   the
'^X_jbe Hungarian gioup, iu.the Nelson
■J  w
ln depth   	
The Chlco shaft has reached a depth
of 180 feet.   .
Good-progress* Ih being made on the
Hill Side tunnel.
. The Liberty ia-abeii. to resume under
new management.
A w!m» cms been starte* ln*hfi tun-
ml of tlie Stray Horse.,
The Surprise continues to show rich'
oro on the faco of the dtlftj, i.
The Star winze In about 2S feet deep.
The lt'dgo Is somewhat broken up.
Tbe ore chute im the Ita*. Poillial
not dluilnlslml lu ulzi- or <faluo um
el rifting proceeds.
CsimuX; progreue.^e ljej|-»_nra#»,'i_|pul-
tiuK Uie TMneess Muuct In Shnpt- to receive life ejumpi'eSijpr plant.
t At miccjjlfirmed, report is circulated
that werk will shortly be resumed ou
thu Mountain Lion on the south.
Reports from the CUespa-Hlno Jay
^are .Qti|te'"ehcotii__glO» There is said
' to be four feet, of good ore ln the east'
drift   j
,     Superintendent Hall of   the   Morning Glory statea that the mine la looking welLand continues.to show Its wonderful values.
Some high assays are being made
from Biacfttail ore «nd these are favorable Indications of tbe richness and
value of the property.
Tbe winze on the Flag Hill is about
30 feet deep upon, a vein which shows
three feet of ore which will average $20.
It Is a favorable showing and the work
Ib being w'ell done.
A 10-foot breast is being carried In
the drifts at the 600-foot level of the
Republic. Tbe entire face of each of
the drlfta, both north and south of the
tunnel, will assay about $200 per ton.
The hoist for the Butte k Boston is
on the ground and will be ready for
use In a few days. It will be used on
the* old shaft which will be sunk, to a
depth of several hundred feet before
any other work Is' done on the mine.
The. Jim Blaine holds its own but
does not improve in the drift, lt la the
opinion of many that a winze sunk
from this level on the Jim Blaine would
encounter the big Republic ore chute
at tbe 600"level or sooner.
Small pieces of petzlte picked from
the streaks which seam tbe Republic
ore ln the lowest levels and It assayed
tbe staggering sum of $19,946.-0, almost' $10 per pound. There ls but a
small quantity of such ore as this, but
It helps bring the averages up to very
high figures. This precious stbfr is
carefully taken down and as carefully
sacked and stored ln the mine. A few
tons of lt would make millionaires of
the stockholders Jf the balance of the
ore continues aa rich ob lt now ls.
mimic-i-d that lt will resume dividends.
One of the notable aerial I rani ways of
the Britlah Columbia mines Is to be
erected In the North Star, near Kim-
ty-rXeX'    _*.J*m_.__>5' P.24_-..ee_ In length.
Tho Qtiepec-Boundary Mining company Is pi-shing work on the Strawberry'and Orpjuiii Boy claims which lt
j-pceqtly acquired.
In spite of the,long-continued strike
more than 700 miuws are at work in
the Slocan. Nearly all of them fare em-
pl(&*e{£ on mlneg' not*' included^ in the
0*rn_H_- Assoofetjon.   '."
Cascade prospectors should know
thet If the demand and use of copper
Increases ut the same ratio during the
next ten yean sub it has in the past decade, the present production will have
to be doubled to meet tbe demand.
!>in t
The   Minn.'*   Nlnhtmare.
Jim Blaine and Tom Thumb gave a
Trade Dollar
For a Stray Horse, and Aent tip to see
Princess Maud   .
Of   Butte   k   Hoptoii.     When    they
reached tlie Summit      *■
Tlieey were surprised to see an Insurgent -
< Running from the Mountain Lion with
aBlackTaJl. *
To gain his Liberty, hi. shln.p'ufd up the
Lone Viae. *
They*i-im <wwn the SnU-PMl'""without
Looking Backward,
*T~- l_._J_.!t___  —
"It is an III Wind
That blows Nobody Good.''
I that small ache or pain or weakness Is
tht "ill wind" that directs your attention
to the necessity of purifying your blood by
taking snood's Sarsaparilla. Then your
whole body receives good, for the purified
blood goes tingling to every organ. Ii is
tht remedy for all ages and both 'sexes.
the final settlement of the affairs
of the O. K. company, Sheep Creek, the
tredltors will be paid In full, but the
shareholders will receive nothing, although their stock represents aft investment of 25 and 30 cents per share.
The-Humming Bird, north fork of
the Kettle river, has a ZOO-footincline
f abaft.- In tbe bottom the vein has become almost vertical, and the twelve
feet of ore measured Is claimed to average $40 a ton. There are 1,000 tons on
the dump and 4,000 of this class of ore
on the dump.
Already the output of Rossland camp
has passed the 5000 ton mark, and It
may soon be expected to equal 10,000
Jona per week. The Le Roi has doubled Its capacfty, and will in future ship
400 tons dally from the mine alone.
Meanwhile shipments from the dump
will be made at the rate of 200 tons
per day, in addition, so that the mine
will actually Bhip 4200 tons per week.
The War Eagle is producing 2000
tons per week, and the Centre Star can
be relied upon to furnish at least 1000
tons weekly until Its hoist Is in place,
when the output will be equal to the
War Kagle'a. These three mines—The
Le Roi, War Eagle and tbe Centre Star
—will ship 7200 tons per week, or over
1000- tons dally, and this,i.s not all, for
when the War Eagle and the Centre
Star make their contemplated Improvements, lt will bring the output of Rossland up to 10,000 tons per week.
These figures do not Include the production of the Iron Mask, I. X. L., Virginia, Columbia and Kootenay, or the
Josie and No. 1, which are preparing
to Join tbe shippers.
The increase ln the' output of the Le
Hoi Is made possible by Improvement
ln the shaft The knuckle on the 300-
foot level has been cut away and the
skip can be raised clear to the surface
at full speed—1500 feet per minute. Superintendent Wilson started work with
a'full force, after the recent shutdown
for repairs.
IHUlMl   l_OTE_.
Nevada's mining outlook.has never
been so favorable.
Zinc ore has been found ln McPher-
son county, Kansas.
Southern California baa 4,000 mines
and prospects in operation.
Operations have been resumed on the
Cold Hill claim, near Keller.
Idaho also comes forward with big
tunnel ente-prlses ln the older gold regions ot the state.
Tbe Rocky Mountain states are now
entering upon the most prosperous period In thetr history.
Last year 5,200,000 pounds of aluminum, 'valued at $l,71«,000, were produced In the United States, i
" A contract for a 150-foot shaft on the
Delhi, a promising properly on Shaw
mountain, neffr Boise, Idaho, has beeu
let. Indications are promising.
* A dredge ls being erected by the
Florence Gold Mining company at Flor
Tbntrlieumntlsm In Its worst form
can be cured by proper treatment Is
aliown by this Interview with Mat
Tanner, of231 HumIIton ,St., Albany,
N.Y. Hutnilcl: " 1 wus taliua villi
rbeumatlsiii tbat bexun lu in/ blp*
and spread liiroiitfliout my body. For
two years amlulialf 1WSJOOD—OtdtO
my bed. 1 employed nine ot the beat
physicians of Albany, and two specialists from Net? York, but ull de-
olared my case hopeless. My niece
recommended llr. Williams Pink
Pills for 1'iei.i People. The une of several boxes enabled me to leave my
bed and go about with crutches. Finally I abandoned the crutches, and
am now as well as ever. JNi. pntlae
of Dr. Williams' l'inlc I'llls for 1'ulo
People Is too strong for my case,
St at Tanner."
Sworn to and subscribed before ma
tbis 17th day of September, 1H98.
I-KILB F. ToWNBU, A'otury Public.
—from tlie Albany (_V. 1'.) Joisrnut
Agents seeking cavalry horses are in
eastern Oregon.
Free mall delivery will "be inaugurated In Baker City before November
Elgin's dew water WOrKB system is in I enu ot "* ptvetfed'tiedti, -Whl
operation and gl.ving entire uatisfac- i adjusted to the proper depth,
tion. !■   - *3sWMmme^
A horse dealer at Salem reports the
niarket good, especially for draft
Ice can be rapidly cut Into cakes _y
an Iowa man's machine, which can be
operated by either power or manual
force, having a system of gears by
which a circular saws it rapidly m
La Grande consumes annually 100,000
gallons of milk, 80,000 of butter, and
l-.UOO of cheese.  ^^^^^^^^^^
Ted Perry was shot and killed in "a
quarrel on'a farm four miles south of
Salem by J. A. Wlllard.
La Grande pepple are considering a
proposition for the'establishment of a
creamery there.
Z. V. Carland, a young man 22 years
old, has disappeared from Napavlne
three'weeks ago and haS not since been
The rains the last week greatly delayed harvest operations In the vlcintty of
Elgin and there is yet a considerable
amount of grain here that ls not cut.
It. S. Ross, a molder in the employ ]
nf Wolff & Zwlcker, fell off a dock at
1'orlluiid  unci was drowned  in about
six feet of watur.   The body Was recovered.
Last year the cannery at Castle Rock
put up prunes and pears, but fruit being u short crop this year, the cannery
is running on beans and corn, ol' which
the supply is abundant.
Two1 hundred fepraSNSntauvo- hop
growers met at Woodburn, and organized the Oregon Hop Growers' Association, for mutual profit and protection.
The association hopes to raise the price
j of hops, -"iiilnts per pound by holding
■An Imprdved'tSe ahSlieel cHp for bicycle pedals has a curved,-plate attached io one Bfde et Jpielpedai, with an
«mb«d~_o«-plM; Iff Which lhe tip of
t the shoe tits, the rear of vthe plate ex-
dat the ! binding hack .far enough to engage the
tSan be) front edge of'th^heel and prevent the
toe from sliding too far forward.
•*"** ■__.
■ V st   i
at least _!(),-00 bales but bt the market.
The Hlmmsntestj MVHtfowerfril snd
Effective NeveristllliK Ki-mi-ily lor
La Grippe, Catarrh,
 I     . Rheumatism.
tk«di mass W111 riiri' it iiy nchi' or \>ni\ known
Iii tlm liiiiiiiiu hi nl v.,r Send for ttlsl bottle, sue.
This offer lastii su ilsfr.i entyi   1*\tgr bottle (800
doR>'_ of S DROH8 each) »l.lXlor 3 lor Ji.SO.
167 ind 169 Dearborn SI, Chicago.
I-l.-.-t.-.l   lle.Nclirry    I'.l.-flor
Lun.l.m, Oct. 30.—Lp.d. Kosebcyy has
be-on elected rector of Uhuigow university
by M29 voles to 515 votes cast for Lord
TITS l'i'riiiiiiii'iiily I'nri-il.   Nu lliitiirii.-rvfliiAiii'iw
file   after first qsy's ubp of llr. Kline-.. einmt
N.rve- Restorer.   Send fur FKKK  SS.OO trial
buttle ami treatise.   Ull. ll. II. KLINE,
Ar.-h Hire-et. I'lillu.li-liililu. 1'
Ltd., M
She-  Hm  Acquitted.
Colvflle, Wash., Oct, M.-:Mis. Nannie
llinnii, i. Im for a wfcek haH been on trial
for the murder of her hu.baiiil, L. J.
Brown', al Northport, thi. county, (Vtoher
111, was acquitted by the jury.
Rider Haggard owns a scarab he Is
convinced brings him good luck. He
picked It lip "in Africa and wove a
story, about lt in "She."
Monthly   v..-ml_ii.,i    CAN MOT
KAIL.,    li".   l'i.-.     Mrs.   li    Kowttn,
M!IMau.;,-e,   Wis
cipaL producing countries of the world
during the year 1898:
Country— Gold.
United States ..$64,463,000
Africa   80,428,000
Australasia    64,860.800
Can. & N-fuhdl'd 13,838,700
Mexico     8,500,000
Russia  25,461,400
Hritish India .
British Guiana
Allen's Fool-Ease, a ixiwder (or the feet.
Il cures painful, swollen, siiiarting, nervous feet, and instantly takes the sting out
of corns and bunions. It's the greatest
comfort discovery of the age. Allen s Foot-
Ksse makes ti^-lit or new shoes (eel etsy.
It is a cert-iin cure fur Ingrowing Nails,
.sweating, call'iiis Slid hot, tired, aching
fe-i't. Wo leave i vc-r ;!H.nnO testimonials.
Try!*today. Bold by-nil'druggists and
fIhio stores. By mail fur 28c. in stamps.
Trial package FREE. Address, Allen S.
Oimsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Milan Intends to have a world's fair
In 1904 by way of celebrating the completion of the Slmplon tunnel.
Mothers will find Mi'S.Winslow's Soothing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
children during the teething period.
73,600 ^mmMmMmwm^mm^mm^mm^mm^mm^mm^mm^mm^mmmm
37,900 5,597,965 I    ■* cat *n a Strand tavern In London
2,048,700 ..........  has become intemperate through drink-
2i263!'200 5,483,717 | -n& wine spilled by waiters.
The mind attracted by what Is false
has no relish for better things.—Horace.
I believe my prompt use of Plso'a Curs
prevented quick consumption.—Mra. Lucy Wallace, Marquette. Kans., Deo. 12, '96.
An eminent American scientist
claims to have made the discovery that
the earth is 500,000,000 yearB old.
i —
Thli Islh...us or Panama.
Its engineers believe that they have
solved the problem of the successful com-
pletitui of this great enterprise. If so, it
will prove a great benefit, no more than
..as Hosteller's Stomach l_itu_r_, the remedy which never Tiiil-f to cure afflictions of
the stomach. The Bitters strengthens
weak stomachs and torpid livert.
A new method of attaching the ends
of hat hands has been*patented, consisting of stamping a piece of metal on
each end of the ribbon, tho metallic
ends being provided - with hooks to
clasp them together, around the crown,
making a much quicker operation than
* ■ .«
Ws offer Otis Hundred Dollars Reward for
aay case of Catarrh tbat eonaot If cured by
Hall's Catarrh Curs.
F. J. C'HENEV * CO., Toledo. O.
Wa, ths undsralpied, have known F. J.
Cheney for ths last 16 years, and believe blm
perfectly honorable ln all business transactions
snd iiimncialiy able to carry out any obligations
made by their Arm.
WEST * TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.
vvai.uinc), RINNAN A MAUVIN, Wholesale
Druggists,   Toledo,  O.
Hall's Catarrh Curs Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous sur-
racen of ths system, f.-tthtonlals sent free.
Pries TWper-bottle.'   Bbli_ri_y'"*ll  Druggists.
Hall'a Family Pills sra tbs bnt.
Sunken ships can -be raised with little effort, by .the uae of an Ohio man's
apparatus, comprising air-tight bags of
proper shape to fit the different compartments, the bags being inflated to
accomplish the two-fold purpose of expelling the WateV add'increasing the
buoyancy of the ship.
tori'HK A cin.iC'iRi ojiio day.
Tike l^ixiitlvi- Hi-iiinn c.nilnliii- Tablets. All
'IrtiKst-ilH refund the money If It falls to cure.
E, \y. Clreive's ? I mint un' Is on each box.    -'*»'.
Forty live sea Hope wero. captured at
the Santa Barbara islands recently for
the zoo at Antwerp, Belgium.
lVi.c..  and  Iron  Works.
and Iron f- nclng; office railing, etc. 234 Alder.
No time ls
wheels of life.
wasted   In   oiling   the
■v CASCARETS are a sure cure for tape worms and those other pests of worms that make the lives ot children
and their mothers miserable. Any variety of parasites that live in the human stpmach or bowels, and feed on the
substance which should properly nourish the body, are dislodged by Cascarets Candy Cathartic, and expelled.
One or two tablets usually drive them out, and persistent use is sure to do away with the unwelcome ■•intruders.-
Many children and older people suffer from worms without knowing it, and get thin and weak, although-their
appetite is good.   The best way to find out is to take Cascarets.   Never accept a substitute I I / Ji I
,ov. i>,..i call,., -.'   ji the m_.
—Brooklyn Citis.-i.
oftuehotui" I
"A tap* worm eighteen teet long at
least came ou the scene after my taking two
CASCARETS. This I am sure bas caused
my bad health for tbe past three years. I am
aUll taking Cascarets, the only cathartio
worthy of notice by sensible people. "
Clio. W. Bowles, Balrd, Ulss.
•nc. |    The judge be***an to understand, and
Jtm <—___■*, f* Olest get tWttlt OkM Spsoia.   I
■ __ Oin.r madlrlaa will* will run Mjb (nd •-__,
•O CJAHl known ll fuut •-•», CUmI to
m be* sarioas ae of f»w _•_ _u_i.i_.».
I«itl_.wlll_-<ial"l. J***.    II  -  eelwlul
at. MHIK in* nlfcuts wlthoul
t aem Mst-sap, priub,
i sgsH-i, t motprwsuui I
«^^^^^^____^^^^^^^^^^ I en«_e, Idaho.   The number of dredges
aJ*Aur**w4't    \rw\ i/tA/in'/A      ln tho Klttte i8 Increasing rapidly.
(fWUW) VaWupaMUq      ' ore similar to that of Index, and In
*"*——ll,*,,*,,,,,*****"»»a--i_-_—.—__>      jarge   quantities, Is reported to have
been found ln the Leavenworth district, on the east side of the Cascades.
The Magnolia group on Miller mountain, has been bonded to a Boston company for $60,000, the company agreeing to extensively develop tbe property this coming winter.
The copper belt which crosses the
country just south of Mullan, Idaho, ia
attracting a good deal of attention. It
has already been shown that there are
a number ot veins running through
there' which carry ore ussaying well ln
gold and copper on the surface. The
only question Js as to whether they will
I carry their values with depth.
The United- Statea still occupies the
sedond place aa a Oliver producing country, to which lt was relegated by. Mex-
., ; Ico In'l897_ In 1898 lt produced 54,438,*
auie'i.w*,hi!*",on' D* c*' ih*r *"*__ uuu 0°nces fine of .sllvoj., with a com-
•«•« SHh «,,£. rre^uMn, -uiL'iuSi Sn*-«-r-l«l valuoof $83,118,400, against the
-  —" ■ ■ •  ■■«•■ aa^i^. .-—-rfr^ •- . Mexican     production    of    66,738,000
ounces fine, with a commercial value of
Blood, Aid Hltcwtlo«sn<r*r*T.
notHrlpsorBlcksB. Toe«D»ln
ft** _.;■_*•. or fu U boi for He
Curs Sick Hesetaehi
lessad Piirl'7 tN
Prevent Hlllootnsas.   IK
TocnDTlncs you, we will mil
—, „ .,01 lor Mc. I>K. BCISANKC
OO-.VMtada., Penaa.  Sold by Druggists.
I 14 writs to N/
I f  »K.«renii_i
II rwelve qulc
25c*    50c*
CASCARETS sre absolutely hirmlMS, S TSrely TCfttaMe cempoand. Ro mercurial er other mineral pill-polssa ll Mtsca.ec!. Cascarets promptly, effectively and peimanently
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Plsaunt, palatable, potent. Taite cood, do {ood. never sicken, weaken or £npe. Be luteyou eet the jeminel Beware of imitatiom and substitutes I- Buy a box of CASCARETS
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WF WANT (INF ARFNT Ilian "r fomaniln every city
wt gflwj urn: wutm ;..., C(.UIlty(n the VmUri t^jj
So >■ _(K'rletiff n.ri--»arr. an ftpllfc] r-tjuirrj, WufurillHhft Hlti
lint'k uf Marklnici-h I h.ih 8uaplre, fetblna Snrrt, *f««r Mmc on
nilihrr RUnp, (ape ■f»«rf,tiosliira»f«rd*, all "I-. ,'.- -*ni j*rt»ti"!i
err.   Kverythliig ri-mplt'tt? ford<'ln*r i-u rn-.-c
We ore the LARGEST DEALERS In America '"
and Hodst'i's nalii-pni-f Harkinluahea Ktul wo  .«*■ ll tin in nt
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^„.. ._     '«Ipi|.»**i'>rrI.ii..wn, ami I'Vt h.   ih'Ii thi'UlK'li n'(JUl«lljr
OUR     L-BERAL   UrrbK.   wMilo.orkl_u Hoylnjourletuir yon »lll»lvotlil_| work
'.'.,'. ll,. .1. -liMiVlll lUlk ul II sel.l's_liV'slii_il'I.Mi"Tii 11 it,,n tl..-1..11.... im-... s ■■
meell-t-lyicijll ;'*,;"_..._. _____ ___...i,u tn lOSUre luime_dUite mrrete for es. •>,»!.    Ih.
for It Ih ninile "rrj eo»iili
en tmmedliitt. trlni of at leas
t-a-sy i
I. ...
of 1.1
li. Ys, and wn will im.
I,,lin   n -    SUttt Wlltl r,.,t.
l-.in.l- U Ul ...
« «..rl, ;«■«>■ r"r"^IfiSCiSfi inSSs, coiitn.iitni.- aeomi.leteaHHortinente.rTaiT'u-pl's »' •*" '*"'*» >'*" •'
leasliiai.__i--aW_ili|;ni_li IgJMgJJHsiSefaililoiiSffiis, sto_,oneoonllde_aial price and InatiSctlon
mtoH ...I 7*""'""''°,r''"'"'l" "",i,M1, wiih .-'iirniiiiie snd |«el. Iiui.|iie«s e-i.rds, oi-der l.lank^ .latloiii-ry,
iT\"um taaVrafiaJtfrol^Slf mm,^S» as . _.-iar«lee of rood faith -n J our ,»rt and I., proleet ua
""',... h,. JI!,l,lord,r,ulHs(.hlrhto.l-."."
■••last thrwe WJJBWOMSI^UOTIWOT «J» _ tompoiary dt-p.i»lt 10 W.U and .»|.r,..H
ws reiiulre rS^^_2ttE_!i3Iwith voir (lr!i ..rder. Unffi.?«lsi.d wo Will ti nd you tlie- completaoutnt
oli.nte., and-. .Ul -t«e.  I" *l'™*^   ,J 'i'.r. °£ „.„,!.. tt. ..iai .t .cr e,pm. .«.. and If found pSftwtly
Zst\t£Sy and l.m"ar';J" .nvlm-rd"^ « -Lev **-> '""OS or_t™. M ■*• »•"-1"1 »•« "* «*«-«*«-«-.
wrt.rfi.r. »»•'«*• *Wtt'£ast*'$*i need no moneyi show the aampleH, take the orders at your own prtoe,
START TO WORK AT ONCE.   JJLTSJpJSS ti |-«r-.ir, a I will nil your ordor. dally, H.n,l tl..- ntaikln
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fcJlfay CORPORATION, 184 Fulton St., Chlcigo.
    jom* to •*1*»* "<-ofi<»
In tilt*-, contttui over 100,000 quuUtluiiN
■tilln- 19t»« pa«
e***r puhHaN-M.
Hon., ('i-lhlfir
10,000 iUuiirmtloilP. the lsrtr.l, moil fWMplrir a_d low-r_t priced ratal******
icTudlnjt evervUiliitf in Orscrrifs, Drum,   tHyiieeA*,   (!••
In*, (iMka, Drturs, Beete a«U BAeee. WalekM. J*w*1rj,   tUekn,
llsnlt-sr, , Slo.r-, .n Iruth-ral la.jilr-e^u, Kurtaltgr^, ilin-H, Hktldln,
Buifflra, SrolMT litillM, Oof k it j, ttrtf «■■, 1'laaoa. Mualfal Instrsmf-aU.
K-r.UI.lnK *.»•_». Hun*, 11+.ohm.. FlahUg 1 arklf, HlryrlM. l%mm\m*Mm
.J.ii.it-*. Kir. Telln JiiNt m tiM vniir sinn-ki't'tt-T ni home must pay for
r* i i-> i-iim.' he ImyK and will \>rvvent him from oTerchaiylnftt you on
an*, tiling yoti buy; explain* Jiint how to order, how much the (Wight,
uprtMir aw tl will be oh anythlnic to your town. Tht maO***mk
r.t-iia ii- Nearly 4>t.OO, the -.<.■■('n.-i1 alone 1*94cents.
nilF?   COpp   nrrrD    r,lt this ml. mit and nendtouH
help i*ay the 34 w*m poHtare. aad ibr Bl*r Book will bo aaat to yo_ r RKK
*j wall tM»-i|i*iM,[iiitl If vou ilon't think It In worth 100time* the l&centa
you m-nd, an m. Key ta ihe Unveat whohwale prices of every thing, nay
i*n and wr will Innrdlalrly ralara joar Ik erala.
WHAT   111!    rilFSS NAYH  MUM i THIN <   VTAI.OCIK:
"It la a monument of burdnew-i information."—Minneapolis (Minn.)
"A wonderful piece of work."—Wanhlnjrton National Tribune.
"The Catalogue 1* a wonder.'*— Manchester (N. H.) I'm mi.
"Hear*. Uoebuck <t Oo. lit one of the in ru*.'si bonnet-tot IU kind In
rhlcago."   (ihleago Inter Ocean.
9m*****tl^^^^^^^^^^^^lma9m ■ The blgcatalogne fonns one nf Uh- lineal stuippinK medlitm*. tbat
Could pn«iblv l>e wont Into a olMrlot."- HoypeSi Monthly, rhlcagn.
■ i h. m . af.i tu. la a vast department f<t ore boiled down."   Atlanta Const itutlnn.
'■The catalogue Is certnlnly a mercbandlie pncyclopa»dla."-    Chicairo Kpworth Herald.
*'A law should be itasHed coin tie) tin ir the uae of thli. catalogue In all public whin-Id." -The Hon. O. A Routhtoua.
1   "f ■ iiMiim •■*-itiii'tH,   Bond n eertU aieaet mt. fern will rverl .* Ifcr 4-|H>omd hamh ky rc-tar-a
We <-oeilil quote-th.   __
mi.  .cm,-... SEARS, ROEBUCK A CO
Il'Ciri^i I'tleapfuducn moisture anil eauHeitcihlnff,
This furm, as Mllll HHnd, Hlei>dln^j_ir Protruding
pa Uciib-g an) bleeding- Abeorbs tumors,   hoc a
ae about your caaa.
^    PISO***   CURL   FOR
t c'lush Hjrup.  Tsalwi OoodT
In lima   Sold by dnisTSlata.
'     Cc "in'JUMP TION
$33,475,400.  Together they produced 67
per cent of the world's product.
I    The following table shows the production of gold and silver lu the prln-J N  N> v
ir-tciTI THI MAM-L
No. 44, Ul».
Thut tli.it, lanRiilil (rrllnic. Ilia pains In tha
kack and lbs cbrouis ksadsolis will ^laappaa1
Quickly 11 rati tsks
rioore's Revealed Remedy
II It an Ideal medlolns lor woman, aaaiaaJ
•laaaanl to lake.   11.00 (Ml b-tttls at foSssIra*
Or Dr. Bosnnko's I
nlliii-^iTitis. Auens	
oil)/mail. I'r,'i.lit..- fr.-r. Write
UK llll8ANl_0.-'bUada..P».
Ask  for  lt.     If  your   dealer
hasn't It he pan get It easily.
r*« Ills€1/or unnatural
Irritations or ulce-rattuna
not i.. tittmotf.        ot atucnui mrnibrsnea.
r..-oi_ .'->..e_._-.-..,       ralnli-iia, ami not astrln.
lEtmtCHtMiC^Oo. UUI or polaonoua.
■eU by it. i.Bsl'ia.
■or.i.i'iii in plain wrapper,
l.y e'lpre-aa,   pn-paiil.   for
ft mi, or S bottlaa, »_•...'.. *.
Ircular wnt ou re-iuoaU-
RPR _t ARTtt.-s BOOK.
elief for Women"
,^s*\V\^.    Sent/Wa.ln plain,made*! snTeilope. Write
—■--**■    t,Mi», fir tkla llook.ooiitalnlng Partlctt-
Ui. and TaaUmoniaia o( DR. MARTKL'8
French Female Pills.
Praised bs tbotusncli ot aatlafled ladlea ta
,_ __     taf»,alw«r«r»llabr« anil wlehoei tan equal.
e*" *Z      Nolilbyallilniieglalalnmrtalboi. tTtacA
Bag on top In Blue, while snd Red.  Take no other.
f-i-o- Oral Oo.,W* m fsariSt., Be-Vork Ctt»
tmyjMs. .:**j*mt' -' m*re ** t*W- »'.-n> »'*>v -
», M'   »IM|»«l(y* .  VUPH  *.«.      Wi
»*.•>•!■ ■***%■ '*_»' Ammmesst i whmw.1. .«*.■-i*,***..- **a < ?..*■■»»*. emem at  imf*mt'*sm**mj''mmi*>'')'mm*'*>w *«r.:«*.«__i»Wf«. __*H»»*tr*siE
« m\^*s*^y»m^ "^XT_kxole©ale
Sealers In. G-e.n_.exal
A W. MoOune, advance agent for
our new Italian colony, passed through
Silverton on Friday on hU -wkjr to
Sandon. Mr McOune it a friend to
labor in 'Utah, where he wonld like to
be elected United Statea Senator. In
Britiah Columbia be believes in crushing union labor and working ■ 'scabs"
The vote of Britiah Columbia it of. no
uie to him. The Union here however
will see that the Utah workingmen do
not have the wool pulled over their
eyes by thia aspiring Yankee politician.
m* mm
mmm, b. &
jjut loy oi) (im oi) \)tr br* ay,
fir)tj rpf* wit! lull tbe iiwqkrl/
18 siz; Crescent streets, with  Walt-
ham style cases at f 25 00, guaranteed
to keep good time for three years.
The same with P. S. Bertletts move-.
ment at 913.50
D-uher Hampden 23 Jewels,
Deuber Grand.      Elgin 17 Jewels.
Royal 21 JWU
YEARS       t      II      I      I
Stock of Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and  Opals in the Province.
Call and get prices at
Stock of cases iu the Province.
14k Gold Plain, Engine turned an*!]
Engraved —The Jas. Boss filled
cate.. — The Deuber filled cases. —',
the Imperial 25 year cases. — Lad-;
lea solid gold watches with plain'
and aet eases.
ThS best stock of ^"^ *mm
mm orEKo it
in Silverton
Is now for sale
J a I. Molntog-li's
•    6ILVKKrON,    B. C.
PASSED    IN     THE      '
mm & fcuurr
B. C.
And General Heal Estate Aobxts,
Offlc. la dealer Black    _   4     Baker at.
NEI.80N,   B, 0.
First-Class Sleepers on all Trains (rom
TOURI8T CARS  past Medicine Hat
Daily lo? St. Paul. .
Sundays and Wednesdays for Tou-
ONtO,. "»■)'.
Fwdays lor Montbial and Boston.
j-t Same cmi**. psw Revelstoke one day
■     —earlier.	
For the North, Rey. Istoke, and Main
Line 7*30 K ex Su-clny Ir. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sundny, 16 20K.
For RoMiland, Nelson and Crows Ne*»t
Branch and Boundary Country, 10:20 K
ex.' Sunday lv. Silverton, ar, ex. Sunday 13:10 K.
To and Irom Sandon.
13:00 ex Sunday lv Silverton, ar, ex
Sunday, 10*80.	
For rates and lull iutormsiioo apply to
piateet local agent or
W, :ti; CLARK, Agent,flilverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelaon
' -^ttmac~~-~	
A, Q. **. Agent, Vaucouve
i*t§m\ fnigkt aid Traimfer
_r.os.Hess Doot).
Orders  lelt at  Neva Stand will   be
promptly attended to.
■MB, mm mm,mmmiA
SILVERTON.       -      -      -      D. C.
The settling of the Dominion of
Canada and the filling up of ou r vaat
expense of vacaut fertile prairie lands
with desirable settler*) has been the
study and aim of our Canadian statesmen ever since Canada became a
united country, or for the last thirty
years. Starting out, ai Canada did,
with a population of 3,485,000 settled
in a country easily able to support at
least one hundred million people, with
almost unlimited resources in farm,
fortit, mine and fisheries, yet what do
we find at our last official census taker
in 18911 That our population ha*
increased to 4,633,000 or a little over
one million. Where has our natoral
inoiease in populotion gout, to) and
whero are all tbe assisted imiui_-rattta*
gonel If they have left our country,
which undoubtedly they have, aa the
last census of our southern neighbor*
•lio-wi- "thut there an- 980,000. C-iend-
tans .moiled among their citizens,
why have tbey leftl
The solution to this problem is easily
solved.    We have   examples of it  at
hand;   when   foreign   capitalists   are
allowed, in defiance ot law, to import
"Dago" labor into tbis province   with
the avowed intent.on of driving   Canadian workiu_?tuen out  of   their   own
homes and into a foreign land tb seek
an honest* livelihood.    If our autli.r-
itii'S would   pay   more attention   to
keeping our young then   and   Wohien
at'liome and   pay   leas   attention   to
trying to fill up oar .-ountry  With the
scum of Europe, it would not b.  long
before an increase would 'lie   teen   in
our population and an increase  made
up too of a class of eitiz.-us   that   anv
eouutry would be proud   to call   its
— _—__- ,—_—___j_u*5aaftt'
2w_C©:Do:eiald/e Livery
Outside Partlea Desiring Horses in Silver-too
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing To—-
t t t t t...      t t
J.  Roderick Robertson,  the   head
push of the Mine Owners Association
whose mines are   so poor that   his
company cannot afford to pay Union
miner* $3.50 per day, has offered   to
pay $*_. per day to men to acab in  bin
mine at  Ymir.    This  same  bluffer
paid into the Recorder's office at New
Denver $100. in cash, rather than give
some poor miner a chance  to   earn it
by doing the asses, ment work on, one
of his claims.   And  this man   would.
like to po .e as a politician and a friend
of the people,   but   business  .men a.
well as workingmen when tlicy see th-
bristles can locate the hog.
' '
Physic slioulcllte thrown to Hie dogs,
but there are certain "householl
remedies" and "first aid* to the injured" Ibat eliouM ulwajs be ready
lor use. Mari.ni Hurbnd explains jn..t
what .they are iu the firm ^f rhe lour
Volumes 'Health Topics" presented to
o.ct-h subscriber «ho taken advantage
ol the clubbing offer fur 1900 bi The
Wert-Wly tilolv, .which liaj been for over
55 years, and is no**.*, C-ttiaib's leading
f iinlly nevvtpuper, from now to. J..nuaij
1.190r, with Tint biLVEinoNtAH, regular
subscription price alone *)'! 00, for |3.50
antl Marion Harland'* latest book "Bits
of Common Sense," lour volumes. Sent
tree; poat-tgc prepaid. To take advantage of thi - I'ltibbing rate kubsciibcre
Uiiist p»y cash lu advance. t
Thorburn M*^
JJqnjgp hoiiskibwlvmwrn.
J   M  MdiREGOR.
Will vlrtt Silverton every
Wkdnesoay, prepared to
repair all disabled Watches,
Clocks and Jewelerjr. He
will also bave on hand a
Complete Asuortment ol
Jewelry, consisting of Rings,
Watches. Chain*, Guards,
Seals, Ac. Ac Repairing
ll Guaranteed. Prices are
as low as Flmt-Claa» Work
will allow. White in Silverton, he will btf found at
The Laeevibw Hotw., »nd -
all work lelt there ' el-mug
the week will be promptly
attended tn oo hia first visit A trial order ia solicited.
For Sale ut Bent,
A Hotel !■ BHrertM.
~ OLEARTIT|_R     ....
Apply !•—MatfiwM- mto*.
sillTeiStn. b. C*
Skilled Cintidiaii miners are not
*6fth $3 50 per shift to the Silver
Lead Mines Association but foreign
■niuers are imported and promised $4.
per shift for the same work. What
possible excuse can tlie Nelson Miner
offer for this! Where will the Sandon
Mining Review find ground upon
which to write ao editorial defending
the Silver-Lead Mines Association
now! The promises of Rod Tulmie
i(ive the lie direct to all the hard time
talk of both these dou/hty cbauipims
of the mine owners. A new line of
argument must now be hunted up.
They had better com- out squarely
and honestly against the Miners'
Union aa that is what the Stiver-
Lead Mines Association has done.
ralhttl'itel   TuXrtf.
Said n young anil tactlcHa husband
To his inexperienced wifo,
"Il you would but uive up leading
Siu-li a-favliiutiabie life.
Ami devote more time;_o cookitiK—
How to mia and whi n tp-bakp—
Tl.eu, pet bap, yon might make pastry
Such aa in.tther r_>eil to bake."
Ami the wife, roaepting, answered
;Vor the aaorni will, turn, you know),
"If you would bnt give up horses
And a score of clubs or ao
To devote more time t» business—
When to buy and what to stake-
Then, perhaps you mightjnake money
Sucb as father u_i.it to make."
The "lawless and blood-binty"
Miners' Union, so often herd up to
view by the Nelaon Miner and tlie
Nelson Economist, show a somewhat
different aide to the public. They are
lawabidirig and demand the protection
of the law. In appealing to the
Premier of Canada, the Attorney-
General and Minister Cotton, they
show a respect for and a knowledge of
ths law which must be surprising to
the two papers mentioned above.
Any self-respecting Briton, should
be ashamed to be known as a compatriot of such men as those who have
tried to introduce "Dago scabs'-' into
Cana.ia and who am trying to run
Britons out of a British country.
When men become so iow aa to resort
to such shabby tricks they should be
hooted odt of tbis land by self-
reipefitlng 'dtlmms,   	
Following is a complete list of tl.e
mining tmneac' ioiie recorded during the
•reek for the Slocan Mining Division.
Oct 27—Elsey; Vancouver cr, W .1
Buker. Link Ir, Silver mt, R .Tohu. ton.
Patterson fr, nr Thr*. Fotks, 8 Fisher,
J A Collins, J R Fisher.
28—Shy lock, Stiver mt, R Thompson.
90—Black Jim, Pavne mt, C Garritv,
B B Hill. Seaton tt, nr Sandon, FS
Clements, Bluff, n fk Carpenter cr, 8
Thomas. Independence, n fk Cir|>enter
cr, F Swannell. Rockland Ir, Four Mile
cr, A McDonald. Beubow fr, Four Mile
cr, J A Lavoine.
Oct 25—Sunnvside fr, 8 years. 26—
Krii.ii-.iiii fr, Red Mountain fr, 27—Fr.ink
V. 3d—<ie.ni.so, lUbv (r, Raw Hide.
31- Legal fr,
Oet SI—White Hime, Black Ilirse,
Fedora, I—Beach. C Aml.-raon to J T
Riebarcls, Sept 15. Same 1—9 esch, (.1
Fairbairn to V Rome,. Sejit 15.   .
The shipment   ot  ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and including  the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Bosun Landing. Tons.
Bosun   580  -
From New Denver. Tons
Marion .- _.-.... .20
From Ten Mile.                      .     '    ••
Enterprise    860
From Slocan City. .-*  Tons.
Taranrac ...-.  <., t,.    20
Black Prince  v^*«0
Chapleau  15
From Silverton. Tout.
Comstock ..  Jk)
'"        uoiVcenlratea......*.. 100
En Ily Edith  ...  «0
.    Fidelit>*...i     3
Noonday .•--*.-. .,,....520
Vain (.nver 320
Waki-field.: ". .....580
!:•; Bfa*|uarler8 P»r Mining 9lei ••;
:B!iHrS-\F.\l8B\IRT.   Yitm.
None   But
"The Best!
: a
C. \. ELUOIT N. *.*
NO'l-CE:— "ExcnAKOE, !*n-_vtfnl*i..-.iK. I | Top
SEoci'M, Victoria  No   4 awl  vVaiuJ v.L
. iMfut-r-cl Claims: ^itua'v in tlie SI une !
:VItv-MiuiugDivlsioo v' Weal Kootuna^ : i
District. ■"••".*' *
Where    located :—West    of   Uavton]
Creeek, a mile south ofSpiioger tTei-k.
Take ui'iii-f that I, J. Murray Mc-< iregor. I
ac-tinp us ii-.'Mit for the Nea Oolel Kiebla
of Biitifb Columbia, l.lmiletl, Vree Min :
era Cwtlflmta No. i-'AX'til, intend sixty
ilii-r.-. fr.-iii the date hereof, to apply to '
the Mining Recurdur for a Certiucate oi j
Improvements, for the purpose of oolaiu-
iug it Crown (irant ol tl._ above claims.
Aud further take   notice that action :
under section 37,   must be commenced,
before the issuance of sucb  Certili.-ale o ...... _.
Dated this-l-t day of September. 1890.^ WILL ERADICATE ALL IRAtW
2519109. J-M* McUiuooa.   |QF   iM?l:RE   jiLdOD,     Cl RRt
NOTICE :-"EicitAKOE," "Bbo_e«.,,I j       BLOOD    DISORDERS.
•'buiiE" snd "Chaio No. 2" Mineral;  . ;-.-
Claims;   situate in   the Arrow  l.ske.1
Mining  Division   ol West Kootenay'
District. '■■■•■'.. • t
Where located;—On the north side of!
Cariboo creek, about   out half mile
north   of the   Millie   Mark   Mioeral
Take iioti.*e that I, J. I) Andefton. P. L .
B., of Trail. B. Ci actio / ss agent Ior II.
E. tiiritter. Free Miner's CcrfiflcateNo.
•I'.rOfA. anil II. C. Pollock, Free Min. r _
iVrutii-nre No. b13526. Intend slaty days
'h mu the dute lieie >f, to apply tothe Mining Recorder (ur a C«rl!6cate 61 1m-
iprovemeiUe, for tbe puipose of obtaining Crown Grants ol tbe above claims.
And furtluir take notic that action'
under section 37,-must t>. commenced
before tho issnance of such Certificates
of improvements
Dated this8th day ol SeptemW, A.I).
21 I 10 I 99.
Try tt—Prove If.
Daigle's Blacksmith Shon.
fttonl BlurLsBilliiag,      •  '
Ui Repairing 'h».
Owing to£a reduction In miners' wages
causedlby tha enforcement of the eight
hour law, the miners are all idle and the
mines- have  shut down.   Therefore all
workingmen are hereby warned to keep
away from  the Slocan  and  Kootenay
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles are amicably settled betweeo
mine owners and miners.   '
Rsndon. B. C.     W. L Hsgler,
June Snd. 1899,       Secretary Bandon
Miners' Union
J. M M Benedum,
Pres. Silverton M. V
3.1. Mcintosh,
Becrotarv,    Silverton
. Miners' Union.
B. O.
Boots and Shoes,
gAW Two dooinuouth of Post Offiew. — -
MLVKRTON,   •   •   •   R. C,
* »
and freighters.
sslTor met\u\\\*9»
21 hrk RihL G
6 WorkHnk.
_Sa<MI«_k>im        ,
T. GRAHAM, 5 . r.•..
"rtfE'SILYKKtOKIVklC >t,M«'
.y*g#,-,-J«ni»rmmev**--.'..--«_»>.*.*»_*_i^***%!.■ «<j»yaat-wt*-1*-*_*•*%-__*- «wtt***ty*i*w*m*r. wmmun'tii'-iw— i^-.«wtisi*iwi«<«!-^«*iiwt*K^**_ *awi|***n
t.i**mis**.:»mw>i*m*- os*'***,*** y**Him~***sn**mi.4*^wu*tw»r twrss*t*ttusWtttytsmm -*.'»ii_*>■   »sWts**t***»'*s**w.*s*****tt, , <*1*y*w*%e)ts**t
amwrn mm	


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