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The Silvertonian 1898-10-29

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 cecoiei+p*'***'' J**-*:*--* MOSMCftWNOsiMfA
Kead flie
I 82 Per Annum.
^»Tr«**-».««»-*3 *»-*«' *«»^* *»*-»4)
l*#C->CtQ> v4v#0V0tCMM-Q^_|k
Joto ,%2|Toi?__c    I
Neatly & Promptly Done *
We can quoto you bedrock prioes
.(J UHjainu      UVV-1UU, V
Laundry, neatly and quickly done at
Mulvey's Laundry.
The California mine on Silver Moun-
thiu has shut down for the winter.
$91,000,000, in round numbers, showing'
an increase of $10,51)0,000, over the value
of similar products exported in thc
previous vcar. Silver figures amon-i
said products to the valno of if07,000.000;
gold to tho value-of $4,700,000; lead to
the value of $3,000,000, and on a smaller
scale, antimony, ziuc, plumbago, coul,
asphalt and chalk.
W. J. Darker, of tbe Vancouver mine,
left oo a business trip Thursday.
Frank Ryan ia down from the AVake-
fleld mine, having taken a layoff fur a
few days.
Leslie Hill, manager ol tho Vancouver
mine, was up looking ovor that big property this week,
Ed. Stuart who has charge of the
devuUipemeut work being done on the
-Condor group, was in town Thursday.
The Willard claim which lies near the
Vancouver, will bo worked this winter,
cabins having been erected und preparations made for winter work.
W. Horton, who ia working At the
Vancouver mine, has taken a luyoii fur
a few days to enable* lum to prepare for
winter and make things comfortable for
his family.
W. (ilynu, part owner of the l^uuen
Bess mine, acuump_niad by his wife
H'tssicil through Silverton on Tuesday en
route to Honolulu, where they Mill spend
tlie winter.
Work is to lie teaumed at once on the
Canadian group. The lower tunnel is to
be driven ahead until the ore body is
tupped. From eight to ten men wilt bo
employed all winter.
The upraise being driven in tho
Vancouver mine butwuun No.l and 2,
tunnels ls now up •"• > feet mid rapid
progress is being iuad<\ It will bo 120
left loug when completed.
Joseph llruudou tins let u contract for
a 100 fool tuunei, tu iu driven ou ihe
liico claim which .adjoins the To.vnsite
on the north. He hss au eight (uot
ledge to run iu on and the indications
am that it will devoto-ie into fcomcihing
James \V. .Moll.it. ol Nelson, mIio is
interested lu llu Vulentiut* giuup,
arrived in Silverton on Wednesday _nd
C'RUecis io jtju up to the properly ut once
j-ccompauiud by Mr Valentino, alter
whom the group is named.
Nearly all uf the men were laid oil" at
the Galena .MineS.tliis week and underground work is ut a stand Mill, ihe
jiumpsaru still kept going to tint it
iuo.s like ulilv a temporary shut-down.
The cause ul' the abut-down has uot been
.'nude public.
Mr. Bell-Irving manager ol tiie Com-
stock uiiucs, bus been up und examined
that property this week, leaving or.
Thursday for iho Coast. He expiesseti
himself as highly pleased with thu lute
Unpriivcuiciii.-* in thut properly.
Five ore sorters arc busy sacking the
oro being knocked down ut the Wakefield mine. The bunk houses ut the
mine are rather overcrowded just now,
but the management docs not wish to
build any moro additional ones at the
mine as these will be moved next spring
to the foot of the bill on the completion
of the new tramway proposed lor the
The Valentino group, which lies abovo
the Kisher Mui<!-.*n nnd adjoins the
Comstock properties is to be put into
shape and developement work pushed
along as fast as possible. The croup
now embraces nine claims ami among
the many veins known to exist are
several promising ones. With developement work this will no doubt turn
out to be another big Silverton property.
Areoent drilling contest among miners
at Glenvllle, Col, showed some remarkable work in hard granite. Eight teams
took part, the four teams scoring the
highest record being as follows, giving
the depth of hole drilled in 15 minutes:
Edmond and McGinnis of Teiluride, 'It.',,
inches; Huppe and Lludgren of Ouray,
40>ti inches; O'Neill and Burns of Leadville, 40J{ inches; McKenxie of Leadville
and Lamb of Victor, 40 and 15-16 inches,
While cutting out the bank to make a
turn in the wagon road a little below the
No. 5 tunnel at the Comstock mine, the
men cut an entirely now letlae that
allows a ten Inch pay streak of good ore
on the surface. This is the second lead
carrying pay ore that the now Comstock
wagon road has cut. The building of
wagon roads in a good mineral country
like tbis is a good investment in more
ways than ono.
R. W. Brock nf the Canadian Geological Survey, spent a few days in our citv
this week and around our mines. Mr.
Brock bus hud charge of a party who
have spent the summer in surveying the
country lying west ot Slocan Luke and
between Rolison and Nakusp. .Mr,
Brock informs us that the highest peaks
in southern British Columbia ure those
lyina just west of Slocan lake. From tho
tops of some of these peaks, on a clear
duy, one can see over the various ranges
the Rocky Mountains iu thu East, tin*
Selkirks Stretching along th,** main line
of the C. P. R., the Snowy Mountains in
Montana and Idaho, distinguishable
among ihe multitude of snow capped
peaks. Although tho ligitres ol the survey have not yet beeu worked out, it is
en I cu i,ne I from barometric observations
that some ol the mountains just surveyed
huve nn altitude of over 10,000 feet. The
paitv leave in a few days for tbe east, the
work being over fur the year.
Tho following personals appear In last
week's Miner and Electrician :-
"M. Markeson, one of Slocan City's
prominent lni-.ine.-si men, was visiting
Spokane during fair. Mr. Markeson has
been a factor in the developement of the
most promising properties in the district
irom which heroines"
"Mr Dan Hunlun. of Slocan City, B C
hud charge of tiie line exhibit of licit ores
from his vicinity, und which occupied a
prominent place at the Fair. The ores
wero a surprise to many who had iniag-
iutlc the Slocan to he wholly a stiver-lead
producing region, tho freo and parti-iliy
freo milling gold rock forming a cuii-id-
eru'ule portion of the exhibit.     Mr tl m-
lon haa placed the entire lot of samples
ou display in John K. Casaou's oftloe in
the Eagle block, where it will reuiain
during the winter."
•'Silv.rto-i. B. C. was ranch in evidence
at Ihe Fruit Fair, with its fine exhibit of
silver-lead ores. Such Well known
properties os the Vancouver, Comstock.
Bosun and Alpha wer** represented, the
gray copper rock from the Vancouver
being t-spocially prominent on account
of its phenomenal richness."
Thronglio-t (he Slaean—-Organizer
Lucas  ou  iii.s  Trip.
assocmiw for;..;;,) in mmw.
Tlio  Nf-ws   In   Brief of   Ilnpiienlnct   in
and Aronhd tlie   Nlocnii
Organization meetings have been hold
during the past week by the Com-ervu-
lives in .Sandon, Three Forks and Silver.
ton antl arrangements are under way for
un organisation in New Denver,
On Tuesday evening lust a meeting
was held in the ofllcj .<t V. ,T. O'Eeflly
anil the work of organisation of ihe Conservatives of Silverton was proceeded
with. Mr O'Reilly occupied the chair
with 'W. S. Clark as secretary of the
meeting. Mr. A. Lucas addressing the
meeting explained fully the political situation Irom both Provincial und Domic-
ion staudpoii.ts an ! pointed out tlie
necessity for hlrong ami early Organization. On motion of J ti Gordon, ihe
Liberat'Cunservatlve Organization of Silverton was formed and Iho following
officers were elected: President, Wm.
Munter; 1st Vico'I'res , .1 <.J Gordon;
Snd Vice., J. Bowes; Bacrttary-'IVeas-
urer, \V. s Clark*; ExecutiveOummitfjc,
Messn*. O'Relllv, D. Brandon, and T H
Wilson. Tho meeting paeeed a vote nf
thanks to Mi. Lucas fur his Iwlp towards
the orgunizati >n.
Tho Conservatives of SanJ in hold nn
ornuuiz.nion meeting Saturday niirht
of last week in Tara Hall, S--iti->n. Tiie
matter of early organisation wa-< resolvod
un unit an uaociatf-H was formed with
tin- following officers; Pir-si,'. tit, FL
Ciiriili.*; Is' Viee-lVi-H lerr., Dr. I'"Vers
'.'rid Vi'j<'-lv«s., jVC M:g*iion ; Kxecntive
Committee Messrs. D I*. Maclean, S A
Mi'.liton. A Stinitt, .1 Seltzer, C Cliff**,
| E M Sundilauda and Larrv Dolan. The
Association will meet in future in Tura'.i
It is an old saying thnt ono has to go
from home to get the news. Proof of the
aptness of the remark is furnished by u
police paper published in Boston, Muss,
which in its issue of October 1st. publishes the following extraordinary item,
which is on a par wi:h (he story illustrated by a en l. which appeared iu a
New York yellow journal, of a party of
miners meeting death by falling through
an air holu iu the iie on SI«i*hii Like
and drowning, while crossing it with a
"Tho Golden Cache, operating on Lil-
looet Creek, in Klondike missed a great
deal of rich amalgam from thsir llalne
boxes. They havo one of tho richest
gold placers in the. country mid it «as
thought strange that their cleanings
were so slim, They determined to keep
watch for the thiol.
Several nights when the moon rodu
high, one of the miners saw a calf near
the boxes,often reaching over the brim
drinking tho muddy water.
Tlie thefts of aniiilgam .'ontinm-d, und
on Friday night, Sept. 20th. when the
calf appeared, tlio miner, in sheer wantonness, lirod a charge of buck-shot, at its
flanks. With shrill cry of agony Iho
supposed animal rose upon its hind lugs,
and, etaggerotl a fow paces, fell.
' The miner ran to where the culf waa
lying and saw a human leg, with the feet
wraped in socks, protruding from the
animals hody. To his surprise he discovered that the thief was a young v* o-
A meeting held in Three Forks last
.\itiiriJay afternoon elei ted tho followi.ig
officers for the Three Forks LiberaLCou-
servatlve Association, President, A Coop*
er Abbs; Secretary-Treasurer, F. J.
Brennan. On account of tho slim attendance tlio election of other officers wus
left for some future mooting.
Tho Conservatives of New Denver are
not vet roadv to full in line with I heir
political confreres in other Slocan towns
nnd Organiser Luoal held no meeting in
thai town. Mr •! II Millward wus »*.-
pointed secretary pro lent, lor Iho party
pntil an organisation is formed at some
future tlntu.
AII-Hallow-o'en night next Tuesday.
The sprites are wont to hold high curia-
vul on this night snd we adviso nil our
«:lt iz 'lis to remove their gales boforo it
is dune for litem.
Another social dance was uivcu in
Mt'KiiiUOll'8 Hull lust Tuesday evening
by tho Quadrille Club. These dnticus
grow in enjoyment and favor ns the
numbers coins,
Rumor has it that 8 P Tuck has received thu appointment as Cold Commissioner for the Ainsworth Mining
Division. This appointment", if made,
si.oul.I be satisfactory to all as Mr. Tuck
is admirably fitted for the position.
The citizens of Sandon aro not yet
edncatad up to the high standard set by
tho r.ivslreak. They gava a majority
last week fur the maintains nee of the
Cuiiiii-ue in that sunless burg. If the
sun goes back on them tlio citizens arc
determined to have '"stars" ut any rate.
Harold Bulce. who has of lute been
editiiu t!iu Kootenaian, left la«t week
for New York, and the line band of Dave
Kinix is recognized once again In tlio ed-
iiuii tl columns of that paper. It is now
Whispered that Mr. Dolce does not intend
reiurning to Kaslo, haviug found the
Slocan loo crumped n field for his talent.-*.
Charley Butler, baggage muster at
Slocan City and who wus stationed n
Silveiton bnt suuimer. is lying in the*
ho>|ilal at Nov Denver in u precarious
siute, Mr. Butler has contracted typhoid
fiiver complicated by an uttuuk of acute
pneumonia and Dr. Brouse regards bis
chances pf recovering us very slight.
Charley's Bilverton friends will bo soiry
to hear of his illness.
Tin? Miner --.nd Electrician of Spokane
came to US Ibis week in u new dress
greatly improved in appearance. It come-,
alio under :i new management and from
tne way iu winch it is got up and the
coiniiiiii-sonso mining article* appearing
in ir. it has fallen into tho hands of one
who knows what be is talking about, distinguishing between a mine antl a coyote
bole. 11 looks now as if Spokane was to
have u genuine mining piper published
hy u it'lulugman.
{Silverton, _B.   C.       i
Meroh a n di se
"■Uoo thit Cooji" Take warning. I
nitty lead toCoiisuinptton. A -5c tioltlu
<.'' Shiloh\i Core mav buvo jour liie
Sold ut The Silverton Drug Ston*.       t
«V. C. F. Yates will
Iverton Chuich ou
in ihe Si     ^^^^^^
ening next   at   7.80.
invited iu intend,
hold service
Sunday   ev-
ure  cordially
I heroby desire to inform the citizens
of Silverton tlmt 1 have been formally
unpointed diy Scavenger for Silverton,
my daties to begin nt once. Tin* citi-ena
are requested to comply, nt their curliest
convenient***, with the requirements ot
the law respecting fbe Banitary conditl •■**.
of their property.    By giving immediate
attention to this matter, it will save mnch
mutual inconvenience.
Ciias. C. Ci.**y.
Takk None;- th:if -Tid.iys afterdate
-hall apply to thi Gold Commissioner at
New Denver for a  license to Pell  liquor
at roluil on the premises of the Thistle
Hotel, Silverton. B. 0.
Dated October 22nd 1898.
According to data pupiished by the
Finance Department of Mexico, with
respect to the last fiscal year, the total
value of the mineral products of all kinds
paHuing through the custom hotiBes wnsj
For over a year disguised ns n young
man, she had been residing at a neigh'
boring camp.   The  company   sent  30
miles for a surgeon, but before the latter
arrived the girl almost bled to death.
This thrilling letter press is backed Up
by a half page illustration representing
a busy miner leaning over tho form   «■
a young woman half draped in what
presumably a calfskin and  IidI
uqder what is presumably a eluice bo*
Private, bath rooms, at Toui Mnlveys.
Cascade City is to havo a  newspaper.
Win Brandon inu le a trip to Nelson
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Cross made u trip
to Nelson Thursday.
Abo Roberts returned Tuesday from a
hip lothe Hound.uv co'luliv.
Hill Bros, u,ir_e unloaded another big
lout) of lumber ut the dock  Wednesday.
School Inspector Burnt pal I tha Silverton School an oftlu-l vi*it  on Friday.
J. A. Wtiotls expects tn leave on Monday for Spokane, n hero he will remain
A lai'i'e number of Silvcrtoniuns left
on Friday to tuko iu tins I Q O.l''. Ball
in Slocan City on thut evening.
Win. Hunter made u I rip 10 Brooklyn
this week (o look ufici tlu Interests of
thu Win Hunter Co. in that town.
Arthur Booth, tepreaenting tbo l.uii-
don it Lttiicislilri* Lil'o Insiriiiivo Co.,
wus instil!,- in our town oil -liursduy
last, looking for bitsjness ia his line.
Sl.iloh's Consumption Onre cores
wi ere others fell, lt is Ihe Indin**
Ciiiigh Cure, .Hoi no home should be
without it. Pleasant lo tuko antl goes
I i.-lit to tho spot.    Sold at
33XGr ®
®   OFPB
_?Vla   Ma   -BlB-y-B>r>lJ_%(_[#
ZdL   IM-   _e_Q.o-^rles*   Prop,
?<-»C<tX«>'>C*»C'»C'>C*»*C»C->0»CaC*C«('>(»C«C«t«C» C«-C«C-J(«(»C«C«C«C»C«f«(»<i«*_»*»«» CaCa-SWK**^
Fali and Win er Suit Patterns Now on Hand.
I would respectfully invite gentlemen to an early inspection of my
•eltctiona In S*niug and Summer Snitings.
My prices w|ll be found moderate. I make it a point to keep them as
low aB is consistent witlioood material, good workmanabio and the care
and attention requisto to get up thoroughly satisfactory garments.
Liebscher*.  the Tailor,
Lfikfl View avenue.
Hotel Selkirk:::
Brandon S Barrett, Props.
Fine View of tlie Luke.
Up to Date Service.
call and; SEE US
General Agents and   _•£      !#
(^©$      !•! Mining JBirolcers.
*»»■■■* s»**
Sole, Agents For
■ -.rM* ■•±--**mv* A-.M*
.»»_•♦.*.•*•  tji'is.-ri
.4   tpfemre*n*  %V-*S'»«'i^»*«» •*»«***
*^«Viw»  .*•• w-**,ns
*■*•* NA>A'4I   »»    I
• «-^. .-.-.«, >M>,s"..<-*_*   .*amm
*-....*-.-.,*■ WILL NOT   TOLERATE   DELAY.
It In E*peete.l Thnt an Ultlm-tum
Will He Ul*r*» l»>* Ihe American
Peace OomnilMlonera, an- It I»
Believe- That Spain In T*r>ln_ to
Cause Delay.
Flu lit   With   Sheriff's   Posse
State  of  Mississippi.
In .the
London, Oct. 24.—A dispatch to Hie Kx-
I  change  Telegraph   Company  B*«_   Paris
I says: Tlie American peace commissioners
j at Friday's joint meeting will definitely
I  insist upon Uie annexation of tlie Philip-
I  pine islands to the United "-**Uiies.
Compromise   Sttg-ffeated.
Paris,  Oct, 24.— The American pence
commissioners were in session again today
from 10 a. m. until almost 2 p. in., when
they repaired to the joint session.    They
took with them a carefully prepared written answer to t'he proposal of tlie Spaniards regarding Cuba.    It  is understood
the American reply is to a certain degree
in the nature of n compromise proposal.
It  Is Mo Compromise.
Washington, Ot. 24.—lt is expected nt
today's meeting of the peace commission
in Paris the American commissioners will
deliver to their adversaries something very
closely approaching an ultimatum.
The president is satisfied alt last that the
Spanish commissioners are purposely delaying the negotiations. This is the belief
of t'he American commission also. Tlie
time has now conic to cut off all false
pleaa and come directly to the main issue
left open by t'he protocol, namely, the dis-
position of the Philippines.
Up to this point the entire time of thc
commissioners has been consumed in repeated efforts on the part of the Spanish
commissioners to force the Cuban debt
question upon the joint commission against
the firm opposition of tlie Americans. The
latter have stated positively that under
no circumstances will tbey assume the
sovereignty over Cuba involving the assumption of the Cuban debt, and the time
has come now when, in the opinion of the
American commissioners, the Spaniards
must be made to understand that this answer is final.
The president today approved the ret
ommendation of General Wade at Havana
that tlie Spaniards bc allowed until December 1 to evacuate Cuba. Meantime.
however, the United States troops now in
Cuba antl others to be dispatched will
take possession of the territory as fast as
the Spaniards vacate it, probably leaving
Havana to the last.
lt was reiterated today that under no
circumstances would the United States assume any part of the Cuban debt or the
debt charged against t'he Philippine islands.
It might he possible the United States
would assume or guarantee the municipal
obligations or Havana or other Cuban
ehies, or would not, at least permit them
to be repudiated. Thc same might be true
at Manila; but as to the national debt
which Spain lias seen fit to charge against
Cu'ba or the Philippines, neither would be.
in any sense, guaranteed. This polity, it
was declined, pur peace commissioners
well understood and it would not be re
ceded from in the slightest degree.
Memphis, Oct. 24.—A special from Forest, Miss., says:
A.* a result of an attempt to ariest a
negro near Harpersville, Scott county, in
tlie eastern part of the state, one white
deputy is killed, three wounded, and, according to the latest report, nine negroes
hnic been killed by the citizens of the
llarpcrsville neighborhood and the sheriffs combined. The trouble originated
last Friday when a. negro named Burke
hud an altercation with his employer,
Charles Freeman, a white man, in which
the negro got the better of the difficulty.
The next night a crowd of white men,
headed by Wallace Sibley, who was deputized to arrest the mun, went to Burke's
house, which is aliout a mile from liar-
persville. When they arrived ou tlie
scene and called for Burke they were
greeted by a fusilude from tlie negroes
coiictjiled in ambush in the bushes surrounding the house and iu the house it-
sell. Wallace Sibley, -tlie leader, fell dead
at the first volley and three more white
members of the crowd, James Johnson,
James Hamilton and James Wells, were
woi.r.ded. The whites returned tihe fire,
but were unable to do any execution, aa
their assailants were all concealed. There
weie not more than eight men in thc
while crowd, and finding it impossible to
resist effectively they dispersed towards
Harpersville. It was not known at that
time that Sibley was injured, but this
morning he was found dead in the yard.
The wounded deputies were able to get
buck to town with the assistance of their
comrades. This occurrence took place
early in the night.
When tfhe crowd returned to llarpcrsville the news spread like wildfire. During the night a large crowd gathered
from the neighborhood. They went immediately to Burke's house and got from
his mother the names of all parties in
the crowds which had ambushed the men
the night before, ln all there were about
40 negroes who had gathered to prevent
th,* arrest of llurke and a list was made
up at her dictation. All of them had
fled, Then thc pursuit and search for
eaih of the prescribed darkies began. According to the statement of reliable citizens six negroes were found and killed by
the crowd of armed and determined citizens before the sheriffs arrived.
•A reliable telephone message received at
a laic hour states that three more negroes
lone been found and kiled, making a total of nine up to date, witli about 40
more to be heard from.
mm gii news.
The Minor Happening* of the Day
In All Parts of the World—The
Aftermath of the War—Business
Features—Crimes anil Accidental—
Facts of Interest.
Last Detachment of Troops Has Left
the Islnnd.
Washington, Oct 21.—The navy department today received the following:
"San Juan, Oct. 23.—The evacuation of
Puerto Rico was completed by the sailing
of the lost detachment of Spanish troops
today. SCHLEY."
Took  Oath of Allegiance.
San Juan, Oct- 24.—Members of the insular cabinet took the oath of allegiance
to Uie United States yesterday with befitting solemnity. They will issue a manifesto announcing their resolution to avoid
partisan politics ami to end party strife.
About $12,000 has been collected as customs duties since October 18, the day thc
United States formally took posset-si on of
Puerto Rico.
A movement has been started to send a
Puerto Rican commission to Washington
in order to present to the authorities there
i the needs of the people of the island.
Secretary Long's Plans.
Washington, Oct. 24.—Secretary Dong
has taken the initiative steps to make
Sun Juan de Puerto Kico the first naval
station of tlie United States in West Indies
water. Congress will be asked to make it
one of the best equipped naval stations in
the United Statics. Secretin*)* Long says a
station in San Juan will bc of the utmost
imjKii'taiiee to the mny. Sun Juan is an
excellent place for a jrood many of onr
ships in the winter time. It is a vulusble
station from any point of view.
linrghers Defeat Kaffirs.
Pretoria, Oct. 24.—The Magato Kaffirs
have, 'been repulsed by the forces of the
linrghers sent against them. Several nu-
li.es were killed. The fact that the Kaffirs attacked tfhe Burghers is regarded as
a declaration of war.
The Joint Trafllc Case   Reversed  by
the Supreme Conrt.
Washington, Oct. 24. —The United
States supreme court today decided the
Joint Traffic Association railroad case in
favor of the United States and against the
railroads. The case was considered one of
the most im**ortant that has ever come before the supreme court, not only to the
railroads, but to the general public, and
because of the vast railroad properties represented by the Trallic Association.
The association was formed November
1!>. lSil"). by 31 railways, representing the
great trunk lines. Thc purpose of the association, as stated in the agreement, was
to establish and maintain reasonable and
just rates, fares, and regulations of State
and interstate trallic. A similar association, on a smaller scale, vena formed
among the southwestern railroads, known
as the Trans-Missouri Association, and
the supreme court, in a notable opinion,
declares the association illegal.
Justice Peckhain announced the decision
today.    He said the court could distinguish no difference between this and the
Trans-Missouri case decided a year ago. i
He said the only new jioint involved was |
as to the constitutionality of the tnjst act.
The court had reached the conclusion tliat |
as railroad corporations performed duty of
a semi-public character, it was within thc
constitutional power of congress to regulate them as provided by  thc anti-trout
The opinion, which was very brief, was
concurred in by Chief Justice Fuller and
Justices Harlan, Brewer, llrown and Peckhain; Justices Gray, Shims and White
dissenting. Justice McKenna took no part
in the case.
Under tlie decision today the decisions
of the United States circuit court for the
southern district of New York and of the
United Stotcs court of ap-ieals, both of
which were favorable to the Joint Traffic
Association, arc reversed.
Tbe Chaplain's   Disgrace.
Washington, Oct. 25. — Thc president
has approved thc sentence of the court
martial dismissing from thc service Chap-
lain Mclntyre of the Oregon.
Kmperor Off for Palestine.
Constantinople, Oct. 24.—The emperor
ami empress of Germany left here for Pal-
r<rtinc Saturday evening. They received tin
ovation from thc crowd of people assembled to witness their departure.
The First Presbyterian church of Morris-town, N. J., has had but five sextons
since 1874 and but two in 50 years, the
present one having served 33 years.
It is suit! that if the "voice" of an elephant were as loud in proportion an that
of a nightingale hia trumpeting could be
heard around the world.
Fed Him Groand Glass,
Puttie Creek, Mich., Oct. 24. — Mrs.
Mary liiitterfield-Sttnderson, the 18-year-
o'.tl wife of the late octogenarian, Rudolph
Sanderson, bank director and a well-
known citizen of Battle Creek, was taken ,
to the county jail at Marshall, where she j
will be held pending a preliminary hear
ing on the charge of murdering her bus-
1'he yellow fever in Louisiana is of a
very mild type, and has been named "yel-
7he emperor' and empress of Germany
have started on their journey to thc Holy
Congress will be asked at its next session to provide for the defenses of Puerto
ltico and Hawaii.
Hie captain and crew of the steamer
Sea Ghost were killed and eaten by Solomon Island natives.
Cora Smith, a life prisoner in the Iowa
penitentiary, committed suicide by swallowing live spiders.
1 he railroads are said to be planning
a movement for a reduction of price for
riding in Pullman cars,  i
C«pt. James Goldsbury of Warwick,
Mass., who reached his 100th birthday
February 10, 1807, is dead.
Yellow fever has pwralys-cd business in
Mississippi and thousands of people are
feeing from their homes.
Nearly 23,000 Spanish soldiers, included
in the surrender of Santiago, Cuba, have
been transported to Spain.
Ihe Spanish government is employing twenty-one vessels in transporting
troop,* from Cuba and Puerto Rico to
The insurgent camps throughout Cuba
ire celebrating tlie anniversary of the beginning of thc ten yean' war.
Fifty five war-ships for the United
States government are under contract,
and twenty are Hearing completion.
Recent census report on agricultural
products of Massachusetts shows $52,880,-
431 worth and $219,957*214 land value.
Tlnec Spanish vessels have adopted tlie
American ting under whicli to sail in trafficking among the Philippine islands.
Pension sharks are already sending out
circulars to Spanish war soldiers offering
inducements for business in their line.
The United States representative on the
Island of Guam, in the Pacific, administers all of the offices from governor down.
i .ipl.iiu McCalla, who commanded the
(miser Marblehead through the war, has
been given command of the Norfolk navy
Citizens of Portland, Ore., have subscribed $1000 to buy a sword of honor
to bc presented to Captain Clark of the
battle ship Oregon.
Srnnuel Ensign of Roekford, 111., just
released from Morro Castle at Havana,
Cuba, where he was imprisoned for eighteen years, arrived home last Wednesday.
William E. Travis has been arrested in
New York as a professional burglar. He
h ul a handsome home, nnd his wife and
family, it is said, knew nothing of his
It is estimated in Madrid that the campaigns in Cuba and the Philippine*, have
cost fjpain a total of 3,000,000,000 pesetas
or nbout $000,000,000.
Ihe war department has discovered a
system of frauds whereby enlisted soldiers are seeking discharge by mean-* of
forged appeals.
The (mean minister of justice has been
dismissed for permitting the aavag:* mn
tils-lion of the bodies of executed men and
Twi Sail, Francisco bankers have sailed
for Honolulu, there to establish the First
Nil lit nal bank of Hawaii, with a capital cf
tf 1,000,000.
Siierifi' Houpt of Hot Springs. Ark., has
been indicted, charged with being short
i.liiuil $17,000 in his accounts.
Thc sultan has ordered the withdrawal
of all the Turkish troops in Crete in compliance with the joint note of tlie powers.
A monument was dedicated in Paris to
the soldiera of France who fell in the
Franco-Prussian war.
The socialist party met in Paris, France,
antl denounced governmental interference
with the right to strike.
Ant i Semitic riots occurred at Kossow in
Austria -Calif iu. Ten persons were killed
and others wounded.
Drs. ljane and O'Reilly have made a report to the surgeon general insisting upon
the inmiediate establishment at Havana of
an American fever hospital for the purpose
of isolating yellow fever patients.
Colonel Clous has received a plan of every fortification on the island of Cuba.
Cen. Wood received requests'from two
companies for railway concessions—one
line between Santiago and Munzanillo und
the other between .Santiago and Havana.
These requests will be forwarded to Washington.
Holmon expects to get the Infanta Teresa olT to thc United States by the end of
October. He finds it impossible to raise the
Cristobal Colon from the sea because of
the swell, and has built a trolley line out
,o a distance of l.v-i feet, with a suspension
Governor Tanner of Illinois has notified
the Chicago-V'irden Cool Company that if
it attempt* to operate its mines with imported labiai*, protected with Winchesters,
he will send the National Guard to dis
arm them.
The Swedish Arctic expedition bus returned without having obtained any trace
of Prof. Antlree and companions, who attempted to reach the north pole in a balloon from "Spit/.ehbergen, and have never
since lieen heard from.
Ju Buda-Pesth the police have arrested
nn satire band of shoplifters, almost ex
The English Board of Admiralty Orders Work to Be Pushed and Vessels to lie Heady-France Gathers
Mllitnry nnd Naval Poroes.
      London, Oct. 24.—The Hritish admiralty
lusively women, and Mie chief of the band  issued u number of significant orders this
was the rich owner of a lorge estate in
Fred Langsdorf, a Spiritualist, committed suicide near Armourdule, Kms., by
taking morphine, prussic acid and cutting
his wrists. He kept a diary of the effects
of the drugs.
The "meat ring" in Havana continues
keeping the price of meat at from 50 cent
morning. The dock yards ut Portsmouth,
Devonport and Chatham have received instructions to preptare six 30-knot torpedo
boat destroyers for commissioning so they
may be able to put to sea in 24 hours.
Overtime orders have begun on the first-
class causers Europa and Andromeda so
a.s to hurry them for sea service.   Several
Vlennn     Kenrs     a    Spread
Dreaded   Unburn,..
of    the
to 60 cents a pound, in spite of the pro-1 gunboats  in  different dock  yards  have
tests and offers of large and responsible
firms to import and sell it at 25 cents a
The weather bureau at Washington has
announced that the great hurricane in the
West Indies had been foreseen, and warnings given by the new West Indian weather service established nnd controlled by the
I'nited States signal service.
Richard Packard, who lives at Maehias,
Jle., saw a bottle in the river bobbing up
and down in a lively manner, which he
wasut a loss to account for until the bottle took an extra jerk Upward, when he
aiw a large eel with its head held fast inside the bottle's neck.
Dr. N. G. Woodward of Defiance, Ohio,
was married .14 years ago and sent an invitation to Lafayette Woodward, his cousin.
Nothing was heard from the latter until a
few days ago, when he sent from his home
in Minneapolis, Minn., a check for $2000
as a wedding present.
A man in Java makes a good living as a
prophet. He has been paid £80 a year for
tlie last 15 years "for not predicting a
tidal wave which will sweep clean over the
island." Tlie credulous natives believe
that he has the power to attract the wave
that will overwhelm the country.
A dispatch from Jenkinstown, Pa., says
that unknown persons, having a spite
against Abraham Chilcott, took the nuts
oil' the axles of his hay wagon, and he was
seriously injured in tlie breakdown which
resulted. Then his large bam was set on
fire anil destroyed, with its entire contents.
Indians Sent to Dnlnth.
Walker, Minn., Oct. 21.—Eleven of the
20 Indians wanted by the authorities
started for Dulutti last night under a
guard of soldiers and accompanied by Indian Commissioner Jones and Marshal
O'Connor. Bug and his son refuse to surrender, but the Indians say that they
think they can bring them ln.
Marshal O'Connor is firmly convinced
that Bug will never be captured. He auld
last night: "I am thoroughly convinced
that both he and his son were killed in
the battle, and I am sure this ls also the
reason the others have not come In."
Commissioner Jones says that he ls well
satisfied with his work here, but he admits that there Is a strong possibility that
this, the llrst outbreak of the Chlppewas,
will not be the last.
been ordered to postpone unnecessary fitting. Finally tlie Cunaixl line and tlie
White Star line received orders from the
admiralty to hold their subsidized steam-
el's in readiness for turning over to tlie
navy officials.
To Mobilise at Halifax.
Halifax, Oct. 24.—Commanders of all
warships of the British North American
squadron lrave received orders to mobilize
at Halifax.
Preparations  at  Toulon.
Paris, Oct. 24.—The municipal authorities of Toulon have been notified that that
place will be tlie center of important naval
ami military preparations, and have been
instructed to arrange for the immediate
reception of four battalions of infantry,
1500 marines and 000 artillerymen. The
municipal council has decided to close the
school houses, to be used to lodge the
troops. The naval authorities have been
ordered to expedite the pi°e]Mrutions for
the outfitting of the new squadron.
Another    Name     Suggested   for
Library at Washington.
Another Peace  Jubilee.
Philadelphia. Oct. 24.—The peace jubilee began yesterday.. It fittingly opened
with special services of prayer and
thanksgiving in all the churches of the
city iiTcspeetive of creed and doctrine.
ern:ons were preached on thc inevitable
horrors of war and the consequent blessings of victorious peace and there were
services of song ami worship on these
themes. This was the spiritual inauguration. Tlie material and spectacular beginning with Tuesday and the intervening
day will be devoted to housing the city's
guests and perfecting the final details.
The name of the big library that was
originally organized for the use of congress, and is now housed in the finest
building ever constructed purely for library purposes, every now and then becomes u subject of dispute. The library
growing up as a reference library for
members of congress naturally took the
"Library of Congress,"-but there are many
reasons for believing that statesmen early
in tlie duys of the republic looked upon
that collection of books as a national library and fuvored a broader name than
the one now given it.
When Jefferson sent his library of 7000
books to Washington after they had been
purchased by the government for $23,900
he forwarded a catalogue of these books,
which he marked "Catalogue Library of
thc United .States." This name indicates
that Jefferson looked upon the libnuy us
a national institution, und not merely as
a congressional library. It is not unlikely
that an effort will be made in the near
future to change tlie n'ume of the big collection of books to "Library of the I'nited
London, Oct. 24.—The outbreak of bu-
bonk* plague ut Vienna, due to the cxper'
intents in Professor Nathnugxd's baeteii
ologicul establishment in flic cultivation
of the plnguc bicillus, has spread terror
nt the Austrian capital. Five cases in ad-
dition to that of the late Herr Buri*.)),.
the assistant iu the establishment, who
contracted the bubonic plague while out-
livt.ting the bacillus, have now occurred
Dr. Mueller, Who attended Hen- Bur-
ische and who wus considered an authority on the plague, having been to Bombay
for the purpose of studying it on the spot
nnd he survived oil the dangers there.
Extraordinary precautions have now beeii
taken to prevent un epidemic. The plague
patients lie in an isolated building attended by L>r. Pooch, a volunU-er physician, and by sisters of charity.
Kvery person who hud come in contact
with Herr Baiischc, principally the hospital attendants, has been isolated. Some
of them resisted and others tried to escape
but were captured and all were locked un.
it is feared, however, thut the precaution,
were taken to lute. Heir Burische wus
ill for three days before he aw a doctor,
during whicli time he lived with his wite
and visited wine shops. The wife, who
has now developed suspicious symptoms,
visited friends, rude in public omnibuses
and came in contact with dozens of per,
sons ut her husband's funeral.
A painful feature of the Viennese sit
nation is the unscrupulous attitude of the
unti Semitic news*>apcr» which are accusing thc Jewish doctors of bringing the
plague-to Vienna. It is apparent that
this appeal to the worst passions of the
mob will lead to plague riots against the
■TcWs if the disease spreads.
More Tennessee Trouble.
.Sin Francisco, Oet. 24.—Kit-hard Chet-
wood of Compuny I, First Tennessee, was
stubbed in the buck this morning while in
a saloon. Chetwood was in tlie provost
guard and was trying to arrest an unknown Tennessee private when the latter
■.inI,bed him with a bayonet, diet wood's
condition is critical.
Fire In Des Nolnes.
Dcs Moines, la., Oct. 24.—Fire broke
out Sunday morning in Perkins k Bris-
nt..ill's block containing four double width
floors tilled with costly china and glass
ware. It looks now as if the loss would eb
complete and in tin- neighborhood of $100,-
Ex-Mayor A. O.ikey Hull left a his
tory of thc Tweed ring, having toward
the end  of his life  become convinced  id
his old leader's guilt.
■ - i. ,.__ ,_.
Wheat   Qaotatlona.   Wool    Figures
and the Price of Produce.
Ships  In  a Typhoon.
Astoria, Ore., Oct. 24.—The British ship
Clemioon arrived, 29 days from Yoko
hansa. Captain Morrison reports that two
vessels, the British ship l-turelbank and
the British ship HeaUhfield, for Astoria.
encountered a terrible typhoon soon after
leaving Yokohama, and it is feared th.it
the Laurelhank lias been lost. The Heath-
field put back into port dismasted, her
bulwarks and stanchions gone, and her
balhist. shifted. Nothing bus been heard
of the I jiii i el bank, and it is feared that
she bos been lost.
band.   She is accused of feeding him with |DrHg«. and the compressed air pumps ur
ground glass in his breakfast oatmeal
Su.tlcison, who waa 80 years old, died
suddenly on October 4 under peculiar "ir-
New Chinese Slorr.
New York, Oct. 24.—A dispatch from
Pekin says:
The emperor has lieen examined by the
physician of the French legation and the
diagnosis disclosed the fact lfli.it he is suffering from chronic nephritis, better
known as Bright's disease.
Appointed  Railway  Mall  Clerks.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 24.—The following appointments of railway mail clerks
have been made: Washington:—Charles
II. Ik-mis of Kitzville, August S. Heat-eld
of Spokane; Idaho—Reuben K. Shune of
Ncwply mouth, Ccorge K. Maishull of
Boise, Edward F. Allen of Sodusprings.
One of the latest journalistic ventures
in Japan is a ne,vspa*>er devoted to the
interests of laboring men.
now in position!
Owing to the yellow fever quarantine at
New (ii lea ns, the Morgan line of steamers
will use Sabine Puss, Tex., for all Texas
ami California traffic from New York.
Ilie eldest unmarried daughter of Cap
tain Sigsbee, who was in command of the
Maine when she was destroyed in Havana
harbor, is doing good work as an illustrator of magazines.
. Mr*, ('eorge, alleged murderer of George
li. Bex tan, brother of Mrs. McKinley, nt
Canton, Ohio, was held by the grand jury
on charge of murder in the first degree,
without bail.
Cold ami silver ore worth aliout $100-.
000 has been found in a cave near Lead
ville, Colo., where it wus secreted by
thieves, who purloined it, ft little at a
time, from mines in the vicinity.
The native Cubans, who have fought so
long for the overthrow of Spanish rule,
uie unanimously determined t'luit the
Spanish residents shall not control the future government ami destiny of the island.
Names of Men Drowned.
Seattle, Oct 24.—A special from Run-
ri;*! City, Alusku, confirms the report
printed yesterday morning of thc loss of
a small tdoop and the drowning of nine
men near Cook's inlet last September. The
men drowned were:
men drowned were:      Adams;	
Bonner   of   Hope Church, IM.; Oarson
P_ync of Portland, Or.;   Zimmer of
Pittsburg, Pa.;   Scott of Scottsbui-g,
Ul.;   Wolcott and son;  Flunk Bob-
insor of Stinto Cruz, Oal.j Chris Johnson
of Cook's inlet, jUaska.
Postofllne   at   Cavite.
Washington, Oct. 24. -The postofflce
department has ordered the establishment
of a military postofliee station at Cuvite,
near Manila. It will be known ns military station No. 2 of San Francisco postofliee and will accommodate a large number of troop* stationed at the arsenal and
tlierea bouts.
Following are the local quotations.
Wholesale prices are given unless otherwise quoted:
Wheat at the warehouse—Country
points: Club, bulk 47c, sucked 48c; blue-
stem, bulk 60c, sucked 40c. At Spokane:
Club, bulk 48c, sucked 40c; bluesl'in,
bulk 51c, tacked 52c.
Oats—At Spokane, f. o. h., $10 per ton.
Parley—-Country points, f. o. b., 73(ii)
80c per ewt.
Rye—Country points, f. o. b., 70c |>ei
cwt;   Spokane, 85c per cwt.
Hour, per burrel--Cold Drop, $3.76;
Big Loaf, $4.15; Banner, $3.60; Phinsifter,
$4; Superb, $3.75; Spokane, $3.50; Swan
Patent, $4.15; Snowflake, $3.75; White
Lily, $3.1)0; whole wheat, $4; rye, $4.25;
graham, $3.60.
Feed—Bran and short*, $11 per ton;
shorts, $12; bran, $10; rolled barley, $20;
chicken feed, $16@20.
Hay—Timothy, $8 per ton; baled timothy, $10; wheat hay, $7.50(0,8.50; oat
bay, $7.60; alfalfa. $10.
Corn—Whole, $23; cracked, $-4.
Wool—Fine mcunini, U@7c per lb; me
dium, 6@0c per lb.
Produce—Fancy creamery butter, 40
and 00 lb tubs, 28c per lb; 6, 10 and 20-
Ib tubs, 29c per lb; prints, 26c per lb;
country butter, in rolls, l.'ic per lb; cooking butter, 10c lb; eastern creamery,
prints, 25c; cheese, twin full cream, 12jc
tb; cheese, twin, skim milk, 0j@10c lb;
ranch eggs, $0.2o@d.50^ selected eggs,
$0.75; honey, white comb, 13c per h;
fancy, 14c per lb.
Vegetables—Potatoes, 70®8O*2 per cwt;
cabbage, $1.50(91.75 per cwt; turnips, $1
per cwt; onions, 75((cf)0c per cwt; bcum*,
l;f« IJc per lb; carrots, i|:i per cwt; beets,
$ii.2.i per cwt.
Poultry—Chickens, live weight, 10(»llu
Time card No. 2, taking effect at 1
o'clock a. m., September 1, 1808, Pacific
or 120th meridian time.—First claaa passenger trains: •
Lv. Daily. Arr. Daily.
8:30 a. m Kaslo 3:30 p.m.
8:66a.m South Fork 3:05p.m.
0:45a.m Sproules  2:10p.m.
10:00am.... Whitewater ....2:00p.m.
10:08 ii. m Bear Lake 1:60 p. m.
10:20a. m  McGuigan  1:38 p.m.
10:34 a. m Payne Tram 1 -.23 p. ro.
10:35a. m. ...Cody Junction... ,1:22p.m.
10:45 a. m  Sandon  1:15 p.m.
Arr. Daily. Lv. Daily.
Mixed Trains.
Lv. Daily. Arr. Daily.
11:00 a. in Sandon 11:50 a.m.
11:10a.m...Cody Junction... 11:50a. in.
ll:25a.m Cody 11:36a.m.
Arr. Daily. Lv. Daily.
G. F. k P. Agt. Superintendent.
snn->v in Montana.
Bowman, Mont., Oct 24.--Snow fell to
a depth of eight inches within the lust 24
hours, delaying threshing for some time.
It is Ihe first heavy snowstorm of the season.
(It)   of Pu.-liln  In Port.
San Francisco, Oct. 24.—The transport
City of Ptiehlft from Manila arrived here
A', an early hour Saturday.
q-mri-i-itliir  Declared  OS.
Montgomery, Ala., Oct. 24.1—The city's
quarantine against all points was declared
off Saturday by the city board of health.
Navigation and Trading
Steamer* "International" and 'Alberta"
on Kootenny I_tke and River.
Five-Mile Point connection witli all
passenger trains of N. k P. S. R. R. to
ami from Northport, Rosaland and Spokane Tickets and baggage checked tb all
United States points.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson and way points,
daily, except Sunday, 6:46 a. m.   Arrive
Northport 12:15 p. m.; Rossland, 3:40 p.
m.; Spokane, 0 p. m.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo and way points
.. - ~        daily, except Sunday, 4:35 p. m.   Leave
h;    dressed,    12(0 13c;    spring   broilers,  Spokane, 8 a. m.j Rossland, 10:30 a, m.j
-._6<g_,75| turkeys, live I0@llc, tires*. I Northport, 1:50 p. m.
ed   I2@18c*  spring ducks, dressed  $4t$  NEW SERVICE ON KOOTENAi LAKE.
4 30  doz;     gecHC    live     Hl^llc,   dr.-„| |    jMVe Nelgo„ f()f KafJ     ct     TueB(ltty>
,?fel2lc! ™,d duck8' 28@6<>«f   .heu., Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 8:30 a. m.; arrive Kaalo, 12:30 p. m.
a ills.  30Cn}35e    	
Meats—Beef cows, live $2.r*OCo2.7ii,
drc-M-d $5(tr5..i<l cwt; steers, live $'_.7.i>>
8, dre-sed $.3.50(«(1; hogs, live $1..,()(„ 1.7.*,,
dressed   (6(30.60;    mutton, live 4@4$c,
dicised "l(a)rXc; dressed veal, 7fo,He: Inmh,
I2j0 wholesale;,venison, lOQSOo per lb.
Portland, Or., Oct. 24.- Wheat, steady;
Walk Wnlln, 02c; valley, 04c; bluewtcin,
,   income,  Oct.  24.---Wheat—Club, 01 (W
(11 *c,  bluestem, 04(S(I4Jc.
Snn Francisco, Oct, 24,- Bar silver,
Mexican dollars, 471@47|o.
Lead, $3.82 1-8.
Le&ye Kuslo for Nelson, etc., Monday,
Tueadav, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. m,| arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
Ijeave Kuslo Saturday 4 p. m.; arrive
Boundary midnight; arrive Bonner's Ferry Sunday 10:30 a. m.
Ijenve Hornier'* Ferry Sunday 1 p. m.;
arrive Boundary Sunday 5 p. m.; arrive
Kaslo Sunday 10 a. m.
Close connection at Bonner's Feiry with
trains eaatboiind. leaving Spokane 7:40
a. in., and westbound arriving Spokane
7 p. m.
0. ALEXANDER, Gen. Manager.
Kaalo. B. Q. Oct. 1, 1897.
&, \'<mSlm^>tk^tM^■^J^^
m Good Blood
Makes Health
And Hood's Sarsaparilla makes -food
blood. That is why it cures so many
diseases antl inukes so many people feel
better tbun ever before. If you don't feel
well, are half sick, tired, worn out, you
may he made well by taking
Hood's Sarsaparilla
America's Greatest Medicine.
Hood'* Plll» «ure all Liver 111m.   JfloeBta.
ENLAKGES   oub   teeritory.
Tlie eoiletlc Survey HeportH Two
Hundred Kxtrn -lilies of Count
i.lne in Alaxku anil a New Yukon
Washington, Oct. 23.- The discovery of
•_IHI miles of additional territory of the
I'nitctl States on the Alaskan coast und
of a new channel for Yukon bound vessels which will minimize distance, lime
untl danger, is officially reported t<> Superintendent I'ritchett of the coast und geodetic survey by John F. Pratt, un assistant ill charge of the expedition which
has been working in these waters.
What the expunsion of mileage nf our
Alaskan territory is due to is not known,
The opinion is it is due to previous in*
act unite charts, tihe present being t|1L. nr^
regular and reliable survey of the region.
The tinding of a new channel \viil effect
a saving of til-out 40(1 or .">ihi miles in
reaching the Yukon. Thc new channel
just found is Kuslivuk, which will carry
eight feet over the lull* ut low water und
will permit ships of moderate draught to
'•.meed dirrvtly into the Yukon from the
south nnd continue up tlie river four or
live hundred miles to a safe landing before
transshipping to smaller boats, which will
go ihe remainder of the way up the river.
Ihe party which has just completed the
labor is at Seattle, where the survey main
tains a brunch office. It consisted of
almut 50 men under six ofllcers of survey. Ilie information obtained will be
embodied in a chart which will Is- readv
fur the use of navigation iu time fur tlie
first parties going up next spring.
'ihe saint* -.striy will return to work
next spring to complete the surveys und
the channel will bc buoyed us soon us
Bo Bays Mrs. Mary Roohlette of
Linden, New Jersey. In this
Letter to Mrs. Plnkham.
"I was bothered with a flow which
would be quite annoying at times, and
at others would uliuost stop.
•• I used prescriptions given me by my
physician,  but the
aame    state
of    affairs
•' After   a
time   I  was
taken    with
■    flooding
that   I   was
obliged      to
keep my bed
Finally.    In
despair.   1
gave up my doctor,   and    began
taking your medicine, and have certainly been greatly
benefited by its use
" Lydla E Plnkham's Vegetable Compound tint. Indeed been a friend to me.
•■ I am now aule tu do my own work,
thanks to your wonderful medicine. I
waa aa near death I believe as I could
be so weak thatmy pulse scarcely beat
and my heart had almost given out. I
could not have stood It one week more.
I am sure. I never thought I would
be so grateful to any medicine.
" I shall use my influence with any
one suffering aa I did. to have them
use Lydia E. Pinkbam'a Vegetable
Every woman that la puzzled about
her condition should secure tbe sympathetic advice of a woman who understands. Write to Mrs. Pinkham si
Lynn, Mass.. and tell her your ill*.
l„. Mi,- M for unnatural
dlsrliarir»s. liirtstiiiiisliiuis,
irrlt»tii,ii«   ur oloaratMBI
' of  mucous   nietiilir_n<-»
.1-,,,..... .   »».' Valnless. and nol Mtrlu
■or soul In plain "rappet
by  pi press,   prepslil,  foi
|l .ill, or 3 liottltis,-B.7.1.
Circular seut ou reuuest
".'• ft Wrong?
Get it Right.
Keep it Right.
Moore's Revaalml lleroe-T wllldolt. Three
doses will make you feel better. Oet il irom
your driiUKiit or any wholesale d.tii? house, or
koro Stewart _ Holmos Drug Co., Sealtlo.
Buy Direct JJBS
Inn 'niiHi
|p M trim
After Thirty Veiim u I'llimius l.ulcli
In Montana HcvciiIm Ore Once
More Which Im l'ubtilouslj. Hlch—
Mill... on (he South lluir—Mlnlnu
Company Suetl-llrlet Mining
And savo middleman's nrofltl. Men si""<> •»»
or-matlo suiis,|a.»i t.i 111. Fit gnsrsnteed. t as-
logiie, samplos.solf-inoasiireiiieiit.blanSfc et<.,
Wo. 44, "98
After many yenrs of fruitless search fortune has at last smiled on Htirpin Davis
of Helena, and Dead Man's gulch bids fair
to become as famous as it was in the days
of '(!". Mi. Davis has Struck it rich where
■cores of other men in the last 31 years
have tailed, for he bus discovered what, to
all appearances, is one of tlie richest gold
leads ever found in the state. Although
the discovery wits mnde but recently, lie
is said to have $2.1,000 worth of ore already on the dump. Specimens of the ore
on exhibition at Marysville have surprised
old mining men, for they arc richly flecked with the yellow metal antl would run
fabulously high when measured 'by the
ton. Dead Man's gulch is located six miles
milt's norllieast of 1Hackfoot City, one
time a famous placer mining oaanp, Gold
was discovered there in the early days of
the territory, and many .thousands of dol*
tars'were taken out in both quartz antl
placer mines, "(jovernor'' JJrooks discovered a quantity of renmrkably rich float
in t'he gulch in 18117. The ore was of wonderful richness. The gold bearing rock
was merely a surface deposit, however,
and search as he would Governor Brooks
was unable to find any more of it, and he
gave up the search and turned his attention to placer mining. He was successful
in that, too, for in the same gulch und
above the s*n>t where the llo.it was discovered rich auriferous deposits of gravel
were found and worked. Those diggings
yielded one of the largest nuggets ever
found in Montana, weighing a-little more
than tpMHi. When Governor lirooks left
otr searching for the lost lead, others took
it up, Shalt after shaft was sunk, and
the f-roiuid crosscut in all directions, but
to no purpose. There is left as a monument to this unsuccessful search five
abandoned shafts on a piece of ground UK)
feet square, Year after voir the search
was renewed. Ilarjiin Davis has worked
many years in the vicinity of the place
where Governor lirooks scooped out u fortune in float rock. In a desultory sort of
way he had searched for thc vein, but with
the same results that had marked the efforts of those before him. Davis finally
became Imbued with a theory of his own
iu regard to the location of the vein, and
three ami a half years ago he began work
on the property, first securing a bond from
its owner, John Mclrvine. Davis was
compelled to change his theory eventually,
but lie continued to work, and his stile object was the discovery of the lost lead.
II..unlit   Conner   King  Groan.
Manager 1-twson of thc 1-ikeside Mining Company, operating the I-ikeside
group of claims in Cascade camp, near
Salmon Sitling.on the Great Northern railroad, suites that the company has acquired, in cimsider.ition of cash and stock,
the Copper King group of four claims,
pear the Golden Tunnel mine, and west of
the Climax properties.
"This is a valuable addition to the assets of the Lakeside company," said Mr.
Lnwson. "ilie claims are within a half
mile of a good wagon road, and only five
miles from Salmon Siding. There is four
feet of shipping ore on the Copper King,
averaging $100, principally in copper. A
tunnel is in 70 feet, and this will be extended this winter. The claims were purchased from parties on the Sound. 1 am
not ut liberty to name the price."
In Wllil Horse District.
Railway Contractor Eg»n has secured
an option for $15,000 on a property in the
Wild Horse district, which has been in
various hands for years past without
showing up anything which justified full
nasft-unrnt work. Some pieces of rock
were uncovered running as high as 12200.
A shipment Of the ore has been made to
the Hall Mines smelter, and returns are
eagerly looked for.
Strike lu  Kellnr Gronp.
James Le Pevre, foreman of the Umatilla group of claims in Keller camp, on the
south half of the Colville reservation, is in
from that camp with samples of ore from
the property, for the purpose of obtaining
assays. The ore was taken from an open
cut 10 feet deep on the ledge. Mr. l.e
Pevre says the ledge was opened at that
point toil width of nine feel when he left,
ami the other wall was not yet iu sight.
Mr. Ije Fevre reporta that two of the samples yielded values as follows: Thc first,
15.1 per cent copper, 5.4 ounces silver,
$1.08 gold: the other, 0.8 per cent copper,
2.18 ounces silver and $4.13 gold.
■eiv  Mining  rubUcMlons.
Tim Miner ami KleetrMnn of Spokane,
the weekly local mining journal. WW been
Mild to George E. H»*"l«i ■•*• <Mli,<,r (,f
the Sylv.illilc Miner, published at Sylvan-
ite, Mont. ,   . ,■'_.
Ibe Kootenay Mining Standard is the
niniiii of a monthly magazine, the first
number of which issued in Nelson, 11. C,
a few days since. D U. Young, lute of the
Slocan News, |s the editor.
V mill little brochure issued by the
Trout Uikc Topic is entitled "The Trout
Lake Mines and rVosneeU, with Map."
Aside from the fact that copies received
do not tviit.iined the promised map. the
publication is a valuable one for mining
I,,,,,,   u it gives a full description of the
lending propertiee of that district of Went
To Save Simhe Hlver Oolil.
1 It Ware is building three gold sav
[„_' machines in Spokane Which he pro-
noses to ship within a few days to Me-
Curshcr's bur, on the .Snake river, in Idaho He stales that the machines arc .sun-
pic ill conduction, the principle involved
Linn the thorough mixing of the sand
,,,,-rying Uie goW W*t* 'P'i^i'vr. lie
states thai ic-sts 1i«mi been *,iH-«'Ms|..c-
;( -,,,*.,.* he expels to have a great
cleanup to show for his next season's work.
Knreka North Star Is Sold.
Suit was begun in the district eourt by
the Wank of Montreal against the Eureka
North Star Gold Mining Company to recover $3000 alleged to be due on « pron.-
issoi v note made June 8, 1898, ur due In
00 davs from date. The comt • ' owns
the North Star claims in Kepubl The
property is In tihe vicinity of of the ltepub-
lie mine and has been considentbly deve -
oped, but without satisfactory result
Work has been suspended for several
weeks. Sam I. Silverman was the promoter of the company, and John M.
Burke is said to be the heaviest stockholder The stock of the company sold well in
the start at 10 cents, much of it being
placed in Rossland.
A Pump nt lOOO Foot _*vel.
The foundation for the new pump on
the 1000-foot level of the Helena-)V nsco At
Gem, Idaho, will be completed soon, when
the work of getting the machinery m
place will be commenced. The pump complete weighs 200,000 pounds, and it is no
small tusk to get it down to the bottom of
a 1000-foot shaft. It had to all be made
in sections or cut after casting so tliat no
piece would be too large for the shaft.
Machinery ol Snow-hoe*
The Snowshoe mine, 17 miles from W>
hv, Mont., is to be equipped with a new
10-drill compressor and six Rand drills.
The mill is to be remodeled and the property put in condition for active work.
About 50 men are employed. The Snow-
shoe was recently purchased by the Pacific Northwest Mining Corporation, lately
organized in London with a cash capital of
Option  on  the Wntson.
The Hritish America Corporation is said
to have secured an option on tlie Watson
property, near Klko, between Ternie anil
Cra ii brook. Some good oie hus been
struck, running as high as $10, nnd it is
claimed thut there is a large amount of it.
Mining  Uriels.
The new compressor for thc Snowshoe
mine is the first in Libby district of Montana.
A strike of considerable importance is
reported in the Enterprise claim in Ijong
Like camp, B. C, but its extent is not
yet known.
Final entry was filed in the land office
for the Trade llolltir claim in the Colville
district by C. C. Woodhouse and W. il.
The mill at the Whitewater mine, at
Whitewater, 11. C, will probably not start
until about December 1, on account of delay in shipment of jig machinery.
The Hull Mines syndicate is reported to
have bought a lime quarry opposite Kaslo,
on Kootenay lake, for $1500.
Application for a crown grant for the
Coronado claim in the Fort Steele district
of Kast Kootenay has been made. The
owners are Alexander Poison, J. I). Kl-
inendorf, Xeil McLeod Cumin, John G.
McMillan, George L Davis, C. V. White
and Xeil Cooney.
F. W. Wacom, receiver of the American
Developing and Mining Company of Gib-
bonsville, Idaho, has obtained permission
of the federal court to increase tlie company's indebtedness from $10,000 to $15,-
000, which means tliat the mine will resume operations.
l.nek  of Wnter.
Portland, Ore., Oct. 24—The fatal acti
dent which occurred on the trial trip ol
the torpedo bout Davis Thursday was
caused by the loss of water in the forward boiler. Chief Engineer Kutz, U. S.
N, inspector of machinery at the Wolir
_ '/wicker Iron Works spent a day in n
thorough examination of the boilers. He
found the tubes in the forward end of
the boiler became dry and overheated and
nine of them blew out of the steam drum.
The after boiler appeared to be uninjured.
Tramps   Killed.
Fort Worth, Texas, 0*L 24.—A freight
train of the Rock island road broke in
two ut the top of a steep grade near here
Saturday. The rear portion crashed
into the front section, wrecking und derailing several box cars.
In one of the wrecked curs were. 10
n:cn evidently stealing a ride. Five of
them were instantly killed and three are
dying. Two escaped fatal injuries. The
names of the unfortunate men cannot be
Apple Crop In h Failure.
Chicago, Oct, 25.—The Orange Judd Farmer says today:
The apple crop of Ihe I'nited States Is
smaller than It has been since reliable statistics hnve been collected. The total
supply from the 18S8 crop of the Untied
States Is 27,700,000 barrels, compared with
BOtnethlng over 40,000,000 last year, or 70,-
000,000 In the record crop of 1897. The failure is widespread, renchliifr f^om the I'n-
clflo const to Maine, and in none of the
stales does tho output of fruit approach
the average,
AnnrchUt   Arrested,
Haifa, Palestine, Oct. 21.— The police
mnde an Important arrest of a well known
anarchist here yesterday. Extraordinary
precautions nre being tuken to Insure the
safety of Rmperor William antl BmpfSSI
A-gUSta Victoria. During the time thnt
they nre here, veiled women will not tie
allowed In Ihe streets, ns tho police fear
anarchists might assume these disguises.
Five \e-jrroea Cniitnred.
Forest, Miss., Oct. 24.- Five negroes concerned in the riot which occurred Saturday night and .Sunday, resulting in the
killing of one white man and 10 negroes,
have been arrested nt Hnr*M*rsville. The
excitement continues and the srlrects are
thronged with men who have been arriving since lust night.
Merritt  Mnrrled.
London, Oct. 25.—Major Gene'-al We«
I ley Merritt, U, S. A., wi\s married privately hist evening to Miss Lnura Williams of
Chica'**-*. The ceremony took place at 0
(o'clock in tho bride's aptn*tnn<n«*i at the
S«vriy hotel.
A Benefactress' Kind Aet.
From the Evening jVi-u», Detroit, Mtrh.
Mrs. John Tansey, of 180 Baker
stiee*, Detroit, Midi., is one of tboee
women who always know just what to
do in all trouble and sickness. One
that is mother to those in distress. To
a reportei she said:
"I am the mother of 10 children
and have raised eight of them. Several years ago we bad a serious time
with my daughter, whicli began when
she was about sixteen years old. -he
did not have any serious illness but
seemed to gradually waste away. Having never had any consumption in our
family, as we come of good old Irish
and Scotch stock, we did not think it
was that. Our doctor called the disease by an odd name which, as I afterward learned, meant lack of blood.
"It is impossible to describe the feeling John and I bad as we noticed our
daughter slowly passing away fiom us.
We finally found, however, a medicine
tbat seemed to help her, and from the
>Io«t of the Time She Wat Confined to Bi d.
first we noticed a decided change for the
better, and after three months' treatment ber health was so greatly improved yon would not have recognized
her. She gained in flesh rapidly and
soon was iu perfect health. The medicine used was Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Pale People. I bave always kept
these pills in the house since and have
recommended them to many people. 1
have told many mothers about them
and they have affected some wonderful
"Every mother in this land should
keep these pills in the house, as they
are good for many ailments, particularly those arising from impoverished nt
diseased blood, and weakened neive
A monument to Darwin has been inaugurated iu the zoological gardens at
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Dowara. that they offer One Hundred Dollars
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Will Clean Out Entire Fuinlljr If Nol
Out  of the I ,.mil iy
Wallace, Oct 24.—When IXin Conner,
shift boss at the Hig Standard mine, came
out Kritlay night to the dry room to eat
his midnight supper he was met by four
masked men with revolvers, who ordered
him to get out of the country within 2t
hours. lie pleaded that he was a mar
ried man with a wife and children nt I'em,
and could not get them away in so short
a time without immense sacrifice, and
asked for u week in which to comply with
the demands of the men,, After some par-
hying he was granted three days, with
the threat that if he was not out in that
time they would dispose of him, his «ife
and his Children, cleaning tlie family out
loot and branch.
Mr. Conner Immediately came to Wallace to arrange to leave the county of
W liich he has been a resident for many
years, and where he has ulwuys been
Known nn a law-abiding citizen. It was
Snid that he was ordered to leave because
he had dlscarged some men who were
nol doing their work in a satisfactory
manner. He says that iii the HjjUt of
previous events iu that section there
teemed no other course for him to pursue
crept to gather his family about him
and  llee for safety.
Vhe history of C-anyon creek records
many outrages, and not a few murder*
where the victims were unresisting, and
where no cause for the outrage was ever
alleged, except that others did not like
the way in which the victim performed
h'^ duty toward his employers, (nu this
is the first time that it was threatened
lo make a man's family suffer Ihe same
fale  as himself.
does   my   cake   smell    to
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Schillings Best baking powder.
is due not only to the originality and
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all the importance of purchasing the
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only, a knowledge of that fact will
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as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weakening them, and It does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company —
SAN lltlMlsdi. <_l
LO I is VILLK. li,. H _W TORS, H. T.
It I* Siih'H'«*mI.*iI Thnt (hi* l'enee ,\i-
Kotlatlonii May let Kail, bat
SiiuIh Will Have to Yield la Her
1'1-cmciiI llellilesri it 11.1 111,lie. lex.
Pariu, Oct. 25.— The consideration by tlie
peace commissioners of Puerto Rico anil
the Latlrone IhIiiihIs haa now been merge.l
with the Cuban Question, anil all the
points Involved nre being carried forward
by n Hlmiilhineous conclusion. When this
has been arrived at, the Philippine question will be taken up. Of course, there la
a possibility of u disagreement, and the
Spaniards, if the American peace commissioners decide not to assume any portion of the Cuban Indebtedness, may announce their unwillingness to proceed any
further with negotiations based upon tho
protocol. Should the Spnnish decide to
do this, lt will be because they will wish
to excite the pity of their creditors and of
other nations. The eortes may be then
asked to indorse their action. In fact,
the Spaniards may even prefer the resumption of hostilities to acquiescence In
thc American refusal to share their financial burden. The Americans, however,
hnve Intimated to the Spaniards the possibility that Spuin may at some future period be able to deal with an Independent
government regarding the assumption of
the provincial and municipal portions of
the Cuban debt, which Is estimated to
have been $1M,000,000 before the lust rebellion In Cuba broke out, and 1500,000,000
contracted since lHio.
Finally, lt Is suld that there are persons
high ln the Spnnish councils who claim
that Spain would rather submit dumbly
and helplessly to decimation or dismemberment than confront this continued Iln-
anclal burden. One course would leave
her pride unsullied, lt is claimed, und the
other Is regarded as doubtful, if not Impossible of adoption, within the boundaries of national solvency.
Spain, however, will not break off the
present negotiations before having proposed that the i'nited States share half
the Insular debt.
Such a proposition would not be accepted by the I'nited States either directly or
In behalf of Cuba.
The session of the Joint commission ended ut 1:50 p. m. yesterduy.
The adjournment of the Joint commission wus until Wednesday next. Guam ln
the I.adrone group has been chosen by th«
Americans under Ihe terms of the protocol. The chief mutter considered at today's session was the American reply to
Spain's revised and renewed propositions
of the last meetings, nnd the indications
ure thut the Cuban question will be disposed of this week. But no detnils have
been given out by either side regarding;
Spain's presentment of Friday last or the
American answer of the same date.
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,,   il...        '    .   .'J  .    ...   . M^^^SMrVyVMMMMWyMWWw'
NOTICE,—"Morning Star No 7 " mi n-
eral claim, situate in the Slocan mining
division   of   West  Kootenav   district.-
Where'.located:   On the south slope of
Lemon creek, 8 miles from the mouth.
Take notice that I Samuel L. Lons,
acting as a_ent for VV. A. Campbell, free
miner's certificate No. 11,415 A intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder for a certificate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant for the above claim,
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
belore the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 4th. day of August 1808.
NOTICE,—"TbeJAIpine Group of Mineral Claims" (the Swiss, Highland
Chief, Berne, Kootenny Pass and
Rocky Fraction), situate in the Nelson
and Slocan City Mining Divisions of
West Kootenay District. Where located:—On tho divide between Kootenay
and Slocan Lakes, east of Summit
Pass. ..   ,
Take notice that I, J. Murray McGregor,
acting as agent for Chas Faas, F. M. C.
11784 A, Henry Stege F. M. C. 79147.
Herman Clever F. M. C.A10979, W.H.
Crawford F.M.C.4180.A and Alax Hickman F.M.C. 4274 A, intend sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before tlie issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 27ih. day of An_n«t, 1898,
J. M. McGbkqob.
NOTICE,— "Hoi'E No. 2." Mineral
Claim, situate in the Slocan City
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located:—On   tho   north-east
side of Cameronian Creek, % of a mile
from its junction with tbe north lorn of
Take notice   that   I.  J. M. McGregor,
acting as agent for Robert Cooper, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 11794a, and Henry Sheran, 12001 A,intend sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder   for  a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
(Grown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action.
under section 117, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 8th day of September, 1893.
NOTICE:— "Alexandra"'and "Delly"
Mineral Claims; situate in the Slocan
City Mining Division of  West  Kootenay   District.    Where located:—At
'im head of Mineral Creek, a branch of
the second north fork of Lemon.
Taka notice that I. J. M. McGregor, acting asagent for D.  K.  .McDonald,   Free
Miners   Certificate   No.   8929a,  intern]
sixty Says from the date hereof, to apply
to tne Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grunt of the above claim.
And further take  notice that action
under section 37,   mnst be commenced
boron* the issuance of such  Certificate of
Dated this 5tb day of October, 1898.
J. M. McGhkoob.
NOTICE:—-Northern Pacific" Mineral
Claim, situate in the Slocan Mining
Diyision of Wost Kootenay District,
Where located :-On MoGiiiefth Creek,
half a mile south oast of the Washington.
Take Notice that T, M. B. W. Ratli-
borue. Free Miner.s Certificate tfu&-_7l/
intend sixty days from date to applv to
tho Mining Recorder for a Certificate, or
Improvement, for the purpose of olitaiii-
in>j a Crown Grunt of tlio above claim.
And further take  notice that action
under section 37 must ba , cominenced
More the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this fifth day of October. 1898.
M. R. W. Ratiii'.oune.
NOTICE .—"Burnett", "Little Montana" and "Piilasltie" Mineral Claims;
situate in the Slocan Citv Mining
Division of '.i est Kootenay District.
Where located:—On (lie uest side of
main Lemon creek about twelve miles
from the mouth. ,
Tako notice that I, J. M. Me.Gre_or,
Mtiltir ns ngent for W. jV. C-Oiphall, Urn*
Miner's Certificate No. 11415a, intend
sixty davs from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for Ihe put posit of obtaining a C/own Grant of the above
And further fake notice   tliat   action,
under section 37,   must be commenced
before the issuance of such Ceititicute
of Improvements.
Dated this 12th day of October 1898.
J. .".I. McGeeoor.
o \ o
0 I o
0 10 0
o o
0 o
<L^ SYRUP ^__>
-      '   '■   ' I'.ff-""""1 ."l-'-g'-
A BLl'K TENCH. MARK <J-»:sxo»-<*»~*c«
THAT   YO-R    tl'DSCRir-  3
that they have in the past when this
matter was discussed in the Iluuse, they
will arouse an a. tagonism that will
virtually amount to a boycott against
all the coast tiaclt*, in ull ihe milling
si-otioiis ot the Kootcrmys.
They held ber South to Model hit's month
_ Then East they steered ber, fo: tli
Through tlm   farther gate ol the crafty
And tbi'ii they held for tho North.
.   #       #      •      ♦       #
And when at Rio the cnMe sang
"There is wur, grim war with Splint"
Tlieswiut craws  grinned,   und   Stroked
tlii'ir guns
And thought on (he monglcd Maine.
In the glimmnvinge!o"inof i-ngin(**rooui
Their wns joy to r-ai li grimy soul,
And fainting mrn sprang np again
Ami heaped the bloalng coal.
Good need Was there tn iro with care;
But every sailor  prayed,
T sun for _un, or six to  nnc,
i"a meet them, unalraid.
Hnrgnnlnf taut I  With joyous blast
She balled tin* welpouiing'roar1
Of hungry scn-wnlvcs curved, along
Tho strong-hilled Cuban shore,
a        #      »      <t       #
Outof Ilie harbor a curl  of s'-oUp—
And a WMtohful sun rnni» clear;
Out 'd the cli'tniiel the squadron broke
LiliR n bevy of fr-ghtenm] thvr.
Then thove   was   shouting  for   "sltmtii,
ni"re Nti'iiin!"
And ftrea glowed white and red,
And Biiria   woro manned  and   ranges
Ami the great shifs leaped ulioal,
* * ♦
Her nritffhty wake was n aeefhlng snake;
ITor hntv wis a billow of fonm;
Like athimderliiilt that rives the oak
Her shot, drive crnsliing home.        •
Pride. <*f the Spanish navy, ho!
Now* fl»*« Hue hounded heust!
For Ihe Ship of the   Northwest strikes a
For ill*) ship of the far Northeast.
In i*j'*ive>ing jov she stircr-d ahead
Attain* with fl'sbio'; Iinraj
D»wn sank the r-psntcrd's potd nnd red
Up ran the cltis'cred   stars.
Glorv to abiiro? Ave, nml to snare;
Hut lite ehi'fpst islierwhv  riclit
Of s mis-Ii of fourteen thousand miles
.   ..     ,, For the chwiCO of a bitter li-tiit.
Department or (.'due of tho 1 roviiicta] |_Arih_rGaltArmAnin New YorkTimes.
Government.    Wfi won'.     Tiiey don't
a g g.j gg g 88 88 i 8 8 8 8 8 8 8188 8 fi 8,jj
:   _i)!T0Jl!A!i 0LTCR0IT3i\«S.   1
s 3
It ... ittiH&i 82SSS88S ..'..'■
The proprietors of the Spotetnian-
Review havo evidently sworn vengeance on the photographic fraternity
of the State of Washington, They are
urging every mother to send in photographs of their babies for reproduction
in their Xii is number, Imai*iii*i tne
wails, tho whistling, the deep blue cuss
words in the dark rooms throughout
that unhappy state. The asylums will
soon bo floolnl with wild eyed l:nights
of tho camera."
A fair Redistribution Bill will fio
doubt bo introduced by our present
government, this winter and the Slccan
w.ll receive' fair treattumit and cur
representation increased. Tliat, iti
fairness to tlio whole Province, this
maasure is necessary, 13 quite plain i)i
the light of ibe el.Ttii'ii returns from
Cussiar, wh'ch returned two meui.beil
with only lit*-, yiters, w„ile 'li * Slocan
with 1200 voters is only given one
This office i-t in n-c *pt of a circular
from the Provincial S'cretar,'.* Ollice
requesting us not to send in future
our weekly   btitli." t of  news  to nny
pay for their papers anyway. The
question that occurs to us, however, is
this. II'jw r.rr* tie: bea<H of tlm »Sar-
ious Departim .-rs to ke*-p up to iiute |
regartlinjj local cutlitions without
occasionally cpeing a local pnper. If
tlie Minister of Mines, for instance
receives his future information nganl-
ing the WI 'ccn niiu.s
ft oni   tin*   veil
Following is a compl^o list of tlie
miningftanwictlcns recorded 'luring the
woe'; fi,r t! e Slocan Mining Divisinn:
0,t 18—Tyler. Carnantar, T M Gi'-son.
Fii'ii'ie,     snipe.     Margaret    Frat'lion.
iTillittr* elf, G II Writs-lit', v> 1. Griimnfit
0**t I!1— Aunt Laura, Cari-eutf-r,   I>,
ti    very , ,, ,,
•'   McCni.il'.
ni**a-»rt? nnd gai blxl  report! nppearii g.j    Oct   2')—Mom-ton.    Codv
in most of tho  Ciast   papers, he  mil ^^1 fZbeT!^'
have a  s>iry  idea of  our  conditions      Oct 21—Norma, Mowich slido.
and   *.cqiiireiiiei.is.      IJut  the  SI -cut
nowsp'up.r men will not insist on: the
• V.   A   H
0 F
N''h"l*'iiii. •
Oct 2-—Cnrxiod. O-peeter, ,T K Owi*
eion,   Kit!, rtlof.   Wiseonsin,   (re.>ry^ A
Minlners remaining on tho  compK- {?T"»_?_^,,lm?1 Ui^IliX nluft*!Ly'
° « Lake l*''actioiiii!. I'n**'! i"""e.** I'-ii'n **nin»
mnntary list—it is their lozs not ours.  |    Oct 21—<Teorg'«. north fork Qarnonter
  | F. GSibniitl'.    ClliCO,  aooth fork  Car -
1 j iicnter, .Ins O'l'neu.    Irene Fractional,
Mr. A.   Local  of Kudo,  who hss Trit-utarv creek. II It Al''xa>id.*r.
Profesher.'il Fraclmri, New Denver. J
C Butler.
nntlertakcn the work of on-.imziiig the
Oonierrativo party cf the Province uuri
placing it ou a wnr footing und who
was here for that -urpojo this weik,
prophecies two elections lor Pritish
C lumbia next sumuier, both General
and Provincial. Such lieing the case
ir will lo necessary for the opposing
partiiv, Conservative, and Reform, to
organize nnd find out where thpy htaiul.
Particularly as the next IocaI election
will be fought on straight party lines.
Speaking of Dominion matters, Mr
Lucas expressed ihe opinion that the
Yule-Cariboo riding would be subdivided prior to the election. This is
as it i-hould lip. The Semlin Government will also, it is stated on good
authority, pass an pquitable Redistribution I>,11 for the Province, in whieh
cv>e our claim to an additional seat in
t'i*i House for the Slocuu w II doubtless
b» recognized
NOTICE•-••Soho" Mineral Claim,
situate in the Blocan Mining Division of
West Kootenay District. Where located:-In tlie Best Basin on McGuigan
Take notice that T, M. R. W. Rath-
borne, Free Miner's Certificate No.
33371a. for inyaelf, and as agent for .7. C.
Ryan, Free Miner's Certificate No. 4774,
and Henry Enmroelen, F. M. C. No 16312
intend sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And farther take notice tha action under section 37, tnust be com-_ie_ce_ before tbe issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this fifth day of October, 1898.
M.R. W.Ra-r-iBORM.
Karl's'Clover Root Tea. for Cooetipa-
jtion it's the best and if after nsing it vou
don't say so, return tbe package and get
yonr money.   Bold at
The Silverton Drugstore, t
Of Fancy
jTKESII bread   daily.
B. C.
What Dr. A. E. Halter Says.
Buffalo, N.Y.—Gent*:—From my personal knowledge, gained in observing
the effect of your Shiloh's Cnre.iii eases
of advanced Consumption, I am prepared to aav it is tho most reiniiiknlde
Remedv that hsa ever lieoi. brought to
my attention. It has certainly saved
many from consumption.   Sold at
Tho Silverton Drug Hjore. f
That Corbin will make nnother f'flT'rt
this win'or, t> secuie n railway charter from the Diiiniiiion Government,
allowing him to extend his railroad into
the Boundary country of soulhurn
British Columbia, is almost on assured
fact. And, that the C. P. Pu intends
to use its power to induce Parliament
to refuse his application for a chirter,
is evidence- by the talk made by Sir
William Van Home, president of that
li up.
Tbe refusal of the Dominion Government to grant this charter to Mr.
Corbin last setsion, at tbo request of
tho C. P. R., was un outrage on the
people of southern British Columbia
and tho part taken in it by the Boards
of Trade of our coast cities, acting entirely through inliish motives, has
served more to throw the trade of the
Kootenay people, into tho hands of
American and Eastern Canadian merchants, than anything else. It tho
coast cities would be more liberal in
their views toward Ihis part of the
province they will reap the benefit by
securing their share of Mm Kohtenay
trade, but if thpy purjue   tey course
Oct 18—Black Hock. Banshw. Polo.
19—Last Link. Sunrise Nif, Man*
20—Braid,    Jumbo,    Evangeline.
21—Red   Fox   Fiaetion,   Minuia,
Jewel. Omega, Twili-'lr, Elujla,
J2—Amazon,     L-U_hi_g     W.ite
Ben ($.'l»    worth ul wo. t   irattsf.rred
from Ottawa No 2). Hope.
S4—Arab, Black J-J-glH.
Oct 21—Willa, lo Willa Gold Mining
Company, Ltd.
Oct 18 | Big Timber '4, J Brown to T
M Gibson, June 7.
Same \i. T 1. Gibson to M R W Rath-
borne, Oct 1-1.
Oil' t"',"i, Opatunka, J G Steel to F A
Steel. Oct 14.
Oji- 19-Bristol, Commander, Congo;
mechanics liena filfil a^.iini-i J't hater-eat
lipid by !■' 1- Byron by G Kruger, R. R
und G -1 McDonald.
Oct 21—Ethel fraction', UTEwin to
Koben I'.teii, O0118, ?5;>.
Lfnc.isler 1 io, Drnnmore \i, J it Cam
cit'ti to E ,1 Smith, Or 19.
Oct 22—Power of Atfon.ov, Northwest
Mining Syndicate to W H Kandlford.
Ot 7.
7i -raster M, Chns fi Rtifhdall fo Nortl •
west Mininu Syn(hc ite, Oci ".'2.
Asltiist lieacon %, J3 A Sandiford to
s.iino. O.'.i 22.
Forget-Mi -Not, same to same, Oct 22
F.itioni li. A E Fauquier to ,-iinie.
Ki'inulii J4, E Slewarf to same,
phoenix, Allmtiibra, Lily fJ, % in ouch
V LG-tidtiH lo E G Si-lpiii'tlt. J11 v 10.
Oct 24—Black Fox M, W Farn,"-y to Q
M McLean.
Dunn Centre '/., G McLean to F Ryan
O.it 21.
Hartney J£, D D McGillvioy to Ed
Shanuou, 0,;i 13
Oct. 14—Currie Fraction, reloc of the
Cosmo Exchange traction, 0 H. Moss.
Oct. 15—Leslie, reloc of the Edmonton
John Kowalskl. Stuyner Boy, S. Whit-
tjke'r, Ja mile ii(i 11 fork of Springer ck,
on west side.
0,:t 19—Midnight, roloc of Venus,
Chas Brand. Starlight, relocation of the
Acme, Chas Bran'.
Oct 20—Flat Head, H mile below
2nd 11 fork of Lemon uk, Win Brnscb.
Glendale, % mile n w of mouth of 2nd
n loik. jm'iis I'iopeer, P, Lsivenltilon,
■___; ----------- '  «»•"■ 'l',-l^'*1>H'"' ^'  "'"Lt-JLLa-^g
JM|;iVE>RS & _P-R-QSJE?_B>C^TOl^jj|
sent to any address, $2.00
a year.
ilson Hotel.
Teeter   Bros.  -  -   props
£■">  Buatyniffttrs For Killing Aod C«i-«ereial Men,
Everything fii-t-ciass In All Respects.
B.   C.
_J_V-aMis. sfivMat_MmsSasal «_. m
•   B. C-
'        HOTB'
0»- 9£9&9&9&9B9*y9&9y9w9$}9 Q
i i
f US
*J45_.»« 9le »v?o, 9 £SS« t«««^o
:•; Beadijawtef- For Siini-ii Men :•:
:*,otav.y public.
SILVER ION.       -      -       -      P- C
Aoct*o*.k_i;b, COSTO-H Brokkks,
s>nico Ib Kauli'V mock    •   -
NEI-SON,   Jt, C.
Ma-fir Mt.
J. M. McOHEGOR P. L. 8. ke.
or McGlBOO*,   At-cinsos k   Co.
DinTT nnd Superior Servire to East
eun nml Ei'koi'e.vn Points. To Pacific
Coast, Aus**., China, Japan aud
ArsTK\ii k Points ,...
Pnrtips cuttiinr Wood on the property
of the Silvorion Tuwiiuiio, or rpiiiovinic
H-tiiie will Iid propeeulntj. St]ti!iticrR are
uImo witrui'il not tu trespaHS on suid pro-
Iry Cro^HiJcCo.i A(?enll.
 pasfl RovcilHiok
Daily io St Paul. Daily (except Wed-
nt'siliiv) (6 Eastkuk Poiirra.
Mamiilit-ent .-leeping ami Dining Cars
on all l**ains.
Tickets Ibnukd Tinioi'oit And Baogaob
Ciieckku To Destinatios.
(exeepfiiiu;   Sundny;
Rrtvplstolit* antl iMsin Lino Points.
fl.Oo—lea - e—Sii,v_btoN—uiiive—16,30
Nelson,    Tmil.   Ros-ilainl, kc.
10,15—leave— Silvekton—arrive—13.35
Braiidun  k Burrett
Jsinw Howes
L. Kntuvlet.
.1. O. GORDON.
a. p. Mcdonald.
As-certain present rates »nd lull in
formation l>y adtlrfssinj; nearest lot«
ttKont, or     	
W. S. CLARE, Acent, Rilverton
Trav. Pais. Anent, Nelson
Dim. Pass. Agent, Vnneouver
Dyspepsia Curo'l. Sliiloh's Vitaliuer
miTie'lint<'ly relievos Sour Stoinut:h,
Oomillii tip oi l'ootl Distress-'B, anil is tlie
- IK.^T- ^ —
I   HAVB   A   C-0W1   LOT   OF
• CRAB ArPLKB ten i will
great ki'inpv and liver remedy. Sold   by
The Silverton Drug Store *j
SILVERTON,     ?, C\


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