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The Silvertonian 1899-08-12

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 \ ArvAA-o..u.i UfJnj
And Up To Dare  ,i
Mining News    J
Of The Richest
Camp  Of  British
^-t*1'" ^^amiv>*,kve™
Niiiing   Men   From  The
tixsiiDin. Silverton Properties.
ral     *->«--sy     N..US      From       The
Hills      And     Towns.
Thr I. Ilowfng mining men from Montreal nre registered at the Selkirk Until
K.T. Belgne, L. J. Bei_ne. W. Stracli ma.
Hvn.Hnl McDonald and W. H. JetTrevs.
Tlicy are iiceunip.ini<-d by I'ercv Dickenson, of the firm of Dickenson & relt.
of Slocan City It was fur ihese gentlemen that Mr. Fell of thia firm was . x-
stuining Silverton properties lat*t week.
An on iiitiuii of the  L. II   mine on
Ki'd Mountain and Ihe Surprise on Four
Mile will tx) made by the parly while
here. Yesienlay, a vi*it was made at
the Noonday mine si d the winkings ul
that phenomenal property explored.
The work being done on the Queen
I mciion claim, on the lake shore b.-l.tw
(own, hns demonstrated that Ihn Queen
Fraction vein and tin* Nomdiiv are
tileiilical and the name. The ledge
U thawing up "sell with work, more oi
■►si iiiineral lieing encounlered ni.d fl
«ill 1* no surprise if the owni rs encounter » big shute of pay ore nt any lime
Tne ledge is true and well dcltn.-.l , nnd
i mineral fumrl ri*h, and it is onlv a
matter of work to st-iik*" a |wy shut...
j Tlii'sinisliiai of Ibis proj-erfy i* wn-li
' tlitt it can lie ivorked at sny seaann ol
Ilie year and al a light exrense. Tin-
in. ml, of the tttnnel is bll-strd directly
nn thc lake shore and ifrw Isetabbv.
high water mark, time enabling ore and
iiiW'lici'In ho bundled dlreellv fr..ni the
mine onto the C. P. R. steamers.
t'ne hundred and forty tons i-i the total nf Ihe oM shipments from the Lake
lor the past week. The EnterprUe
mine un Ten .Mile sent out HO tons from
Knterpilse Landing. Thi*. mine is wftb-
iim ilmilit tiie best developed property
'ii Ilie Lake ami is in a position to make
l»r*.» ind steady shipments whenever the
p-n~m_ent feel like stalling up the
'•■«• s.t present nothing is i-oing on
'•"'■e.'l .lie manager's salary, which wi!'
»»lile tlie ronipsny to pay an "Irish"
ivii/eodsn retu|t 0( t|,e „,,,„(,„ >„ wor*.
'his ore shipped was part ol that taken
M hy the former management.
0« 1'ridsy.sisty tons were sent out by
the Noonday mine from Silverion. This
woperty i8«t present the only shipper
"•ora thi, point.lt has kept on workimz
•II Ibroogh (be present lockout, mak-
-1*1 money for its owners, while those
rwperUei which abut down ihrough
inislakso sympathy for the coast polltli-
'»"ihave lost a lot of money for their
Although a great deal has lately been
Jjljjjj said about the  Noonday   mine   in   The
Silvektoman, still some of   our   outside
readers are   ignorant   as   to   the   exncl
location ol this new mine and also as   to
its lending characteristic., so  we  again
give a t-hnrt description of this properly.
The Noonday is one of the old local! nx
in this district,  and   i.s   situated   within
one mile ot Silverton and at an elevation
of abonl 800 f. el above the Lake.   It  lies
on what is known ns  the   Galena   Furni
Flats   und  adjoins  the Ualena Mines
Group,   In the eat ly days ol the district,
a large amount of rich galena float  wus
found    scattered   through   the  surface
wash on this claim, a carload  of   which
Was collected anil shippi d 11 the smelter,
giving returns of 120 ounces in silver and
50 ner cent   hnd   per  Inn     A   hunt lor
the ledge that hrewnut this  float   was
made at different 'linen by   the   owners,
atid a lot of surface work,  consisting of
opan cuts and sh llo\. shafts  wss  done,
but    without   finding   the   ledge.    This
property wa.- looked over bv a iiiiniher of
practical experts with a view of locating
the ledge that had thrown nut so   mnch
float.    Anting others J   M. M. Heneduin
of Silverion examined the ground  care-
fullv, and cnnie lo   the   com Insion  that
the ledm* lonld   he   found    with    ll littlo
woik.    About the first of   tli-   year  be
associated with blm  MeF**i*s  An.lv   snd
J. II. Stewart, of this place, nnd ..   bond
was seem, d by them on lhe propi H> |nr
thesnm of 186,000.,iii   easy   payments.
Work wis ti imc*Marled h)   tljein,   ami
a tunnel, lormerh si arte • by ine owners
in a hliiir n"ar ill.   tee  , <> hi. h crosses
the properly, was  diiven   ahead,    Ai;
driving this'unnel ahead  abom   20 feel
the ledge wa* enoon'er.'d,  i nt  consider-
phly jumbled up at ih it point and ihe oie
imiNiiy concentrating    A  -.1*0*8 cut was
dnven  sooth   from   ibis   point   in   tin'
tunii" sboui l'i (nt. when, eureka! the
i.'.|... In pUceand the big ore shut-   of
(In Nnoiiilav mine t-liuck.    An   upinise
w <s put thi'iiigi. u> iln- surface, I'rTim il.e
Lt*ud of Il.e titt wk cut,- and   sloping   com-*
inenri d. a lone of i nib   miners   ami ore
sorter*. Ii.iiig.it ohce pin to   woik.   The
main tin nel wits   diiven   ahead,   leing
swung gradually bo aa to enter the vein,
which it bas at the fare a distance in   of
11. feet.   Crosa*cnt8wciemiiai inlervala
to the ore. body end slimes | ut   in.   The
ledge, as far as  opened   up.   varies from
sii to eight feet in width   and   Ilie   pay
streak from eighteen inches to live   feet,
the balance of Ihe led.e being tilled w iib
a good gr.ile of concentrating ore.  .**oine
Idea Ot the Bias and   value   of  Ibis   ore
shute can la* gained from   Iho   fact   thai
although the   piece   of   ground   already
storied wil not exceed 60  feet   long  hy
60 feet high ol the vein, still -140 tonsol
clean ore have areadv been shipped aud
a good litany thousand  dollars   worth  of
concentrating ore Iih« been piled on   the
dump.   At no time has the mine  looked
Itelter than at the present time.
The ledgo may he callud a contact
vein, lying bet ween shite and granite,
the true footwall being Sandon slate, hut
between the footwall nnd lhe ledge is a
thin tstreuk »f fiuauite. The hanging
wall is a   granite,   but  there   also   is a
Wy Knowles was * visitor at the
Properly of „,e rrishSyiidieate, near the
A anconver mine, last Wednesday.
N F McNsiiglit of Silverion is at ores
ent developing the Kilo claim, near Slocan City.    A deal  for this property is
repotted ss about closed.
The Minnesota Silver Co. will build a
concentrainr near Sandon this fall. The
mill will not he situated at New Denver,
as; repor ed in the Spokane Chronicle.
The Freddie, a claim lying below and
adjoining the Noonday mine, is to be
onened up and developed at once. The
Noonday ledge crosses this claim, and it
is tho intention of the owners to uncover
and develops it.
E. J. Felt, of Dickenson k Felt, Slocan
Ctti, spent pari nf ls°t week examining
sony Red Mi untitin and Four Mile properties, Tli* firm is bonding Slocan
properties for a wealthy Eastern syndicate and il is to he Imped tbat Mr Felt
will introduce them into the Silverion
The mineral depnrtment of the Spokane
Industrial Exposition continues to grow
in importance eit'h day. Tlis mining men
of Spnkiine am1 M mager Bolster elsa making of this feature all they agreed to Reports from camp- In nil directions fiom
3poksne tell of ihe prepnrations which
are being mads to send good exhibits lo
lhe r-rtptisflion this year, ihis is as it
-le ii'J be' fur every camp which exhibits
lie re t is ..ar will Le inuteriiillv b> ne-
lit e<l  here i   There will i e tunny east-
»ni men ut   he fair—mens of means Who
•in- lo kin,! nhoiit fur .Investments—ai d
the camp whieh can makes _.i«'l showings -iHi!t.'in.' in Ociolwr will receive
mere of their attention.
Herald prims the two
Anion., other
th.- Revelstoke 	
'•If   eveiy    union   man    in  Anteti-s.
wnuld insist on every article be used or
bonght lieing produced hy  union  mun--
and accept none other—il   would  revolutionize the conli.ient in one year."
'•There is no fight between lhe miners
and mina owners. The men are ii"l
trying tn compel mine owners t.« pav
|$8-0, The price of iheir lihor is $X "it)
for eight hours; If ynn wsnt it, all well
and good; if yon dont want it, leave it
Mrs. Bsrelay returned yesterday from
the Halcyon Springs.
Bert Gal hick has been making some
improvements around his house.
F. L. Chilslie, Barrister of Sandon
B. C. will he at the Selkirk Hotel every
Friday in tbe future. Anything requiring Ins sei vices will be attended to by
birr. t
T in Lawrence, late of Sandon, has
decided to become a Silvertonian and
is now a partner with Ross Thorburn in
the Silverion Laundry.
Mrs. Crld.lle, wife of Mr. E. Criddle,
book-keeper for The Wakefield Mines,
arrived in town on Mondav. coming from
London. Kngland. Mr. and Mrs Criddle
will make their home in Silverton
The danep givpn last Tuesday evening
hy the Football Club suffered in etten-
rtnnce through  the   non-arrival   of the:
expected 'andnnitrs. bnt was much enjoyed by the ocal dancers who attended.
The football mntch between the Pan-
don snd Silverton teams, which was advertised tn ho played last Tuesday, did
not materialize At the last minnte the
Sandon l-ovp found 'bat thev cnld not
gel their tesm together. The draw between them will be played off later on.
Rnversl of onr citizens were among the
natron" n' the peanut, and pink lemonade stsnda at the circus in Nelson last
Mo-das* •pd one nf them has not yet
stiiTeeded in straightening out the verta-
h'al curves caused bv an attempt to see
oimn'tanenuslv the performance in sll
wc r'mtt.
Do You Know
Where   To    Oet
\jf/*\T T1[>      CANNED   GOODS,
"W *"X W T ery      GENT'S     FURNISHING,
General _!*__e:r-ofi«ant-»
Silverton,      _3.   C
Tm >J» M-* bjs-Vieoi-Hjim:,
Hie Nelsou District Miners' Associa-
b'>u lately imported eleven uiineia Irom
-uJliury under a six months' contract
-Tlify went to work at the Ymir mine
■ After worki-K less than a week, all bm
|l'v«"f them have joined the Blrikers.
■ « is said that thin Association is pre-
I I'-'od to hire 600 Sudbury miners if tbey
I Wi Kit them.   They will learn however
I IBM Ontario does not breed tcabs. Tbe
I hull,"ry miners now know that there is
■ •'bsiuite between the mine mana-jers
■ •""I their fellow minora in British Col-
|u"-'"a and the late arrivals from ther-
|»|>y thai few will bo induced to come to
"''"•ill Columbia.    The Association ex-
w muru "'en to arrive on Tuesday.
■*   i
streak of lime between the irranite anil
the ledge. The character of the ore is a
steel (plena earn inn zinc, ruby silver,
grey copper and in places nlai^e amount
of native silver. The average value of
the ore, take il as it comes, is 140 ounces
io silver and 40 per cent lu.nl per   ton.
While work in the mine waa being
poshed, outside Improvements have iu
no wise been neglected, at. ore sorters
house .ui I blacksmith shop have been
erected, around graded for other buildings and wagon road bus been extended
to the mine.    A sin.ill jig has been built
and ia running successfully on the fine
Bluff coming out of the mine and is
makini; money for the UianagauiBUt
The mine jg under the management of
J. H Stewart assisted by Ins brother
A. Stewart, J. M. M. Benednm, tin,
other partner, devoting his lime to
sampling, assaying and marketing the
oro from the mine. At tiie present time
tho property is niviaa steady employment
to forty ltiiiicii).
.1. M. V Renediim. nne of the bonders
of the Noondiiv mine, left eestenluv on
a trip tn bis birthplace in Went Virginia I
V .les an ' Comments" i *° "''•i'bis psrents. This will he Mr, j
Henednni's first visit to his home in fifteen voar*t. He expects to return to
Silverton in a month.
School should renpen on Monday bill
up to date tbe trustees have been unable
to secure the engagement of a teachei.
This r*different to tiffdrs in the rural
districts of Ontario where a salarvof$200
a year will bring forth about thirty ap-
Wi. learn to-dsv that Miss A ay Ger-
iimle Pnnca n, of Victoria, hss been en-
gaged ss a teacher for the c ming term.
Mis' Dm.can will arrive on Mondry.
All -sorlr in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left nt the Silverton Drug Store, will
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovei,
the well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs are OOASAXTSID fob onk yf.ar. *
Prnf.'ssor Paul Bnnlon with bis two
as*!-hints gave a flrsiclass show here
Wednesday evening in McKinnon's Hall
The Professor proves himself master of
several musical instrument** and his men
nre good entertainers. Tbe jokes in-
dulced in met with the :ipnlsuse that old
friends sre entitled to. This company is
worthy ot patronage, presenting as they
do a clean, bright euterlainment.
■• *
An editor from Kunsas is responsible
for Uie following" A Kansas dock which
had faithfully stuck tn hnsinese during
the summer and laid sevril doapn large,
la«n-coh red eggs, rbroplsiiied thnt she
was nut appreciated: "See that hen over there," said   the  duck,   'she  hasn't
laid aa many eggs as I have nor as big,
hut -h" tins books Written about her and
v rsi-S composed in her Imtior. «hil** no-
bo * i .-.lyiriif a won! about me." "Tlie
trouble with yon is," snid u wise rooster
that was standing near, "Unit you don't
till the public what VOU have done. You
lay an egg and waddle on without saying
a word, but that sister of mine never lays
one without latin**: everybody in the
neighborhood know it. If you want to
cut any lue iu this community you must
Mineral Glasses  and   Compasses.
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
vc - - • Silverton, B. C.
Lake ■•
The Marlon, a promising Silver Moun-
|*»W prospect, has been bonded by David
l«., . 'Ur Toronto People. This pro-
7 «,0*-W to A. Mclnnis, Alex Sproat,
:'. ' ,;,•lr,"0 aud Geo Alexander.   Con-
"crahle development  work was  done
il,      ri0raiUl a c"r-,oad °' ore wa8
fool at i     Mt' Kin"' Wl'° Wi" l"lVe Con"
MU.it  ,    ■"'"PBf.v, commenced work
InTsn    "",,,T- At »,rttH,nt on'y '"»•■
■ lor,-. l4rM1ett*»-0y»<*. hut doubtless a good
WT^ y|l> '"on be put on, l,i_v,
[_*"**-*■ '■•?"•* o,»ii'»njt«iss»ii»»".'»iimtstm. ttaaswmiKetmmm»
The Torpedo claim is another property
that is fast coming to lhe front and   that
gives promise of making another producing   mine.     This   property   Ilea  about
three miles Irom town Bin!   adjoins
Vancouver    Group.     Wotk    is
pushed vigoiirously  by   the   owners
Chine, Frank llvan and lid. Stewart,
Wednesday the men that have be.-n
engaged clearing off the right of way
for tho  VViiki-leld   tram,   complete
Mrs Will M Ystes of Silverton, lately of Sandon, is forming music Classes in
Silverton and New Denver, Those desirous of instruction iu piano or guitar
plaring should ham her terms. A number of pupils have already heen enrolled.
Mrs. Yates cmnes her> well recommended as a first-class musician.
Qet ont your pitchfork, Thu red-fish
are nulling!
It h is rained here every day since lhe
Watering cart has been put into com-
The Nelson Miner and tbe Nelson
Tribune have rival fishing editors. The
Tribune man catches tho most. The columns io the Tribune are wider than
those in the Miner.
Uii'l-lolts and other hardware for the
repairing und slrcngtbonin^ of Ibe C
R, whan was unloaded yesterday.
port has it that the wharf is
hirged with
for   the
The  Fredericlon, N. B„ Gleaner   of
July28, prints:   "A happy family ie-
uiiion   took   place last  evening at  the
home of Mrs. (.'has  Whittaker.     It was
the occasion of the going away of Mr.
Grant Thorburn, brother of Mrs  Whittaker, who had heen here with  his  wife
upon a visit   from  Silverton.      Those
present were   the   aged mother,  Mrs.
Robert Thorburn, the six daughters, Mrs
p    Whittaker,  Mr, and Mrs. II. A. Cropley
,,      and Mr, and Mrs.  Daniel  Kichards of
to bo en-   "''■* ('*lv' *lr>>' •'•"•■J-***-1 "awkins of Cen-
imbera to he taken from lhe  '»'"'•' M['*"{\ Mrs. Robert BigRe of
the I unused wharf  of a neighhoring town    Stanley and Mra Jane Mallwaon of this
being'To avoid ..jealous play we refrain from  city, Mr. cud Mrs. t.rant Thorburn, Mr
V. I partlenlailiing. «"(1 ■*•; 1<m*b 'l,nr0nrn Bml Mr- and
Airs. J  D. rowler.
A minister   whose church  is hi the    "The pleasure of the happy fsmily re-
cenire of   Ghiscow, missed one of his  ,,„*„,, naH marred only by the thought
congregation (or a few Sundays.      0" | that Mr. snd Mrs. Grsnt Thorburn were
asking   the   reason   why
replied,       "I    have   fust
B.C. Workman.
51 Chinese and 38 Japs landed here
fr'im ibe ss. Victoria Monday night. II
tlii' thing conlimieB much longer the
visitor to Victoria will tell his friends
when he returns home, that while in
our city he visited and saw the sights of
the whites'quarters.
i the
.very j
the work and returned to
thing is now in readiness   for  the con  ,
.....  .„._.„(,nns to ry to hear something new
trad,r to commence building open.IIOM      ^j,,.^.,,,^      ^ .^y,
on thu tram, anil It h «PW ul that Work , j *
Will be, commenced within the next  feiri     ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
mttAmacmtMotmtsm «ssn_n, s men ''.wane +A»,issma**m*'
the member 110 (ft_0 Uieir depariure to-day for the
been   going | Wost.    Nevertheless the party was a
-E-Z:r__©T*7-les-    Prop.
Patronise Home Industries.
ARF.  1XVITI.1I Tft i*it t      ami.    nionL.nT    sa-u      J
®8S8S8 8SSS8g»8'8 88 88 88 8888 8888888888888888 8®
tlie Tailor
MMKirim, K.
two or throe of tho churches | UH,rrv ()Me und the oci-sion was one of
much pleasure. Most of tho family and
many friends were at tho early train Ihis
morning to say good byo to Mr. and Mrs
Thorburu," H	
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Urand F'orks, Sirdar,
Midway and Greenwood,
>-m»*. .i*av.w .*',!***. waaeatm
u*immt,.>Mat. *r4r\Mm*en eewml T_t__ SILVERTON AK, SILVERTON, g. C
A Great
is a
There are   many
brands of baking   I	
powders, but
" Royal   Baking   Powder"
is recognized, at once as the
brand of great name, the powder
of highest favor and reputation.
Everyone has absolute confidence in the food where Royal
is used.
Pure and healthful food is a
matter of vital importance _ to
every individual.
Royal Baking Powder
assures tbe finest and
most wholesome food.
There are many imitation baking
powders, made from alum, mostly
sold cheap. Avoid them, as they
make the food unwholesome.
Jlminea  I'lnna  Victory.
New York, Aug. 7.—A special from Havana says:
Oeneral  Jiminez    displayed    a  cipher
! cablegram  which  he    received  from  an
! agent in Santo Domingo, which reads as
,    Jimiuez has replied:
"Be there by the last of the month ivilh
a party.   Delay so as to avoid bloodshed.
■ Think the present government will retire
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i before then."
  Jiniiiie/.  declared  that   he  had   30,000
...   ,. .»'•». .   ; stands of arms in Cuba ready to be used,
Washington, Aug 5.—It appears prob-'      , ,      ,   . ■"   ..     IT ..   ,
,,    , r"        v       i and a party of Americans in the United
able from developments during the past \ stMes nre preparing to sail at unce. When
few days in the war depart ment that Seo- nuked if he did not think the United
rotary Boot has in contemplation an anny Mates would stop his expedition, lie
of -10,00(1 mailable men for the Philippine- ' smiled end said:
While 111. Hoot has been at the head of '"Ibis the United Stales enough vessels
the department only a brief time, he has; to _W**d 'he entire coast of Cuba and the
been making diligent inquiry among the) Isla uf *Wn*-** that can be spared?   Never
That Is the Plan or Recretary Root—A
Large Amount of Supplies Are Being
Arranged Kor—Yellow Fever Has His
Notice First-New Officer* by oils.
buieau chiefs regarding supplies and equip
mrnts and the trend uf hie iptestioning has
been iu iln direction of an increase in the
available force for the castera achipel.igo.
Air. Knot spent his first day as secretary
of war in dealing with the yellow fever
problem, seeking information and endeavoring to promote harmony, lie declaied
that he did not propose to be influenced
by factions, but would do what he thought
was right for thc service and the country.
Fuuatou Will Stay.
fear, wo will have no trouble in sailing,
and we will sail soon."
Jiminez is said to be backed by Gum j
and other prominent Cuban  otlicers.
Haiti in a State ot Foment.
Washington, Aug. 7.—Haiti is in a state
of ferment, -lerhaps fur sympathy wilh
the neighboring stale of San Domingo.
I'nited States Minister Powell has cabled
the state department that the presence
of a United States warship may be rc-
, quired if the present threatening condition
1 j'.ivitiuoiili, Has., Aug. 5.—A letter
from General JVuuston was reoeived by D.
It. Authony of the Leavenworth Times today. The general announces he will stay
iu the army until the war in the Philippines is at an end and will not muster
out with his regiment.
Montana   Men   Nam. .1.
Washington, Aug 5.—General Otis cib-
led a list of additional nomination* for
commissions in  the  Thirty-seventh  regiment of volunteers now organizing in the   formal
Auiong the recomnlendations are John
continues,   to   insure  the   safety  of    the
L'niled States legation and consulates.
llr.-, r.iM  on  Trial.
Rennes, Aug. 8.—The proceedings of the
court martial before which Captain Dreyfus ia on trial opened at 7:10 o'clock Monday morning.
Captain Dreyfus entered the court mom
with a firm step, though his features were
pallid. He is -tartly bald and his hair is
gray and close cropped. He answered the
question of the judge as to his
name,  age,  etc.,  in  a  clear,  determined
_,_ , voice.   He sat facing the judge with his
E. Morrun, captain First Montana, to be   -ialu-rt rating on his knees, aa impassive
captain, and Dan T. Uowman, late privale   fiirine.
in Company C, First Montana, to be first      The ir-m] opened, so far as Rennes is
lieutenant. concerned,   in an atmosphere   of   perfect
The   Thirly-sixth    and   lliiity sev.iitit; tranquililv.   The population is apparently
regiments are now recruited up to 500 men   Indifferent    Only a small crowd, at the
most of 50 persons, had gathered outside
the entrance to the Lycee about 6 o'clock.
A majority of thf-c were journalists.
.levels-- Strike Wat.l..-.
Cleveland, Aug. 7.—No violence of any
kind has occurred in connection with the
' street car strike for somo time, and as a
result two additional companies of militia
were relieved from duty today. .„___.
The boycott sentiment is on the decline,', !]„(„•' j',,)
and there is a marked increase in the
number of passengers carried on the Unconsolidated cars.
The strikers are confident of success and
claim to be in a position to keep up the
fight indefinitely.
le a Knr  llurrsn.
Washington, Aug. 7.—The order fixing
lhe status of the inspector general's department was made public today. It is
j dated July 31 and signed by Secretary
Alger. The important feature of the ordet
is that it makes the inspector general's
department a bureau of the war department.
Are Ace_»e_ of Conspiracy.
Milwaukee, Au*r. 7.—United Slates Dis
trict Attorney Phillips of Oshkosh, At
torney Francis Bloodgood, Jr., and Ed- __w
mund J. Carter, an Insurance agent, are Injured,
accused in a complaint filed in the United
Statea court, of an attempt to wreck thc
Hankers' Life Association of Minnesota.
Hi..is Over Religion. ■
Madrid, Aug. 8.—Serious disturbances
have occurred at Castellcn. Opposing
bands of Catholics and free thinkers
fought in front of church yesterday and
several persons   including a priest, were
Death of Kj-Con«rm.ninii  Piper.
Kan Francisco, Aug. 7.—Ex-Congressman Piper ia dead, after a lingering ill
nese. Deceased waa 75 years old and
leavee an estate valued at over (2,000,000
The Wlnthrop  Wrecked.
Corunna, Spain, Aug. 8.—The British
steamer Winthrop, from Newport July 9.1
ior Lisbon, struck a rock while on her
way from Huclva, Spain to Antwerp and
iv as totally wrecked. Her crew landed
safely at Mums.
Passengers Were Crushed to Death—
Plunged Forty Feet Into the Water-
Car W*« Oolng at High Speed-Four-
Ton Motor Crashed onto the Car.
Bridgeport, Conn., Aug. 7.—Nearly 40
persona were killed by an accident on the
Stratford extension of the Shelton Street
Hallway Company Sunday, when a lmide 1
trolley car went oil the trestle over Peck's
mill jKind at Oronoque, about six miles
north of Bridgeport and sank in Hie Hats
40 feet below. Thus far lib persons are
known to be dead and several more injured.
Only two persons are known to have escaped unharmed, lt is believed there were
43 passengers on the car, but the indicator
was removed by the conductor of another
ear and spirited away, so that nt present it
is impos*ible to state accurately the number aboard.
The seene of the accident is midway between Shelton and Bridgeport. The car
was northbound running toward Shelton.
lt was in charge of conductor John Carroll of Bridgeport, who was among the
killed, and Mntorman Hamilton of Bridge*
port, who escaped by jumping.
The trestle is 440 feat long, made of iron,
with stone foundations and was not protected by guard rails. South of the trestle
for about 10 feet the trucks left the rails,
then the car contined on the ties about
75 feet, when it went oil* thc trestle and
dropped into thc pond below, overturning
completely and upending.
< rusli.-.l  hy  the  Motor.
When the car struck the four-ton motor
and the heavy trucks crushed into it, instantly killing many of the passengers.
Three physicians who were passengers on
a car a short distance behind, arrived
quickly on the scene and rendered all possible assistance to lhe injured.
Word was sent to Bridgeport nnd three
ambulances and a police wagon were hurried to the scene and the injured were taken to the Bridgeport general hospital. A
morgue was improvised in the main room
of the town hall at Str.ttf r.l, nnd in a very
short time 2.1 b diis were laid out awaiting
President Andrew Randell of the railroad company stated that it was impossible for him to account for the accident.
Immediately after his arrival at the scene
he made a thorough inspection of the
tracks and trestle and could see nothing
wrong, and cars were running over the
trestle as usual soon afterwards. He denied that the ears were run at a high rate
of'.speed, and claimed every possible precaution had been taken to prevent accidents.
One theory advanced is thnt faulty connection was responsible for thc accident,
At the point where lhe cars leave the road
for the trestle it is alleged that the rails
had sunk a little, and though the forward
trucks took the rails all right, thc rear
trucks did not connect and jumped the
track, which caused the forward trucks to
also leave thc iron, lt is believed that if
the proper' guard rails had been placed
alongside the track the car would not have
toppled over.
Karaite,!   hy  .l.i.i.pii.K.
William Kelly of Bridgeport, in company with Miss Kartell, escaped death by
jumping from the enr as it swayed to the
lints below. Soon afterwards the car toppled over. He sustained a severe shock,
but was otherwise uninjured. lie stated
that the cars were not running unusually
fast but the car was swaying considerably
when it struck the trestle and he realized
the danger and knew his only safety was
in jumping.
All the bodies of the Bridgeport dead
and the unidentified were taken to the
morgue at Bridgeport. It has been ascertained that 40 fares were registered and
these, with the young children that did not
have to pay, the motorman and conductor
and an extra niotorniaii, who was being
taught, make the probable number on the
car 47.
Ymlr Mine Import-, Miners.
Nelson, B. C, Aug. 7.—The Ymir mine
has imported miners from Sudbury, Ontario, under six months' contract to work
in any mines under control of the Nelson
District Mine Owners' Association. The
imported men were sent to Ymir on n
special train from Five Mile Point late
on Friday night, having come in over the
I row's Nest Pass road. They were contracted for at Sudbury by J. E. Mitchell,
who at one time managed a mine in the
The bank clearings in July for Spokane were $4,920,450.
Wheat harvesting begun the latter
part of the week at Davenport.
Spokane has built nearly 40 miles
of concrete sidewalk this year.
The bank at Republic has been
bought by the Merchants bank of Hall-
Oakesdale Is experiencing a building
boom, and indications point to its continuance until late into the winter.
Some grain is coming In at the warehouses at Pomeroy and some barley has
already been shipped to market from
Captain Joseph B. Coghlan has assumed charge of the Bremerton naval
station at Seattle, relieving Captain
Patrons of the Palouse City water
system will have to pay for the amount
of water used as Indicated by meters
from now on.
John P. Hasson of Vancouver lias
been appointed second lieutenant by
the. president. He Is a son of Captain
Patrick Hasson.
Mrs. Martha Whyte, an old lady 75
years of age, who lives in Tacoma, was
badly gored by a cow near her residence recently.
The lifeless body of Charles Davidson, a Swede, was found In Wilson
creek, near the Bull ranch, five miles
from Ellensburg.
The body of Jerry K. Cowles of St.
Paul, Minn., was found in the G. A. R.
cemetery last week. He had committed suicide with laudanum.
Henry Penn, an old timer ln Stevens county, was killed recently by being thrown from a heavy hay wagon
and kicked on the head by one of the
The Immense power of the Snoqual-
mie falls has been turned into Seattle,
and the first sign of the completion of
one of the most powerful, If not the
most powerful, plants in the west.
A tragic death by BUieide occurred In
Spokane last week. Henry J. Sutton,
of Palouse City, placed a revolver to
his head and fired the shot that killed
him.   Domestic trouble Is the cause.
The goddess of plenty for Spokane's
big exposition has been selected. Miss
Jean Goldle Amos, one of the charm
Ing daughters of Whitman county, Is to
have that honor In October.
A delegation of city pastors and
churchmen of Seattle recently waited
on Mayor Humes and presented a protest against alleged violations of city
ordinances relating to gambling and
The house journals of the last session
are ready for distribution. Each member and employe of the legislature and
the state offieals are entitled to copies.
The remaining copies will be sold at
the cost of printing plus 10 per cent.
The summary of the business of the
Waterville land office district for the
nscal year ending June 30 last shows
that within the three portions of Douglas, Kittitas and Okanogan counties
embraced in the district there were upward of 50,000 acres of land appropriated by settlers.
Clarence, the 8 %*y ear-Old child of
Henry Flohmer, a farmer living about
six miles east of Unlontown, met with
a most distressing accident. The father
was cutting hay and supposed the child
was behind him. Hearing the cries of
the little one, he found the child writhing in agony, with both feet cut off.
_n Interesting Collection of Items from
the Two Hemispheres Presented In a
Condensed Form - Culled from the Tel-
elgntvii Beuorts.
Mi-ike on  the ft'err Vork  Sun.
New York, Aug. 8.—A-new-phase wis
Injected into the controversy between the
printers and managers of the Sun by tlio
arrival here of the steamer Endeavor from
Philadelphia with 104 non-union men in
charge of Charles William Kdwards, thc
Sun's superintendent of printing. Only
nine of the number after arrival here
went to work and, after working for le^s
than half an hour, five of these joined the
ranks of the strikers.
A Crisis In Spain.
Aug. 8.—Marshal de Campos,
president of the senate, predicts a minis
In order to ascertain, without   the
necessity of opening It, whether any
mall haa been placed ln a letter box, j i^aY crisis' In Nowmter)'_ddlng tharihe
a pivoted signal rod Is attached to the ministers of war, marine and justice will
side of tbe box, with a projection on • resign.
tbe lid which awlngs the signal Into	
a vertical position as soon ae the lid Is No one knows the weight of another's
opened. j burden.—Proverbs.
Inatifrnted  hy a  W.iii..,,..
St. Louis, Aug. 8.—A special from
Paso, Texas, says:
Santa Teresa, thc Mexicnn woman who
has long lieen revered as a aaint by the
natives of Chihuahua and Sonora, and who
ii lielicved to possess the power of healing
the iiick by the laying on oi hands, is believed lo lie more 6r less responsible for
Die present outbreak among thc Yaqui Indian*.
Third iimilrj  line Started.
Washington, Aug. 8.—Troops A. D and
M, Third cavalry, left Fort Myer, Va., for
Seattle, en route to Manila, At Chicago
the detachment will be joined by other
troop* and five troops of the Third at Fort
Kthan Allen will join the command at
Florida Towns  Blown Away.
Pensacoht, Fla., Aug. 5.—Reports from
t'arahelle indicates that the recent storm
was more disastrous than was at first gup-
Only meager reports are had. It Is
known, however, that the magnificent
docks of the Gulf Naval Stores Company
have been destroyed. The large warehouse of that company, containing $100,-
000 worth of rosin, was swept away. The
steamer Capitola, also the property of the
Naval Stores company, was blown ashore.
About two-thirds of the town proper was
Mclntyre, a small town this side of
Carabelle, is completely wiped out. Humors of loss of life among the fishermen
are yet unconfirmed.
One Death lint Mo Mew OaaeS.
Washington, Aug. 7.—Surgeon General
Wymnn of the marine hospital service has
received a telegram fn>in Dr. Vieliery of
the Hampton soldiers' home, in which he
said the epidemic H-cmcd liiuiled. No nea
cases developed today, and only one death
occurred last night. Surgeon WAsdln, thc
jellow fever expert, also telegraphed Dr.
Wynian to the same effect, lie had conferred with Mr. McMahon and Colonel
Smith of the home board of managers,
and all reported the situation as reassuring. Dr. Wnsdin reports 42 cases and 11
deaths to date.
prosperous Btld apparently hearthy, and
no known cause existed for hia rush
act. .   **    *
The supreme court martial lu Madrid
before which Generals'Toral and Par
eja have been on trial charged with surrendering Santiago to the American
forces without having exhausted all
means of defense has acquitted both
officers, on the ground that they acted
upon the orders of their superiors and
only surrendered when lt was Impossible to do otherwise.
During a recent severe thunder
storm in Paris the lightning conductor
on the ICIffel tower was atruck 10 times.
A thunder1 bolt set fire to the Jeannot
factory, the Celnture railway was flood
ed, many buildings were slightly in.
Jured and thousands of fljie trees were
destroyed. The day had been terribly
hot, the temperature registering 104
degrees. Many sunstrokes were reported, some of them fatal.
It Is stated that the Kansas corn crop
will be 99.153 with prospects for the
greatest yield ever known ln the history of the state. The acreage of corn
ts 8,234,560, and the estimated yield
per acre 44 bushels, which would give
the astonishing total ot 362,000,001)
bushels, or three times the yield of last
year and almost 100,000,000 greater
than the banner year of 1889.
It Is understood that the plan of operations for the full campaign.ln the
Philippines contemplates a division of
the Islands into severul military departments nnd General Lawton will
have a command in which the cavalry-
troops will operate. It la probable that
General Wheeler will be given command of a brigade of cavalry In General I.awton'a department.
May Invade Arlaona.
St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 5.—A special from
Negates, -Arizona, says:
Two gutting guns and a detachment of
artillery from the City of Mexico, via Bl
Paso, have been started southward en
route to the scene of thc Yaqui outbreak.
The troops are being marched across into
the state of Diirango to join the troop*,
now on thc ground.
lt is reported that emissaries have b.-en
sent hy the Yaqui leaders to the. ranches
and mines all over the state of Sonoia
wherever the men'of the tribe are at work,
calling them to amis with their.eompai-
riots ulready in the field and many Ynquis
who are employed in the big mining camp,
and on haciendas as laborers have disap-
Power   ll.iio.t-   lliirncl.
New York, Aug. 5.—The power hoiiso
and ear sheds of lhe North Jersey Company in Newark were destroyed by file
causing a loss of fcWHi.OOO. Nearly 80 cars
were destroyed. The fir*? was caused by
Corcoran Anita a New Trial.
Wallace, Idaho, Aug. 6.,—The attorneys
for l'.ml Corcoran, convicted of the fnur*
der of James Cheyne .lining llu- riots ut
Wardner in April, have filed a rtiiiiun (ir
a new trial. -  -•<■*.'    •
What's more miserable than discontent?— Shakeapepre. -
In a llend  10 ml  Colllnlon.
Paris, Aug. 7.—Seventeen passengers
were killed and 37 injured in a collision
on the Orleans railway at Juvisay. The
disaster was the result of imperfect signaling. The collision wns between lhe Orleans, Lyons, Paris k Nnntes 9:40 train
nnd the Paris & Lyons Mediterranean
train, which left eight minutes late.
By nn Bxnloalon of flan.
New York, Aug. 7.—Ily an explosion nf
gas the art galleries of Durant & Hud in
the old Ixirillniii mansion at Thirty-sixth
avenue and Fifty sixth street, were
wrecked. Paintings Valued at thousands
of dollars were dnmnged or burned. Borne
of the finest paintings in New York were
stored in the house.
The charge is made that the Brooklyn and New York trolley strike was
forced as a stock-Jobbing scheme.
Chlcngo I'olleeinnn  Hl.ot.
Chicago, Aug. 8.—Policeman Joseph
O'Leary was shot and mortally wounded
early by one of three burglars, whom he
discovered leaving a. gunsmith shop.
Shoe manufacturers will meet In
Philadelphia soon to raise prices.
The I'nited States may pay dearly because four thugs recently lynched were
Yellow fever has appeared at Phoebus,
the little town almost adjoining the soldiers' home at Hampton.
John Cavaiiaugh was shot nnd killed at
Republic, Wash., by Willie Callahan. Callahan acted in self-defense.
The assassins of President Heurenux
and their friends arc in the mountain district about _.r> miles north of Moca.
The I'nited States cruiser Marblehead.
which is 011 her way from Peru to Mare
Island, hns left Coqulmbo, Chile, for Callao, Peru.
The Oriental steamer Victoria reports
that before she left Kobe a typhoon was
raging which threatened serious damage
to shipping.
Thomas Bain, liberal member for Went-
worth, was elected speaker of the house of
commons at Ottawa to succeed Sir James
Edgar, deceased.
An accident occurred at Northport,
Wash., resulting in killing Gus Ericson
and wounding Thomas Joslyn, a fellow
laborer. A huge mass of rock fell on them.
The United States transport Senator has
arrived at San Francisco from Manila with
her ling at half mast, on account of the
death of Alexander Hawkins, commander
of the Tenth Pennsylvania regiment
In the house of commons al Ottawa the
minuter of militia stated that it had been
decided to withdraw one-half of the troops,
about 100 men, from the Yukon.
Stanley D. Hrown, 18-ycar-old son of
Alvah Hrown, of Walla Walla, accidentally shot himself with a shotgun while hunting. Part of the face and the top of the
head were blown off, killing him instantly.
The operating committee of the American Smelting and Refining Company at a
recent meeting divided not to reopen the
smelters in Denver and Pueblo at the scale
recommended by the state board of arbitration.
The Northern Pacific demands a route
into Portland over the O. R. A N. tracks.
President Mcllen declares he will build
itlong the north side of the Columbia river
if his rival refuses to grant the concessions
John Thompson and his wife, an age.l
couple residing between Cable and Hear
Gap, ('a., were found dead in their home
with a bullet wound in the head of each.
There was every indication that Thompson
had murdered his wife and then committed suicide. Jealousy is supposed to have
been the cau-e.
The college athletes wbo went to
Kngland on July 5 to compete with the
Oxford-Cambridge team bave returned.
President McKinley has purchased
the famous "McKinley cottage" at the
corner of North Market Btreet and
l.onis avenue.
H. Victor Newcomb, formerly a successful business man of Louisville, Ky.,
was declared Insane on the application
of his wife and son.
Dunsmulr, Cal., was the scene of a
double tragedy when Henry Hrown, a
mill sawyer, Bhot his wife and then
himself, both expiring Immediately.
A. Sutherland, a merchant, was shot
and killed In Ardmore, I. T.. by E. W.
Falrman, and A. I'nderhlll, a bystander, was seriously wounded by a stray
David Dalton, n well known swimming instructor of New York, who has
lieen stopping at Far Rockaway, was
drowned near Hog Island near Rockaway Sunday.
At East Bernstadt, Ky., Clyde
Thompson, aged IS, son of Deputy United States Marshal George Thompson,
was shot and fatally Injured by a young
man named Holt.
A special received from Terrazas.
Chihuahua, Mexico, which Is located
near tbe scene of the Yaqui uprising,
ls to the effect that the IndiniiB ure arranging for a prolonged war.
The compositors and stereotypers of
the New York Sun, 120 in number, are
on a strike. Thn press and composing
rooms were In darkness, but. the editorial rooms presented their usual appearance.
Colonel J. P. Sanborn nf the First
regiment of the Illinois National Guard
has Invited the Tenth Pennsylvania
regiment on behalf of the Chicago regi
ment of the Illinois National Guard to
stop In Chicago on August 30.
Fire entnillng a loss of about $250
000 was discovered In the works of the
Glens Falls, N. Y., Portland Cement
Company. The buildings, wblcb were
of wood, burned like tinder and In an
hour the entire plant was In ruins.
A horrible murder was committed In
Washington, D. C„ Sunday. The murderer was Benjamin Snell, a special examiner ln the pension office. His victim was Liza Welssenberger, a girl 12
years old, who had been employed In
his household until three months ago.
Garfield, Wash., has suffered tho
worst conflagration In Its history Sunday, when six buildings ln tho center
of the business portion were reduced
to a pile of debris, together with nearly
all the contents. Tho loss Is $23,950,
with but $7900 Insurance ou buildings!
Chief Willtle of the secret Bcrvlee
snys tbat there are a great number of
counterfeiters In the Philippine Ib).
anils. They are so numerous and successful that It will soon be necessary 1
to make  provision   for secret service  both directions" ."nd -t'oYher' pomi'i"whsn
agents In  the Islands. I signaled.
Dr. Mclntyre of Santa Rosa, Cal.. a     Tlck**<« »<>M to all points In C'inada and
retired physician, a man of middle age   the ballad Btates.
hanged himself Sunday |n a barn on'   T° t*,c*rt»ln ^*l•, *ni -"uU Information
his ranch near Windsor,   lie waa well  *d,lr•■",
known throughout   the   S_l? w»' R°BKRT ^ £Sf» 0*
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Run on PacMc Standard Tims
I*tiaVe. Arrlrs
Going West. Dally. .     ^^^^^^
!> "" a. in    Kaslo  	
1:32 a. m..."... South Pork ...
9:30 a. in  Spro\ile'a	
imc a. m  Whitewater ...
9:66 a. in  Bear Lake	
10:12 a. in  McOiftgan ....
i" ::. a. m  Balley'a 	
10:33 a. ni... Cody Juncth n .
10:40 a. m  Bandon 	
Leave 11:00 a. m..Bandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m.
Arrive 11:16 a. m...Cody...Leave 11 » a. m.
11   F. COPE-LAND,  Buperlntandant.
11'.luf K
.. l.iOp
.. I'M 0.
.. 1:10 p.
* l:9p
.. iM p,
.. l.'ts-p.
.. 1:1s p.
Kootenay ....
Railway and Navigation
Operating Kuelo A Blocan Railway, later-
national NftV. A Trailing Oo.
Schedule of Time-Pacific Standard Time.
Passenger train for Hussion end >way
Stations, leaves  Kaalu, nt IU°**> a.  111.
Dully, returning, lenves Bandon at 1:1s
p, m , arriving ut Kaslo at 3:66 p. ro.
International Nuv. *i Trad. Co.-Opsrat-
Ing'on Kootenay luke and rlvar.
Leaves Kaalo for Nelson at 1:00 a. m.
dally, eicept Bunday. Returning, leaves
Nelson at 4:30 p. m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Hay, Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects with B. F. & N.  train to and
from Bpokane, at' Ftva Mile. Point.
8. 8. "ALBERTA."
Leaves Nelaon for Bonner's Ferry Tuea-
days »nd Hi^turdaya at 7 a. ir,." mestlni
steamer   "International"   frOm TC-ealo at
Pilot   Iliy *   .    '        c.',-i;,|t., •"   '
HStiirnlng, leavee Boniier'e F«r*V •* t:0t
a. in.  Wednesdays and Hiiiulaya.,    ,.
Connects at Hnnner'a F^rry'-wlth"*Jreat
Northern railway for _ll polhta east snd
Btesmers  call  at  principal  lam-SfP ln
w'*m^rmj*mwAt*lwmwte *^ *■•■.
mm^^*"tr-*>.lm:uv**^jnm.>mt ,.-»wvi«t«».i*»-rJ...irti' i rr. ts*tAsJt^reAta**t »e«iw. m>.«»er,»
.-W.SI -ej***".* J-wet**-. -^*««*-v*». -wa-
.»-._... *_• .,.«*» _.*,■■«.»-•- j*r>***v- '•*■*<.. THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
44A Good Name
At Home
Is ^ Tower of Strength Abroad." In
Lowell, SMass., where Hood's Sarsaparilla is made, it still has a larger sale than
jill other blood purifiers. Its fame and «>ni
cures and sates have spread abroad, and it
is universally recognized us the best blood
medicine money can buy.        Remember
Never Disappoints
Wit, bright, rapid and blasting as
the lightning, flashes, strikes and vanishes In an Instant; humor, warm and
all-embracing as the sunshiue, bathes
Its object in a genial and abiding light.
- Whipple.
on lite Treasury to be Paid with
Paper Honey-An New Issue Ordered -
iioid to be iii.ii.im-. .i with -ertltloetea-'
C«_h Is Needed to Haudle Crops.
dngton, Aug. 0,-lt is now up-
parent that in the fall movement of the
i ropn there will be a pressing demand for
more currency ol paper money. As thi-s
WU1 lie furnished in no other wny than
by the issue of gold certllicates, there
will undoubtedly be a demand more or
lata upon the Ireasjir- lor .such certiB*
entea against the deposits of gofd coin.
The nub-treasury at Sun l'iaiiuiseo ha*
been notified hy wire fo resume the i*sue
of gold certificates On dipofils of gold and
in payment over the counter of government obligations,   The  other  sub-treas*
Temporary retention of leased premises by a firm of tenants under a permit from one of'the firm, who is also a' uries have been notified to lhe same effect
tenant in common of the premises, own- by letter, which they -till receive before
Ing un undivlded-oiie-fourth, Is held In j business hours on Monday morning. The
Valentine vs.' Healey (N. Y.), 43 L, It.. utib-lr,u.-tiit-i-, have alio been advi.-e.l that
A. 6ii7. to be Insufficient to constitute the government "ill ship them an uddi-
B renewal of the lease, especially when j tiomil supply of gold certificates today of
tho lessees bad a right to assume their  "'''" ■*■ known as department series, in
copartner's'authority because of his
making the lease to the firm In the first
$100 REWARD, $100
The rentiers of tills i.up.T will lie lileused to
Innn ll"11 titers is at leant one dreaded .lls-
eH.*e tliut seienre has been able lo cure ln ull
Its Hiages und that Is Catarrh. Halt's Catarrh
Cure is the only punitive cure now known lo
tli,. nieillial fniternilj.'. Cutitrrh being a con-
Hiitutlonal dlnense, require* a constltuilor.ul
tr« iilment. Hall's Catarrh Cure In tnken Internally, acting directly up.ui tlie blood und mucous surfaces of the system, thereby deHtroymir
the fnumlntlon of tiie disease, ami Kivlng tie..
patleot utr-'iiKth by buiiding up the coitstitu-
tlon uml nuKlftlnK nature In doing Its work.
The proprietors hnve so much faith In lis
curative |io»<-rs, Hint they utter One Hundred
Collars fur any case that It falls to cure
Semi for list of testimonial,!.
Addrcaa,        F. J. CHBNKV A CO., Toledo, o
Bold hy DrugKlsts. 7ie.
Hull's Family I'llls are the best.
The duty of a railroad company to
ma_e an alteration in the grade of the
crossing at Its own expense so as to
conform to a new grade of tho street
Is enforced in Cleveland vs. Augusta
(Ga.), 43 Ls R. A., 638, as It builds Its
track on the Implied condition that it
will yield to the reasonable burdens
imposed by the growth and development of the community.
Lattlea , an  Vf-ar *.hoes
One size smaller after using Allen's Font-
Kssf s iM,»der lo be shaken into the shoes
It makes tlgUt or new shoes feel easy;
-Ires-Instant relief lo corns and bunions.
Its the greatest comfort discovery of the
age Cures swollen feet, blisters and cal
loui spills. Allen's Knot-Ease isS cerlain
cure for InfTowtng nails, sweating, sniari
Ing. hut, selling leet. We bave SO.000 tesi i
Blouials. All drue'glsts and slioe si.hl.
i-.. it. 230. Trial pw huge I- Kl'K by mail,
address. Allen - Olmsted. I.e Roy, N. Y.
 * 1__	
Ordinary shears can be made to cut
I'uttojiiiiries by ii new attachment,   In
which a shenlli slips over one blade to
hold a short cutting blade, having a
sharp point at the rear which punctures tbe cloth and allows the free
blade to cut the bole to the desired
rlTS Perinanenily Cured. No fiisor nervousness
Mid uner first tlnv'n use of llr. Kline's ureut
Nerve Restorer. Send for 1'RKK •••QO tnul
Douleand iresiis...  n i. n. h. klini:, Ltd., km
A nil street, I'lills.lelplila, l'a.
A private bank is held In Du Quoin
vs. Kelly (III.), 43 L. R. A., 644, not
to be a regularly organized bank within the meaning of the Illinois statute
authorizing the deposit of municipal
funds tn regularly organized banks.
1 p CLAIM;
I L, wrlie to
II receive
FOUD, Wai bl'igton. D. ... thsy wll
I quick replies.  It, Mh N. -   vols
Staff -'lb Corps. Prosecuting claims sines 1871
In memory of the poet Cowper a new
niuseum, library and town hall Is to be
erected at Olney, In Buckinghamshire,
at a cost of about $15,000.
Beaat7   la   llln.ul   Deep.
Not sktn deeiv-blood deep! Pure healthy
blood means pure, healthy complexion. Capcnr-
sts mnke lhe blood puro and healthy. Drug-
gmts,   ioc,  2*k...  Wc.
Philadelphia has had 6000 cases of
typhoid fever already this year, nearly
600 of which proved fatal, all due to
an Impure water supply.
Pence and  Iron Work*.
snd Irun fencing; ofrtce railing, etc. 334 Alder.
Among birds the swan lives to be the
olilest;, hi extreme cases reaching 300
years; the falcon has beeu known to
live over 162 years.
Plso's Cure for Consumption has been
a Modscnd to me.—Wm. U. McClellan.
(-'hester,  Florida,  Sept. 17, 1895.
It hns been computed that $350,000,-
000 per annum ls paid to Hritish ship
owners for ocean carriage between
ocean ports.
Remember Unit you can buy Jesse Moore
A. A. Whiskey for the same price that la
Paid for ordinary whisky. For sale by all
first class dealers and druggists.
At (he present rate of Increase the
United States will have in 1900 about
125,000 physicians.
Mothers will find Mrs. VVinslow's Soothing Syrup the best remedy to u*c for their
children during  the  teething period,
The productive area of tho Klondike
gold field covers from 1000    to    1600
square miles.
Monio p«rk, Ran Mateo, Co., Cal., accredited
at IDs Universities, location, climate and cars-
i'ii attention to Mental. Moral and Physical
"■ainliiK, places Holtt's among ...e foremost
™nOOIl f(,r noys on tho Coast.-8. F. Chronicle.
"I re-open In the now building August 10th,
denominations ranging from $20 to $1000,
and aggregating aliout $10,000,000.
It ii anticipated that the gold certificates niii-i   in demand will be what i*
known as "order'' certificates.    Tlie*. will
be Issued to individual depositm. of gold,
and iu iheir mui Denies, in .sums ranging
from $3000 to $10,000 eaoh.
The government now has in its vaults
between $88,000,000 and $00,000,000 in
gold certificates of what is known us the
series of 1888, and llicsc will be supplied
ou demand until others can be printed,
It a 111 be recalled thai Secretary Carlisle
suspended the issue of gold certificates by
un order promulgated -April 14, 18011. Hi*
authority for so doing was that contained
in section 12 of the act of duly 12, 1888,
which made it obligatory on the ee retary
of the treasury to suspend the issue when
ever the gold reserve retained in the ticas
ury should fall below $100,000,000,
This question of resuming the issue ol
gold certificates which was .suspended by
Secretary Carlisle lias been under consideration by Secretary (.age for month*.
He has given the question his best
thought, and it is believed Ins secured tin.'
views of other leading financiers throughout the country before taking this step.
Washington, Aug. 6.—The treasury de
pai tun nt today mule requiiition upon the
bureau of engraving and printing for tue
piiiiling of .<! i i.i a hi.i ii in gold certificates
iu denominations of $20 each.
You're bilious, you have a throbbing sensation in your head, a bad taste In your mouth, your eves burn, your1
skin Is yellow with dark rings under your eyes, your lips are parched and you feel ugly and mean, as if you
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a... ..rgcts _„_ __,uitioni_ _iarr>...,.-
elnson (jlobe.
"I havr. u.c.l yonr vi.lin.tile CAB-
I'AlCKi's ami find them perfect, Couldn't,
do without them. 1 have used them for some
time for indieesilon and biliousness nnd am
now completely cured. Recommend thrm, to
every one. Once tried, you will never be
without tbem in the family."
Euw. A. Maui, Alhany, M Y.
77B5 2S
CASCARETS are sbsclutety harmleH, a purely >• jible compound. Ro mercurial or other mineral plll-pnison tn Cascarets. Cascarets promptly, effectively and pirmanentlf
«Orr- ry disorder ol the Stomach. Liver and Intestines. Ihey not only care constipation, hut correct anv and every form ot megularity oi the bowels, including diarrhoea and dysentery.
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to-day, and II not pleased in every respect, get your money back I    Write us tor booklet and tree sample I   Address STERLING REMEDY COMPANY, CHICAGO or NEW YORK.
25c.    50c*
The   W.i. I.   of   MustrrlnK  Oat.
S.iii Francisco, Aug.".—It was officially
announced that the wmk of mustering on;
the Oregi n volunteers will be begun -ton
day at the Presidio and will continue for
at le.ist three week*. On Monday m.irnin ■
however, each man in the regiment will
receive hi* back pay, and in addition two
extra months' mlary and transportation
money from this cily lo Oregon.
,.,. --,.....    ,,,    .,..-    ,,,,—     nun h     /,ii*iir>i     ti
»••* ■**«■.   lr» a. Holtt, Ph. O., Principal.
.i.K*»S4V.'*-****«t-»-,    ..lAyysmu*M.^'rt^*jr.e'^itMtrt»'. VOt***-***.,
oils A*.-* for Manalnyers.
Washington, Aug. 7.- General oti* Im*
asked for a number of Sims-Dudley gmi\
Qatlinga and llotdiki-* IS poiuden foi
use in the Philippines. All arc rapid Bring L'lin* and especially adapted for the
warfare tliat must be prosecuted tbere.
Uln Sussn Wymar
Miss Susan Wjinar, teacher In the
Riotimoiui school, Chicago, III., write!
the following lettei to Dr Hartman re*
gBltling IV tu na. She "ays: "Only
llinse who have entTeied ae 1 have, run
know what B lilesaine; it is to be aldt* to
find relief in Fo-ui-na. Tliie lias been
uu experience. A (rieml In need is a
friend Indeed, hiuI etetv bottle of IV-
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Mra. MargatetbaDanben, 1214 North
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in.l emergencies pecnllai to women
ciiuseil by pelvic aatarth.
Aililiess Dr. Hartman, t'olnmbus, O.,
lor a (tee book foi women only.
Remember that cholera morbus,
cholera infinitum, summer complaint, bilious colic, diarrhoea and
dysentery are each and all catarrh
oil ho bowels. Calairh is the only
correct name lor these affoclions.
Pe-iunaia an absolute spec i ho for
these nilments, which are so common in summer. Dr. Il.irti.ian, In
a practice ol over forty years, never
lost a single case ol cholera infantum dysentary, diarrhoea, or cholera morbus, and bis only remedy
Pe-ru-na.      Those
tarns Olaaoed From the Lata Reports-
All Districts Are Being Developed—A
Prosperous tear Is Predlr • 1 Mining
Notes and Personals.
The Engineering and Mining Journal
reports the statistics of the mineral
and metal production in the United
States, showing that the total value of
the mineral production in 1898 was
$7011,816,700, against $648,804,899 In
gold and 5s,7G;l,lL'.'i ounces of silver.
The coal production wuti *_ix.i»i_.r.r.u
short tons, un increase of 17*1,000 tons
over,any previous year. The pig lion
production was 11,77:1,9:14 tons, the
greatest quantity ever made in any
country in one year.
The copper production was 635,900,*
232 pounds, also the largest ever reported, and more than halt of the entire proiiuttion of the world. Other
leading items were: Lead, 22\47.->
short tons; 114.104 short tons of zinc;
3o,4!*y flasks of quicksilver; 51,774, ior.
barrels of petroleum.
Uesides the production from native
ores, there were $22,024,900 gold; 39.-
748,000 ounces of silver; 86,055,352
pounds of copper; 89.209 tons of lead,
at Republic, Wa-li., were made last
week, and from now on the work of
preparing for  the enterprise will  be
I pushed as rapidly as possible.
The rumors which have been In cir-
I eolation for some time that the continuing interest in the Deer Trail No.
2 company had passed to Toronto have
now been definitely confirmed.
The Zala M., in Sheridan camp, is to
have a compressor as soon as they ran
get it on the ground. It will bo of a
five-drill capacity, and the intention is
to have it in operation the latter part
of August. The 500-foot tunnel, with
the eight shifts, Is already being driven.
Hriii.n  < olnmhla.
turned out one of the richest finds ever
made in the camp. The vein disclosed
is four and a half feet wide and in
places  is  almost solid  galena.
Despite the expectations of everyone
the situation between miner and mine
owner in the Slocan has not changed
as a result of the mine owners' meeting on the evening of the 1st inst.
A discovery of coiisiderble importance has heen rfiade on the Kllse property near Ymir.
HIM-.I. l-roTKs.
Dewey  nt   Niiplea.
Naples, Aug. 7.—The Vniled States
cruiser Olympia, wilh Admiral Dewey on
board, lias arrived here. As the cruiser
entered the port salutes were exchanged.
The ndmlr*! has visited by United Slates,
Consul General Castro and members of
the American embassy. Tlie admiral coin-
1111111.11111.' this station, the commander of
the garrison and the prefect also visited
Dewey on the Olympia today, and the
American admiral subsequently returned
the vi*its. Forty American tourists at*
lent aids vi*itrd the Olympia. De.vey and
There Is every Indication of a rush   tlie crew of the Olympia arc all in good
iu the com-
of people to Siimpter, Ore
Ing summer months.
Another dividend-payer has been add-
as nagvagite   '''• to "■'' Spokane list.   The Bonanza
health.    It is said  ihe cruiser will  only
remain here eight or ten days.
A rare metal known
composed of tellurium, lead and gold/ Milli»K company, owning lhe Bonanza
[has been found on a claim owned by mlnB at Bosaburg.
Robert  v.'...-.*  of Oreenwoort at. Triple       A sl,ik'' lla-s b<Jeu ma(U* in the '*'*''
Lake camp on  Canvon creek, a trilm-   Tlilil -No- - 1'1'1"'.    '"    (''"'1'"" Canyon,
tary of the Kettle river. Assays give
values of $121.18 per ton.
Fahey Bros, and Jack Stewart hnve
a force of men at work on the Four
Hundred claim in Wellington camp. A
100-foot shaft will be sunk on the property.
The wo f lila.-.ting out a site for
the new i e, rea:ior plant on the St.
Elmo, at Tt 1, ls in progress and
the material . 'he new building is
being hauled i:p 1    i Mountain.
Strikes of good ore bodies are reported from the Elscmere, on the North
Fork, from the Midnight and Ducky
Star, on Hunker H'll creek; from the
1 Wash., which probably doubles tlie val-
Mn.lt*   Mi-.   Bale  or Wheat.
Colfax*, "Wash.,  Alig1.  7.—Aaron   Kuhn
has made tlie largest sale of wheat of the
teuon, when he sold S(l,l'iOO bushels to
Balfour, Guthrie & Co.uf Portland. This
is nearly an cut he cargo, and is the lar;^-
c*I sale made in the Paloiite counfry this
season. The price paid is not made public Ktlfour, Guthrie & Co. have n ship
chartered and were anxious to load it nt
paid is
n good one. Tbe ship will carry 110,000
Ini-liel*. so but :i<),<)00 in addition to tlie
Colfax shipment will be needed to load
the vessel.
and 7,127,784 pounds of nickel, refined  Gertrude nnd Teir'b'.e, on Oalnertreek.
One side of tin . , LOinpressor at the
War Eagle, at Roaaland, is running
smoothly. The Red Mountain compressor is still supplying power to the
r.i.ib   liculars Should   send for
s free copy of  "Summer Catanh.
Address Dr. Hartman. Columbus, U.
and prepared for niarket In ibis country from foreign ores nnd base bullion.
It, p.ill lie    N.ilo.
Work has been resinned on the Delta.
The shaft ou the Rebate is 70 feet ln
The Stray Horse tunnel lias been
driven lOfi feet
The new pump on the Golden Lily
shaft Is working finely.
Work is progressing on the south
drift on the Princess Maud.
The Dodie shaft is 'S.'.o feet deep and
a station has been cut at that point.
The Golden Lily tunnel is being driven for the vein on tha Troubadour
The double compartment shaft on
the Hen Hur has reached a depth of
140  feet.
The big tunnel on the Wauconda has
been driven but 30 feet, but the face
Is all in ore.
The ore in the llodie shaft is getting
better constantly. The shaft Is now 210
feet in  depth.
Work has been suspended on tin
Falo Alto, lt Is said that suspension
is due to lack of funds.
I ue of the property.
Mining men say that the exhibit of
mining machinery at the Spokane ln-
| dustrlal Exposition tnls year will be
, one of the most Important features of   one, so it is supposed the price
the big show.
Marble is coming to the front as one
of Washington's resources.    Large de-
, posits of white marble have  recently
, been  discovered  but a short  distance
from  Fort Spokane, near the  Crystal
! mine.
The mineral department of the Spokane Industrial Exposition continues
to grow in importance each day. More
camps are reporting and more interest
is being shown throughout the northwest.
Three carloads of machinery arrived
' last week for the Libby Creek Mining
j company, which owns the Uuzz    Saw
There's  more  In   keening  the  itomSOb in
proper condition than most people suppose.   It
Is in thc stoinseh  that the bluoil  receives It's
heiilth or sickness.
Hoore's Revealed Remedy
.AI'ls tl.e  stomach   in   makum  rich, hdnlthy
blood,   it aids dige^iioij and tmllda ap tlie gei-*
$1 )h r bottle at your dru^M*?,.
Tons R\*[<'in.
The management  of the  Athabasca   mlne on Sbaughnessy bill, and    four
mine is tailing for tei.tiers for an 1100
foot flum'. to be constructed to its mill
n *ar Nelson.
Recant work on the Nickel Plate,
v' '' Is situated on Horse Shoe inoun-
t at the beau of Canyon creek, in
the boundary, is demonstrating that
(he property Is a very valuable one.
A very large body of ore is being
broken into in the Crown Point claim,
In Crown roln" n mp, above Rock
creel, ',   tl.e Uoui. lary.
'.re .-"unset i.ilne In ilcadwood camp.
in tbe Boundary, is to be equipped with i
a $20,001 plant.
The Madison, in the Slocan, is in
over 125 f,ot on the No. E tunnel.
Work has started on a new main
working shaft in the Kamloops claim
in (-amp McKimiey.
On the Rio Grande In Ymir a new
strike has been made In the breast of
the new drift, 2a feet from ilie main
tunnel. IB feet below the surface.
A Ber 11 ns SCO  lent occurred here at
...  - A.VUT-CTURKD   BT ...
-Br NOT-s* TBS HAslK.
more carloads are expected soon. This
machinery is for the 150-tou concentrator.
The litigation whicli involved title to I
the Comstock mine in Newport camp,
in Stevens county, Wash., has reached
a decision in Judge Hanford's court
and the defendant, the Highland Mining & Milling Company, wins a complete victory.
The Mexican Lead Company, with an
authorized capital of $7,000,000. was,
incorporated a' Trenton, N. J., to operate lead and other mines in the reptib-
lie of Mexico. The capital slock ls made
up of $1,260,000 preferred antl $5,750.- j
000 common stock.
The United States Mining Company,,
that has Invested over   $;l,OOO,O0O    in ,          ,,     ,  ■   ,
7 .      „...»'"^ **C      8oldbTsif(tmi..iri!!!nl!> me—J box, Freuch
llinghaiii properties, has bought 22,000  IM oa *-> is Bins, watte snd asd. t_k> no other.
"'..„„._ ,     ... „  .. ,„,    ftenchl5rugCo.,3ill_ S- l>u_rl8t.. New York Cltj.
r'%'•%/%.-%.-%.-%. '%.*%-%*%/%.'%.I"**
W. H. STOWELL & CO.,   J
...ASSAYERS... ?
\       and Dealers in Asnayers'  Supplies,      ^
L%.-%jVljk%j%% ****--*"*-_________!
Relief for Women*
fW-iir/rr-f.ln i)t__n,«-A!e>«i onf-lope. Writ*
to.iuv f<>r t.iiH l!.'-i..'   ■i.niinlii'.:  I'ltrti.-ii-
L-Xfl and  .Yi.tmi*".■■■.■- of Hie MAKI KL'rJ
French Female Pills.
rr&lM>d bj tho-Mml- of -atlsfled UdlMU
info, r_lwHj-n rt'ilaliii* and without an equal.
.'isrsiii mt'lftl Ik.i, Fr,
!:•■<!.   Take no o(b*?r.
The Black Tall tunnel Is yet about 80  t|)e So.,,,,.,,*£„ mlne, whereby Bills Wll
feet distant   from  the  ledge—at least
that is the supposition.
The new tunnel on the North Star
is In ISO feet. Two ledges have been
encountered in running it.
Everything about the Republic mill
and mine is progressing In a manner
satisfactory to the management.
The ore chute through whicli the San
Poil drift Is running It* as rich as when  jjl-Jng Company
first encountered two weeks ago. 	
Tho Trade Dollar has closed down,
the Inflow of water having become too
great to be bandied without machinery.
There Is a possibility that work will
shortly be resumed on the Alabama, n
property near tho foot of Lake Cur
Sinking Is In progress on the San
Juan, and the claim Is made that there
are some rich stringers of quartz In
thc shaft.
Tho Gold I^dge has boon shut down.
The water e.amo In too rapidly to render further work profitable without the
aid of pumping machinery.
Survevs for the Mountain IjIoii mill
llama, a well experienced miner, lost
his life nnd his comrade was severely
The Highland concentrator has started up full blast. The mill will handle
about 80 to i)0 tons per day from the
lllack  Diamond mine.
The strike made on the Kourth  of
Inly claim, owned by the Broken Hill
(Wilcox mine), has
S -hilling's
money jack lea and
bal ing powder at
Your Grocers
of the 30,000 shares In the Cen^nnlal
Eureka mine in Tintic for $1,540,000.
The mine has paid nearly $3,000,000 in
dividends, all the proceeds of high
class ore. Second grade ore has been
thrown on the dump, as the company
never built a mill.
'What is known as the Baker City
country has a ratlins of nearly 50 miles,
extending In every direction from linker City as a center. There are a number of mines close around linker. Some
of them have been worked for several
years. The oldest is the Virtue, which
has been in operation for 23 years. The
mines around llaker are mostly on low
sage brush hills with no timber, and
are all free gold properties.
There are indications that Spokane
mining men are about to Investigate
more earnestly than ever before the remarkable mineral showings in the hills
around Newport, Wash. While rich
ore is being shipped every week from
that prosperous camp and lt is known
that propertiee are being opened with
showings unsurpassed In the northwest, there has been a lack of Interest
In the camp due to the fact that those
who were there were not as good at
booming the camp as were the men Interested In others which have lately
como to the front.
Um BlgO for unnatur*,
dlacharfr-pi, JuflammatJoai,
irritation!   or   ulctration*
of mncoDi   m.-_bran«t.
Irre-enu MaUfi-a.      Painless, ami not asirta-
ItheEvans&»**.0U0o. «8nt or *>iwnoas.
Sold by I>ra«r_»_*.
or sent ln plain wmpptr
'ZpreM,   p
,    ■ J bottles,
Areolar Mat on r*jut«l
fproM,   prepaid,  fo.
1.00, or S bottles, $_.,..
OF,? pOR A DOSE. Cure Sick Hesdsohl
sod p-rspapsla, Remote Timples und Purify tht
Blood, Aid I'lRi-stloDsndPTeTeiHBil'ouiuess. Do
not Drips or Sicken. To conrlnce you .we will mall
■smple free, orfull box fi,r2*>c. PR. UOSANKO
CO., Philada., _>-__;,.   Bold by Druggists.
ITOlTlNt-irileH lu'otitjvi-i maiHtur-'anilcaimoitohinjr,
Tbis form, ae; vrnll as Uliud.Ulci-ciingor Protrutiinc
Piles aro cured hy Dr. Bosnnko's Pile Remedy
St.ni*, it-hing and hlt'eding. Ah-orbstumuri* 60c a
Jar at rlragf-rlntKorient by raai \. Treatise free. Write
B-tabontjourcas*.   l>K.Ho*< \ NKO. iMnlada.. i'a.
>.     Is what Uncle Sam uses.
N. N. U. *,...  __, •'*!'.
">    PISO'S  CURE   FOR
llost Dough Syrup.  Iwil Good, use |
ln time,   ^..i-l hy dri.iiKlr.ta.
t\ i «.sii  ■ *m rt
'. Jt\*a*y .-* «-«»**.«j»^»^*T4h^.-*.<r*. •*».-**- stmnetm*»*tm*A\*a. h**tr*jstm*W*A*tm>. . •-«.  mauausmsp,«
^__y__o_ai__->''. U*J Wttt. Hunter Oo,« _L,tf-U
We 9re now agents for
3-vCxV Corapanys
Sewing Machines
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....    RQP»   and   BASKETS,
.'.'. '■ —_—_.
0«i*?»*0   OR   IN  ARREARS   A
•i *}
% g   BLUE   CROSS    WILL
Onr Canada, strong, fair and free,
Whose sceptre atretobea far,
Whose bills lorjk down on eitber sea,
And iront the polar star;—
Not for thy Krcatnesa—hardly Known—
Wide plains, or mountain** grand,
Um in* we claim thee for onr own,
We love our native land.
God I.less our mighty forest land,
Of mountain, lake and river,—
Thy loyal suns, from stuunl to strand,
Sing, "Canada Forever."
Wrapped in thy dazzling lobe of booW,
We proudly cull you ours,    ■■  ■
We crown tbce, when the south.. wi*4tl-
blow, ';
"Our Lady of the Flowers!"   ...     !
We love thy rainbow-tented skies,—
The glamor of thy Spring.—
For us lit) A'j I u inn'a gorgeous dyes,
For us, thy stmg-Lirds fling.
God bless our fair Canadian land,
Of mountain, lake and river,—.
Thy loyal sons, Irom strand to strand,
Sing. 'Canada Forever."
Fur us, thy brooding summer wakes
Th>* cornfield's waving gold,
The quiet pictures, azure lakes,
For ns. their treai-nies hold ;
T • ii-,inch hdl and dale is dear,
> rtCh i ih and sireain and _!• n.
Tli.  scMttere.' homes of kindly ebeer,
l'h\ busy haunts of men.
God t.le-simr own Canadian land
Oi mountain, lake and river,—
Tin* loyal i"Oits. from -*irniid io strand,
Sing 'Canada Forever."
Onr isire tbeii old traditions brought,
Tii.-ii lives of faithful toil;
For li'ime iiiui IfKeTIv ihej fought,
On mi' i' madian  soil;
QiihIiOC to ns is sn. ret! still,
Nol less i.- Lundy's Line.—
Lorn.- nut a loyal people till      .  .
The land thev fought to gain.
Ood bless our own Canadian land
Of mountain, lake and nver,—
Thy loyal sons, from strand to strand,
Sing, "'Camilla Forever."
.*>axon aud Celt and Norman we:
Each nice its memory keeps,
Yet o'er ns all. from sea  to sea,
One iv -cross banner sweeps
Lou. may onr "Urea'c-r Britian" Stand
The bulwark of the free;
Bnt Canada, our own dear land,
Our first love is for thee!
The chorus ring from strand to strand
Of mountain, lake and river,—
God bleu onr own Canadian land
Of "Canada Forever."
—Miss A. M. Machiir, io .Montreal Witness.
for a place on the voters list. Thero
are possibly as many moro who are not
on tbe list. The political oioncii ate
darkening on tho horizon and we know
not when writs may he issued for
either a Provincial or Federal election.
Voters should always be prepared.
Any not enrolled as voters may make
out their applications at The Silvk.k-
tonian office, All British male
subjects, twenty one yeara old, are
eligible as voters.
School teaching in British Columbia for young ladies must be either a
very desirable or else a very onerous
vocation, It depeuds upon how the
matter is viewed, School Inspector
Burns reports a stringency in the
school teacher market. Fifty per
cent of .the-spinster school teachers of
last term bave rushed into matrimony
during the laat few weoks. Waa this
to escape another term of school
teaching?   Perish the thought!
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing To—.    A. P. McDONALD,
t t t +_ t t t BILVERTON, * • B, c
"Live and let live," is an old and
just maxim, and should be practiced
moro generally than it is. Thon why
should the mine manager, who ia a
paid servant of the company, wish to
reduce the well earned wages of the
miner, also a paid servant of the
company. The only difference being
that the miner can be discharged at
the whim of the manager, and the
manager at the whim ot the directors.
House mmm
Up ft Dale Smite.
The opposition papers appear to be
deeply aggrieved to think that our
goqeriit-Hiit has. hit upon a plan that
wili still exclude the Chinese from
working underground in British
Columbia's mines, The sprvile press
of the opposition would sacrifice lhe
countries welefare at any time to gain
a political trick for their party.
tt.OO per Annum,
Roolt,    pottom
.-•■'■■   U ■- *	
D. C.
B. C.
JAME8*B0*WE3    -----    PROP.
;•; Headquarters For
61LVERTON      •      -
Men :•:
-   B.C.
. »Dd S00 LINE
New Fast   Daily Service Between
BY TH_   .
I in proved Connecting Service via Revelstoke or Crows Nest Routes,
Pint class sleeper* on all trains from
Tourist cars pass Revelstoke, Daily for
St. Paul, Thursdays for Montreal and
Host on, Tuesdays and Saturdays for
Toronto. ■: - •
Toronto 02 hours,  Montreal 06 hours,
Hew York 108"      Winnipeg 62   "
Vancouver 2*1 "    Victoria   31  "
For the* North, Revelstoke, and Main
Lin* 10:90 K-ex Hundaylv. Silverton,
ar. ex. rim-day, 15k«OK.
For Rosslaud, Nelson and Crows Nest
Une 15*50Kex, Sunday ly. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sundav 10 30K
■* , If. :e. ■'■■ ■*-
For rates an- full information apply to
■arareet local agent or
TV. 8. CLARK, Agent, Silverton
W. F. ArffeflEft-ON, '*>'
Tray. Pass. Agent, Nelaon
$. 3.COYLB.
4. q, P. Agent, Vancoqver
A.CT10XEEK8, Customs Urokeiis,
And General Real Estate Agents,
Office In Be-tlpy Block     .   .      linker St.
General -Freight and Transfer
Husiness Dene.
Orders lelt at  News Stand will   be
promptly attended to.
SILVERTON,        -      - B. C
Wages, $3.00
Per Day.
H'-KErMD MIXES, Limited.
Owin_ to a reduction in miners' wapes
caused by the enforcement of the eight
hour law, the miners are all idle and tbe
mines have  shut  down.   Therefore all
worklngmen are hereby warned to keep
away from   the Slocan   and   Kootenay
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles are  amicably  settled   between
mine owners and miners,
Sandon. B. C.      W. L. Hauler,
June  nd. 1890.        Secretary  Bandon
Miners'  Union
J. M. M. Benedum,
Pres. Silverton M. U-
L. Knowles,
Secretary,    Silverton
Miners' Union.
It seems an astounding fact, but a
fact it is nevertheless, that a fe** mine
managers have taken it upon themselves to dictate to the .sovereign people
of British Columbia as to whether a
law, enacted by their representatives
in Parliament, should be allowed a
fair trial or not. If these woul d-be
dictators had tried the eight hcur
system, then taken their preset t
stand it would not have looked so bad.
But to £ay "we know all about it ond
will not tjive it a trial," is their policy,
when, as a fact, it ia well known that
some ot these mis-managers of mines
in British Columbia acquired most of
their mining experience On the cricket
fi' Ul and lawn tennis courts of the old
country, and owe their present
positions, not to their knowledge of
mining, but to their pull with the
company's board of directors. When
Buch men as W. A. Clark, James K.
Pardee and R C. Chambers, successful
mine managers with world wide,
reputations and who, speaking from
experience, endorse the eight hour
system, is it not time for some of the
pin heads in this country to cease
making themselves ridiculous on this
subject, and at least give the system a
fair trial.
Easter n stockholders of our various
mines will learn in time no doubt, and
at considerable expense, that a pair of
yellow leggings is not the main
necessity for a mine manager.
The Opposition press haa the
Senilin government in about the same
position that Otis has Aguinaldo.
That is, beaten and bro-*,eti up but
with effrontery enough to bob up the
next day apparently none the worse
for wear.
Du ring tbe last month, about thirty
Silvertonians havo sent in applications
Following is a complete list of the
minim* transit**- ions recorded daring ibe
week for tbe' Sloenn Mining Division.
new -eSvek—locations
Aug 1—Jerome Fraction, adj London,
A Q Van.'da'rl.er.kp* Sbainrock, Four
Mlle'cr. F Ryan..   .
2—Rolando, .Granite mt, P W Ellis,
Cobble Hill. Four Mile, A McDonald.
Alert, Fidelity Bluff, K Fyman Hnd J
A McDonald; Weo Wee Fr.. nr New
Denver, J C Hun is.
4— Spring Hill, Soston cr, C J Sarin;
Ida, Four Mile, J B Anderson ; Concord,
nr Three Fork... G B Dean: Ella B, n fk
Carpenter, R Taylor.
5—Butcher, Silver ml*, J Wtgginton;
Often, bend oi Slocan Lake, W Smith.
7—Atlin fr, reloo Silverton fr, Geo
White; Silver Butlon. Four Mile. CH
Abercromhte; Black Bess, Galena Flat,
Geo White.
Aug 1-0 B H, Bendigo. Hewett. Rin-
con, Wren, Bonaparte, Mnjestic( Lancaster.
2—Hardscrabbie, Handy, Kootenay,
Ava fr, Edith.
3—High Rock. Home Joy, Rupert.
4—Jumbo, Bell fr, Tremont, Ostium,
Nicola. St Lawrence, Deloware fr, Flag
Stall, Cultus No 2, Hope No 4.
ft—Flower, Mny, RosedBle, Stanley,
Nancy Lee, Maple Leaf.
7—Central, St Peter's Boy, Fairmouot
ckhtificat*-.   or SATISFACTION.
Alturas, Alpe aod Alps Fraction.
NOTICE,—"Nt'ltrii Kx.immii: Fraction" minersl rial 111, Minute in tlie
Sloe.iii t'iiy milling division of West
Kooti nav iilstrlot.
Where limited:   On Dayton creek .'nl-
joining   ibe  "."•ilver l'luie"   mineral j
Take nil ke that I FranciaJ. O'Rellli
aaavent for Robert A. Hradabnw, free
niiner'neettifieiite No 2.4051, F »' Innet,
free miner's I'ertiri.nie Nn. .jur!)*.,George <
M. Sorelle. (reo miner'* ceriillcnte No  j
83060nnd l> 0 I.'-wi*, free miu>*r'.* i*er-
lillrate No. 2874 \    Intend   sixty   days
from    the dale hereof, lo apply  to  Im
mining recnrdei for a certlflea'e ot Im- |
provemenis, for the pnr*f*fl_eul obtaluln**
■ Crown (Irimt nl   Iho above claim.
And further take   notice   Unit   action
under nection .'!7,   mnst  In- ooflimeneed
before the lasnonee of stub eertilie.tit* ol
Dated this Twelfth day of June 1809,
Fa.tMi*.1. o'Hmi.i.v
24 I 6 I 99.
NOTICE :— "Lucky Jack"    Mineral i
Ciului; situate in tbe Sl.iian Citv Mm-'
ing Division of West Kootenay lilsiriei 1
Where located:—On Sninmil  or Puss
Creek, 10 miles fiom Slooan Rifer.
Take notice that I, J   Murray McGregur,
acting as   a.i-nt  for  Robert  Bradshaw,
Free  Miners Certificate   No. 2*.'40.ja, intend sixty days from the date hereof,  to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Cer-
litii'Hle of Improvements,  for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grunt ol the
above claim.
And further take notice that aetion
under s.-etlon 87, nniht be commented
before the issuance of such Certitieate 0
Dated this fifteen th day of June, 1899.
J. M. McGr.uor.
24 I 0 I 99.
Use   None   But
The Best!
OF   l.MJTKi:    BtspOQ,     CURES
[:»i:'-MAiIS.l|   AND   AU
BL »(JI)    OI.SORL.KH.>.
Try It—Prove It.
AMP tiie
Genera! ^Ifciiir Milk
B» W. I   ADAMS.
A Practical Rook Kor Pr/cticai. Mc*
Sli'iild I... j„ ibe bands of every
Mining Man und Met.illurgist.
It is not based on laboratory (oats, but on
NOTICE   :-"K„stler"    and     "Rp-k-'l-S&SffiLSSl" $™* b> ,hc
Und Mineral Claims;    situate  in the | v.'^ :",d'llK:;,l^'t^Btt *"*"
The shipment   ol  oro   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and Includinx   (be
present week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Boann Landing. Tons.
Bosun  640
From New Denver.                        Tons
Marion 20
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise    680
From Slocan City.                         Tons.
Tarn a rat:     20
From 8ilverton. Tons
Comstock    20
" concentrates  100
En* ily Edith  60
Fidelity      3
Noonday 440
Vancouver 320
Wakefield 590
Total 2783~
For Sale or Rent,
A Hotel In Silverton.
Applj* to—tytithrion Bros,
SUvertop, n, C)
8ltK*an Minini* Division of    est Knot-1 which in alr_-riV{V-_-
enay District. bcali v  I ,,,   n        *£' ",,t '
Where located -On El«bt Mile creek        "    " "" °n'r ,be w<
ailjoiniii« tbe Willa Mineral Claim.
Take notice that I, J Murray McGregor
' Oll.ploV lln.l
t in
actio,- at Aiient for W. W. Spinks, l*ree MOPIM llACaun. Pi-mmifiwn t>
Miner's C-riiflcte No. BUMS, Intend 1910 , , ^"m«»WIWW
sixty dava from tbe date hereof, to apply ' AU i: St**»:kt, Ch caoo, U, 8. A.
to tlie Mii.inn Reconler for a Certificate
of Iinprovements, for the piupo.10 of ob-
tainlnK a Crown Grant of tho above
And further take notice   that   action.,
under section 37,   must  be commer.ced
before Ihe issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 17ih day of July 18119.
Notice is hereby ulven that sixty
days after date I, W. I) McGreuor,
intent! to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase tl e followin« dexcribed tract
ol land- Situated four miles cast of
Slocan River i>n Lemon Creek nt the
mouth of tbe First Norlh Fork, in West
Kootenav DiMiiet; stitrlinir from a post
marked W |> McGre(*or's N, E. Corner,
tbenee Kooili 40 1 liajn. thence west 40
chains, tiiepce north 40 ohalnt, thentie
east 40cinitnM. to place ol beginning, tho
whole containing it>0 gen s
Dated June lOtb. I8.19.
W. D. McGregor.
IWhen  In
3 *X_E$_C,g_iO_V,
Corner Hall and Vernon Sts. C
Fiirnislieil Rooms,
Notice is hereby civen Ihat slitv
dava-after date, I intent! to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands antl Works
lor permission to pnrclnise tho following
described land: shuated tour miles east
ol Slocan River on '.emon Creek, at the
month of lhe Flint north Fork, In West
Kootenay District; startim* from a ptxt
marked J. M, Mctirexor's N. W. corner,
thence south 40 chains, thence east 46
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
west 40 chains to plain of beginning, the
whole containing 100 acres.
Dated Juno 30th. 1800.
J. M. McGu-gor.
Daigle's Black-
smith Shoo.
(Jeneral Black-sinitiiiiig
and Repairing Done.
.imijiiim nsmin »1 ,»ns»
mMMkm*. A,. \Ml» ftlf «" »*»•*•*•»*•■' »»w*^««''^«»l'■'■'•'''^SS-*1*''"1''1'*''*'1*''1''' -    tmrj
■ mtt. 'rtOM.X* •* *
isk«arv'w«s«». M
tet*pAie\ tfsmrmjtr&mwiAmr^esy'm'


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