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The Silvertonian 1899-12-14

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 y'*mi . .
1 •'.'.._'
», _
*i^V.LZ-...    .'I
tnI| up To Date
Mining News
_,  ' i
Of The Richest
Camp 01 British
I Hy lomiuissioiier €lute Here and in
Mocan (My ,
LhMeiljlBJM ofTUeMiners.
Commissioner Clute, whose mission
,n Southern Brilii* Columbia i-io tn-
ouhe into any braaofca ol tbe Allen
KwHl*loo Act, the eff.'Cl ol the strike on
nationality of the uiineis «u,pl..>«dheref
thesmounl ol investments in Hie mim*
jndthedemauia ol tbe manager* mut
the men, held an enquuy i&s ou Mon-
itj It-tu
In the alternortllUtlofc held in ths
m Hall, -Mr cult: to 1 Ibe • vid. i.ee
I ihe men ss leproSNitedijH Pmsideni
^uedum ol the hfal Union  und E. P.
Bremner   ol tht- New  Denver Hlo«r2*
After lhe C>min!.6*ionrr bud read bis
.■oininission and explained the scope oi
,i,e inquiry be was nuking, Mr. Bene
,! m was sworn. He said: Ho bad lieen
,ni!.igetlIn Lining and developing pfn«-
l_etts foribclast five year*. He had
l j.l, wiin bis partner*, at one time over
;u men sroplojfua MM to .lime last
iheseroenwertf-fmH'fSWfof* 1° hem
i, ■; sime tb.t dt'c the* have neon
Khesamsfot'theSb' nr aliiti
I'ii r
at the mine.
E. B. Eraser, manager of the Vancouver* B. C. General Exploration Co.,
wus the next witness. He bad bad 32
I ears experience in mining in New Zealand, Australia, the Western States and
a short time in South Africa. In Now
Zealand iho Rbitt bad always been sight
hours, the wuges tunning from 7 ebll-
bnga and fl pence to 12 shillings a shift,
according lo lljo nature of tbo work,
sucb as wet iliaft sinking Ac. Tbere ure
no iioarding homes in connection with
the New Zealand minus. The R-Hour
Law should not impede tbn mining In*
tcrctsof the province. Thc witness wa?
in favor of the 8-llour Law. In New
Zeal uui living w-iiH very intitIt chiupcr
than in the Slocan.
Wm Hunter, head el tlie meicintile
tiim The Wm limit, r Co , w»s tbe lust
« iir.ei-M ealled. He put in a Hut cf titc-
can riesand ibe i.riees chaigsd here.
Commissioner Clute let! on Tuesday
tor Slocan City where the mines are
being operated under Ibe 8 h ur system
Tlie evidence given1 before the Commissioner in Sloean Cily was ol a most
f ivoiable n.duro Iro • ibe Union's point
i>{ view. Managers Dickeinton und Dn
llui'-e, who ato w<.iking many men un-
dei tb" 8'bour syatem and paving |3 50
a'bin, both expraated themselves as
tavt.rable lo the 8-Hour L;tw. They
found ihat the system was working wi 11
iniheirmir.es. Tbere was no trouble
1 etweeu lhe managements of the Slocan
City minea ami tbe miners.
Mr. A. E. Teoier, wlm ia also an employer ul minera, gave some p.> d evl-
delicti based on hia experience in the
Sloean. He favored the 8-Hour Law-
He believed thai men who had sense
enough to coml'lie tor minimi benetlt
were wonh inure than unorganized men.
The mine malingers in Sloean City look
DpOtl the Union wlib favor.
jj     mm watt*
, j il.e men were Riiti-h cn' J^CtS
,, h,. going |uto .fleet of lbs 8 Uohr
Ia* there were aboul 153 pnlneni wet*
.  red around Silvciioi.     Hs lodged
I,, imounlinvested In ih- nelghbbring
.. ,., t.. I. • al-out l"M,{HW. .    I bcie bud
,    ..--■-- ..  i...twpwc„      The membership roll uf  tbo   Silveiton
,tl   diaiifci'fmci.t liitwwi r
Vlu._.iru'    1     Minn    •»._..!•    i   '       ..i_-       Kll     mi.
Geo. A. McDonald Mids Itis Death.
ni-i i'. Killer.
t „ . Mi.<eis and Iho men  pi ior lo the
|.u      l Irouhle. ' The tmuhle aro«f over
 n » tolling 'lie same i*y fi* the
M,c,i .Lift as Ior tbe  10-hour sbilt, aa
 nun.', d Ihat tbey could do
i„ -u.e i.muuot o!_ work.    There bad
1.1 nn , '. nipt at violence in Bilverton.
Tlie nimess thotwbt tbat 100 mon could
I.-'.. i i-i »-o«n Silverton and New Den-
wr liealdee those n-iw st work, siiould
Hie mini a be re-.pened. No aliens had
U-.-U inn oited Into Hilverton, principally
l*i wee, Ibe witness iboiight, tiro Union
iul Yiorkcd bard to prevent it. The
ini.iiibti_.hip of lbs local Union wns a-
Imtit 123 members. There aro aboUl
1000 miners in lhe Slocan, although 200*0
i-iailtl I* worked ii lhe minea woul.l atari
.a irmii Uossland, Nelson, en- if it w.-ie
Inowii Hist tbetrouMe was newt, A!>out
i,ii pei cent ol the miners had families,
lie thought Uvntconeideiiiig Ihe case of
iltveb pmenl ol the Slocan iiiinea, and
tlie kind of miuers employed in Ibe Slo-
i-3ii Ihat Ilie chances (or Investors when
luting \A irO per shift was better than in
most places wboro smaller wives were
paid. Considering thu cost ol living in
tl.e Slocan, fAW per day was not high
wanes. The Slocan miners wero above
tin- average. They were good, trust-
w rtby, law-abiding men.
In answer to a question, Mr. Renedum
said that some of our mines, lhe Vancouver in particular, bad worked under the
h hour aysitm piior lo the passing ol tbe
a Hour Law.
Mr. r.ieiiiui'i'.. evidence was mainly a
corroboration oi the above. He believed
thai "b% of ths miners around New
Denver wero Uritish subjects. He be-
lietril that tbe average miner would do
as nun h in 8-hour shifts as they had for-
raerly i'oiiu iu the 10 hour. Because to
deliver a certain blow on a drill to overcome ihe breaking strain cl tho rock a
certain force is required: tbat is, it lhe
blow is under a certain number of pounds
nothing is accoinpllalietl. This fireu
Kiiild not be maintained for tin boms,
vigorous work for eight hours Is t*lter
ib.ui less vlgoiotis work for I JO hours.
The miners friuotly here bud scattered
tu tide over tbe present difficulty. They
would roturn iu soon ;is tbo present dil-
flcnlty was settled,
Iu the evening Mr. Chile continued
the taking of evidence. A. E. Paterson,
in.iiia_.er n[ the Wakefield Mines, was
the flrat witness. Ho sa'd he had had
experiimecin mining in South Africa
and New Zealand. Tbe present trouble
was having thc effect ol keeping foreign
capital out ol the provineo.. If the trouble
continued another six months tbe renult
would bo disastrous to tbo mining interest of the district. The W'nk. fluid
Mines were,capitalized at £100,000, and
£36,000 have already boon expo ided by
l!ie tympany,   He could em pi-y SO men
Minera' Union now sbom 1U1 members.
Ul these 127 »re liriiisli rabjecis.
Work has been resume I on Ibe
Queen Fraction, he'ow town, and a fine
Kiade ofbhipniug ore is being taken out.
The machinery for the Wakefield
concentrator ia arriving daily and beiiin
taken up lo the mill aa rapidly as it
arrives by Sinnot A O'Donsal, who
have the freighting oontrHct,
This poem was printed   in   Ibe  Telephone  a weekly  paper of Capetown,
Africa, and is supposed to   be   the  best
Ihesn a Mitionsl mm  would come j poem inspired by   the  war.   Tbe   word
"rooi-baatje" refers  to  llu   ted-coaied
Kriti_.li soldiers:
Lay my rille here  basido   me,   set  my
Bible on my breast,
For a moment let the wailing bugle-1
As Ihe century is closing.   I am   goiiuto
inv rest,
I_ord, letleat Thou  Thy servant  uo in
But lniid through nil the   btigl.-s   rings n
cadence in mine ear.
And on the winds my hopes of peace
aie Mowed ,
The wind   that   waft  tbe   voices  that
already I can hear—
Of the rooi-baatio singing on tbo rnad
Yes, tbe red-coats ate returniiiK; I can
hear tbe steady tramp,
Alter twenty years ol   waiting,   lulled
to sleep,
Since rank and file st Potcbefstroom we
hemmed them in tlnir camp.
And cut  them   up at  Bronkersproll
like sheep.
They  shelled  ns  at   Ingogo,  but  we
galloped into range,
And   wo  shot   the    British   gunners
where tbey showed;
I guessed  they would  retnrn   lo us—1
knew the chance must change-
Hark! tho  rooi-baatje   sinigng on lhe
But now Irom snow swept Canada, from
India's torrid plaina,
From lone Australian outposts, hither
Obeying their commando, sb they beaid
the buglo'a strains,
The mon in  brown   have  joined tbe
men in red.
l'bey come lo find the colors at Majnha
left and lost; _/  -■• ■■"
Tbey   come  to pay us back the debt
they owed;
And I bear new voices lifted, and I sso
strange colors tossed,
'Mid tbe rooi-baatje simtlng on the road
Yesterday nifirning.Iaa. I. Mcintosh,
Secretary of tho local Mines' Union
received a 'eiegtam from the Stcielary
ol the Blocan Ciiy Union lo tho effect
that Geo. A. McDonald, a Silveiion
miner, bad been found Ibe previous
night drowned in Slocan Liver. Tbe
unfortunate young man was well known
here, having been employe I up to a few
days ago at tho llutvett Group, near town.
llu bad bees a aliong Union man und
(be present (rouble between the order
snd tho managers had been brooded
over by him to sucb an extent that he
mny have been said to have been suffering from temporary im-anity for some
He left Silyerton a few days sgo ni'.d
it was generally believed that be bad
gone to Libby, Mont., where his bio?her
was at work. Notbiui; of his whereabouts was known un'il iho airival of
tbe telegram, quoted above
The body was found, partly undresssd,
on a bar ol tbe rivei near Park  Siding.
Tie supposition here is that the un-
i irlunato miner had, in bis unbalanced
Htnle ol mind, sonalt relief from bis
tronb es iu d. alb. The idea of an
accidental death ia ill in.iul as Vc
DoOnld whs noted here as beirg an ey-
" ■ •• I'ully powerful swimmer. A
eerom received ot noon yesterday
announces tbat no Inquest Will bo held
ami i; al liie leuiflins will bo iuierred
toe deceased came from Winnipeg
Manitoba, and wns about 20 years old.
He was a member ol the Sandon Minera'
Union, by whom bo will probably be
I nried, Puiing the past three years he
bad been employed in nearly all the
pilncipa! mines of tbo S'ocan. He was
an expert miner and usually a winner
in tbo ibilling centers bold here.
Lining lhe summer he played with the
SHvertdn football team George was a
w bole hearted, generous roan, one wbo
bad ft w if any enemies anil a host of
fr'ards His death, etming in tbe
ii.ar,in r il did, is a shock to ilie entire
c uiuiunily.
town in a booming condition. On accountof a fh_iKlrt jam, tho lumber for
the inside of the Wm. Hunter Co'a store
tbere capno^e got in. Tho stock for
the nert- branch is now being packed in
the extoueiVe warehouses of the firm in
Mrr. Barclay and Master William Bar-
clav viti'ed Nelson during the week.
Xmas and New Year Cards, new and
dainty, at thi Silverton Lrug Store.
Warren Bnssol will spend the wilder
in Ihe balmy region ol Garden Valluy,
Master William Barclay is now it
when yon call up Central on tbo local
telephone lines.
Jos. Brandon left on Tuesday fur
Qutlph.Ont. He will do some mis«ion-
ary work ou hia visit, wliich will last
two or three inonlhs.
Hobert Malloy \till spend Christmas
imong bis relatives in tlie East. He
left for Brampbin, Oct., on 'lbursday
last for a threo months Irip.
Divine RtftVtCI will be held in Silver-
ton nest Sunday evening at 7.80. everyone is cordia'.ly invited to nHend.—John
G. Duncan, Presbyterian  Minister.
The sisav office of J. M. M. B»nedum
has been moved from its old location to
nver thu bridge near bis residenco.
Tbiw another old land-mark i? gone.
On Monday   evening a  lantern  ex
plodod in Porro  Altaffer's shack, Perre
tells  us   he   wis   thu   busiest   man in
A "Mistletoe ball" will be given in
Slocan Cily on Christmas night. The
good folk of Hlocan haye an enviab'.p
reputation for tiling enjoyable talla,
and ibis one promise* to be no exception to the rule. The Recaption Com-
niittio is: Mrs. Gething, Miss I. V. Car-
Usle, Miss C. L. Stanton and Messrs,
H. (1. Henderson, H. 15. Clement and
\V. Clougftl Silverton will doubllces be
well represented.
The B. C. Guide, always a bandy little publication, appears (Iib month in an
improved form. It bas been taken over
by tbe Province Publishing Company,
who promise that its Information will
tthvaya be found Correct and up to date.
No moro meeting of the Literary Society will he held during the holidays tb e
next meeting being scheduled for January 10,1900. At the last meeting, several changes were made wh'ch promise
to make the fuiuio meetings of ibe
Society oven more instructive and entertaining than in the past. Aniorg oilier
innovations, a monthly paiier will bi>
started of which Mr. J. M. M. B.nedum
will be editor.
The Chris!mas number of iho British
Columbia Mining Lecord ia one of
which tbo publishers may well be proud
It is a credit to Iho Province. The number is full of excellent artioles of Britiah
ColumjiUt) life, past and present. Sii
Chailes llibl ttt Tupper contributes an
ai tide on the Alaska Boundary Question. The prehistoric races o! lhe province nro toll about by Charles llill-
Tout, V. A. G S , and the latter day
Slwashiis the subject of J. W. McKay.
Those iisi'iis-province who receive tho
iHoi.ttitt.-d C'lnUtiuas numbers ol eastern
publications from their friends cannot
do better than Send in return this Ants*
iter of the Mining Bovord to show tbnt
Biitish Columbia can do well in Ibis Hue
as in all others. The following verses
are taken fiom "Tbe Rubaiyat, Free
Miners Certificate No 65534a." one of
ibe two poems given;
I'm old, you're young, a specimen or so
I'll give you, that may gui-loyou aeyougn
Seeking you know not what, but what I
Bc a Free Miner, but maintain the pact
That gives  you license, common sense
and tact.
Say, "set your stakes according to the Act
"Jump not and bo not Jumped"   the
Golden Rule
For all Free Miners Id—hut be no fool
Keep one eye out for fractions, and keep
Don't go by books entirely—if il fall
Tha' you have struck pay ore with ne'er
a wall,
Dig deep and take your profits, great or
I'm tld and gartnlons—do make amends
I tell you ibis, choose not your mine or
Thro' experts, ii you seok for dividends.
Nor choose by outward show a mine or
Deep bidden lo the veins oi rock and Ills
Lies gold or barren quarts, sweet peace
cr striic.
T« AfM'Kinnon
*Sc Co.,
SilTrertoaa, 33.C-
•        ©       ©       A        AAA
I   J
¥# fr** »£■ JEtreivorniM.
Silverton,      .      .
Xd.  3m£.   3TrLO"^xrles_.   2?xop.
Are You LookingFor
LIEBSCDER,   The Tailor:   SiIvorttm,.B..r.
r> •<*•***> w<jmr*^w^%
F». 'BXJRIVS & co
At lhe meeting held !ast Monday
lor (lis purpose of airan«in« for the
Christmas Tree, being prepared forthe
Silverton children, lhe iollowing committees wore chosen: Decorative;
Mi le'iuues Horton and Barclay, Misses
McKmnori and Hunter, Messrs Welch,
B, Thorburn, Matheson, 11. Thoiburn
and Lnwrecce: Purchasing J Mead.uues
H, Calbick, Wheeler, l>ai«ls and Hart
and Mr, J.I. Mcintosh : Entertainment;
Mrs. B. Calbick. Misses Duncan, Brandon and Hunter, Messrs Webb, Otto and
K. Thorburn.
Tho distribution ol the (_ilta will he
siiv.-n...ii..i ibicn-ni..iit..i  immediately I held on Saturday BVSnlog, tl.e 2J.d inst,
in McRinnon's ILill. A progratt will le
uiven by the children and lhe orchestra
-filverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver. Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
alter tho accident.
All   work   in the Jewelry Repairing
There is meney in this (or you.
will provide pleulv of goed music. All
lino, left at the Silverton Dnu Store, fl.il ij aro coi.Ually invited to he present at the
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovei cnu,e,t. All who desire to givo pres-
tbe well-known Nelson jeweler.    All re- oe)rt w;u a„d tbo nee at their disposal
Omaha Incandescent Oris*
Iyfuiip.   A. Gasoline Burner.
More Ecimiiinifii! than Hwlrto LifEht w Vb*\ Oil   f^V
And Hi-IIit lliiiii Either. W
In use in all the business houses and iu many private residences in
Tbe old, old faiths mnst falter; the old,  be promptly forwarded to   ,acoo wove. ,CM1,.el,.   A„ wh0 oesira w give pre.- wttw themselves in  10 weeks saving of coal oil.
old creeds must fail- tbe well-known Nelson jeweler.    All re- Lp)rt wiu til,d tbo tiec at their disposal.     |   ,|. bilverton.    J .mypay ior      ra » «
1 bear it in that distant mnrmur lowr      jrB nre 0UM!ASTl:l!n fob osb yrab.* pal.sc.iption Hals have been opened a, <'/<, They are perfectly sate, easily handled.    JNO smell,     wo cleaning or
Tbe old. old order changes, and 'tis vain     ^ ^ rf   ^^  ^   ^.^ n^  ^   BanBBOinM  Office and   at   Mc , », [, j i,llnp g|,WM.     One tilling of gasoline burns for 14 hours and costs
The 3£ WOrid does not want us- early part of tho week n. i2 e many loHR'lutoch's  Pratt    Btoro.    No   oollecllon \\,y , ,5 a,nts     liil;bt e(,utlu 4   Rochester*     Sold  under  a guarantee  of
we must go. for Ihe renewal ot activity expected to|co,„inittce    bas been  appointed, only < ,€j, ,ftt-lsfflc.lioI1     None in  .Silverton  want their  money back.    Neither
Andvclt, anc. spruit, and  kopje to the   .     fc %      ^      wluM1 regular | voluntary  fcubserlpllons being ilMlrnLl, A t Drop a postcard for prices	
Stwngar will belong, .. , w     ,>o m ^    Al ,„u9t. ,ramUtees would he greaiiy aided ^ *™ }<>,   hen? '    ' '
LmvtMNMW. U tbeir duties if U»o»o who  w.l«b to \*£^
lt'   forIhH    WilUam Hauler re.urr.ed early in   tl,« su\»ctibe to  U,e  UiriMma* Tree fund | AMtm__iM. L MclSTOSIT,   Al^-ENT.   SILVERTON, B, Q,
lie reporla that j «»uUI Ao to St on* • Sj „   rtf|(M lu<,m,on jU v. mi.vkktontan »|mV repast.
No more to trek lielore  blm  we
Too well, t<hi well I know
it in the song
Of tl.e rooi-laatjuklngiugou tbo road.. week  fiom l'hocuix.
fM_«w»*      M_^t,   5«rt« «<m. *t**s-*» . w**,ww.
mt*, «*,**- h*.,^^^*.,    m^hm, am*,**, **, *tAswe*mtt*^mtu   .-*-«. w«^ —i-r.x,
''•9**•w>mm*mWi*%mmmmmat*, **
•C   vMa«h,*<'4__,^
•t  **mt**A\*'^*tim   *\**msm,*Mru*M%w,*l
'     .' r
A Complete Review of the Events for
tke raat Weak la Thia aad For-
•laa Laads-Snmmarliiea trrmta Ska
Latest Dispatches.
English and German papers compll-
men McKinley's message.
The Socialist ticket won In the municipal election at Haverhill, Mass.
New York is making an effort to secure the conventions of both parties.
Marie Burroughs, the popular actress,
ia married.  She will leave the stage.
Insurgents attacked Americans at
Vlgan, but were repulsed with heavy
Roberts of Utah has not been seated,
and his case ls now ln the hands of a
special committee.
The Boers are Incessantly shelling
the garrison at Ladysmith, the British
replying to their Are.
The California football team declines
to make further engagements, so the
proposed games are off.
The Yaqui Indians are retreating and
have ceased fighting after sustaining a
loss of over two hundred.
Sensational developments are promised in the court martial ot Chaplain
Shields at San Francisco.
Boer are uuslng new shells filled with
a high explosive at Mafeking with
serious results. No relief Is expected
till after the siege ot Klmberley has
been raised.
The British steamer Hope H., Captain Quail, from Hong Kong, has foundered in latitude 14 north, longitude
177 east. The crew, with the exception
of the Chinese members, were saved.
1 he six Chinese Companies of San
Francisco have decided to donate f 4,000
to the state board of trade to show their
desire to bring about closer business
relations between China and the United States. This ls the first time in the
history of this city that such action has
been taken by the Chinese.
A crusade has been started to wipe
out what ls known as the bucket-shop
system in Chicago, and the co-operation ot the New York Stock Exchange
and Cotton Exchange is asked. Other
exchanges favor it A convention will
be held to discuss the most practicable
manner to do away with tbem.
Mrs. Von Praag, of Chicago, was
found guilty of larceny in stealing,
with the aid of other women, 11,400
from William Duncan, of Portland, Ore.
Oeneral Otis has informed the war
department of the death of Maj. Frank
Armstrong, surgeon of the Thirty-second infantry.
"Joe Croxler," or Klutser, alias "Joe,"
or "William," better knows as "Joe,"
a well known sporting man ot Republic,
Wash-, resisted arrest by a deputy sheriff and was killed by the officer. Joe
fought to the last, and his last act was
to take the gun from the officer and
try to use It The coroner's jury
cleared Swan. Croxler was on a drunk
when he ran into Swan.
Dick Coleman, the negro murderer
of Mrs. Lashbrook, was taken from the
officers by a mob of 1,000 men and
burned at the stake at Maysvllle, Ky.
The mob, led by the husband of the
negro's victim, dragged the shrieking
criminal through the principal streets
of the town, bound him to a small tree,
set fire to the brush heaped about him
and stood guard until he was dead.
Before the roasting began Coleman was
almost dead. The rope had torn and
lacerated his neck and his face was
terribly beaten. All was done that was
possible by the sheriff and guard to
prevent a lynching, but in the face of
such a mob of people, irrespective of
color, it was useless to attempt doing
An ugly rumor is afloat that the
American military officer, Major Logan
was assassinated.
Nearly three-quarters of a billion
will be required to pay the expenses of
the coming year.
Tom Sharkey will train James J.
Corbett for his coming flght with champion James J. Jeffries.
George W. Horton, of Washington,
was banged in the district jail for the
murder of Jane Nicholson.
Tom McCarty, an amateur highwayman recently attempted to hold up two
or three men in Sumpter, Ore.
At a meeting here Marshall Field of
Chicago was elected a director of the
place of the late John I.  Blair.
It Is believed that the Canadian
steamer Nlagra has foundered on Lake
Erie and that all the hands were lost.
The crew comprised 16 persons all told.
Governor W. S. Taylor of Kentucky,
is the tltie ik.-_._a_.7-"-! by the members
of the board of elections. Majority
report says the face of the returns ls
Captain J. C. Ayres of the Vnitni.
States army ordinance department was
killed in Washington by falling from
his bicycle and being run over by a
Samuel Johnston, colored, aged 22,
waa hanged in tke jail yard of Hagers-
town, Md. The crime for which Johnston suffered the death penalty was a
criminal assault in July last
The United Statea lighthouse Inspector has advertised for a 400-ton
schooner to temporarily take the place
of lightship No. 60 which was wrecked
laat week off the mouth of the Columbia river.
Work and wages are the conditions
which make the prospects bright for
the business men. Iron is holding
ita own and wool has advanced on
speculative buying, while cereals show
considerable strength.
General Young beat Tino, th.' Filipino General. Desperate flght against Insurgents outnumbering American
forces.     Tha battle lasted five hours
and ended by the victors carrying the
It is reported that the Filipino general,
Alejandrino, has surrendered. Major
Spence and one company captured an
insurgent stronghold in Tassin district.
Four Americans have been picked up recently by rebels in the north.
Pittsburg base ball club owns all the
players formerly of Louisville. Harry
Pulllam parted with valuable baseball
material for $26,000 and four members
of the Smoky City nine. There will be
a greater bargain sale at New York
A suburburn passenger train on the
Burlington road ran down a handcar
bearing flve men 100 yards west of the
bridge at Alton, 111., killing two men
outright and fatally Injuring two. The
fifth man escaped injury by jumping
before the collision came.
Gen. Merriam Is under Are at Washington. Shoshone county troubles
brought up by Lentz the Ohio Congressman, in introducing a resolution
for an Investigation, charges hundreds
of citlsens were arbitrarily mrested
and held under tyranlcal conditions.
M. A. Bucke, who is manager of the
Arlington mine, near Slocan City, B.
C, and also superintending of the Bear
near Jardlne, ln Pack county in Montana, was instantly killed on the wagon
road between Jardlne and Gardiner,
Mont., and his companion, Alfred C.
Blair, of St. Johns, N. H., was seriously Injured. They were on their way
to take the train at Cinnabar for Helena, when their team ran away down
a steep mountain side. The men
jumped. Bucke struck on his head
on a rock and his neck was broken.
None Have Beea Allowed to Ksenpe—
OtU Has Seat Aaalnaldo Waralas
—He Will He Held Personally Responsible.
Met hum Han Driven Them From Kn.
trenched Position on  HIIIm.
Modder River, Dee. 12.—The naval four
aeven-ineh battery again took up a position north of the camp, while the Howitzer battery waa posted to the southeast
on the left of the Boers. Both opened a
hot tire with Lyddite ahella and shrapnel,
to whieh the Boers sharply re-ponded with
a dozen guns, thus unmasking their position, which was tlie object of the Hritish
maneuver. After an hour's fighting th.}
Boer Rims were silenced. Tiie howitzers
sea relied the trenches and then threw shell
after shell upon the hills, the cxp'o-ion of
the Lyddites causing the whole ground
over an extensive area to rise in the air in
dense brown clouds. A Boer long gun
was dismantled, lt now appears that the
Boers intend that the next flght is to take
place at Magursfontein. Apparently Spy-
fontein is not defended or lhe Boers are
unwilling to unmask their position there.
Proceeds from a street fair given by
the unions of Syracuse, N. Y., will go
toward building a temple of labor
It will cost New York city at least
$18,000 to comply with the new primary election law.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Run on PaclAo Standard Tlm*.
Leave. Arrive.
Oolng Weat. Dally. Going Bast.
8:00 a. m   Kaalo  1:11 p. m.
1:31 a. m  South Fork  J:M p. ra.
9:J0 a. m Bproule'e I'M p. m.
9:« «. m  Whitewater  1:10 p. m.
8:16 a. m Bear Lake 1:00 P- ra.
10:11 a. m  McGuigan   1:41 p. m.
10:16 a. m   Bailey's  1:14 p. m.
10:11 a. m.... Cody Junctt. n .... 1:11 p. m.
Arrive. Leave.
10:40 a. m  Bandon  1:1» p. ra
Leave 11:00 a. m..Bandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m.
Arrive 11:11 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:11 a. m
Q.  P.  COPELAND,  Superintendent.
New York, Dec. 12.—A special from
Washington says:
Considerable concern has been felt in official circles for some time respecting the
fate of the American prironers atill held
by the Filipino insurgents. Thia is due
tn an intimation made l.y Aguinaldo in a
note to General Otis, delivered a month
ago, that, grave injury might befall the
prisoners if recognition of the so-culled
Filipino republic by the United States
were longer delayed.
lt was in answer to this threat that the
president sent a message to General Otis
for transmission to 'Aguinaldo announcing
that if the prisoners were maltreated iu
any manner he aud his subordinates
would bo held personally responsible. At
thai lime Aguinaldo was hclievcd to be
within the cordon established by the
American troops reat-hing from San Fabian
to Isidro.
Considerable concern has been caused
by the fact thnt although a great many
Spanish prisoners have been allowed to
escape, uot a single American has come
through the lines.
Railway and Navigation
Operating Kaalo a Slocan Railway, International Nav. * Trading Co.
Schedule of Time-Pacific Standard Time.
Passenger train for Bandon and way
stations, leaves Kaslo at 8:00 a. m.
Dally, returning, leaves Sandon at 1:11
p. in , arriving at Kaalo at t:H p. ro.
International Nav. a Trad. Co.—Operating on Kootenay lake and river.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson at 1:00 a. m.
dally, except Sunday. Returning, leavee
Nelson at 4:10 p. rn., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects with S. P. * N. train to and
from Spokane, at Plve Mile Point.
8. B. "ALBERTA."
Leavea Nelson for Bonner's Ferry Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m., meeting
steamer "International" from Kaslo at
Pilot Bay.
Returning, leaves Bonner'a Perry al
7:00 a. m. Wednesdays, Kildays and Bun-
days, eonnecllng with ster. International
for Kaslo, Lardo and Arxcntii.
Connects at Bonner's Perry with Oreat
Northern railway for all points east and
Steamer International leaves Kaslo for
Utnlo and Amenta at t:*i p. m. Wednesdays and Fridays. Steamer Alberta leaves
Kaslo for  Uirdo and  Amenta St I p.  in.
Steamers call at principal landings la
both directions, and at other points when
Tickets sold to sll points In Canada and
Ue United States.
To aseertaln rales and full Information
Freight and Tk-ket Agt.. Sandon.
ROBERT IRV1N&, Manager.
haste, a. A
Major   March's   Battalion   Slew   the
Ilehel thief.
Manila, Dec. 11.—General Gregerio Del
Pilar, commanding Aguinaldo's bodyguard, was killed by Major Peyton
March's battalion of the Thirty-third infantry in a fight 18 miles northwest of
Cervantes, December 3. According to
reports which Genera] Young obtained
from escaped Spanish prisoners at Vigan
several days ago, Major March left the
coast, where he was pursuing Aguinaldo,
and encountered General Pilar on a fortified trail. They fought for four hours,
during which time 70 Filipinos were killed and wounded. The American lose was
one killed and six wounded.
The Spaniards report that Major March
is still pui-suing the insurgents.
Del Pilar was one of the leaders of the
present and another Spanish revolution.
He was a mere youth and was reported to
have graduated at a European university.
Professor Schurman met him as a member of the llrst peace commission, and
rated him as remarkably clever.
The Americans have occupied Bangued,
province of Abra.
General Cram's expedition has visited
Orani, and several western towns, meeting small bands. Ue killed several rebels
and captured a quantity of munitions of
Bishop Henry Potter of New York has
arrived here on a brief visit to study the
Buritlar Shot  His  Victim..
itacine, Wis., Dec 0.—Rev. D. B. Cheney, pastor of the First Baptist church,
and his wife were shot and probably fat filly injured by a burglar who entered their
lAt a point of a revolver they were
compelled to tuin over m ney and jewelry
and then thinking that they were endeavoring to conceal some valuables the burglar shot them both and escaped.
A large posse of police and private citizens are scouring the country for him.
If he is caught it ia believed the law will
be powerless to prevent a lynching. Itev.
David B. Cheney is one of the best known
Baptist preachers in the state. A reward
of $500 ia offered for thc capture of lie
burglar, dead or alive.
baa fla lit Beesue af Waver.
New York, Dec. 11.—An hour after the
big bicycle race ended in Madison Square
Garden and during the excitement attending a 15-mile pursuit race, Frederick
S. Slater of Rahway, N. J., seated in one
of Ihe lower boxes, was shot and mortally
wounded by Walter Rosser, sged 19, a
medical student from Stevenson, Ala.
The shooting occurred as a result of a
quarrel over a bet the men had made on
the race. There were 11,000 or 12,000 persons in the big amphitheater at the time,
and some of liiese rushed at Rosser. Two
hundred policemen charged through the
mob with drawn elubs,, and surrounded
Rosser, rushing him through the crowd.
Controversy as to Which Won Santiago Victory Still Unsettle*.
New Vork, Dec. 12.—'A special from
Washington says:
lt is said that the president will soon
send to congress a special message regarding rewards for otlicers and men from the
Atlantic licet who distinguished themselves during the war with Spain and
whose gallantry has not yet been recognized.
President McKinley has the same Snmp-
son-Schley mutter under serious consideration. He is understood to be willing that
a hill should lie passed authorizing the revival of the grade of vice admiral for the
benefit of Rear Admirals Sampson and
Sc'' >y, tne former to be given seniority
of tlie other. It is believed Secretary
I-on;: will join in indorsing this solution
of the controversy.
What will probably canst, considerable
criticism among Rear Admiral {Schley's
friends is the determination of Secretary
lii.ng to name Admiral Simpson in thc
measure    he  is    preparing,    giving    the
thanks of congress to the commander-in-
chief of the north Atlantic squadron and
the ollieeis and men under his r >nii»aiul.
lt is not believed, however, that tho
president, will transmit such a resolution
to eongre-s, knowing what dc.teiminetl op-
Itosition it will meet and the probability
that friends of Schley would have his name
substituted for that t»f Sampson and pass
the resolution in that form.
Crulae ul the Squadron.
New York, Dec. 12.—Rear Admiral Far-
quluir will begin the annual winter and
spring entise of the North Atlantic squadron Saturday. His flagship, the New
York, sails on that day nnd the remainder
of the Ileet will assemble in the (lull' of
Mexico to meet the flagship.
After leaving the port of New York, on
Dee. 1(1, the llagship will touch at these
points in the order named: San Domingo
eity, San Juan, Puerto Rico, St Thomas,
Danish West Indies, St Kitts, St. Lucia,
P»arbadofs, Port of Spain, Trinidad, Lagua
Yera, Yen; Carthagena, Colon, Port au
Prime, Haiti; Guantanamo, Cuba; Bermuda, and Hampton Roads, Ya.
Thc squadron will reach (Ailon about
Feb. 5, 1900, and Hampton lloads, Va.,
about April 1.
The Detroit and Mat-bias will bc thc
first to join the New York. The other
ships will be kept north for several weeks
yet, as there, are repairs to be made on
the Indiana, and the Massachusetts and
the Texas are on detail for special duty.
The Texas will soon proceed to Havana
and return with thc bodies of the victims
of the Maine in Havana harbor.
Mar DI*.
Topeka, Kan., Dec 12.—Colonel James
Graham and William P. Ctinneen, two
prominent politicians from Nt. Mary's,
drank from a bottle containing a disinfectant, believing it to be whisky, and both
are seriously ill and may die. Colonel
loaliaiii had bought a bottle of disinfectant to guard against smallpox and atoo a
bottle of whisky and mixed the bottles
by mistake. Graham was lieutenant oolo-
nel of the Twenty-second regiment in the
Spanish war snd is well known.
Warm   for   Oeneral   Merriam.
Washington, Dee. 11.—Representative
kmi of Ohio says that he wHl put forth
strong efforts to compel action on his
joint resolution introduced in the house
of representatives to arraign Brigadier
General Merriam and others responsible
for the alleged maltreatment of miners in
Idaho as one of the results of trouble In
the Coeur d'Alene country. Representative Lentz's resolution provides an investigation shall be made by a commission
of nine representatives to be appointed
by the speaker.
Commander Wood Dead.
Washington, Dec. 12.—Commander E.
P. Wood, I i. 8. N., died of typhoid fever
at his residence here. He was in command of the gunlx.at Petrel at the battle
of Manila bay.
Miller and Waller  Won.
New York, Dec. 11.—Charles Miller of
Chicago, the long distance champion bicycle rider of the world, and Frank Waller, thc ''Flying Dutchman," won the six
days' bicycle ruee which began at midnight a week ago Sunday at Madison
Square Garden. They finished first by
two laps, with 2,773 2-5 miles to their
credit. Otto Maya of Erie, Pa., and Archie McKaehern, the Canadian, were second. Louis Gimm of Pittsburg and
Burns Merce of Boston were third, one
lap behind the second men. Fischer and
Chevalier, the Frenchman, were fourth,
only two laps behind and Karl D. Stevens
of Buffalo and Charles Turville were fifth,
separated from the Frenchmen by two
la pa.   The scores were:
Miller-Waller, 2,":tX4; Miyo-McEach-
ern, 2,733.2; Gimm-Pierce, 2,733.1; Fischer-Chevalier, 2,732.9; Stevens-Turville,
2,732.7; Babcock-Stinson, 2,732.2; Sehin-
eer-Forster, 2,465.5.
Robert Walthour, the plucky little
Georgian, whose team partner, Jay Eaton,
dropped out of the content on Tuesday,
won the first prize for the highest individual score. He had ridden. 1,402 4-5
miles. He has been doing some wonderful ritling in the last four days.
Jumped   for Their Lives.
Reading, Pa., Dec. 9.—An explosion of
gasoline in the singeing department of the
Nolde and Horst hosiery factory Mt fire
to the building and thc plant wa, completely deutroyed. The low was $2.>0,00O,
000, and the insurance $150,000.
Theie were about 000 giria in the building and these crowded to the roof and
Are escapee. The fire spread with an
alarming rapidity and they were thrown
into a general panic. Many jumped to
the ground and at least 60 were injured,
it is believed. Some are reported to be in
a critical condition. Two b xlies have been
recovered from the ruins. They were unrecognizable, being burned 11 a crisp.
Three girls are reported to ba missing
from their homes and the presumption is
they were burned to death.
Te B«r Kettle Folia.
Spokane, Dec. 9.—The man who ia 1S03
was the president of the Nicaragua cnnl
company is looking toward the development of the water power in the Columbia
river to be used in working the mines of
Republic. Ex-Senator Warner Miller of
New York is negotiating with Col. I.
N. Peyton of this eity for the purchase of
the watrr power at Kettle Falls.
Chelan County.
Olympia, Dec. 9.—Governor Rogers having received a certified copy of the proceeding* had before Judge C. 3. Neal,
Okanogan county, has in oonfo. mity therewith issued his proclamation declaring tbe
county of Chelan fully established. The
ooiinty wss provisionally estalniihe 1 by
the last legislature.
Will Appeal to Congress.
flan Francisco, Dec. 12.—Honolulu
news is to the effect that congress will
be appealed lo to set aside Attorney General Griggs' order which makes void ull
transfers of public lands made by the Hawaiian government since annexation.
Laugh if you are wise.—Martial.
(Sams Gleaned »»_■ the Late Beports--
All Districts Are Beta* Devetoped-A
Prosperous »ea» Is Pl^Uet^-MtaJa*
Motes aad Personals.
Mining Is a legitimate business
which requires as much prudence, good
hard common sense and cool calculation to carry to a successful end aa any
other business. There ls Just enough
risk, in the course of mining, to keep
the nerves of the operator somewhat
tightened, to make him more or less
expectant, but not enough to throw him
off his mental equilibrium and make
him lose sight of details and to hug
millions before he makes a dollar. We
are speaking of experienced practical
miners. They keep cool.
Ore haa been struck on Gold King.
The Mud Lake shaft Is 25 feet deep.
The shaft on the Oopher is 100 feet
The whim on tne Hit or Miss Is in
A good vein on the Liberty has been
The whim on the Delta ls nearly
ready for use.
The Republic has fifty-three feet of
solid ore In No. 4 tunnel.
A contract was let to sink a 50-foot
shaft on the Samson claim.
Arrangements have been made to resume work on the Monroe.
lt is claimed that machinery Is shortly to be placed on the San Juan.
Indications that deeper development
is necessary in San Poll's south drift.
It is believed that the shaft on the
Gopher will reach the 120-foot level this
The north tunnel on the Golden Harvest Is ln 50 feet, and ls being pushed
A new contract to extend the cross
tunnel 100 feet on the North Star has
been let.
The shaft on the Merrimac is down
to a depth of 75 feet. A whim has been
put on the property.
The Knob Hill Ib looking better than
it bas for some time past The ledge
is about six feet ln width.
The Quilp crosscut from the bottom
of the 60 foot winze is in 20 feet without yet encountering a wall.
The Delta whim Is in operation soon.
Work of sinking the shaft will then be
pushed to the fullest extent possible.
It Is going to take some hard rustling to get the legal assessment work
done on the numerous claims in this
The water ls a considerable hindrance to rapid development work on the
Tom Thumb. The ledge maintains Its
width, and the ores their high values.
The last of tbe Mountain Lion machinery was shipped from Chicago laat
week. There are four carloads at Robeson and three at Grand Forks that have
not been unloaded.
The shaft on the Hit or Miss was
baled out and resumption of work of
sinking tbe shaft has begun. Two
shifts of three men each will be employed.
The Republic vein has been struck
200 feet deep in the Chlco property, 150
feet south of the south end of the Jim
Blaine. It has been penetrated about
five feet through the hanging wall.
The superintendent of tne Oolden
Lion and Little Four Consolidated
statea that the drift ls still In ledge
matter, and that tbe indications pointed to the near approach to a vein. The
work is being pushed with all possible
British  ( .ilumhla.
The Trail smelter will be in full blast
The next dividend of the Rambler
will be distributed Jan. 1.
A Rossland syndicate is to open the
Arthur claim on Big Sheep creek.
Bernard Macdonald is the new B. A.
C. superintendent In Carlyle's place.
Ernest Mansfield has bonded a big
group from W. J. Harris, In the Goat
River district.
A contract for extending the working tunnel on the Pay Ore at Grand
Forks, will be let shortly.
Small forces are at work on the St
Elmo and Beatrice, both of which
should make satisfactory shipments
during the winter.
The Humming Bird will shortly ship
the ore on its dump to the Trail or Nelson smelter. The C. P. R. will be asked to put in a siding above Niagara.
The first shipment of ore from the
Monte Chrlsto mine In the Rossland
district to tbe Trail smelter was made
last week. It consisted of 40 tons ln
two cars.
D. O. Evans, superintendent of tbe
Earthquake, North Fork of Kettle river, reports that recent development
work on the property has produced satisfactory results.
The crosscut from the No. 3 tunnel of
the I. X. L. mine at Rossland has been
driven 55 feet and is expected to soon
strike the ledge. This will give a depth
of 150 feet on the ore.
Lone Ptne-Surprlse stockholders
raise a big fund to sink main working
shaft. At annual meeting 100,000
shares were sold at 20 cents a share
Will put in a compressor.
A rich strike of ore was made last
week In the lower workings of the
Golden Eagle on the North Fork of the
Kettle river. Several assays of 22 per
cent copper and $7 ln gold values were
Large blocks of ore being opened In
the Wilcox in Ymlr camp. Rio Grande
company is to be reorganised and a development fund will be provided. Report of the Tamarac Company's engineer Is satisfactory to the share holders.
Mrs. Jennie K. Harris of Kaslo has
just completed the sale of two groups
of claims on Harris mountain, east of
White Orouse mountain, and one group
on Goat river, to Ernest Mansfield, the
representative of English and French
capital. The consideration Is 1126,000.
The final payment on the Lake Shore
mine has been made by the Canadian
Gold Fields syndicate, through Its managing director, J. C. Drewry. The
amount paid was 175,000. The whole
amount paid for tbe property was $82,-
000, and the division of Interests was
as follows: C. C. Farrell, $20,000;
Thomas Roder, $20,000; Martin Foley,
$20,000; T. B. Murphy. $11,000; John
Day, $11,000.
Mining development ls proceeding
apace at Revelstoke, the properties at
present leading the way being the Silver Cup, Sunshine, Towner, Nettle L.,
Sliver Queen, Eethel, St Elmo and the
Beatrice. At the Sliver Cup rich ore
underneath the old workings has been
opened up, and by means of a raise iu
ore, the lower tunnel, 100 feet deeper,
has been connected with the old workings. A crosscut tunnel, 120 feet below
the main Sunshine tunel, recently, after being extended about 50 feet, reached the vein and high grade ore, the result being most satisfactory In every
way. Two crosscut tunnels to tap the
ore recently exposed on the surface are
being driven on the Towser, bonded not
long ago for $36,000. At the Nettle L.
about 100 tons are sacked ready for
shipment, and during the winter It is
proposed to ship In all 500 tons of high
grade ore. Development Is steadily
proceeding In the Silver Queen with. It
ls said, satisfactory results. A bond
and lease waa recently given to certain
parties on the Eethel, near Trout Lake
City, and some ore Ib being sacked, the
Intention being to send It to some
smelting point before the end of the
The future ownership of tbe Big Buffalo is still undetermined.
Eastern capitalists making Investments in Imnaha district aa ten claims
are bonded.
Banquet of mining men of Spokane
will be held New Year's eve or New
Year's night.
The Croesus mine of Halley, Idaho,
has been bonded to an English syndicate for $1,500,000.
The marble deposits of Stevens county, Wash., are fast becoming one of the
leading attractions In the mineral line.
Canadian capitalists want the handling of Republic ores, and will build
a road to connect Republic with Grand
Forks, where smelters are located.
Col. Rldpath says the Rebecca is
rich, which U located on the South
Half. Has 25 feet between walls, which
he says will go about 10 per cent copper.
Sumpter ore ls booming. The coming
winter has not checked activity. Many
claims have changed hands and will
be developed. Spokane capitalists have
secured valuable claims on Olive creek,
south of the Red Boy.
The minea af Cornucopia, an Oregon
camp, has Its full share of activity. No
man Is idle who wants to work. Employers and employee have no difficulties. Some fine discoveries of hi, ti
grade ore have been recently reported.
At Loomls, Wash., the Palmer Mountain shows abundance of good ore In
many rich drifts. Development In big
tunnel group has been wonderfully satisfactory throughout present year and
the Black Bear and War Eagle overcoming many annoying obstacles.
In the new boarding house at the No.
5 tunnel of tbe Morning mine at Mul-
lan, Idaho, the conveniences are equal
to any in the country. Aa the men
come out of the mine they Drat go into
the dry room, a two-story building
26x60. In the upper story are 160 individual lockers.
The deal which has been In progress
for several weeks for the Oolden Chest
and other properties near Murray, Idaho, In that neighborhood haa been concluded so far as the Cheat properties
are concerned, although nothing has
yet been done definitely as to the adjoining claims.
E. L. Hall, manager of the Coast Oold
Mining company of Philadelphia in an
Interviey in Salt Lake aaya that his
company will spend nearly a quarter of
a million dollars next year In operating large dredges on Grasshopper
creek, near Bannack. It will have five
dredges In operation, each costing from
$40,000 to $50,000. The company owns
ten miles of the creek bed.
Seymour H. Bell, manager of the
Iconoclast Mining company, writes
from Keller as follows: "Tbe Iconoclast Ib cutting Into stringers of ore
assaying $60 and $65 per ton In copper and gold. The tunnel Is In 147
feet, and the contractors are making
good headway. It Is going to make a
mine." The Iconoclast Is better known
as the Tenas George mine. It was the
prospect which he watched and guarded for 27 years, until the opening of
the reservation enabled him to stake
it. Prominent Seattle men are Interested In the mine now and Weat Side
capital Is developing It Only a limited
portion of tbe stock Is held in Spokane.
The claim Is said to have one of the
lnimi remarkable showings of coppei on
the surface that has ever been found
In the slate.
Irishmen Talk Too  Marts.
London, Dec. 11.—The removal of Irish
magistrates exhibiting tendencies to sympathize wilh the Boers, continues st a
lively rate. Mr. Connor O'Kelly, chairman of the Mayo county council, is the
latest victim, while it is said thst a number of other magistrates in tho west have
•een sskad by the lord chancellor for an
explanation of their speeches, which is a
probable preliminary to their removal.
John Morley and Joseph Chamber'
lain, although opponents In politics, in
everyday life are the best of friends.
't.,-».V.n-i. j»WV **<^:'**%.■,■<**-.<*,+,**»+■ ***'.+. "«-.-«»»* ^W.O^I«-'.y^'.MW/p1Mat.WSS>WWsees**.**- *'X*'***st>^^mMemi.iu»muM*MS. tw-v >».sw*aSasww.»wsreaia»»^«»*#»««<■« —»■■■_• *<*>• V% «lX«' •M.f.VMflfc'nv nl•^■*lv^**»^.-SB«*»«w-'**»*iaf««j«es»i#*»»!ir.//v^«- j.***.** ettfu. 4tCDo It and
Stick to itr
| If you are sick and discouraged wiih im-
purc blood, catarrh or rheumatism, take
Hood's Sarsaparilla faithfully and ptrttt-
lenlly. end you wHl soon have a cure.
This medicine has cured thousands of
others and it will do the same for you.
Faithfully taken,
N-ever Dusappoin,
The Sett Speaker of the House.
'Ilie eyes of the nation are focused on
David li. Henderson, whom the republic-
ana hat.• selected to be the next speaker
of the house of representatives. He was
kirn in Old Deer, Scotland, March 14,
lsui. His parents came to the United
States when he was 0 yeurs of age, settling finally in Iowa in 1849. He obtained
Ida earlier education in the public schools
of that state, and subsequently took a
course in the Cppcr Iowa university.
When tlie civil wur broke out he gave up
the study of law and shouldered a musket
und went to the front as a private. He
was with the regiment in numerous engagements and was wounded slightly sev-
ei.il times. In a subsequent engagement
Is l<ft one of his legs. After the wounds
wen- healed he rc-eulisted as a colonel of
lhe l'i'ily-sixth Iowa volunteer infantry,
tad -eiv.-tl at the head of his regiment
until the close of the war. He was admitted to the bar in 1805, and from that
time until 1800 he served as collector of
internal revenue for the Third district ol
Iowa. Fur two years be was assistant
United States district attorney for the
northern division of the district of
Iowa. In 1883 he was elected to the house
of representatives, in which capacity be
bas since served continuously.
At the Tows of Carboaado, Port?
Miles Prom Tacoma—Saute Mine
llvplodt-tl In iMito—Tunnels Large
I-ik.iikI,   lor an  Knirlne  to  Knter.
Mgr. Chappelle Is on his way to Manila to adjust Catholic affairs.
Philadelphia Is a bidder for the national republican convention.
Bad gales off New Zealand are reported and two vessels went ashore.
Tower City, N. D., was visited by a
blltzard. The snow fell fast and drifted.
The war In South Africa Is a bad
thing for Americans as lt hampers
Four steamers from a bubonic plague
port are held at quarantine ln New
The  Major's  Pa>   la  Stopped.
Washington, Dee. 11.—One of the results of the investigations made in the
case of the troop ship Tartar is the stoppage of the pay of Major John A. Rafter,
surgeon of the Twentieth Kansas volun
leers. This action was taken at the re
ipifeit of General Shatter, and was sec
ended by Secretary Root. ,
Chicago has opened a municipal pawn
shop at which the poor can borrow
money at 1 per cent a month and not
be at the mercy of the three-ball skinflints, who demand 10 per cent, a
month and upward.
Tells   How   He   Escaped the
Terrors of Many Winters
ky Using IVrniiH.
Tacoma, Dec. 11.—A mine explosion at
Carbonado, 40 miles from Tacoma Saturday killed 33 men.   Identity of the dead York.
Is almost impossible.   The scrap-i of cloth-1    No secret compact exists, but Ger-
Ing that still cling to the bodies of thc (many welcomes the Anglo-American al-
men  are  carefully  preserved, laid  aside j llance.
and    labelled    to aid  in    identification.
Frenzied    relatives of the   missing men
gathered at Ihe mouth of the mine, watched eagerly to catch a glimpse of the forms
us  they are hurried  by  to the coroner's
ollice.   The woik of rescue is lieing rushed forward, but it may lie day* before the
last,  blackened  form  is   taken  from  the
mine, for many are believed to lie buried
under a mass of earth and rock.
To extricate them will take time, and
thus fur lhe work of rescue has been
pii-lied forward at the extreme peril of
the workers, for Ihe black damp antl noxious gases have driven the rescuers back.
I.i«l of Mlaalaa t.ompan)- Men,
Mike Kni-h, Leonard Johnson, J. It.
Jones, Henry rjoini, Mike Kichinko, William Wilson, John Mellon, David X.
Thomas, Mutt Ryhalu, Ben Zetller, Jr.,
John Hill, Howell Mercdilh, St., Wulkiu
Jones, Andrew Gecey, Kvan M. Lewis,
Joe l.ee, Kichtird Dare, Daniel Davis,
Rees Jones, IVter Merpax.
SIoiuii   loiilrni-l   Men.
August Hainan), Mull Xulan.l, l'aul
Curtiss, Adam 1'uvoll, John Nulla, John
P. Dekonink, lien Zedler, Br., Kmil Hai*
ii til, T. J. Kdwards, i_,vans Ri.-bards,
Joseph Thomas, Steve Kromoga, William
M. Davis, Jacob Lunde.
(nuse   Sis)   Sever  Be  Known.
The cause of the cxpli.-imi is a mystery. Not even the miners rescued can
give thc slightest |io-sible explanation.
Only "ufciy lamps, thc English Clunney
and thu Davie patterns, aie worn when ut
work. .Should, however, ouc of the men
Inipli—ly have opened his lamp in an ac
cumulation of gas, the gas would sud
denly ignite and explode. Tlie only open
light known was that from the small loo»-
motive used to haul cars iu and out from
the canyon to the main level. It is theorizing lo say that thi... wus the cause, although a mule driver, ruined James Con
way, now I.v ing wrapped iu oil silk and
fairly coveied wiih a mixtuic of boiled
linseed oil and lime juice, says he WAt
caught iu the shock mi thc main gangway. < mway was the fiiM man to com.:
out of the mine.
laeltlenta nt  the  Moreue.
Among the iiuidenti at thc morgue au
old man, father of Kit-hard Dare, loitered in anxiously inquiring for his son. A
lough but kindly disposed young miner
The Franklin Syndicate swindler,
Miller, is said to have been caught ln
The Eureka, a ceast schooner, was
forced on the beach at Coqulllo In a recent gale.
The store of Closset t Devers, wholesale coffee dealers, was gutted by Are
In Portland, Ore., recently.
L. D. Merritt, private, Battery B,
Third artillery, at San Francisco, committed suicide by shooting himself
through the head.
A successful test was made In New
York of the Pollak-Vlrag system ot
rapid automatic telegraphy between
tbat city and Chicago.
An atrocious murder of a white man
and subsequent devouring of the body
by the treacherous cannibals of the
Admiralty islands Is reported.
A Wabash railroad passenger train
struck a Thirty-first street electric car
In Chicago, killing Charles Shaw, the
motorman, and Injuring 10 others.
Arrangements are about completed
for the Masonic celebration of the centennial of the death ot Worshipful
Master George Washington on December 14.
A train of 14 refrigerator cars of salt
pork Intended for the British army in
South Africa was recently wrecked on
the Chicago k Northwestern near Ken-
Uworth, 111.
The British steamer Ping Yu See,
which has arrived from Chinese and
Japanese ports, had as a passenger S.
O. F. Williams, formerly United States
consul at Manila.
A syndicate of eastern mills has consummated a deal in St Louis for 1,260,-
000 pounds of so-called "territory wool"
tor a sum said to aggregate more than
$250,000. Sixty cars will be required
to transport lt to its destination in the
east. It ia the greatest sale ot wool
ever made ln the west.
Mr. itaac Brt_ek. it..-   Oldest Min In tlie
United States.
Mr. Isaac Brock, of McLennan
county, Tex., has attained the great
age of 111 years, having been born in
1788. He ia an ardent friend to Peruna and speaks of it in the following
"During my long life I have known
a great many lemediea for coughs,
solds, oatarrh and diarrhoea. I had
always sup|s>«ed these affections to be
different diseases, but I have learned
from Dr. Ilartman's imoks that these
affections are the same anal are properly called oatarrh.
"As for Dr. Ilartman's remedy, Pe-
runs, I have found it to be the l>c-t, if
not the only reliable remedy for these
"Peruna haa been my stand-by-
tor many years.and I attribute my
food health and my extreme age
te thl» remedy. It exactly meets
all my requirements.
"I have come to rely upon it almost
entirely for the many little things for
which I need medicine.    I believe it to
be especially valuable to old people."
Catarrh is the greatest enemy of old
Me. A person entirely free from ca>
tarrh is sure to live to a hale and
hearty old age. A free book on catarrh tent by The Peruna Medicine Co.,
Columbos, O.
• ahiii,i i «-     5   Stowell •
• Artificial Byes, ^-     _ *%
*\t   Drug..
Z.   Co-
— wAwvrAcrrvsxmo wt m
im MAtam.
• Electric Belts,
9 Trasses
R|M>ltM»r,   Wn.
'•• tr** •£* .eplelor* sad •anealtofalni
• Ions, m ...I M Blind, BlMdlna or Prntradlna
iIKE   Fi.ift
a*. 0>5Ji trrapTYaMM Gooi Us* H
latins.   Bold by druul.ta. M
eager to save the old man a sight before
which any strong nun might quail, told
him that he did nut think that his Bon was
there. 'ilie aged father left the cheap-
looking onfrstory building tobhlng, but
-till hoping.
He was ..pared a vision of a shapeless
ni.ths of charred lis—tt and rags.
"A black cluud hangs over Uarbondale,''
was the Mimhie observation of one soot-
covrntl miner, and it is a true one, for
overhead is a gloomy, cloud-obscured sky.
All day thc rain had been drizzling down
and the town was in a mass of mud. In
this rain and through this mud the silent
profe*Mons bearing upon stretchers the
corpses and the injured have been treading their way lo the morgue and the hospital, handling with tender solicitude their
Hnic«ome Linden-..
IV last estimate Superintendent Davies
ni.ide of ihe number of dead is between
'Ml and _______ This i* thought to lie conservative. Superintendent Davies is cool
and collected, but Foreman Davis has to
■0 about his painful duties wilh the
knowledge that his promising young son
has gone to the speechless Isnirne.
■lames Conway, who lies in the hospital, has a wife and two small children.
Un hard Dare, dead, was married only a
few months ag». His father is here visiting from Pennsylvania.
Four of the mules in the mine were
knocked down and killed, says one of the
Kin ns, t In,nigh an interpreter.
In Is'.m an explosion at this same mine
cost two lives mid John iiariman and
smiie others were severely burned.
Hie mines are owned by the Ctrboa
Hill t'oal Company. They give work to
400 men and have au output of 300.000
tons annually and are situated 40 miles
from Tacoma, on the Cascade division of
the Northern Pacific. Tlie mines arc in
a deep ratine through which thc Girhon
river flows. It is a glacial river. The
mines are supplied with every appliance
for snlcty. They are largely tunneled
and the tunnels are so big that locomotives run into them.
Stunned hy thc suddennnrss of the mine
horror, the people here seem too dazed
for nny expression of grief of a demonstrative nature.
Thirty-two is number of dead. As by
a miracle two men were rescued at 5
o'clock Sundey morning, after the awful
night, entombed in the dark cavernous
chambers of horrors.
Almost mocking Ihe doleful situation,
ono of these men, Peter Merpx, proudly
slapped himself on \..i breast as he was
emerging from the mouth of thc main
tunnel, ejaculating: "Peter is all right;
how's my dogs!" ,
In painful contrast to him was (he
other fortunale, named Michael Knish, a
Pole. So sickened had he been with thc
bad air laden with ita b.ack damp, that
he could hardly find his voice, and wnat
utterances he did give vent to were born
of delirium.
Mew Pass In Km-ky Mountains.
After numerous nairhreadlh escapes a
party ofexptbm* in the Kinky Mountains
ttiiiniil.-d onto a new pass, hi a like manner, people who believed dyspepsia incurable are astonished toliud that Hosteller's
Stomach Bitters used tintlitiiily will make
the digestion strong, tbe bowels regular,
the liver active.   Try it.
In Kngland, Tom Cronin, general sec-
,y with <he care of the corps* being I    Ury gf ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^
defeated a mlllonalre opponent for city
council In Hutcheson. The latter was
supported by the two old parties, while
Cronin was tbe nominee of the allied
Socialist parties and trade unions.
An Army ot Fonr T..ii.„.„i   ul tdt
ip-Boer Artillery B*ga*a*-i«ok
Maae   at   Stormberw-omners   and
.Mrit   Missing,
liONDON, Doc. 12,~The war ollice pub-
hshes the following dispatch from Oeneral
l'orcstier-Walker, at Cape Town.
Oatacre reports: Deeply regret to inform you that 1 met with a serious reverse iu uttack on Stormbcrg. I was
misled as to the enemy's position by the
guides and found impracticable groipid.
Casualties, so far as known at prewnt
Second battalion, Royal Irish Rifle*-
Wottndi'd: Lieutenant Colonel Fager,
-Major Seaton, Captain Bell, Captain Kelly, Lieutenant Stephens, lieutenant liar-
.Suffolk regiment--Wounded: Second
Lieutenant Majnard, ls» men. Missing:
Captain Weir, Lieutenant Christie, Second Lieutenant Rodney, 21H) men.
.Seventy-fourth field battery—Severely
wounded: Lieutenant l_c»is, three men.
Sightly wounded, two men.
Seventy-seventh field battcry—Killcd:
One gunner.   Wounded:   Major Pereival.
Northumberland Fusileers—Missing:
Major Stevens, Captain Fletcher, Captain
Morley, Second Lieutenant Wake, Second
Lieutenant Oolaon, Lieutenant Radeliffe,
300 uiiii-comniissoned ollic-rs and men.
Royal Berkshire—Killed)   One private.
The remainder ol my casualties will lie
wired as sixin as ascertained.
MOLTENO, Gaps Colony, Dec 12.—
(ieneral Oalacrc left Splitters kraal by
train for Moltcno and then proceeded towards Stormbcrg by forced marches. Ho
had -iiMiu men, including the Northumberland Fusileers, the Koyal Irish Killca
and two batteries of field artillery.
The British were unmolested by the
Boen until the Boer position was reached,
w lien a hot lire wss unexpectedly opened
upon the advancing column. Thc engagement began at 4:15 a. m. At 7 a. m.
after a sharp artillery duel the British
retired. They arc now marching toward
Moltcno. (Ieneral Oatacre found the enemy's position impregnable, lt was im-
(mssible for the British infantry to get at
the Boers.
< IiIchki. Won.
Madison, Wis., Dec. U.-TI.e western
football championship goes to Chicago,
Before at least 12,000 people the eleven of
ine University of Chicago defeated the
University of Wisconsin by a score of 17
'o 0 in a game that for desperate playing and dean, scientific football, has probably never been equalled on a western
It was a game between a team which in
offensive playing was perfect, with weather and wind iu ita favor, and an eleven
whose dense play up to today had been
compact enough Ui protect the goal line
from all opposing elevens except Yale.
Bnt Chicago's manf plays were iresisti-
ble, and though the badgers fought until
they could light no more through tlie llrst
half und again in thc second half, the
Maroon backs plunged through Wisconsin's line until the bill was carried over
the goal line. Only once did Wisconsin
have a chance to score, and that one
chance they were unable lo avail thetu-
lelves of, as wilh the hall on their owu
15-yard line, ihe Chicago forwards braced
n> effectively that ou four downs the ball
wns only shoved forward three yards. In
this raspset the Chicago players surprised
their supporter*. The defensive play was
far stronger than expeoted, and even
when Wisconsin had the ball, which was
seldom, 0'Dsa was compelled to kick iu
must instances.
Itentb of Major I.»km».
Ran Francisco, Dec. 11.—The story of
Purser Koppitz that there is an excellent
reason for suspicion that the death of
Major .lohn A. Logan, Jr., waa caused hy
a member of his own regiment was fully
supported today hy several officers and
members of the transport Sheridan, who
had heard tlie men of the Thirty-third
regiment threaten to "settle" Logan as
soon as he arrived in the Philippines.
While Logan had apparently never been
a favorite with the men of his regiment,
the feeling of auger was not aroused to
tho danger point until after the vessel
left Honolulu, en route to Manila, it was
aroused over the alleged drowning of a
pet dog which was the mascot of Company
A of the regiment.
In Ihe Senate.
The announced Intention ol Senator
Mason, of Illinois, to address thc senate
Monday on his resolution expressing .ae
-yinpathy of the senate with the South
African republics in their war with (.real
Britain drew a large crowd to the senate
Senator Hoar presented resolution* uf
Ihe Massachusetts legislature iu favor of
a constitutional amendment providing for
uniform hours of labor in manufactories
in lhe. I'nited Slates.
Senator Piatt, of Connecticut, presented
a resolution of the legislature of Connecticut iu opposition to the admission of po-
lygamists to congress.
Senator l'cttigrew, of South Dakota, of-
feied a resolution calling on thc secret nv
!wir?,1!.ai.!rrc',li,?.r,!.,'ular' h«»lM»y moTcment of the
way ui keeping the
Plo-inant, Palatable. Potent, Tama Good DoOnnd
Never .-.token. Weaken, ortirlpe"So WwSSi
for reiiianiplc. una Nwklet oMifTSSdlSe
Kuril.* l.,„d, I ..,..,. lklrM_K S„.lr,..l. .„ frt.  Mta
j VINft
Ijeiaure   is   gone—gone   where the
spinning wheels are gone, and the pack
of war for all orders relating to General j hor8ea. and the slow wagons, and the
.Merriain's   action regarding   thc   Coeur
d'Alene    miners   and    relating    charges
agaiii-t Merriam in his conduct of the affair.
The resolutions went o\er.
peddlers who brought bargains to the
door on sunny afternoons.
Explosion In * 'I'li.in.r.
Madrid, Dec. 12.—Dining a performance
al the theater at Mureia, capital of the
province oi that name, s bomb was exploded. Firs broke out and lhe theater
was destroyed. The audience, however,
gut out without serious accident,
The Turks have a proverb which says
that the devil tempts all other men, but
Idle men tempt the devil.—Colton.
According to an eminent scientist,
the alkali ln asparagus develops form
ln the human brain.
Chinese scholars claim that Iron
i swords were In uae ln their country
! 4000 years ago.
Zola   explains his silence    on    the i 	
Tran.svaal question hy "a very human j Berlin women shirtmakers receive
fear of appearing to pose as a righler only 30 cents a dozen for making fine
of all human wrongs." shirts.
25c. SAMPLE BOTTLE 10c. ior next 30 days.
No DISsEASE hao so luefriod the motHooM
old 11 of all ages as  RHUUMATISM.
Stat, of Ohio, City of Toledo. Lucaa Co.. as.
Prank J. Cheney makes onth tbat he la the
tenlor partner of tn* Arm or F. J. Cheney a
Co., dslne bualneas ln the City of Toledo, county and slate aforesaid, and that aaid Urm will
pay the aum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS
for each and every case of Catarrh that can
sot ba cured by tha uae of Hull a Catarrh Cur*.
■worn and subscribed to before me and aub-
tciibed ln my presence, this 6th day of D«-
lember,   A.   D.   ISM.      A.   W.   QLEASON.
(Seal.) Notary  Public.
Hall'a Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, and
iota directly on the bleod and mucous surface*
>f th* system.    Bend for testimonials, free.
P.  J.  CHENEY A CO., Toledo,   a
Bold by druggists,  75c.
Hall's Family Pills are th* best.
Hnali, Don't Yon Hear the Baby Cryf
The only sat* medicine for sour curd colic
In nursing babies Is Cascarets Candy Cathartic.
Make mother'a milk mildly purgative. Druggists,   Wc,  86c.   60c.
Captain Warren says the ill-fated
schooner Hera, which recently met a
gale near Victoria, ts a total loss; that
not even the personal effects of the
crew were saved.
Inasmuch as Admiral Schley will retire on account of age in February.
1901, his prospective cruise to South
Africa can not extend over a period of
15 months.
Take Laxatlv* Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the money If It falls to cur*.
B. W. Orove'a signature la on each box,   _fcc-
The Rev. John G. Paton, the oldest
missionary to the New Hebrides, Is lecturing in eastern states to the
In thr House.
Monday the prc.it deltaic on the finan-
<-i.il bill opened. Ovetstreet, of Indiana,
opened in favor of the financial hill and
asked its passage. He says too much
power is now vested in the secretary of
the treasury and that positive legislation
is needed. The new- bill provides for an
absolute gold standard and increase of
bank circulation.
Professional etlquet prevents French
Judges and Judicial officers from riding
In omnibuses.
Washington State
Medical and Surgical
[iRAI.h  MARK]
' no remedy has ever been known
m cure It until "3 Drope,"
the Rheumatic Cure demonstrated Hs
wonderful curative power*
it ham never failed to euro RHEUMATISM
In mny form, Aoutc or Chronic.
Ber* ls what a Prominent Physician has to say who has had SS
years of active Practice of Medicine :
I have never before in my u vears of practice of medicine given my testimonial or recommendation to any patent medicine, but there Is a remedy, the result of which has come under my
own observation ; for there is no Disease which has so baffled the medical skill of all ages as
Rheumatism and to Hnd a Reliable remrilv for the same. At last we have found it in
"3 DROPS," manufactured by the Nwanson Rheumatic Cnre Company, Chicago, 111.
The "3 DROPS," has proven itself wonderful for its curative power in Rheumatism, not
as a Temporary Reliever only, but to give a Permanent Cure even in chronic cases. Sometime
ago, I had among others several Rheumatic cases, under my treatment and prescribed for these
Fence  and   Iron   Worka.
and Iron fencing; of no railing, etc 114 Ald*r.
Man may content himself with the
applause of the world, an dthe homage
paid to his Intellect; but woman's
heart has holler Idols.—George Eliot
Mothers will find MnvWinslow's Soothing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
children during the teething period.
The republic of Venezuela contains
506,159 square miles. It ls larger than
any country In Europe except Russia.
VITALITY low,, debilitated or exhausted cured
by Dr. Kline's Invigorating Tonic. PRBfc II.
Trial Rottle containing 1 Weeks' treatment. Dr.
Kline's Institute, Ml Arch St., Philadelphia.
lAnimled 1871.
St. John's Guild women ln New York
have collected over $2ti,000 for floating
hospitals for women and babies.
For lun* and chest disease* Ptao's Curs
la the best medicine we have uaed.-Mr«.
J. L. Northcott, Windsor. Ont.. Canada.
patients the verv best Keinetiirs wnicli I Mtiiiiuny selected, nut without .tesirame results. I then
heard of "5 UllOl'S" and of its Wonderful Cures, and prescribed it to a few patienta who
found relief from its use within a few dnvs. After that I prescribed it to a great number and to ray
surprise, I will suv that in the course of ttio or Three Weeks after they had used "5 DROPS'*
and "5 Drop" 1'laslers they trere Cured.
Among these were a few who had. for a number of years, been suffering with Chronic
Rheumatism, who had piloted themselves around on Crutches. They came to my office without Crutches and told me they were perfectly Well. They give all the credit to "0 DROPS"
and to ".'. Drop" Plasters and this is their testimony to the Swanson Rheumatic Cure Company for their kindness and for the conscientious way In which they are placing these Wonderful Remedlea among suffering humanity, which they told me to write to the Company as an
As I have seen the Curative Power of "3 DROPS" and "5 Drop" Plasters, In a great
many instances. 1 can Truly recommend them and also that the firm is perfectly honest and reliable to deal with.       C. A. JACKSON, Physician and Surgeon, Kearney. Neb., Aug. 29, 1899.
HAWt Long Mara Yem Sutfoimd with RHEUMATISM?
Mem Lotto Mmv. Ton Hmatt Atsout "5 sOROFtV' without Tmklno Thmtw t
Do you not think you have wasted precious time and suffered enough? If so,
then try the "5 drops " and be promptly and permanently curetl of your afflictions.
" 5 Drops " is a speedy and Sure Cure for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbago (lame back), Kidnev Diseases, Asthma, Hay-Fever, Dyspepsia,
Catarrh of all kinds, Bronchitis, La Qrippe, Headache, Nervous or Neuralgic,
Heart Weakness, Dropsy, Earache, Spasmodic and Catarrhal Croup, Toothache,
Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Creeping Numbness, flalaria, and kindred diseases. " 5 Drops " has cured more people, during the past four years, of the above
named diseases than all other remedies known, and in case of Rheumatism is
curing more than all tbe doctors, patent medicines, electric belts and batteries
combined, for they cannot cure Chronic Rheumatism. Therefore, waste no more
valuable time and money longer, but try " 5 Drops " and be promptly CURED.
" s Drops " is not only the best medicine, but it is the cheapest, for a fi.oo bottle
contains ,100 doses. Price per bottle $1.00, prepaid by mail or express, or 6 bottles
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sending 10 cents to pay for the mailing.      Agents wanted.   Write to-day.
A playac'or might Instruct a person.
There are scores of places ln this
country where only ono mall comes
every 14 days.
tlncorporated  May  it,   1899.)
Corner Sprague and Howard, Spokane.  Wash
is ilie only one of the kind organized according
to law by graduates of reputable schools, west
of   MlnncaiKilla. „        ._ ,„
Its facilities for successfully treating chronic
dl-K-asea are unsurpassed In any country, and
does a surgical bualneas as well; furnishes ap-
puratua for all kinds of deformities of feet,
Wg. hand., and arms. Cures curvature ot the
spine ln the young Invariably. 11 Is UM only
Place tn the city where dry hot air with np>
.nrntuB for the whole body, for chronic rhiuma-
ilMi! and enlarged, swollen Joints can be had
wiih our recently ncuulred Woods KIih--
trlc foil, we are performing wonderful rures
of !h.-umittl»m almost loo good to l" Dellevett.
W iit>-  for rcferoii.-.-H.
No person need •><• «■ drunkard or suffer with
rln umatlsm.  there being no further er use.
We carrv our own medicines, many ln-lng spe
OHIO for a'sthma, rheumatism, sciatica, rupture.
Incipient consumption, ecnnia, chronic catarrh, acrofulit, old sores, uk-en. nnd all blond
MM of every kind. Whisky Habit -The llou-
gle cure ts working almost dally iiilnules In the
Surs bt drunki-nniwi. which Is tr.-nt.-d with n
simple herb, which restoros the stomach and
forevsr destroys all  craving for  whisky.
This Institution can treat all ailments of men,
w.mien and children better than others here,
for the reason that we are better equipped In
eterv way It l» <b« on'V institute having
other and higher alms than working the patient for his money. A payment down Is all
thev aver expect to get. „„_.,
When you come to thc city ln search of relief
don't be in a hurry.   Cut out all Institute and
m.dlcal advertisements found In the papers, m
'ling this,   and bring them will,   you; sub-
,,',,  them  ti reliable |»ople and ask  thnn  lo
* wTahTmcdlclnc. lo all parts nf the north
ML ln the diseases atsive mentioned a per-
Oct and thorough cure l« guaranteed. Wrlt.
for roterencas. mentioning your case; we can
satisfy you.   fut this out.
I'H     J
MfCI I    H.llllnit Machines
HELL ol .ill kind- ii n.i - /.■  .
for drilling welli. for bon»e,
farm, fltr and Villus* Wuter
works. Factories, loo I'lants,
llrvwerles. Irrigation, foal and
Mineral l'i impeding. IHI nml
lia«. *.-. l-alist nml Rem. MU
yenr. etiierlenee. WK1TB
Horrid Rheumatic Pains
Are earned bv the Impurities ln the blood. Tou
Will be relieved ol the pain quickly,your Wood
will be niada pur* by
IVioore's Revealed Remedy.
d pleasant to tak*.   On* bottle i
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matter how aprloui or of how long funding. Reealta
from Ita net* will sM..nli*h you. It U absolutely attm*
(iTprpota ■trtrtuiT. aod tan he taken without InooBTm
fttenre and detention from MMBMfc I'HH K, $3 oo. For
emit* hT all rvllahle iln<inri>*". or *>nt t>rvpa>d hy f iprwa,
plainly VTUMd* oo n^-riot of prlif. hy _ .
*-— / w~* l>AB8'TCHEIIK'AL00..Chk«co,Dl.
Qrvular mall* «1 on rv^ueai.
elief for Women"
-___>>«. tmlfr*s. In plain, waled «nT»lopa wrn*
today tor Ihi. Book, rontalalna ?*£«««•
Ian and Teetunoalali of DR. ■ARTKL'S
French Female Pills.
rralsrd by thousands of HtlsHwd ladles *•
Ufa. alwara reliable and without an equal.
Mil by all dnurgistaln ""Ul box, rnnek
WhIM andRed.  Take no othar.
safe., alw ays rallable and without an
rranob Drug Co., Ml * tea Pearl Su,
M.   BOTD,   Manager.
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cur. Sick Headacb.
tad Oranpala, lleinoT. I1m,-l»iand Purl*; tbt
Blood, Aid ingestion andPtM.nl Billoutn**. I>i
iotl»rlp»or81ck»n. Toeomlnc. you, w. will mi.
lampUlrw, or Ml boi for J»c. OR. BOtAHKC
IO.. _P'..llad».   Henna    Sold b< tirumrLU
The besl Ink mn.lt>. but no
k    ii, nor thnn the poorest.
line Big «lor unnatural
Irritation! or ulceration.
J hmN UniMlM.      P.lnleM. .nd not aatrln.
llHllMHSCiitSiOnrOo. P«J or polwaou*.
Mold Ay DrwnrlsS*.
'or wnt tn plain wrapper,
by eipreM,   prepaid,  for
• I in. or J bottle., 13.71.
Circular Mnt on iwiwrt.
i ;
v N. V.
No. so, m>
SMSd  **>t*,*t**^s*r*n******\ v ,«*4t*H4>4 ,
.*+**r*u-**s*~+*,*wtt*p+rt* «»«•♦•.—_rv.»». ***********} tap .eg**,, itmm, Mrn«li»/«Wf>^-«<iW_iPM__NiW««« '.4
*mms*f*t    ^'**sm\. '.j.m.jsi>*
wn.eni we.JW.:
Are W*****t
tTovt *i\r*& I^oolcine
Oome and Seo our HEA*M* Top SHIRTS for Men,
Women.      #     *     #     *     *
AU Theso Goods arc bring Sold Very Low. # * #
BOTTOM FIGURES.     #     *     #
0«*«*«0   OR   IN  ARREARS   A
| |   11LUE   CROSS    Wll*
8 2 8 S 8 8 $ » 11) 8 S 8 S 8 S 8 S 8 e . U i i 8»
S8S8888888888888S88 8 88885).
Tli© Wm. Hunter Co., X*td.«
Silverton,    EK*   C.
18«'z Crescent slroits. with  Walt-
liam style cnscs at $25.00, »unrai.teed
to keep good time for three yt-nra.
The same with P. S. Bartlctts movement st $13 50
Deuber Hampden 23 Jewels.
Deuber Grand.       Elgin 17 Jewels.
Royal 21 Jewels.
YEARS.      t      t      i      ,      I
Stock of Diamond*, Rubies, Emeralds and "Opals in tlm Province.
C.ill and get prict* at
Stock of cases in the Province.
J4k Gold Plain, Engino turned an-i
Engraved — The Jas. Boss filled
ca8e8, _ The Deuber filled cases. —
The Imperial 25 year cases. — Ladies solid gold watches with plain!
and set cases,
You Are The Best
Tho minera who do the work cluim
they can accomplish as much in eiglu
hours as ten, in regular employment;
Mr. E. li. Frazer, who is tho mo_>!
experienced aud the best able to jutly
among all our mine managers, says
they can do equally ns good woik;
those mine managers whose experience
does not extend outside of the Slocun
mid who have never tested tho matter,
Sitv they cannot. And what ii more
they will not havo the oppoitumty, i.
those Utter can help it.
.    YOUR
at M^fk<ftMMUti0!
Sll.VF.ltro.N,    B. c.
First-Class Sleepers on all Trains irom
TOURIST CARS  vase Medicine Hat
Daily for St. Paul.
Sundays and Wednesdays lor Toronto.
Fridays (or Montreal and Boston.
*■> Same cars pass Revelstoke one dsy —
For the North, Revelstoke, and Main L
7:80 ex'Sunday iv. SiUvrton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 16:
For Rossland, Nelson and Crows Nest
Branch and Boundary Country,
10:20 ex. Sunday lv- Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday 13: to
To and from Sandon.
13:00 ax Sunday lv Silverton,
ar.'ex Sunday, 10:20.
Tickets issued through and Baooagk
—^checked to destination. ——
For rates snd (ull information apply to
nearest local agent or
H. H. REEVES,'Afent,;Silverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
A. G. P. Agent, Vancouve
For Sale or Rent,
A Hotel In Silverton.
Avi»l_rt«—Mntheson Hro»,
Bilverton, B. I.'.
1   "        .'..    .       ..     m mi '.' .        . .'.'
(faieral Freight and Transfer
RmiiiMw Done.
Orders lelt. at  News Stand will   be
jpmptly attended tu,.
B. C.
AucTioNRBns, Customs Bbokeps,
And Gkneiiai. Real Estate Agents,
Ollice Id Healrir l»n.<!.    -   -     linker St.
Au amusing artic.e appears in th
Victoria Colonist of the eighth i..i>'-
purp iriiny to be an interview with u
man by ihe name of 11. Musm Sin tl.
I Winnipeg, a director uf the L'Si
Mountain group of mine., in th.'
"Duiicau-Lirdeiiu" district. He says
that at Sandon all of the mints an
shutdown and that the merchants are
howling blue ruin, whon the uaioii
men ate not around, lie says also
that a few foreigners are hanging
around Sandon but that all the
miners have left. The Payne mine he
reports as working 50 non-union men
and increasing iie force daily.
Now Uiis Mr. .Small is cither a
first-clasi previa icator or, what is
more likely, home rtnl estate ilurk
who is manipulating bonie wiid-cat
iiiiiiiiig-tiock-bt'lieuii', who does not
like thc idea of any one making anything out of hia company but biuuelt.
it is not likely they will, unless they
work for it with a pick ar.d Jiovel
and then he will pay them the lean
he possibly can. If such men as
Smith would post themselves a little
better about this country they would
bo better able to pass an opinion
regarding it. As for his Etatt.uit.uis
thouc who know, know that they are
Following is a complete list of the
luiniintnansai' ions recorded during the
week ior the Sluean Mining Division.
Dec 4—Sielig lr, near Boaun, Nirth
West Mining Syndicate.
6—Kimberiy lr, near Codv, i .' J A.
0—Tranquility, Galena ft MB, R. In-
Dec 6—Torpedo,'Mario and Ida. 11
—Viruen, Madie, Reo Extension,  Ree.
Nov '21— Ilattney   group,   George  II
Crawford  and   Frank   Kelly  to  A   H
Hlniiitiiiituer, ull interest in bond  Same,
A II Bltinieniiticr to   J   I)  Mat-Master,
exclusive option under bond.
28—Alice »$, John L Retallack to G
W Huahes, Nov '20, $3,500.
Dee 2— Dividend if, Ames Thompson
to H U Shave, Nov 13. Aurora %, L R
Forbes to setae, Nov 11. Dina jj, J V
Brtjiise to Hiuiie, Nov 10. Zoroaster,
Vati'ii.i. Ruuiola, C Ruslui.ill, E Stewart
aud E Put to Fame, oil N >v 11
4—Etna fr, Thomas AvIhou to Northwest Mtulnir Syndicate, N iv 28 l.inl
tr, Uoi't, Johnston m H Clover, Die 2
o—Roi'Uland. H O Wlneli-r lo W V
Spinks, Au« 3 Halifax fr. Lo.niii
Cutis lo.Qeorne Kytld, Nov 25.
6—Sham ioc It \, Fmnk Ryan to I'
Cluue,   Dec  4.     ame   li,  <o   1'dwnrd
.-Mt wutt. Dec 4    Saul* 8-10, II V. CroSa-
daile to .las H Row.-s. Dei- 4, _)3ll0.
8-Blacs Hawk fr* PO Baker to the
.'.m nisi l>..v Mining and Miluunij Cu,
N.iv 22
11—Riltinioiv and LeRoi, E Stewaii
to ti H pawsAn, O.'t 2'A. Monntah
'in en Vi..Kihu Br iwn to I* C Andre**
. ov 13 lioqi.OS 6 12. Holism 37 9.1
Klid Culm XL i. .Muwaii to t'h.i.s Ktlu-
iimii, un Juiy o0.
ff°'IgigifflifagSSffl) TBA1TBFEB BUflltoaS DOUR,
Outside Parties DeHiring Horses in W»*£
Can  Have Then. Reserved By Wnln.K lo--
a. p. Mcdonald,
Mrs, Will M. Yaiea was tunong tl.e
Sllvortoniar.l \iho visited Nelson during
hi week.
A Kerns ninno has beeu imported for
ihe Victoria Hotel.
mm, REALEmTE,coi\\mw
SILVERTON,       -      -      -      B. C.
Contracts large or sumll taken
And promptly attended to.
8tables in -SILVEKTON, B. C.
FROM   O ,0 O O O O
£>• IM. »rlr_i die,
the jeweler
The shipment   ot   ore   (rom   Slocan
Lake points, up., to and Including  the
present weok, (rom Lin. l, 1099,
From Boei'.n Landing. Tons.
Bosun   580
From New Denver. Tonn
Marion 20
Moiliu Hughes 80
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise   (.80
From 8locan City. Tons.
Tniii.ii.i?  20
Blut-k Prince 40
Chnplenn    15
From Stlvertoji. Tons
Co'rstnck    20
" concentrates  100
Enily Edith    CO
Fidelity     3
Noonday  530
Vancouver  ..320
Waketield 580
Total U018
has left
The Sandon   Mining   Review   ha^
reopened the at{iUlion for   Iho   niun-
icipipal  division   ot  tho   Kootenays.
This is a matter which nmy bu discuss- I
ed by our Legislators during the near !
approaching session   if   Joe.   Martin j
allows them   time to think.    If  lhe
Slocan w^re   a   county  with   county I
powers, for instance, how much  tnore |
satisfactorily the question of roads and
tnils, schools etc. would Lo (lis .^<f"^T*V^ £2*
posed of. Why our taxes should all! m***^** ^A*m**s*er
go to the Coast and  be distributed j *T    ~p        *
from there, after a mghty pulling and j §T\ ff      §\ 1 CJ
Ijegging, is hard to find a good reanon I ^d* ^   AAaiJ
for.   The sudden breaking up of  any
of our roads or trails or the washing
out of bridges must either be  repaired
by private subscriptions or lett nntil
the powers that be deliberate about refunding us part of our money  whe re-
with to do the work.     It is a clumsy j
Thorburn ^m^
TTnii *5© ,,0,SK mmnmm
G P ANT 1HORBURN,   Pnoi'.
12 TO 20
%:-; lli'iiili|iiiirlirs Tor Wins, Men :•:
A\l»   Ul* TO-DATK
•;it!tt;_.SU.l!i!8UK\,   tttm.
I SILV ERTON,   li. r
CERTIFICATE OF IMPRO\ KMiCNT.-;! Ct-ri^lUue No. iil;i'>-M, intend -ixiy-ii.
' lioiiilli-' dale lirrt'.»(, toiijM'lv,!..tlu-Mn
Tioi-.u"   "Drfinwoon"
i in.;   ItcOOfdM  I »r  tt  Cfrlit'i-i-.ilf  nt  In
"Bland" Uowmiii Fraction"ami "l'i-
(.EBl'RArrioN" MitH-riilt'lniiiis.Mtiiat,   -       (, g      ,     o( |h    „^v   ..,„..„,
in ihp  Slocan  t ily Mintnn Divixion ut      "..,«./     '  . ,
Wilt Kootenay District And fnriher Iske jioUe-   il ivtl. •■
Where  loeatetl :-On    divide   li.-lw..ii   uojler McU-m X7,'m*il   iv c •'»»'"«'f*'1
North Fork Lemon Creek and Sprinaet I helore ll.j U*no if sueh   t etl't.i..t. -,
Crw-k ahotlt 7 inil.'j. (nun Slocan Citv.    °' Duprr.v.ueiiU
Take  Notice that I,   F.  ('.  Ureen.  o( |     Dated thU S h tlflv t,f Se| I. ii.Ih r. A l».
Xflsim, ocling as  n^er.tfor thu SlotMu   IFOIi,
Lake Gold and Silver  Milieu,  Limited ,1. D   VNr i:m».
Fme Miner,s Certificate No nn,'.'.", in- ^1 i jq i ,,5,
tend tisty days from the date hereof 1   1 	
spply to the  Mining Recorder for Cer*- ■• t -v t
lilicnii-sof Inipiovctn.'iit. for the purpono   f   kp IN) OIIP
of obtaining CiAWiitirnn^ off he above   *^ Jy*       *'Vf»V
And (ili"h-r lake   nolice thnt    action
Under section37, must if   t-> ui.tn-n..-I
before the Issuance of mcli ('. riitli.iitei ill
Dated ijiii* Hth day o(Ni..v-i.n. r. ISO '
h\ C. (ini.iA. P. 1. s.
25-11—9'J 1
The  Best!
Although the Slocan country has
heen comparatively quiet during the
post season, owing to most of our big
mines being closed through labor
troubles, yet a large amount of im- \
provements has been effected around
our various mines. New properties
have been discoyered and opeued up
and all of our mines are in better
shape than before the strike, the
country as a whole having advanced.
Taking it all together the past season
has its bright as well as dark side.
Sunday school teacher—I rend in the
paper of some naughty boys who cut otl'
neat's tail. Can any of you tell me
why It is wrong to do such a thing?
Will-e-'CaUBO the bible «.iy<_. "What
Hod hath j-lined together let no man put
at the
■■—-•*■* ■■•—-     '' ■■■■"■ ,
NOTICE I—"Bt un-iih." Mini ...I Cl.iiin, _ w . *
eitnatod in Ihe Slocnn Mining 1-u/f\tal£a\*&y t**
Division ol West Kootenay  Di-iriit  . a*t*t
Where located:—On Four Mile Creek,             JSf I l*>il I |>f t i'a Ili»
ahotit three ami a hnli miles from ils 	
T.ke°&cethnt I. FmnclsJ OReii:y« WILL ERADICATE ALL TRACKS
of Silverton. Free Minor's Certificate No,  j-,..
nl4V36, as agent for Tlie WaVefield Mines!"1'
I linilod, of Silvertou, Free f.llnet'sCer-
'iiicatii No 13032b,   intend   sixly tints!
tr. ni the   date hereof, to apply In the
Ml on.'*   Recorder   fur   a  Cortiflvate ni
Improvements, for the purpose  of ob .
twining  11   Crottn Ornut   ol the above
And further take notice that  uetinii j
undr M'clinn 37, must   be   commenced   1.
before the Issuance ol  sueh  Ceriillc.iie I
01 Improvement",
Paled this 10th d,ay of November, 1*90   nniMir: n    n____ni_.il*
l-'tt \N( 1" .1. O'Rl IMY.
IS I 11 I fill
NOTICE:— "E.xciiASor.. hii.vr.K Pi.atp. I	
Bkocvm, VioroBM No 4 and Waha■ (.Viicrttl |!!;iiksiliilhiii<'
Mineral Olaimst situate In the Blocan 1 """•"" i>«"Mraniiing
(lity Minin),' Division oi West Kootenay
Where    located :—Went,    of   Dayton
Creek, a mile soillh nf Hi linger creek.
Take notice that I, .1  Murray McGregor,
acting as nirpiit for the New Oold Fields;
of British Columbia, Limited, Freo Minera Certificate  No. n812D?, intend sixtftl
davs fri'iu the date  he
Improvements, ior the purposei	
ing nCrown Oriint of the ahovo ela'.ms. I      .D.VIOI.I''
And further  lako   notice that 'nctl n I mi
under section 87,   must he commenced:       NOTK'i: V)  WOKKINOMKN.
before Iho issuance of such   ('ertillcnle o 1    n   ■     .       .,   ,1     1   -_i„„,.i> t»«i/k_t
Improvoroenls, |   °"",lt tu lt reduction m aiiners w»g^»
Dated thie21st day of Seplemher, 18im j eauscd.by tho enforcement of Ine eigin
J. M. McOiti (nut.   ' hour law, tho miners ere all idle and th'-
25 1 9 I 01). '   I minus have  shut; down.   Therefore all
woiklugnmn nro hereby warned to,keep
away Irom the Slooan and Hocitenay
country, Hritish Colombia, until present
Try It-Prove It,
Daigle's Blacksmith Shot.
nml Reparringrtonp.
iys from thednte  hereof,  to npplv lo \riiis 1   etitnuvvivi' 1 anii-i'l Al.TY
eMining Recorder (ora Ceitithaieoii   0<)l- RBAPJ3t.NI.NOA BPW IAW
iproveinenls, tor the purpose nf oMain- ! 	
"Slidk" and "t^it.tio No. 2" Mineral
Claims; situate In the Arrow Lake
Mining Division nf West Kootenay
Where, kcittcd :- On the north Hide of
Carihoo creek, about one half milo
north of tho Millie Mark Mineral
 ETakc notice that I, ,1. D Anderson. I*. L
 , , • S , nt Trail, R (' , ectlne ns nijent for II.
|E  Forster, Free Miner'a Certificate No.
THE. SlLVERrONKN,   *?■ H yea^. j 25004, anil H. O. Pollock, Ifsee Miner's
trfniMcs are amicably settled between
mine owners and miners.
Sandon, R. C.      W. L. Hagler,
June 2nd. ttDO.       BecreUtj; Sandon
Miners' VnU-n
J. M.M.IBenetfum,
Pres. Silverton M. I
.1.1. Mcintosh,
ttecretarr,    (Ww"""
miner*' W"«-
6*M*%-xv^*.iftM_#**.r«i» e.w*.#*y'ji*2x^e*s*-iiX4!€W*f
r*\:**M tAimr: ;*y,w**%mvx. ^*-w-:*:ii^.'Xi;,'..*''^t'wy«.i«^^<.^<«i^i_wtwW>'ii'<_»i»w«t -ifc
up.r**i-^rsis**si ******* rtt*us..
^'W«awM» **^*^^*rmtr.**^t^vi


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