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The Silvertonian 1899-10-04

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And Up To' Date
Mining News
^i'Ajft'Vv vC
The Noonday
Uiili-n-   on
mnn mm u tb slocas.
AY, OCTOBER 6, 18!)!).
■ ~ %
Heiar      Time*
■t  »rady*b-jr»—■
New*     Around      the     Camp,
This \ieek lias seen  another car-load
o( ore shipped iiom the  Noonday   mine
ol this place, whicli makes the shipments
Irom this mine for the present year total
up 500 tons or 25 carloads.   For  some
time the Noonday mine ha i lieen steadily
developed under the su peril 'tendency  of
the Stewart Bros of tl i. p'a.". Tlie upper
tunnel is now in a tlisUnoa of 200  teet.
This tunnel has been drive-i on the vein
and the whole of tho  600  tons  of  ore
shipped  haa   been   extracted   from the
ground etoped above  tlio   level  of  this
tunnel.   The -{round stop*d consists of
that portion of the mine extending from
lhe mouth of this tunnel to a point about
100 feet io.   The balance oi  the tunnel
ie in virgin isroimd and   the ore   bodies
.ire now being   blocked  out  and   being
made rea 'y to stope unl from the amount
eil ur.- in sight iin.l already   blocked out,
the shipments oi ore dom thU  property
» ill 1 e heavy and contiuuou*   ior  -0_ie
time   to   come.   Two  new   *t<ipe.i  are
being slatted ic. thie portion of the mine,
one of which is in about 200 feet in the
tunnel and  already  tip  pome  ">0 feet,
• tinto in, -mi] everything ready toconi-
:iu*uee* knocking down ore. The other
••Irate is em only a few feet. In both
the**? new stope* tlie ore show ing is line,
Ihe shipping ore van ing from four'to
<-i hVeii inches in width, thtro U-iiif
» .mi H iii one to lour («et ui i._*.iC«'i] Hating or.'. There lm*> ->tvn hut little
c* large in lhe character o( the ore as
d'ptb ha* bettl gnine.l, il running
.ll.l.tl- Wlter in lend, eimlng a little
l**» unlive silvir unci cnHviderahlv more
ruby stiver,   The av. rage-value* are  HO
* mice* in silver ntnl 4t per cent l< ii-l to
ihiiiou. On lhe dump of the tnit.c are
ni-ont 2'00 toiis • f coi ii-n'tatli j* on ilmt
sbiiiili! i'i)nci-nlr:iic! iibi.ii! ii.in    into   one.
Almost in the  creek   bottom,   a new
1 linii'l Iuih be-cii    Htart.-d,   I tl    the    Vuili
which i« now in a i.istaiice ot ao feet.
The vein nt ihi' point shows to lie over
nix feet wide* an.l is filled with l-ntlire
matter Uid qnar's, a link* ore being
encountered. This tnnnel will have to
lie driven »t least 50 feet further before
it will rut tho ore slmio encountered in
the tunnel aliove, but this will not take
lone, a* about three feet a clay i* being
driven. Thin tunnel will give drainage
in 150 feet of 6topins ground below ihe
level of the npper tunnel.
At the present time 19 men are lieing
employed, all on development work.
Ground is being cleared and preparations
made for erection of suitable building*
forthe ai" I'.n.n ihti-'iu of a lir.Hforce
of men which tho management expects
noon to employ. Taking it a* u whole
(heNoonday mine gives pmnii-'O of l.ng
holding it* own hs the l-onzaint mine of
this rich Silverton district.
districts. They were accompanied when
here by P. Dickenson, W. H.Jeffrey
and E. J Felt, all of Slocan City.
The syndicate, through Messrs Dickenson and Felt, their Slocan representatives, have already paid out on first
payments, options etc. the tidy sum of
$53,000,, representing deals to the value
of considerably over hulf a million If all
are taken np.
Among the properties secured are: A
group of several cliiiiiis on the head of
kokanee creek, ou Ihe divide above the
Mollv ''iliHon, to which they will at once
build a sleifrh ronl couneciing with the
Ten Mile waggon rued, erect building*
and commence development; the Skylark and Ranger, near Slocan City, which
is now being actively developed; the
Kilo group, being several claims psrtialry
developed, near Slocan City, this being
their latest acquisition. BcMdcs these
and other clsims, Ihey ha.-e purchased
the Noonday mine, near here, subject to
the bond now held on it, a good part of
which has already been taken up by the
holders. On their Kokanee creek property, they have one lead exposed at
varioua places for 0000 feet, several ore-
ehute* cropping out along this ledge.
Thi* company are now negotiating for
some valuable claim* near town and in
tbe event of their securing them Ihey
promise to make Silverton the headquarters for their mining operations in
the Slocan.
We aro in receipt this week of the initial copy ol The Western Presbyterian,
published at Winnipeg under tho editorship of the Rev. R. G. Mac.Beth. It will
devote itself entirely to religious matters
ol the west, pariiculuily tho* ■ ot interest
to Presbyterians. Tin: .Sii.vi'i:to>:mn
wishes iis uew exchange the greatest
Rradjsburg at tho foot of the Wakefield tramway is ono ol Ihe busiest
places in the whole Slocan. It is here
that the Wakefield conc.ntrator is being
erected and is tlie head cjuartors for the
contractors building tho flume and tramway. W. C. E. Koch who has the con
trant for the building of the flume has
already furnished 150,00. feet of lumber
for its construction. He haa a large
number of men engaged in working np
this material. The contractors for the
tramway have established a camp aud
have a gang of men at work. Under the
supervision of J. R. McRae, engineer
for White, Rogers & Co., the contractors,
the heavy timbers for the concentrator
are being framed.
Near the head of the north lork of
Eight Mile creek and on Red Mountain,
i* situated the Alert claim, owned hy
Chas. McNicholl and D, A. Van Dun of
this place. Work done lately on this
property has exposed a large le.lge
which carries a paystreak of gulena ore
thst averages from eight inches lo one
foot in width and which haa lieen traced
over 700 teet. A bond ou a one half
interest in this properly has lately been
acquired by Grunt Thorburn and B.
Kneebone of Silverton, who intend to
develo*-e this property.
Senator Miller, cx-Gnvernor of New
York, hailing from Herkimer, N. Y.. and
Col, James McNaught, of New York,
made a flying trip through tho Slocan
this week, staying in Silverton tor a
short time. These gentlemen are at the
head of an eastern syndicate, which has
lately secured extensive holdinga in the
mining lino ln this and the bordering
Angus Ve-Kinnou returnd yesterday
from bis claims ou Ihe head of Kuslo
W H Re-andon is spen ling a few weeks
in Fast Kootenay, exam'uing some min
ing properties Ihere.
N. F. McNaught. who ha* brsen developing the Kilo group near Slocan City,
is back in town (or a few days.
B. Thomas, formerly superintendent
ol the Comstock mine, hss charge of one
of the Texada Island properties.
The Bosun shipped 20 tons ol ore this
week from Bosun Landing. This is the
first shipment made from this mine
since the lock-out came into lorce in Juno
Winter quarters are being put up at
the Great Britain Group, on the head of
Granite creek, to which a pack trail ws*
recently built. The owner, J. Roberts
will open up hia properly this winter.
The mine managers of the Slocan and
Nelson Districts, united as •*rhu Silvtr-
Leiul Mines Association" held a meeting
in Sandon on Wednesday. \\ hat was
done ia only to bo learned through the
vaguest kind of rumor.
Some fine samples o( ore have lately
lieen brought into town from tho late
strike on tbe Torpedo claim. This ore
is a galena carrying bromides and ovules
of silver, running 00 per cent lead and
nearly 200 ounces in silver to the ton.
II the ore continues, and everything
indicates that it will, a rawhide trail
will be put in and shipments made to
the smelter this winter.
A. C. McDonald, wbo bos been
purser on Ilie Slocsn Lake rnn for tbe
past, six months, hns gone over to
Kootenay Lake to take a liko position
on tho ss. Kokanee. His place here is
filled by CM. Brewster. "Mac" has
made many friends Around Slocan Luke
Who will miss him and the Slocan City
football players will leel his absence
when next they tackle Silverion.
One hundred thousand leet of lumber
has lieen taken up to the Emily Edith
mine during the past two weeks. This
lumber is to be used for the extensive
liuibiings the management Is tinning op
for the Bcicoinnioihitliiii oi Iho big forf*
they expect noun io have working
Room for 75 men is being provided. Tbo
pompi'ny has also received during tho
weekacarload of inino supplies, consisting of matresses, stoves and mixed
Harry Wilson is taking in tho sights
at the New Westminster Fair.
8 Dsigle has been making some further investments in locul renl estate.
WANTED;—A woman to do housework
one day in each week. Apply at this
J. Kelly is down from the 'Jbree Forks
branch of The Wm Hunter Co, taking
Mr Hunter's place in their main store
A boat load of our young people attended a dance in New Denver last Thursday
evening. Tbey report having had a
good time.
Wm Hunter ia attending tho New
Westminster convention oi B C Conservatives. He will make a tour of tbe
Coast cities before returning.
Cabins aro going up on the Adela
claim below town. This claim is owned
hy J C Bolander, who will do considerable work on it tbis winter.
The new school house hss received its
coat of paint and looks very neat and
natty, Tbe interior work is being
pushed ahead by tho contractors,
Prepare to pa loro for your meat.
Tlie P. Burns Co have declared an advance in the prices of h. ef, mutton and
pork. They report bavins' soli bee! ul a
loss during thu last ninety days.
Sanford Daiglu h is been fixing up his
blacksmith Bhop in reedinew for the
increase in business he expe-cts this
winter. The piu>t SPM hi has lieen the
best he has had since opening his shop
All   work   In the Jewelry  Repairing
line, left at the Silverton Drugstore, wil,
be promptly lorwanled to Jacob Dovet
the well-known Nelson jeweler.     All repairs ure ouARasTEicn fob onk vear. *
J. I. Mcintosh has secured the   local   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^____B
agency   for  tho   Omsha   Incsndesceot      1-1>.recon,OT to us this week
Cm   r.>ii-p-i.y'*   lumps.   These   lamus   tro-n v*»-
h*re been put in many ol the bu-itic*.
househ here and have given autisfuction j
It ir not safe to use any medicine indiscriminately, nor should tho contents
of nny unlabeled vial be guessed at or
taken on trust. Tho results are seldom
harmless, often dangerous and usually
unpleasant. Thus when Thomas Kane
sprained bis knee, last week, at the
Wakefield, and anointed it with carbolic
acid, he exemplified tho truth of our
first assertion. Be sure you're right,
then go ahead--especially with medicines.
The confiding fakir finds a field ripe
for the harvest when he stiikes a western iniiiiti- town. We use the term
"fakir" advisedly and wilhout piedudice.
In the west the average man patronises
freely the most transparent frauds, at all
prices, from two-bits up. The variety
of fakirs is many, all are lucrative here
Tbe "old miner" who is minus an arm
or leg, has a living assured him. His
two bits is always ready ior him. The
winner with artistically painted ulcers
usually presents an appearance which
will nol sllow and does not invite any
closeness of observation. One of this
[clast was lately olis-rved unbluahingly
exhibiting lhe result of his skill with a
blistering acid, ami informing his and-
ieuce that it resulted from "tuberculosis
of the glanders." Then we have regular
callers in the solder man, the sodium-
fire fakir, tbe bent-wire genius, and so
on up tbe list until wu find those who
bolder un the ranks of strictly professionals. And who can say where the fakir
cease? unci the artisan, the tradesman
or tbe professional man begins?
J: ____: _%_L'_K:i-t_t_t_.o_rm
& Co.,
SilTrertorL, 33. C-
T   M_ :m:* benedum*
■A. & 3
have given
ll is both
wherever used.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
and safe.
W. J. Adcock, late of Sloan Cil,. has
decided to locate in Silveiton and will in
future devote himself tu tlie care ot our
citizen's boots and shoes. Mr. Adcock
will occupy lhe shop south of 'he tailoring establishment of F. F. I. iel»i'li*-r.
His card will be fouud in our advertising
Ono ol the most successful dances ol
the season wat given la*t Monday evening by the M.I. nnd il Society, About
twenty couples participated, many Domini down from New Denver on the "Alert" to indulge in the dancing. The
music was furnished by Messrs. S Mcintosh, W. Jackson and W. J. Adcock
Andy Stewart presided over the revel.
Prior to the dancing the follow ing program was rendered hy the members.
Solo. W Gilbert.
Reading     Mis-.. M.'Mi'lan.
Mo, .1  Finhy.
Instrumental  Duet,      Messrs. Finlay
and Jackson.
Duet, Messrs, Bnrley and Finlay
Duet,        Messrs. Thorburn aud Gilbert.
Instrumental,   Messrs. Gilliert, .Tuck-
son and Steivatt.
A croup nl claim* on the head of the
south fork of Kns!o creek, consisting ol
the Twin Lakes, Green Luke, Apex and
Crescent claims, has beeu bonded f'-r
his c*. mpany by Mr. E. Mansfield, who
has made a name for himself as a mine
manager bv his successful handling of
tlie Joker group, which lies in the immediate vicinity of the new purchases*
The bonding price is given out as 130,000
| with a 5 per cent cash payment. The
ledge on the property shows ore similar
to that of the Joker group. Mr Mans-
fle'd will go right iiie-nil with tbo developing "I the property, lhe lock-out at
the other mines not Interfering with
him. ns ha ulways pays thn standard
wages to his nun
 a poem
        -pmi-H of one* of our citizens,
Charles L. Qstpm, entitle- "Tlm Prospector." Charley writes with the pen
of onn who ha* experienced the trials
and rebuff, ot tho hero of his song. Unfortunately the leagth of the poem forbids us publishing ii.
The firebug is a prodact of internecine
jealousy between thn Boundary town.-.
In tbe rich BlocM, although uot always
agreeing between town tind town, the
idea of heaping coals of fire on each
other's heuds ha. uot occurred to us.
The hero is not extinct. Not as long
as there exist men like Alex. Aivulll
the I race Norwegian, who gave un his
lite to save that of a comrnde, during the
Cascade lire.
Mineral Glasses   and   Compasses.
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
Lake Av>" - - Silverton. B. C.
Tlm C. 1'. R. is making a general
ehake-up and scatteiing utiiong its Bin-
Can Hgents W. S Clark, who has faced
tlie wicket here for the Company sime
It * p.iin hoaincaa in Bilverton over two
years ago Iihs recelvi .1 notice that le is
to he iiai**f**in"l eUawhere, He expecti
to leave -ilvertou during tl.e Homing
week nnd will vi.il his homo in Lytto'i
Iiefore Liking his new posiiion. The
Company will be some time in stationing
another agent here who will be as popular with nil as Mr. Clark has proven to
be. All here regtet his leaving and
wish him succetss wherever he may be.
Tom Henderson, who ha* beeu holding down lhe Slocan City wire since the
good elays of the boom, will have a stool
hi tbo despatcber'sollice in Nelson. Mr
and Mrs H-nderson will be greutlv
missed In Blocan City. ,1. G.Clark will
tie promoted from Slocan function fo
fill bis place
Agent Taylor of Rosebery has resigned
his position. Thus all Slocan Lake ports
excepting New Denver, will have new
agents to become acquainted witli.
It is uot yet know u who will succeed
Mr Clark as lhe Btlvertoo ngent.
Mrs chut   (
gnore   With his*
yeell'l >n ike
ni nth *-  u ,
—So'd vou
MagisiiHte —Do yon mean to iay such
a physl cal wreck as he la cave .,u that
black eye? Complaining Wifi —Hliure,
yer worship, he wasn't a physical wreck
till he gave me the black eye.—Tit-Hits.
The secretary of the  Literary  Society
hns handed in the following report:
Wednefdav    evening    the   Silverton
Mr I'h.il.   who' L'terurv So, iet\ met al tin'residence of
,i i.j-Willia n,   Mn,    II.   U'Hick.     lt   being   a   social
•■ n,l kien your  HVenilig tllBJ kindly off-red   them   Iheir
..,  I.  . ll ... „■ ,L ,.'
In.ii,e,   whicli   was   much   appreciated.
The i vi im,.' was spent   in  social   talk
in ■•'■I1'
• "i
M.. Chat (oi.iy hall-awake
JS-l veirto**	
X_.   IM!.   SZrLO-^rles,   3s?x©p.
Patronise Home Industries.
08 8S8i88-8-S-888«-8 8Si-8_8-S-8-S-ft88r-888-i«®
®8SS*i888S8888888888888 8888 88888888888888888®
B.ttRY BL0.K
_P. -BXJ-K-VJS &co
entertainment hii-I refreshments.
*- *-•- Mrs. Calbick   for  their
thn ing Wis. uaioira ior m* kind
hospitality all went home pleased aflor
ipradh-f a most enjoyable- evening.
Silverion, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and Greenwood.
Ma«a«> "»'-*.'*JSSwiJl"»*»k *••-'''• j. ***SS-|.**- w«es«i»-_ss*i«s»»'. .>«*■*-«*>.
. -ees^»^i"ia,«)«rt«
. -..m*ti.n mstv ■«_--■ stutsH.«-W^„m.w»»--«->'»■■*-a**«f - _«■■_»-»- « itmititmaWm^W^^mACmsempi.t
* «-- pi*** mieutw
*t ta* ■-•-•* '•>*
Ua. »M| Wert  *» *■"•  ••■   *»>"«»»«»
^e_e_a__-_-rt»«** »*waa «-•
Charles A, Hinckley, alias Charles
S. Morris, was arrested on Wednesday
at Princeton, B. C, on a' charge of
grand larceny. Behind this arrest Is
a atory of considerable interest which
rune back fo*»"a period of 15 years. In
May, 1889, and for years previous,
Hinckley was the paying teller of the
West side bank In New York city. On
May 14, 1884*. Hinckley performed his
duties at usual and on that night he
disappeared and with him $97,000 ot
the funds of the bank. It was all ln
the shape of cash. Nothing waa known
of hia whereabouts by the bank management until very recently.
The most destructive fire In the history of ('.rant's Pass occurred last
week. The strong breeze from the
west added greatly to the fury of the
flames, which spread ln three directions in an incredibly short time.
The Colombian legation at Washing-
ion has received an official cablegram
Irom Bogota, announcing that General
Julio Renglffo, until recently the Colombian representative ln Washington
and one of the best kno wii: South American diplomatists, had been drowned
in the Magdalena river.
The Transvaal government has issued a notice of the measures to be
observed ln the event of war. The
mines may continue working, reasonable protect1 j» being afforded. The
liquor traffic ls prohibited and special
police will maintain order. The Rand
gold produced during the war ia to be
deposited with the government, who
will mint therefrom sufficient to pay
Its working expenses. The rest will
be returned after the war.
The U. S. transport Rio Janeiro has
arrived at Portland from San Francisco and it is understood she will sail
next week for Manila with two battalions ot the Thirty-fifth infantry. The
steamship Lennox was turned over to
the United States government today.
The Lennox will carry a cargo of mules
and supplies for the army In the Philippines.
Marquis be Oallifet, the minister of
war, having written to the Figaro, asserting that he had never written to
the Due d'Orleans since the end of
1898, when he declined the latter, invitation to shoot at Woodnorton.
George Edwin MacLean waa recently
in .UKiirated president of the State university of Iowa with Impressive ceremonies in which a number of educators
and other publle men of wide prominence 'participated.
Walter Clyatt, a plumber, aged 31,
living at Alblna, Ore,, ahot and killed
himself at 1:30 o'clock this morning.
Before taking hia life tie snot hia wife
ln the back of the head. Jealousy ls
supposed to have been the cause of the
The additional Priest Lake forest re-
_--se-;---'-.L.-'. ■■ ---.Linn n
Kaslo k .locan
Tr*ln*._Unvon P.ciSc Standard Tim*.
Leave.    - Arrlvs.
Oolng W..t. Dally. Oolng East
1:00*. m..:   Kaslo  t:H p. m
l:tt *. m  South Fork  1:20 p. ra
l:M a. ro : 8proule*s l:K p,
serve recently set aside extends eastward to the Kootenai river and to tho
line of the Qreat Northern railway.
This takes ln much meadow land and
many well cultivated ranches.
The Qreat Northern haa Issued the
following circular regarding rates for
the returning volunteers*. "Account
the return of the Washington volunteers and the celebration to be held in
Seattle we will make a rate of one fare
for the round trip from all stations
on the Great Northern Railway In the
state of Washington. Tickets to be on
sale at Wenatchee and all stations west
thereof one day before the celebration,
and at all stations east of Wenatchee
two days before. The final limit of
tickets to be two days after the cole-
"No greater Insult was ever offered
to the comrades of the Grand Army of
the Republic than the action of the
Dewey Day committee In New York,
When 2,000 white-haired old soldiers
were not allowed a place of honor in
the great parade." This was the statement ot Albert D. Shaw, commander-
in-chief of the G. A. R., who spent ten
minutes In Kansas City on his way to
Topeka, * where he went to address a
reunion of the veterans.
The fiercest September blizzard within the memory of the oldest inhabitant
of the Red River valley Is now raging.
Snow ts falling, driven by a severe
southwest wind. Thousands of acres
of wheat are still In shock in the northern part of the state.
Judgo Thayer, ot the United States
court of appeals for Utah, has handed
down a decision affirming the decision
by the United States court for the district, of Utah, In the case of the United
States against James H. Bacon. The
decision of Judge Thayer means a
term it. prison ot seven years for Bacon who waa convicted of making false
reports of the condition of his bank,
and he ls ordered to surrender himself
to the United States marshal for Utah.
The annual convention of the Protestant Episcopal church of the dio-
ceso of New York is ln session in the
Church of the Incarnation. There
were 175 clergymen present, besides a
number of laymen. Bishop Potter presided at the holy communion service,
preceding the formal opening of the
Allen, formerly private esecretary to
Thomas * B. Reed, has been nominated
for congress by the First Maine district republicans here in convenjlon today.
Quy Morton, a young man 22 years
of age, son ot Charles Morton of Missoula, was drowned in the Montana
Clearwater last week while attempting
to get some ducks he had killed.
A band of about 200 Yaqui Indians
who are making their rendezvous near
the TVtaeumbiate, attacked the ranch
of Longordo Benult, near that place.
After ft fight with a force of about 50
Mexican cowboys, In which several of
the latter were killed, the Indians
burned ail of the ranch buildings and
drove off several hundred head of cattle and horses Into the mountains.
Although all the negotiations are
not completed, it is considered certain
that Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann, the
proprietors of the Canadian Northern
Railroad, will shortly acquire the
charter of the Edmonton,. Yukon & Pacific 'railway, thus forming another
link in the proposed new transcontinental railway.
The contract for depots and section
houses along the Kootenai Valley railroad has been let to C. D. Howell, the
contractor and builder of this place.
Thore are four section houses, three
depots and two water tanks to be constructed.   The work begins at once.
Astoria's dog-catcher left for New
York city, to assist ln settling up his
uncle'- estate. He received a letter
from the lawyer of the estate enclosing a draft for $300, and stated that
the share coming to him was one-seventh ot property valued at $750,000.
Fourteen or tho Bra** Boy* Uoturn lo
Their Own Lines-Were Treated Moro
Like ciuests Than PrUon*r*-a*"»to of
-tout. -lluior* Still U-dcel-ed.
.Manila, Sept. 31.—This 1ms been nn
eventful day with the northern ouiposl*
of the America- army at Angeles. Kar-
|y this morning tlie Filipino peace com-
Elgin haB taken steps
commercial <>""■
Mrs   W   G. CSytou drowned   herself
.ndUo children near The Dalle, toe , WORK    TO
miailon appeared. The American prisoners followed. Then u commission of
three Spaniards to negotiate for the release oi tin* Spanish prisoners departed
up tin- railroad with u retinue of ser-
vuiils nnd buffalo curls envying their
At "Snn Fernando the'train carrying tlie
comgiissioii nml prisoners io Mnnilu met
ii special carrying Major Getters! Otis and
General* Lawtou, iiuu-s ami Schwan lo
Angeles on a tour of inspection,
A party of correspondents and photographers waited in the trench ol' lhe American ou i post before tha wrecked bridge
across the river separating the two armies
and al I) o'clock u group c.iinc down the
truck waving handkerchief* nn a bamlioo
unci baited before the brigade. A bugle
then sounded the "Attention" and Major
Shields of (ietieial Wlieuton's staff and
live soldiers with raised handkerchief*
picked their wny across the bridge. Tlio
Filipinos introduced themselves: "Uener-
,tl" Alejiinclrius, a slender, bright looking
young man of 112, a veteran of the Spanish
rebellion; Lieutenant Colonel Oriuo and
Major Ortis, the latter of German blood
and speaking Kuglish fluently. There
soon appealed a second party of 14
Americans, marching between two lllea
of insurgent soldiers. They looked the
picture of health and were dressed in new
Filipino uniforms of blue gingham and
were carrying monkeys and either pre*
ents from their Filipino friends,
Then Joe Wheeler, being anxious to see
the Filipinos, fended the river wiih a corporal. General Wheeler shook hands with
the Filipinos nnd ihere was a general exchange ol" greeting*, while the pholograph-
vtti plied their vocation across the track.
Trie tile of barefoot eel Filipino soldiers
curiously surveyed the line of stalwart
American sentinels whose physique contrasted strongly with the little brown
men, win. looked too little for their gun*.
General Wheeler, wiio had no oftieial connection with the incident, returned to General MacArtliur and General Wheaton,
uIm appeared at the other end of the
bridge. The commissioner* and prisoners forded tlie river, dismounted nnd saluted. General MaoArthur'* first inquiry
was for Lieutenant Gilmore's party unci
Oeneral Alejandrius replied vaguely that
"they were in the north."'
'li-.-i.t.-.l   Ale...>m|  ns l.ue»t».
The prisoner* unanimously praised their
treatment.   Une man .-.aid*. "We have been
anu i >>.- .»..._-—
other day.   Family troubles are said to
have led to the tragedy.
Stockmen of Willow creek shipped
ten carloads of beef cattle to Portland
last Saturday, says the Huntington
Fourteen cars, each of 00,000 pounds'
carrying capacity, have been received
at La Grande, for hauling beets to the
RtiKar factory,
Sumpter'- water worki* will be finished by December l. The pipe line
is three miles long. The supply will be
sufficient tor 15,000 people.
Many sales of cnttlo are reported
from Wallowa county. Ono firm bought
1.100 head, another 800 and various others from IHO to 250 head. One man has
bought oveir 200 fat cows.
lteef cattle have been gathered in
Wallowa county, but few sales have
been made so far. The prices asked
are 3 cents for cows and 8V_ cents for
Crook county's assessor returns $48,-
862 In money this year. The Prlnevllle
Review shows that oue hank, by Its
published statement, had $139,458 not
long ago, and wonders why tax laws
are so generally evaded.
Joe Elliott, of Prlnevllle, was wounded in the head last week hy a pistol
shot, fired by Vic Dnvls, who had called
him from a saloon Into a cellar.   Davis
Au  All-A.iierl.-B*.   Wire   Hns   U.iom**
„ coniiuercUl Xe«»»»n>-»ii *»'-
,,.,„   Are  LompleU-U-WI..   *••*••
Across Ilie l'liclne.
is under arrest.   Elliott was not badly
The government geological survey Is
at work on the Sumpter geological
sheet. The geological survey follows
tho topographical survey, which Is still
at work on the Sumpter sheet, but has
icmoved its camp up to near Bourne.
Both survey parties will prosecute their
work until checked by cold weather,
and mean to resume as early as practicable next summer. The maps will
not be finished for about 18 months.
The Oregon synod of the Cumberland
Presbyterian church convened at
McMlnnvllle. this week.
Thomas Walker has a force of men at
work rebuilding hie machine shop at
Kuipire City, which was recently destroyed by fire.
Rogue river had no run of salmon to
speak of rhis year. The spring catch
was very fimall, and up to this time
the full run is hardly worthy of mention.
Contractor Jacobsen is rushing matters and getting things ready to start
the government works at Coos hay. He
has a large force of men engaged in repairing the lighters to be used in carrying rock.
I.akevie-v expects railroad connection
via Reno, New, by November of next
year.    When the    freighting    season
-....'shall open in the spring it Is expected
.linen tiu. railroad may be met   at    Likely,
Washington, l». <*., <»et. 2. ■-President'
McKinley hits dctei'-tincd lo urge! upon
eoiiL'ies-. again ilie iiiitliori/jition of a
trans -Pacific cable and will announce that
u naval survey shows thai the route selected i* practicable.
Surveys are being niiide by the collier
Nero, under the commnnd of Lieutenant
Commander Hodges. Because of ihe complete Rounding* taken in former veais
between win Francisco and Hawaii there
is no necessity for further wmk there and
Lieutenant Commander Hodges has eon-
Oiled himself to the waters west of Hawaii.
Report*  received  by  Bear Admiral   B
ll. Bradford, chief ol the bureau of equipment, show ili.it the Nero lirst proceeded
directly to tlie Mid WSJ island*, sounding
on the way, and then ligzoggod across
the line to determine the best points to
locate the proposed cable. From Midway
isluinls flic Nero went lo Guam; Fionil
i ilium ihe Nero steamed to .Manila, then
returned to Guaih nnd later went to Vo-
koliainu, where she in now preparing lor
the return voyage. She will sigzag acroka
the Imaginary line drawn during ihe voy-
agre 11(.in Guam to Yokohama, make further sounding* from Quant io the Midway
island-, and again to Honolulu. Nn ad-
verse report* have been received concern.
ing tin- mule from lluiini to Manila and
from Guam in Yokohama, and thc au-
tlioi'iiic- are confident that no obstacle*
GXi4t that can prevent tlie laying of n
cable from Sail Francisi-ci to .Manila.
touching everywhere on Anu'iie-an sqU,
Tlie idea of rut-ling a bian, b line ll'.iiu
Guam to *!■ I.-Mi.iin.i arise* Irom the wish
of the administration to make tin- cubic
a ceiiiinieiii.il success, though it is desired
primarily Ior government us>*. The president appreciate* thai congress may decide il impolitic to hava the cable concluded ami maintained at the expense of
iIn- United States, und should a private
company be allowed to take up the enterprise the Yokohama line would Is- an important consideration.
The I'l.llii.pl.i. t'ahlr.
The work of laying a cable among the
Philippine* has been delayed by the mi-
hap to the Able ship Hooker. The vessel
will lu- temporarily repaired at Cavits
and then sent to Hong Kong, where aha
will be rapidly put in commission aa the
military .iiithotitie*. dastrc tha prompt e-r
tabliahment of the line.
given the best the country .<_>rd«d. ___„	
houses for quarters, servants, good food,^ about 80 miles due south of lakeview.
plenty of  wine and a money  allowance.      " " — "**" —•——---»  _-»._rf    nt
» a ». m  Whitewater ....
• Us tty Bear Lake	
10:11 a. m? Mc_ulf_rt 	
10:* *. m   Bailey's 	
10:11 «. nl.... Cody Junctlr n .
Arrlv*. -.
i»:40». w......... Sandon 	
.**       CODT BRANCH.
IstAte 11.00 a. m.Bandon.. Arrive 11:40 a. Ill
Arrive ""Vie a. m...Cody...L*»v* U'.M a. m
O.  ri CO-VLAND,  Superintendent.
2:10 p. m.
1:00 p. m.
1:45 p. m.
1.S4 p. m
1:11 p. tt.
1:11 p. m
Aguinaldo visited us and shook hands.
Three of the boys refused to shake hands
with him."
Judging from the stories of the prisoners they have been lionized by the Filipino*. They report that five sailors of
Naval Cadet Woods' party arrived at Tar-
lac Wednesday. Though smalt importune
is attached to their judgment, they agree
in snying that the Filipinos all say that
they "arc tired of war, but will light for
iudi'pendence to the last."
The released soldiers also say the idea
of independence hn* taken u firm hold un
the Filipinos and they threaten, if conquered, to exterminate the Americans by
assassination. Aguinaldo seemed popular
among all the people the prisoners met.
They say the country is full of rich rice
crops. All thc prisoners have stories of
interesting experiences. Those captured
at Calooean were marched along the railroads al night through towns occupied by
the Americana
mi Kootenay *;.
Railway and Navigation
Op«ratin( Ka*lo a Slocan Railway, International Nav. A Trading Co.
Schedule of Tlme-I _cMo Standard Tlm*.
P-sswiger train for Sandon and way
station*, le»v*s Kaslo at 1:00 a. m.
Dally, returning, leave* Sandon at 1:11
p. m., arriving at Kaslo at 1:66 p. m.
International Nav. A Trad. Co.—Operating em Kootenay take and river.
Leave* Kaslo for Nelson at »:00 t. ra.
dally, except Sunday. Returning, leaves
Nelsoa at 4:N p. tu., calling at Balfour,
PllorBar, Ain*worth, and al) way point*.
Connects with 8. F. a N. train to *nd
from ■pok»ii*, at Five Mil* Point.
B. I.   "ALBERTA.''
Leavee Nelson for Bonner's Ferry Tuesdays and Saturday* at 7 a. m., meeting
steamer "International" from Koala at
Pilot Bay.
Returning, leave* Bonner's Ferry at 1:00
a. m. Wednesdays and Sunday*.
Connect* at Bonner** Ferry with Great
Northern railway for all point* ea»t and
west . .
Steamer* call at principal landing* la
both directions, and at other points when
Ticket* sold to all point* In Canada aad
the United' state*.
To ascertain rate* and full informatlea
Great  Siilterliitc on  M.n-kc.i-L-  Trail.
Victoria, H. C, Sept. 27.—New»
reached here by the Cottage City tlnfl n
relief expedition has been sent by the
mounted police to the Mackenzie river
trail, where great suffering is said to prevail. The last arrival from the Mackenzie was an Australian named Edwardson,
who, after losing his supplies, was a week
without food.
A prospecting expedition which returned to Dawson recently, after 10 weeks on
the upper Klondike, Porcupine and Stew-
urt rivers, report that although colors are
found, there is no gold on any of the
creeks of the district.
AS  l-ill'OltT.VVI' KOOU LAW.
Hri-it»   I'm-ltlrx for S.-lllnn Article-*
of  le.oel  I ..i.ti.lnliiK  I e.lienllli>
The following law wa* passed at the
lust session of the Missouri legislature,
taking effect August 20, 1800:
Bee. 1. Thnt it shall be unlawful for any
person or corporation doing buaineti- In
this state to manufacture, sell or offer to
Hell sny article, compound or preparation
for the purpose of belnir used or., whlo
Is Intended to be used ln the preparation
of  food,   ln   which  article,   compoutul   i,r
§ reparation there I* any anienlo, calomel,
•sumin. ammonia or alum.
Sec. 2. Any p<***~o.i or corporation violating the provisions of thi* act shall be
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall
upon conviction, be fined not less than one
hundred dollar*, which shall be paid Into
and become part of the road fund of th.-
county In which such line ls collected.
The operation of this law will be mainly against alum baking powders. Hut
the manufacture or sale of nny article of
food or article intended to bc used in food
whicli contains any of the substances
classed by thc law a* unhealthful—from
Antenic to Alum—is absolutely prohibited.
An Injunction suit has been brought
agalnut the school directors of the Baker City district to restrain them from
erecting the proposed $15,000 school
building on the Mansfield block on the
Knot Side.
Kiti'litlnK Jack Had • MkI.i of Joy,
New Vork, Oet. 1.—Fighting Jack ol
the Olympia had a night of joy last night,
as a lilting end of a day of triumph. Hi*
pli-a-eiiie-s were a banquet, concert and
smoker, served to him in that order in the
Waldorf-Astoria. He was there, 250
strong, on shore leave, and free of all restriction*. With him were 25 men from
each of the other ships at anchor in the
harlior, good fellow* all, and selected on
that account. These figures included
about HI per cent of the murines, permitted to lie present on account of past
good fellow-chip and on solemn promise lo
be good in the future.
The sailors and sea soldiers came to
tlie Waldorf-Astoria singly and in twos,
threes and larger groups, and weie at
r.nee ushered to the grand ball room on
tlie second floor, whicli hud been carpeted
for them and set with table* and gilded
A uniform ticket wa* enough to seeurs
admittance. As each man entered the ball
room he was presented with a rubber-
stemmed clay pipe bearing on it* head a
high relief of the great admiral's feature*,
and was al*o given two cigars, a two-
ounce paper of plug tobacco, a book of ci*
garette papers, a menu card nnd a pro-
gram of the. concert.
Half ot the government wharf at
Newport fell Into the Yaquina bay a
few days ago. The accident was due to
the work of the teredo upon the piling.
It is fe&-*d that without further repaid the remainder of the structure,
and perhaps along with it some of the
private wharves, may meet with a similar fate before Ihe coming winter ends.
Fishermen, accounting for the scarcity of salmon In Coos hay, say lt ls due
to the immense number of seals in the
lower bay and Just outside the bar.
Never before were they seen ln such
numbers, nnd as they are "dead medicine" on thn chlnook and Rllverslde, it
is believed their presence has caused
the salmon to seek other streams ln
quest of a spawning ground.
A man named Johnson, while clearing land two miles below Handon,
found a human skeleton ln the brush.
With it were a silver watch and a pearl-
handled knife. It had evidently been
there a number of years, and there was
nothing by which it could be Identified.
The case is a mystery, ns no one has
ever been missed In that vicinity, who
could be accounted for by the finding
of these remains.
Yesterday a small child of Frank
Kllever, living three miles north of
Dallas, was seriously burned by pulling a dish of hot grease from a table.
i mmiri .1  by  Hrbrln.
Manila, Sept. 27.—'lhe insurgents have
captured the I'nited f*tates gunboat Urdaneta in the nraui river, on the northwest side of Manila Im/, where she was
petroling, cine offlqer and nine of her
crew are inis*ing. The gunboat Petrel,
-ent to investigate, returned and reported
lhe I'rd.iiii'la beached opposite the town
of Orani on the Orani river. She was
burned and the following gun* with their
ammunition wet*, captured: A one-
pounder, ..ne Colt automatic gun and one
Norclenfelelt, 2.1 millimeter, gun.
The crew of lhe Urdaneta *re prisoner*
or have  Is-en  killed.
Sc.rre-   I'll n l-h mr n I
Belgrade, Servia, Sept. 27.—The court
lias rendered judgment in the ease of the
prisoner* who have been on trial for some
time pu*t. charged with the attempted as-
sas-eination of former King Milan of
Servia, July tl, when he was shot at by
the Itosnian named Knezevic.
Knezevic nnd I'asitch, leader* ol the
oomrpiracy, were sentenced to death; 10
others were condemned to 211 years' imprisonment, one to nine years and seven
to live year*.   Six were acquitted.
THH  Mlltl'ltlVIWr.
The majority of the Fraeer   river
canners aio preparing to put up cohoeH.
Fruit drving is becoming quite a business ln A'-otm county.
The high school at Vancouver, 1). c,
has taken up the first year of university work under affiliation arrangements with McQlll university.
The appearance ot mackerel In Bel-
Ungham bay Is ascribed to the fact that
a few millions of young mackerel were
several ye*i,s ngo placed in California
waters, and some of them have come up
the coast aid entered Puget sound.
| All the salmon trout thnt are being
caught this year ln Hood river are
large. Fishermen say this la an Indication thnt these fish are not going to
be so plentiful hereafter unless something is done to replenish the stream
with spawn and give them protection,
'iho whin lish are starting on their
annual pilgrimage up the streams, und
urn being taken by tliouHands and salted away for the winter, auys tho Kails-
pel lnter-I.nke.
The Kllcisburg Capital reports au exceedingly biisk deniantl for hay.
The uew lish hatchery ul Wenatchee
on the Columbia river Is ready fur operation.
Men nre in great demand to work In
harvest and every duy farmers come to
town looking for more men.
The woods near Murray, Idaho, tire
reported to be full uf beat*, and those
who are loud of that kind of upon
tan get all they wnnt of it within a
mile ot town.
Cougar! \ isitiil tho paatur. of Mr.
Kurr. ot lloquluiu, and killed two
Three Kverett boys have enlisted lu
the Forty-huh regiment and will go to
Hen Blown, the I.n Grande youth
who eloped with a U-year-old girl, has
been at*resit n on that account and' committed to jail ln default ot $500 bail.
lui-i'iiiii..i ies set fire to and humeri to
the groiiii.. the church of the United
Brethren, about eighteen miles north
of Lyle. lt in said the parties are known
and will I ■ arrested.
John Kom, who formerly lived at
Oak Point, committed suicide at Adri-
iiiu i-. O. He answered a matrimonlul
advertisement, became enamored of his
correspondent, and killed himself when
she refuse,, him.
A roan numed Reed, who carries the
mail from Mount Idaho to Huflalo
Hump, was knocked down and robbed
last week near Adams Camp, lie was
carried into camp by parties who found
him um il,si i,uis.
The Atlin Globe says a burled glacier has 'm-cii discovered on noulder
creek, coveted with eight feet of soil,
ln which large-sized trees are growing.
The ice I aj been cut through to a depth
of five fe»r, but no one knows how much
thicker it la.
Owen Marlon, of Upper Sumas, was
attacked by an insane man while In his
hay field. He was stabbed with a pitchfork and knocked from his wagon, the
wheels of which ran over him. His assailant, William Moyee, is at large, and
is said to be heading for his old home
In Mlchigun.
A yoing woman named Minnie Davis
has been arrested at Davenport, charged with Infanticide. She arrived thereabout two months before from the east
ln compa.iy with her brother. Her condition was r.otlced and commented upon, and afterwards the child's body waa
found in a closet. The doctors said It
waa born ellve.
A 12yea,--old son of Mr. and Mrs. W.
O. Gillespie, of Moses Coulee, waa accidentally shot with a rifle and killed
during the course ot a target match.
On the Great Northern railroad from
Glasgow to Kalispell. In the construction work that has been done this Biim-
raer six t-teum shovels were kept constantly at work all tho season, and a
total of 12,000 cubic yards of dirt were
Puerto Rio-ana N.-.-.l ll.-ll.C.
New York, Sept. 20.—Rev. II. P. Mc-
Corinick, one of the government inspectors
of charities in Puerto Rico, haa written a
letter to (ieneral J. T. Morgan, in whicli
the detail* of thc Puerto Rican relief work
carried on after the hurricane,are de_crilie.l
nt length. He say* thnt the number of
persons requiring relief is about 25,000,
and a great number of them live in the
mountains and other equally inne-cess
ible places.
Dr. Mct'ormiek describes the difllcul
tie* at length, but says that effort* have
lieen made to reach a* many aa possible
of the nlcaldes on horseback and by boat.
The work in general includes the organizing of local relief junta*., Iioth male and
feraule; the correcting of abuses and tlie
suggesting of improvements.
Head End Collision.
Auburn, Sept. 27.—A hend-end collision
lictween a New York Central passenger
train and freight train occurred about
half a mile west of this city, end a* a result, three people arc dead, two fatally inured and four seriously injured.
Koulh African Sll mil Ion.
London, Oct. .. The general drift of
the news indicate^ that the position of the
l',i it i-.ii troop* in South Africa is critical
owing to the delay in sending reinforcements, an.l iu the event of hoatilitles
early  reverses nre regarded a* possible.
The latest advice* show thut the Trans
vaal luobiliRation has been rapid and comprehensive. Many Boers, it i* Hid, did
not wait lo Is- commanded, but proceeded
to the border *pontaneou*ly, It is e-al
ciliated that the Orange Kn*e State ■.]
ic.iih  ha* ;ihiii men mi ihe border.
Ho HnniMlte From  I're.al.
Chicago, Sept. 29.—According to reports
received *t the local government observatory, the continued cool weather brought
on uniiKiitilly heavy frosts for this season of thc year the past few nights. It
i* believed, however, thnt the crop* are
far enough advanced to lie out of danger
and no ill effect* are feared. Frosts have
j been general throughout Iowa, Missouri,
I       ._._      1,11 i_ \i:    i  ■  1,-r.        _    .
The  responsibility for the accident is'northern  Illinois,    Miehignn,    Wisconsin
not yet determined. The freight train
several hour* late, wa* making fast time,
and when the two came in tight the gpeed
wa* so great that a stop could not be
and Kansas.
A  I,nil.* Revolution
I'.iiciins Ayres, Sept. 27.—A revolution
All   Holler  llielie-r.  Arc* 1 Hll.-.l  Out.
Ran Francisco, Sept. 27.—At a meeting
of the striking Imilermaker* a motion
that men of all shop* that work on all
transports- whether government or chartered—slay nut until the eight-hour day,
guaranteed by law on government work,
i» grunted them on nil transport work,
wns unanimously carried. A motion thnt
this action be final was also carried.
Ily this action Ihe union men working
_re called out, a* well a* the men oi the
Bunks Iron Work*, who are working on
the i Yiii-iinial and were granted their demand* by thc contractors.
Aa Anttrer ll«*llc.
Sles-kheilni, Sweden, Oct. 2. The hue}
marked "Andrea Polar Kxpcdition," which,
wilh Ihe anchor attiiched, was found Bep-
tember 0, on the north coast of Kin;:
Charles' Island by the master of the Nor
wegian tiller Martha L r*ank, wa* opened
yesterday in tbe presence of n Btunbei
of experts and member* of the cabinet.
It was found to he the so called north
(Mile I y. which  Andree had arraii}*'''!
lee   ill   |i   ll    he   -uceee-di-il    ill    |lll*--ill|i   ' '"'
\\ hxIiIiiicIoii* Conn- n nlek I* •
San Kruncivo. Sept. 110. Tlie -**»» -*-
Washington volunteer* are expected lo
arrive lure on or about Oeioher H. 'Ihey
left lloug Kong September 18 on tnm*
port Pennsylvania, and as she is a fu*1
Ikiiii the returning Volunteers may make
this port a little abend of time. Like other volunteers, they will go into cump at
the Presidio, where Ihey will probably re*
main three week* preparatory to being
mustered out.
Smallpox   at   I'reeldlo.
Snn Francisco, Sept. 20.—Another case
of smnllpox lin* developed nmong the soldiers nt the Presidio. Wayne I.arrabee of
Company I), South Dakota volunteer*, I*
the iifllicteel nun and will be removed to
the cnmp of detention where there sre now
five case* of the disease. There nre nl'o
five men similarly ufllicted on Angel island.
Collls P. Huntington says that when
he began life peddling hardware in California, in 1849, he laid down aa a maxim by which he has since continued to
live: "Do what you think Is right and
stand by your own Judgment."
Necessity is the
Mother of Invention
It was the necessity for a reliable tJood
purifier and tonic that brought into existence Hood's Sarsaparilla. It is a highly
concentrated extract prepared by a com
r.i,iili.,,...k.-  Celt   Mil, « „<  s.,„.
    Snn Francisco,   Sept.   27 -The   ca.lh-'_	
broke, out at Catamarca against the local quake* which shook up the Alnskan const   bination, proportion and process peculiar
government of that province The govern-' enrly in September made themselves felt   to itself and giving to Hood's  Sarsapa-
The great army   of   Smltha   In the  ment  re-established  order nfler a  fight, mile* at sen.    Three vessels which hate   rilla unequalled curative power.
United States la well represented In the  during which ieven were killed  and 12  arrived from the northern snlmon fisher-
peerage of England.   No less than six  were wounded.   The senate lias approved  ie*    report   experiencing   *bo_!    peculiar'
I    The full name of the Sultap of /ul-j  earls' daughters have acquired the sur*  the convemion  scheme by the   govern- weather on Sunday, September 3 the dale     - _
 .__ . _._.. i __. ■ *r ttMmsW*Amm*..'1**i**.*
mm untquauea i
-*«*>*-«•**-•*« ttommmme'-vmete^^ *****
L%- ^^'«*%*_»!__«____
t*wt\*\i<^^mm^'iet^ |*-M-?4*ftMW.< ■^M«l*«at^TV»^*;-'t-*l.*%ari«*,**«*->>•»■■ «U
■    ac ... -.Ill-**
■.-* -
Does Your
Baking Powder
Alum ?
'I'll. IIi-mI Movement Mueeessfeil—Vo
c.-.-iii AilMeiiiiim- -ninetl. However
—Filipinos A*ul.i lt<--artln_ lo
Conferences—Haiti lo Hnve .New
Prof. Geo:
the constituents til
' thc bread, and   the
»f \
F. Harker, M. I)., University 01
alum remain ilroin alum baking powders) in
ami the alum itself is reproduced fo .ill intents ami
purposes when the bread is dissolved bv the gastric juice in the
process of digestion.    I regard the use of alum as highly injurious."
Dr. Alon/.o Clark:    "A substance (alum) which can derange the stomach should not be tolerated in baking powder."
Prof. W. (i. 'Fucker, New York State Chemist :   " I believe
Manila, Sept. .9.—Ue.-nt.al  MaeArtliur
entered 1'orac after hulf un hour* lighting.
lhe enerny fled  northward.    When  tlie
American* entered the town they l'ounJ
j it practically deserted.
The attacking party moved on Porao i»
j two columni. The Ninth infantry, witli
! two guns irom Santa Kitu, WaS coininund-
| ed by Ucnerul Wheeler, and the Thirty-
I sixth infantry, under Colonel Hell, wilii
1 one gun, accompanied Oeneral AlacArtliur
i from -un Antonio,   lioih columns suut-l'
the town at '.' o'clock and opened a bii.il;
ilie, which was replied lo by the eneiiiv
! for hulf un hour.   Then lhe iu-mi gents lied
und the American* marched over their
tienehes and took pohsc-Mion of the- place.
Ju*t before the light Smith'* command
at Angela mnde a demonstration by Bring   to organize-, and tho total membership
rartillery tip the railroad track. is upward of 700.
Today's movement was a strategical sin -       Harry Roberts, a young man lately
cess und resulted in tlie possession of Pui.ic  employed by various btislneHH men in
       " ii. Aita.'•' ---•'- -' ssfe
The work of piling the south fork
from the end of tho work done    last;
year down to the mouth of Placer creek L
hns been completed, the council accept-.
Ing it and paying the contractor In full
last night.  The town "of Wallace Is now
protected hy piling and planking along
hoth the floutb. fork and Placer creeka.
During the past few days fire has destroyed 'onslderable grain in fields
near Genesee. Sparks from engines arc
the cause.
Eager an-l Linton, timber lookers for
Alger, Smith k BIIsb, of Michigan,
made a visit to Moscow Saturday. From I"
here they took teams and went to t,he,
White Pine country, whero they are
spending several days ln looking the
timber over.
Fred Hoshler met with an accident
which may cost him his life. He was
working in the capacity of "forker"
with the Henry Stracker threshing
crew nt the Casper farm, west of Genesee, when the fork dropped on him,
one of the tines passing through the
femoral vein.
The Industrial League, which was
organized r.t Wardncr in July, already
has organizations in each ef the Cceur
d'Ale&e camps, Mullan being the latest
money-back tea enl
baking powder at
The number of failures from all
causes In automatic block signals' as
compared with the total number ot
movements ot each signal does not exceed more than one in 30,000,
Vigo's Cure for Consumption i.* -our (inly
medicine  for coughs  and  colds.—Mrs
Belt*, 43*1 tilKhth uve.,
i,  'US.
irs.   e*.
Denver, Col., Nov.
The Hritish empire has a population
of 400,000,000 people; of this number
40,400.000 are ln Europe, 308,300,000 In
Asia, 45,000,000 In Africa, Including
Egypt, 7,100,000 la American'colonies
and 5,500,000 in Oceanlca.
it  (alum i to bc decidedly injurious when use.
food articles."
as a constituent ot
■ •'
Prof. 3. \V. Johnson, Vale College: "I
(alum and soluble alumina saltsi introduction into
dcrs as most dangerous to health."
In view of such testimony as this,
every care must be exercised by
the housewife to exclude the over
and over condemned cheap, alum
baking   powders   from   the   food.
Baling nourderi mfde irom rfearti ol tartar, which i-. highly
retititil grape mid, arc ptuinotif. "I health, and more crHcicti'.
No other leiii.i -.hiiuM Ik* used in leavening looJ. Royal Bukiiif
Powder i. the highest c vuinple ol a pure cream ot tartar powder.
The coal company at Black Diamond
is getting out nearly 1000 tons of coal
dally.   -
The accidental disc barge of a shot-
nun tore away a part of a rib of W. XL
Campbell, a liveryman of Waterville,
exposing his liver to view.
The wonderful facilities offered by
the munch lands of Gray's harbor for
tbe raising of cranberries of the* ilnest
quality should ln dtice more people lo
go Into business, says the Aberdeen
Hiilftin. The crop here has no enemies,
"and does not require to be flooded, os
we have no frosts of injurious Inten-
■j iy.
Tuesday evening, when coming up
the breaks from tbe Columbia river, M.
'if. Howe shot n magnificent specimen
of the golden eagle, perched on a crag
nenr the level of the prairie, says the
Waterville Empire.   It measured, lack-
is a
.1 il ,>!,,,.In I J*.i,   iM   lollall.
uilei eleuring eif several mile*, of Lhe ceiun
try thereabout,
l.iicnnib, in ceiminanel of the Ninth, iv-
poitc-el one casualty und Hell reputed four
men i.i" hli regiment wounded.
The insurgent*! are estimated to hare
: numbered uuo men. Ten dead Filipinos
were I'eiuiiJ mill a captain and commissary
ui M.isearno's command were taken piii
Illll.llie.s   Visit   Otis.
Two Filipino majors came to the American lines last night with mcs-iigps regarding tlie American prisoners who Were
lo arrive this morning. Tliuy also re-
quested permiaaion fur General Alejan-
elrino, one colonel and two lieutenant
colonels to visit Otis. They were refused
entrance to tlie American lines until noon
Friday, ou account of today's light and
Oeneral Alejundrino alone will lie allowed
to visit General Otis.
Knglishmen from the insurgent lines report the reliel*. at Hanban to have 70iKl
new   Japanese lilies.
A   Trem-lii-rnii*.   Attack.
T'he insurgents recently intrenched ami
garrisoned the tow u of Paeio on Liguua de
Hay, in the province of I-iguiia de Bay,
Sulr-sejiiently Captain I>ar*en, comuinneliug
ihe giiiiheiu Napnidan, landed tor a ton*
fciein-e with the citizen*. As he was pro-
beading up the main street of the town
with a Kejuael lie w«s received with a volley from a hidden trench. The party re-
ireuled lo their boat under cover of thc
buildings and regained their vessel. The
Nnpnidan then bombarded the trench for
a  hour, completely destroying it.
■II A KB  i.vro   VOIR  siioi*.*-.
Allen's   Poot-1-.-ise,   a   powder   for   ths
feet.   It cures painful, swollen, smarting,
nervous feet, and Instantly takes the sting
T pwlstmi    i     mi    nr     iml   hia  where-   0,u °' <"°rns ami bunion--,   it's the great-
i.ewiston, ie missing, and ins where-, „„, (,omfort dlscovery of the age. Allen's
abouts are anxiously sought by the offl-   Foot-Ease makes tight or new shoes feel
eers and the people whom he victim-   easy,    it Is a certain cure for  Ingron-
The establishment of a weekly republican newspaper at Bonner's Ferry
has the appearance now of a certainty.
It l.i backed chiefly by our home people.
Martin Oilbertson, who was awarded
the contract for building the county
road east *>f Harrison, has several men
at work grading.
The duke of Bedford's gold plate   is'
second in value only   to that of Queen
Iiift Nails, sweating, callous and hot, tired,
aching ii ui. Wc have over 30,0-0 testimonials. Try It today. Sold by" all druggists
and shoe stores. By mall for S-c In
stumps. Trial package KltKK. Address,
Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy. N. Y.
Fence and iron Work*.
end Iron fencing; ofn,e railing, etc. 334 Aider.
August Brassart, who made the first
silver plate used in photography, by the
Daguerre, is living In Chicago.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow'*
Soothing Byrup the best remedy to use
fur their children during the teething period.
-■ft?o-fgyg*********"?**mtst wtj__t*s«_. as-ct-c ■
ti lb* ONLY medfclM whir- will ours ea.h £n- tratr
ass*. HO CASK known tt has iivi.r fatted le oars, at
—aU«a- How wrJoe- or eif liow Ion. at—udlna*. Ra_—a
from Ua uae will artoniali you. lt la abaolulelr a-**,
preTeata a»riilui- .ml can to aakee wtthoat 1i.oo-t»
slenoe snd ile - nll.m from bualneas.   PR1C—, SSJS   r<_
>*,,.._.   Ilrilll.iu   Ce.til.-_C
Denver, Sept.  20.—Kleven  teams  were
l-aio.aa  Trait  Kqulp_i«_t.
The O. K. * N. snd Oregon Rhort
Lin* have added a buffet, smoking and
library cor to tlmir Portland-Ublos|S
through tisin, ami a dining car aerviee
has basn Inaugurated. Th« train ll
equipped with the latest chair cars,
dsy coaches and luxurious UrM-olsii
•nd ordinary sleepeit. Diiect oennee*
tlen mad* at Granger with Unloa Pa-
oiflo, and at Ogdea with Rio Grands
Has, from sll points in Oiegan, Washington and Idaho to sll Saltan altiea
For Information, rates, ate., oall ea
anv O. It. * N. agent, er addrass W.
H. Hurlburt, General Passenger Agaas,
elief for Women"
*-*_^    H-nt free,In plain, staled en r elope, wrlta
■^   to day for t—la Book,e*-Bt__lar P—rtica-
I Isrs snd Te_ti_-__la ot OR. _ART_L*S
i French Fematt Pills.
Pimlsed by t houssr. A a of aa 11 »_ad latftas as
aaf o. al way a rel lable snd without anso,aai
*Z     Boldbr-airdrngsistsla mctsl box, rissia
i>p ln Blue, Whits sad Ra-   Tskv-oocher.
Drug Co., 381 * 38. Pearl St., Ms fork Oil*
Dss Blf « for unnatural
dlachsrfH, InBsmmstloss,
Irritations  or uloaraUoas
ot  mucosa   _-_bra-as.
rsJalsss, aad «M sstHs-
lTHtE*i»»l0ti*"icULOo. esat or solsoaoas.
gl ia plain '
ing the fraction of an inch, seven feet
from tip to tip, and hnd the strength to
have curried off a child.
Several sheep droves, with    several   New Orleans ceittnn exchange occurred to-|of them drilled today and McGilvray and
thousand animals ln each flock, have i day  slnitly after business opened,   and , (-'arbrieait of Victor broke the record, drill-
passed south through Hlllyard during; caused in tlie midst eif the excitement the. ig 33 5-8 inches in Gunnison granite in
the week.   These sheep come from Ore-1 complete suspension of   future    business  14 miniilej.
gon, and are driven slowly northward   pending the investigation of what at the
each spring and back again at tho. approach of cold weather.
The Reardan Furniture Company has
Incorporated, and will be ready for
business early in October.
New Orleans, Sept.   '29.—The    wildest! entered for the double-hand rock drilling
panic ever witnessed on the floor of the {contest which began here yesterday.   Six
moment was assumed to l-e a conspiracy  TV*Sn^^raAN      PENSION
to swindle the cotton exchanges of   the   Ip BIQKFORD.W-shlntta-, d. a. tiny will
counlrv.   The panic was ellie to an appar-   11, "<;'',vp l1** replies. B. -.th N.H. vols.
Residents of Reardan are complain-
panic was due to an appa
ent ten ilie jump in the price of cotton,
based on alleged I.iveipool advices, and it
was POUghly estimated that $170,000 had
l—If .-01 lj eurpi..  l'losei-utltBJ claims since ISIX
sie.riu Wrecks Orehnrds.
St. Joseph, Mich,, Sept.  27.—Reports
... I___rt7FACT.B-II   BT ...
tr „otk -thk is Aire.
it vou imt the Wood In s pure, rich snel healthy
condition, No matter Imw Inns }ou have been
iri.Hljle-il or to what exleni,
or. mmrxsr pills
at   7r*l!*tmim' "e-BOTa T^mpfM
•tU?,i?*.Ald "•ircsUonsu_Prefent 1
rs Sick Hssdscbs
. stand .urUr tht
!j?'!"i<>n**ud**r»**t*i»Bllloutnttt.   Oa
_.^_i.-^'8l^*,,.*.^"nrtB<_/,»u-_r*'»1l* "iU
•ampl.frM.orfullbo.for-Sc. DB. -OS-.MKO
is, -*____.   Sold by Drunlsu.
CO., rhilada.,
This form, sa wall ss Blind,Blttdinx or ProtradS.
iI»irtaora«n-.t.7mail.Tre»tlae,fM«. Wrltt
ing of the train service on the Central' ■"''» llrtl 0I1 1"''»l trau-cictions as are-1 reo_ivpd ,„,',.. froru -^-^      ,, t)u^gn.  Hoore's   Revealed  Remedy
still.   1-iter in thc day the exchange, after -
receiving legal ad\iee, declared  null and ,
\eiiil  all  future tr.ii.snctions of the day.'
This action, however, pmmises to he bit-   .
,   . ii      j 1I.1..U-. i. «_.i- , .   hundreds of apple and peach trees
telly contested, and litic.itinn i* likely lo
he the
Mr. O. It. Hnyclor, i\ wall known
clil-sn of Lawrence, Kan., aaid t
"1 am now seventy years or ate.
About throe yearsago I experienced
a coldness or numbness ln the feat,
than creeping up my leas, until lt
readied my body. 1 grew very thin
lu flesh, appeljle poor and I aid uot
relish my food. Atlast I becameuu-
able to move about. I con mil ted
asvsrnl distinguished physicians,
, one telling ma I bad locomotor
■ ataxia, another that I bad creeping
paralysis. Itookthelrniedlclnesbul
continued to grow worse. Almost a
year ago a friend advised nie to try
|*_ no-
The 7-year-old son or Charles Brown
at Tekoa miraculously escaped from
, death this afternoon. While attempting to climb Into a moving wagon loaded with 100 bushels of wheat he missed
his footing, fell to tho ground and the
wheels passed over both his limbs
close to the trunk of the body.
The Sunset Telephone Company has
decided to extend Its line from Arlington to Trafton ln Snohomish county.
Morton Moskell, of tho Chehalis flour
mill, says that very little of the wheat
that Is being offered at the mill is damaged.
The order advancing the Cheney post-
office from fourth to third class took
, effect October 1.    The only difference
this will make in PoBttnaster Watt's
salary will lie the government will pay
! the rent and furnish fuel and lights.
A cutting froat melted  the    tender
vegetation at Colville last week.   This
is the first genernl frost of the season,
antl It Is remarked by most old timers
that it Is the latest to come on tho cnl-
' endar in the history of the county.
Work Is progressing rapidly on the
i large beet sugnr factory at Waverly,
| and the beets are turning out much
I better than was expected. By the first
! or November the Interesting process of
transforming the raw material
the refined product will begin.
nit the apple district nre to the effect
the terrible northwest gale whicli
visited this vicinity has stripped of fruit
will cure vein. Thousands who hnve suffered
with rheumatism testify to Its curative powers.
It ts 11.00 per bottle at your druggist's.
j form,	
Ptltl are o—-d b<
Btops Itohiny ani
Jar at drnffiita or a_Dt by rati I. Traatlst flat. Wrltt
asttboatra-reaaa.  DR.B08AN_o,Philad_..Pi_
if. .%. i*.
Ia  what   the   largest   and   best
school systems use.	
N<>.   io, IH*..
and litig.itinn i*
final outcome.
The duke of Devonshire is said to be
the shyest man in Great Britain.
A mule deer was killed last week
near Granite. Ita horns were webbed
nenr the aprangles like an elk's.
CUNS AND AMMUNITION at Wholesale Price* ta
Everybody. ' ■■■" "'*■-■_.* Min rata.off.it. cintifnini M ,»!--, alie
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lu any one rtMiirniiiK thi_ h«I hm.I nit-mioiilnff thi* paper. We o*_i
bbv«- vou I'IC '!"] hi-* on uiiua. Write Mt one*..
KOBKKT!*.'  M I'l'I.Y   HOI SK.  Mlnne-.polla.  Mine.
Bad Blood
Pimples, eruptions, blotches, scales, ulcers, sores, eczema and chronic swellings are caused by bad blood.
CASCARETS are wonder-workers in the cure of any disease caused by bad or impure blood. Ihey eliminate
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health and if you will use Cascarets they will give you good health and a pure, clean skin, free from pimples
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harmless a blood purifier, liver and stomach regulator as CASCARETS Candy Cathartic!
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Ills for 1'ule Peo-
ulahad my
ey ware henefl ting
ifore 1 hail nulaliad my first
. . innd they were benefiting me.
I used twelve boxes in all, anil was
perfectly cured. Although It ta six
months since I used my last pill
tbera has been no recurrence of tba
disease."—_Vem Lawrenet Journal.
Dr. Wllllsms' Pink Pills tar Pals People
Id by tha dotsn or hundred,
i pscksaa*.  At all drugslttt.
ar direct' (real tha Or. Williams Msdlolns
art never sold I
bat alwsys In |
or direct
CO., Seles
8 boxesf
,, N.Y., BO cents p«- boi.
I uy tonal applications, as they cannot roach tne
! &a-»0- 1-o.Uon of the ear    There Is only -in   ,
;«ay to cure deafness, snd thst   S W •"■
: lutlonarremedlcs. Deafnc-s Is '«used by an hv
flume, condition of the mucous lining of tne |
-..t-C-llVn   Tube.     When   this   Wba  !«■»£
rlaim-d you have a rumbling "ounel or Imperfect,
he*   ing  andI when It Is entirely closed deafness
LTthe result, and unless the "f™"™"™ ™" \
be lake-n out and this tube restore-i to lis nor-
linn 1 eondnion    hearing will  b. destroyed  for-
Mt.1   nine  canes   out   of   ten   sre   caused   by
' £!_,,h" which l» nothing but an Inflamed eon- I
1 ellllon of the nimims surfiiies. j
We will give One  Hundred Dollars for any
I case of Uea'fnes. .caused by catarrh) that OM*
not be cured by Halls Catarrh Cure. Send for
olrcula.n,Ffree.cHENKY & _-    ToMo   -„,„
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j  ,
The King of Oreece rarely dons a nni-
i form, but when he does he shows a
I marked preference for light colors.       j
PISO'S   CURE   FOR    ►,
Arch street, I'lellKelelplila,
•«n *w_sr -ati-s-
i        lo tints.   8oid by urugglsu.
<4r*"l"?- >.;.'■■■ •"' *v •■ m?-
Congressman Wilson    reports   thnt i
eastern buyers are offering $1.50 a box :
25c    50c
sare erery disorder ot Us SUmscb Uw »»« W^Usm. xaoy ao      y y* ^^ ^ lMUUmt .„ .mutates I   Buy a box of CASCiMT*
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Tins LS
to-Isy, ttltfM. i-WM U .r«r 'MP"*. *** T«ar mossy b«o-1   WWU as for boo.lst aad fro. »mPl. 1
I !
I "4 I
• y
i.»ewei -. ".,,*.:-sf..
y^^wt*^.**\s\1**\%^ «j**#t,„KWfct f'mi9Lmmt\Vm jjfcf^1MWWIa<»^iMM|B-l
a_- -jf.   - - -a. .*■■*■ ■
Company^ X_/tci#
T^T_b_ol©sal©   ©.-tad   detail
Sealers In. 0-e_o_eral
speoial [ines qf fall jnd ^inter
Underwear just Jtocked.
branch storks at three
forks and al am o, b. 0,
JE-Tor AJTl_e People In the Slocano
_F*o__* One Week Only,
RAYMOND Sewing Machine,
THE CABINET,  (Oak or Valnnt.)    $45.00
SEYES DRAWERS,   "        *        $3..00
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Box!).     ,  .   Mm, B.G.
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(V      RUBBERNECKS'      -?£J
— i ■       	
B. C.
JAMES BOWES    -   -   -   -    PROP.
{•; Headquarters For Mining Men :•:
SILVERTON      •     •     •      -B.C.
Hnd S00 LINE
New Fast   Daily Service Between
Improved Connecting Service via Revel-
atoke or Crows Neat Routes,
First class sleepers on all trains from
Touaist cars pass Revelstoke, Daily (or
6t Panl, Thursdays (or Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays (or
Toronto 92 hours, Montreal 00 hours,
*» New York 108"      Winnipeg 62   "
Vancouver 26 "     Victoria    31  "
For Ihe North, Revelstoke, and Main
Line 10:80 K ex* Sunday lv. Silverton,
. ar. ex. Sunday, 15:50K.
*    For R-xsland, Nelson and Crows Neat
Line 16:tWKex. Nunday Iv. Silverton,
I pr. ex. Sunday 10 30K
For ratea aud (ull information apply to
pear-st local agent or
W. 8. CLARK, A^ent, Silverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
. ■ ir Alt* -t-S-i**-.m»*_-r_i'._l-£^ \>KWW8MM'- r__ ■* 1CM * '
1   m ' sp* A,  ^tCw^*r^r**tr%wWW**vvt*ii**f*symiurs*r sutuswqwfsrmsm^rw^mtsrjs***-^**, *st i*f»w • rm*a>    ^W**l-wpwfW*r  w ^*^"*j*etm*^^t**f*sr*r\ **■ warnr4f     ^m'^'*wm)^*t**M^**rA}er*t***
B. C.
Auctioxekhs, Customs Bkoeehs,
And General Real Estate Agents,
Olfle. la Beater Block    -   -•    Baker Bt.
General Freight and Transfer
Orders  lelt at  News Stand will   be
promptly attended to.
_E>. -VI. Brindle,
Will visit Silverton every
Wednesday, prepared to
repair all disabled Watches,
Clocks and Jewelery. He
will also have on hand a
Complete Assortment ot
Jewelry, consisting ol Rings,
Watches, Chains, Guards,
Seals, Ac. Ac. Repairing
is Guaranteed. Prices are
as low as First-Class Work
will allow. While in 811-
voitnn, he will In- fonnd at
The Lakeview Hoii.i,, and
all work left there during
the week will be promptly
attended to on hie first vis-
It. A trial order la solicited.
NEW Of ER,    B. 0
2 %   BLUE   CROSS    WILL
S«9«««i   BE ™vm   iN  TH1S
the scribe who travelled in the Slooan
this week, styling himself a "Miner'e
man." His sise-up In the political
line reflects .-redit on his talent as a
888 8888 888i88S88 8 8 8 8888si
Tbe Sandon Mining Review objects
to our use of the word "scab" in refer-
ingto any miner wbo is willing to tukc
the place of any striking miner or, to
humor tho Review, any who is not at
work as a result of the existing lockout Wo agree wilh our contemporary in saying that it is not a nice word.
It may not bc a word pleasing to ears
polite, but it is both expressive ami
applicable. Tbe man to whom it in
applied is no nicer than the word itself, and the appellation must stick
Those who scab have no feeling to bv
hurt and the caustic word may detei
some few from falling from grace.
The Japanese Government has
pissed an act, prohibiting Chines,
laborers from landing in that country.
Surely now that tbe Japanese bave
passed such a measure to protect their
peiple against tbis tiliiiy, degraded,
pauper immigration, is it not abouc
lime for our Canadian statesincu tn
iwaken to the fact that Canada ii
li ing made the dumping ground fur
-his Chinesri pitsll Are Canadian
Uatesmen so dead to the interests of
the toiling masses in our Western
province as to allow this influx of
Chinece to continue any longer) Thnt
it has continued as long as it his is a
■li'iine and reflects but littb credit ot
our Ottawa government. The people
of our eastern provinces   have   never
yet fully   realized   the    magnitude    of
thia question or bad the facts concerning it laid properly before them. _> <>>
so however with our government.
They bave deen fully informed on the
subject by the members of Parliament
from this province, and have failed to
act The speech made by Mr. Mclnnis at Nanaimo on this suijcit,
•. in-re he i-poke nothing but the truth,
li is done more to awaken the people
of the east to the grave danger that
threatens this province, than all the
past begging to the government to
take* action. Now that the ball is
started let the good work go on.
L-boring men all over the Dominion
should unite in forcing the government
to pass a Chinese exclusion act or if
they fail to do ao vote thero out of
The cIiivb nie warm, with scent of fruit
unci flowers,
The ait* is laden ;
And in tbo hummock, through the sunny
Now dreams the maiden.
Sometimes she with a pout, and frown
I'Y-in drenin'eambitions;
To Km n 11 iln at  tbe noise  her mother
While washing dishes.
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
Can Have Them Reserved By Writine* To—
t        t t t ♦ t t
a. p. Mcdonald,
8ILVERTON. • • B. C.
Thorbiirii w^%m*
For Sale or Rent,
A Hotel |n Silverton.
At.pl** to—■athaao-a pros,
RU-arton, B.
A fairy story is being whispered
around that as a result of the lt*st
niine oNrners'meeting in Sandon, held
last Wednesday, all the mines "from
Roundary to Revelstoke' will be shut
down tight! This ii to be an awful
example to the Legislator-- of what the
mine owners can do in the way of
revenge. It is not stated whether
thia report is intended for popular
credence* or merely a joke of the merry
mine owners. It is credited to several members who attended the meeting.
How thankful we should be that tbe
nabobs of the Slocan are not preparing
to stop farming and fishing also.
The loco! merchant contributes
largely, both in cash subscriptions and
in taxes, towards the building of wng-
gon roads and trails in this section
These wngnii roads sre used alinott
entirely by the big miuing companies
The company which under those circumstances usts tbo road to transport
over them to their minea provisions
purchased from outside (inns should
do so with a sense of sham'*.
"WMn we plant what Ho-ron culls th'
'starry banner iv freedom- in the Ph'-
llppeens," said Mr. Donley, "an' cive
the .acred1 blottln' iv liberty to th' poor
clown-trodden people iv tbim uufortu-
nate isle-*—damn Ihlm—We'll lorn tbim
a lesson."
•'Sure," Wild Mr. Heniiei-sv, sadly,
"we lave a thing or two to luru ourselves."
"But it isn't Cilli'in to lam us," .aid
Mr. Donley, -vTiin-tPr tbim wretched au' degraded eralhe.rs, without a
mind or a shirt iv Iheir own, Cr to give
lessons in iiolitenass nn' liberty to a
nation Uiat manufacture! more
dhresscd he- f than any other imperyal
nation in the wuriuM. Wi-aaylo Ihlm I
'Naygurs,' we sny, 'poor di-.o nte, tin-
covered wretches, bus we, 'whin the
crool hand iv Spain fprgod man'des
fr v.7r iiin'n, im Ho'.-aii saya, who wss
it crossed the say nr.' struct* "If tir conio
oloni**? We did, by,<}_-, we did, An'
now, ye mis'ruhle, chililisb-niinde I b;*-*.
w. propose fr to Isrn ye Ihe uses iv
libertv. In ivry city in tbis unfair land
we «ill erect .choolhouses, au' pnekin'-
houses, an' bouses iv correction, an
we'll larn ye our Innciiagc-, because 'lis
aiicier 11 lain \on curs than to larn
ourselves yours, an' we'll give ye clothes
if ve pay I'r them, nn' if ve don't ye can j
go without, nn whin ye'er Iningrv ye
can go to the morgue—wu inane the rest
rant—an' ato n i»iiod squire meal iv nrmy
beef. An' we'll ainil the gr-reat Gin'ral
Ellen ovei i'r to Urn yn etikut an'
Atnlhrcw Carnegie lo Inrn ye pa'htcliem
with Mow howles in it, tin' Gin'ral
Algar to larn ye lo t.f till on to a job, an'
whin ye've beeoun edycated an' have all
*U» -Uaalns iv civiliiition that me cl ..n't
wapt, that'll i".nnl ve wan. We ran'l
give ye anny votes because we have'nt
more thin enough to go 'round now, but
we'll ihre.it ye the way a father sliucl
his children if we have to break ivery
bone In ye'er bodies. So come to out
arms,' »avs we.
"But glory be, 'tis more like a rasslin'
match than a fnther'a embrace. Up gets
Ihis little moukt-v of an AnguenahL>a an'
■■ays he: 'Not for us.' be says. "We
thank yo kindly' hut we believe,' iie
siiv*., in pathronizin' home industries,'
he says 'an,' he says, 'I have on hand,
'an fr sale,'he says, 'a very superyor
brand iv home-made liberty like ye'er
mother used to make,' he says. -Tin a
long u av from ye'er plant to here,' he
says, 'an" be th' time a cargo iv liberty
he says,'got out here an' was hauJled
he the middlemen,' he says, 'it might
spoil,' he says. 'We don't want any
col' storage or embalmed liberty,' he
•aye, 'What we want an' what t_' ol'
reliable ho.ise of Agucnuldoo,' he says,
'supplies to th' trade,' he says, 'Isfr-resh
hbarty, r-right off tho farm,' be says,
'I can't do anything wilh your pro'iosi-
tioti,' he says, 'I isn't give up,' be
says, the rights fr whicli Pr five yrnra
I've fuii-lit un' bled iverv man I could
reach.' ho saye. 'Utiles* you feel like
biiyiu' mil tbe whole busine p,' he says
'I'm a patbrite,' he says, 'but I'm no
bigot,' he says.
"An' there it stands, Hinnlssy, with
the indulgent parent kneeling on Ihe
stmnini'.c-li iv bis adopted child, lot n
dillygation Irom H_-ct-.ii hastes him with
an umbrella."—Chicago Journal.
♦2.00 per Annum.
The shipment   ol  ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to an J Including   the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Boenn Landing. Tons.
Bomtn   660
From New Deuver. Tons
Marion   ..20
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise   880
From Slocan Cily. Tons.
Tamarac          20
Black Prince 20
Obapleou   16
From Silverton. Tone
Cons.*.-   20
" concentrate*  100
F.trilv Edith 60
Fidelity     3
Noonday 600
Vancouver 820
Wakellehl 680
NOTICE:— "Exchan-k. hn.vERPi.iTK I I ]Cfp,        XT,>.,*£.        liii#*
gaocoi. Vierouu No   . and Waaa] V3L        lXUIlC        JDUV
Mineral Ciaim* *, situate iu the SI..cat. |
Citv Mining Division n( West Kootena*
Where    located :—\Ve*t   ol   Dartm
Creek, a mile seotli of Knlngar creek
Tako notice that I, .1  Murray UcUregnr..
n- ting aa agent (or the New Gold Field. I
ol r.ritifhColumbia, Limited, rue Mtti
c»ra Certificste  No, h212.i7, int-.-r.d sixty
clays fr.in the date hereof, to apply lo
Ihe Mining ReoorrVt for a Cvrtilieate ul
The  Best!
Imiirovoments, (or the purpose olohtain- i *T   ..,, _>*}*-*x***M
ing a Crown Oram o( the above cla.ms \ **♦«»•••_» *******    m
And further take   notice that action | -Sajl l****.! • |>*flX*l 1 IM
under section 37,   must tie commenced'
Iiefore Ihe issuance of loch   Certilieatn o
Dated Ibla21st day ofRenternber, 1899
J. M. Mi ihn li'.n.
2o | 9 | 99.
NOTICE TO  WORKINUMKN. .-______.  -.«- __-.
,      , BLOOD    DISORDERS.
Owing In ii iii miners  wages ^^^^_^__^_-^---^sT__-B
caused by the enforcement of lhe eight
hour law, the miners are^all idle and the •
mines have   shut down.   Therefore all
workingmen arc hereby warned to keep
away (rotn   the  Slocan   and   Kootenay
country, Briiisb Columbia, until present
troubles are   amicably   settled   between
mine owners and miners.
Sandon, B. C.      IV. L Hngter,
June 2nd. 1809.        Secretary  Sandon
Miners' Union
J. M M Benedum,
Pres. Silverton M. U
J. I. Mcintosh,
Secretary,    Silverton
Miners' Union.
Boots and Shoes.
Two doors south of Poet Office.
SILVERTON,   •   •   -   B. C.
Total.... 2B»8
The twin evils o( Ihe present day are
Mamtnonism and Militarism—the offspring .,! gr ed and sensualism. They
are the foes of peace aud plenty. By
them are homes destroyed, manhood
stunted and vice propagated. Antagonistic to human brotherhood, Ihey are
deadly enemies of the cause of Christ
Thev are to-day busy nt their deadly
work throughout Christendom. We see
Iheir handiwork In the poverty o( the
tollers and In the base and debilitaling
ItixurloiisnosB ol so many o( tbe wealthy.
Under the inspiration of one ol them the
Pre)(us infamy wasc.ommited In France
and by thu other Idaho outrage is made
possible in the United - tales.-Citisen
and Country.
Try It-Prove ll.
Daigle's Blacksmith Shon.
(.eiiiTii! l-IarUiiitniii*
and Repairing l^i'*
To Packers
and Freighters.
-_E*rx>r (Sale*
21 Pack Vale-. J
6 Work Mules,
2 Saddle, Horse*,
,->,«h.m*4«r «.  -.*»_.•>•.- l»e,».l#C*„H|. 'eitM*£4imtt\~^
V r*^<^,^w»j^ft,'^^>; immt*-^c^^«c«***A'! emW'^^.em?^^ ijmwn 's«a"lt-*HW^M»^^^^»s»<»|wmiMN>y. itwa*mm» *mm *mt*t*t *mttmm++\'m*****?m+ %mxm*i*#-?.: w¥mm*m*m1m. .*,*mt


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