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The Silvertonian 1898-10-22

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 ____oso#o«M_»»» OSON*-*** *«»>»»
jSeadi Tl\e
$2 Per Annum.
J_*-*c*o»e*«o»o«»-*-J •osatoso **__.-*■*-._-«-«<!)
\)\j_\      el S^
Neatly S Promptly Done
We can quote you bedrock prices
t*c*c«csc«:aqsc*»csc lest testae osososasasoso«w A
The Lade Brothers, Vincent and Jim,
returned on Tuesday from tbe Lardeau,
where tbey bad been workiug this summer in developing their big gold-tellur-
ide property, the Ijftde group. The main
work done on tbis property this Beason
consisted of a cross-cut tunnel, which
will on completion cut tbo lead ut a good
depth, now in 72 feet. A specimen from
this group, showing free gold in plenty,
was forwarded to the Spokane Fruit Fair
and attracted mnch attention in the mineral exhibit. At the close of the Fair the
specimen WW taken to the Spokane
Chamber of Commeree, where it ia now
on exhibition.
This Benson has seep big improvements
made in the prospects in the Lardeau
<;ountry. More assessment work has
been done and the country opened up
more during the last year than iu all
other years combined and less relocating
lias consequently been done. The system
of relocating claims is felt as a drawback
to the Lardeau, as it is In the Slocan or
any other section. Mr. Lade tells, lor
example, of onesUker wbo holds claims
and interests amounting to the grand
total of 75. How an ordinary prospector
•is tbis mun is staled to bo, can hope to
•perform bis attiiual aises*n-*H*t-* is a
puzzle—if he intended to. Unfortunately the Lardeau has no corner on this
class of people.
J. D, O'Farrell, writing to Uie Toronto
Globe, touches tho quick in the following
references to tbe management of.the
Hall Mines and their smelter. Mr.
O'Farrell is "evidently an old timer in anil
around mining camps and knows whereof he writes. Ho says--The Hall mines
gave to Nelson iu lirrt boom. The
chief of then** is the Silver King. The
Silver King ledge contains oro enough
to run a largo smelter for a hundred
years and about 200 men are employed
by the mines and smelter company.
The ore is low-grade about 16 ounces of
silver, 2 or '" per cent copper and a dollar
or two iu gold. - That is about $11 o.r * 12
ore. In the mining, smelling and
dressing of this class of ore there is a
fair in-ruiu of profit, provided there i.s
economical miuing and capable smelter
nianaueineut. The Anaconda company
makes over $5,000,000 a y>*ar profit ou
ore uf similar value, but then the Aua-
i-onda Company is maun j-ed by Marcus
Daly, and the Hall Mined Company is
managed by a London 1-o.n.l. Therefore
the Hall Mines Company hss only paid
one dividend.
To-day I was admirim? tho talent of a
mine manager who built a mill for
treating free-milling ore ou the crest of a
mountain close to Nelson. He spent
$15,000 building a mill before he hud
spent $500 opening up Ihe vein to tind
whether he had ore to treat or uot. Had
ho found the ore in tho vein he would
have had toconsiruct an elevator te raise
the ore to the mill. He was doiug
business oo the same lines as the crank
who spent a fortune in devising means
to raise th<"* waters of the Avon to the top
of an overhanging mountain in order
create water-power.
Stoping has been commenced at ths
Wakefield mino and the force will be
largely increased.
On Sunday last tbe Ruth mine people
knocked down flO.000 worth of ore with
one blast. This is the biggest business
in that way we over heard of.—Review.
New bunk houses and offices havo
Just been built at tbe Queen Hess mine.
The buildings are painted and arranged
in the latest manner and are made
comfortable and attractive for the men*.
A new trail to the Essex group is
being surveyed and is to be built at once.
Work has been started in a new place
on the vein, still further down the mountain and indications are that ore will be
struck in a very few feet.
Gus. Kruger has taken a contract to
sink a thirty foot shaft on the Pembroke
claim, which is situated between the
Galena Mines and Laura Doonu. Tbe
work will be rushed us the owners wish
to Crown Grant the property tbis fall.
Cabins and cuok-house havo beer,
built on the Marion claim and the
property is to he worked in earnest this
Winter. Although only four n.eu aro at
present at the ulaiiu tbe force is to be
largely increased at once. A cook goes
to the mine on Monday to look after the
inner man of the miners.
A foot of snow hns fallen at tbe Comstock mines aud raw-hiding to the
..agon road of ore for re-shipment has
commenced. Several cailouls ofc-icm
ore will be sbippod at oir.-e and 5-10 ions
of concentrating ore ii to bo deliver*, at
the concentrator, to twiij-utl in a test lun.
The contract (or the concentrator calls
for it to be completed and running by
the 15lh. of January next.
Ike 'Ihonipf-ijii .ii**- Jack Smith, who
have been miming a cross-cut tunnel
io tap the Mollie Gibson vt>iu on Teu
Mile, which is now in CO feet, have
suspended work for the time btiug. The
property comprises two claim- known
us the MollieGibsou uihl Yirglnns and
tbey havo a Hue - surface abating the
ledge uvernging four feet iu width. Tho
ore, a galena, running from 00 ounces up
in Biker per ton. Eorjtttfhsurface work
baa been done showing the ledge to b« a
tissurt* and thu cross-cut tunnel when
cnmpleted will tap it deep enou.'i to
prove its true value. J
W Kirkwood is back from the I'tave
River country and intends to remain in
ihe Slocan for Uie winitr, but may
return to the north in the spring aud
resume his ,irospeciing trip at the point
where he and his partners lelt off. He
reports more or less gold i:i that country
but uo diggings, of any great value have
as yet beeu discovered, His party
traveled by water using l'eieboro canoes
and penetrating hundreds of miles into
an almost uoexplored conntrv. He
believes thateveq tually gulch gold will
be discovered on Ihe head waters of
some of these streams.
I know a land where the streets are paved
With the things wo mean to achieve,
It is walled with the money  we  meant
to have saved,
And the pleasures for which we grieve.
The kind words unspoken, the promises
And ninny a converted boon,
Are stored away in (hat laud eomewhere-
The land of "pretty soon"
Then* are uncut jewels of possible fame
Lving about in ihe dust,
And many a noble and lofty aim
Covered with mold and rust;
Aod O, this place, while it seems so near.
Is farther nwny than the moon,
Though our purpose ia fair, yet we never
get thcre-
To the land of "pretty soon."
The road that leads to that myst'j land
Is strewn with pitiful wrecks,
And the ships thnt have sailed fur this
shining strand
Bear skeletons on their decks.
It is further away at noon than it was at
And further at night than at noou;
O! let us beware of thai land down there-
Thu land of "pretty   soon."
—Ella Whtemr Wilcox.
Private, bath rooms, at Tom Mulveys
8. T. Walker of New Denver visited
our city last Thursday.
jVo enjoyable whist party was given
bv Mrs Barclay to her friends on Thursday cvenimr last.
Ail Silvertotiians are back from the
Fruit Fair and tales of city experiences
are rife,
Thomas Ardell, who has boon spending
thu summer in Brooklyu. returuud to
Silverton on Friday.
The first railroad locomotive lo blow
ts whistle in Silvc**toa was ono taken
through on the barge on Wednesday.
The condition of John L, Retallack,
who is down with typhoid fever in
Sjsikaue, is reported as serious.
Purser M.'.Donald will be transferred
from bis protwM route on tho ss. "-Slocan
to the Okanogan Lake service .
T. SI rut hers, who has toea in business,
lor over a year in Uoaeber), ia giving up
his business there and intends lo locate
in Greenwood.
Tho Tl.iatl- Hotel is to, soon re-open
under the charge of Martin Clair. We
wish tin Thistle management the
biggest km.', oi suocess.
Tho condition of the famed New
Denver-Three Forks wagon roaii is
reported as once agaiu being in au
imp.isbi.ie condition lor wagons.
Our readers will ne glad to hear of the
success oi uur old townsman VY. W.
Boucb, who is now in charge oi Mrs.
ilathaway's Barber bhop iu Nauaimo.
Harry Wilson, who has beeu looking
alter tbe interests of W, Hunter & Co.
in Brooklyn lately, has returned ana
is now on duty at tbe bilverton store oi
that firm,
Worden, T B Linton, V C Rackliff and
T Henderson, Secretary.
An excitfng runnaway, while it lasted,
occured on Lake Ave. Wednesday afternoon. A,.!' McDonald's team while
standing at the wharf, took fright and
started up Lake Ave. full tilt, with half
the town after them. The runnaways
turned nt the Bremner block, and after
dodging across a few vacant lots, were
brought to a stand behind that building,
being fairly run down by Larry Knowles,
the genial proprietor of the Lake View
Tho interest in the St. Leon Hot
Spring held by M. Grady of Silverton
has been purchased by his partner W.
M. Brown. Iu speaking of this sale the
Revelstoke Herald says.—"At the instance of Geo. S. McCarter, the two parties, Messrs. W. M. Brown and M Grady
were brought together and an arrangement was arilved at last Thursday, by
which on terms satisfactory to both, Mr.
Brown is now sole owner of all the land
and water lights in dispute."
J. C. liar: i. ■ has assumed charge of the
scavenger work for both Silverton and
Now Denver. Ho will supervise and see
tbat the work is promptly and pro|*erlv
pet formed. We are glad that at last this
work has fallen into responsible hands.
Ah it was, :f the people'of Silverton had
obeyed Ihe orders issued by the officials:
some two months ago, the town would
by this time be having as fine an epidemic of fevers us any in Ihe land, as it is
there is not a rase of sickness in tbe
town. It is a matter of congratulation
to both towns that at last a responsible
person hns been found to assume charge
of this work ho important to tbe health
of the community.
We have been requested, says tbe
Freo Lance editor, to publish a few cook-
inp receipts. Wo take pleasure in making public the only ones we know:
Bombay Pudding: Tako a good fresh
egg, beat it up well, add to it a little
sugar, a stiff,*; I jus of whisky and u cupot
milk. Shake well. Add a little nutmeg,
Open i/oer mouth and pour tbe mixture
into it. Allow it to settle before taking
< i iiv.Croquctto: Pare one large lemon,
take out the pips and squeeze into a tal*
veBsel. Add two teaspoonfuls ot sugar
and ouo glass of Tom Gin. Allow it to
cook over a lump oi ice for half a minute,
add ouo buttle ot soda and one spoon-
Serve cold.
B.   C»
Meroh andlse
mmaammmmmVaamtmmamWiammmmmm    at a   ammmmimmm
Mm M. BBN^Pmjs
JoToesa     l3    £3    mtuTttm    "_2"    ZS    JS&OA
Silverton,      •
Cure that Couch with Shiloh's Cure
The host Cough Cure. Relieves Croup
promptly. One million bottles sold lait
year. 40 drums for 25cts. Sold by Tho
Siivcrton Drug Store. t
Service will bo held in the Silverton
Church on Sunday next ut 3 p.m
Rev. R. N. Powell, Preacher.
All the old timers, who during tho
sunny months have wandered far away,
ure returning to Silverton at the tirst
upproachof winter. Those who have
arrived during the last week hail fiom
all parts of the country. John Poph*nn
cornea among us again, from the Colville
Reservation, on the southern half of
which he haa been busy driving 8t--«9
during the summer. John says he has
secured some good prospects,
W. II. Robinson, better known as
"Dad Robinson" arrived on Thursday,
hale and hearty aud glad to Bhake hands
with all the boys. Dad haila from the
Pacific coast, where it is Baid he has
bought a ranch and turned farmer, Dad
will, of course, put in the winter among
us. The Lade boys are back from the
Lardeau and many more familiar faces
are seen on the etreets. A few are yet
in the hills and in distant towns but
before enow files we hope to soe all
gathered iu our camp.
Indisputably the best mining journal
published In British Columbia to-day is
the Mining Record published at Victoria,
B.C. This Is a journal that should he
read by every miner and prospector in
the country and with this object in view
we make tbe following offer. To every
uew subscriber to the Bilvbh-hwiaw we
will ou the paymeutofnm casts over
our regular subscription price of two uoi-
lars, present a yeara bubficription tq ine
Mining Recqrd.
The originator of the following gentle
method of punishment wonld have made
a grand 6Ui*ceps a* master of ceremonies
iu the Spanish inquisition. His way of
treating the members of the court of cassation would be "alter having been dulv
drawn up in single file, an executioner
duly trained to the work, should cut off
their eyelids, so as to leave tbo eyeball
denuded, aud then spiders of tlie most
venemout kind should be inclosed in
nutshells and applied to the eyeballs,
properly fastened behind the culprit*
heads. The spiders in a famished condition would slowly and gradually feed
on the culprits' eyeballs until nothing
but ghastly cavities remained. This
done, these hideous blind men should be
chained to a pillar erected before the
Palace of Justicu and on their chests a
placard affixed bearing the words "thus
doea Prance punish traitors who attempt
to sell her to tbe enemy,"
An honest countrymuu, anxious to explore the wonders of the British Muse-
em, obtained a special holiday a short
time Bineo. Accordingly, taking wilh
him a couple of friends, he presented
himself at the door for admitanco.
"No admission to-dav, air," •*-!
3U   .M.-   -E£:cL©-w\Le.3.   E^xop.
$Ae(e<*(a&(,Kt(tbieC»Ce(*i.KK*to(e(e(e(e<*Ct t-»<*>(*H»Cs(.c«ls *(•*»» »<K<st*K«C» (•(•«<S»<!s*|>
Fall and Win er Suit Patterns Now on Hand,
I would respectfully invite gentlemen to an early inspection of my   t, I
selections in Spring and Summer Suitings. ]J
My prices will be found moderate. I make it a point to Viep them aa
low as is consistent with good material, good workmnnshio and the care
and ottention requisto to get up thoroughly satisfactory garments.
"But I mnst come In.
on purpose."
i'No matter.
said   the
I've a holiday
-•liis *a day, that the
museum is shut." .       .
.'What.!1'said John. "Ain't this P-b-
IId|«Y.J{bOto_»of the mummies died
afewda'ysago, and we  are going to
^Ohiu'thatc... we won't Intrude."
Mid John, in a,hushed voice.    So
Laundry, neatly and quickly done at
Mulvey's Laundry.
A. Roberts left Tuesday for a two
weeks visit to Graud Forks aud the
Boundary Country. Uo goes to look
the country over aud attend to some
mining business.
J. M. Barry haa bought out the interest
of his partner Mr. McKaig iu Barry &
McKaigu restuuiant iu Brooklyn and has
reopened that eaUblisbinent, says tbe
Brooklyn News.
Hill Bros delivered 35,000 feet of lumber and 7000 shiugles at tbe dock on
Thurssay. The lumber is divided
between tbe Comstock and Emily Edith
mines and Wm. Hunter, Brsndon k
Barrett and Brady k Anderson.
Since the close of Ihe swimming season, some of Silverton's young ladies
have taken to rifle practise as a pastime.
According to tho scores made Ult Snn day
with constant practise, in a few hundred
years thoy will be able to hit a builbeye—■
we think nit.
W S Clark has some splendid photographic views of the Silverton display at
the Fruit Fair. In fact, when Billy was
not busy dilating on the greatness of
Silverton, he was busy taking Buapshots,
time exposures and flashlight picture-
ol the cabinet.
Invitations have been issu >d for tho
Second Annual Ball of the Slocan I/odge
No. 40,1 O O F, which is to take place
iu Slocan City next Friday evening. The
Patronesses are Mesdames Liuton,
Carlyle, Rackliff, Teeter, Andrews and
Henderson. The Committee having in
charge all arrangementa for the Ball, are
Messrs. A B Teeter, W Clough, WE
Tho hop given hy the Quadrille Club
last Tuesday evening in McKinnon's
Hall, was pronounced by those attending as the bost of the series. Although
the attendance was not large, those who
wero present thoroughly enjoyed themselves and dancing was kept up until the
midnight hour bad tolled. Music was
furnished, satisfactory to all the devotees
of the terpaichoreau art, by Messrs. J'
McMillan and Geo. Davis, Dan Brandon
niado an excellent floor manager and to
bin efforts ure due much of the success
nf the occasion. Another of regular hops
>a announced fir next Tuesday evening.
I.mlie.M, Tako the best. If you are
troubled wiih Constipation, Ssllow Skin,
and a Tired F->eliui:, take Carl'* Clover
Tea, it is ploaeant to take. Sold by The
Silverton Drug Store. t
Liehscher. the Tailor,
lake View avenue.
Silverton. RC|
BIO       •
• of*:f\_3>
Hotel Selkirk:::
Brandon & Barren. Props.
Fine View of the lake. ■	
I'p.to Date- Service.
Oen-e-^-a1 Agents and  !#$     $•
39!     <?,#§ Min Iiijlt _Brolrei-»s.
 Sole Agents F«r
*••»>■--■*-■,. V   ... -I
_.    I	
i   nil   i-   iis>1i
Another -rent Strike lu Ihe Kumuus
I.e Hoi—Ma Strike In tlie Stand-
nril—Silver Smelter In Montann
Starts I |i A Bill ii—The South Hull'
llullIK   « ell.
A big strike has been Blade hi tlie
famous Standard mine «t Wallace, Id. Op
Thursday night the .eroiweut from the
first (fiaft level, at a depth of 200 feet
below the long tunnel, struck the ore in
the big vein.
Since then the miners hnVe crosscut
nine feet in amost solid galena, (Hi per
cent of which is clean shipping ore.
This is the first level opened below the
permanent water line in t^ns mine, **nd
gives assurance of the continuity in depth
of this great ore chute. The strike, is
1100 feet below the surface. The ore
assays from U Tin 70 per cent in leud,
and from 58 to <>1 ounces in silver. This
is even better than the line ore bodies
hIh>vc, from whicli the Slaiwlftl'^, people
have paid their great dividends running
from $.V),(MM) to lii.SO.OOO per month.
The mine, under the management ol
John A. Finch and A. B. Campbell, is
Dow employing about 150' men, und is
shipping about '.00 tons ol ore per day.
The new ore body will tie.opened up as
rapidly as possible, and shipments will
then he increased.
The company has ordered a new hoist,
and it will be installed alioiit tbe first
of December. It will be large enough to
sink 500 feet below the long tunnel levpl,
and will, cost $40,000. The cylinders will
be 00x20, with Corliss valves, Blake eon
denser* und all the modern improvements, lt will sit in a large chamber,
UO feet wide, IM leet high, and 80 feet
long, at a depth from the surface of 000
feet.    ,.
""""Strike In the I.e Roi.
Another momentous strike lias been
made in the Le Roi, this time in the
stupes midway between tbe 500 and 00O
foot levels. Right feet of ore has been
uncovered, averaging,^ per cent popper,
$50 in gold and 10 ounces in silver,
which, according to present prices of
copper .-and 'silver, gives a total value ot
$100.10 *ier ton. With copper at 12J
cents, the copper value alone is $44.10,
and the silver, at (10 cents per ounce,
is worth $0. The new find is the richest thnt has ever been discovered in the
niine'with the exception of the ore in the
llidpath stope, which carries about equal
values. /
Tbo recent discovery was made in a
peculiar way. The ledge at the point
where tlie ore was found is about 00 feet
wide, and ore in it occurs in* streaks. Development** of the-mine had been carried
on in one of these streaks, which had
been stoped for a width of 20 feet. A
large body of low-grade ore was removed on tbe footwall side of the stope. Last
week Superintendent Tfegeflr put a machine at work crojscutting the low-
grude rock,'which proved to be alwut 19
leet thick, when it gave way to an eight-
foot body of .splendid..gold-eoppcr ore lying close to the footwall.
>.-c<l    Concentrutlnf-    riant*.
Every mining man who bas visited
the gold belt of thc t'oeur d'Alenes since
quartz mining became an established in*"!
dustry has commented on the lack ot
improved concentrating machinery, although all our ores ure base enough after'u few' feet depth is attained that a
large part of the values can not be saved on the plates. This backwardness i-;
the more* noticeable'because on.the south
fork the' Silver-lead- mi-era -have the
mof*t perfect machinery to Ih*. found anywhere in the world.
Until less than a year ago the mills
had'nothing more effective iiutn bumper
concentrators—the crudest concentrating-implement known— notlijng else, bay -
in>i"been tried except in the Jenkins and
Ij-dtly iiYillsj-u-Jieie, canvas plants had
1-ecb nut in' with Very indifferent success; -. •     »'■■». •     .; -. •     ..„■••
Ipust spring there .'vus .a WJIfley van-
ner Allied tec the Idaho pant, but the mill
was shut down-about the same time, sn
tbere *wos no opportunity to-test it. In
(joloradp it has preyed very successful
on gold ores and recently the (."Tunlte-
Mining Company put one iu its mill
seven miles cast of town.
leasing |>ai*t of their works. There are
a number of claims in the group on
which ore has been found, so there i«
room for severul men working entirely
separate from each other. Wherever
found the ore bus been much the same,
being clean and high grade, netting them
from $2,000 to $3,000 per carload above
the freight and smelter charges. The}
are six miles from Osburn, but only a
little over two from the railroad, and
conjointly with George Heller, who has
struck ore on the opposite side of tho
gulch, tbey nre trying to get a side track
put iu opposite the claims, Work will
lie pushed ull winter both on the Van-
kee group and the llener property, and
the shipment the coming year will be
heavier than ever. While aggregating
considerable in money, the tonnage is
so sinull that the railroad confpnny hesitates about furnishing them better facilities.
Silver Smelter Re-Mime*.
The silver smelter at (ileal Falls,
-Mont., which hns not been in operation
for the past two months, will be started
up this week, and to an extent greater
thnn tor several years past, one furnace
lieing operated that, has not been fired
since the great slump in silver. About
175 men will be employed at once and,
as there is a shortage in the supply, ll
iiiiiiiIht will be brought from Helena
and other towns. j..ie supply of ore on
hand, which has been accumulated since
work was suspended, is large. The mines
which the company is operating ure pro-
duetng well. The East Helena works of
the company have been run aliuout to
their full capacity recently, nnd the outlook is thut, unless there should be some
unforeseen change in conditions, the
work there will bt; operated steadily for
several months to come.
Asks)   to   IliNliieiiriioriile.
The Silver Key Mining Compuny tiled
a petition in the district court to dissolve, and disincorporate the company in
accordance with a vote of the stockholders passed on August 17. All assets
have been sold, including the Silver Key
mineral claim, located on the south side
of Granite creek in Flathead county,
Montana. The company was capitalized for 1,200,000 shares of which 500,000
were treasury. Two thousand share!
had been sold. The petition sets forth
that there is $30((.SO in the treasury to
bc distributed among the stockholders
and that there ure no debts. The hearing
was set for December 10.
' Mining Brief-.
The stage compuny have 14 horses and
four coaches coming over the state road
from Boise which they will add to the
equipment on the Lewi-ton and Mt.
Idaho line, says the Grangeville Press.
Two hundred tons of Btemwinder ore
has just lieen run through the Tin Horn
mill, in Fairview aimp, U. (_'.. with the
result thnt $7 per ton in gold was obtained on the plates, and this, with the
gold iu the concentrates,' will give the
ore a fair average value.
■ With proper transportation facilities
the two counties of Washington and Idaho would liecome the greatest producers
of gold, silver and copper on the northwest coast, and the only natural and
easy solution of the problem is the construction of a railway from Weiser and
up the Weiser river. One hundred miles
of iron would settle the ouestion, and we
ought to put it down as far as possible
this vein*.
!.._.._    asm    vsasinu    sir .s.rt' tied a manufactory of -on-corrosive met-
nl which will employ 6000 men.
London's   famous    elcphunt,    Jimomi,
which wns believed to have entered the
 __,  ______  I world via the jungles of India 130 veins
BRIEF ITEMS OF THE WORLD. tg0; hai) j^t died in llnniey,    st«H*.
tlueen Victoria ns a child hnd a ride on
lier.   At the time of her death she wits
Acci- estimated to be worth $10,000,
An immense eagle swooped down on a
Hock of sheep belonging to George Stain-
ha ugh, a farmer in Mercer county, I'm.,
and seizing a half grown sheep in its talons, lifted it from the ground, apparently without effort, and carried it away
to its nest on a high elitr.
Ono  of  tho London   district   councils
oilils and End* of Happening*- In the
Four Uuiirtci-» of the Qloh
dentil. Crimea and Hu»lneini Mutter-.—Fires, Fever and Family
llrvim   HeurelM  T*-ut   He  I'unuul   At.
tend  tin    Jubilee.
^^Mt Itlcli Ore In the Wonder.
Pf .■_■ tbo claims on the south half are
T^ opened Up they are showing results tliat
are far superior to Uieir surface promise.
II. E. Shafer returned from that section
and exhibited some assays which he asserts arc uboirt sn .average.of those that
have lieen obtained from ores taken from
the Wonder, a property owned by J. V.
(JrnVesi and 'George Wooster of .Spokane
nnd himself. The development on the
Wonder consists of two shafts and some'
surface work.   Samples taken from sur-
fface chts assay $I(!.S4. From the bottom
of an 18-foot shaft the ore assayed $00.87
in gold und four ounces 'in silver per
ton. Fru*f the bottom of a 10-foot shaft,
in 10 feet of solid ore, the assays showed a vulye of $.-><■.53 iu gold and $2,82
in silver.
The Wonder elnim is near the 25-mile
post on_tho San Poil river and about
three miles south of the Davis camp.
Thero are several other claims that have
equally good surface showings but the
development upon them is very little.
'Taken as a whole, that region is a
remarkable one,"' said Mr. Shafer. "J
consider that it cannot be surpassed in
cither quality or quantities of fts mineral
deposits."        *   •
On   |||K  (reek.
In   the Yankee group on Uig creek in
Idaho, Ilie Make broii.ers have a respect
able fortune. They have been working
there for yenrs, occasionally shipping a
carload*of oiV, "Jfceir.ure bod,}*,is small,.
and they have never felt justified in putting on any considerable force, content-
ing themselves with working the ground
With two or three men. and occasionally
Troops for Manila.*
San Francisco, Oct. 17.—Troops from
Camp Merriam to the number of 800
marched through the Streets this morning to embark on the steamer Senator
for Manila. They comprised the Third
battalion of the Twenty-second infantry.
recruits for the Second Oregon, aud Battery D of the California heavy artillery.
The camp was broken early and the
men took up their march to the l'acitl •
street dock, where they arrived .at 11
o'clock. The Senator is scheduled t*>
put to sea, on the high tide this after
' There arc now seven United States
transports in port. The arrival of the
Zealundiit antl Pennsylvania has made it
possible to send ull the remaining troops
«t the Presidio away in a bunch ami
the chances are that thy will be on thc
way before next week.
The remains of Chaplain Freeman of
Baltimore, who committed suicide nt
Nagasaki, which were brought over by
thc Zealandia, will be shipped to Logans
port, Intl., today.
DruKirlst*   In   St.   I.on In.
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 17.—..ea-riy
delegates, representing neurly every
branch of the wholesale and retail drill*
trade throughout the country, are gathered in St. Louis for a three days' national convention and conference, and it
is probable that before adjournment ri
definite settlement will have been reached in the war controversy, which has
been agitating the trade since the revenue laws became effective last July.
Intlluiis   Thronvh   I l„liil,._.
Washington, Oct. ' 17.—The following
dispatch has been received at tlie interior
department i
Walker, Minn., Oct, 15.—Several of the
Indians for whom warrants are issued aie
resdy to give themselves up. Think all
will do so by next Wednesday.
(Signed) JONES, Commissioner.
«■*.*. cm lit   From   Ion,,,,_«.   Tax.
Washington,- Oct. 17.—Secretary Alger
today  issued   an   order  providing    thnt
hereafter vessels trading  between    the
Ninety-two Hour mills in North Carolina grind all the wheat grown in the
Over 13,500 has been raised in London
for the Spanish soldiers wounded in the
recent war.
The Cubans will declare for independent^ at the convention soon to bc held
at   Camaguey.
Savannah, Ua.. has beeu selected as
the winter port of departure for government transports.
Admiral Cerveru's personal ensign, recovered from the cruiser Colon, lias been
sent to Washington.
Thirty kegs of beer were consumed
by the guests at a wedding of foreigners
at Shenandoah, Pa.
A chain of Canadian police stations has
been established along the' Yukon from
Dawson to Lake 1 fen net t.
The yellow fever grows worse at Jackson, Miss., despite thc efforts of the health
authorities to check the disease.
A balloon line from Europe to America
is the projected enterprise of a Vienna
company headed by Count Zeppelin.
During the yellow fever epidemic a curfew ordinance in Meridian, Miss., requires everybody to be at home after S
p. m. An hour Inter is permitted to thc
people of Jackson.
It will require weeks to form an intelligent estimate of the losses sustained in
Colorado by the recent forest tires.
The enrolled members of the Methodist
church in Canada is 280,537, one-fifth of
the entire population of the Dominion.
An appeal for the relief of starving Cuban soldiers has been made to the lied
Cross Society and to Secretary Alger.
The National Horsetliief Detective Association held its annual session at Alexandria, Ind., last week.
Forest fires near Wichita, Kan., drove
clouds of insects and birds from then-
haunts in such vast numbers as to darken the sky.
-Ex-Governor Swineford of Alaska says
that the gold-seekers who returned empty
handed have themselves to blame for laek
of foresight.
Secretary Long has named the f.ntr
new monitors contracted for last week a*
follows: Connecticut, Florida, Arkansas
and Wyoming.
The United States army is to be reorganized with four corps instead of eight,
nnd a radical rearrangement of divisions,
and brigades.'
The deaths among the troops in t.i&
Philippines during July, August and
September numbered four oftieers and 831
enlisted men.
Admiral Dewey intended to use tlie
transport China to ram the Spanish Hoe*,
under Admiral Camara if it had put iu
an appearance at Manila.
Kobert P. Porter has returned from Havana with financial and industrial information about Cuba to be embraced iu .he
president's message.
pour men of a sheriff's posse who Wt?i»
levying on some property belonging to a.
farmer were killed and one fatally wound
ed by a man named Hollingsworth and
his friends in Cannon county, Tenn.
The Red Ijiikc reservation in .Minnesota has just been thrown open to settlement miner the Nelson act, which requires five years' residence and the payment of $1.25 an acre at the end of that
period. The territory includes 307,000
The annexation of Hawaii has given
a big boom to the sugar industry.
Mural free mail delivery service has
lieen ordered at Parkersburg, W. Va.
The oil wells of Senator Mills at Oor-
sienna, Tex., are said to net him about
$100 a day.
Mrs. Lillie Iscnberg of VicksbUrg.
Miss., died Sunday night from the effects,
of a spider's bite.
Ex-Treasurer Wedber of Sun Francisco, Cat, bus been convicted of embezzling
$70,242 of public funds.
The Kentucky court of appeals has decided that the railroads in that state
must furnish separate coaches for negroes.
The president will not announce the
selection of an ambassador to London
ljcfore his return from his western trip.
It   is stated that a proclamation will
I'ri-xlclcnt McKinley Wan the Honored (inrsl, nml Thousand* Shook
Him by the llanil—llellaloim Bxer-
eUi-M nt the Auditorium on Sunday Bvenlim—Wliul lllowa Unwn
Some Arches,
The bench was known'a  magnificent  triumphal  arch  spanning
'the streets from curb to curb and giving
a  touch  of  novelty   to   the   miles   upon
miles of decorated buildings, has devoted
(111CACO, Oct. 17. -Chicago, dressed
..i her best bib und tucker und res*
lias just had a prolonged debate as to' plendent in a festive attire of Hugs, ban-
the removal of a certain public bench j ners and streamers, with I." ami •!' '
at Bournemouth. The bench was known
us "the courting bench." It wus decided
that courting in public is a nuisance, and
the bench is to be taken away.
Paris is suffering from an ice famine,
and London's stock is very low, owing
to the prolonged heated term of the past
.summer. A few weeks ago the daily
consumption in Ijondon was about 2000
tons, or double the usmil quantity. There
is littlo hope of the supply being increased, the ice houses of Norway and Sweden having been practically emptied ot
their stores.
Southern lumber speculators have just
acquired a tract of 1150 acres .of timber
land in West Virginia that was grunted
by King George 111. of Kngland to tieo.
Washington for his services in the Indian
wars previous to the revolution. It wns
tho property of the wife of Professor
Kirby Smith of Johns Hopkins university, a descendant of Mary K. Curtis, to
whom George Washington willed it.
There are twenty pieces of realty in
Pittsburg, i'a., for which owners euii'-nofr
be found. The properties in question
range in size froin 5 by 00 feet to 00 by
120 feet.and nre located in eight different
wards. Altogether they aggregate oyer*
two acres. What has become of the titles to these hinds or the iiersons'- in
whom they were vested is what neither
the city nor county officials have been
able to discover.
Child   Freesen   In   the
Aran   of   Ilia
Denver, Oct. 17.-A special from Florence, Col., says:
On Saturday William Lciliu and his 10-
year-old boy came to Florence from their
home, six miles from Florence, to do
some trading. After spending the day
about town, at 0 p. m. they started for
home iu their wagon, lt was raining
when tbey left town, but when out
about five miles the rain turned to a
Minding snow storm. The father lost
liis way antl wuiidenil about among
scrub pine and iu the hills ull night.
The wagon and team were abandoned
and an effort made to reach home ou
As the night wore on the little fellow
became cold nnd numb anil froze to
death in his father's anna
The father managed to keep alive by
walking until he could walk no more
from numbness of limb. Daylight broke,
and l.cilin knew he was not fur from
home,  but   wns  unable  to   walk.    At   !'
o'clock   bis cries were heard  by his wife,   today by the high  wind  prevailing.
who went to bis rc.scjie.    Neighbors were  one whs injured by either collapse,
summoned   and   the  old   gentleman   was      The   .Michigan   avenue   structure   was
assisted to his home, but he was so near!badly broken und will have to be rebuilt.
dead that he could  not  give an  intclli-l'i he painted canvas depicting the atlveii
gent account of the night's wanderings, tures of Colonel Turner's  n, was torn
but the dead body of the boy told u piti- lin a dozen pieces. The Dewey arch «as
ful story of a lack of sHlticient clothing neurly completed. When the arch want
to keep him Warm. He wore knee pants down the laborers were at work on the
and a small coat, but no underwear'nor Rough Riders' arch at Slate ami Mudi-
outer i*oat.   His shoes nnd stockings were  *°n •drects and thus escaped  being cur-
the day to giving a  hearty  welcome
the strangers within her gates.
The railroads estimate that fully 100,-
000 visitors were handled at the depots
during the morning und at 2 o'oock this
afternoon, when the massive burricades
of the l'irst regiment armory were raised to allow the public to enter, it up-
pcarcd to the onlooker that the majority of these visitors, together with a
huge proportion of Chicago's Inhabitants,
were seeking admittance.
Within the mammoth edifice men, women und children were afforded an opportunity to shake bunds with the pies
ident of the United States. Almost every city nnd town of consequence within
a radius of 300 miles of Chicago wus represented uinong the musses who participated in the popular greeting ami iu ull
respects the demonstration wits worthy
of the prominent pluce it occupies us the
Inaugural feature of the week's peace
Sunday'*  I'roifriim.
The jubilee wus Sunduy night inaugurated with a thanksgiving service at the
Auditorium. President McKinley attended and listened to addresses by i
Jewish rabbi, a Komnn Catholic priest,
a Protestant clergyman and ■ noted colored orator. The applause for the president was terrific, and at one time he was
compelled to rise in his box und respond
to the frantic cheering of the audience.
The services, however, were of a religious
character, ami at times the solemn silence of the vast assemblage was much
more eloquent than could hnve been the
wildest applause.
The president rested during n-grent
part of the day nt the resilience of Cap
tuin Lafayette MeWilliams, his relative,
where he is being entertained. He did
not attend chUrch iu the morning. For
a short • time in the. afternoon he wus
token for u drive, in compuny with Mrs.
McKinley, Captain McW illianis und .Mrs.
The party wus driven to the Auditorium ut H o'clock, und nil along ihe way
jieople lined the streets of the passage
of tlie president's carriage.
Twelve thousand -x-ople were in the
Auditorium, and many outside Unable io
obtain admission.
Arches lllo-n ■■  lltinn.
Two of  the {ttbilee  arches,  the "Dewey," ut State and Monroe street-, and the
"First   Regiment,"  at  Michigan    uvcniie
and Van Burcn street, were blown down
chleiitfo. Oct, 17.—The Hlbllet' enthusiasm
was heightened today by thousumls ,',i
nags flung to the breese,  while Jositine
crowds filled all the streets near Uit. business center. Almost from dawn tllsiln-
Kiilshcd gUUtS Were arriving, Uen,.|„|
Miles unci stuff came in early and were
escorted to h hotel.
At 11:80 ihe presidential party left tha
MeWilliams house for the University ,,|
Chicago, where the degree of doctor of
laws was conferred on him this afternoon.
The president was escorted to the unlvsr-
slty by cadets of the Culver military academy.
During the day ruin set In nnd continued at Intervals and the bicycle parade
was   postponed   until   Thursday   night.
This afternoon President McKinley with
college and other dlgnlturleH marched
through    ruin,    mud   nnd   slush    to   Kem
theater.   University  of    Chicago,   where,
with all due ceremony, wus Conferred "lion him  ihe honorary degree of doctor of
After  ilie  ceremonies  In   Kent   hull  at
the university the president wits escorted
through Washington park and up to the
armory. Nearly the whole tllsliinee the
Streets  were lined  with  people  who cheer
ed as the president ptssed, it was utter i
O'olock when ths president antl Secretin.
les (luge and Hllss entered Ihe armor)
With the local reception committee an 1
took their places upon the platform.
For an  hour  Prealdent   .McKinley  shook
hands with thi thousands of psopla who
streamed by him. For each one he had a
smile und a word of greeting.
Letter   I'roiu   llr.! mi.
Chicago, Oct, 17.—The following letter
Of declination has heen received from W.
J. Bryan in resismse to un invitation to
attend the peace jubilee:
"Camp Cuba Libre, Jacksonville.—1 regret thai duties win prevent an acceptance
of tin* invitation extended by the citlsens
of Chicago to be present at the national
peace Jubilee. The American people are
pre-eminently h peace-loving people, and
It Is llttlng that they should Celebrate thc
termination   of   the   present   war—a   win
conceived in an unselfish love for humanity—a war which has demonstrated anew
the valor of our soldiers und seumen. a
war which Is destined—let us hope—to establish In the orient as well us In the
West Indies that doctrine so sacred to Unpeople of the United Stales, namely: That
governments derive ihelr Just powers, not
from armies or navies, but from the eon-
sent of the governed.
"Thanking the committee for honoring
me wilh SO Invitation, I am, very truly
yours, W.   J.   HKVAN."
IImiiiiik. « to the llr.M.I. I> ii.
Washington, Oct 17.—It will take $11,-
.11" antl 24 days' tune to repair the damage sustained by the Brooklyn, Admiral
Schley's flagship, during this buttle ol
July ,*>. Such is the substantia of the report of thc special naval board recently
appointed to Investigate the matter.
Another   French   Fliale.
London, Oct. 17.—Special dispatches
from Paris suy the sole consetpicnce of
the abortive attempt at a military coup
d'etat will be the early displacement of
several ollieeis of high rank.
almost completely worn out.
Worst  Early Storm  on  Reeord.
Kansas City, Oct, 17.—Tlie earliest
winter storm in the southwest in 2.1
yeurs and the worst early storm on record almost completely shut Kansas City
olT today from win* communication with
the atnil'h and west nnd the north. An
opening on the east alone kept the city
from  being totally isolated.
ried down with the framework,
Tenderfoot   Sit*    hy    Midi,.   „
of llj namlte Horn*.
Kaslo & Slocan
Time  curd   No.  2,  taking  effect  at  1
o'clock u. in.. September 1, 18U8, Padflo
or 120th meridian time.—First class passenger trains:
L». Daily. Arr. Daily.
Hi.'itla. m Kaslo 3:30 p.m.
Bt86e.ni South Fork   3:05 p. m.
l):4,»a. m Sprollles   2:10 p.m.
10:00am    Whitewater   2:00p.m.
10:08 a. m Hear Lake 1:50 p.m.
nj:20a.in  McGuigan  1:38 p.m.
10:34 a. m Payne Tram 1:23 p. m.
10:35 a. m Cody Junction 1:22 p. m.
10:45 a. in   Sandon 1:15 p.m.
Arr. Daily, Lv. Duily.
Mixed Trains.
They   ..honlil    Kot    Ue    Aililressiil
Ilia liner  of HiikIiii-ss.
'A young man in husiness is wisest who
sees to it that his personal letters do not
come to his business address.
Aside from the twlinii-ul point that he
has no right to use his employer's address for social correspondence, und that
it is not the place for such letters, it
means a freedom from distraction whieh
Arr. Daily.
ll:00n. m  Sandon 11:50 a. in.
"In the winter of '79," he said,  In the   I v  Daily
Chicago  Chronlclt,   "I  was  ln   I.eatlville, I
Colo., and the camp was literally Hwurm-
Ing with frontier toughs, who took delight   H*10a. m.. .Cody Junction.. .11:50a ni.
In making things Interesting for a 'ten-   11:25 a. m  Codv  11:35 a.m.
derfoot.'    One night a few of  them  got   Arr
hold of a Boston dude and escorted him I,
to a big general store that was a popular
endezvous for a gung of practical jolMra.
, is valuable to him.     The receipt of sochil
bc issued in  China threatening the  in-i, . .   ,       „     , _F
„. .      .   , .  . . , -  letters at business places    often    means
Diction of capital punishment upon nnvj'T . ..        ' .,       ,
,..r   -..*! r * i their answer there, and so one evil inul-
person insulting huropeuns. .. ,.      .  ,•    ___uj__      •_
".,,,,,     7    ,,   x,      ,     . ti plies  into another.      A  voung    mun s
A.   C.   Clevelnnd   of   Nevada   haa   nn-   , r. , .     ,, ,     ,J    . r. .    ,       i
,  , . t   ,, ,., . .   ,   business hours should lie devoted to bus- '
nounced himself a candidate -for United   .     ! , ,,,„ „„_ „„, ,    .,_„,•,■
«,„.     .»_«i     /   _  .u_. f ..incus, and he can not lie too stnrt in the
States senator frort, that state io succeed otacmmoe of thttt nilc.     Nor 1<hml|(1
William M. Stewart. ^ ^ ,„ rpH^ <„   .^
Urge numbers.of counterfeit |100 nl- ^      _,„_  to ^.(% .^      to jfca| ni,(,
ve,   certificates  havo   been  prodiujcd*  fn[ft ^ kim, of , w,,f ti        ir|< on
San rreneisro.    It  is su.d that 5000 of ■ th_ ^ ^ js s]u, _£J „„,      »
bills   were   sent   to   tho
these   spurious
Alaska Indians have, abandoned fur
hunt ing and joined the whites in the
search for gold. As the result, Alaska's,
fur output hns dwindled froni |700,0OO
to * 100,000 in n yenr.
The  converted   yacht i Wasp -has   been
assigned ns u training ship for the use of ;
the  Illinois   Naval   Militia.    The   vessel I
will soon sturt for Chiengo, via  the St.
Lawrence canal.
Keports from various points in Oeor-
giu indiciitc thut the storm of last week
The dude turned out to be a pretty good
sort of a fellow, and finally the proprietor
got his ear and warned him that the boys
were going to get up a fake fight as a
lliuile, In which one of them would pretend to throw a slick of dynumlte ln Hie
"•Just sit quiet, sonny," he said, 'an.I
they will respect your nerve.'
"The dude thanked him nnd said ho
would. Presently the row begun, and lu
less time than It takes to tell it blank
cartridges were cracking in all directions.
The dude simply grinned and took out a
cigarette. At that one of the crowd
snatched up a stick from a box and, yell.
Ing that he was going to blow everybody
to hades, threw lt Into the open stove. It
so happened that he went to the wrong
box and got hold of an actual, sure-
enough piece of dynnmlte Instead of the
dummy which had been prepared In ad-
vnnce. This was noticed almost Immediately and the jokers scattered like scared
rabbits, leaving the dude In possession.
As usually happens, tho dynamite merely
burned like so much win, The fang llnui-
nian to keep inviolate a rule so obviously , -y returned nnd found the dude smokln
for his own best interests, present and fu- | his cigarette, but when be realised  ih.it
turn.      A girl can not too rigidly let a ' n« haa re""1>' been Blulr"f on the <"'K<> of
.   .,„__   i , . i___  , a   Volcano   ho   nearly   fnlntcd   and   gnvo
young man alone .luring business hours. -way the geeret of hi. nervo. oinerwise
That is the rule of, wisdom, and I wish he would have passed Into history as tho
rhflt every girl  woui.i  leurn   it nnd  ad-   Bumest man in Leudvillo.'
here to It.
Funeral  of f(neen  Louise.
<'o*ienliagcn, Oct.  I ".-Tne funeral services over the remains of Qheen  Louise
ot Denmark took place nl 2 ocloek p. Hi.
in the cathedral of Koskiide
United Stales and Puerto ltico and ves-1 was disastrous to  the  cotton  crop,  ami
**els in the coasting trade off tbe island the damage sustained is believed to lm\e
shall lie exempt from tonnngc tax.   This  reached $5,000,000,
trade is confined by regulation to American vessels.
It nee Horse Stolen.
Chicago, Oct. 17.--l'opulist, a steeple- some home will  be creeled, to
Bnrnetl   Troop*'   tied*.
San Francisco, Oct. 17.—-Fire, steam
anil water damaged or destroyed n lot ot
eonlmet  bedding  material   intended   for   Saturday
'the United Stutes transports now in port The king of Denmark, the c/.ar of ltussia,
during the progress of a blaze which, the princess of Wales u-itl all the ini|s>ii:il
-broke out in the Bernard Mattress Com-'and royal mourners arrived there by spe-
-pany's factory, No. (11*2 .Mission street,' cial train at 1:45 p. m. Upon arrival at
Ptaturday evening. Fifteen thousand dol- the cathedral Ihe bier wns carried by
Jars' worth of mattresses, pillows ami ma- eight naval captains and eight colonels
-ferial were burned or soaked to n tlegrec and placed on a catafalque.
•of wortlilessness. The company, howev-I Al the conclusion of the services the
grove on  the  tract, ami  a   liuii'l- L.ri expects to make good the loss in lime , coffin   wns   borne   with   the   suiuc   cere
Tile Texns did Set tier's Association
has bought a thirty-acre tract of land
for a permanent meeting place. Ibis is
ii  line
OUT. IRVING,      G,
O. F. 4 P. Agt.
Lv. Daily.
Navigation aod Trading
chaser ofjiatioftnl reputation, was stolen'nshi place for the society's reunions,
from the Conignn stables at the Haw- The representative of a I'iUsburg com.
thorne track Saturday. The horse, which puny is negotiating for twenty acres of
was brought here from Kentucky a land on the banks of the Manchester shii.
month ngo, wns valued at $10,000. cnnl,  Kngland, where it is proposed  lo
be  used il |0 uvoid delaying the depinlnre of troops
now in port.
iiiony.to tlicx'hapel of Frederick V., where
the final rites were performed. ,
Tlie deepest coal mine in thc world is Forest fires in Wisconsin hnve left hun
the iJambert, in Belgium;'you can descend dreds of families homeless snd destitute,
3490 feet. I with winter "lose nt hand.
.Steamers  "International'' and  "Alberta"
on Kootenay Lake ami Elver,
Five-Mile Point connection with ull
passenger I rains of N. 4. F. S. K. EL to
ami from Northport, llosslnnd and Spokane. Tickets and buggugc checked to all
United Stales points.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson nnd way points,
duily. except Sunduy, 5:45 a. in. Arriie
Northport 12tl9 p> m.1 Koaslaml, 3:40 p.
in.: Spokane, (1 p. m.
Leave Nelson for Kuslo nnd wny points
duily, except Suntlny, 4:115 p. m.   Ijeave
Spokane, 8 a. m.; Hossland, 10:30 a. m*
Northport, 1:50 p. m.
Leave Nelson for Kuslo, etc., Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
nt H:.*I0 a. m.; arrive Kaslo, 1'_:30 p. in.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson, etc., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. m.; arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
Ijeave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.j arrive
Boundary midnight) nrrivc Bonner's Ferry Sunday  |0l80 ll. 111.
b'live Bonnet's Ferry Sundny 1 p. m-l
in rive Boundary Sunday 6 p. in.; arrive
Kuslo Sunday 10 a. m.
Close connection at Bonner's Ferry wtth
trains eastbound, leaving Spokane 7:40
a. in., and westbound arriving'Spokane
7 p. m.
0. ALEXANDER, Gen. Manager.
Kaslo, B. C. Oct 1, 1897. 'Uf.
Do You
Like Boils
If you dn not, you should take Hood's
BarsapSrWa and it will purify your blood,
cure your boils and keep your system free
from the poisons which cause them. The
greut blood pari lying power of Hood's Bar.
sapaiilla is constantly being demonstrated
by its many marvelbtu cures.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is'AnferlCa'JJ Greatest Medicine, |1; six for Iii.
H   <JrT_ Plllb cure Sick Headache.   -Scents]
I Mil
II   Im ii Fossil  (.um ami   |-   Mined  on
the Sluires of the Hit It If.
Amber is the fossilized gum of the pine
tree of ancient days, which by the action
of the sen and wind was converted into
the material we sec nowadays. The use
of amber i.s very old, for we liml il mentioned in Ihe bible. Amber burns easily, sending up a black smoke und giving Forth u fragrance.     Subbed on one's
.. -hunt! it yiws forth n **mell of camphor
und eucalyptus. This rubbing is a good
test, of the geiiiiiiiemss oi amber,
Flies ami insects ar" often found in umber ami scientists have classified any
number of lizards, ants, beetles, moths
and fnigmenls of wood which otherwise
\ve should have never known about. The
'-{yonder is that the insects* arc preserved
s<i pci(t*c,ll'*t("!^id. completely. If a. fly
uliglits in syrup every one knows Unit it-.
struggles lo git free Usually result iu the
demoralization of the insect, but evidently the pine gum dill its work instantaneously,
The town of Koiiigsberg, on the Baltic,
is in the Center of the umber' industry.
Where the lktltic now washes,there yyas
once dry hind, covered wit li waving
pints, whicli the salt water finally reached. The pine sunk below the se.i. the
soil uie. up llu; Woody mailer ami the
.. pine  giiin,   instead  of decaying,  iiiiiuiini
(fled into amber. Once tIn- Prussian
government issued licenses and any one
might, go amber bunting.     Tlie income
• was very large end finally the business
all consolidated iu the hands ol one linn,
whicli now employ", some l'ihki pqpple, 11
lias il-. -own railway ami tlie colony of
workers is self suppoiting. The amber
hunters dredge until they Hnd n blue loam,
whicli signifies amber in blic vicinity.
Then u Inline! is inn out from -lint'anil
regular mining proceeds, In some places
the coast is a network of burrow-.
The reason small amber articles, such
.as pins and brooches, arc so cheap, and
larger   pieces,  such   as   cigar   holder*   and
pipes, so expensive is that moat amber is
full  of cracks und it  is hnril  to get    a
large pie e quite perfect.
Kmpcror  Pears  Wl-d.
Xante, Ionian Islands, Oct. 17. -The Im
, pcriiil yacht llohenzollein,having on bourd
the ■emperor and empfi— ol Germany and
their sitite. has put'into the harbor ol
/ante owing to the fael thai a strong
sirocco was blowing.
"A Perfect Type of the Highest Order
Excellence in Manufacture.''
Absolutely Pure,
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rritatlu'ii ur iileerallvn.
,1   in 11 r DOS' liii'liilirsili-s
1'kItiIi-*., sikI iml -utiIn
gent ur [hiIriumhi*.
•.,.1.1 I..T   llr.islUI*.
or -Ml In l*lsln *»rit-ipyi
In   rsprriw,   pnpslil,   101
■ in  or .1 I-- -t 11.--. WM.
t'lreiilsr sunt »" routiest
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Iotas, samples, Mli'm-Muietnent blanks, eie-i
No. 48, 1W.
N.   \.   I!
Terrible Loss of Lite In the Disaster
In  the DltffU-rh Cluinnel-'l'he Men
• Moil   nt  Their   Pti.ts,  ||,e  Women
.   were iirnve.
Falmouth, (let. 16.—The Hritish
steamer Mohegan, Captain ('ninths, belonging td the Atlantic Transport Company, has been wrecked in the vicinity
«'i 1 he Lizard, between the Manacles and
the lowlands, it is believed about 143
persona were drowned.
Ths Mohegan left London for New
■- ork Thursday, baring on bourd, so far
us ascertained at present, so passenger*
mid a crew of 118. When the steamer
was seen in distress, lifeboats went out
from the shore and every effort was made
to save the passengers. Tho const ut this
point is extremely dangerous und has
been Ihe scene of numerous wrecks. The
general opinion is thai the machinery of
the Moht'Kan became disabled' during the
heavy easterly gale which was blowing
und she run ashore and foundered.
A number of tugs, which put out from
Ibis port to the assistance of the Alohe-
gan   were   compelled   to   return   without
being able to approach the vessel, owing
to the severity Of the weather. The life
boats landed 31 of the passengers and
crew. One of the former, u woman, died
after being brought ashore. There are rumors unconfirmed as this dispatch is sent
that another lifeboat succeeded In saving
six more persons. ,
The survivors of the .Mohegan without
exception speak in the highest terms of
the devotion, heroism and coolness displayed by the officers and crew of the ill-
fated steamer, antl declare that all were
instantly at their posts when it was
known that she had struck. '1 ae nerilotu
position of the ship was noticed on shore
and 11 warning rocket was sent up, but it
was loo lute then to avoid the catastrophe, which occurred so suddenly that
there was not sufficient time to get nil
the life saving apparatus out of the ship.
The terror of the scene was Indescribable
men jumped overboard in an agony of
despair, and the women passengers htid-
tlhsi together und refused 10 leave the
deck. Ihe officers remained on the bridge
lo the last and many instances of sacrifice are recorded,
Members of the crew are known to
have stood by and watched the boats
launched ami put nil when it was apparent that these were the only menus by
which their own lives could be saved. A
lifeboat with a load of 4(1 passengers on
its way to the shore, passed many win
were battling for their lives in the water,
whom il was impossible to save.
The villagers, beaded by the vicar nn.l
coast guard, stood on the shore and
cheered the bout. When the lifeboat entered the little cove the fishermen waded
into the sea to help drag the exhausted
survivors to their homes, which hud already been prepared for their reception
ami the vicar attended the injured.
Then the lifeboat was again launched
and put out for the wreck, on its outward
journey, picking up three survivors. Ihe
trip to the wreck was fruitless, so far ns
taking any one from the vessel was concerned, but on its way back to the shore
Hi other survivors were taken from tin
Shore, This was just before daybreak.
The latest list of the rescued shows that
only 11 passengers were saved, including
the Pembertons and n maid named Began
or Kyuj.11.
The name R. Kelly appears twice but
bo'li entries evidently refer to the same
pel son.
I "1,1    lljr   a   l.tlr-Slltrr.
Falmouth, Oct 17.—A dispatch from
St. Keverne, a small town a little to the
eastward of the .Manacles, saitl thut IS
bodies from the Mohegan have been
washed ashore there.
A member of the Fori nonstock boat
crew named .lames gave n graphic account of the wreck. He -.aid that as soon
11s the disaster was announced his crew
was summoned lo the lssit and proceeded
to the Manacles.   The night was pitch
dark antl ii" rts'ks were discernible, but
tbey heard shouting and pulled toward
the s|s>t from which the voices came. No
steamer was in sight, but the lifeboat
ciiine across an overturned lifeboat to
which four or live men were clinging.
Tbey were taken oil board Lie lifeboat
Later the crew heard shouting near tho
overturned   iifcbotU.   antl   with   grapnels
managed to right it. Inside the boat they
found a woman and two or three men
Jive, The woman was SO tightly jammed
in the wreckage that the lifeboat men
had to'cut 11w.1v Ibe thwarts of the small
boat before tliey could extricate her.
.Iniues said the lifeboat patted several
bodies of men and women and picked up
I couple of men who were Boating "»
*.*, lockage. The .lifeboat then mil a -hips
boat Inning on board *JJ passengers antl
craw    all    of    whom    WOUld  Qltre  been
,, |||y lost if nut rescued at that time,
as tu,. hunt was waterlogged mid rapidly
drifting towards the rocks.     The rjoeu-
pants-of  this  boat  were  taken  Into  the
, Pliielo   Women.
While th« latter was beating homeward
she nicked Up Miss Noble ot liallillloi-.
'■She is the pluckiest lady 1 ever saw 111
nry life," said .lames. "She shouted, ■IJon'i
,hove nie au oar, give mc a rope.' Ill*
fee then swept her lowards Us ami we
,'ruuglit her hands and got  her safely oil
boar. j„ as gootl 11 stale as e.uiltl  **-•
.„„.,,,,*     \Vc bad 4H  persons then in  the
j,,,,,,., including the crew, and could hear
shouting h-oni Hi<- steamer. We approach-
(1(| ,„,,. ,„„• ibw Steward (iray dinging to
!•„, j, ,   mast.   -We  then saw Hint  all
four masts were still standing nnd the
I'su'rvi-'nl-s  were clinging  lo  them.      We
backed In right over the wreck nntl sue
needed in les.ningihe boatswain,   000k
^dpthors,    NcM  wc rescued an engineer
who was cUnging to the steamers fun
1 m,|.   All this occupied several hours. We
'ih'cn Made for the shore.''
t-r|es llenril on  Shore,
■s-rthir BdvlCW from St.  Keverne fay*
Women and the Wheel.
From the Gaittte, Delaware, Ohio.
The liealthfulnesa of bicycle riding
for women is still a disputed question
between eminent physicians and health
Used in moderation it surely creates
for women  a means of out-door exercise, the benefit of whieh all physicians j
concede.    Used   to   excess,   like    any I
other pnsthue, its effect is likely  to be
The experience of Miss Berths Reed,
the 17-year-old daughter of Mr. J. R.
Reed, 835 Lake street, Delaware, 0.,
may point a moral for parents who,
like Mr. and Mrs. Reed, have experienced some concern foi their daughters
who are fond of wheeling. In the fall
of '06 Jiiss Bertha, who had ridden a
great deal, began to fail in an alarming maimer. She grew stendilv paler
and thinner, and it appealed she was
going into consumption. Rest and
quiet did her absolutely no good. A
physician found her pulse at 104—a
very  high rate.    Thinking   this  may
The I'rovosl Guard Is More Deadly
lo Our Soldier* Than the Suanlau
Troops—Soldier* Are Killed In
Three  Stolen.
Site Hides Well.
have been due to temporary nervousness when he examined her,he watched
her closely, but her pulse continued at
that rate fur two weeks. He was satisfied then, from her high pulse ami
steadily wasting condition that she was
suffering from anaemia or a bloodless
condition of the hotly. She became
extremely weak, and could not stand
the least noise or excitement. In this
condition of affairs they were reccom-
mended       by an old        friend
to get some of that tamoiis
blood medicine. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills foi Pale People. They did
ho, and almost from the first dose Bertha began to improve. She continued
to take the pills and was hy means of
those pills made entitely well, ami
more grateful people than her parents
cannot ho found in the whole state of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have
proved a boon to womankind. Acting
directly 011 tbe blood and nerves, tbey
restore the requisite vitality to all
parts of the body; creating functional
regularity ami perfect harmony
throughout the nervous system. The
pallor of the cheeks is changed to the
delicate blush of health; the eyes
brighten; the muscles grow elastic,
ambition is created and good health returns.
Anniston, Ala., Oct. 10,—Al 2 o'clock
yesterday morning a number of volunteers ami regulars from Camp Shipp been mc involved in a free fight and a riot
ensued. The Third Tennessee volunteers
provost guard wns summoned, one of the
guurds, whose name has not been learned, tired a shot from his Springfield. A
bullet crashed through the brain of Sergeant Heise, Company l'", Second infnn
tiy, regulars, killing him instantly. If
then cut off the thumb of Corporal Con*
roy, of the same company unit regiment.
It next shattered the arm of Private A.
R. Ardillin and finally lodged iu the
shoulder of Private Oliver Shepherd, Coin
puny 1'", Second infantry.
Heise,  who was  kilie I,  went through
the Santiago cainpuign and was promoted
from private to   sergeant    for    bravery
shown iu the charge up Sun J nun hill.
L.e-1-irton   Xtiilii   Torn   I i>.
Lexington, Ky., (Jet. 1(1.—Intense excitement was caused among the negro
soldiers by the fatal shooting of Private
Shed wick Floyd, Company 1, Tenth im-
11111 lies, by Provost Ouard dohn Kane.
Company 1), lOOth Indiana, nt 10 o'clock
last night. Floyd was under arrest anil
started to run. Twice he wus ordered to
halt by Kane, but told the latter to go to
h- 1. Kane leveled his gun and shot him,
the ball entering the left side of the buck
ami passing entirely through the Imdy,
perforating the lung. Floyd died In the
hospital at midnight. The negro soldiers
arc greatly excited and threaten Kane's
life. Tbe latter was ordered to his headquarters by I'rovost Marshal (iaincs.
Qniti-rcl Over n t'nrd  Giime.
Athens. Go", (let. HI.- Privates VV. K.
Smith and Pat Wood, both of Company
U, Sixth Georgia regiment, quarreled over a game of cards yesterday afternoon
ami Smith shot Wood through the head,
killing   him  instantly.
Follow   It   In.
Sit down and tool off suddenly, and
then regret it, tor stillness ami soreness is
bound to follow. Follow it up wii.li SI,
dncob's Oil und you will have nothing to
regret, from n prompt cure.
The run of lish in the Snohomish river
this tall is not large but the salmon arc
The Yakima board of county commissioners bus (reduced the tax levy for 18D-1
to 12 mills, briii" a one fourth reduction
from last year.
The suit of L. 0. Hilliiun against Ihe
Northern Pacific for $■100,000 for breath
of land contract has been refevsed to a
muster in chancery lo hear evidence,
The 4 year-old son of J. N. Harris, living east of North   Yakima, was    taken
with spnsius after a ride  ou  the merry
gO-round and a little later died from the
e Ileet s.
The Northern Pacific Railway Com-
puny bus 11 10111' of men at Montesano engaged iu building n new bridge over the
Wyiiooche river and in repairing culverts
along thc division of the road.
The cash in the Thurston county trans
my has been counted by the commission.
crs ami auditor and found to be *r-7.
W. d. Pecker returned the other day
'■..'>*. ;■'.
The Storm In Kiiiisns and NebraakH
KnoekH Out TeleKraphle Coiu-
ninnlentlon With the I'.nsl—Dot ot
Twenty-Klve VVIrm hat Two Will
Denver, Oct. 17.—The Denver office of
the weather bureau received no reports
today from points east of the Missouri
river. Since early this morning Denver
has been almost entirely cut off from
communication by wire with the cast
owing to the prevalence of unusually severe storms of sleet und ruin throughout
Kansas and Nebraska.
lu Kansas the storm extends ns far
east as Manhattan. It is reported vcy
severe nt Omaha, but it is not known
here how much farther enst it extends.
The storm came unexpectedly at midnight. Wanner weather was predicted
in these places where rain aud Sleet hnve
since been falling. Of 2.i Western Union wires usually iu operation between
Denver and Omaha and Kansas Citv,
Only two could  be worked all day. Chi-
, ,.     a , , ,, , .      '   1 ia go  could   be  reached  onlv   via  Ogtlen
from  the  Snooiiahiiie,  lulls,  where he  isi,,  , ,   ...    ,,    ,      ,,   •   ,
,      ,,     ., ,    .     ,, ., „ Helena  ami  St.   Paul.    Postal   wires ur,
Cruising  for  the  Siioi|iialinie   tails I'o.v-     ,       ,
also tlow 11.]
The weather in Denver is clear, but
cool, and it is not expected the storm
will extend so far west.
er Company.    He pronounces the works
as being on  the grandest scale, antl says
that the power lo be developed will reach
the  enormous   volume  "f  300,000  horse	
PPWSr* $100  REWARD, *100.
Bob Sheffels of Wilbur has finished His ,    The readers of this paper win b« pleased to
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acres,   irom   which   he   harvested   24,000   stages and that la Catarrh. Hall'a Catarrh Curs
busbelS.    The  early  sowing  ou  summer   '" _|"» ,°"ly Poslilve  cure now known  to tha
■■—■■■      o 1 medical fraternity.    Catarrh twins a constitu
tional disease,  requires a constitutional treatment.   Hall's Catarrh Cure Ib taken Internally,
acting- directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces  11'   the   system,   thereby  destroying   th*
foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature ln doing its work.    Th*
proprietors have so much faith in its curative
powsrs.  that  they offer One Hundred Dollar*
(c- sny case tbat It falls to cure.   Send for ll*t
ot Testimonials.
Address:   P. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
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Hairs Family Pills are the best-
fallow land made a yield of ,*(o bushels or
more per acre. The latest sowing on the
same kind of land made 20 bushels. Stubble land made much less.
The value of improvements in Hulli
Walla COUJ-ty, exclusive of cities, accord
ing to the revision of the board of equalization, amounts to (380,324' personal
property, (1,876.882,
The management of the Whitman conn
ty fair is working Industriously gathering exhibits for  the fair, und  is leaving
The London water famine is encourag-
T".  ',"*!", *"/T"!V*liUfi" experiments with Artesian wells.   It is
110 .stone unturned  to make the fair the. !_.*__ .',  _,.. L^ -■._...
the Panic on tbe Mohegan was terrible
antl the cries of despair were hcurd on
One passenger cut away the falls of 0
lifeboat with a razor ami thus saved several lives.
Miss Hondebush and her mother, Mrs.
O'randin, entered a ship's boat, which was
capsized, and Mrs. Unuidm wus jammed
between this bout and a lifeboat. One of
the lifeboat's crew, at great personal risk,
jniii'ied on board tlie steamer's bout after
the latter had righted and pulled Mrs.
Qrandin from ber dangerous position.
Put she was landed in u dying condition
and all the efforts made to revive her
were useless.
When Miss Hondebush lunded Inter sh-j
anxiously inquired for her mother, whose
body was identified by the vicar of St. i
Keverne from  the description of a  ring
furnished to him by the daughter.    One!
01 Mrs. Urandin's feet was torn troin the j
1 *.ni 11 il.-r.-.l   In   l'i t !■   Minute*.
From  the best  evidence obtainable nt j
St.   Keverne  it  appears  that  the   Mohe- ;
gun   foundered   live   minutes  after    sho
struck the rocks.    She wus going nt full j
s*iecd, struck twice, stopped and rapidly ;
settled into the  wuter.    As the Captain!
ami the executive otlicers ol the steamers j
went down with her it has been hnpossi-
blc thus far to ascertain how she got out '
of ber course, as Ka I mouth light and the
coast were visible.
Iloliiii-il   thr  Mall,
Lincoln, Xeb., Oct. 17.- Reports of a
during nnd mysterious railway mail rob-
bery at or near Alliance, in the north
western part of the state early Saturday
morning, were confirmed tonight by Superintendent liittler of Lincoln. Two
letter pouches, one destined for Lincoln
on the east bound Burlington train, the
other for lllack Hills and Montana points
on the west bound, were cut open und rcg
istered letters and packages of value taken.
The robberies were discovered by the
mail clerks after leaving    Alliance.    The
amount stolen is unknown, but many let
ters were tnken.    No suspicion attaches
to tbe postal clerks.
greatest success of any fair in the history of Ihe county. The fair begins October is and closes October 2*J. In addition to the exhibits now in the Spokane Fruit fair there will be 11 fine lot
of exhibits of fresh fruits, vegetables and
live stock. An interesting program is
being arranged, horse racing lieing one ot
the principal features.
N. S. Porter has been appointed administrator of the estate of Klisha P. Perry,
deceased, by the superior court of Thurston county, vice Sarah P. Perry, removed. The change of administration was
made 011 petition of parties having claims
against the estate, on tbe ground principally of the executrix being dilator- in
making reports of her stewardship, as required by luw.
Three Women Relieved of Female
Troubles by Mra. Piukham.
St. Jacob's Oil cures Rheumatism.
St. dat'ob's Oil cures Neuralgia.
St. Jacob's Oil cures Lumbago.
St. Jacob's Oil cures Sciatica.
St. Jacob. Oil cures Sprains,
St. Jacob's oil cures Bruises,
St. Jacob's Oil cures Soreness.
St. Jacob's Oil Cures Stiffness.
St. Jacob's Oil cures llackut'hc.
St. Jacob's Oil cures Muscular Aches.
A poll of Bryan's regiment ut Jacksonville, (in., shows -that about ,H7 per cent
of the men desire to return home.
From Mrs A W Smith, 59 Summer
St.. Biddeford. Me.:
" For several years 1 suffered with
various diseases peculiar to my sex.
Was troublcdtvvith a burning sensation
across the small of my back, that all-
gone feeling, was despondent, fretful
and discouraged; the least exertion
tired ine. 1 tried several doctors but
received little benefit At last I decided to give your Lydia E Pxkh&ni's
Vegetable Compound a trial. The effect of the first bottle was n.ug.cal
Those symptoms of weakness that I
was afflicted with, vanished like i&por
before the sv.n. 1 cannot speak too
highly of your valuable rtmetiy It ls
truly a bocn to wuir.au "
From Mrs. Melissa Pnii.i.ira, Lexington, Ind., to Mrs. Pinkham.
"Bcfo**c I began t; kingyour medicine
I had suffered for .wo years with that
tired feeling, headache, backache, r.oap-
petite, and a run-down condition of tho
system. I could not walk across the
room 1 have tnken four bottles of the
Vegetable Compound, one box of Liver
Pills and used one package of ^unative
Wash, and now feel like a new wou.au.
and ate able to do my work"
From Mrs Mo:.lib E Huiiikl. Pow-
til Station. Tenn :
"lor three years I suffered with such »
weakness of the baca I cou'd not
perform ray household duties I a.so
bad fulling of the womb terrible bear-
iLgdowc pains and nead<iL-t,e I ha*")
taken two bottles of Lydia E Pi_tt-
r,om » Vegetable Compound »nd feet
like a new woman I recomxen*! yoar
medicine le every wo-at, I nuow *
expeetetl that pure supply can be obtainea
at -t.">0 feet from the surface in the chalk.
Deaf. EmTOR:—If you know of s solicitor or
canvasser in your city nr Elsewhere, especially
a man who has solicited fur sut»,cri->tions, lu-
snranee, nursery stock, bocks or tsiinriiiK. or a
man who can sell irpods, yon will confer a
lavor by lellinK him lo correspond with ns; or
if you will iiihurt ihis not ice in your paper and
such parties will cut this notice out and mail
to us, w« mar be able to furnish them a good
position in dielr own mid adjoining eotiuties.
AMKKICAN   WOOL-})   MILLS   CO..   Chicago.
The present population of Bordeaux,
France, is 807,000, of whom IS.KtM are in
receipt of ussi.-d.inee from charitable so-
Senna to (let Itipe.
One complaint seems to j»et ripe in autumn, anil that is neuralgia, To soothe
thc pain, strengthen the nerves and rid the
system of it, use St. Jacob's oil, the best
known curt*.
itrpon Tbat O-nr-era vu-iii.
Vhdeii, 111.. Oct. 10. Attorney William
I'atton of the Chicngo-Virden Coal Company is authority for the statement that
no further attempt will be made to land
here the Alabama negroes, whose coming
resulted iu the loss of so many lives.
The town is quiet. Colonel Young's
militia is still patrolling the streets.
The coroner's inquest over the remains, _____________-________-_-------_-^_
of the guards killed in the battle c.ntin- !    A nirioafty recently exhibited at Stock-
ues in a leisurely manner and it mav be Mm was a section four feet in diameter
prolonged a week.   It is the ev nt In- from ■ l*ine trcc wh,,'h &■"?* w* to '°
tci.iion to bring out as much testimony "•»••-» Borth °* «>* A"#ceirele'
on both sides as possible.   Lawyer Moon-
,,    . .'. No   household   ls   complete   without   a
ey is apparently trying to gel  testimony , botl|e of lhe f._,_„„ jj8e Moore Wnl8.
tending to implicate  the  inmates of Ihe] „0y,   rt |B a pure und wholesome stlmu-
Wben coming to Sun Francisco go to
Brooklyn Hotel, 20S--1! Bush St. American or Huropeun plan. Koom antl board
il.00 to tl 50 per day; rooms 50 cents to
$1.00 per day; single meals 'ii, cents. Free
coach.   Chas. Montgomery.
stockade and the train guards in the buttle, while the Company's attorney i^
drawing out detailed Individual statements of the personal experiences of the
mine guards.
The   Flood   SnWrrrrs.
Washington, Oct. 17.—The government
Saturday decided to issue army rations
to the sufferers from the recent floods ill
Georgia, Appeals for sueh aitl have heen
coming in for several days from the
Georgia state officials,
lant    recommended    by   all
Don't  neglect this necessity.
An   Australian   sporting  paper  records
a 1(11 foot jump by a kangaroo.
CITS Perruanmitly Cured. Ko flisor nerrousnea
rilO after flrst day's use or Dr. Kline's Um*
Nitvi .lemur, r. Head lor rilKE CS.00 trial
bottle and treatise. DR. B. II. HUNK, Ltd., KIO
A rclt street, Philadelphia, Ph.
When the Welsh coul war liegan the
employes had a reserve fund of Jt,3tM»,(X)0.
It is now all gone.
..       .,    , , For lunu nnd chest diseases Plso's Cuie
New  Zealand has a law in force com j ,s |he „,,„, m,,a|clne we nave used.-Mn.
polling  every   intoxicated   man   to   have \ J.  L,  Northcott,   Windsor,  Ont..  Canada.
his   photograph   taken.     His   picture   is
then distributed among barkeepers aud
Innkeepers snd they refuse to sell or give
him liquor.
Oregon -ealalatarc over.
Salem, Or., Oct.  IT.    The special session
of the legislature adjourned sine die Sat
iirthty after having passed the general appropriation   bill,   which   carries -ft,300,-
lu (he Hank of Kiij_'land (it) folio volume, or ledgers are filled daily with writing iu keeping the accounts.
.   In the fall cleanse your system by using Dr. I'funder'g Oregon Blood Purifier.
lu the United Kingdom in is~0 there
were li.H.'ill.l 77  telegrams di-p.itched. Ijast
year there were 83,020,000.
Use Pr. rfumler's Oregon Blood Purifier now. ' Try  Schlllinn's  He*u  Tea ami   Hakinjj  Powder.
The   Wyoming   wool   clip
Weighed. 14,000,000 pounds,
this   year ,    Telephone  lines  use  18,000,000  pounds
jof copper yearly.
No danger in Schilling's
Best tea.
It is delicious besides.
1 *A-*r,-v v-^-',v.?,n.'_.,.„*.: _S3Ba_-gg  a— v"'1
are   £*<rw Prepared
^To_S   -Oo       -Bt-LsJ-tiessis.
A    BROOKLYN   B. 0.
A BLUE PENCIL MA.11K &sK*Pf**o«*»*Q
NOTICE,—"Morning Star Nq 7 " mineral claim, situate in the Slocan mining
division of "West Kootenay district.-
Whore, located: On the south Blope of
Lemon creek, 8 miles from ihe mouth.
lake notice that I Samuel L. Long,
acting as agent for W. A. Campbell, free
miner*, certificate No. 11,416 A intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder for a certiflcntu of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant for the above claim,
And further take notice that action,
nnder section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate qf
Dated this 4th. day of August 1808.
NOTICE.—"The|Alpine Group of Mineral Claims"  (the  Swiss,   Highland
Obief,   Berne,  Kootenay   Pass   and
Rocky Fraction), situate in the Nelson
aud Slocan City Minim;  Divisions of
West Kootenay District.   Where located :—On the divide between Kootenay
and Slocan  Lakes,    east of  Summit
Take notice tbat I, J. Murray McGregor,
acting as agent for Cbas Faas, F. M, C.
11784 A, Henry Stew F. M.C.  79147.
Herman  Clever F. M. C.A10979, W.H.
Crawford F.M.C.4180.A and Max Hickman F.M.C. 4274 A, intend sixty days
from the date hereof,   to apply  to  the
Mining  Recorder  (or  a  Certificate  of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commence-
before the issuance ol such Certificate
ot Improvements,
Dated this 27th. day of August, 1898,
NOTICE :—"Bamctt",   "Little   Montana" and "PnloRkie" Mineral Claims;
situate  in  the  Slocan City   Mining
Division of v. est Kootenay "District.
Where located;—On  tbe west side of
main Lemon creek about twelve miles
from the month.
Take notice that I, J. M.   McGregor,
actin? as agent for W. A. Cam-bell, Free
Miner's   Certificate  No. 11415a, intend
sixty days from the date hereof, lo apply
to ttie Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the put pose of obtaining a   Crown   Grant of tbe above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificste
of Improvements.
Dated this 12lli day of October 1898.
j. M. McGregor.
NOTICE,— "Hope No. 2." Mineral
Claim, situate in the Slocan City
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located:—On   the   north-east
aide of Cameraman Creek,:,.; of a mile
from its junction with the north fork of
-Take notice   that   I,  J. M. McGregor,
acting as agent for Robert Cooper, Free
Miner's Certificate .No. 11794a, and Hen
ry Sheran, 12001 a,intend sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder   ior a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a
Grown Grant of the above claim.
And fnrther take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 8th day of September, .181(8.
NOTICE:- "Alexandra" and "Delly"
Mineral Claims; situate in the Slocan
City Mining Division of  West Kootenay   District.    Whore located:—At
ihe head of Mineral Creek, a branch of
the second north fork of Lemon.
Take notice tbat I, J. M. McGregor, acting asa irent for D. K. Mcltonald, Free
Miners   Certificate No.   8929a. intend
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for tbe purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim
_And further take  notice that action
untJer section 37,   muht be commenced
before the issuance of such  Certificate of
Dated thia 5th day of October, 1888.
J. M. McGregor.
NOTICE:-"Soho" Mineral Claim,
Bituateinthe Slocan Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.   Where loca-
Creek Ba8in °n McGui8an
\ Take 'notice that I, M. R. W. Rath-
borne,   Free   Miner's   Certificate   No
33371a,for myself, and as agent for J c'
-Ryan. I r«e Miner's Certificate No. 4774
and Henry Eummelen, F. M. C. No 1631''
to apply to the Minine Recorder for a
Certi_cato of Improvements, for the pur-
pose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim. "
And further take notice the action under section 3/, must be commenced before tbe issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this fifth day of October, 1898
M. R. W. Rathbobne.
NOTICE:—"Northern Pacific" Mineral
Claim, situate in the Slocan Miping
Division of West Kootenay District,
Where located :-On McGuigan Creek,
half a mile south east of the Washington.
Take Notice that I, M. R. W. Ratli-
bome, Free Miner.s Certificate No S3371 a
intend sixty days from date to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a Certjfii-a'e of
Improvement, for the purpose ot obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe above claim.
And further take notice that action
under section 37 must be , commenced
before the it-suuoce of such Certificate of
Dated this fifth day of October. 1898.
M. It. W. Rathkubni:.
0 u\ 0
°rt _J °
°ft       •        °
o o
O SYRUP ><,*
For Constipation take Karl's Clover
Root Tea, the great Blood Purifier Cures
Headache, Nervousness, Eruptions of
the 'ace. and makes the head as clear as
f bell.   Sold ut
The Silverton Drug Store, t
a   :<
:•: line
Of Fancy
CANNED   GOODS   -    	
Dreadfully   Nervous.
Gents:—I was dieadfully nervous
and for relief look your Karl's Clover
Root Tea. It quieted tuy nerves and
strengthened my whole Nervous System. Iwm troubled with Constipation,
Kidney and Bowel trouble. Your The
soon cleansed ray system so throughly
that I rapidly regained health and
strength. Mrs. 8, A. Sweat, Hartfort
Cqun. SoldbyThe_i.TertoDD:_g Bioro
It is easy ennuuh to bo pleasant,
When life flows by liken sung,
But the man worth while is one v l,*» will
When everything goes dead wrong.
For the test of the heart is trouble,
And it always comes  with yearn.
And the smile that is worth tho praises
of earth
Is the smile that shines' through tears.
It is easy enough to be prudent,
When nothing tempts you to sti-y,
When without or within no voice of sin
Is luring your soul away,
tint it's only a negative virtue
Until it is tried bv lire,
And the life that is worth the honor  ot
Is tbe one that resists desire.
By the cynic, tho sad, the fallen.
Who bad no strength for the strife,
The world's highway 1* < umbered to-day
Thev make up the item of life.
But the vittue that conquers  passion,
And the sorrow that bides iu a* 'iu"le,
It is these thai is worth the homage  oi
And we find tbem but once in a while.
—Victoria Times.
8 88S88888SS8S3»8888888i»888
I mm\i ©iMomM j
^8888S8 8SS888888888888*8S»
English speaking native born Canadians, alive to-day, as many if not
more aro residents and naturalized
citizens of the United States ae those
wbo remain within our border*. The
principal cause wo believe to bo tbe
faulty emigration system now in vogue,
bringing our young men end women
into competition for their daily bread,
with the scum of Europe in the east
and the scum of Asia in our westers
Province, Just as long as this
continues, will oijr emigratipn equal
our immigration, and Canada be by
far the loser in exchanging ber sons
and daughters for th} oli'scou rings of
tbe old worlds.
A minister on a recent Sunday surprised his audience by reading the following announcement from the pulpit:—
"The regular session of tho Donkey Club
will be held aa usual at the close of the
service. Members will lino up just out-
aide the church door, make remarks and
stare at the ladles a* is their custom.
Any member seen to escort a young lady
to church liko a man and sit with her
like a gentleman', will be promptly expelled from the membership." The
application was to the point and the
effect marvellous.
One   of    oop
demanding for some time the
exchanges cftei*
establishment of a Canadian n&int, has
humbled itself and is njw meekly
asking for a  fireball.
It is with extreme regret tbat we
learn that Queen Wilholmina is formally engaged and soon to lie married
Our only alternative now is to choose
a widow or forever ieiioui't*** the idea
of a royal alliance.
Tne live, qoesticn in France is not
whetLer Dretus is guilty but whether
it is better to crawl down and ackuow-
lege the rottenness of their government or to provoke a foreigu war aud
stifle the clamorm at home.
sent to any address, $2.00
a year.
Wilson Hotel.
Teeter   Bros.  -  -  props
Headquarters For ffiiipg And fonajfrfial Ben,
Ermthi-g Fir-i<rfu_ In Ml Rtspeeto.
Then* are some people who read the
local paper year iu aud year out, yet
never think tbat the editor mutt eel
oecassionally and never give him thn
price of a subscription to heip him on
hij lowly way. These people doubls
shoot the turn by putting the nickle in
tbe contribution box weekly and flatter
themselves thut they are purchasing a
corner lot in Paradise, on the installment plan.
There are hundreds of people who
would feel themselves disgraced if they
were seen to rubberneck an initerent
performer'^ open-air show without
shelling ont when the*" hat <*aam around,
but these same people are quite content to reap their share of whatever
benefits their local paper brings their
town, without contributing one cent
towards its support. These are thc
ones referred to by the poet, when he
"With sonl so email, it could
A can-can dance,
Within the narrow portals
Of a dead nit's eye.
If, as is the case, the amotmt of
freight invoiced for Silverton 'equals
the amount ot freight invoiced for all
other Slocan Lake point**; and
The number of miners employed in
our mines four times as many as are
on tbe payrolls of all other Slocan
Lake town*;   and
The amount of business done by
our merchants and business men ia in
proportion to the above; and
Hqying t\ future possessed by few
towns in  British  Columbia
Why is it that no enterprising Bank
is already in the field in Silverton,
doiug Silverton's business and growing
up with nsT
Why doea the natural increase of the
Canadian people, hardy and intelligent
sons and daughters of British ancestry,
leave this fair Dominion of Canada,
that with its natural resonraes is
destined to be one of tho greatest
countries on earth? That tbey go and
stay iipt oven by the fact that of the
Following is a complete list of the
mining transactions repprdad during the
week for the Slocan Mining Diviaion:
Oct 11—Hamilton,   McGuigan creek,
A Davis;   Lorance, south east New
lenver,   J B Martin,   Dolphin*   Mero;
Yellow Jacket, Payne Mt..C A Freeman.
Oct 12—Sandon Fraction, Cody creek,
W Callahan.
Oct IS— Ptarmigan, Carpenter, Wm
Smin; Old Stump, reloc. Manhattan, VV
Clark; Pleasant View, reloc Qiiaeind, W
Anderson; Alma, Eiaht Mile. Walter
Clou-lb, D A Ross; 1'uizle**. bet. Eight
and Ten Mile creeki., Frank Byron;
Selkirk, sanie, Joseph Brandon.
0.*t 14—Waterloo, adjoining Corn-
ciiicker. M L Nicholson; Iron Mask
Fraction, Four Mile, Hugh  Brady.
Oct 15—Nellie F, Payne Mountain, W
Je»*». G Weinant.
0*t 17—Nellie, North fork Carpenter,
W T Hancock*.        .    .
Oct 18—Carbonate King Fraction.
Payne Mountain, Henry DiUey; Belvedere Fraction, same, £ M Gibson.
Oct 11— Pars-rvance.
Oct 1-!—Haiiitnort-, Manitoba Fraction.
0**t 15—rJeeJBec, Havana, Gopher,
Grand View.
Out 17—Mollie, Dardanelles. No 2,
Giant, Silver Standard.
Oct 12—Nellie Fraction tn B. C. General Exploration Co., Ltd., Foreign.'    *
transfer*. I
Oct 10—Adirondacks 1-9, A 3 Mtirpnv
to Wm Ecclee, Oct 8, |333 25.
Oct 11—Billy D »., A li Fauquier to J
H Cory, June 27.
Merrimac )£, Geo Long to A C Allen,
Sept 19
Silverite ?*j, John Foster to J H Cory,
Jan 26.
Oct 14—Mazeppa, Randolph Sunnier*
and A J Murphy to F J Funicane, Oct 13
Lily W, Frank L Byron to Jos Brandon
Oct 13. *
Puzzler \S, same to same, Ocf 13.
Iiena B j_. Joseph Brandon to Frank
I. Bvron, Oct 13.
Little Jack >8, same to aame, Oct !3.
Bristol Extension M, W li Brandon- to
Frank L Byron. Oct 1.
Selkirk).. Joseph Brandon to same,
Oct 13.
Tunis, Drewry, Capello, J^ iii all, D
Bremner to Amos Thompson, Oct 13
Turris %. W VV Dines to same, May 11
Oct 14—Eagle Fraction, Ironclad, Eagle. Emilv Edith Fraction, 3-5 in all, E
M Bammelmeyer to Chas E Hope, Au.
Bobtail Fraction 1-6, B A McConkey to
Nets Nelson, Oct 13.
Bobtail Fraction 1-6, aame to John
McLachlan, Oct 13.
Notice of claim laid to the interest of
Wm L Harper in the Asbkosh mineral
claim by Thomas Bouse.
s-cc-y crnr—TBAHei'MB.
Oct M -BcrneJ-jj', Max Heckman taC
Kootenay PaesJi, Herman Clever to
Meteor, Ottawa and Coitus, !*,' in eac b
II Hoffman to E J Dyer.
Oct 17—Sundown Fraction 1-20. Herbert Bautiug and J R Stiff to W B Wilcox, $60..
Oct 18—Grand Trunk)., John Blencn
to Wm Stubba.
Nnrtnern Pacific )., Thomas Blench
to same.
Great Northern )*', A E Hill-nan to
Ort.20—Barnpi-on %, R Bradsbaw to
F 8 Andrew, |!0.
B.   C.
:•; BtatyMrtr-rs for »ni«g Mta w|£fm>KIA
I Ve% *-AS 9>wt 9 9, • _/»« 9 _ 9 %9We • 9 O
I     Silierton's    I
» *      I
5»s * •*»-•»*?» * te it ttf tec
H O T K L_.
Brandon  A Barrett
J-mc-i; Boaci
L. Know!*-.
-   B.C.
J*, 0, GORDON,
M!M;S,KEtU;ST\TE, (0.\VtVi\GLi;
SILVERTON,      -      -       -    .n. C
And Okvkhju, Rkal Kstats Agksts,
OOet la Healer Block    -
Baker St.
j. m. McGregor p. l. s. &c.
or McGrk-ok,   Atunsov A   Co.
Parties cutting wood on the property
of the Bilverton Townsite, or rnmoving
same will be prosecuted. Squatters are
also warned not to trespass on said property.
by Cross A Co., Agents.
Taxi Notice that 30 days after date I
shall apply to thc Gold Commi-iioner at
New Denver for a license to sell liquor
at retail on the prer ises of the Thistle
Hotel, Silverton, B. C.
Dated October 22ud 1808.
Direcr and Superior Service to East
ern and Eurofean Poi.hts. To Paciric
Coast. Alaska, China, Japak aud
Australian Poi.nth	
... -. Pass Revelatok
Daily to St Paul.   Daily (except Wednesday} to Eastern Points.
Ma.niticcut Sleeping and Dining Cars
on all t**aitis.
Tickets Indued Tiirouob And Ba-Oa.b
Ciieckkd To Destination
(crt'cptiiiK   Sunday;
Raveletoke and Main Line Points.
8.05—lea * e-t-Sii.VKRTON—arrive—16,30
Nelson,   Trail,   KoH*laitri, Ac.
J. A. McKfNNON A Ce*.
cross kCb: ~
•E <i. GORDON.
A S 8 A Y E R S.
a. p. Mcdonald.
Ascertain present ratea and full in
formation by addressing nearest loca
agent, or    	
W. 8. CLARK, Agent, Silverton.
Tray. Pass. Agent, Nelson
Dist. rase. Agent, Vancouver
Karl's Clover Root Tea is a pleasant
Jaxative. Regulates thn bowels, purifies
the blood. Clears the complexion.   Easy
to make and pleasant  -o take,    26cts
Sold by The Silverton Drug Store,     t '
- "V-Y-jJP _.
w —f ■■ a ,-^ w
CRAB APPLES that i will
SILVERN,     8. «?■
.->. •«.•,*.**-» ■*■■ *» .;


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