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The Silvertonian 1898-07-23

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 ti. v£
^«t,f •.•eiQ09Mt ammmWw*Xm*\\
Read OPlie
$S Par Annum.
Joto World:     I
irock prioes 8
We can quote yon bedrock prioes
«u mm wm .lubes in
piorEiTi ii a shifting
mm at
At tbe .nd ol this monty another
permanent shipping nine wljl be added
to Silverton's list of shippers. Thi. time
it is th. Emily Edith group, fcbat ia to
take its place on the already large list,
as a producer and its place trill rank
away up on the honor roll.
Tho Emily Edith property that ..some
jiix months ago was known mewl? as a
remarkably floe prospect, has under Uie
efficient management of E Remmelmeyar
been developed into a property with
sutficent ore in tight to Justify us In
calling it a mine that bas ore to ship,
will ship and continue shipping. The
property waa acquired by purchase by
the present owners late last winter and
developement commenced January 10th.
Up to tbe present time Ah. present
owners have don. over 700 fast jjf underground developement oh it, ojnsiating of
tunnels, cross-cuts and win tee. Suitable
buildings erected including btftk bouses,
office, ore houses eto, permanent tracks
snd t#rn-tsbles pot in, old work re-
timbered and in fact every thing
connected witli tbe mi ne put into good
Tli. upper or No 1, tunnel ia driven
straight into the lii-U and follows the
ledge keeping along the hanging wall,
thc ledge being so large that it necessitates cross-cuts being driven at
.intervals to ascertain the amount of ore,
width ol vein and general characteristic**
xii the lode, so as to enable the management to intelligently work tbe property.
The first or. ahnt. .ucoiiutcrcd in this
tunnel starts practically at its mouth
and extends along it the first 160 feet.
At a distance in of 80 feet a wins, has
been m__ V> feet, Mill keeping next to
the hanging wall, and about three feet ol
good oreUmpmsti, a large paxtof Which
ia dean sapping ore and the balance,
although /*eally too goad to be called
concentrating ore, la clssssd as such.
Another winse S3 feet deep haa been
eouk abont 180 feet in and is equally as
{mod a showing. Tbere are three crosscuts between this point and the face ot
the tunnel, driven to the footwall and
showing Um ledge to be bom 90 to
•lu leet wide. The last of these cross-
,cuta driven to find the footwall is at a
point over 250 feet in and has now s
length of 30 feet and still driving. In
this crosscut is exposed one ot the largest
bodies of or. yet discovered in tlie !',«.-
wine. Tb. whole crosscut is in the finest
.Vind ol concentrating ore and streaks'
varying Irom two inches to a foot of clean
/shipping ore are encountered every few
•feet, look whero you will sides, roof,
floor or face tlie mineral is shown up, as
the miner Mid "she is a Jewler's simp'*.
In this cross-cot there wag struck
streaks of dean ore tliat In copnection
with the galena carried a huge quantity
of yellow or sulphide of copper and
ataays from Samples ot Ibis ore gave
returns of 31.10 per cent upper aad 3S0
ounces of silver per ton. They have
now in the ore Jionse sorted surf sacked,
•besides considerable that hoe pot been
/sorted yet, som. twenty tons, which is
lieing added to daily. On theij* concentrating dump are about 400 tons,
extremely rich in mineral, and in most
countries would be considered fit to ship
ss It is without concentration. Tbe
Emily Bdith ore bftsalweya been noted
for its richness running ss It does from
180 to 600 ounce, in silver and Irom 36
to 76 per oent lead. When it is taken
into consideration that the ore taken out
bas been while doing developement
work only and tbat no sloping bas vet
l»een done it cap easily be seen tbat tbe
property is now i|) shape to produce snd
ship considerable ore. Tbe lower or
No S. t.nnel (s considerably further
down tbe hill and will tap the ore bodies
deep. This tupnel is now in JOOfe<-t and
it is expected to strike the first shute of
ore exposed, In tb. upper tunnel in a
short distance further. Tbe strike or
trend of tbe vein is North spd South and
dlpa Eaat with a pitch of about fiO per
(,ent. Th. company hss just completed
a tot. road to connect with the Alpha
r-ul and shipments qf ore will cornmenpe
at once. If the property continues fo
hold Its own, if is the intention of the
management to put in a tramwsy from
tlio mine to |be Silverton waggon road
at a point not exceeding a mile from
town. At that point will be situstod ths
buildings, works .to of the compsny.
This property ia turning out to be or.e of
MiP biggest propositions iu the country
•nd Using situated aa it Is so near town,
it is destined to ho fine of Silverton's
f/riunlpAl main stayi.
Assessment work on the Becsle claim
has just been completed.
Dr. H Bell-Irving, of the Comstock
Mine, arrived in town Tpeaday and want
direct to the mine.
B.C. McClura.c-f tip Galena Mines.
reports work being pushed ahead at tbat
Work on tb. Corinth Mine, in tbe
Corinth Basin abows Three Fork., will
start at once.
The Bondholder group ol claims o***.
Ten Mile are being surveyed for Crofp
A new office, dining room and aajgy
office are being put np at tbe Quosn
Bern mine.
Drswry and Twigg, are surveying {he
Egyp(t.claim near the Mountain Cbjel
aud nUl apply lor a Crown Grant.
La«e deposits ol corundum are paid
to have been discovered in Ontario. .The
deposit, are found ia five adjacent
A fine sample of ore from the Chap-
leaumineof Slocan City was received
by W. 8. Clark for hia ore cabinet, on
Tbere are over 12,000 Ions of ore on
band at tbe Trail Smelter, and the big
works are in ahape to .tart almost any
No ore is to be shipped from the Wakefield before tbe arrival ot the snow.
Heavy and continuous shipments will
then commence.
While cross-cuttiflje in the No. 3 level
on tbe Maid of Erin claim, which lie-
longs to the Payne Co, a strike of six-feet
of clean ore waa made.
W„ are glad to be able to report a
decided Improvement in tbe condition of
Mrs. Barclay, who Is rapidly recovering
from ber reasnt illness.
Work on the Four Mile waggon road
is about bail finished and judging by the
part completed the road will be a credit
to. those undertaking its -repair.
The enter la being pumped out of tbe
Skyline mine at Ainsworth, aad tbe
mine Is to resume operations .under the
management of th. Everett Smelter Oo.
Tbjr Sliver Cap mine in the Lard-en
recantlv made a abipment ol abont 346
tow, which netted .tlie shippers $105. e
ton- This mine wilt be a steady shipper
In future.
A strike ol eight inches of clean ore ia
reported In tlie upper workings at the
Cslaifornia mine. Some ore hss been
brought down to New Denver from this
mine and is at Ibe wharf awaiting shipment.
C. F. Nelson, Cbaa SetRheriagale and
Rossel Thompson aie working on tb.
Slug Ten group on Ten mile. This property ia tnruing out well and the owners
are fully justified in tne gOPd work they
are putting on their claims.
A good lot of gold will bave to come
down bom the Klondyke this summer to
save tbe boom from a ridiculous col lapee.
One party of fortune-hunters bas altar
penetrating to Port Vsldes in the Copper
river country. They report that about
1000 men were stranded at the toot of a
glacier there and could get no further.
It waa found, furthermore, tbat deception has been persistently practiced along
the whole ronte from Seattle to Dawson
City, by the various interests concerned
in a large exodus to th. gold regions, in
regard to their richness. If a prospector
came out with $1000, the report would
be circulated that he b#d |20,Q0a Oo.
man who had never been to the snid
fields at all figured in tha reports oent
out as having dug up $6000 In nuggets
and refusing $30,000 for bis clsim. Th.
news also comes (rom Seattle tbat
hundreds of men who joined the rush
early in the spring are returning from
the far north In no amiable stale of mind.
—Miner and Electrician.
The full court consisting of Justices
Wslkem, McColI and Irving, on Friday
tbo 8th Inst., dismissed the appeal in
Sryden va. tbe Union Colliery Company,
and oonfirmed the judgement ol Mr.
Justice Drake, upholding the constitutionality ol the Coal Minea Regulation
Act, or that portion ol it prohibiting the
employment ol Chinese underground.
Th. Company were given leave to appeal
to tb« Privy Council.
A special service will be held in Ihe
Silverton Church to-morrow (Sunday)
evening at 7.30 p. m. by tbe Rev. C. F.
Yates, Episcopalian minister. The New
panver choir will be In attendance. All
sre cordla|jy invited tft tftend,
Tan Guar Gams.
Abow the sound of the traffic tbat roared
In t^e neighborhood of the bulletin board
Oeqje the lisping tone, of a seven-year-
And the man gaye heed to tbe tale he told
For tb. man was a man of n martial air,
Though white was the drift of his anowy
Affd Ms eyes grew bright and be smiled
4Mhe warlike words of the little boy
Who spoke  to bis  comrade,  small,
With a ifoban flagon hia tattered waist.
"What atoak" mid th. vet, ••when grim
war', alarms
Break out jn tbe speech ol the babes in
arms I
"When tbi discourse of children is talk
of guns,
And heroes are praised by the little ones
"Ay, what ft stock I What a sturdy stock!
What fighting chip, of the fighting block!
The seven-year-old by tbe bulletin board
Heard none of all thia—or bearing ignored—
But went right on with bis tale ol strlfe-
"De battery licked em yon betcherlifel
.'De battery done It; ah dont forget
Dat battery waa onto it'a j.ib, you bet.
"De odder captain waa sand clear t'roo.
Rut he waa 'f raid o* dem cannon balls too
"He cheered -jp his gang, you know-but
Dey tried tbeji* beet, bnt they couldn't hit
"An* den—"and   the  old man'a eyes
grew moist.
And deep in his byal heart he rejoiced;
And he bent his head and he proudly
At the epic rang by the little child,
And his pulses throbbed and hia being
And be gravelv thought of the mained
and killed:
For be had (ought, and he knew no fun's
Provoked by a charge on an enemva guns.
He landed the carnage, the death and
Of tbe battery cbarge-thgn tbe wee boy
"De battery U did all de work-
Me brudder pitched and waa caught by
Ia your subscription paid up?
Tbe Ontario Legislature will meet on
August 3rd.
Fresh fruit of the season e$ tbe Fruit
Mrs. Thompson, of New Denver
visited lriende her. on Monday.
J. C Harris, lata owner ot the Boatswain property, left for a trip to the
coast laat Saturday.
T. Hay den. representing T. Fair St Co,
of Brentford haa been stopping at the
Selkirk for a few days.
R. Stewart of Hamilton, spent a few
dsys In town, looking after apme mining
claims in which he ia interested.
General Superintendent Ford and
Gen, Mftpager Stent of the Dominion
Express Co. were in town on Monday.
Wednesday waa payday on the Silveiton waggon road. Gold Commissioner
Sproat waa here distributing the cheques.
J. 1. Mcintosh, has rented ibe cottage
lately owned by W. Bacon, In th. Terrace
and has ♦-ken np bis abode there.
Dun's Review announces officially
that the Spokane Falls St Northern was
purchased in the interest of both the
Gnat Northern and Northern Pacific.
Besides having en electric light and
waterworka system, Brooklyn is to hav.
the Salvation Army. Blood and fire,
electricity and water, not to speak of
beer, ought to make a hot town.
It is learned that M. Strickland, New
Denver's school teacher haa been caught
in tbe matrimonial loop while visiting
Ida Eastern home. We aro afraid the
news is too true and extend to him our
Ons Kruger and E. Jack, wbo bave
been ddng work on the Pembroke near
town, while eating supper tlie other even
ing bed an unexpected visitor in the
person of a big bear. Bruin proceeded
to make himself quite at homo but aa tbe
boys strongly objected to sharing thslr
supper with a stranger, the bear left quite
disgusted with th. boy. and th. treatment received.
"On. of the qmst gratifying results of
Saturday', election contest wm tbe defeat of John L. Retallack in the Slocan
Riding. It ia encouraging to the lriende
of good Government to know that it haa
been demonstrated that tbe Slocan Riding is not one in which ambitious men
solely by tbe possession of money, can
squease their way into public life. Retallack had everything but tbe voters."
Nelson Tribune
Probably the finest garden In the
whole Slocan country Is ihst owned by
0^8**lie Al-a;to of New Denver,   To. s(*,oir
idie fertility of our soil and climate it I.
only necessary to visit Mr. Alywin's
garden to convince the most ooaptical
that Marly every thing grown in the
middle Statgt op Eastern Canada ou be
moat suecessf ally cultivated In tbe Slocan
region. Beside, tlie usual run ol fruit,
vegetables and flowers. Mr. Alywin bas
aucceeded in raising a large number of
floral and vegetable noveltiee ench aa the
gronad-lemun, ground-cherries, Chinees
lantern and African horned-cucumbers.
It shows what a little patience and
energy will do in Ihi. fruitful climate
and Mr. Alywin has set an example that
it would pay more of onr cltiaens to
follosr, and a visit to his garden is equal
to a -visit to many Horticultural exhibitions. 	
ADwrlistn school boy is the author
of t|efollowing: "An editor ia a man
whoeditss paper. Some editors use a
panto edit with, but some um a scissors.
Lots of editors get news irom scribes.
Some editors are Faripees. Nearly all
editors tie. An editor tbnt can't lie ain't
no good for an editor. An editor ahould
HkenoMip, Woman would make good
editors, but editor, must kwp secrets.
An editor never haa any money. Once
an tditor got ten cento and it made him
ctreiy. An editor never expeote pay for
Iiispaper. Lots ol people never think
of paying an editor. When an editor
gett a free ticket Im has to give a dollar*
worth of free advertising in advance.
Sou-times an editor geta wood, and
sone drink whiskey. An editor that
domn't drink whiskey Is a dry editor.
Some thst do sre dry next day. Most
people know how to edit papers better
than editois do. If an editor askes for
pa j for his paper tbe fellow be oaks ia
liktly to get mad. It's cheaper to
borrow from eume one else. Some
editors are not afraid of men. I once
knew a woman who frightened an editor
and made him crawl under a table. This
is all Unow about editors."
"Robert F. Green is one oj the nicest
and most gentlemanly men we ever met,
and R is oar candid opinion tbat he will
mgbe an ideal'legislator."
Slocan City New.
"Tbe defeat of the Turner government
has been a surprise to many. _m> it cannot be mid that the people have aded
unwisely. In many respects th* Government bave shown too little consideration for the needs ol tbe various sections
of the Province."—New Denver Ledge.
In an account of the concert given in
Slocan City on Friday last, the News
says:- "Miss Brandon has a very sweet
soprano voice, and without pretense or
display sang her way to the hearts of ber
hearers. Sliewill always be welcome-
by a Slocan City audience. Mrs. Small
and Miss Brandon sang a duet which tbe
audience insisted on having repeated,
which perhaps ia tbe best comment that
can be made upon it."
COPPER IN  1897.
According to statistics given in a lato
isene of th. Mineral Industry, the output Qfcppper by tbe United States for
the year 1897 was tbe IsrgMt on record,
the total as given wss 610,190,719 pound,
an Increase of 30,384,636 pounds over
the output of 1896. Of the various
states contributing to this unprecedented
output Montana beads the list with a
total of 337,138,540 pounds; Michigan
bejngsecond with 146,839,768 pounds;
Ari-sons being the third from tbe front
with a total of 81,091,983 pounds. The
following table gives the figures for 1897
for all states in the union producing
Pounds. Long Tons.
Arisons 81,019,922 36,170
California.... 14,129,880 6,30«
Colorado 9,437.668 4,213
Michigan... 145,839,749 46,107
Montana.... 228,958,540 10!S,874
Utah 3,864,821 1,721
Eastern and
Southern states 3,727,839 1,664
All others 3,018,939 901
Copper in
anlphate  ...18,003,336. 6,306
SOB* uui •
Total 610,190,816 327,763
Prices for the year 1897 scored a higher
point tbsn in the previous yesr, tbe
average hi New York being 11.29 cents
in 1897, agdnst 10.88 cents in 1896. In
the worlda production of copper for the
past year the United States heada tbe
list with Spain, Japan, Chili, Germany
and Australia in succession as named.
Other contributing countries of less note
and importance are Italy, Japan, Norway
Russia, Mexico, Bolivia, Canada, Africa,
Sweeden and Anstris-Hungary. The
total production of all countries is placed
at 418,677 metric tot\ij. gr 8.1.-47Q tone
moretlii-n in 1899.
Silverton •
Be    Co
M«i»pli nntHae
Suppliea   ,
Bilverton  Oimg   Store  ••
Hotel Victoria.
Be    O.
mm im m icim nnc-vus of    ^
sAimiiUiA ah mm mn mot k
The  Best  Spring   Medicine f
making Pure Blood
See that you get the GENUINE "M]
B. O.and Hs*ry Matheson, Editors I
V*'   .    '   [
iim_i     .'i1"***
1 * fg—
Returned   I naiiece**'ul.
The party sent by General Uvinjrutoii
to prospect on the headwltefiti of t&p
(Jlmrw-ter in the region where tlie pi-
Jaled Cnrlin piirty met disaster retuil-,cd
Inst week without, haviiur riMi'liied t||c'ir
deiUnarlion. They roacliexl the headwaters of the St. Marie's river, but did not
get across tlie divide to the Clearwater.
Their expedition was a failure from a
mining standpoint, ns nothing of value
"was fulfill.
Town Site Controversy SeUled—
Rloh Strike In lil-iln -I.e Roi Will
FiirnUli Water to Northport—Re-
ilui-InK the R-pense or Revenue
Stamps—Mlnlna Note*.
"South Half" stories are coming in
slowly, but there is promise of( a good
crop later on. Reports from Colville aro
tliat locations aro pouring in there, but
not many Spokane prospectors bave returned to tell of the wonders they have
found in the much coveted nei\ district,
R. A. Slocum of Colville is interested
in placer properties on the Columbia on
tlie "South Half."   He says:
"I have seen over 500 colors to the pan
taken from the Graveyard claim and fhe
Alma E. and Funny Boy adjoining," said
Mr. Slocum last evening. "Tliew properties are on Rogers' Bar on tne Columbia opposite Uie month of Hunter creek
and about 15 to 18 miles, I can't say exactly, above the mouth of thc Spokane
river. Tlie claims mentioneuYare owned
by a company in which I>avenport and
Colville people arc interested! The gold
is almost all Hour gold with some flake.
It will require gold-saving machine- to
properly work it aiul a man up there has
machines installed on another flour gold
property which is saving almost, if not
quite, all of tbe values. It is Uje it^en-
tion of the owtoers, of $he_B T^ree chums
to work tb*m at once and.(o install simitar gold-saving apparatus.
""There ihas been considerable excitement in the v'liuity and I think that be-,
tween 50 an' ' placer claims have been
located, many of which will be worked
forthwith. The prospects are that a busy
camp wiCl ibe fafrmud there. 'Arrangements
are already under wny for eon-ftmcting
a ferry and a store is going in. A meet-
ting is to be called sHortry to ^orm it-
mining district. A number of Spokane
men are interested in 4|ie district, but 1
do not recall their names."
Mr. Slocum mode a fast ride across the
reservation to file at Colville the notice
of location. Ho started as sooa. .as the
news arrived and says that he made the
hurt. 15 miles in 65 minutes, There are
no quart- claims in the vicinity of the
placers and the properties promise to
makfc a camp and district distinct from
the rest of the reservation, *    i
Townsite  Decision.
Last week in thc Spokane land office a
decision was rendered, which settled an
important question regarding settlement
on the townsite of Repubflc. The decision in effect is that the locations of the
Testae anjjLQalaware ckims aie jtrue ajji*^
eral claims, thus destroying ihe contention of the .contes-int- that. tlie damns
are made for Ine purpose of towniste purposes rather than for legitimate mining.
The decision, while not large in its direct effects, is far reaching indirectly, for
this was regarded as a test case.on w l*i«li
a number of other cases hang. 'Ever since
the location of the Republic and the filing of a number of mineral locations, protests and contests have been piling up in
the local hind office, alleging that many
claims were filed for towniste purposes,'
the land then filed on being more valuable for mineral purposes than for town-
site pui-pos**).
After hearing tbe case the local land'
office officials granted a motion to dismiss
on Uie ground that the contestants did
not show that the land in question.was
not a mineral claim and the contestants
could obtain title to under the mineral
laws. The contention that the surface
showings were meagre wns not. upheld for
the experience of the camp is that depth
must be attained to secure high values.
Le Roi Resumes Slilpplnu
The Le Roi mine is shipping ngnin anil
about 2Q machine* are at work in the
property.   All   shipments   aro going to
No Water In California.
The San Francisco' Call says:
For the first time in the history of
placer mining in the state the miners of
the northern counties have been compelled by lack of water to ('lose down ut this
early date -and await the lime to ^egin
operaUoas next **|iring. ,'
Several well known mining men hnve
arrived in Snn Pranoisoo to dispose of
their gold. They brfog unsatisfactory reports of the results of this season's work,
but state it is not the fault of the mines
but the consequence of unusually light
snowfalls whieh caused tihe mines to
shut dnwu for luck of water.
File 1,1st of Their Officer*.
• There is a provision ol the Washington
state laws requiring the secretary of
every cor|ioration iu tho state annually
to' file with the auditor of the county
wherein the chief place .of business is situated a list' of its offli-er*. Hut few sec-
retnries obey this law but occasionally
one does.
afo*le Disincorporated.
. All necessary steps having lieen Inken,
.fudge _lc Donald has signed a decree dis-
incorponiting tlie Josie Gold Mining Company _**1 releasing the trustees anil officers from further liability.
'"'•Iri-CSB Ne-iVSrf-ie Creek.
One of the greatest strikes ever made
in the Idaho country was made July "> by
Fritz Lohinan on the Lookout claim, at
the head of a gulch on Newsdme creek,
about a mile northeast of the Ncwsome
house. It is a two-foot ledge of absolutely free milling ore, with streaks of gold
running through it in every direction.
It will run thousands of dollars to thc
'ton. It is a bonanza to the loo:*.tor, and
before many months roll by another
stump mill will be turning out bullion in
this wonderful gold producing section of
Idaho. >'Heretofore •placers hiive*"liud more
fthiia. theitslvira^*/ pro'speetipg, but now
the'ledges are being sought after, with
good results,, Harry Sliissler .ami) Harry
Irwin hitve jj*f*od adjoining claims to the
■ Keeplnir Down tlie Stamp*.
Articles of incorporation of the Hecla
Mining Company have been filed with the
Spokane county .auditor. . The capital
keck is placed at $250,000, divided into
i,000,000 shares. Ten cents in revenue
stamps ore appended to the aeknoVlnlge-
ment of the incorporators.
THe effect of the ne*»* internal reve**nie
law "is* apparent in the organization af
this company, which by making the par
valpe of a sjrai". ofjstock only 25 cents,
in*»ten_ of Id, ah, *fs ^ctptojn-ary, escapes
w ith only $125 worth of stamps required
to be attached to stock issued.,. There
are tfjftr eoai(tohfea' lav catiree' of forma
tion, Timong them a number bo operate
mines has been increased to 140 men
Jn an interview with the Rossland Min
er, Governor -fockiAlssh stated that thi
British Africa Cbjjrporatioii Sadt pur
chased 280,000 Ahares of the stock 5f the
company, thus obtaining the control by
a majority of 30,000 shares. He saltivUiat
the price was $0 per sliare and tliat $500,-
000 had been paid with the balance falling
due in 00 days from tbe date of the first
"The stock is now in escrow," said Mr.
■Mackintosh. "I have not the slightest
doubt that the. pool will be broken and
the delivery of the stock made to us. The
Turner i**tert**sta, which opposed thc sale
of the mine, will, 1 am confident, net. in
., entire harmony with us in opening thc
f property.
"As td the subsidiary companies which
are being opemt«d by tha .British America
Corporation,"! cnn give no particulars as
yet," continued Mr. Mackintosh, "but I
am confidant that in the Josie and the
No. ], tha West. Le Roi Mining Company
will have a pronely tha.t contains the
making oij two or three lje Rots. All flic
subsidiury companies that may be pat-
fled by tbe B. A. C.J will, 1 as^'^uv be
to the best interests of the camp."
**Jor<h|nirt -applied by I.e Roi.
In anticipation of resuming work nt
the smel^r in a few days, n large force
of machilpel-y is busily encaged ii|ljmtting
the machinery in first ■crass' shape.
The pipe for the city water mains is
expected ^o arrive daily,- and aa tho work
will be done by the Le Roi Company,
that company will put a force of men to
work digging trenches to receive the pipe.
Tbe resen'oir of the company has been
found to/be fully adggunla to si*j>pjy bolj
the tftya-nd smewP-Ht- an abdnHnm
of good water, the latter being conveyed
from Beep eveek, a distaste of abgtst two
and a half miles from town.
1 ■ -I. ■• ■     ■■ ■ •■■-
U Would Have Cost Five Thousand
Men   to Have Taken  Santiago  lij
Storm—Surrender  of a  tiunbvat—
Shafter ^_j|e_jth«>.JHUItarr  Ouv- .
Washington, July 18.—The war department .posted' tho following bulletin:
"Santiago de Cubai'July 17.—Adjutant
General, U, S. A., Washington: 1 have
the honor to announce that tho American
iltlg'bas been tills instant, 12, noon, hoisted over tho house of civil government in
the city of Santiago. An immense concourse of people wns present. A squadron of cavalry and a regiment of infantry
presented arms and tho bund is playing
national airs. The light battery fired a
salute of 21 guns. Perfect order is being
maintained by the municipal government.
The distress. ■_. very great but there in
little sickness in tho town,. Scarcely any
yellow fever. A sinnll gunbout and
about 200 seamen left by'Cervera. have
surrendered to me. The obstructions are
being removed from the mouth of the
harbor. Upon coining into the city I discovered a perfect entanglement of defenses. Fighting as the Spanish did the
first day, it would have coat 5000 lives
to havo taken vL Battalions of Spanish
troops have been depositing arms sirtco
daylight in- our armory, over which I
have a guard.. General Tonal formally
surrendered the phuu, and all stores at
I) a. m.
"W. R. SHAFTER, Major General." '
Shafter for Governor.
Washington, July 18.—Until the American forces leave Santiago province, Major General Shafter will bc military governor of the area surrendered. The Cuban
refugees from Santiago city elected General Castillo of the insurgent army governor of the province, but if he assumes
the duties of that position his office will
be distinct from that of General Shafter,
whow lill assert absolute control over
the conquered territory.
No time will be lost, now tliat Santiago
hu.s' surrendered, in sending soldiers to
trie city to form a garrison during thc
war. Inasmuch ns these troops will have
to remnin* there until -leuce is concluded,
the government will not take the chances
of deadly diseases by sending ordinary
1'cgiineiU.s of immuncs recently organized
to duty there.
The First and Second regiments of im-
inuiies are the only ones available :it
present. The First is commanded by
Colonel Charles S. Kiche and is situated
at (ialveston, Texas, The Second is com-
mandeil by Colonel Duncan S. Hood and
is encamped at Covington, Ln.
Each regiment, comprises 9112 men, all
of whom have either had yellow, fever
or have lived in tropical climates and successfully withstood the infection of the
deadly diseases prevalent in those region*
It is probable that very soon the Sev-
claim* on the south half, nnd all of them lent li, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth regiments
n.s fur ns heard from wjll hnve reduced
capital .sfoi-k, _ut will retWthe uniform
system of 'T.fHW.OOO slinres. "Some of them
will incorporate with a par value as low
sa. five ceirtjj per share,  "s^        c^
■* ~ Wlnin* Brlef-s.        '   tl-
Kight men are at work on the Silver
Bell in Best Basin, Slocan. j*«,r
A double' shift is at work on the Diwrile
group in.Fort Steele district'
It was.epected that the Dardnnellea
mine in .the Slocan wou)d re-auie.-it'ork
f Tlior^ireen Mountain g-tsi^ oh*i.*-Red
Mountain, Rossland, will be developed.
A syndicato represented by Dabney &
I'ai'ker has seeu'risl a lurge intarest.
An effort Is being made f* reorganize
the Silver Bell Mining Company of Rats-
land, owning tl**: Silvn: I->11 mi-e on the
south slope o{ Beer Bijrk, mountain.
The Perhaps claim,'•s*"ven 'mifes north
of Fort Steele, is showing "up a four-foot
ledge of quartz carrying gold, silver and
copper in the face of a 57-foot ledge.
Work mny bc resumed on Uie Northern
Relic, whhjh adjoin* tbe Good Friday at
Rossland.   Tho property is owned in To
Northport as before.   Tbe force in ths, ronto.   It was Uie finltRo-jl4nd.pnonarty
mines   hn«  lvej.n   innroa—vl   In   l.lll   man ,i — .„,   i_   ,1    .
floated in that city.
'.qveeinq mmm- stEipp.
niankrl* Are 8a-*tftnte* for Slower
Vis .       ,. "
The reason it is necessary to be well
coveted while sdeepiijg is that when the
body lies down it is the intention of na-,
ture that it. should rest, and the heart
especially should be relieved o{ its regular
work temporarily. So that organ makes
10 strokes a minute lessPthan when the
body is in an upright posture. This means
COO strokes in 00 inniutes. Therefore, in
the eight hours that a man usually spends
in taking his night'sjcest, the,, heart is
saved nearly 5000 strokes. As it piunps
six ounces of blood with each stroke, it
lifts 30,000. ounces less of blood in. this
night's session than it would during the
day, when a man is usually in un uptjght
•feSition. Now, the body is dependent for
its warmth on the vigor of the circulation
and as Uie blood flows so miieh hbt\) slowly through the veins when one is lying
down the warmth lost, in the reduce*? circulation must be supplied by extra cover-
inf' ...
» J j  •     —...I,..._. „—_j	
Waa-lnn-ton  1.  Shut  Ont.
Washington, July 17.—The last detachment of troops for Manili tomitting the
Washington men probably settles for good
that they wjll not go. '1'he Wyoming and
Idaho flemirtors.have worked nigjKt and
day to get their men'sent and, like Utah,
failed. While the department says there
is no truth'in thf report o{ Indian; uprisings, the regular army officers who have
iu the,J[Bd*s>n country and ure-now
8_ty in the department here i-Wst
that some troops should be kept on the
Pacific coast in r*_tttw-»s for such possible, though not probable, contingency.
of iinimines will be ordered to Santiago
for 'garrison duty.     These regiments are
compiiM-d of negroes principally' and are
now nearly completely organized.
Man>- Gun* Captured.
Washington, July 18.—General Corbin
made public the following dispatch from
"Headquarters American Army, July
17,—Adjutant General, U. S. A., Washington: My ordnance officers report
about 7000 rifles turned in today utid
000 cai 1 ridgvs. At the mouth of the harbor thero are quite a number of fine, mod-
rrn guns, about, 0-inch, also batteries uf
mountain guns, together with a saluting
battery of 15 old bronze guns. Disarming und turning in will go on tomorrow*.
The list of prisoners hss not yet been
taks-Bj "SHAFiTFR,
"Major General Commanding."
Carried   by  the  Bar    It    Gives
Wrong Meaning;.
To Set the Thames on Fire—The following has been suggested ss the origin of the
phrase: In Yorkshire a sieve employed
in sifting flour at a mill is called "temsc,"
and tlie combustion has been known to
ensue, through the hard nnd rapid friction
of the iron rim of the tomse against the
rim of the flour barrel—a very unusual
result, and only brought about by a great
deal of work. Therefore, the expression
as il now stands has come to mean effecting something unusual, as the outcome
generally of hard work. Bread, it may be
added, made of finely sifted flour used to
be called temsebread, much in the same
way as the cloth known as tammy, used
ance of an impossibility, whereas the for-
for ladies' shoes, etc., derived it- name
from a corruption of "tamis," or "temsc,''
U'l-ause originally used as a material ia
tha construction of the teniae or sieve^
The fact, however, that the French and
Turks also possess somewhat similar met'*
aphorical expressions in connection wilh
theirjeading rivers, the fieine and the
IXin_ne, may point to another origin of
the phrase. The interpretaUon then in.
vol ved, however, would be thc perform^
merBtplanation is far more in harmony
with*Wie generally received meaning, Unit
of "doing something astonishing."
.A* Inspector of Ordnance.
Washington, July 10.—■Representative
James Himilton Le-.vis of Washington today tepdi red his services ss a field oflicer
in the volunteer army, snd feels assured,
rnles^ prevented by arpeace.movement,
of an appointment as inspector of 01 d-.
J. .„   l—ISI*       I. —I.      .'II--
Til*. Topeka (Kin.! city ootincil has
passed an ordinance Imposing a yatrly tal
of U3O00 npon premlnm stamp companies'
and u-wm business Anns making use of
the, premium stamps. The stamp companies will contest the collccUon of lh*
lux in the courts.
~\ T"    I       \
A Useful Plunt In Kyerjr P^rt-Leal,
-   J   Stem imd f rulti
.      ft »     f
Jiiimerijpe fortuqefl nave, iK'en piade out
of the banana business. Revenues do not
iiecriie alone from the sale of Uie fruit, for
the leaves are used for packing; the juice,
being strong iu tannin, make- an iudslb
hie ink and shoe bl-cking;_thg.-'-vaj*-foaffi-
uu' the ' underside of the leaves is a
valunhli! article of commerce; manila
hemp is made from the stems, and of this
hemp are mndo mats, plaitod work, and
Lice handkerchiefs of the finest texture;
moreover, the banana is ground into ba-
innn flour. Tlie fruit to be sold for dessert is ripened by the dry warmth of flaring gaijsts in the storage places in which
it, is kept, and immense care has to bo
taken fo prevent softening or overripen-
ing. The island of Jamaica yields great
imps of this useful and money.making
4maN <■? pAR0LE'
Will SlilH the Spanish Troop* IVex'
We,li-I.o»t Twelve Hundred Men
in   Ouba-.K.«*aped   the   Hurricane
 «(,.«„„,■-.Truiii U-id-P-lii-KanaBS-
An iiiiincnse sun diul, cartalnly ths
largest in' the w«rtd**it BrHuyJof t^rtuj, |
huge promontory extending 3(5oO Feet
above tlie Aegean -en. An Uw. sun.-Miings,
around the shadow of this mountain it
touches, one by one, n circle of islands,
which net as hour murks.
Microscopic duimonds have been found ■
i.v worn steel mils of the NorUienstein
Railway Company in Kngland. that were
being experimenw- upon tojlnd out how
mmih sti-ongUt-UMi steel hsvd-fostr-
V 111 Send Bnoiiirh Men to Make the
MriiBKle Short—The Force* Will
lie Ohlefl-r Ne-nr Men—Immune*
Mill -errlson Santlavo.
Washington, July 18.—The Puerto Ri-
ean expedition has started on its mission
to capture   tlniit.  island.
Ieneral Mites, lending the expedition,
let Silnmcy, dilxi, today on the Yule
wi^i four batteries of artillery and a few
sewoned troops. Two brigades, now at
Chnleston, arc embarking today on
transports to take' them to Puerto Rico.
All thc force at Tampa, 13,000 strong, cm-
bncing the artillery, will be put on board
as rapidly as transports can be gotten
(•eiieml Brooke will 'take the first und
secnid divisions of his corps from Chick-
ainiugu to Puerto Rico. General Brooke
lea.es here this afternoon for Chicka-
iiki ign to get his I roups started. It is ex-
pec.wl that the whole expedition will bc
unier way within Uie next four days.
General Brooke had another conference
with Secretary Alger -with reference to
the preparations for the expedition. The
gen-nil reports his army now ready and
it h believed they can bc embarked at
While the posiUve selection has not
been mode it is understood that Newport
New* will lie the port of departure of the
large- part of the expedition.    •»>••«
llu urmy of occupation is ex|*et*ted toi
consist of aliout 25,000 men and it has
been decided to take no chances of repenting the mistake made in Shaffer's case,
of "sliding with an insufficient force and
then being obliged to lie idle at a eriUeal
moment swaiiin? rfinforV*ntei»ta Tho
employment of an overwhelming force is
also expected to save bloodshed.
Little   Ili-slstuin'i*   Kipeeteil.
Very lftfle resi.-ttan6e is"expected to the
invasion of Puerto Rico. Thc war office
has full information as to the condition
and forces of the Spaniards in San Juan,
and believes they will not long be able to
resist the American attack.
Under the fire of Admiral Sampson's
guns the army will affect a landing somewhere in the vicinity of San Juan. While
the army attacks from the reur, the navy
will shell San Juan from the ocean. Under Uie combined fire it is not expected
t1i-.it the town will hold out long. Using
San Juan as a base, the army will com
mence the invasion of Puerto Rica
Hero our troops will only have the
Spaniards to contend with, and not thc
yellow fever. Investigation with respect
to the climatic conditions at Skui Juan
has convinced the ofbcisls that there
would be practically no danger to our
troops -Wiere from yellow fever, which an
nually prevails in wiirly all parts of
Cuba,   ,
The city of San Junn, which is built
on high ground, is said to be exceptional
ly olean for a Spanish town. The water is
said to bo good, and, all things considered, it is not believed that the present nr
rangeinerit for the invasion of the islnnd
will bc interfered'With.
Prenh Troops to lie Sent.
Tlie army for the invasion of Puerto
Rico will be almost entirely composed of
fresh troops from tin: United suites. This
means A radical change of policy on the
part of the army, for it wus .expected
that the movement against Spain's smaller possessions in the. West Indios would
be made by regiments now engaged- in.the
Santiago campaign.
The government relied on the expected
seasoned character of tihe Santiago troops,
and it could not bo foreseen that the
health of, the men would become so impaired in tho short campaign in south-
sastern Cuba as to render them unfit for
duty in Puerto Rico. It is the present intention of the war department to send
quo army corps from t*h*fe Florida const
to participate in the Puerto' Rk-an eiim
paign and.to maintain tho Fifth corps un
dc*r General Shafter in Santiago province
for the present.
At least two regiments of iiiiuiunes will
■fee sent to garrison the aity of Santiago.
The president and secretary of war are
disinclined to use more men than absolutely necessary from Santiago in the
Puerto Rico campaign, on account of the
danger of spreading yellow fever.
Wilson to Head. First Division.
Major General J,. 11. Wilson'has already
been instructed to prepare for the Puerto
Rico expedition at once. He is now at
Charleston, S. (.'., and he will go nt the
head of the first division of the First
army corps, with the first troops started
for Puerto Rico.
On independence Hay, the Sons of the
American Revolution presented President
McKinley with resolutions indorsing his
action in blotting out sectionalism by
bis war appointments.
' The smallest cows In Uie world are to
be found in the Somoan islands.
Washington, July 10.—The arms surrendered by the Spaniards'nt Santiago to
(ieneral Shafter will be kept by the United Suites government. Uiis conclusion
reached late this evening by the president
nnd Secrctnry Alger, was made public by
the bitter ns he left his office Uniight for
his home.
"All those who have arms will turn
them over to the government. This i*
These wero the secretary's words when
asked for information.
"And," lie ndded, in response to further
inquiry nnd to clenrniiy doubt thnt might
exist on tho subject, "the rifles will not bc
returned to S|iain."
This decision no doubt has already been
coniiniinicnted to General Shafter. Up to
the time when Secretary Alger's emphatic
statement disposed of ull doubt on the
uiHtter it wo- thought consideration
might be given to the appeal of General
Toral thnt his men might be allowed to
take their anus. In fact, it was said by
a high department official that the president would await the recommendation of
tho United States commissioners U> the
surrender, "before disposing of the question, especially ns (lenernl Shafter luid telegraphed the department that it was understood that the United States commission would recommend that the Spanish
soldiers return to Spain wHh the arms
they so bravely defended.''
This ihs'ision of Uie president applies
alike to Spnnish soldiers who have net
engaged with the United Stales troops as
well as those who have been participants
in the recent battles.
Nail on the a.lth.
Washington, July 10.—Unless present
plans miscarry the Spanish soldiers mir-
rendered at Santiago will sail from Culm
for Spain on July 25—this date has been
fixed by the war department and every
effort will be bent toward expediting their
departure. It was announced today that
the department hnd decided to iu*k for
bids from steamship companies for the
transportation of the prisoners to their
native land nnd proposals will be issued
next week. The contract, it is understood, will also include thc subsistence of
the men during the voyage.
Luckily for the navy Santiago has capitulated just on the eve of the hurricane
season i*i the West. Indies. The big battleships are able to worry through this
weather with little discomfort* but the
smaller blockade, boats will find the task
of continuing the blocknde fraught with
punitive danger. It is expected, however,
to tighten the lilies of blockade, at any
cost, particularly at those ports connected
with Havana by rail. The surrender of
the eastern end of the island to the United
Staples will afford some ports of refuge for
our naval vessels in case of absolute need.
Great Rrituin's June .was ushered in
with snowstorms in Bedfordshire, Lsincu-
shire, at. Edinburgh, and iir&u-j-ty Limerick. The rest of .the, kingdom enjoyed
heavy thunderstorms, with bail ahd sleet.
France's new chamber of depuUes include* a coal black negro from Gtmda-
loupe, M. Legitiniiis, elected by'-a coalition
of blacks nnd whites nguinst the uiulut,-
tors oil the island.
The heaviest projectile throw'n by a
first-duns battleship is from a 13-inch gun
and weighs llfiO pounds. The Gatllng
guns throw bullets weighing about three-
tenths of un ounce. A shower from the
Galling guns soon clears the deck of un
enemy's vessel.
It is computed that the death rale of
thc world is 07, und the birth rate 70, a
minute, and this seemingly light percentage of gain is sufficient to give a net in
■ iviiM' in population each year of almost
1,200,000 souls.
One of the largest hay crops ever raised
in Wnsliiington county, 111., will be harvested next week. The yield of wheat is
not over nine bushels to the acre, and the
grain is light.
Kaslo & Slocan
Subject to eliuiige without notice.
Trains run on Puciflc standard time.
Cervera on Parole.
Annapolis, Md., July 17.—Admiral Cervera and about 40 Spanish oceflirs were
brought to this city yeaterday und Are
now prisoners of wur within the United
Stales iuiv.il uendemy.
When the auxiliary cruiser St. Louis
brought the foreign visitors up Chesapeake bay in the afternoon she was surrounded by a fleet of small craft, whose
passengers hnd been waiting since early
morning in the hope of *eeing the Span-
lards. Admiral ('crvera, took courteous
leave of the officers of the St. Louis and
marched down the gangway of the .ship.
Immediately following him were the recent governor of Santiago, Captain Filiate,
late of the Vizcaya, and the rest of the
Spanish officers.
At tho wharf Communder Edwin White
with a detachment of United States marines was awaiting their coming. He received the admiral in pernon and escorted
him immediately to the superintendent's
carriage. Commander White, Admiral
Cerv'era, and his son, then drove to the
residence of Admiral McNair, the superintendent of tire naval academy.
Soon after Uieir arrival dinner was
served for thc admiral und staff in their
own qusrters. Ilie other officers signed
the parole and were consigned to quartern. They spent the evening nftcr dinner
in strollinj; about the grounds.
.-Losses   Uefore   Sun linn,>.
-General Shnfter's Headquarter*. July
10, via Kingston, Jamaica, July 17.—The
final report of casualties in the army
since it landed In Cuba three weeks ago
has been forwarded to Washington, tit
shows un aggregate of J1U4 olHcers and
men killed, wounded and missing, Hi of
whom were officers. Of the wounded oaly
UH hnve died.
Going West
Going Ki
8:00 a.
.... Kaslo ...
,.  3.50 p.
8:30 n.
.  South Frk
...3:15 p.
0:30 a.
m .
, .    Spli rule's    .
...2:15 p.
H:51  n.
. Whitewater
...2:00 p.
10:03 a.
..  Hear Ijiike
...1:48 p.
10:18 a.
..   McCuigun
.1:33 p.
10:38 a
..  Junctiifn   .
...1:12 p.
10:60 n.
CODY  1,1 NE.
1:00 p.
IjMVS  11 '00 ».
m...   Sun.li.n   ..Arrlv* 11:14 p
Arrive 11 SI s.
m  I'ody ....*>•*,** 11:1*6 s
Gen. Freight and Pass. Agt.
Broad tianire to !to«*lani!.    '
Rossland, li. C, July 10.—The contract
for widening to a standard gauge the Columbia A Western railway between Ross.
bind und Trail wus let last evening to
Winters, Parsons & Boomer, by F. P.
Girtelius, general manager of the road.
Work w ill be commenced nt once with 300
men, and It must lie completed by (ie
tolier 10, sd it must bo finished before
snow flies. The contract covers evui-y-
iliing but the furnishing nnd laying of
steel, and amounts to $70,000. The rnil-*
will cost Ijc.KJOO per mile and thc laving
$r>00 per mile. This will make the cost
Ot the change foO.lKX) more for the 18
miles. This will bring the total cost of
improvement up to .$120,000.
Texas S-n'ent by Slorni.
Dallas, Tex., July 18. -A number of
the counties of northern Texas have been
swept by A terrific hail and wind storm.
In Bosque county .Min Mcl-iin was
killed. In John-son county Mrs. Julin
Pucker was fatally injured. (Iremt damage was done to the grain ind cotton
Navigation aod Trading
Steamers "International" and  "Alberta"
■ on Kootenay Lake and River.
Five-Mile Point eonnectioH wilh all
pissenu-er trains of X. & F. S. R. R. to
and from Northport, Kossland and Spokane. Tickets and baggage checked to all
L'nited States points.
Ijeave Kaslo for Kelson and way points,
daily, except Sunday, 0:45 a. in. Arrive
Northport 1*2:15 p. m.; Rossl-nd, 3:40 p.
OL; Spokane, 0 p. in,
Ijeave Nelson for Kaslo and way points
daily, except Sunday, 4:36 p. m.   Leave
Spokane, 8 a. m.; Rossland, 10:30 a. m.;
Northport, 1:S0 p. m.
Leave Nelscu for Kaslo, etc., Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 8:30 a. m.: arrive Ki-do, 12:30 p. m.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson, etc., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. m.;, arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
Ijeave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. in.; arrive
Boundary midnight; arrive Bonner's Ferry Sunday 10:30 a. iu.
Leave Bonner's Kerry Sunday 1 p. m.j
arrive Boundary Sunday 6 p. m.j arrive
Kuslu Sunday 10 n. m.
Close connection at Honner's Ferry with
trains eaaUiouiid, leaving Kp-kane 7:40
a. ra., and westbound arriving Spokane
7 p. m.
G. ALE.XANDER, Gen. Manager.
Kaslo. B. C, Oct. 1, 1897.
Is the comfortable and most direct rout*
to all points East, To Pacific coast and
trans-Pacific points. To the rich mining
districts of
New Tourist Car service daily to St.
Paul. l)aily (except Tuesday) to aasteiH
('tunidiiin snd United States points. Magnificent Sleeping and Dining Cars on all
Daily connection   (excepting   Sunday)
via Rosebery*  8:05 a.  tn. leaves Silver-
ton, arriyes 4:30 p. m.
Ascertain present reduced rate* and full
information by addressing nearest local
agent, or
W. S. CLARK, Agent, Silverton.
Trav. Pass. Agt., Nelson.
Dist Paaa. Agt., Vancouver.
1 Sea our Klondike Map and Folder.
i -MttmMN -
It Three Years-No More
It Since Taking Hood's,
»I bad eczema for three years and t-H*di,*W5 hUI'°" ul)u,lt -ll "dies ens
many remedies without relief and gave up    f *vo niiwked  men.   When  tlife
hope of being cured.   I was finally told to
take Mood's SarHapiirUla,a.iid I did ho,and
it cured me.   I have^irg-Vo -return of
eei-ema and am perfee^y well."—Artiuijs
Hood'* ftaroaparirta
Is America's Greatest Medicine,   ll; six tor |&.
H- od'e P'He cure uji»*»t-m. -u cent*-.
~"' -  |_i~-V---Al-i_-mjs
.    trnin
lowed down for the station the rjiDbert*
•prang info the express ear and dtyiriiii'd
the messengers, securing several bunilrsd
dollars, the exact iwiouiit not yet being
--CBu -A^l'^Mtd.^Aft^r Jjie ^UBeiyJ,^w4ilii+
.iwsyftt full speed, keeping up n gun fiwp
lade bnokwiitia iu "*\lie: dinutiou of tlie
i ____.
I oriiml     roHsenHl.jii    Taken    ot    Ilie
Kirs| Cuban Oily*.
ly \\
n. m., via Ouontnnumo nny, July 17.—Old
Cllory Is now floating from* the 'fortifications of Sanllugo.
At 9 o'clock this morning'the Bimnlsh
tioops under command'-f Uk-newl, Toeal
left their trenches nnd went to the American linen, wlieie one by one. the raglmjuns
luld down their wrm*. At the sum" time
Un* HpaniSh fliig wus hauleil down from
tlio puluce and the Stars and Stripes wie
hoisted In Us Ware., -
The wofk o* loading the Himnlsh -trison-
ers un trun-oorls, preparatory tu sending them back to Spain, will be commenced us soon us ships ure provided. The
authorities lit Wushlngtuu hnve been
urged to use haste In this matter. it hns
been suggested to use Spanish transport*
lor this work, fear being expressed that
the use of American vessels would result
In rendering them dangerous for use In
moving  Amerlcun  troops  on  account  of
ihe exposure' of   the Spanish' fc   yellow
,       *
_  4 .   ..,.   I .,   '   *    -
Work of the Red Cross.
New York, July 10.-—The following telegram was received toduy from Miss Clara
llatton, dated Playft del Kste, JniyifJ:
'"Suntiugo has surrendered. 1 cniiie from
the front yesterday in a pouring ruin.
lever is susoectod here. Niboncy burned.
Dr. I.esser,.*Mr*i.-.Lesser aid all their
nurses nre in the frvcr hospital two miles
di»t.mt. All an* doing well. We nrc
i.-.-dlng Uie refugees of Siboney. Al;my
thoiiHiinits ure ut fturniiseu. Klwell is
fetsliug them at Coney,bv army wagons
nnd '20,0(1(1 by *iiu*k mules. Commander
.Mi-Oallil of the M.ii-blehe.id called vestej-
day for 100,000, rations, medicineis and
clothing for the refugees in the woods sur-
liiuhding C'uantuniimo. All members' of
the lied t*ross arc in perfect health und
thoroughly organized."
t  . , Tbe  Captlrra al   l*-«i-t*miiiith.
Portsmouth, N. It., July IT. -Thousands of citizens, many from oul of town,
assembled along the wnter front yesterday
to get a \ lew of the captive "Spaniards
w ho were being tran*t|*oi*ted from the
cruiser Harvard to (iimp Long on Seavy's
island. Ilie first barge carried 448 half
naked seamen who belonged to the Almirante Oquendo. They reached the island at noon. The work continued until
nearly 4 o'clock when thc lost barge loud
wus put ashore. Forty-six men in Uie
siik nay were left alumni the ship. Four
deaths oeeiin-cd during Uie trip north,
tw'onn the island nnd two on the Har-J u'g'lj_lj)!?
^l*»H Trnln Held l'p..,'
ii'hila, Kan.. July-  17.--The "Frisco"
li.*<S_*flJai'u_, was held up laftirtlglrt
S|   |J)0Ut   10:12  o'clock   at   Ami
 _-_.____-r,-..,.( ;t>-   *'"■
Dear AUpam:
Youf bread needn't _m_t)
t oi hem   of s0-^ br1 alum or lime.
\m&M*m\tt£eJ Best, baking
.p'btfder has no fJtne>oHatum
' ' <- '   i
pr.excess of soda.
A citizen of Andover **ho saw What)'
Was going ou and attempted lo warn the
pnsscngers wns shot by one of the jobbers.
Bad Digesftttfn," Bud Heart.
Poor digestion often onuses irregularity of the heart's action. This irregu-
laiity mny be inisiukon for real, or#anio
heart disease. The symptoms are milob
tbe same. There is however a vast
difletenoe between the two: organic,
heart disease is often incurable; apparent heart disease is -arable if good
digestion be restored. ,,•
A case in -mint ie quoted from the
New Bra, of Greensburg, ind. Mrs.
Ellen Colsom, Newpoint, Ind., a
".oinan 48 yeais old, had suffered for
four years with distressing stomaoli
trouble. The liases generated by the
indigestion pressed on the heart, and
caused an irregularity of itss action.
Shu had miioli pain in her stomaoli and
heart, and was subject to frequent and
severe olioking spells which were most
severe at night. Doctots were tried in
vain; the patient became win ho, despondent, and feared impending death,
i M I
Um ,-.!,.ii ii   I'niile-Htrlei.eii.
London, July 10.— it, is onnbunccS in
a special dispatch from Harcelonn th.it
the iuliuliiiaiiis of that, oity are panic-
stricken. They believe the Americans
will select, defetiscless Barcelona as the
point to bombard. The loonl banks nie
resjoviug their specie to the country, the
merchants ^re,sending their goods to
|ilaces of Safety and ninny French aie
Thc governor of Barcelona ha* inforhied
the people, that they can not .expect help
from the government.
il. Horn,
Aug. 9th
 M  fc
At Burlingame, San Mateo county, Oil.,
Is one i»f tb« most •■ thorough, qaneful e«d
practical "Horn* School" to be found on
the i'acitic (toast. Accredited at State and
Stanford Universities. Thorough prspara-
tion for business. Band for catalogue.   '
Principal.   Ke-op#is
The Japanese are curiously alike phys-
(   ii-jilly.   Recent uieapmeoienU, taken of/an
,.„..i.j,.,,'J.   infantry   regiment  shoiwed'W'varia^on
except two inches ih -eight dr 20 poind*
in weight.
iWm n i  ,$%$ p	
Anatlier Maine  \ lellin.
,1laltinioit*i July HI.—McUt'-iunl John
J. lllniiilin,' wjio was the oflicer on watch
on (he battleship Majhc nl the time of
Ihe explosion, is dead at' ,iti n»ylinn In
lhi> city, as a result of the mental slrotSk.
Lieutenant Ulandin lyaa aUo with the
American fleet at the time of the Samoun
cntii strophe.
We offer On* Hundred Dollars Reward 'for
any cue of Catarrh that can not be cured by
Hall'* Catarrh Cur*.
,   F.  J.  CHUNKY * CO.,  Toledo, O.
We,   the   undersigned,    have    known  F.   3.
Cheney for" the last IS yean, and believe till-
perfectly honorable ln all business transaction*
and financially able to carry out any obligation* made by their firm.
WEST -  TKOAX,   Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hair* Catarrh Cur* Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous sur-
tsces of  th* system.    Testimonials  seat Ire-
Price 75o tier bottle. Bold by all Druggists.
Hall's "Tunlly Pill* are th* best.
A Kansas man is the owner of a floral
freak in the shape of a geniniuui plont
that is more than 12 feet high. It grew
nine feet in one season.
TRY    A-L_N*S    •TOOT-HAS**'.
At the Jersey Lily mine, in Arizona,'
a log shooting down a steep incline was
ij*iiifcd ■ by friction, and before the fire
burned out about 2(10,000 feet of mining
timber wus consumed.
In fasting feats the sect of Jains, in
India, is'far ahead of all rivals.   Fusts of
from DO to 40 days are very common', and' ragg
once a year they are said to abstain from
food for 75 days.
Mile. Nevine, an aeronaut, fell from a
balloon a distance of Moo feet at ElecxHo
park, 'Kaat, St. lxmis, and sustained in-
juries which it is fearod wiill prove fatal.
The isiriichuli! failed to work. Her companion on thc airship, Professor Colier,
reached the gTonnd' in safety. •
A powder to be shaken Into tbs ihoee.
At this season your feat feat swollen, nervous, and hot, and get tired easily. If yon
bave smartinjc feet or tight shoes, try
Allen's Foot-Ease.   It cools the feet snd
makes walking easy. Cures Swollen and
•westing feet, blisters and callous spots.
Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and
ttvH rest snd comfort Ten thousand testimonial- of cures. Try It today. Bold by
all erUKelsts and shoe stores for 28c. Bent
ill fer Hoc In sumps. Trial package
Address Allan 8. Oluistsd, £•
Woj, New York.
'*  '   '.■.!". ■*' .;■ -^—
A War -telle. ,
In fleneral Corbin's ollice at the war
Peace Humors Denied.
Washington, July 10.— ln view of the I
renewed reports Unit the French ambassador at. Washington had .i*h'IU*<1 pence
hc*gi"*t1ntlons, it can be Stated authoritatively that no negotiations or inquiries
of any character relative to peace, officially or unofficially, direct or indirect, have
been made by the French nmbais-id.v.
The statement attributed to Premier
S.ign*ta, that £pnm had lieen making >*.*.•
tru-officiul inquiries to learn what terms
the United States might accept as a biwii*
for peace, failed of confirmation, l'p to
this moment the state department has not.
been approached on the subject directly or
A Case ef Heart Failure.
She was much frightened, but noticed that -in intervals in Which ber
stomach did not annoy ber, her heart's
action became normal. Reasoning correctly that hei digestion was alone at
fanlt she procured tlio proper medicine
to treat that trouble and witli immediate good reaults. Her appetite came back,
the choking spells became less frequent
and finally ceased. Her weight, which )
bad been greatly reduced waa restored
and she now weighs more than for
years. Her blood aoon became pure
and her cheeks rosy.
The case is of general interest because
the disease is a very common one.
That others may know the means of
cure we give the name of the medicine
Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People. Theie pills contain all
tbe elements necessary to give new life
and richness to the blood and restore
shattered nerve*.
Plnkham's Advlco   Inspire*
Confidence and Hope.
Twenty Miner* l-'roiii Ilaw*on Hench
Victoria, H. 0., July'• 10—Tlie steamer
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of tbe combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it ia
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the California. Fio Svbu«»
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs la manufactured
by the California Fio Svitm- Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other parties. The high standing of the California Fiu Sykup Co. with the medical profession, and tbe satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
Cottage City, which touched here    last   _s it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irrituting or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate, In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company—
Examination by a male physician is
a bard trial to a delicately organized
She puta It off aa long as she dare,
and Is only driven to It by Tear of cancer, polypus, or some dreadful 111,
Moat frequently such a woman leavea
a physician's office
where she has undergone a critical
examination   with
an Impression, more
or less, of discouragement.
This condition of the
the effect of
advlcet and
Bhe growa
_ I worse rather
than better In consulting Mrs. Plnkham no hesitation need be felt, the
atory ia told to a woman and ia wholly
confidential. Mrs. Plnkham's address
Is (Lynn. Mass , she offers sick women
her advice wiUiOut charge.
Her intimate knowledge of women s
troubles makes ber letter of advice a
enoe and skill point the way to health.
•' I Buffered with ovarian trouble for
-even years, and no doctor knew what
was the matter with me. I had spella
which would last for two days or more.
I thought I would Ary Lydla Et Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound. I have
taken seven bottles of it. and am entirely cured."-MBS Joun Fo«*man, Zo
N Woodberry Ave., Halt more. Md.
Ths above letter from Mrs. Soreman
Is only one of thousands.
night on her way to Seattle from Alaska
had on board 20 miners from Dawson
City with about three-quarters of u million dollars in gold dust and drafts, mostly the latter. They came up the Yukon
river in a steamer to White Horse rapids,
where they transferred to a Ijiikc Bennett
They say banking accommodations in
Dawson are now so good that there is
no necessity of men bringing out money
in any other form thnn drafts. The most
i of the gold will come out by way of St.
Michaels. Those believed to have the most
money on the Cottage City are the four
Butler brothers of Kllsworth, Minn. Thc
eldest went in three years ago, the other
three last year. They have cleaned up I
large amount on Honnn/u creak, 24 A,
08 II and 23 A. They sold claims to an
Kniilish syndicate represented by McKar
land nnd" 11. M. Coleman, the latter of
wh.su came down tonight. The price obtained cannot lie learned, but Coleman is
authority for the statement that it was
■ very large one. All the meu.on board
were reticent, saying the imposition-of
the loyalties t*a_ses them to refusu to
state the full liniount of money brought
out. Seveml of them have been working
only on "lays." Ths only boats th.it have
vet" reached Dnwsoll from down the river
are the Hamilton, Weare, llellu, May
West und Victoria.
Among* the Cottage City pnsscngers arc
Phil Dobson of Los Angeles, Henry Cl'in
ey of lUiehcstcr, K. Y., Miller and \ HISS
of New York state.
All hsve money variously estimated at
from 110,000 to $."i0,(K)0 each.
Wheat Crop ofThls Year,
Ijondon, July   17.—Tbe  Statist
says that  it thinktt thc
world's wheat
«wp for ltjllW will be 45,000,000, quartets
larger than  the crop  of  1HP7,  reaching
about 325,000,000 quarters.
Continuing, the SUi-ttstsays: "We think
America bus entered upon a period 01
gireut prosperity which will last for years
if no great folly is committed. We hope
the republicans will have the patriotism
to resist the politicians and refuse to allow* unwise currency legislation.
The .Spectator is of the opinion that
Iho whole European press, with the TinWS
at its head, is discussing the reasons
which make for peace from a niistiikcii'
point of view.
Admiral Cervera is to bc Imprisoned it
Fort. Warren, Iloston harbor.
sail rKANcisoo. c*l
department is t* section of the flagstaff
frOm which Honied the- Stars and Stripes
over Fort Sumter when the garrison stationed there struck its colors, April 14,
1MG1, niid left the fort in possession of the
Confederates. The stag' was of yellow
pine and the piece in. Gencpil Corbin's
office is about Aie foot long and nearly
the same size in diameter.
(lgsr million*.
A fine collection of cigar ribbons will be
sent by enclosing 25 cents to Olobe (3gnr
Co.', i .8} Fulton St, San Francisco, Cul.
The calendar for the present year exactj-
ly reproduces that of 1887. Each year
commenced on a Saturday, has a 28 day
•Friday, nnd in both years.Easter fell on
CITV Pnm-nsmUj- Cured. Ho ntaor nervotisne*
Ml* after llrst day's use or Dr. Kline's Uraa*
Nrrvr Restorer. Bend for KKKK as.00 triul
botile and treaUae. DB. B. __ KLINK, Ltd., 9»
Arch su-eet, Hillaassri-I-,*.
Men-lean Servant*.
A good Mexican cook relieves the mistress of the house of worry ond responsi-
'bility in a manner that is almost uil;
known in thc I'nited States. The cook is
given so .much a di^y, and. with this
amount slie will purchase each morning
all the provisions, for the day, including
even She atopies that aro usually bougbt
in large quantities in oUier countries. On
a dollar a day a cook will provide a'very
good tabic for a family of three or four,
and get enough beans and tortillas and
chile to set the servants' table besides..   ,
I believe *f»l80's Cure Is the only1 •mctV
cine that will cure consumption.—Anna
M. Koss,  "WUJIamsport, Pa,, Nov. 12, ■'»*.
To be classed1 as a millionaire in the
I'nited States a man must be worth it
least $1,000,000; in Epgland he must have
five times'as much, or $5,000,000; In Germany, 1,000,000 marks, or *|.50,000.
Try Schilling's Best tea and baking powder.
The number of immigrants to the United Suites shows a marked decrease during
the past few weeks.
A Beautiful Present
Beautiful Pastel Pictures
They are 13x19 Inches in site, and are entitled as follows:
In order to further introduce ELASTIC STARCH (Fist Iron Brand),
the manufacturers, J. C. Hubinger Bros. Co., of Keokuk, Iowa, have 1
decided to QIVE AWAY a beautiful present with each package of
starch sold.   These presents are in the form of
Lilacs and
Lilacs and
These rare pictures, four in number, by the renowned pastel srtlst,
B.. LeRoy, of New York, have been chosen from the very choicest subjects
In his studio and are now offered for the first time to tbe public.
The pictures are accurately reproduced in all the colors used in ths originals, and are pronounced by competent critica, works of art.
Pastel pictures are the correct thing for the home, nothing surpassing
them in beauty, richness of color and artistic merit.
One ol these pictures f | _,    __■,!__    __-**»__. _^ __ __, !._
a'tesfl?- Elastic Starch
Surchased bi your grocer.   It is the best laundry starch on the market, .nd
1 told ior 10 cents a package.   Ask your grocer for this starch snd get a
beautiful picture.
The "Doctor ^o^i^Sysfem^H^
Proven Beyond Any Doubt Its
Positive Power Over the
Dread .Disease*
\.* t
.    .,     ,
By Special Arrangement with the Doctor, Three Free Bottles
Will be Sent to AU Readers of This Paper.
The Doctor Slocum System,
as the name implies, is a comprehensive and complete System of treatment, which attacks every vulnerable point
of the disease and completely
vanquishes it. It leaves no
point-unguarded; it leaves
iki phase of t be trouble neglected! it cures, anil cursh
foravef,Wefk Ijtjngs.C-kglit,
Consumption and all
other throat and lung
ili-teases by ab»olutcly
obliterating the cause.
Editorial Note.—The Doctor
System is Medicine reduced to an
Exact Science by the World's most Famous Physician. All readers of thifc paper,
anxious regarding the health of themselves, children, relatives or frienls, may
have three free bottles as represented in the above! illustration, with complete
directions, pamphlets, testimonials, advice, "etc., by sending their full address to
Dr. T. A. Slocum. the Slocum Building, New York City. This is a plain, honest,
straightforwasd offer, and is made to introduce the merits of The New System of
Treatment that Cures, and we adviae all sufferers to accept this philanthropic
offer at once. When writing the Doctor' please mention this paper. All letters
receive immediate and careful attention. ,„,...
~ "' ;ifc You Sutter
From Epilepsy, Epileptic Spells, Fits,
St. Vitus' Dance, Falling Sickness,
Vertigo, etc., have children or
relatives that do so, or know
people that are afflicted,
My New Discovery,
Will cure them, and all you are asked to
do is to send for a Free Bottle and try it.
I am quite prepared to < abide by the
result, it has cured thousands where
everything else haa failed. Please give
full name, AGE, and postoffice and
express address
WM. H. MAY, M.D., May Laboratory,
" Not to take a cure »_• ae otherwise f«UI _'„_-,.
disease Is lo practically commit suicide." 94 Pine St., RCW York City.
EDITOR'S Note— AU suSareraaru advised to send for Gratuitous Kxp*rt Advice and a Fre*
Bottle of this NfwD;^ OTery, «hicb is an Unfailing Cure for any and ail of the frightful forms ot
BplU'psy aad allied nervous diseases.   When writing lioctor May, pleas* mention this paper.
-__L-I        -. 1 ■ --i- '--1	
Vmr    ot    i «■ ve.l.Tiilr    Hill*
I Ik >:   llu-   World.
"Dill you ever know what tins brenmc
ui tin* sis-iU'i I-irt.qf J,li,c, .confederate paper mi'iiey with which tliis country was,
floixlcil Mime years buck?' asked a local
busimsnman."Koi Woll, neither did lim
ti\f[ struct; AUuhUi a few jvecks a(,*x_ ln i
that town 1 found an old man who limkrM
a business of i-ilietly gathering in all the
Cqnfederalu banknotes ha can find.   Y6u
kii'iw the stulT was issued by thc ton dur
ihg the war, and there is nny quantity of
it still.floatinjr around. When the ojiluian
tfeti " h'g bundle of the paper be: sends1
it In Edison,  ilie inventor,  who pays n,
good price for it.   Kdison uses it to'make!
aarbon for incandescent lamps.   The paper upon  which  the Confederate 1 notes
were engrave- wns made of thc pulp of
tjtfe sen grass.    This brunch Of the paper-
mhking industry lias since become a dead
art.    Sea-grass   paper,   when   chemically
treated   by   Kdiso*^,   lias  been   found  lo
make the best,sort of carbon'for incandescent lights, and so there is always a
demand for tlie Confederate bills."
Um unlit Flutt, bit „9!dd>rid)tm",
in iold't jTrtlfe fiiijutiibrtii, in bfiittt e_ bi_*
her noc$ nicht ttniigenb befannt mar, foibtn
irir ti uon icfet en bi» jum I, Januar 18D9
frei im a(I( fclvfrnigrn, rerlttt fiir bas uddjite
_aljr utt;ctt -' ontuptrn mtrbtn unb ben
J-ttvat* bafilt, 12.00,' i»**t rinftnben. -Ran
tafft p.1) t"0bt 'Jtiunmrrn jd-irftn.
Germin Publi -hing Co., Portland, Or.
Is It Wrong?
Qet It Right
Keep It Right
M*or*'sIl«T«alo«*B*i_«dy will do it. Thr**
-oM* will make you feel bsttsr. Qst lt tr*n
w*ur druggist or any wholsisl* drug house, at
tress SUwart * Holmes Drug Oa, Saaula.
l'i.. liii!*l for unnstursl
ili-i Imi :■'■". inflsnimslluni,
Irritations  or  ulcerations
,tart. — of  in nro us   iin'robrsnt-s.
Il'r.v.nl. eoMMlSS. PaillltHM, Kiel  not KHtlin-
|theE«»ns CsemiomXo. *"» •' »°l"""o0'\
V ,,•,„., -xwm H",',t" •"•■esisi*.
* ™———liir .'lit III plsin wrapper,
hy i'xpri'is,   pri'piii'l,  for
tl.ili, or i liottlns, Si.:'..
Circular >.'nt on revuest.
Cadi*   iihiII.i   I'l-iKiii.u.il.
Cadiz, .luly 1G.-T!iiirc is gi*eat excite-      ------- .
' J . .. j,   i ■      I     An *xp*rli'iic»d aceiiiiiilaiit an* sal**m*n Is opea
ment hen owing  to the e.\pci*tcd coming   for »,, eiunnemeiit. 'I'weiity-flve years'*ipen*»ea
of Comniodore Watson's squadron. M»"''lS,SS'^.UX;tS::MS-t
are leaving. The Spanish mail steamer be
twpcn this port and Tangier will coaie lo
run next week.
Boston claims t)i lunc the longest payed
street in the world -Washington street—
which is 17J miles in length.
nieruiiMiiumv aim _.,..-».« H"---■-—„—|rf   ~ -
loom!-, I_niberlblook. Hmtion A, PorUaod. Or.
li*. .1.0. Hnir-iN, 414 Isabella BI
I Stopped at nma
1.0. Ilnnr-i.s.a* Isabella Bids. C'hicaso.Ill
i\'. m. n.
No. ao, 'IM. •Jft'-Upmsi
'•slim   ■    '     '*fS»   >'*■. "*i"iii'i|hiiili_i. . bm'"-i
SILVERTON, TH RE* FORKS,      .      .
votes out for oar nandidptee th« great
er will Ibe their influence at Victoria.
Those who em register and do not are
neglecting their doty to %ir country.
Hotel Selkirk
Brandon I Barren Props.
mmi tMirctwtiics.
The voters Hsu wo nprer closed
and those who through negject pf some
other reason did not rsgis^ir slfpald do
so now. Wo ma j hard |nother elec-
tjy fa a lew months, art tho pore
Opposite ths SILVERTOB WHMF.
Noxfpk is hereby given that the annua
^taminatloojol aanfldatoellor certificate a
oflualiflcatlon to tescb In tho Pnblie
Schools of the Province will bo held aa
followe, oomnwncipi on ls\poday, July
jlth, 18M.IM4I *•••»-
Victoria....In  Sooth   Ftofc   School
1    VMppnrrr.ln High f«hool Bollding.
Kamtoops    »-Poblic School Bolldlnt.
Each applt-snt mast forward a notice.
JhWy daya before tho e*amlaatfpn.ratat-
ing the Haas aod|. gradc-tof oerU-ea>
for which he will ha a candidate, the'gp-
ttonai enbjeeto selected, and at which af
the abwe-onor-fll places he will attend.
Every qotfca al totontfon to be a«
applicant {PRst he accompanied with
MUsts-taW testimonial  of moral char-
Candldateaare notified that all of tho
•bore requirements tsnmbo fdfiUed
beforo'.their applications can bo filed.
Alfc*and|dstee for First Glass .Grade A,
Cartsfieetes, (uplnding Graduates, mnst
attend In Victoria to* take the subjects
prescribed lor July I3tb *nd 14th
instsnta, and to pudergo required oral
Superintendent of Education.
Education Offips,
Victoria, -foot-,  18-ft.
8hh. Mar, 18W.
His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor
haa been pleased to appoint the undermentioned persons to be Collectors of
Votes, under the provisions of section 10
of the "Redistribution Act, 1898,"
Jogs D. BiasALo. of
the Revelstoke Riding,
Electoral District.
AuuuMMa LpoAS, of Kaalo. for the
Blocao Riding. West Kpotonsy E|ectflu*.l
RomndcK F. Touflpi of Neleoo, for the
Nelson Riding, WestKofltfmnv flectprai
Joiik Koxct. of RoeaW-ad. for the
Roaslaad Riding, West KotJtofli-y Electoral District.
And Hia Honor tha Lieutenant-
Governor haa been pleased to appoint
the undermentioned person to be a
Distributing Collector, under the pro-
iielo-a of afkf-tfeo 17 ol the said  Act,
Iaiiis^foittor Electoral District of
Weat K.ootoo*f, Gnanoa A. MoRsnunv.
of Nelson.
_M|CE.- "Cliff aad Cliff Fraction''
Mineral Claims; situate in tho Slooan
Mining Division of   West Kootenay
District.    Where   loceted:-On the
North aide of Fonr-Mile creek adjoining tho "Standard" Mineral Claim.
Take notice that I,  Frands J. O'Reilly
of Silverton, as agent lor E. M. Sandi-
lands. Free Miner-sCertificato No. 86121,
intend slaty days from She date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder far Cer-
Uficatea of IfflproTementa, for the pur-
poeeof obtaining Crown GraoUof both
tbe above claims.
Aodfurther toko notiee that action,
nnder section 87, must be commenced
before the isenance of such Cdrtificatos
of Improrements.
Dated this »th day of May. 1890.
— ■     * ■-   -i   i
NOTipE,*- "Carbon-to Hill" Mineral
S_6_. ■SttJ*J* •"*■ Mio,B«
DtvUnn of Watt Kootenay District.
Wb*r* located :-Oo tho Rod Mountain joining tho Baby Rath mineral
_ claim about low miles from Silverton.
Take notlco that I. Joe. A. Goere of
Roasbery B. C. Freo Minor's Certificate
No.W0A aod A. K. Kennedy of Toronto
pot.. Free Miner - Csrtfckate No 860l»
It la during doll ti-tnes that the patriotic cititens of a town should do ail
that is possible to advertise their town,
ft la undoubtedly doi! at the present
time throughout tho Slooan, although
tho mines in thi* favored section fere
never In better shape than at tho present, and it ir now that we should
exert ourselves ia every possible way
to draw the attention of the in-resting
public to us. Tho peadalnm of proa -
perity la bound to awing thia way soon
and Uie town that haa kept itself most
prominently before the public will
surely secure the earliest benefits of
thia. Nothing advertise! a town better than • good live newspaper. A
well-supported newspaper ia taken aa
evidence by the outside public of an
enterprising town fall of enterprising
people. It ia snicidioal folly for business men to withdraw their support
from their town paper when shortlived adversity makes ha appearance.
To outsiders thn advertising columns
of a local paper are regarded with
more interest than tho news columns
and a poorly supported paper is a
black eye to any community. In communities such aa ffeit your support
enaUeea paper to advertise your town
abroad and it in thia way that it paya
yon, not just in direct rut-urns for your.
advertising. Some are shortsighted
enough to commence curtailing their
aspeaaea by withdrawing their support
from their paper. Thia ia the last
thing the patilotic business spaa
would do.
toanpto to tho Ml
Cettflfcato of IatproMMMa-te,
poeeof obtaining a Crown Oraat of the
, for tlie pur*
iotondt sixty days fr«n the date hereof;
above elt-kc
And further tako notice that action,
under section 17, mnst be commenced
bsfers tbe issnajiiip pf each Oartfficato of
Dated thia 10th day of Jane 1008.
Revelstoke, for
Weat Kootenay
Iftto to rnriidil Tw hjen.
those persona who, desire  to take ad-
vantogs of the lower r^te for the cnrret*|
year fliust aend the a,oiouot thereof to
tr*e fffl (tr before the ^Qth June, instant.
DrovlnoisI  Assessor and Collector.
Kaalo, B. C.
Mrs.   Matheson,
B. 0
Karl's Clover Root Tea, for Constipation it's tha beet and if after using it yea
jlont say ao, return the package and, gat
your money.   Sold at
tlif WtwUBi Prff i*»rf 11
What Dr. A. B. Salter Saya.
Buffalo, N.Y.—Genta:—From my par*
sonal knowledge, gained in observing
the effect of your Sblloh'a Cure in cases
of advanced Consumption, I am prepared to sav it is the most remarkable
Romodv that haa ever been brought to
my attentiqn. It has certainly aared
wa,pV fromconetiraption.   Sold at
Within two milea of Silverton is
situated a gold belt, that lor extent
and richness on. the surface ia second
to none in thia rich Province. Although the whole Slocan, and Silverton
in particular, haa long heni noted for
its large and rich bodies of argentiferous (end ores, R is not until lately
that attention has been called to onr
immense bodies of auriferous quarts.
The surface showing* somewhat
resemble those of the now tfunous
Rossland district and the ledges are
equally as large and wall d«(ined.
But the surface ores are sp much richrr
that there ia an comparison, lor where
assay returns of surface ores in Rossland show cents oors give returns of
dollars, aad the improvement in values
as depth is obtained is much more
rapid. Among the mat y gold p -opei-
tiea that have lately came into
prominence are, the L. H. the Little
Daisy, Carbonate Hill aod several
other*. Why should investor* rash
off to the frozen regions of tbe
Klondyka to seek investments, where
they are handicapped by exorbitant
royalties, climatic disadvantages
aod removed from all civilisation,
while here ia a good chpate and
accessible the whole year spand are
propertiee that give promise of surer
aod larger returns. A short time
spent ia 811 verton aad a few trips $o
oar many mining propertiee. ol which
W« hare both gold and silver, wet and
dry ores, and freo aad base propositions, will surely pay anyone seeking
a mining   investmeat
straight Oppooition oaadidatat and arguing from this, both are claimed a*
Government men. Bat with Henderson of New Westminster the supposition Ij that be would rota want of
•"-onjfdanee in the present Ootwnment
if they should ear-five to **x* tha
House, and it ia generally supposed
tha* some anderstandiug fa this effect
was entered into between him and hia
supporters. It would ha hard to imagine a member from that Riding not
pledged in that way.
In last Saturday'^ edition of several
Government papers, a despatch from
Vanoouvgr was published, purporting
to give an account of aa Opposition
cauous. In this, it waa said, trouble
had ari«en over the leadership of the
party and tha Opposition slate was
outlined. The despatch waa nicely
worded aad dragged in names and data
to sqhstantiate the story. With the
bare exception that aa informal meeting waa held the despatch was a faks
intended to cause dissension in the
Opposition ranks.
It seems probable that the Premier
is on|y w-iting tbe returns from C*i-
siar tqfmnd in hia resignation to the
Lieutenant-Governor. An appeal
may then be made by the Opposition
to the country bat this will depend
largely on the Gassier rota.
Following is a complete list of ths
raining transactions recorded during tbs
week for tha Slocan Mining Division
July 12-H«*eon, Cuba Fractional, Ir-
oquois, sooth fork Carpenter, E. Morran,
Santiago, Fennel, WD Brat-ins; Key
West, Eight Mile, L M Knowles,; Lady
Aberdeen, Carpfnter* Jas McKiernan;
Trio Fractional, Slluerton, D McDonald.
July IS-Cofflmodore r-chlev, Eight
Mile. C H Abercrombta.
July -Mlonoliaha, Hill's sawmill, R
George; Aurora, same, Richard George
Grey Horse, Carpenter, Mike Sy**er.
July ll-Wetleville   Fractional    and
Franklin, Wilson creek, Frank Kelly
I. Fractional, Payne Mountain. J G Steel
8ylv_nlte, Silver Mountain, Ed Shannon
John Goateche, Jas Campbell.,
July 18-Jennle Perl. Wilson, Walter
8m(th; Silver Cun, Payne, Jas. Weeks.
I X L, Fractional, swim, John Bough.
vaaxsrsas.    .
Tyro, Boatewain. J C Harris tn Tbe
Northweet Mining Hvndicate July tl
July !5—Gli-nn. P. nf A., D Mclennan
to J McCasklll, May 10
July 16-Kohin fractional, R A Hin-
ton to Mclvor Mi-Ivor-Camphell, Julr 14
Trust Fraction^. Jas McKiernan to W
G Cl*rb. |o0. with privilege to redeem
Julr U-MounUin Chief No X., Saruia.
mortgaaa^inearh.J R Gates to J Gates
of Sarnla, f^.500, July 16
Checkmate, L Alexander to A E Fan
quier, Nov 17
Maggie. Nellie D, Comet'j. Tip Top
%, A D MoGintv to B 0 Rlplet, Apr 15
Mercury^, Silyer  Beil^,
Wright to H TTtrigg. July 4
Suramit^.F F Johnston i
toETO'Neil, May 21
Gavin Ij
and R Wilson
There is no longer the least doubt
of the overthrow of the Turner party,
despite the faint hppee held oat by the
Government press, At tho present
time the question! of interest are the
elections going on in Oassiar and the
bias of the two Independent members
elected oa the 9th inst TbatCaasiar
will elect members pledged to the old
rule is decidedly improbable and the
election ot two, or even one Opposition
member In tbat Ridipg, will give the
Opposition a slim working majority.
In regard to the two Independent
July 10—Evening Fraction, John Kelly
toC Newhoos and J D Regan, July IS
July 12-Lydia, Little Daisy, Gulden,
Silver Bell No. 2. Dump Fractional, Bell
Fractional, Rio Fractional.
July 13—-Cliff Fraction, St Karerae,
Dominion, Exeter, Felix, Payne Fraction
permission to transfer work: Bluoming-
too, Slocan Hero, Glenn, Qipsy Qoeen,
July 14-Keno. ftsf Hay, Mollie,
Christine, 8ilvet Reef.
July 10-Fairy. Fairv Queen. Copper
King, Ocean Queen, Michigan, Hartney,
Anton, Nabob.
July 10—Summit, Credmon, Boulder
No. t, Violet, Evening Lassie, Newport
five yean work recorded.
July 10—Slocan Soverign. Hazard Fraction, Southern Girl, Broncho. Lyda, San-
dow. Standby, Black Colt, Emporium,
Jessie Fraction, Hinckley,
July 19—Tip Top. Cody Star.
July 8—Champion, Lemoo, by Geo,
Julv 11—Aberdeen, Lemon, B N Web-
ater; Hamilton, Springer, TbosMnlvey;
Colon, Slocan Lake, AC Allan; Merrimac. Twelve Mile. Jas. Been.
July la-Juno, Ten Mile, Thos Reid.
July 18-Rock Creak, Ten Mile. J.
Grieneooo; Canton. Lemon. Thoe Lake;
Endoymoyne, Lemon, RFChristie:
Clara. Lemon. T J Bsty; Emmons, Item-
on, DanHaalon; Danube, Lemon, Dan
July 14-Mldway, Lemon, RMWel*-
Sumpter, north fork Lemon, D.
fqr the
The Only Heal Mining taper
Published On The Lake.
12.00........ A YEAR,
Sprint Suit Patterns Now on Hand,
I would respectfully invito gentlemen to an early Inspection of my
•elections in Spring and Summer Suitings.
My prices will be found moderate. I make it a point to keep them aa
low aa ia oonaistent with good material, good worknftnBhlp and Hie care
•ad attention requiste to get up thoroughly satisfactory garment*
isemmremmJe mmtartvuv*ut m m • a.*-* *f»m
The Tailor,
•ata»ar»»a*»»««a»a»a • <
ewa»«ff f f f tt» %f vi t t»»»M
Brandon A Barrett.
James Bowes
L. Knowles.
what party they wfll ally themselvps
July 8-Black Duck %, George ftoucey
July ft-Torf %, Geo. StoM to aajne.
July 10-flatinean and Shpeo* )_, R.
M. Covington to Thos Raid.
July in-Premier }^, WL Callahan to
D Harry Gibson.
Julv S—Republic, Bell No. 9,' American Eagle. Catardin, Gurf,
July ft— Ijpokoiit No. 0.
July 11-John L, Oharlston, Boval Exchange, Standard, Wyandotte, Nelson
No. 5, Grown Point, Perie.
Julr 13—Highland, Golden Wedge
Fraction, Hlnton, Sawyer, Silver Joe,
Morris, Bryan. Boawell Fraction, Katie,
Jennie, Royal Oak, Green Mountain,.
Knickerbocker, Dominion, Douglas,
Charmer, Mootosoma, Gatinean, Simcoe
Orilia, Weymouth. Governor Altgeld.
July 13—Madonna, Leadville, Teller,
N *»* iWe h (Mi
Ginger Ale,  Lemonade,  Sarsaparilla,
Ginger Beer, Etc.  Syrups, Raspberry, Gam, Grenadine,
Orgeat, Etc.
mm - nmvm - men
Uk*i. E-tatm and lasoiAitcit.
coiTiii nun
-    B. C,
InwuMe Ml SmmtiI AgnU,
anr»WININCI l!KIIKi:H!l.:.«
"Sole agent for Silverton Towneite,
1 ii
J; ft G«RDO|f,
SILVERTON,      -     -      -     ft. C
a *r
Parties citing wqod oo the property
of tha Silverton Townsite, or remo-fing
same will be prosecuted. Bquatlem are
also warned not to trespass on said pro-
by Cross A Co., Agents.
Divine Services will be held fc> the
Union Church by J. H. Shsrpe. Presbyterian Missionary, every Monday
evening at 7:80 p. n**. Everybody
Service will be held in the Silverton
Church on Sunday next at 8 p.m.
by the Rev. A. M. Sanford B. A. of
Sandon.   Everybody cordially weloome
members, opinion   Is  divided as to- Colonel  Sellers,    fcathtaan, 'Palmer',
Bloomer Girl, Smuggler.  Bonnie Doon.'
Ponttac. Matrlce, Slooan Fsaotlon.
Julf jji-Mttl- pplphin. Lj^le Giant
IJtop that Cough! Tike warning,
lead to Consdmi'
hlloh'e Cure
ay lead to Consumption.   A 26c bottle
JI hlloh'e Cure pie; save yo
iqldat Tlie Silverton Drug ptoirp,
NOTICE:- "Nettie Fraction" Mineral
Claim; situate in the Slocan fining
Division of  West Kootenay District.
Where located:— On tbe Four Mile
Creek bounded on the north by tbe
Tenderfoot, sooth, by the Read, east,
by the Carnation,
Take notice that I, Evan Bailey Eraser,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 6687, aa
Manager for the V-ncouver and British
Columbian Grand Exploration Co, Limited, Osrti-cato Na pn A, intend sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to tbe
Mining ttecordar fog a Certificate oi Im
provements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant ol the above claim.
Aad further take notice that action
under section 37, must be oommencsd
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated thia 4th day of July 1W8.
  „    I. B. Fa-ssa
Shiloh's Consumption Cure cures
where others fail. It la the leading
Cough Cure, aad no borne ahould be
without it. Pleasant to take aad goes
right to tbe spot   BoMat
For Constipation take Karl's Clover
Boot Tea, tbe great Blood Purifier Cures
Headache, Nervousnees, Xraptions of
th* face, aad makes Iho head as clear as
a bell    Sold at
The Silverton Deng Store, t
# • A line lit IT
# #       rrawriig Nt
# •      Arriving • •. •
- - - DAILY,
J. J. .Mo IN TOSH.
PH-VEKW,"-        P. Pi
iufr 'Birr- ir'• ^'vnwwwsTr-'T.
*»*.^ ^» .1* ,.*-.^
■a—^'l*'«^IKa**SI™*l*.H,-irV^*—*—aJ*.*■»•*!■ ****-*.
t-s>osin**--**- **y>*»v»i»»'.


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