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The Saturday World 1903-10-24

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Vol. I,   No. 8
Price Five .Cents
Items of Interest  Round
the World.
The Doings of Conspicuous Persons
Affecting Canadian Interests.
The fall assizes have taken place
at Nelson.
The Grand Trunk railway bill
has passed the Senate.
More good finds havo been made
at Poplar.
Time has been given for the reorganization of the Clergue works
on Sault S'.e Marie.
Ex Mayor Manning of Toronto,
one of thatoity's wealthiest citizens,
is dead.
Ontario politicians are nominating oandidates for the next general
Negotiations between the C.P.R,
and their employees at Montreal
have bo tar proved fruitless.
A fire, supposed (o have been
started by an incendiary, occurred
at Kaslo early in the week.
■: A strike would appear to be imminent among C. P. j& railway
employee west of Winnipeg.
The Toronto Grand Jury has reported in favor of compulsory arbitration of trade disputes.
Orders have been given for the
construction of a 16 knot cruiser
on Lake Erie to guard Canadian
Efforts are being made to, have
the member for Lillooet retire in
favor of Attorney General MoPhil-
The Roman Catholio diocese of
Peterboro, including Nipissing, and
other parts of northern Ontario is
to be divided.
William Moon, ex-postmaster at
Michel, B. C. has been sentenced to
four years imprisonment for defalcations by the Court of Assize sitting this week in Nelson.
Chamberlain has recovered from
his recent attack of gout.
Lead is quoted on the London
market at /.ll 2s. 6d.
The British general eleotion is
likely to be held next Easter.
A true bill has been found
against Whitaker Wright in London.
Another British battleship and
oruiser have been ordered to Chinese waters.
An attempt has been made to
blow up the British legation in
Liberal leader Sir Edward Grey
advooates the formation of an Imperial council.
Welsh miners have been import
ed into Pennsylvania   under  false
pretenoes and are raising trouble.
The area of wheat under cultivation in New South Wales is 25 per
oent greater this year than last.
An arbitration treaty limilar to
that with France is urged between
the Empire and the United States.
Austen Chamberlain deolares
that the government »ill not dissolve until the War Office has been
Lord Onslow has declared at
Edinburgh that the restrictions on
the importation of Canadian cattle
would not be removed.
Sir Henry Campbell Banner-
man has deolared that the British
Liberals will oppose protection root
and branoh.
All treaty questions arising between the Empire and Franoe are
to be referred to the Hague tribunal.
Lord George Hamilton and Sir
Edward Grey are conducting a
fieroe campaign against Chamberlain.
English papers fear the revoking
of the British preferential duty by
Canada in resentment of the recent
award In the Alaskan dispute.
Chamberlain has addressed an
enthusiastic audience at New
castle, supposed to be a great free
traders stronghold.
Clericals and Socialists are at
open warfare at Bilbao, Spain,
Bar silver is quoted at 61 3 8 a'
New York.
Professor Hugerup has formed a
new Norwegian ministry.
The King and Queen of Italy are
visiting France.
A monument to Queen Viotoria
is to be erected at Boston, U. S.
Boris Sarakoff, the Macedonian
insurgent leader has been killed
in action.
Conflicts between strikers and
soldiers have been renewed at
Armentieres, France.
Turkish troops crossing the Servian border have been repelled by
The Northern Paoific has deolared a seven per cent dividend on
the ourrent half year.
Ten thousand Chinese workmen
are raising Russian fortifications
at Port Arthur.
Dan Patoh has lowered the
world's pacing record for
one mile to 1 min. 56 1-4 seconds.
The Japanese navy haB abandoned its threatening position at
the Korean port of Masampho.
Fifty thousand pounds Turkish
had been granted in Constantinople to alleviate Macedonian distress.
A bloody conflict between negroes and while men has taken place
near New Orleans. Several deaths
The principal ealure Jof the coming Colombian elections ie the absolute rejeotion of any foreign control of the Panama canal.
It is reported that China has reoently signed a tr eaty with Russia
practically conceding to the latter
control of Manohuria.
The Detroit Chamber of Commerce is persistently urging the
reopening of reciprocity negotiations with Canada.
The first trial of U. S. postal
officials over the recent extensive
defalcations haB occurred at St.
The Sultan of Morocco's forces
have again been defeated and his
position iB now said to be precarious.
It is stated that the Tsar has
commanded Admiral Alexieff,
commanding in the Far East, to
uphold Russia's position by force
of arms, if necessary.
The Maryland and Union trust
companies of Baltimore have suspended owing to failure of the former to obtain a $2,000,000 loan in
Miss Humphries will open a
dancing olaes for ohildren on Octo
Her 1.
All the Mines Are Shipping Well
at Present.
General View of the Present Conditions Surrounding
the Camp—Prosperous Future Is Now
An Assured Fact.
The official announcement of the
result of the work of the Elmore
concentrator now running on one
side regularly, is being awaited by
the camp. It ia reported on excellent authority thatthe plant hes
proved even a greater success than
waa anticipated, but it may be
supposed that the announcement
will not be given until both sides
of the plant are being run regularly, for until such is the. case there
will be no definite result whioh oan
very well be given. The delay is
incident to all new plants which
are placed in operation and will
doubtless be overcome within a
short period of them.
It will be learned with satisfaction that the llossland Kootenay
haB resumed shipment of ores, its
differences with the Northport
smelter evidently having been
amicably arranged, No enrs have
aB yet been billed out, but there
are a couple in process of loading
at the platform, near the upper
Bchool house in the Great Northern
railway yard.
The White Bear has nearly completed the casing in of its head-
worke, and it also will be in full
swing in a short period of time.
The Jumbo is shipping steadily to
Northport, and the Le Roi No. 2 to
Greonwood. The O. K. mill is in
full swing, and quite a success is
being met with on the property.
In addition to these, the Le Roi iB
shipping over 800 tons daily, and
the Centre Star and War Eagle between contribute nearly 3000 tone
weekly to the camp's output. Good
progress is being made with the
concentrator destined for the treatment of the ores of the last mentioned mines, which ie going up
near Trail. Enough will have been
done before the coming of the permanent snow to permit of the building being completed during the
winter, and the necessary machinery installed. Altogether the outlook before the camp is bright,
and there is a general feeling that
tho tide is turning and will soon be
running strongly Rosslandwards.
LeRoi  5015     155,824
Centre Star  1500       61,672
War Eagle  1230      47,439
Le Roi No. 2  180      17,022
Kootenay  6,298
Velvet  50        4,620
Jumbo  150        2,273
Giant  714
White Bear  250
Spitzee  240
Silica concentrates  85
Homeatake  80
I.X.L  60
O. K  • 20
Totals 8,125     298,097
Boundary Shipment!.
Phoenix,  Oct, 24.—(Special.) -
This  week's  tonnage from Boun>
dary mines carries the total for
this year well beyond the half
million mark, the amount shipped
running considerably over two
thousand tons daily.
Granby mines to Granby smelter,
9,440 tons; Mother Lode to Greenwood smelter, 2888 tons; Snowshoe
to Sunset smelter,2070 tons; Athel
stan to Sunset Bmelter, 270 tons;
Oro Denoro to Sunset smelter, 954
tons; Emma to Granby and
Nelson smelters, 396 tons;
Sunset to Sunset smelter, 80 tons;
Winnipeg to Sunset smelter
270 tons.
The Granby smelter thiB week
treated 8616 tons, making 264,446
tons for the year.
The following shipments were
made by the different mines:
Granby  9,440 286,848
Mother Lode  2888 101,511
Snowshoe  2,070 60,112
B.C  19,365
Emma  396 15.284
Sunset  80 14,801
Oro Denoro  954 9,436
Morrison  3,339
Athelstan  270 2,640
Winnipeg  270 1,840
Providence  705
Elkhorn  173
Totals 16,368      516,054
Slocan Shipment!.
The total amount of ore shi pped
from the Slocan and Slocan   City
mining   divisions   for   the year
1902 was, approximately. 30,000
tons. Since January 1 to Oct. 17,
1903, the shipments have been aB
Americanly  21 708
Antoine  212
Arlington  40
Alberta  3
Black Prtnce  17
Bondholder  2
Bosun  20 990
Bluebird  57
Cripple Stick  2
Dayton  4
Dolly Varden  20
Enterprise.   20 675
Fisher Maiden  280
Hartney  42
Hamilton  4
Highland Light  2
Idaho  50 170
Ivanhoe  20 715
Lucky Jim  103
Mercury  62
Monitor  660
Mountain Con  20 20
Meteor  52
Ottawa  126
Payne  44 1822
Queen Bess  204
Rambler  1448
Reco  153
Republic  70
Ruth  102 641
Rio        ' 9
Red Fox  119
Slocan Star  30 2025
Slocan Boy  16
Silver Glance  55
Surprise  5
Vancouver  20
Wonderful  23
Total tons 327 11,685
The   Atlin
The Atlin, Ymir, Gold Mining
company, has enoountered the
ledge at a deptb of about 200 feet
and at a distance from the portal
of the tunnel of 215 feet. The lead
is the same as the one from which
the oompany has recently been
shipping ore from the surface.
The full width of the vein has
not yet been determined, but the
values hold their own and will
run about $30 in gold.
The Republic Mines
The following is the statement of
the ore tonnage shipped from Republio during the past week:
Mountain Lion to Trail, 621
tone; to Nelson, 140 tone; to Granby, 183 tons; Knob Hill to Nelson,
89 tons; Zala M. to Crofton, 50
tons; Total, tone, 1,083.
Russian Ways
The governor of the Amur, Siberia, has issued an order that no
Chinamen, Koreans or foreigners
shall be employed in the gold
mineB of the Amur, province. A
supplementary report forbids all
river steamers to carry coolies to
the mines.
Dominion Officer Now in
Charge of All Southern  Travel.
The quarantine regulations under the order of the Dominion government for the Boundary are now
in full force. Dr. Sinclair has been
appointed by Ottawa as Dominion
Health Officer under the control
of the head of the health department in Saittttde; Dr. Montizambert.
The provincial health officer Dr-
Fagan has no longer any control
over the quarantine regulations of
the International Boundary. In
the oity Dr. Maokenzie is Btill
Health Officer, his municipal duties in no way conflicting with the
Dominion regulations. The train
from infected centres buA as Spokane and other suspected points is
met by Dr. Sinolair and his assistants. Dr. Sinclair takes the run
from the Boundary to this oity, one
of his assistants that from the
Boundary to Nelson and another
that from the Boundary to Grand
Every person coming from the
south is under the supervision of
these officers and are vaccinated should they deem the operation
necessary as a precaution against
the introduction of smallpox into
the province. A fee is no longer
charged aB was the case when the
quarantine was in force before.
The recrudescence of smallpox in
Spokane, especially under the virulent form it has lately assumed, a
form occasioning the deaths of
three patients out of six attacked by the black smallpox, has
resulted in the stringency of
the regulations being the more
rigidly adhered to. No one desires
another introduction of smallpox
into this city, it is too costly, and
the Dominion authorities will not
leave a loophole for the municipality to blame that introduction
upon them as wbb done in 1902.
A London Proposal
The London Daily News suggests
the bringing of the new Pacific
transcontinental railroad across
the strip of land conceded to the
United States on the western
border of Cassiar.
Canada Obtains an Open
Terms of the Award  Which the
Canadian Commissioners Refuse to Sign as Just.
Two prir.es will be given at the Alham
b ra Bowling alley every two weeki for
1 he largest score made,
There has been muoh disappointment over the award 0/ the Alaskan tribunal expressed in Canada.
Under the terms of the treaty a
majority of the tribunal, if obtained, was to be decisive. There were
three representatives of the United
States, two of Canada and one of
Great Britain. The first and the
last agreed upon a compromise,
but the Canadians have refused to
eign the award whioh, however,
goes into effect juBt the same.
Canada gets one waterway, the
Portland Canal, but the United
States obtain two islands off ila
entranoe which command it. In
every other point the United States
has gained the day.
The contention of the United
StateB aa to the boundary was not
sustained. The Canadian view was
acknowledged to be accurate but a
compromise boundary was agreed
upon. The value of the land conceded is nil, but it is a barrier to
Canadian commerce on the Paoifio
ocean, partially mitigatsd by the
opening of the Portland Canal.
The Rathmullsn.
After a close down of several
years the Rathmullen is again to
started under more favorable auspices. The managing direotor, Mr.
L. H. Moffatt, haB arrived from
Toronto and has stated that operations will again he commenoed on
the property at an early date.
Dominion House Prorogues
The Dominion House will prorogue today at Ottawa. No announcement has yet been made of
the general elections, but it ia considered likely that these will not be
long delayed, as the Dominion government is said to be contemplating that those should be all over
by Christmas next.
Ths New Judge
The vaoancy on the bench of the
Supreme Court of British Columbia
has been offered to L. P. Duff, K.
C, of Victoria who is now acting as
one of the Canadian council before the Alaska Boundary tribunal
in London.
Allan Labor *ct
Decision has been rendered
against the .Shoemakers Union
of Montreal prosecuting the Slater
Shoe company under the Alien Labor Act on the ground that the
men imported, acknowledged to be
naturalized citizens of the United
States,were of Canadian or English
Wanta a Mandate
Chamberlain declares he wants a
mandate from the British electorate to treat with Greater Britain for
a reciprocity tariff. ■■MeNMaMpjen
What the  Magazines are
Some Recent Books and Periodicals
-Topics Interesting General Readers.
The Argosy Magazine is now
claiming to have the second place
among American magazines. It is
readable enough for the most part,
although the magazine is perhaps
not so carefully edited in this respect, with due regard to the literary value of the stories inserted, aB
it might be. Yet, probably the
ohief idea is to sell the magazine
and literary value takes the second
place in the consideration of any
artiole. Nearly fifty years ago,
Wilkie Collins wrote upon the
' Great Unknown Publio," and
were that talented litterateur alive
today, it is more likely that the
Argosy would again move him to
a similar criticism of this class of
light literature. Yet when it is asserted that the favorite mental
pabulum of Chancellor Bismarck
was the French detective story of
du Boisgobey, perhaps it were well
not to judge too harshly of thoee
who tired of active thought in business life, take up an ephemera of
this kind as a sort of opiate.
The English Illustrated deserves
a better patronage than it is getting.   The opposite of the Argosy
it is distinguished  by the literary
art of its stories, and perhaps the
fault of too much "style," a mark,
we  are told, of   deaadency.   The
illustrations are perhaps the best
that appear in any of the magazines of the day, published   at a
similar   price.   The  trouble with
the   English   Illustrated  as with
others of the British productions,
is the   excessive   postage which is
oharged by a myopio poBtoffioe department.   It is  possible, though
hardly probable, that the change
in the  Postmaster Generalship by
the translation of Austen Chamberlain to  another  position  in   the
Balfour   Ministry,   may  make   a
ohange for the better in this regard.
More    probably,    however,    the
change will have to await tbe general British acceptance ol the polioy of Joseph Chamberlain.
The American Review of Reviews, edited by Albert Shaw, the
noted author of the exhaustive
work on Municipal Government in
the Old and the New World, is a
bright number. An offspring of
the London Review of Reviews, it
is more than likely now the Amerioan publication has shot far ahead
of its progenitor.hampered aB is the
latter with the insular and narrow
politics of that fre?k, though clever
journalist, Siead. There is an interesting article on the "Future of
Canada," and as is usual with tbe
political brochure writer of the
United Stales, is perfectly incapable of understanding the Imperialism of Canada, and appeals to a
sordid motive whioh will have no
weight with Canadians with the
history of the splendid past ever
before them. It is strange that the
United Slates,which owes the whole
of its present prosperity to the
breaking down of all tariff walls
between the States of the Union, is
bo unwilling to concede that just
such a similar procedure will induce far geater results within the
Empire. It can hardly be ignorance, and surely the motive should
not be envy. The Empire will
find a way today, as it has ever
found in the past, and hostile and
partial criticism will prove as ineffective now as it haB ever done.
There are other articles whioh are
worthy of perusal about the effects
of democracy and trades unionism
in Australasia, which are worthy
of perusal, and although the reader
cannot always agree, they throw a
light upon many things about the
Antipodeans which puzzle dwellers
upon the northern hemisphere.
, The Designer for November is
the usual welcome women's pro-
publication, and will be read widely by the devoted followers of the
modes, as the gentler sex are re
puted lo be.
Among the lessor magazines, the
first place is easily taken by the
Nickell, which is really a surprise
as lo how muoh good matter can be
respectably presented to the public
for so small a sum. Unlike the
Black Cat, a similar priced publication, which devotes itself to the
story, and good specimens are
nearly always present in its pages,
the Nickell gets itself up in regular
magazine form, and makes a very
good show indeed.
Child Workers
Heroic efforts are being made by
the trades and labor unions of the
South to eliminate child and female labor. The latest move made
by the unions is to practically
adopt the children employed in the
mills. The unions pay to the parents the amount per week of wages
that the child would earn in the
mill, on condition that the children
are taken out by the parents and
sent to school, Thousands of
children in the manufacturing
centres of the South are thus now
provided for by the unions.
Conservative Platform
[Adopted at Rovclstoko, September 13th, 1902.]
1. That this convention reaffirms the policy
of the party in matters of provincial roads and
trails; tho ownership and control of railways
and the development of tho agricultural resources of the province as laid down in tho
platform adopted in October, 1899, which is as
"To actively aid in the construction of trails
throughout the undeveloped portions of tho
province and tho building of provincial trunk
roads of public necessity.
"To adopt the principles of government ownership of railways in so far as the circumstances of the province will admit, aud the
adoption of the principle that no bonus should
be granted to any railway company which
does not give the government of the province
control of rates over lines bonuscd, together
with the option of purchase.
"To actively assist by state aid in the development of the agricultural resources of tho
2. That in the meantime and until tho railway policy above set forth can bo accomplished, a general railway act he passed giving
freedom to construct railways under certain
approved regulations, analogous to the system
that has resulted in such extensive railway
construction in the United States, with so
much advantage to trade and commerce
3. That to encourage the mir.ing industry
tho taxation of metalliferous mines should b e
on tho basis of apercentagcon the net profits
i. That the government ownership of t< e
phone systems should be brought about as a
first step in the acquisition of public utilitic
5.   That a portion of every ■ coal area  hor
after to bo disposed of should bo reserved from
sale or lease, so that state owned mines ma   I e
easily accessible, if their operation becoTos
necessary or advisable
(I.    That iu the pulp land leases  provisio
should be made for reforesting and that stop.-
should bo taken for the general preservation
forests by guarding against the wasteful de
struction of timber.
7, That the legislature and government of
the province should persevere In tho effort to
secure the exclusion of Asiatic labor.
8. That the matter of bettor terms In tho
way of subsidy and appropriations for tho
province should be vigorously pressed upon tho
Dominion government.
I). That tho silver-load industries of the province bo fostered and encouraged by the imposition of increased customs duties on lend and
1 oad products imported into Canada, nnd that
the Conservative members of the Dominion
House be urged to support any motion introduced for such a purpose,
10. That as industrial disputes almost invariably result in great loss and injury both to tho
parties directly concerned and to the public,
legislation should be passed to provide means
for.'an amicable adjustment of such disputes
bot ween employers and employes.
11, That it 1h advisable to foster tho manufacture of the raw products of tho provinco
within tho province aa far as practicable by
means of taxation on thesaid raw producw,Kub*
i ect to rebate of the same in whole or part
Ifchcu manufactured in Hrii.kh Columbia.
Interesting Items of Social
What is Being Done by Socialists
In CanadaTand the World
Journeymen masons in France
work on an average of ten hours a
day. They receive about 13 cents
an hour.
The law in England makes trades
unions responsible for damages
in case of strikes, where these
strikes have been wrongfully called.
The Toronto District Trades
council has nominated a municipal ticket, which will be submitted
to a referendum vote of all the
The Trades Unions Congress in
session at Leicester, England, has
elected two delegates to attend the
convention of the Amerioan Feder-
ation of Labor.
In Germany the last great census of industrial pursuitp, June 14,
189ft, showed that 45,375 children
under 14 years of age are in industrial pursuits.
Frisco carpenters are going to
submit the question of permitting
contractors to use power saws on
buildings in course of construction
to a referendum vote.
The Socialist State convention of
California has passed resolutions
against the employment of "Rev.
Father" Grady at $55 per night,
claiming that such speakers are
exploiting the parly.
Dissatisfied with the pay they
are receiving for their work, the
washwomen of Duluth, Minn., have
resolved to form a union and demand a substantial increase in
wages. They will demand $2.50 a
A state trade and labor council
has been formed in San Francisco,
Cal., under a charter from the
American Labor Union. The organization will enter politics to redress wrongs and grievances of the
labor element.
The Butte, Mont., Miners union
is a strong and wealthy organization. It has been organized 25
years, has never had a strike, has
given $500,000. to other unions
on strike and has maintained its
scale at $3 50 a day.
Berlin, Oat., labor unions are
the first to deolare for independent
labor candidates on the recommendation of the Trades and Labor
Congress. They have placed upon
their banner: "No Grit, No Tory;
Lab.r Candidate or We Don't
Every miner, smelterman and
millworker in Colorado will strike
. 2 necessary to enforce the eight
hour workday. In order to obtain
the eight hour day in the mines,
smelters and quartz mills,the strike
will be extended to all employes in
these occupations in the Btate.
The Trade Union Congress, at
its recent session at Leicester,
England, adopted by a large majority a resolution that the time
has arrived when the hours of labor should be limited to eight per
day in all trades and occupations
in the United Kingdom, and   that
next parliamentary, London oountry council and all municipal elections.
Mather & Piatt, a Salford, England, engineering concern, whioh a
year ago voluntarily conceded its
employes an eight hour day and
introduced a profit sharing scheme
for their benefit, is well satisfied
with the result, their profits for the
past year having shown a substantial increase over the previous year.
Substantial increase in wages
has been promised to 20,000 men
by the big Chioago packing companies on condition that the packers be guaranteed freedom from labor troubles, and the union leaders
have set themselves to demonstrate
their ability to lop turmoil wherever their organizations controls
the workers.
"I see smallpox broke out at one
of the suburban jails recently.
That's funny, isn't it?"
"Yes but it would have been still
funnier if the guards had managed
to catch it."
Llbc-al Platform
1. The immediate r.distribution of
tbe constituencies of the province on the
basis of population, but allowing a smaller unit of population per^seat for the outlying districts.
2. Government ownership, Dominion,
provincial and municipal, of public services of utilities is sound and shou'.d be
carried out in British Columbia.
3. Should it be advisable at any time
to grant aid to a railway company such
shall be in cash and not in land and no
bonus of any kind shall be given without definite and effective means being
taken to safeguard the interests of the
province in the management of the road,
control of the freight and passenger
rates, and provision made against such
railway having any liability against it
except for actual cost.
4. Immediate construction of the
Coast-Kootenay railway; the Cariboo
railway, the extension of the Island railway; a railway from Alberni to a point
on the east coast of the Island; a road In
the northern part of the province from
the coast to the eastern boundary with
an extension to the northern boundary
the railway from Vernon to Midway by
north fork of Kettle river; with necessary
branch lines, ferries and connections.
5. The enforcement of the act now in
force compelling the scaling of logs by
government scalers.
6. That snch legislation should be
enacted as will result in making the
lands included in the various dyking
areas available for cultivation as quickly
as possible and secure prompt payments
of assessments when due.
7. That the government should keep
in touch with the conditions in connection with mining, protecting said industry against combines and trusts and if
necessary for the purpose build and
operate smelters and refineries. No
radical change should be made in the
mining laws without full notice to all
parries interested, giving full opportunity
for d'scussion and criticism.
8. Aa the province can only advance
hy the settlement within its borders of
thrifty and prosperous citizens, and as
Orientals never become citizens in any
proper tense of the word, we declare it
to be the duty of the government to discourage Oriental immigration and employment by every means within its
power, and * e appeal to our fellow Liberals throughout the Dominion to aid us
in our efforts to protect ourselves against
the ruinous competition of men having a
standard of decency and comfort immensely below that of civilized peoples,
and who shirk every duty and obligation
of citizenship which the law will allow
them to escape.
9. The government ought to prevent
the waste and suffering caused by strikes
and lockouts, and an earnest effort ought
to be made to provide some means of
preventing such strikes and lockouts,
and we approve the adoption of compulsory arbitration.
10. The fiscal system of the province
stands in need of revision. Taxation
should bear upon privilege rather than
upon industry, and no addition should le
made to the debt of the province except
for public works properly ehargeable to
11. The retaining of the resources of
the province as an asset for the benefit
of the people and taking effective measures to prevent the alienation of the public domain except for actual bo a fide
business or industrial purposes, putting
an end to the practice of speculating in
connection with the same.
12. The construction and maintenance of roads throughout the province
What Is Being Done Outside the Province.
Progress of Various  Countries
the Mining of Precious
The Camp Bird oompany has received, through its bankers, a further remittance on account of
profits, amounting to £ 10,251.
According to the Moniteur des
Interets Materiel*, the production
of ooal in Russia in 1902 amounted
to 946,546,000 poods. The imports
were 210.345,000 poods, and the
exports 3,064,000 poods.
The reoently discovered ooal
seam in the State of Parana covers
an acre of hectares. The coal,
whioh ooours at the surface, is a
bituminous variety, well suited for
the requirements of the railways in
the centre of Brazil.
On October let, the Bunker Hill
& Sullivan Mining and Concentrating company deolared dividend No.
72, of $8000, payable on Ootober 5
This makes the total paid sinoe
January 1,1903, $36,000, and tbe
total to date $1,460,000.
Owing to the continued scarcity
of native labor, the manager of the
West Band Central finds it impossible to keep the mill running full
time. Acting upon the managing
director's advioe, the directors have
decided to temporarily suspend
crushing, and with the available
labor confine operations to development work.
The Orange River Colony Gazette announces the appointment
of a Commission to inquire into
and report upon the history, work-,
ing, and effect of the law relating
to mining and prospecting for dia
raonds and preoious stones in the
Orange River Colony, and the trade
and all matters conneoted therewith.
The Belgian CoubuI at Moscow,
has published the following returns
in tons of tbe production at pig
iron in Russia in 1902: South
Russia, 84,224; Ural, 44,587; Poland, 17,235; Central Russia, 8374;
North Russia, 1877; Siberia, 209;
total, 156,^97 tons. The total production of wrought iton and steel
amounted to 117,510 tons.
The Frenoh official report on
trade shows that in 1901, in the
mining industry, there were two
employers' organizations, with a
membership of 78, representing
21.45 per cent of the total employers in France, and sixty two employes organizations, with a membership of 80,098, representing
51.48 per cent of the total workmen.
During the last four years tbe
output of the province of Viotoria,
Australia, has shown a progressive
deoline, amounting to nearly 80,-
000 ounces, the drop this year
being 11,824 ounoes, and unless the
Industry meets with unexpected
good fortune it is difficult to see
how this downward tendency oan
be oheoked. In only one of the
nine mining districts did a prospecting parly find sufficient gold
to repay the advance made by the
ment Act, while all the other inspectors report no payayble discoveries.
Mr. Vioe- Consul Armstrong, of
the Ivory Coast, reports as follows:
The mining industry has within
the last year shown itself of the
greatest importance in the colony,
and has been the cause of the great
influx of British subjects, both engineers and prospectors, into this
oolony. The country is undoubtedly a rioh one, and, of course, it
will take some time to prove the
value of the concessions. Should
these concessions prove as rich as
some suppose them to be, the Ivory
Coast will take its place as one of
the leading gold bearing colonies of
West Africa.
The directors of the Camp Bird
in their report on the working
operations of the company for the
last quarter from state: Mine—
Number of feet driven, 1160; number of feet in raises and winzes,341;
oubio feet stoped, 305,000. Mill—
The 60-stamp mill from May 1 to
July 31 crushed 17,855 tons of dry
ore. Receipts from bullion (including oyanide products), $423,-
861; receipts from concentrates,
$63,901; total, $492,726. Less
working expenses (including development, transportation, and treatment of product), $170,433; leaving
$322,593. There have also been
expended on construction account
for the above period, $21,989, say,
/4506; and London and other
management expenses, ,£2100.
Patient and Doctor
Patient—I am afraid I   haven.t
money enough to take  this   treat^-
ment, dootor.
Dootor (stiffly)—Very well, sir.
But if you get well without it don't
blame me.
Tho Now Cook
"Our new cook seems very well
contented out here in the oountry?"
"She has lived in the country before."
"How do you know?"
"By the burrs on her tongue."
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headache powders are a qnick and
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London Directory,
CONTAINING over 2000 pages of condensed commercial matter, enables
enterprising traders throughout the Empire to keep in close touch with the trade
of the Motherland. Besides being a complete commercial guide to London and
its Suburbs, the London Directory contains lists of:—
with the goods they ehip, and the Colonial and Foreign markets they supply.
arranged under tbe Porta to which they
sail,   and  indicating   the  approximate
of Trade Notices of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in the principal
towns  and   industrial   centres   of   the
United Kingdom.
A copy of the 1904 edition will be forwarded freight paid en receipt of Post
Office Order for £1.
The London Directory Co.,Ltd.
25 Abohuroh Lane, London, E. C.
this be made a test question at the ^^tSSS'1 '    **** State under ^  MineB  DeTeloP-
•Linton Bros.,::
• . z
Books, Stationery,
Newsdealers, Toys, Fishing
Tackle, Kodaks and
Mining News of the
Week Over the Province and the Upper
Country. **
•L%%%%/*%«. »%%%%%«»yw**%%%*%****%***%*
The Winnipeg mine, whioh is
shipping 12 cars weekly, employs a
force of 25 men.
C. P. R. Engineers have completed the survey of the proposed
three mile extension of the Winnipeg mine spur to the Athelstan
mine, Wellington camp. It is expected that the road will oost $10,-
Ore is being rawhided from the
Roderick Dhu mine to the Long
Lake wagon road. There are
about 15 tons on the dump ready
for shipment. Its average value is
$198 to the ton.
About 215 men are now on the
payroll of the Qranby mines, and
close to 100 each are employed by
the Snowshoe and Mother Lode.
All the mines of the Boundary are
Btill gradually increasing tbe
The glory hole on the Athelstan
is assuming laree dimensions.
Forty tons of ore are being shipped
daily to Boundary Falls. The oost
of mining is lower there than at
any other mine in the distriot, as
the ore is soft and easily mined.
The Waterloo mine, in Camp
McKinney, will soon duplicate the
present plant at the mine for milling ore. The company states that
it is the intention to duplicate the
present plant of five stamps, There
is a supply of ore on hand at present which will run ten stamps for
at least ten months. The oompany
has ordered another five stamps
from San Francisco,
John Larson has a small foroe at
work on the Tiger-Poorman group.
It now seems that there iB little
chance of the St. Eugene mine beginning aotive operations before
next April.
The Gold River Mining and
Power company, was reoently incorporated with a capital of $200,-
000 to acquire and utilize the large
water power on Bull river, East
Kootenay. and operate plaoer
ground in the same locality. The
oompany proposes to build a dam
about half a mile above the falls
immediately, and operations on
this and other work connected with
the undertaking has already commenced.
The output for the month of September dropped down to 63,191
tons, a decrease of 10,000 tons
from that of last month. Coal
Creek showed a Bteady inorease but
the closing down of the mines at
Morrissey pending the dispute be-
t ween the miners and the management seriously lessened the output
at that colliery while at Michel the
mines were closed several times
owing to tbe shortage of cars supplied by the C. P. R.
It iB stated at Mount Sicker that
the Richard III mine never looked
belter. Each day the prospects
are looking better, and the mine
gives excellent prospects of Boon
beooming a shipper.
In the Tyee and in the Lenora
new strikes have been made. In
t he Lenora's working ore has, it is
stated, been struck, whioh gives the
following values: One ounce gold,
40 ounces silver, and $33 in oopper.
The Eva stamp mill is mow ma-
the   plates are
ning steadily   and
coating up well,
A meeting of the Northwestern
Development Syndicate will be
held at Laurium, Mich., on the
15th inst., when the reconstruction
of the company will no doubt be
arranged for, and result in the
payment of indebtedness and resumption of work there.
The California Syndioate evidently mean business, as three
tons of supplies have been shipped
to the Mammoth group on Goat
mountain, recently. A force of
men has been at work under the
direction of Sid Graham, building
a trail to enable ore to be rawhided
out this winter. The syndioate has
excellent ehowings on this property and assay returns give rioh
values, the ore being galena.
A fine specimen of auturnite
uranium oalcio phosphate may be
seen in the cabinets of the Kaslo
Hotel. It mas brought down from
Gerrard. Caloic phosphate was
originally discovered at Turin,
At La Fontaine the sinking operations are progressing satisfactorily, the shaft now having reach
ed a depth of 115 feet. All the
machinery for thiB plant will have
arrived before it ie needed and Sir
J. Bevan Edwards expects gravel
will be struck in January.
The development work on the
Athabasca-Venus, says President
Giles, has showed their real value
to be muoh greater than has been
previously supposed. On the Athabasca particularly, some promising new Btopes bas been opened up.
On the Athabasca," says Mr.
Giles, "we seem to have got out of
the broken formation and into the
true fissure vein which is carrying
a very good quality of quartz.
Thie was partially done by the old
oompany, but we have now proved
conclusively that the vein we are
on is in its natural position."
The V. F. M. D. oompany's coal
drill operating on the Similkameen
about five miles up river, is doing
some record boring there.
The Hampton haB suspended operations for the season.
A lease is being sought on part
of the Republio ground.
Ore is showing in all the workings on the American Boy.
Work has been temporarily suspended on the wonderful.
The Fisher Maiden reports another strike of ore in the lower
The Comstook, owned by W.
Hunter, has three cars of ore ready
to ship.
Improvement continues lo be
noted at the Ottawa and the indications are that the mine is on the
verge of big things.
Fred Carlisle and Isidore Beau-
pre, owners of a likely group of
claims adjoining the Ottawa, purpose carrying on development during the winter.
There are 100 men at work at
the Rambler, About CO are working in the mine and the balance of
them are working on the flume
and other outside work.
Joseph   Hamblin,   representin
the   Arlington   company,   haB re-
j staked the Silver Leaf claim,   ad'
] joining tbe Arlington mine  on tbe
(south,   it  having   run   out.    The
olaim has the Arlington  lead running through it.
B. C. Riblet is building a tramway to conneot the No. 4 tunnel
with the main line on the Ivanhoe
will be worked to the limit and
business will hum at the mill.
Some fine samples of ore were
presented to the Kootenaian by the
owners of the Revenue on Sturgis
creek, a tributary of the South
Fork of Kaslo. The ore shows
black Bulphurets and native silver
in large quantities, and is thought
to be very rich. There iB about
two feet of a two-hundred foot tunnel whioh ie widening out as distance is gained.
At the Mercury Robert Cunning
has a regular glory hole now exposed at the mine. The rioh ore
body haB been stripped for thirty-
five feet each way and a wall of solid
ore is laid bare. A carload is
ready for shipment aod only a few
shots are neoessary to tear down
another. Seven men are at work
and are likely to be employed all
A oarload of ore per week is
being shipped from the Queen
mine, near Salmo, to the Nelson
Work has again stirted on the
Yankee Girl, and rapid progress iB
being made towards establishing
the extent and wealth of the mine .
Together w'.th number and pi-ice, we
publish here a list
of special Birthday
All stone. mounUA la
14k. go!J.
Jura.rr G»rort
Fcbro.IT    • Amothrrt
TKo. «77-rrlc, JJ.S0
•lIiM.     -     -     -     -     Rloototon.
Ko. «7»-Pilci, |1.»
"^     K». Mll-Mo, 114.00
M.T BaunUd
^        X.. 4583-Prke, »7.»
Juu. **»*•
Mo. «85-Prlce, tl SO
Jul/ ""»J
W       Xo.4687-Prlci.l7.00
Annul ■     •     B.r*onjx
^        Ko. «83~Prlc«, (1.60
Sectoral* r -     -   Soppniro
p        So. UK-Met. »5.00
October °pil
Ko. »G9J-Prlcc, (5 00
X.TWabcr       -      ,.,-.„"       r'f
No. 4896—Prlco, »3.i.o
December Turquolio
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LONDON   RATES   9 s. par   annum
T. O. Box 302 -    Rossland, B. C.
It is stated on oredible authority
that there will be a defioit, unless
the taxes are paid in an unprecedented manner.    Mayor   Dean is
stated   to   be   the   souroe of this
rumor,   but   this   is not credible.
The fact, however, may be taken
for granted.   The man   who sajB
"I told you so," certainly ought to
be lynched, but the man who outran his estimates aB Chairman oi
the Board  of   Works might have
been expected to do so in a higher
position.   Still we are 1 face to face
with the situation, and it has got to
be accepted without recrimination.
It behooves   this city to look out
for further sources of revenue, and
along the leasrtine of resistance is
the acquisition of the lighting franchise, notice   of  which  must   be
given   before  February next, just
after elections, Present incumbents
of office have nothing to say on this
subject, yet it is well known that
present   incumbents   of office aie
seeking mayoual honors next year.
Gentlemen,   you will   have to declare yourselves.
A contemporary records the fact
that the big packing companies of
Chicago have promised their men
substantial increase in wages, just
so long aa there are no strikes and
calls upon union offioers to see that
this bargain is carried out. It
dwells with satisfaction upon this
result and declares that this is a
striking object lesson of the use-
lessness ef unions. Considering
that the main object of trades
unionism is to see that wagoa are
not driven down, and that the employers, in this instanoe are giving
up the very point at issue, it is hard
to see the relevancy of the contention. If trades unions are conceded
the very thing for which they exist,
the uselessness of their existence iB
apparently     demonstrated.     But
had they  not have existed, would
the concession quoted be granted?
And if they ceased to exist because
if the   concession   being granted,
would it be lived up to?
The publicity   which the Rose-
land press saw fit laBt week to give
to tbe   outbreak  of   incendiarism
has   inourred   the   disapproval of
Mayor   Dean.   We  are of  course
deeply   contrite,   but   we   do not
think the Rossland press has anything to take back.   Mayor Dean
effected   some   economies  on   the
police and on the fire department.
The fire   insuranoe  companies remonstrated.     Possibly   tbey    felt
like the most of Rossland's citizens,
that Mayor Dean's economy ought
to have begun closer at home, if he
would have acted with a good grace.
Those   companies    said    certain
things   might   occur.     If   Mayor
Dean had   committed the press to
his Star Chamber methods, private
reports   from    insurance   agents,
might  have   led   those insurance
companies to the belief that those
things had occurred, and infallibly
the rates would have risen, unless
the fire  and   police   departments
were    restored    to   their  former
strength.   Then,  if  an   economy
had to effected, the Mayor would
have bad to put his hand in hie
own salaried pocket.   Which, possibly, would hive raised a greater
kick on that official's part.   As it
is the prompt action of the fire department   showed   that even four
fires    within    two    hours    were
not      too      much      for    tbem.
And the abandonment of two heaps
of combustibles by the incendiaries
behind Ewert Brothers store and
under the   Opera   House,  showed
that tbe ubiquity of the police department   was   too   much  for the
criminals.   Both departments deserve credit, and if the Mayor had
Perhaps the heading of this article is a misnomer, inasmuch aB
ths result of Chamberlain's policy
has been to make a cleavage in tbe
British party strata. Chamberlain
is himself a Liberal, nay a Radical.
But for want of a better name, tbe
opponents of Chamberlain will be
called Liberals, especially as the
leaders, Bannerman aud Rosebery,
both identify themselves with the
Attention is called to the significance of the following excerpt from
the news columns of the London
"Lord Dilmany, the eldest son of
Lord Rosebary, waB on Wednesday
adopted by the executive of the
Mid Lothian Liberal Association
as candidate for the oouuty at the
next election, after delivering an
address, in which he deolared himself opposed to both Mr. Chamber-
Iain's and Mr. Balfour's fiscal
polioy, advocated reorganization of
the military system, and held that
one of the first duties of a Liberal
government would be the amendment of the Education Act."
It will be seen that the policy as
developed as contra Chamberlain,
to bring up two   local issues, the
one the reorganization   of the War
Office  (in which the   Little Eng
lander  has   no idea of consulting
Greater Britain) and the other the
amendment of the Education Act,
again an entirely local issue.   One
would think that when the house
is burning the householder would
not think about tbe arrangement of
the diningroom furniture.   If this
is the best Mr. Chamberlain's opponents oan do it is a foregone conclusion that ihey will not win out
on an appeal   to the oountry.   A
significant event lately occurring,ie
the reception of the Ex-Chancellor
of the Exchequer when attacking
Chamberlain's    resignation    and
lauding his   own, when that eminent   two   by four   financier was
hardly accorded a hearing, because
he attacked the Ex-Colonial Secretary,and because he appealed to tbe
fears of the Briton. Britain is hardly
the nation to whioh suoh an appeal
would    be    successful.    Another
oircumstance    equally   significant
was the ominous drop in this circulation of a leading London Liberal daily on its attacking   Cham-:
berlian.   That paper had to crawl
back to its allegiance  under   pen
By our news columns it will be
noted   that   the   gallant   Scottish
soldier, Sir Hector Macdonald who,
during the paBt summer took bis
•life under pressure of scandal, has
been vindicated.   A Commission ol
Enquiry was appointed, with   instructions to probe privately and
publicly into all the circumstances
of the charges, the nature of whioh
were never made publio, against his
character; the scene of which was
Ceylon, where Macdonald had been
in charge.   That Commission, after
oareful enquiry upon the spot, has
come   to   the conclusion   that the
charges brought  against him were
unwarranted,   aud that there was
nothing in them that should have
led   to   hia   having   laid   violent
hands upon himself.   It will be remembered,   however,   that offioial
cognizance had been taken of these
by the War Office, and that it was
in  consequence of a   notification
from that supreme body that Gen
eral Macdonald, iu a fit of despondency aud, as it would now appear,
of disgust, acting upon the Celtic
temperament,  committed   suicide.
Everybody, it may be said, though
feeling sorry for the hero, was only
too willing to believe the accuraoy
of the charges made.   Color was
lent to   this by the very   circumstance of his suicide,  and by the
notice taken of tbe charges by the
War Office and by the Commander-
in Cbief,  himself a soldier second
to none iu the Empire, an old and
valued servant.Lord Roberts. Even
his own family hurried the funeral
privately, and refused to permit of
public recognition of   the corpse
as it was   conveyed through England and France to Scotland on its
way to final interment.   But the
Highlanders, imbued with a stern
sense of justice, insisted upon enquiry, let that enquiry result as it
might.   And that enquiry  has re
suited ia the clearing of the memory of as  gallant a soldier as the
Highlands have ever borne.
But now that this has been finished it is distinctly up to that
War Office and lo that Commander-
in-Chief to rigidly prosecute a further enquiry as to the cowardly instigators of the course which hound
ed Macdonald to a dishonored
grave. Let them be whomsoever
they may, no reputation can stand
higher than that of the general,
who rose from the ranks, to a world
wide renown, and if such a reputa
tion can be assailed, then the assailant, however high he or they
may stand, is assailable likewise,
Justice must be d ne.
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All points served by
the Canadian Pacific      '
Railway west of Revelstoke Station, including China and Japan
and Klondike,
For Women, Misses and Children. We have as usual the
largest and the best assortment in the city. WARM
SUPPERS in Felt, Satin, Plush, Velvet, etc., for Women,
Misses and Children in great variety. Rubber Overshoes,
Gloves, Mitss, Mocassins and Snowshoes for everybody,
and for leather footwear w« always lead in quality and at
correct prices. ■ =
See our Window and come inside for Prices \
We are always pleased to show our goods
gone the  right   way  about it, he 	
would have   had his  share of the alty °f 8°ine baBkrnPt-   Chamber
kudos also. lain will win out.
The compromise arrived at in the
Alaskan award has raised a storm
if indignation from one end of
Canada to the other. Canada objected to tbe personnel of the United States commissioners on the
ground that it waB rather political
than juridical but our objections
wore overruled. It seems again as
if (he direct interests of Canada
were sacrificed to a willingness to
placate the United States on the
part of insular diplomats. Canada
will now have to build a feeder
from tbe Grand Trunk norlh into
Atlin and the Klondyke, a distance of 300 miles through Cassiar.
Also the mouth of the Stikine has
paaaed into the oontrol of the United States barring an outlet from
the rich district beyond except by
rail.   Further, if the Grand Trunk
the small islands off the ooast  Bur-
rendered to the United States. But
if that terminal is   higher   on the
inlet,  nearer  the  mouth  of  the
Nasse river, this disadvantage will
not obtain.   The  real  trouble  is
not the  output  of the   Klondike
whioh is rapidly lessening, falling
50 per cent during the  past  three
years, but the barring out of Canada from its legitimate coast line aa
far as the CaBsiar division of British Columbia   is  oonoerned.   But
the  southern   portion,   the  Coast
division, is   absolutely   Canadian.
The point  is   that   the   northern
strip is not of   muoh   use  to  the
United States but is   of  potential
value to Canada.   When the United StateB comes to discuss reciprocity with Canada the United StateB
will find that the stiip will form   a
feature in the diplomaoy  of   that
time.   But a reciprocity  commission will have no Little  England
ers upon it.   The strip must  now
be acknowledged to belong to  the
United   States,   At   some  future
day it may be a serious bar to the
development   of  Canadian   trade.
The United States, having no de
sire to provoke bad feeling on  the
part of Canada, would be  wise  to
make the matter a subjeot of  bargain.   But Lord Alverstone's compromise in the  present  oase  will
infallibly lead to the exolusion  of
all but fi mericans from the personnel of the next Court of Diplomaoy.
■ a»a»»iafma\a»aiaia\»»naa>.aa>»..ai»»a»»a\a>»afa\a>Mai  v aia..».»j.>»m«mm»mmama
"oT Rossland Souvenirs j
Showirjg the New Postofiice and Le £
Roi Mine. A large variety of arti- =
oles to select from.^^^cccgcgcjccocc        =j
a mTfox &00CS 1
Rossland, Nelson, Trail,Sandon,Revelstoke,Green-
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL  MARKETS-Rossland, Trail,  Nelson, Ymir, Kaslo
Sandon, New Denver, Silverton, Cascade City, Grand Porks,
Greenwood,  Phoenix, Midway, Camp   McKinney,
Revelstoke, Ferguson and Vancouver.
Fish,   Same and  Poultry In Season, Sausages of All Kindt.
WM. DONALD, Manager Rowland Branch
Thos. Embleton
The Grocer
Cariboo Rltloa
The Cariboo Distriot Rifle Association do not believe in half measures. They will wind up their
two day's annual shoot with a
banquet at Quesnel on the last
day. It iB intended to make the
banquet an annual event.   It ia a
Eastern and Olympia
Smoked Fresh Kippers,
Bloaters, Codfish
and Halibut.
All Kinds of FRUITS for Canning and Table Use.
A rew consignmeet of
Swift's Ham, Bacon and Lard
• •
oapital idea and  is  calculated   to
makes its terminus at Port Simpson I promote a healthful esprit de corps. 11 •
that port will  be  commanded  by I KamloopB Sentin.lt l!#
Thos. Embleton
The Grocer m
R. Clothier has left for Republio.
Next Saturday night is Halloween.
Alexander Hill has left for London.
Miss Harries has returned from
a visit to Nelson.
F. W. Rolt is away from the
oamp on business.
P. S. Couldrey is in Spokane on
W. Tomlinson is over from the
Mrs. E. G. Paulson has returned
from a visit to Spokane.
A. Lirson is paying a visit to
the Boundary country.
Mrs. Frank Campbell of Trail was
in tbe city on Tuesday last.
Ernest Leverson was in oamp
from Spokane during the week
Jim Christie is back from a tour
in the Peaoe River oountry.
H. S. Wallace of£amborne was
in oamp during tbe week.
Mrs. J. Kirkup has returned from
her visit to the Coast.
. Wm. Verran left for Spokane and
Coast points on Wednesday last.
Mrs. M. O'Connell returned to
Rossland on Thursday evening.
Q. S. Waterlow, aooompanied by
Anthony J. McMillan, are in eamp.
Mrs. J. Hooson and child are
about to leave for the old country.
Mr. an d Mrs. A. H. MaoNeill
have been payi ng a visit to Spokane.
The Eastern Star had a very nice
party on Wednesday night last at
th e Masonic Hall.
Dr. Sinclair paid a visit to the
Boundary country on Thursday
last on quarantine business.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Fraser
have left for the coast where they
will reside in future.
The midday C. P. R. train is now
arriving in Rossland at 10:12 instead of 11:20 as heretofore.
There was a large house at the
"Millionaire Tramp" at the Opera
House on Tuesday night last.
The Indian summer is in full
swing and the snow haB disappeared from the mountains.
The Maridor-Goulding company
will show in Miners' Union hall on
Monday night next.
Miss M. Einnear is paying a
visit to the oamp from her present
home in Spokane.
Three guns got 40 grouse in a
two day shoot early in the week on
the Columbia river.
The Deborahs are giving a danoe
in Miners' Union Hall next Friday
The Kootenay Associated Boards
of Trade will hold their annual
meeting in Rossland early in December,
Messrs. Taylor & McQuarrie are
opening a branoh business in Nelson: Mr. McQuarrie will remain in
charge of the Rossland business.
F. Bowker is to be examined as
to the B. A. C. transactions in the
Yukon, before the Whitaker Wright
commission, resuming its sittings
Manager Thompson of the Rossland Kootenay mine iB leaving on
a vieit to Mexico. He may be expeoted back toward the end of
next month.
Macdonald Commission of
Enquiry Clears His
On Tuesday night of the ourrent
week the Lady Maccabees had a
presentation of the banner flag
which they have earned for
for Rossland whioh was aooompanied by a varied programme.
Flying Machlnsa.
C. M. Malloy of Chattanooga,
Tenn., after five failures with
flying machines, has gone to
San Francisco, where he will make
a sixth attempt.
Sweet potatoes and fresh Christie
Biscuits at Thomas Embleton'a
Grocery Store.
The following is the official finding of the Commission of Enquiry
into the  circumstances  attendant
on the suioide of General Sir Hector
Macdonald whioh   has  just  been
made publio.
Government Buildings, Colombo,
June 29, 1903
In reference to the grave charges
made against the late   Sir   Hector
Macdonald, we, the appointed and
undersigned   commissioners,   individually and   collectively   deolare
on oath that, after the most  careful, minute, and exhaustive inquiry
and investigation of the whole   circumstances  and   facts  connected
with the sudden   and   unexpected
death of the late Sir Hector  Mao-
donal,  unanimously   and   unmistakably find absolutely no reason
or crime whatsoever   whioh would
create feelings suoh as would determine suicide, in preference to  con
viotion of any crime   affecting the
moral and irreproachable charaoter
of so brave, so foarleas, si glorious,
and unparalled   a   hero,   and   we
firmly  believe   the  cause  which
gave rise to tbe inhuiian and cruel
suggestions of orime were prompted through vulgar feelings of spite
and jealousy in his rising to such
a high rank of distinction   in   the
British army; and, while we  have
taken the most reliable and   (rust-
worthy evidence from every accessible and conceivable source,   have
without  hesitation   come   to  tbe
conclusion that there is not visible
the slightest particle  of  truth in
foundation of any crime,  and   we
find the late Sir Hector Macdonald
bas been  cruelly assassinated   by
vile and slanderous tongues. While
honorably acquitting the  late   Sir
Heotor Macdonald of any  oharge
whatever, we cannot   but  deplore
the sad circumstances of   the  case
that' have fallen so disastrously on
one whom we have found innoocnt
of any crime attributed to bim,
Angus Macdonald.
Dr. Matthew Wilson.
Dr. D. Macnaughton.
James Brodie.
Generald Heathcote.
Arthur Lang.
Mayor Dean   Has a New
Proposal to Rossland
The city council proper on Tuesday night occupied its usual  position, which is that of ratifier without diECUssion of matters previously disouBsed in camera, and  consequently its duration was but short.
In connection with the city's  business, it transpired that Mayor Dean
has another brilliant  idea  as   to
economy, which is to reduce   the
amount of light in the city by substituting in certain places what are
called 32 candle power   lights,   for
the aro lights now in   uee.    Alderman Embleton thought that  such
a reduction would Lea help to bad
characters, and that  the  general
tendency of tbe electorate  was for
improved   lighting   and  not  for
a   decrease    in   power,    Nobody
seems to have discussed the matter
from    the    municipal    franchise
point of view. The city   is   paying
880   per  annum   for  each of  its
street lights, and if the city owned
the light there   would be a saving
to this   extent,  inasmuoh as   the
profits of the lighting company are
declared by the vice-president to be
excellent, and steadily  improving.
So that if   the   lights to   private
houses were not reduced in rate, yet
there-would certainly  be sufficient
profit to pay for the  city lighting
proper.   This is what Nelson has
done.   Why Rossland cannot do it
is no doubt perfectly well known to
those sitting in camera,  but these
obscure reasons "ought to be made
public, or   the   public   may think
that is good reaBon  why they hide
iu obscurity.
Common soaps destroy the
clothes   and   render   the
.hands liable   to   eczema.
Good Footwear-Lowest Prices.
Aik for the Octagon Bar
The Helena Assay Office
The receipts of gold at the United States Assay Oflice in Helena
during September were $275,655,
as against $239,090 for the same
month last year, an increase of
$37,565. The records show increases from Montana, Idaho and
British Columbia, and a falling oil'
in the receipts from Nevada, Washington, Oregon and North West
The receipts from Montana were
$234,709; from Idaho, $11,438; from
British Columbia, $22,472. In
production of Montana gold Fergus County leads. The pro-
duot from that county is almost
of free or oyanide gold, while from
other counties, notably Lewis and
Clark, a large proportion of the
product goes to smelters and there
fore doeB not show in the assay
office returns.
Churches desiring fptcial meniion of
their services must present the notices
for publication on or before Friday
u orning.
Profeator Mom-risen
Professor Teodor Mommsen, now
nearly 86 years of age, continues
his contributions in ancient Roman history. His latest essay
deals with the Roman antiquities
excavated at Baalbeo.
St. George's Church—Rev. J. A.
Clelacd, rector. Twentieth Sunday after Trinity. 8:00 a. m.
Holy Communion; 11 a.m,Matins;
2:30 p.m., Sunday School;
3:30 p.m., Holy Baptism; 7:30
p.m., Evensong.
Church of the Sacred Heart.—
Rev. M. W. McKinnon in charge.
First msss 8:30 a.m.; Second mass
10:30a.m.; Sunday School,2;30p.m.
followed by Benediction of the
BlesBed Sacrament.
St. Andrew's Church,(Presbyterian.)—Corner First avenue and
Queen street. Public worship at
11 a.m., and 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school and Pastor's Bible class
2:30 p. m.
Methodist Church.—Rev. R. F.
Stillman, B.A., paBtor. Services 11
a.m., and 7:30 p.m. Class meeting
at 10:15 a. m. Sunday school
and Bible class at 2:30 p.m.
Monday 8 p. in. Epworlh. League.
Wednesday 7:30 Prayer meeting.
Morning subject: "Hindrances;"
Evening suhjeot, "The Passover."
Baptist Church—Rev. M. Van
Sickle, pastor. Services at 11 a.m.
and 7:30 p.m. Sunday school and
bible class, 12:15 p.m.
Salvation Army.—7 a.m., Knee
Drill; 11 a.m., junior meeting; 3
p.m., Free and Easy; 8 p.m., Salvation meeting.
Agent for the celebrated
il     '"
2-lb, Bricks
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
L.Champlain. Oct 22 L.Michigan Oct.30
From Montreal
Pretorian.... Oct. 24 Bavarian., .Oct 31
From Montreal
Canada... Oct 31 Southwark Nov 7
From Boston
Commonwealth Oct 22 New Eng. Oct 2a
New York.. .Oct 28 Philadelphia Nov. 4
Krconland Oct 24 Zeeland.. .Oct 31
Umbria I Oct 24 Lucania Oct 31
Teutonic ... Oct 28 Cedric Nov 4
La Lorraine.Oct 29 LaTouraine. .Nov. 5
Continental sailings of North German
Lloyd, H. A. P. and Italian lines on application.   Lowest rates on all lines.
G. S.S, Agt., Winnipeg
O. W. DEY, Agent,
C.PK. Depot, Rowland
This is the season of the year when the whole
family require to be shod! We have the largest
stock in town and can suit all from the baby right
up to the largest size required.
Special Trade Discount
to Large Purchasers	
w.f. mcneill
Near the Pcstoffloe.
Retail Prices in Rossland
Corrected Up to Date by the Leading Merchants of the
Axes, per doz $7.50-10.00
Candles, per case $5.50-6 50
Cape, Bennett, per box 75c
Coal, blacksmith per ton $22.50
Dynamite, 60 per ct, per lb 19^o
Dynamite, 50 per ct, per lb 18c
Dynamite, 40 perot, perlbl6ic
Fuse, Bennett per 100 ft 75c
Hammers, per lb 15c
Iron, per lb 3i 5o
Nails, base, per keg 84
Shovels, per doz $7.50-10
Steel, Canton per lb 8.]o
Bacon, per lb 18-20c
Beef, per lb (side) 9 10c
Chickens, each 50-90c
Pish, per lb 12fl5o
Ham, per lb 18-20o
Mutton per lb (side) 13-15o
Turkey, per lb 23c
Veal, per lb (side) 18o
Almonds, per lb 25c
Apples, per 501b box $1.25-$1.50
Bananas, per doz 40c
Beans, per lb 60
Blackberries, per hex 15c
Butter, per lb 25 35c
Cheese, per lb 20o
Chocolate, per lb 40-50o
Cocoa, per lb 40c $1.00
Coffee, per lb 25 6O0
Condensed Milk per can 15c
Dried Peas, per lb 80
Eggs, per doz 30-40
Flour, per 501b $1 50-1.65
Grapes, per lb 15o
Honey, per lb 25c
Jams and Jellies per lb 12-13c
Lard, per lb 174o
Onions, per lb 5c
Oranges, per doz 40 50c
Peaohes, per 201b box $1.25
Pears, per 401b box $1.60
Pickles, per qt 20o-25o
Plums, per 201b box 50o
Potatoes, per 1001b sack $1.00
Rioe, per lb 8c
Rolled Oats per lb 5o
Sugar, per lb 6$o „
Vinegar, per gal 50c-75o
Walnuts, per lb 25c
Watermelons, each 50 60o
Bran, per ton $27
Hay, per ton $27
Oats, per ton $32
Shorte, per" ton $30
Coal, per ton, Gait, $8.50
Kerosine, per gal 50c
Soap, per bar 5o
Wood, per cord $4.50-$5.50
Vegetable Hair
Just what you need if your hair is faded or turning grey, for it always restores tbe color. It keepg
the scalp oleau and .healthy and makes the hair
smooth and soft. The hair grows long and heavy
and does not split at the ends.
Morrow's Drug Store
The! Gollon Powder Comoanv. Lid
32 Queen Victoria St., LONDON- E. 0..
Faversham Powder
Cr: '1 c HKW1  Ilf'J of ruttilifd [Explosives. October, 1601
T~^N K I I T* PJ~   the best explosive^for underground;work ex
I   \y I \l I   I   ■ clusively need in Severn and Mersey tunnel
Cordite, Gelignite, Gelatine Dyt amite, Blasting Gelatine, Detonators for all classeB of Explosives, Electrio Appliances,
ine Charges for the removal of   Wrecks,  Etc.,   Etc.
Works: Faversham, Kent and Melling, near Liverpool
If your want to bowl try the Alhambra
Best ally in the city,
Place Your Advt.
Will Pay You.
British Columbia
New Westminster-Victoria, B. C.
For the above occasion the Spokane
Falls & Northern railway will sell round
trip tickets to New Westminster as follows:   (Children half fare.)
Rossland $17 20
Nelson  16 55
Ymir ,.  16 55
Grand Forks   18 a?
Sept. 26,27, 28, 20. Limit Oct. 6
Passengers desiring to attend the exhibition at Victoria from October 6 to 10
and who purchase round trip tickets
from New Westminster to Victorl*, will
be granted an extension nf eight days on
th' ir tickets by the agent at New Wcdt
H.A. JACKSON, G. ]>. A.,
Spokane, Was
H. P. BROWN, Agent,   Rossland,  B.
Officers and Meetings.
Pompeian Massage Cream
Removes, Blackheads, Freckles
and Plmpples and bringB color  the Cheeks.     For Sale at
Royal Barber Shoo
No. 96, W. F. M. Meets
every Saturday evening at
7:30 o'clock. Thos. Roynon,
Pres., Frank Philips, Sec.
Visiting brothers cordially
No. 85, W. F. M., meets
every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock in Miners' Un
Ion hall. Robert Elliott,
Pres., VV. B. Mclsaac, Sec.
No. 22, W. F. M., meets every
Saturday evening in Union hall.
H. R. ParsonB, Pres., Geo. F.
Dougherty, Beo.-Treas.
Fresh Bread
Rossland Home Bakery
Columbia avenue, next door to Empey's,
Washington St. and Second Ave.
Fetch & Sriiwailzerihaiier Props THE SATURDAYSWORLD. ROSSLAND  B. t.. OCT. 24, 1903
What the Outside Newspapers are Saying.
♦ •••♦••♦••MMMMMMJ »♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦»♦
there should be created a splendid
market were attention given to this
new branch of the trade. The development of the fisheries industry
is a most important matter for
British Columbia. It is extremely
gratilyirg to note that Mr. Ball,
in a late letter to the World, in-
viteB correspondence from   all   in
touch with British Columbia conditions and in a position to develop the trade in food fish products
along new lines, assuring them his
cordial and active support in finding consignees in England who
will be glad to handle such British
Columbia goodB. The fishery industry of this province today iB
known in England selely through
the exportation thither of canned
salmon, The splendid halibut,
sent in cold storage, should be
equally popular. And there are
the skill, the oolachanB, and a
dozen other western fishes fit for
table delicacies, that' have yet to
be introduced to the English consumer. The scope for industrial
growth in this direction invites
attention from western business
men.—Vancouver World.
As Applied to the Recovery
of Gold From Placer
A British preferential duty
against foreign wheat would force
the American farmer to set up a
howl for admission to hiB old market in England. The English duly
on wheat would not make bread
much dearer in England, but it
would make protection a great
deal cheaper in the United States.
United States farmers would not
stop growing wheat, but they would
slop raising protectionist majorities.
Their discontent would force the
Government at Washington to bargain for reciprocity with England
on the basis of a United States
market for English industrial products in return for an English
market for Amerioan agricultural
products.—Victoiia TimeB.
John BurnB, M. P., he of labor
fame, his given his pronouncement
in favor of the British army. The
burly hero of the British working
man is nothing if not strenuous in
his methods, and though a man of
peace, decided to form his opinions
on the British army at first hand.
His procedure would scarcely commend itself into a majority of his
colleagues in the Imperial House,
for this is what John did. He
tramped for eight solid days with a
regiment in the recent army manoeuvres, covering in that period fully
200 miles. Not being qualified to
share the army rations, he trusted
to the occasional wayside inn for
his meals which invariably were
of the utraoBt simplicity, usually
consisting of bread and cheese for
breakfast, cheese and bread for
dinner, and bread and cheese for
supper, helped out occasionally by
the fragrant and muscular onion
It is not to be wondered that this
rich diet took no less than fourteen
pounds off John's weight in the
brief period of his pilgrimage. He
nevertheless describes his trip as
one of the most interesting and en
joyable experiences of his liie, and
declares that even the War Office
has failed to spoil the men of the
British army. Mr. Burns is no
longer a young man, and his
thoroughness in getting to the
heart ol fads in the face of physical
hardships whioh would appeal to
many a person of half his age, is
greatly to hiB credit; while hiB
verdict in the army's favor is, coming from such a man, a very satisfactory one.—Victoria Colonists.
While all good British Colum
bians are earnestly endeavoring
to stimulate and extend the profitable export trade of this province,
particularly that portion of this
trade which seeks the markets of
the motherland, it iB a surprising
thing to find—ou the authority of
the commercial agent of the city of
Birmingham—that instead of
working actively with commercial
far sightedneBB and enterprise lo
extend the scope and charaoter of
their trade, the salmon canters of
this province are apparently indifferent even to overtures for an
extension of   their   own   business.
Mr. Peter B. Ball, the Canadian
commercial agent referred to, has
heretofore pointed out the opportunities for doing business in England not only in British   Columbia
canned salmon of superior grade, J The present commercial possibil
but in salted or smoked salmon, | ities in the electrical transmission
shipped in oold storage, for which of power over long distance  with
The Mining Recorder of Denver
reports that V. B. Finley aDd H.
L. Orr, of Port Collins, have just
completed a number of experiments
with a new system of precipitation
that promises to revolutionize the
process of saving line gold aud supersede all methods now employed.
The new process is designed to
save the precious metals from tbe
slime of stamp mills in which thou
sands of dollars are lost annually,
as well to recover the fine gold
from placer diggings. The machine is simplicity itself, and tbe
costs of operation iB nominal. The
water in the main vat iB kept at a
certain level by means of an automatic valve, which also furnishes
an outlet for the coarse Band and
gravel. At the head of this tank
oil flows onto the water, over a
blanket, and into a second vat,
from which it is automatically returned to the head of the first tank
and in this the oil is kept moving
continuously and evenly over the
surface of the water. The slime to
be treated is run over a set of dividing bars into the main vat and
the coarse matter falls to the bottom, passing out through the
automatic valve while the oil,
which acts as a precipitant, gathers
the fine gold and deposits it on the
blanket, returning then to the
head of the the machine to be used
over and over again. The loss of
oil is estimated at lees than five
oents per cubic yard of placer
Now Is the Time to Buy Lots
in Similkameen 6ity, 8. Q.
CAMP HEDLEY is the most talked of oamp in the province, and situated in the centre is Similkameen City, surrounded by
rich mines which will shortly have large payrolls. Over 200 lots have been sold to business people who realize that Similkameen will become the metropolis of this district. The Nickel Plate mineB have expended $300,000 in development and are at
present building tramways and a 40-stamp mill. Arrangements are being made for the ereotion of a large smelter at Similkameen City which will cost about a million dollars. Besides the Nickel Plate group of claims being developed by one of the richest
mining companies in North America, there are several other groups and properties which will shortly be developed, among them
being the Kingston Mines, Rollo, Wellington, Winnipeg, Red Chief and Pollock. Situated as it is in the beautiful Similkameen
valley, midway between Princeton and Keremeos, and protected from all opposition in the valley by adjoining a large Indian
reservation, this townsite will become one of the principal mining camps of the Pacific Northwest. It was only a short time ago
that lots in Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood and other mining centres were selling for the same price that they are today being Bold
for iu Similkameen.   Come in before tbe boom and double your money.
Similkameen City to Have Two Railways.
The Victoria, Vancouver & Eastern and the Canadian Pacific railways are starting immediate construction for the Similkameen,
which will make this town a railroad centre and divisioual poiut, and when these competing lines are completed through to the
Pacific coast tbey will become the main through lines, being the shortest route from the interior to the coast. A large sawmill ia
running steadily on the west addition, the only available timber for miles around. The main street is 90 feet wide, being alt
cleared and ready for building purposes. All railways, roads, telegraph and telephone lines will have to come through this
townsite, which is located iu the centre of the whole Similkameen valley and will become the largest distributing point and
mining centre in British Columbia.
Similkameen City Lots Will Make You Rich.
A large agricultural area to draw from.   Pure water, fine climate, rich mines, big payrolls.
Lots for Sale $2 to $ 10 Per Front Foot.    A«Bnts in A"Towns in B-c-
For further particulars apply to
FRANK BAILEY & CO., Greenwood and Similkameen
J. H. YATES, Empire State! Building, Spokane.
But    Little   Water   May
Furnish Enormous
email loss, and the opportunities
thUB offered for the conbination of
a number of email plants into one
of considerable magnitude, serve to
direct attention to a number ol
water powers which are now totally ignored.
The popular idea of an available
water power is a moderate fall on a
stream of considerable eizo, located
within a few yards of a railroad.
The power which can be obtained
at any power site on a stream is
the produot of the weight of the
water pressing the site per unit of
time multiplied by the height of
the prependicular fall obtainable,
and for the same total power theBe
quantities very inversely; that is
if the head be doubled the quantity
of water may be diminished by a
half and the resultant power will
be the same; if the head be multiplied by ten, then one-tenth the
quantity of water will yield the
power, aud so on in similar   ratio.
Given a sufficient fall, therefore,
a small amount of water may be
made to ^furnish a very large
amount of power. The distance
between the points where the
power is developed and where it is
to be utilized is annihilated J>y
electrical transmission.
Violin Lako
Violin Lake might be utilized by sportsmen by stocking
it. An attempt was made
some time since by some of
the fishers to bring this matter to
t&e attention of the government
and it is alleged that some spawn
was brought from the east as
far as Revelstoke, but got no
further than that poiut. A properly constituted rod and gun
olnb would through their organizations be able to effect much in that
direction if the matter were propre-
ly gone into.
Mining and Social Matters
Special Columns
Will be  Literature, Current Top ice, Canadian.
Imperial and Foreign Affairs.
A Serial Story Will Run
Eight Pages!    Eight Pages!
• ••
3 *
• ••
• ••
The Phoenician.
• ••••
Phra, who dies and lives again in
Britain, begins to recount his early ad.
ventures—He buys a British slave girl
and sails on a trading voyage to Cornwall and marries a British princess. Is
attacked and captured by the Romans.
Escapes and is murdered by the Druids.
Is born again in later Roman Britain.
I CHAPTER III (Continued j
My next visit was to an Etruscan barber, who was shaving all
and sundry under a green white
awning, in a pleasant little piazza.
To him I sat, and while he reaped
my antique stubble, with many an
ezolamation of surprise and disgust
at its toughness, my thoughts wandered away to the train of remembrances the bath slave's discovery
had started. Again I thought of
Blodwen and my little one; the
seaport, with its golden beaches,
and the quiet pools where the trout
and salmon of an evening now and
again shattered the crystal mirror
of the surface in their sport as Bhe
and I sat upon some grassy bank
and talked of village statecraft, of
conquests over petty princelings, of
oropa and harvests, of love and
war. Then, again, I thought of
the Roman galleys, and Caesar the
penman autocrat; of tbe British
oamp, and, lastly, the great mischance whioh had, and yet had
not, ended me.
'Ah! that was a bad slash, indeed, Sir, wasn't it?' queried the
barber in my ear. 'May I ask in
what war you took it?'
This very echo of my fanoy oame
bo Btartlingly true, I sprang to my
feet and glowered upon him.
'0 culler of herbs,' I said, '0
trespasser along the verge of mystery and medicine'—pointing to the
dried things and electuaries with
which, in common then with his
kind, hia booth was stooked—
'where got you the power of reading minds?'
He shook his head vaguely, as
though he did not understand,
pointing to my neok, and replying
he knew naught of what my
thoughts might have been, but
there, on my shoulder, was obvious
evidenoe of the slash' he had alluded to.
I took the steel mirror he offered
me, and, sure enough, I saw a monstrous white seam upon my tawny
skin, healed and well, but very
obvious after the bath and shaving.
'Why, Sir, I have dressed many
a wound in my time, but that
must have been about as bad a one
as a man could get and live. How
did it happen?
'Oh! I forget just now.'
'Forget 1 Then you must have a
marvellously bad memory. Why,
a thing like that one might remember for four hundred years!' eaid
the BagaciouB little barber, bending
his keen eyes on me in a way that
was unoomfortable. In faot, he
soon made me so ill at ease, being
very reluotant that my secret
should pass into possession of the
town through hie garrulous tongue,
that I hastily paid him another of
those antigue green coinB of mine,
and passed on again down the
great wide street.
Even he who lives two thousand
years is still the serf of time, therefore I oannot describe all the
strange things I saw in that beautiful foreign oity set down on the
native English land.   But present
ly I tired, and, having become a
Roman by exchanging my sheepskins for a fine scarlet toga, over a
military cuirass of closo fitting
steel, inlaid, after the fashion, with
turquoise and gold enamel, sandals
upon my feet, and a short sword at
my side, f sought somewhere to
sleep. First, I ohanced upon a
little house set back from the main
thoroughfare, and over the door a
withered bush, and, underneath it,
on a label was written thus:
Hie Habitat Felicitas.
'Ah!' I said, as I hammered at
the portal with the brass knob of
my weapon, 'if, indeed, happiness
is landlord here, then Phra the
Phoenician is the man to be his
tenant!' But it would not do.
Bacchus was too bibulous in that
little abode, and Cupid to blind
and indiscriminate. So it was left
behind, and presently an open
villa was reached where travellers
might rest, and here I took a chamber on one side of the square of
marble courtyard, facing on a garden and fountain, and looking over
a fair stretch of country.
No sooner had I eaten than, very
ourious to understand the nature of
the bath slave's discoveries upon
my skin, I went to the disrobing
room of the private baths, and, discarding my gorgeous cuirass, and
piling the gilded arms and silken
wrappings with which a new born
vanity had swathed me, in a corner
I stood presently revealed in the
common integument — the one
immutable fashion of humanity. But rarely before bad
the naked human body
presented bo much diversity as
mine did, . I was mottled and pictured, from my waist upwards, in
most bewildering manner, all in
blue and purple tints, just as the
slave had said. There were more
pictures on me than there are on
an astrologer's celestial globe, and
as I turned hither and thither, before my great burnished metal
mirror, a whole constellation of
dim uncertain meanings rose and
set upon my sphere! Now this
was the more curious, because, as
I have said, I had never in my life
submitted me for a moment lo the
needle and unguents of those who
in British times mad a practice of
the art of tattooing. I had seen
young warriors under that painful
process, and had stood by as they
yelled in pain and reluotant
patienoe while the most elaborate
designs grew up, under the stolid
draughtsman's hands, upon their
quivering cutiole. But, to Bold
wen'e grief, who would have had
me equal to any of her tribesmen
in pattern as in place, I had ever
soorned to be made a mosaic of
superstition and nourishes. How,
then, had this mighty maze, this
piotorial web of blue myth and
marvel, grown upon me during tbe
night time of my Bleep? On studying it closely it evolved itself into
some order, and, though that night
I made not very muoh of it, yet, as
time went on and my body grew
sleek and fair with good living, the
design oame up with constantly
increasing vigour. Indeed, the
narrative I translated from it was
bo absorbingly interesting to one in
my melancholy circumstances that
away to my closet and mirror to
agaiu aud again I would hurry
see what new detail, what subtle deduction of stroke or line, had come
into view upon the soroll of the
strangest diary that ever was written.
For, indeed, it was Blodwen's
diary that circled me thuB. It began in the small of my baok with
the year of my demise upon the
Druid altar, and ever as Bhe wrote
it she must have rolled, with tender
industry, her journal over, and
so worked up from my baok, in a
splendid widening zone of token
and hieroglyphic, for twenty changing seasons, until my chest waB
reaohed, and there the tale ran out
iu a thin and tremulous way .which
it made my heart ache to understand.
There is no need to describe exactly the mode of deduction or how
1 came to oomprehend without key
or help the sense of the things before me, but you will understand
my wits were sharp in the quest,
and once the main scheme of the
idea waB understood the rest came
easily enough. The Princess, then,
had taken a sheaf of corn as her
symbol of the year. There were
upon me, and I judged their very
varying sizes were intended is to indicate good or bad harvest seasons
in the territories of my careful
chieftaiuess. Round these central
signe she had grouped such other
marks or outlines as served to hint
the changing fortunes of Ihe times.
There were heads of oxen by each
sheaf, varying in size according to
the condition of her herds, and
fishes, big or small, to indioate
what luck her salmon spearsmen
had met with by the tuneful rapids
of that ancient Btrcam I knew so
Following these early designs
was one that interested me greatly.
The gentle chieftaineBS had, when
I left her, expectations of another
member to her tril e of her own
providing. I had thought when
we Bhould have beaten the Romans
to hurry back, and mayhap be in
time to welcome this little one, but
you know how I was prevented; and
now here upon my skin, nigh over
to my heart, was the sketch and
outline of what seemed a email
new born maid, all be-swaddled in
the British fashion and very lovingly linned. But what waB more
curious, was that its wraps were
turned back from itB baby shoulder,
and there, to my astonished interpretation, in that silent maternal
narrative was just the likeness,
brood, lasting, indelible, of tbe
frightful scar I wore mysell! Long
I pondered upon this. Had that
red haired slave princess by some
chance reoeived me back—perhaps
at Sempronius's compassionate
hands— all hurt as I was, and had
that portentous wound set its seal
during anxious vigils upon the unborn babe? I oould not guess—I
oould but wonder—and wondering
still, pass on to what came next.
Here was a graphic picture, no
bigger than the palm of my hand,
and not hard to unriddle. An
eagle—no boubt the Roman one—
engaged in fierce conflct with a
beaver—that being Blodwen's
favourite tribal sign, for there were
many of those animals upon her
river. Jove! how well 'twas done!
There were the flying feathers, and
the fur and the turmoil and the
litter of the fight, and well I guess
ed the proud Roman bird—that
day he brought my gallant tribe
under the yoke—had lost many a
stalwart quill, and damaged many
a lordly pinion I
Ariel, besides these main records
of this fair and careful cbanoel-
loress of her state, there were
others that moved me none the
less. Yes! by every gloomy spirit
that dwelt in the misty shadows of
the Aritish oaks, it gave me a hot
flush of gratified revenge to see—
there by the symbol of the first
year—a severed, bleeding head,
still crowded with the Druid oak.
'Oh! oh! Dhuwallon, my friend,'
I laughed, as I guessed tbe meaning of that bloody sign, 'so they
tripped you up at last my crafty
villain. By all the fieDds of your
abominable worship. I should like
to have seen the stroke that made
at grizzly trophy! Well, I oan
guess how it came about! Some
Blighted tribesman who saw me die
peached upon you. Liar and traitor! I can see you stand in that
old British hall, and strong in your
sanctity and cunning, making your
wicked version of the fight and my
undoing, and then methinks I see
Blodwen leap to her feet, red and
fiery with her anger. Accursed
priest! how you must have sioken-
ed and shrunk from her fierce invective, the headlong damnation of
her bitter accusation with all the
ready evidenoe with whioh she supported it. Mayhap your cheeks
were as pale that day, good friend,
as your infernal vestments, and
first you frowned and pointed to the
signs and symbols of your office,
and pleaded your high appointment before the assembled people
against the answering of the charge.
And then, when that would not do,
you whined and cringed and called
her kinswoman. Oh, but I oan
fanoy it, and how my pretty Princess—there upon her father's steps
—scorned and oursed you before
them all, and how some ready faithful hand struck you down, and
how they tore your holy linen
from you and dragged you screaming to the gateway, and there upon
the theehold log struck your wicked
head from your abominable shoulders! By the sacred mistletoe, I
oan read my Blodwen's noble anger in every puncture of that revenge commemorating outline!'
Here again, in the years that
followed, it pleasured me to see her
little State grow strong and wide.
At one time see typified the coming
and deduction of two peak sailed
Bouthern pirates, and then the
buildiug of a new stockade. She
also made (perhaps to the worship
of my manes!) a mighty cirole.
It began with a single upright on
my Bide. The next year there
were two. In the summer that
followed she crossed them by a
third great slab, aud so on for tea
years the tribesmen Beemed to have
toiled and laboured until they had
auoh a temple of the sun as must
have given my sweet heathen vast
pleasure to look upon! She feared
comments and portents much, and
punctured me with them most exactly; Bhe kept her memoranda of
corn potB and stories of hides upon
me like the olever, frugal mother
of her tribe she was; aud now and
then she acquired territory or
made new alliances—printing the
speoial tokens of the heads in a
cirole with her own, until I was
illustrated from wrist to shoulder
—a living lexioon of history.
[To be oontinued.J
A Ducal  Plonoar
The Duke of Westminster has
acquired 160,000 acres of land in
the most fertile seotionof the Orange River oolouy and will lea ve
England for South Afrioa shortly
to inspeot the property. He purposes to oolonize the territory with
English farmers. Tobacco culture
will be one of the principal features
of oultivation.
Le Roi Feed
and Sale Stables
John F. Linburg, Prop.
Best Turnouts in the City.
Saddle horses for fishing and hunting parties a specialty.
Telephone 39. Rossland, B C
St. Paui,Duluth,IVlinneapolis,Chic3go
and all points east
Seattle, Tacoma, Victoria, Portland
and all Pacific Coast points
Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers
Dining & BuSet Smoking Library Oars
2-FastTrains Through Daily-2
For rates, folders and full information
regarding trips, call on or address any
agent 8. F. & N. Railway.
701 W Riverside, Spokane
Seattle, Wash.
H. P. BROWN, Rossland Agent
Mm Falls ft Mb It
Nelson Si Fort Sheppard Railway
Red Mountain Railway
Washington Si Great Northern R'y
Vancouver,Victoria &. Eastern R'y &
Nav. Co.
The only all rail between' points east
west and south to Rossland, Nelson,
Grand Forks and Republic. Connects
at Spokane with the Great Northern,
Northern Pacific and 0. B. & N. Co.
for points east, west and south; connects
at Rossland and Nelson with the Canadian Pacific R'y.
Connects at Nelson with K. R. & N.
Co. for Kaslo and K- & S. points.
Connects at Curlsw with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, B. C.
Buffet cars run between Spokane and
Effective June 14, 1903
Leave Spokane 8:45 a.m.
Arrive Rossland 4:35 pjn.
Arrive Nelson 7:20 p.m.
Arrive Grand Forks....   4:00 p.m.
Arrive Republic 6:15 pjn
Leave Republic 8:30 a.m.
Leave Grand Forks 10:35 a-m
Leave Nelson 7:20 a. m
Leave  Rossland 10:4o a.m
Arrive Spokane 6:15 p.m
For further information regarding
reservation of berths or price of tickets,
apply to any agent of the above companies, or to
General Passenger Agl
Spokane, Wuh
H    I.  ) IIV*.,
* ■ 111  bktfivytv, a
. \J. Hi. l'.AC.I.KS, Rossland Aerie,
No, 10, Regular meetings every Monday evenings, 8 -    -       ■" "   " -     - -
lug's, 8 p.  m,   Baglea  Hall, Carpenters' Union
J.Levy, W   P.
H, Daniel W. SeOrtUiy.
IA (\ T7i Meets In Odd Fellows Bail
.\J.\J. V . on Queen Street, between
First and second avenues. Regular meetings
each Monday night. . VisiUng brothers are cordially invited to attend and register within is
W. S.Murphy, Sec.     Jos. Goldsworthy, N.G.
jj The Brackman-Ker MillingCompany |
All kinds of Cereals, Break-
I     fast Foods, Hay and Grain.    ^
1 f
]   Agent for Pratt's Celebrated Poultry  Food W
Office opposite Great
Northern   ticket offlet
next to Bed fltrr
8 DR. BRUHN'S  8
Has eBtabliBbed itself as a household necessity and
has a record oi Cures unparelleled in tiie history of
Medicine, It cured old and new Sores, Ulcers,
Ecezema, Salt Rheum, Itching Piles, Chafings,
PimpleH, Blackheads and all Skin Diseases. This
Ointment has been in uee almost ball a Century.
Testimonials from thousands who have been
cured of Skin Diseases of long standing tostify
to its Curative qualities.
Directions for use—Apply freely night and morning, or often as required.
50 Cents a 8ox
Dr. Bruhn Medical Qo. $
new york njn
Sole agent for Rossland, T.   R. MORROW, The  DfUggJSt     "
Wants Extradition.
Improvement  Marked
Latest Quotations
Locally    Upon
There was an improvement on
the aggregate sales thiB week al
though the market is still weak.
On the whole stocks have dropped
somewhat but it is evident that the
bottom has been reached and that
any change will befor the better.
Conservative buyers ought to make
a good thing at the present mo
Todty's Local Quotations:
Americas Boy  s
Ben Hur  4
Black TaU  3
Canadian Oold Fields  sV,
Cariboo (Camp McKloney) ex-dlv       7)4
Centre Star  32
Crows Nest Pass Coal I $
Falrvlew  4
Fisher Maiden  3&
Slant         2%
Granby Consolidated  $4.50
Morning Olory        2
Mountain Uon..
North Star (last Kootenay)..
Ban PoU.,      	
Tom Thumb	
War Ragle Consolidated....
Waterloo (Assess, paid)	
White Bear (Assess, paid) .
.    '*
Today's Sales.
Amerioan Boy 2000, 4|c, Centre
Star, 500, 20ic   Total 2500.
Dick Bragdon, alias James Black,
*as arrested by the local police
luring the week for larceny and
,'raud at Yakima, Wash. The
prisoner denies the charge and, declaring he is very well satisfied
with what he has seen of Canada,
refuses to return to Yakima, until
compelled to do so by the'suocess
of extradition proceedings. These
have been instituted against him by
Yakima authorities. In the meantime Bragdon is held in durance
Houaton Wlna Out.
It is currently stated at the Coast
that Houston haB won out and
that he will be sworn in today aB
MinUter of Lands and Works, taking a portfolio. Tbe office of Provincial Secretary is also stated to
be likely tak«n by Clifford uf
Skeena or Ellison of Okanogan.
This will mean that two seats will
be thrown open to the Liberals for
a fresh contest. Apparently A. S.
Goodeve has been overlooked in the
new political arrangement.
Return of tbe New Liberal
Prospects Lying Before the Liberal
Party Here Indicate Coming
Victor Shortly
Shutdown in Butto
Week's Quotations.
American Boy      5
Ben Hur      4
Black Tail..k      3
Canadian Gold P. S-.      3 X
Cariboo, Camp McK ....     8
Centre Star  22
r'airview      4
Fisher Maiden      3X
Giant .        2'/2
Granby Consolida'ed $4.50
Morning Glory      2
Mountain Lion  24
North Star  10 %
Payne  14
Quilp  17
Rambler-Cariboo  41
San Poil      2%
Sullivan      $M
Tom Thumb      3
War Eagle  i\'A
Waterloo      i%
White Bear      4
Showing highest asked and lowest bid
during the past week.
The Week's Sales.
American Boy, 4000, 4^c, 2000,
4gc; White Bear, 2000,1000, 2000,
3*c; Centre Star, 2500, 1500, 500,
500,20jc204o; War Eagle.1000,1000,
500,1 lcj'.Cariboo, Camp McKinney,
2000, 7|c; Morning Glory, 2000,
2o; North Star, 1000, 9JC; Mountain Lion, 500, 224c; Fisher
Maiden, 500 3-jo. Total, 26.500,
Owing to the recent decision of
Judge Clancy the Amalgamated
Copper shut-down in all itB mines
in Butte and in its vicinity.
Over 14,000 men are thrown out
of work. F. Aug. Heinze, in whose
favor the decision was given, declare? that the action is part of a
stock jobbing deal which [is vehemently denied. Mr. Heinze has
promised work to the miners out
of employment.
Wrack of the Portland
Steamer South Portland, bound
from   Portland   to San  Francisoo
with   wheat is   a total
Cape Blanco.   Twenty-orie'
orew are loBt.
Russian Labor Day
There is no eight hour day in
Russia.. On the government work
the laws provide that the day must
not extend beyond eleven and a
half hours, not counting the recesses, and on Saturdays and days
before holidays not more than ten
hours. Daytime is reckoned as
from 5 a. m. to 9 p. m , and those
who work at night must be kept
working more than ten hours out
of the twenty-four.
The coming premier of British
Columbia is certainly J. A. Maodonald of RoB»iand. At the Liberal convention held at the coast
early in the week, at which were
present seven delegates from the
mainland, aud eight from the
island, Mr. Macdonald waB eleoted
leader by a majority of seven.
There were seven names placed in
nomination, who were J. A. Maodonald, of Rossland, W. Mclnnes,
of Alberni, Stuart Henderson of
Ashoroft, president of the Liberal
executive, J. Oliver of Delta, R. L.
Drury, of Victoria, C. W. Munroof
Chilliwack and J. King of Cranbrook, of which the last four named
declined the honor. The first vote
resulted in five votes being given
to each man, the next in one being
taken off Henderson and given to
Mclnnes. A vote was then taken
between Macdonald and Mclnnes,
giving Beven of a majority to Maodonald, and a similar vote between
Macdonald and Henderson gave
exaotly the same result in favor of
the same man, who was duly eleoted leader, putting an end to all
seotional differences between the
island and the mainland, and destroying the laBt veBtige of the
strife that arose over the late lead-
A New Metal
The discovery of a new metal
oalled solium by Edward Mollard
a Frenohman, is reported. The
discoverer asserts that solium costs
only one twelfth as muoh as aluminum and ia lighter and stronger.
It does not rust and is therefore
suitable for shipbuilding, for the
manufacture of pipes and for railroad construction. It is asserted
also that it is capable of taking a
fine polish resembling niokle. Its
hardness is not quite equal to that
of iron, but is greater than that of
lead or zino. Its strength is said
to be greater than that of iron, but
less than that of steel.
Hill's Little Dodge
J. J, Hill wishes to counteract
Chamberlain's fiscal polioy by selling all wheat raised iu his country
to tbe Orient, incidentally using
his steamers.
Get Flattering Notices from Winnipeg
Pa para
Harry Mcintosh
Vintage of 1878
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Bass' Burton Ale on Tap
Si Hoffman House
Crepe and Plain
All Colors
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"Gibson Girl" & "Coon"
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The very latest New York fad.
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We have just received a full line
of Men's Fall and Winter
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Goodeve Bros.
Druggists and Stationers.
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iTfffTfTfffffrlfTf •rWWWV
j Linton Bros., \
Books, Stationery,
Newsdealers, ToyB, Fishing
Tackle, Koduks and
Things look very bright for the
new chieftain.   If  the Fernie judicial    reoount   next  week  takes
into consideration the wishes of the
voters,   there   seems  to   be little
doubt but that Fernie will become
a Libeaal   Beat,   leaving   McBride
without a majority, unless he takes
in   the   Socialists.   Publio   works
have had to shut down all over the
provinos, including the  Burnt Basin wagon road up till reoently in
course of construction in this district.   It   is   understood chat   the
banks refuse to advance any more
money.   A bye eleotion, and there
are two pending, will reopen the
ssats for Liberals who stand a fair
ohance of defeating the ministers
sent by   McBride  to the people.
The probability   seems to be that
another election Is imminent, and
the only point  apparently  worthy
of discussion ia  whether  it will be
called under the auspices of Richard McBride or James Maodonald.
It is urged that MoBride will have
had his ohance and will have failed
and that the Lieutenant-Qovernor
should call upon the leader of the
opposition to form a ministry.
Mr. Macdonald returned to Rose-
land on Thursday evening, and
was given a rousing reception by
the Rossland Liberals, albeit the
hour waB late, the C. P. R, cars
not arriving till past midnight. He
made an inoisive address along the
lines just indicated, and prophesied
that although muoh was depend
iug upon the Fernie recount, the
chances were that a gsneral eleotion would shortly again ensue,
and that a strong Liberal government, a stable and a good government, would be returned to power
and remain in power for the next
$ four years to come at the very
The following flattering notice of
tbe Maridor-GouUling Company,
whioh is to appear in Miners'
Union Hall on Monday night
nest, is given in the Winnipeg Free
At the Winnipeg theatre last
night, the Maridor Goulding Company certainly did please their
audienoe. Miss Bertha Goulding,
the cornetist, played her selections
nicely, receiving many enoores,also
a handsome bouquet of out flowers.
Little Hazel Raymond ie clever.
Her dancing specialties being
gracefully and prettily performed.
Miss Teresa Maridor, dramatic
reader, has a splendid stage presence, an agreeable voice, displaying
excellent judgment in submitting
for heavy dramatio numbers some
in a lighter vein, her humorous
hits giving evident pleasure. With
regulation garb and songs of the
serio comic Mias Mildred Bassett
responded to many encores during
the evening. They having a well
varied performance, may be depended upon to please provincial
audiences on their western tour.
AH persons indebted to the firms
of Vaughan & Cook and Hamon &
Bisson are requested to pay the
same to Walter J. Robinson ou or
before the 31st day of October, 1903.
All accounts not paid on above
date will be placed in court for
Walter J. Robinson,
Dated this 14th day of Ootober,
Certificate of Improvement.
North slope of Red
The Gordon and Texas Fraction
Mineral Claims, situate in the Trail
Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay District,
Where located
mountain.       Il_^—^^—^^^-^—
Take notice that I, Kenneth L. Burnet, Pi jv. Land Surveyor of Rossland,
agent for F. R. lilfichbcger, free miner's certificate No. H57494, Andrew Sutherland,free miner's certificate N0.B73315
and Ner Smith, free miner's certiticate
No. B75408, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim,
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, mast be commenced
before theiissuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 21st day of August,A,D. 1003
Gents Furnishings
Clothing and Shoes
Bought cheap, at less than half price for you. From
the last fire we have left the following articles just
slightly damaged by water which We will dispose of
at a much iower price than you will pay elsewhere
as long as they last.
People's Store
Clifton Block
A. T. eollis
& Company
^|v ^^   ^r»    "1*
•^L Ml ^l Ml Ml Ml Mt Ml Ml MlMlo^Lo^lAM^ Ml Ml Ml Ml Ml Ml Ml Ml Ml Ml Mk
Job Printing
New Type, New Presses
Best Selected Stock
Workmanship the Best
And a
Telephone 88
Representative Will Call at Once
In an extensive and varied
repertoire of dramatic and
humorous skits and sketches
You Can't
Assisted by England's
Music, Mirth and Melody
The famous juvenile team
in English, Irish, Scotch and
Spanish costumes and impersonations. Vaudeville and
and opera novelties. Beautiful costumes and expensive wardrobes.
To pay your money for
Clothes unless you are
sure of getting your money' worth of Style, Quality, Fit and Workmanship
You Can
Miners'Union Hall
Monday, October 26
POWDER SMOKE—Did it ever
give you headaohe? Dr. Sootts
headaohe powders are a qnick and
sure oure. Sold at Morrows Drug
When washing greasy dishes or pots ana
pans, Lever's Dry Soap (a powder), will
too groan uith tho greatest
Application for Transfer of Liquor
Notice ie hereby given that I will apply to the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the city of Rossland at its next
meeting for a transfer of the liquor licence held by me for the ' Strand" Sa-
Icon on Lot 8, Block 28, in the City of
Rossland, to Thomas Comerford and
Grant McAlpme.
George H. Gkeen.
Dated this 16th da; of October 1W3.
To come in and look at
Our display of PALL
FABRICS. You make a
selection, and we warrant
the garments to be correot
in every way.
The High-Class Tailor]
rWfl*W      H	
Taylor <\
18 and 20 Col. Ave.
The Best is always
the Cheapest....
Sewing Machines for Sale or!


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