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Queen Charlotte Islander May 16, 1914

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i  o /
A Weekly Newspaper Published in the interests of the Settlers, and to promote the development of the Queen Charlotte Islands.
VOL. 3, No. 30
5 Cents per Copy
■    /,
Land Surveyor's Report
On Graham Island
Describes Attractions    Massett Exhibit
Of The North Beach
Local News Items
Attracts Attention
Mr. J. C. A. Long, B. C. L. S., in his
report to the Surveyor-General of the
district West of Naden Harbor, says :
" During the past season I have
carried my survey operations on Graham
Island westerly to some four miles west
of Naden Harbor. There is very little
variation in the general physical character of the country anywhere westerly
from Massett Inlet, the land rising more
or less abruptly from sea-level to a
plateau varying in height from 200 to
500 feet, which maintains its general
level or is slightly undulating, excepting where it is intersected by ravines,
usually heavily timbered with spruce,
cedar and hemlock. The plateau is
either muskeg land or is lightly timbered
with yellow cedar, hemlock and jack-
The area surveyed lies within a few
v miles of the Naden Harbor Cannery and
Whaling Station, two ports of call of
the Grand Trunk Pacific steamships, and
within some twenty-five miles of Massett, which is the business centre and
distributing Centre of all the northern
portion of Graham Island.
The soil in the timbered land is a deep
black clay loam with a subsoil of clay or
grsvel loam, which has been proved to
be the finest kind of land for the growth
of grains, grasses, vegetables and small
fruits, and the climatic conditions of the
island are such as to make it well
adapted to any kind of farming.
The muskeg lands which usually
occupy the highest parts of the plateau
consist of large tracts of country, either
open or very sparsely timbered with
jack-pine, yellow cedar and hemlock.
•* The ground is generally wet and covered
with moss varying in depth from a few
inches to 3 or 4 feet. The soil beneath
this moss consists of a black peaty loam
with a subsoil of clay or gravel. In dry
weather this moss burns very readily,
and the subsequent cost of clearing and
draining should not exceed $50 to $100
per acre. There seems to be no question
at the present time as to the productiveness of these muskeg lands; it is no
longer a matter of experiment, but of
proved fact, that the most diversified
specimens of the vegetable kingdom are
being successfully cultivated upon them,
including fruits, vegetables, grasses,
roses and other flowers, and the comparative smallness of the cost of bringing them under cultivation is naturally
attracting prospective settlers towards
them in preference to the timbered lands.
The land on the seaboard is heavily
timbered with spruce, hemlock and cedar
which varies greatly in value. The best
timber is undoubtedly to be found in the
river and  creek valleys,  but this is
Indian Agent Thomas Deasy visited
Sangin, White and Hi-ellen rivers on
the North Beach last Saturday, and
says that he was astonished at the
sights from Massett to Tow Hill. Giving a description of this part of the
island, Mr. Deasy said: "The beach
drive for seventeen miles cannot be described and must be seen to be appreciated. There is good fishing in the
rivers, and the tide recedes for miles
and miles, leaving an apparently open
prairie of hard-packed sand without a
stone or impediment, over which auto-
mobi'es could run at top speed for ten
miles." "I have been on the Island
for four years," continued Mr. Deasy,
"but I never realized before the grandeur of the North Beach, from Massett
to the only large hill on the shore line.
The whole country is level and a large
number of pre-emptors are clearing inland with their camps near the beach.
If the manufacturers of automobiles
only knew tbat there is such a place
they would make it the racing ground
and summer resort of America. I galloped for miles on a horse and made no
impression in the hard-packed sand.
The beach is straight and looks like
the floor of a huge skating- rink, with
not even a piece of sea-weed to bar the
way. Waggons carry tons of freight
over the beach for the settlers, showing
that nn automobile could be driven along
the shoreline at a rate of speed that
would astonish "joy-riders " and racing
men. With good bathing facilities,
water and wood for camping parties,
and the best of fishing in the rivers, it
is a wonder that thousands of people
are not making the North Beach a
summer resort. The trip to Hi-ellen
river and return was made in ten
Mr. Chas. Harrison has received a
very complimentary letter from Mr. H.
S. Rolston, secretary and manager of
the Vancouver Exhibition Association,
regarding an exhibit of Queen Charlotte
Island curios which Mr. Harrison sent
a short time ago and which are now on
exhibition in the Association's museum.
Mr. Rolston, in the course of his letter,
says: " We received the other things
all satisfactery and had them all set up
in our Aquarium in show cases very
nicely and they have created a great
deal of interest. The people seem to
appreciate them very much. We are
having some cards printed stating the
particulars of the exhibit and I am sure
that you would feel very much pleased
if you heard the complimentary remarks
made from time to time relative to it."
Hotel Arrivals.
J. K. Anderson, the Tow Hill merchant
visited Sewall on Thursday.
Arthur Robertson, district fire warden,
left Wednesday for points along the
scattered and of small extent. In many
parts, usually a mile or more from the
sea on the highest part ef the land,
excellent yellow cedar is to be found.
Unfortunately, on Graham Island this
valuable timber often grows where
access is most difficult.
In' almost every section there is a great
deal of lightly timbered land where the
soil partakes of the muskeg character,
which ii very suitable for settlement,
and which could probably be cleared for
$150 per acre.
(Continued on page 5)
The following registered at the Hotel
St. Ives during the week: J. V. Ded-
with, Sunnyside; L. M. Hughes, Cape
Fife; C. D. Baker, Tow Hill; H. M.
Phillips, Tow Hill; T. G. Garrett, Vancouver; J. Gledhill, Sunnyside; Fritz
Rampmaier, Woden; J. Coates, Pentic-
ton; S. Green, Tow Hill.
E. O'Brien of Kumdis Bay is spending a few days in town.
Fritz Rampmaier, "King of the
Woden," was a Massett visitor for a
few days this week.
Ten whales have been captured and
taken to the station at Naden Harbor
since the season opened.
Tenders For Hospital
Sealed Tenders, addressed to the undersigned and endorsed on the envelopes
"Tender for Massett Hospital," will be
received up to Noon of the 16th day of
June, 1914, for the erection and completion of Hospital building at Massett.
Plans and specificati ns may be seen
at the office of Mr. Jas. Martin, Massett.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank
for ten per cent, of the amount of the
tender, payable to the order of the undersigned, which amount will be forfeited if the person or persons tendering
decline to enter into a contract when
called upon to do so or fail to complete
the work contracted for.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Secretary Hospital Board.
Massett, 16th May, 1914.
C. L. Cullen, pre-emption inspector,
left on the last steamer for Rupert.
Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. Brandt
were in town boat day from the Nadu.
A. E. Kennedy and AI Orr have been
engaged on th«ir pre-emptions during
the week.
J. C. A. Long, B.C.L. S., and party
left for the Yakoun river Thursday
Cyril Harrison and Gordon Jessup
left during the week to join Mr. Long's
survey party.
Mr. T. G. Garrett, representing Gault
Bros., wholesale dry goods, is spending
the week here on business.
S. Green of Prince Rupert, who has
been looking over the Tow Hill district
for the past two weeks, returned yesterday. Mr. Green is much impressed with
the country and has decided to locate.
Mr. J. C. Frizell. of Sonoma, Cai.,
who arrived on the last steamer is having a look around the various districts
with a view of investing. Mr. a rizell
is delighted with the country and the
Mr. J. B. Nogues of Tow Hill was in
town this week. Mr. Nogues is the
most progressive farmer in that district
and has just completed the erection of
a barn and dairy, the largest building
of the kind on the island.
Mr. Chas. Harrison is now the proud
possessor of a very handsome gold medal
which he received last mail from Mr.
Bullock-Webster, secretary of the
Prince Rupert Exhibition, for the best
whaling  exhibit at  last   year's   fair.
Rev. W. Crarey of Massett held divine
service at J. K. Anderson's residence
at Tow Hill last Sunday. A number of
residents in the neighborhood of Hi-
ellen river attended. Regular monthly
services will be held at Tow Hill during
the summer months.
Fred Nash, B.C.L.S., and his survey
party left on Tuesday's steamer for
Queen Charlotte City. Those in the
party were: G. Y. Baker, Tom O'Callag-
han, D. Sievert, W. Spiers C. Stone and
H. Ross. Mrs. Nash and Mrs. Baker
accompanied their husbands.
,  o	
Mr. Wm. Marchand, Inspector of
Customs, Victoria, paid his annual visit
to Massett on Tuesday and examined
the books of the local customs officer,
Mr. Char. Harrison, which he found in
a most satisfactory condition.
From April lst, 1913, to March 31st,
1914, the number of vessels (Canadian)
entered and cleared the port of Massett
was 55. The incoming tonnage was
25,706. and the outgoing 25,638. Foreign
vessels entered 4, tonnage 105; cleared
■■■mt Pui-wMnu '■■a—
J. M. CAMPBELL, Publisher.
I    In Canada, $2.00; Foreign, $3.00
J per annum, in advance.
Advertising Rates
Contract Advertisements $1.50 per
inch per month.
Single   insertions  $1.00  per inch
per week.
Legal Notices, Government Rates.
White Inn
Massett, B.C., Saturday, May 16,1914
Spring Salmon Fishing.
" The Home of The Boys "
Mrs. WHITE, Proprietress
Meals, Forty Gents
Special Rates to Steady
Massett, Graham Island, B. C.
From now on the fishermen  will  be
busy on the waters of Dixon Entrance
fishing for spring salmon.     This will
mean  thousands of   dollars  in  wages
garnered from the  sea and  expended
locally.     This year, owing to reduced
government   expenditures- on   surveys
and road building,   a  large number of
local men had to look elsewhere for employment.    Some  have had. to  gooff
the islands, but Ithe majority are trying
their luck at fishing;    British Columbia
exports very little in comparison with
the other provinces, but we are leading
in  supplying the world with/,fish, and
this year promises to break the record.
Off the shores of Langara island are our
spring salmon fishing grounds, of which
the outsider has  no comprehension of
the wealth of fish there.    If the run of
fish is anything like it has  been  since
the fishing commenced two years ago,
i he catch of spring salmon should num-r;
ber  over  twenty  thousand,  each fish
weighing   anywhere   from   25   to   100
pounds.     There is no larger or better
looking salmon in any water; the flesh
is firm and red, and commands a good
price  in  any  market.    They  are  not
canned but put through a process known
as "mild cured."    It was the rule for
the fishermen to gaff  the  fish  in   any
part of the body when  landing  them,
but this practice will be discontinued.
It is also expected that the pink salmon
will run in great numbers this year and
^reparations are being  made for can-
Blacksmith ant General Contractor
'       MASSETX B.C.■-■■■■■
Mrs. Marie L. G. Hudson, Proprietress
Special Rates to Steady Boarders.      r
Beds from 35c. to 50c. |
Bright, Clean and Airy Rooms.
Lots Cleared by Day or Contract
FOR SALE.—A two horse-power
Waterman Marine Engine (overboard)
with batteries.and vibrator. Albin good
running order. Also stationary equipment, including base, stub shaft, and
pulley. $65.00 cash.—Address V. F.
Dunn, Queenstown, B.C. .
FOUND.—A Gold Stick Pin, set with
Pearls.-Apply Ralph Stafford, care
Islander office,   » ■>. . •
ning them.
The Land West Of Massett inlet.
In this issue will be found a report by
Mr. Long. B. C L. S.. of the country
west of Naden Harbor,  which is now
attracting settlers.     From Cape Knox
to the Owen River is a wide expanse of
territory,  on  which until lately there
were not more than a dozen  settlers.
During  the past two months a  large
• number of people have located on the
west side of Massett Inlet and there is
not the least doubt that from now on
that part of the island will receive, a
good deal of attention from intending
settlers.   Imagine a water line of nearly one hundred miles, with hundreds of
thousands of  acres of good land  and
only about twenty settlerson it.  Beautiful lakes and rivers, waterfalls, timber,
open stretches of fine agricultual land,
in fact just as good a proposition as on
4 Heifers,  to calf this summer,
make good dairy stock ; also
1 Yearling Heifer
2 Yearling Colts,
Applv    C.    Turnjey,    Tl-ell   River,
Graham  Island.
any other part of Graham Island, and all
unoccupied.  .The fact of the matter is
that the country ori  the west sicte of
Massett Inlet has hot been explore^,
except for thev small districts where
surveys have beett carried out.     Land
along the shore-line on the west side has
all been staked by speculators, and some
of it is for sale at $20 an acre, but there
is not one settler more than a mile back
from the water.   The east side of Massett Inlet,is rapily settling up,,but the
west side is  still  as  nature  made it,
waiting the coming of those "hiking
back to the land."
The oldest and most popular Hostelry on the Island
Excellent Table. Special Rates to Steady Boarders
Clean Airy Rooms. Fine Stock of Liquors
Excellent Shooting and Fishing in Vicinity
Gasoline Launches for Hire
QUEENSTOWN,      - -       Graham Island, B. C.
Excellent Service
  ' ■■      No Bar in connection
First-class accommodation for holiday parties
Good boating, fishing and hunting close by.    Fast gasoline boat for charter
Queenstown, Massett Inlet, B. C.
Best Quality of goods at the right, price
Call and be. convinced that we can save you money on your supplies
Our'Motto-Small Profits and Quick Returns
'     Try bur Famed TEAS, COFFEES, HAMS and BACON
Fresh Fruits and Vegetable ■     ,
HARDWARE        DRY GOODS       BOOTS and SHOES,        Etc., Etc.
Goods delivered by arrangement Gasoline Boat for.Charter   ;
lie: Islander $2.00 a year
The Live Wire of
Graham Island
Why not invest now while prices
are low ?
Special   inducements    to    home
builders and industries.
First come, first served.
Call or write
Chas. M. Adam
Graham Centre P.O., B.C.,
regarding the best proposition on
Graham Island.
Graham Centre
General Store
A Full Line of General
Agent for:
The simplest, safest, brightest
and most economical oil lamp in
existence.    Call and, investigate.
Western Union Fire and Life
Ladies Home Journal Patterns.
Pride of the West Overalls.
Ridgway's Teas and Coffee.
Lipton's Teas and Coffee.
Victoria Cross Spices.
Quaker Brand Canned Fruits and
McClary Stoves and Ranges.
C. M. Adam
Graham Centre, P.O., B. C.
Diseases Of Potatoes
And Ways Of Prevention.
^"mecront opening-run direction* n«i«w °* lMU'
*^_ TORONTO ONT.    mo^£
Graham Centre Items.
The residents of the townsite are all
giving the finishing touches to their
Mr. John Boyes has potatoes, carrots,
lettuce and radish well through the
ground, and the apple trees he recently
planted are budding out finely.
W. J. Rennie is planting C. M.
Adams' old homestead location at Kumdis Bay narrows. He states that the
fruit trees there are in good shape and
should bear well this year.
Chas. F. Graham left recently to join
C. DeB. Green's survey party at Hydah.
Maynard Blue, a Michigan lumber
man, visited Graham Centre, looking
over the timber situation here. He expressed himself satisfied with the timber
and the general lay of the district.
C. M. Adam has had an addition to
his farmyard, in the form of a hog,
which he brought up from Delkatlah.
Residents of the townsite now arm
themselves with guns and go on a boar
hunt. The watchword is now " mind
your garden, there's the hog."
The new wharf at Graham Centre has
just been completed. Mr. J. T. O'Flynn,
the contractor, has done excellent work
in the short time at his disposal. The
wharf is 200 feet long and has a strong
breakwater at the outer end. A slipway for the landing of freight has been
erected and should prove an improvement. The new structure is a credit to
its builder and should prove a great
help to the mosquito fleet of this
Delkatlah Cash Store
The following concludes Mr. Richardson's article on Diseases of Potatoes
and Their Prevention:
Potatoe Scab.
i You all know the potato scab, therefore it is unnecessary, I think, to describe. In small plots powdered sulphur
is the best preventative, sprinkled
around the tuber at time of planting ;
but it is better not to plant any seed
that have traces of scab. If you do
plant them, immerse for two hours in a
solution consisting of one pint of formaldehyde (40 per cent) mixed with 36
gallons of water, or any amount at that
rate. The potatoes should then be
spread out to dry, when they may be
planted in the usual manner. Take care
that these treated pototoes are not put
in sacks that have had scabbed potatos
in them, or any clean potatoes in sacks
that have had scabbed potatoes in them,
because it is almost certain they also
will become infected. If you plant
scabbed potatoes you are certain to
plant the disease also, and your plot is
then not fit to plant potatoes for three
or four years. It is always best not to
plant potatoes in the same ground twice
in succession. Take great care that
peelings of diseased potatoes are burnt,
or if they are intended to be given to
pigs or poulty they should be boiled. It
is very little trouble to do any of these
things, but if you get careless and do
not sake the trouble to use these preventative measures it is a sure thing we
will suffer from it in time. I say we,
because one careless man in a community by leaving scabbed potatoes
around will spread the disease. Mr.
Jay comes along and carries a potatoe
away to the north and drops it; Mrs.
Jay picks another up and dumps it to
the south; Master Jay takes his to the
west, and Miss Jay gracefully flies to
the east—and that's only the beginning.
Potatoe Disease
There is another disease called Potatoe Disease, which is very destructive,
but so far I have not seen any signs of
here. The leaves are covered with brown
spots followed by curling of the leaves.
It ^Prepds very quickly durirg di n p
wet and windy weather. The disease
gets down the stems to the tubers,
when they become brown spotted.
These brown spots enlarge and the
potatoe becomes rotten. It doesn't
thrive in any weather. The disease
is propagated in the setts, so that it is
very important to plant sound potatoes.
It is best to pull up the haulm at once
as soon as the disease is detected. Do
not leave diseased potatoes on theground
when lifting the crop, but put them in
a separate bucket and destroy them by
burning. It will repay you for doing
so; if you don't there is troble ahead.
It would be well for all those interested
in keeping out diseases to instruct those
who are unaware of the trouble they
will cause by planting diseased potatoes
what to do, and to try to dissuade them
from planting such potatoes. The trouble
will be well spent if by so doing they
get good seed planted.
Skeena Land District—Districtof Queen
Charlotte Islands.
Take notice that Edward Francis
Evans, of Massett, B. C, occupation
farmer, intends to apply for permission
to lease the following described lands,
being tide-flat, for ten years: Commencing at a post planted by the west 1-4
post of Section 425, Kumdis Slough,
Masset Inlet, thence west 5 chains,
thence north-east following east'sideof
slough 29 chains, thence east 3 chains
to west boundary of Lot 340, thence
south-west 29 chains to point of commencement,   containing 11 acres more
or less.
Edward Franeis Evans.
Date January 5th, 1914.
D. 2nd P.—May 16
B. C. L. b.
Massett, Graham Island
Mineral Claims, Timber Limits, Coal
Licenses, Townsites and Subdivisions Surveyed.
Reports on Wharf Construction and
Water Power.
snunmrnv SB I ■■MBUN iiffOTT.:!
General Merchant.
A trial order will convince you.
On Parle Francais.
Frizzell's Meat Market
Special attention given to Mail Orders.
Queen Charlotte Islands
Information Bureau
Information given regarding
Pre-Emptions. Coal, Oil, Timber, Fisheries and Real Estate.
Correspondence promptly answered.
List your Island property with us.
Hilditch Block
When visiting Prince Rupert
J. D. Sichi
u to.
For Men's Wear
Superior Quality
P.O. Box 90.
Third Avenue
» HMMMWTinnWF^iw'iimm w   "n /-wkjihewhuimilium11HDMMHHI
otel Centra]
Peter Block, Prop.
Spacious Travelers' Sample
Steam Heated Electric Bells
Corner First Avenue and Seventh Street
"V jstc-^aiSB M i' ii   ii mm a inw i mm1—I'lmii imiiwii nun ;:n£nnrjv.':
zw Knox Hotel
Besner & Besner, Props.
The New Knox Hotel is run on
the European plan. First class
service. All the latest modern
The Bar keeps only the best
brands of liquors and cigars.
The Cafe is open from 6.30 a.m.
to 8 p.m.    Excellent cusine.
Beds, 50c. aud Up.
First Avenue    -    Prince Rupert
nf ai
noiei man
Cor. Abbott and Water Streets
European Plan   -   $1.00 to $2.50
Rooms with Baths.
Hot and cold water.    Steam heated.
Bus meets all boats and trains
I J. A. LEROY      Proprietors       J. NATION
mnmM ————I ^mHWtf^aww cTazneMsmB7B*mi:tn>mmiFt*xnrai
'Notary Public and Conveyancer
Real Estate and Insurance
Office of E. J. Tingley
ueenstown, B. C.
M ————M———■
p muuhj ;-P2a. mmmji.'uim i*m.:Tnwsi?z.£S*xr;.r •%:<•■
F. Nash,BX,LS.,
Queenstown, B.C.
(Of Brownlee, Nash & Davidson)
Dom. and B. C. Land Surveyors
Surveys of Coal  Licenses, Mineral
Claims and Subdivisions.
The Planing and Survey  of Town-
sites a Speciality.
Fishery .Crosier Arrived Tuesday. IT      A      Q   ,    *
The fishery patrol cruiser "Gannet,"
Wes Singer was a Woden visitor Sun- Capt. Haan, arrived at Massett Tuesday and Monday. He has exchanged day afternoon from Skidegate. With
his horse for Mr. Campbell's gasoline district fishery officer Harrispn on board
launch, in which he hopes to land some the Gannet went up the inlet on Wednes-
of the finny tribe this summer at Lan- day and visited Justkallah and thefish-
gara island. ing streams in the vicinity, returning to
Arthur Hitt, the popular p--e-emptor Massett ?n the evening. On Thursday
on the East coast trail, had a bit of Naden Harbor was visited and the can-
hard luck this week. He was back- nery inspected. Tbe fishery cruiser left
firing around his cabin and a spark fell yesterday morning for Langara Island
into a pile of dry cedar shakes and with and the West coast,
the help of a Sou'easter, the fire was As the Gannet will make periodical
soon beyond control. However, he is calls here during the year a consignment
very optimistic about it and says it will of ten drums of fuel oil will arrive on
save him worrying about a fire burning the next steamer and be stored for her
him out this summer. use.
C. C. Grange, the general mei chant,
recived a full and up-to-date line of dry
goods and shoes, including a very suitable line of women's and children's
needs, on last boat. . Mr. Grange's
business has increased rapidly during
the past few months, and his large and
varied stock is in keeping with the
growth of the district.
Mr. Bust was a visitor here yesterday
for a short while.
Messrs. Lewis, Mclntyre and Preuss-
ger are busy constructing new cabins
on their pre-emptions.
The government cruiser "Gannet"
(Capt. Haan) tied up to the float
Wednesday. Judge Harrison, Constable
Condon and Capt. Haan visited for a
few minutes at the different places.
Two crates of thoroughbred white
leghorn chickens came in on the. last
boat from the government. Mr. Haines
has charge of them and anyone wishing
a setting of eggs can purchase them
from him.
Messrs. Stocks and Bureker were in
from the East coast Monday.
Paddy Duffy took the boat for Prince
Rupert on a visit. Mr. Winstead and
his son Ralph also went out last boat
for a few weeks.
laselten Bros*
liver, B«
Agents    for    Diesel,    Detroit
Caille   Perfection   Motors.
Also  Kermath 4-Cycle Motors.
Gasoline engines installed and
Motor boat supplies  at  prices that
are right.
If you want a boat that is properly |
modeled, built right, at a reasonable
Iprice, call and see us.
Boats built to order.
mi » cvE«E,Kp.".T;Bi3«TJxrnra:»im2-t wSBZsyrfr&r&prxmiiJz^zzti*
mjajamamn naMBtBMMMHnnHMMMMMRHnMIBKnHWI ir.iscjfiWKW-Aii
w ooeii
Woden River, B.C.
Mrs. G. A. HAINES, Proprietress.
Good  Meals  and  Glean   Beds.
Bakery in Connection.
C. C. GRANGE, Proprietor
Dry Goods        Groceries       Boots and Shoes        Hardware
Furniture        Household Drugs        Fresh and Salt Meats
If our stock don't contain your wants
we can order anything on short notice
Launch Rosemary for Hire.
Boat Supplies.
BuMEaHnaPHMHOMmiMi mmh
We want your produce.
Bjjv«vKB«ja nan Maminn iwamn^a
eeds,  ei
Freight and Passenger Service between
and way pomts.
Meets all boats.      'Phone White Creek
Passenger Rates:
S.angan, 75c. : White Creek, $1.00 ;
Tow Hill, $1.50;   Baggage extra.
Pre-emptors Located.
Govt. Telephone Office      Notary Public
: v T
'il-' o
ii. Anders®!!
General Merchant, Tow Hill
Special attention given to Settlers'
Agent for
International Harvester Company Lt<
McClary's "Famous" Stoves.
Victor Grarnaphones and Records.
Delivery made to any point on the
North Beach.
liter For Hire.
$2.00 per day ; $30.00 per month.
Any damage done to machine to be
made good by hirer.—Apply W. F.
HASTIE, Pool Room, Queenstown.
Job Printing j^ajfrJ^ff
Graham Island Farmers* Institute
\    Lime amk s*owaer
I Apply FRANCIS EVANS, Secy., Nadu.
Henry Edenshaw's Power Shop
%*► iaj> <ifc»&
Union Engine 16 H. P.
Is open for Charter by the Day or Week
for the carrying of Freight to any point
on the Queen Charlotte Islands.
Weekly mail service to Naden Harbor, leaving Massett every Tuesday.
For further particulars and information apply to
Henry Edenshaw, Massett.
Shoe   Store
Y,ffW JrSl
Boots, Shoes and Harness neatly
Men's Women's and Children's Boots
kept in stock.
Leather and Shoe Findings for sale
Belt, Pistol, Holster and all  kinds of
Leather Cases made to order.
The Islander $2 a Year
Prince Albert
Prince John
Maintain weekly service between
Massett, etc., and Prince Rupert,
making close connections at Prince
Rupert for the South.
Special Sommer Excorsions to the
East and Old Coontry.
Prince Rupert to Montreal and return -       -      -     " - $141.00
Prince Rupert to Toronto and return -.-- $128.00
Prince Rupert to New York and return - $144.50
Prince Rupert to Chicago and return -.-- $108.50
Rates to other points corresponding low.
For full information apply to
General Agent, Prince Rupert
E. J. Tingley
Real Estate
Town Lots and Acreage
Coal and Oil Lands
Free and reliable information
given regarding available preemption locations.
A large tract of Graham Island's
choicest agricultural land, corn-
prising  over  100   locations,
recently released from the
coal rights and now open
to the Settler. This land
lies close to Queenstown  and offers a
golden opportunity to the home-
Hicks & Cauthers
Pool Hall
Tobaccos, Cigars, Cigarettes
Candies and Soft Drinks
Books, Magazines, Dailies.
• The Dye that colors, ANY KIND'
of Cloth Perfectly, with the
No Chance of Mistaken.   Clean and Simple.
F Ask your Druggist or Dealer. Send for Booklet.
The Johnson-Richardson Co. Limited, Montreal
Land Snrveyor's Report
on Graham Island
Continued from page 1
The products of the island up to the
present time have not been very considerable, but are able to find a ready
market. It is, however, in anticipation
of the completion of the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway, and the consequent
growth of its western terminal and the
development of the surrounding country,
that the establishment of a permanent
market is looked for. The establishment of local markets for produce may
also be reasonably expected, as the development of the islands resources-
timber, coal, oil, fishing, etc.—is likely
to open up many industries.
The climate of the northern portion of *
Graham Island is mild in the winter
months and very temperate in summer.
The thermometer in winter scarcely
ever touches the zero mark; the snowfall is light and of short duration, and
the weather generally bright and cool.
In the summer the rainfall varies very
much from year to year. I should
estimate the mean annual rainfall during the past three years to be about 70
inches. A noticeable feature of the
climate is that it is conducive to a very
rapid early growth."
Nado Jottings.
A number of the male residents of
Nadu have left for Sewall, where they
will be engaged for some time getting
out telegraph poles.
The Polaris was here Wednesday, but
owing to the crowded condition of the
two wharfs made but a short etay.
J. K. Anderson the Tow Hill merchant,
was a visitor here this week.
Much excitement and enthusiasm was
displayed at the government wharf last
Wednesday when nearly all the settlers
turned out to see J. Brickbealer, the
noted stockman, ship a cargo of stall
fed cattle to Sewall City.
The various orchards in the district
are doing well.
We were pleased to see Mr. Dill of
Woden here. As a family man he
doubtless was much impressed with the
fine assortment of Nadu bachelors.
Seven new pre-emptors have located
here during the last two weeks.
Wholesale and Retail Merchant
Everything in Merchandise, Surveyors' and Prospectors'
Motor Boat Supplies of all kinds.
Gas     Engines    and     Machinery.
Canadian Fairbanks Morse Co. Gas Engines and
Holliday Engineering Co., Chicago.
Ferro Marine Engines, Standard 2 Cycle Motors.
Ridgeway's Teas and Coffees
Bucks' Stoves and Ranges
Eastman Kodaks and supplies
Commerical Union Assurance Co.
Fire I
Nadu River
Goods delivered in our own Motor Boat at reasonable rate
Contractors' And Mining Machinery Supplies
MARINE MOTORS       /w~#- m  jl-
GASOLINE ENGINES    ^crfte ««*««*
Wheels  and Axles
Building Materials
Steel     Rails
Agricultural Implements      CANADIAN RAND
Teaming and Pump Wagons   CO.'S PRODUCTS        Dairy Supplies
C. H. HANDASYDE Jr., Prince Rupert, B.C.
P.O. Drawer 1663
& CO.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regnlations      THE LEADING SHOE STORE
/"^OAL mining rights of the Dominion
V- in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the
Province of British Columbia, may be
leased for a term of twenty-one years
at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not
more than 2,560 acres will be leased to
one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
in surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territery the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A rovalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once
a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights maybe considered necessary for the working of the mine at the
rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.—Unauthorised   publication   of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
Everything  in  Boots and Shoes
Agent for " Walk-Over " S'hoes
"Queen Quality" Shoes for Ladies
" Classic "   Shoes for   Children
All descriptions of Working Boots,
Packs and Rubber Goods
Prompi Attention Given to Mail Orders
What's the matter with you
If you knew as much as I do about the future of Delkatlah Bay
you would be chasing me up with payments on your lots.
The farming may be a little slow in developing, and the coal seams
hard to trace in paying quantities, but Delkatlah is on the eve of development as a Winter Tourist Resort which will place it only second to Prince
Rupert in Northern British Columbia.
I am not a prophet, for such prophecy only requires the application of
ordinary common sense.
Buying lots in Delkatlah is like sowing seed—the money disappears like
the seed in the ground only to spring up and yield ten fold.
Canada needs no summer resort, it has all the summer climate it wants,
but from Nova Scotia to the Rockies it needs a winter climate, and that's
what we have. The Spring is the time to sow seed. Sow your wages in a
lot at the rate of $5.00 a month and have a home in town.
Immediately back of Delkatlah pre-emptions are being taken up at the
rate of ten a week.   That will soon increase values."
MctiaeEwTrinceRupert   Chas. M. Wilson, Owner,Delkatlah
Grand Trunk  Pacific Railway  Official
Watch Inspector
Watchmaker   and  Jeweler
Prince Rupert, B.C.       P.O. Box 494
Hayner Bros/
Furniture Dealers Prince Rupert
If you don't buy from ut WE both lose money.
Linoleums, Carpets, Stoves and Everything for the Home. Singer's Sewing
Machines, Pianos, Edison's Phonographs, Funeral Directors and Em-
balmers.   Monuments and Headstones
European Plan
Licensed Bar
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District.
District of Skeena.
Take notice that Edmund C. Stevens,
of Skidegate, occupation rancher, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands: Commencing at a post planted at the Southeast side of Triangle Island, Skidegate
Inlet, thence north along shoreiine 20
chains, thence west along shoreline 20
chains, thence south along shoreline 20
chains, thence east along shoreline 20
chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acres more or less, being the
whole of Triangle Island,
Date February 5, 1914
dffp 18 Edmund C. Stevens
Royal Hotel
Corley & Burgess, Proprietors
Third Avenue and Sixth Street
Rooms: 50c, 75c, $1.00
Steam Heat
Hot Water
The Prince Rupert
Importing Co. Ltd.
Prince Rupert, P. C.
Is   now   well    and   favorably    known
throughout the North.
Note  the new address for prompt
1211 Dominion Bldg., Vancouver, B.C.
If you are not acquainted with
this machine and its work write for
Wholesale Wines and  Liquors
Aerated   Water   Manufacturers
Family Trade a specialty.
All mail orders promptly executed.
Charlotte City ; waterfront, nice view.
Apply Fairbairn, Queen Charlotte, or
Campbell, Islander Office.
A. W. De Lisle
Builder and Contractor
Plans, Specifications, Estimates and
Contracts given on request.
Thoroughly reliable work guaranteed
Graham Island Information Bureau, Prince Rupert, Agents
Manufacturer  and  Dealer in Lumber
Queenstown, Massett Inlet
Dry Spruce Lumber (or House Building
Dry Cedar for Boat Building
Dimension and all kinds of Rough Lumber Supplied
Empress Hotel
Private telephones in every room. Hot and Cold running water.
No extra charge for Baths.
Lunch Counter and Dining Room in Connection.
Bar Pool Room Barber Shop.    '
Electric Lighted
Well Heated
Centrally Located
Third Avenue


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