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Queen Charlotte Islander 1914-04-25

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A Weekly Newspaper Published in the interests of the Settlers, and to promote the development of the Queen Charlotte Islands.
VOL. 3, No. 27
5 Cents per Copy
Wm. Manson, M.P.P., Got
Splendid Reception on Islands
Travelled From One End of the Island to the Other and Addressed Several
Meetings at Inlet Settlements.
Delkatlah Gardens Case    Inspector On Visit
Mr. Wm. Manson, M.P.P., accompanied by government agent E. M.
Sandilands and John Manson, road superintendent, arrived on the Polaris last
Sunday evening from upper inlet points,
after completing a tour of all the settlement on Graham Island, excepting the
Tow Hill district. The party left Queen
Charlotte City the previous Wednesday
and came up the East coast road to Tl-
El River, thence across the Mexican
Tom trail to Queenstown and Graham
The purpose of the visit was the planning of the work to be done this year
on roads and trails, and also of the
Member giving an account of his
stewardship of the past session.
Mr. Manson addressed meetings at
Graham Centre, Queenstown and Massett and also conferred with the settlers
at other points.
On Monday morning the party left for
Woden district and spent the day there,
returning to MaBsett in the evening.
Previous to the public meeting in the
schoolhouse, the Member conferred with
the Central Executive, when several
important matters were diecussed.
There was a large attendance in the
Massett schoolhouse, including several
ladies, when Mr.Chas. Harrison, S.M.,
called the meeting to order.
Mr. Harrison in the course of a splendid speech, nicely spiced with humour,
touched on various local matters in a
straight forward manner, which were
heartily endorsed by the audience.
Mr. Manson, in his opening remarks,
paid a glowing tribute to the memory
of the late Rev. Wm. Hogan, afterwards referring to his trip from Queen
Charlotte City up along the east coast
to Hydah, Lawn Hill (where the party
visited the experimental station in
charge of Mr. Richardson), and Tl-El
River, Graham Centre, Queenstown,
Sewall, Nadu and Woden. Since the
House closed, the Member said he had
been on the go all the time and before
coming to the islands had visited all
along the line of the G. T. P. as far as
Smithers. Mr. Manson then spoke at
some length on local affairs. Referring
to the road asked for between Tl-El and
Queenstown, Mr. Manson said that it
meant a big expenditure to build such
a road as proposed, and at the present
time he was not in favor of that being
done. The policy of the Government
had always been to follow the settlers,
and as there were only a few settlers at
each end of the trail, the time was not
ripe for the building of such a road.
He also referred to the proposed bridge
at Kumdis narrows. With regard to
the road work, Mr. Manson said there
had been a lot of criticism, not only regarding the word done in the Skeena
district, but all over the Province. He
liked criticism when it was honest and
fair, because it would always bring
about better results. Regarding the
East coast road between Tl-El River
and Skidegate, there was a lot said, but
he could assure them that the road there
was not as bad as what it was said to
be. During the past winter a team was
kept at work gravelling the road, which
has made a great improvement. This
year they proposed {putting a team at
work on the roads at this end of the
island and he was sure the same good
results would follow. Mr. Manson made
reference to the good work accomplished
on the road at Woden last season. With
regard to the question of plank roads he
thought it too expensive a proposition.
Mr. Manson then touched on Municipal
Incorporation and was in favor of such
a scheme when the time was ripe.
Thereafter the Member gave an account
of the work done in the Legislature
during the past session, reviewing the
most important measures, such as the
Timber Royalty Bill, the C. N. Railway
Bill, and others. He also referred to
the Royal Commissions on labor and
agriculture, and said that legislation
would be enacted at next session. Before concluding, Mr. Manson made reference to the forthcoming Redistribution Bill, and advised the Islanders to
get busy if they wanted a member of
their own. He thanked them for their
support in the past, and whether he
would represent them in the next assembly or another constituency, he would
always do what he could for the islands.
The Chairman then asked if there
were any questions, and on none forthcoming,
Mr. James Martin proposed a hearty
vote of thanks to Mr. Manson for his
address and his services in the Legislature.
Mr. E. Baker seconded, and on being
put by the Chairman to the meeting
was unamiously carried.
Mr. Mansoa briefly replied and proposed a vote of thanks to the worthy
Chairman, which was seconded in several
places. With the singing of God Save
The King the meeting closed.
There is an old story that a million
aire commissioned  an  artist  to  paint
two pictures, one to be of a man v< ho
had won a law suit, and the other of a
man who had lost one.
In a month the artist returned with
a picture of a naked man and another
picture of a man with a shirt on. But,
said the millionaire, I told you to paint
a picture of a man who had won a law
suit, and one of a man who had lost one.
That's it said the artist, the man with
nothing on has lost a law suit, and the
man with the shirt on has won one.
We are reminded of this by the case
that has just dragged a whole week
through the Prince Rupert County
Court, known there as the Delkatlah
Gardens Case, im which C. C. Carter
sued Chas. M. Wilson for a total sum
of $1,112.15, for alleged work performed. The final decision of Judge
Young was a verdict of $62.10 for C. C.
Carter, but as Wilson has a balance due
on a note against Carter of $162, for
which the Judge held he must take
separate"action, the net result is that
Mr. Carter loses $100, over if he had
not gone to law, and Mr. Wilson loses
the costs of the case.
The defence was that the sum demanded had already been paid out to
the extent of $1254 to Carter and to
people hired by him to fulfil the contract, but many of these payments
were disallowed as not having Carter's
0. K. Wilson also set up a counter
claim for $1000 damages for loss of the
crop by flood as late as the 29th Nov.,
maintaining it should have been all
harvested by that time, according to
the terms of the contract, but this was
We understand that Mr Wilson is
appealing the costs, as there was a
clause in the agreement compelling
arbitration, which Judge Young held to
be quite vaild. He claims he was forced
into Court, as Carter refused to arbitrate.
Alex. Johnson, the Nadu postmaster,
was in town during the week.
James Martin left Friday for Queenstown to continue work on his ranch.
Tom Murray, a well-known Vancouver
traveller, is spending a week here on
Fred Nash, B.C.L.S., went up the
inlet Thursday to do some surveying in
connection with the proposed bridge at
Kumdis Bay.
The Smythe Bros, deserve great
credit for the spendid showing they have
made on the grounds of their property,
whieh has been thoroughly cleared.
They have also a first-class, up-to-date
two-storey building erected thereon.
Hats off to the Smythe boys.
Mr. Charles Cullin, who has been appointed as Pre-emption Inspector for
this district, arrived on the steamer
Prince John on Tuesday and left on
Wednesday morning for the Tow Hill
district, where he will spend a couple of
weeks. He will alno visit the other districts on the islands before returning to
Prince Rupert, which will be his headquarters. Mr. Cullin will settle any
disputes that may arise as to pre-emptors' rights and holdings.
",Charlie" is well known all over the
North and on the islands, having htlJ
a provincial appointment at Jedway
six or seven years ago. During the past
few' years he has acted as Sergeant-at-
Arms in the Legislature.
C. C. Carter returned on Tuesday
from Prince Rupert.
Miss Clara Orr left for Queenstown
Wednesday on a visit.
Charlie Ives left on Tuesday's boat
for Prince Rupert.
Jimmy and Wilf say baching would
be O. K. if they had somewhere to board.
Claude Cornie left on the steamer
Prince John for a week's visit to Prince
Several local articles, including land
surveyors' report on Graham island,
will appear in next issue.
G. F. Allen, representing Johnston
Bros., wholesale dry goods, Vancouver)
is spending the week here.
David Parnell and Emily Smith were
married at Massett on Sunday the
20th instant by Rev. W. Crarey.
W. L. Barton was in town from the
drill camp during the week and reports
good progress at the scene of operations.
Mr. Hicks has made a great improvement in the poolroom during the week
by enlarging and redecorating his show
Chas. M. Wilson returned on last
steamer from Prince Rupert, after a
visit of a fortnight in connection with
the Delkatlah Gardens law case.
A post office will be opened at Port
Clements, formerly known as Queenstown, on May lst. Mr. A. R. Mallory
has been appointed postmaster.
E. H. Lea came in from Barton's
drill camp on Wednesday for treatment.
He cut his hand on a wire cable and
blood poisoning set in. He was operated
on by Dr. Graves and is now progressing nicely.
Dad White is a very busy man just
now and has no time to tell yarns. He
is gardening and the large plot he has
laid out with a choice selection of
vegetable seeds will enable "the home
of the boys" to be kept well supplied
with fresh vegetables and tasty salads
during the good, old summer time. QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDER
J. M. CAMPBELL, Publisher.
:     In Canada, $2.00; Foreign, $3.00
per annum, in advance.
White Inn
Advertising Rates
Contract Advertisements $1.50 per j  fl   " The Home of The Boys "
j inch per month. • s i
I     Single   insertions  $1.00  per  inch
per week.
|   Legal Notices, Government Rates.
Massett, B.C., Saturday, April 25,1914
The visit of our local representative
in the Provincial Legislature was
auspicious and far-reaching, and a
heartv welcome was given him by his
many friends at the various points on
the isiand. He took the opportunity to
travel from one end of Graham Island
to the other, and viewed the improvements and progress made by the settlers
since his visit last year. We feel sure
that Mr. Manson appreciated the visit
as much as the people he met, and went
away with a good impression. Hiscon-
stituer.cy covers a large territory, but
he manages to pay periodical visits, and
thoroughly understands the difficulties
and hardships some of the settlers have
in building up homes for their families.
Whatever may have been said, we feel
sare that lie has done his best to alleviate those conditions by securing larger
appropriations for roads, trails, schools
and hospitals. Mr. Manson assured the
members of the local hospital board
that the appropriation of $2000 was
available as soon as the building was
commenced. Although the appropriations for roads and trails have been
greatly reduced in all districts in the
Province this year, Mi-. Manson managed
to get the Government to deal gently
with Skeena, with the result that we
are not so badly off in that respect.
Work will be started on the roads and
trails within the next week or two and
efficiency is the w©rd that has been impressed on the bosses and foremen from
now on. We can't expect to get all we
want at once, and to have things done
in a day, a week, or a year. Nevertheless, since the time William Manson became our Member, there has been a
wonderful development on Graham
Mrs. WHITE, Proprietress
Meals, Forty Cents
Special Rates to Steady
ROOMS, 50c.
Blacksmith and General Contractor
Mrs. Marie L. G. Hudson, Proprietress
Special Rates to Steady Boarders.
Beds from 35c. to 50c.
Bright, Clean and Airy Roams.
Inferentially, we would ask why an
island off the mouth of Massett Inlet
was named '' invisible Island ? '' There
are any number of Seven Mile Points
in this neighborhood, but "Invisible
Island " is an eye-opener.   ,
Lloyd George has lost his voice and
the British House of Commons is being
searched for a substitute. We would
"ask with" a great deal of diffidence
whether a " curse on " everything
fathered by L'yod was responsible for
the defect in his speech ?
Lots Cleared by Day or Contract
FOR SALE.—A two horse-power
Waterman Marine Engine (overboard)
with batteries and vibrator. All in good
running order. Also stationary equipment, including base, stub shaft, and
pulley. $65.00 cash.—Address V. F.
Dunn, Queenstown, B.C.
which there were rumours. He humourously referred to Atlin as being the tail
of a very large dog, if such a thing was
proposed. The Judge certainly hit it
off fine, and as far as Atlin is concerned,
will have to curl its tail nearer home.
Chairman Harrison got off a very good
joke at Monday night's meeting. It
had reference to whether the Islands
should be linked up with Atlin in the
forthcoming   Redistribution   Bill,    of
A resident of Massett tackled a windfall recently on Collison Avenue, opposite the Anglican church. He commenced to saw the cordwood about
twenty feet from the butt. At noon he
went to lunch, and returned to
discover that something had happened.
A police officer was passing when
the wood chopper was looking for
"signs" along the road. On inquiry, he was informed that someone had walked off with the morning's
work. On looking up among the trees,
it was discovered that the roots had
drawn the tree back to its original
position, and the strange sight can be
seen of a tree standing with the marks
of the cross-cut saw twenty feet above
the ground.
Massett, Graham Island, B. C.
The oldest and most popular Hostelry on the Island
Excellent Table. Special Rates to Steady Boarders
Clean Airy Rooms. Fine Stock of Liquors
Excellent Shooting and Fishing in Vicinity
Gasoline Launches for Hire
Graham Island, B. C.
Up-to-date Excellent Service No Bar in connection
First-class accommodation for holiday parties
Good boating, fishing and hunting close by.    Fast gasoline boat for charter
B. L. TINGLEY, Prop.
Queenstown, Massett Inlet, B. C.
Best Quality of goods at the right price
Call and be convinced that we can save you money on your supplies
Our Motto—Small Profits and Quick Returns
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
HARDWARE        DRY GOODS        BOOTS and SHOES, Etc., Etc.
Goods delivered by arrangement Gasoline Boat for Charter
A dead deer was found on the shores The Massett Indians have migrated
of North Beach. Was it one of the £o their gardens and camps. The Skid-
recent importations, or did it float from gates will fish off Langara island,
the Alaska shore? -during May.
<l /
nanwaiBai tmjaamwamBanwnmBPiaBammaaMiamaaMmnmaHaBM
Prince Albert
Prince John
ili'iiUCi'  9SftS
E. J. Tingley
Real Estate
Town Lots and Acreage
Coal and Oil Lands
Free and reliable information
given regarding available preemption locations.
A large tract of Graham Island's
choicest agricultural land, comprising   over   100   locations,
recently released from the
coal rights and now open
to the Settler. This land
lies close to Queenstown  and offers a
golden opportunity to the home-
Hicks & Cauthers
Pool Hall
Maintain  weekly service between
Massett,   etc., and   Prince  Rupert, |
making close connections at Prince
Rupert for the South.
Special Summer Excursions to the
East and Old Country.
Prince Rupert to Montreal and return ---       - $141.00
Prince  Rupert to  Toronto  and return -   t   -       -       - $128.00
Prince Rupert to New York and return ---       - $144.50
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Rates to other points corresponding low.
For full information apply to
General Agent, Prince Rupert
Tobaccos, Cigars, Cigarettes
Candies and Soft Drinks
Books, Magazines, Dailies.
Port Clements Items
We miss the smiling countenance of
our worty editor. No, we do not blame
him, but we should have got a hump on
ourselves and kept our Campbell with
us.    What ?
Operator Duun has just completed a
fine chicken run and is looking forward
to many good muligans in the near
future. That's right, Frank, we all
like fried chicken.
Contractor Chas. Clayton is bringing
the new Tingley store in the hotel annex to a state of completion.
Clearing is the watchword at Queenstown at present and everyone is forcing
it to the limit.
The G. T. P. steamer Prince Albert
made her first call at the new government wharf here on April 14, and although she only ha<5 one passenger and
very little fseight, it looks encouraging
and we at last feel that we are hooked
up with the outside world.
Walter Cross is hard at work on his
stock and dairy farm. Mr. Cockrane
has been assisting him lately in the
sinking of a well on his property,
Mr. Charlie Clayton reports tremendous activity on his farm. He contemplates thereon the erection of a cider
Mr. B. L. Tingley is building a seawall, levelling and clearing the front of
the Yakoun hotel. When completed this
ought to be one of the most attractive
spots on Massett inlet's waterfront.
Queenstown Tennis Club are out in
full force and hard at the game every
evening that is favorable. They h ve
relayed the court and have it in fine
condition and also have some new members, so it looks as if we would have a
better season than last.
Capt. Ferguson of the Polaris has
been busy on his pre-emption for the
last week. He says the sea is alright
but he wants a place that he can raise
Jack Van received a letter from his
father, who is in the Atlin district, on
the last boat. " Daddy'' says that the
new strike is the richest that has ever
been struck in the Atlin country, running up as high as $75.00 to the pan.
They do not know just how much territory is covered by this new find, but
they have everything staked for twenty
miles around. They have had very little
cold weather there this winter but have
had lots of snow.
Ed. Bust, who came in on the last
steamer from Rupert, reports that the
town is over run with idle men, but they
are looking forward to things picking
up as the season advances.
A meeting was held in the Yakoun
hotel Saturday evening by Wm. Man-
son, M.P,P., in which the road facilities
of the island were discussed, and we
hope to see better trails in nearby
localities this season. The party left
Sunday a.m., on the Polaris for Sewall,
Nadu, Woden and Massett.
Wholesale and Retail Merchant
Everything in Merchandise, Surveyors' and Prospectors'
r Motor Boat Supplies of all kinds.
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Eastman Kodaks and supplies
Crrmeiical Union Assurance Co.
Fire Insurance
Nadu River
Goods delivered in oui own Motor Boat at reasonable rale
Butcher and Provision Dealer
Special Attention Given to Shipping Orders.
PRINCE RUPERT         -          -          -          B. C. QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDER
Why not invest now while prices
are low ?
Special   inducements    to    home
builders and industries.
First come, first served.
Call or write
Graham Centre P.O., B.C.,
regarding the best proposition on
Graham Island.
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General Store
A Full Line of General
Agent for :
The simplest, safest, brightest
and most economical oil lamp in
existence.    Call and investigate.
Western Union Fire and Life
Ladies Home Journal Patterns.
Pride of the West Overalls.
Ridgway's Teas and Coffee.
Lipton's Teas and Coffee.
Victoria Cross Spices.
Quaker Brand Canned Fruits and
McClary Stoves and Ranges.
C. M. Adam
Graham Centre, P.O., B. C.
On Saturday afternoon Wm. Manson,
M.P.P., visited Graham Centre, accompanied by John Manson, road supt., E.
M. Sandilands, govt, agent, and Chas.
Spence, road forman. After having
made a tour of the townsite and expressed surprise at the large amount of
development since their last visit, the
party proceeded to the hall, where a
large number of residents and settlers
from Mayer Lake and Kumdis were assembled. Mr. O'Flynn, president of
the Settlers' League, presided, and Mr.
Felix Graham, the secretary, was in
attendance, as well as 26 members.
Mr. Manson briefly stated the object
of visit, and expressed a desire to hear
the views of the settlers regarding their
requirements for roads and trails for
this year.
The Secretary of the League was
therefore called upon to read a copy of
the petitions which had been sent in to
Mr. Manson last fall. The principal
item being the extension of the Mayer
Lake road to  the  government  wnarf.
Considerable discussion took place upon this question and a large number of
settlers from different districts expressed their opinion that the route of
this road should be via Kumdis Bay
narrows, which necessitates the building
of a bridge at that point.
Mr. T. L. Williams spoke strongly in
favor of this route and moved that the
government be asked to build the road
via the narrows. This motion was
seconded by Mr. James Allison, and
carried unanimously.
Messrs. A. D. Burton, Wm. Tunnah,
F. G. Taylor, J. McDougall, H. McLellan and H. J. Rowell spoke for their
respective districts.
Mr. Manson then addressed the meeting and stated that he aypreciated the
frank manner which the different
settlers had expressed their views, and
said that as the road appropriations for
this year had been cut in half, he would
do his utmost to meet their requests.
After having answered several questions regarding experimental farms,
municipal incorporation, agricultural
commission, etc., Mr. Manson was
thanked for his address on motion of
Mr. C. M. Adam.
A hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman concluded the meeting.
Pre-Emptors we can place
you on Graham Island close
to market and in the best
country developed and will
■;ive    you    every   possible
Information given   regarding   Coal,
' Oil, Timber, Fisheries, Real Estate.
Hilditdh Block Next Post Office
Rev. Mr. Greene of Queenstown was
a visitor in town Tuesday. QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDER
When visiting Prince Rupert
J. D. McLeod & Co.
For Men's Wear
Superior Quality
P.O. Box 90.
Third Avenue
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Corner First Avenue and Seventh Street
New Knox Hotel
Besner & Besner, Props.
The New Knox Hotel is run on
the European plan. First class
service. All the latest modern
The Bar keeps only the best
brands of liquors and cigars.
The Cafe is open from 6.30 a.m.
to 8 p.m.   Excellent cusine.
Beds, 50c. and Up.
First Avenue    -   Prince Rupert
Hotel Winters
Cor. Abbott and Water Streets
European Plan   -   $1.00 to $2.50
Rooms with Baths.
Hot and cold water.    Steam heated.
Bus meets all boats and trains
J. A. LEROY     Proprietors       J. NATION
Notary Public and Conveyancer
Real Estate and Insurance
Office of E. J. Tingley
Qyeenstown, B. C.
Launch Westover
Makes weekly trips between Massett
and Queenstown, calling at way points,
returning to Massett in time to connect
with mail steamer.
Freight and baggage delivered to all
points on the Inlet.
The "Westover " for Hire or charter
by hour, day or week at reasonable
terms.    For further information apply
A. A. McCREA, Massett.
Woden Notes.
Mr. Holzer reports tnat his vegetable
crop is coming up fine.
H. A. Swain
Mr. Windstead rowed down to Woden
Messrs. McLeod, two new arrivals for  Friday and took back a  pack of  nails
Sewall came up on the Westover from for his new  house.    Go  to it  Ralph,
Massett. that's the way we all got our start.
Mr. Hewett returned on the last boat
after a short visit to Rupert.
We are sorry to learn that Mr. Brewster, one of our prominent citizens, is
leaving Graham Island and returning
east. However, we hope he will be
with us again in the near future.
Geo. Hewett motored down to Delkatlah on Thursday where he is going
to spend some time improving his lots.
Carl Preussger left for Vancouver on
the last steamer where he will spend a
few weeks on business.
Wm. Manson, M.P.P., E. M. Sandilands, government agent, and1 John
Manson, road saperintendent, along
with Messrs. Nash and Spence, visited
Woden last Monday.
Hotel Woden
Woden River, B.C.
Mrs. G. A. HAINES, Proprietress.
Good  Meals  and Glean   Beds.
Bakery in Connection.
Quite a stir was made at Echo Lake
this week as the neighbors assembled
together to assist Mr. Holzer with his
new house which will soon be completed.
Mr. Allen, representing Johnston
Bros., wholesale dry goods, Vancouver,
is spending a few days here with a full
line of samples. The Rosemary was
chartered to bring his trunks up from
Rev. Father McDonald returned on
Tuesday from Vancouver. He spent a
very pleasant week visiting with his
father who lives in that city. The
Father was in Prince Rupert when the
first train came through from the east.
He met Capt. Nicholson, manager for
the G. T. P. steamers, who is greatly
interested in Graham Island, and expects to visit us in the near future and
expressed a desire to see the whole
island when here. While in Rupert
Father McDonald met and talked with
the Rt. Hon. F. Peters, formerly Prime
Minister of Prince Edward Island, who
intends coming to the island next fall
along with a party of other sportsmen
from Prince Rupert.
Freight and Passenger Service between
and way points.
Meets all boats.     'Phone White Creek
Passenger Rates:
Sangan, 75c. : White Creek, $1.00 ;
Tow Hill, $1.50;   Baggage extra.
Pre-emptors Located.
Govt. Telephone Office      Notary Public
Woden River General Store
C. C. GRANGE, Proprietor
Dry Goods       Groceries       Boots and Shoes        Hardware
Furniture       Household Drugs        Fresh and Salt Meats
If our stock don't contain your wants
we can order anything on short notice
Launch Rosemary for Hire. Boat Supplies.
We want your produce.
J. K. Anderson
General Merchant, Tow Hill
Special attention given to Settlers'
Agent for
International Harvester Company Ltd.
•   McClary's "Famous" Stoves.
Victor Gramaphones and Records.
Delivery made to any point on the
North Beach.
Stump Puller For Hire.
$2.00 per day ; $30.00 per month.
Any damage done to machine to be
made good by hirer.—Apply W. F.
HASTIE, Pool Room, Queenstown.
Job Printing Islander Office^
Graham Island Farmers' Institute
Lime and Powder
Apply FRANCIS EVANS, Secy., Nadu.
Henry Edenshaw's Power Sloop
Poultry Supplies, Hay
Flour,  Feed,  Seeds,  etc.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Vancouver.
Union Engine 15 H. P.
Is open for Charter by the Day or Week
for the carrying of Freight to any point
on the Queen Charlotte Islands.
For further particulars and information apply to
Henry Edenshaw, Massett.
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Steel    Rails GASOLINE ENGINES ^crf^ Machinery
Agricultural Implements CANADIAN RAND Wheels  and 4**»
Teaming and Pump Wagons   CO.'S PRODUCTS Dairy Supplies
C. H. HANDASYDE Jr., Prince Rupert, B.C.
P.O. Drawer 1663
Office: 327 Second Ave.
I  F. Nash. B.C.L.S.,
I Queenstown, B.C.
\ (Of Brownlee, Nash & Davidson)
|     Dom. and B. C. Land Surveyors
I Surveys of Coal  Licenses, Mineral
I Claims and Subdivisions.
> The Planing and Survey  of Town-
sites a Speciality. QUEEN CHARLOJTEJ^NDER
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
OAL mining rights of the Domimon
\f in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta,theYnkonTerntory   heN°Hhe
west .Terntones and » J £gg° „,, be
!Str°i 5™*« twenty-o- years
one applicant. t be made
Application for a lease m
5? Su'bSgS tS  SeSrict in which the
^-^«^Tffk  must
divisions of actions  and Jn uns       y^
territery the tract appheUio
staked out by the aPPl\c^a"companied
Each applteBtioyimort^eaCrCe°funPded if
by a tee of $5 which wi aUable,
the "ghts appbed tor are no be
but not otherwise      A roya  y ^
paid TttS^^V tohn- n
mine at the rate Ui            .        me 9hall
The person operating the m
furnish the Agent with sw f
accounting   for   the   tuu   q the
i^bSS^ast once
& CO.
Everything  in Boot* and Shoes
Agent for "Walk-Over" Shoes
"Queen Quality" Shoes for Ladies
" Classic "   Shoes for  Children
All descriptions of Working Boots,
Packs and Rubber Goods
Prompt Attention Given to Mail Orders
What's the matter with you
Pessimists 1
If you knew as much as I do about the future of Delkatlah Bay
you would be chasing me up with payments on your lots.
The farming may be a little slow in developing, and the coal seams
hard to trace in paying quantities, but Delkatlah ia on the eve of development as a Winter Tourist Resort which will place it only second to Prinee
Rupert in Northern British Columbia.
I am not a prophet, for such prophecy only requires the application of
ordinary common sense.
Buying lots in Delkatlah is like sowing seed—the money disappears like
the seed in the ground only to spring up and yield ten fold.
Canada needs no summer resort, it has all the summer climate it wants,
but from Nova Scotia to the Rockies it needs a winter climate, and that's
what we have. The Spring is the time to sow seed. Sow your wages in a
lot at the rate of $5.00 a month and have a home in town.
Immediately back of Delkatlah pre-emptions are being taken up at the
rate of ten a week.   That will soon increase values.
Chas. M. Wilson, Owner, Delkatlah
*» »-:—.,. p„ni»rf. Agents
a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights maybe considered necessary f©r the working of the mine at the
rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.— -Unauthorised   publication  of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway  Official
Watch Inspector
Watchmaker   and   Jeweler
Prince RUPERT, B.C.        P.O. Box 494
Hayaer Bros.'
Furniture Dealer. Prince-Rnpert
H you don't bu, fr.» «* WE both lo,. money.
Linoleums, Carpets  Stoves and Evegy-
thing for the Home.   Singer;s &ew   b
MaChv!r' FuneTal DbSSi ^ Em-
ggfe    KumentsandHeadstones
Licensed Bar
.    Vu f EMmundC. Stevens,
Take notice thfJndJion rancher, in-
of  Skidegate    occupy ionja ^
tends to apply *f p^hid lands: Com-
the following Xtn?edattheSouth-
mencmg at aJgjt pw Skidegate
east side of ln*"sh1Balorig shoreline 20
lt?> SS a£ng shoreline 20
chains, thence wc shoreline 20
chains, thence south along sn 2Q
chains, thence east^^SSSiA con-
chains to Pomt of comm the
taining 40 acres more oi ic    ,
wBof Triangle Is and,
Date February 5, WU^ Q  gtevenS
dffp 18
Royal Hotel
Corley & Burgess, Proprietors
Third Avenue and Sixth Street
Rooms: 50c, 75c, $1.00
„ of Hot	
Steam Heat  -
The Prince Rupert
Importing Co. Ltd.
_ n    i"»
Monkey Winch
roil    and   favorably   known
^"'"tbToVout the North.
Note the new address for prompt
,211 Dominion BUg., Vanco^e,, B.C
- A       «    »re   not' acquainted   witn
It   y°Uh;nP  and its work write for
this machine  ana
particulars. __———
-TJ^T^^TrBNT   at   Queen
C     Ifl ritv ' waterfront, nice view.
Charlotte City , Charlotte, or
Apply Fairbairn,   Queen
Campbell, Islander Office.
Prince Rupert, P. C.
Wholesale Wines and Liqnors
Aerated  Water   Manufacturers
Dry Spruce Lumber for House Building
Dry Cedar for Boat Building
Dimension and all kind, ol Rougn Lnmber Supplied
Empress Hotel
_ —-»«-i r-\ rrn K.   V^>.
^^^B^HBK m Hot and Cold running water
Private telephones in every room
rn No extra charge for Baths.
Plans, Specifications, Estimates and
Contracts given on request.
Thoroughly reliable work guaranteed
Electric Lighted
Centrally Located
Well Heated
Third Avenue


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