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Queen Charlotte Islander Apr 11, 1914

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1 8   70, .   v-
A Weekly Newspaper Published in the interests of the Settlers, and to promote the development of the Queen Charlotte Islands.
VOL. 3, No. 25
5 Cents per Copy
Re Municipal
To the Editor of The Islander.
Dear Sir.—Just a few words in reply
to your nameless correspondent in your
issue of the 25th. February.
This writer has given us a very interesting contribution to the question at
issue,—viz., the upbuilding and general
advancement of our community.
His tracing our unorganized district
system back to that home of red
tape and disappointed hopes, Downing Street, is rather a cruel blow to
our pride and progressive pretensions.
In this connection, it is interesting to
note that the autocratic feature has
survived the lapse of time.
Your correspondedt shows such an
utter lack of knowledge of municipal
details and conditions, and is apparently so out of sympathy with the
practise of community government under the Municipal Act, that he should
make an able champion of our present
system. But even he is not altogether
satisfied with the results of the pre-
sent Provincial control and wishes to
substitute theory for practical government. His statement that every municipality in the Province isjloaded with debt
has no foundation in fact. The Rural
Municipalities of British Columbia,
those formed under conditions similar
to our own, are almost free of bonded
indebtedness. Your cor respondent does
not know the average farmer of thisPro-
vince when he imputes to them a lack
of business acumen, and, when he asks
you to beleive that they, as a class,
are prepared to incur needless liabilities,
he is absolutely wrong. He should try
to father a Loan By-Law in the average
Rural Municipality of B.C. to find out
what is coming to him.
Now, as to the one year term of
office, a twelvemonth is long enough to
be hampered with an incompetent councillor; the good man goes baek to his
seat on the board each year. Your
correspondent will be surprised to hear
that the writer can name a certain farmer resident in one of the southern Rural Municipalities who has been returned to the Local Council Board for thirty
consecutive years. As to your correspondent's anticipation of a difficulty
to get men willing to serve, practically
without remuneration,—again I will
have to answer that our friend lacks
knowledge of human nature. The
writer is getting along in years but has
yet to know of a dearth of candidates
for any elective office. Coming back
to the old, old Bogey, of the Government not dealing fairly in divisions of
appropriations as between the organized
and unorganized districts,— this is so
misleading a suggestion that we will
answer it by asking our friend to go
Continued on page 3.
Report By Surveyors
Of Graham Island.
The report of the Minister of Lands,
Hon. Wm. R. Ross, for the year ending
December, 1913, is quite a bulky book
and contains information regarding the
various branches of the department, as
well as a large number of excellent
views. The reports of land surveyors
engaged on the island last year are included, and we intend to publish them
in full from week to week, beginning
with that of Townships 7, 11 and 14, by
Fred. Nash :
G. H. Dawson, Esq.,
Suiveyor-General, Victoria, B.C.
Sir,—I have the honour to report on
the lands surveyed in Townships 7, 11,
and 14, Queen Charlotte Islands District.
The Queen Charlotte Islands form the
farthest-west land in British Columbia.
The new lighthouse at Langara, on
North Island, at the extreme northwest of the gronp, will be the first
light on British soil sighted from the
decks of the Pacific liners eastward-
bound from Asiatic ports, over the new
northern route to the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway terminus at Prince Rupert.
The Grand Trunk Pacific steamers
make weekly trips from Prince Rupert
to the various ports on the islands, the
distance to Massett, at the entrance of
Massett Inlet, being only eighty miles.
The group is composed of two main
islands, Graham and Moresby, of which
the former is the larger and more northerly, and several smaller islands. Graham Island contain some 2,300 square
miles, of which approximately 700,000
acres are adapted for agricultural purposes. The south-western portion of
the island is mountainous. The agricultural area extends from the centre of
the island to the north, east, and southeastern coasts. This portion consists of
low, undulating country, heavily timbered near the shore-line and on the
larger rivers and lakes, the balance being more open, with muskegs scattered
at intervals   throughout.
Naden Harbor and Massett Inlet are
the two harbours on the north of Graham
Island. Massett Inlet the larger of the
two, extends for fifty miles into the
interior of the island, offering cheap
means of transportation on a natural
waterway, excellent shipping facilties,
and sites for industries, which will be
established when these natural economic advantages are more widely known
and appreciated. At Naden Harbour a
whaling-station and a salmon-cannery
have been established and operate during the summer months.
Halibut and cod are caught in large
quantities on the banks to the west,
north and east of the island, and are
shipped via Vancouver and Seattle to
eastern Provinces and States.
Continued next week.
Island Conservatives
Form Central Body.
The representatives of the Conservative associations of Massett, Queenstown and Tow Hill met at Massett on
Monday evening and formed the Central
Executive. The following officers were
appointed: President, C. Harrison, Mas-
set; Vice president, E. Baker, Tow Hill;
Secretary, F. Nash, Queenstown; Executive, A. E. Jessup, S. Rankin;
R. H. Dodd, J. O. Brewester, E. J.
Tingley, T. F. Clark.
A great many matters concerning the
welfare of the island were discussed.
This organization which is the first of
its kind on the Islands should do much
for unity and the advancement of con-
servativeism as well as looking after
the welfare of the Islands.
It is expected that the association at
the south end of the island will send
representatives to future meetings of
the Centra! Executive.
Mr. Gauld of Prince Rupert has taken
a position as book-keeper with Mr.
James Martin.
Rev. Mr. Bygraves, who has been
with us for some months, left for the
mainland. His departure is regretted
by all.
Mr. C. Spence, who for some time
has been busy on the North Beach,
superintending some construction work
for the Public Works Department, returned home a few days ago and is now
busy in his garden. He reports considerable activity among the settlers in
the Tow Hill and Cape Fife district.
Stock, he says is looking splendid in
that part of the island.
Mr. A. H. Tomlinson, the government
horticulturist, who has been visiting the
various settlements on Graham Island,
left on the last steamer for Rupert.
He arrived at Skidegate a fortnight
ago and travelled up the East coast,
thence across the trail to Queenstown,
and Graham Centre. After taking in
all the inlet points, Mr. Tomlinson went
out to Tow Hill. It is probable that he
will have an assistant soon.
Overseas Club.
The Annual Meeting of the Farthest
West Branch of the Overseas Club will
be held at Masset Schoolhouse Monday
Evening, April the 20th at 8 p.m. A
full attendance is requested.
C. HARRISON, President
Local News Items
The Executive Committee of the
Masset Inlet and District Conservative
Association will be held'at Masset on
Monday, April 20th at 7 p.m.
C. HARRISON, President.
Mrs. E. Evans of Nadu was in town
for several days visiting friends.
Wilfrid Hughes has moved into his
new home.
J. A. Long and wife left e>n Tuesday
on a visit to Vancouver and Victoria.
Provincial Constable Doolittlejof Prince
Rupert was in town Tuesday on business.
Several families arrived on the Prince
John Tuesday besides other landseekers.
Chas. Ives has returned from Rupert
after a sojourn there of several weeks.
Rita Martin returned on last boat
from Rupert where she spent several
Miss Nellie Ives returned on Tuesday's
boat from a six weeks' visit in Prince
AI Orr has cleared a fine space beside
his house for a tennis court. Good
for AI.
Bill White arrived in town Monday
from the East coast. He reports everything looking very favorable out there.
W. L. Barton was in from the Yakoun river on Tuesday where he is drilling. He reports things moving favorably up there.
S. D Sewall left for Vancouver on
the last boat. He expects to return in
about a month with another bunch of
settlers. Twenty-three settlers have
been located by Mr. Sewall across from
the Woden in the past two weeks.
A number of Massett residents journeyed to the North Beach on Good
Friday on a pic-nic expedition. The
day was an ideal one for an outing and
the party returned home in the evening
after spending a most enjoyable time.
The proprietor of The Islander wishes
to thank all who assisted in the removal of the plant and goods from
Queenstown to Massett, especially
Messrs. Cornie and Van Valkenberg,
which was accomplished in a speedy
and most satisfactory manner.
Mr. Charles Harrison has considerably improved his buildings on Main
Street, those occupied by the Government Telegraph Office and The Islander,
by painting and other interior alterations. The Judge certainly tries to be
up to date.
The boys got busy during the week
and went after the stumps on Main
Street with a will. There's not a stump
left on the road between the wharf and
the end of the business houses on the
main thoroughfare. Let us hope that
others may follow their example, and
then if we can get some new side-walks
in place of the old ones that are in now,
why, we will have a respectable showing. Nothing like being public spirited
in yunr home town. \
J. M. CAMPBELL, Publisher.
In Canada, $2.00; Foreign, $3.00
per annum, in advance.
Advertising Rates
Contract Advertisements $1.50 per
inch per month.
Single insertions $1.00 per inch
per week.
Legal Notices, Government Rates.
———————————— ———
Massett, B.C., Saturday, April 11,1914
In future the Queen Charlotte I lander
will be published at   Massett,   and   we
wish to state that  it   was through no
want of confidence in Queenstown (now
Port Clements) that the change of place
of publication was made.     The weekly
mail steamer makes Massett the  first
port of call   nd will arrive here weekly
It is the fortune  of  a  country editor
that he must be where people arrive
first, and be in touch with the first mail
that arrives and departs.     The Queen
Charlotte Islander has appeared both in
Queen Charlotte City and Queenstown
during some years, and it is but meet
that   another   growing   centre   should
have the opportunity of having the only
newspaper on the islands located here.
We are interested  in   every town and
and settlement on the islands, and the
change of place of publication will make
no difference with respect to publishing
everything conducive to the welfare of
all parts of this country.     All of  the
towns have a good future before them,
and all are looking forward to becoming
large centres of population.     The publisher of a newspaper is but human and
places his plant where he considers the
best   results   will follow, and we look
forward to the support of all those who
have   the  good  of   the   whole  of   the
islands  at  heart.     This publication is
now the only one on the islands and will
continue to disseminate the news of all
districts, depending  on   the   good-will
and patronage of those outside, as well
as those residing hero.
Several local items and district news
held over until next week.
The bacteria found In one Chinese
egg outnumbered the whole population
of China.
A meat inspector should pass on some
beef that finds its way to outlying
Double-dealing means selling property to one person and reselling to
another without the consent of the
first party.
There is room on Graham island
land for a good, young lawyer. The
the growing field is ripe for one who
understands a few of the laws now in
The garden of Eden has been discovered on Massett inlet. Any person
doubting the existance of the residence
of our progenitors should sonsult
Prince Albert
Prince John
Maintain weekly service between
Massett, etc., and Prince Rupert,
making close connections at Prince
Rupert for the South.
Special Summer Excursions to the
East and Old Country.
Prince Rupert to Montreal and return -       -       -       - $141.00
Prince Rupert to Toronto and return ---      - $128.00
Prince Rupert to New York and return - $144.50
Prince Rupert to Chicago and return - $108.50
Rates to other points corresponding low.
For full information apply to
General Agent, Prince Rupert
The Prince Rupert
Importing Co. Ltd.
Prince Rupert, P. C.
Wholesale  Wines and  Liquors
Aerated   Water   Manufacturers
Family Trade a specialty.
All mail orders promptly executed.
MfcrcunnBarenr;* ■■».< n
otice of Distress.
To Mr. D. R. YOUNG,
and to others whom it may concern
TAKE NOTICE that I, M. J. Condon,
as bailiff of and for Charles Harrison,
your landlord, have this day distrained
on the lands and premises in your occupation or possession named in the inventory hereunto annexed, the goods
and chattels in the said inventory, for
Two Hundred and One Dollars ($201.00)
being rent of $41.00 due to the said
Charles Harrison from you to the 31st
July, 1913, and eight months rent from
August lst, 1913, to March 31st, 1914,
at $20.00 per month, $160.00, making a
total of $201.00, due to the said Charles
Harrison by you.
And unless you pay the said rent with
charges of distraining for the same
within Twenty-five days from the service hereof, the said goods and chattels
will be appraised and sold according to
Dated this 24th day of March, 1914.
Bailiff of the above-named
Charles Harrison.
Inventory :
One Colts Armory Printing Press, Serial
No. 2154, together with all attachments.
One 30 x 60 Imposing stone.
One Safe.
One Typewriter.
One 2-H.P. Fairbanks-Morse Standard
Vertical Engine.
Massett,  Graham Island, B. C.
The oldest and most popular Hostelry on the Island
Excellent Table. Special Rates to Steady Boarders
Clean Airy Rooms. Fine Stock of Liquors
Excellent Shooting and Fishing in Vicinity
Gasoline Launches for Hire
Graham Island, B. C.
Up-to-date Excellent Service No Bar in connection
First-class accommodation for holiday parties
Good boating, fishing and hunting close by.    Fast gasoline boat for charter
B. L. TINGLEY, Prop.
Queenstown, Massett Inlet, B. C.
Best Quality of goods at the right price
Call and be convinced that we can save you money on your supplies
Our Motto—Small Profits and Quick Returns
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
HARDWARE        DRY GOODS        BOOTS and SHOES, Etc., Etc.
Goods delivered by arrangement Gasoline Boat for Charter
Rev.   Greene  and   Mrs.   Greene   of COTTAGE  FOR  RENT   at    Queen
Queenstown   spent   the   week-end    at Charlotte City ; waterfront, nice view.
Massett.     Mr. Greene held services on Apply Fairbairn,   Queen  Charlotte, or
Sunday at old and new Massett. Campbell, Islander Office. /
E. J. Tingley
».,.-**&wm& ^' •fi*ii*-wnijt«j*• SH-smasrm
Real Estate
Town Lots and Acreage
Coal and Oil Lands
Free and reliable information
given regarding available preemption locations.
A large tract of Graham Island's
choicest agricultural land, comprising  over   100   locations,
recently released from the
coal rights and now open
to the Settler. This land
lies close to Queenstown   and offers a
golden opportunity to the home-
Re Municipal Incorpcration
Continued from page 1
The speediest and most comfortable I
launch in Northern B. C.
Will leave QUEENSTOWN to connect with G. T. P. Steamers to Massett on the morning of boat days,
returning to Queenstown on the following day.
For Charter to all points on Massett Inlet
For particulars write F. Nash or
Capt. S. Ferguson,
Queenstown, Graham Island, B. C.
A. W. De Lisle
Builder and Contractor
Plans, Specifications, Estimates and
Contracts given on request.
Thoroughly reliable work guaranteed
F. Nash,B.C.LS.,
Queenstown, B.C.
(Of Brownlee, Nash & Davidson)
Dom. and B. C. Land Surveyors
Surveys of Coal Licenses, Mineral
Claims and Subdivisions.
The Planing and Survey of Town-
sites a Speciality.
through thy list of appropriations in any
of the late   papers  ^nd point   out any
instance of unjust discrimination against
municipalities.    Take   the Ten Million
Dollars loan   before   the   Legislature,
being based on   arrears   of   land sales
and natural resources   (assets, belonging almost altogether   to the  unorganized districts), and following your correspondent's   line   of   argument,   this
loan should   oe devoted   exclusively to
the development   of   the   unorganized
distriets of the Province,   according to
his reasoning, the municipalities should
get no part   of this   fund.   Now, as a
matter  of fact,   this money   has been
and   will   be divided  irrespective    of
whether a community is   organized or
unorganized.   Let your correspondent
tell us in his next letter, where in this
Province has any community   attained
even a reaonable   degree   of  development unless under  municr il organization?   Is it not a fact   that the  Royal
Commission on Agriculture after going
into the whole questior  have recomen-
ded  that   the   Provincial Government
adopt the Contract System in order to
try and eliminate the  waste now going
on in connection wi^h Provincial Public
works?   And that  under municipal organization the question   of contract or
day work   is left to  the judgement of
the ratepayers  themselves,   is usually
settled   at the  polls on   election   day.
Our neighboring municipality of Prince
Rupert elected a   Contract   Council in
1913 and a Day Work   Council in 1914.
The writer in a general way is in fi.vor
of day work.    The contract system can
only be adopted under veiy careful restrictions. Contracting if adopted by the
Provincial Govermer.t will result in this
—what is saved on th's actual work will
be lost  on extra cost of   engineering
and inspection expenses, while the result, from the standrjoint of assistance
to the actual settter, will  not be in the
interest of any new district.
Now do not draw the conclusions that
the writer is condemning the Provincial
Authorities for the lack of efficiency
and economy in the present unorganized district system. The British Columbia Government of to-day is attempting to carry an impossible load of
responsibilities, and the cause, fault,
blame, ect., is up to ur, ln° people of
the unorganized dist'-^ts, in the fact
that we are shirkers and will not take
up a fair share of our responsibilities
as citizens of this Great Country.
Is it not time for us to drop Pipe
Dreams and get in and do something
ourselves? We can only do this equitable and legally under municipal form
of Govenment.—sincerely yours
Wholesale and Retail Merchant
Everything in Merchandise, Surveyors' and Prospectors'
Motor Boat Supplies of all kinds.
Gas     Engines     and     Machinery.
Canadian Fairbanks Morse Co. Gas Engines and
Holliday Engineering Co., Chicago.
Ferro Marine Engines, Standard 2 Cycle Motors.
Ridgeway's Teas and Coffees
Bucks' Stoves and Ranges
Eastman Kodaks and supplies
Commerical Union Assurance Co.
Fire I
Nadu River
Goods delivered in our own Motor Boat at reasonable rate
Stump Puller For Hire,    n   r\   r\K\riVQ
TERMS : IV»     \J»     UI\ ¥ lEllJ
$2.00 per day ; $30.00 per month.
Any damage done  to  machine  to be
made   good   by  hirer.—Apply W.   F.
HASTIE, Pool Room, Queenstown.
Lots Cleared by Day or Contract
Butcher and Provision Dealer
Special Attention Given to Shipping Orders.
When visiting Prince Rupert
J. D. McLeod & Co.
For Men's Wear
Superior Quality
P.O. Box 90.
Third Avenue
Hotel Central
Peter Black, Prop.
Spacious Travelers' Sample
Steam Heated Electric Bells
Corner First Avenue and Seventh Street
\ M '" ' " M ll^.TWJF
Hotel Win
Cor. Abbott and Water Streets
J. A. LEROY     Proprietors       J. NATION
Office of E. J. Tingley
Queenstown, B. C.
New Knox Hotel
Besner & Besner, Props.
The New Knox Hotel is run on
the European plan. First class
service. All the latest modern
The Bar keeps only the best
brands of liquors and cigars.
The Cafe is open from 6.30 a.m.
to 8 p.m.    Excellent cusine.
Beds, 50c. and Up.
First Avenue    -    Prince Rupert
European Plan   -   $1.00 to $2.50
Rooms with Baths.
Hot and cold water.    Steam heated.
Bus meets all boats and trains
Notary Public and Conveyancer
Real Estate and Insurance
Launch Westover
Makes weekly trips between Massett
and Queenstown, calling at way points,
returning to Massett in time to connect
with mail steamer.
Freight and baggage delivered to all
points on the Inlet.
The "Westover" for Hire or charter
by hour, day or week at reasonable
terms.    For further information apply
A. A. McCREA, Massett.
Woden Notes.
Mr. Garth (a guest of Mr. F. Holzei)
a prominent rancher from Idaho, has
taken a pre-emption and intends bringing his family soon.
Mr. Haines and son and their family
are now at Woden, where Mr. Haines,
senr., will take possession of the hotel
and the son will take over the claim of
J. O. Brewster at Drizzel Lake.
Rev. Father McDonald left on the
last steamer on a short visit to Vancouver.
Mr. Dill, one of our enterprising
farmers, is turning over the soil on
"Fritz's" point, and we expect to see
some crop there this season.
Hazelton Bros, have just completed
another small boat for Graham Centre
Mr. Abramson is building a fishing
boat at the Hazelton works and when
completed will be one of the finest fishing boats afloat, as it is built of yellow
cedar throughout.
The. school here is doing good work,
with a good attendance.
Hazelton Bros, are putting out some
new fishing boats that are built after
the Abrahamson model, which are certainly fine.
The launch Rosemary made two trips
to Massett during the week, returning
each time loaded to the gunwale.
Gordon J. Campbell has his new house
completed, and they say it is "some "
Rev. Mr. Greene and Mrs. Greene
spent the afternoon and evening with
friends here on Wednesday.
Quite a stir is being made by the men
across the inlet from seven mile point,
where Mr. Sewall has started a new
Messrs. Grange and Brewster returned last v\eek from the East coast
where they went for a tramp.
Mr. Gedhun received a consignment
of trees on the last boat. With what
he already has it will make quite an
"Uncle " Jimmie White, an old-timer
here, has located a new claim between
Woden and the East coast and they say
that about 40 or 50 acres of fine grass
land could be cut with a mower.
Mr. Irvine of DrizelLake was in town
on Tuesday.
Farmers Stone and Hitt have combined forces and are making quite a
clearing on the Hitt homestead.
Hotel Woden
Woden River, B. C.
Good  Meals  and Glean  Beds.
Bakery in Connection.
oden River General Store
C. C. GRANGE, Proprietor
Dry Goods        Groceries       Boots and Shoes        Hardware
Furniture       Household Drugs        Fresh and Salt Meats
If our stock don't contain your wants
we can order anything on short notice
Launch Rosemary for Hire. Boat Supplies.
We want your produce.
Investigate The Profits
The Brachman-Ker Milling Co., Vancouver.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
/"'"OAL mining rights of the Dominion
^ in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the
Province of British Columbia, may be
leased for a term of twenty-one years
at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not
more than 2,560 acres will be leased to
one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territery the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once
a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights maybe considered necessary for the working of the mine at the
rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.—Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
Henry Edenshaw's Power Sloop
sephine "
Union Engine IS H.P. s
Is open for Charter by the Day or Week
for the carrying of Freight to any point
on the Queen Charlotte Islands.
For further particulars and information apply to
Henry Edenshaw, Massett.
Tow Hill General
Contractors' And Mining Machinery Supplies
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C. H. HANDASYDE Jr., Prince Rupert, B.C.
P.O. Drawer 1663
Office: 327 Second Ave.
Goods delivered to all points along the
North Beach between Massett and Rose
Spit by arrangement.
Hicks & Cauthers
Pool Hall
Tobaccos, Cigars, Cigarettes
Candies and Soft Drinks
Books, Magazines, Dailies.
*MzdA H  Ji JL U
The Live Wire of
Graham Island
Why not invest now while prices
are low ?
Special   inducements    to    home
builders and industries.
First come, first served.
Call or write
Graham Centre P.O., B.C.,
regarding the best proposition on
Graham Island.
■jnau^uuvxiamBt\niS.'7y-^..^:tF»ii',^mrpr is:
W"zjnxi.r:xtr-T,r, z-1
Graham Centre
General Store
A Full Line of General
Agent for:
The simplest, safest, brightest
and most economical oil lamp in
existence.    Call and investigate.
Western Union Fire and Life
Ladies Home Journal Patterns.
Pride of the West Overalls.
Ridgway's Teas and Coffee.
Lipton's Teas and Coffee.
Victoria Cross Spices.
>   Quaker Brand Canned Fruits and
McClary Stoves and Ranges.
C. M. Adam
Graham Centre, P.O., B. C.
J. O'Flynn has purchased the residence and acreage of T. O'Callaghan
and will move into the home shortly.
C. S. Wormald, who left on the last
boat for Rupert where he will spend
the summer months, recently purchased
blocks 13 and 14 in the townsite. His
property has extensive waterfront on a
sheltered cove, and Mr. Wormald intends to clear and erect several buildings on his return to the island.
An elaborate tennis court will shortly
be erected here.
Messrs. McLay, McQuaker, W. L.
Barton, S. Wormald and C. Graham
were passengers to Massett this week
on the mail launch "Queen."
On Saturday afternoon the earth
shook to the crash of the forest giants
as they fell under the vigorous axe-
strokes of a number of public-spirited
townsfolk who had gathered for the
purpose of clearing away the trees that
menaced some of the houses.
Mr. C. M. Wilson left on the lasT
boat for Prince Rupert on important
business connected with the Townsite.
He hopes to be back next boat to
superintend the repair work which is
being done on the dyke by Messrs
Th mas and Howes, as he is very anxious to get his crop in the ground. Mr.
Wilson is to be congratulated on the
whole hearted manner in which he is
demonstrating to the public the agricultural possibilities of the Island. He
has set out a number of large and small
fruit trees and has several be^ds of kitchen garden truck laid down. His hogs
are all looking well and are enough in
themselves to put courage into the most
pessimistic land  seeker  on the island.
Monkey Winch
Is   now   well    and   favorably   known
throughout the North.
Note the new address for prompt
1211 Dominion Bldg., Vancouver, B.C.
If you are not acquainted with
this machine and its work write for
Pre-Emptors we can place
am island close
you on Grahi
to market and in the best
e   want    the
country developed and will
give   you    every   possible
Information given   regarding   Coal,
Oil, Timber, Fisheries, Real Estate.
Hilditch Block        Next Post Office
Skeena Land District—District of Queen
Take notice that 30 days from date I,
S. Neville Foster, 01 London, England,
Dy occupation miner, intend to apply to
the chief commissioner of lands lor a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on and under 640 acres oi land on
Graham Island, described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted at the
South-east corner ef Section 23, Township 7, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated February 3, 1914
S. Neville Foster
dfp f 18 J. P. Meehan, agt.
Skeena Land District—District of Queen
Take notice that 30 days from date I,
S. Neville Foster, of London, England,
by occupation miner, intend to apply to
the chief commissioner of lands for a
license to prospeet for coal and petroleum on and under 640 acres of land on
Graham Island, described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted at the
South-west corner of Section 25, Township 7, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80 cnains,
thence west 80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated February 3, 1914
S. Neville    oster
dfp f 18 J. P. Meehan, agt.
& CO. .
Everything   in  Boots and Shoes
Agent for " Walk-Over" Shoes
"Queen Quality" Shoes for Ladies
" Classic "   Shoes  for   Children
All descriptions of Working Boots,
Packs and Rubber Goods
Prompt Attention Given to Mail Orders
Skeena Land District—District of Queen
Charlotte Islands.
Take notice that i, Brydone Lome
Tingley of Queenstown, Graham Island,
farmer, intend to apply for permission
to lease the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about 26
chains distant and in a westerly direction from the N. E. corner of Indian
Reservation No. 4, thence east 26 chains
to the Yakoun River, thence northerly
along the Yakoun River 15 chains, thence
west 16 chains, thence north 32 degrees
west about 60 chains to the S.W. corner
post of Indian Reservation No. 5, thence
south-easterly following high-water
shore line about 80 chains to this post,
containing 50 acres more or less.
Brydone Lome Tingley.
Dated January 3rd, 1914.    d.f.p—Feb 4
Skeena Laud District—Districtof Queen
.  Charlotte Islands.
Take notice that William Lional Barton of Queenstown, Graham Island,
occupation mill owner, intends to apply
for permission to lease the following
described lands: Commencing at a post
planted at the North corner of Block
35, Lot 746, Queen Charlotte Islands
District, thence north 500 feet, thence
south 540 feet, thence south 613 2-10
feet, thence north-westerly following
the high water mark of ordinary high
tides to the point of commencement,
and containing 6 1-2 acres, more or less;
said lands beine: part of th« foreshore
atStewart Bay, Massett Inlet.
Dated January 10th, 1914.
William Lional Barton
d.f.p.-Jan. 21
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District.
District of Skeena.
Take notice that Edmund C. Stevens,
of Skidegate, occupation rancher, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands : Commencing at a post planted at the Southeast side of Triangle Island. Skidegate
Inlet, thence north along shoreiine 10
chains, thence west along shoreline 10
chains, thence south along shoreline 10
chains, thence east along shoreline 10
chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acres more or less, being the
whole of Triangle Island,
Date February 5, 1914
dffp 18 Edmund C. Stevens
'cRae BrOS.   Prince Rupert
Grand Trunk  Pacific Railway Official
Watch Inspector
Watchmaker   and  Jeweler
Prince Rupert, B.C.       P.O. Box 494
European Plan
Licensed Bar
Royal Hotel
Corley & Burgess, Proprietors
Third Avenue and Sixth Street
Rooms: 50c, 75c, $1.00
Steam Heat Hot Water
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements.
Ida, Edward, Tassoo, Ella, Lottie,
Robin, Copper King, Chickmunstone,
Copper Cheaf, Indian Bay, Seal,
Warwick, Chickmunstone Fraction,
Union Jack, China Boy, Copper Queen.
Wedge Fraction, Stars and Stripes,
Ena Fraction, Una Fraction, Ona
Fraction, Ina Fraction, Sea Gull
Fraction, Moody and Marion Fraction Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Queen Charlotte Mining
Division of Skeena District.
Where located: On Tassoo Harbour,
Moresby Island.
TAKE NOTICE that I, James E.
Corlett of Seattle, Washington, Free
Miner's Certificate, No. 77730-B, intend sixty days from date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements for the
purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issue of such certificate of
Dated this 2nd day of July, A.D. 1913.
James E. Corlett.
d.f.p.—Feb. 4
Job Printing Islander Office
See for yourself what is there
Ten Thousand Celery Plants
Forty Thousand Cabbage
and   other   garden   truck
Ten acres under cultivation
m Charles M. Wilson
■WVyMJWJ-WWWUf»jLI.«/...'T^IW!. g.'JIWW*
Manufacturer   and  Dealer in Lumber
Queenstown, Massett Inlet
Dry Spruce Lumber for House Building
Dry Cedar for Boat Building
Dimension and all kinds of Rough Lumber Supplied
Empress Hotel
Private telephones in every room. Hot and Cold running water.
No extra charge for Baths.
Lunch Counter and Dining Room in Connection.
Bar Pool Room Barber Shop.
Electric Lighted
Well Heated
Centrally Located
Third Avenue


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