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The Week
A British Columbia Newspaper and Review
The  Official  Organ  of the  Victoria  Real  Estate  Exchange
Vol. XIII, No. 2-Twelfth Year
The Internment of Alien Enemies
ON THURSDAY, May 13th, at a representative meeting of
citizens, held in Belmont House under the presidency of
Hon. Col, Prior, the following resolutions were passed
1. That in the opinion of this meeting it is necessary both for Hie
safety of the community and for their own protection 'tiliat all Alien
Enemies in Victoria and District should be interned without delay.
2. That 'in consequence of Minors afSscting the loyalty of some na-
liu'alized mliens, it is desirable that an investigation by Hie proper
authorities should he held, in order tlrmt public excitement may be allayed and confidence restored.
These resolutions were wired to Ottawa the snnie night, over
the signature of the Chairman. Wo reply wns received. After the
lnpse of four days n wire wns dispatched asking asking for a reply.
Nothing resulted until n week from the date of the meeting, when
ii letter oniiio to hiind from Sir Eohert Borden's Secretary, snying
thnt the .Premier was out of town, but thnt tho matter would he kid
before him on his return ''next week". This—in the face of a
popular uprising, which had wrecked thousands of dollnrs worth of
property and threatened lo have more serious results. But "next
week'- would do! A prominent citizen, fearing thnl the result of
fiir.thcr delay might be serious, wired nn urgent appeal to Gen.,
the Hoi). Sum Hughes, asking him to denl with the matter nt once.
Ill  response, this remarkable message enine through:
Ottawa, May 25, 1915.
Telegram received, have never yet    [received    message    referred    to.
signed Prior.   Kiirtlicrniorc. matter concerns    Justice    Department,     not
Militia  Department.    Am forwarding your telegram to Justice Depart-
ncnl  with Hie request that  it lie promptly attended to.
It will he noticed that lhis message is dated twelve days after
the forwarding of the original despatch. Nothing was heard from
the Justice Department, and up to date nothing has been heard
direct bv lhe Citizen's Committee or their Chairman. Sir Robert
Borden returned to Ottawa on Monday, May 24th, and il was ey-
pected tliut it communication would lie received shortly afterwards.
Nothing having arrived up to June 1st.
Till!   PREMIER  SK.N1IS  A   I'O.UMlSSIIlM'.ll
The Week look steps to approach tlie Premier through an in-
lliientinl channel. Pointing out that the matter was one of urgency
nml that there was considerable public dissatisfaction at the delay.
On June 3rd the following reply from the Premier was handed to
The Week:
Ottawa, .Tunc 3, 1915.
Colonel Macpherson. Assistant  to General  Otter,  is on  his  way  to
Vernon, nnd inshmietions have been given  him  to proceed  to  Victoria  to
confer with Committee.
In spile of the delay, which would appear to have been quite
unnecessary, seeing that Sir (i. E. Foster was tilling the position of
Acting Premier in the absence of Sir Robert Borden, this message
must he regarded as satisfactory, since the visit of Col. Macpherson
will furnish lhe Committee and the public with tlie fullest opportunity to make a clear slntemenl of their ease. The special articles
which have appeared in The Week are already in lhe hands of the
Premier, nnd copies have been furnished lo Col. Macpherson,
These articles contain a long list of specific charges, every one of
which can be proved. There are scores of citizens who are in a position to furnish additional information, which, if not absolutely conclusive, would nl least furnish grounds of suspicion justifying definite action on the part of the authorities. When Col, Miiepherson
holds his session here an opportunity will be given to nil such persons to state the facts within their knowledge, and il is to bo hoped
that they will respond as freely as they hnve done in private conversation. This is necessary if the Commissioner is to understand
the true inwardness of the uprising thnl took plnce in Victoria, and
if be is to he impressed with tlie necessity of adopting such pro-
cautionary measures us hnve been urged upon the Government.
In this connection it is impossible not to feel i sidornble surprise that in spite of the lamentable destruction of property which
took plnce here, and the urgent appeal of the citizens for the internment of "alien enemies" the 'Minister of Militia, who hns control ol'
all the local machinery for dealing with such enscs, had not been
informed of the resolutions passed, twelve days after they had been
forwarded to Ottawa. Tt will also be n matter of surprise that the
Minister of Militia disclaims any responsibility in the matter, and
places it on the shoulders of the Minister of Justice. No doubt the
hitter official is the one to deal with the question of nny policy affecting general internment, hut this can have no application to local
conditions of an exceptional character, and which were not duplicated in any other Canadian city. The D. 0. C. nnd Major Ridge-
way AVilsmi, the only persons in British Columbia who have to do
with the matter of internment, nre both officers of the Militia Department. There is no local representative of the Department of
Justice except the Attorney-General of the. Provincial Government,
who has repeatedly disclaimed responsibility, nnd stated that, the
matter rests entirely with the Dominion Government.
Victoria, B.C., Canada, Junk 5,1915 5C< a copy, $2.00 a year
It is quite obvious that tbe Government organization in connec-
REGISTERED  IN VICTORIA ,i"11 witn internment is defective, and that there is n missing link.
Name                            Address                                           Nationality ^'J'"' RMgeway Wilson wns appointed internment officer, but he
Arimnos, vid, 71s Pembroke street Austrian has no authority, no adequate accommodation, and no funds.   When
Adam   .lohaaa Helnrich,  (1211  Courtney Street Germany ,]„,   jray01.  „f Victoria.   (IS   Chief  Magistrate  of   the   City,   made   II
Bozlch,   Anionic;   Coopers   Cove Austrian .                                         .                                 r      .                              •''
Bonora, Henry, Grand Paciflo Hotel Austrian written dciiiiuul on him to intern all Alien Enemies he parleyed
Bross, Tom   No. r, Cabin, Pandora Street Austria,, w;tl, ,h[, (.m.s,i0], for 11 Week, illld then Said tllllt he could do nothing
Bobb,   Nlculsl,   Jiibllie   Hotel Austrian .      .         ,                           ...                 ,„.                                                 &
Bryan, Anton, Grand Paciiic Hotel Austrian without referring tlie matter to Ottawa.    I his is the old story which
Babicb, Atifan, 748 Pembroke st Austria,, ],ils prevented internment time and time again.    It clearly shows
Boric, Mile, 74S Pembroke Street Austrian .       ' r   .      ....       ,          ...             ,             .     ,         .                 ,'
Bering,  Paul William, SS. "Tees" or Borden  Hotel Germany Hmt .Major \\ ll.soil S position IS purely nominal, and not IIS It should
Btame, elms. August, 15, Quebec street Germany |1Gj uulhoritative nnd executive.   Where is the missing link;   Who
Blue, JoluiiinlK, 157  Quebee Street Germany ...,      ,                ,    ,             ,i      i,                          i>   i       •             1     ,                n   i
Baienovich, Louis, 74s Pembroke street Austria,, nlls the gap between the Department ol Justice and the so-called
Baienovioh, Paul, 7is Pembroke street Austria,, interning officer '<   There must bo someone, because occasionally men
Biskufovleb,  Jural,   718  Pembroke   Street Austrian ,          ,    "~    .   .           i   i    L      ■ l                  .•                                ,   ,    ,i      '•     .,
Brunner, Arthur, not Fort sireet Germany hflve ueen interned, lint evidence continues to accumulate Unit in the
Bruhns, Chns. Joliannls Harry. "On House Boat" foot ot Erie Street.. .Germany ens:' of Major Wilson the title of "Interning Officer" is a Itlis-lloinei'.
Birzinsky, Max Fred'k., 586  1-2  Yates Street Germany
Beionberg, Michael, 1116 Colltnson Street Germany A  DISQUIETING  INCIDENT
Bornhoir, Ernest A   "Detained Nanalmo, B   C." Germaay ,r,      w    j    ,       ,          particularly careful  to   buck    Up   nil    its
Corsten, Erich Fritz,  illll Vancouver Street Germany ...                   '                                   .                     .
churchiya, Miien, Grand centra] Hotel Austria,, statements with reliable evidence, and to strengthen its contentions
Csorny, Michael   Gordon Hotel.. ..... Austrian m(1      |]|is J,,,.,,]],^ w0||1,l ,.,,]! attention lo (I most  disquieting inci-
Cords, Waller Albert A., St. Joseph's Hospital Germany .                   "                                              ,                                        i          ,
Czak, John. 1117 Yates street Austrian dent which occurred last  week, and winch goes to   show   thnt   1 lie
christian, Ernst, detained, Nanaimo, b. c Germaay |lnii(,v (lf ineptitiide which has characterized the dealing of the De-
llictrlck.   Stove,   California   Hotel Germany '                                    .                                       .                     ,,                           i t»
Dohrlng,   Mike,   S3S   Johnson   Street Germaay pni'tmeilt With tlllS SlllvjeCt Still Continues.    A (■Cl'milll named  l'lll'SC-
llragsh,   Had,   McDonald &  Brloe Germany ,,„„. ]1(,s |,w,n inl  ^j,,,.!  0f suspicion  ever since  the outbreak of the
Dlraca,  John,  Contractors,  Victoria ....Austrian ,          ,         ,                               ,           ,             .         .               ..     ,.
Dlrncn, John, 721 Piao street Austrian war.    Aliotit that tune lie was engaged on tile engineering slnlt ot
Deltz. Alfred Adolpll,   1217  Fisgoard  Street Germaay t|](, ('. \, ]{. neflj. CowicJian Lake.    At, ill! Clll'lv dale lie Wlls placed
Ebert,   l.uilwlng,   1301   Merrltt   Street Germany ,        .,             ,,  v          „     ,        i            ,        ,     n              .,      n
Fuchak, Peter. Grand Paeinc Hotel Austrian on the "Suspect    list.   He has been cliiised all over the Province
Fuchr, Albert Arthur J.. 21 Maciuinaa Road Germany |,v the Provincial Police.    Lust week he was lUTcsled by them near
Franck,   Mally,   16S2   Davie   Street Germany ,1   ,         ,          ,                .       ,               e           i                          -n    'i    •
Florkow,   Kaalmira,   Gordon   Hold Austrian ^ ah where lie WAS ill charge o1  il cillvcrl gang.     Kxplosives were
Frlese,  Oscar Gustavo,  S14  Johnson  Street Germnny foil lid   ill   111*  slliU'k.     TllO AV('('k   does  not   (loilV   that  hflVUlg  regard
Predderlck, Carl Julius, 517 Government Street Germany ,    i ■                          ,1           •  1 , i         l         ,1   ..   i'   :*:,.  .» i..   1,,,+ „;„„«
Fenael,   Karl,  Mil  Montreal  Street Germany to llls OCClipatlOll they might  IlilVO been there legitimately, but given
Gerseff.  Peter, Grand Parlnc Hotel Austria,, the COildil iolis of II German ''Suspect", (I l'llilwilV culvert, explosives,
arau: ^^^,^.n^::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::?r:s "'"' a» ««* °PP«tm% - ™<* .he railway ami»tramioad of
Gresmak, Peter, Ladysmith, B. c Austrian soldiers, his arrest would hiii'dlv seem to require any defence.    Hut
Goldscnmlat, Oscar A.   715 Yates Street Germany ,    (     f    ,                 ] ;     -r,      pro'vincial  Police  sell!   li,  Klllllloops  for
('.ruber, Frank,  888 Johnson'Slreet Austrian '"I                       •             .                                                    .     '
Gutnse, Dan, W. C. T. V. Mission Austrian II Militia officer to take charge of  I'arscllOW,  1111(1   llllcl'il him.      I lie
Hauir.   John,   Colwood   Hotel Germany „,.,;                       Raw    ,,11.1—ri'lellsi'd   the   lllllll ;   and   lllC  German   "Sus-
I loin,   Fred k..   Parson s Bridge Hotel Germany ,                             ,.        ,         .                       ,.,,.              ,
Hldukovlch, Jovo, 748 Pembroke Street....' vustrian pect,    is still lit large.     1 o realize tllllt there was II (llllerellce lietwecil
Holdorof, Annie, Karl Gray Street, off Bnrnslde ltd., Saanich Germany        ,||(1   Provincial Poli( lid II   Militia Officer is cold ( ll'ort for the
IIlii.'liii, Anton, con Johnson Street Austrian _  . ,       _,
Holdorf, Carl J., Earl Gray Street Germany people ot British ( olllmbia.
Homing, ,f"-'!'a'  I28  °0b"''e f■rect Germany WANTED—AN  I.NTKUMNo OFHCMt
Holdorf,   Dorothen  .1.,  Heprina Avenue Germany
Wartime;, Gustave Karl, 32S Coburg Street Germany Wllilt   is wanted   is ill)   Flltcrilillg Officer with  authority  (<>  111-
llelny, Louise, 710 lluinboldt Street Germany .              ,■        <•              v •    i   •   .t                   •«.!    ■    i          l .          t'
Hansen,  Fred'k.   Franek,  752 Humboldt  Street Germany ^ril.     A  mail  tl'00  from   political   influences,  With  independence nt
Ifoettpner, Julius Edw, L., 814  Johnson  Street Germany character,  and   possessing llio Confidence of tllf pllitlic.     lie should
Holdorf, Paul'Fred'It., RoKina Avenue Germany i       •             ,•       i       i         i        i ::.*.., .: ... .1.,. „J1111;11,,|  f«faimi«n-
lleiny.  Bernard.  Tin  Humhotdt   Street Germany 1>0 glVOll fl  tree lllllld, Illld Oil 111-  lllstriletlolls the 11 null   Interning
llnndke,  Paul.  Nanalmo Germany Officer should be lllildc to do his duly.     This official  might  belter he
Homeyer, Herman .Ins., Nanaimo  (Detained) Germany .    i    i  ,    ,1      n .     .     .,    r   1,,,,'; ,. ,1..,,,  ,,, ,1,,.   Mlloi.i   ,,^ Me
Jurieh.   Alike  Cooper's  Cove Austrian "Knolied to the   Depai'lnient  ol   .lusliee lllllll  lo lie   Ullltia, RS  In.-
jareticii. jiukvat, hoi Yates street Austrian diiiies would be quasi-judicial,    'lhe public should have access to
SeV^^ him m all limes.    Ee should have power ,,, i„ves,i,a,e all charges
JtlBO, Ivan. 712 Johnson Street Austrian wlliell  seem   lo  1)1111   lo be  ot   illipol'tuill'e.      I 111' citizens  ol   \ ICtOl'in
Jablar   Ehrlehl,   Nanalmo   (Detalaedl Germany ;  , f       p )     confin]ted with respect lo lhe ehoice of Slicll all officer,
Mil,pel,   Franr..   Unsettled Germany h                                                              '                         ..            .       ,      ,,  .,            ,.
Klestner, Amanda Marie, HID Beach Drive Germany especially lis they have been the greatest sllllerers liy the rill 111 1*0 ol
Koroglan, Mike, (.27 Johnson  Street Atlstrlnn ,|„, Gove,,„mSnl  to nillkc sllell 111! Ilhpi.illllllelll earlier.
Kilburger,  Margarethn,  Cited  &  Waseana Germany
Kllhurger, Hermann Nleliolns, Ohed Ai Waseana Germany IS INTEBNMENT NEOESSAHY?
Kill,urger,   Max,   01,ed   *   Woscaao Germany ,,.,           .      ,        .                                                 ,• .,      u'r.'     l\                   i
Koiah, to„i„, 7is Pembroke street Vustrian I ho attitude o± some representatives ol lhe Militia Uepartment
Kios, Alfred Andre. Launch "Namy" (gone) Germany ]llls |)0Pn |]|n| internment of nil Alien   Enemies    is    unnecessary.
Krntky, J,is. Adolpll, Cliaadter Id,ad Austria .,.,                   ,            ,...,.           ,,         ,    .,                  i                ,    l     .    ,1.,
Kol.se,   Louis,  717  Colllnsoa   Slreet Germany 1 1"'G  lire  also   a   few  Civilians,   tllOllgll   they  Cllll   I lUlltetl   "II   Hie
Kohse, (Itto, Cor. Douglas and  Humboldt Germany filmcl's ot one  llillld.  who  lllillk   likewise: and   Would,  il' they I'.illbl,
l.oenhnlm, Auguste Emlle, 241  Gorge Road Germany , , ,., ,,   ., ■     ', l      ,i:.l      ,1 '.:.,.       It
Loenholm.  Aagusl.   12S  Government   Slreet Germany I'dl'lllyse  lhe  elbll'ls  ol   the   vast   majority   who   think   Otherwise.      Il
Leonard,   Anna.   1017   Linden   Avenue Germany mny   tliel'elol'c   not   It,'1  out   of   plllei    t Iielllde   this   article   With   II
I.uelTler,  I.ialwlg 11., 211   Gorge  Rood , Germany ,    ■' ,,        •    ,      ,•  .i i        1 •  1    ' ,  ,;r, ,,,,.„„I   ;,,i,,..,,,,,,,nl   nt
I ITIer. Joseph, 1117 Taunton Street Germany l,l'1('1   lwl,i'l   "»   lll(' grollllda  which  Jllslll.V  II  general   lllte, lllliellt   ol
Lnorrier,  Martin,  1117 Taunton  Street Germany "Alien Enemies",  (Hid  all  invest iglll ioll  illtO special  clllll'lll'S  auililisl
Meyer.   Antonio   lOmlly.   10(111   Conk   Street Germany v      ,     ■,•             en     .     .    l.:,.,l.      Tim    t,.,,,,i,,.-.i   „nnon„  le In bo
Meyer. Alvlaa  Amolio,  354   Linden  Avenue Germany ntltm'ttlued citizens ot  (.erillllll birth.      1 lie StlOllgOSl    C.lsoII  I- lo be
Moehnr, francos, Gonnason's, Quadra streei Vustrian found ill the list ol' one hundred and sevenlv-live "Alien Enemies
MoSarT^ l»iUi»M oi. .his page,   A ng then arc ci'ini Is who have been
Meyiand. Sophia L. II.. Cooper's Cove Germany nrresled for treason, and liberated, "on instructions    by llie nominal
J "• M"rl"' Ml11 co'iinson sirooi Germany |ntcrniuL' Officer,   Docs any man in his senses nrguo thai German
Meyiand, B 1 Christiana, 1112 Quadra Street Germany        ' "'"- •, ,, ,    .....     , ,,.
Mldola, Joseph. SI7  i'emhroke sireet Austrian nature b nol  the same all  lhe WOl'hl over;    Willi llie slarlllliL' in-
Mlloher, Walter Win. B. P., Borden Hotel Germany       formation  contained   in   Mr.   Willi    LoQueux'   remarkalilc  1 k,
Mullen Edw. Goo, Reno, 1140 Port Streei frai  .     ..     ,      ...      ,-, ii     ,i     r  	
Mass.   Leonard,   Illll  Colllnsoa   Slreet Germaay "(il'l'llUHI  Spies  III   I'.lllllaiul   . wlliell  was slippl'esscl   Dy 1116 ("'Mill-
Merkle,   Louis,   Empress   Hotel Germany ,..„.,(  (ll|  mihlic "I'ollllils.  who Cllll  dollbt   that  I'Vel'V  "Alien   Kllomv '
Miller, Marko, 7 Is Pembroke sireet Austrian .'           ,                    ,                    pi           ;    '
Marka. Marlal.   nil Bridge street Austrian       nl liUiiC IS il real enemy ami a SOlll'l I tiangei .
Mallierg. Rudolph,  7B0  Queen's Avenue Germany ,     .     n|,N   EN1!J1Y   A   okumaX   Sl'Y
Multhnupt, Alwin Karl H„ 480 Durham Street Germany
Netzer,  Otto, Crottoa,  11.  C Austrian ||   |n(s   been  cleill'lv   proved   llllll   11ll'   policy   ol'  "friglltfulllCSS
Niohals,   Peter,  Westholme  Hotel Austria , .  .   ,          ,          ,     •     ',   ,i          ,. I,,  ,     r ,1... „...,.  ; ■  ;,,t,,i,,l,„l   t,,  Hiwl
Nleklas! Clara H. A.. 1711 Vaneouvor Slreet Germaay wlliell has chiiriicle.'izcd the COndllOl ot  the wnris inleiulcl lo llml
Niekins, ciias, Gastav. i7ii Vancouver streei Germany jts fulfilment in the I'o-operulioii of Germnn Spies ill every purl ol
SovicrMaHe, ^Frt,l^v:::;/::/::::.-/.-.v.v.-.v.v.v.v.v.-■/.S5S   ^ ^^ v in, n is Bn my^ii... ..r,.,,. thai of the o.,0
(istrovleii, Alex., 727 Front Street Austrian hundred and seveiilv-livc alien enemies in  Victoria  nine lentils arc
I'elkovleh, Hade,  555 Johnson Slreet Vustrian „„,,.„.....   ,in,| „f little account.    The I'llc-t  is llllll (iel'llllllis all over
Puller.   Selml,   Western   Junk   Co Austrian HnUllOWll "   "nil "
Petersen. Cart c. T„ 10 Erie street Germnny the world, iiiid  however widely scallet'cd are under llie espionage
Pohle,  Richard,  320  Henry  Slreet Germaay ■•   ,     (;.,.....,,„  Sov svslclll. Illld  hold  themselves 1'elldv to plliv llll'il'
Pnrselieln, August II., .11110 Carroll Street Seimniry '   '"          '"            L                            i     •            ■                 I •               •       •     tl
Pauling, Wnlfaag,  1102 Blnnchard  Street Germany part  when  called   Upon.     Cllllllllll   Is   paying  too   big  n   price   III   llie
Perlch, stojon, w. c. T. U, Mission Austrian ,„pVificn of her ions to take iinv risks which can  lie avoided, nnd
Poloulo,   Ivan.   7IS   Pembroke  Street Austrian "'i'""                          ■                          •                                   .                         ,
Pokerrl, Peter, 713 Pandora street Austrian the danger ol one hundred lino seventy-live enemies at  largo in  \ ic-
Pattoa,  Emlllan,  Cook  Street Germany i0],j„  js f.,,. rrt'eater than  llllll  of One   11 llllill'ed   Aliens working ill
Roneh, Wllhemlna H,  A., era-   Blackwood  and  Burnslde Germany ,.''",     .         . ,          ,   \-        •            t,      •   ,                .     r .1     1.,,
Rukavina, Ivan, 74S Pembroke Street Austrian lhe 11111103 ot  l.lld.vsniltll Illld  iSlllllllmo.     llie intei'lnni'lll ol  tile lill-
Rukavlnn,  Agues,  748  Pembroke  Street Austrian id' muv lie il oiieslion of policv.    The inlei'llllielll of the former is a
lllehter. Wilhelmlnn  C.  IX,   S07  Montreal   Street Germany '    ,.       , ,. ,. , i   '•,   • ,,,„„  ,',„.  ,.„„.,„,,   ,1,„,   |1„,   I),,
Rlemaa,  Karl  Frank.  Mt.  Tolmie  P.   O Germaay UlilltCl' °1   ptlbllO slltety.  Illld   li   I,-  II  matter  lol   I'Ogrel   tllllt   llie   I h-
Roybor, Theo. Ernest,  184  Howe Street Germany ,,,'ii'|nieill  of .Tllstice could  liol  have seen its way to interning lirsl.
Rukavina, Pnul, 748 Pembroke street Austrian . .         ■               ?            l
Roseutretor.  Edw.  Jill.,  1737  Klag's  Road Germnny ll1"'  investigating attei'Wai'tlS.
Rfssmoller, I.udwlg, new la U, s Germany
Roleh,  Chniiotta,   2027  Victoria  Slreet Germany -            yy                             ^^^    4
Retch, Carl, 2027 Victoria Street Germany /as//s's*jM.      sJ&r/^^Zi               ~S7/
Relnhnrt,   Wm.   Cnslnve.  Empire  Hotel Germany (4/iCs'tt'C f€f4i^^/**-*^-^ty^^^yt^r   Cs<^
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 Page Two
Saturday, June 5, 1915
Published   Every   Saturday   by   The   Week   Publishing   Company   Limited,   at
625 Courtney Street, Victoria, B.C., Canada.     Telephone 1363
SUBSCRIPTION:  One year, In advance.  J2.00:  six  months.  SI.00;  three  mouths,
50c.    Sinfle copies, 5c.    Foreign subscriptions to countries la Postal Union, $3.00
WILLIAM BLAKEMORE President aad  Editor
A Visit to
ESQUIMALT HABBODB has sheltered many a gallant ship ot the
British Navy, hut never one which
has played so glorious a part in the
history of the Empire ns H. M. S.
Kent. Fresh from her brilliant
share in lhe battle of the Falklands,
where she took a prominent part in
the capture of the Nurnburg and subsequently in the sinking of the Dresden, she makes Esquimalt her first
British port of cull, and sails in homing lhe honourable scars of war, a
floating (nonunion 1 of steel nnd
As n favoured representative of the
Navy League, X enjoyed the privilege
of a visit to the Kent on Tuesday
morning. The visit would have been
ill-timed hut for the fact that the
Navy League has done such noble
work throughout the Empire in support of the first branch of the service,
and llial Captain Allen, C.B.R.N., was
anxious to recognize Hint fact. This
explains why, amid the tumult nnd
excitement of repairs being effected
at the busy hands of (nearly one
thousand men, the Captain was wilting to steal ten minutes from their
precious working time to accept ils
felicitations. Tlie address presented
and suitable acknowledgments by the
Captain will be found in another
column, and 1 have only space to
make a few comments on tlie general
impression conveyed by our visit.
A word of surprise ut ithe youthful
appearance of Captain Allen who
looks lo be still on the right, side of
forty. Tall, lithe, lean, the embodiment of strength nnd alertness, with
dark hair and a keen eye, he possesses all the engaging traits of the
traditional commander. His courtesy and frank directness greatly impressed lhe delegation. It would have
been impossible to meet a more
charming host, or to have received to
a grent extent the freedom of his
floating kingdom.
On the ship Ihere were a thousand
things to attract and fascinate tlie
attention. Commander Bedford's
cabin was riddled with shot which
had scattered almost like hail from
a shell which penetrated the plates.
Luckily he wns not in the room at
the time, but his coal which was on
a peg wns literally torn to tatters.
Half a dozen sinnll rooms on the stnr-
iboarcl side of the main deck were
nearly demolished. One of the funnels was pierced by a shell, a number of stanchions were bent; in one
place a large patch showed where the
deck had been pierced. At odd spots
all over the vessel there were smaller
patches, and in one place along the
port side the discolouring clt'ccls of
tlie chemicals liberated from a lydite
shell were plainly visible.
Describing the ibattlo of the Falklands ono ot the officers said that
lhe Kent did most of her firing at n
distance of three thousand yards
from the enemy. All together she
was hit Ihirly-lwi limes, yel no real
daiua;:e was done to the ship, nothing which impaired or even threatened her lighting efficiency. This was
due lo tlie fact Hint the shells were
small, nearly all four inch. This ox-
penience bears out chat cauuot he too
clearly understood, viz., that the gunnery of lhe German vessels was in
no respect inferior to our own and
Unit the issue is determined by lhe
weight of ineinl discharged, I1' for
instance, the Kenl had been hil by
one Ihirlcen-ineh shell she might
easily have sunk.
The d<'legal ion expressed I heir surprise at the fact Ihat so many shelU
could strike without causing a fire
nml lhis cireiiinslanco was contrasted
with the experience of other vessels
which have taken part in naval bat-
lies during lhe presenl war and have
been the victims of 'fire. The officers
ol! (he Kent attribute their immunity
lo the fact Hint no ammunition was
kept on deck, and Ihey consider Ihat
it was next to impossible for a si eel
war ship lo catch lire except from
lhe dropping of shells into a store of
The most remarkable foul are of Hie
Kent's experience in lhe battle of the
Falklands was Ihat in spilo of lhe
thirty-two shots (hat struck her, not
one man was hit or injured by shot,
and but for what mny fairly bo regarded as an accident, no fatality
would have occurred. By an unlucky
chnnce. it could have been nothing
more, one shell went through an open
gun-room port. Tho result was Hint
on burst ing M filled lhe room with
(lames and eleven men worn burnt to
death. It was explained hy the officers Hint this immunity from mishap
was due lo the fact that during engagements all lhe men are massed behind the heavy guns, and nre little
liable lo be struck.
Not Hi:' least interesting feature of
the Kent is its conning tower, a circular structure well for'nrd, protected by a circle of steel plate ten inches thick, and covered by a cupola.
Prom lhe interior ol: Ibis shell proof
structure, which is nol more than six
feci in diameter, with speaking tubes,
telephone, and electric signals arranged all round, Captain Evans directed lhe operations of Hie Kent,
nnd controlled lhe tiring of every
gun. Not the least difficult and successful of the operations performed
by the Kent, for which its Captain
was directly responsible, was to elude
the pursuit of submarines. Although
threatened, the Kent was able, by
skilful navigation, lo out-manoeuvre
Hie stealthy, under waler craft, whilst
continuing her .brilliant nnd successful running fight.
No wonder that the Empire was
prompt lo recognize the services of
Captain Allen, and lo signalize its
appreciation of the work of the other
officers and men hy promptly conferring upon the gallant Captain the
honourably distinction of C.B., a distinction rarely borne by one of his
We have seen in Esquimalt harbour many a gallant warship. Less
than two years ago we were delighted
by a visit from the New Zealand, all
spick and span, like a mansion after
spring cleaning. H.M.S. Kent sails
into port battered and bruised, her
huge bulk denoting only strength and
conflict. But she appeals to the iin—
inugiiialioii as no untried ocean-bound
could, she has won her spurs in
glorious fashion. Under skilful hands
of a thousand men she is with breathless haste and eagerness getting
ready fot—another light. Of nothing
are the officers and men so proud ns
that they had their opportunity, nothing do Ihey desire so much as "another chance."
Meanwhile lhe address of the Federated Navy League of British Co-
lttmbin is lo receive Hie distinguished
honour of being framed in wood cut
from the deck of lhe Dresden.
W. B.
P.S.—By the way, I stay at the
Dominion Hotel, Victoria, B.C. It is
modern, central, cosy and reasonable.
The Columbia Theatre has been
patronized by crowded houses. No
doubt it is due ito Hie excellent vaudeville turns that they 'have provided
and Hint they Jiave complete changes
of ithe program twice a week. For
the first part of 'the week Richard
Hamlin, whose medleys arc very entertaining nnd "The Parrots", in
their comedy novelly juggling, present new fnaturcs. For the hitler
part of ithe week Field and Brown, in
their "Big Time" nol, nnd tho capable "Valentine Dueo", in a splendid
instrumental] number, ns well as
"Durkco", the king of *he Xylophone, whose work is a revelation of
the possibilities of this instrument,
will he Hie attractions.
The biggest drawing card al Pantages Theatre this week undoubtedly
has been the tabloid wild-wesl show,
featuring Arizona Joe and his troupe
of cowboys. Besides a lot of horses
and ranch paraphernalia, Arizona
Joe has with him Miss Adcle von Oh!,
lhe high school nnd menage rider;
Art Boden, sensational roping expert,
and Broncho Boh, declared to bo the
world's champion broncho buster,
The nel is the biggest thing of Hie
kind ever shown al this house.
For next week's special feature
Manager Wee will bring on for her
lirsl vaudeville appearance here Sarah
hidden tho well-known legitimate
star, in her one-act classic, "The Little Shepherd of Bargain How." This
little sketch is brimful nf life and
checkered wilh mirth nnd tears, nnd
will undoubtedly prove a splendid
feature lure. Ther are five oilier big
acts, including Friend and Downing,
comedians; Miss Dorothy aViighiin.
The Rainbow Trio; Wesl and Van
Sicklcii and Hie famous Tsbikawa
Brothers, a troupe of equilibrists and
The best way to got to the Gorgo
is by the fast Electric Launch from
the Causeway.   15c Single, 25c return.
'y OIJAY the Navy League Chapter
1 I. O. I). E. will entertain lhe
bluejackets of H.M.S. Kent at the
iCoiniaug'bl Seamen's Institute. A
sta.nl will be made from Esquimalt
in jitneys nt 1:45 o'clock and after a
drive tilt,' ladies will return with llieir
guests 'to the Institute where refreshments will be served. In addition to
giving our gallant sailors ii pleasant
allloriiis.'ii, it is the object of the
Navy League Chapter to make the
111011 familiar with bite comforts anil
advantages of ithe Institute
A delightful dunce was given last
Monday at llie Empress Hotel, the
officers of the 4,SHi Battalion being
responsible for lb.' arnangements.
Some of those present were, Mrs.
H. M. Fiillei'ton, Mrs. Hammond, Mr.
anil Mrs. Fred Pemberton, llhe Misses
Lemon, Mrs. J. Sayward, Mr. and
Mas. Pitts, Lieutenant Pitts, C.M.R.,
Miss Eberts, Ibe Misses Bodwell,
Miss Little, Mrs. P. de Noe Walker,
Miss Longford, Major Wilson Miss
Robinson, Captain and Mrs. Agnew,
Mrs. ,1. L. Fou'lkes, Colonel and Mrs.
Holmes, Miss Hnggerty, Miss Tunes,
Colonel Payne, Mr. Matthews, Lieutenants Edwards, B. Powell, Haffner,
Hogg, Ackland. Miss Troup Mrs. and
Miss Oliv.'i- Miss Helmcken.
Mrs. D. C. Mealier and Miss Violet
Mosher have left for Harrison Hot
Springs where obey will spend a few
weeks for the benefit of Mrs.
Meshor's linail'tb.
The Girls' Realm Guild is holding
a "pedlar's fair" today at St.
Margaret's school, in aid of the officer's idaiightcrs patriotic fund. Lady
McBride will open the affair at 3
Next Tuesday afternoon Mrs. W.
J. Roper, Regent of the Navy League
Chapter 1. O. D. E., will be "At
Home" lo members of the Chapter
in honor of the officers of II. II. S.
Kenil. Captain Mnrcscaux, brother
of Mrs. Roper, was ihe predecessor
of Captain Allen, in command of
11. M. S. Kent.
His Worship Mayor Stewart has
invited tbe Captain and officers of
II. M. S. Kent' to a luncheon at the
Empress Hotel next Tuesday. A
smoking concert has been arranged
for ithe cnlcrlainineiil of the petty officers nnd men on Thursday evening.
The engagement is announced of
(Iwynetih Vera Norman, third daughter of Jlr. and Mrs. A. G. Norman,
lute of Bedford, England, and George
Is'dor Wallace third sou of Mr. nnd
Mrs. James Wallace, of Blackheatli,
A garden parly will be given nt
the residence of Captain and Mrs.
Gould, Esquimalt, on Ihe afternoon
and evening of June II. A good musical programme has been arranged, of
which Harry Oharlcswoiith will bo in
No effonl  has been spared to    do
lu ur to the men of H. M. S. Kent
while the ship is in port, The officials
of lhe Victoria Jitney Association
treated nboiil live hundred blue-
jackols to a splendid drive mi Thursday evening, and on Friday morning
(bo junior members of the crew wore
Hie guests of Hie Royal Canadian
Naval Reserve for a drive, returning
tu luncheon nt lhe Empress Hotel,
and lihon oil to Ihe afternoon show
al Pantages.
Colonel .1. Dull! Stuart, coiinnnniler
of llie 23rd Brigade, 47th Battalion,
has left New Westminster for A'cr-
iion to assume llids duties as com-
niiitiihint of the Vernon Provincial
Military base.
Count and Countess C. di Oiirpcn-
elto have left for Genoa, where the
Count will rejoin bis regiment with
Hie rank of Captain,
The marriage took place in Ottawa
on Juno 1st, of Miss Marion Osborne
Mcliongall. daughter of the late John
Lome Mi'llougiill, aiidilor-gencral to
Edward W. Grange of the Parliamentary press gallery.
Dr. John J. Millar and Mrs. Millar
liavo returned from a trip to California.
Mr. li. F. Green, M.P., has returned  from  a tour    of    lhe    Koolonay
Smart Suits for Gentlemen
The marked success we have enjoyed is due to the experience we
have had among the best trade in the West End of London, and to
the fact that we give onr patrons personal attention.
Let us make yonr next suit. We are showing the newest imported novelties and we can literally guarantee you the very highest quality of workmanship.
100 to 105 Stobart-Ponse Blk. 745 Yates Struct
A splendid gyinkiina was held at
'the Willows on Thursday afternoon,
the proceeds of which will be devoted
to a fund in aid of wounded Canadian soldiers.
Lady McBride was convenor of a
bridge liuiirunineul .held ait Hie Empress last night in aid of Red Cross
Mrs. William Bell, Hampshire
Road, leaves today for Fort George,
where she will visit for 'about two
weeks. Mrs. Bell's sister-in-law,
Mrs. Wilson, of Vancouver, has been
'her guest for 'the past fortnight.
Mrs. Eric Gore-Langtoii, Cowieh-
iin, is lithe guest of Miss Lillian Hag-
A military wedding of interest
took place on Wednesday morning at
S o'cluck at St. Mary's Church, Oak
Bay, wihcn Lilias, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. E. C. B. Biig'Shnwe of Richardson Street, and A. C. Brnnstnii
Gray, lieutenant, attached 'to the
S8tlt Fusiliers' regiment were united
in marriage. The rite was celebrated by Rev. G. H. Andrews, rector of
St. Mary's. The bride, who was
given laiway by her father, wore a
it raveling costume of blue cloth. The
best iniin was T. B. Pemberton, a fellow-lieutenant in the 88th Regiment.
At the conclusion of the ceremony
the bride and bridegroom passed
down ithe aisle beneath Hie crossed
swords of the officers of 'Hie 88th
Fusiliers' regiment, who were all
present at 'Hie ceremony, the strains
of the Mendelssohn Wedding March
being played by the organist.
Amongst inhere present at the ceremony were Mrs. Bngshnwe, the
bride's mother; Mrs. Cowley, Mrs.
Kclchen, Miss Rodhfonl, Miss More-
ton, the Misses Frieda, Rihoda and
Griseldn Bngshawo, Capt. Turner,
O. C, of tbe 88th, and Mrs. Turner,
and other friends and immediate relatives.
Miss Eileen Swepstouc (Vancouver), accompanied by her mother,
left on Friday for San Francisco,
■wiiere she will tend the dancing convention, and later will go to Now
York to pursue the study of that art.
She expects to return lo Vancouver
about illhe end of August.
Mr. and Mrs. David Spencer have
taken Mrs. Tenipleton's residence on
Linden Avenue, for a few months,
Mrs. Tcinpleton having left for Eastern Canada.
By kind permission of Commander
Allen, of 11. M. S. Kent, lhe two distinguished visitors, Dr. Sitrolun and
Miss Findlay, who addressed two big
gatherings at the Empress Hotel on
Saturday, went over lhe battle-scarred ship now lying at Esquimalt. The
visitors were accompanied by Mrs.
II. E. Young, Mrs. Jenkins and J. J.
Shallcross. '
Capt, ami Mrs. Noel Money, and
Miss Mary Money, of Qualicum, are
guests at   the Empress Hotel.
Mrs. Prod I'olors, wife of the City
Solicitor, of Prince Rupert, formerly
of Ibis city, is on her way to Mont-
r nl, where she will lake the Cecilian
for England. She will be nwny for
sonic months.
The VV. A. of the S. P. C. A. in
Victoria has started a Blue Cross
branch. All those who have not already given arc larneslly requested to
put sonic sum, however small, in one
of their collections boxes. These nre
in D. K. Campbell's drug store, Fort
Street, and Kirkhain's cash grocery,
corner of Fort and Government
Repaired by J. J. Bradford, Mona
Tea and Coffee Store, 1307 Broad St,
Phone 803.
IN THE MATTER OF an Application
for a fresh Certificate of Title to Lot
Thirty-one (31), in Block Five (6),
Victoria City, Map 132.
notice' IS HEREBY GIVEN of my
intention at the expiration of one calendar inoatli from tile first publication
hereof to issue a fresh Certificate of
Title la lieu of the Certificate of Title
issued to George H. Sluggett on the
1th day of February, 1890, and Numbered  IIC13 A,  which lias been lost.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Victoria, 13. C, this 12th day of May,
Registrar General of Titles.
May 15 .rune 12
IN THE MATTER OF an application
for a fresh Certificate of Indefeasible
Title to Lot Three (3), Block Sixteen
(16), part of Sectloa Seventy-eight (78),
Victoria District, Map 1171.
Intention at the expiration of ooe calendar aionth from the first publication
hereof to issue a fresh Certificate of
Indefeasible Title in lieu of the Certificate of Indefeasible Title issued to
Edward Tucker on the 2nd day nf November, 1912, and Numbered 5818,
which lias beeu lost.
DATED at the Land Registry Office,
Victoria, B. C, tills 11th day of May,
Registrar General of Titles,
may 15 . June 12
IN THE MATTER of an Application for
a fresh Certificate of Title to Lots
Fourteen (II) nnd Fifteen (16) Block
Ten (10), and Lots Twenty-one (21)
aad Twenty-two (22). Block Eleven
(11), Oak Bay Estate, Victoria District, Map 379.
intention at tlie expiration of one calendar month from tho first publication
hereof to issue a fresh Certificate of
Title in lieu of the Certificate of Title
IsHued to Minnie T. Kinsey oil the 8th
day of October, 18H5, and Numbered
1009 C, which  lias been lost.
DATED at tho Land Registry Office.
Victoria, B.C., this 17th day of May,
Registrar General of Titles,
may 22 June 111
Coal mining rights ot the Dominion
la Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami Alberta,
tlie Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and In a portion of the Province
of British Colombia, may bo leased for a
term of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than
2,5110 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Applications for a lex.se must be made
by the applicant la person to the Agent
or Sub Agent of the District la wlliell
the rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
bo described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and la aasorveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by tile applicant himself.
Eacii application mast be accompanied by a fee of $5, which will he refunded
if tho rights applied for are not available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall
l,o paid on tho merchantable output of
the mine at the rate of live cents per
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent wltii sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If tho coal mlalag rights
are not being operated, saeli returns
should he furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mlalag
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted lo purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered neces
sary for the working of the mine at the
rate of $10.00 an acre,
For fall information application
should be mnde to the Secretary of tbe
Department of tho Interior, Ottawa, or
to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N,B.—Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
march  22.
"Quality Launderers"
1015-1017 North Park  Street
Phone 2300
"I think," said the reporter, "that
the public would like to know how
you managed to live to such a great
"By pi'cscrvancc," replied the cen-
lenariau. "I just kept nn livin'."
THORPE'S old English
Let us show you this compact
little motor. It can be placed
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any kind of row-boat, sail-boat
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The Tea Kettle
Miss Wooldridge
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Royal Victoria Theatre
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Matinees   each   day, 2-5, Price
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Royal Orchestra in Attendance
IN THE MATTER o( an Application
for a fresh Certificate of Title to Lot
1010, Victoria City:
NOTICE Is hereby glvea of my Intention at the explratloa of one Calendar month from the flrst publication
hereof to issue a fresh Certificate of
Title In lieu of the Certlllcate of Title
issued to George Herd on the Gth April,
1893, and Numbered 1G152A, which has
been lost.
DATED at the Land Registry Office,
Victoria, B, C„ this 21st day of Mav.
Registrar General of Titles,
may 22 Juno J 9
 Saturday, June 5, 1915
Page Three
At The Street Corner
THIS week I bave taken in two
theatrical performances, one *t
the Royal and one at the Princess.
Dealing with the latter first, I may
say that although my visits to the
"Allen" house are few and far between these busy days, I never go
without being impressed with the excellence of this company. In ''The
Big Idea," they have inn ingenious up-
to-date American play, nut unlike
those which William Gillette made famous twenty years ago. It was admirably presented and gave every
member ol! the company an opportunity. Of course, my other venture
was "Jerry" with the delightful
effervescent, volatile Hilly Burke in
the slur role. Miss Burke is about
the best tonic for jaded nerves on
tlie stage. It matters little what the
play is ns long as sho is in it. A Utile bounding bundle of merriness aptly describes this most fascinating of
comediennes. There was not n dull
moment nnd she wns supported by a
first class company, among whom, H.
Lawrence Leyton nnd Alice John
stood out conspicuously, Tho latter
was superb and would have graced
any stage in "Lunnon Town."
A very amusing incident occurred
at the Royal Victoria Theatre during
the performance of Miss Jerry. One
of our most prominent nnd sedate citizens was somewhat perturbed by
laughter and noise that arose in one
of the upper galleries, and considering it his duty to investigate cautiously, pursued his way to the curtained entrance to the gallery, when
be saw approaching him a sailor who
bad perhaps imbibed too freely of the
flowing howl. The sailor with a smile
continued to approach, and then suddenly enfolded him in a lirm grasp to
his sailor bosom, nnd implanted not
one but a half dozen chnste salutes on
bis dignified brow before he released
This, however, was not the only
episode of llie week, of an amusing
character in which lhe ever-popular
Jack Tur figured. On Monday a
jolly, rollicking Son of Neptune paid
an afternon cull on tbe ladies of
the Red Cross Society, Fort; Street.
Tbe largo cotton streamer attracted
him and calling to a pal "Come on,
Jack." he boldly mounted the Temple steps. Once inside lie started a
hornpipe, then followed with a nautical song. By this time Hie exceptional beauty of the Victoria ladies
had impressed him. He went to the
top of the steps and called "Jack,
come in, (here's some real beauties
here." Jack clinic in to Hnd his pal
just endeavouring lo secure a partner
for a waltz and not having reached
quite the same jolly stage as the hilarious one, he seized him by the arm
and with Ibe remark "Come nut, this
ain't a dance hall, it's a temperance
hull." bad no difficulty in getting him
outside just as Ihe ladies were gelling
a wee bit nervous. Thus do our
worthy sailors, some of lliein, revive
the memories of former days.
One day this week I sat at a table
with half a dozen of lhe best; known
business men in the city. After lhe
matter which culled ns together bad
been disposed of, the talk turned to
the subject of "Living." Not, dear
readers, tho religions, hut tho philosophical aspect of the subject. We
found that without exception we were
"up against it." One man snid that
for many years he hnd lived nt the
"ate "f $7,000 a year, now he was
managing on $200 a month, nnd feeling "as fit ns n fiddle." Everyone
related a similar experience, the only
variation being in the amount, All
agreed that it wns ns much ns they
could do to scrape enough together to
pay the butcher nnd the baker. One.
a professional man whose income for
many years hnd averaged $5,000 a
year, was living, with his wife, on
$100 a month nnd paying rent. Tbe
general concensus of opinion rnu
along these lines: Every luxury had
to be lopped off, every dollar Hint
could he spared wns at the disposal
of the various public, charities or the
war fund, things would be much
"tighter" before the war is over, no
one wns any the worse for those enforced economies, the only regret was
thnt there was not "enough to go
round," and finally as one member
of tbe Round Table tersely expressed
it "1 shall 'be perfectly content if I
come through this with my skin."
Whatever else the war may teach, the
lesson of the "Simple Life" is certainly being "rubbed in."
Like litany Victorians I have been
waiting to see an official announcement of the entertainment to be. pro
vided for the .men of the "Kent."
Though somewhat belated it is satisfactory to know that the officers are
to be entertained at luncheon by the
City and that the petty officers and
men are to have a smoker at the
Drill Hall. This is good as far as it
goes, nol; losing sight of the many
private functions which hnve been arranged for their benefit nnd especially recognizing the usual activity
of Mrs. W. J. Roper, and the NTavy
League Chapter. I still think that arrangements should have been made
for a public reception at which every
citizen might luive had an opportunity of meeting and cheering ono of
the finest aggregation of naval heroes
in the history of the Empire. One
needs to visit the "Kent," to see the
scars of war and hear the story of
ithe buttle of the Falklands to realize
the true character of the services rendered. This is not a time for social
functions of an exclusive character,
but a time when the people, with a
capital "P," are longing to shake
hands with men who have done so
nobly and to hearten them by a
cheery word and nn expression of
confidence. There lire upwards of 800
officers and men on the "Kent."
What a splendid showing these
would make assembled in front of the
Parliament Buildign in uniform, to
receive a civic address, and to furnish
twenty thousand people with lhe opportunity nf manifesting their appreciation and delight.
There must be n screw louse in flic
socinl economy somewhere when in
order to promulgate a reform it becomes necessary to impute bad motives, and to iiinke the ground of
compkitut it personal matter. Yet;
'this is 'invariably the case whenever
the question of prohibition is to the
fore. Just why all mini who 'advocate
temperance should be placed on tbe
"right band" and nil who oppose
prohibition on "the left" has never
been quite clear to me. It is equally
difficult for me to understand why I
should be compelled to cut my coat
according to some other mum's cloth.
Why should another regulate my
personal habits, my eating' and drinking, my coming and going, unless I
interfere with his? Why should
hundreds of men, women and children in Victoria \r; deprived of their
livelihood to propagate a craze? Why
should our soldiers and sniilors be
placed under a, ban because a, band
of reformers have failed to win public support; by fair argument? These
and ninny other questions 'have been
soothing in my poor brain this week
without eliciting * satisfactory reply,
anil 1 am again forced to the final
question, where .is our vaunted British fair play, if we destroy a legalized industry without  compensation?
Esquimalt Ale and Stout
Buy Local Products Manufactured by .
Genuine British Labour
Jars with
Per doz.      Per doz.  taps, 3 gall.
Qts. Pints       reputed Kegs
XXXX English Stock Ale $1.75 $1.50 $1.00 $1.75 up
London Stout   1.50 .80 1.00 1.50 "
XXX Light Pale Ale   1.50 .80 1.00 1.50"
The XXXX Ale is a strong, heavily hopped Ale, superior to anything on the B. C.
The London Stout is a fine naturally fermented article with a large percentage of
unfermented Malto-Dextrin, is very nutritious and suitable for invalids—has no excess of acidity such as imported Stouts must have on account of their being a long time
in transit.   It has blood producing and stimulative qualities second to none.
The XXX is a lighter article than the XXXX, doesn't contain such a high percentage of alcohol, but a greater percentage of unfermented Malto-Dextrin. This also is
of similar quality to the ordinary India Pale Ales.
Our XXXX Ales will keep three months on draught when put up in twenty-gallon
casks or larger.
MALT AND HOPS only used in the manufacture of our products, which are
unexcelled, being brewed by the only scientific English brewer brewing in B.C. Manufactured by British labour only, no Germans or Austrians, naturalized or otherwise,
ever having been employed, and we are the only local Brewing Company that can
assert this fact; nor have we ever had anything but British capital invested in this
company, malicious rumours notwithstanding, and we defy any person or firm to
prove otherwise.
Why drink inferior German Lager, or so-called Ales put on the market when the
far-superior English Ales and Stouts are procurable at a reasonable price.
Esquimalt Brewing Company, Ltd.
June 1.
Visitors lo Qualicum Bench Hotel:
Mr. and Mrs. James Dunsmuir, of
Hatley Park, Mrs. Major Audain.
Mrs. John Hope, Miss Dunsmuir, Miss
Muriel and Miss Dola Dunsmuir,
Mile. Grosetions, Mr. Frank D. Little,
Mrs. Pemberton and Mrs. II. R.
Heavan, ol! Victoria) Mr. and Mrs.
.1. II. (liirnctt and Mr. B. Saulter, of
Vancouver; Lieutenant S. C. Sweeney and Mrs. Sweeney (nee Miss Violet Pooley), Messrs. S. W. Fueslel,
J. J. Henderson, and Louis Crazeii, of
Seattle, Wash; Mr. Dun Hutchinson,
of Victoria; Miss Mary M. (irillin, of
Vancouver; Dr. and Mrs. Bell-
Browne and Mr. and Mrs. T. Cunningham, of Nanaimo; Mr. O. G.
Edgar, of London, Eng.; Miss Bruce,
nf Aberdeen, Scot., and Mrs. C. J.
Higby, from Dawson, Y.T.; General
F. F. Dickinson, of Nanoose; Mrs.
Maurice Meredith nnd Miss A. Gate,
of Vancouver.
When you want reliable Shoe Repairing in a hurry, go to HIBBS.
Trounce Alley, opposite Colonist
Unequalled Vaudeville
Week Commencing June 7
Eitropenn   Comedy  Novelty
"Tbe Rose Arbor"
A Musical Oddity
A. Cheerful Singer of Cheerful
In   Howard   McKent   Barnes'
One-Act Play
"The Little Shepherd of Bargain Row"
Those (Famous  Vaudeville
Direct   from   their   successful
tour of Groat Britain
Famous Equilibrists and Acrobats from Japan
THREE     SHOWS     DAILY—3,   7:30    AND    9:15
Matinees 15c.   Evening: Orchestra and Balcony 25. Boxes 50
"Rough on Rats" clear out Rats,
Mice, etc. Don't Die in the House,
lfic and 25c at Drug and Country
Tbe Allen Players this week presented "The Big Idea." As usual
it was rendered in I hut superb way
llml is characteristic of Ilia Allen
Players. "The Big Idea" wns evolved out of circumstances Unit occur
in everyday life, nnd wns one of the
best problem plays Ihat; it bus been
llie good fortune of the writer to see
in iiiniiy a long day. The various
members excelled themselves if possible in their several purls. For this
coining week Ibnf good old melo-
dramtio success "The Stowaway"
will ho played at lhe special request
of some of Ibe patrons of the Allen
Players, and those who know of the
success Ihat it met wilh before at this
theatre, will be delighted lo be able
lo hnve lhe opportunity of seeing il
Hundreds of persons in Canada
will want to read in Ibe June Canadian Magazine Newton MacTavish's
spirited sketch of George Ham, whom
ho describes as a "gentleman on
whom the sun never sets." He also
claims for him the distinction of
having aroused more wholesome merriment tbnn any other man in tbe
Dominion. It is quite true, as Mi'.
MacTavish says, that; George Ham.
all hough bo has been out of public
life for thirty years, is one of the
best-known and best-liked men in
Canada. Tbe sketch concludes as
"His great popularity is due in
part at least to his spontaneous human sympathy. In everything except
politics be is liberal, so liberal indeed
Hint be enn be sorry oven for .Judas
lscariot or for one German Emperor.
His sympathies arc so wide in fact
that they have earned for him the
singular distinction of being Ibe only
man member of the Canadian Women's Press Club. Of course, his
membership is honournry, and although il is many years since be quit;
the .field of active journalism, be is
still a newspaperman. He began as
a printer, and hns boon successively
reporter, war correspondent, editor,
and publicity agent.   Just what his
Columbia Theatre
The Medley Man ill Brown
A Big Time Act
Comedy Novelty Jugglers                        Instrumentalists
PHOTO PLAYS                                    DURKEE
The Latest Pictures                  The   King   nf  the   Xylophone
Country Store Every Wednesday and Friday
position is in the Canadian Pacific
Railway service it would be difficult
lo define. Whatever it is it is generally well known Ihat his personality
lias done much towards making the
road popular. At ono time he Avas
called lhe General Publicity Agent
But Tor a complete definition we hnve
to go back two hundred years, lu one
Alexander Pope, in whose writings
we find these time-honoured words.
"Guide, philosopher, and friend."
We borrow them, and here rival their
author in the application, For ihey
apply lu fleorge Ham wilh rare lit-
ncss. And almost every important
party that has crossed Canada in the
last twenty years has be?,n accompanied by him in that amiable capacity.
" Under such circumstances the
road-bed is always smooth, the meals
tempting, lhe portors obliging, lhe
waiters good-naitured, the time-table
accurate, and lhe sun perpetually
shining, For George Ham's is a
shining personality. And il will go
on Bhiuing long after many great men
are forgotten. Then let us take olT
our Jiats now to this one on whom
tho sun never sets."
By Theodore Goodridge Roberts
(Lieut.,   113th   Battalion,  Canadians.)
Columbia Theatre
And the Latest Feature
Every Wednesday and  Friday
Programme Changed Mondays
and Thursdays
10 Cents - Admission - 10 Cents
Princess Theatre
and The Allan Playeri
Week Commencing June 7
Prices:   15k,  U6c,  35c
Maliuee 2:30 Saturdays
Bargain Night Hondayi
Curtain 8:15. Phone 4625
Banks with the foremost ex-
amples of the Distiller's art,
A perfectly blended, thoroughly matured spirit, its fine quail
ties helpful for medicinal pur
poses—ideal as a beverage,
Possesses a delicacy of flavor
and richness ofbouquet found
only in the rarest selected old
Scotch Whiskies.
Pither & Leiser
B. C.
225 Outside Rooms-135 With Bath.
Nol yd  lhe reckoning; but soon (lie
day of your doom,
Ye who strike tin; defenceless out of
the misly gloouil
Nol yel our answer; Iml short is your
lime to wait,
(Ye who crawl in the dark and slriko
in bestial linto)
For llie hands of nn outraged world
to crush you with their weight.
Surely we press upon you, marching
by day mid night,
Fired by grief and anger, armed ond
steadied by right.
Surely we draw lo lhe finish, closing
in on  lhe day
When lhe spears of llie hunters shall
strike tho desperate wolf at bay,
And llie lorn world's horror will pass
with the death of  lhe  Rcasl   of
—In llie Canadian   Magazine   for
Wellington   Colliery
Company's Coal
SOAP, Etc.
Phone 773. Laurel Point.
The place for home cooked
Opposite Public Library
Blanshard Street
 Page Four
Saturday, June 5, 1915
Bv the Hornet
THAT events are beginning to
move with bewildering rapidity, and it is not easy to know just
where we are.
That at the time of writing it
seems as if a reverse of fortune has
once more overtaken Przemysl.
'filial lhe condition of Poland and
Ualiciu must he at least as bad ns
that of Belgium.
That the ebb and How of victory
is followed on both sides by waves
of devastation.
That til.' Provincial Government
is trying lo do its duty in the matter of furnishing relief for the unemployed.
That the work inaugurated at
Burnaby will have lo be duplicated in
many parts of lhe Province.
That 'lhe unemployed question is
not less acuta in Victoria than in
Vancouver, llie only difference is ithat
ithe numbers are fewer.
That before llie war is over we
shall all be helping each other.
That the sooner every one lakes
'this message to himself ithe belter
for all concerned.
That us Russia cannot be shout of DDCec..Te AnnCCCC
men there is more reason than ever PRESENTS' AUUnEoo
to fear she is terribly short of ammunition.
That by the time these lines go to
print it is probable that Roumania
will have struck a blow for the Allies.
Deputation   From   Federated   Navy
League of B.C., Headed by Sir
Clive Phillipps-Wolley, Received on Cruiser
It was filling that the Navy League
should be the 'lirsl organization to
congratulate the officers and men of
H. M. S. Kent on her glorious share
in lhe win', especially at the battle of
lhe Kalklands, and subsequently at
lhe sinking of the Dresden.
By a stroke of good fortune, this
pleasing duly devolved on the Federated Navy League of British Columbia, and yesterday Sir Clive
I'hillipps-Wolley, Ibe president; Mr.
William Blakemore, vice-president;
and Mr. W. E. Oliver, president of
the Victoria and I'squimalt branch,
paid a visit to the good ship for the
purpose of presenting a suitable address.
They were received and shown over
marvelous |he vessel ,by Cnp|, j. D, Allen, C. B.,
prowess of the German armies they r, n.; Commander Arthur Bedford,
could not continue such a campaign R, N.; Commander E. L. Wharton, R.
into the winter without the most tf,; „mi Lieutenant-Comnmnder Rod-
terrible losses. 1,0,1,1, R, N. R.
Afterwards llie whole of lhe ulTic-
Thait while there are no signs of ers and men, upwards of 800, assom-
Tdiut 'this will be tlie fulfilment of
an agreement entered into Inst November, under which England financed the mobilization of the Roumanian army.
That Italy and Roumania combined should be able to defeat Austria within a few months.
That the probable course of
events will leave Germany to continue the war single-banded.
Tiait the most that the Allies can
hope for is to reach this stage by the
end of August.
That in spite of   the
bled on deck, and the following address was read by Mr. W. 13. Oliver:
"B.C. Federated Navy League,
"Victoria, June 1, 1015.
"The    members   of   the    various
Germnny weakening in tbe field then
are striking evidences in Diplomatic
That ithe strongest of these is fine
evasive character of her reply to the 'branches of the Navy League in Brit-
American Note. ish Columbia desier lo thank Captain
* Allen and Ibe officers and men of II.
That this is the first time Prussian AL S.  Kent for the gallant conduct
militarism has betrayed anything ex- and splendid skill displayed by them
cept truciilence    in   her   diplomatic at lhe battle of the Falklands, and in
messages. the capture of llie Nurnberg.     For
*K ten years lhe League has anticipated
That it is more obvious than ever the present war, and has urged with
ithat the policy of the British Gov- confidence Ihat if our navy was kept
ernniiiiit is heading   towards   "conscription" in some form or other.
That registration is only the forerunner to more drastic measures.
up to ils proper strength we could
si ill face the world al sea. and win
as we have always done. We owe
you the deepesl gratitude for having
shown llml our confidence was not
misplaced; that llie traditions of Nel-
Tihat if it is adopted in  England son ore lhe traditions of lhe navy
it wilt have to be   adopted   in   the today, and  thai   lhe   people of lhe
Colonies. British   Empire can  still  regard  ils
rK supremacy   wilh     satisfaction    and
That King George's birthday I - l"'i(l<'-
ours convey a pointed rebuke to the     "CLIVE PHILLIPPS, WOLLEY,
Norlhcliili'e crowd
That no more signal honour than
a "Garter" could have been conferred upon Lord Kitchener, the man
whom the King and the people delight to honour.
"President, V. & E. Branch."
Captain Allen suitably acknowledged  Ibe presentation,  remarking thai
lhe Kent had only done ils duly, and
lhe   officers   and   men   rejoiced   that
f tlie action against Lord lll('-v l,,ul llml ll"' "PI""''unity. Every
vessel m lhe navy would do lhe same,
lie also acknowledged Ihe world-wide
services of the Navy League, which
was a moral support lo the service.
That it would not be surprising it'
the resu
Northeliffe is    the    suppression    of
some of his Yellow Journals.
That it has taken Ottawa a long
time to realize that Victoria has a
grievance in the matter of the non-
interranent of Alien Enemies.
That it seems strange that nothing
could have been done in response to
the demand of our citizens until Sir
Robert Borden returned from his
That as usual he took decisive
action when the complaint was
brought under bis personal notice.
That when Captain Macpherson
reaches Victoria he will hear something that will greatly surprise him.
Three Smart
Summer Shoe
From an unusually large show=
ing of Fashionable Footwear.
PHONE 2504
(Established 1892)
Our  Phoenix  Brand  of  Beers,  including  the well known
BOHEMIAN BEER are the most appetizing of their kind.
Our service enables us to distribute to all parts of
the City at short notice.
For Week=End
Motor Trips
Salads. Sandwiches,     Fancy
Pastry, Genoese.    Fruit.    Mn-
odira, Orange    Cakes,    large
variety small Cakes, Tees. etc.
('lav's Mint Bullseyes
Telephone 101 Delivery
Handle in large or small quantities the most exclusive line of
High Class Wines and Spirituous Liquors in addition to Imported and Local Beers and
Stout. Orders by Phone are
PROMPTLY   attended   to.
PHONE 1632
T. J. JACKMAN,  Mang. Dir.
The City Window Cleaners will
call at any part of Oity. Phone
1101L.   F. Quaintance.
Patronize "HIBBS", Trounce Alley, opposite Colonist Office. Best
Shoe Repairing in town.
An entirely new sel of scenery ami
eoslnines, representing an outlay of
$125,000, and designed and executed
under the personal supervision of
Europe's greatest arlisls is pari of
lhe equipment provided lo make lhe
lour of Mile. Anna Pavlowa, Ibe Incomparable, ihe artistic triumph of
Ihe day. She lias added lo her already large repertoire six entirely
new ballets, leu divertissements and
a forty-minute, modern society or ball
room soiree, during which she will in-
Thait it is a good job thaUhc sub-  [raAm[ t]lQ „„.,,,. ,„,„. sn(,;n|y (]nncos
which she has originated during lhe
season, anil also her own Ideas lo the
proper manner of gracefully execul-
That tbe only regret is that there
will be some delay before the wishes
of lhe people can be complied with.
That as usual it is
that bars the woy.
' Red    Tape
marine  which  chased   the   Mega.nl ie
was out-distanced, another Lusitania
horror would have had disastrous effects in arousing the   hostility    of jng society dances now popular wilh
British  subjects  everywhere  against  ||l(, public.
"Alien Enemies." The creativo work   of   such eelo-
* brnted pointers as Leon Bakot nnd
That the letter of our respected Boris Anisfod, M. Dobuszinski, reput-
member, Henry Behnscn, to the ed to be Russia's greatest scenic nr-
Daily Press was undoubtedly well |is| nnd costume designer, Siine, who
meant, but assuredly ill-advised. is alone in his field in London, and
(Continued from i'iiy;1 1.)
Suzn, Bozn, 74S Pembroke Street Austrian
SkerbJc,  Tonm,  its  Pembroke Street Austrian
Samardzyo, Marko, c\o McDonald it Bruce, contractors Austrian
Suplnn,  Stipan, H01  Yates .Street Austrian
Seibel, Jos., s:'i' Caledonia Avenue (Can, citizen) Austrian
Schrelber, Joa, Ferdinand. 7-lfl Johnson Street Germany
Slpovek, Bozo, f>5D Johnson Street Austrian
Stelnler,   Louis,  105li  Blanehard  Avenue Germany
Slavieh, .Vleholas, Boathouae No.  10, Belleville S'trcet Austrian
Schmidt, Gustav P. 10., (110 Niagara Street Germany
Schmidt, Johann P. W., Wilson Hotel Germany
Saplna,  Nicolas,  !i01  Yates  Streei Austrian
Sander,   Clias.,   Panama   Hotel Germany
Srok, Jose, Cabins behind B. C. Perm. Loan Bldg1. Austrian
Sonneborn.   Fritz,   Bellevue   Hotel Germany
SiRiiin,   Joseph,  Grand   Paeifle  Hotel Austria
Kperande,   Jos.,   Occidental   Hotel Austrian
Sargart,   Aleck,   Windsor   Hotel Germany
Smetanuk,   Wm.,   Grand   Pacific   Hotel Austrian
Sasel,  Max.,  Panama Hotel Austrian
Tarlek, Michael, 1624 Quadra Street Austrian
Tltfhe,  Marin,  10^!l  Oliphant Street , Austrian
Treudt, Harry Peter, S5!t Cormorani  Street Germany
Von  Anderson, Boy Peter   (Kone to  Cnlffary) Germany
Vultorepor,   Grjo,   !I01   Yates   Slreet Austrian
Valok, Rada, Grand  Pacific Hotel Austrian
Vogelsang Emilia, 5(18 1-2 Yates Street Germany
Vlclch, Joseph,  (gone  to Vancouver) Austria
Vinenot, Annette Babo, 122S Oscar Street Austrian
Urdea, John,  4-13 Bridge Street Austrian
Wlclunnn,  Paul  Arthur,  827  Fort  Street Germany
Wellman,  Albert H.,  Mellor Apartments Germany
Welspelner, Julius S„ 71l> Flsguard Street Austrian
Walton.  Marie,   2f!30  Graham  Street Austrian
Wilkcu, August A. F., Mt, Tolmie Germany
Wellman,   Theodore,   Brentwood   Hotel Germany
Wiesman, Israel  Louis,  1258  Johnson  Slreet Austrian
Wick,   Jos,   (Gottlob),   Strand   Hotel Germany
Zyrymira,   Artniy.   Queen's   Hotel Austrian
Killer, Edw. Wm., Blaokwood Street, Marypold Germany
Rulhensli'iii, the noted flennnn singe Old-timers, who for many years
nrlisl will be seen when Pavlown found a cosy retreat at the Boome-
jiml her large troupe of dancers and rang, are reminded that Mrs. Marr
complete symphony oreliestrn appears has opened the Brown Jug Oafe. and
here nn Monday June H. at tlie solicits the renewal of their pat-
Kuynl Victoria Theatre. ronage.
The Westholme
Caters to most exacting patronage, and is a most, delightful place to
go, where you may enjoy a full course dinner or a light supper.
Entire Change of Programme
"The Song Bird and Pianiste"
Character Song
Added Attraction
Ragtime Singing
1417 Government St.
Phone 4544
The B.C. Funeral Co
734 Broughton St.,
Victoria, B. 0.
Always open.   Calls attend»d
at any hour.
Chas. Hayward, Prn.,
F. Caselton, Manager,
Reginald Hayward,
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Return Excursion Rates to Eastern destinations.   On sale May 15th
to Sept. 30th, 1915.   Final return Limit Oct. 31, 1915
Winnipeg  ..$60.00      New York...$110.70      Boston    $110.00
Toronto ....   92.00      Chicago ....   72.50     Halifax .... 129.35
Montreal ... 105.00      St. Paul  ...   60.00      Ottawa   .... 103.50
Optional Routes—Liberal Stopovers—Through Sleepers
Through (rains leave Vancouver daily at 8:30 a.m. and 6:45 p.m.
fully equipped with standard and tourist cars, dining car, drawing
room and compartment observation cars. If you contemplate a trip
call in and obtain full particulars at C. P. R. TICKET OFFICE,
We are agents for all trans-Atlantic steamship lines from Montreal,
New York, Liverpool and London
PHONE 174 City Passenger Agent
"The codfish lays a million eggs,
'   a      ^   \ AVliile the helpful hen lays one;
W    ^   I Kut lhe codfish does not cackle
I M   I To inform us whal she's done.
k ^^^^ / And so we scorn Hie codfish coy.
But the helpful hen we prize:
Which indicates to thoughtful minds,
II pays lo advertise."
The above is Ihe reason for our lelling you we have for sale the
following things:
Bedding Plants, Rock Plants, Shrubs, Trees, Etc.   Best Selected
English Flower and Vegetable Seeds, Tomatoes, Flower Pots, Cut
Flowers, Plants, Ferns, Wreaths, Etc.
Greenhouses:   Lake Hill, Quadra Street
Store, 612 Fort Street, Victoria
R. Hall, Manager.
Our Imported British Suitings
d»-j A   CA   ARE    EQUAL    TO
,...iPliX.JU   OTHERS   AT    $30.00
1434 Government Street
Phone 2689
Victoria, B. 0.
Qualicum Hotel and Golf Links
The Hotel, situated on the main Island Highway, 100 miles from Victoria; absolutely modern and up-to-date in every respect; cuisine,
service and appointments unapproachable. Electric light, water (hot
and cold) in all bedrooms. Perfect bathing beach—three miles of
silver sands. Trains leave 9 a.m., Victoria ,Tues., Thurs. and Sat. for
Qualicum Beach; Mon., Wed. and Fri. for Parksville. Round trip
fare, $6.15. For further information and terms, apply to
A young man (client of undersigned) with military training, has opportunity of securing a Commission in England.
Desires to raise sufficient funds
to get there, security offered.
For further information apply,
Central Building.
Home Mnde Jams,  Marmalade
and Cakes
Phone 4126 1115 Fort St.
Winch Building
Victoria, B. C.


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