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Week Feb 6, 1909

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pour Doctor, |
IA Prescription,       i
Fort & Douglas
lf.ll 9 99__UUUULt.9JL.9JIM,* I.I 9 til
The Week
A British Columbia Review,
Published at Victoria, B. 6.
123-£Government St. Telephone 83
eTm.t_nij_j._LM iiiiiiiiiniE
ii. VI.   No
One Dollar Per Annum
With the debate on Address
^Provincial concluded   the House   has
jjislature.      g0t down to the business of
legislating.     During    the
iirse of the debate three notable speeches
re delivered, one and by far the most
ctive by the Attorney General, another
|1 in many respects.the best he has de-
sred in the House, in spite of a little
iness as to figures, by the Member from
tta, and the third, and having regard to
the circumstances, the most meritor-
s of the three, by Parker Williams, the
,iialist member for Ladysmith.   One exits much of Mr. Bowser these days.
te all men of talent he has developed
broadened under the responsibilities
bffice.  At one time his reputation rested
|iost entirely upon his stump oratbry.
ay he is not only a successful legisla-
but a keen and incisive debater.    His
has broadened and he now discusses
Ijuciples and issues rather than politics.
ie measure of his success is to be gauged
the bitter criticism of his opponents,
this is the way the game is played in
nada.   If Mr. Bowser were the conspi-
)us  failure  which  the  Liberal  press
uld have us so believe, their criticism
uld be confined to lines where it now
as to columns and pages.   The new club
sensing Bill, the first measure of im-
i-tance to be introduced this session, dis-
lyed the Attorney General at his best,
is a piece of legislation which removes
bug-standing grievance and places clubs
all classes upon the same level as; to
pection and control.   It has long been
complaint that with respect to club3
jre has been one law for the rich and
other for the poor.   This complaint will
remedied by the new Bill and at the
ne time the revenue of the Province will
reasonably increased.   No other meas-
. of importance has been discussed in
i House at the time of writing, but the
jent and able subject of the Member for
chmond in which he advocated the aboli-
n of the poll tax should predicate legis-
ion in that direction in the near future,
ie   arguments   put   forward   by   the
eaker are unanswerable.   The tax rests
on an illogical basis.    This is unlike
.other tax, in that it cannot be coated with any fixed principles of finance
'cause it is arbitrary, it is unjust, and
e only plea that can be raised in its
ience is one of convenience. Mr. Cotton
is driven a nail into its coffin.   Among
e many subjects touched upon by the
ember for Delta, the most important
as that of the land policy of the Govern-
ent.   His arguments against the present
ethpds of dealing with the land cannot
substantiated by fact.    The Attorney
eneral had no difficulty in showing that
,ch an enormous area had been placed un-
ir reserve for settlers, or pre-emptors that
e cry of scarcity could not for a moment
i sustained.   The Member for Delta also
iled to "make good" his case against
leculators.    He. altogether ignored the
ct that labelling a man speculator does
>t brand him a thief or even an inter-
perj and that every acre of land acquired
this Province, whether by a speculator
a pre-emptor, must have been acquired
r observance of the statutes, and cannot
acquired in any other way.    If the
atutes require amending it is open for
Member for Delta to propose such
ciehdments as fall to.his judgment.   It.
, however, about time that the use of
e term speculator in an opprobious sense
iased.   The speculator is the man who
its up the money, first of all to locate
locoupied land, which in a province like
irs is often difficult, and sometimes very
expensive. The speculator is the man who
pays the Government dues. The speculator
is the man, who having acquired title,
spends his own good money to advertise
the land, and to attract permanent settlers.
In other words the speculator is the buyer
who takes all the-chances, puts up all the
money, conducts expensive publicity campaign, and as a matter of course makes
all the profit he can. No one knows better
than the Member for Delta that the growth
of population in this Province is lamentably slow, and that nothing which has
happened has done more to give a much
needed impetus than the employment of
the capital of speculators along lines which
have resulted in peopling other countries
and developing their natural resources.
The speech of Mr. Parker Williams will
well repay careful study. It is true that
he approaches all political questions from
an essentially different standpoint from
tliat of the Conservative or Liberal, but
he is an earnest student of economic conditions, and a sincere seeker after truth.
V\ Idle many of his theories are based upon
false data liis practical acquaintance with
the problems of the labour class make hiin
an invaluable critic, and if one only could
forget for a moment that he is the avowed
champion of a crusade against capital, it
would be possible to profit from many
of his suggestions to the advantage of
The Forged
But for one circumstance
The Week would have allowed this nauseous subject
to rest with the comment
made in last issue. That circumstance,
however, is of such importance that no
loyal Conservative paper can afford to
ignore it. The Colonist has offered two
so-called explanations in connection with
this deplorable affair, and whether intentionally or not, has suggested that possibly
the telegram was altered in the A.O.U.W.
hall or somewhere else outside the purlieus of the Colonist office, either by a
member of Mr. Barnard's committee or
one of his zealous supporters. This renders it incumbent upon The Week to
point out that the Colonist has no right to
leave such a question in doubt; if it
meant what it suggested then the statement
should have been full and explicit; if it
did not, justice should have been done
by removing the impression created. The
Week is entitled to speak on behalf of Mr.
Barnard's Campaign Committee, and of
the Conservative Executive, and the band
of active workers, who took part in the
campaign. It has interviewed practically
every one of these men with the expected
result that the suggestion conveyed in the
Colonist explanation is repudiated with indignation. Moreover, the circumstances
of the case render such a charge impossible. The telegram was delivered to an
important officer of the Colonist staff, and
signed for by him shortly after d o'clock
on Saturday evening, October 24th. It
was delivered by a Colonist messenger to
the reporters' table in the A.O.U.W. Hall
about half past ten, and handed, unopened,
by a Colonist reporter, who sat at the table,
to Mf. G. H. Barnard on the platform.
Mr. Barnard unsealed the envelope in the
presence of a host of witnesses, and read
the telegram, which was clearly typewritten upon a yellow C.P.R. telegraph
form, bore no marks of alteration, and
contained the spurious clause as to the
Absolute Exclusion of Asiatics. During
the whole of this time the original telegram had not been out of the custody of
the Colonist, and yet the telegram sent to
the A.O.U.W. hall was not thc original.
No doubt in due course the Colonist will
offer, at least to Mr. Borden, who is the
party chiefly aggrieved, a true and complete explanation of all that transpired
in connection with the ill-fated message.
Whoever actually performed the mutilation the Colonist is responsible and should
shoulder the responsibility in unequivocal
terms. No doubt Mr. Borden will demand
that all the facts be laid before him, but
meanwhile the Conservative party of Victoria also has a right to put forward an
equally just demand which is, that the
Colonist should issue still one more explanation in which it specifically disavows any
intention to lay the crime at the door of
the Conservative party or any of Mr.
Barnard's known supporters. This is the
least that is due to the party which the
Colonist professes to support. If the management has any doubt as to the fairness
of this contention it has only to turn to
tne press cuttings from Eastern papers,
which are being printed daily in the Times
to see that the Liberal press is ,a unit in
endeavouring to turn the incident to the
disadvantage of the Conservatives!, and
that the independent press seems disposed
to take the same line. There is only one
other thing to be said at this juncture, it
is, that the Eastern press is very ill-informed as to the general circumstances of
the case. It is contended that the forged
telegram was "read at meetings throughout
the Province and used in other towns to
influence the electorate." It should be
pointed out that this could not possibly
have been the case outside the city of
Victoria since it first aj^peared in the
Colonist on Sunday morning, October 25,
and the elections took place the following
day. It might be contended that it was
used in Yale-Cariboo and Kootenay de-'
ferred elections, but at that time the great
question of which party should rule had
been settled, and it could not have had the
weight which it would have had before
the date of the elections.
The prophecy of The Week
Comox-Atlin. that there would be a determined contest in Comox-
Atlin is being verified. Mr. Michael Man-
son has been nominated and has already
commenced his campaign. He left Victoria on Thursday for Prince Rupert to be
present at the nomination on Monday. He
will attend a public meeting there upon
the evening of that day aud will cross to
Port Essington and Fort Simpson where
he will also hold meetings, returning
thence to Vancouver Island. In his campaign he will be assisted by leaders of the
party from Victoria and Vancouver, and
arrangements are underway for one of thc
ministers to speak at the larger centres of
population. If the contest is waged to a
finish in the manner in which it has begun
the Hon. William Templeman will be defeated by a handsome majority. Apart
from the personal ability of the candidate
there is a general feeling of resentment,
not only at Mr. Sloan's action, but at the
attempt of some Conservatives to thwart
the wishes of the electors and prevent a
contest. The action of the Vancouver
News Advertiser in this connection is
lamentable. In one issue it advised a contest and in the next it declared that Mr.
Templeman should be allowed to go in by
acclamation. The argument it put up in
support of this course was even weaker
than its change of front. It declared that
because the General Elections had decided
the question of which political party
should govern Canada for the next term
there was no longer a necessity to dispute
the seat, and practically no issue.   As a
rule the News Advertiser is impeccable in
its editorial attitude towards all questions
of party politics, but on this occasion it
has shown that it is just as fallible as some
of its contemporaries. The principles for
which the Conservative party contended
on the 20th of October remain, and are
just as much an issue between Liberals and
Conservatives today as they were then.
They will remain an issue until the Conservative party either returns to power or
forces the Liberal Government to adopt its
policy. Meanwhile, to allow any candidates to go to Ottawa pledged to oppose
those principles is an evidence of weakness, if not of cowardice. Of the reasons
which influenced some Conservatives to
oppose a contest The Week knows little
and cares less, but it does know that if
their action had not been over-ruled by
wiser counsels there are constituencies in
which "chickens would have come home to
roost" at the next Provincial Election.
There is an old proverb whicli runs: "The
prudent man forseeth the evil, and fleeth
On Tuesday last one of the
Local Option,    largest   deputations   which
ever waited upon the Provincial Government, presented to Premier
McBride, and his colleagues, the claims of
Local Option. The deputation was headed
by gentlemen of weight and influence and
the claims of the Temperance organizers
were ably set forth. From the fact that
the deputation cheered the Premier it is
fair to deduce that they were satisfied
with the attitude of the Government. The
Premier naturally deferred a definite
statement until the arguments adduced had
been discussed by the Executive. To read
between the lines it is clear, for tlie present at any rate, there is no intention to
give legislative effect to the wishes of the
Local Option party. This is as it should
bc. The McBride Administration has
shown itself to be both capable and wise.
It has dealt fairly with all the important
issues which have been raised since it first
came into power. Its record has established it firmly in the confidence of the
electors, and it is not to be expected that
such an administration would depart from
conservative methods and adopt the fads
of extremists without receiving a direct
mandate from the Province. It is unnecessary at this stage to discuss the merits or
demerits of Local Option. The sincerity
aud lofty aim of its advocates cannot be
questioned, but since their policy involves
an interference with personal liberty for
the purpose of exploiting methods which
have conspicuously failed elsewhere The
Week holds that the only fair course to
adopt would be to follow the example set
by the Laurier Government twelve years
ago and take a referendum vote at the next
Provincial Election. As this is probably
the utmost concession tlie Government will
make to tlie Local Optionists an announcement to that effect would remove a disturbing influence from the political arena
until tlio time for settling the matter
arrived. It may, however, be confidently
expected thut if such a course should bo
decided upon the McBride Administration, unlike its illustrious predecessors,
will not shirk the issue, but will be prepared to give effect to the decision of the
En Wnreporteb Sitting.
(Specially written for The Week by "Our Own Laureate.")
Chorus of Press Reporters, Doorkeepers et al.:—
"Once again the House is busy.   Note the smile on every face?
Hail the Legislative Solons, each in his appointed placel
Oh, 'tis sweet to meet old faces, nice to see our darlings home,
Grand to hear theni thunder under Mr. Rattenbury's dome.
Soon we'll find them scrapping gaily (ah, that's where the fun begins)
Soon we'll see them (metaphorically speaking) sticking pins
Into one another's vitals, into everything on sight,
While the Speaker struggles madly to suppress the awful fight.
They have gathered, they have gathered from the regions near and far,
From the coal mines of Nanaimo, from the woods of Cassiar,
From the swarming Boundary districts, from the wilds where Kermode's
Looking like a growling snowball, puts peroxide on his hair,
From the mountains, from the islands, where the sad sea-roller rolls,
And the guileless Siwash maiden paints Stadhagen's totem poles-
Miners, merchants (wholesale, retail), shining lights of Bench and Bar,
They have gathered as  I've mentioned  (few lines  back)  from near
and far."
Solo by Colonist Reporter:—
"Hush, I spy a form arising like a mermaid from the sea. . . .
Look, oh, look!   With fear and trembling veil your eyes, for it is HEI
Yes, it is our noble Premier!    That preparatory cough
Shows he means to speak (oh, rapture!)  with the smile that won't
come off."
Grand Chorus:—
"Hit the trail, ye Liberal caitiffs, opposition is in vain.
Joying in the thought of battle, Richard is himself again,"
The Premier:—
"Mr. Speaker, it's with pleasure
That I contemplate a measure
For distributing a trifle of our surplus, which you know
Totals up into the millions,
(Government cheers)
I'm not sure it isn't billions,
(More cheers)
Well, no matter, it's enormous as our balance sheets will show.
And now as to this suggestion
(Mind it's quite a ticklish question
Let me tell you, but we haven't left a single thing to chance)
It's so thrilling it will stir you,
But for details I'll refer you
To the Honourable Minister who bosses the Finance."
Chorus (enthusiastically):—
"There's a speech!   You must, admit, there's a speech that's quite a treat 1
Oh, for giving information he is vary hard to beat."
The Minister of Finance:—
"My honourable friend has said
That he'd prefer if I instead
(Ahem) of him
Should tell you how our plan will fit,
But as to details I admit
I'm just as dim.
And I'd prefer instead of me
That you could hear our Moses C.
But he's not here.
I really cannot tell you why—
I fear our Mose is on the fly."
A Voice:—
"Hear, hearl"
The Minister of Finance:—
"Oh, dearl
However, I must do my best
And trust to Heaven for the rest
And so here goes!
It's our Amended Pension Scheme
For Civil Servants.   It's a dream!"
A Voice:—
"Hurrah for Mose!"
(Great uproar).
The Leader of the Opposition:—
"What ho!   We will not stand for it!"
The Premier:—
"That's utterly absurd;
You can't decide a case until the case is fairly heard."
All the Opposition:—
"You're wasting time, you're wasting time; we will not hear one word;
(More uproar).
The Ministers of Lands and Works (duet):—
"Let us smooth this matter over, we can do it in a minute.
Really there is nothing tp it; candidly, there's nothing in it.
If you will not stand for pensions, won't a bonus do instead?
Say a tip of Twenty Dollars, payable as soon as dead.
All our men would work much harder, knowing what they might expect.'
The Member for the Delta:—
"Twenty Dollars?   Can't afford it.   Mr. Speaker, I object!"
Excited Stranger:—
"Who is that?   Oh, tell me quickly!  Who is speaking, let me know.
Who objects to such a bonus?   Ah, I'd like to kick him so!"
Chorus (whispering):—
"That's the Member for the Delta, watchful as a hungry cat.
See him jump?   He thinks he's smelt a wormy squirmy little rat.
But he's nothing to what's coming.   Do you mark that waving fist?
'Tis the Hand of Toil.   Oh, scrumptious!   Now we'll hear a Socialist'
The Member for Nanaimo:—
"Oh, that my tongue could utter
The thoughts that arise in me.
But words, what are words?   Mere butter,
And talk?  Just wish-wash teal
Not words but bullet and rifle
I feel like using today-
Pensions indeed!    A trifle!
And who will you pension, pray?
Lobsters, languid and lazy,
Dozing from 9 till S.
Heads all hopelessly hazy,
Bodies but half alive!
, You'd pension these aristocratic
Young snobs who live upon jam—
For the toiler who sweats in an attic
You don't give a twopenny damn.
(Great excitement).
Yes, I hope that my words are emphatic,
I repeat, Sir, you don't give a damn!
(Cries of "Sit down!")
O heroes who clean out the sewers,
O noble diggers of drains,
0 ye drawers of water, ye hewers
Of wood, O ye bondsmen in chains;
Rise up in your might and your power,
Rise up and—er—follow me,
For I am the Man of the Hour,
I, Hawthornthwaite, M. P. P."
(Tremendous uproar.)
The Attorney-General:—
"Gentlemen, you all look nettled,
Calm yourselves, the matter's settled.
I've settled it."
"He's settled it!"
The Attorney-General:—
"Now then, here is MY solution;
Let's all give a contribution,
Just a bit."
"A little bit."
The Attorney-General:—
"We can't afford to pay their rents;
We haven't boundless wealth;
But let's give each man fifteen cents
To go down town
To the Jug that's Brown
And thankfully drink my health."
Chorus in great delight and quite unanimously:—
"Oh, happy thought!    Oh, good for you!
When they go there, we'll all go too."
(Grand Tableau of mutual congratulations.)
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Completing the Compliment
"I'm glad the election is over," said
the earnest citizen.   "People's minds
will be easier now."
"Yes," answered Mr. Sirius Barker,
"Families who  name  their  children
after candidates can now decide on
the baby's middle initial."
A Paradox
Customer—Have you some of that
corned beef you let me have a can' of
the last time I was in here?
Grocer—No; I am sorry to say that
I haven't. That was a fine brand of
beef, but nobody would buy it, so I
sold it.
A Biblical Sound
"Our John's goin' to be a preacher,
I guess," said Farmer Korntop,
"jedgin' from what his college professor sez about him."
"What's that?" asked his wife.
"He sez he's inclined to be bibulous."
He—Aren't you ever afraid to be
in the house alone?
She—Not at all. I own a loaded
He—But aren't you afraid of that?
She—Mercy, no! I keep it locked
in a trunk where it can't possibly go
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WWWWW '*' WW ** *I" ™
#r if
* A Lady's Letter *
'f By  BABETTE. ^_
if if
De ArT_ir_____i-*"A-'--S-itnili^ninAn ifi
Dear Madge:—A woman question
that has forged its way to the front
is one that after being on the carpet,
so to speak, for over forty years, has
come to be dubbed by its more
radical advocates as Votes for
Women, and probably no other was
ever the occasion of more loose" and
positive misconception.
The appeal in this effort to add
women to the country's electorate is
usually addressed to selfishness. The
leaders promise that great improvement in the status of the wage-earning woman, as well as in her earning
capacity, will come in the wake of
her enfranchisement, and that her
greater* influence in public affairs
will follow as an inevitable result of
permitting her to vote. But the
momentous question is rarely, if ever,
considered by its advocates from the
standpoint of the whole people—for
example, as to what the effect would
be of precipitating into an already
too exclusive and largely uninformed
electorate many millions of women
voters even more ignorant of public
questions than are the majority of
One of the pillars on which the
argument in favor of woman's suffrage is founded is that it is a right,
yet distinguished jurists have repeatedly maintained, and appealed to thc
history of nations in support bf their
contention, that suffrage has never
been adopted except as a matter of
expediency, as a business experiment. Indeed, it may be said that
governments themselves are matters
of expediency, and, so' far as this
country is concerned, in city, state
and nation, we are engaged in working out far and away the biggest experiment in Democracy, that any
nation ever undertook since systems
of government were developed.
It would add millions of women
voters, who in the mass would bring
to the stupendous task no special
ability in the conduct of public
affairs or knowledge concerning
public questions, be'any help in solving the new problems of immense import that are continuously arising in
this the formative period of our national life. That is the question
which calls for careful study and debate in all its aspects, and it is one
that should no longer be obscured
by clamor about the alleged natural
right to vote, which does not now
exist and never has existed. Another
point in regard to which the unwarranted statements put forth have
resulted in much misconception, is
the benefit ot one kind and another
it is alleged that women would derive
from enfranchisement. The working
girl is being persuaded that it would
be to her interest to have the ballot,
but the advocates fail to show how
wages could be raised or conditions
be improved thereby. Certainly the
working man has not improved his
condition by voting, but by organization and cooperation, and these
are open to women. She is not a
class apart, nor can her interests
possibly be disentangled from those
of the men of the nation.
This is not only the land of opportunity for women, but in it she wields
an enormous influence on public opinion. When any considerable number
of women decide to remove from the
statute books of a state any provision that works injustice to the sex,
there does not exist a legislature that
can resist the change, and this is because it is not a class apart that demands the reform, but because the
welfare of wives, daughters and
mothers is bound up in that of their
husbands, fathers and sons.
The franchise for women is not a
matter to be whooped up at mass
meetings or by spectacular methods.
It is a question of very grave import
to the nation, and as such it merits
the serious study of all who wish well
for their country.
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1016 Qovernment St. Victoria, B. C. THE WEEK, SATURDAY FEBRUARY 6, 1909
The Week
had surprised the secret of a lover.
But the sequel proved far more hor-
A Provincial. Review and Magazine, pub- ,r-lRe tha*" he could imagine; his Mary,
llshed every Saturday by the darling of his heart, had been se-
"THF WFFK" PIIRIKHIN-fi cretly married to a huge Pathan, mag-
inc VVCCIV     rUDUJIIHIU nificent of stature, and commanding
in appearance, for whom she had con-
1;       " ceived   an   irresistible   passion,   and
Pabllthsd at VICTORIA and VANCOUVER who served during the day time as a
menial in her father's house, and at
night betook himself to- her apartments.
This  seems almost incredible and
yet it may have happened in real life,
but what shall be said of the attitude
I hp WntllJlfl Whft  Rlfl. ot ^"s woman, who, on being coii-
1UC   TT Vlliail   TT UV 1/IU    fronted by her affianced lover with his
discovery, frankly admitted it, assured
him that she had found the Pathan
irresistible, that he only served a part
88% Government Street. ..Victoria, B.C.
526     Hastings Street...Vancouver,. B.C.
W. BLAKEMORE..Manager and Editor
By Bohemian
A well known connoisseur in books of her needs, and that the baser part;
said to me last Monday, "I wish you and calmly proposed that their en-
would take this book, read it care- gagement should continue, because it
fully, and treat it in the columns of was for Arthur alone that she felt
The Week as it deserves." The re- real love, and she did not see that
quest struck me as peculiar and I ih^re was any injustice in the pro-
asked "Why this anxiety?" His re- P°sal, or anything incongruous in
ply was: "Read the preface, see what maintaining the two relationships.
claim the author puts forward, and It « impossible by the use of the
then see whether the book justifies English language to characterize this
the claim." attitude, or the woman who could as-
With such eliminations, and altered sume it, but let us turn for a ,moment
names, as are necessary to prevent .to the hero; the honourable man, who
my readers discovering the book, the author thinks is Christ-like. When
which I pronounce Anathema here confronted with this confession and
follows:—Preface which in the ori- wlt-h the further fact that the marginal is signed by the author: "age was probably illegal, not having
"I endeavoured to draw in Arthur beeu performed by an officer or ;a
Gould a character whose actions clergyman, but by some member of
should be in accordance with' the prin- the Pathan tribe, he without any appar-
ciples laid down by Christ, one who e»t regrets, consentStS® the continu-
' would display, not in words, but in ance*. of his. engagement and to the
his actual life, that gentleness, hutnil- relations existing, between Mary Ham-
ity, patience, charity and self sacrifice, »lton and the Pathan. This is not
which our Redeemer Himself en- merely an insult to one s intelligence
joins." * * * I challenge the but surely blasphemous.
Weekly Journal and all who .follow its But.there is worsetofollow. Arthur
opinions to find one act which does Gould keeps her secret, meets her
not reflect Christ's own teaching com- daily fresh from the: embraces of the
mitted by Arthur Gould; he forgives -Pathan, makes no. difference in his
the sinner, raises the fallen, comforts conduct, and continues to woo her.
the weak, works and suffers to reclaim -1 suppose the author now began to
the  Pagan  and  almost lost soul  of feel about for one of those devices
by which novelists extricate themselves from insupportable positions.
One of the men has to be removed
so the Pathan is removed by ah.overdose of cholera during!which Arthur
Govild nurses him and strives by everj^
means in liis power to effect a cure
Mary Hamilton. Fearlessly and with
the gospel of Christ in my hand, I
offer this example of his teaching to
the great Christian public for its verdict, confident that I shall be justi
lied by it."
One would naturally expect that ah"
author who could couch the preface —exit the Pathan.
to his work in such language, and Mary has no period of mourning, in
who claims to have been actuated by fact at the end of twenty-four hours
such lofty motives, would present she resumes the thread of her life as
something calculated to uplift man- if nothing had happened and even con-
kind, and bearing at least some re- doles with her hero for the way he
semblance to that purity of conduct suffered, and praises his efforts on
and nobility of life, which is admitted- behalf of her dead husband. Then
ly the outcome of Christ's teaching., something else happens; Mary
Whether the author realizes this am- swoons at a public ball given by the
bition or not my readers shall judge, Viceroy; the next day she unblush-
and I preface my review by stating ingly informs Arthur that although
that the only reason I would touch her husband is dead his memory is to
such a book, is because I tliink it well be perpetuated in a living monument,
that attention should be directed to One would think "that to get out of
the filthy garbage, which is circu- this difficulty would tax the ingenuity
lated by American publishing firms of any novelist; how is the situation
in Canada, and 1 would ask if there to be reconciled with honourable con-
is no law capable of reaching such a ditions?
book as this, and prohibiting its eir- The author has foreseen the diffi)
culation by tens of thousands iri the culty by'making the hero a very dark-
Dominion. I may also say that the man, with black curly hair, and a,
same author has written a series of tawny skin and once again the hero
books of a similar character, and that obliges, but insists on the wedding:
of all salacious publications these arc taking place at once, which it does*,
most sought after, and are freely eir- and later on he assumes the respon-
culated even in the city of Victoria sibility of parentage. In due course
among young girls. the child, is born, and as the author
I feel that some apology should be delicately puts it, looking at its sup-
due to the readers of The Week for posed father, the difference is so little
dealing with this subject, and that 1 that "you would not notice it."-
may be blamed for dragging it into Before the child was born Mary
the light of publicity. I have carefully assures Arthur that she shall hate it
considered this matter, and regret- and creates the impression that it will
table as the necessity may be, I feel be sent away and forgotten, but no
that it is a necessity and that the sooner is the child born than maternal
only way to put a stop to what I have intincts assert themselves with re-
been writing against for a long time markable force. The- child becomes
is if possible to arouse the disgust the idol, monopolising every moment
of the public by putting such a book of its mother's time and apparently all]
as this in its true light. her love, and the obliging husband is
The preface outlined of the story both forgotten and neglected. Then
is this: A beautiful, accomplished, re- they have their first misunderstand-
fined, cultured English girl, 21 years of ing, even the Christian worm can turn
age, is introduced, moving in the high- and Arthur expresses his .disappoint-
est Court society in India. The author ment.. Estrangement; f-altOws, then
paints her in the most alluring terms, thc mother, always frank/'kvows that
and endows her not only with every he has become the object of all her
physical charm but with sweetness, love and of her passion, before time
gentleness, and sensibility. We will divided but now concentrated in its
call her Mary Hamilton. She has ftill force on himself. She asks for
many admirers, but the most devoted three days' breathing time to be left
and the one upon whom she finally alone,, nothing to be said, then she
centres her affection is Arthur Gould, will present the solution of the pro-
an Englishman of position, who is blem, For three days she goes about
portrayed as a man of the highest with a sad face and a wild eye, and
character and best type. He is the on the fourth calls Arthur into her
one spoken of in the preface as prac- room to show, him the babe which
tically the counter part of the Christ, she had strangled in order that there
These two finally become engaged; might be no barrier between them,
everybody seems delighted and thinks Again.the obliging, forgiving, corn-
it a splendid match. forting hero accepts the inevitable and
He thus describes his sensations as if realizing that the convenances
when she accepted him: "The next required at least some little conces-
morning I woke up the happiest man sion, the author separates them for a
in India. Mary belonged to me, thc year in order that Mary may wear
one woman beyond the ends of the sack-cloth and ashes. But before the
earth that I wanted, that was neces- year is up she sends a telegram to
sary to me; and not that I wanted her husband, which reads as follows:
this hour or day, in a careless gust of "I, believe I am forgiven and that
animal passion, but the being, the per- it is right to call you.
son that I should want all my life." to me."
Things progressed happily, but to     When he came back one would only
the general surprise of their friends suppose that he found a woman more
the same Mary Hamilton I had left
a maiden sleeping in the garden. She
ran toward me with feet that hardly
touched the ground. Her eyes were
shining, her whole face was lighted
from within, her body seemed ■ expanding- and dilating with the force
of her nervous joy. She .had in this
moment a beauty beyond description.
My eyes swam as  I  looked at her.
Dearest Mary, you are beautiful,
but it is not for these things that 1
love you now.
I know, she murmured, throwing
herself into my arms, putting her own
soft Ones about my neck, and pressing
the rose of her mouth against against
my cheek, but you are human and
you like to. have them, and I am
human and I like to give them, and
we have both suffered so much no
one would grudge us our happiness
now. Oh, I have so prayed for God
to give me back my good looks to
reward you with and that He has done
so is a sign of His forgiveness, don't
you think so?, and I answered softly:
"Yes, dear."
This'is the story and nothing could
justify its telling or its repetition, but
the conviction that the sober judg-
men of any sane man must not only
condemn it but rise in rebellion
against such vicious teaching. It
would, however, be possible to produce far stronger evidence in its condemnation from the views expounded
by the various characters, only I regret to say that some of them are
unquotable in any respectable publication.
The very fact of a woman defending the conditions which existed, and
pleading with, an honourable man to
whom she was engaged, to be allowed
to continue them may appear too insane to be comprehensible, but its
suggestiveness out Zolas Zola. Frankly it is not only a plea for immorality
but a specious argument for Polyandry, which as I have more than once
maintained is the logical outcome of
the growing prevalence of divorce.
And this book is on sale in Victoria!
What is going to be done about it?j
fhe New Grand
SULLIVAN a CtMIIINE,    Praailat-ar-a.
Comedy Sketch
"Two Men and a Bottle."
"The Men of the Hour."
"The Human Band."
Whirlwind Dervish Dancer.
THOS. J. PRICE, Song Illustrator
"June Moon."
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the date for fhe marriage was from or less    emaciated   with    grief   and  wlth the actual signature" "of the ten*
time to time delayed.   Then one mys- sobered   by   the   unique   experience furnfshed"1  enolosed  ln  the  envelopes
terious night when the charm of In- through which she had passed.   Per-]   ThB _nLKHt nr »—. *_.„/,_._. „_,.
dia lay upon the air Arthur stole to haps, to borrow a scriptural phrase, ' sarlly accepted        '        " n0t neoes"
the,  verandah  beneath  her  chamber "Saved, yet as by fire."   Not by any | F. C. GAMBLE,
window to    serenade    his    love, but means.   "She springs down the veran-j Public Works Engineer,
heard voices, then.words of endear- dah steps, a figure in white with the H^K^MS Februa'y 19»"
ment, then the sound of caresses, and sunlight in her eyes and hair;  it was  feb 4 ••*■>■•"■ imry, i.v_.
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Music and Stage I
The Lambardi Opera Company
Our readers wil doubtless be-inter-
ted iii the roster of principals who
unprise the Lambardi, Grand Opera
mpany, whicli opens a short season
the Victoria theater on the th
st. Impresario Lambardi has gath-
ed a number of new. voices for this
ason's tour that embrace the great-
t singers in the realm of grand
lera on the Italian lyric stage.
The company includes Mme. Cam-
ili, dramatic soprano, the possessor
a voice of supreme sweetness, and
voice that in schooling is without a
Cecelia Tamanti Zavaski, colorature
prano, is to the lyric stage what
impoli is to the dramatic. Zavaski's
ice is beautiful, clear, pure and
terly devoid of shrillness.
Mlle. Dolores Frau, contralto,
mes direct from the La Scala
eater, Milan, and is compared only
th Collamarini; in her prime. She
a beautiful woman, and possesses
voice that is rich and full. Her
rtrayal of the roles of "Carmen"
d "Amneris" have received the
)st noteworthy praise from Euro-
an audiences.
Tosi Ardizoni, lyric soprano, a
iman of education, is not only a
e vocalist, but an artist and con-
nmate actress as well.
Messandro Modesti, dramatic bari-
je, was lately with the Royal Op-
l company of St. Petersburg and
jessa. He sang Iago to the great
magno's Otello, and was the chief
iport of the great tenor until his
ith. This will be Signod Modesti's
St tour of the United States.
Signor Martino, basso, possesses a
deep and full voice and reminds one
of the voice of Eduard de Reszke.
Eugenio Battain, lyric tenor, has a
voice of vibrant 'cello quality, and is
compared with the beautiful and finely schooled voice of Bond.
Geradi Graziani, lyric tenor, is one
of Europe's famous singers, -and has
a voice perfectly toned and thrilling
in its purity and quality.
Alessandro Scalabini, dramatic
tenor, is heralded as ah artist with a
voice capable of taking and sustaining the most difficult roles.
The favorites of last year's season
to return are Ester Ferrabini, lyric
soprano, whose excellent work as
Tosca and Marguerite will be remembered. Others are Paolo Wulman,
basso; Artidoro Mauceri, basso, and
G. Pimazzoni, baritone. Also numbered among the singers to be heard
is Angelo Antola, the young baritone, whose rendering of the prologue in "Pagliacci" was one of the
best pieces of singing that has ever
been heard upon a local stage.
A complete and thoroughly trained
chorus of forty voices will be under
the direction of Giovanni Baravelli.
The orchestra will be under the direction of Maestro Agide Jacchia and
Eduardo Lebegott.
The New Grand.
Next week's bill at the New Grand
promises to be one of the best in a
good while. Howard Truesdell and
Company of four people will present
"Two Men and a Bottle," a very
laughable comedy sketch. Carroll &
Cooke are two comedians whose work
is reported to be away above the average. Tom Brantford "The Human
Band," is able to imitate almost any
instrument. Onetta, is a whirlwind
dirvish dancer. Thos. J. Price sings
"June Moon," illustrated with beautiful slides, and good moving pictures
conclude the programme.
The Auto
Prices Reasonable.
Old Pianos exchanged.
Herbert Kont, Mgr.
In the matter of an Application for a
Duplicate Certlflcate of Title to Lot
31, Range 3, Coast District.
Notice ls hereby given that It is my
intention at the expiration of one month
from the date of the first publication
hereof, to issue a Duplicate Certificate
of Title to said lands Issued to Robert
Morris Thompson on the 16th January,
1903,  and  numbered  8398C.
Land Registry Office, Victoria, B.C.,
the 3rd day of February,  1909.
mch. 6 Registrar-General.
We grow our own produce.       Parties catered to and tables reserved.
Cosy Corner Cafe and Tea Rooms
ll 616 Fort Street.
"Why so sorrowful, girl?"
"We    havc    parted    forever.      He
writes me to send back the ring."
"Tell him  to call  for it,"  advised
the experienced friend."
"What   is  this  charged  with?"
"Attempted   suicide, your   honor,"
replied the bulky officer.
"Explain the case."
"Yer honor, he wanted to fight me." THE WEEK, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1909
Since Eve Ate Apples Much Depends on Dinner
You know the old adage, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach," and Punch's excellent advice, "Feed the brute." Doubtless there would not be so many
divorces if young women studied culinary matters more and made up their minds to cook with Gas—the easiest, cleanest, cheapest and most hygienic way. The ease
with which one can prepare an elaborate meal on one of our good Gas Ranges or Gas Stoves makes them very popular with Mistress, Master, and Jim Chinaman. They
give labor-saving results that surpass those given by any coal or wood fire.
A housewife will revel in the possession of a Gas
Range, appreciating the saving in time, strength and
worry, the cleanliness, accuracy and healthfulness of gas
for cooking purposes. Henceforth she will have no
kindlings to buy, no coal tp carry in, no ashes to take out,
no blinding, choking smoke in starting wood or coal stove,
no blistering heat while cooking and no fear of fire from
over-heated flues.. Early breakfast will have no terrors
for her, just as easy will she be able to get up a late supper
for unexpected guests. If she.has a dinner to cook which
takes hours, she will set the Range right and she will
find it hours later just exactly as she left it.
A Gas Radiator is extremely useful to a lady or a
man who "batches," even if only one room forms "home."
A furnace may be balky, or out altogether, steam heat may
become obstreperous, wood or coal fires entail labor in
relighting, but Gas is always ready with the turn of the
tap and scratch of a match. It is a most economical
apparatus, the expense stops the minute the gas is turned
off. It can be brought into service in a second without
work. It will not only give the required warmth, but will
at once dispense a genial air of hospitality. As a little
heat is required almost every day of the year, a Gas
Radiator, or a Gas Grate, should be installed in every
You are most cordially welcome to visit our showrooms, whether you desire to purchase  or merely to look. We will gladly explain the many advantages  of
for cooking and heating purposes.
Victoria Gas Company, Limited
Cor. Fort and Langley Streets, Victoria, B. C.
Sporting Comment
It is with regret that I have to record the defeat of the local Rugby
players at the hands of the Vancouver
team at Oak Bay last Saturday. Although the visitors did not bring their
strongest fifteen, in fact the fifteenth
man was picked up in this city, the
locals were outclassed on the game.
Although individually they were thc
superiors of the visiting players. On
several occasions t have pointed out
to the local players that the outcome
would be as it was on Saturday, unless strenuous practice was indulged.
This was neglected and the consequences are that the lovers of Rugby
. who regularly pay their. fifty-cent
pieces to see a game have received
the mortification of seeing our own
team beaten by an absolutely inferior
team. In some games the public is
to blame for non-support, but after
the manner in which the four hundred
odd spectators were treated last Saturday, it would serve the local Rugby
Club if the attendance dwindled down
to nothing. I have always endeavored
to assist the Rugby'Club, and conse-*
quently cannot be called .a "knocker*'
but I cannot iri fairness to the sporting public of this city continue to
boost the club when the players will
not give them a run for their money.
In making these remarks I wish it
to be distinctly understood, that I
am not referring to the management
of the club, as I know for a fact that
Manager Moresby and others at the
head of the club have exerted every
effort to get the players out to practice, without effect. The only objection I have to make against the management is for placing Hopgood at
three-quarters last Saturday instead of
Vincent. The former was not only
useless, but the team would have
been much stronger if it had gone
on the field a man short instead of
playing him in this position. After
watching the game very carefully, I
can state without any fear of contra
diction that the only players who did
good work were Gillespie, Lowry and
Newcombe. In the forward line there
was not a single player fit to play
the hour, much less an hour and a
half. Fancy a three-quarter leading
the pack down the field after the ball,
and this is what occurred several
times with Gillespie in the lead. I
will admit that the locals had considerable of the play, but through lack
of system, the opportunities were lost.
Now that Vancouver has won the
game, they have a good lead, but thc
locals still have a chance to tie them.
This, however, can only be done by
constant practice until the match. As
far as I can recall, practically every
man on the team gets through work
at or before five o'clock. Until half
past five it is possible to practice with
the ball; this can be done by practicing at Beacon Hill. After a little
work, a run around the hill will do
much towards placing the players in
condition, A bath and rub down will
be welcome, and I think arrangements
can be made with the J.B.A.A. for
this accommodation. If the player's
will undertake this work for the next
week I feel.certain the result of the
match in Vancouver will be different
from that at Oak Bay last Saturday.
While the Rugby players were being beaten at Oak Bay the Esquimalt
Uniteds were going down before
Ladysmith in' an Island League fixture. The game was closely contested and it was only in the latter part
of the game that the vicitors nosed
This afternoon tne Victoria Wests
will meet the Nanaimo second division team in a league fixture and a
good match shbuld result. The Wests
will be without the services of Whyte
and Petticrew, who are at present
touring the sound with the Y.M.C.A.
basketball team, and Ned Tait, who
was put out of the game two weeks
ago with a broken leg. In place of
these arrangements have been made
for J. Peden and S. Lorimer of the
Bays to help out and it is hoped the
Wholesale Agents.
Corner Fort and Wharf Streets, Victoria.
Water Street, Vancouver.
■ MMM.'JWl
result will be in favor of the locals.
The result of the Miller-Foley boxing match was a win for the latter
in the eighth round. It was very evident that Miller was no match for
his opponent and in consequence the
match was not as interesting as it
might have been.
Lacrosse players take notice. It is
almost time for a start on the 1909
season somebody had better get busy
if Victoria is to have a team.
The Victoria Turkish Baths
The Victoria Turkish Baths at 821
Fort stret were opened to the public
last Tuesday. To fully describe this
magnificently appointed institution
would take a  book.    The  following
will give one a general idea of its
purpose and contents:
The establishment is furnished with
hot air and steam rooms, also electric light cabinets, marble slabs,
needle showers, shampoos, big cooling room and private bedrooms. The
bath is open Mondays, Wednesdays,
and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.,
for ladies only, with an experienced
lady attendant.
The building is a sold brick structure, wit cement foundation and basement, and as it is likely that it will
have to be enlarged Mr. Bjornfelt has
purchased the two adjoining lots.
stole a carload of brass fittings."
"In a moriient of weakness?"
claimed the judge.   "Goodness, m;
What would you have taken if, j
had yielded in a moment when j
felt strong?"
Fortunate Money
"Alas!"    confessed     the    penitent
ian,  "in  a  moment  of weakness  I
"Mornin'  Congressman;  I—
"Well,  it's   old  Jim  Smith,
how are you?   Have a cigar, Jim?
"Thought I'd come around to
you that I'd moved out of your
trict, but—"
"Indeed, Mr. Smith."
"You see, I wanted to find out ifj
"Yes, Smith."
"If  you  could  use  your  influe
"Sorry, my man, but I can't st|
Good morning." THE WEEK, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1909.
"Companies Act, 1897."
ovince of British Columbia,
.     No. 466.
This is to certify that "The Western
ie and Accident Company," an Extra-
lovincial Mutual Insurance Company,
authorised and licensed to carry on
siness within the Province of British
lumbla, and to carry out or effect all
any of the objects of the Company
which the legislative authority of the
gislature of British Columbia extends.
Che  head  office of  the Company  ls
uate at   Denver,   in   the   County of
aphoe, State of Colorado.
The head offlce of the Company in this
ovince is situate at Vancouver, and
H. Biegel, Insurance Agent, whose
iress is Vancouver,  is  the attorney
the Company,
^tlven under my Hand and Seal of
Bee at Victoria, Province of British
flumbia, this sixteenth day of Janu-
r, one thousand nine hundred and nine.
] S.) S. T. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
(he objects for which this Company
been established and licensed are:
or the purpose of Insuring its mem-
s against death, accident or sickness
the mutual plan, and to acquire by
chase, grant, devise, gift or other-
e, such real and personal property
dhall be necessary for the transaction
[Its business, and to sell and dispose
(the same or any part thereof when
" required for the use of the corpor-
iin, and to Invest Its funds, accumu-
id ln the course of its ouslness or
' part thereof in bonds and mori-
es as provided by the laws of the
te of Colorado.
J.AKE NOTICE that Samuel George
Irling, of Victoria, real estate agent,
{ends to apply for permission to lease
following described land for quar-
lig purposes:—Commencing at a post
Inted on Lorimer Creek, about one-
.rter mile from the Gordon Biver;
nee west 40 chains; thence north 160
ins; thence east 40 chains; thence
th 160 chains to point of commence-
2 Alfred Deacon, Agent.
and mine mining claims and placer
grounds, and for that purpose and to
that end to acquire mining licenses and
free miners' licences, and employ and
exercise all the rights and privileges
conferred by such licenses upon Individuals, and to employ individuals to prospect for, locate, stake, and acquire mining properties for the said corporation
as far and to such extent as the same
may be permitted by the statute laws
of any state or foreign country in which
the said corporation may be doing business, and to do a general mining business, and to maintain general merchandise stores in connection with the mining operations; and to acquire, hold and
enjoy and generally deal in franchises,
patent rights and privileges in any way
related to or connected with the mining
business; and to do all things necessary and proper in the premises to fully
carry out the objects above set forth,
all of which said objects are to be carried out by said corporation in the State
of Washington and elsewhere in the
United States, and in British Columbia,
and in the Northwest Territory and elsewhere in the Dominion of Canada.
NOTICE is hereby given that the reserve placed upon certain lands in the
vicinity of Lower Kootenay River, District of Kootenay, notice of which appeared in the British Columbia Gazette
of the 14th of August, 1884, ls cancelled, for the purpose of disposing of
such lands by public auction, and to
permit of giving effect to the recommendations contained ln the report of
Mr. W. F. Teetzel, a commissioner appointed to adjudicate upon the claims of
certain squatters upon the said lands,
but for no other purpose.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B. C, 6th October, 1908.
Save Your Energy
Black Silk
It gives a glossy black
lasting shine that
Ask your dealer, or
call on
647 Johnson St.
District of Coast.
!the matter of an application for a
duplicate certlflcate of title to the
west-half of lot 27, of section 68,
(map 290), Victoria City.
NOTICE is hereby given that it is my
tention at the expiration of one month
Im the date of the first publication
feof to issue a duplicate certificate or
|le   to  above   land   Issued   to   James
•Ceefe, on the 24th day of December,
(96, and numbered 13546C.
Ind Offlce, Victoria, B. *C„
the 14th day of January, 1909.     janl6
The time limited by the Rules of the
House for receiving Petitions for Private Bills will expire on Monday, the
first day of February, 1909.
Clerk of the Legislative Assembly.
"Companies   Act,   1897."
TAKE NOTICE that Edgar L. Blake,
of Fernie, B. C, engineer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Comemncing at a post planted at the
south-east corner of the north-east quarter of section 5, township 18, range 5,
thence north 40 chains, thence west 40
chains, thence south 40 chains, thence
east 40 chains to point of commencement, and being the north-east quarter
of said section 5,
November 13th, 1908. feb 27.
District of Coast.
. HEREBL CERTIFY that the "Bear
Ver Mining Company" ha sthis day
fen registered as an Extra-Provincial
[mpany under the "Companies Act,
17, to carry or effect all or any of the
Beets of the company to which the leg-
fetive authority of the Legislature of
Jtish Columbia extends except the conduction and workings of railways,
rhe head offlce of the Company is
uate at the City of Seattle, King
unty, State of Washington,
The amount of the capital of the Comity is One Hundred Thousand Dollars
llded into One Hundred Thousand
ares of One Dollar each.
Jfhe head offlce of the Company in
Is Province is situate at Victoria, and
avid McEwen Eberts, Barrister and
licitor, whose address ls Victoria
Iresaid, ls the attorney for the Com-
The time of the existence of the Com-
Jiy ls fifty years from the 7th day of
lyember, 1908.
[The Company is limited.
JJiven  under  by  hand  and  seal  ol
Ice at Victoria,  Province of British
lumbla, this Sixteenth day of Decem-
r,   one  thousand   nine   hundred  and
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
18) The objects for which this Com-
py has been established and registered
(. To sue and be sued In any court
ring competent Jurisdiction in any
rltory, state or country, domestic or
etgn, where the said corporation may
nsact business.
. To make and use a common seal,
to alter the same at pleasure.
, To purchase, hold, mortgage, sell
,. convey real and personal property
all kinds and description.
;. To appoint such officers, agents and
vants as the business of the corpora-
n shall require; to define their power,
prescribe their duties and to fix their
npensatlons; to require of them such
irity as may b thought proper for the
Ailment of their duties, and to remove
mat will, except that no trustee shall
removed from office unless by vote of
3-thirds of the stockholders, ln the
nner provided by the statute laws of
State of Washington.
,. To make by-laws not inconsistent
;h the laws of the State of Washing-
., or any state, territory or country
ere the said corporation may be
nsacting business.
. To prospect for, enter upon, locate,
ke, possess, re-locate, record, develop
1 improve, work and acquire by let-
s patent or otherwise, from the Gov-
ment of the United States and of the
ivlnce of British Columbia, or the
ivlnce of the North-western Territory
the dominion of Canada, mining
1ms and property and ledges contain-
velns, lodes and quartz-bearing gold,
rer, copper or other precious metals,
to acquire mining claims both quartz
I placer, by all lawful means and to
elop and operate them for profit; to
be mining claims for the purpose of
rating them, and to operate mining
ims upon shares; to locate, Improve,
uire, hold and use mill-sites and mill
pertles, to divert, appropriate and
uire water and water rights, and to
Id flumes, aqueducts and the like for
: diversion and use thereof, and to
struct, maintain and operate railways
> tramways to be used ln connection
h mining properties, and to acquire
ber claims and timber lands and to
and manufacture sueh timber and
II the same for the promotion of the
ing interests of the said corporation;
i to buy, mortgage, sell and generally
1 ln mining claims and properties,
li placer and quartz, and to operate
NOTICE is hereby given that the reserve covering the fractional sections
31, 32 and 33, Denman Island, notice
of which was published in the British
Columbia Gazette of October 21st, 1876,
ls cancelled.
Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., December 17th, 1908.
Dec. 17
District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Jesse Bamford,
of Santa Rosa, California, baker, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted sixty
chains east of the south-west corner of
section 18, township 18, range 5, on the
right bank of the Nechaco River; thence
west 60 chains more or less to the southwest corner of section 18; thence north
60 chains more or less to right bank of
Nechaco River; thence following said
river down stream to point of commencement and being about 180 acres of
said section 18.
November 13th, 1908. feb27
TAKE NOTICE that Mary Blake, of
Fernie, B. C, married woman, Intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of section 12, of
township 16, range 5; thence south 40
chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence west 40 chains
to point of commencement and being the
north-west quarter of said section 12.
November 13th, 1908. feb27
District of Coast
TAKE NOTICE that Anna Olson, of
Minneapolis, spinster, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-east corner of section 12, township 16, range 6; thence south 80 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence east 40 chains to place of
commencement, being the east half of
said section 12.
November 13th, 1908. feb27
District of Coast
District of Coast
TAKE NOTICE that George Bateman,
of Moyie, B. C, rancher, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of section 11, township 16, range 6; thence south 40 chains
thence east 80 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence west 80 chains to place of
commencement and being the north-half
of said section 11.
November 13th, 1908. febS7
District of Coast
TAKE NOTICB that James S. Black,
of Chatham, Ontario, accountant, Intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east corner of section 14, township 16, range 6, thence west 40 chains,
thence north 60 chains, more or less to
right bank pf Nechaco river, thence following said river east 40 ehains, thence
south 60 chains more or less to place of
beginning being about 200 acres of said
section 14.
November 13th, 1908. feb27
District of Coast
TAKE NOTICB that Harry W. Bunn,
of Hooply, N. D„ agent, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted about
60 chains east of the north-east corner
of section 7, township 18, range 6, on
the right bank of the Nechaco river;
thence west 60 chains more or less to
the north-west corner of section 7,
thence south 80 chains, thence east 60
chains more or less to right bank of
Nechaco river, thence following said
river north 80 chains to point of commencement and being about 400 acres of
said section 7.
November 13th, 1908. feb27
TAKE NOTICE that Frances T. Batt,
of Portsmouth, England, married woman,
Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east corner of section 13, township 16, range 6; thence west 80 chains,
thence north 60 chains more or less to
right bank of Nechaco river; thence following said river east 80 chains, thence
south 60 chains more or less to point of
commencement and being about 480
acres of said section 13.
November 13th, 1908.
November 13th, 1908. feb27
All persons having any claims or demands against the Estate of Pauline
Dougall, late of the City of Victoria,
in the Province of British Columbia,
deceased, are hereby required to file
their names and addresses, with full
particulars of their claims and the nature of the securities, if any, held by
them, duly verified, on or before the
15th day of February, 1909.
And notice is hereby given that after
the said date the Administrator will
proceed to distribute said Estate
amongst the parties entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims of
which he shall then have had notice,
or any part thereof, so distributed, to
any person of whose claim he has not
had notice at the time of the distribution thereof.
Dated this 30th day of December, AD.
Of No. ft Government Street, Victoria,
B.C., Solicitors for the Administrator.
Jan. 30.
Excerpt from Rules and Orders Relating
to Private Bills.
Rule 69.
All applications for Private Bills, properly the subject of legislation by the
Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, within the purvie wof the "British North America Act, 1867," whether
for the erection of a Bridge, the making of a Railway, Tramway, Turnpike
Road, or Telegraph or Telephone Line;
the construction or Improvement of a
Harbour, Canal, Lock, Dam, Slide, or
other like work; the granting of a right
of Ferry; the incorporation of any particular trade or calling, or of any Joint
Stock Company; or otherwise for granting to any individual or individuals any
exclusive or peculiar rights or privileges whatever, or for doing any matter or thing which ln its operation
would affect the rights or property of
other parties, or relate to any particular class of the community, or for making any amendment of a like nature to
any former Act,—shall require a Notice, clearly and distinctly specifying
the' nature and object of the application amd, where the application refers
to any proposed work, Indicating generally the location of the work, and signed
by or on behalf of the applicants, suoh
notice to be published as follows:—
In the British Columbia Gazette, and
in one newspaper published In the District affected therein, then in a newspaper ln the next nearest District ln
which a newspaper ls published.
Such notice shall be continued ln each
case for a period of at least six weeks,
during the interval of time between the
close of the next preceding Session' and
the consideration of the Petition, and
copies of such notice shall be sent by
the parties inserting such notice to the
Clerk of the House, to be filed amongst
the records of the Committee on Standing Orders.
67. No Petition for any Private Bill
shall be received by the House after the
first ten days of each Session, nor may
any Private Bill be presented to the
House after the first three weeks of
each Session, nor may any Report of
any Standing or Select Committee upon
a Private Bill be received after the first
four weeks of each Session, and no
Motion for the suspension or modification of this Rule shall be entertained
by the-House until the same has been
reported on by the Committee on Standing Orders, or after reference made
thereof at a previous sitting of the
House to the Standing Committee charged with consideration of Private Bills,
who shall report thereon to the House,
And if this Rule shall be suspended or
modified as aforesaid the promoters of
any Private Bill which ls presented after the time hereinbefore limited, or fbr
which the Petition has been received
after the time herinbefore limited, shall
In either case pay double the fees required as herein mentiond, unless the
House shall order to the contrary. Any
person seeking to obtain any Private
Bill shall deposit with the Clerk of the
House, eight days before the opening of
the Session, a printed copy of such Bill,
a copy of the Petition to be presentee!
to the House, together with the notices
published, At the time of depositing
tho Bill, the applicant shall also pay
to the Clerk or the House a sum of
three hundred dollars. If a copy of the
Bill, Petition and notices shall not have
been so deposited in the hands of the
Clerk of the House at least eight days
before the opening of the Session, and
If the Petition has not been presented
within the first ten days of the Session,
the amount to be paid to the Clerk shall
be six hundred dollars. If the Bill shall
not pass second reading one-half of the
fees paid shall be returned.
60. Before any Petition, praying for
leave to bring in a Private BUI for the
erection of a Toll Bridge, ls received
by the House, the person or persons
intending to petition for such Bill shall,
upon giving the notice prescribed by
rule 59, also at the same time and tn
the same manner, give notice of the
rates which they intend to ask, the
extent of the privilege, the height of
the arches, the Interval between the
abutments or piers for the passage of
rafts and vessels, and mentioning also
whether they Intend to erect a drawbridge or not, and the dimensions of the
61. All Private Bills for Acts of Incorporation shall be so framed as to
incorporate by reference the clauses of
the General Acts relating to the details
to be provided for by such Bills:—Special grounds shall be established for any
proposed departure from this principle,
or for the Introduction of other provisions as to such details, and a note
shall be appended to the Bill indicating
the provisions thereof ln which the General Act ls proposed to be departed
from. Bills which are not framed ln
accordance with this Rule shall be recast by the promoters and re-printed
at their expense before any Committee
passes upon the clauses.
65. All Private Bills shall be prepared by the parties applying for ihe
same, and printed ln Small Pica type,
twenty-six ems by fifty ems, on good
paper, ln imperial octavo form, each
page when folded measuring 10% Inches
by TA Inches. There shall be a marginal number every fifth line of each
page; the numbering of the lines Is
not to run on through the Bill, but the
lines of each page are to be numbered
separately. Two hundred copies of eaeh
Bill shall be deposited with the Clerk
of the- House Immediately before the
first reading. If amendments are made
to any Bill during Its progress before
the Committee on Private Bills, or
through the House, such Bill shall be
reprinted by the promoters thereof.
By new Rule 65a, passed on the 2nd
April,  1901,   (see  Journals,  1901,  page!
58), a model form of Railway BUI Is
By 65b all Bills to Incorporate or
amend Bills Incorporating railway companies are to be drawn ln accordance
with  the Model  BUI.
The provisions contained ln any Bill
which are not tn accord with the Model
Bill shall be inserted between brackets.
Any exceptional provisions that It
may be proposed to Insert In any suoh
Bill shall be clearly specified ln the
notice of application for the same.
Dated 6th November, 1901.
Dec. 12      Clerk, Legislative Assembly.
___*• '.* '   ■' ! 'sc'W
NOTICE ls hereby given that the re-
reserve existing on Lot 7,946, Group 1,
Kootenay, by virtue of the notice dated
December 24th, 1907; and appearing ln
the British Columbia Gazette of December 27th, 1907, ls cancelled for tne
purpose of effecting a sale of said lot
to Edgar S. Home.
Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., December 17th, 1908.
Dec. 17
In the matter of an Application for a
Duplicate Certlflcate of Tltile to
Part (146 acres) of Section 8, Otter
NOTICE is hereby given that lt la
my Intention at the expiration of one
month from the date of the first publication hereof to issue a Duplicate Certificate of Title to above lands issued
to Joseph Fiaement on the 16th day of
July, 1890, and numbered 10298a.
Land Registry Ofllce, Victoria, B.C.,
the lst day of December, 1908.
Registra-General of Titles.
In the matter of. an Application for a
Duplicate Certificate of Title to Lot
30, Subdivision of Sections 3 and 4,
Fairfield Estate (Map 826) Victoria
Notice is hereby given that It Is rhy
intention at the expiration of one month
from the date of the first publication
hereof to issue a Duplicate Certificate
of Title to above land issued to John
Sherburn on the 4th day of August,
1908,  and numbered  18349 C.
Land Registry O&ce, Victoria, B.C.,
the 19th day of January, 1909.
Feb. 27 Registrar-General of Titles.
of DANIEL CARMODY, Deceased.
All persons having claims or demands
against the Estate of Daniel Carmody,
late of the City of Seattle, ln the State
of Washington, deceased, are hereby
required to file their names and addresses, with full particulars of their
claims and the nature of the securities,
if any, held by them, duly verified, on
or before the 16th day of February,
And notice ls hereby given that after
the said date the Executor will proceed to distribute said Estate amongst
the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which he
shall then have had notice, and he shall
not be liable for the proceeds of the
said estate, or any part thereof, so distributed to any person of whose claims
he has not had notice at the time of
the distribution thereof.
Dated this 30th day of December, A.D.
Of No. 918 Government Street, Victoria,
B.C., Solicitors for the Administrator,
Jan. 80.
Bridge,  Columbia River at Revelstoke.
Sealed Tenders, properly Indorsed, will
be received by the Hon. the Minister of
Public Works up to and including Monday, February 8th next, for the erection
and completion of a bridge across the
Columbia River at Revelstoke, B.C.
Drawings, specifications, and conditions of tendering and contract may be
seen at the Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., at the offlce of the Provincial Government Timber Inspector,
Vancouver, B.C., and at the Government
Offlce, Revelstoke, B.C., on and after
the 25th inst.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted bank cheque or certificate of
deposit made payable to the Hon. the
Minister of Public Works for the sum
of two thousand dollars ($2,000), which
shall be forfeited If the party tendering decline to enter into contract when
called upon to do so. The cheques of
unsuccessful tenderers will be returned
to them upon the execution of the contract.
The cheque of the successful tenderer
will be returned upon his furnishing a
bond satisfactory to the Hon. the Minister of Public Works in the sum of
ten thousand dollars ($10,000), for the
due fulfilment of the contract.
No tender will be considered unless
made out on the form supplied, signed
with the actual signature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelope furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., 20th January, 1909.
Feb. t
SEALED applications for a charter to
operate a ferry over the Bella Coola
river, about 25 miles above the mouth,
will be received by the Honorable tbe
Minister of Public Works up to and including the first day of March next.
Applicants must state the kind and
size of vessel lt Is proposed to use, the
method of operating and the tolls
which it ls proposed to levy for the
carriage of passengers, horses, vehicles
and cattle, etc.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., 7th January, 1909.
Jan 30
Columbia River Bridge, Revelstoke, B.C.
Re Tenders for Iron Work.
In order to Insure the rapid delivery
of the iron work (ln accordance with
the above Notice to Contractors), tenderers are invited to submit their tenders at a price per pound on each spaa
separately, and shall state ln their tender the earliest date at which they are
prepared to deliver the same.
The Government reserves th right to
accpt tenders for any on* spas or all the
spans; the tenderer to fabricate and
deliver the iron work ln the order to
be described by the Public Works
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., 26th January, 1909.
i. *$*
* Social and *
__ Personal. $
'9/ ™'-l' '*' '*' '*' '*' VPW-vP*v1of
The Dunsmuir yacht took a party
over to Seattle last week for a couple
of days.
* *   *
Mr. John Jukes, Vancouver, was
in Victoria for a couple of days this
* *   w
Captain Douglas Macdonald, Work
Point Barracks, paid a short visit
to Seattle last week.
* *   * .
Mr. Bimbo Sweeney, Vancouver,
was in the city for a short visit.
* *   *
Mrs. Tuck, (Roccahella) accompanied by her son, left last week for
* *   *
Mrs! G. K. McGill, Seattle, is staying at their residence on Shawnigan
Lake and will leave some time during
March for England.
* *   *
' Mr. Norman Wilson passed through
Victoria last week en route to Salt
Spring  Island,  having just  returned
from a trip to England.
* *   *
Commander and Mrs. Bromley, who
have been spending a couple_, of
months with the latter's parents at
Government House, left on Wednesday evening for England.
* *   *
Miss V. Bolton has been staying
with Mrs. Mainguy in Chemainus.
* *   *
Miss Adelaide King entertained a
few friends on Thursday evening.
* *   *
Highwood, the charming residence
of Mr. and Mrs. George Gillespie,
was the scene of a most delightful
dance last Friday evening. The dining-room and supper table were elaborately arranged with pale pink carnations and silver candleabra, smilax
and ferns.
Mrs. Gillespie was ably assisted by
her daughter, Miss Florence Gillespie.
Among those present were: Mrs.
Edwardes, Miss Elinor Hanington,
Miss M. Little, Miss Perry, Miss Nellie Newcombe, Miss Marian Pitts;
Miss Gladys Pitts, Miss Nellie Dupont, Miss Tilton, Miss Ethel Tilton,
Miss Helen Peters, Miss Butchart,
Miss Mary Butchart, Miss Norah
Coombe, Mrs. Hebden Gillespie; Mrs.
Al". Gillespie, Miss Garrett, Miss F.
Drake, Miss Pooley, Miss Violet
Pooley, Miss Alice Bell, Miss Beth
Irving, Miss Genevieve Irving, Miss
Winona Troup, Miss Lawson, Miss
Olive Bryden, Miss Phyllys Mason,
Miss Helmcken and the Messrs. B.
Parker, Dr. Dolbey, Williams, Kings-
cote, Todd, McDouTgal, Lawson, Cambie, Bullen, Davis, Meredith, Jephson, Dewdney, Cane, F. Pemberton,
H. Gillespie, T. Pemberton, T. M.
Foot, Arbuckle, C. Pemberton, A.
Gillespie, Monteith^ and others.
. *   *   *
Miss Jessie Garrett of Seattle is the
guest of Mrs. C. E. Pooley, Esquimalt.
* *   *
Miss Baby Holmes entertained a
few young friends last Saturday evening. Dancing and games were indulged in by the young people.
Among those present were: Miss
Mabel Eberts, Misses Heyland, Miss
Jones, Miss Madge Wolfenden, Miss
McCallu m,Miss Lucy Little, Miss
Smith, Miss Brownie Bodwell, Miss
Bodwell, Miss D. Newman and the
Messrs. Matthews, H. Boggs, Monteith, A. Boggs, T. Brown, K. McCallum, Nordby, R. McCallum, M.
Carmichael, Eric McCallum, Griffiths,
Sherbourne, Moody, Smith, Clinton,
Picken, Proctor, Ross, Victor Lawson
and others.
* *   *
Mrs. Piggott was among the bridge
hostesses this week.
* *   *
The officers and men of H. M. S.
Egeria gave an informal dance in
the Sail Loft, Esquimalt on Thursday
* *   *
The Tuesday Bridge Club met at
the Empress Hotel on Tuesday afternoon. A dainty tea was served in
the Palm Room, each table being
prettily arranged with pale pink carnations. Miss Brett was the fortunate prize winner.
* *   *
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cuppage were
guests at the Empress during the
* *   *
Mr. and Mrs. George Powell, Vancouver, were registered at the Empress this week.
* *   *
The Alexandra Club Rooms were
the scene of a Bridge tournament on
Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
The rooms wcre beautifully arranged with daffodils and greenery and
during the evening dainty refreshments wcre served.
The players Wednesday evening
ist table—Mrs. FitzHerbert Bullen
and party.
The Victoria Turkish Baths
Situated at 821 Fort Street, were opened to the Publis last Tuesday.
The following are. the prices that prevail:—   ! -
Turkish Baths $1.25, 10 Tickets, $10.00
Russian Baths, (Plain) $1.25, 10 Tickets, $10.00
Russian Baths (with Pine Oil) $1.50
Electric Light Baths $1.50
Electric Light Baths, for Local Heating.:   .$1.00
Salt Rub ...;,v..-.:.'.....50c
Alcohol Rub ...:'.........,'... 50c
Oil Rub  ." 50c
Massage, Local  — '. & $1.00
Body Massage, General .Ii..........$1.00
Vibration, Local   .*'. .50c
Vibration, Body .........; $1.50
Plain Tub Baths  25c
Needlesshower     , 25c
Salt Baths 75c
Soda Baths ..' 75c
Potash Baths . _ .* 75c
Pine Needle Oil Baths   $1.00
Campfin Baths  75c
Malt Baths  vi .75c
Bran Baths   75c
Sulphur Baths  ...... 75c
Mustard Baths ...  75c
Manheim Baths  ....".. .$1.50
NO TIPS ALLOWED. Phone 1856.
Lambardi Grand Opera Company
115 People     30 in.Orchestra
MONDAY  .-.-  .11 Trovatore
TUESDAY       ......   Lucia
WEDNESDAY MATINEE... .Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci
WEDNESDAY ......  ..,'.,.'.. Faust
Prices—75c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 arid $2.50.
Curtain at 8 p.m. and 2 p.m.
By Royal Warrants
Distillers of the
Unsurpassed for AGE, PURITY or FLAVOR.
For Sale by all Dealers.
General Agents for B.C. and the Yukon District.
2nd table—Mrs. T. S. Gore,, Mr.'
Justice Hunter, Mrs. Rithet and, Mr.
Trewatha James.
3rd table—Mrs. H,.Kent and party.
4th—Mrs. J. H. Todd, Mr. B. Heisterman, Mrs. W. S. Gore and partner.
5th table—Mrs. J. Raymour, Mr.
Steadman, Mrs. B. Heisterman, Mr.
C. W. Rhodes.
6th table—Mrs. Todd, Mr. Blackwood, Mrs. Ker, and Mr. Babcock.
7th table—Mr. and Mrs. Piggott,
Miss Phillips and partner.
8th table—Mrs. S. Robertson, Mr.
Raymour, Mr. and Mrs. C. Wilson-
9th table—Mrs. Edwardes, and partner, Miss Pooley and partner.
ioth table—Mrs. Tye and partner,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Coles.
nth table—Mr. C. Todd, Misses
Butchart, Mr. W. Todd.
12th table—Mrs. Hall and party.
13th table—Mrs. C. Roberts, Mr.
S. Williams, Mrs. Brett and Mr. Landry.
14th table—Miss .Heyland, Mr. McCurdy, Mrs. Naires and partner.
15th table—Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvey,
Miss Wclemar and partner.
16th table—Mrs.* Bodwell, Mr. Harvey, Mrs. Parry, Mr. Lawson.
17th table—Mrs. Rismuller, Misses
Gaudin, Mrs. Welby.
18th table—Mrs. J. Irving, Mrs.
Kirk, Mrs. Laing, Mrs. Fagan.
19th table—Mrs. Herman Robert-,
son and party.
20th table—Mrs. Spratt, Mrs. Love,
Mrs. Griffiths, Mrs. Blackwood.
On Thursday evening the players
ist table—Miss King, Mrs. K. Wilson and partners.
2nd table—Dr. and Mrs. Nelson,
Mr. and Mrs. Shallcross.
3rd table—Mrs. McBride, Mrs.
Young, Mrs. Savage, Mrs. Cummings.
4th table—Miss Newcombe, Mr.
Cookson, Mrs. Ross, Mr. Muskett.
5th table—Mrs. J. H. Turner and
6th table—Mrs. A. W. Jones, Mrs.
Beavan, Mr. ancl Mrs. Richards.
;th table—Mr. and Mrs. Janion,
Mrs. Corsan, and Mr. Childs.
8th table—Mrs. Griffiths, Mr. Cummings and partners.
Meals, 25c and up.
Rooms, 25c and up.
You'll find what you have been
looking for here at a
price to suit.
Telephone 841.
Empire Hotel and
A. LIPSKY, Proprietor.
Will open today.
Milne Block, 46-48 Johnson St.
9th table—Miss McB. Smith, Mr.
artd MrS.v Schwengers, Mr. Shearer.
ioth table—Mrs. Berkeley and party
nth table—Mrs. Blackwood, Mr.
Landry, Miss Blackwood, Mr. Templeton.
12th table—Mrs. Rismuller, Miss
Blackwood, Mrs. Spratt, Mrs.  Love.
13th table—Mrs. M. Carlin, Mrs. J.
Monteith and partners.
14th table—Mrs. J. Irving and party
15th table—Mrs. Pooley and partner, Mrs. W. S. Gore and partner.
16th table—Mr. and Mrs. Heyland,
Mr. and Mrs. Hind.
17th table—Mr. and Mrs! F. Jones,
Mr. and Mrs: R. Sutherland.
18th table—Mrs. Goulding Wilson
and party.
The Baron—The duke is little better than a common tradesman.
The Prince-—Ah?
Yes. Hc actually solicits marriage
with heiresses instead of waiting for
them or their mothers to approach
him on the subject.
Western Canada Wood Pulp
and Paper Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 638 VIEW ST., VICTORIA, B.C.
Organized to, Manufacture Wood Pulp, Newspaper, Box Board,
, arid a general line oi Wrapping Paper.
We now Offer for Subscription 300,000 Shares of the Preferred
Stock of the Corporation in Blocks of 100 Shares
at $1.00 per Share.
Payments—15 per cent, on application, 15 per cent, in 30 days,
10 per cent, per month until fully paid.
The preferred stock is entitled to a cumulative preferential
dividend of 7 per cent, on the capital for the time being paid up
on each share. After a like dividend has been paid on the
ordinary shares, the preferred and ordinary shares shall thereafter
participate equally. We are confident that this stock will eventually pay better than 25 per cent, dividends.
__ '■     The Company have acquired the entire Pulp Limits consisting
J of 5S.669 acres on Quatsino Sound, Vancouver Island, formerly
H owned by the Quatsino Power & Pulp Co., and we are now pro-
•* ceeding with the erection of our plant, which, when fully complete, will have a capacity of 600 tons of news  and wrapping
paper per week.   VJe are confident that we will have our pulp
mill in operation with a capacity of approximately 100 tons of
Wood Pulp per week on or before December ist of this year.
Mr. Chas. B. Pride of Appleton, Wis., one of the most distinguished authorities in the United States on the erection of
Pulp and Paper mills, having built more than fifty of the leading
paper mills of the United States, who has been secured as
-engineer, and architect, has arranged to rush the work, and is
certain to have the pulp division in operation within the time
mentioned-vand the paper department within six months from the
completion of the Pulp Mill. The plan of the Company is to
operate its machines exclusively on news and wrapping paper.
There has' been a universal shortage of wood pulp, news and
wrapping paper for the past year and the shortage of the market
has caused a general increase, of from 15 to 25 per cent, on all
grades of paper. At present newspaper is selling on the local
market, at about $58.00 per ton; American market, $50.00 to $55.00,
and from $50.00 to $58,00 ofl the European market.
Our splendid water power and abundance of pulp wood will
enable us to manufacture news and wrapping paper at approximately $30.00 per ton, and we are able to get a freight rate to
Japan, China and Australia and the Orient at from $3.00 to $5.00
per ton. The imports of news and wrapping paper into Australia
alone in 1908 exceeded 60,000 tons;; and the combined countries
of Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand imported over $10,000,000
of news and wrapping paper. Owing to our facilities for manufacture and natural geographical position, every dollar of this vast
. trade rightly and. properly belongs to British Columbia. Everything considered, .there is.no reason why the splendid mill which
we are now erecting, sh-ptt)d not prove one of the most profitable
industries of Canada. Under far less favorable conditions than
we • enjoy, the mills of Ontario and Quebec are making big
dividends and vastly increasing their tonnage each year—all things
considered we should at least pay 16 per cent, better dividends
than the Eastern mills.
Vice-President CHARLES J. V. SPRATT
Secretary ......ARTHUR H. HARMAN
Treasurer F. J. MARSHALL
Solicitors  EBERTS & TAYLOR
Engineer and Architect CHAS. B. PRIDE
Appleton, Wis., and Spokane, Wash.
Fiscal Agent ....GREELY KOLTS
COL. HENRY APPLETON, Royal Engineer, retired, Director
British Canadian Wood Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd,
CHARLES J. V. SPRATT, President Victoria Machinery Depot,
DR. LEWIS HALL, Mayor of Victoria, B.C.
. CHARLES LUGRIN, Editor "Colonist," Victoria, B.C .
W>* K. HOUSTON, Member W. K. Houston & Co., Victoria.
JOSEPH McPHEE, Gen'l Merchant, Cumberland and Courtenay.
F. J. MARSHALL, formerly Asst. Manager National Bk. of India.
The following gentlemen have consented to join the Board
after the General Meeting, February 4th, 1909, at which time the
Board will be increased from seven to nine members:
FREDERICK APPLETON, Director M. R. Smith & Co., Ltd.,
GREELY KOLTS, Director and Fiscal Agent British Canadian
Wood Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.
Ironwork,   Columbia   River   Bridge,   at
Revelstoke, B.C.
Sealed Tenders, Indorsed "Tenders for
Wrought and Cast Iron, per pound," will
be received by the undersigned up to and
including the Sth day of February next,
for the manufacture and delivery, f.o.b.
cars at Revelstoke, all the iroriij/ork for
the above bridge as called for In the
Bills of Iron and Drawings exhibited.
Specifications, drawings; bills of iron,
forms of contract and tender, may be
seen at the offlce of the Public Works
Engineer, Victoria, B.C.; the offlce of
the Provincial Timber Inspector, Vancouver, B.C.; and at the office of the.
Government Agent, Revelstoke, B.C., on
and after January 26th next.
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque, or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank of
Canada, made payable to the undersigned, in the sum of nine hundred
($900.00) dollars, which shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline to
enter Into contract when called upon to
do so, or if he fail to complete the work
contracted for. The cheques or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned  to them upon
the execution of the contract. Tenden
will not be considered unless made ou
on the forms of tender supplied, signei
with the actual signature of the ten
derer and enclosed In the envelope furn
The lowest or any tender hot neces
sarlly accepted.
Public Works Engineer
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., 20th January, 1909.
Feb. 6
i    NOTICE Is hereby given that the Re
* serve on Lot 29a, Range 4, Coast Dts
trict, Is cancelled.
Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Vietoria, B.C., 15th October, 1908.


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