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The Prospector Nov 29, 1895

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Vol. HI. Hq. AaP    ROSSLAND, B.C., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1895. $2.00 a Year.
Hussion   Opened   at   llossland   Monday.
The Docket Cleared In Four liny...
When Judge Spinks ascended to
the bench at 10 o'clock on Monday
morning and Sheriff Robinson proclaimed the opening of the Court,
there lay before Registrar Giffln n
docket containing an entry of 40
cases. The legal gentlemen in attendance were McArthur, McLeod,
Soultbee, Glass, Clute, Courtney,
•!"Nish and Leggett, of llossland;
wes and Elliot, of Nelson, and
'en and Stoll, of Spokane. Most
M he cases related to mining prop-
■ ■['. The first one called was that
o, Stussi vs. Brown. Combined
•villi it was the case of Allis vs.
I rown. It was tried before a jury
of six. Boultbee appeared for
i 'ussi, McArthur for Allis, and
Mcbeod for Brown. Defendant
s called but did not appear, ex-
, by attorney. The dispute was
8 to the specific performance of an
eement, by virtue of which
plaintiff, Stussi, claimed an interest in the mineral claim, St. Louis.
John Stussi, the plaintiff, was the
first witness and made a straightforward statement to the Court.
He was followed on the stand by
David Stussi and Recorder Kirkup,
the latter being questioned as to
the records. The finding of the
jury was that Stussi should have
-J- interst in the claim, and also
another ^ if in the opinion of the
Judge he should be entitled to it.
A number of minor cases were
disposed of and Court adjourned
Until next day. A case that took
tip a good deal of time Tuesday,
■$vas one involving title to Vernon
mineral ground. Il appears that
the Vernon, Evening and Thompson claims are so badly mixed up
as to lines, dates of location, and
dates of record, that a confusion
exists equal to that caused by John
Smith's will, who is said to have
willed his property to John Smith
the Tenth.
Judgment for defendant.
While the case was being tried
the Judge took occasion to remark
that if it were shown that any person had ante-dated stakes he could
send that person to prison for three
In a suit against the Spokane
Ore Company, plaintiff's attorney,
McLeod, got in some cutting remarks against the company, which,
he said, boasted of n capital stock
of $5,000,000, and yet could not pay-
its workmen. Defendants' attorney,
McArthur, vigorously refuted the
charges, and said that they were
ready to pay the money into court
at any time. The case of McArthur vs. Blue, being a lengthy account case, involving a great deal
of figuring) was referred to Judge
Newton, in face of the fact that
the latter is already one of the
busiest men in the city.
Colotto vs. Finnell, plaintiff not
appearing, Was dismissed at plaintiff's cost.
Northport Trading Co. vs. Bishop; McArthur for plaintiff. L'6g-
t'citt had been Bishop's attorney,
out now declined to appear, as defendant had left the province.
Judgment for plaintiff for $09.
In the smelter case, wherein it
was sought to set aside the receiver,
Clute appeared for plaintiffs and
McLeod for defendant. An argument arose as to whether a receiver
is an officer of the Court. The Court,
after some indecision, held that he
was. The receiver was required to
give bonds for "due performance
of receivership."
Lewis vs. Eichman.     McArthur
for plaintiff and Glass for defendant.    This action  was to enforce
an alleged aquitablecontract.    Arguments on law  points  involved,
lasted abofit one hour.    After hearing one witness the case was nonsuited.
Owing to lack of space an account
f   the  further  proceeding of the
oftr't is' posponed until next week.
The Jumpers on Trial,
Information was laid by John
M. Burke against Ewen Morrison
and H. Cummings, charging them
with conspiracy to defraud and obtain money unlawfully from the
owners of the Homestake mineral
claim. / The case was called Thursday afternoon before Justices Newton and Topping. Two lawyers
from Spokane, Allen and Campbell, appeared for the prosecution,
and J. S. Clute, of the Rossland bar,
for the defendants. The court room
was crowded, the interest in the
case exceeding that of any case
heard in the County Court. Defendants' attorney raised the question
whether it was good taste for Justice Topping to sit on the case, as
he is a mine owner and has suffered from the actions of jumpers and is
known to have used language more
emphatic than elegant concerning
them. Both justices were, however, of the opinion that the Court
would be unbiased in their case.
Objection was raised by defendants'
attorney to the appearance of
American lawyers in the case, and
the statement made that While
instances are known of American
lawyers appearing for defendants
in British Columbia courts, it was
an unheard of thing that they
should prosecute British subjects,
whose liberty was at stake. Recorder Kirkup- was called and testified as to the chain of title of the
Homestake claim and to the locating of the Pacific claim over it by
defendants. John M. Burke testified regarding the sale of the
Homestake, and that because of the
jumping, he was obliged to take
seven thousand dollars less than
hail been agreed upon. After the
examination of two or three other
witnesses the case was adjourned
until 3 o'clock this (Friday) after-
A Warning from the ISeheh.
On Thursday, at the conclusion
of the sitting of the County Court,
Constable Hooson brought a charge
of keeping a common gaming house
against Messrs. Reefer and Pyke,
before His Honor Judge Spinks,
sitting as stipendiary magistrate.
The case had its origin in the
defendants preventing some colored men from entering and playing
in their house about a month ago.
The defendants, for whom Mr.
Glass, appeared, were fined $25, or
in default one month's imprisonment, His Honor remarked that
his dealing so leniently with the
defendants was because this was
the first charge of the kind that
had been brought, and conviction
would probably act as a deterrent
to others from running such a business. To liis mind the charge
was fully proved.
The Fuel Combine.
The wood merchants of Rossland
are holding meetings and have
formed a combination for keeping
up the price of wood; Th'e first
meeting was held at the residence
of James Summers last Saturday
evening, and another meeting was
held Wednesday evening.' The
the following dealers were present,
J. C. Catlett, (jus Lenhart, John
McKinnon, James Summers, Prank
Cort, S. P. Cameron, Y. A. Burgess,
Ceo. Adams, Jas. Smith, Eric Ek-
land and M. Young, A schedule
of prices was adopted.
Was that Given  hy  the miners' Union
Las! Night.
The greatest gathering of its kind
ever seen in Rossland, or in West
Kootenay either, was the Thanksgiving ball of tljje Rossland Miners'
Union last night. The ballroom in
the Opera House is quite large
enough for ordinary balls, but this
was an extraordinary one, and the
first annual ball will long be remembered with pride by the members of the Union as the biggest
of big events in the history of
Kootenay. The room was packed,
there being between two and three
hundred on the floor, and the
spectators lined the doorways and
every available foot of space. The
aggregation of beauty present was
a great surprise to many who had
no idea that our new city on the
everlasting hills could boast of so
many ladies with more than the
average of good looks and fascinating style, The walls were tastefully decorated with bannerettes,
kindly lent bjj Prof. Lewis, and
some large mottoes representing a
shovel, pick and hammer, and
bearing the letters " R. M. U.j"
•lF. W. M." a.iJ "Justice to All."
Over the stage was stretched, the
whole width of the hall, a huge
device bearing the legend, "In
Union is Strength.'' Want of space
compels us to cut this notice short.
There were 24 items on the programme, music was supplied by
Prof. Sumpf's fine band, a splendid
supper was served at the Hotel
Allan near by, and the ball was
not concluded until nearly 5 a.m.
On Monday, Wednesday and
Thursday, at the Opera House, the
most refined sensational organization ever visiting this city wil'l
appear. The stage setting represents a serene of Oriental splendor,
and the entertainment is heralded
with the indorsement of public and
press. General admission 35 cents,
children 25c. Reserved seats can
be secured at the Post-office at 50c.
A Seattle exchange says :
" Prof. Lewis kept faith with the
public, presenting more new and
startling features than he advertised. Ths professor's juggling we
have never seen equalled; and his
feats of' mystic art' are unsolvable.
Miss Ida Lewis is a gifted elocutionist, and her well-selected recitations form a most pleasing feature of the entertainment. ' Nights
of Enchantment' will please the
most critical audience;"
For choice groceries go to Hunter
rbs.; K. &' Co.—Adv.
He Takes the Cake.
The nice lettering on cardboard
seen in some of the restaurants is
the work of Mr. White, of the Rossland Sign Company. He has given
the people of Rossland plenty of
evidence that he is an artist in his
line. Mr. White and his partner,
Mr. Beatty, may be found at Nelson's Cabinet shop. They solicit
your patronage.
Ought to Know the lioute hy this Time.
For more than two years D. C.
Corbin has had surveyors on the
sixteen miles between Rossland
and Northport by the Sheep creek
route, They have gone over it
again and again, probably twenty
times. Every tree, stump, rock
and ravine has been noted down
on a dozen different field notes.
Month after month the surveyors
have returned to see if any of the
trees, stumps, rocks or ravines have
moved. It would seem to be about
time that the surveyors were transported and some graders and tie-
cutters put on in their place.
To l'repare for the Fair.
All the Catholic ladies of Rossland are requested to meet in the
Opera House, Monday, 15th of December, at 11 a. m. by Le Roi
time.  • Father Lemey.
As it is understood that the tenders for the erection of the school
house considerably exceed the
amount voted by the Government,
the matter will have to stand over
until the next session of the Legislature. The building now used for
school purposes must be papered
and ceiled, if the school is to be
maintained. This would cost
about $150, and immediate subscriptions are invited from all interested in the school. It is suggested that parents should organize
to obtain subscriptions for that
purpose. The trustees have no
money in hand to meet such expenses, and could only close the
school if funds be not provided.
W. M. Newton,
Sec. to Trustees.
As the Methodist church, in its
unfinished condition, has proved to
be too cold for school purposes, it
would be a good idea if the first-
class talent we have in Rossland
could be utilized for the purpose of
raising, or helping to raise, a sufficient sum to make the building entirely suitable. This would best be
accomplished by a miscellaneous
entertainment (not a concert—the
average working man does not care
for concerts) in the opera house,
and with the admission 25c. and
50c. a 75 dollar house might be
counted on. As the lining and
ceiling of the church would take
about $150, half the money would
thus be raised, and the other half
could be obtained by subscription
or by another entertainment later
on. Let the school and church
trustees invite the assistance of the
ladies wdio have sOTtbly taken part
in the recent entertainments, and
the idea I have here put forth will
be carried to a successful issue.
I hear that the Miners' Amateur
Specialty Company is about to give
another performance in the opera
house. If they will eliminate one
or two of the objectionable features
which appeared in their hist effort
they will become popular caterers
to the public amusement, and 1
would make the suggestion that if
the company desires to enhance its
popularity it has a good chance to
do so just now—by announcing that
the profits shall be devoted to the
fund for making the church warm
enough to continue the school
through the winter.
The advent of " the beautiful " is
this year quite a week later than
its usual date for throwing its
fleecy mantle o'er the uninviting
bosom of Dame Nature. For several years past it has commenced to
fall on the 17th November; this
year it came to stay on the 26th,
ami it must be confessed it hag lent
a charm to our landscape and a
merciful screen to the jaggedness
of our streets that makes it a welcome guest.
The latest addition to Rossland's
institutions is the Rigid Society—
so called on account of a rule
binding its members to walk
straight, not only in the eyes of
the world, but also when scooting
homeward in the wee sma' hours
witli only-the watchful eyes of the
ubiquitous policeman to encounter.
The society's mission is varied, the
sampling of oysters, hot scotch,
Tom and Jerry and various brands
of tobaccos and cigars, for the protection of the public health from
adulterated stimulants, being one
of its great philanthropic feature".
The society also goes in for self-
culture, more especially on musical
lines, and the advancement of the
noble gaine of whist. The president is a popular limb of the law.
A public library and reading-
room would be a great boon and,
perhaps, the salvation of many a
young man wdio has no place of
resort but the saloon during the
coming winter. If a few philanthropic people would take the matter up there would be no difficulty
in starting and maintaining a se.'l-
sustaining institution of that kind.
There are vacant premises suitable
for thd purpose, and the subscriptions .of members would..pay the
rent and lighting. All Kootenay
papers, and many provincial and
American, Could be obtained free.
Large hearted citizens would make
donations of books, and there you
are—the thing is done. Smaller
towns than Rossland are running
public libraries, and why not here?
The street sales of the Prospector are increasing every week.
C. G. Dixon, Spokane's walking
encyclopedia, is in the city.
What a fine opportunity a waterworks company has to water its
L. F. Williams, editor of the
Record, went out to Spokane to eat
''Can not get lumber fast enough,*'
is an expression again heard in
The Marymont building is enclosed. It will be a fine structure
when completed.
The fair for the benefit of thd
Catholic church will be the 19j 20
and 21 of December.
Santa Clans i6 leaving wagon
loads of Christmas goods at Wallace's stationery store every day.
Since the Sears stage was pulled
off the Northport line, the two
remaining stages have been crowded every trip.
The capitalists of the coast cities
are now competing with the Americans in the purchase of mining
properties in Kootenay.
Prof, and Mrs. Graham announce another big masquerade
at the Opera House, Tuesday evening, December 10th.
Two miles of the clearing of
the right of way for the narrow
image road is visible from the windows of the Prospector office.
The American Thanksgiving was
observed as a holiday by the Amer-
icar.s in our midst, who constitute
the greater part of the population.
Mrs. Allan now has her daughter, her sister and her mother—a
fine old lady—with her, and the
Hotel Allan appears like a home
as well as a hostelry.
Nelson Bennett, of Tacoma, will
arrive in the city to-day and will
assume the contract awarded to
King to construct the Trail Creek
narrow guage railway.
C. W. MeAnn, of Kaslo, bore
down upon the city Monday evening, inquired for Sheriff Robinson, and ignoring the sitting of the
County Cou'rt, was gone next
Mr. T. R. Morrow came down
yesterday from Rossland on a business trip. Mr. Morrow is enthusiastic as to the future of Kootenay
and is largely interested in several
mining claims. He will return to
Rossland in about a month.—Vancouver News-Advertiser.
The bed of Center Star creek
will be used for a dumping place
for the waste taken from the 1800-
foot Iron Mask-War Eagle tunnel.
The waste will undoubtedly form a
big pile. The company has placed
a small culvert alongside the creek
as a passageway for the water. If
the culvert should prove to be too
small to carry off all the water in
the flood season, or should get
blocked, the company itself will be
the first to suffer by the pond that
would form above the dump, rising
and putting out the fires in the
power house.
A Public Meeting will be held
in the present school building on
Monday evening, December 2nd,
1895, at 8 o'clock, to provide ways
and means for carrying on the
school until the new school house
erected. HH
Frozen  Out.
School was dismissed one or twe
days this week, because the school
room was too cold. No other building will be available this winter.
See, elsewhere in this paper, tht*
notice of the school trustees. $150
must be subscribed to paper and
ceil the building or there will be
no school, Who will head the
Go to the Leland for a first-class
25c. luncheon. *
Notice of Melting.
Next meeting of the wood merchants, of Rossland will be held
at the residence of John McKinnon Saturday, November 30th,, at
8 p. m. All Wood merchants and
teamsters are requested to,attend.,
as important business Will b*
brought up. lit -PR05PECT01
Friday, NoVembe'r^lh-, 1895.
Map making  in   Kootenay has
not been very profitable.   Civil engineers and others who draw maps
usually  do  so  during  the wiftter
months, when   they are precluded
from following active operations in
the open air, and when they count
their time least valuable.   There is
need now of a new map of the Trail
Creek  mining  district.    With  all
the accumulated data to refer to it
'could be made reasonably accurate.
The ground for two miles in every
direction from Rossland has been
'so thoroughly surveyed that','by
" tie-ing"  the various survey? together,   little  difficulty   would   be
-experienced in creating  a reliable
'map  and one that could'be confidently stamped as accurate.    It is
'the expressed opinion that a really
accurate,  up-to-date map of this
district would find a ready sale and
'a great demand awaiting it.
It is very pleasant to see that
the newspapers—or some of them—
on the other side of the boundary
are endeavoring to make amends
for their recent ridiculous war
(screams against the country that
was"stealingAlaska," by publishing
the truth about the matter. And
the truth is, according to the head
of the American survey party himself, that the British and American
surveyors have carried on their
work so amicably and quietly that
the people of Alaska did not know
\heve was a survey going on. The
pattalion of Mounted Police said to
have been worrying the peaceful
pettier?" and miners on American
territory has been shown to amount
to fifteen men and the wives of the
jwo officers! These men are there
to prevent whiskey smuggling, and
are located nowhere near the survey
parties. The whole sensational
Story which went the rounds of the
Press and induced Senator Chandler to make his infamous war
Speech was fabricated by some unscrupulous faker who desired to
pull the wool over the eyes of the
American people either for a political purpose or else to see some fun.
What at one time seemed to be a
casus belli between two great nations turns out to he a repetition of
the old story of the " Three Black
pats." But it proves that the
average newspaper editor iB more
eager to publish sensational fakes
than the plain honest truth, forgetting that he is thereby building up a reputation for unreliability which a discerning public
Will not forget.
As the court room where the
County Court is held this week
was intended only for police and
justices' courts, a sort of ante-room
to the lock-up, no complaint can
properly Le made because it is
much too small for the business
of the County Court, for which
purpose it was not intended. The
Government, though, should have
in Rossland a real court house—a
Separate and much larger building
than the one containing the recorder's office and the police court
room. It should tie larger and
better than any Government building in the Kootenay, and should
contain a court room provided
with an auditorium containing
long rows of benches for the public.
There is not a good court room in
Kootenay. Not even at Nelson,
where the arrangement of the court
room is about as stiff and uncomfortable as it was possible to make
H, No seats are provided for the
i&itittibti hferd that stands without
the bar. Either the people have
no right in a court room at all
and should be kept out, or they
should be provided with comfortable seats. When court was held
in Kaslo in a building where there
was ample room for spectators, no
provisions \vas made for their comfort, and His Worship, the Mayor,
and the leading merchants of the
place had to "rubber-neck" to see
and hear what was transpiring.
It is not idle curiosity that impels
the people to seek admission to the
court room. They have somehow
learned that "ignorance of the law
excuses no man," and they are
impelled with a laudable desire to
learn more of the law of the land
as it is administered by the court.
These periodical sittings of the
court are looked forward to as a
school for the people, a place where
they go to obtain instruction, and
those who attend are entitled to
have due respect shown then), and
proper provision made for their
comfort, chief among which are
plenty of room and plenty of beats.
Rosslanders will not be envious
if Nelson attains to the position
she is aiming for—the commercial
metropolis of West Kootenay. But
it is not to our liking that Nelson
should he built up at the expense
of Rossland, neither is it fair. The
Nelson people have always been
noted for their clannishness, their
desire to sing ihe praises of their
town wherever they go. This is a
very laudable characteristic, and
deserves the approbation of all true
patriots. But some of the Nelson
people carry this virtue to extremes.
Some of their business men have
established branches in adjoining
towns—in llossland, for instance.
Generally these merchants have
little use for the town in which their
branch business is located except
for the purpose of making money
to prop up or extend their business
in Nelgon'. Nelson is their Mecca.
All their advertising and job printing, instead of being given to the
local offices, is done in Nelson, and
in many other ways do they seek
to further ihe interests of that
town. This sort of thing is all right,
for Nelson, and the merchants are
doing their duty by their own town,
but what about the other town?
Again, why is it that Commissioner Fitzstubbs persistently and
exclusively uses the columns of the
Nelson Miner, not only for the
whole of his offifciuJ notices, but
also for advertising the application
for, and granting of, Crown grants
for mines situated in the Trail
Creek camp. The mining laws
state that such notice shall be pub-,
lished in a newspaper circulating
in the district where the, mine is
located. If this means the electoral
district, then it is clear that the
Miner has no right to publish advertisements concerning Trail Creek
mines, because Nelson is not in the
same electoral district as Trail
Cheek. There are four papers published in the Trail Creek district,
and none have received recognition
as advertising mediums in the
most populous and progressive district in West Kootenay at the
hands of the Government officials
who control such advertising, and
while this neglect may cause the
other three to feel that they are
here on sufferance and have no
right to speak out, the Prospector
has no compunctions whatever in
speaking thus publicly of an unfair system of Government patronage which has been in vogue in
West Kootenay ever since the
Miner came into the possession of
a man who has a " pull" with the
Government and, of course, with
the Government's servants.
It is not our intention to disparage the Miner as a newspaper, but it
in the hateful and unfair system of
favoritism against which we make
a hard British kick, and we hope
our local contemporaries will have
nerve enough to protest against the
advertising patronage which rightfully belongs to Trail Creek journals
being poured into the lap of a pap-
fed, subsidized paper at Nelson. If
this injustice is to continue—
and it is likely it will continue
as long as Commissioner Fitzstubbs
resides in Nelson—the Government
will have but one solitary supporter among the Kootenay Press,
and the worthlessness of that particular support was demonstrated
at the last election, when'the'Op-
positiori Press, the Opposition candidate and the Opposition party
had Nelson, and nearly the whole
constituency, all to themselves—
the adherents of the Government,
i.e. the followers of the Miner, were
simply ''out of sight."
Through Ihe War Eagle Tunnels.
To one not accustomed to mining,
an exploration of the workings of
the War Eagle will seem something
of an undertaking. In company
with two others, our represenative
paid a visit to this most famous of
West Kooienay mines through the
courtesy of Supt. Clarke. Candles
were obtained at the engine house,
from which it is only a few yards
to the mouth of the lower tunnel.
It is easy walking over the broad
plank which runs between the iron
rails on which the wai/oiis brinf;
the ore from the end of the tunnel
to the dump, These wagons are of
iron, ano are so easy of propulsion,
loaded or empty, that the man in
charge finds no difficulty in keeping up a sort of a jog trot while
pushing. The tunnel is about four
feet in width, with a varying heigth
of from six to ten feet, and one has-
to keep in the center of the track-
to escape contact with a projection
here and there, just high enough to
make a tall man wish himself a
little shorter. Here and there
along the walls brjght spots glisten
in \be dull light of the candles,
and on a closer inspection the yellow ore is seen in large splashes
and veins; but this is only at intervals, as the walls are mostly covered with a damp, bluish clay, as if
put on with a whitewash brush.
Probably this is spattered over the
walls apd roof by the blasting
operations. It is all rock; all drill
work j no use here for pick and
gad, such as the Cornish miners
use in soft lodes of copper and tin.
There are cross pieces at short intervals, on which the air pipe rests.
These cross pieces are of green
wood, five or six inches in diameter, the ends fitted into niches tut
into the solid rock about six feet
high. There is vpry little water in
the tunnel, just a dampness on the
walls, and perhaps a slight dripping here and there, with a tiny
stream flowing beneath the plank.
Many imagine that mineral
veins run in rigid straight lines,
but if the War Eagle tunnels have
strictly followed the ore body, the
twistings and turnings of these particular veins are remarkable. The
noise of the drill being worked by
compressed air at the end of the
workings becomes terrific as the
last curve is rounded, and it takes
some time for the eye and ear to
become accustomed to the surroundings. Two men are in charge of
the drill, which is boring a hole
high up in the face of the tunnel,
the apparatus resting on a croBs-
piece fixed for the purpose. One
man turnB the handle of the screw
which presses the drill against the
rock, while hiB partner throws
water into the hole where the drill
is working.   This tunnel is in 600
(Continued oh page 4.)
See Hunter Bros., K. & Co., for
wool boots, German box and overshoes. Winter foot-wear of all
All work guaranteed.
fred j. squire,
Merchant Tailor,
Nelson, 1). C
A choice collection of worsteds
serges and tweeds always on hand
' '     ltOSSLAND, B.C.
£V   a   sfiction Guao.u'.eed. -'0.1
Home-made Bread, Pies, etc.
Undertaker & Embaimer,
Undertaking Parlors
Preparation Room.
Columbia kn, Eist of Washington Street
International Hotel,
first-class' dini'-ng boom.
The most elegantly furnished
rooms in the city,
nm nam mi * * * mi ai mm mm,
Travellers and Miners will find the House a
pleasant Home.
We have just received
which we will sell
Cheaper for Cash
Than ANY HOUSE in Rossland,
Balfour Trading Co., •""■sSfJfe*
Good Saddle or Pack Horses
Red Star Stables,
We make a specialty of sending horses to Trail and North-
port.  We get them back.   No feed bill.
Northport, Wash. Rossland, B.C.
CHICAGO, 111.,   U. S. A.
Makers of Mining
Concentrators,   Stamp Mills,
Bend Jor CatdlogW A. TX*r.
Certificate pf Improvements.
Situate in the Trail Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay District. Where located: South and
joining the Iron Colt Claim.
Take Notice that I, A. S. Far-
well, as agent for Daniel M. Drum-
heller, No. 61,398, intend, sixty
ilays from the (bite hereof, to apply
to'the Gold Commissioner for a
certiticate of improvements, for the
purpose of ohtainig a Crown granf
of the above claim.
And further take notice, that ad-
verse claims must be sent, to the
({old Commissioner and action
commenced before the issuance of
such certificate of improvements,
Dated   tins !>rh  clay of Noyer/.-
Wr, D)95.
l 1-11-95 A. S. FAR WELL.
Csrtlilcate of Improvements,
'• Di;::i: pa.uk" MiwEHAL-oXAt&t.
Situate in the Trail Creek Mining Division JfVv'est Kooienay District. Where located ; About one
tui.'e southwest from Rossland.
Take Notice that I, A. S. Fafwell,
ms fi"gt!ftt for Frederick A. Mulhol-
land, No. £9,500, intend, sixty days
from the ditte hereof, to apply*1 to
the Odd Commissioner for a certiticate pf improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of
the a hove claim.
And further take notice, that adverse claims must he sent to the
GoldCommissionerand action commenced before the issuance of such
certificate of improvements.
Dated   this first day of November. 1895.
Ml-05 A. S. FARWELL.
Certificate of Improvements,
Situate in the Trail,Greek Mining
Division of VVest Kootenay District.
Where located : North of and adjoining the War Eagle claim.
Take Notice that f, A. S. Farwell,
as agent for Thomas L. Savage, No,
57,051, and William Austin) No.
•f'2,'127, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a. certiticate of
improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse claims must be sent to the Gold
Commissioner and actum commenced before the issuance of such
certificate of improvements.
Dated this fourth day of November, 1895.
t-11-95 A. S. FARWELL.
Certificate of Improvements.
"red neck" mineral claim.
Situate in the Trail Creek Mining
Division of West Kootenay District
Where located ! Lying west of the
Homestake; east of the Climax;
south of the Fjre Fly and north of
Ihe Hattie Brown mineral claims.
Take Notice that I, C. K. Brig-
man, free miner's certificate No.
62,285", intend, sixty days from tin
date hereof, to apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining rt Crown grant of the above
And furfhtr take notice, that ad.-
Verse olairhf* must be sent tot he Gold
Commissioner and aeiiou commenced, before the issuance of such
Ceiiifieate or improvements.
Dated this twentieth dayofOcto-
tw, A. D. fS9&
New Fall ancl Winter
Ladies  are   requested  to call, and
examine my stock.
©ver Sirjrelow's' Store.
* .: i-'r,u-i c.'N iH'A!:ANTia:r):
Hrc Helen Viuker.
«r .„     _ _  „	
Stove.- of all kinds at bed-rock
prices. Seo Hunter Bros., K. &
application for liquok license.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned will, at the expiration of thirty
days, apply to the Stipendiary Magistrate of
West Kootenay district, for a license to sell
liquor at retail at the liny View Hotel, in the
town of Trail. JOHN CALLAHAN.
October 21st, 180,3.
Sinnite in Trail Creek Mining Division of
Kootenay District of Uritish Columbia. Where
located; On the north side and adjoining the
Oood Hope mineral claim and the south side of
the Ontario mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Finiraore Mclbourn
McLeod, free miner's certificate Noi 61,-l70, Intend, '.ixty dava from the date hereof, to apply
to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of
improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining a
Grown (rrttiit oi the above claim.
And further take notice, that' adverse claims
must be sent to the Oold Commissioner nnd
action contmuneed before the issuance of bucIi
certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 17lh October, A.D. 1895.
. 1<\ M, MCLEOD.
Situate in the Trail Creel; Mining Division
ol West Kootenay District ami located north
of, and adjoining the Monte Christ0 Mineral
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. A. K'irk, noting as
agent for Louis Lle-mnmm, Free Miner's ceriili-
cate No, (J0.SP6, ami Charles Schmidt, Free
Miner's certiticate No. II0,;KI, intend, sixty (ilu)
da^s from the date heivm, in apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a certificate of improve*
inents tor the purpose, of obtaining a crown
Grant of the above Claim.
And further take notice, that, adverse claims
must be sent to tho Gobi Commissioner and
action commenced before the issuance of such
certilicale of Im|>rovemetitd.
Dated this 24 til (lav of October, 1895, at BOSS'
land, II. C. J. A. KIRK.
Certificate of Improvements,
Situate in Trail Creek Mining Division of
Kooienay District of ilrithli Columbia. Where
located: On tiie west side of Ked .Mountain, in
the said mining division.
TAKE NOTICE Unit I, F. M. McLeod, of the
town of Itossland, in Kootenay District of
Uritish Columbia, acting as agent for Theodore P. 'lra.--kj free nirn'e-r's certiticate No. (57171;
Joseph Aliiioure, free miner's certificate No.
i>07-*., .Joseph llroun, free miner's cenilicate
.So. lil'iul, and Walter L, LftWry, free miner's
certilicuto No. 57281, all of the said town of
kossland, intend, sixty days from'-the date
hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for
a eerolicnte of improvements! for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown grant of the above claim,
And further take notice, that adverse claims
must be sent- to the Gold Commissioner and
action commenced before the issuance of such
certificate of improvements.
p. m. Mcleod
Dated this 3rd day of October, 1895.
No. 101
Mikiii of ifo h(\Mm of a Fo?sign
"Companies act," Part IV., and Amending
| A CIS.
Registered the 1st day of August, 1895.
I hereby certify that I have this day registered
the " Uritish - American Mining Company**'
(Foreign) under the "Companies Act,'' Part
IV., Registration of Foreign Companies/ and
Amending Acts.
The head oliice of the said Company is situated in tiie' city of Itutte; State of Montana,
0. s. A.
The objects for'which the Company is established are: To engage in, do and carry on any
and all kinds of mining, milling; reducing; refining- Hiid treating of ores and minerals and
any other commercial business; to purchase or
olherwise RCrfuii'e.,-own, hold; rent, mine, develop, improve; work, deal in;lease, sell, convey or otherwise dispose of mines and mineral
hinds, townsitcs or town lots, blocks, or any
subdivisions thereof; electric light or power
plants, roads; tramways, or any other means
of conveyance and transportation; to acquire
by purchase; or otherwise dispose of, stocks or
shares of stocks of other incorporated companies, and bonds, negotiable Instruments, and
other obligations and securities; with power to
the Company to endorse and guarantee any
bonds; negotiable Instruments; or other obligations dealt in or sold by it, or which may be or
may have been made or issued by any corporation in which this Company may own a majority of the stock; to aCrfUire,' buy, own, hold,
sell, exchange and deal In any and all fcfnds of
merchandise, personal properly and real estate
wheresoever with'fn the Stele of Montana or
elsewhere wi'thotif said' suite, to lend money
forprollt (vnd to liike; hold ano* realize upon
securities therefor; to borrow money for the
business of the Company and to give security
therefor; and for the purpose of raising money
necessary for the transaction of the business of
the Company or of any of Its business or the
acquisition Of properly t to execute bonds, debentures, promissory noies or other evidences
of indebtedness, and to secure the same by
mortgage or pledge of all or any part of the
property of Ihe Company real or personal; todo
business on commission and to act as agent or
attorney of or for other persons or corporations
in the doing or transacting of any business
V hich this Company may or can do or carry on
for itself: to carry on any other business or to
do any other thing in connection with the objects and.purposes above mentioned that may
be necessary or proper io .successfully accomplish or promote said objects and uUrposes;
Io construct and operate ditches, canals, dams,
and other means of conveying and utilising
water for Irrigation purposes; to purchase,
hold, develop, improve, use, lease, sell or convey,'or otherwise dispose'ofj water powers ni.d
the sites thereof and hinds necessary or useful
therefor or for the industries and habitations
arising or growing up or to arise orgrpw up In
Connection with or about Ihe game, The capital stock of the said Company Is live hundred
thousand dollars, divided into live hundred
thousand shares of the par value of one dollar
Given under my linnd and seal of office at Vie-
torn, Province of British Columbia, this
tint day nf August, one thousand oighi
hundred and niuely-llvc.
O-.S.) S. V. WOOTON,
Registrar of Joiut Stoell Companies.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate il"! the Trail Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay
District. Where located: Northwest of, and adjoining the claim
recorded as ihe Nest Egg ant'
northwest of the Homestake claim.
Take Notice that I, J. A. Kirk.
acting as agent for the Phoenix
Gold Mining Company (foreign)
free miner's certificate No. t>4.4(>7
intend, sixty days from the datt
hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of tin
above claim.
And further take notice, that adverse claims must lie sent to the
Gold Commissioner and action
commenced before the issuance of
such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 25th clay of November, 1895.
hipping Work a Specialty.
Reserve Street, Rossland.
Cabinetmaker & Turner.
and Job Work.
Str. "W. Hunter"
Leaves New Denver  daily
for all points on Slocan
•ilocin Trailing I Navigation Conwy,
Spokane Falls
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway.
Daily    [except   Sunday]   between
Spokane and  Northport.
Tri-Weekly between Northport and
L'vo 8-43 a. ni. NKLHON Arr. 5-S5 p. m.
ON Mon.'a Wcrlnes.'saml Fri 's trains will run
through In Spokane; arriving there same
day. Returning will leave.SpoUan'e at "
a. m. on Tncs's Thura'a nmlsntnr'.s, arriving at
Nelson at (1:26 p.m.Bnmednyj making close con*
neotlons with steamer Nelson for al ooKtenay
lake points.
, 1'nsseiigers for • River tint! Boundary
Creel; connect at Marcus with stage on Mon*
days, Wednesday.!, Thursdays and  Fridays.
Pffesonger; for Trull Creek mines corniest at
Northport with singe Daily.
Columbia & Kootenay Ry.
Taking effect Friday, July 26, 1895,
cancelling all former time tables.
-'  """IM
£     »     3     o
bo    oi    to    oi    o
M 3     ti
o     t;     o     >-i
5    ot    ©
to     to      rO      tO
*Flag station.
Train No. l awaits arrival nf Str. Alberta al
Nelson and connects with boat for Trail Creek
at Kobson.
Train No. 3 connects with boat for Revelstoke
at kobson.
Trains Nos. 2 and -I will await arrival of boat
at Kobson.
The Company reserves the right to change
the time trble without notice.
Pacific standard and 21-hour system adopted.
J. HAMILTON, Trainmaster and .Agent,
Nelson, It.C
Great Northern
Tht M Fast Scenic Route,
Seatti.k, Victoria,
Vancouver & Pi-get
Sound, and all Pacific Coast Points, ST.
Paul, Chicago and Points Beyond
Modern Equipment.    Rock-ballas(
Attractive tours via nuluth and the Great
Lakes in connection with exclusively passenger boats of Northern s..--. Co.
Direct connection via Nelson A Fort Sheppard
railway at Spokane; and via C. & K. S. N Co.
at Bonner's Ferry	
For maps, tickets, and complete informatio
call on Agents C. & . s. Nav. Co ; X.iF. S. r'y"
on   C. G. Diyon, Gen. Agenl, Spokane, Wash.
F. I. Whitm.y, G. I', .t T. a., St. l'aul, Minn.
F. T. Abhott, Travelling Freight & I'.issengei
Agent, Spokane, Wash.
Canadian Pacific R
REVELSTOkE   time   table.
Atlantic Express arrives 10:10 daily.
Pacific " "       17-1 *<      "
Cheapest, most reliable and safe route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul, Chicago, New York and
Boston. Kates J.J loflO lower than any other
Specially fitted Colonist cars, in charge of a
porlcr, for the accommodation of passengers
holding second-class,tickets.
Passengers booked to and from ail European
points at lowest rates.
Low freight rates. Quick despatch. Merchants
will save money by having their freight routed
via the C. P. K.
Full and reliable information given byappiv-
Ing to
Asst. Gen. passenger agent,       Local agent;
Vancouver.        Revelstoke.
C. & K. S. N. Co.,
TIMK    TABLE    NO.    8.
Taking effect Monday, November 11,1895.
Nelson-Kaslo route—Str. Nelson.
 Monday 3 a. m.
5'30 p.m Tuesday	
2'HO p.m... Wednesday ... .3 a. m.
-r30 p.m... . Thursday 8 a.m.
5-30 p.m Friday 3 a. m.
5-30 p.m... . Saturday 8 a. m.
Connecting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with N A FS railway for Kaslo and lakt
points. Connecting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with N & FS r'y for Spokane.
Close connections with Columbia & Kootenay
r'y at Nelson for points north a south.
Bonner's Ferry route—Str. Nelson
Leaves Kaslo for llonner's Ferry at 3 a. m. on
Leaves Nelson for llonner's Ferry at 8 a. m. os
Leaves Bonner's Ferry at 2 a. m. on Tuesdays
for Pilot Hay, Nelson, Alnsworth and Kaslo.
Connects with east and westbbbund trains o»
the Great Northern  Railway,
Revelstoke route—Str. Nakusp.
Leaves Wigwam for Nakusp nnd Robson) Mori"
days and Thursdays at 7 p. m.
Leaves Robson for Nakusp, Wigwam and CftrK
itdain Pacific Railway points (east and went)
on Tuesdays and Fridays at G p. in.
Connection is made at uobson with C A t<
It'v for Nelson and '.villi Steamer "Lytton." for'
Trail Creek and Northport.
Trail Creek-Rohson route—Lyttoth
Leaves Trail cr.'ck for Robson on Tuesdays and
Fridays at 10 a. m.
Leaves Robson for Trail creek on Tuesdays and
Fridays at 4 p. m.
Connects at Robson with Steamer "Nakusp"
for Nakusp arid Revelstoke, and with C, A K.
R'y for Nelson and Kootenay Lake points.
Nprthport-Trail Creek—Str.Lytton
Leaves Trail creek for Northport on Mondays,
Wednesday-, Thursdays and Saturdays al
fi a. in.
Leaves Northport for Trail creek on Mondays,
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at
1 i>. m.
Connects tit Northport with S. F. & N. R'y lor
The company reserves the right to change
this schedule at any time without notice.
For full information as to tickets, rates, etr.
apply at the company's offices, Nelson.
Secretary. Manager.
Pacific R. R.
St. Paul, Minneapolis Duluth,
Fai-fio, Grand Forks, Crookston,
Helena and Butte.
Chicago, Washington,
Philadelphia,   New York,
Boston and all Points  east,  went
and south.
For information, time cards, maps
and tickets, call on or write
H- G. Stimmel, T. P. agent,
Nelson, B. C.
F. D. GiBns, General agent,'
Spokane, Wash.
ok A. D. Charlton,
asst. Gen. Pass, agent,
Portland, Oregon>
Ladies' Furnishing Goods.
A Full Line of Finishing Goods for Dressmakerji-
$** POULTRY, Live or Dressed, always on hanB
RESERVE STREET, ROSSLAND, B.C. yrJ.,-.-..V-,...'.,, .. '".•'•'   ■ ' ■-V- - -
feet and in good ore, hut it is in
the upper tunnel of the mine that
the greatest development is seen.
An immense air cotupressor plant
is being erected to drive a large
number of power drills. This will
more than double the output <>f
ores, and considerably lessen the
running expenses.
Leaving the miners to their
monotonous task, working like
gnon.es in a subterranean hole,
we retrace our steps toward daylight and are soon mounting the
steep declivity to the higher tcinnel.
The rumbling of a coming wagon
compels us to wait until it i has
dumped its load, and then we enjoy
pushing the empty little vehicle
along tbeglistening rails. This tunnel shows greater quantities of ore
than the lower one. It has the
appearance of having been worked
for years, as there are crosscuts
and tunnels branching off in various directions, with an uprise ami
a stu.ll here and there. Overhead
is another level and chutes are
placed at short intervals, from
which the ore truckles into the
wagons ou our level. One is surprised at the visible extent of the
workings, which would indicate
that the War Eagle is a great
mine, and has long passed its
development stage. Following a
branch tunnel we come to « winze
almut 60 feet deep, and we can heai
the rattle of the air drill as we
look down. Men are also workiup
there with hammer and drill, bui
we do not go down, although tin
ladders look invitingly steep. Gi oil
ore is being taken out of this
winze by means of a windlass and
bucket. Going on, we strike tin
main tunnel again, and soon reach
the end, where men tire engaged I
with the air drill.
This end is larger than the oi < ■
in the lower tunnel, and the writing of the drill can be noted very j
fully. They have already bored
eighteen holes, each a bo tit three
feet deep, which depth the drill
will accomplish in about 20 minutes or .half an hour. All these
holes are not fired, only those best
situated for breaking rock; anil if
the first fire does not come up to
expectations, then the holes still
left intact are set off.
The miners ;ire very intelligent
men, and are not above explainii g
few things for our enlightenment.
But their task must lie .fearfully
monotonous and unhealthy. Working there in the damp anil the darkness, with.the unvarying clatter of
the drill to intensify their discomfort, one cannot help asking; "If
the miner is not deserving of his
pay, who is?"
■    '   i
Church and Sunday-School.
Presbyterian services will be held
on Sunday as follows: Morning at
11, evening 7.30; Sunday-school 12
noon.    J. E. Wallace, pastor.
The Leland puts up an excellent
menu for 25c. *
Methodist Chukc.h.—Morning
service, 10.30; Sabbath-school, 2.30
p.m.; evening service, 7. Prayei
meeting Wednesday evenings at
7.30 standard time.   T. Gee, pastor.
Look over the twelve legal notices in this paper. Some of them
may interest you.
Wool blankets, quilts and mattresses, at'Hunter Bros., K. & Co.
Certificate of Improvements.
A full line of holiday goods will
soon be displayed at Wallace's
stationery store.
No. ol I'laint 288—95,
Is the County Court of Kootenay holden it
W. W. McCALLEY, Defendant.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the  plaint
herein was entered on Ihe lSih Noveni?
ber, lS9fi, and that by order  of  liis Honour
William-Ward Spinks, Comity (Jmirt Judge, it
was ordered that notice of the entry of the said j
plaint he published-in ihe Prospector news-1
paper for two (innsecutlve issues, nnd that such
publication and the posting up of sealed copies
i f the plaint, summons nnd order herein be
deemed trood and suiljcient service upon the
.1 latve-nained defendant.
Dated 20th day of November, 1805.
J. 8. OI.UTE, .In., l
Plaintiff's Solicitor,
Kosslaiid, ll.G.
Situate in the Trail Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay
District. Where located : On Red
Mountain, lying south of the "St.
Elmo" ami "Mountain View"
mineral claims,
Take Notice that I, J. F.
Ritchie., acting as agent for James
Garrison;' F.M.C. 01,342,' intend,
sixty,days from the date" hereof, to
apply io the Gold Commissioner
lor a certificate of improvements
for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that adverse claims must be sent to the
Gold Commissioner and aetiiin
commenced before the issuance of
BUeh certificate of improvements.
Dated this 28th day of November, 1895.
Gowper-Coles& Johnson,
fining Brokers and Agents,
46 Columbia Avenue.
Fine Brands § Cigars
Certificate of Improvements.
Arrival and 8cp«taro of Hails at Rossland,
Mails for despatch are closed at this oliice as
For Sfokamb—fl.80 am. daily.
"   Victoria—li.SO a.m.  Tuesdays,  Thursdays
and Saturdays.
"   Revelstoke and C. P. It.' points—7.80 a.m.
Tuesdays nnd Fridays.
"   Trail—7.30 a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays.
'J   Nelson, via Trail—7.30 a.m. Tuesdays and
"   Nelson, via Northport—(1.30 a.m. Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays.
Mails niriying ut this oliice are due as follows:
From Spokane—(i If; p.m. daily.
"    Victoria—fi.15 p.m. Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays.
"   Revelstoke—7.30 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays.
"   Trail—7.SO p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays.
"    Nelson, via Trail—7.00 p.m. Tuesdays and
"    Nelson, via   Northport—7.IS  p.m.   Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays
Oliice hours 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sundays 10 a.m.
to \2 noon.     '   ■
V. Wadds, CM.
Situate in the Trail Wininjj Division of West Kooiemi}' District.
Where located: Adjoining the
!'.Homestake" mineral claim on
the west.
Take Notice that I, J. F. Ritchie.
acting as agent for Norman A.
Mackenzie, F.M.c; 57,101; H. F.
McLean, F.M.C. (iO.bol; A. T. R.
B luck wood, F.M.C. 56,418; Elie
La Valley, F.M.C. 61,457, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mold Commissioner
for a certificate of ipaproyep'ien.ts
for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of i)ie above claim.
And further take notice that adverse claims must be sent to the
Cold Commissioner and action
commenced before the issuance of
such certiticate of improvements.
llossland, B.C., Nov, £8, 1895.
Come One, Come A]l;
Give Bunve.ll a Call.
Try his Clam Chowder, only
10c, a bowl,
Pie and Coffee 10 cents.
At the  Leland all the meals are
the same price— 25c. *
A fine display of lamps at Hunter Bros., K. & Co.    Adv.
The Waffle  House,
North End of Spokane Street.
Largest and most complete Stock of General
Merchandise in West Kootenay,
Dry Goods
Boots & Shoes
Hats & Caps
Furnishing Goods
Etc., etc.,
-      Rossland, B>C,
We are also an
Help Furnished Free.
wm si., m shims n,
All Ready!      "
The Lunch Counter
Mountain View Hotel,
Meals at all hours. Short orders.
Everything in Season that the Market Affords,
Geo. McGaughey.
'P qf7
#     #
$1.00 per day and upwards.
A. L. HOUSTON, Prop'r.
The One and Only
Pure Water Supply
In this City.
$1.00 per tank, 25c. per barrel, 5c. per bucket,   Delivered to any
part of the town.
J. F. Castle.
, Mon., Wed., Sat. I Thursday, j Tucs., Frl,
Leave Knslo for Alnsworth, Pilot Bay nnd Nelson 8 n. m I — 9a.m. | ... 7 a. m.
Leave Nelson for Pilot Hay, Alnsworth and Knslo  S p. ni | .... S ji.ni. | ... 6 p, m.
Close oonneotton 1r thus made between Lhfce points nnd nil Incoming nnd outgoing
trains of the C. P. II. at Nelson, The above schedule is in eitect 10 May 1895, subject
to change.        .Is. Wauo, Purser. Oeo. F Hayward, Master.
Red Mountain Stage Line.
J ; 0;	
Stage leaves Rossland at 7 a.m.,
Arriving at Northport at 10.30 "
Leaves NORTHPORT After Arrival of Train,
Arriving at Rossland at 5 p.m.


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