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The Prospector Sep 6, 1895

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 ■xv^.-.-:.^:.^-i^^-i-.-iJ ^.-^•jgafc--x^i2uiM-.ti. .vj. _;.j:
u*~.iMj*&::-yr   *r&}& '-.-* ^ua.*b
7DL IMP./1
22,50 PER TEAR,
.. . .,,, .. .   .
fold is the iagic Word
wmt nmwsn -tnun
Here is something to think about.
Flore is something to talk about.
Here is something to write to your
friends oliout. Hereis something
Ih.it the capitalists of the coast, tin
niosshaeks of Oregon, the Silurians
of (,',:lifornia and the gold bugs of
the east should all know about.
The Trail Creek camp, in the
.-enter oi' which llossland is located.
lias produced half a tnjUion dollars'
north of ore sine" May 1st. a little
over- four months.
This large amount of ore has
: een the product of only four
mines, vyhich have been all the
while conteirding with difficulties
that an now overcome. A much
larger output may he expected
from the same four mines during
I he next four mouths. In addition
fo these four, five or six others will
be shipping, so that the rate of
shipments are likely to he at tb.
r.ite of $2,000,000 worth of ore n
i -car.
There is no man in the camp
alio is not glad t° have it judged
by its record. Let ii lie judged tiy
what it has done. Let it be judged
by what it is now doing. Both it.-
past and present marlc it as the
greatest gold producing camp in
the northwest. Gold—the most
Botight after of anything in the
world. Gold—without which all
else is powerless to comfort.   Gold
when you have it you can ha ve
everything else. Trail (.'reek produces gold at the rate of $2,000,000
a year,
AKOI x?) Tin-: CITY,
Have your legal notices published in Tin: Prospector.
Campbell Bros, made two $700
and one $100 sales of furniture this
S me of the reading matter intended for this issue has been
crowded out.
Jerry Spellman has discarded
the sling, bis lame arm having recovered its fighting weight.
The frosty  weather of the |
few days has purified the air.    Thi
sick are getting well and  the well
arc getting frisk}'.
,Smitb's new three storey buildiiiti
should ho known as oli.ee block,
as it will contain more offici j than
any oth r building in the city.
Call at Campbell Bros,
and see the largest stock
of Furniture north "f
Hamilton Smith, a famous expert from London, England, is
expected to visit the camp soon i:.
the interest of London  capitalists.
Some grading has been done on
Washington street, but it needs a
greal ih :i yet. The possibilities of
that street are a puzzle to real-
estate men.
A young gentleman,  h mds une,
obliging, etc, of this city, is r| gn t-
[ ting beirjg unable to attend adanee
tti'ven on board   II.M.S.  Royal Ar-
A Valuable Mine.
Fractions are usually looked
upon as of little consequence.
When in dire extremity we say
"haif a loaf is better than no
bread,'' but a fourth or fifth is getting it down pretty line. When,
however,"that fifth happens to be
the fifth of a million dollars ii is
somewhat different. It is $200,01 :
ami is the value of the Cliff mim
The Cliff is. an early location,
and its dimensions arc 600 feet by
A Subordinate Lodgx nfthlx useful 0:-ilii-
Orff&ulxecl in l.osstaml.
District Deputy John Ap] elil -.
of New Denver, arrived in Ri.
land Tuesday ami appointed a
meeting for Wednesday evening at
Hayloft A' Mctioobe:',' hall. Before the hands of tiie clock pointed
to the hour of eight (ate) the
house was well filled. Those present were ail regular boarders at the
different restaurants, ch ip houses
ami hotels of the city. District
D   'try Appetite called  for order
loQO feet.     It  is   about one mm land in a few brief remarks   (easily
if to nm m m if pm-
Hine Owners Jubilant
itfiss im m mm ®mi
Half a dozen owners of as many
nining properties who  have made
by a good wagon mad. Brashes I meeting. He then nominated Je
from the main road run to each of rome Stomach for chairman. Oi
the   tunnels.     The    ledge   which   taking the chair Mr. Stomach sai
crosses  the Cliff is a remarkably
iii.it ii was necessary to have a sec-
from Rossland and is. easily reached digested) stated the object of the only small shipments but have large
piles of ore, mostly low grade,  on
their dumps, were standing in front
of the Montana Mouse Tuesday eve-
ning, waiting to meet friends   that
would    arrive   on    the   incoming
stage.      The   chilly    atmosphere
the   front   row,   William Epicure drove them  within the bar-room,
was elected secretary.   Th   further where a comfortable fire wis burn-
proceedings of the meeting  will  be ing.    Naturally their conversation
reported in our next issue. turned to the subject of smelters.
strong onp.   Besides heing uncover- retary.     On   motion  of Theodon
ed at uniform distances for I■">■'i■
feet on the Cliff, it, runs across the
St. Elmo Consolidated, the St.
Elmo, Mountain View, Nevada and
Entering No, 1 tunnel, you soon
notice that you are between two
walls of soiid mineral. Observing
more closely, you see that the floor
and roof are of I lie same materia'.
After proceeding Borr.a distance the
walls look darker, and when you
strike them with n hammer you
find that there, is no ore in sight'
This is a dyke of  rock which cuts
Dyspepsia, who occupied a scat  in
Panned I-'i-.nti Karlli Awtiy.
A young man named Arthur
Preston died al the European House
last Monday. He was a native < f
Kansas, 21 years of age, of slender
build and delicate constitution. He
had been a resident of Rossland for
"We would be foolish," said one,
"to contract our ore to the coast or
do: :,:na smelters, nben one is to
be built right by the camp.''
"There will be cutting and slashing of rates," said another. '"The
Great Falls smelter will take our
ore, pay for the long haul them-
siu-m still sticks  Stumps,
The change in the post office is
not coming so quickly as some
Mr. Stussi's resignation does not
lake eii'cct until October 1st.     It is
considered   by    the   dc| artment
and by all concerned (unless it is
the appointee) that the end of the
quarter is the best time to make
the change. The boxes have been
rented until that time, and the accounts of the oliice can be settled
with less trouble at the end of a
quarter than any other time. Mr.
Stussi has given satisfaction as
postmaster and could have held
the office indefinitely had he not
voluntarily chose to resign.
During the interim which will
elapse before Mr. Wadds takes
charge of the oliice he will visit the
coast cities.
,1                                                                                         ,      .       ^ -   ... , ~.        ......... .-in l   I 1 o ,-•>.-. i 'i    i.;, i,. i s,   ui' i         j,.-
the property  been   bonded   at  that Li     ,   i-      , i v  o      ,    ci   •
.    • .-, ,          ...         .         the ladies brought floral offerings, marked another,   -is  making  hia
hoc ii would certainly have been .,-,    .•                                      ,        .
■                   H he funeral service v.as conducted roeess a success and w    treat the
thrown   up,   and   thrown   so  hard I ,       D         ,,      n  ,     .             to.,
1                                        by   Rev.   Mr.   Robertson.     L. S. ore right at them nes cheaper than
Jl't           'il      IV    111   I.      (••)!.11,     ..-.,11/1      h.i\... '                                                                                    I
ih.it the clinic camp wouii
been bruised by the concussion,
Fortunately, however, ir was not
bonded, and Co], 8, M. Wharton,
ihe owner of 'i ,V!> interest ii| the
property, had such perseverance
that be set his men to driving
through the dyke. For many days
their labors were rewarded with
nothing but the country rock.
" We've struck it," shouted the
miners one day. ami sure enough
the tunnel  bad again penetrated
I j     .-  -     --■ -    t   --•    -■ juic i i^i i l in,  11 ir in in.;- oo'.C per
Preston, a brother of the deceased, Lny of the Diners cam'1
None:-: Is hereby given il.ni llu- untlor-
Bl»ned will, tit Hie expiration of thirty
iltiys, npply in tin' Stipendiary Magistrate of
Wi'^i Kootenay district, l"i- h llecnso to sell
(Iquor ii: retail al Hotel, In the town of
'mm. .\. iioyt.
Soj.R'iiii'or iiii|i.Miri.
die ore bodv square off.    When it LPI     .•         , ,   , , ,,,      ,
1                                   j Ihe iuneral  was held  niesday at
was firs I reached it doubtless had a  ,,          ,   , ,- , , ,- ■        . ,
line undertalnng establishment of
depressing effect upon tie spirits of Ui  ,,•     i    mi    i    i i      i-
1 • MI. Ward,    the body was placed in
thur, owing to a   previous  under- those ,vl,,) wf« huilthng their hopes I     neat)     tl.ini.11(,(| basket.    There
takinir.   Better luck  next  time      upon the Cliff" being a mine.    Hail .' . ,.       "  •
'■".--■    'in" "•< «   neAi  i,nit.        i WttS ., large attendance.    S une oi
Mr. W. 0. Archer, part ownev of
the Walli.ngford mine, leave- foi
the old country sic n!y. He js
highly pleased with his property.
He has ten men at work who will
continue the development work
during his absence.
Campbell Bros, received
this   week   150  SUITES OP
Furniture, at prices that
will surprise you.
Diogenes Wilkins, mathematician, has purchased a barrel which
he is fitting up as his winter quarters. His aim is absolute solitude,
his desire being to ponder over abstruse matters which require the
Utmost   concentration of the mind.
Presbyterian church services on
Sunday as follows: Morning service, 11 a.m.; evening service, 7.30
p.m.; Sunday-school, ii p.m. The
Christian Endeavor Society meets
at the close of evening sen-ice.    II.
.J. Robertson, missionary.
several weeks.   Malaria seized upon
him, and, toward the last, perfora-(selves and  treat it as cheaply as a
lion   am!  stricture  of  the bowels
elter at Trail will.'
"The pyritie smelter men are
coming into the country again," remarked a third." I saw them in
Spokane yesterday."
"And Professor Lanjus, too," re
employed at theCrown Point mine.! A„ ilgreec| lhat thcy W()n]d nd
was with the subject of this sketch 001Hract t.heil. ore at p|.egeut. f]l:lt
through his sickness and at bis ntcv would "stand pat," as one ex-
cleath< T"e interment l""!; P1*"* pressed it, and that theywouldyet
in the new cemetery. I      ,{e 1)jg ,  nl;(,v olU of fifteen.do].
niiii'tou-ii. Ilar and seventeen-dollar ore, and
Half a mile beyond the boarding- -1 that there was prospi ctive value to
house of the Cliff mine is the village ol'e running as low as eight dollars
of Blue, whiph has grown tip around | Per ton.
Mr. Blue's sawmill.    None of   the
residents there look bine, however.
mineral, and the farther it penetrated the greater th ! ore body became. Lost in orel Through a
solid mass of ore! As you go down
the tunnel nothii g but ore is
visible. The sines, lop and bottom
and ihe face of the tunnel all alike.
The tunnel is 138 fei; Ion;:.
Returning to the outer world you
m-i-end the hillside 100 feet ami
enter  tunnel   No.  2,    It   is   in .'■'.'>
Wants a Class Band.
Editor  Prospector-—-I  want to
lirect  your  attention   to  the fact
It is a busy place. About forty
men arc employed at. the mill ami
lotrcinc. Many of them have their I'
families there livil g in comfortable j
cottages, The capacity of the mill
is 15,000 '« el a day, and there is
cocs!,i!,i  demand   in Rossland for I
;l!1  "  '':,!l  int-    There is alp0  :l      The street running east from the
;::-!;':'' !' :!; :" '  ■'  Planer-   Blu€ bead of  Spokane  Street   is   now
called Reserve Street as far as Mc-
Kenzie's store: from there east the
i!;-.i no (own can successfully lay
claim to greatness until it has a
brass hand. There is plenty of
musical talent in Rossland. Let a
band be organized, Toots.
A   Soollll    lii,oi:.
The Firemens'ball, held in Pon-  original  appelation      iour Dough
Tom Collins,  the veteran  pros- feet, much the same as No, 1. except
pector, who knows every trail   and that  the rock dyke is not so pro- olure's hall last  Tuesday  evenin
every peak in Kootenay, has  been ' nounced.   'lie fa s of No. ii tunnel; was successful in cwry feature and      j, rj, McArthur has gone to Nel-
Alley -i
in  town a  week entertaining his is in ore below where No. 8 tunnel
friends with tales of adventure.
We have sought for a stenographer
to take down his words as they fell
from his lips, but have found none.
Some good stories are lost  forever.
Robed In White,
The first snow of the season   fell
is started, and there the mineral is
found in large quantities  right at
detail. The attendance was large
— mostly married people. The
amount realized was $60.    D. W.
the surface.   A shaft near the No. _  McFaddeii distinguished himself as
is 3d feet'deep in solid ore. floor manager.    It  being a  Lire-
Assays on  all  these ore bodies mens'ball, the "Fireman's dance"
put  it' into  the shipping list.    A  «,,IS one "' tne appropriate parts of
third shipment is now on the way tllfe programme.
,„, ,!„,..;,,i, ., ,   .    „     ,.   to the smelter.    The richest ore H tu8t. str«yed or StoleH.
tain, extending down the mountain "' " cUt furthe.r VVP8t °n the !"1-", The men who Kl-rc going to build
side to within two miles of town. : i,ml n"'H fi'"U' *li{) '" V1"° '" ^Ul j wat. .-works in Rosslantl. Xo re-
The sunshine of the following day|W,tnln "* f,('1 "' tUc* ElmoCon-Uard is offered for their return, for
quickly melted the beautiful away.
A    \«'iv   Store.
son ami Kaslo to attend  the sit-
;   -   >'i the court  at those two
places,     Mr.   McArthur enjoys  a
large arid  increasing law  practice,
built up by close application to tho
interests of his clients.
Arrived this week at
Campbell   Bros. — 300
Ch'airSj 200 Wool, and
Sea Moss  Mattresses.
The letter from "An Atrabilious
Minted   there   is   another    tine ;,,,;„,,.,.,.,., „, ,|1(.:,. f.liim,i, ,„]„.,..
showing.     As  before  stated,  this (,,(:;,liv ambitious and just as  on- Contributor" is not published be-
ledge ib Btrong and well defined, likely to do anything are ready to caUfie the dark viewhe takes mighi
J. H. Robinson has opened out a Surface showings indfeate a parallel iake their places :!1 l1'.''" to a  thousand other places'
fine line of goods in his new store a  vein  7"> feet   to  the south.    The '  | more aptly than to Rossland.    We
few doors north of .Martin'.-  hard- property is easily worth the amottnI      Remember that The Prospector advise Atrabilious to go to a drug
ware store.    Ii is one of the  niosl  stated before   $200,000.   There are is the paper in which to ptlblish store and call for an anti-bilious"
attractive places in the city.            i large piles of ore on the dump.       jyoiir legal notices. I compound. r' nm ■-•vmnu i
I'.V   W.   1>.   PRATT.
A lew prosecutions under the
Hush Fires Act would not be amiss
just now.
The Western Mining World, of
Butte, is a   friend  of Trail  Creek
camp, in which so many Montana
men are i; terested. It is a neat
ami readable publication.
The large revenue which both
the Provincial and Dominion Governments are deriving from Kootenay should lead to correspondingly
large expenditures in Kootenay.
fbe right of Cuba to be free ami
independent of the cruel Spanish
yoke is a sentiment that has many
adherents throughout the Americas.
Il ml it is in order for Uncle Sam ti
-p< ak out on the subject.
Twenty years ago there Was a
popular song each verse ending
" Cuba, shall be free." Will not
some antiquarian resurrect thai
song and start it again on tin
rounds of the Press? The people
Will catch the chorus, and it Will
si ond from sea to sea.
All this furore about female bicyclists wearing bloomers comes
about one hundred years too late
to avail anything: The plain fact:-
ate that women should dress ae
Cording to the requirements of tin
occupation or action that she is a'
ike time engrtgEd in. Bathing suits
are proper for bathing; bloomers
-ne the correct thing for bi'cycli
riding. There is nothing immodest
about either: The idea that women
must alwavs be burdened with
cumbersome skirts is an idea that
bad its inception in the dark ages
of pribstcraft, and is no rpbre suited
to an enlightened age thdn ox:carts
are suited for travelling in tin
present era of steam" and electricity.
As we arc going i ut ni business we respectfully tisk mil- customers to settle their
accounts with us before Hie 1st of September,
nfter which all unsettled accounts »ill be
placed in other bands for collection.
Dated Rossland, B.C., August 21st, 180B.
Knight's Bakery
Good Fore Bread.
ry us and you will STAY with us
Knight's Bakery, Spokane St.
The Edmonton Bulletin has evidently taken only a superficial
view of the silver question. It says
that because the mercantile ratio of
silver to gold is about 32 to 1 it
would be a dishonest piece of business to permit anyone to take the
quantity of silver bullion which is
now worth fifty cents and have it
coined into a legal tender silver
dollar. If the Bulletin will look
into this matter itself and not take
its opinions ready - made from
Montreal and Wall Street, it will
1st. That the piece of silver bullion, now having a commercial
value of only fifty cents, possessed
prior to demonetization a commercial value of one dollar.
2nd. The production of silver
ami gold is now, as it always has
been, in the ratio of 16 to 1. :n:
3rd. The enactment of a law pro-j ROSSLAND,   B.C
viding for free coinage of silver will
cause the value of silver bullion ti
rise, so that the piece of silver bullion now worth fifty cents will be
worth one hundred cents before it
is presented to the mint for coinage.
4th. With a greater volume of
basic or primary money (and less
credit money) the  finances of the
United  States and Canada Would i r ,,,      -„-    ..,,,,,      r
be more stable and there would be I L-ADLli        1' Ur,,.;.^ -;       \Jl\U
more prosperity among the people.
5th; Ex '- Cohgressman Bland's 11:1
ussertioh that the finance question
will not be settled until free coinage of silver is restored is the
truest assertion uttered by an' ' '"
American statesman during the
present ih   adei
wm MOM.
Sails   on  Commission.
Mrs. 0. MEL
Notions, Etc.
Columbia <S Kootenay Ry.
Taking effect Friday, July 20, 1895,
cancelling all former time tables.
•J       00       'JS
-1 3
-'    ?
*   ti
©      M      ID
C. & K. S. N. Co.,
TIME   TAr.I.K   NO.    7.
In effect Monday, April 21), 1895.
♦Flag Station;
Train \n. 1 awaits arrival of sir. Alberto at
Kelson ntiil connects witb limit tor Trull creek
(5   hi llnli-i'ii.
Train No. 8 connedts with bout tor Revelstoke
ut Uobson.
Trains sins. 2 and I will await arrival o[ boat
at Uobson,
The Company reserves the right tb change
the time irble without notice.
Pacific standard and 24*hour system ddoptcd.
.1. UA.Mil.-roN, Trainmiister and Agent,
Nelson, li.c.
We hope the ISdmonlon Bulletin,
and all other instructors of ilu
people; frill carefully study the
[Uestionj that they may realize the
importance of the real issues involved.
ar hxttifesl
The Spokane Chronicle, in its
comments Upon town building in
Kootenay (reproduced in full in
another column) ably sits forth
the relationship of Spokane to
Isootenfly industries, but, purposely Or otherwise, misses the gist ol
the argument of our contemporary,
Ihe .Nelson Tribune. Ii may be
admitted that Spokane has done
more for Kootenay than Victoria,
Vancouver anil Winnipeg combined ever have done or ever will
do. In competition with those
cities Spokane may certainly claim
first place; WHal the Nelson journalist argues for and in this he
Will be supported by all residents
of the ii;-1 rii i the building up
i>f a new Wholesale center within
it. is in the city yei to be, or existing only .'ii to\. nhoi d state, i hat
Spokane may i s ;■>■(■[ I lie gren tesl
rival tot the Kootenay trade,
IMllCrr.UUMI.    -    i.'Ki.M.-.IIMi.
The Ant M km Stout.
-a "si
Itlilehlhe tVItnlttg and LaUnr.
As a   branch  of the oft debated I
qu<stiou. whether the  introduction
.f machinery benefits  the  laborer | CASE - V«?S  &  CG.      LIS
or not; it is interesting to note  the ...
i , »      .   . , U.'.   tl .\ .\ I'.
modern   tendency   of  mining   and
metallurgy to doing evei'ything by
machinery, ami the effect of this on i
the average wage worker. Not
only in this country but in England also, is the tendency to do nil
possible work with mechanical devices a very marked one. In England and Belgium it Is boing realized that more coal can be  mined,
and that it can be   brought to the ,        ...  .,,.,,., ,   ..,.,.„ . ,	
surface in a better condition  where   «"»  •»««   "   BlJftAiIki    tfflifl.iWJJ.I
machines are used than   where exclusively hand   labor is   the   rule.
Seatti.Mj     Victoria,
\'.\N('0t-VK!!   &    l'lOKT
Sorxi). and all Pacific Coast Point's, St.
Paul, Chicago ami Points BeyondI Winnipeg,
Kaslo route—Str. Nelson.
I.V. NKl.'-ON. I.V. KASI.li
 Monday 4 a. m.
">■'!() p.m. Tuesday	
4 p. m Wednesday ... .4 a. m.
■V 10 p.m.,.. Thursday 8 a. ni,
 Friday 4 a. m.
5'40 p.n Saturday	
0 uineoting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with N ,i- I's railway (or  kasi.h and In>.-•-
points,     Connecting on  Mondays,   Wodi	
days and Fridays with N & F8 r'y for Bpokani1.
Olose cnnncetlnns  witli Columbian Kootenay
i-'y ni Nelsun for paints north Asouth.
Bonner's Kerry  route—tStr.   Nelson
Leaves Nelson fur Bonner's Fflrry Mondays and
Fridays at 8i80 a. m,
Leaves Kaslo for llonner's Ferry Mondays tiinl
l'-|-iiliiy.s at -1 a. ni.
Leaves llonner's Ferry I'm-  Pilot Hay,  Nebjiuii)
Atnsworth .mil |vaslo on Tuesdays and
Saturdays »t 2. a. ra.
Connects with cast8 and westbound trains on
the Great Northern Railway,
Revelstoke route—Str. Lytton.
Leaves Revelstoke, southbound, Tuesdays and
Fridays at 1 a. in. for all points in West
Kootenay and Ihe South.
Leaves Robson, northbound^ Wednesdays and
Saturdays 111 a p. m. for   il points east and west
Via liie 0. 1'. II.
Northport   route—Str. Lytton.
Leaves   Northportj  northbound,  Wednesdays
ami Saturdays at 1 p. in.
Leaves  Robson)    southbound, Tuesdays and
1'iiilays at il p. in.
Stages rim, in connection with steamer, from
'. rail creek Landing to Rossland.
The company reserves the right to chango
this schedule tit any time without notice.
For full Information as to tickets, rules, |.|,<.
apply ni the company's unices, Nelsun, 11. c.
■I. ALLAN, 1.  W. TROUI',
Secretary. Mauager,
Pacific R. R.
Sti Paul, Minneapolis Duluth.
Fargo, Grand Forksj Grookstou]
^poKane i?a
Nelson I Port ^prl Rajfaay.
In parts of California and   in   Ne-
Moderii   Equipment".    Rock-ballast
Attractive tours via Duluth and Ihe Oreal
Lakes ii connection with exclusively passen*
gor boats of Northern s. s. Co.
Direct connection Via Nelson .v. Fori Shi ppard
railway at Spokane! and via C. & iv. s. N Co.
ai lloaiibra lerry	
Frit i.i:o~ lli kcls; and comnlete Intormatlo
call mi Agents C. .v. . s. Nav. On ; N..v F. s. r'yii
."!   C. O. DnroN,Gen. Agent, Spokane! Wash.
I-'. 1. WniTM.Y, ti. c. ,v T. a ., si. I'niil, Minn.
I-', r. Ai-.nuri, Tr.ivi'lling Freight & Passongei
Agent, Spokanej Wiishi
GTj Ti 'r;:;i:  "!i ;'! "
anadian raoiiic Hi
MO   NKKD or II'.
It is hot clear that there wtts
kny great need, for an association
such as was recently formed at
The mifilrig indtisti'v is already
in a verv satisfKctory and profita- 1,rentl [n varieties of employment
ble condition in the northwest, and created by these im] roved methods j
Is not antagonized by railway com- with tlie condition of the mining
jinnies as some of ihe Spokane pa- "^UBtry, the .umber of men cm-
pers  have stated.    Every  mining ptoyed and tHe output of coal, iron
Daily    [except   Sunday]   between
Spokane and  Northport.
v-ada   the   number   of   very  deep I Tri-Weekly between Northport and
mines  is   increasing  rapidly,  and! Nelson,
shafts of 3,000   feet   and  over   are | ,..v<. K..1:. „.,„. Nl.;(,SON Al.,..:,..,.-,,,. ,„.
not  uncommon,  win re  l.,0()0  feet I
was formerly considered about   the  0N Mon.'s Wcdnes.;s and Frl 'strains wlll.run
limil i,f i,i-,i 1.1 i,..il,;iii,- through to Spokane, arriving thoi i si	
imiH oi piaciicanill \. ,].iyi   [tciurning will leave Spokane al :   points at lowest rates
Thooorloon minus in   ' i -„ ..lor.1 r-\..\ I,. • ;l  '" "" turn's Thurs s and Satnr's, arriving al
ineseaeepminesiiiiuzeeiectricitj   \„i.,„,„i ,-.- m.samedav.m icins .-ii . . •■
almost entirely for til sir Work   and   rBTepSfnls!"' """""' N"i""" f'"'"'  C"""y
by it they hoist,  pump,   (rem   and P»fenuerj for     -       River mi.t i'.,,uii.l:.i->
1         i i reek conueel al Marcus with sin^c mi   Mon-
Irill, and Without this  agent   most days, Wednesdays, Thursdays and  Fridays,
...        .                 i i •     ■ ii Passengers for Frail Crook mine's connect at
"I their mines would ne idle   today Northport with stage Dally
ami considered worked out.    If we
contrast Ibis condition of  activity
ami prosperity,  depending  wholly
on    mechanical  devices  unknown
twenty years ago, and compare the
number  of   men   who    earn   their
Allni!tie Kxpress arrives 1 O: 1 0 ilaily.
PtiltlHi' " " 17- ' ->
Helena and Butte.
Chicago, WasUirigtohj
Philadelphia,    New York.
Boston  and all  Points   east,   west
and south.
Cheapest; most reliable and safe route to Men-1
^■d'Tiilestf^ information, time cards, maps
Specially AttodColonist carsj in ohargo of a i
anil tickets, call on or write
porter, tor the.accommodation of passeng»rs fl   (;   s! rr.ni i.-i   T   P   'livent
holding second-class tlbkow. ' •'''        ,,' ''p1-111'
i ngersl ked to and from all European Acl.-oli, B. U.
points nl lowest rate...
f,owfreight ralosiQtjlck despatch, MbrdhanM F. I). GlBBS, General ,'lirent,
wi|l save monei   - having their freight routed Sniil.-.iiu>   W'-mli
vis in. 0. I'. I. ' ' r"h'l"(!  " •'■ "■
Full and ;-. liable Information given by applying to
GEO. Mil.. CLOW-:, I. T. l'.ISI'iWSTKI!,
Asst. 'i ii. passenger agent,       Localngent,
vaueouver.        Revelstoko,
oil  A. I). ClIARLTON,
asst. Gen. Pass, agent,
Portland, Oregon.
man has been conducting his business in h. own way and usually
sue. essfully. 'l-'.'c -c r .en will find
little sattisfaetion in having an
"Association" run their business for
thetii. Ii looks as though (be "Association"   was  formed   to  give a
and the useful and precious metals
in the (]:))< when dlniost everything was done by manual labor,
the difference will be very great.
Whole regions owe their prosperity
to modern methods that, would
still be wildernesses if no  progress
Bedroom Suiters, Parlor Suites, Dining' Eoom Furniture,
Pillows, and a large stock of
low  m.m   notoriety  and   positions along these lines  had   been   made
as officials,    We  predict  that  be-
and the hundreds of thousands
, earning good wages would be withered months many of the I"--. out employment if we bad to g-
Inemberfl will draw out, oi this bark to the ways ami means of a
needless "Association." generation ago.    Electrician.
Linoleums, Oilcloths, Window Shades
and Curtain Poles,
'l.'o divert the trade Spokane is
now getting from the camps and
towns in Kootenay, a town that
will be as attractive tb the miner
and mining man must be built in
Kootenay.—Nelson Tribune.
Spokane will wish the people of
Kootenay all success in the Upbuilding of attractive towns and
congratulates them upon their remarkable advancement in this lint
during the last four years. But it
is useless to attempt town-building
for the purpose of "diverting trade
from Spokane,"
This city has natural advantages
and commercial facilities which no
other possesses or can ever possess.
Its claims upon the trade of the
Kootenay country have always
I ecu such that even a tariff wall
hag proven a petty barrier. There
is every reason to believe that the
,-lose business relations existing between this city anil the mining districts t" tic- north will continue indefinitely in spite, of U\e frantic
efforts of the Canadian Pacific and
a few narrow-minded individuals
who would dearly love to build a
picket fence around British Columbia.
The merchants of Rossland, Xel-
si.n. Kaslo, Three Forks, Amsworth
ami other growing towns in Wesi
Kootenay know their friends. They
I.now that the people of this city
pave done more, ten times more,
to advance, the development of the
mineral resources of ".Canada's
treasure house1' than the citizens
of Victoria, Vancouver and Winnipeg altogether have done or wili
even think of doing in the next ten
years. They know that, without
Spokane brains. Spokane muscles.
Spokane credit and Spokane cash
there would be no such towns as
Rossland, Kasjo, New Denver aim
Three Forks, while Xclson anil
Ainswoi'th would be too small ti
claim dots on the official map.
They know that Spokane has
neVef missed, and never will miss.
an opportunity h> promote tin
piining interests of the northwest.
without stopping to ask on which
side of the boundary the ledges lie.
They know that our people only
regret that they have not millions
instead of thousands of dollars n
expend in the development of tin
huge ledges of gold, silver, copper,
leatl and iron that make up tin
richest endowment ever given by
Nature to any city in the world.
Build yoUl' towns, hoys- build
then) as big and beautiful and attractive as you can; but don't sto|
t\oik before you have fairly started
ami waste time making faces at the
best friends you over had.—Spokane
Gets ii Free .Me.
Seven Chinamen are awaiting
deportation from Seattle to China.
The oriental conies over to Britsli
Columbia, makes his fortune, and
with bhindness sublime, without
the certificate necessary, aimlessly
Wanders across the border into the
United States. lie is at bnci
snatched up, condemned to deportation, and, his expenses being paid
by the Yankees, he is sent on his
smiling way hack to China. Th
Yankees and Britishers could by a
little attention learn a great dea
from the despised "Heathen Chi
liee."—Ashcroft Journal.
A Holl-Roaring Strike.
Capt, G. R. Cray and Lew Boy-
ker came in from Ft. Steele during
the week. They have been out for
three months. They have made
two locations on Hell-Roaring
creek, a tributary to the St. Maries,
and IS miles from Steele. It is a
galena proposition and they have
a large body of it. They are now
having assays made. We hope
they have struck it rich' enough to
Create a Hell-Roaring excitement
■ - iJfiald.
The river runs right by our door,
And all the boats hind as before,
And you should see the piles of ore
The teamsters leave upon the shore.
Our little store has lots of trade,
In the saloon there's money made,
There is a rush at the hotel
That for the future augurs well.
We're going to have a smelter, oh!
The whole thing's bound to be a go;
And then the town is sure to grow.
Comedown, come down and seethe
[Jf Adolphus sends in any more
verses he will be excommunicated.
Write in prose next time.—Fj>.]
Gone Willi the Gold.
Col, S. M. Wharton suspects that
the smelters have been robbing
him on the shipments already
made from the Cliff and it makes
his Southern blood boil. .In one
instance (he accountant's pen had
been run through the word "copper." Wharton would'nt stand
that. Me kicked, and the next
mail brought him an additional
check for eighty-six dollars for the
copper that was in the small shipment.
He shipped another carload yesterday. He has gone with it. lie
will keep his eye on it, and as il
nears the smelter town he will leave
the palace coach, mount to the top
of the ore car. and woe to the man
who attemps to break the seal. At
the smelter he will watch the sorting, take a half of the amount selected for sampling, sack it up,
bring it back to his own assayer,
and according to the returns which
his assayer gives him will draw
upon the smelting company.
There will be no way for the
smelter company to "job" Col.
Wharton unless they dope  his  as-
Nnlilr  1-ivf   Fall Out.
it is with much regret that the
country learns that, dissention
which must bo settled by the courts,
and which, in fact, is Undergoing
ihe legal process now, has broken
out in the Noble Five Company.
Jt seems that trouble has been
brewing for some time—it is hard
to ascertain where it had its beginning—ami the line is drawn between those who are in charge
and operating the mine, and
those on the outside. This week a
complaint and summons, sworn
out by Hiram Sweet and Patrick
.Jennings, was served on J. liennes-
sy, manager, Win, Hennessy, Joseph Seaton, Henry Cody and R.
Russell, citing them to appear in
court on September 13 and answer
the same. It alleges gross extravagance on the part of Hennessy in
his management of the mine; that
he is paying himself as tne manager and bis brother as foreman
exhorbitant wages, and that Seaton
is being given contracts at exhorlii-
tant and ruinous figures. It seeks
to restrain the manager from carrying out his purpose to build a
Irani to the line of rail rood, which,
it is alleged, would bankrupt the
company. They ask for a dissolution of the partnership and the appointment of a receiver. It is
understood that the plaintiffs represent all of the owners not named
in the complaint. Charles McAnn
is attorney for the plaintiffs.—
Kaslo Claim.
Single man desires to rent small
bedroom hot too far from center of
city.---Address, stating lowest terms
per Week, A.B., Phosi'Kotou o/Iice.
rpilllU'Y DAYS after date I Intend io apply
to the Chief C..niinissiiuii:r Of Lands and
Works for permission In cut timber mi the
following described lands: From h posl near to
tl-.e nortb-wesi corner of Lot 280, Croup '-. Trail
Creek; thence south 100 chains; thonco west
nil) chains)  thi e horth 100 ohainsi  thetfee
east mo chains in point of commencement, containing HKH) acres in.ire in- less,
111'LL, N.UiK.V A CO.
September 2nd, 1895.
I). KKitII
and Notary Public
IVJeuchant Tailor.
Xklson, il c.
A choice  collection   of  worsteds
serges and tweeds always, on hand
*~^ ROSSLAND, B. 0.
Str. "W. Hunter"
Leaves New Denver  daily
for all  points on  Slocan
ISltcaa Trading & hwjim Coanany,
A Good   Section.
Col. lingers, of Kentucky, who
owns the McAllister, in the Slocan,
and the Southern Cross, near the
Crown Point, came in from Boundary creek Tuesday and returned
yesterday, lie has examined the
mineral belt and is convinced that
it extends direct through from
Rossland to Kettle river, ami that
new camps will be formed a long
the Dewdney trail, lie expects
the Kettle river country to have to
wait, three years yet for transportation facilities.
Cabinetmaker & Turner.
and Job Work.
Hnw-   flu   AbSUl'd   Iteijilireltient   Actually
The absurdity of the Minister of
Mines' list of question to be answered   by  prospectors  upon filing
record  of   claims   i.»   being   made
manifest.   A recent dialogue in tin
office of Recorder Keen at Kaslo is
a  fair sample of what is going mi
all over the country.  The recorder,
when the proper stage was reached,
began shooting  the  minister's interrogations at a prospector.
" Nature of the hanging wall?''
" Damn if I know.''
"Nature of the footwall?"
" Don't know if I have any."
" What is the average width oi
seam?" persued the recorder.
"Say, Mister Recorder, ask me
something easy. I don't know yet
if I have any seam, hanging wall,
or anything else. If you give me a
year or two 1 will try and answer,
but I can't now."
The questions are never answered,   ami   the  request  for   mineral
specimens from prospects continues
to be ignored.   So much so, in fact,
that   it   looks  as if  not only the
j world at large, but London, will be
| cheated of the fruits of this bright
idea   of  the  Minister of  Mines of
i British Columbia.--Nelson TribUhe
Hunter Bros,, K. & Co,
We beg (o announce that we carry a full line of all
kinds of Groceries, and as goods are all sold for cash we
lire selling at away down prices. Remember a dollar
saved is tt dollar earned, and this you can save by buying
W. L. LAWRY, Mangr.
Rossland Water Supply Co'y.
The One and Only
Pure Water Supply
In this City.
$1.00 per tank. 25c. per. barrel, 5c. per buckpt.   Dpliyered. to any
part of the town.
A. Djcvohk.
fl. Adams.
onnelly   n ouse
Good Board $6.00 per Week.
Well Furnished Rooms.
Beverly & Tolman.
!|1 Pil CHICAGO. III., U.S.A.
^-' rtfeirmk T
H M Makers of Mining
ivi dOiiiiiui y ■
Concentrators,   Stamp Mills,
Seiul for Catalogue A. SMELTER   NOTES.
Two hundred men will he employed at Trail within ten days.
James Breen will have full
charge of the plant after it is completed.
The company will be known as
the British Columbia Smelting and
Refining Co.
Mr. Heinze will return to Trail
in a few days. He will also visit
Contract for the excavation and
stone work is let to Thus. Oleson, a
Well-known contractor.
British Columbia Southern surveyors arc in Crow's Nest pass.
Rails on the Kaslo & Slocan are
laid as far as the fifteen mile
Grading of the four miles of C. P.
It. line from Three Forks to San-
don—known as the toboggan slide
—is about completed.
Surveyors on the 0. P. R. line to
Rossland have moved camp from
Ihe Columbia river back to the
dairy farm—the boys are fond of
fresh milk-.
Revelstoke-Wigwam line is to be
extended to Arrow Lake this fall.
Dan McCillivary has the contract,
and Supti Whyte has a force of
tnen at work now.
A.   Good    Building.
The three storey hotel directly opposite the War Eagle hotel, erected
by E. A. Spencer and leased to Mr.
Shaw for five years, is one of the
best in the city.
The Ever PveBent Prospector.
If 1895 does not make Bonner's
Ferry the center of a rich mining
region, it will be because the stuff
is not in the country. Prospectors
are scouring the country in every
direction and it will be strange indeed if they do not find something
if it is to be found in these hills.
It is safe to say that there are more
prospectors in the hills adjacent to
Bonner's Ferry this season than
during the past three years combined.—Kootenai Herald.
Fori y-tht'efe    Pupils.
1). !>. Mirks, the schoolmaster
employed by the trustees to inaugurate an education system in Rossland, opened the school last Monday. He reports forty-threO pupils
Th,. Windsor Hotel.
Thi? new hostelry is from the
Btart a favorite with the travelling
public. The proprietors, McMillan
ife Lewis, succeed in pleasing all
their guests.
An exchange asserts that a man
| who won't take a paper because he
lean borrow one, has invented a
j machine by which be can cook his
dinner by the smoke from his
neighbor's chimney; The same
fellow sits in the back pew in
church to save interest on his contributions, and is always borrowing a ride to town to save the wear
and tear of his horseflesh, Yes, we
know him. He is first cousin to
ihe man who never winds Up his
watch, for fear of breaking or wearing the mainspring. He undoubtedly is a near relative to the man
who went to the back yard during
a cold snap, soaked his hair in
water, let it freeze and then broke
it off in order to cheat the barber
out of a hair-cut.
Building    Hi*   Fenoes.
Hewitt Bostoek, budding stales-
man, rancher, capitalist, publisher,
free trader, traveller, is in the city.
and is looking well and hopeful.
As ah amateur politician he is
gaining favor and making a better
impression than during his first
swing around the circle.
To Correspondents. To ensure
publication in current week's issue
letters should reach this oliice not
later than Wednesday night. This
week some are unavoidably heid
Dr. Marshal is going east on a
three weeks' visit.
Our advertising space is limited.
Will be "full up" soon.
Two new business houses opened
on Reserve street this week.
J. A. Finch has returned from
a trip to Boundary Falls and Midway.
A. E. Humphrey is in the city,
and is stopping at the War Eagle
The leading business houses in
the city advertise in the Prospector.
Geo. Wilson, late assayer at the
Pilot Bay smelter, will be assayer
at the Trail smelter.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
Gassett died yesterday and Mas
buried this afternoon.
Photographer Mortimer took
views of the Columbia and other
mines today.
The boys promise to put Up a
vigorous game of baseball next
Sunday afternoon.
Steam power will be substitute;!
for horse power to drive the diamond drill, With which Finch &
Co., are prospecting Deer Park.
Patronize those who patronize
the local papers, particularly the
A late edition of the Idaho Avalanche deserves especial mention;
It- contains a Write up of Silver
City, is profusely illustrated, and
is issued to celebrate its thirteenth
The travelling correspondent of
the Butte Western Mining World
was in town last week, and in several communications to that publication, set forth the glories of the
camp in an artistic manner.
Hair Cutting  35c.
Pompadour (c^acialty)  50c.
Shave  25c.
Shampoo   25c.
SiiVJG  25c.
    mil  —di ■ ■ i ii n il
*   *   LATEST   *   FASHIONS   *   4
Spokane Street -   Kossland, B.C.
ft UP Ei A.
LODGING, 25c. to $1.00.
Warm Bining- Room.
JSRossland Bake
^n^is_  _     _   	
I desire to thank those who kindly
attended  my  brother   during  his   A "E™NO'onheciti^n80tijo8Sianawiii
,,.,,,-      T . , .    ,, 'V    1 (.  held  111  Dllll.illlH- s Hull on saitiihay
last   illness.      I   would    especially   evening, September. 7th,189.1, for the purpose
thank   those   ladies   who   brought   ol establishing ti Volunteer Fire Compnny,
floral offerings  to  the funeral   and     Property owners and others Interested are
the many friends who attended.        Ur£«d "'a{tei,d'
d. sthssi,        >
a. m. i.K.TCil,   > Commute
0. O'll. KEDD1N.J
Rossland, Sept. 5th, 1895.
A. M.  I.PV
0. O'll. HE
Rossland; Sept. Otli,'18B5.
I   I
*   «   *   *   *   *   *  #***#**#**
lei's General
0F"   THE   LOWEST   PRICES   iN   TOWN.   -M3
Hi       TO   «4!w> ""fl" TH   —.Jit.-,   /""*.
Bakery and Short Order House.
MEALS   25   CENTS   A^D   UP.
Nor ill End of Spokane Street, Rossland, B. C:
Mon., Vy-bd., Sit, I Thursday, | Tnos., Fi-I.
Leave Knslo for Ainsivnrih, Pilot Bay nml Kelson  8u, ni I 8 a. in, 1... 7 a. m.
Leave Nelson tor Pllol Buy, AluswortrJ nml Knslo 8p.in [ 8p.nl, | ... 0 p. in,
Close connection Is Urns made between Lake points nhd nil Incoming nml outgoing
trains of the 0. P. It. tit Nelson. The abovo schedule is in effect 16 May im>">, subjeet
tociuajj.        Jj.vVuj, iM.-iv. Ubo, P. IUyward, Master.
The Kaslo Transportation Co.
Good Saddle Horses to Let.
  Aria   Runs 	
 Stables at Katdo and Three ForlcH	
A. J. SCOTT,   Manager.


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