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The Prospector Dec 13, 1895

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Array ..   .   ■
H    I   U  WJ
to the People of Rossland
and District.
The People's General
Supply Store, Columbia
Avenue, will be opened
in a few days with a full
line of choice Groceries,
Cigars, Tobaccos, etc.;
Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Hats, Caps,
Gloves, Mackintoshes,
Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, at the Lowest
Pricss ever known in
the Kootenay district.
Applications for services for
Water Supply for individual premise.0 will he received at the oflice of
this Company.
Rates and contracts furnished on
NOTICE is licrel>y Riven that copies of the
?hms tuirl book of reference of The Trail Creek
nunwny have been tiled with the Department
of Lands nnd Works and in the Registry Office
for the District of West Kootenay, on tiie nth
of Dec, A.ti. 1S9."), in conformity with the Uritish Columbia Tramway Act.
Gen'l. Sup't.
NOTICE is hereby gjven that application
will tie made to the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of Uritish Columbia ut the next session, for nn Act to incorporate a company for
the construction of a narrow gauge railway between llossland and Trail handing, West Kootenay, B.C.. together with branch lines therefrom to all mines lying In the vicinity thereof,
and with the usual necessary and incidental
powers in that behalf.    •.
Agent for Applicant.
llossland   Public School.
Total number enrolled in November  ;   90
Greatest  number present  at
any one session :....  81
Average daily attendance.  64-42
Corporal punishment.......    6
Standing of pupils in the different classes, for general proficiency:
FouitTii Class.—1, Isabel Forteath;
2, May Keefe; 3, Elvira Guidotti.
Thikd Class.—1, Roy Gee; 2, Cyril
Acon.it; 3, Nellie Keefe.
Skcond Class.—1, Sam'l Forteath;
2. Nellie Miirphy; 3, Maud De
Sen. Second Piumeh.—1, Tret ?a Lafavor; 2, Alice Cooper;  3, Katie
Jun. Second Primer.—1, Kathleen
Cnman; 2, Grace Roof; 3, Archie
D. D. Birks, Teacher.
Go to the Leland for a first-class
25c. luncheon. *
Splendid line of Cardigan jackets,
$2, at Robinson's.
Headquarters for Santa Claus—
Wallace's Stationery Store.
Wool blankets, quilts and mattresses, at Hunter Bros*., K. & Co.
Horse Blankets, Bells and Harness at C. F. Gallion's, Reserve St.
mimm a citizens of \mm
For AdversinR Mineral  Claims.—Strong
Addresses   Made,   Committees
Appointed, Resolutions
Printed notices were circulated
through the town and camp calling
a meeting of mine-owners and citizens at the Opera House Wednesday evening. At the appointed
time the hall was well filled, there
being fifty or sixty owners of mining property present, and as many
more who were either directly or
indirectly interested. 0. O'Brien
Reddin was appointed chairman
and Frank Gauthier secretary.
The chairman said the object of
the meeting was to consider and
take action regarding the adversing
of claims in the camp by D. C.
Corbin, President of the Nelson &
Fort Shepard Railroad. He stated
that no programme for the meeting
htid been arranged, but judging
from the discussion on the street
all were deeply interested.
Speeches being called for, J. M.
Burke was the first to respond.
Mr. Burke stated that two of his
mineral claims adjoining the town
of Rissland, for which he had made
application for certificates of improvement, had been adversed by
Corbin. While advenes had been
placed against other claims and
withdrawn, they remained against
these two. He understood from
Mr. Taylor, Mr. Corbin's agent,
that the latter claimed that while
he should accept other lands in lieu
of mineral claims located at the
date of his grant, he obtained title
to all the land within the grant
not so located at the time of the
grant. That he owned the surface,
and that the claimants of mineral
locations made on the grantshould
put up a bond to indemnify him,
otherwise they were trespassers.
The speaker had no doubt that Mr.
Corbin had some rights, but the
mine-owners also had right?. He
thought two committees should be
appointed: one to confer with Mr.
Corbin, the other to communicate
with the Provincial Government
and bring such pressure to bear as
would insure the protection of free
miners in their rights.
On motion, committees were appointed as follows:
On the first committee—John M.
Burke, John R. Cook, David Stussi,
\V. Y. Clarke and James Cronam
Members of the committee to
communicate With the Government are—P. J. Dermoody, Sam
Stonge, D. M. Linnard, ' S. M.
Wharton, Ross Thompson, Chris.
McDonald, J. B. McArthur, John
Howard, David Stussi, Frank Gau-
thier, Gilbert Ranken, W. D, Mc-
Fadden, H. P. McCraney, Jerry
Spellman and John Edgrfen. This
committee was empowered to raise
funds ahd take general charge of
the "campaign."
After the appointment of the
committees there was a general expression of views; the prevailing
opinion being that if Corbin maintained his contention it would
cloud the title to nearly every
claim in. the. camp. One speaker
expressed it by sriying: "Corbin
will have everything and we will
have nothing."
The brief filed by Mr. Corbin's
attorneys in the Paris Belle case,
now pending before the Supreme
Court of the Province, was brought
in and read. After some further
instructions to. the committees the
meeting adjourned.
The following are the resolutions
adopted: ,
Resolved: That this meeting
having heard of the large number
of adverse claims which have been
made by D. C. Corbin against the
applications for certificates of improvements to the mineral claims
in this camp, we desire to stamp
such action as ill-advised, and aver
that it has done more to unsettle
titles and drive away capital seeking investment in this marvellously rich gold field than anything
else which has happened here.
Resolved: That Mr. Corbin and
his companies are under special
obligations to this camp for the
large passenger and freight traffic
which has poured thousands of
dollars into their coffers, and we
ask him to withdraw all adverse
claims and suits now pending
against mineral claim-owners in
this camp, and to publicly declare
that it is his policy not to adverse
any more claims, but to rely wholly
on the provisions of his land grant
alone, without litigation; and that
a copy of these resolutions be sent
to him through the committee appointed to confer with him.
Masquerade Ball.
The Opera House was crowded
on Tuesday evening, when Prof,
and Mrs. Graham gave their second
masquerade for the season. There
were about eighty in costume and
about the same number of spectators, who seemed to enjoy the proceedings just as much as the maskers. The costumes were various,
some unique, and no two alike.
The rough cowboy was to be seen
dancing with the dainty fairy
queen, the "new woman" circled
around in the arms of a dilapidated looking nigger, while Pat, the
hod-carrier, with his dhudeen between his handsome teeth, went
through a French minuet with the
Lady of the Lake. A particularly
good get-up was that of an old lady
in an old-fashioned poke bonnet,
as was also that of the old fisherman in a sou' wester. The grand
inarch could not be seen to advantage, as the room was not large
enough for some of the manoeuvres.
Music was provided by Prof. Graham's quadrille band, Master
Cranus Graham being first violinist. The ball was an immense success and dancing was kept up till
nearly four a.m.
Itossiiiud Water Works.
The flume from the dam in
Stony Creek to the reservoir will
be completed to-morrow, when water will be diverted from the creek
and the reservoir filled. The reservoir has been caulked and will
hold 150,000 gallons. Two cars of
pipe arrived at Northport Wednesday. Some of it will arrive here
to-morrow night and will lie placed
on the 4,000-foot line between the
reservoir and the intersection nf
Spokane street and Columbia avenue. The remainder of the pipe
and hydrants, we are told, will be
here next week, when the- line will
be continued along Columbia avenue. Mr. David Morris, the engineer in charge, expects that water
will be turned from the reservoir
into the pipes in about two weeks.
He estimates the pressure at 115
lbs. to the square inch.
A Three-Cornered  tight.
Thos. O'Farrel has staked a preemption at the east end of town
over land claimed by the Nelson &
Fort Shepard railway company
and the Paris Belle mining company. O'Farrel will contei d that
neither of the other claimants has
a good title and cannot acquire
one. He proposes to let the other
claimants show each other up, and
knock each other out, and he will
step in between and take the land
under the provisions of the statute.
Some of the tract iii question is
easily worth $100 an acre. It appears that it was covered by a mineral claim at the time the railway
grant was made; That location
was allowed to lapse. O'Farrel
will claim that it then reverted to
the Government; that a mineral
location made in 1894 did not obtain tlurfiice rights, and that therefore it was open to pre-emption.
'Will Have a School House.
The emphatic demand made by
the people of Rossland for a school
house has not beeti without effect,
and it.is understood that the contract for a building has been let.
The papers have not been signed
yet, but are drawn up and are only
awaiting the arrival of Captain
Fitzstubbs. If he does not arrive
to-day Recorder Kirkup will probably take the matter in his own
hands and sign the contract on behalf of the Government. The
building will cost about $1,400,
and will be on the lots donated by
the townsite company.
Says It's a C.P.lt. Organ.
Advices from Victoria are that
W. A. Jowett has purchased Mr.
Wolley's interest in The Miner, of
Nelson. This gives Mr. Jowett full
control of that paper. As Mr. Jowett is close to the Canadian Pacific
officials at Vancouver, it is not
likely that the Miner will hereafter battle for any interests in conflict with those of the Canadian
Pacific.—Nelson Tribune,
Numbers  of strangers  in
and all the hotels crowded.
Bert Hunter is preparing for the
biggest holiday trade on record.
Miners' heavy boots, $2.50 at
The claim-jumpers Morrison and
Cummings are out on bail.
Another lot of material for the
electric lights arrived to-day.
The Provincial Legislature will
meet at Victoria on the 23rd of
Gen. Taylor is building an office
for himself on his lot opposite the
Montreal Hotel.
Go to the White House Trading
Company for yoUr tailor-made
Hans Lefkovits is opening a
candy factory in the room adjoining the Howard House.
Several large grey wolves have
been seen recently on the south side
of Record mountain.
" House is full, only standing
room left," says Dan Shaw, proprietor of Shaw's Hotel.
Get your Boots and Shoes repaired and oiled at C. F. Gallion's,
Reserve street.—Adv.
A small drove of horses for use
in grading Work on the tramway
wtis brought into town yesterday.
Four carloads of general merchandise for one Rossland firm was
landed from the steamer at Trail
Landing this week.
Miles McNally says it makes
him tired to have men who are
not in the country put on an important committee.
The Catholic fair will be held in
the opera House, the 19 20-21st.
An orchestra has been engaged and
a good time is assured.
The ball to be given in the Opera
House on Christinas Eve should In
well patronized, as it is for the
benefit of Rossland Fire Brigade.
Robinson's is the cheapest store
on Columbia Avenue.—Adv.
John R. Cook heads the list with
a subscription of five hundred dollars to remove the hill on Columbia
avenue in front of the customs oflice.
S. M. Wharton leaves for Spokane tomorrow, and before returning to Rossland will visit his aged
mother, who lives in one of the Atlantic states.
A small blaze Thursday in the
attic of the residence of Mr. LaVal-
ley, gave a volunteer fire company
a chance to see how well it could
handle itself.
Our young people should form a
snowshoe and toboggan club. No
town or village offers greater advantages for a natural toboggan
slide than Rossland.
Fresh lot of Leather Leggings at
C. F. Gallion's, Reserve St.—Adv.
In Mr. Birks' report to the
trustees appears the statement:
"Corporal punishment of pupils, 5."
Evidently some of the boys have
been playing "hookey" and got
licked for it.
J. Mi Kellie, M, P. P. for the
North Riding of West Kootenay,
will arrive at Trail to-day. He
will be in Rossland for several
days and will probably address a
public meeting.
Copies of the plans and book of
reference of the Trail Creek Tramway have been filed with the Department of Lands and Workn and
in the West Kootenay registry office
on Wednesday last.
If you are tired of sending your
orders away for misfit clothing ,go
to Baldwin, of the White House
Trading Company, and he will
make you a suit and guarantee a
There is to be a Christmas Tree
and entertainment in the Methodist church on Christmas Eve.
Persons desiring to put presents on
the tree for children or friends are
invited to do so, and every care
will be taken to secure the safe
delivery to the proper recipients.
The International was re-opened
Wednesday by John Manly, proprietor, and Pete Deuber, manager.
The large rooms were thronged
with miners. Jerry Flowers occupied a conspicuous position behind
the bountiful free-lunch counter.
Prices right for Custom made
Boots and Shoes at C. F. Gallion's,
Reserve street.—Adv.
Peterson, the lone miner, has
run a tunnel in 70 feet on the Wal-
Daily and Freddie B, on Record
Mountain, will be worked all winter by six or eight men.
Some of the experts who visited
Kootenay this year, are having
difficulty in collecting pay from
the "syndicates" that sent them.
Only a small force of men will
be kept on the Cliff mine this winter. When the new machinery arrives in the spring the force will be
At the Crown Point the ore body
is still looking fine. The shaft is
down about 150 feet, and a drift
has been run in on the lode for
about 70 feet. This mine will be a
shipper all winter, and is only
waiting for good sleighing weather
to commence the shipment of between GU0 and 700 tons of rich ore
now stored at the mine. The
Crown Point is one of the best
developed mines on the south belt,
and is within view of Rossland.
The Gold Hill is looking well
and.work is going on briskly. The
shaft is down 70 feet and a tunnel
is run in the hill between 300 and
400 feet. The rock is extremely
hard, like that of the War Eagle,
but the prospect now in view offers something worth working for.
There are about ten men employed
with Ed. Welsh and J. Daniels.
The good ore in the bottom of the
shaft will soon see the light of day,
as the work of sinking has just
been commenced.
A Good Mine.
The O. K. has improved considerably recently^nder the management of J. Warner, and the superintendence of T. K. Newanan, both
practical miners, and some excellent quartz is being crushed in the
small mill now in u*e on the mine.
As a five-stamp mill is utterly inadequate to keep the mine going,
even with the number of men now
employed, about eighteen, a much
larger quartz crusher is to be
erected down the creek early in the
spring. A contract for driving a
tunnel 200 feet to tap the ledge
has proved a bonanza for the contractor, Mr. Slover, who; with three
men,   made   excellent  pay.     The
tunnel is now
good ore.
in 250 feet and in
The Nelson Tribune's desire that
nine of the eleven papers in Kootenay should quit seems to be already
taking effect up river. The Kootenay Mail did not appear last
Saturday. Eight more to knock
out yet; but the Tribune will be
equal to it.
Look out for the Christmas number of the Prospector next week.
We do not advertise it as an art
souvenir: or a splendidly illustrated magazine, but merely a homely
Christmas number. The price
will be as low as the coinage circulating in Kootenay will allow—
five cents.
Mr. MacLean, manager of the
Balfour Trading Co.'s store, had
the pleasure on Wednesday of welcoming his wife and children to
Rossland. They came from the
coast, and at Revelstoke Mrs. Mac
telegraphed to her husband, but
they arrived here two hours ahead
of the telegram.
All kinds of Boots and Shoe?
made to order and fit guaranteed
at C. F. Gallion's, Reserve street.
Ike Thomas, of the firm of Thorn
as & Smith, Rossland, was in towil
to-tlay shaking hands with his numerous friends, Ikey was formerly station agent here, and his proficiency ahd courtesy gained for
him the friendship of all. We ar«
glad to hear he is doing a thriving
business in Rossland.—Northport
Look out for him! He has just
arrived at the White House! Our
Chicago cutter!
There was a lusty scrap on Columbia Ave. Tuesday night, whem
a tall young man who had bee»
attending the masquerade ball as a
baker or waiter got his clean whitt
suit badly discolored by mud. Tht
affair was over in two minutes, but
the waiter left some very discernible markings on his opponent'*
rueful countenance. The latter hat/
evidently been carrying a load
Honors divided. T|B  ?m?SCTQI
Friday, December loth, 1895.
W. D. PRATT.        R. W. NORTHEY.
Mr. Kellie, our member in the
Provincial House, has written to
say that he will see that the interests of this town are amply safeguarded when the water company's
application for a charter conies up
for discussion. While he has not
yet been able to place his views
before a llossland audience, Mr.
Kellie is fully conversant with all
that goes on here, and is quite in
accord with the views put forth by
the Prospeotor. He will arrive at
Trail on to-day's boat, and will
probably reach Rossland to-morrow. Mr. Kellie sits on the Government side of the House, and is very
persistent in his demands on behalf
o'f his district, which are generally
Conceded in the end, as witness his
Tramways Act for Kootenay, which
was passed only after two previous
attempts bad failed.
We are greatly indebted to the
Nelson Tribune for its kindly services in keeping its readers well
posted on the fact that the Prospector has had a great deal of experience in the mining towns of the
Slocan before coming to the Trail
Creek district, and is, therefore, a
more competent authority on general mining matters in Kootenay
than those of its contemporaries
which have been confined to one
town. Consequently it has a large
circulation in that district, which,
added to a long and expanding list
of subscribers here and its rapidly
increasing street sales, makes it the
best advertising medium in Kootenay.    Thanks, Tribune.
The Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works has issued a circular to
the members of the Legislature
asking them to furnish him with
particulars of any expenditures
in their districts for which they
consider provision should be made
in the estimates. As the member
for this district will be in town
during the next few days it will be
well to bring to his notice a few of
our most pressing needs, such as a
commodious schoobhouse, a larger
court-house, the appointment of a
stipendiary magistrate, and especial the grading of the streets. As
the receiver of a magnificent revenue from this town the Government
is certainly responsible for the carrying out of these necessary improvements. We believe that the
appropriations for Rossland will
include the building of the school
and the grading of the streets, but
the other two requirements will
have to stand over until the town
is incorporated, when the Government will be able to hire our city
hall for County Court purposes.
Amid all the present turmoil
over the conflict of titles to mining
properties and the despicable action
of claim junipers in consequence,
one fact is recognized by all the
cooler headed and thinking men of
this community, and that fact is—
the Courts must decide. Knots of
mining men may gather at the
street corners and excitedly discuss
the burning question; some of the
more knowing ones may proceed to
lay down the law as they interpret
it; some, even, may incite the hotheads to reprisals and deeds of violence, while the professional jumper may be congratulating himself on
detecting a flaw in the validity of
title to some splendid mining property on which thousands of dollars
have been spent in development;
but the fact' stands out clear—the
Courts must decide. The Law is
supreme here, and no interference
with its prerogatives will be tolerated. It is to the interest of all
legitimate mining enterprises that
this should be so, and those claim-
holders who do not wish to be
taught (he bitter lesson by personal
experience should see to it that
their titles are valid, and thus exclude the vampires known as claim
jumpers and blackmailers from
making any attempt at blood-sucking in this camp. But no personal
Violence must be offered. Those
who have mentioned the name of
judge Lynch have already done
the camp a great Wrong, and it
must be clear to all that it will be
a bad day for all concerned if ever
an individual or a gathering of individuals attempt to usurp the
functions of the Law, and those wdio
may be thinking that way will do
well to take second thoughts.
If Mr. Corbin persists in his
present course of action he will
probably find that he has stirred
up something more than a hornet's
nest. This paper has always commended Mr. Corbin for his enterprise in building railroads, and
believes that more success will attend him in operating them than
in contending with mine-owners.
If he is determined to go on with
his injunctions, retarding the pro-
gross of the camp by frightening
away capital, anil otherwise putting
a quietus on the most promising
industry in the province, he must
be restrained. Not only the mine-
owners, but merchants, professional
men, working men, in fact all those
who have an interest in the welfare
of this district, must be unanimous
in resisting such arbitrary proceedings. The autocratic system Mr.
Corbin wishes to impose upon us
must obtain no foothold here. He
professes to be the absolute owner
of all the land in which this camp
is situated. How did he get it?
Did he buy it? No, he did not buy
it, but received it as a free gift from
an unthinking and unwitting Government which had been goaded
into making such a reckless gift of
the people's land merely to still the
clamorings of the Nelson Press fov
a railroad (and on this particular
feature of the case we intend to say
something next week). But Mr.
Corbin should go slow. He is not
yet "out of the wood." In this
country the voice of the people is
still a power, and it will be used to
squelch Mr. Corbin's Red Mountain
railway scheme if that magnate
tloes not climb down considerably
in his exactions on those who are
opening up the resources of this
great mining cam]). It is a poor
rule that won't work two ways, ami
it is still in the power of the Provincial Government to prevent Mr.
Corbin's obtaining any more land
in this province, even though he
obtained an extension of the Red
Mountain charter by merely turning a few shovelsful of earth last
April. Let Mr. Corbin put tin
screws on in the one case, and the
people have it in their power to
retaliate in the other.
Our Opinion Also.
"The Canadian Pacific having
built a railroad through the Kicking Horse and Roger> passes, would
hardly he deterred by engineering
difficulties between Rossland anil
Okanagan lake. A route has already been surveyed from the Columbia river to Grand Forks and
surveyors have made a reconnois-
sance through the Boundary creek
country as far as Vernon.
" No obstacle seems too great for
railroad building when this company makes up its mind to build,
and the fears of the Rossland
Miner may be set at rest. When
the time comes the railroad will be
built through the seemingly impassable country, and "over the
high north and south ranges," to
Vernon, or by keeping south, to
the main line at Yale. The Canadian Pacific has overcome engineering difficulties which no other
transcontinental line has encountered, and that the road is in successful operation is evidence that
the difficulties were overcome. So
it it will be again. When they
tire ready to go on, no mountain
range or peak will keep them from
reaching their destination." — The
They Pay Dividends.
Kootenay is now classed along
with countries that have mines
whose output not only pays working expenses, but dividends as well.
Men with money to invest in
mining ventures are aware of this,
and the success or failure of any
particular Company, even if identified with Kootenay, would not deter them from making investments
in Kootenay. Kootenay has safely
passed the "black eye" period of
its life. Actual work hiiB proved
that its mines are mines. Kootenay is all right.—Tribune.
Rossland  Sign   Co. Lightning
Sign writers.     Quick, expeditious
and   first-class   work. Allen   G.
White, proprietor.
A Vast Dominion.
One often looses sight of the enormous extent of Canada, hut every
now and then the fact is brought
home to us. The most recent illustration will be found in the recommendation of the Minister of the
Interior that the vast unnamed
districts of the Northwest Territories should be divided into four provisional districts for postal and
settlement purposes, under the appropriate names of Ungava, Franklin, MacKenzie, and Youkon. Ungava, roughly speaking, lies east of
Hudson's Bay, south 6f Hudson's
Straits and north of Quebec.
Franklin, from entrance of Hudson's Straits westerly to the point
in the Arctic Sea in longitude about
125 degrees 30 minutes west, and
latitude about 71 degrees north;
thence northerly including Baring
Lancl: and Prince Patrick Island
and the Polynea Islands; thence
north-easterly to the farthest point
of Commander Markham and Lieut.
Parr's sledge journey in 1876,
thence southerly to the entrance to
Hudson's Strait; MacKenzie, about
538,600 square miles, beginning
from the mouth of the MacKenzie
river at the Arctic Sea, thence
southerly to the 60th parallel of
north latitude; thence easterly
about 800 miles, thence due north
to the Arctic coast, and back to the
place of beginning, Youkon, about
225.000, beginning at Demarcation
Point on the Arctic Sea, thence
south on the boundary line between Canada and Alaska 650
miles, thence in an easterly direction along the north boundary line
of British Columbia a distance of
about 600 miles to the Laird river
and various mountain ranges to
the place of beginning. There are
also added to the district of Athabasca 143,500 square miles and a
trilling addition of 470,000 square
miles to the distri&t of Keewatin.
—The Province.
Itead This, O, Ye Business Men.
The way the public at large look
ut advertising is forcibly shown by
the utterance of it well-known Phil-
adelphian, temporarily in-Washington, who walked somewhat out
nf his way to reach a florist's.
When his attention was called to
the fact that there were other florists nearer, he said: "lam seeking that man because he advertises
in the newspapers. The man who
advertises is always up to the
limes, and he is always easier to
deal with. You laugh, but I tell
you it is a fact. I have studied
this over and know from personal
experience. For the last few years
of my life I've made it a ruleuiever
to deal with any business man who
doesn't advertise. I wanted some
flowers to send off in a box by mail
and I looked in the paper this
morning for the advertisement of a
florist. Now you see he wants to
ileal with me, else he would not put
that \a the papers. I don't know
any of the places here, but the rule
is a good one, and I'll bet you anything you say that I can get what
1 want at this place, and get it
cheaper than anywhere else, or any
flower place that keeps its name out
• >f the newspapers. The business
man that doesn't advertise almost
invariably cheated me, on the theory, I presume, that I'd come there
anyhow—or that his reputation
was made and he could do what he
pleased. I have always found such
men to be narrow-minded, selfish,
non-enterprising, penny-wise and
pound foolish, even if he didn't
cheat me outright. No, sir, I
never buy anything of him,"
Cripple Creek vs. South Africa.
Here are some rich comparisons
on Cripple Creek and South Africa:
" Before the recent depreciation,
the total selling price of all quoted
Kaffir shares amounted to one
thousand million dollars—a billion
dollars—and that the annual output is $40,000,000, The total
quoted market value of all Cripple
Creek stocks at the same time was
$22,000,000, and Cripple Creek is
now producing one-third as much
as all South Africa. On this basis
Cripple Creek can advance 100
per cent, before they are selling as
iiigh, according to production, as
the Kaffir mines. There i3 no
doubt, also, that a general interest
in mining is also being manifested
all over the United States, and that
immense sums of money are seeking investments in stocks.
Hurrah for Christmas! Big
Stock of Toys, Novelties, etc., at
Wallace's Stationery Store.
The Post-Office Stationery Store
and Circulating Library
is the BEST PLACE in Rossland to get your
Mining Brokers and Agents,
**************      **>,;*
Stationery, Wall Paper, Notions,
Don't go Hungry
THOMAS & SMITH, Columbia Ave., Rossland.
Thos. Wilson & Co.,
Spokane Street, Rossland.
Mrs. D. McKellar.
Ladies' Furnishing Goods.
A full line of Finishing Goods for Dressmakers.
POULTRY, live or dressed, always on hand.
Reserve Street, Rossland, B.C.
*     *
RAND        HOTEL.
#   *   JLJL
$1.00 per day and upwards,
Ai L, HOUSTON, Pfdp'r. Certificate of Improvements.
"alberta" mineral claim.
Situate in the Trail Creek Mining Division of West K6ptenay District. Where located; South and
joining the Iron Colt Claim.
Take Notice that I, A. S. Far?
well, as agent for Daniel M. Drum-
heller, No. 61,398, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Gold Commissioner for a
certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtainig a Crown grant
of the above claim.      •   (/ •
And further take notice, that adverse claims must be sent to the
Gold Commissioner and action
commenced before the issuance of
such certificate of improvements.
Dated  this  9th day of November, 1895,
14-11-95 A. S. FARWELL,
Certificate of Improvements.
"deer park" mineral claim,
Situate in the Trail Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay District. Where located : About one
inile southwest from Rossland.
Take Notice that I, A, S. Farwell,
as agent for Frederick A. Mulhol-
land, No. 59,500, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of
the above^hum.
And further take notice, that adverse claims must be sent to the
Gold Commissioner and action commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate'of improvements.
Dated   this first day of November, 1895, '■ '   -'
7-11-95 A. S. FARWELL.
Certificate of Improvements.
'pilgrim" mineral claim.
Situate in the Trail Creek Mining
Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located : North of and adjoining the War P-lagle claim.
• Take Notice that I, A. S. Farwell,
as agent for Thomas L. Savage, No.
57,051, and William Austin, No.
62,127, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a certificate of
improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse claims inust be sent to the Gold
Commissioner and action commenced before the issuance of such
certificate of improvements.
Dated this fourth day of November, 1895.
7-11-95 A. S. FARWELL.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Trail Creek Mining
Division of West Kootenay District
Where located : Lying west of the
Homestake; east of the Climax;
Bouth of the Fire Fly and north of
the Hattie Brown mineral claims.
Take Notice that I, C. K. Brig-
man, free miner's certificate No.
62,2S5, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof*o apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse claims must be sent to the Gold
Commissioner and action commenced before the issuance of such
certificate of improvements.
Dated this twentieth day of October, A. D. 1895.
New Fall and Winter
Ladies are requested to call and
examine my stock.
Mrs. Helen Varker.
Stoves of all kinds at bed-rock
prices. See Hunter Bros., K. &
NOTICE is hereby given thfit the undersigned will, at Ihe expiration of thirty
days, apply to the Stipendiary Magistrate of
West Kootenay district, for a lipense to sell
liquor at retail at the Day View Hotel, in the
town of Trail. JOHN CALLAHAN.
October 21st, 1895.
Situate in Trail Creek Mining Division of
Kootenay District of Uritish Columbia. Where
located:'On the north side find adjoining the
Good Hope mineral claim and Ihe sutith side of
the Ontario mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Finimore Melbourn
McLeod. free miner's certificate No. 61,479, intend, sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply
to the Oold Commissioner for a certitiente of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Grown grain of the above claim.
And further take notice, that adverse claims
must be sent to Ihe Gold Commissioner and
action commenced before the issuance of such
certificate of improvements.
Dated this 17th October, A.D. 1895.
Situate in the Trail Creek Mining Division
of West Kootenay District and located north
of, and adjoining the Monte Clm..to Mineral
Claim. ii        {
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. A. Kirk, acting as
agent for Louis Lienanian, Free Miner's ce.viti-
cale No, 60,886, and Charlps Schmidt, ;I'ree
Miner's certificate No. 60,884, intend, sixty (00)
days from the date hereof, It) apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a certiticate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above Claim.
And further take initio.', that adverse claims
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and
action commenced before the issuance of such
certificate of improvements.
Dated this 24tb day of October, 1895, at Rossland, 11. O.                                       J. A. KIRK.
'• ti	
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in Trail Creek Mining Division of
Kootenay District of Uritish Columbia. Where
located: On the west side of Red Mountain, in
ths said mining division.
TAKE NOTICE that f, F. M. McLeod, of the
town of Rossland, in Kootenay District of
Kritish Columbia, acting as agent for Theodore F, Trask, free miner's certificate No. 57171,
Joseph Almoure, free miner's certilicate No.
00728, Joseph Drown, free miner's certiticate
No. 01201, and Walter L. Lawry, free miner's
certiticate No. 57231, all of the said town of
Rossland, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for
a certificate of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice, that adverse claims
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and
action commenced before the issuance of such
certificate of improvements.
Dated this 3rd day of October, 1895:?
No. 101
Certificate of the Registration of a Foreign
'Companies act," Past IV.; avd Amending
Registered the 1st day of August, 1895.
I hereby certify that I have this day registered
the '■ British - American Mining Company "
(Foreign) under the "Companies Act," Part
IV., Registration of Foreign Companies, and
Amending Acts.
The head oflice of the said Company is situated at the city of Butte, State of Montana)
U. s. A.
The objects for which the Company is established ore: To engage in, do and carry on any
and all kinds of mining, milling, reducing, refining and treating of ores and minerals and
any othor commercial business; to purchase or
otherwise acquire! own, hold, rent, mine, develop, improve, work, deal in, lease, sell, convey or otherwise dispose of mines and mineral
lands, towrisites or town lots, blocks, or any
subdivisions thereof; electric light or power
plants, roads, tramways, or any other means
of conveyance and transportation; to acquire
by purchase, or otherwise, dispose of, stocks or
shares of stocks of other incorporated companies, and bonds, negotiable instruments, and
other obligations and securities; with power to
the Company to endorse and guarantee any
bonds, negotiable instruments, or other obligations dealt in or sold by it, or which may be or
may have been made or issued by any corporation in which this Company may own a majority of the stock; to acquire, buy, own, hold,
sell, exchange and deal in any and all kinds of
merchandise, personal property and real estate
wheresoever within the State of Montana or
elsewhere without Bfiid state; to lend money
for profit and to take, hold and realize upon
securities therefor; to borrow money for tho
business of the Company and to give security
therefor; and for the purpose of raising money
necessary for the transaction of the business of
Ihe Company or of any of its business or the
acquisition of property; to execute bonds, debentures, promissory notes or other evidences
of indebtedness, and to secure the same by
mortgage or pledge of all or any part of the
property of the Company real or personal; to do
business on commission and to act as agent or
attorney of or for other persons or corporations
in the doing or transacting of any business
which (his Company mayor can do or carry on
for itself; to carry on any other business or to
do any other tiling in connection with tho objects and purposes above mentioned that may
be necessary or proper to successfully acoorn-
plish or promote said objects and purposes;
to construct and operate ditches, canals, dams,
and other means of conveying and utilizing
water for irrigation purposes; to purchase,
hold, develop, improve, use, lease, sell or convey, or otherwise dispose of, water powers and
the sites thereof and lands necessary or useful
therefor or for the industries and habitations
arising or growing up or to arise orgrow up in
connection with or about Ihe same. The capital stock of the said Company is five hundred
thousand dollars, divided into five hundred
thousand shares of the par value of one dollar
Given under my hand and seal of oflice at Victoria, Province of Uritish Columbia, this
first day of August, one thousand eight
hundred and ninety-five.
[li.S.] S. Y. WOOTON,
Registrar of Joiu'iStock C"""«"<»« '
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Trail Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay
District. Where located: Northwest of, and adjoining the claim
recorded as the Nest Egg and
northwest of the Homestake claim.
Take Notice that I, J. A. Kirk,
acting as agent for the Phoenix
Gold Mining Company (foreign)
free miner's certificate No. 64,407,
intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown gnhit of the
above claim.
And further take notice, that adverse claims must be sent "to the
Gold Commissioner and action
commenced before ihe issuance of
such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 25th day of November, 1895.
Shipping Work a Specialty.
•Reserve Street, Rossland.
Rossland Water Supply
The One and Only
Pure Water Supply
in this City.
$1.00 per tank, 25c. per barrel, 5c.
per bucket. Delivered to any part
of the town.
Order at 0. K. Bakery or Hunter Bros.
J. P. Castle.
A. Nelson.
Cabinetmaker & Turner.
and, Job Work.
Spokane Falls
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway,
Daily   [except   Sunday]   between
Spokane and Northport.
Tri-Weekly between Northport and
L've 8'4tf a. m. NELSON Arr. 5-SJ5 p. in.
ON Mon.'s Wednes.'s and Fri's trains will run
through to Spokane, arriving there same
day. Returning will leave Spokane it 7
a. ra, on Titos's Thurs's tuidSatur's, arriving nt
Nelson at 5:2.') p.m. same day, making close connections with steamer Nelson lor al ooKtenay
lake points.
Passengers for ttt? River and Boundary
Creek connect at Marcus with stage on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Passengers for Trail Creek mines connect at
Northport with stage Daily.
Shaw's Hotel,
— :o:—
— :o:—
Rates $2.50 Per Day.
Certificate of Improvements,
Situate in the Trail Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay
District. Where located : On Red
Mountain, lying south of the "St.
Elmo" and '* Mountain View"
mineral claims. ■'
Take Notice that I, J. F.
Ritchie, acting as agent for James
Garrison, F.M.C. 01,312, intend,
sixty clays from the date hereof, to
apply to the Gold Commissioner
for a certificate of improvements
for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of the above claim,
And further take notice that adverse claims must be sent to the
Gold Commissioner and action
commenced before the issuance of
such certificate of, improvements.
Dated this 28th day of November, 1895.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Trail Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located : Adjoining the
"Homestake" mineral claim on
the west.
Take Notice that I, J. F. Ritchie,
acting as ' agent for Norman A.
MacKenzie, F.M.C. 57,101; H. F.
McLean, F.M.C. 60,651; A. T. R.
Blackwood, F.M.C. 56,418; Elie
La Valley, F.M.C. 61,457, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Gold Commissioner
for a certificate of improvements
for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that adverse claims must be sent to the
Gold Commissioner and action
commenced before the issuance of
such certificate of improvements,
Rossland, B.C., Nov. 28, 1895.
Great Northern
The Short Fast Scenic Route,
t TO -^
Seattle, Victoria,
Vancouver & Puget
Sound, and all Pacific Coast Points, St.
Paul, Chicago and Points Beyond
Modern Equipment.   Rock-hallast
Attractive tours via Duluth and the Great
Lakes in connection witli exclusively passenger boats of Northern S. S. Co.
Direct connection via Nelson & Fort Sheppard
railway at Spokane; and via C & K. S. N Co.
at Bonner's Ferry  	
For maps, tickets, and complete information
call on Agents C & . S. Nav. Co ; N.&F. S. r'y
ou   C G. Diyos, Gen. Agent, Spokane, Wash,
F. I. Whitney, G. P. & T. A., St. Paul, Minn.
F. T, Abbott, Travelling Freight & I'assengel
Agent, Spokane, Wash.
C. & K. S. N. Co,
TIME   TABUS   NO.   8.
Taking effect Monday, November 11,1895.
Nelson-Kaslo route—Str. Nelson.
 Monday 3 a. m.
530 p.m Tuesday	
2 30 p.m... Wednesday ... .3 a.m.
5"80 p.m.... Thursday 8 a. m.
5-30 p.m Friday 3 a. m.
5'30 p.m... . Saturday 8 a. m.
Connecting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days witli N A: F8 railway for Kaki.o and lakt
points. Connecting on Mondays, . Wednes
flays and Fridays with N &F8 r'y for Spokane.
Close connections with Columbia .fc Kootenay
r'y at Nelson for points north A south,
Bonner's Ferry route—Str.  Nelson
Leaves Kaslo f ,r Bonner's Ferry at H a, m. on
Muii lays   ,. ',
Leaves Ni.lson for Bonner's Ferry at S a. m. on
Leaves ilonner's Ferry at 2 a.m. on Tuosdayi
for Pjlot h,y, l.elson, Ainsworth and Ktislo
ConnecJs with east and west-bound trains on
the Great Northern Railway.
Revelstoke route—Str. Nakusp.
Leaves Wigwam for Nakusp and Robson, Mon
days and Thursdays at 7 p. ni.
Leaves Uobson for Nakusp, Wigwam and Can
adain Pacific Railway points (east and west;
on Tuesdays and Fridays at 0 p. m.
Connection is made at Robson with C£l
R'y for Nelson ami will. Steamer "Lytton'; foi
Trail Creek and Northport.
Trail Creek-Robson route—Lytton.
Leaves Trail creek for Robson on Tuesdays anu
Fridays at 10 a. m.
Leaves Robson for Trail creek on Tuesdays and
Fridays at i p. m.
Connects at Robson with Steamer "Nakusp'
for Nakusp and Revelstoke, and with O. & K.
R'y for Nelson and Kootenay Lake points.
Northport-Trail Creek—Str. Lytton
Leaves Trail creek for Northport on Mondays,
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at
(i a. m.
Loaves Northport for Trail creek on Monday*
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at
1 p. ni.
Connects at Northport with S. F. & N. R'y for
The company reserves the right to cbangf
this schedule at any time without notice.
For full inform tion as to tickets, rates, etc.
apply at the company's otliees, Nelson.
Secretary. Manager.
Pacific R. R,
St. Paul, Minneapolis Duluth,
Fargo, Grand Forks, Crookstorj^
Helena and Butte,
Chicago, Washington,
Philadelphia,   New York,
Boston and all Points  east,   west
and south.
For information, time cards, map»
and tickets, call on or write
H. G. Stimmel, T. P. agent,
Nelson, B.C.
F. D. Gibbs, General agent,
Spokane, Wash.
or A. D. Charlton,
asst. Gen. Pass, agent,
Portland, Oregon.
Largest and most complete Stock of General
Merchandise in West Kootenay,
Dry Goods
Boots & Shoes
Hats & Caps
Furnishing Goods
Etc., etc.,
HUNTER BROS., E. & CO.      •     •
i      «      t      it      «
*     -      Rossland. B.O. J8B
An Outside View.
The Spokane Outlook claims
there are two sides to the claim
jumping question. The Outlook,
though, does not seem to understand that some of the oldest claims
in the camp were jumped.    It says:
"The mining claim jumper is
abroad in Trail Creek and several
claims have been re-located. The
proper way to get rid of the claim
jumper is to strictly comply with
all the laws governing the location
and holding of mineral claims, and
then the locator can snap his fingers at the efforts of the claim jumper to oust him from his rightful
possessions. To our own personal
knowledge locations have been
made and the notices sworn to
without the man whose name appears on the location ever having
6een the ground. In fact, a Spokane outfit has had claim after
claim located in British Columbia
during the summer, merely paying
men hy the day to make locations.
Certainly such rights should not
be respected."
A Test Case.
Charles N. Collins, an old-timer
in these parts, has brought suit
against Indian Agent Bubo (practically the United States) for $50,-
000 for forcibly ejecting him from
the Colville Indian reservation and
restraining him from working several claims he has located there.
He claims the reservation has been
open to miners since July 1, 1892.
Mr. Collins is supposed to be working in the interest of a syndicate
of wealthy and influential citizens
who reside in this State, Denver
and Washington, D. C. He ako
asks that a temporary writ of prohibition be issued to prevent defendant from interfering with his working on his mining properties.—
Northport News.
It is said that the Colville reservation across the river from North-
port, especially along Sheep creek,
is literally filled with rich veins of
gold and siver. The beauty of it
is, old prospectors tell us, the gold
is cropping out at the grass roots.
Many a man has secretly located
his claim there, and as soon as the
reservation is opened the greatest
rush ever known in any country
irvill be made for that section.—
Northport News.
An exchange says a little girl
who was learning to read by studying the big print in the newspapers,
prayed at night as follows: " Dear
Lord make me pure—make me absolutely pure, like baking powder.''
This beautiful, good and true story
by a contemporary is commended
to the consideration of people who
think it does not pay to advertise.
The Leland puts up an excellent
menu for 25c. *
For choice groceries go to Hunter
Bros., K. & Co.—Adv.
Try our Chicago tailor at tire
White House.
Buy your gum, rubber and Jerj
sey footwear at Robinson's.
Decker & Knight's Bakery for
all kinds of Bread, Cakes and Pies.
Head of Spokane St.
Christmas Cards and Photos of
Rossland for sale at Wallace's
Stationery Store.
All work guaranteed.
Do not postpone sending Xmas
Cards and presents to your distant
friends. Send now and avoid danger of your gifts being lost in the
mails later on. Get your presents
now, and buy at Wallace's Stationery Store.
fred j. squire,
Merchant Tailor.
Nelson, B. C
A choice collection of worsteds
serges and tweeds always on hand
\A7E, the undersigned, Wood
Dealers of the City and District of Rossland, do hereby agree
to establish and maintain the following schedule of prices of wood
during the winter of 95-96:
Tamarack and Fir, all sizes 2ft.
and under, per cord of 2 ricks, $5;
over 2ft., per cord of 1 rick, $4.50;
Hemlock, all sizes 2ft. and under,
per cord of 2 ricks, $4.50; over 2ft.,
per cord of 1 rick, $4; Pine and
Spruce, all sizes 2ft. and under,
per cord of 2 ricks, $4; over 2ft.,
$3.50; Cedar, all sizes 2t. and under,
per cord of 2 ricks, $3.50; over 2ft.,
per cord of 1 rick, $8.
J. A. Burgess,
Jas. Summers,
George Adams,
W. A. Young,
S. D. Monk,
Erik EklanDj
L. O. Carter,
Alex. Johnson.
At the Leland all the meals are
the same price— 25c. *
A fine display of lamps at Hunter Bros., K. & Co.   Adv.
See Hunter. Bros., K. & Co., for
wool boots, German box and overshoes. Winter foot-wear of all
James Smith,
Gus. Leanhart,
Frank Corte,
J. C. Catlf.tt,
S. F. Carver,
J. F. Castle,
S. M. Smart,
J. C McDowell
Undertaker & Embalmed
Undertaking Parlors
Preparation Room.
Columbia Ave,, M of Washington Street,
Pfeifer& Webster
Contractors & Builders.
Estimates Given
on all kinds of
Contract Work.
Don't waste your precious gold
by paying high prices, but buy all
your men's footwear at the cheapest store on Columbia Avenue.
J. H. ROBINSON, Proprietor.
IN the
Dining Room
And under the New Management
First-class Meals will be served.
Good Saddle or Pack Horses
* Red Star Stables.
We fnake a specialty of sending horses to Trail and North-
port.   We get them hack.   No feed bill.
8. 8.  ALBERTA,
!'■'",• j .*• Mon,, Wed., Sat.
Leavfe Kaslo lot Alnsworth, Pilot Bay and Nelson 8 a. m	
Leave Nelson lor Pilot Bay, Alnsworth and Kuslo  3 p. m	
IThursdav. I
....9a.m. I
.... 8p.m. |
Tues., Frl.
... 7 a, m.
... 0 p. m.
Close connection Is thus made between Lake points and all incoming and outgoing
trains of ihe C. P. R. at Nelson. The above schedule is In effect Id May 1885, subject
to change. Js. WauQi Purser. Geo, F. Hatward, Master.
The White House Trading Co.
Ladies' Dress Goods, Trimmings* Underwear
and all kinds of FANCY ARTICLES dear to the ladies' hearts
Also Gents' Furnishings of all kinds,
Cardigan jackets
Etc., Etc.
|$oots and Shoes,
m. b. dolan & co.
Largest Assortment north of
0. A. BALDWIN, Manager.
We have just received
which we will sell
Gheaper for Cash
Than ANY HOUSE in Rossland.
Balfour Trading Co., 0oiai^^s^
The Dining Parlor
^HE * £Jliff i
Is under New Management,
having been secured by Mrs. S. M. KEPKEY.
The guests of this hotel are always pleased with the
First-class Meals and comfortable
AH ReadyI
The Lunch Counter
Mountain View Hotel.
Meals at all hours. Short orders.
Everything in Season that the Market Aff.rds.
Geo. McGaughey.
Come,Ohe, Come All,
Give Burwell a Call.
his Clam Chowdef, only
lOc, a bowL
Pie and Coffee tti cents.
The Waffle House,
North End of Spokane Street.
Red Mountain Stage Line*
Stage leaves Rossland at 7 a.m.,
Arriving at Northport at 10.30 "   •
Leaves NORTHPORT After Arrival of Train:
Arriving at Rossland at 5 p.m.


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