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The Prospector May 9, 1903

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w I Urv
[Vol. 5. No. 42.
$1.00 a year.
LOCAL  NEWS.       <|
Win. Brett returned  From tlie
oust this week.
l)-\ Sanson arrived in lown from
Ishcroft and Clinton in the early
bait of tliis week.
Jt. in understood thnt the A inkle Mine has been sold.
Constable Cni-ler has been np-
liointed Chief License C'oiiiniist-i-
laier for this District.
J. II. Uren went to Ashcroft nnd
other points on a business trip
[thi** weel..
The hnildiiignext to the Victor-
jin Hotel, and formerly u_t.il ns a
store, is now being tilled up ss a
W. Alien, of the Pioneer Hotel,
died at Victoria Hospital last
Monday morning.
Mrs. -Wight, nud children left
town Inst Tuesday morning f. r
lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Soap Powder is better than other powders,
as it ir both soap and disinfectant.     ;<j
Messrs Rogers uud ShortI, of
Seattle, who are interested iu the
Lorne property arrived iu town
this week. Mr. lingers proceeded
immediately to Iiridge Uiver.
Dr. J. Brandon, brother of T.
ami M. 1-i-tiiidon of Lillooet, is
expected iu Ashcroft lids week.
He will lake up practice with J)r.
Rev. iT.il. Wright, who lias lieen
all ending the yearly meeting of
Methodist Ministers iu the K11.111-
loopsdist Hot, returned last night
from Kamloops.
Mrs. Woods, of Kamloops, who
has iteen visitingliei- pniv-iits, Dr.
and Mrs. SibreeClarke, reiurned
home today.
Large quantities of small pipe
are being hauled iuto town fer
private lines to connect with the
in;iin. The new system is working wall and n. stronger force of
water for all the present needs of
the town could scarcely lie desir-
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Vrrlplii-Tatk~Seu~i! lo I'tlgi'lms   ingenious
\\ H.'(-l.~Ht.m.ii Willi i.«,ukl.ol>oi k,
Peter Verigin, one oi the loaders of
the Houkhouors, who has la-en in
Russia, und of whom y.oo.t ti i.igs
are' expecte.l in the way ol Inducing
the people to settle down und give
up their foolish idea off another j.il-
giimajo in the spring o torn ert the
world, *is now in tne Doukhohor
villages KQi-.h of Yorkton, and, according to reports from there, is
meeting with considerable success in
his effort. He started at the ullage
of 1 roterpers-y, \vhe.e his home was
before le i\ ing for Russia, and where
his mother still lives. His lirst
meeting was held in his own house,
and in the course of his address he
discussed thc whole Situation'. He began by taking up the i|il~yr.lon of
ihe B-iitaliility of Con.ida ns a place
for the I.oijkhoboi'S. lie declared
that the Doukholiors were here by
Ood's will, and that there was no
need t> look anywhere else. While
the climate was cold it -yus healthy,
nn I the s >il | rod li .'.'•_ nil .i.imuiht of
'(P'-irlms and vegetables, so that, theie
was no reason why they shout not
bo-hftPPy and prosperous, l.aving a
gooil soil and climate, the other essential to success was thc p. ss.>s!;i)n
of animals. Every family should
have a team of horses and two or
thri« cows.
,-n in iU Co-W.irkr. ~ Willi Mmi,
One of those who had boon on the
I ilgi iuiat.c here l.roke ii wiih the
remark thut. in Canada ull lie \v_r&
wus done by horses, aj d nmi ffot the
benefit of enslaving theui. vet'lglau
reply wus that the relation was uol,
thut of master und .lave hut ol* fel-
low-workeis; tha'. while the horse
wn 'el for thu nun, Imth lahorud to
piolluio outs for the ho.se uh will
us wlioat for the man. May was cut
und s'u<-~.e I r d maides In,ill for
the horses I. *»> that the   henc-
lits were nr Aniiiiuls were   ii.
Ihli some to i conildoi'od in-jinhers
of the community. Hut *h*> louder
was not yet "out ol tho woods," for
tho same pilgi im raised the point
that if they kept cows for lie milk
mul butler there would he the en-
uiiul excess of males, und it. would
not be right to sell these to the
butcher. Verigin had evidently
thought this matter out furl her thun
tho pilgrim, nno ne wus teuily. lie
said that on the ship he I'ntiio ci cross
in from Idngluiul there wore 700 immigrants, poor people, who expected
to s.ttlo on land. If the loiikho-
bors found they hud too mnny 1 ul-
locks they could givo thc surplus to
these poor immigrants to plow with.
Urged Adaptation.
Then he wont on to counsel them
to adapt thorn, elves, t.o llieir surroundings, and settle down, lie urged them to take up hu.d without delay. They had been in Canada four
years, and hrd been acting as if they
were not going to stay, '.'ho Government might have given uwuy the
hinds to others, but it had been patient. It was not right, for thorn to
be looking for trouble, and expecting
evil. They were no longer in poor
Russia, ground into tie dust of bad
government. Ccnadn was a free
country, and he saw no dangers
ahead, but even if evils did come
they could meet them like men us
thoy had before. They should also
comply with thc law in leguid to the
registration of vital statistics, which
law v/nti meant for their good.
Turn. Tablet on Them.
Verijjin dealt with tho late pilgrimage. Some f~,lt culled to do no work,
but to go out and preach the eon-
version of thc world. Of course if
they saw that us their duty they
must go, but thoy should consider it
well. Were they so perfect that there
was no reforming to be done in their
own lives before they were quite
ready to pic.ieh perfection? If such
was the case, why, of eourse, they
should start again in thi* spiing. But
they must remem'.cr this,, that while
they were free to adopt such a mode
of life and to sub;c:t themselves to
any piivations they might see fit,
they had no 1 lght to involve their
relatives, a:id especially their wives
and children. If any of them should
again go out they should leave be- \
hind their wives und chi'dron, with
their relatives, who would, no doubt, j
be glad to take care of them. !
Thing:* I o»k Hone fat. j
Verigin is now traveling from village to village with a purty of se-:
looted followers, and talkies- to all in
the same strain. The p..rty travel
in tleighs drawn by horses, and have
met. with a very good reception
where er they hive appointed* The
appearance *>f milk and butter on tho
tables indicates that part at least of
the Doukhobo; S have given up tho
worst features of thc craze. It cannot be told until spring how successful Veri. iii has been, but everything
now lool-s very hopeful for another
pilg-iiuage being prevented.
South    Afll-an   Contingent   Cost   Canada
AI in o~ I ».'), OOO.IIOO ami !_:*_ Men.
Tho Bending of the Canadian division Suutl) African Constabulary, the
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and tith Cunadian
Mounted Hides to South Afiicu and
the .'trd It. 0. It. to rial if ax c< st
Ciumdu $2,828,..54. Tho total of
nil ranks wus t~,372. Of those 7,-
llllS reached South Africa, vvlvre
tl.o-e were -7(i.^casuullies, '2_)l
deaths and 2**i2 wounded. Those actually I ill.d num. erod 011; SI died of
wounds, 127 succumbed to iliseuse,
one wus accidentally drowned, and
two were repotted missing and believed to be dead. Ninety-three per
cent, of tho deaths from disease were
duo to fever, I'rivaUe O. J. Woavor,
11.ALU., and \V. Winyurd, Koyal Canadian   Dragoons, are mis.1 ing.
In the supplementary report of the
Militia Department, which contains
these facts, there aro also some a|>-
prec.i.itive comments by thc Earl of
Diiiidouald upon thc soldierly quali-
lii's und valour of the 2nd Mounted
IliiUs, under Col. Fauiis, the splendid equipment uud behaviour of the
Tilth Meld Hospital, under Lieut -
Col. w"orthington, and the patriotic
spirit of the ollicers and men of the
third, fourth, fifth and sixth regiments, who had no opportunity of
being under fire. 1 iout. It. II. Kyun
tolls of the surrender of Delarey and
Kemp at Dornscomb, ■Juno 15, 1002.
Only 12 mon, one corporal nnd one
oflUcr of the stadts Artlllory, only
12 of thc Ynr'is, formerly a magnificent le.iinont, und only one ofticcr
and six mm of Delarcy's signaling
corps remained.
The Correct limitation.
If you must quote, do quote correctly. Is tho pen mightier thnn the
sword? Thousands suy or pi int :
"The pen is mightier than thc
sword." It mny be true, but if it is
meant for a quotation it is not fairly givo. The original lines in the
play are:
"Hene~.Ui Ihe rule of men entirely tr- *t,
Tho pen Ik mi.hilcr thnn the-word."
This error has been corrected over
and over aguin. But those who mis-
quote seldom read what they are
pretending to quote, but quolo from
a man who quoted from another men
who—and so on. In many books will
be found long lists of theso prevalent
]<tleii_«~ ami Temptation.
Few temptations beset the industrious, but all temptations assail tho
(iorgCOUS  l-KlilllliH 1111   Ills   All*    1>  H;il K'lll,.
ri«.lll_).V,    blht*.- _    HuU.I'X   lil
1, uiion Hie t»i-..t.
Thc impending e eetion in Piccadilly of two inm.eii£~8 hotels, oi e on
the site of St. .James' Hull nnJ e.u-
joining prope. ty, und the e,th.r. on
the tiie of tha pr.i:_nt Wu.i iiighuiu
and Bath lioiels—emi husi cs the fact'
thut tie Vie t iCnd i~ ie oiuiug tne
ihief area fo.  hotel l.fj in London*
A few years ago the fc>tiand and
Tiafalgnr Squu o could iluim |ie-
eminen- e a=i the ont.c of iho oust
celohrated h-toln— the Savoy, the
Oo il, tho iuet opole, Mercy s thc
Ooidon i-roi-s, etc.—but quitu re- ont-
ly a new a"d improved stylo of 'hotel do luxe*' has come into existence, ar.d within a I rief spa o of
time it .'.ems probable that tie Wc t
End will be "hoUli ed" on a s ale,
both of mognitidu n d luxu i»s e-
finement, surpu.siug tho airiest
dreams of the hotel manage." of iif-
tecn yea is ago.
While tha wonderful Hit/. Hetel, to
reach from Ail n.ton si c t io the
Green Park, promhos to be t!-:o most
splendid in London, Cln'idgos, just
off (!rosv..nor ._(|Uure. h s alrcrdy
introduced the mode n I ot 1 life into the ley lei t of idayf ir, Ve y
stalling is the ■ < n'rusl—now i.on-
existei t— botw-, n the ri<hi:ess of
Cla klge's and tie plainnofs, almost
amoin ing to |. c ty, of tho old
Path Hotel, st ipi iXl r.f t'e homely
old mahogany fiirnltero wl i h may
hnve been there sivc Thomns Ai'an's,
the fir t Ame i an Amba^sado'.', put
up at the hotel.
T.ie will Itath Hotel.
For nearly 150 years the old Bath
liotel has been looked upon by generations of Londoners ns ono of the
mysteries which only tho aiistocratic
mijht penetrate. 'I bore is something
forbidding In the words, painted on
the riceai'illy tiCo of the house.
'Lath Hotel—for Families and Gent->
lou.e.'i," and mi lions of people must
have looked tq on tlie plain, dowdy
old corner builc iiig, with its coat of
dirty priint; end have fancied the interior to be, by contrast, a marvel of
But now, being doomed to destruction, thc old place hns boon subjected daily to inspection by brokers,
and tho auctioneer has sold its contents. And the famous Bath Hotel
stands revealed as a wretched jumble
of passages and rooms, devoid of attraction, and fit only for the housebreaker. Its floors have reached tho
"switchback" stage. There are unsuspected little steps, some up and
some down, into many of the rooms.
The old portable baths—in e Piccadilly Hotel!—emphasize the change
Which has taken place between tho
era of the Bath and the era of Our--
idge's and the Carlton.
All over the West-end the "hotel de
luxe" is springing; up. In Sloane
Street, the Cadogan, dose by the
Hans Crescent, in Mount Street, the
Cobourg. in Kensington Gore, the
Do Vere and Royal Palace Hotels,
all tell the some tale. And the middle-aged hotels in Albcrmnrlc Street
and thereabout arc blossoming into
a new and more luxuriant existence.
—London Mail.
Nerer Heard nf Him.
The Edinburgh Evening Dispatch
tcUs of two Scots in London, woo
were passing Whitehall, when ono
said: "I wonder from which of these
windows It was that King Charles
was led out to be executed; I'll ask
the "bobby." "Can you tell me."
he said, atldrcssing that dignitary,
Vfrom whi h window Charles was
led out, to his execution?" "Chawhs!
Chawl.s!" said the constable, reflectively, "I never 'card on 'im; it
must 'ave been afore my toime.''
.Tie |>e«.plrM>. Knuik, All*.-,, hope
soon tio.rtitii.ii to their hollies.
The Chinese poll-Mix hill hsw
pusseil the lliirtl leiiiliny at. Ottawa.
Another linllle is ivporletl to
have restilleil in the defeat, of the
Mullah's fort.i*s. ••
The eoiil-miners al t'litnlierlaiMl
•Vancouver lslaiul havegone out
on st.r'l.e.
American capitalists are invest;-
ino # 10.0(H) 000 'm N'foumlhtntl
pulp tiniher lands.
Flootls have washeil awa.v two
million dollars worth of 'piarlz
ou the tliimpsof the Yukon mines.
Dr. Fmilv 8 Co we,  Ihe first, woman to practice medicine in Can
ada, is deed.
Forest tires are rilgi'ig in the
woods 50 miles north of Montreal.      ' .
Messrs MiilhollaiTrUvud Price,
of Iowa, came in frolfi Fvtton.
Thev are awailin-j," the arrival of
the Hamilton Miuiuftret.uruig-Co:
ivpresetilalive prior to doing
further work on the tlretfge i»rop-
oi' Indy ia ench county io muiuiKe liimliieNS fur
Atiol.l -siiihlisli.)] house of solid fliiKiii-lal stand
liiK* A KiniiKlit, hoim tide ensh sulnry ot |18,00
paid by check ench Wednesday wilh all expen-
ses direct from headquarter.. Money advanced for expenses.
Manager, 810 e'axtoii lluilding, Chicago.
1 ENDI.RS for the rental of the above
premises will he received by the undersigned tip to Satuiday the 16th dayof
May 1903, at V p.m..
Rental to be monthly and subject to
one month's notice lo quit. Tlie highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.   ..hires.:
Ashcroft.  B.C.
May 4»l>. 1903.
Road onr special
offer on tlie
third page. THE   Pi-OSPECTOI., LILLOOKT, W.O.,  MAY 9,  1003.
AT I.II.I.OOi. I".  U.C.
hy THU rirni'-i.Toi! I'HHI.IsilINU  COMPANY
THI- l>~tOSI>_CIO~f is the only paper published In the l.illiinel I).strict, anil is ull home
I Tinted.
-tuliw.ii |ilioii-: One Dol Ihi- ii veil. Ill iiilvMi.e,
\ilveiUsing ra.es mud. known t.n ii|>|iliciill<n.,
('niTespon.U nee is liivile<loii nil mullein nf
nubile or lootil interest. A11 cdiii ni ii ii Icul inns
must  lie  Mi-i-oni|.nnieil  l.y   tlit-   inline   of   llie
|-|*. I-. lill I uol  li|.i'|i.*ii ri| \- for IP i III! i'n I inn.
The last few days have seen a
decided improvement in local
hnsine.s circles. The tisHiirance
of the dretlge men in town I h.it
the new dredge \\ill he ready Oy
October also gives tone to business.
All hough it seems conlrary to
all precedents for Ireland to be
eon ten led anil happy, it is clei
that Ihey know whal is needed to
make for peace. Mr. Redmond i-
addressing the convention held
in Dunlin last month said that
Mr. Wliyudlinni's bill has made
Ireland united as never before,
and that now there will be the
Complete ami final abolition it
li.mllordisni in all its essentials.
We may now speak of the United Kjngd.oi.il if (ireat 1-iitn.in &
Ireland, with the consciousness
that the lerui is nut a. misiioim i-
An experiment that may revolutionize the iron and steel industry of this coul iueiit has been
made a,l the Valley Iron Works,
Minn. Titanic iron ore, of whi h
lliich I here are said to be billions
of tons throughout, Nortli America, was smelted hi au ordinary
copula and turned out pig iron
belter than the finest bessemer
Dissatisfaction is to I e counted as a. fine force iu life. Without
it there seems to be little done.
Some people are so self-satisfied
-lhat they never aspire after better conditions for themselves or
others. Such people live longer
.'is a. rule, but then what of that
unless they have laid at least, one
brick in the social structure.
How to have poise and repose
in lhe midst of a siivuiioiis life,
is a. problem best solved, we
believe, in the liie of liim who
has left us aa example that we
should follow in His steps.
_____er.'-^_,. ~
■' "   --■■"■-■ '-■■■- I^t'-[i*-________*;..:,.v- -"
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are the onlv reliable repeaters.
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
calibers, weights and styles; and are plain,
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose,  every  pocketbook,   and   every  taste.
made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
r-n e* C Send name ind address on n Postal
r ntt    torour 164-page Illustrated Catalog.
Asthmalene brings instant relief antl  permaner.
Cure   In   All   Cases.
V'-tli. N    MM AND AI>l>l.-_SS  PLAINLY.
T Ii e r h is not li i r g I > I. i- Asi]
ii i I e n c . 1 i h r i n g ~ i ii t* i h*|
ri'l i e f, e v i! n i ii t i. !• « <■ r
• ii « c s . It. i'ivihh wti'ii nil . lee f.ii'l
The Kev. (.':. I'.'. WIM.I.S, in Villa Ki.lf
III., says: "Your liinl 11.III. ol Aslhmultl
received in good cmi.'iiii n. I ciunio' it'll yi
liow thankful I leel fin-lhe gilod derived fri
it.     I   was   a  slave,   chained   with   putrid
throat mul  Asthma fnr  ten yens.    I   despair!
of ever being cured.    I saw-your advertisemj
,I'or the cine of Ihis dieadlul nml torinenll
liseasc, Asllnna, ami I ought you I,ail ova
spoken yourselves, Iiul resolved to give il
trial. To 111ya.sl11ui.sl1111.11l, the Irial noted Iii
a charm.    Semi  ine a  lull-size  linllle."
Kev.    llr.    Mollis*    Weclislei*'
kill.In of the Conn;.   Ilna'i   Israel.
New   Vork,  Jan.   3.    1901.
1)1.8. TAW   ll!!('S.'   MKIMi'IN.K   fl).,
C.entleinen:     Vour   Asthmalene    is
excellent   lenuily  for   Asllnun ami   Hay   I'evi
nml   ils composition nlle.iales all iron hies \\hi|
combine with Asthma.     Its success is nstonishifl
ami  wonderful.
Love'* Ynu 111; Dream.
She (precluding it with a kiss)—So
you went down to see papa this morning
about a rather—er—tender matter, eh?
He (sweetly)—Yes, darling.
She—And you poured forth your inmost soul—
He—Yes, dear. I confessed everything.
She—Made it perfectly explicit nbout
your present position and your prospects
for the future, eh?
Ho—Made a clean breast of it all.
She—Told painly the sweet secret of
my loving you in return, and only
•waiting his sanction, and all that, eh?
Ho—Yes, love. I quoted your own
gentle love vows and your resolves to
stand by me through thick and thin forever.
She—That's right. You certainly arc
very brave. How did he receive all these
tender tidings?
He (hesitatingly)— I — er —really—I
don't know as yet.
She (in amazement)—Uut you saw-
papa, did you not?
He—Yes. I stood, on the street corner
and saw him conm out of the office and
go to get his lunch.
She—And then you went to lunch
with him, eh?   Oh, how clever!
He—No, I went up into his oflice and
poured forth my soul—into his phonograph. He's got it all by this time.
She—Ah, that's what he meant then
when at dinner to-night he said he took
his hatchet and smashed his phonograph
to bits.
He—Thank heaven!
She—For what, pray?
He—Just think! I might have been the
victim. That's what I call escaping by
the skin of my teeth. Come, darling,
let's elope. (They do).—New Orleans
'NOTICE is hereby given that nn application will be made by the Canada Central
Kailway Company to the Parliament of Canada at the next session thereof for an Act
giving the said Company power to construct
and operate lhe following lines from or in
connection with the main line of lhe sai.l
1- From some poinl at or near
Sudbury ill lhe Province of Ontario to a poinl
at or near Scotia Junction; thence southerly
to a point at or near Halsiini or Sturgeon
Lakes i.i lhe townships of Uoxley, Verulam
or Fcnelon, continuing southerly 10 the Cily
of Toronto.
2- I'rom some point on Ihe
main line in the District of Keewalin or in
District of Sackatchewan, lo Port Churchill
on Hudson's l!ay.
3-- A continuation of its main
line from Tets Juan ("ache by way of the
The Thompson ami Fraser Kiver valleys lo
Vancouver, or New Westminster,
4-- I'rom some point on the
Thompson Kiver or some of its tributaries lo
Waddington Harbor or linte Inlet.
5- From a point near the old
site of Fort Assiniboia to some point oil the
Peace Kiver antl westerly to the Portland
Canal on the Pacific.
6, From some point on the main
line of said Kailway at or near lhe Montreal
Kiver in the Province of Ontario easterly to
some point on the (jatineau Kiver in lhe
Province of Quebec.
And to exercise with regard lo
such lines all the powers and privileges given lo tin-said Company by its Act uf Incorporation.
DATED at Toronto this lOlh day of
January, 1903.
Johnson & Falconb.idge.
Solicitors for lhe applicants.
Subscribe for The I'bospectob,
As a special and temporary 1 ffer in
.fallen* of liii- ..aper, we will mail Tiik
I'iuii.ic 10 persons who are not now . nli-
sci ibt'is for ten w et*k. for ten cents.
Tun lYni ifj is a $2, !6-pa_e weekly He-
view for di'iiiocrniiu Democrats antidemocratic Republican* : n. opinions are
express.J without fear or favor; ii give-
an interesting and connected weekly
of all 1 i.laiic'al news; it always lias ed-
iloiials worth stniiying,a cartoon worth
seeing, nook notices worth reading, ami
mi. cellant'ou. matter both valuable and
inleie. ting ; and il is liked by int. Iligenl
women as well as by inl.lligi nt men
The editor is I/iui* F. Post. Send ten
centB in silver or sianuis for ten week's
trial. All suiisr, iptions are paid strictl\
in advance, aud upon expiration the
paper id promptly strpped unless subscription is renewed. Mention this paper
Address:       THE PUBLIC,
Unity liii hling. On c'aoo, Iu,.
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tondui- nre invlleil for llie whole ol .he
properly, Including Crown tlriuil.il cl.iins,
mill site, Cyanlilu mill, (.'ii|ui„lly 45 lofiO Sons
ilnlly), iritiuiviiy, assay nlllee, laboratory ami
rilllui|lll|illlUlll, tltlllU Toronto I.iiiooet Gold
Itcefs Company l.i.nlleil, Hiluiilc iu tin* l.lllooet
ilistriet ol llrlilsli I'uIiiiiiIiiii; Including the
Ample, Whale, Mounroll nml \V_llnml Vale
mines willed are drown grnnleil, also llie
Ninth Star, ItoLien stripe, tiol.len Kngltt, llnl.y
11mlj1011l.oi1iiner.il claim, ill the same illst-
rltil, together Willi II l"li .stamp mill, machine
drills ami other et|lll|ililfMII~. Cash leodeis lor
llie whole properly are re.|iiesleil bill
nlflrN for working options or for portions
of the properly will be considered .'rom lhc
former group ilfiO Ions of ore bus been milled,
with an assay value ap|MOXlinatillg ffltl.tld lo
lll.oo Wagon rontl from llailroml lo mill. The
whole of III-above will bear looking into ami
Investigation nml are nn exeepilomilly important and valuable group of claims wilh full
working equipment, Full piil'lluulai-mnv be
lout 011 appl lent ion lo Kilgnr llloomflehl
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A Tillyloss Scandal
Author of
'The Little Minister,"  "Auld Licht Idylls." "A
Window in Thrums," Etc., Etc
[No, I didna. It. wns in .Edinburirh,
Id. my lust nicht in the placs, and nl-o
last button, so i thinks to mysel1 I'll
ife one trpmenflous mamorablo nicht,
ll then I'll go ha me. L~id~, I was a
ft of wearying for Chirsty."
f'Aj, but there's four si illings ond
Epenoo to account for yet."
There is fo. Saxpeiice of it, goes for a
liss of  whisky   in   the   smoking-room.
Ids, that  smoking-room   was   a   sight
[i.erly baffling imagination.    There was
chairs in it except great  muckle safi;
iies, a hantle Salter   than   a chaff   ted,
lid   in   ilka  chair  some    nobleman or
[her with his feet up in the air. Ay, I a
Jirt of slipped   the   first   time   I tried a
liair, but I wasua to be beat, for thinks
'Lords ye may be, but I have paid one
lid sax for my bed as weel  as you, and
liis nicht I'll be a   lord   too!'   Keeping
|ie oue and sax before mo made me bold,
id soon   I   was   sprawling   in  a chair
lith my legs sticking ower tlie arm with
Tie best of them.   Ay, it wasna so much
fijoyable as awe-inspiring."
" That just brings ye up  to  twa shill-
'Weel, there was another  one and sax
Iir breakfast."
"Ob, a haver, of course, but we r.at as
uckle  as we lik-d, and I assure ye it's
imazing how much ye can ea_,   \7.1tn ye
len ye have ;   pay for   it   ot   01,y   r..t*.
I'hen there wis ninepence for a luncheon."
'What's that?"
'I didna ken   mysel'   when   1   heard
liem speaking   about   it,   but if, turned
(lit to be a grand tame for a rah! it."
"Man, is there rabbits in Edinburgh."
"Xext there was threepence of   a pres-
liifc to the waiter-loon, and I   finished up
pith a shilling's worth of   sandwiches."
"Na, that's just live and saxpenne."
Haggart, however, would   not   always
?11 how the  remaining   sixpence   went.
.t first he admit ltd   having   squandered
It on the theater, but after he was landed
fcy Chirsty 11   tin*   *.u..   Lloh;   ...:_
Ivithdrew   tbis   reminiscence,   anil   ,.'i.
[.ruither sixpence-wcrth in the   smokio
poom in its place.
As a convincing   proof   of   the «_vt ol
Sdinfcurgh, Haggart   could   tell   us h
ne lost his   first   lodgings   in   it.    Thi;.
jwere r.ext house to a shop  which   had ..
Igreat show of   vegetables   on   a board •:.:
■the door, and   Haggart   trusted   to  t
Ishop as a landmark.    When   he returned
(to the street, however, there   wei-e green-
Fgpocery shops everywhere, and after ask-
|ing at a number of doors if it  was   he. 1
Jhe livd, he gave up the search. This experience has been paralleled in later days
[by a Tilliedrum minister, who  went   for
lu holiday   to   Lcnd_n,   and   forgot   th:
Iname of tho hotel be was   staying at; s .
he telegraphed to Tilliedrum to his wife
asking   her to tell him  what  address ho
I hnd given here when lie wrote,   and   she
telegraphed back to hbn  to  come  home
at once.
Like   all   the   great  towns    Haggart
visited, Edinburgh proved to be running
with low characters, with whom, as well
as with ihe flower of   the  place—for  he
was received everywhere—he  hud   many
strange t.dventures.   His   affair with the
bailie would make a long   story itself, if ,
told iu full as  he   told   it; also what he
did to the piper; how he climbed   up the
Castle rocks for a   wager; why   he   once ,
mareW indignantly out of a  church in
the 111,* ile of t:ie simjing;    the   circumstances in which he cut off his sixth button ; --.is heroic defense of a lady who had
been attacked by  a   footpad; his   adventures with the   soldier   who  was in love
end h.d a silver snuffbox; his odd meeting witli James Stewart, lawful king of
Grc.it   Britain   and   Ireland.    With  this
personage, between whom and  a  throne
there only stood the constables,   Haggart
of Thrums   hobnobbed  on   equal terms,
'lhe way they met was this. Haggart was
de. hious of the sensation of driving in a
carriage, but grudged   much   outlay  on
an experience that would   soon   be over.
He   accordingly   opened   the   door   of a
street vehicle and   stepped   in, when the
driver was not looking. They had a pleasant drive along famous Princes street and
would   probably havo   gone   farther had
not Haggart become aware that someone
was hanging on behind.    In his indigna- ,
tion he  called the   driver's  attention to !
this, which led to his own eviction.   Tho
hanger-on proved to bo no other than the
hapless monarch,   with  whom   Haggart
subsequently broke a button.  For a king,
James Stewart, who disguised   his  royal
person in   corduroys,    was,   as   Haggart
allowed, very ill in order.    The   spite  of
the   authorities   had   crushed   that once
proud spirit, and darkened his  intellect, j
and   he   took his   friend to a  gambling
house, where he nodded to the proprietor.
"Whether they were, in  company, with
designs on my    buttons,"   Haggart   has
said,   Tin not fn a position to   say,   but I
I bear no ill-will to them.    They treated
me most honorable.   Ay, the king, as we !
may call him if we speak in a low voloe,  |
advises me strong to gam bio  a button at I
one go, for, says he, 'You're sure to win.' |
Lads,   it's   no   for   ine   to  say  a word
against Mm,   but   I   thocht   T »#-.'■
everybody   in
more  particular
a  drawer as a
humble fellow-
1 wink to the proprietor Lad,  and so I says
in a loud voice, says I, "I'll gamble hai.-
, a-crown first, and if I win,  then I'll put
down a button.'    The   proprietor sort of
nods to the king at that,   and   I   plunks
clown my half-crown.    Weel, lads  I wot
live shillings in a clink."
"Ay, but they were  just   waiting  for
1 your guinea."
"It may have been so, Andrew, but
we have no proof of that; for, ye see, as
soon as I got the five shillings and had
buttoned it up in my pouch, I says, 'I'll
be stepping haine now,' I says, und away
I goes. Ye cniina fay but what they
treated me honornbb."
"They had looked thrawn?"
"Ou, they did; but a man's face is his
own to twist it as he pleases."
"And ye never saw the king again?"
"Ay, I met him after that  in a   close.
I gave  the aristocratic crittur saxpence."
"I'll tell ye what,   Tammas   Haggart:
if he  was   proclaimed   king,   he would
very likely send for ye  to the palace and
malce ye a knight."
"Man, Snecky, I put him through his
catechism on that very subject, but he
had no hope. Ye canna think how complete despondent ne was."
"Ye're sure he was a genuine Pretender? '
"Xafaags! But when ye're traveling
it dcesna do to let on what ye .kink, and
I own it s a kind of satisfaction to me
now to peture mysel' diddling a king out
• il live shillings."
"!i"'s.i  satisfaction   to
Thrums, Tammas, ard
to Xi'lyloss."
"Ay, Tilly has the credit of It in a
manner of speaking. And it was just
•" i:■•: and go that I didna do a thing
with the siller as would have eommem-
o.'..re that adventure among future ages."
"Ay. man?"
"I hint the notion to get bawbees for
the money, namely, one hundred and
thixty-twa bawbees, for of cour.-e I didna
count the saspence. Well, what w~s I to
1.0 with them?"
" i ut the whole lot in the kirk-plate
the lirsD Sal bath day after ye eame back
to Thrums."
"Na, na. My idea was to present, a
law! ee to a hundred and thirty-..va folk
in Thrums, so as they could keep it
ror:nd their necks or in
memento of one of their
1     "No humble, surely?"
"Maybe no, but when ye do n thing
In a big public way it's the proper custom to speak of yersel' as a puir crittur,
and leave the other speakers to tell the
truth about ye."
"It's a pity ye didna carry out that
"Na, it's no,   for   I   had a better ane
after, the which I did carry out."
"Ay, I bocht a broach to Chirsty with
the siller."
"Ho, ho, feat's whaur she got the
"It is so, and though I dinna want to
boast, nobody having less need to do so,
I can tell ye it was the biagesc broach
tn Edinburgh at the price."
Edinburgh was only a corner in Haggart's field of corn, and from it I have
not pulled half-a-cozen stalks. He was
in various other great centers of adventure, and even in wandering between
them he had experiences such as would
have been a load for any ordinary man's
back. Onco he turned showman, when
the actors were paid in the pennies flung
at them by admirers in the audience.
Haggart made for himself a long blood-
red nose which proved such an irresistible target for moneyed sportsmen that
the other players complained to the management. He sailed up canals swarming
with monsters of the deep. He proved
S-'.ch an agreeable companion at farms
that sometimes he had to escape In the
night. He rescued a child from drowning
and cowed a. tiger by the power of th*
human eye, exactly as these thinnrs aro
done in a book which belonged to Chirsty.
He had cloven guineas with him when
he set out, and without a notebcok he
could tell how every penny of the money
was spent. Prices, indeed, he remembered
better than anything.
1 might as well attempt to walk up the
wall of a house as to cut 11 y way
through Haggart's corn-field. Befcre arriving at the field I thought to get
through It by taking the bi t.ons one by
one, but here I am at the end of a chapter, and scarcely any of the corn Is lie-
hind me. 1 now sue that no bin.?rapher
will ever be able to treat Haggar- on tho
grand scale he demands; for humility
will force tho. _ who knew ytn in his
prime to draw back scared from tho
attempt, while younger admirers havo
not tho shadow of his personality to warn
them of their responsibility. Kor my own
part, I publicly back out of the field and
sit down on the doctor's dyke awaiting
Haggart's return to Thrums.
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
1. Its Fraser River Placers.
As far back ns the year 1858, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
bar, near the town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
the present time.
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has heen formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of i_ili_ooi~t.
2. Its Promising; Mineral Lands.
ANDi-USO'N r.AKi- and int-DOE ltiVEit mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of  territory that remain unprospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds--^^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is lure. Mountain sheep, hear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find tlie lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
he a luxury.
|    4. Its Salubrious Climate.<^~~^>
In the dry hell, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
| the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
i al. the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of tlie town
Nearest Railway towns are ashckoft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
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Nay,   don't  forget   tlio   oil   fn'.ks,   hoya,—
they've loi tei'Kv ten you;
Though yours hate |.~.s~eil flnrc .vou were
lionic, tu,. .tii uiurts sill are true;
And    uot    Jin     cvdilnk   pa.-s s   l>y   tliey
linun'   the  ilesi.e
To see .oui- faros   n e again ami hear your
.  .ootuteiM   n gj. r.
You're  jounfi    and   buoyant   and   for  joy
Hope liet-ons with I or lian Is,
And l.e spreads out a waveiesa son tba;
laps  Inn   Ironic  si ran.is;
The world Is all ne.hre your faee, liut let
year uioinoi lis turn
To  whero   fond   hearts  still   cherish    yon
Mill lp. ing -besoms ;, earn.
Ncma-tcr v.hat  yonr duties are nor what
your place in  l.fo,
There's neter li.cn.Ut time  they'd not ns-
sr.ine  your  load  of strife:
And shrunken  shoulilcrs,  trouildlng hands,
nud  forms racked  hy  dlse..se,
W'oul I liravely dare ihe grave to bilnp to
,\ou the pearl tt pence,
So don't forgot the oil folks, hoys—they've
I ot  forgo;ton you;
Though years have  passed .luoe you  were
homo,  Hie old  !~earts st.ll are true:
And   wr.te  them   now  ami   then   to  lir.ng
the light Into 'heir eyes.
And make ihe  world  glow  i no ngnin nnd
blmr gleam the skies
—Will  T.   Hale.
1 'nucll'l   Cartoonist    Is   Very   I riuntlly  Jo
i liu London '* 1 orce."
In an appreciative sketch of Mr.
Phil May, ihe 'famous cartoonist and
humorist artist, M.A.t1. tells llie following:—Mr. May's friendliness with
"the force" is of old standing, nnd
theie is hardly a policeman in Lis
distiict who docs not think of himi
whenever any very funny expedience
is encountered. Only the ott'.er ony
a constable accosted the artist in
the sueet to tell him a "good story
for x unch." A iiioineiit or two later
a second bobhy came on the stone for
the same purpose, anu, turning round
a coiner in St. John's Wood, Mr.
May found himself supported on
either side by a'ri eager raconteur in
blue. He then can c faee to face wiih
a lady of bis acquaintance, v. ui, ns
he tells it l.i:is-;f: "alio looked at
ine with i-juch sympathy and an expression that so plainly snid, 'Don t
make a f ss, belter go quietly with
them,' that even the bobbies had to
smile at the situation!"
Tlie "Uult.tii.ir" Itruivins-.
The series of "1/Ottyvi.lc" drawings in finch is well Known to Mr.
May's artist f. i.nds, one cf whom
brought liim a letter from an inmate
of i tui-Voll Asylum, whicli s.iid: "I
greatly resent those sketches. Vou
apparently do not understand your
sunject, for you have drawn the head;
of an idiot and labelled it a lunutic.
You ought to know the difference,
but you don't—ind I am not surprised, for, although 1 bave never
s. en you, 1 am very familiar with
|i ti r. s of you, and in all drawings
and photographs I hutc noted that
yours i.s the head of an idiot."" Mr.
May records against himself the fact
thnt, having proceeded thus far with
the letter, a li.teuing friend wbo did
not mean to be ujicomplimentaiy
bioke in: "Oh, the mail who wrote
thnt letter was no lunatic," a remark that naturally up.~ct the gravity of the party and covered the
speaker with cor.fusion.
Ait IkIkii.I  i al .1 in Mice.
There is a small island named Papa
Little, that lies in St. Magnus Day,
on tlie vest side of Shetland. It gets
his name in contradistinction to Papa Ktour, or the Big Papa, another
island in the same bay. Both.names
ore of No; so origin, and signify
Priest islands, from the fact that
they were coloni ed by the Irish Catholics who first introdtned thiisti-
anity. 'lhe'e was a solitary tro't
o'l this i.s:ahd nt one time, but all
that now remains is a ruined homestead, for the place is used purely
fer gra-ing purposes. A striking
foatuio of thc isles is the feet that
no mice can live there, and on vari-
o'ih occasions, to test tho truth of
this, mice have been caught and
slipped on th; isle, but so uncongenial did its soil prove to their existence thut in a sboit time they
were dead. There ate in tunes of
crofters on the mainland, when
troubled with mi e, going the len*. -It
of fetihing earth from this isle und
sprinkling it. tin the ground before
building their studs. This is said
to have had the desi e_ elect in all
Sir I «• <lver»  v «.t. Vlndietlv..
Sir liedvers Duller has' had some
hard kn'ocl s front the prets, but ap-
• paicntly he dots not harbor any anl-
mosit.y. against journalists as a (lass.
At the ie ent Oet'cnlati dlhneT, a
young jourhali.t wanted to get into
a snail gallery o'.e.lco ing the
scene, instead of sitting wiih his
colleagues down below, tlie mo e parti -ularly as ho was stifle ing from
dyspepsia, and the go.d things provided wc e fo'.'li Iden hitn. But the
door leading to the gallery was
locked,    and    none   of    the   officials
| would produce the key or even listen
to his appeals. Presently Sir l*c*l-
vei? appeared on the scene, and the
journalist,' taking his •. ourage in both
hands, as the Flench Say, went up to
him and said: "Paldun me. Sir Hedvers,  but  I am a poor,     tnfortunate
journalist    in a fix.    Will vou    help
Paul Santini,
(JI'.Nl-I.AI.. Ml.lfcCi-lA.NT, UL-.OOI.T, B. 0.
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" Pure soap I" You've heard
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N.iOV  VViC.lTMINMTI.lt, It. V.
  _Uk -to Mm Octagon Bar. -~ff
j ;.g£___^__^_s_^!!SiaasB--_-----i
Every household should he
supplied wiih a hot-water I'nig
and a fountain syringe.
Nothing about the house
comes in so handy in a case
of convalesenee or sickness.
They are always ready for use
ami prove lhe most valuable
help to lhe doctor and pui.nl.
Our >pecial j(|uait'llot Water lloltle, guaranteed for one
year from date ol sale, milled
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sassst-a.-, ■■ -   __________
mo?" "Well, what Is it?" _s.*_d Sir
Rctlvois. 'ihe s* r.ibe explained, ajjfa
in a ve y few minutes Si:: l!.3*JW,".s
himself conducted him to the k4wS">'
and unlocked the door.—I o::don M.
A.  P.
Willi!   "'<'     tuoil  '.O*.
When "ATr. l'i;raeli made his en-
ti'dn',0 ir.to publi. life, he contested
IIirIi Wy* ombe, and t'-.on, as c er,
his ready  wit helped him to si..e-s.
Eis opporeiit, rajs lloi.s_.iold
Words, wus a countryman of inllu-
en 0. In en ac'd ess to the -people
this gent'eman a.se ted that he was
"s.'tanding (or the .eat upon the constitution ol' the country, upon the
broad acres of his fathers, upon law,
property and order."
"\\hat does "Mr. Disraeli' stand
upon?" demanded one of the county
magnate's adherents, with somewhat
of a sneer. '
Disraeli instantly rose. "I stand
upon my head," he answered; with
a meaning glance at the portly person of his opponent. He proceoded
to demonstrate it in a telling sp__cfc.
..Ih   *'t   '■       U-t   \* .
At my entrance, Caxton turned
from a large tome which he wus
reading, with a slight air of interruption.
"Sorry to interrupt you," I apol-
ogi ed.
"Oh, I suppose that's all right,"
he responded with returning cordiality, "in fact, I'm rather - glad
you've happened in, a» I want to
voire a kick which has occurred to
me  fiom  reading this  book."
".lust what is your uut hor?" I
"Why, it's a collection of deathbed utterances inude liy aome ingenious hack. Fc's patiently ferreted
out nil' the lust words of history.
And I tell you thc way they all affect me. All these linal speeches aro
shot through with egotism. It is
strange that when a man is a!bout to
step out into tho inlinite his thought
should only be of himself and his
own petty part in the world drama.
Words from a deathbed have weight.
It is a pity that ail on record should
be tainted with conceit. The pronoun of the lirst poison infects all
dying utterances.
" 'We have this day kindled a
fire,' says the dissenting martyrs.
Nathan Hale initates us wilh his 'I
I egret I hare only one life.'
" 'Roll up the map of Europe,' are
Pitt's last, and the colossal Conceit
of them is not to be. surpassed, It
is strange that it) the moment of supreme vision all sense of perspective
should be lost. Why should all the
swan songs of literature nnd history
foe singer?"   .
C~.~i.ei.il llarttwaro,
ricks and Shovels,
Axes, llut'S Si I takes,
J.ar Iron, Drill Steel;
Oils, Tain Is, Sic.
1311.1 DS ior Full or Spring planting
Seeds, Plants,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster  Koad, Vancouver, U.C.
Will IK   I.AHOll ONI.V.
DritKS and nedicines,
Spectacles and Toilet Requisites,
H*h;nit lackle etc. etc.
Mai!   Orders    Promptly   Filled.
. *\/ A\/*\A\/t\7*\/f\ A\/*\A\/r\/l\ «>
NeHS fin-i .ull \orhl— Wcl!-writU*ii
original -'•■••.'i —Answer.* 10<)tieii**e—
Anii I"--. .-I. II I';, the Ho ine, Ne«
Hook-, vinl 114  Work  about the Farin
I» a iii»iii •• .f the A i.Miei.it i'il l'lte-s
the only We ■;> 1 u No«rnaper ru wiving tlni .entire te|i-iri pli.ii' riewn ~.er-
vitie of tin' Ni'n Yi.uk Sin, ami -pee-
i.il e.-i'iie of tlie New Vork 'World—
D.iil. reiiorts of over 2,000"-iptVial
corre~p-iiiii.-iit • inro-ii.!! .ii the country.
St; -n h Im The WEEKLY
ISTKIt-OOEA.N lOi.e 0*ill.ir)
.1. d'lilE I'ROSFKOTQK <flj
*. »l'i[ FOR *l "."».
50  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone scnrlini. n rkelrh and description may
nutckly ascertulii nnr opinion free whether an
invention Is prnhlibly patentable. Communications strictly conlld-iitMl. Handbook on Patent*
tout Free. UMcst asency for securinir patents.
l'nicuis taken tlirouali Mumi & Co. receive
tpeclal notice, without ehsrse. In tbo
Scientific American
A linndsomoly Illustrated weekly. I.nrcest ctr-
rulatioii of any s~lcnllBo lournal. Term-, |3 a
rear I four months, (I. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN&Co.36,c">ad^' New York
Branch Offlco, (125 V SU Washiniiton. D. C.
>k    m   yu
Liilooet, B.C.
Head our special
offer Oil the
third page.
W_4.W '^_^^_^4^_.'i^'^i^_.)^4^_.
7l*J'KA\ %^7K%^%^A\^A\A\A^A\
W.F.Allen, Proprietor.
First-Class Hotel in every respect.      Accomodati
for Eighty Guests.   Largs Annex comfortably fut|
nishsd.     Sample Rooms for Commercials.
All   guests   receive   every   attention.       1
T-tC""**^- H. C. PARKER, - Lillooet, B.C. ^2*=---
Having purchased the stock
R.J. Atkins, we are now addin]
to it and prepared to fill all order:
Kcpair Shop in connection with Stove, where your ev.l
want will he supplied.  A complete L'lumhingOiitHtonhaif
MAKE YOUR OWN REPAIRS,   Knamki.i.eii   Knoiis, For Coffee nml  Te« 1'lj
mul Oilier (Junking lli-nsils.   I'rli'O5eents ench, while lliey last.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Olintoiicfe Wny Points: Moiulays, Wednesdays and Fridn|
All. points in Tarihoo:      -   -    Mondays.
loOMile House : Mondays Si Fridays [semi-weekly servic^j
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
^»   Special conveyances furnished.    Send   for   folders
The new singe line leaves Lytton every Monday al
Friday for .I-il-looot, rettivning next day. Special tril
made.    Write us for information.
IV.ter h'ehagliali Si Co., Lytton   li. C.l
McCOSH is your nearest T/.IL0I
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS M<;C!0HII, MeiiliiiiilTiilliir, Ashnoft, It. (!    "
Vancouver, 1..C.
.Established, 1890.
Assay work of nil descriptions'undertaken.     Tests made up to 2000 11 is.    A special
made of checking   smeller   pulps.    Samples    from   llie   Interior  by   Mail  or   I-xpr.-j
promptly att.nded lo.    Correspondence    solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry tlie largest and best stock in B.C
including: Ilarlroii, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchant*
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
m iummer the continnotu coii   Page Woven Wire -Fence '
-     _-£_* ""J-16 *liCk- All fences slaekon  In warm weather and
~*j-^^^2~~-*~a_*   ^aa»J-^s__*'-^mfi^    tiKhten In cold — except the Page Fence.
In tho winter season pay. It back. Pa.ge spring coil takes up the slack in sum-
Pin ■ j "« .    _0 i__ ■______^__^     mer aud lets it* out in winter. No loose sagging
" '     in summer, no stralnim; or breaking in win
ter. Common crimped v'-n Is not spring tempered ami If it slackens it stays Blackened; If it
tightens it loosens again worse than ever.    Page wiro in tempered to regulate lis own
tension summer and winter.  60,00. utiles of Page wirefeneein use now.
the t_§_ Wire Fence Co.. Limited, Walkon-llle. Ont Montreal, P.Q., and Bt Jobs, R.B. t
B. O. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver «nd Kamloops.


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