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The Prospector Apr 5, 1901

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^ J'<jkA,
Vol. 3, No. 39.
&2-00 a year.
Ca-Sj_T_H3_^_A.Ij    JJLX^SbGXKA.l^rC
Miners Supplies.
IjIJ-loobit, -b.-jc.
Branch $tore at Bridge River where a]
fall stock of lieneral Merchandise and Mill
era Outfit are on hand.
3. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.CJ
Paul Santini,
(Oarrie! a full cloak of *li kinds nf Hioceries, Dry   Goods,   Boots   and  Shoes,
Hardware, etc,
j»io_r_B_s"a ihothll,.
Llllusat. B. a.
WHO. K.   NBLIOH. fr.prl.t.r.
mule  M-uiji.   far   retaieerelal   Trw.n.r.'
Llvory liable In Ceaoeatleu.  _«■ m.«i.
fliialt'),! l.r gue.t. to .nil freu.
i.JtN<u l.alu «oj a.-:o».
W*tff JK*UiU.
Hotel Victoria,
Thie hartd being new and thoroughly (utalieii ttircagho.it ii the only Aril
date hetel in Lil.ooet. Per* >ns calling at Lillooet will receive every attention by
Stopping at tbe Hotel Victoria. Good .tabling in coneveetion with the hotel. Headquarters ter tbe Lillooet-Lrtten stage.
■ T   KIC    X.   FltASER.
l_4_)l_>I_Oja_>»   ▲ND   TENANTS,
The following in the Victoria Colonist,
tn referrinf to amendment! to ihe'Land-
lord and Tenant Act, brought in by A..
W. Smith, M. P. P., it not favorable to
"The Colonist is in receipt of ■ letter
in regard to a bill now before the house,
entitled, " An Act to amend the Landlord and Tenant Act." The correspondent says that Ihe act is not in amendment to the existing liuv, hut is entirely
new and quite unnecessary, as "Tbe
-Orerholding Tenants Act," cap. 182 ot
.our Revised Statutes, providte all the
necessary remedies. On comparing tbe]
bill with tbe chapter of the Revised Statutes referred to, we feel like saying that
before tbe house passes it, very good evidence ought to be forthcoming, to fbow
tbat such a change in tfce law is called
for in the public interest. The hill bee
been introduced by a private member,
and before the established methods of
dealing wltb property rights is interfered
with, very great rare ahould betaken.
Tbe possession of property is often too
momentous a matter to be determined
off-hand by any stipendiary magistrate
or two justice! of the peace. The provision! of the Revised Statates throw all
necessary safeguard* around tbe tenant
in possession, and we fail to find these
in the bill referred to.
The Bar la supplied with the best Wines. Liquors and Cigars. «—*a 1
There is an amendment to the Village
-fin* Protection Act, sow before the legislature. It defines tbe power of fire
warden and ii aa follows:
a. Te inspect and visit at all reasonable hours, the buildings and erection!
la tbe town or iti vicinity.
b. Jo direct and regulate, ia the town
er iti vicinity, tbe position of stovei, fire-
placee or furnaces, cnimneys, itoveipipei
and smoke stacks and the removal,
change or alteration of the same, or any
ot them, or the position or condition ol]
tbem, and iuriiver direct that anything
shall be done by way of precaution to
avert fire
c. Generally to take such steps tor tbe
prevention of fire in the town, or to
check its spreading, as they may think
d. So regulate the storing of powder
or other exploiivei, and the working Industrie! or places of a character likely to
came danger from fire.
e. To compel the owner of any lot situated within three hundred feet of a
dwelling house, to burn or remove all
timber, brush er other growth of an inflammable nature theron, when in Ihe
opinion of the tire wardens or a majority
of them, each brash or growth ir a menace to the safety of the town from fire.
f. To forbid the discharge of fire arms
within tbe limits of the town, or within
such portion of the town ai the fire warden! may prescribe.
g. To forbid the setting fire to standing trees within the limits of the town.
A Warning Note.
Vienna March 30—The Allcgemiene
Zeitung, a newspaper which is in close
touch with tbe Austrian foreign office,
publishes tbe following note to-day :
"England, Germany and Japan have
presented identical notes to Russia and
China warning tbem that the signing of
the Manchurian agreement will involve
the partition of China. This combined
action deters Russia from insisting on
the signature of tbe agreement. France,
while declining to co-o,perate with England, Germany and Japan, has intimated to Russia that she would regard
the conclusion of tbe Manchunan treaty
as an unfriendly act."
Japan jum Rui.lt.
Yokohama, Jap., March 80—The feeling that there can be no peace in the
Orient save by administering a drubbing to Russia is growing strong here.
It is almost the unanimous belief that
Japan will have to .undertake the task
alone. Coupled witli the strong undercurrent of public opinion iB the evidence
tbat the government is preparing for
the emergency with the utmost possible
dilligence. Unceasing antivity at the
various naval stations and yards ii ie-
ported. Tbe nation is evidently gathering its r«eources and energies tor the
Agulnaltfo Captured.
Manila, March 28.—Aguinaldo, wbo
was captnred by General ifuoaton, was
brought to Manila on tbe U. S gnnboat
Vicksbarg, was brought ashore at 8:10
p, m. today and taken before General
MacArthur at the Malaoin Palace. He
talked freely but seemed ignorant concerning what had happened recently.
He appeared to be in good health and
was cheerful. He lunched with the officers of General MacArthur'i staff and
was then escorted to tbe Ana street jui'.
Agninaldo'seaptnre was attended with
considerable difficulty, an insurgent
major being killed at the time of tbe
event. Twenty rifles and a number of
important papers were captured.
Editor Tut Prospector, Sir: A letter
by J. B. Cherry in last weeks issue of The
Prospector is by no means undeserving of
notice. Who is this J. li. Cherry who pro-
po.es to set himself up .s a dictator lo the
citizens of Lilloce'? Has he a corner on town
lots? Or, is he simply a lot owner in lhe em-
broyo? The lepord cannot change his spots.
Any one with half an eye can detect the trail
of the serpent in Mr. Cherry's letter.
Mr. Cherry docs not want to see the streets
straightened out. -Jt is a part of his business
to tangle up tlie affairs of the town.
We owe it to the bounty of Providence that
the completes! depravity ofhearl is sometimes
strangely united with confusion ol the mind.
In regard to signing petitions I don't think
it will be necessary for lhe lot owners of Lil-
loet to consult Mr. Cherry on the subject.
All that the lot owners on River Bank street
ask of the government is pure and impartial
justice. They intend asking the government
to open up River Bar.k street, and they ex-
pect the government to grant their request. In
regard to the money required for building of
said street. The government have already
sold lots enough to more than repay ihem for
opening it up.
Mr. Editor, I hope you will pardon me for
taking up so much space in your valuable
paper. The dearest interests of the town are
at stake. We must have street questions settled at once. An attempt has been made not
merely to job us of our legal rights, but to
prejudice thc government against granting our
petition. Cjtj_sn.
Advic. Pram a Coron.r.
inquest  held  at Somenos a few
Stage leaves Lj'tton every Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooet, returning next day.   Special trips made.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write us for information.
CAMERON A HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lilloo-t, B t
An addition wai made ta the bill
amending tbe Placer Mining Act, providing tor tbe consolidation ot adjoining
Gtntral Daaltr
Full  lint   of   Groceries,  Dry Goods,  Boots   and  Shoes
Ohothing and Hardware.     Miners' Supplies-
Kamloops, B.C.
ijurnitnr* »f «vory description,   Carpets, imlfttfm,  Win
dow Shades, Cornice Polos, etc.
Canadian Pacific Navigation Company.
p__   Ml.-I.r_i rit-aaruer- for Hk.iguay nnd. Aiaukti pi-tints IfliiVfl Victoria «v_ry Wedn-jMUy
FOI   -ftlflSRa-   ev«i|jujc himI Vrtiirimve; ever/ Thursday nt 1 p,iu,
rtit-KfiHT* fur B.C. Northern I'uitila leave Victoria uiul Vnni-ouver weekly,   K«culnr steamer*
lor -ill Brltifh Columbia points.   Particular* on up;-li-:»ttloii. C. I, BAXTICK, 0. 1'. .
Subscribe for The Prospector.
A rick lady cured of h.r Dsafn... and Xol.e.
la the Hud by Dr NIchoLon'. Artificial Ear
Druse, far. S10,OM to hi. Institute, .o that th«
dt»f p«opl. unajle to procure the Kar Drum.
_»» ban them fr... Addre.a No. 14.VJ The
Klcholao* lo.Ulnte, 710, Eighth Arenue, New
Ter*. I J.A.
J. H. Anthony.
The British Army.
The British army not counting in colonial forces, will be much larger numerically and stronger generally than of yore,
undVr the re-organisation scheme, which
Lord Boherta and tbe war office authorities bave arranged. It will consist of no
less than 6SO.O0O men, including 250,000
volunteers and 35,000 Yeomanry, who
will practically be mounted rifle regiment!. The Voluuteeri and Yeomanry
will, ot course, together constitute in tbe
main a wall drilled and equipped home
detence force, but in case ot real Imperial
need, it is certain that from their joint
rank! there could be drawn for foreign
service at least 60,000 men.
General Merchant,
Storaf o and
Forwarding Agent
Lillooet and Bridge River.
Have goods consigned to my care;
railway charges are settled, goods stored
and forwarded with despatch.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
LYTTON, - - B. C
Civil v.. Eccllaatlcal Law.
In the supreme court at Montreal on
Saturday, Judge Archibald gave judgment in the celebrated Delpit case in
favor of Mrs. Delpit. The judge declares
that Mrs. Delpit is legally the wife of
Delpit and that the marriage contract
performed by Rev. Mr. Barnes is valid,
in the eyes of the civil laws of tbe province. Shorn'of legal phraseology, the
judgment means that the decision of the
court places the Civil law above the Ecclesiastical law, and Delpit will have to
ask a higher court to give effect to the
Ecclesiastical judgment, rendered in the
case, which meant divorce. The judge
said that the state had no right to inter-
fete with the internal affairs of a church
ol any character, but that parties in a
church had a perfect right to go to any
legalized authority to get married, if
thev wanted to.
days ago on the body of Ruben Con-ins,
who hanged himself in his baraatShaw-
nigan on Wednesday last, resulted in a
verdict ot luictde by hanging. In ad
dressing tlie jury the coroner aaid: " I
wish to denounce to you, and through
you, to as large a section of the public as
possible, the culpable folly of this widespread prejudice or superstition against
catting down a person found hanging.
Instance! have come under my own observation where the medical testimony
has afterwards shown that if prompt action had been taken life might have
lieen saved. I do not envy tbe feelings
of any man who finds that bis neglect
has made him accessorv to tbe death of
a fellow creature. I do not apply these
remarks to the present case, where witness seems to have taken steps to ascertain that life had been for some hours
extinct; but cases may arise where my
words, if remembered, might be tbe
means under providence of saving life."
The Toronto-Lillooet Gold Reefs'-o. started up their mill on the 4th March, but unfortunately after running four days one of the
rock crushers in the mill broke, necessitating
in sending tc San Francisco /or a new piece
which only reached the mill on the 31st of
March. Instead of crushing from forty to fifty
tons of ore daily, the breaking of this crusher
prevented getting through the mill less than
half that quantity. There were several other
stops during the month from various causes,
making a loss of three or foui days in tbe
month, consequently only about 700 tons ef
ore was treated and the cleanup will be correspondingly small.
The company is well satisfied with the assry
value of the ore treated, but are disappointed
wiih the per centage of extraction detained.
Instead of extracting sixty-five or seventy per
cent of the values as was hoped, this month*
operations have demonstrated the unfortunate
fact that only about fifty per cent can be saved
of the value in the ore by the raw cyanding of
the material crushed. Experiments on a smart
but satisfactory scale has been made hy the
superintendent of the properly show'ing Tria't
an extraction Of-95 per cent can readily he obtained hy roasting the Jre. Tbe company regards this loss of 45 per cent as being greater
than it is able to stand and therefore it is not
unlikely that in a short time operations at the
company's works will cease until a proper
roasting plant can be installed and this may
take two or three months, a. the machinery
will be brought a long distance. Even the
temporary cessation of operations by this company is greatly to be regretted hut tbe company
feels it cannot in justice to its liest interests
continue to sustain thc loss of nearly half tbe
values in their ores. The cleanup at the mill
cannot be made until the 7th or 8th inst. to
take in the fall March crushing as each tub or
rat of ore requires six or seven days ia the
cyanide solution.
The Bar the fllner Oat.
A Nanaimo despatch lays: It is reported that a miner at New Alberni
helped himself to au egg from tbe chicken house of a neighbor. The latter bad
been missing his eggs and, suspecting
rats, had loaded one with strychnine.
This happened to be the one the miner
got. He took it into a neighboring bar
and asked for an eggnog in accordance
with his daily custom. The bartender
pointed out tbat the egg bad been fixed
up with sticking plas'er, but the miner
"guessed it was all right anywav," and
directed the operations to proceed.
rbev proceeded. It took two doctors
and one stomach pump to prevent a fun
eral.   The miner is recovering.
Toseph Martin's Uhampetry Bill parsed its second reading by a large majority. It wai lupported by Attorney-
tieneral Eberts and othen who formerly
opposed it.	
So far as tbe members ot the Dominion government are concerned tber are
absolutely cleared from any complicity
in the attempt to make Mr. Cook purchase a lenatorihip.
An amendment to the Inspection of
Metaliferous Mines Act was proposed by
Mr. Ourtia,|restricting tbe hours of labor
for those operating mining machinery to
eight, Tbe amendment wai carried and
the bill as amended reported complete.
The Cent Bait.
Cent! have made their appearance in
Vancouver, and tbey bave come to stay.
Tbe Hudson'! Bay company made the
announcement that it will accent the
copper money ami give the same in
change. It was thought at one time
that such a thing as a cent would be unknown in Vancouver business circles,
but the consumers have demanded it.
Thus the big firm takes tbe initiative.
There ii tome talk of a deputation ef
business men waiting on the manager of
of the Hudson's Bay Company, and asking him to reconsider the decision.
Legislatures are in the habit of spend-
ing many days or even weeks on some
stock debate such aa the budget, in
which one member after another gets
up and repeats the same shopworn nothings over and over again, and yet when
a measure comes up in which the whole
future of the province is involved and
which would well repay the most careful study and attention it ia disposed of
practically on the assurance that it will
be "all right."—Toronto Globe.
First-class in every respect.
Choico  Wines,  Liquors
and Cigars. Sample
rt»em  ire*.
Rev. Angus MeColl, father of Chief
Justice MeColl, of British Columbia,
died at Chatham, Ont., last Monday,
aged 83 years. The deceased was tbe
first Presbyterian minister in Chatam,
and forty-six years was inspector of public schools of the city.
The mining committee reported to the
house that it was of the opinion that no
The hill for the protection and reformation of neglected and dependent children, just introduced by the government
it dratted on similar lines to the acts in
force in Ontario and   Manitoba, which   ^	
are found by expei lence to compass the   amendments  ahould   be  made   to the!
objects lor which tbey were intended.       Mineral Act, during tbe present seition.
Mr. J. D. Kednall, the well-known mining
man of real experience and knowledge, bas
lately thus warned British investors through aa
English weekly issue: "Rrltlci, O.I««.U« •»
a field for British mining investment, stands
on quite a different footing from other important fields such as Australia and New Zealand,
or even South Africa. In these the English
investor has matters very much his own way,
but in British Columbia it is not so. There
he has to compete with the American, who
had the important advantage of being first in
the Province, is always on the spot, who besides is keener commercially —though less tec-
hnially—than the Englishman. If we are to
survive in such a struggle for existence we
must improve our commercial methods. We
must not send men out to' purchase mining
properties who are utterly ignorant of mining,
as we have done. We must not buy on vendors' reports, as we have done. We must not
build mills and smelters, when we have not
sufficent money in hand or at command for
mine development, as we have done. We must
not build mills before we have a mine ncr
leave the selection of treatment processes to
men who are mill-builders only, as we have
done. We must not send out to manage properties, men in whom we have so little confidence that they are little more than puppets
worked from this end, as we have"done. We
must not leave thc management of mines
largely to boys just from school, as we have
done. Even if it be from a School of Mines.
Mining can only be learned in the mine, although a knowledge of it is more rapidly and
thoroughly reached if the perliminary training
has been of the right kind. We must pay
more attention-to mining and less to the share
market, think more of dividends earned from
the sale of mineral and less of those realised
by the manipulation of stocks."
London, March 30.—Oxford's eight defeated the Cambridge crew to-day in a hard
fought struggle through rough water from Put-
ney to^Mortlake. It was a grand race and at
the finish only two-fifths of a length sepcrated
the two shells. Both crews were greatly distressed. The time was 22 minutes 31 second .
At the start Cambridge was considered to
have a great advantage, for winning the toss,
she was able to choose the Surrey side and so
secure some protection from the effect on the
water of the half gale which blew from the
Bumtentlonn Still In Order.
Whal is there in the coast climate or the
coast atmosphere that makes the hair of so
many young men turn grey ? There are more
grey-haired young men around Vancouver and
Victoria than in any other part of Canada. ' -
Vancouver Province.
From all we hear it can't be the climate or
the atmosphere. Maybe it's the newspapers.
—Ottawa Journal.
'Tis peculiar. What's the matter? Do the
girls spend more than they can make, or are
the young men worrying about lhe cut of their
clothes?—Montreal Herald.
In this part of the country alkali water [not
in the whisky], and watching jack-pots too
closely are blamed not only for grey hairs but
also for bald heads.
Ed. Cairns returned
from  Cadwallader on THE  MOCKING DAWN.
Through iho sweet watches off the mellow night,
By kin.ily Nature decked (or lovu's delight,
While  Burth  lay  ■let'iang  drugged  by suraraei'i
And lovely hours sank slowly to their death,
1 k-.-pt my loiu'ly vigil, all in vain,
Till  Nature1! smile seemed changed to chill dla-
Then, as lh. bride whose bridegroom tarries lonj
Sin inks iron the biting jest and vulgar throng,
] shuddered that the day should see the shame
That stung my ashen cheeks to crimson flam..
\\ bile atealtby dawn crept up, and loud and free
The jeering cocks shrilled their malicious glee.
With -smiling indolence the dainty mora
tiiim-i at my baggird tuva in silent scorn;
I heard the whispered mocker? o( the trees
Nudging each other in the morning breeze,
With gusty laughter shaking all their leaves,
And cynic sparrows tittering in the eaves.
Then, like a red faced jester, rose the sun
Reeling above the clouds, and one by one
ben I  wide hia .hafts, as if in drunken mirth,
Pointing derision, till the waking earth
Grew one bruud smile that mucked nie standing
U.iking a spectacle of My despair.
—Miss A. Ue Albert! In Acadrmy.
This history of a ease of double personality has not. so fur as I know, been
recorded before. More than 20 yours
have elapsed since the death of Norah
!'... ami it is not now possible to obtain
many of the details which one would like
to have. Hut even in ils Imperfect state
the hi tnr.v seems to mo to present peculiarities which make it remarkable. 1 will
five it in two partB. This lirst part contains Information supplied by Miss X.,
who acted as Norah's governess and at a
later period as her companion. This lady
is still alive, and ber wish to have nil
names suppressed must bo respected.
Tbe Information is supplemented by a
few entries in the notebook of a doctor
who at one time attended Norah.
Norah's parents died when she waa
still a baby, and unfortunately their family history cannot be Irsicod. Her father
wns nn English artist: the mother was
Trench nncl much younger than her husband. They lived abroad—at Home for
the greater part of the year. It was
there that they died, within a few days
of one another, of •malignant malarial
fever. Nornh wns brought to England
and adopted by a childless couple—her
lather's brother nnd bis wife.
The adoptive father hns practically
nothing to do with this story. lie seems
to bave boon, a commonplace little man,
energetic iu his profession—he wns a so-
lieiioi—nnd completely under the dominion of bis wife nt home. Mrs. S. wns a
woman of strong and narrow religion!
convictions and of n kindly nature. Both
were devoted to the child. Tbey lived ia
a suburb of a north country manufacturing town, where Mr. S. had bis practice.
Up to tbe age of 8 Nornh received a certain amount of desultory teaching from
M:«. 8. Then a regular governess wns
Miss X. was nt thnt time a teacher of
more enthusiasm than judgmont. Nornh
was very fond of her; she was a child of
precocious intelligence; she was eager to
learn. Miss X. wns proud of her pupil
nnd pushed her on. The child worked
six hours a day aa a rule, sometimes more,
nnd she really did work. At that time
unreasoning education was just coming
into fashion. One is not surprised to tind
that shortly nfter Norah's ninth birthday
the doctor hnd to be called In.
Fie wns nn old gentleman, nnd he kept
n kind of rough notebook in which he
recorded things of medical nnd other interest. He speaks of Nornh ns n pretty
little gypsy. He found thnt she slept ill,
wns very nervous and hail a poor and capricious appetite. She was nnsomic, but
lie bled her all the same. Por the rest
bis treatment seems to a layman to have
been sensible enough, He gave her a
tonic, which probably did her no harm.
He regulated her diet. He absolutely
forbade nil lessons for the next three
Mouths. He sent her to the seaside and
gave instructions thnt she was to play
with other children. He noticed, by the
wny—of course before the days when
such things became n special study—that
Norah frowned and twisted ber fnee if
she were nsked a question that it was
difficult or unpleasant for her to answer.
The child went to Lowestoft wilh her
Adoptive mother and Miss X. Mr. S.
was detained by his business. The doctor hnd given Miss X. the rough side nf
his tongue. In his notebook he speaks
of her as "the hired assassin." She was
duly penitent. But Ihe old gent Ionian
recognized llmt she bad made her mistake through ignorance and thnt the
ndoptlve mother hnd shared the lgn»
i-nnee nnd encouraged the overpressure.
He saw, too, that the child was very
fond nf her nnd tluit it would be bud for
the child to part them nt this juncture,
Miss X. In her distress had resigned her
post, but the doctor would nol permit her
lo go. He toh] her bluntly that she had
done cnoucli bnriu without lhat. She
wns now us eager to amuse Norah nnd
nurse her back to health ns she hnd formerly been In turn her Into an infant
proiligv.   The child got rapidly better.
On ihe afternoon of Sept 'JS. 1804-
tbe dnie Is fixed by n letter In Miss X.'s
possession—Nornh went mil In piny nn
the bench with pome young friends
whose neqiuiinlnnee she hnd recently
made. At Icntlnie, ns she ilid not return. Miss X. went oul lo look fo, her
She found her alone under the cliff fast
nslccp-    She woke her.
"Why. Nornh. you've been asleep!"
i=be said.
The child looked surprised. "I'm nit
Nornh." she said. "Norah's gone nwsy.
I'm .Innet."
Miss X. nt lirst thought this was some
eliililisb joke. "And who's Janet?" she
"Norah's twin sister. Didn 1 you know;
She's told me nil nbout you and Mrs. S."
So far us is known Norah's parents had
no other child. Il is worth noting, loo.
thnt the normal Norah never spoke of
"Mrs. S."   She always called her "moth-
' Miss X hegnn to get a litlle nervous,
but she still tried to get the child to confess thnt this wns some silly joke. It
was useless. The child persisted thnt
she wns .Innet. She was annoyed at having It questioned nnd nsked Miss X. not
to tense ber. ,.      _
She wns tnken home, nnd there Mrs. S.
clung to the theory that It wns some
pIce of naughtiness or silliness on Nc-
. -sparl. though she owned 1 lit.J It was
; ,;, ,m of keeping will. Norah's usual
, |,vinr The child wns cross exammed.
,ed   frightened,  but  all  through she
t-tuik to her sta.'ement thut she was nol
Norah. bill .Innxt. Mrs. S. brought out
u UeW piei ure book, and she said she
would give it ta her if she would write
her proper name in it.
"I will write Norah's nnme if jou like,
bul I urn not North. She has gone
She picked up a pencil and wrote the i
unme   quickly   and   without   hesitation. !
Then the two women knew that some- j
thing wns wrong, for the name wus writ- j
ten in looking glass writing—writing that
must be held to n minor to be read.  Aft- I
er  that,  at   Miss   X.'s suggestion,   they
dropped the question of identity nud talked to her about other things.   She seemed
perfectly   reasonable,   but  less  quick  to
understand  things  than   Norah   usually
wns.    It wns noticed thnt, unlike Nornh
in   her  normal  condition,   she  wus  left
handed.     Miss   X.   thinks   there   were
some other slight  differences  from  the
normal Norah—in the appearance of the
eyes, the tone of the voice nml lhe choice
of words.    But ns to these she cannot
speak very precisely nfter this lapse of
The child slept until long after her usual hour next morning. When she woke,
she hail no knowledge of anything lhat
had happened since she wenl to sleep on
tl.e bench. She wns completely restored
to her normal condition. Mis. S. hnd
been iu a stale of great distress. It was
not uncommon ut that period for people
to regard phthisis ns romantic and any
mental ilerangenienl as disgraceful. Certainly Mrs. S. look lhe hitter view. She
wus rejoiced lo find lhe child restored to
herself, und she bound Mi«s X. to say
nothing about the incident to anybody,
"lest people should bring it up against
her afterward " She considered that Norah had heen too much in lhe sun and
lhat this had "made her silly" for n lime.
Considering that the disappearance of
lhe symptoms meant the disappearance
of the disease, she did not call in a doe-
Nornh apparently completely regained
her health. She did not become nn infant prodigy. At Ihe nge of 14. when
Miss X. left her und she wus plneed in
lhe hands of foreign governesses, she
seems In bare been a fairly normal girl,
a little emotional perhaps, but with no
tendencies to melancholy, fond of sport.
eager lo see the world.
Eight yenrs afterward Miss X. took lhe
post of companion to Nornh. During the
Interval she had once more become an orphan, nnd she liail'^nhoriled Mr. S.'s for-
lune. which was nol immense, but was
much greater than il had been supposed
he would leave behind him. It gave No
rah an Income of about £1.700 a year.
She eame lo London, where she had
many I'lTcnds. Some uf these were anxious to have ber live with them, .but she
was fond of her independence. She
wrote to Miss X.. wilh whom she had
kept up n desultory correspondence, and
an arrangement was soon made between
them. They lived together in a comfortable house iu Hnmpstend. Here also
Miss X. noticed nothing thnt could be
called abnormal about Norah. She wus
bi'lghl nnd energetic, fond of pleasure
nml particularly fond of getting new experiences.
Nornh was al this time engaged lo be
married to a distinguished orientalist nnd
traveler, a man about ten years older
(ban herself, lo whom she wns devoted.
II was arranged that after the marriage
Miss X. was lo act as her housekeeper.
Three days before the marriage was to
hnve laken place Norah committed sui
cide, poisoning herself with oxalic acid.
It is not a good suicide poison, became
the antidote is to be found ready at hand
III most houses. But Norah was not discovered: she took the poison in a diluted
form und died in her sleep.
No motive of nny kind could be found
for the act at tbe time, aud the usual
verdict was reiurned.
By ber trill she left to Miss X. an ud
tiuily and all her books and papers.
Among the latter was a bundle ot penny
exercise books tied up with string and
marked "Not to be read until a year after my death." Rightly or wrongly. Miss
X. made no mention of these nt the in
quest. It is from them thnt Ihe brief
second part of Nornh's history is here
written. I hnve uot been permitted to
read lhe whole of these books as yet.
Much of what I have read 1 am not permitted to repent here, nnd of verbatim
quotation I cnn give very little.
These books are a revelation of the
tragedy of Norah's life. Tbey nie con
corned principally with her second personality, .Innet, and are not consecutive,
long lapses occurring between the dales
of Ihe different books.
There is no reference to the Lowestoft
Incident In them. The lirst book is dated
when Norah wns lo years old. The first
line begins: "I was Janet in my sleep
last night. It is no good to pray nny
more. One day she will come when I nm
awake, nnd everybody will know, and
they will shul nie up somewhere and any
that I nm mad."
That uole of horror Is repeated nil
through the books. She makes miserable little pathetic tests of her sanity and
cnn lind nothing wrong but thut one
thing—that she feels that she mny at nny
time lose her personality, thut Janet must
come buck. She feels il n disgrace that
she is not like other people: she longs for
help and sympathy, yet not for worlds
would she speak of her trouble to a single soul.
She appears lo hnve some menus, never
Indicated, of communicating will, this
inyslerloiis Iwin sister. She speaks of
telling her things and of exacting n
promise from her thut she will never
come buck except when Nornh is nlone at
lllght. Then we bear no more of Ihese
conversalions. which nre reported in n
moat mniler of fact wny, and another
horror springs up. Janet means to mid
her. She will never speak, but Nornh
After Ihnt comes a period of nbout a
year, during which there urn no notes nl
nil. This period coincides with her resl
deuce iu London nud .ncltidvs lhe few
months of her engagement. Indeed il
may be doubted If Norah ever wrote in
lhe hook again. Tor the next entry, which
is lhe Inst, is written in Ihe looking glns<
hand.   1 held it to a mirror nud rend:
"I have come back for n litlle while,
but tomorrow I shall come back to stny.
1 shall lake him awny from you. Suter
Nornh. It Is. 1 thai be will marry. 1
wonder whnt you thought. Kor a Ion?.
There Ihe sentence breaks off abruptly
It hears the dale of (he day on whicl
Nornh committed suicide.
As n case of double personality it is ex
plienble doubtless nn the theory nf iil'iio
hue somnambulism, but It suggests pthw
questions less easy to answer. A clove-
novelisl might be nble to make someihlu,'
of il. tilling in lhe laeunre. Of course, lw*
would be using n motive Ihnt has beei
used heroic: bul. then, nil lhe motive.'
have been used before.—Chicago Times
One hostile person cnn make tho
I ii'.-st conversulk nnlist falter, oven
though tbe critic should i.ot utter u
11' 1'lato had realized i.ow elastic
bis doctrines would become be would
have, died brokm-hearled.
'there may be _n_els in lhe world
—men say so—hut a gond woman i.s
better suited to our atmosphere.'
To have given a wb.nan something
save the benefit of a doubt has at
nf.es helped her amazingly.
Until wo realize thai pleasure and
happiness arc not always closely related we shall suffer much disap-
There are few things more unbearable than finding when loo Into that
wo have wronglj  accused a friend.
Women novelists appeal to women
because thoy throw iu lots of adjectives; also a few fierce phrases —
and marry oil  I lie heroine.
Tho solo way In escape adverse
criticism is to gut, oneself uulled up.
No mere mortal can please everybody,
It is nit nwlill thing In lie married
to a knave, but rather belter than to
a fool.
Until women stop buying trashy
ornaments und worse books thoy
should be merciful In men who buy—
Praise Allah when lhe rich ask you
to dine, Iiul if .mm are worldly-wise
you will praise nothing save bin..
Surely Cod esj ccially loves that
Woman to whom He has given a
sense of humor.
The persistently scintlllat'ng person
is the detestation uf lhe truly wise.
"Misery loves company." lino isolation,  and  joy a   crowd.
The Wonders of tlio World.
U is estimated that thu following
aro the 1 I great wonders of the
world. Those ut the Old World were:
1. The Egyptian Pyramids, ihe
base of the largest covering ll'.s
acres oi ground.
2. The Mausoleum erected by
Mnusolus,   King  of  Curia.
.'[. Thu temple of Diana at Epllcs-
4. Thu walls and banging gardens
at Babylon, said io have been 87 feet
thick, and (il. miles long.
5. The Co'ossus of Rhodes; a brazen slutue oi Apollo, 105 feet in
(l. Statue of Jupiter Olympus at
Athens, niado oi ivory and gold.
7. Tho Pharos of Ptoluiuy Philu-
delphus, a lighthouse 500 feet high
on the Island m' Pharos, in Egy-pt.
Thu wonders o' the New"World are:
I.  'The art of printing.
'2. Gunpowder.
3. Optical instruments, such as the
Telescope and  Microscope-.
-I.  Steam Engine, *
5,   Labor-saving  Machinery,
il.  Electric Tclograph,'
7. Pbotogrni hy,
A   Long T<-rih Note,
A remarkable, case was tried In the
Somerset co-uty court at Somorvillo
recently. A furnivr living in one oi
the country town b:ps of Somerset
corn'.v Mild a In,rso to a Somerset,
man. .Tlie latter gave a note for $50
in payni: nl. Thu man who received
lhe not.- paid little attention to its
wording, but wont to the bunk to
ha\e it disconn'ed. The bank-.officials refused to discount ihe note, as
il read: "1 promise to pay lot. years
nfter date," etc. Tbe man witli the
note was greatly excited when he
discovered tin- t'lro of the nolo, which
h ■ hail not md iced al all. and
promptly I runt In s i t against tlie
itiati Who gave il. The case came
up in court at ; omei'ville. The de-
find.-nt. claimed that he was perfectly able nn 1 wili'nr t,o pay the nolo
when i' came ii e !",t protested that
there was no taw lhat compelled him
lo do -o I of,.re lhat time. It wag
in black and white un the note, and
tlie judge- b d nothing let to do
but diB'iiiss Hv case.—Plalnfield f.N.
,1.)  1 ress.
The. Human Kye.
Dr. Hoik, writing in the Cosmopolitan, says thai lhe excessive use of
alcohol aud tobacco affects lhe eyes
vei'.i Seriously, and llmt for some
people tobacco is a poison .and produces a lesion in the ucrvu of lhe eye
lending lo blindness. Tbe most important thing ni all, however, in ur-
dei in lake cure uf the sight, is to
gel Hullicieni. light lu work and
read by. The must desirable locu-
tion nf a light lu read by is from
above, behind, and tu the left uf tbo
body. Of artificial Jighi^ lhc Incandescent electric is the bill, though
the use uf ii-.c.induscenl mantles bus
niu»ii Improved gas light. Where
coal nil is tbe only illumiluttil lhe
so-called student lamps ■ ake a very
satisfactory light.
Walnut Hall, 2:20'/i. Is tho fastest
2-year-old trotter for 11)00.
Ed C-eiik considers Charley Herr tbo
greatest trotting burse of America.
Coney, world's wagon record bolder,
was. sold for §1,500 last November.
Tbe fastest bein lu the Transylvania
inst ynar was that of Peter the Ureat
in 2;6s-_.
IVreno's record beat lu 2:10% is the
fastest ever trotted in the Kentucky
Ciesceu! trotted a quarter iu 28%
seconds— a 1:BS gait—nt Cleveland tbe
other day.
Fei'eno, 2:10%, Is the fastest 3-year-
old for 1000 and Is out of au undeveloped mare.
Among the new 2:10 trotters wltb
former records Contralto, 2:10, had the
lowest, 2:28%.
Crcsceus was named after one of the
most famous Roman charioteers at tho
lime of t'sesnr.
Hoialina, 2:08. Is the first trotter to
wlu both the Futurity aud the Transylvania at Lexlugtou.
Eagle Flanagan still has the credit of
the iaslest hem in the-Transylvania,
baviug trotted the first heat lu 2:07%
lu 1S08,
Slniiiboul, 2:07_. has now four wilh
records of 2:11% or better—Slainboulet,
2:101;',; Ellei't, 2:11: Stum B, 2:11%, nud
ElsieS, 2:11%.
Courier's first beat In 2:05-4 Is the
fastest for the Tennessee stake ever
paced, the best previous record being
that of Hal 15 lu 2:011 iu 1899.
C. L. Barber of Lansing, Mich., has a
yearling filly b.v Hal Dillard, 2:0-1%,
that bas stepped quarters In 40 seconds wltb four weeks' handling.
One lot of 8,000 Argentina horses cost
the British government lf-10 each and
$70 delivered in Africa. Tills lot proved tbe best and most serviceable horses
In tbe war.—Horseman.
Cora Urquhnrt was 10 years of nge
wheu she married James Brown Potter.
It Is practically settled that Mme.
Eames will not return to this country
this winter.
Tbe total niuoiiiil received by the
New York Herald for the Actors' home
Is $G9,285'.D0.
"A Bunch of nine Ribbons" Is the title of "thd new play uearly eobiploted
by Charles H. Hoyt.
Sir Henry hrying passes his time In
reading nud writing. ■ Ellen Terry's
recreations are reading, di lying aud
yachting;.'        ''    " '■■
Louis Mann and Clr.ra I.lpman will
appohf in BerlirV for six weeks at the
close of the present season. Tbey will
play In Gorman.   ' . . . t
Six pounds, thirteen Shillings nnd
tourpen.ee, or $32.G0, was the amount
given-liy Ibei count fif Queen ICli/.nbeth
for the first production,Df ".Hamlet."
illss Julia Marlowe bas secured the
dramatic rights of "The Sword of the
King." n romantic story by Rumil |
MucDonnUl, now iu much fsiv'oV lu
Tbe men of tbe vaudeville stage hav:
Ing formed a protective association
called the "White Rats," the women
have organized uuder the name of the
"Little Slice."
The Church federation of Pittsburg
has notified all theater managers that
It will exert Its best efforts lo prevent
flip presentation In Unit city of any no1
torious or demoralizing play.
Shakespeare's "Julius Csesni'" lias
beeu translated. Into Ccriiisin nine
times, into French seven. Into Italian
and Swedish twice and into Croatian,
Danish. Dutch, Frisian, Polish. Roumanian, Russian, Magyar, Portuguese
uud Yiddish.
Wulls ol i annua ilatlit*
In linni' new bank buildings lhat
aie being erected in Lundoti, says
the Sussex (ling.) Uatlji -News', Il hits
been decided to trust nol flier police,
private custodians nnr safes, All
walls connected wiib the nione,\
vaults sue tn have old-fashioned cannon balls closely embedded in thein,
lhe Idea, of course, being dial Iho
roundod surfaces nf the cunuoti balls
will cause burglars' tools In slip,
and there will be uu chance nf lucking thu walls lu pieces quickly enough fur burglurious depredations.
Cerninni'•* Ltirgti Cement trade.
During Mu; lust few years Germany's comont industry has assumed
large proportions. In IBOfl tlie 'Our4
man exports of cement amounted tu
about 600,000 inns, us against 8(50,«
000 tuns in IMH. The value of thii
cement exports last .year was clnsi}
to' 22,000,(it 0 marks. The let customers uf Herman cement wero Cent
Britain, the United Slates, Australia, Norway, Portugal, China, Brazil, Chile and Numb   Africa.
Tbo Vend < Ity et Yortuii.
At ilnj upper io-:i- c of Ihi Kaikos
Kiver, not fur from lhe air'i nt 1 t :v-
tonflscla, the Frm-h employer Cau-
d'u bus dls.'ovtrod a vtr,. aiic enl nc-
cn rills. A Uu' e quantity nf stone
\o_i's end pro h'stortc Implements
wis nlso found. Th' ruins estend
lite.' a brge area us fgr ns Yo-tnn
Ripen pears iu I*.' bouse.
Improvement goes forward by selection.
Currants and gooseberries need annual .trimming.
Use wooden tree protectors to keep
rabbits from young trees.
A liberal top dressing of wood ashes
Oh an orchard thut-Is beginning lo fail
will-often give satisfactory results.
■* In testing) ii.jio,w- variety of strawberries early fall Is'n good lime to plant
out. The plums will bear sonic fruit
next seiismi'.'
Wheu plants of any kind, are first
taken .Iniloor.s In the fall. ^.1 bey, should
have nil Ilu" air possible uiul.in.' jsept
moist it tlii-poslHiin be a dry one.■
.rihiR i>f brush or ryj'eds or old Tularin
and lugs niToj'd hnl'bnrlng (TsTnV rarvinj
seel posls. nnd thoy ciliMu1. bpsl_ ile;
Btroyed by burning such luntetToT essrly
in tlie fall.
Dwarf pears and grapes lire two
frtills that.,are ^especially adapted .t?
small places where uol much room carl
be spared nud where It Is desired io
combine the useful and the tiruiimental.
.% J'ritlfliin'. liiHtcud of a ding l'«ftl to
Join lhe Happy Couple, Who Eat
With Their V.tijier;, from tlie Sam-L'
Dliih. CooUetf   hy  tlie Medicine Mun.
This quaint story of a wcddllig among
the Nnvajn Indiana i.s related by a white
juiuu now working aa a missionary with
this tribe. Tin.- Navajo rewervation titkos
in a. large fit;ii' of couniiy in N*.'w Mexico
and Aii:;un:i. and ihe IadiuiiH number
nearly-U',000. The missimiary. writes as
"A sliur; time up» we were invited to
be iu nUendtineo at a uiur.lage ceremony
of one of Iho Nnvajn l.raves * ono of
the falrcsl daughters uf the reservation.
This ecreiiiiiii.v was to be performed to
the true Iimiiin < ustom about four miles
from Fort Pefhu.ce at nliout T o'clock in
the evening. We anivni ;.t tin- ilesig-
nil ted hut at the.nppoliued time, and a
tree WQ8 pointed Ull I to u ■ w!nve we eu-.:!d
lie our hottui's. ^ eoinshifTubl. number
of Indians were already tlletV. The government agent ai l-'ort I'ethiuce and the
blacksmith wire ui--;-- inv.iied. aud they
entered the hut a ajjort^liajc inter we had
"The squaws were all baldly engugi d in
biilaug bread, frying meat and Imiiilig
coffee, fdr -all Navajo eeienamies must be
preceded by a sumptuous feast. A "good
meal must be eaten before the medicine
man can administer his*'holy medicine*
We have nften wished thai we uiigfit
have n phonograph here in order thai we
might beep a record of ih'o dent' and resonant Voices of lhe Navajnes. When they
have once started to sing with ai! their
might nud main hi that the beads of per-
spiratiou trickle down their cheeks, 'hey
offer n sight lhat would put any stranger
on the run. Their howling far surpasses
than of n pack uf wolves.
"Kitty braves hud fathered on this occasion and two chiefs who put on u grent
many ails. The cau.-e of Ihe feel ng of
superiority with iluse chiefs is thni the
government has appointed them.as Judged
to settle all disputes and trivial differences that may arise among the members
of the tribe. On neeu mt of tliis they
have the opinion thai they possess a
great deal of wisdom am] must be respected accordingly. One i-.-in re;:di'y imagine that thefio chiefs are the worst rascals among the Ind'aus, except possibly
the medicine men.
"Some of the btayes became impatient
when they were compelled to wait a short
time for tlie supper ami wenl outside to
roast a sheep at their own "expense over
u cumpflre. Hut we were all soon seated
about the table in tlie hut ami enjoying
cur supper immensely. Alter wc bad
partaken nf the meal a large earthen d'sh
was brought forth, and the rflediclne
man, who then acted in the capacity of
piiest. began tbe making of a pudding.
We nscci'tauicd from the.lndip.ns at outside that this was to be the wedding cake.
While seated in the hut the'approach of
many horses could be heard. These, ;*he
learned, wure. .from., lhe bridegroom as
pay to his fathui-Hi-hiw* for his .prospective bride. ' \,» .^     .'  /       .   '.'.'..,'
"After the pudding w,a„ writ done, li
*ns placed in a basket made 'for thai
special purpose, und the medicine m.in.
carrying a jug of v,liter and thc basket.
headed tlie procession id' lhe bride an!
her friends tn a new he.!, where the
bridegroom stood in waiting fur his future wife. We followed tlie protessloi)
and .cntai/<ttLl\ie b:r. where we were gly
en reserved'ffeOilSut tlie saTe-.IT the ihcdi
tine man. lie commanded the br.do and
groom to be seal, d iieSt each other.
Then, taking thc jjjjg, Jie poured tf'aK.-un
tlie hands of the "in-iiV ami cunm&nded
her to-wash both hands nf Ii-r Tutu e
husband. Thereupon the biidegroolu
was commanded lu du likewise lu the
bands of his briile. This ceremony Im
pressed us a great ileal. I'm* it shows tin
true mutual HUbhlistdon both husband
and wife must lie willing lo undergo, h
"After the .bands of t'loth had been
washed the wcihi.ng etvke, or. r*uhcr
pudiHng, was plum] before the bridal
pair, and after it had been covered with
holy powder the exact places where the;
must cat fn>m it with their lingers wa>
pointed «..it tn them, following lhe cum
maud, lhe young man put his right hand
into the pudding and began eating, tin
bride followed his example ami hegr.n lo
eat of the pudding where the iinpressioi
of her future husbnnd's lingers were stil'
to be set n.
( "Aftei the bridal pair had made Iti-
circuit OI! the entile dish, eating as tlie.-.
went, the medicine man dei hired Ihe cor
emouy complete with lhe simple worn
'kaddih,' and the couple stood before liu
assembly as man aud wile. It did up
pear to us ns really odd tu see a couple
united with the simple ceremony of cat
ing. W6 wondered why ihis ceremuu;
was not accompanied by a sung ami ask
ed if that was the end of it. where.upni.
wc   received   thc   simple   alii*, inatlve   01
It hns been estimated thnt from
00.000 to 100,000 deer food in the for*
esis of Scotland and thai 4.000 stugg
are killed annually.
During the iialvoHton storm two \v>
m-Hi were curried out into the gulf,
where Ihey spent Saturday night. Not
till the nexl morning did tlie lido bring
them back to where the rescuing par-
tics coubl reach them.
An act for the prevention of cruelty
tp wlid animals has just become effective in England, The new law extends
tho provisions of tbe net, which has
heretofore applied only to domestic- nn«
imaU. to all birds. Msbes nml reptiles'
not Included in that measure aud
makes offenders liable to three months'
Smurisoiuueut or a Hue of £5.
"Bread and coffee were then brought to
the party, and all began .to eat for the
second time, to thc honor of the bridul
pair. Wo also partook of the bread,
which really tasted good, but passed the
wedding 'pudding,' which was now given
to the party. The pudding looked tempting und must have tasted good, judging
from thc manner in which the Indian
guests reached for it.
"This marriage ceremony is not Infrequent among the Indians, for they believe
in plural marriages, and some have a
number of wives. Very few white people
have witnessed the ceremony, however,
and possibly few would care to see it the
second time. Divorces are also just as
frequent among thc Indians. This Is an
evil against which we have to contend."
London School  Children.
The Loudim school hoard is responsible
for the education of a population more
than double that of Denmark or Ciroece,
htrger thnn that of Scotland and only exceeded slightly b.v that of Havaria aud
Holland. The child population of London in need of elementary education is
larger than the total population of nny
European city except Paris. Berlin. St.
Petersburg, Moscow and Vienna. It U
more than double the population nf Bristol, Dresden or Prague. Tbe sum annually expended on elementary education
in the metropolis is alone equal in the total national expenses of Denmark, Nor-
wny and Sweden, not to mention that of
many minor stales of Europe.
''Bnnrley—What's self esteem?
Yow—It's something we ail hate to tie.
in some one else, but which is a virtue if
we possess it ourselves.—Syracuse ii^r-
■ M t
I "-'I
•'Are you reading 'Home Hints,' mnV
"Turn to page 41, then, 'cause that
tells bow to take Ink spots out of the
carpet!"—New York World.
Russia seems to have put in bnr thumb-
and plucked ont the Manchuria plum.—
Washington Post.
Golfing out of China seems a far moVo-
difficult ta*1- 'ha" ■.'""ing bM<* it proved
to be.
We shall he much mistaken if Field
Marshal Count von Wnldersee does not
lind plenty of military work to do before
he eats his next Christmas pudding.—
Washiligtuu Times.
If Ltussia and France want peace Id
nnd with China, why do they Indicate ns
(he next phase of negotiations a step
whielf makes due war? Is it ma because
they want ivai—and partition?—New
York Press.   ■
It Is time for lhe powers to call a halt
upon lhe continued slaughter and looting
of tlie Chinese by i!it< foreign soldiers.
The situation around Peking and Tientsin seems lo Ih'.j!*;( neiJitiug into mere
'.exhibitions -of saVyvrcry  by some of tho
allies.      . rjjfrf^	
. ln"Mi.> Nom- Future.
: . Now lhe lt:mi^*.'ii*«-lsjuiiiliMiiin' on wilh
Its  Innd  nf  liuinnu   freight  toward  tlio
nliyss with irrciit rapidity.
"Alas." eried Gladys, "1 have uo red
skirl lo wave!"
For it was she who stood beside the
It suddenly oeourred to her that the engineer was ti w-tiiusi-n.
Taking olT her liriuid new hnt, she wav-
tid that...
Of course tlie train was hailed. To inspect the hatV The Ideal—Indianapolis
r Gulii of a Loss.
"Weren't you vexed with tlio Dlbbses
for carrying off your lawn mower when
they moved?"
"No. When we sent for it. they returned us a better.one. borrowing from somebody  else."—Indianapolis Journal.
Tteit Appeals to the Best Judgment of the Best People .and Gets Right
Dow.ii ut the Cause of Disease is DR. CHASE'S
Why is it that-in nearly every home
In' thu ,rand -you .find some- of Ur-.
Chase's fnrpily, remedied 7 .Why is it
thut Dr! Ijluifre is honored-, uiul esteemed ns* a true.' physician ot undoubted Skill 7, Why is it that-Dr.
L'hoAe'H Kidney-LivC'i- l'i.lls -urn' jfopt
in lhe family medicine chest ns Indispensable ■ for'.eyiT.ydity. ilia, which
arise from constipation and slugglBU
action of the,liver and Uidijcys.7.
It is becausd Dr. Chase's remedies
are all honorable medicines. Medicines
that have been tried in the severest
cases and proven lo be of most unusual value. They are Immensely successful because everybody has learned
to'havo'confidence in them and' qonli-
dence in their discoverer.    Dr. Chase's
least seven-tenth's of human ills. Dr.
(hi.s.'j's lv.idnc.Y-L.ivrr Pills Invigorate
these organs ns no other preparation
was ever known lo do; and what is
best of all, they not. merely afford relief, but strike deeper and make thorough and lasting cures.
' Mr. Walter Booth, Ooosccon, Prince Edward county. Ont.. st'ites:—"I was troubled
for some years with kidney and liver disease
mid pains in my back, and my stomach waa
sii bad I could not eat hearty food and had
difficulty in'keepiiig any food in my stomach. I was so nervous that I could scarcely
tnke a drink of wuter w tliout spilling much
of it, my hand trembled so. an i 1 had lost
flesh, until my" weight fell fruin 155 to 138
"Hearing of a similar ciiho that wus cured
by'Dr. Chase's Remedl s, I commenced by
taking Dr. Utilise.'* Kidney-Liver Pills, six
boxes ol which entirely cure I my kidney und
Kidney-Liver Pills    have for     nearly ' liver   troubles.   1 then began Dr.   Chase's
a quarter of a century taken I he lead
as the greatest seller whicli medicine
dealers handle, and this enormous
sale Is entirely due to the downright
merit which they possess. They cure
yvhen others fail.
It Is when there is a bitter taste in
tho mouih, heaviness about the stomach, headuehes, backaches, pntns in
tbe shoulderB and limbs nnd depressed, languid feelings-, Hint people turn
to Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
.Torpid liver,, inactive kidneys and irregular  bowels  are the cause  of    at
Neive Food for my nervousness. It strengthened my stomach and whole system, and I
gained in flesh, I cannot speak in terms of
loo great praise for Dr. Cha-o's Kidnoy-Liver
Pills and Nervo Feed, for besides caring mo,
they did my father, who is an old man, a
great deal of good. I have every conlidenco
in recommending these remedies."
Mr, J. J. Ward. J. P., ci rtlfiea that ho
knew- Mr. Waller lloolh, and that this statement of h's cure is poi iectly correct,
Tbo chances are that your ne:ghborB have
used Dr. Chase's Kidney Liver Pills. Ask
lliem. Ono Pill u Uo e. 25e n box, ut all
dealois, or Edmunson, Bites & Oo., To-
ronlu. i
A Miiinue Experience.
An Atlanta woman who is deeply Interested iu psychological research relates the following story about an ex-
perieucc her husband had lu the realms
of lhe occult:
-. "We were having a new home built,
and my busband went to it every day
to see what progress was being made.
One dny us he Blood in tlie front room
up stnlrs his attention was attracted
to the street Looking out of the window, lie saw a funeral procession passing from the door and out through the
gate. The casket was small, white uud
covered with flowers. lie recognized
frleuds and neighbors In the crowd,
nnd through some indefinable Impression he understood that the corpse was
that of his son, though he had no son
nt Hint time. Surprised and startled nl
the thought, he saw the procession vanish, anil lie was entirely al a loss how
to account for the experience. The
hour was noon, and there was nothing
lu his mood or environment apparently
that Induced the subconscious,
"W'llhin a few months a 1111Io son
was born to us, and at the age of 3
years tt was carried out of the gate lu
a flower covered, white casket and followed by the same friends my busband
had seen that noontime long before.
What explanation, can be given of tills
circumstance and experiences like it
that are constantly being related In so-
"cletles of psychical culture?"
Jas. McKeo, Liuuwood, Out.
Lachlin McNiel.        Mabou, O.B.
John A. McDonald,  Arnprior, Out.
O. B. Billing, Murkhaui.Out.
John Mader, Mahone Bay.N.S
Lewis S. Bntler,        Burin,Kdtl.
These well kuown gentlemen all assert that ihey wero oured by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Slices Thot Gratify.
Wholesome spices are used on a targe
scale In this country, Time was when
many of them were worth their weight
iu gold, but today ihey sue sill cultivated so that they cost .mly a fraction of
what .hey did in ancient days. It is said
that Pliny paid sit thu rate of ,*5 per
pound for pepper. Now black and white
pepper is so cheap that we use it lu everything. There are some queer uses .to
which spiei's are put in some countries.
In many hut lands a pepper tea is made
and consumed in great quantities, snd
tlie spice is liberally mixed With all foods
to Btlmitlato the appetite. In the cold
northern woods Use luguien use it as a
stimulant, mixing it with water and
driuklug it hot. It is said I" I"' an nnli-
dole I'i r colds that takes the place of
more harmful stimulants.
Cloves when properly used nre wholesome. The oil or cloves is used for
medicinal purposes,.and its pungent, uro-
malic fiavor makes it an exceedingly
pleasant remedy for lhp""tooihuolic. Like
pepper, the oil of cloves Is used to ward
off n cold In some climates. A few
drops of it in warm milk are mildly efficacious. The scent of the oil of cloves is
disliked very much by the small vermin
. which live in oh! wooden furniture, and
o few drops on the woodwork will generally drive them out. In early days
hams were always cooked stuck full of
cloves, nnd this practice is still kept up
in paris of lhe south. The spices give
to the meat a delicate flavor.
Ladies of Canada.:
The bond of union between the
mother country and her colott'CB Is
strong. In time of necessity the colonies have always been loyal. Patriotic Canadian Indies, while they
cannot hear arms in time of war, can
assist their brother colonists in a
■substantial way. Ceylon and India
liroduce the finest GREEN less.
Drinkers of Japan teas should try
them. Monsoon, Salada and Blue
Ribbon packets are known to all.—
Peritonei Non Gruto.
"No," said Broncho Bob, "Crimson
Gulch hasn't any theater. You see, wu
are a peaceable set, and we don't waul
nny trouble 1^ we can avoid it. A magician-enme along, aud we hnd to treat
him so rough thnt it spoiled our taste
for the drama."
"Did he-make himself disagreeable7"
"Very. He did a lot of those sleight
of hand tricks with cards and theu
tried to din 'nto » friendly poker
is the deadliest and most
painful malady to which
mankind is subject. Dodd's
Kidney Pills will cure any
case of Eright's Disease.
Thfty have never failed in-
one single case. They are
thc only remedy that ivcr
has cured it, and they aro
the only remedy that can.
There are imitations of
Dodd's Kidney Pills—pill,
box and name—but imitations are dangerous. The
original and only genuine
cure for Bright's Disease is
Dodd's Kidney Pills are
fifty cents a box at all
There is more Catarrh in thn section of the
country tha:i nil other disease-* put tog-ether,
and until the last few yi am was Busipoeed to be
incurable. For a ci enl many yearB doctura pronounced it a local disease, ana prescribe l local
remedies, und by constantly falling to curs
with local ti esitaien', prononnced It *_cur'abls.
Science haa proven ca .rrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore sequires constitutional treatment* Hall's Catarrh cure, manufactured by F. J. Clu-ney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
is the only constitutional cure on the market.
It is taken internally in doses from toilrons to
a teaspoonful It acta directly on the blood and
mucous sui faces of the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any case it fails to ears.
Bend for circulars and testimonials.
Address,     P. J. CHKNEY & Co., Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
tlalla Family Tills are the beat
A<JvniitnK,'M  of  I.o.ik   Sentences.
The last summer, when I was on my
way back to Vienna from the appetite
cure In the mountains, I fell over a
clltf In the twilight and broke some
anus nnd legs nnd one thing or another
and by good luck wns found by some
peasants who had lost an ass, and they
Carried nie to the nearest habitation,
which wns one of those large, low,
thatch roofed farmhouses, with apart
ineiits In the garret for tlio family and
a cunning little porch under the deep
guide decorated with boxes of bright
colored Bowers and cats; un the ground
door a large and light sitting room
separated from tlie iii'lk cattle npnrt
ment b.v a partition, nud In the front
yard rose, stately and line, lhe wealth
uud pr'de of the house, the ninniin
That sentence Is (lermnnlc nnd show;
that I am acquiring that sort of mas
'.cry of the art and spirit of the Ian
gt'iige which enables a man to travel
all day In one sentence without rilling
ing cars.—Mark Twain In "The Man
That Corrupted Iladleybiirg."
Therr. never was, and never will bSj a
universal panacea, iu one um dy, for all Ills
to which fl, sh is hoir—tho very nature of
ninny curatives being such that were Vie
germs of other and ditl'crentiy ecuted diseases rooted in the bya!cm of the patient—
what would relieve ouo ill in turn would ag-
gravato the otii r. Wu huvo, howovor, In
Quinine Wine, when obta.nablo in a sound,
unadultcraUd tstato, a remedy for muny nud
grievous ills. By iu graduul and judicious
use tho frailest ayntenid are ied into conva-
lescenee and strength by tho influence which
Quinine eiscrtd i n naturo'n own restoratives,
It relieve., the drooj.iug spirit* of those wilh
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of u teroit in life is a diBcaso,
and, by trauquihzing tlie nerves, disposes to
sound and refreshing sloop—imparts vigor
to the action of the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the veins,
strengthening the hea.thy unimal functions
of tho system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening tho frame,
and giving life to the digestive organs, which
naturally demand incensed substance—result, improved appetite. Northrop _ Lyman,
of Toronto have given to tlie public their
superior Quinine \N ine at tho usual rate, and,
gauged by tho opinion of scientists, this
wine approaches nearest perfection of any in
tho market,   All druggists sell it'.
Thc Fedora —You look all run down.
The I'lug— Yes;  I  never feel well if I
'ose my nap.—t'hicago .Sews.
We have no hesitation in raying that Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial is without
doubt tho be.-t medicine ever introduced for
dysentery, diarrhoea, cliol, ra and all summer complaints tea sicknca-i, itc, It promptly givos relief and never fails to effect a po--
itivo cure. Mothers should never be without
n bottle when their children are teething.
Another  Unmannerly   Iiiicn-untlon.
"The great trouble with us," said tlie
president of the l'lckpocket club, "Is
that we are Inclined lo take things too
"Is thot so?" yelled tbe policeman.
who had managed to slip In unobserved. "Oi t'ougllt the main tbrouble wld
yez wns that yez tool, things too aizy.
Come on uow! None nv that, or 01*11
smash In your tlnpntinum!"—Chicago
TRY IT.—It would lie n gross injustice to
confound that standard healing agent. Da.
Thomas' Eclectuio Oil, witli tho ordinary
unguents, lotions and salvos. They aro
oftentimes Inflammatory and astringent.
The Oil is; on tho contrary, eminently cooling nnd soothing when applied externally to
relievo pain, and powerfully remedial when
A Story of Whistler.
Tho Boston Transcript says: "A diverting anecdote is told of the boyhood
of Mr. Whistler, the greatest modern
Impressionist. Ile was apprenticed to
some engineers who were etching elaborate maps on copper. One day his
employer asked lilm If he also could
etch maps on copper. 'Oh, yes. I can
etch,' promptly answered young Whistler.
"As t matter of fact he had never
used an etching needle In his life.
However, they gave him the copper,
uud he Bet to work, mnklng a very line
aud beautiful map. But round the
edges of the plate, which when bitten
in with acid are always stopped out, he
etched some characteristic little sketches of the different members of the
firm, Including a very humorous one of
the chief himself.
"Shortly after he happened to ge
away for a week or two for his holiday. Meantime the. plate hnd been
bitten tn and printed wltb all of the
dreadful little caricatures that he had
forgotten to stop out appearing In startling prominence, the sketch of the
chief being especially remarkable because of Its great resemblance to that
gentleman, who was so enraged at tbe
Indignity of the thing that Immediately
on Whistler's return he dismissed
0«t  ft Style.
"Here's a novel that's rather popular
iow, uia'ain. We're selling a good
aauy copies of It."
"Is It about something that happened 100 yenrs or more ago?"
"Ob, no: It's a modern society novel."
"No blood, uo tire, uo Indian massacres In It ?"
"Nothing of the kind, ma'am."
"Perfectly proper?"
"Entirely so, ma'am."  ■
"Then I dou't want it. Our best people are not rending anything of that
';lnd now.-'—Chicago Tribune.
Minarl's Liniment Cares Diphtheria.
Accident of lllrtll.
Employer— How Is It you claim to be
an Irishman when you were born In
Pat—Kulth, nnd If a kitten was aftlier
bein born lu an oven, would It be a
loaf of bread?—Exchange.
Pie I'or lhe editor.
Foreman—Do telegraph page Is all
Editor—Never mind; run It as It Is,
end I'll label It the only original Chinese dispatch, translation to follow
tomorrow.—Syracuse Herald.
HOTEL BALMORAL, _??„„_•-"EgfattL
I.ocnlliu; the.OI.Nl.icle.
Magazine Editor- What do you menu
by offering me tills stuff and calling it
poetry? There isn't a gleam of sel.se
ill It from beginning to end
Poet (eying tbe editor closely) -trrifl
Irritability, high: poi'tienl ilisirernnieut
low     Sny. ys.ii uei ii u rest!
Minard's Liniineni Cures Distemper.
"Talkin of weddin's, ain't yer never
seed nanny ono yer could marry?"
"I ain't. The woman ns seeks me
'and must bo no liordinnry hindivid-
I A "TlTsf.ANA " Rkuanok cigar
Lr\     lUaWYPIA,     FACTORY. Montreal
Oh, the  II.>k   Hose!
Judy hoars that smart ladies now
decorate tbeir pet dugs with bunches of
flowers attached lo the collars tt is
suggested that for the collie the cauliflower wonhl be a sweetly pretty and
appropriate blossom. —Judy
Co.usolnl Ion.
"Well, doctor, how does the patient
"if he lives through the night, madam, we needn't give up hope, but if
not you must be prepared for the
worst I"—Der Floh
Minard's Llilaeiit Cures Garget ii Con.
She Cured  Him ol Love. Illiiitlnej.il.
Tom—L>o yon believe in dresinis?'
Dick—I used to. but 1 slon't any more.
Toiii—Not    as   superstitious   as   you
re: I', els?
I'iils —Oh,  il   wasn't a question of su-
s'lstltion.    1  was in love Willi one once,
ml she jiltrd me.—Philadelphia Press.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Bat a Hood One.
"What are you buying all those traps
"Doctor's orders. lie tells me I need a
iillle recreation and insists thnt I should
go duck hunting with him."
"Huh! Seems to nie that's a sort of
quack remedy."
Force of lliihlt.
MI saw yon tnke some money out of
one pocket and put it In another," Baid
one of the delegates nt n convention.
"Yes," answered the cold blooded politician. "It's force o." buhit. I just voted for myself."-
As Pahmblee's Vegetable Vxv.m contain Mnndnikc and Dandelion, th'y cure
Liver und K dney Complaints with v nerring
certainty. '1 hey also contain Roots nnd
Herbs which have spcciHc virtue? trply wonderful in tiioir action, on tho plomscli and
bowels. Mr. K. A. Uiii-neross. yiuikospoaro,
writes: "I oonslder Parmelee's Pills un excellent remedy for Biliousness nnd derangement of Hie Liver, having u c:l them my.-elf
for Borne time.
j j  Stocks and  bunds bought, sold and   X
S carried   on   margin. . Listed 3
mining stockB carried w
"V —
Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg 9
Money leut nt lowest ratos. j*
Stocks U...1 bonds bought nnd sold. 9
Rsiilway nnd other (arm innds in 9
Muniloba and N. W. T. for sale. _
Maps and folders sent on applies- 9
tion. J_
Q:dt coal from Leshbridge. 9
4b     Prices quoted to all railway points.    9
A Young: Lady at Cobourg, Ont., Whoso
Case Win. Pronounced Hop'leasv Tells
HowSlieKegained Health and strength
—A Lesson to Mother*..
Anaemia is the term used by dostors
lo indicate poverty of the blood. The
alarming, especially among young
girls, and a large percentage of tlie
altogether too numerous cases of consumption which annually ravage the
country have their origin iu this
I rouble. The lirst indication of an-
nemia is a pale, sallow or waxy complexion. This is followed by loss of
appetite, frequent headaches, Indispo-
tiun to exertion, swelling of Ihubs,
violent heart palpitation end frequently fainting fits. These symptoms
may not. all be present, but the more
there are the greater lhe urgency for
prompt and effective} treatment,which
should be persisted in until all traces
of the trouble have vanished. Among
the thousands who have been brought
n< ar to the brink of ihe grave lYeni
Ihis trouble, and ultimately restored
to health through the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, i.s Miss Bella
Doyd, an esl Unable young lady whose
home is at Cobourg. Miss Boyd gives
her experience as follows :—
"It is nearly ten years since my illness (irst commenced, and although T
was doctoring more or less I received
little or no benefit,., as the doctors
clid not seem, to linderstnnd 'my.trouble. Two years ago my health become so bad that another doctor was
called in. itfi'cl he'stated lhat my case
w'us a most severe: type of anaemja.
nnd that while he could'help me the
trouble hud progressed* to such a
stage that he ciSVrlrl hold 'out little
hopes of a cure. "At this time I was
ns pale as chalk, my eyelids were
swollen and would hang down over-
my eyes like sacks of water. My'feel
and limbs would .well, and were always cold. I was subject, to violent
headaches, severe palpitation of the
heart, nnd 1*1 stooped over T would
be so dizzy that I could scarcely regain nn upright, position. My appetite failed me nlm'ost entirely, audi
grew so weak ,'. th'iji I was a mere
wreck. While in this condition I
rend in a newspaper of Use cure of
a young girl whojp" case was much
like mine, through tho use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, nnd T determined
lo try them. Those who knew me
d'd not think any medicine could do
me any good or that. I would over
get better, but J determined at ull
events to give (he pills a fair trial.
1 have used them for nearly a year
Willi lhe result that I feel like a now
person. -The'swelling in my eyelids
and limbs has disappeared: my appc-
tilo is good and my face is regaining
tlie color which loft it years sign. 1
ci.'i si'W nnd do work about (lie house,
am', Ihis great change in my condition Is due solely In the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. tl is nol too
little lo say that they have saved my
life and I strongly urge girls who
nre similarly afflicted to give them a
thorough  trial.
The "onsh" Is the most common circulating coin of China. It Is a copper
nnd sine piece about the size of the
American Quarter of a dollar, with a
scjun're hole in the center for convenience in stringing many of them to-
Om**io Dibakozuests ot the Stomao_,
Lives "and _t;OOD.are speedl y remoTed bf
t&e.itctive principle of tho ingrcdlqnhijBnter-
ing into tho composition of Parmelee's Vegetable Pd's. These pills act sp -cificnlly on
the deranged organs, stimulating lo ssstion
the dormant energies of the system, thereby reniovinu d'se se end ri newing life nnd
vitality to the afflicted. In this lies tho grosit
secret of the popular,ty ef Parmelee's Vegetable pills. '■
A Fanny Surprise.
This story is told by a man who (lis
:kes nothing so much as to be nsked
liiestlons; "My little girl Is very fond
,)f seasliells," he said, "and, having
beep^called to Atlantic City ou bus!
i:ess oue day, I .took advantage of the
opportunity to run down to lhe beach
io see if I could pick up a few. I was
strolling along the sand, gathering a
few shells and pebbles, which I placed
lu uiy handkerchief, wheu aloug came
one of those old idiots wbo ask questions with their mouths which their
eyes could answer.
"He smiled upon me ami said: 'Fine
day, Isn't it? Are you gatherlug shells?'
"'No,' I snapped back, saying the
first thing thnt popped into my mind:
'I'm looking for a set of false teeth I
lost while In bathing.'
"He expressed his sympathy, and
I lieu his face lit up as his eye caught
Sight of a pink and while object on the
sand. 'Well, 1 decline! Here tbey are
now!' he exclaimed, and, Btire enough,
he picked up a set of false teeth lying
right at bis feet. I was ton surprised
to do anything but grab them and pul
them In my pocket. The funny part of
It Is that I never had a tooth pulled in
m.i life. I womb"- who «>>»t false set
belongs te."
Wild Waves.
"tflint are aborigines, p.iV"
"Aborigines. Bobby, sue p»oplo who net
all the time I'he'w.i'. y.ui do u lien we
have cqippsuy.''—Chi ;;■.-" l>o »d.
Circlets of pearls around which twine
riljlMuu: nf fpAtv blue or pit.!, eiissiuel niiike
ves-y i I'siinihir ppntll brooches A l::i"d
sumr- llitlig In'fl*''-nnW> carved ling is lie
hi nd of n lion bol.b'iu si .I' .""-oiid iu iii
■ ■' TOE L'XION .l.U'K
which limits over Britain and all her
colonies is emblematic of the adage,
"In union there is strength." The patriotic ladles of Canada Can ..exemplify that a*Ua_e. -."'id indulge a. patriotic sentiment, by assisting their
English..fc'colch and Irish cousins who
produce lhe pure nuiehioc-nmde
IIIIKEN teas of Ceylon and India.
Tea drinkers will (ind the rilue K.lt-
bon. Monsoon nnd Salada green tens
a pieanant change from Japans. -Colonist. .    .    -    .
It is stated that Miss Caddick. author
of "A White Woman In Central Africa,"
contemplates taking up the late Miss
Mary  Kiugslcy's work  in west Africa.
Mine. Sssrsili Grand believes that every
womsinv.should.. Icntiw- I so. v.. Jo cook and-
says that, sis English women have revolutionized ndt'sing. she hopes they will
now revdldHonise -cooking.
A Es-cneh wi-iler describes Mine. Botha,
wife of the Bqer,geperal. as "a sionder,
elegant, fair haired woman of 110, dressed
in a well cut violet cost nine relieved by a
little hunch of carnations."
Mine. I'atti's boudoir at Cralg-y-Nos
h gsiyly decorated with the ribbons taken
from bouquets which hove been thrown
to her. Among them ere some which
nre highly prized, having been received
ninny years ago.
Eriku Paulas, a German architect, 25
years old, has been commissioned to
build a hospital nl Mediasch, Germany,
She is tlie daughter of sui engineer end
has already pluuucd und erected several
large ami expensive buildings.
The lirst name of .Mine. Calve's signa-
itiro is always si puzzle to the nnlntinted.
The "E" looks like nu upright whip with
the lush looped, and the two "_s" are
merely six straight marks nt eqssnl inler-
vnls. The "a ' is distinguishable, but it
is tlie only Idler iu lhe name thsst is.
Miss Margaret •!. Emus, dean of the
women's department of Caricton i.Minu.)
college, has jtwt completed lor Iweuty
li.tli'ycar us professor of English literature. A Indy. whose name is withheld,
lias offered -fSO.OOO toward n memorial
fund to Miss Evans and "f30.000 lo the
college on condition that $100,000 be
raised promptly.
The Enrl of Mllllo, viceroy of Canada,
end Lady Minto are now in the Klondike
On their way west Lady Minto distin
guished herself by riding on the cow
catcher when the train was 'passing
through ihe iiocliirs in order io inki
snap shots of lhe scenery. As a r.suit
she has a splendid collection of photo
graphs of the Canadian moitutntn fastnesses.
Queen Isabella, 7«"i y(\irs old and snd'y
broken in limith urnl'spirit, dt'sirpa to
end her days iu Spain, from which sbc
has hi'i'ii banished fur 'Mi years, and
there tit nu;>d prompt et lhat her wish will
he gratified.
It is uow a niatwr nf physical impossibility t'orthe ijineti tu open parliament,
nud her majesty has nut been seen iu tlie
house nf lurdu linee Keliruary, 18S0
Thu eeteniiiuy ltn*ul\'etf tumh walking, t
and a staircase has tu le cliinl.i.d.
The little kin- of Spain prefers bull-
!ij;htin.',r lo any Imported sports. Some
one recently nsked him if he played polf.
"! do iiut," he replied, "and I thank
heaven that 1 prefer lite amu.-cincnts of
Spain to those of Scut laud or any other
Clever writer though she be, the rpieen
of Iluutuanin would not he of much service in a newspaper otHce. She cannot
work with the pen unless she is surrounded with llowers. So passionately
fond of flowers i.s she that sin? is not
happy in a room where floral decoration!
do not figure.
Amateur photography is a fad with the
shall of Persia, nnd he has become quite
skillful in tlie use of the camera. He ha.
t positive mania for being token in every
coueeivablu attitude aud dress aiu\ has
even been photographed in bed. Photographs of his majesty have beeu exhibited
iu uncomfortable Prussian military attir*
.•ii:d in the tjarh of an Ed"***'"*■***•
For 50 Years
mothers have been giving their
children for croup, coughs and
At Your
Our hanasomcly illustrated 100 page Catalogue
will be sent you on application.
This will place the
largest and choicest
jewelry stoclc in Canada
at your disposal.
We are doing business
on the closest possible
margin of profit, guarantee safe delivery oi goods
and cheerfully refund
money if you are not
thoroughly satisfied.
Ryrie Bros.,
Yonee and Adelaide St$„
hau?sd    TORONTO
Established ISS4.
(Trade Mark Re^tered November 2*, 1R90. )
Dr. Hunc-ho ,-ii.rivon to take Instruments b&ek
at half price if parties n^lnn thi-m are not beu-
eflttnd fti'in usIhk for fi v. wtitka.
K. Fr-en, Winnipeg, b.ivh:   1 havo ub«m1 "Oxyd-
nnor"  for two   iveoks for  Br n, hills ani (Ja-
tarrh of tho H-ad, and 1 feel   ike n new man.
Mrs. f. \i. Cook, Winnipeg, pats: I bad Miff-red untold agonies Irom Bright a Dintasc.aud
it relK-sVud mo of rain, and li m weeiu I wai
Mr. W.G. Ellworthv, Winnipeg, aaya: I hart
suffe ed for t*Wears with nrMcuinr ibeumatiam;
f.'i- in hospital for 5 weeks, and used almost
every remedy, including mesmerism galvanism, electric belt, otc 1 have used Oxydonor
10 days and received more lleneflt than from
■iiytni:ig else. ' -
Mrs. Qaguer, Winnipeg, says: I havo used ii
beneficially with my family whenever sick
and it has oured me of severe indigestion end la
KuVdealers*. wanted in every district. Addres.
\vm T. ijitMns, liraiu Exchange, Winnip-g.
Semi for ltaokluts of grateful reports.
Brass Band
Iiistrdinrntn, Drums, Uniforms, Etc.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Fine catalogue
6Q1 illustration? mailed free. Write ns for any
ihitif la Music or Mnsiral Instruments.
WHaley Royce & Co.. Tor^°n?IS,g;s___
Mothers—have you Sun.oii in
the house at all times? Do
you know just where you can
find it if you need it quickly—
if your* little one is gasping
and choking with croup? If
you haven't it get a bottle.
It will save your child's life.
"Shilnh always   cured  my   biLv   (,f   cionp.
couylis and colds.   1 would n I be without it.
MRS. ROBINSON, Ion l.ric.
Bhlloh'sConsumption (-ure is soldliyHll
ttrufBisUi I" Canada and riiiied siai^h i.t
S5o. ■',!>'   1*1.00 a buttle.   In i..-.-.-.',  llrlulu
at   1».   Il.l., Un. 8.1., and 4s. Oil.    A prl..t|..l
Kiiaraiilt,.,  K„«n   with every bottle,    IT,.mi
are. not   sauiflotl j;o to your ,'n.:,,;;..   j.,,.1
get your money Imclt.
Write fur illustrated book on Consumption.   Sent
without cost tu you. S. C. Well, & Co.. Toronto.
ItuBsinn Postal Automobiles,
Tbe administration of tho poncral
post oliice of St. Petersburg lias introduced nn automobile traffic for
the transportation of lhe mail from
the railway stations of the capital
to the post oliice. It is now Intended to introduce automobiles also for
the delivery of post parcels.
By Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt
:p__v-_r ^riiEisr  cured.
I make this proposition to you fairly, and
carry it out fairly—you don't have to pay a
cent till you arc cured.    I could not do thia
if my bolt was not -superior to all other electrical body appliances. 'It never costs a cent
for repairs; 1 warrant that, ;ind it gives a
current which you can fsel, and regulate acd
which will not burn, "
You might think I am taking long chances
on my remedy.    I don't.   Th.re is more in
electricity, rightly applied  than you think.
It performs wonders in a broken down man.
It not only   -rets .th;;  wheels of  health and
vigor in motion, but makes a man "feel so
gl. riously young and light hearted that he
can't help telling of it.
Puy me wheu cured—that is my proposition. It is an ea?y one for you to accept.
Will you accept it? Then don't wait till
your trouble gets chronic.
_"D_r__ BAAL/ If you cannot call, send for
rntfc DUUlVmy beautiful boik full of
truth for the sic .L and iii ling. It is sent sealed
Dr. M. B. McLaughlin
{To Loan on improved farms at current rates.   Write to
Catholic Prayer ££__£''__£
mlars.Heliglous Pictures. Stattiary, and Ohuyoh
Ornaments, Educational Works, ail orders receive prompt attention, j), & j.sadller k Co.Jontr.al
f.rsrri-d women should all
know of Onldnu Seal, "Th.
Wife'B Friend." a i?ert_iu
euro for l.eucorrhea imd
ail irr-pularities. H__
bocn ajj-u by thounandi
oi women. A trained
iiurve will answer all enquiries. 11.00 per box,
sufficient for one month •
treatmcot. Addreii O-tdn
Seal Medfccl Co., Toronto,
Ont. and Winnipeg, kiwi.
far nalt in »U i'taffiw*
Mimnfiictureil by THOS. I.KB, Winnipeg.
The Only Printers' Supply
House in the Northwest-
175 Owes Stroet, Winnipeg:.
I Itecoiniiiend J
to all mothers who want their babta-3 4.
to have pink, clean, clear, aud 4
healthy skin. +
Wade of tho flurst materials. ^
No soap, wherever made, is tatter. *
Manufacturers of the Celebrated ♦
W. N. U.   301 '-.»«. frfUsSffiefOfi, MM/MMST, ft. C, ■FBI'Da'Y, 4-?aiL ff,-}tft*
Seryj.-e _rill I* lield In tU» JeVtIwdist j
.Clmrtli thia syeniuK, Gootl iriday.
A, AV, £nyth, "#• A*- Py an^ |w',e *r'e
ejpeOd to wurn to Lillooet l;liis week.
Tlie heme  has adjourned  for airaut ten
| Java lor the Easter holidays.
J. P. Moor* hm been visiting Pavilion
Jud Liiloost during the past week.
J&. 0. Delong»M Wmf Haylmore who
have keen wprfcing on the South Fork
are in (own.
Mre. \Vm. Ourngiing, ar., who has
heen at ,. avilion njilla for a short visit
Jias returned home.
John Miller jr., who hae relative! in
I.iiiooet   and   throughout   the diatrict,
died at Kamloops,last week.
Vt. £. Bret,t it fencing in his suburban
|lut and will set it out in fruit trees in
opposition to his neighbors.
Thomas A. Haiimer returned to lown
the first of tly» m.onjth after a few weeks
yisit to the Boundary country.
P. Fraser, proprietor of the Excelsior
House, haa refurnished all the bed rooms
*nd is preparing for the busy seaton.
Arthur F. Noel manager of the Bend'Or mine returned from the coast Mon.
li.-.y and loft forth* mine on Wedneeday
U. J. Keary has returned from California and ii at present visiting relatives
£t the coast before coming up to Lillooet.
. The fences around both th* G.hurcli of
England and MeUiodi«t,church,ar,e about
completed and are »n improvement to
{the properties.
A pawnbroder hae been Seed at Van
ceuver for charging 180 per cent, inter*
fit, the legal pawn rate in the province
being 2 per qtnt. per raoot/ri.
Mill R. M. Clark who has been visiting with her titter, Mrs. T. A. Brett for
tome time, left on Wednesday's ttage
Tie. Lytton for Vancouver.
Norman Bailey returned to town Tues
day and left next morning with Albert
A. Brett for the Anderson Lake mine,
where he will be employed.
•L*Blie JfUll, managing director of the
Mine! Exploration £,td. vrired on Tuesday .ey.ea'fpg ,from toe co(tst fnd lelt ,next
morning for the Lorn* mine.
J. S. Bell hat received instructions
fr,pm Jfldian Agent F. pevlin, pf New
Weatmimter io purchase eight tone ol
polatoe?, 1,500 pounds of wheat, and
1,600 pounds of oatt for the Pemberton
An attempt it bjting mnde at Ashcroft
to establish a Lacrosse League for tbe
interior with a yiew ol including teams
fre«j Ashcroft, Lillooet, JCaroloopt, Kev-
elttoke, Vernon and Kelowna. If anyone here caret to take up the matter
the may communicate with George A.
!Jeattio, secretary of the Ashcroft club.
John Skinner who drives a freight outfit (pr Wm. Klipore o.u Wie Carihoo road,
uad th* in is lor t ti ue to break hit leg last
evening at the Hotel Victoria itablet.
He wat bringing hit team and wagon
from the itable, and jumped on one of
the horses, uting tbe jerk lines, when
the hon* commenced buckjng and kicking throwing Skinner off and stepping
on his foot and ankle. Skinwr wat immediately taken to the hot*) and pr.
Sanson attended to the injured limb and
tbe patient is now retting easily. Both
bonei were fractured at the ankle.
|   Flower,
<_>     K. * W. OUMMINO, Mflia,
Mark R. Eagleson proprietor of the
Hotel Victoria and Mrc. Eagleion arrived Wednesday evening frpm Clinton and
will reside in Lillooet in the future.
The clean _p at tha Ample mill will
not be in bars of gold bullion, but th*
routed sulphides will be ehipped off to
be melted and separated at a refinery.
A water pip,* has been laid (rom a r»t-
ervolr in R.Hoey'i field to the lotion
Hoey'i flat. Th* owneri of property
now have abundance of water for domes
ric purp*tei.
The patt few dayi bay* been a little
chilly and th* mountain! arpand town
ar* covered with fresh mow, Th* aide-
walkt in th* town were alto, tjpged with
th» beautiful.
An addition it being built to th* Cath
olic church and »ill be completed in a
couple ot weeks.     Il it the intention to
erect suitable buildings on tb* church
property for million purpoiei.
Th* p. P. N. Company hay* reduced
th* fare on their boats between Vancouver and Victoria from $3.00 to $2.50
liiiglt fare and that of retnrn from $5 to
$4. T|fe n*w rat* starts (torn tha firat of
thia month.
Wm, Findlay who haa been employed
at th* Ample mine came to tuwn thit
w'tk fqr medical attendance, owing to
falling rock frqm the ledge which struck
him on the arm,bruiting it to he will be
unable to work for a week or to.
."P.arby " (io.. to Kmmlvf,.
W. D. Beattie, whole occupation in
the directory ia given aa gentleman, and
better known at "Parby," who hat
been a privileged .character around lown
for tome time, left for kamloops on
Tuesday, atage where be will remain
for three montha inspecting the provincial government buildings —especially
tin jail. Owing to Darby'e innocence it
wai necessary for a chaperone to accompany him and a constable waa in attendance to see that he arrived at bia destination O. K. Parhy had supplied intoxicants to Indiana and on appearing lie-
fore tl.e magistrate, he waa unable to
produce tl.e fine, being ahort of finances
just at present, and to accepted the
three months with good grace. Owing
to very liltl* notice being given of hit
departure, his maty friendi regret that
they were unable to tender him a farewell banquet, but on hit return a reception will certainly b* arranged by tbe
members of the many tribei to whom he
hai been spirit-u&l advisor.
Lihwovr, B, C,
Manufacturer,cl all kind ol
MiyjSIt'* 80PFLJS8, FJCM. DRILLS, Btc.
None tut t/>a bait material u aid. Miners or
proaiwtetorp landing In orders will .,*,ceivc
pnaaptattention antl satisfaction anara_<e*d
Pioneer Drug Store
I-IXiliOOajT, B- c.
Safety Raton,
Sachet Perfume*.
Can. Hair Dye,
Tanglefoot Ely Paper,
Fly Poison Pads,
Tar Camphor Moth Balli,
Jeyes' Fluid 60c. Bottle*,
Strychnine Xtalt,
Hair Curlers,
More Trusaea,
More Perfumery.
More Druga and Chemicals.
8am. Gibbs, assistant census commie-
aioner, returned from Revelstoke Saturday, where he had been with pthersccn-
tulting the commissioner. The work of
taking thecepsua will commence aa aoon
»a the neceeaary hooka and paperaarrive
from Ottawa.
A rubberneck ia a person, male or
female, whose life it dedicated tq other
peaplt'a butintii. They make no charge
(or lervicea and are delighted heyqnd
meaiura to help attend to everything ex>
capt what concernt themselves.—Ltr-
deau Eagje.
Mr. John Marahall and Miaa Matilda
Marshall were passengers on Wednesday's atage for Lvtton qn their way to
the coast. Mr. Marahall will spend tome
time attending |o hjs ipirjing bugineti
while Miaa Marahall will be under an
pcalists care, her eyeejgb), (layiug b«*n
very bad of late.
In th* euprame court at Vmicouver on
Saturday, b*(ore ^r. Juttice Irving, the
estate of Pppfnh»i(per pro*.. Jjtd,, recT
ently at|igp*d. >r»» praptjca|ly ajitt|ed.
An application (or the liquidator 1° W
cept the pffer of pqrehaw by Mr. Itaac
pppenheiiner, of eixty c*nta on th* dol-
)»r of the atook in trade tt the buiinese
f«,!acc*pte,l,        '"...: ..
Home Grown
Fruit and Ornamental TfC«, Kqses,
Shrubs, Vjpes, Bulbs, Hedge I'lants.
Extra choice stock of Peach, Apricot, Plum,
Cherry and I'rune Trees. New importation oj
first-class Rhododendrens, Hoses, Clematis,
Bay Trees, Hollies, etc.
80,000 to chose from. Nq agents nnr com-
mission \o pay: Orders dug in one day you
get it the next. No fumigating nor inspection
pharges. Greenhouse plants, agricultural im-
elemenl-?, fertilizers, bee supplies, etc. Largest ami rrjost complete stock in the province.
Seijd fpr CfftalpgifC or call and make your selections before placing yqm* qrdcr^.    Address
M. J. HIMRY, Vancouver.
Vullitockqfall    (»'l»lf
k. B. Tr.lN. COLL.. Dl'BI.IM,
_Ulo<?et. n. C
Vancouver, B, Q,
UeadquHrters  for  raiutng    men.      European
and Soo Line.
horcby glra  notice  tn   Rerertnd John
.ilhuid.'our   partner   In   the B.'uni fefjm
Mulholland,.,     ,
Mlacer claim, situato on the Houtti r-'or* of
nridge River; commencing at a point about COO
feet from the Canvon. and extendlnc down
atreani one Ijalf mile, being in lhe ullooet
Mining; tivisifln of I.iiiooet District) which aaid
claimTancia under leimc dated 2nd Ilecj-m'
A. 0..l»*. wherein K.  SolU'9    Oold   Cm,))
I'laimVheJd under leimc dated 2nd Deftember.
A. 1).. »«*. wherein F. SolU'9 Oold Owuilll"
alonir, l» one of the parliea. and for fu.fJ.HT
description and particulara laid lcaae int.y t,e
referred to:—
That wc require lilm on or before the 2nd day
ol Mar p) contribute hla propOltiOn of the n-
pendlture, an required (1) by Ihe "Placer Mining Act and [21 by thc said mentioned (*n«t.
which haa been exoended on ^aii! PlauorCialln,
togeth r with all i oala (1) of IhisadverLiHement
ami (21 of any olher advertisements require '
by said Act, And unless the same shall be so
met we give further notice lo you tlie llcver
end John Mulholland, and lo tlio pui.)ic jrener-
allr, thnt the Interest of the said Reverend
John Mulholland in said partnership properly
shall be sold by Public Auction, at the OoUllty
Court llflu.se at Ullooet, on Thursday, the 2nd
day ol Mnv, at 12 noon.
Haled at Ashcroft tills 18th day ol February,
C. tl. Out*.
ii new for sale by
Store and Repair Shop in Ur n Block.
Call arpl exaniip.c stock,      Mo trouble to
ll^OW Jpirnla.
NOTir« la hereby given that I shall, on Monday, the fith day ol May, i«n, hold a Court
ol Revision for the purpose of hearing aqd determining any or all objections agsinsl the re
teatlon of any name! on the register of voters
far thc West Hiding of Lillooet F.lectoral District Such lourt will open at tan o'clock in
the lorenoon at the Court Home, l.llluaat. [Gl
Vic, e.67,tub.-i,tls. 111
<:ol|Mctor of Votes.
Lllleeet. I. ('., ilh Marck, 1901, 37
Notice ia hereby given that a sitting of the
Cnunly Court of Cariboo, will he held at Lib
looet on the 6th day of May, 19(11, at ten o'clock
lu the forenoon.    Hv order
Registrar Couuty Coprl ol Cariboo.
Tourist Cars
To ST. PAUL daily,
TORONTO Mondays and Saturdays.
A household necessity and a household beautilier—a dry powder, put up  in five
pound packages, and in twenty-live beautiful shades.
When house cleaning be sure and use MURALO and have something Joy your
Easily apiTned and won't nib off.    A color card for lhc asking.
:: -r -- -- « : ;;
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C,
Gold, SiUcr-Lenil and Copper Mines ntinted at tlie EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD  properties wanted at onco for Eastern I«-
I'artieB liaving mining property (or sale are requested to send  lam pie
of their ore to the LXCIIANliE for exliihition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral eltlmt
in British Coluiuhia.
I'roBpectors and mining men are requested to tnako the  KXOIIANGJI
their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples shou'd he Kent hv express TREPAH).
Oorreapondeoce solicited.   Address nil communicationi to i
Telephone No. 104,   P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B. C.     i
COUtTfl of Assize, Nisi l'rlus, Oycrtand Terminer and General llaol Delivery will be hold-
en in lhe Court ilouso at eleven o'clock lu the
forenoon, al the places and op the dates following, namely:
City oi Nanaimo, on tlm 23rd day of April,
Cllyof New H'eitmlmter, on the 23rd day of
April, 1901.
City of Nelson, »n the 7th day of May 1901.
City of IU velsieke, on the 7tti day of .May, 1'JOI.
rliy of Vernon, on the loth day ol May, 1901,
City of Kamloops, on the 23rd day of Miiy,
city of Vancouver, on the 2lit day of May,
City of Virlorla,on the 2Blh day of May, 1901.
Town of Clinton, ou the 2Stll i|ay of May, 1901
By Command.
'   J. I). PltKNTICR,
Provincial Mecretery.
Provincial Secretary's Office,2(llh March, 1901
Half-Way Hou_e,<^^
Headquarters for all Slaget.
Bead The Prospector,
$2 a year,
Ullooet. B. C.
5_ Jlardware
Jlinere Supplies
FarnA ImplementH
Harness & Saddlery
furniture, et«..
^1! orders promptly »He|itJBt)t»,
Trains pan Lytton at foilowat
East Pound, 2.01 West Bound .S.'.'S
For rate*, pamphlete, &c.
A. O. A. P., Agent,
Vancouver. B. C. Lytton, B.C.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried    Lumber,    Finishing
umber and Mouldings,
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
Royal Hotel
Sucker Creek, B.C,
Central point for Bridge
Kiver Miners and Prospectors. Good accommodation.     ....
Stable in connection,
Nolice ia licreljy given that tho heftf) ofllre of
the Anrk-rsnu Lnko Mining __ Milling ( >.mi>.uiy
has !,.ii:ii irH.nnfi.TMi} from Aahcroft to Lillooet
Li]loojtt, R, C,i Jumisn* 22nd,
Dr. Curry, resident
dentist of Kamloops,
will be in Lillooet for
about twelve days beginning 23rd March.
Gas and cocaine
for painless extraction.
Crown and Bridge
work. Artificial teeth
without plates, Every
thing in dentistry,
First-class work guaranteed. Come as soon
as pt
■■-I -^ ■»
J, M. Mackinnon
Mininq Properties
Properties Bondea
Don;t Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
T have jnnl received direct from Si'atUnd the best iclection of Tvrttdi, W*»(*4i, illMll
Pantings in tlie Interior.   Satisfaction guiuanteed.
THOMAS MCGOBU, M.reliant Tailor, Ashcroft, B. C.
Lytton Stage
The now stage line leaves Lytton every Monday •»»<*«
Friday for Lillooet, returning next day. Special trips
made.    Write us for information.
Peter Rebagliati tt Co., Lytton B. C.
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Minora Sleel, Picks, Shovels, etc., Wlro Cable
and Kuasel Wire Fencing.
Inland Cigar Manufacturing Co.
Our  Bpeclaltieat
_CA.2s^:r,oo_=s, s n.
Cariboo and Lillooet
Stage Travel
Olinton  and   nay  points,  Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.'
All   points in ('i|ril>oii, Monday's,
Lillooet direct, Monday and fiiday,
Forks ol Quesnelle, and way points,
A  Bpe.'ial  coac|\, carrying pissencerf
and expres-', will  leave Aslicrott lor the
150-Mile  lljuie on Friday's, returning
Special Ooji-royancc! Furnialied-
Time TaUo No. _.   T.klug If SSI  Ksv. «*,
Victoria to Vancouver—Dallr at 1 a. _. Ta».
couver lo Victoria -Dailv at 1.15»._., tt n arrival of Iho C.l'.It. No 1 train.
NEW WKSTMI.S'rt'lR roi:ti.
Leave Victoria for New Wnlinlnilor. Udin,
l.nlil Island, I'luinper's Pain-Tueidaj ..*
Friday at 7 a.in, Lcavo New Weitnlmiar Isr
Victoria and Way 1'oria — Wedueidsy »»•
Salurduy al 7 p.m
SloamBhlpsof this  company  will lsavt l*t
Fort   Simp.son   and   intermediate   points,   via
Victoria, lv. and l.llh each month at 11 p.m.
Steamships of tllii corahany will ltav, »»srf
Vi Oduesday for Wrangel aud Kkagway at a a.m.
Steamer  leayol      'Ctqrll   for   Alb.rnl    aid
Sound   pnrla,  on   the 10th  and Will al  Has,
iiiiinili.   I'McmliuK   latter    trips   to   Qaatilaa
ami I'ape Scott.
The company reserves the rlrht of enangtnf
Ihis time lahlc al any lime without nollltatla-
General Krelakl AfMI.
(.'. M. BAXTER,
General Passsngar Ai.nl.
| Insurance.
1 General
I Agent.
|      -.
ffi It you want
O To insure yonr llff,
'/*> To insure your property,
°i* To insure against accident,
^\ Call on
^      Ric. A. Fraser
M Lilloo.l, B. P.


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