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The Prospector Jan 3, 1903

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Vol. 5. No. 24.
$1.00 a year.
HUNTER VADER, deceased
fursuant to the order of the Honorable
i Justice Srott made herein on the 30th
)of Octolier, A.D. 1902, notice is Kere-
ffiiven that lhe creditors of and other
pons hatting claims against the Estate
lhe above named deceased, do, within
Jen weeks after 'he first publication of
order, send in their names and ad-
fsses and full particulars of their claims
ether with a statement ef the securities
[any) held by them, verifying the same
statutory declaration, and the names
11 addresses of their advocates [ifany]
Messrs Heck, Emery & Dubuc of Ihe
|wn of Edmonton, in the District of Al-
frta,  Advocates for the Administrator.
-nd take further notice lhat after the
Ipiration of the term aforesaid the said
Jministrator will heat liberty to distribute
le assets pf the said deceased or any purt
*eof, amongst the parties entitled there-
|>, having regard only to the claims of which
then has notice.
J Dated at Edmonton this  15th day of No-
pmber, A.D. 1902.
Advocates lor the Administrator,
First publication 3rd day" of January, A.D
19 3
ALL PERSON8 indebted to W F.
[Allan, of Lillooet. B.C. previous to the
-rBtday of July, A D.1902 who have not
paid   Bitch  indebtedness are requested
to pay   the same forthwith to Samuel
iGibbs, of Lillooet, B.C.  who  has been
[authorised to collect the same,
Oliver Harvey,
|  Ashcrett, B.C, Dec. 27,1902.
A supply of gold dust from the
Bridge Iti ver -section shows several pieces of quartz and gold a-
inong the placer gold. One of
the last packages of placer gold
brought down from the Nortli
Fork gravels had one rough piece
of quartz in it that sold for #1.75
The presence of such large pieces
of rough rich quartz in the gravels indicate!-! the existence of a
good ledge in that vicinity.
A communication from Mr. II.
S. Southard informs us of his intention to strike for these parts
as early as possible
Between the Town of Lillooet and
* Tbe Fountain, a fur driving ir.it. Find-
I er will be suitably rewarded on leaving
it at the Prospector Office.
ao.teraml good reputation in each stale [one
in tills county required ] to represent ami mlv-
erllsfl old established wealthy business house
of solid liiian-lal standing. Hnlary $18.00 weekly  with expenses addllidljHil,  all  payable  in
i-asli eit-lt Wednesday direet from the liead
oftlees.  Horse an.l carriages furnislie't, when
necessary. Reference-. Ktielose self-addressed stamped envelope.
Man-ager, KIG.Caxlon   Building, Chicago.
The head-end collision on the
Grand Trunk railway near London, Out., resulted iu the death
of twenty-eight persons aud the
more or less serious wounding of
many others.
Strike Settled
Montreal.—The strike of the C.
P. It. bridgemen litis been settled.
The men will get  27% cents per
The Railway
Construction To Commence
The Vancouver World has learn
-ed from the Secretary, that the
Vancouver, Westininste.i & Yukon Railway Co. will commence
building' Operations at once. As
the plans are now perfected, the
work will be pushed forward energetically.
With regard to the Northern
portions of the projected line, the
company expect*- to receive the
same bonuses from the governments, both Provincial and Dominion, as have been, or will be
granted to the other lines seeking assistance for opening up 15.
('.. Vancouver will undoubtedly
reap much benefit from this new
enterprise, 'while ninny mining
properties in this District will be
of great value.
Grand Forks incorporated.
Victoria.—A proclamation was
issued today by the Lieutenant
-Governor of British Columbia
announcing the incorporation of
the city of Grand Forks IJ. C.
Read our special
offer on the
third page.
Liver's Y-Z (Wi_e Head) Disinfectant Soap
Powder ia a boon to any home. It disinfect* and cleana at the same time. _,
Montreal Customs
Montreal.— The customs receipts
at Montreal increased   #1,500,
000 in 1902 over last year.   The
total collections  were #10,974
Sign or Marconi has made it
possible for us to speak to our
friends iu Europe at a trifling expense. In an address to the citizens of Sydney,- on Dec. 30., he
said that the Atlantic cable cost
four million while the wireless system had cost only two hundred
thousand. He contracted to send
inessagesat tea cents a word, but
the day might come very soon
when they would be sent for one
cent a word.
Seeking Trade With
Austria-Hungary is desirous of
working up a. trade with Canada..
An exhibition car filled with Austrian exhibits is in Ottawa. M. S.
Altaian, Canadian trade eoniinis
siouer, is in charge. He will go
througli to the Coast showing
the exhibits at all the principal
Agriculture in British Columbia
Ottawa.—In the census bulletin
issued today for agriculture iu
British'Columbia iu the last decade, potatoes show au increase
of 94.25 per cent., suid oats an
increase of 42 per cent., while
wheat and barley have remained
about stationary, The total area,
of land in crop increased about
49 per cent. The value of the
land rented is #213,216, tin average of #1,02 per acre, or #257 '" Anglo-American commerce
per year for the  average   farn
if<   Brief Despatches.   )K
The Durbar at Delhi opened yes
There are no active developments in the Venezuelan situation.
Sir Wilfred  will return  to Ottawa ou the 9th prox.
Texas and Mexico are to receive
a, large consignment of Boer settlers.        .
The All-Canadian tied with the
Edinburgh Wanderers aud defeat
-ed the North of Scotland Uugby
The Conservatives of Burrard
will put a candidate in the field,
Canadian trade is a big factor
General Ben Viljoen
The Grand Trunk.
London.—The Financial News
says it is doubtful whether third
preference ^ holders of Grand
Trunk stock will %efc any dividend as the directors are expected
to maintain the financial strength of the company in view of the
undertaking to extend to the
Pacific at a cost of 150 to 175
London.—The British government is trying to secure the services of General Ben Viljoeij. who
is now touring the United States
to command the Boer force
which is going to Somn-liland. It
was General Viljoen who firstsug
gested employing the Boers a-
gaiust the Somalis.
Tung Full Siang, at the head
of a. large army, threatens a mar
-ch on Peking.
The Canadian Northern extension will be rushed through to
the Pacific Coast.
Japan Is Seeking; flare of the B.C. Fish.
Y. Ma.tma.ri of Japan is visiting the Coast cities iu the interests of the Yokohama Fish Company, one of the largest firms of
its kind in Jtlpan. He hopes to
arrange for a cargo of fish t.o be
delivered next summer and will
arrange for constant trade with
the Dominion.
The stre tins of Japan are no
longer able to supply this commodity, i
Toronto.—Prohibitionists are to
meet the Ontario government on
January 25, and demand tha/}
in view of the referendum vote
the sale of intoxicating liquors
be abolished.
The Pope has ordered the arch
bishop of Manilla to excommunicate all persons who endeavor
to promote the creation of a, na,l
•ional church iu the Philippines.
A New Editor.
Toronto, Out.. Dec. 30.-Rev
C. J. Bond, the new editor of the
Christain Guardian, the organ of
Methonist church ot Canada, assumed charge to-day. With the
new year the paper will come out
in a new form. The pages are to
behalf the present size, and will
number thirty instead of sixteen
Wealthy Indians.
The Osage Indians, of Oklahoma., of whom there are 1,800
have nearly #9,000,00() to their
credit, according to the annual
report of the Agent. They own
1% million acres of land, making
them per capita the wealthiest
people on earth.
Queen Alexandra gave a Christ
mas dinner to the widows aud
orphans of those killed in South
Africa. Sir Thomas Lipton presided.
Vice-Admiral Cervern, who surrendered at Santiago, ha,s beeu
appointed chief of the Spanish
THE PROSPECTOR is the only paper published in tlie Ullooetl).strict, and is all home
Subscriptions: One Dol In f it yeiu'in mlviiiici'.
Advertising rates .maC. known on application.
Correspondence Is inviletlon all matters ol
public or loeal Interest. All eoinniiiniealioni-
must In* accoiiipanieil l.y llie name of the
w filer, but nol necessarily for pit hi icti I ion.
Words For Workers.
King out llie old, ring in the new,
King, happy bells, across the snow;
Th- year is going, let him go;
King ont the false, ring in the true.
King out the grief that saps the mind,
For those that here we see no more;
King out the feud of rich and poor,
Ring in redress to all mankind.
Ring out a slowly dying cause,
And ancient forms of patty strife,
Ring in the nobler mod-s of life,
With sweeter manners, purer laws.
Ring out the care, the want, the sin.
The faithless coldness of the times;
Ring out, ringout my mournful rhymes, |
But ring the fuller minstrel in.
Ring out false pride in place and blood, J
The civir slander and the spite;
King in the love of truth and right,
King in the common love of good.
Ring out old shapes of foul disease,
King ou' the narrowing lust of gold;
Ring out the thousand wars of old,
Ring in the thousand years of peace.
Ring in the valient man and free.
The larger heart, the kindlier hand,
":•_ out the darkness ol the land.
Ring in the Christ ihat is to be.
The .year 1003 opens with many
evidences of rev
in this "section.
evidences of revival of good times
British Columbia's mineral output for 1002 is likely to reach the
twenty-seven million dollar mark.
There isjlibtle likelihood 'of the
Grand jTruuk Transcontinental
being the recipient of a large land
grant from the Dominion Government.
It is suggested that theDoniin-
ion and Provincial governments
receive stock for all monies advanced to railway Corporations.
If the Government owned C.P.
K. stock equivalent to the 25
millions of dollars given, the interest, on its investment would
help similar enterprises today.
Sydney Flower, of Chicago, has
been speaking on "How to cure
consumption." If what he says
is true the majority of consumptives are being helped to die by
the physicians. He remarks that
we have been fighting consumption with coddling and comfort,
while we should have fought it
with rigors of climate, open windows in winter, lots of food, no
exercise, and warm clothhig.
The Prohibition Party have
polled a. vote twice as large as
their opponents, and they have
now the force of public opinion
on their side, demanding the abolishment of the bar find other
liquor evils.
.   -__■*' .--v-       ■*_»■■
::\.   *    EXPORTERS   'FHDC-'v,-i-^'".','
,••■ ■: ■'•"!.-   •-''',    _,:■-'•  -r    NORTHERN   .i-P VJ f\-,**_> % ''J,*1 - . V--  '-:„■.   ."    a':
2O0-2I2First Ave:North- **-;!*]JNNf A;P0LlS.MNN: ■:«'
y'-'/r y.''      ■";.;"•••: WRITE   FOR /"&^
\* a special  and temporary   offer to
readers of this :iH|ter, we will mail Tiik
Public io persons who are not now . nb-
sn ibi'iH. for ten week, for leu rente
Tub Public is a If2, l~-pa_e weekly Review im democratic Democrats and democratic Kepiililicans: n. opinions are
exp'ei-se.l wilhout. fear or favor; it ^ives
an interesting and connected weekly
ufall I istoriual news; ii always lias ed-
ilotials worth Httiiiying,a uartoon worth
^eelnjr, nook notices worth reading, and
miscellaneous mat ter both valuable ami
interesting ; and it is liked by hit; lligent
women as well as by intelligent n e -
The editor is I*mis F. Post. Send ten
rents in silver or stamps for ten week's
trial. All sulisr* ipiions a>e paid strictly
in advance, and upon expiration the
paper is promptly slipped unless subset iplion is renewed. Mention this paper ■
Address:       THE PUBLIC,
Unity Buililiiiir, On cago, III.
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tenilcrs are Invileii for the whole of lhe
|H'0|ieily, imtluitiiig (Irown (tranieil claims,
null site, dyaniile mill, (*• apiieity -15 lo fit) ions
iliiily), tramway, iissny oflice, laboratory unit
Fiilletiiii|nnenl, of ilic Toronto LMIooet Uoltl
Keel's dot n | mny l.i in i I-il, Nil nn u>. in I In: I,il loot11
ilisni.'i of Itniisli (_liipiIiih; .Inrlu.liiiK tin*
Ample, Whale, Monarch nml Welhtnil Vale
mines willed nre drown graii'leil, nlso the
North Ktii !•, (inlileii st ii in', tiolilcll l-ngl-. Ituhy
mul jumbo mineral claim, In llie snme ilisl
rlet, togelher willi'ii Inn slam|i mill, ii.in-h.iiie
drills nml oilier ei|iil|iiiienls. dash lenders for
Hie whole propmiy me reipiesletl hnt
off irs for working options or lor |iorliottH
of lhe property will ho -oushlereil Kront lhc
former group 9fi0 tonsof ore litis heen milleil,
ivllli nil iissny value appioxiinating fin.00 In
fll.no Wiigotl rniiil from Itailroiitl lo mill. The
whole of the iihove will hear looking into mul
i n ves I i trnl ion nml tire nn exceptionally I m por-
('.ani anil valuable group of claims wilh full
working equipment, full pari titulars mav he
inn! ou application lo IC.Igar lllooinlieltl
Liquidator, I*, t). Itox 7t:l, Vancouver II15.
NOTICE is hereby given that application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia at its next
Session for an Act to incorporate a Company
wilh power to build, equip, maintain and op-
crate aline or lines ot Railway of standard
linage Irom a point at or near Mazlelon by
the most, feasible and practicable route to a
point on lhe Northern Boundary of British
Columbia, at or near Teslin I.ake or Atlin
Lake, or both; also .torn Mazlelon by the
most feasible and practicable route via the
Skeena, Babinc, Driftwood, Omineca and
."inlay Rivers to Peace River I'ass, or I'.ne
River or both, thence Easterly to the Eastern biiundary of the said Province, with mi-
thority also to construct, equip, maintain and
operate branches from any points on the pin-
posed line or lines not exceeding in any one
case one hunered miles in length and with
power to construct, acquire, own and maintain wharves and ducks in connection therewith; and to consiiuct, own, acquire, equip
and maintain steam and other vessels and
boats and operate the same on any navigable
waters, and to construct, operate and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along the
routes of said Railway and its blanches or
in connection ihciewith and to transmit messages foi commercial purposes and collect tolls
therefor, and to acquire and receive from any
Government, Corporations or persons, grants
of land righ'sofway money, bonuses, privileges or ui her assistance in aid of the construction of the Company's undertaking and
to connect with and enter into traffic or other
arrangements with railway, steamboat or
other companies and for till rights powers and
privileges necessary Usual or incidental lo all
or any of the aforesaid purposes.
Dated this31 fl day of December, A.D. 1902.
Cornwall & Rogers,
•Solicitors for the Applicants.
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T li _ r e. i h n o 1 li i 11 vt like A n't hi
in ;i 1 h ti f . It li r i 11 yt 1 i 11 h i a nf
reI i «* f ,     even    in     the     w d r y
(! a.. »• s . ll Cltie. when nil else full
The Rev. C. V. WKI.I.S. 01 Villa Kidg|
111., snys: " Vmir trial hhlilc ol A sit .ma IV}
received in |>ood coni lit it'll. I ciiniin' le|J yn_
limv llmiil* iul I It'el li 11 ilu- !;i|inl tloi'ivctl fnill
il. I wns n sluve, cliiiined wilh piiniil soil
Ihrotit anil .A si limn fnr i.n yours. I tl-sn;ih.
nl I'vrr lieini; cini'il. I snw yuur ihIvcmlisenieiil
lor llie run' nl Ihis ilt.iullul nml Iuluiriililll
disease, Astliiiiu, uml -11.■ • 11 *_■. 111 you Irad.'ovel
spnlten yourselves, lull resolved lo ^i\e it {
liinl. 'In my astonishment, llie lind ncletl liU]
a chat ill.     Seiul   ine a   lull size   Imille."
Hev,    I Ir.    Miii'i'Ih    VV t-CliAlei*!*1   "'
Kal.l.i nf lhe Coii(i.   Ilnai   Israel.
ui New   Yorli,   Jan.    1.     1901.
1)1(8. 'PAi'i'   ItliOH.'   .M|..IH.'l.\|.;   co.,
(leiilleineiii Votu Asilnnalene is atl
excellent remedy for Asthma anil I lay I'everl
ami   ils eonipusilioii n|le\ inles nil Iroiiiiles wliicl]
1 ihiiie wilh Asthma.     Its success is aslonishind
ami  w 1 hi.Ie 1 Iul.
Alier  having   ii  careAllly   analyzed,   we   can slate   lhat     Astlnnalene   contains!
no   opium, morphine,   chloiofi    nrellier. Verj'tiuly yours,
Avon  Sl'KINOS,   N.   V'.   I'V-ii. 1, 1901.     f
Du. Tai'T linos.   Mkhuink Co.
(ieiilleinen: write   ihis tesliinonial   from   a   sense  oi duly,   having  tested the|
w.iiiih'ilul  effect of   y,„ii   A.ih ml'iu*,   I'nr   ihi   cure  pf   Asthma.      My  wife   has   heen
alliicled   with  spasmodic  asthma   for    the   past   i_ years.     Having  exhausted  iny.|iwnj
eliU  as well  ns ihal   ul    m iny    others,     I    chanced    In   see    your    si;;n    upon    your   will-
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cominenci'il    lal.ins;   il   ill.out   lhe    liist   ol   Noveilllier.     I very    soon    noticed   a   lliilica
iinproveinenl.     Alice   usiiii; une Imille  her iislhiua  had ilisappeaietl   anil she   is entirely -
free    from   all   symptoms.     I    feel    lhat   I  can   consistently   recommend  the   medicine,
to    till    who   are  all'lieied   with   ihis   disliessiiiy   disease.    Yours    respectfully,
O. 1).   I'll i:i.I'S,   ,M. D.
Dit.  Tait   linos.   Hkimcink Co.     . I'el*. 5. 1901.
(ieiilleinen: I wrts' lioiilileil with Asthma or 22 years. I have tried numerous
remedies; hut tlie.y have all failed. I ran across your advertisement and started wilh
a I rial holtle. I louiul relief at once. I have since pinclitiseil your full-sized Dottle,
and I am ever matel'iil. I have a family of lour children, and for si\ year.-, was
unable lo work. I am now iu Ihe liest of health and am doing business every
day.    This  testimony you can make such use of  ns you see lit.
Home address, 2,55,   Kivinrrtnn street. S.    Raphael,
67 Mast 129th st.,  New  York City.
O O ® _ fi 6 _
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postal.
Do   not delay.    Write  at  once,   adihcssinii'  Dit.  TAI'T   IIKOS'  M KDICINI". CO.,
1'nsl ljoth  St.,   N.   V. City.
Sold by all Druggists.
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Miners Supplies.'
IrTIiXjOO-ET.  _-.rC
Branclr Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C THE PHOSPECTOK, LILLOOET, B.C., JAN. 3, 1903.
lollowing extracts  Irom a letter re-
' from an old fellow-townsman, J U.S.
ttom,   may prove interesting to many
I readers.    It will be  remembered that
fiend recently left town  on  his  faithful
feeble cayus e bound foi Seattle,    lid.)
—Letter No. I.—
I****!' leaving' 1 _v tt on, we follow-
[)ie'Tlittimpsoii river for about,
[miles j'tud then  crossed over
I.hi<I the Nicola valley.  It wiih
flier a lined summit   to climb
I'I   we decided   to camp tlmt.
lit on the top, which wetlid hy
side of two pretty hikes.    We
Pre fortunate in -.Jiooting sev-
|il ducks which formed a  very
suable addition to onr menu.
(The next day we descended the
nn in it, heading towards theNic-
M, river which wecrossed tit mid
liy. There are some very pretty
inches here at one of which we
liiyed for onr dinner.    1 had no-
Iced that our  pack horse had
leen showing signs of fatigue for
-vend days, but I  was   much
lurprised and dismayed when on
roing to pack the animal after
tinner to find it lying down and
Ivrilhing about in  terrible pain.
Knowing that whiskey is considered by some tis the universal pan
acea for all ills I ran tt) the farm
Blouse to see if 1 could borrow or
Kmy a, bottle of some kind of in-
Itoxiennt.   All 1 could get was a,
[bottle of old Perry Davit.'   rain
Killer. This, however, was better
;tlituI nothing, and 1 poured large
,doses mixed with waterdown the
unfortunate   animal's   throttle.
This  relieved  the animal's pain
somewhat, but there was no appearance of   renewed   strength,
and wedecided that rest was what
the animal needed.   So we stay-
Y ed two days ab the ranch for the
animal   to   recuperate.   Uut   it
failed to improve, antl so we had
to strike the trail making my pony the pack horse and leading
the sick animal which we  made
up our minds to sell  at the first.
opportunity, which,  luckily for
us, occurred the next day, when
1 succeeded   in   selling the sick
mare and colt for a. little gray
cayuse which we christened "Fraser."   I have always considered
myself gootl   at   exchange and
barter, aud on this occasion I
outdid inyselt   and opened   my
partner's  eyes   to my  business
capacity.   It was vitally  necessary that we should have a [jack-
horse.   We could go no further
without one, so when we arrived
at the liotel at lower Nicola, our
stopping place tor the night,  1
determined  that either   by persuasion or compulsion,  ti, pack
animal 1 would have.    My lucky
star beamed on nie, for here 1
found an individual with the grey
mare desperately anxious to sell
or trade.   I humored his whim
and succeeded in trading* my little horse for his gray mare—an
excellent bargain.
I>Vlll)S ior Fall or Sprint? pli.ntinjr.
Seeds, Plants,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster  Koad, Vancouver, B.C,
Wlll'I'B l.AIIOIt ONI V.
NOTICK is hereby given that application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia at its next
session for an Act toincorporate a Company
with power to lay out, construct, equip, operate by steam, electricity, or other motive
power, and main ain a single or doub'e track
standard or narrow gauge railway (a) from a
point from a point on the coast at or near
liurke Channel or Bentinck Arm, then by
way of the Bella Coola Kiver, Palmer's Trail and Black Water kiver to the Pine
Kiver Pass or Yellowhead Pass, or both,
thence to the Eastern boundary of the said
Province, (h) antl from a point at or near
where the line of lhe railway m.ntioned above intersects the one hundred and twenty
fifth meridian to a point near Burrard Inlet.
And with further power to build, construct,
equip, maintain and operate as aforesaid
branch lines of the said Railway not exceeding 150 miles in length; ai t/'ith power to
I mild and operate tramway 1 connection
therewith And with power to construct, e-
ipiip, maintain and operate all necessary roads,
bridges, ways, ferries, steamboats, wharves,
docks, elevators, wan houses, hotels, depots
anil Coal bunkers. Ami with power to build,
own, equip, operate and maintain telegraph
and telephone lines in connection with ihe
said railway or its branches, ami to construct,
equip, maintain and operate branch lines in
connection wilhsaiil telegraph and telephone
lines. And with power lo carry on a general
transportation business. And to build and
operate all kinds of plant for the purpose of
supplying light, heat, electricity, or any kind
of motive power. Ami to acquire lands, bonuses, privileges, or other aids from any Government, Municipalities, persons, or other
bodies corporate. And with power lo carry
on a general Express business; and to promote
companies; and to make traffic, or other arrangements with Railway, steamboat or Other
companies. And with power to construct,
acquire, operate and dispose of smelters, reduction, refining, concentrating or other works
for the handling and treatment of ores, and
lo acquire, operate and dispose of coal lands;
and with power lo expropriate lands for the
purposes of the Company; and to take such
powers as are given to Companies under
Part 4 of the "Water Clauses Consolidation
Act, 1897."
And with power to levy and collect tolls
from all persons using, and on all freight
passing over any such railways, tramways,
wharves or vessels owned or operated hy the
Comp my. And with power to build wagon
roads to be used in the construction of the
said railway, and in advance of the same, and
lo levy and collect tolls from all persons using,
and on all freight passing over any such roads
built for the Company, whether before or
after the construction of the Railway, And
with power to sell out its undertaking, and to
purchase the undertaking of any other company, and with all other usual, necessary or
incidental rights, powers or privileges as may
be necessary or conducive lo the above objects
1 r any of them.
DATED at  Victoria,   B.C.,  this  second
day of December, A.D., 1902.
Solicitors for the applicants
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account o
1. Its Fraser River Placers.
As far back as the year 1558, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
bar, near the town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
the present time,
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising; Mineral Lands.
andeuson lake and bridge river mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous enmp. Yet there are miles of territory that remain un prospected.
^.Jts^jshjng c^ndJHuj^^   Gj^UJOP'S'-^^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of tbe globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here.    Mount-ail)  sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound.    Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders tlie seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Railway towns are ashcroft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway,
60  YEARS'
"Prospector" Club Offers.
Manitoba FreePress and Prospector for $ 1.50
The Manitoba Free Press wilh its weekly Supplement gives 28 pages of reading matter every week. In addition to this, 22 admirable
painting reproductions will be given. For $1.50 we will have the Free Press, the 22 paintings and The Prospector sent to you for
one year,
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
The two beautiful pictures  "PUR-TV" and "ALONE" which are to be presented wilh the Family Herald are 2* x 28 inches in
size, and are suitable for framing.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ae.
Anyone sending n sketch and description may
into-ly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
invention ta probably patentable.  Communlea-
onto-ly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
invention ta probably pntentable.  Cr
tlona strictly confidential. Handbook <
sent free. Oldest agency for securing
Patent! taken through Munn & C-. ._.._,..
tptcial notice, without charge, tn the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest clr-
enlutlon Of any sctentlflo Journal. Terms, t3 a
__»_*-■r roontn"1 **• 8old "J«*"»* 'lewadealem.
MUNN & Co.3^8—> New York
Branch Office. 625 V 8L Washington, tt. C.
*        * *        *
Tlie Weekly Witness  price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern Messenger  80.
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
Special. We were successful in our last Club offer, and will now make
a special offer.    We will send you all the above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, would wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $8.oo. THE  PROSPECTOR, LTLLOOET, P.O., JAN. 3, 1903.
M    LOCAL   NEWS.       $
. M M
Tlie roof of the Ia'llooet Salmon
llatclierv is now being put on,
••ind tlie whole work will be completed in ;i few weeks.
(), A. Hartlionie is visiting tlie
A book and fruit-tree agent is
in town. lie has secured a huge
number of orders.
Mrs. T. Brett I'mB been ill with
pneumonia, i'or some time and is
still in poor health.
Dr. Sanson paid a visit to town
this week. He left for Clinton and
Vshcioft hist Wednesday.
The representative of J. W.Peck
&. Co. Winnipeg, wns in town this
W. Andrews is pushing tlie stile
of a patent dish-washing ma-liii._
which is ai»TH!i.t labor-saver.
Post-nuts ter Clarke is  on the
Lever's Y-Z(WiseHead)Disinfectant Soap
Powder is a boon to any home. It disinfects and cleans at the same time. 3.
Messrs Blaekie, ('rail, and Mc
Arthur came iu from Seton Lake
to spend New Year'sdn.y in town.
Mr. Saint, of New Westminster
is a.guest at Mr. Cnrs*>n's, Pavilion Mountain.
Mr. Tinkham, of the Grange
Farm, intends to leave there iu
a few days to go to the Const.
The friends and patrons of Mr.
W.F. Allen will be glad to hear
tlmt arrangements have been
iro.de by which lie retains the direction and management of the
Pioneer Hotel. The travelliiiii*
public will fhid first-chiss accomodation at this House.   .
A very successful social evening
wtis j;iven at the l'ioneer last
Messrs Fraser and Millar of the
Fxcelsior entertained their patrons and friends hist Tuesday
Mrs. Wright and family spent
last Sunday at Pavilion Mountain, where Mr. Wright had service in the afternoon.
(J. Ward left for the Coast this
The McMillan Fur Co's price
list is on file at this office. We
are sure that trappers and traders will do well to trade with
this house.
Every month the subscribers to
the Manitoba Weekly Free Press
receive fMi adinii'able picture. A
good dollar's worth of news is
given as well in the 28 pages of
this weekly paper.   See page 3.
Paul Santini,
carries a   Full slock of till kiii'ds"of ■(^roc'eries,  Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoe-*. Hardware c_c
Result of New York Expert's
Analyses of
Canadian-Made Soaps.
Dr Deimel Linen-Mesh Co. writes:
" We sent samples of the leading
" soaps made In Canada to an expert
" in New York, and had them thor-
"oughly analyzed. As a result of
"this analysis, we find your Sun-
" light Soap' to thoroughly cleanse
"without danger to the clothes, and
" we are therefore pleased to recom-
"mend wearers of the Dr. Deimel
"Underwear to use Sunlight Soap
*' for washing."
Try Sunlght Soap—Octagon Bar—
and you will see for yourself.     2*34
N1.\"  WI'lsTM 1 NSTI.R, 15. C.
Doctor to Gilbert (aged four)—
"Put your tongue out, dear."
Sick little Gilbert feebly protruded the tip ot his tongue. Doctor
—"No,no put it right out." The
little fellow shook his head weakly, and the tears gathered'in his
eyes: "Icaji't, doctor, it's fastened on to nie."—London Tid-Hits.
General 11 aid ware,
Picks and Shovels,
Axes, I Iocs oc I Jakes,
Par Iron, Drill Steel,
()ils, I'ai ills. _i.c.
An interesting .Moinent.-Crowd
[in elevator]—"Ilow soon does
this elevator go up boy?" Elevator l.ovO'ending a. weekly paper)—"Jes'as soon as I find out
if the gal who leaped from the
cliff was caught by her feller, who
stood on the rocks one thousand
feet below."—Harper's   Weekly.
Mr. W. F. ALLEN begs to notify his
fiiends ami customers that the I ioneer Motel will   co 'linue   in r liis management nml
direction until further-notice. Mr. Allen assures liis friends antl the travelling pulilic
generally that the best of care and attention
will be bestowed on all who patronize the
Pioneer Hotel.
Lillooet, January, 1903.
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be made by llie Canada Central
Kail wny Company lo llie Parliament of Canada at llie ne t session lliejiol for an Act
giving the said Conipany power to construct
and operate llie following lines from or in
connection with the main line of the sai.l
1- from some point at or near
Sudbury in the Province ol Ontario lo a point
at or near Scolia Junction; thence southerly
lo a point at or near I'alsam or. Sturgeon
Lakes i.i the townships of Boxley, Veriilam
or Fenelon, continuing southerly to lhe City
of Toronto.
2- From some point on the
mainline in the District of Keewalin to I'oil
Churchill on  Hudson's Bay.
3-- A continuation of its main
line from Tets Juan Cache by way of tl ^
The Thompson and Fraser River valleys lo
4-- From some point on the
Thompson River or some of its tributaries to
Waddington Harbor or linte Inlet.
5-- From a point near the old
site of Fort Assiniboia to some point on the
Peace River and westerly to the Portland
Canal on the Pacific.
And to exercise with regard to
such lines all the powers and privileges given to the said Company by its Act of Incorporation.
DATED at Toronto this 9th day of
December, 1902.
Johnson & Falconbridge.
Solicitors for Ihe applicant.
Subscribe for
The Prospector.
Pacific Ry.
Trains deparl ns follows:
V..   1 bound ■ ; 1 1 W ••*   lound   2.40
F.asl hound 20.-,7 Wesl bound   5.31
k * * Pioneer
Liiiooot, b. G,£m^ jr\ f\\ el
W. F. Allen, Proprietor.
First-Class Hotel in every respect.      Accomodatiof
for Eighty Guests.    Large Annex comfortably fur-!
nished,     Sample Rooms  for Commercials.
All   guests   receive   every   attention.
IiS__\.X3-(_^TJ_A._E^rX,____]___?,S ZFOIR/ |
B.C.   EXP RESS   S_TA_Gh_E±3S_
To St. Paul==Daily
Toronto-Monday & Friday
Montreal & Boston-Wed.
Elegant Equipment
♦It       Lowest Rates       )J<
>t* Steamships from ♦*£•{
Vancouver to
AI'SI i: A 1,1 \. v. LANKA.
Lowest K;ii'-s ml I'esi • vi e '!'■* ani
h'runi All Points. I-'.t lull In' rnintioii
and Purlieu tarsi i 011 or addicts any CI', R.
I'icket  -V, i.t or
If   .1. I'llVI-lv
A. (I. I* .A.,
Vn iiMiuvei', li. ( .
H. C. PARKER, = Lilllooet, B.C.-^____-^
Having purchased the stock o|
R.J. Atkins, we are now addinq
to it and prepared to fill all orders!]
lie-pair Shop in connection  witli Store, Avliere yonr everyl
want will be supplied.   A complete IM limbing Outfit on haivdffll
lyiAlCB YiiiK own  UKPAIKS,    UsAMKi.i.Rii   Knobs, iNir Coffee and .ek Pot-!
iinri Olli~r Cookinjj I'l.nsiN.    I'  it-u 5 coins cticli, while iliuv Ihki
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C. ,
01 ill ton & Way L'oints: Mondays, Wednesday's and Fridays},
All puintsin t'ti.ril).oo:      '-   -   : Mondays.
LCOMile House : Mondays & Fridays |semi-weeltly service.la
Lillooet:  Monday and Friday. ■'•
W,  Special con.veya.nces Tiirnislied.    Send   for'folders . ^
1,11.LOOET,    11. 0.
ltupnirs   fieally   executed     If.inifiHa   jnitdi
(inH ropiilrcd.
*E1§ lP»l^ IPslSj p*l*_*j |Kl^ fa
fe in
CJ Pioneer Drug Store, g
B Lillooet, - • • If. C. \
_lja —00 —
li^i    DRUGS   AND   MEDICINES. Ig|f"3"
iieter aiul good .ofiiiimioii iu ench state [onu
In this comity required 1 to represent nnd advertise nhi oslalillsliuil wealthy IiiinIiickx house
of solid llnaiicliil siiimli ng. .alary \i.s.uu weekly  witli exp. uses additional, all piiyahlu  hi
cash each   Wednesday direct from   llie  head
oliice*-.   Horse 1111,1 carriages furnished, When
necessary,    Heferences.   Enclose Self-addressed stamped envelope.
Manager, „l~,_axton    Building,  Chicago.
Read our special
offer 011 the
third page.
The new stage line leaves l.ylton every Monday audi
Friday for I.iiiooet, ret urn in,; next day. Special trips i*
made.    Write us for information. •"
Peter KdiM-liati & Oo.flLytfcon   1*5. C
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR.
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McCOSII, Merchiini Tailor, Ashcroft, B. P
M IN J NG K N (i INI. ICIIS AND A 88 A Y l_ 118,'
Yancouver, l-.C.
Establislied, 1890.
Assay work of all descriplions undertaken. Tests made up to 2000 His. A specialty
made of checking smeller pulps. Samples from tlie Interior by Mail or Expr.SS
promptly att-uded to.    Correspondence    solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry the largest and best stock in B.C.,
including: liar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents Eo_ VALENTINE'S ll't;li Grade CARRIAGE VARNISH,
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.


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