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The Prospector Sep 12, 1903

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. ... ,  ,
"*r___!- *%'■   --^ ^-^~_Jf3S__
..i'i?S^KSiK        .C|!!_Kia(-^'*K.Ji'i^ .*.■■■■-»*
^4* **'^»«*_» _*;_~i^&S_8~69_SSw^r^ "-.s^^j"
__ •..- .-as'is^-'...Tssri'::.*m__5^_.,$g_r'-;*----'-.
'«V     ..»*!
roi. 6. No. 8.
line   Remarkable   Caves  in   New  South
Wales, Australia—Exploration I.
I Mow Systematic.
Lbout seventeen miles from Goul-
irn, the metropolis of the southern
|t-t.ion of New South Wales, is thc
Imewhat picturesque township of
Imgonia, pleasantly situated on the
Ink of a wide creek, whi-h, with
Jree others—the Yacqua, Spiing
>nd, and Terrara—within a thort
|stance of each other, assi-t in mak-
the district one ot* an exception-
lly fertile character.    Many parts of
fe district are auiferous,  and   some
\y will be found richly productive.
ie Marulan country, in which Bun-
|>nia is situated, has long been   re-
lii-ded as one    of the future centres
the gold mining industry in     the
fate.    In Some places the limestone
|>rmations  are  of  considerable      ex-
uit,  and in the masses of limestone
ijck, at some points yielding marble
Mial to  any  imported from    Italy,
\at  obtained  from  the  vicinity     of
farulan  township being unsurpassed
beauty and quality arc several
roups of caves, of which only a por-
|ion have been explored.
Systematic Exploration.
f Practically,    the   work of explora-
lion  was  not     systematically     commenced    until   within   the    lust few
['ears, owing to the dangerous character of the undertaking, visitors being content with entering the mouth
Tf what may be regarded as the prin-
J'ipal cave   system,    pie. ing into the
murky   darkness   beyond.    The     entrance chamber,  the roof of which is
J.bout   80   feet above the ground, is
funown  as  the belfry,   from ils  coni-
.:al shape.    From here a shaft, some
1150 feet in depth,  is descended      by
lineans of a windless and rope,     the
Iwater-worn  and  polished  appearance
Fof the sides of the shaft bearing evi-
I deuce to the chasm having been periodically at    no   distant date      the
' scene   of    an    immense subterranean
waterfall.    Proceeding    along one of
two passages a couple of large chambers are traversed, after which, passing a distance of 200 feet, two more
chambers,   filled  with  beautiful stalactites, are entered.   Beyond here the
cave    opens out into what may    be
termed an immense natural tunnel at
least     300 feet  in  length,  and,      in
places,  100 feet in height,  and      50
feet in width.
The side walls are. vortical, and the
roof semi-circular, the Whole, on account of the smooth and true surfaces everywhere presented, bearing
the appearance of having been chiseled out by man. At this point the
led out by man. At this point the
work of exploration has ceased for
the present. Tho second passage,
running from the bottom of tho
shaft, although not very extensive,
contains some interesting st.alag-
rnit 1. basin-like growths. which
have fi r ned in a series of terraces
on tho lower portions of the walls
and floor, and, as would appear to
bo very fre|iently the case, each row
of basins is filled with pure water,
which, dripping into thc next seiies,
and so on till it reaches thc lower
depths, presents a pretty sight.
Another (.rent Care.
Another cave formation in the same
_. leighborhood has also beer, partially
explored. It is entered through an
opening in the face of the rock, about
200 feet above the base, the entrance, from twenty to forty feet in
height, and averaging ten feet in
width, extending a distance of nearly 1,000 feet. From tho same landing a rough, craggy chasm and water extend easterly nearly 1,200 feet,
the roof being at a height of from
thirty feet to one hundred feet, Her#
arc to be seen myriads of stalactites.
of all shapes, several being over ten
fc.t in length. For a distance of
900 feet there are a series of drops
of from four to five feet '>'
Political Items
R. Hickey, is 1 lit. probable Oon-
setvative candidate for Alberni
in opposition to W.I.. Mclnnes.
Mr. Jui .line, the I_ii.eral candidate tor Esqi huatilt declines to
give wny for nny other I_ibei-.il
Robert Grunt, Mayor of Cumberland, has been nominated by
the Conservatives of Comox.
Alderman Forrester, of New
Westminster, hns been nominated by the Liberals to Contest the
Dewdney Hiding- against Premier
Reeve W.I I. Laduer, of Deltn,
is the unanimous "choice of the
Conservatives in that riding. He
will compete for piirliainefitnry
honors with John Oliver.
Mr. R. .. Hradshaw the Liberal
candidate for the Slocan has retired for business reasons. It is
possible Unit another candidate
will be nominated.
Th-- Liberals of Similkameen
have persuaded W. J. Snodgrass
to retire nnd have appointed W.
McLeaii in his place. The latter
is foreman at the Nickel Plate
WANTED—Two boys to
learn the drug business.
Apply stating age and educational qualifications lo
K..-*.il,Oul'S, DC.
A Liberal Meeting will be
held in Santini's Hall this
evening at 8.30. Everybody
iieler anil gnoit reputation in emli slute (one
in tills comity required) lo represent mid advertise old estiililihlieil wealthy business house
ofsoliil llnaiicial standing. Salary f%l,00 weekly witli expenses additional, all payable in
easli dlrei't eaeli Wednesday from head ..Dices.
Horse and rt.ri.a_8 furnished when neeessary.
References.   En.lose self-addressed envelope.
Colonial, 332, Detiiborn St. Chiengo.
West Lillooht (.'onskrvativk
assouatio x .
•-V..I. Abercronibie, President,
A.W. Sinilli, lloiL-PiosiilHiit,
.los. Watkinson. Vice-President
.John Miti'shall."* St'.-retaryy
W. lMiibnn.        Trensuier.
v      LOCAL NEWS      ii
J, Russell has returned to the
l.end 'Or mines.
- in*—
Arthur Martley has left town
with another hunting party.
—Oi —
Mrs. T. I.rett left town for Vancouver last Tuesday morning,
Pr. Sanson arrived in town from
Clinton Inst evening.
A.W. Smith is on a visit to the
Const cities.
— 00—
George' Wakey Inw l_ieeu appointed night watchman on the
'Government-Agent . Pfinir has
left town for liis annual business
trip up the Cariboo road. .
The first public meeting of the
present campaign in Lillooel District will beheld iu Santini's Mall]
this evening.
A new fori, is  to  'ie eree'ed at
King Edward   is visiting Him
Emperor of Aust ria.
$100 a year.
Mis Karl- Nickname, "Clara," a Clear
Misnomer-His •• Spineless Frustration," His Favorite Attitude in the
House, Gives Way to Undoubted Energy
When He Is tilled by Duty to Act.
Cable advices intimate that Mr.
Balfour, the British l'remie •, has
need of a temporary respite from the
exhausting demands of his iml oftant
duties. His indisposition happily,
is not such as to justify any ala in,
for it is one that, will readily yield
to  the sovereign cure of rest.
It was one of the remarkable peculiarities    of   Mr.   Balfour's  pi edeces-
sor,   Lord  Salisbury,   that  most     of
the illnesses by which he was affii t-
Tlie   Feiler.-il   parliament    will   cd, and they weie numerous, we e so
timed  as to be of sei'vi e to the nation.     If there was a crisis in   whi h
Oreat Britain wit-hod to delay action
and gain time, the Premier was sure
to fall  ill,  and  his physi ians  to  insist on immediate rest.    At the .roper time Lord    Salisbury would    recover;  wlieii  G'leat  Brita' if wot Id  l.e
heard  from.        Hen e    the "diplomatic"  illnesses of Lord Salisbt ry have
won  a   place  in    history.     Yet,     in
fact,  the late Premier    suffered    for.
many years, and finally retired f.'ora
Tlotl. Mr. Davidson, of the Mlin-   tho same   cause    that lncnans    Mr.
..    ,      i     •  i   .            •     i   • Balfour's    health,  namely,  poor     ns-
itoba legislature, is dying.             I similation of food,    it is the penalty
  of overwork and  wo'ry,  and a Wain-
War. is expected .to  break ont  infi to lifi*ton thi) "u'ntal b'fdcn*
between Turkey and Bulgaria iu
a few days.
The Salmon canners want* the
dam at Quesnel removed.
The Czar of  Russia will visil
Rome next month.
The Seattle street cur employees  are ou strike.
probably sit another month.
The political and industrial
outlook in Australia is gloomy.
Lab<->r Day wascel United \v'tl>
uniisuul zeul at the Coast citi s
last Moiidav.
A man has been arrested in S; -
mouse, N.Y., for threatening the
As was .mentioned in  the lustr yiie of l»ie.ident Roosevelt,
issue of The Prospecttir, the I'ro-
vincial elections will  take place
on October 3rd.   The legislature
will meet on November 26th instead of January 26th.
The following were chosen os
delegates tt) til tend the Conservative coi'ventiou  to be held at
Union today:
T. Harris, (J. Ilrown, W. Brett,
•ind J. Illinlop. The delegiites
left for Clinton yet'terday.
''Hilly Bones"' the Indian packer lias secured the contract lo
liinl lhe machinery for Mr. iff. w.
Drown up to the North Fork
placer mines. The Indians have
already hauled several foilr-hor. e
te.mi loads as tar as the Lillooet
bridge and are now arrnngiiig
lo convey the separate piece-? up
the (rail.
An inmate of the old's men's
Home hns written a letter to the
editor of the I'KOHpkctou coin-
plaining of the !reatme-it nietid
out to the inmates of that institution. If we were able to rei.tl
the whole letter we would reproduce it for lhe benelitofour readers, but up to the present only a
small portion has been understood.—Ed.—
Tn all human probability, "Mr. Balfour,  who  is    only  in  his     fifty-fifth
year,  has yet a long official     career
ahead of him.   tf he is not st'i.ingly lobiist, he is a man cf great nervous eneiRy aid  a.the hai hs.     His
personality    is   decidedly    interesting
and attraitive.
fictiire a tall,     slendrr,     willowy.
Thirteen   thoi Sailil   operatives   distinguished   man,    wi h a rhilo-o-
, , ,, ,     . ,   .      i.har's head and    a scholar s    stoop,
have been thrown out of work in   nnd yoll havo   Mr. Balfoir.     Those
Mass.  through failure of  Cotton' g*ey eyes, pee ing at you in a mildly
contemplatite  way   through   thc     invariable si.e"tacles,   and the deir.cnn-
. *1
HPs ^* 1
■______■      I
____C'            _u
___m         ■ ________________________
To All Whom It May 0 inrern—
Tne attention of all vi tints of tl i
liquor habit is ili-e-itwl to Or. S iuiidi*r'i>
adverti. etnent on tlu> 2x1 pu_e. T'i.i
Do .-to- • ffers to f jifeit $500 for any case
he cannot Hire.
Lever's Y-Z(Wiae Head) Disinfectant Soap
Powder is a boon to any home. It disinfects and cleans at the same time. 3»
Subscribe for Thk PfiosPEfTpK.
ored modesty and yielding gentility
have ind ;ced mistul-en iritiis to
nickname Mr. Balfour "Clara,'' but
never was there a greater misnom-.r.
A lamb in repose, but a lion in action, would more flttinysj' des ribo
the chief adviser of tl.e Crown, the
real ruler of Oreat Brita n.
Like many other Brit if h statesmen,
Mr. Balfour's tastes nre refined. lie
is a great lover of music, can sing
a sentimental song, and plays wilh
mtlth skill on the piano. He is an
ardent golfer.
.4. a     iirliiliilenlill-v   Lrnilor.
In the lions.' of Cominor.s Mr. Balfour lias shown a reniar. able capa-
lily for leade: ship at.d dii'e ticn.
though if oui' weie to make the mis-
i tr.l e of judging from appeal ancos,
] litlle would l.i' exi e U'd from him.
Theie he sits on the Ministerial
bench, in tli' midst, of his colleagues';
the very picturo of indolence and
listlessncrs. His favorite posture
has bi nn described as one of "S|>ine-
ltss prosttation,'! and the dctrip-
tion, if ove:drawn, is not inapt.
With head si n •; on c'test, arms dang
ling lifelessly at hi.s. side, and feet
btn"ed asainst the qdgo of the table,
he sug^esls to tie casual obser er »>
man  in a state of collapse.
But mark tho transformation when
h? springs forward to meet an opponent! Now he is all energy, of
that intense nervots kind that bea's
down all resistance'. NVhl'e he gesticulates pa's'.onately, and his Voicu
\ibratcs with feeling, he does not for
«. momoti.t  lo.e that perfect    ivmnjnl
control that enabh-s him to dire 1,
his retorts aid his logic wilh rnerr-
ing aCCura-y. 'I'lietyin lies the ihicf
power of tho mnn. Whatever he at-
temi t,s he dots with all his might.
When the bo't. has been driven hottlo
1-e acvain collapiOf, and recupo atea
for the next great efl'oi t. THE  PKOSPECTOl., LILLOOET, B.C., SEPTEMBER 12.1903.
BY tiik rn iii'i-: :i.i:: ruilUslllNU co.MI'ANY,
TUB PRO SPEC I'OK is the ony paper pub-
tished in the l.illunet I).strict, anil is all home
s i'isuiI pilous: due Oolliir a vent' In iiilvnnt'e. '
Ailvci'lUiiiK itues niiiile known on np|iliriilloli.:
('onespoiiiloni-e is Invlipilon nil nnillers ul
paid ii: or lue.il in lores t.   All mini tiiiin I. ii lions j
must lie iii-i-oiiipiiiiii'il hy   ihe  niinio   of   tin-
writer, hnt not liueessnrily for puhllenlloti.
At it Again.
This time it is the I- nrl Steele
L'rospectob thut shows up the
illCOIIsistenCV of those who paste
nnti-Chineseplacardsal the front
of their houses while they employ the Chinaman in their back
kitchen. It says that many an
now engaged iu explaining their
position as opposed to Oriental
immigration, and cal Inattention
to tl.e fact thai Dr. J.II. King,
ilie Liberal member for thab aiding, employs Chinese servants.
It is now up to Dr. King for an
With us in this mat ter of the
restriction of Chinese it is nob a
question of party. As far as this
district is concerned, both parties employ Chinese labor more or
less. Our remarks have had reference to the inconsistency of
individuals who willallow 'John'
to help to get breakfast forth'<-in,
antl then in the streuy-tli of that
meal go out to post handbills a-
gjiinst Chinese immigral ion and
to pose as deliverers of the people from the yellow peril. If we
have to depend on Chinese help,
(and every hotel ani restaurant
in this section employs Chinese)
let us consistently keep silent
until we are prepared to move
thein from our own back-yard.
The foundation of nil genuine
influence, as it is of all character
lhat endures, is sincerity. Without that there i.s simply nothing
to build upon. I'eoplesoniethnes
wonder why a man who possesses little of what we call <i'enius
lias so much influence. They nre
almost inclined to charge the
public with lack of perception,
and to blame thein for what is
supposed to be an example of
fickleness and waywardness. The
truth is that the people are influenced, perhaps unconsciously,
liy the man's sincerity. Dr. Ilenj.
Jowetfc used to refer to this quality in the Duke of Wellington as
the foundation for his remarkable power over men. "The
most oliviou." words flowing from
his lips were fell, to have greater
weight than the most eloquent
orations of others; for he meant
what he said, his motives of action were direct and straight .forward, he had never anything to
excuse or be ashamed of. No one
doubted his patriotism or disinterestedness."
The daily press informs ns that
that the Cuban patriots have filed claims against the new government of the Island aggregating fifty million dollars. There
are fifty thousand of theseclaiiu-
tl,lits and they threaten to rise in
revolt unless their claims are
The plucky little republic is up
against; a difficult proposition.
as, so far, it has been unable to
float a loan, and the claimants
are becoming aggressive.
I i2£ESE3£_
What has it ever done lor you but harm?
TRY LIFE AGAIN now without it.
THERE IS A WAY now of making
resolutionsthat keep; that can
not help but keep.
*k       ¥
crQUOR  drinkers  cured,   Easily, Safely, Absolutely.
at home.   Willi no loss of Time or Labor.
There ib mi enlightened aid now whirl) lakes I)old of a man in8tant.lv.
I isihiiiI of dulling a drinker it gives liim almost iitunrtllately tiie snap tf
new life anil power—lets tlie auiilitrlit of hope into Mf Foul at ot:ee mid
sets liis mind into operation with al iis l>e-»t intelligence — a prompt result of effects on llie net vep, sti inaeli and wl,ole hotly which are quirk
nml matvelone. While at this point the. cure lias only begun, the encouragement i- fo great that ptob.ibly no medical Wutk tqimls ibis in
eatiefaction to a patient,
help Against the drink habit any man who wants to lift fiom
handicap of liquor using can do so w f.li immediate n-ulis.
With ihi.
Ids life the
Tnis tMiarantced treatment is within reach of all. Convenient ternn can
he arranged satisfactory to any one wbo is at all reaonahle, iliotis.li, as
all people undersland.it does i ot compare wilh lhe woilhless quack
cuies advertised at so much per package, or "Free", ete. It i« a different
matter from all this to pet feci a course of thorough, -pedal, personal
treatment that will really do ibe wurk and cure forever. It. is a .erious
undertaking and requiies a high form of scientific professional w *rk. All
tbe different kinds of cases are h milled under guaranteed results. Only
-kill that is develop nl to the high-St cau doit'. Only professional feei
can pay for the time it requiies, though they tire made moderate .-nd convenient for anybody. Thc methods of practice used in this work has cost
\enrs of time, vast study and expensive experiments. Tbe originator, Dr.
Wi'liam II. Saunders, had attracted wide notice Ior his works on Neivous
diseases long hefore perfecting this Ireatinent. An.! slill nothing but care
ami personal attention to cases today makes it possible for him 10 accomplish the absolu'e cures which he guarantees. So the reader will see
this treatment means thorough scientific, professional attention. Hut it
also means results lhat are absolutely certain. The splendid lirst effects
on a man are alone worth the entire cost of t real tne it.
This Ireatinent can lie given WITH or WITHOUT tbe knowledge of
the patient and nan he placed in any of his foods or liquids lhat he ntes,
and heiiiL'cidoi lesH and tasteless, it does ils work so silently aud quickly
lhat lhe drunkard is reclaimed even against his will and wi boul his
knowledge ami co-operation. The wife mated for years lo a husband addicted to tins curse will wonder if curing her husband hv her ow n efforts
can he true. "Is it put-si hie that there is such a gloiious opp irtuuity?"
-be will ask. And l hiiu-ai'ds of wives who have put. it to the test and le-
j dee in the reclamation of heir spouses who seemed lost to all sense of
self-reepecl, generosity and manliness will trumpet ont lo the wot Id,
''Ye-', i' is true". Our treatment is purelv vegetable, contains no narcotics, opiates, poisons or inineial". We u-e no hypodermic llvjec'ioti of gold,
nor any dangerous compound. It can be laken at b une without any loss
or detention from badness. It stimulates the nervous system at once,
increases lhe appetite, nnd afford-*, perfect ri-s:, at night. It acts dine ly
upon ihe si nm ach, im Ids up Hi" whole Bystein, eliminates till I nee of liquor from the body an I leaved the patient in lhe same condition as if liquor
hail never been taken.
those who have been deceived hy worthies, remedies. If y ir friend or
husband is llie worst ca-e iu the community, we aie no re . ...vious to cure
him.   Head the following:
St. John's School, Okla., Aug. 18th, 1902.
Dr. W.H. Saunders A Co.,
Dear S.r-:— 1 bave just reiurned afler a long absent e. and fed it on-
duty to write you concerning mj two patients. One of theiii l-'.U..., gave
up the treatment after about. I wo weeks. Tlie other. Wm. ('..., contturn d
lo take lie Ireatmeit failhfnllv, and be has heen able to re(.U" whi-ky a
hundred tinier and does not crave it at all. Kor nine vears he has been
away from his parents and never during that, time has he been able to
keep away from home long enoui.li lo visit home. Ile is now visiting his
bom'.- in Clevelai d, Ohio, and I expect hi'.:; back In a few davs. When he
left 'ie promised be would not loud, whi-ky while away. I trust be will
keep bis good resolution. Kindly let me have a few pamphlets for distribution. There are a few case. I would like to get for your tiealnient.
W.siting you success, Iain
Very truly yours.
Sister Superior.
S*-. John's School,   (iray Horse, Okla., Sept. 27, 1902.
W. II. Saunders,
—    ~.......      ---.   -----  .   —    ...,..,.   —.,	
Dr. W. II. Saunders,
Dear Sir:— Yiini letter re ,'dved and contents noted. My patient,
turned after visiting home, and has nol touched whiskey. I am so glad
~t he took your Ireatinent and I is mother is simply delighted to think
at he does nol drink. The change worked in Ibis man h.is attracted tlie
attention of everyone.   lam
Very respectfully,
S'.ster Superior,
St. John's School, Orav II irse, Okl.i., Die. 28. 1902
Dr. W. II. Saundeis.
Dear Sit: —I wrote von some time ago about publishing my letters.
I he-Dated became they were written in basic, and I doubt if tbey aie
Ut to pit i dish, ti is a debt nf gratitude on my part, and if the letters will
beiietii you in any way, make u-e of i hem. I; is I he only means I have
to make any return for your kin lues.. Tnis I aik -leave out my name,
and si in pi v si^n, Sister Superior, and of course omit Ihe name of the patients.    Mr. (J is (loiI g well.    He does not crave whiskey at all.
With best wishes of tbe season,
I am, very truly yours,
Sister Superior.
1'olvadeia, New Mexico, Dec. 11 tli, 1901
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Oo.,
Gentlemen :—I have taken your medicine
f>r the liquor habit, which was recommended to ine by a friend in my
town. I only took one mouth's treitinn! which completely cured me.
I have no desire to drink any more. I suffered for yea's wilh this curse.
Please accept my thanks for the treatment. Rest assured that 1 shall recommend your treatment to everyone in need of same.
I am, very truly yours,
Oalletano (iarcia.
WE HAVE T.1-.I.N, and are, curing thousands and we bave hundreds
of testimonials on file speakim. of these wonderful cures WE Wil,L
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consent.   Consultation FREE.    All correspondence without marks.
FREE BOOK.    Dr. Saunders latest treatise on the causes, various
types, and successful treatment of the liquor habit—''A CURSE  AUD
ITS CURE."—mailed  free for a 2c. stamp.
Dr. WH. Saunders & Co.
Dept. B.  1457,
Englewood Station,
•   Chicago, 111.
til. Msr.
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J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.Ci
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$1.00 per annum. THE  PII0SPECTOK, LILLOOET., H.O., SEPTEMBER 12,190.
Hie following'phi I form wns n-
iteil iniiiiiiiiioiisly hy Ilu' liev-
lol.e Convention on September
III, 15)02:
I—"Tlmt) Mi is Convention ie-
M-nis the policy of the 1'nity in
biters of Provincial rontls nnd
jiils; tlie ownership and control
nilwnys .-md Ihe development
.the ngriciiltiirnl  resources of
Province, ns laid down in the
[itform   adopled   in   October
\)9, which is as follows:
[To actively aid in tlie conetruclion of
f.ls throughout the Province and tlit
jilding of Provincial Trunk roads of
folic necessity.
['To adopt the principle of Gi verri-
nt ownership of railways in eo far as
Ib circumstances of the Province will
fmit, and to adopt the principle that
bonus should bo granted to any rail-
Iiycoiiipiny which does not give the
{yernnient of th* Province control of
Ites over lines hon used, together with
le option of purchase.
l;'To actively assist by State aid in Ihe
|velopment of the ag.icnltuial reeourc
or the Province."
12—That in  the meantime and until
[ie Railway policy above set forth can
accomplished, a genera' Railway Ac
passed, giving freedom to construct
jilways nnder certain approved regula-
lons, analagous to the system that has
tsulted in such expensive railway con-
Jruction in the Uni'ed States, wiih so
liuch advantage to trade and commerce.
j 3—That to encourage the mining in-
|u_try,   the   taxation of   metalliferous
»ints should be on the basis of a perceu-
|. the net profits.
'4—That the Governmentownership of
Slephone svsteme should be btougln
Ltiout as a first step in the acquisition
pi public utilities.
5—That a portion of every coal area lo
be hereafter disposed of, should be re-
|erved from sale or lease, eo lhat stale-
Iwned mines may easily be accessible,
j. their operation become necessary or
fid visa hie.
6—Tbat in the pulp land leases provision should be made for reforesting
ind that steps should he taken fir the
I'.eneral preservation of forests hy guarding against the wasteful destruction of
*i in ber.
7—That the Legislature and govern-
[ment of the Province should peri-evere
fin Ihe effort to secure the exclusion of
[Asiatic l&br.
8—Tnat the matter of betler subsidies
'and appropriations for B.C. be vigorously pressed upon the Dominion Government.
9—That the silver lead industries be
fostered by the imposition of increased
Customs duties on lead and lead products importe I into Canada.
10—That arrangements be made for an
amicable adjustment of the relations between employeis and employed.
11-That it is advisable to foster the
manufacture of the raw products of the
province within the Province as far as
practicable hy means of taxation on the
s.iid raw products subject to rebate ot
the same in whole or in part when manufactured in British Columbia.
Mb. Wm. Saul, President,
Mr.Jno. McGillivray, Treasurer.
Mr. j. e. n. Smith, Secretary.
(with power to add to their
number): Messrs Wm Saul,
J. E.N. Smith, and John McGillivray.
All supporters nnd friends are
cordially invited toco-operate.
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant—ii strongly
recommended hy the medical profession aa
a safeguard against infectious disease-.      _„
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.    -^£>
As I'm-back as the year 1S58, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse I .eel
bar, near the town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground is being worked with profit al
the present time,
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, nnd
a new company has  been formed with a capital of $350,000,  to  operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
andeuson lake and biudge i.ivei. mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of territory that remain un prospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds<^^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here. Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may ba seen iii bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Railway towns are ashcroft and lytton, on the panadian pacific uailway.
lillooet liberal-conservative
A meeting of llie Liberal-Conservatives ol
West Lillooet will be helil in the Fraser
Hall, Lillooet, on Saturday, September 51I1, |
1903, at 8.30 p.m., for the purpose ol elect-
ing delegates to attend the Convention at
Clinton on Sept.  12th, 1903.
WJ. Abercrombie, President.
John   Marshall,    Secretary.
NOTICE is hereby given that I shall, on
behalf ol the High Bar band of Indians, apply
to the Commissioner of the Lillooet District
for permission to record two hundred inches
of water frpm Watson Bin Creek, at a point
above the Indian Reserve for dome tic and
agricultural purposes.
Indian Agent,
Clinton, B.C., August 281I1, 1903.
Lillooet Conservative
The Convention of the Liberal-Conservatives of the Lillooel Electoral District will be
held in the  Town   Hall, Clinton, on Saturday, September 12th 1903, at 9,30 a.m., for
llie purpose of selecting a candidate for  the
Lillooet Electoral   District, for   the coming
Provincial  Election.     Conservatives  in  all
sections of lhe Riding nre requested to send
delegates.    In cases of unavoidable absence
votes by proxy will be allowed.
Secretary of Central Comniitlee,
Clinton, R.C.
Atlin 1     Ijas Kirkland. (Lab.)
Alberni I
Cranbrook llToni Cavin I Dr. iving
Cariboo    . 2;  I	
1 J, I.. Atkinson...
.. C. W. Munr.
Com ox 1   F. McB. Young.
Cowichan ilE.M. Skinner J. n. Evans.
Delia  1
Dewdney   1
Esquimau!! 1
Fernie   1
Grand Forks 1
CJreenwood 1
Islands      I
Kasln..     i
Lillooet   I
Nanaimo I
Nelson 1
Newcastle 1
Ncw Westminster,  1
t Ikanagan 1
Kevelsloke    1
Richmond 1
Rossland 1
Saanich  i
Similkameen 1
Skeena 1
Slocan  1
Vancouver   5
Geo. II, Fraser	
 Mcpherson .. (Soc.)
Neil McCallum — IJ.Uiordan (Soc.)
  ILK. Brcwn	
 T.W. Patterson.... 	
F.J. Fulton F,|   Dea. •	
   J. T. Retalllck .... 	
....        Dr. Sanson    ...
John Houston.
Price Ellison
S.S. Taylor..
WJ." Stirling
T. Clifford.... (Iml.)
j.W. Bennet  . (Soc.)
L.W. Shalford.... W I. Snodgrass.
C.W.D. Clifford.... P. 'Herman . ..
W Hunter    K.A. BradshaW
AR. Slel.bins. (Soc)
J. Edwards . .(Lab.)
A.G. Perry . .(Lab.)
F. Williams ..(Lab.)
J.C. Walters..(Soc.)
Lee Charlton.. (Soc )
Subscribe for The Prospector.
Yale 1 T.G.McManamen..   S.Henderson.
Ymir  1 Harry Wright lAlfred Parr   .
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1.00 per annum.
Over   T..i    Tlmu*;incl    Hollars   |'„i,|    f,,r  a
.lewtded < oi'ncl.
The writer was recently accorded the
privilege <>f 11 peep into the m is.mm attached to the factory of ony of 1 lie largest
linns of brass inst. iiinent nuikjrs in London. Here ure to lie seen types, facsimiles
nnt model < of cvjry kind of musical instrument that the mind of man has ever
lievls'.l, invented or produced.
In one corner is a duplicate of what is
believed ro be the most costly presentation comet ever pio-lucied. It, was made
to the order of the late czar of Russia
and is of stoi in» silver, riihly graven
with various devices, anions which the
arms of tho imperial house of Romanoff
figure c.onsj icuous.y. The .vhole of the
ornamentation is 01 beaten gold filigree
work, and the "bell'' of the instrument
is thickly incrust id with rallies and
emeralds. Its net value is a trifle over
2,00J guineas.
A melancholy interest attaches to a
battered and blood stained bugle which
was picked up on the Held of Isandlwana.
In addition to the dark patches, which
were once splashes of wet blool, rundry
fragments of woolly hair were adhering
to the bell of the instrument when first
found, a pretty conclusive indixition that
the gallant owner had used it in a last
desperate effort to beat off his relentless
foes. It may be that some ebony skinned
Zulu still wanders about with an indentation in his skull whom it would be
difficult to convince that "music hath
Near to this interesting relic is a fao
simile of a set of drums which were
made for the new Rhodesia horse. The
peculiarity lies in tho fact that the case*
are of aluminium, a precaution rendered
neoessary by the number of white ants
that infest that country. The other instruments are of brass, silver plated, and,
t e whole band cost some £35~.
The above is, of course, a cDmparative-
ly modest turnout. For the real gorge-
ousness in brass bands it is necessary to
inspect some of the costly and magnificent sets of instruments turned out for
eastern potentates. The bands of even
t'ae smartest of our crack cavalry corps
are absolutely not in it, so far as elegance
01 appearance is concerned, with the private bauds of some of our India tributary
princes, although probably the latter
would have to givo the former several
points if it came to a musical contest
between them.
The private band of the rao of Cutch,
for instance, cost originally £900, and
most 01 the instruments are renewed
every four or five years. The tiger skin
used by the roa's big drummer, which
was sent over here to be prepared and
mounted, was taken from an animal
killed 1 y his highness and measured over
1 feet in length. It is lined throughout
with heavy corded crimson silk, and the
brute's eyes are simulated by a pair of
big yellow diamonds.
Another very fine band was made three
years ago to the order of the late shah of
Persia. All of the instruments were of
pure silver—which, by the way, does nob
give forth so good a sound as brass, besides being far heavier to handle—inlaid
with gold. The total cost of this band du
luxe was a trifle under 8,000 guineas. A
very different kind of band was that
made last year by the same firm for the
Mimkish Indians, a tribe of savages living near Alert bay, in British Columbia.
The band is nearly all drum, and the
mouthpieces of the few brass Instruments
are tipped with india rubber, to obviate
the inconvenience of applying metal to
the lips in a temperature of some 30 to
40 degrees below zero.
A curious order was received a short,
time ago from the emperor of Marocco.
It was for 80 clarinets for one band. Ah
the instruments in question were all in,
one key it is probable that they wero t.»
l<e played In unison. The effect upon an
av.ra,*.' mas of 80 band clarinets blown
_.niult__neou~)_r would probably be li>
oreate in him a wild desire to lake tn
thw woods «ni become nn aborigine.
Even t_ Imagine such an ear piercing;
r»j.iliir.ati"n *jt» one's tympanum quiv-
ffc-.nj — l.«n*.i* 1ii.'.t».
Orluln uf HolismiN CIlolOC.
Mr. Harper tells us all there ia to
be told aliout Thomas Holism,, thi>
famm s carrier between London nml
Cambiidge, who dlod In 163.1. Jt,
was from him that tho proverb of
''llo'ison's choice," arose, momiing,
of coins.'. a choice whi h is Do
choice, "The saying arose from the
livery stable business carried on by
Hobson at Cambridge, in addition to
his currying trade. He is. indeed,
said to ha\c been tbo first who
made a business of lei ting out saddle horses. His practice, invariably
tollowod, was to refuse to allow any
hone in his stable to be taken out
of i s proper turn. "That or mine
wns his unfailing formula, when the
Cambridge students, eager U> pick
and choose, would have selected their
own fancy in hoiseflcsh. Every customer was served alike, without favor."—London  Telegraph.
New Kailway l'nr.
A new type of railway cari'lago wns
inspected ai Newcastle, England, tho
other day. The dusty, cushioned,
padded seals have been replaced by
light cure armchairs, comfortably
cushioned, four each side, easily removal)!' and permitting ot speedy
and thorough cleaning of the compartments, The carriages will lm
pul Into 11 roe (rains between .Newcastle and Cai lisle. THE   I'J.OSPECTOK, LILLOOET, B.C., SEPTEMBER 12,1903.
A Visit to tlio ,'deno of Liinyrcllow's Poem
—Tlie Abstract ns Opposi-il to the
Concrete* Aciiili,ins.
A visitor to the homrs <>f tho
great men and woincn win hnve
Icon, done and suffered in Lhcir se>
e.'ul s;ihcras gein-ral y lint's that the
s ij.e -\ t'riing inhabitants I now notli-
iiapr of the eatlier oe.iijiants, antl ac
comfortably innocent cf the fn< t that
the ground about them is h.sloth'.
But thi heroine of the Acadian expulsion has mil I -;.'il C.l'.Signod to
local oblivion. lOvctyonc in and
about tin' neighborhood can point to
the will f, mn which she lilted water,
to the willow trie., beneath whi.lt
she milked the favoiite heifer, to tho
place where Basil's forge stood; to
the site of the church, of the home
of Father I-'elician, and of everything
wovoi into the poem. The chef r.f
a th Rshing-inachino slalT showed me
he footprints near thc well. I tried
my boots in them, writes S. 'P. Wood
in The GloLo, Ev angel. i:e must have
been a very large woman.
1   1  UO   S   *>.       ll
Grand Pre has ne.cr really i\covered from the effects of the expulsion. Jt consists of a small station,
which tho operator lcc'<s tip between
trains. The Flying 131ueno.se ignores
it. but it is honored by c tils from
three expresses each way, daily except Sunday. It has, or is, a hotel
from which a man drives down to
meet the trains, and there are several houses which may be included in
it, as it is not incorporated, and
the bounds are consequently elas i-.
Wolfville, three miles along the line,
has appropriated Evangeline and all
tho traditions of Grand Pre, and tho
inquiring visitor is advited, ii he
wants to go to Grand Pro, to go to
Wolfville. There is a town t'ero
with .hotels, an academy, a menual
training s''hool and a young- ladies'
seminary. There are liverymen there
who diive you to Grand Pic, to Blo-
inidon Head, the mouth of tho Gas-
perean. Minns Basin, the dykes and
all the points of interest. This advice was so per istent' arid universal
that I got off at Grand Pri;.
1.vim;:. 1 ne' -il.
The station agent smiled and pointed to a red pump in an ad ac'nt
field when asked about Evunge ine's
wi 11. Tbe pump looks sadly modern
and util.'t ruin, lint fer the Le'iu-
iit of those who prefer truth in suih
matters, it is known that the woil
was dug, for convenience, by reopening a caved-in well that had served
the Acadian \illage of Grand Pre,
The willows, too, ure there, eight
massive trunks, gnarled, twisted and
almost falling apait wi h age,
though the tops nro still vigorous.
Thoy mark the margin where the long
arm from tho llasin of Minas once
spread over the brown pol s'cd mud
flats at high tide. But the basin
docs not reach within two miles of
them now, for the dykes built by the
Acadians and maintained by tl c present owners have reclaimed and still
pro or*e a broad expanse of about
_i,500 acres, through wl i h the winding giooves of the tidal streams arc
aimlessly threaded, their sloping
sides, once of sea-wushed mud, now
covered with a modern crop of oats
and hay. Thc sti'e at the fence surrounding tlie denuded tillage site is
worn with lhc feet of pilgrims, and
the pump has been saved from demolition only liy an inconvenient
barricade. The willow at the end of
the row, the very tree under which
Evangeline sat. is scarcely more than
half thc size of the others, its stunted eleto: ioration being due to the
constant breaking oil of twigs nnd
small branches by visiting tourists.
Such is human roveronoc for an imaginary fragment of our common humanity, into whose breast the genius
of ii poet has breathed the breath of
Explained and .Inslillrd.
Longf Uow has made it incumbent
on us to explain and justify the expulsion of tlio Acadians. If it had
been only Acadians in the abstract
who bad 1 eon expelled (he affair
would havo been forgotten long ago.
Nobody has any sympathy with the
Acadians in tho abstract, btfuuse nobody hus ever met them or associated with them in thai form. Expelling
the Acadians would scarcely awaken
a passing comment, but expelling two
Acadians is a serious matter and
must be justified. Longfo'low has
shown us two Acadians, leal, living
peoplo like ourselves, people who were
not abstractions, people with life,
hope, affection, love und constancy.
How  It is Done.
It is only as wo regard our fellow-
moital-i as abstractions that we can
kill, scatter, injuie or speak evil of
thein. Wo long as wo regard them
as human beings like ourselves, only
not quite so good, with affections
and sympathies, with fjcllngs, with
friends and relatives, with bopes and
aspirations, with joys and sorrows,
we cannot do nny of these things.
The soldier kills the enemy because
the enemy is an a I.s traction. But he
will share the contents of his water-
bottle with tne snme enemy wounded
on the held, because that enemy has
ceased to be an abstraction and has ■
become a man.    The .-_i_-.n     to ■■•-■::-;.i
More than half the battle in
cleaning greasy e.ishej is in the
soap you use. If it's- Sunlight Soap
it's the best. ob
50  YEARS"
Trade Marks
^^^^^^^^^^   Copyrights 4c.
Anyone sending ii sketch nnd description mny
nnlckly as. ertniu nnr opinion free whether an
Invention Is prniinlily patentable. Communion-
t Ions strictly cnnUdenti.il. Ilandbnnkon Patents
sent free, Oldest agency for securing patents.
rntcnts taken through Jluiiii & Co. receive
Ipec.ial notice, without charge, In the
Scientific fltii'ericaii.
A handsomely Illustrated weelilv. I est circulation at any sclentlflo journal. '1 *. ins, t'i a
year; tour months, (1. Sold byall newsdealers.
MUNN&Cq,36-^*New York
Branch Office. 625 V St- Washington, D. C.
News Irom all tne world—W.b-w- iitcn
original Ht.iries—Anm.ef8 to qiierh-e—
Arlit-lee on Health, the limn. , New
Hook., atid on Work nbotil tbe Funn
und Gulden.
Is a member ol tbe Ax.ociat. d I'le^u
the onlv Western New.paper re eiv-
ing the entire teli". ri phic news . er-
vice eif the New Yolk Sun, and special cable nl the New Vork World—
Daily reports of over 2,(100 special
correspondents throughout the country.
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BOTH FOR 11.2.3.
As a special and temporary offer to
reader, of this paper, we will mail Tiik
PuiiMC lo persons wbo are not now s'lb-
■'cl ihers, for ten week, for leu .enlP.
Tiik Pent ic is a $2, 16-paue weekly Review for democratic Democrats and democratic-Republicans; lift opinions are
exp-esse.l without fear or favor; it give.
an interesting and connected weekly
nf ull l.i.toiical news; ii. always has ed-
ilotials' worth studying", a cartoon worth
seeing, nook notices worth reading, and
miscellaneous mailer both valuable uml
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The editor is Lillis F, Post. Send ten
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trial. All snlisr, iptinns aie paid strictly
in advance, and upon expiration the
paper ia promptly strpped unless sub-,
sci iptiim 13 renewed. Mention this paper
Unity Building, On cacio, III.
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tuiulurii nro Invlled im- ilus whole ol the
lii'opeily, liuiliultiig Ciow11 Giiniled cluit.iH,
null sin.*, I'yniililn mill, (.'il|u.clly 45 toflO Ions
dully), t in in way, assay oliice, laboratory uml
fiilli'i|iii|iuiciit, ot the Toronto I.iiiooet elold
Hoofs Coinininy l.liniloii, ululate in Iho Lillooel
ilisli'iet of Itiilisli < 'ol ii in In ti; iin-lniliiiK lhe
Ample, Whale, Monarch nnd Wellaml Vale
mines which are Crown gi'illlled, also lhe
Noiili Star, (lolileu stripe, (lolileu Kngle. Itllby
nml jiiuilio mineral claim, in the same (list
riot, together with a loll stump mill, machine
drills ami olliei'.eipilpliienls, ('ash lenders lor
the whole properly are I'oqiteslod bill
off tea for working options or for portions
of ihe property will be considered I'rom the
former grotty DfiO Ions of ore has heen milled,
Willi nu assay value lippioxllllllllllg f 1.0,00 to
|ll.oil Wagon road from Kailrond lo mill. The
whole of the ahove will hear looking into und
investigntion and nre un exceptionally important nnd vnlunhlc group ofeluiniM wilh full
working equipment, Pull parlltiiilnra inav be
had on nppllc.allon to Kdgar llloomlleld
l.iqiildntor, I'. (>. llnx'il.'l, Vnni'oiiver li.C.
Iluvc yon ortleretl your new
suit? (. ive McCobIi a ti'.al. He
will give you 8nLi.sfncl.ion.
NE\"  U'KSTMINsTI.I'   It. ('.
Goi)eral riarciwtire,
Picks and Sliovels,
Axes, Hoes Si l.tikcs,
Bar Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils, Painls, Sic.
.15 111 OS ior Fa" or Spring planting
Seeds, PI ants,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster  Koad, Vancouver, 11.C.
/T, ^^ptKpKptKpr,A\Pr. A'\Pr,pir,pi\pr,
AS      Drugs and Cledlclnes, .    ,
44      • ^k
AS      Spectacles and Toilet Requisites,   / *
"__fe_T "
'*\      Fishing Tackle etc. etc.
p   Mail   Orders    Promptly   Kille
iii t
$   CLARKE & Co.
5V      LILLOOET, B.C.   *
H ii
As people live nt the present
time it Is very essentia) that the
teeth he brushed evtery day. Our
**_5e. Guaranteed" tooth brush
is the hest value for tlio money
liinl we have ever seen. Il you
can find a belter brush for2fic. we
will give you free n huge b.itile
of onr  loolh powder.
Our Tooth PowJer is made of
Ihe purist unit minis i*-r rleansing
the teeth and kc-e -ing them free
from decay Lnigj bottle Price
l_6c. Ofeonr.e we sell nil of tiie
advertised loolh P.ep.-irniions.
*V~A__Es]-COT_7V*B"Ee, ~B. C.
A ncw and thoroughly equipped
private llOspi nl specially adapted
for Surgical nml Klectrical Treatment, with superior accomodation lor Lying-in Cases. Only
trained nurses employed.
The McMillan Fur & Wool Co. have
placed tbeir circu ar of July 5th on liie
ut our oliice for reference. This house
was established a quarter of 11 century
ago, and on account ol their extensive
btieine. 8, they lire in a position to pay
high priceB. Shippers find their dealings with them very satisfactory.
Head our speeial
offer Oil the
third page.
aelef and good reputation 111 each slate (one
in this county required) to represent and advertise old established wealthy business hou-e
of solid financial Standing. Salary |21,00 weekly with expenses additional, all payable in
cash direct each Wednesday from head olliecs.
Horse and carriage furnished ..hen neeessary.
References. Enclose self-addressed envelope.
Colonial, 332, Dearborn St. Chicago.
Paul Santini,
cari'ies ;t  fujl slock of till kinds of tiroceries,  Dry Goodf
J.outs und SJ.ioes; I:iii'tlVvtil'e Sic
H. C. PARKER, = Lillooet, B.C.
Having purchased the stock o
R.J. Atkins, we are now adding
to it and prepared to fill all orders;
Repair Shpp in connection with Store, where your even
want will be supplied.  A complete Plumbing Outfit on hand]
MAKE YOUW OWN HEPAIHS.   I.NAMKi.i.BD   Knobs, For Coffee and Tea PotSI
unci Other Cooking Utensils.   I'rleeft cents eaeli, while ihey last.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton et Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays;
All points in Cariboo:      -   -    Mondays.
150Mile House : Mondays Si Fridays [semi-weekly service
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
fli  Special conveyances furnished.    Send  for  folders   )§.
The new stage line leaves I.ytton every Moutlay aiui
Friday   for  Lillooet, returning next  day.      Special  ti'ifA
made.    Write ns i'or information. ^1
Peter Kehagliati et Co., L) tton   li. C. ^
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR.?
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McCOHII, Men-hunt Tailor, Ashoroft, II. (J
Vancouver, liJ.C. I
Established, 1890.
Assay work of all descriptions uiKlertaken. Tests niatle up to 2000 11 is. A specially
made of checking smeller pulps. Samples from the Interior by Mail or Express
promptly attended to.    Correspondence    solicit e d .
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry the largest and best stock ill B.C.,
Including: liar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
Thl. l« the Pa~e standard elevnn bar wire fence. Coll. sprint: wiro (not orlmped)—ta'ea op theiilM-
In aammer, does not beoomo too tight, In winter—regaluted its own tension all the time. Pa««
nprlghts in one pieco stand n strain of 800 pounds. Common uprights splice 1 at ench bar breakatSGO
pounds.   Page gates, ornamental fences, pou'lrv netting, nre standard the world over
The Page Wire Fence Co., Limited, Walkerville, Ont.    St. John, N. B.  Montreal, P.Q. 12
E. CI. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.
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$100 per air'im.


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