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The Prospector Jul 28, 1899

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Array THE
Vol. 2 No. 3.
LILLOOET, B. C. FRlbAY, JULY 28, 1899
$2.00 a year.
jrhe Lillooet District All  RIBht, Only Lack*
Decent Trails.
Below ii _n extract of an interview
Twill) Alderman R. B. Skinner of Van-
jcouver, on his return from a visit to this
1 section.
" If the provincial government would
.give a little assistance to the miners of
'the Bridge river district in the way of
I making decent trails so lhat the invest-
I ing public could have access to the die-
ttL* I feel confident that it would only
bora short time when this would become
one of the best—if not the best—mining
kamp in British Columbia.   Certainly it
will one day be known as a great free
•, milling district."
Owing to the failure of the  Golden
Cache, the name of Lillooet has an unpleasant sound in the public  ear, but
this is simply through prejudice and ignorance of the geography of the district
i as the Bridge River district is thirty-five
r miles north and forty miles west of Oa-
; yoosh creek.     Even with the failure of
[ the mine there are still people who have
confidence in it, aa Colonel Rives is now
busy with a staff of men and it is within
* the range of possibility that the mine
'may yet prove to be a veritable ' Golden
' Cache '
Mr. Brady, a mining engineer who ac-
'companied Mr. Skinner, expresses him-
jself all through the trip as being ex-
ftreniely well pleased with the general
j appearance of the country and the indications of the wealth of the mineral de-
deposits so far as developed, but stated
I emphatically that the first thing to bring
I the district before the investing public it
• would ,be necessary to have the facilities
L for travel and transportation radically
f improved. His report on the assays of
►of samples taken from the various prop-
erties visited are awaited with -interest
j as much depends on these results.
Mr.[Skinner brought down with hira a
large number of samples of ore, among
them being some very valuable specimens. These will be on exhibition in
. the window of J. A. Skinner & Company's store. As the only link netes-
j Bary now to place the properties before
f the public is the report of the official
assays, it will not be long until the district will have ample chance to show
what is in it. for if tbe assays were made
from such wonderful samples as Mr.
Skinner brought down, flecked all
through tbe ore with fine gold, the results would throw Klondike into the
Interior J. P'a.
A Clinton correspondent to the Victoria Colonist says: If being discharged
from office for incompetency applied to
head of government departments who
are responsible to the people, there
would be a yacany right away. Tnere is
now not a magistrate or J. P. on the
populated east side of the Fraser from
Lillooet to Soda Creek, a distance of 150
miles, or one on the Cariboo wagon road
from Ashcroft up for 100 miles, bo far as
A man was arrested at Clinton for
some offence, and there being no J. P. to
hear the case, the official in charge wired
the authorities at Victoria, asking wha.
to do. The answer came back, "Let
him go"—and he got.
When the present government in their
all-wise way ruled out the old justices oi
the peace, they did a very unwise act, as
people do not care to expose themselves
to whims and tempers of the quarrelsome attorney-.eneral. Amongst those
who declined his most favored appointment in the Clinton district are Messrs.
Saul, Sanson, Stoddart, Derby, Gallagher and Bowe.
O. A. Harthorne left this week for the
Bridge River section.
Forty Years Ago.
Just forty years ago on the 20th of
July, 1859, a proclamation was issued
naming the city of New Westminster
and proclaiming it the capital of British
Columbia. The city was formerly called
Queeneborougli and the name of New:
Westminster was selected by Queen Victoria, as nearly everyone is aware.
The was a good deal of delay and much
time was taken up in selecting a capital
for the crown colony. First a site was
chosen on the Delta, butas it was subject
to an overflow at certain times of the
year it proved unsuitable. The next
site selected was a place just below
Langley on the south tide of the river
now known as Derby. This spot also
proved unsuitable and Sapperton proved
to he the final site settled on by the
authorities. The parliament buildings
were erected on the imposing site when!
the wardens residence at tlie penitentiary now stands. But when the colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia were united the parliament wan
moved to Victoria where it has since remained. The old buildings at Sapperton
were torn down about fourteen year,
ago.  ■   '
Dredging Jllner's Petition.
A number of Vancouverites interested
in dredging operations met on the 17th
inst. and decided to petition the minister of customs praying for the abolition
of entry on dredging machinery. The
committee appointed to circulate the petition have'niet wilh encouraging success
to far, many of the most prominent business men of the city having attached
their signatures.
The petition contains a fair statement
of the position of this form of gold mining in the province and the cence.sion
asked for, it is claimed, would bring it
to the same or even a greater degree of
success than has been attained in New
Zealand or the United States. The petitioners submit that their request is a
purely business one of mutual interest
to the country at largeand to themselves
aa it will enable the latter to import the
appliances which have been the means
of building up the country elsewhere.
The petitioners recognize that as is the
case with other mining appliances now
admitted free the use of the dredging
machinery for which they ask the same
privilege would be strictly limited to gold
The petition will be presented to the
minister of customs through George R.
Maxwell, M. P. for Burrard. Copies
will be sent to Hewitt Bostock, Auley
Morrison and others, and their assistance
will be asked.
Dixie H. Ross, well known throughout
the province as a pioneer of the Cariboo
gold fields and latterly a leading citizen
of Victoria, died last week. H.h death
was the result of an operation.
H. S. Southard of the Fountain was in
town Wednesday ev Mifng.
Geo. Lasher returned town to after an
absence of a couple months at the Bend'Or mine.	
Paul Morrison who has been working
on the Lytton road was in town a couple
da) s this week.
Everyone in town should encourage
the boys in their baseball playing and
also help them financially.
The steamer Minnehaha is making
regular trips up Seaton lake accommodating passengers and freight.
R. Hoey is having the hay which he cut
in his field a few weeks agio, stacked for
winter use. At his ranches he has had
good crops on all this year.
J. S. Bells st »r« on Mui.i street is now-
completed and is up to date in appearand and show, the excellent work of
the contractor W. G. ll'ignid.
Mr. C. Holorook who is interested in
the cop'pfir claims' on the North Fork arrived in town lrooi the coast last night
and will go up to the claims.
Tom Pettet with a few men are at
work on the Lytton road below t>>e little
slide. When the work is finished across
the big elide the road will be in condition lor traveling.
Mrs. Harry Brett and Mrp. L. Burns
gave afternoon tea to a few of their
friends, at Nectar camp on Wednesday
last. This is an ideal camp, but Tne Prospector would advise people having cross
dogs to leave them at home.
Arthur F. Noel sent several men up to
the Bend'Or mine this week to go to
work. At present about 14 men are employed in the mine. Everything is being put in shape for the running of the
mill which will stare 1st of August.
The Clinton races on the 5th and 6th
of October will undoubtedly be a grand
affair. Good purses will be offered and
horses from all sections of the interior will
be on hand to participate in the races
A good list of directors aud committee
have been selected to have charge of the
affair. A grand ball will be held both
nights and aa Clinton is noted for its
hospitality visitors may depend on enjoying themselves.
Baseball Match.
* Those interested in the baseball match
between the Lillooet team ana the Asn-
croft team held a meeting last evening
and it was decided to ask the Ashcroft
team to play in Lillooet on Saturday,
August 5th, instead of at The Grange.
Half the traveling expenses of the Ashcroft boys will be met by Lillooet who
will also entertain them if they p'ay
herf.    It wa • also proposed to make ar
rangements if possible, to play a return
match with Ashcroft during fair week at
that place. This no'doubt will meet
with the approval of the Ashcroft people. The secretary of the Lillooet team
will write full particulars by tomorrows
mail and by Monday definite arrangement, will probably be made. The committee in charge of the baseball club will
call around town this week and interview the philanthropists who are interested in athletic sports.
Bub Juice Fiends.
Pauline and Queen Lil two dusky
maidens and Joe Paul an Indian were
domiciled in the jail Tuesday evening
for being intoxicated. They appeared
before the magistrate Wednesday morning and were fined each $10 and cosis.
Joe Paul and Queen Lil produced coin
and were released. Pauline who hails
from Ashcroft was short of funds and her
friends not rushing to her assistance, she
will remain in tha calaboose several
days repenting.
Lytton Road.
About thirty-five men are still at work
on the Lillooet-Lytton wagon road. At
present a rough trail is across the slide
and in a couple weeks time horses can
cross. It is figured that the work should
be completed in a month or six weeks
time. Mr. A. Stevenson, road superintendent, was at the work this week and
paid the men their wages for the month
of June.	
Peace Conference.
The peace conference at The Hague
has unanimously adopted fie resolutions
that no explosives shall be fired from
balloons. Great Britain and the United
States were the only two countries who
voted'against the resolution not to use
expansive bullets or asphyxiatii g gas on
the ground that the manufacture of explosives should not be interfered with.
J, N. Jensen spent a couple of days at
the Fountain hydraulic this week assist
ing Mr. southard.
W. .Merrit Brandon the teacher for
tbe public school will shortly arrive in
town to commence his duties. ,
No information concerning the govern
ment caucus held at Victoria on .Wed
nesday could be obtained up to the time
of going to press.
J. S. Bell made a trip up the North
Fork of Bridge river last Friday and is
well pleased with the work going on in
that section.
The provincial agricultural exhibitions
for this fall will take place at Kamloops
on September 20, 21,22, Ashcroft Sep
tember 27, 28, 29, and New Westminster
October 3, 4,5, 6.
A Paris despatch says, as soon as the
acquittal of Dreyfus is accomplished.
The government intend to hash up the
matter entirely, as should the secret history of the transaction ever become
public, it would mean disgrace to some
of the best known men in France.
News  About the   Camps Which   are   Doing
Uood Work.
Cayoosh Creek
Work is going ahead <ip Cayoosh creek
at a rapid rate. The government men
working on the road have cleared out
sufficiently to allow teams to pass between the Golden Cache and Lillooet.
Colonel Rives is superintending the
work of excavating for the new millsite
and things will Boon be rustling around
the creek that was supposed to be dead.
We are pleased to hear that there are
various properties above the Cache that
have been prospected lately and from
information there will soon be something
set going. Good luck to the pioneers of
Lillooet and those that stick to a good
thing when they have it. Lillooet district never depended on one mine, and
future developments will show that it is
still the golden Lillooet of old.
North Fork Claims.
The Maid of-England group of claims
are about 30 miles from Lillooet. The
owners Messrs. Case, Sherwood and
Johnston have built a first class trail
from the Noith Fork to a point near
their claims. The trail built by Case &
Company could not be built by a government road party for less than $500: Five
openings have been made oh the claims
which show the lend to be from 5 to 6
fee. wide. These men are genuine prospectors, they realize that the period of
mining when all a prospector had to do
was to cut a few stakes, slip a nice sample in his pocket and go out and sell his
" mine " has- passed. They are at work
with steel and dynamite developing their
ric-llllvray Creek.
Tuesday mornings boat took away the
mail carrier R.Terry on hie trip to Pemberton meadows, also James Brett, F.
Richardson and Frank Riley. M Gaynor and J. McPhail were en route the
same day on horseback, their destination
being McGillivray creek where the boys
have some valuable property in close
proximity to the Brett group of claims.
There is undoubtedly a grand future before this section of the country as wilt
be seen shortly.
We understand that it is the intention
of various parties in town who are interested in Blaekwater properties, to shortly go into that district and do assessment work. This is what this part of
the district sadly needs and true genuine
development would be a benefit both to
the owners as well as the district. The
kind of ore that js found in Blaekwater
will increase in value wilh depth.
The -olden Cache.
The Vancouver News-Advertieer says,
Messrs. Cowan & Shaw, are inviting tenders for the property and asets of the
Golden Cache Mines Company, Limited,
remaining to the company under a debenture mortgage dated May 24th, 1898.
Messrs. Cowan & Shaw act for Mr. J. U.
Seymonr and Mr. John D. Brec ze.
At Ottawa last Thursday the senate
threw out the redistribution bill, by 3$
Published every Friday.
BtTBSCR--*TION *2.00
Fayable in advance.
RIC. A. FEA8ER, Editor and Proprietor.
The mining prospects for Lillooet are
very favorable and with decent roads
and trails the West Riding will advance
with great stiides. At present quite a
number of men are employed at different
works and very few idle men are in
town only those who do not care to work.
In this section are some of the finest
mineral showings in British Columbia
but on account of parsimony of the
government have not had a chance to
get a square deal by outside capital. Lillooet has been set back, but now everything is snapping on a more business
method and it will only be a short time
until the tide turns and the district will
receive more recognition.
the tramway incorporation act and t<
prevent the employment of Japanese o
Chinese on works carried on unde
franchise granted by private acta.
The road men have been put on in
different places through this section of
the district by the government. We
appreciate the work but do not see why
it was not done some time ago when
far greater benefits would have been
derived by traveleis. It will be a * hame
to do too much repairs on the trails because it may reduce the large amount
appropriated for this work, $4,000, and
we would advocate keeping the largest
part and having a grand banquet, so as
to let the cabinet ministers express
themselves more fully. The Prospector .
inrome is not extremely large but if the
government runs • .hort of funds let us
know.   Don't be short.
The anti-ritualists, says a late London
despatch, have won a signal victory in
their crusade against high church
practice in the established Church of
England. The Archbishop of Oanter-
. bury and York, the highest prelates in
the church made a report, as a result of
the protracted enquiry, held during the
past two months in Lambeth Palace,
upon the use of candles ani incense on
church ceremonies. Both Archbishops
agree in declaring the use of incense and
candles upon such occasions to be illegal
and not in accordance with the ritual,
and their use is forbidden in all
established churches.
The caucus to be held Wednesday by
the Government supporters will no
doubt be a hot one. All troubles and
grievances will be able to be full discussed. The 1 entenant-governor will
return from Atlin this xeek and the result of all this disagreeable disturbance
will be known. Hon. Joseph Martin who
has been in the states for several weeks
will be on hand at the caucus.
The coast papers are now on the party
line question in reference to provincial
politics. It looks as if some were very
anxious to have the provincial election
run that way and there are good
points in its favor, but as British Columbia :s, it would be advisable to keep
going and run elections as they have
The Ottawa "Journal" gets thus funny
at Joe Martin's expense: "In politics, it
is about as much of a mistake to be too
much, of a fighter as too little, Joe Martin
is a sample. Otherwise, he would be a
Dominion Cabinet Minister, instead of
knocking around losing positions in
Provincial Cabinets."
The Canada Gazette contains the
official announcementofthedisallowance
of the British Columbia bills to amend
Mclnnes Becomes a Politician.
Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes has been
making a speech at Atlin indicating hi.
intention of taking the initative in securing an amendment to the placer mining
law on his return to the capital. It was
has great object, said the lieutenant-
governor, in making his tour throu.h
Bennett and Atlin districts to meet
personally the mining and businejs men
and to obtain from their views and
suggestions on all matters affecting the
welfare of their portion of the province.
He hoped that these personal interviews,
together with observations made by himself, and would place him in a position
to suggest certain changes in the present
mining laws and in other matters in
which the district is interested. He
added that it would be his great end to
have such legislation enacted as he
might find was absolutely necessary for
the better progress of the country and to
provide against the re-occurrence of the
state of affairs which had arisen in Atlin.
Cllnto- Races.
A well attended meeting took pla.e at
the Town Hall, Clinton, recently, for the
purpose of forming a Racing Association,
and the following officers were elected:—
Patrons— Hewit1. Bostock, M.P.; F.
W. Foster; President, J. D. Prentice,
M.P.P.; Vice-President, T. J. Derby.
Directors—Fred Nelson, Asncroft; J. R.
Michell, Kamloops; Job. Place, Dog
Creek; Robt. Borland, 150-Mile House;
Jas. Bell, Lillooet; Isaac Ogden, Lac La
Hache; Fred Foster, Clinton. Committee of Management—Jas. B. Uren. M.
R. Eagleson, J. E. N. Smith, H. R.
Doxit, Vi. J. Kelly; Secretary-Treasurer,
Geo. Sanson.
The first meeting will be held on 5th
and 6 h October, with a grand ball both
A Bridge Burned.
Late pn Saturday evening the 8th the
bridge over Cherry creek, just this side
of Kamloops, was burned. The C.P.R.
watchman discovered it in time for him
to flag; the two traima tin. were east
and westbound respectively. It was
late at night, and in order to make sure
of stopping the eastbound train the
watchman heroically swam across the
stream at its junction with the lake and
flagged the train. He made the trip
back and flagged the westbound train
The paBf.nj.ers on both were warm in
praib j of his action.
B. C. At Paris.
Efforts are being made by the Provincial Government to obtain a representative collection of the products of the
Piovince for exhibition at Paris, and in
the Department of Agriculture. To that
end, it is requested that anyone having
particularly finespecimens of agricultural
and horticultural products, including introduced and native grasses,
shall send them, accompanied by all
necessary particulars, to Mr. J. R.
Anderson, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, who will be pleased to take chance
ot them.
Death of John Bulc.
The death of John Buie, late customs
clearance .officer for the port of New
Westminster, .occured at St. MaryV
hospital Wednesday afternoon. Mr.
Buie waj 58 years of Jlge and is a nativi
of Scotland. The deceased has lived in
the western states and British Columbia
since he was a young man. The funera
will be held Friday afternoon under tin
auspices oi the local Masonic lodge o
which the deceased was a member.
Soo Pacific Line
Days Across the
Continent by the
The fastest and best equipped
train   crossing   the
Trains leaving the Pacific
coast Tuesday, Thursdays and
Saturdays^ connect at Fort
William with the palatial
lake steamers " Manitoba,"
" Alberta " and " Athabasca"
across the great lakes.
For full information as to time, rates, etc.
also copies Of Canadian Pacific Ry., publica-
tions apply to any agent 0, P. R., or to
A.st. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver, B. C.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the vard.
R.F.Anderson & Co
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils  and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Mi ers Steel, Picks, 8hove_, etc.. Wire Cable
and Ku.sel Wire Fencing.
Inland Cigar Manufacturing Co.
Our SpecUtltlen:
-__:_vis-:__oo_pb, _b c.
E^.H. _B_E^_E3TT.
Post Office Store-
Book, Stationery, Soaps,
Fancy Goods, Tobacco, etc
W. F. Allen  Proprietor.
^i   ^   ^   «*♦    i*.   ^   ^»
First Class Hotel in every respect.     Accommodatioi
for Eighty Guests.    Large Annex comfortably fur-.
nished.      ommercial travelers and others K
receive every attention by staying at the
Pioneer Hotel.   Large sample room.
i_^  >$♦
Headqu_rt.ru tor the B. CV Expreas Stageft.
Hotel Victoria,
__I__XiOO__i_:, 33. C.'_
This hotel being new and thoroughly finished throughout |is the only first
class hotel in Lillooet. Persons calling at Lillooet will receive every attention by
stopping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with tne hotel. Head-j
quarters lor the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
0   9   9   9   9   0     CHARGE.    MODERATE.     9   ©   O   ©   9   ©
2D.  _P_R_A.S_I!_a"  _?_RO_?-
The Bar is supplied with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
As soon as the Lillooet-Lytton road Is completed we will run a through stagj
from Lytton to Lillooet. At present we have rigs at both ends of the road whicJj
will take you as far aw possible, and we supply saddle horses for the rest of thl
trip.   By starting from Lytton over twenty miles is saved when going to Lillooet!
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write us for information.        !
CAMERON ft HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B C
Flour Milling Produce and
General Merchandise!
_p_vviiiio_sr, _3. o.
Flour and Offal sold at mill and delivered at reasonable rates.
<*,<*,<*,     GKffi__T_E___&.A_I.  STOJaE.     ^    "^     "^
Post Oflice and Telegraph Office in connection.   Freight team, plying once a.
week between Lillooet and Ashcroft.
W. CUMMING, Agent, Lillooet B. C. •   ' '        Vf
Storage & Forwarding; Agts
Consign your goods to our care.     We settle railway charges and forward to
destination without delay.   Correspondence solicited. W. B. BAILEY & C'J THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET. B. C, FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1899.
If you want to make connection in a heabenly
i direction
When yo' hea' de halleluyah trumpet sound,
Vo' hub,got to.keep a-walkin', k ep yo' feet
'' fo'eber knockin',
Got to keep 'em pattin' juba on de ground,
If yo' legs (ley'git a-achin', an' yo' knees dey
git h shakin',
An' you' craw's a-runnin' mighty short o'
'   sand,
An' yo' eyes dey git a-leakin', (loan yo' nevali,
nevah weaken—
Keep a-steppin' to de music ob de band.
Poom-pah, poom-pah, i>oom-pah,
Listen to de ol' brass lio'n,
It's h gwine to be a tootin'
When de planets am a-shootin'
An' a bustin' on de resurrection mo'n,
It'sH-tellin' yo' to hurry
-An' to nevah, nevah worry
Marchin' upwa'il to de happy promis' land,
Ulit. yo' got to.keep a-goin',
Keep a iieelin' an' a-toein',
To de music ob de halleluyah band. ,
When de resurrection thundeh splits creation
all asundeh,
An' de lightnin' am a-flashin' in de sky,
When de watahs ob de ocean git into a wild
.commotion, ,
__ti' de buzzards to de wilderness fly,
^H de bressed Lord to guide yo', fo' to come
m^   an' ma'h beside yo'
.Fo' to hurry down an' take yo' by de hand;
Doan yo' nevah, nevah falelh, keep a-clingin'
to de altah,
An' a-steDpin' to de music ob de band.
Toom-pah., poom-pah, poom-pah,
iListen to de ol' bass ho'n,
It's a-gwino to be a-tootin'
When de planets am a-shootin',
An' a-busin', on de resurrection mo'n,
It's a tellin' yo' to hurry
An' to nevah, nevah worry
Ma'chin' upwa'd to de happy promis'-land,
But yo' got to keep a-goin',
.Keep a-heelin' an' a-toein',
•To de music ob de halleluyah band.
—Denver Post.
CARGILE HOUSE, ashcroft.
Is now under new management and has been thoroughly renovated. Culirar
department unsurpassed. . The Bar is stocked with choice liquors and cigars and
will be in charge of experienced men.   Every convenience for commercial men.
FRED H. NELSON, - - - Proprietor.
_i_v_:__ii_E^CH:^_.-isrT t^ilo^.
,. _A.s__ccie,o_rT, _B. c.
Tweeds, Trouserings, Serges, Winter Goods, etc
Call and inspect our stock.  Good workmanship and moderate charge s.   Repair
ng and cleaniug a specialty.   Orders by mail or express pun- tually attended to.
MINERS' SUPPL1LS a specialty.
Tin Shop in connection.
Dominion Estimates.
The supplementary estimates were
brought down at Ottawa last Sunday.
They total over five million and a half
The important votes of British Columbia are: Yukon district bridges and
roads, $175,000.
Telegraph line from Bennett to Dawson and Atlin City, $147,500.
fQuesnelle to Atlin $225,000.
Rossland public buildings $15,000.
Nelson public buildings $15,000.
Victoria customs $1,000
New We.trninister custom house, poet
office, etc., $15,000.
Vancouuer drill hall (revote) $8,000.
/Kamloops  public building    (revote)
Atlin post office fittings $1,500.
Columbia river at Revelstoke $10,500.
Two fish hatcheries one on the Fraser
and one on the Skeena $12,000.
Legal expanses Behring Sea arbitration
Indian school, Comox, $500.
Paris exhibition $200,000.
Transport facilities at Port Colborne
Montreal and Levis, including grain
elevator at Montreal, $1,095,000.
Different Effects of a Rye and Bourbon.
The lengthy reports of the Howard-
Baker feud in Kentucky started eome
gentlemen in Chicago to talking—no
matter how—about the respective merits
of corn and rye whiskey. Arguments
passed pro and con, and finally one of
the advocates of rye whiskey floored the
supporters of spiritus fermenti by the
following argument:
'Just look at the different clas es produced by the two liquors. Take the
Canadians. They drink rye whiskey.
They are a temperate, law-abiding,
thrifty and respectable lot of citizens.
They take their nip regularly and without any fear of civil results.
"On the other hand there is your
Kentuckian. He drinks corn whiskey,
old Bourbon, 'red eye.' That is the
state where you have feuds, assassinations and riots. Corn whiskey is the stuff
that does the trick. No sir; if a man
wants to be happy and virtuous he must
drink rye whiskey instead of corn jui.e."
•fSee here," said the grocer, bristling
with righteous indignation, as the milkman made his morning call, "I'd like to
have you explain how the chalk and
white clay that is found in the bottom of
iny coffee cup this morning got there."
"Evidently,"' replied the milkman, as a
peculiar smile chased itself across his
countenance, "you have been sweetening your coffee with the same kind of
sugar you sold my wife yesterday."
, Teacher (class in history)—Now Patrick Henry Butt, what happened on the
.Fourth of July? Master Butt enthusiastically)—Me little brudder got his
eye bio wed out, and pop singed off all
his whiskers!"
"Now, boys," said the Sunday school
■teacher, "can any of you name the three
.great feasts of the Jews?" "Yea'in, I
can," "Breakfast, dinner and supper,"
-was the unconsciously logical reply.
Few Like Him.
Canadians without distinction of party
will experience grief at the fatal illness
that has suddenly overtaken Hon. W.
Ive?, who was minister of trade and
commerce in sir John Thompson's
administration. He was a politican of
superior type, such as Canada needs in
these [days when politics seem to be
degenerating into a contest of crookedness between party managers.
The Canadian firemen have proved
themselves no mean rival at Bisley,
their score only being 8 points lehind
that of the English rifles. They lost the
Kalopore Cup but won the £80 Colonial
prize. The Canadians shot splendidly,
Captain Rennie of the Queen's Own
Rifles particularly distinguished himself
by marking the highest ecore of the
eight. He was the only member of the
team who landed within the builseye
every time at any of the ranges.
The Host—Now that they're divorced;
w hat kind of an arrangement is to be
The Pessimist—The town house will
go to the wife, the country place and
stables to the husband?"
"And the children?"
"To the devil."
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
First-class in every respect.
Choice  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars.  Sample
room   free.
Anthony & Kobson,
(Successors to A. Stevenson.
Business established lHiiil.
General Herchandise and
Miners Supplies.
I sieffenCT
Groceries, Drygoods,
Confectionery, Tin
Goods, Flour, Fruit.
Butcher Shop in Connection.
Lillooet-Lytton Wagon Road.
CHAS. McGILLIVRA       Proprietor.
First-class acebmmoda
tion for travelers.   Choice
liquors and cigars.
Headquartersfor stage.     Stable in connection.
Mainland Cigar
British Lion
Arthur Hawkins, who is said to be a !
son of the famous English judge, died in j
the police cells at Victoria yesterday j
morning, a victim of alcoholism. He j
baa been in tlii. province for several i
jear_. j
And be sure that each Cigar is branded, otherwise they are not genuine.
They are not only made of the Choicest Tobacco but are of home manufacture, and
should be patronized by all good citizens.
123 Water Street, VANCOUVER, B. C.
 TE. fcj  -
and Contractors
Sole agents:
M. Beatty k sons Dredging Machinery.
Contractors for the design and construction of complete stamp mills, concentration,
clornation, cyanide and smelter equipments
Peterboro Ont., and Vancouver, B. C.
J M. Mackinnoi
Mininq Properties
Properties Bondeo:,
Vancouver B. O
Clinton and way points—Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All points in  Cariboo—Monday.
LILLOOET DIRECT—Monday and Friday.
Through and return tickets at reduced rates.    Special conveyances furnished.
Head Office:   ASHCROFT, B. C.
N. de Kevser. ashcroft
Manufacturing Jeweler, Watchmaker and Optician
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, Eyeglasses, Field and Magnifying
Glasses, Compasses and Aneroids.
All orders by mail and express promptly attended to. All work warranted or
money refunded. If your eyesight is defective call and have your eyes tested free
in the most scientific way. Spectacles and eyeglasses sent on approval to responsible parties. Tell distance you can read the smallest newspaper print and
age.   We will guarantee satisfaction.   Repairing department a specialty.
Leland House
Corner of Hastings and Granville Streets.        VANCOUVER   B. €
"w__c. ii_A_ad___:__TO_sr, pbop. THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B. C, FRIDAY, JULY _*8, 1899.
County court meets next week here
Judge Cornwall presiding.
George Hurley made a trip to Ashcroft
this week with a load of passengers.
A drummer and an eye doctor was in
town for a few days this week doing business.
J. R. Williams returned last week
from OadwallBeer where he had been for
a couple of weeks.
W. Gamble who has been employed at
the Bend'Or mine for some time came
down last Saturday evening.
Semlin's Action Endorsed.
The Westminster Election committee
supporting the present Goverment, have
endorsed Premier Semlin'a action
requesting the resignation of Attorney-
General Martin.
Established 1886.
Incorporated 1895.
W. H. Slipper returned to Vancouver
this week after several days visit to this
Fred Richardson left Tuesday morning for Cadwallader going in by way of
McGillivray creek.
Mrs. J. McKivor, Mrs. Durban, Mrs.
Hodge, and families left Wednesday for a
we*ks outing up Cayoosh creek.
John Wilson one of the largest cattle
owners in the province was in town last
week on his annual tour picking up
cattle tor his market.
J. DeShields left Tuesday for Lytton
where he goes to meet relatives returning from the coast.
The Pelham Nursery, Toronto, Ont.,
are advertising for an agent in this section.   See ad in this issue.
The first of this seasons work of the
Cariboo mine, near Qnesnelle Forks re'
suited in a cleanup of about $48,000.
J. W. Collis is now in the Nicola district and will spend several weeks there
looking over the mining prospect'.
The siwashes are getting quite a lot of
fine spring salmon the last few weeks
and are supplying the town wilh the
Arthur Noel made a trip to the Mission on the steamer Minnehaha, with a
load of freight for the Bend'or mines on
Preparations are being made to erect
a Catholic church in Lillooet. The work
of building will commence shortly. The
site will be in the west end.
R. Terry left Tuesday morning with
the Pemberton mail, this being his last
trip, when his contract will cease. Nothing has been done for a renewal of the
J. B. Wilson left yesterday for Sucker
creek with supplies. Mr. Wilson will
have charge of the ferry which will
shortly be put in at that place by Mr. E.
0. Delong.	
Rev. J. E. Oardner left Monday for
Clinton and will probably bring Mis.
Gardner and children with him on his
return. The parsonage has been enlarged and ready for the family to move
Wm. Cumming, sr., and Mrs. Camming returned Monday after an absence of
several days driving through the district
and visiting their friends. Wm. Camming, jr.. who has had charge of the
store returned to the mill Tuesday morning.  l .
Monday evening near the 105-Mile
House, on the Cariboo road, 58 miles
from Clinton, D. G. Clark, of Chicago,
was thrown off the seat of a freght wagon
by the wheel striking a stone just as the
driver was turning of! the road for camp.
Clark had both arms broken below the
elbows, and was unable to get them set
until he arrived at Clinton.
The secretary of the baseball team
sent a letter to the Ashcroft team accepting the challenge to play at The Grange
and making Saturday, August 5h, the
day to play. Mr. Martley will have the
grounds prepared for the visitors and
everything in readiness for the players.
The boys are practising a little and now
that the time is drawing near they
should get in and play harder and win
the match.
More wheels arrived this week to be
sent up to the Bend'Or mine for ore cars.
The few pieces of machinery needed for
the mill will arrive shortly.
The ferry at Mowson's, Jacks Landing
is working first rate. A ferry at this
point is a great convenience and Mr.
Mowson will no doubt do well.
Canadians First.
Canadian marksmen carried off first
and second prizes in the premier competition at Bisley last week. Iu shooting
off the tie for first place Gilchrist defeated Fleming, Payne and Pattison, and in
the shoot off for second piize Fleming secured second prize, a purse of £10.
Mclennan, mcfeelet t Co., m
Wholesale and Retail Hardware.
Mining Supplies.     Blacksmith Supplies     Mill Supplies.
Railroad Supplies.    Contractors' and Lumber Supplies
Agents for Tbe Giant Powder Co., San Francisco.
The roadmen are still at work on the
roads leading from town. The road up
Oayoosh creek is now in condition to
drive to the Golden Cache mine.
The board of license commissioners
met last Friday afternoon in the court
house and granted a license to John Collum at Sucker creek to sell liquors at his
house.        _^
Mrs.H. Attwood left Tuesday morning
for Oayoosh ereek where she will spend
some time camping. Mr. Attwood is at
present employed up Cayoosh creek.
Robert Henry Brown died at his home
at Beacon Hill Victoria, last week. He
was a much esteemed old timer and was
known since early days as '" Cariboo
Fishing is good up Cayoosh creek,
some very large catches having, been
made the past week. Above the falls
the trout are small but good eating and
below, the fish are larger.
Mrs. Robb and daughter left town
Tuesday morning by special conveyance
for Ashcroft and will go to Vancouver
to remain for a short time. Maggie McDonald who goes below for medical attendance also accompanied them.
Ashcroft is making great preparations
for its annual exhibition to be held there
in October. Athletic sports and horse
races will be held with good purses. The
directors of the fair this year intend to
surpass any exhibition yet held in that
place. The products sho *n at Ashcroft
on previous occasions are hard to beat.
A large scow is being built at Lytton
by Mr. Cobbledick for his dredger. A
first class plant will be in put and of the
most improved style. The river bed at
Lytton is an ideal place for a dredger
and with the men at the head of affairs
will undoubtedly make a success of their
dredger. It is reported that the dredger
on the Fraser river about 16 miles from
Lytton will be moved down by the parties owning it to Lytton
W. J. Abercrombie the butcher, had a
rather disagreeable experience last week
near Pavilion mills. While driving some
cattle one bteer broke away and Billy
followed to bring him back, baton arriving at close quarters the Bteer made for
Billy, and horned the horse in the chest
making quite a wonnd. Billy and the
horse stayed with it for about three miles
but had to give him up on account of the
horse getting the worst of it when coming in contact with the steer.
Musical Examination..
A% the first annual local center examinations in practical subjects of the Associated Board of the Royal Academy of
Music and Royal College of Music held
recently in the Vancouver Conservatory
of Music, all the pupils of the conservatory, who entered as candidates passed
successfully. The examiner was Prof.
Moore of the Royal College of Music,
London, Eng.
Mr. Adolf Gregory, the populaiwdirec-
tor of this flourishing institution, together with his talented staff of teachers
is to be highly congratulated on the satisfactory result attained.
The successful candidates were as follows: Pianoforte, senior, Miss Ethel
Homer. Pianoforte, j'tnior, Miss Edna
Fader, Miss Kate Heap and Miss Clara
Olmstead. Voice culture, senior, Miss
Marion Gray and Miss Elizabeth Dobe-
son. Elements of music, Miss Beatrice
Wilkinson. All theabove aro pupils of
Mr. Adolf Gregory. Organ, senior, Mis*
Miriam Williams, pupil of Mr O. Grif
fith. Pianoforte junior, Miss Marie
Green, pupil of Miss Nicholson.
A man by the name of Lnnn was
found hanging by tlfe neck in Kan loops
last week. Lunn was a resident of Salmon Arm. He had been unwell and had
been to Kamloops for medical attendance. '!
j b cherry;
Lillooet. B. C>
Notary Public, Accountant and
Mlnlna  Broker,
Reports on Mining Properties.
_A.. TJ_P_PO_E^ID,
VANCOUVER, - - - - B. C.
Dealer in Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and
Optical goods. Our repair department is unex
celled for tine work. Leave your orders with
the postmaster who will' have it attended to as
well as if you came nenttmally.
jr. STQ_R,_E_ir-
Wholesale   and    Retail   of   _,-B-_t
and Heavy Harness.
Saddles, Vehicles, Saddlery Hardware, and
Harness Leather.
Quotations by mail forwarded on application.
412 HASTINGS ST., Vancouver, B.C.
A Good Business
A first-claVs salesman wanted to represent us in Lillooet, K. C. and vicinity for
the sale of hardy fruit trees, ornamental
trees and shrubs.
Over 600 acres under cultivation. We
grow varieties of stock especially adapted to British Oil tun his, all stock accompanied by Government certificate of inspection,'and guaranteed free from blemish of any kind. Write for terms to the
N.B —We have other territories not
covered, applications solicited.
Paul Santini
Carries a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry Good,     _\
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, etc. ^
a-_B__>T_B3__^A.Xj    _^£_E__Ee;0_E3:A._N'T
Miners Supplies.
__IXj__OO^JT, "B. o.
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
General Merchandise
Miners' Supplies a specialty.
-B_V2ST1C 03P-
THE ASHCHOPt BRANCH Is the most convenient Bank for Lillooet and all
places in the Cariboo district. Money received on deposit. Drafts issued and collections mad.
in any part of Canada, Oreat Britain and the United States.
Qold r>uat and Amalgam Purchased
Brick Block, next to Bank of B. N. A., Ashcroft, B.C.
A large and well assorted stock of New
Goods.    Prices reasonable.
Special attention to orders by mail.   Let us know what is wanted; or, wh*t i»,
the trouble, and medicines, etc., will be promptly forwarded.
USTDr. Clarke's office at the store.


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