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The Prospector Mar 7, 1903

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"Vt-S*'*** :
Vol. 5. No. 33.
$1.00 a year.
| The Government's majority in
Nevy Brunswick is 22.
The Fifty,-)*-venfcli Congress of
lhe United Stasis has risen.
The head-tux on Chinese enter-
n»' Canada, is to be raised to
Primroses are now   in bloom
[at Woodhouse,   near   Sheffield,
The Canadian l.ank of Commerce has amalgamated with the
Halifax Banking .Company.
Dr. It. J. Galling, the inventor
of the famous Galling gun, died
nt New York, agetl 84 years.
LeSoleil, 8ir Wilfrid Laurier's
Quebec organ, publishes an arti
cle against Asiatic immigration.
There is reason to believe thnt
the University of Dublin will
shortly throw open its degrees
to women.
Rev. W. W. Baer, of Nanaimo,
received this week tin allowance
iu the United States on an improved typewriter carriage-oper
ating necliaiiism.
Winds of such force swept over
England as to wreck many buildings. One passenger train was
blown from the track, ten cars
wrecked and many passengers injured.
Mr. Larke, Trade Commissioner
to Australia,, reports to the Department that over ten tons of
iiurkeysand geese fit un Ontario
arrived in gootl order and sold
at high prices.
A secret convention met in
Paris last week,of whicli the Telegram says: "Far-reaching Anarchist plans are to be discussed
ami perfected at this world's
convention, it is saitl, and it is
even whispered that before adjournment is taken lots will have
been drawn assigning deeds the
foul accomplishment of which
may shape the destiny of the
reigning heads of Europe.
Mnntr.nl,March 4.—Tlii*~aiiiiu *l mcH-
ingof the Cun.diiiii Mining Intuitu!**
wis opi'iieil tlii., morning, Pie itlent
Ci ariea hVigi*-, nf W.t-tvil t\ N. 8., pre-
aldin.. Tne murt'itig te.sion wan uccu-
pifd liy the rending of rtfjinrts, and at
the nhcrnoon see-ion Pre.ideiri, FVrg'e
tead the annual nildrees, in whirli lie
dealt with (lie progress of coal inining
in Nova Scotia. The Pie.ident*. gold
medal waH awarded to O. N. Scott, of
Li towel, Out., for a paper on the ore
depot-its of Copper Mi.uniH.iii, Si in ilk a-
inei/n District, B. 0. Several inteiest-
iiHf ,pa|ier8 were also rem).
Mr. Kergie .aid lhat llie value of
Canada'- niineial iro.llictn last vein
was over $700 000,000. Speaking of the
strike in ihe mine- of British Columhia,
Mr. Fernie expressed the opinion thai
the lion tile v. as due to the mixed
■ lapse- of miners in the Wee), and to
the injudicious handling *.f them.
Tne report of the Council, pnsented
hy Secretary B. T. A. Bell, .howed a
member.hip of 453, against 331 Ior the
previous year. The n port makes . pe-
eial reference lo the death of Dr. A. K.
C. S Uyn, of Vancouver'.
Tne question of coal duties is alsoili-
ing the attention of the niemhers of the
Institute, Ii is expected that some
miniated discussion will ensue when
the matter conies,up fur'consideration,
and already opinions are expre.sul in
the conidors. Fiom what can he
learned, the majoiity of the 30 niemhers present favor a removal ol the du y,
and should it come to a vote, a decided
pronouncement in that direction is
He    Is   Shot
In the Head
Weyburrj. N. W. T., March 4—The
first of the season's monthly excursions
of l.iml-seeKera from tie United States,
for this year, passed heie. this looming. It is a good evidence of the prophesied ru-li, as it carried 158 souls.
Many were Irom the Slate of Wi cousin,
which heretofore has not contributed
largely of its sons. The bulk are journeying to Northern AH erta, Saskatchewan demanding the next largest share.
London, March 4.—The Allan Steamship Line has nOiititd its Continental
hookers to decline to accept further
booking of Continental immigrants for
Canada. As a result there is an outcry
among its agents on the Continent, as
as 2,500 emigrants are at Rotterdam,
and hundreds at Lilian, Russia, waiting to embark for Canada, hut cannot.
The Continental emigration business to
Canada is at a standstill.
Montreal, Feb. 28.—It has been decided to form a Lunch Company, with
$100,000 capital, for the establishment
ot* people's taverns iu Toronto, on somewhat .imilar lines to those in I.i gland.
The Company will be promoted as a
business venture.
or laity ill en.'h roiuliy in iiitili .-■.• hi m oe.t for
nil u!.l i'*il;|lilisli.',l linllSOf) so ill li '■ nr:,r - ami
nil!.   A Mrnlglii. Iiomi llitu ensli Mil.i y pi ; S,Uii
|iniil liy -lie k en ih VV-illlOsilny iv 11 ll nil ox | un
m*m illi'uitl.from liiiaili|ii.'ii mis.   Money iidviiui'-
Cll I'll. OX |IUI1K0».
Malinger, M0 C'HXtOU BullOlllg, (JlllCllg..
Another ieiu has been added to the
list of trouli'es which lhe autlioii ies aie
having wilh Indian- to whom lupin
mis been unlawfully -old. On the night
of the 28'.h ult. Ihe Chief of the Oiyufce
iribe teiu for Cousialile Home of this
town lo arrest a uototiou-* Lmlinn named
PlasliUH, or us he is locally named, " The
C*j1i," who v\ns under the influence «if
liquor tin. likely to uo grievous harm.
Arriving at the Reserve, the Constable
vas forsaken by ti.e messenger and
others who had gailieied around llie
hut in which Pta_l.ua lives, nil being
anxi us to avoid inclining the ill-will
i.l* one of tin ir nun:'-, who had made a
record for liiiu.eii us a dangerous member of the community.
On being urged logo with tlie Con-
Stable, Plasliua at once showed tight.
Throwing off his coat, he defied the
, oliieinan ai.d prepaied to make an as.
sauli, when he was covered by tht) if-
fleer's revolver. At ih s jhji t lhe Chief
entered and in the Shuuhwap tli.ilei t began, apparently, to persuade lhe Indian
logo with the Constable and eventually
he consented, but i. reported lo have
threatened hat the Constable wood
'never cross the bridge."
The night being dark, the Constable
sent the Chief for a lantern, while he, iu
charge of Ihe prisoner, set cut for Lillooet. On the way the Indian became
quite docile and communicative, giving
the name of ihe person from f'hom he
obiaimd his liquor and other iuforuia
lion, but when aliout a half mile from
the Reserve, and near the Jensen cabin,
he turned suddenly upon and sprung at
He officer's throat, but was compelled
lo let go, but in his second effort he ef-
leciually choktd lhe Constable and bore
him to the ground. It was at this point
that the officer of the law used the revolver in the endeavor to break the Indian's shoulder and so compel him to
release his grip. Tiie bullet passed
through the coat without touching the
arm and entered near Ihe Indian's left
ear aud earned him to drop to the ground
like a stone. Shortly afterwards the
Chief, with the lantern, came up and,
turning the lighton the face of Ihe prisoner, was declaring him dead,, when
without warning he sprang up, escaped
the officer and was lost in  he bush.
Efforts to find him were without success, but at 9 a. in. the next morning he
turned up at his own home, in an exhausted condition. Since then be has
been under medical treatment and is
likely to recover.
At a late stage, Arthur Swartz was arrested for supplying Plashua with liquor, but it appears that he himself bad
been beaten by the Indian on the day
of the tatter's arrest and, according to
medical reports, lies seriously ill in consequence. He has now been released on
$300 bail.
Felix Marshall, selling liquor to Indians, fined $50 and costs.
Indian woman, Elizabeth, paid a fine
for being drunk. •
Victoria, Feb. 28.—Appeals ngiiinet
the orders made by Judge Walki-m,
Belting the Palerson election petition
for i rial on March 12th, and refusing
lo fix a date lor ihe trial of die Pri. r
pt'liti-ii, came up before a special silling of the lu I com t this morning.
Tne Chief Justice presided, and with
him weie Judges Drake and Martin.
The Court unanimously set aside
Judge Malkeui's older in the 1'aierson
case, witii co-ts.
Tne question of the legality of tl.e
pioclaiuation adjourning the session,
was n.it tou. in d upon by the Court.
Appeals against orders for respondent
lo make discovery and submit to examination weie allowed lo Bland over
until the next sitting of the Court, io
whicli Mr. Liuton, counsel f r Colonel
Piior, had no objection.
As tbe mailer now stands, neither of
the jieli ions um be tried before the
session ou April 2nd.
Ottawa, Feb. 28. — Mr. Chailes M.
H.iy, Piesident, and Mr. Wainwright,
General Manager, of theGniiid Tiuuk,
were here to-day and met Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and Sir Richard Cart a right,
and Hon. Messrs. Sutherland, Sifton,
Fielding and Fitz. ui ri. k. The question
of assistance to the Grand Trunk
Pacific was di.cu..ed.
It is understood that two propositions
were laid before the Government. One
was for a land grant. It is needless to
say that a land grant will not be ion-
sidered. Whatever aid is given, it must
lake some other form than that of land.
Hon. Mr. Sifton declared against the
land grant, and the Wesl is solid with
him in this regard.
The Andek-on Lake Minimi and Milling
( OMl'ANY, I.I.M1T-P.
Tbe Annual General .Meeting of the
Anderson Lale Mining and M.lling Jo.
Ltd. was held al lhe Company's offices
at Lillooet oh Saturday evening the 14th
The Secretary presented his report of
the year's work, with statements and
balance sheet of Liabilities. The report
and Account, were pasted and adopted,
and the ollicers for the year were reelected :
Dr. George Sanson, President.
F. C. Reynolds, Vice-President.
John Marshall, T'easurer.
Samuel Gibbs, Secretary.
Head our special
offer on the
third page.
For North-West
Tlie iliffictiltieH tli.it* I'-set. new
selUeiM in the North-vW**! Territories in the mutter of »ihi.|.tiiif_;
their Wiiys to hicnl ngrictlltliml
condition-1 will shortly he overcome hy the establishment, nt
Ltegiirii, through privnle intervention, oi° an ngiiciill ni';ilcolle!_e
ttntl experiment station. The
iiecessnry funds hnve heen provided to insure the work font
couple of yenrs, and an efficient
staff is beiuii ilti*-.'n«;ed to cover a
series of Th'ee Months' courses
iu the seven main hranches of
practical tig'i'iciilture, under the
maiinging directorship-of W. II.
t'onrd, LI-. I}., of the Dominion
Depart ment of Agriculture. The
fee for the short course will lie
leu dollar*-., nntl Dr. Conrd will
leave Ottawa for the West on
the 2nd of March t > "spy out
the land" nnd nrrnnge for the
commencement of ,-ietive educational operations. The staff will
comprise professors of ngricul-
ture, chemistry, veterinary science, dairying, horticulture, and
natural history nntl anatomy; a
lecturer on domestic science and
cookery, aud a bursar aud librarian. Dr. Conrd will hold the
professorship of Agriculture and
the lectureship on Entomology;
nnd the names of the other professors and lecturers will be announced during-Dr. ('onrd's visit
to the West The syllabus will
be issued shortly, nnd the Short
Course will present exceptional
opportunities to farmers' sous
as well as new settlers to receive
au agricultural training of a
practical character. The college
is being esiubhshed under substantial patronage, ami, while
not being inaugurated by either
Federal or Provincial Legislatures, will receive the educational
support of both.
It is reported nnother ense of
selling-liquor to Indians will come
up in a few days.
Page Metal Ornamental Fence
Ilaii.l-oinc, durable and low-priced. Specially sui able for front
and ilivi~ioii fences in town lots, come t-He-, orchards, oto. 1 Entails
for 25 GEN TS PER RU ■- f-1NG FOOT. Just aliout
Ilic cheapest fence you can put up. Write for full particulars.
Use I'axc Kami .'once and Poultry Netting.
The Page Wire F.nce Co., Limited. Walkerville, Ontario.
Montre i), F.Q., and St, John, M.B. 7
E. Q. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops. THE  PH0SP1-CT0!?, LILLOOET, HO., MA1.0H 7, 1900.
AT I.ll.l.ool-'.T,  !'..('.
BY   TIIK   I'ROSI -C'.OR   ITItl.l    !l   V,;    inMI'ASY
1IIK PKOSI'HC I OK i.s llie only paper published in the Lillooet District, unil is nil home
Subscriptions; One Dolliirn vriir in iiilvniicr.
Ad veil isi n n iii.i's in n * I.* I, in.*\ ii nn ii |.| 11 i rn ii. in.
Ciirii's|iiniili'in'e i*. Invlleil on nil iniitlei- oi
public nr loeiil inlerosl. All I'liiiiiiiiiiiii'iiiii.ii.-
ilinst be itceonipHIIit'll Ly (lie inline ut' llie
writer, bul not nect'~. ai'llvim* pub ; uiinn
The Miners'  Convention.
*-~. '' " ~_
_____.•-       .. ■_ -      . __ .   -        <■
The Convent ion which has just
closed its lal'ors at, Victoria
proved itself practical from the
outset by appointing a delegate
to proceed 'inmediately to Fernie nntl attempt to settle the dis-
nsl rous coal strike at that point.
Moreover, the resold tion that the
Govern ment he requested to appoint a commission of three
members to examine into the existing relations between employer .-ind employee engaged iu
the mining industry of this Province, with a view to the prevention ot* trade disturbances, was
un evidence of the practical nature of this gathering.
v\"e regard the make-up ot the
Convention as a pledge of gootl
work to be done. Practical
knowledge of the subjects discussed places such a gathering
at a. great advantage. It is a
fact that educated men invariably fail in the discussion of
labor problems when their knowledge is merely theoretical. They
may be familiar with the theories
of political economy, but when
they apply them to any particular situation failure invariably
results. Laborers are specialists
in their calling, aud know facts
and feel the situation which must
be taken into account iu order
to judge thein fairly.
It seems tons that the greatest
hope of settlement nml industrial
petn-e lies in the mingling of employer and employee, when the
educated will go to laborers
themselves, and stay long enough
to know the actual situation of
Capital and Labor, in order to
understand antl to help to solve
intelligently the mighty problems involved. In tlie convention just closed we have had such
a gathering of employers and
«-. ■j- '■
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are the only reliable repeaters.
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
calibers, weights and styles; and are plain,
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose,  every  pocketbook,  and  every taste.
made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
r-Q c- _" Send name and address on a Postal
rfltL    forour 164-page Illustrated Catalog.
The Late firs. Allen.
The passing away of Mrs. Allen, widow
of the late Edward Allen, on the 28tli
ull., at the age of 76, removes another
of the landmarks of this district—thirteen yeare. to a day, afler the death ol
her husband. The defeased lady had
not been in good physical health for
some years, although mentally vigorous to tl.ulast. The imni.dime cause
of death was pneumonia. Mrs. Allen
came to British Columbia in 1868
troin Nottingham, England, and until
Mxteen years ago resided with her htia-
l>nnd at Maiden Creek Ranch, near
Clinton. In 1887 the family came to
Lillooet, Mr. Allen becoming proprietor
of ihe Pioneer Hotel. The l.u_band of
the subject of thi. notice represented
Lillooet District in the Provincial Legislature from 1882 until his death in the
spring of 1890 Mrs. Alien leaves one
son, William F. Allen, who conducts
lhe hotel business above mentioned.
The funeral of the lamented lady took
place t n Monday last at 10 o'clock nnd
was attended by a. very large number
from the town and surrounding country.
An a special and temporary offer to
readers of thin ;»H|>er, we will mail Tiik
Public to persons who are not now s«ib.
sci ibe if. for ten weeks for ten cents.
Tub Pibi io is a $2,16-page weekly Review for democratic Democrats and democratic Republicans: its opinions are
expre.se.l without fear or favor; it gives
an interesiing and connected weekly
of all I istori-al news; il always hns ed-
iloiials worth study ing, a cartoon worth
seeing, nook notices worth reading, ami
miscellaneous matter both valuable ami
interesting ; and it is liked by intt lligent
women as well as by intelligent men
Tne editor is L mis F. Post. Send ten
cents in silver or stamps for ten week's
trial. All suiisr, iptions aie paid strictly
in advance, and upon expiration the
paper is promptly strpped   unless sub-
NOTICE is hereby given that application
will be made Ui lhc Legislative Assembly of
ihe Province of British Columbia at its next
Session for an Act to incorporate a Company
with power to build, equip, maintain and operate a line or lines ol Railway of standard
cange frotii a point at or near lla/.Uton by
the most feasible and practicable route to a
point on the Northern Boundary of liritish
Columbia, at or mar Teslin Lake or Atlin
Lake, or both; also from lla/.lcton by lhe
most feasible and practicable route via the
Skeena, liabin., Driftwood, Omineca and
I'inlny Rivers lo Pence Uivcr I'ass, or Pint
Kiver or both, iher.ee Easterly to the East
ern boundary of the said Province, with an
thority also to construct, equip, maintain am
scription is renewed. Mention this paper ( operate branches Irom any points on the pro
Address:      THE PUBLIC,
Unitv Building, Cn caoo, lit*.
More snow has fallen during this sea-
eon in Lillooet District than for some
years past. We have therefore lhe
prospect of plenty of water for hydraulic
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tenders me Invited tor llie whole <•( Hie
property, Including drown ('mined chiiius,
mill site, Cyanide mill, (.'apiicliy I- Infill tuns
diiily), irtiiinviiy, sssiiy iitllcu, liilio.Hlory mul
full.',impin,-nl, nf Hie Toronto Lillooel Oold
Cuefs (Hun puny Limited, situate in lhe l.lllooe.l
district of lliiiisli ri.liiinl.iii; Including the
Ample, .Vlnile, Mm.-iidi mul Wetland Vide
mini's which nre Crown K.nnl-d, also tlie
Nortli Star, Hidden stripe, tlolden Knglti. Ituliy
and Jumbo mineral claim, In tlio saiiie tllst
Hut. together with a inn stamp mill, machine
ttrills mid oilier equipments. Cash tenders for
lhe whole property me rctpiesleil Iiul
off us fur working options or for pint ions
of (lie propel iy will lie considered hum ilic
former group UM) imisof ore Inis heen milled,
Willi an assay value iip|iloxiiiinllllg $10.0(1 lo
fll.uu Wagon i..ml from Itmlroad lo null. The
whole of lhe ah,ive will hear looking llllo nud
Investigation and are an exceptionally Important and valuable group of claims wiih full
working equipment. Full pai'llctihti- iniiv lie
iiad ou application lo ICdgHl' llloomlleld
Liquidator, P. n. Iin_ 7IH, Viini'Oiimi' H <'.
posed line or lines not exceeding in any one
case one hundred miles in length and with
power to.construct, acquire, own and maintain wharves ami d .-I.s in coiuicclion therewith; and to construct, own, acquire, equip
and maintain steam and other vessels and
bi mis and operate the same on any navigable
waters, audio construct, operate ami maintain leleRiiiph and telephone lines along the
routes of said kailway and its blanches or
in connection therewith and to transmit messages for commercial purposes and collect tolls
therefor, and to acquire and receive from any
(ioverninent, Corporations or persons, grants
ol land rights of way money, bonuses, privileges or other assUianc. In aid of the construction of the Company's undertaking and
to connect wdth and enter Into traffic or Other
arrangements with railway, steamboat or
other companies and for all rights powers and
privileges necessary Usual or incidental lo all
or any of the aforesaid purposes.
Dated this Jul day of December, A.D. 1902.
Cornwall iv Rogers,
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Asthmalene brings instant relief and permanenj
Cure   In   All   Cases.
There   is   nothing   1 < k e A n tll
111 a I h 11 e .     It.   li r i 11 if <     i 11 a 1 a ii|
re 1 i e f ,     even    in     tbe     w o r
c, 11 h e h .     ll.  riii.-s   when   all   else fmj
The   Rev.   C.   I'".   WELLS,    ol   Villa   Kidfl
111.,   says:   "Your   liinl   bollle of Asthninli
received  in good coii.'ilicii.     1 ciinnot   lell yi|
how thankful   I   feel for lhe  good del ived fn
it.    1   was   a slave,   chained   wilh   putrid  stjj
throat  and  Asthma for   ten years.     1   despairs
of ever being cured.    1 saw your sniveltiseniel
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disease,    Asllnna,   and    tl ought you hnd  ovt
spoken   yourselves,   but   resolved    to  give  it*
trial.   To  my astonishment, ihe trial iicietl lil|
a charm.    Send  ine a lull-si/,e  bottle."
H-v,    I >■-.    Moi'i'Ih    Wecltsler
Ruhlii ol the Cong.   Ilnni  Israel.
New   Vork,  Jan.   3.    1901.
J>ltH. TAI'T   IIUOS..'    MKIH'INK   CO.,
(ienllenien: Your Asthmalene is al
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay I'evel
and ils composition alleviates nil troubles whiq
combine wilh Astliuui. Its success is nsloiiishinl
and w outlet lid.
Alter having   il  carefully   analyzed,   we  can slale  lhat    Asthmalene   contain.
110  opium, morphine,  chlorol'i  or ether. Very Indy yours,
Avon  Sl'ltlNds,  N.   V.   Eeii. I, 1901.
Du. Tai'i' Ukos. Mkiiicink Co.
(ienllenien: utile  this testiiiioninl   from   n   sense of duly,  having tested thJ
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commenced inking ii nbout lhe fust of November. 1 very soon noticed n radical
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bee from nil symptoms. I feel Ihal 1 can consistently recommend lhe niedicinel
to    all    who   are  alilicied   wilh   this    distressing   disease.    Yours    respectfully,
O. 1).  I'll li LI'S, M. IX]
Dk.  Tai'I'  Huns,   Mi.kkjimc Co. |i_b, 5. 1901.
llenllenieir.    I   was    li'iuibled    wilh   Asthma   or  22  years.    I have tried numerous]
remedies,   but   Ihey have all  failed.    I   ran across your advertisement and  stalled with]
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day.    This  testimony you can make.such use of  ns you see lit.
Home address, 235,   Uivingloii Street. S.    Raphael,
67 Last 129th si.,  New York City.
fi  fi  0  fifi   fi  6
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postal.
Do   not delay.    Write at once,   addressing DU. TAI'T  DUOS' MUD IONIC CO.,
79 Kast   130th  St.,    N.   V. City.
Sold by all   Druggists.
0-_E31srElI^_A_Xi     _I^K_E^G-Err_A-IsrT
Miners Supplies.
Subscribe for The "Prospector"
$1.00 per annum.
Branch Store at Bridge Biver where a
full stoek of General Merchandise and Miners Outiits are oil hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C THE  PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B.C., MARCH 7, 1903.
I —
A lide in n  Rocky   Mount-tin
!t;li  in   tlie old  singing davs
ri one of tliosH  lliinos wliieli,
niexpei*ienced,cnii never lie for-
•ten.     It wns  in  1804,  with
ve for a driver, Hint I rode on
first Condi for its first drive
in Ynle   to  Cnrilioo.   Steve's
tie lind  preceded Iimi, for lind
notdtiven tlie oveilnnd coiteli
(ross the plains to Cnlifornin,
Hiding nil robbers nnd escaping
,j>ni till Indinns?   So to ride be-
ind Sieve  wns a passport   to
fety and a giini'itnlee of your
R'e being spared  if horses nud
Lach held   together aud Steve
[it on the box.
To drive sixcnyiisehorsesnlonji,
jhe edge of a precipice with notli-
iig* but the skill of the driver be-
ween tyou and nniiihiafioii, and
S*o gallop safely   down suul up
liills where afc one moment the
fundi threatened to fall over the
|iorses nnd the next the horses
Bo fall back on the concli, was uo
i'Miieciire fur the driver, be he ever
mt skilful or his  nerve ever so
strong.   There wns the rontl just
built along the edge of the Fra-
|ser River.   Travellers today, ns
they   skirt the opposite side in
jtheir  railway enr,   wonder how
Jever such a rontl wns built, nnd
wonder  still more   however tl.e
old-timers dared to travel over
| it.   It   was a, risky experiment,
nnd when we snid   good bye to
Yale there were doubts freely expressed   of our ever   returning.
Everything wns new nnd untried
| and    the   surprises   that    were
sprung upon us were neither few
nor far between.
The most of our horses had
never been in harness before, and
nny   oue who   knows  a cayuse
knows that he is  a, first cousin
to a broncho; nnd  thefeutsof a
broncho   iu    kicking, plunging,
bucking and  general horse demoralization are mailers of history.     In   changing   horses we
performed  things   which   would
mnke the fortune of un ordinary
circus.   There was a, man holding every horse and   the passengers were exhorted to sit still, no
matter whaleve-   happened, and
to grip the sides of  the.coach
hard.    Rearing, screnuiing, and
leaping, the horses would at last,
ns if by a preconcerted arrangement, go off with a bound.   In
front snt Steve holding the reins
iu one hand and his long whip iu
the other, with his right foot ou
the   brake.    Rigid ns a statue,
eyes keen as an eagle's, and with
.muscles of iron nud   nerves  of
steel, Steve controlled the situation, uo mutter how  critically
dangerous it seemed to us.   lie
seldom spoke,   and   life  seemed
too serious for him to laugh.   1
never heard  him swenr   und I
never knew him  to touch liquor
—nnd  I   hnve seen  him   sorely
tempted to do both.
Once, when driving over a
mountain rond iu a night ns
dark as lhe proverbial "pitch,"
our horses shied at something
which no one saw but themselves,
aud over went our coach. From
lhe midst of the struggling
horses and the overturned couch
a woman arose, a bottle of
liquor iu oue hand nud a pistol
ior Fall or Spring planting.
Seeds, Plants,
I'KI.I ll.l/.KKS.
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster  Koad, Vancouver, li.C
Will 11*:  LAIIOIt ON] V.
NOTICE is hereby given that application
will he made to lhe Legislative Assembly of
lhe Province of liritish Columbia at its next
session foran Act tq incorporate a Company
with power to lay mil, construct, equip, operate by steam, electricity, or other motive
power, and main ain a single or double track
standard or narrow ^ange railway (a)from a
point from a point on the coast at or near
UurUe Channel or lieiitiiuk Arm, then by
way of lhe Hella Coola Kiver, Palmer's Trail and Mack Water Kiver to lhe Pine
Kiver I'ass or Yellowhead I'ass, or both,'
thence to Ihe Eastern boundary of the said
Province, (b) and from a point nt or near
where the line ol lhe railway mentioned above inteisects the one hundred and twenty
liftll meridian to a point near ISiirrni'd lulet.
And with hnlher power to build, con. tnict,
equip, maintain and operate as aforesaid
blanch lines of the said Kailway not exceeding 150 miles in length; and with power to
build and operate tramways in connection
therewith. And wiih power to construct, e-
quip, main tain and operate all necessary roads,
lnid;;es, ways, leniis, steamboats, wharves,
docks, elevators, wauhouses, hotels, depois
and Coal bunkers. And with power lo build.
own, equip*, operate and maintain telegraph
and telephone lines iu connection wiih the
said railway or its blanches, and to construct,
equip, 111a ill I ain and operate branch lines in
connection wiih said lele_rnpli and telephone
lines. And wiih power lo carry on a general
irniisporiiition Im. ine.s. -And to build and
operate all kindi oJ plant for the purpose of
supplying light, heal, electricity, or any kind
of motive power. And to acquire lands, bonuses, privileges, or oilier aids from any liuv-
eriiiiieut, Municipalities, prisons, or oilier
bodies corporate. And with power to curry
on a general Express business; and lo promote
companies; and lo make traffic, or oilier arrangements wiih Kailway, steamboat or oilier
companies. And with power to Construct,
acquire, operate and dispose of smellers, reduction, refilling, concentrating or other works
for the handling and treatment of ores, and
In acquire, operate and dispose of coal lands;
and wilh power to expropriate lands for the
purposes of the Conipany; and to lake such
powers as are given to Companies under
Part 4 of lhe "Water Clause.. Consolidation
Act, 1897,"
And with power lo levy and collect tolls
from all persons using, and on all freight
passing over any such railways, tramways,
wharves or vessels owned or operated by the
Company. And with power to build wagon
roads lo be used in lhe construction of lhe
said railway, and in advance of the same, and
lo levy and collect lolls from all persons using,
and on all freight passing over any such roads
built for the Company, whether before or
after lhe construction of lhe Kailway. And
with power to sell out ils undertaking, and to
purchase the undertaking of any other company, and with all other usual, necessary or
incidental rights, powers or privileges as may
be necessary or conducive to the above objects
or any of them.
DATED at  Victoria,   H.C.,  this  second
day of December, A.D., 1902.
Solicitors for the applicants
60  YEARS'
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
1. Its Fraser River Placers.
As far back as the year 1858, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
bar, near tlie town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
the present time.
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed Avith a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of eieeooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
andeuson lake and HUiDGE RivEit mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of territory that remain unprospected.
3.Jt^]shing ajidJHLunt^ng Grounds-^^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here.    Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound.    Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. Jts^alubi^
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Railway towns are ashcroft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
Prospector" Club Offers.
Manitoba FreePress and Prospector for $ 1.50
The Manitoba Free Press with its weekly Supplement gives 28 pages of reading matter every week. In addition to this, 2-admirable
painting reproductions will be given. For $1.50 we will have the Free l'ress, the 22 paintings and The Prospector sent to you for
one year,
The Family Herald and Weekly Sta, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
The two beautiful pictures "PURITY" and "ALONE" which are to be presented with the Family Herald are 2X x 28 inches  in
size, and are suitable for framing,
Trade Mark*
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone nenrtlnK 11 sketch and description may
lutokly ascertiilii our opinion free whether an
invention Is prohnbly patentable.  Communica
tion* strictly ronlldentliil. Ilundbookon Patent.
sont free, oldest agency for securing patents.
Patent* taken throu.h Munn k Co. receive
special notice, without charge, in the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.nrirest circulation of any a. lentlUe journal. Terms. Ill a
MM' Ii four months, tl. 8old by all newsdealers.
Branch Office, B K BU Washington, ]
•New York
ltngton, D. C.
The Weekly Witness price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern Messenger 30
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
Special. We were successful in our last club offer, and will now make a
special rate.    We will send you all the above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, world wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.oo. THE  PKOSPEOTO!!, LILLOOET, B.C.., MAKCH 7, 1903.
|     LOCAL   NEWS.       |
.1. Taylor is ncling conslnhle
nl pie.st.iili.
Di-. Mathers came in fi-oin Ash-
I'l-o.t Inst Monthly.
(.eo. 01 mi roll went on I to Asli-
O'roft Inst, Tuestluy.
M. (Inynor is down from
1-iitlge River tliis week.
Indian Agent Hell left town
lasl Tiiesd«t,y tor (Tint on.
Mr. Gibbs,Notary,lias been on
the sid- list for some time.
Jos. Russell went lip to tlie
Bend 'Or mines .last Wednesday.
Mr. Lay ton, malinger of (lie
B. X., eame in from Aslicioft, Inst,
Good reports continue to come
froir the lndinns who are washing gold in tliis section.
Mr. Murcliie, photogrnpher,
came into town Inst Thursday
ami will stay a few days.
0. A. Carman,  representative
of   McKay, Smith  & Co., Van
couver, was in town this week.
Mr. Vowell, Superintendent of
the Indian Department in liritish
Columbia, left, town hist Tuesday
on the B. X. stage.
The Chiefs of the various Indian
bands iu this dis'.rict met Inst
Monday to air their grievances
liefore Superintendent Vowell.
D. Hurley returned from Victoria Inst Tuesday, lie reports
a good time at the Convention,
to whicli he was appointed as
The price list of the McMillun
Fur Co. is now on file nt tliis office. Dealers in furs, etc., cannot
tlo better than consult the company before selling their stock.
Paul Santini,
curries a   full slock of nil kinds of Groceries,  Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes, Hardware &_.
W       *
What shrunk your woolens ?, R.F.AnderSOn&Co
Why did holes wear so soon ?
You   used   common   soap.
Ask tor tkc OcUgoa Bar. ta.
General 1 Lira ware,
Picks and Shovels,
Axes, Hoes Si Cakes,
liar Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils', Paints, Ac.     .
EDWARD VII, by the Grace of Sod, of the
Uniled Kingdom of Grent Britnin mid
Ireland nnd of ihu British Dominions beyond ihe Bens, King, Defender of tiie
Faith,etc., etc., etc.
To our faithful the Members elected to serve
in the Legislative Assembly of Onr Province of British Columbia, and summoned
and called to a meeting of the Legislature
or Parliament of Our said Province, at Our
i ily ot Victoria, on Thuisday, the twelfth
day of March, one thousand nine hundred
and three, to have been commenced and
held,aud every of you,—Greeting.
H. A. MAC-KAN, j  \I7HEREA8   the
Deputy Attorney-General, j *'meeting of the
Legislature or Parliament of Ihe Province of
British Columbia stands called for Thursday,
the twelfth dayof March, one thousand nine
hundred and three, at which time, at Our
City of Victoria, you were held and constrained to appear :
NOW KNOW YE, ihai foi divers causes and
considerations, and taking into consideration
the ease and convenience oi Our loving subjects, We have thought fit, by and wilh the advice of Our Executive Council of the Province
of British Columbia, to relieve you, and each
of you, of your attendance at the time aforesaid; h.reby convoking, and by these presents
enjoining you, and each of you, that on Thursday, the second day of April, one thousand
nine hundred and three, you meet Us in Our
Legislature or Parliament of the said Province,
atOuri.ltv of Victoria. FOR THE DISPATCH
UF U8INKB8, to treat, do, act and conclude
upon those things which in Our Legislature
ol the Provinee of British Columbia, by lhe
Common Council of Our said Province may, by
the favour of God, be ordained.
In Testimony Whereof, We have caused
these Our Letters to be made Patent and
the Great Seal ef Our said Province to be
hereunto affixed :
Witness, the Honourable Sir Henri
Gustavk Joly be I.otbiniere, K c. M. G.,
Lieutenant-Governor of Our said Province of British Columbia, at Our Govern
ment House, in Our City of Victoria, in
Our said Provl ic«, this nineteenth day
of February, in tbe vear of Our Lord one
thousand nine hundred and three, aud
in the third year of Our Reign.
By Command.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
<>r ia.iv i. di county to mannge business for
an old established house of solid financial Rtniid-
illg     A stmiKht, bonii I'nie ciisli siiliiry ot $18,011
paid by check each Wednesday Willi "11 export
ses direct from heiidqimrteis.   Money adviilic
ed for expenses. I
Manager, 310 Caxton Building, Chicago. I
Mr. \V. 1". AI.I.KN Kv.. to notify liis
frk'inls nml oiisloiii.is ll Sat thi. l'ioneer lintel will continue under liis inniiAg-iiuiit mul
direction until iuriher-notii:.. M'r. AIUm fissures liis friends '.(.ml the iMVcliiiiJ? public
ji-nerally that '.1"' I'est of care ami attention
will be li_slovt.dou_.il ..'mi i.ntron'u- the
l'ioneer I Intel.
W.  F. AI.I.KN,
Lillooel, l.nu'.nry, 1903.
NOTICE is hereby given lliat-nii applic-
at:.oi will be.ill-tie by the _~.ii-.id~. Central
Uiiiwiiy Coin pah) t" the I'nrlimn-iit of Canada al 'li~ ft" t st_h~ioii thereof for an Ael
giviuK the said Conipany power to cutisirtict
and operate nie following lines from or in
connection witli lhe main line ol the sai.'l
kaihv.it .—
1 - I',.111 *. :me i> ii.t at or near
Sudbury in lhe I'rovince of Ontario to a point
11 or near Scotia luneiioii; thence southerly
to a point at ur near Ualsi in or Siuijjeon
Lakes i.1 the townships ofi Uoxley, Vcriil.ini
or Keiiclon, continuing southerly to the Cil)
of Toronto,
2- From sinne point on lhe
main line in the Disliicl of KiTwatiu or iu
l» • 1., : ol . ae'.'.alchewa'i. ;" i ■ it < hurcliill
mi I ludson'- Hay.
3-- A continuation of it., main
line from Tels Juan Cache by way of the
'Ine 1 hompson nud 1'iti - River valleys to
Vancouver, or New Westminster,
4-- From some point on the
Thompson Rivei or some of ils Uihutari-s In
Waddiiigton Ilarln 1 or bnte Inlet.
5-- Froiii a 1 oint near the old
site of Furt Assinibuia lo.some point mi '.ho
1'eace River ami westerly In the Portland
Canal on the Pacific.
6. I "1 111 some point on the main
line of said Railway at 1 1 ilea, the Montreal
Liver in the Province ofOntario easterly to
some point on flic Ca'iiu'.ui River in the
Province o. Quebec.
Au 1 fi pxcrcise with regard to
such lines all the powers a.id privileges given to thc said Company by its Act of Incorporation.
DATED at Toronto this lolh day of
January, 1903.
Johnson & Fakonbridge.
Solicitors for the applicant.
News from all the world—Well-written
original stoiie.— Answers to queii**. —
Articles on Health, the Home, New
Rooks, wod on Work about the Farm
anil Oanleii.
The WEEK. Inter-Ocean
Is* a member of the As. octal, d Prem^
tlie only Western Newspaper re-eiv-
ing the entire telejiri plilit news .er-
vice of the New Yoik Sun, and special cable of tbe New York World—
Daily reports of over 2,000 special
correspondents throughout the country.
Si.liserit-  tor The WEEKLY
INTER-OCEAN (One Dollar)
ROTH FOR* 1.25.
Subscribe for
The Prospector
Pacific Ry.
Trains ilepait as follows:
K ist hound 23.14 \Ve~lhiilind   2.40
I.V 11 ON
Kaslliiiiind 20.57 West bound  5.31
* Pioneer
Lillooet, 15.C.«^^~^ pi f\i_\A1
W. F. Allen, Proprietor.
First-Class Hotel in every respect.      Accomodatio
for Eighty Guests.   Large Annex comfortably furnished.     Sample Rooms for Commercials.
All   guests   receive   every   attention.
To St Paul-Daily
Toronto-Monday &. Friday
Montreal & Boston-Wed.
Elegant Equipment
>1<      Lowest Rates       >l*
>K Steamships from >!**>
Vancouver to
A US I'll ALIA-,       ALASKA.
Lowest Riitits 111I1I licit >-.vi,-_ To ami
From All I'oinis, |i'ni" full liifiiriiiatinn
.md Particulars c. .1 mi 01.1 l..ic -any 1 ', I'.R.
HcUet .Wit or
H  J. IliiYI.K,
A. 11. I' .A.,
Vittii'UiiV-l'. it. * .
H. C. PARKER, - Lilllooet, B.C.
Having purchased the stock oi
R.J. Atkins, we are now adding
to it and prepared to fill all orders!
Repair Shop in connection with Store, where your ever**.
want will be supplied.  A complete iMiinil.ingOutHtonluindl
M AKK Yotm «>W'N l.Ki'Aiits.   Knamki.ikii   K nobs. For Coffee and TeM.Potlu
nml Other (tanking lllentill.'.   I'.l..„ cuntK eiieli, wlillo tlie'v lnsi.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton &. Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays]
All points in Carihoo:     -   -    JVJf_.iiU-t.ys,
150Mile House : Mondays Si Fridays | semi-weekly service.!
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
)§t Special conveyances furnished.    Send   for folders   ^1
LILLOOKT,   15.0.
Itufm.rH   neatly   ..xecir. .1.    limn (.kh   niml*
Uiul ropniicd.
fi rimiccr DniR Store,
_. Lillooet, - - - It. C.
On to my Ranch, « r.d mare witli
white cross on (preheat). No liraiul,
tinner can have the .nine Ity proving
propeity ami pavi*))^ expense-.
K cVanl Meana.
I'aclielqtia, V..V  -"ehrnary 7lhl902.
Into my field, a white ami red heifer,
with Lob lail. No lira nil. Owner can
im the .an e by proving property and
payini! expense..
Eugene   Santini.
Lillooet. Feh. 7th 1903.
Lever's Y-Z(Wise Head)Disinfectant Soap
Powder is a boon to any home. It disinfect! and deans at the same time. j.
The new singe line leaves l.ytlon ovory Monday and]
Friday I'or Lillooet, rettirnjng next -.lay. Special tripaj
made.    Write us tor information.
Fetor Kehagliati Si. Co., iAtton   H. 0.
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR.
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McCOSH, Meiclnint Tailor, A~licnifl, B. 6
Vancouver, B.C.
V:stahlished, 18(J0.
Assay work of all descriptions tinilcilnKtMi. Tests mnde up lo 2000 lhs. A specialty
made of checking smelter pulps. Samples from llie Interior hy Mail or Express
promptly att- mled to.   C o r r e s po 11 il e 11 c e   solicit e d .
Blacksmith Supplies
We eurry tlie largest and best stoek in B.C.,
...dulling: liar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.


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