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The Prospector Jul 25, 1903

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Vol. 6. No.
$1.00 a year.
Conservative Victory
The Conservatives are jubilant
ver their victory in Mniiitoba
inI, Monday. Premier Rolilin to-
;ether with his forces curried 30
{eiiLs out of 40, willl two election-, .yet to be held.
Henderson Nominated
For tVe.stY.-ile.
The Libenil Convention for
lYest Yale wiih held lit Spence's
Iridge hist Monday. Delegates
rom all pnr.H of (he riding' were
•resent. Mr. Henderson wns the
inaniiiious choice of all present.
Prgiin.i_i|ti')ii for work eoniineu-
,-ed at once.
Salmon Hatchery.
A luminal of informal ion con
Periling onr I'rotiiicial fisheries
lias been issued recently, and in
it are many matters of practical
interest furnished hv Mr. I.al cock
the Fisheries Commissioner who
is now superintending the erection of tlie hatchery atSelon Fake
about three miles from the town
nf Lillooet. Mr. liahcock in discussing the important problem of
lish protection says:
"It is not clear how regulations
that will equally protect tl.e fish
iu both the British and American
waters can be brought about.
There is certainly great necessity
for equalising the regulations affecting the socke.ye salmon. A
weekly close season applicable to
t he American waters of IheSoiind
is much to be desired. If a 36-
hour weekly close season, beginning on Thursday at (> p.m., and
extending to Saturday, 6 a.m.,
were adopted on that side of the
line, the fish that passed through
their waters during that time
would be protected in our waters
by tlie present 36-liour weekly
close season whicli begins at 0. a
in., on Saturday and extends to
G p.m. on Sunday, and would
solve the question and insure nn
increase of fish on the .'pawning
ground.. The benefits to be derived irom such joint action are
so great I hat the wisdom of their
adoption should appeal to (he
grent interests on both sides of
I he Sound. During 1 he last four
years there has been a. general
.consolidation of the canning interests in both Washington and
Hrjt4-.il Columbia. They are controlled nnd managed liy men of
commercial prominence to whom
the wisd    of joint action  to
preserve this great fishery sho'd
.■strongly appeal."
!_«>€■ i- 4 umiiiiiiiiliint Onve i apt in <'il b.v thr
lU-iluiil.liiMtt Ciiiuiilixii.
"If Col. Nam Hughes will come to
(iini.jiialaiul 111 guarantee liim aie-
uytion to whi.h his Llaooay ic.ep-
ti)ii on returning I'l-oui tile war
won't be a patch," suid -oinnand-
ant I'e .lough, one of tho Boer olli-
icrs of lhe late war, as he Hat, iu Inspector Hughes' oil'ic.', Toronto, one
morning in .January I st, wiili Lindsay's ie.loubtal.il. wariior bold beside him. The two had met before
in South Africa, and a sudden attachment had been formed between
them. In fad. Ie Jongh, along with
800 men under him, had been laken
into cusii dy by Col, Hughes, who
had followed I hem for I__f> miles wiih
only 1.8 men. The Commandant has
a frank admiration for the ile\er
dare-deviltry of a colonel wbo could
I e< form SUcli a feat. Thc two of
them had also been mixed up in other interesting encounters in .South
Af ii'a, in which they would have
taken each other's lives with tho
greatest, /ist. Now they lunch together, and on tl.e friendliest po3-
si lo terms. They fought their buttles o'er again und viitor and vanquished accepted the Issue wilh the
greatest mutual good will. Commandant He Jongh says tliis spirit is
unite typical of the pr.s.nt feeling
among the great majoiily of the
lioir. He came to Tor. nto largely
he ausc of Colonel Sam Hughes' Influence, and he expects to make his
home here. He says that probably
many more of his conipatriot-i, attracted by reports of Canadian pros-
peii y and Canadian liberty, will emigrate foon to this country.
In the early part of the war V,q
Jongh was ill Kruger "s secret service in Cape Colony. After that he
led a commando in Graiqualand until captured by Colonel Hughes. He
was one of the party of Doors who
surprised the Biitish under General
Warren at Faber's Put. Col. Hughes
was in charge of ono of the guns
wl ic'.i fought off the nit nek. The
lloor wariior told of how Ihey crept
through the Diilish ranks and opened up on the surprised British
troops at dawn, and Col. Hughes
gave the version of the fight from
his point, of view. The British lost
some '25 men killed and a number
wounded. The Boer loss, according
to Commandant He Jongh, was nut
more thun '20 killed and wounded.
Both soldiers apparently greatly enjoyed the light.
"The Boers of Graiqualand," said
V). commandant, "would be glad to
follow Col. Hughes anywhere. They
would have been only too glad to
hn\c taken service under him if he
were not lighting for their enemies."
Col. Hughes looked happy, und
changed the subject to a trial of
mark, ma- s' ip he once had with
some of De Jongh's friends in South
The visiting Boer officer Is a
comparatively young man, of pleasant address, who speaks English
perfectly. Apparently he was a.
worthy foe for Colonel Hughes, nnd
h<» now accepts defeat gracefully, and
Ifiis shaken hands with the victors.
5    LOCAL   NEWS.       S
Jos. tVatliinson, of Lytton Road, is spending lhe week in town.
Miss Gibbs is vi.si.ing at the Rose Bunk
Ranch, Lytton roi tl
W. K.ellfind a party ul town ileiicl. have
left lown to camp out at Sctun Luke lur u
few days
Mr. Rowland Morrison, brother ol Mr-.
Robt. Cumming, Pavilion Mills, pat '-it
lo town Inst Saturday,
Mr. Mulholland and Mr. bliss of [own,
came in tu lown fiom the Coast   yesterday,
Mrs. Dole-ity and I.in.ily, of Clinton, are
visiting Mrs. l-'.ngleson nt the Victoria llolil
The gang of men who have been repairing
the Trunk Roads in llie District are now re-
! turning to town.
Miss Iiurr, of Mew Westminster, is visitinj
Mr. and Mrs. Cumming ill lown.
Miss Smith, of Clinton, who has been visiting friends in town, returned home by the
Ashcroft .stage this morning.
Chas. Noel, who has been visiting Iriends
in town, left fur Whatcom County, Wis'.lillg-
Ion, last Sunday morning.
Post-Master Clarke and W.M. Brandon,
who have been camping out on ihe shores ■ I
Anderson Lake, re'urned to town last Wednesday,
The active operations at the Hatchery,
the Seton Lake saw mill, lhe gold dredge,
and the Anderson Lake mine and other
properties, have taken nearly every available
man out of town.
Duncan McDonald, Lillooet; C. Deans.
Clinton; D, O'llara, Hat Creek; J. Moore,
Alkali Lake; T. MeKwen, Empire Valley;
D.R. Mel.ure, 111-Mile House; D.A. Stoddard, 93-Mile House; Conrad Kostering, llig
Bar; and Alex Lochore, Lytton Road, have
been appointed Commissioners to lake affidavits under the Provincial Elections  Act Am-
j endmeht Act for Lillooet District, also J ,S.
! Bell for the town of Lillooet.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
•Soap Powder is betterthan other powders,
us it if both soap and disinfectant.     _4
or lady In eneli -ounty to nniuiifve business for
j an old established house of solid financial.land
; inn. A straight, liollii Arte cash salary ul |18,00
I paid by eli0ek each Wednesday with nil exnoti-
I set di reel from headquarters. Money ndviine-
| eil for e~|i~n~es.
Manager,840 Caxtou Building,Chicago.
_         | NOT. CIS
Sever It.aril nf Him.
Tho Edinburgh Evening Dispatch j Tako Not|00 ,_,_ sixty days after date I, the
te'ls of two Scots in London, wm. Jnidorslgnod, will apply to the Chief Conimis-
vere passing Whitehall, when otra | aionor ot Lands nnd Works for permission to
snid: "I wonder from which of theso 1 i,_rchiisc the followlng-de8crlb.dlaiid8lti East
windows it was that King Charlos l.Moooii Commencing Hi a Noith-West post
was led out to be executed: I'll nsk | |„ ti]Q 1 > 1 iew Hills, sftualu.l on Upper Demi-
the "bobby." "Cnn you tell nie,'* man's 1 reek ihencoSO chains East,tlienei.40
he said, addressing that dignitary, chains South, thenco SQ chains West, thence
"from which window Charles was j luehnins North to lhe point of commencement,
led out to bis execution','" "Chawl. s! 0011 tatnlug .T_0 acres more or less, for grazing
(.bawl's!"  said tho constable,  rellee-   purposes.
tively,     "I      never   'card   on   'im;   it .lames ll. Uren,
must 'avo been uforo uiy toiine.*' Hated ni Lillooet, r.*'.  July 8th, 1908.
(ainiilii's I illaiiieH-Ilt.ceil.ts  llt-ni-li I'ht-lr
Highi'st   _-.gu.ft — 1 xjiansioii   in 25
Veai-H—llt-pi stlH ui'im1 F.nely.
Ill the annual report on the public
accounts of Canada for lt>02, the
I'opuly Minister, Mr. d. M. l.ourt-
noy, oilers thu following reman s:
"I find that ll is is tne iwoiiiy-liflb
annual lopoit 1 nave had the honor
to present us Deputy iViinistjr of Finance. At the lime of the pul.li a-
tion of my first leport, the f.i i* 1 ._
for keeling in touch with tl e different Paris of the Dominion wire ve.y
different from what th.y aie to-day,
At that time it was a matt.r if as*
much difficult, to go from tie eastern port of the Dominion lo tbe
western part as it. is to-day to go
from Dttawa to South Afiica. Tbe
provinces have be:;n mouldid into one
confederation, 'lhe Dominion cf Canada has arrived at a siaj;e of development thut e\en the most .anguine Canadian of thine dajs hardly
dreamed of, und there is ov.ry likelihood that the progri-ss of the coming years Will  le even giodr.
"It has been my pleasant duty and
privilege lo have taken part during
the past quarter of a cei tury in
solving many public final.ci 1 problems, and lookii.g back over tbe
prrjod l feel it can be siid t-at, as
a whole, tl.e clopai tment his not
been unsuccessful in is iindoi'tal.inga.
1 li«- 1.1. 'h r.:* ii' s 11.
"As the business cf tlie count y
increa-cl the wonv of the deportment
increased in like proi o.i.i.m. Son.e
idea of this evolution may le inferred from tbo statement that on my
entry upon the dut es of the office of
Deputy Minister tho amount of Dominion notes in circi h-.tion of all
kinds, largo and small, wis less than
the circulation to-day of tho note.,
of small denominations only ($1 and
S2..i The total amount of Dominion
notes in circulation has increased
threefold. The deposits in the savings benks, both Government and
postoffice, have increased sevenfold.
Owing to the ie*elo| n:e:it of the
bonking fac lilies throughout the
country, in consequence of the opening of the bianchea of the various
chartered banks, tbe numl er of deposit entries for revenue ricjived has
very large.y increased. The total absolute turnover in cash of the daily
transactions of the department has
advanced from §85,086,95- on Juno
80, 1ST!), to £._2_2M,Ol.H.K27.(ll
on June 80,1902. All tbe work on-
tailed by this expansion has been
met wilhout tie slightest increase iu
the cost of the department.
"IVith advancing age, that necessarily prevents me t.king up new
financial problems, my official career
must soon close. Tbe department
requires as its deputy bead a younger and more active man, thoroughly
well versed in thc varied features of
modern finance, who shall be able lo
give to the head of tbe department
that advice and assistance which the
intricate and important financial
questions of tbe day demand,
What, tin stood On.
When Mr. Disraeli made his entrance into public life, he contested
High Wycombe, and then, as ever,
his ready wit bellied him to success.
His opponent, says Household
Words, was a countryman of influ-
en e. Di an add ess to the peoplo
tbis gent'email n.'se ted that be was
"standing for tbe sent upon the constitution of the country, upon the
broad ados of his fathers, upon law,
property  and  order."
"What does Air. Disraeli stand
upon?" demanded one of the county
magnate's adherents, with somewlui.,
of a sneer.
Disraeli instantly rose. "I stand
upon my head,'' he answered, with
a meaning glance at the portly person of his opponent. He proceeded
to demonstrate it_in a telling speeefc.
Pope l.co is ileml.
Tin. Kino-mul Queen liuveni'ri veil in Iri'Iiiinl.
Tin1 Soul li ease was disui isscil
last Monday in Vtiucoiivei*.
Tin. calclics  of salmon   by (lie
ciiniicrs is, so 1',-u-, xft-y lij»*li.;.
Canailian niarksiuiM- have Lien
iloino- well al l.isley.
Cliicaoo ilel*"<•(i\.\s have 1111-
eurllieil 11 plot loassassinale tlie
■Tin' Irish land bill has passed
I he I hiril I'i'.-kIiiio- iu lhe House
ol' Commons.
I'. Soues has been nppoinl.'il le-
I ui-niii"• oHirer For LiiloOeii l>is-
Itit-I for the election on Oct/. 31.
The Haii-ison River mills were
biil'iil lo Hie oromid Insl Monday.    Loss, |100,()00.
The British anny estimates
C ill for 25,000 t roups to be placed in South Africa permanently.
Arbitrators Imve been appointed to settle lhe sliil.e iu New-
York city. 7-i,000 workmen are
Mr. Chamberlain promises lo
visit Canada, and Ausl nihil when
lit; can offer them preferential
t rade.
China now says thai, tiwinjj, to
Russian pressure, she cannol de-
i hue any of the .Maucliiiriaii
(owns open.
A fatal accident occurred at
(Jail, Out. when by a rear end
collision of two freight trains ou
the ('.1Mb three men were killed.
The first shipment "if California,
fruit for the London market was
shipped from New Vork last
The liritish government has
completed an iigiceiuenti wilh
the ('mmnl Sseatnship company
by which their whole fleet of vessels may. in case of need, be used
OH cruisers.
Siibsciil efor 'I'm-: I'iiosh-.ctoi. THL   PK0SPJ.CTOK, LTLT.OOET, B.C.,  JULY 25, 1003.
published i:\ kk \   Saturday
i'.v  THK I'll'HI'K IfOlt  Ptinl.lSIIINU   COMI-ANV
THE PROSPECTOR is the only paper pub-
llsheii iii the Lillooet District, and is ull home
Suhsiu-lpllons: One Dolliu-ii venr in advnnee.
Ad vert isi iir ra.es made known on tipplleal ion,
('oire.spondenre is invited on nil mailers of
public or local interest. All eoininunlealioiis
must lie accompanied liy the name of lhe
wrtler, Iml nm necessarily Tor puhllealioii.
Our Sixth Year.
Willi I his issue Tin-. I'jioni'kctoi. >
Cillers upon its sixthyea: Ag'nin
wi.' lie-in |o |,|jU-e in lhc htuiils of
 • re.-idei-s lhe weekly chronicle
of local and other evente. In (.he j
prosecution of our woik on our
small sheet we have heen eucoiir-
iijUetl hy the liberal support of
lhe people in Lillooet District,
nnd we believe Hint we can have
id much be tier local paper if onr
following offer lie accepted by all
not now subscribing-: Fiom now
until after the Provincial election
we will send The Prospectou to
all who forward us 25 cents in
stamps or cash, or wc will forward the Family Herald and
Weekly .Star, and The Prospector
until January 1, 19C4, for 50
rents. Jn other words, send your
subscription to the lamilv Herald and \Veekly (Star foil) months
lo us, and we give yon The Prospector free for the same time. It
will pay you to do this. It will
pay us.
The Publishers.
1 he Voters List
Up to the  present dale only
1<S;{ names have been entered upon the new  voters  lists  I'or this!
District.   The number of names
on the old voters lists  was over
six hundred.  While many names
on lhe old lists will not,owing to j
deaths and removals, appear on |
lhe new lists, it i.s yet plainly evi-1
dent that not half of those entitled, to vote have taken the ti'oii-j
Me l.o register.   The lists  will bt
closed on Aiiy,ust !-~tli.
Manitoba Elections
The Manitoba, elections have
given   a  solid    majority  to  the
Conservatives.   The greal cry of
"Cmnulll for the Canadians" and
the demand by the people for the
same kind of tariff as that which
made the United States thehoine
of lhe most prosperous working-
men, fanners and inaniifactiirersl
in the whole world, is having results to suit t he most opt iniisl ic.
The threatened  abandonment of j
tl.e so-called  Free-Trade policy,
and  the working out of a, Fair-
Trade policy,  by (jreal)  l.iil;iin,
liis like a gloveinto t lie policy of I
the I'nrtyfiipporledpo vigorously hy I he people ol'   iMaiiil obu at j
1 he   polls   hist   Monday.      Lord j
iStrutheona's   statement     that
(Innadii will soon i..e able lo pro- [
vide every pound of food-stuffs
Britain requires touches the key
stone to  Britain's new policy of
free-trade with the colonies,  and.
reciprocity wilh other countries.
fir Blair's Resignation.
The proposal of the Dominion
Government to build the trans-
continental railway parallel with
(he Intercolonial from Moncton j
to Quebec, has, so far, brought
out these facts: The demand for
this parellel road tlid not come
from tlie Grand Trunk Railway;
no vni.d reason is forthcoming
why the Intercolonial itselfshould
not be made part of the new line.
What has it ever done for you but harm?
TRY LIFE AGAIN now without it.
THERE IS A WAY now of making
resolutions that keep; that cannot help but keep
A ,
LIQUOR DRINKERS CURED Easily, Safely, Absolutely.
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There is nn enl'irlitened aid now which takes hold of a mnn instantly.
In stem! of dulling „ ilrinker it gives him almost immediately tiie snap of
new life anil p.iwe —lets the Klililiirht nf hope into !ii.« Eonl at otu-e ami
seis liis mind into operation with all iis be't intelligence a prompt result of effects on the net ves, sti niaih ami whole I oily which are. quirk
ami iiiai velous. While at this point the cure has only begun, the encouragement i= so great that ptobubly no medical woik equals ihis in
satisfaction to a patient.
With _1 i*j hi lp against the drink I abit any man who wants to lift from
h's life tbe handicap of liquor iisin. cnn do so with immediate re.-nlis.
Tnis i_u irantecil ireatinent is within reach of all. Convenient term . can
he arranged satisf uttorv to any one who is at all naonahle, thoiuh, as
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-kill that is develop nl tn the high.-t can do it. Only professional fee-i
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vears of tim< , vast study and expensive experiments. The originator, I)-.
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This treatment, can he given WITH or WITHOUT the knowledge of
the pa'ii-iil and can he placed in any of his foods or liquids lhat. be utes,
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that Iboil unkard is reclaimed even against his will and wi bout bis
knowledge and co-operation. The wife mated for years to a husband addicted to ill's curse will wonder if curing her husbai d by her own efforts
can he true. "Is it pnisible that there is ouch a gloiious opp .rtunity ?"
- he will ask. And I hoii-ai'ds of wives who have put it to the test and te-
j dee in the reclamation of li-.dr spouses who seemed lost to all sense ot
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had never been laken.
those who have h en deceived liy worthies- remedies. If your friend or
husband i- ihe worst, ea-e in the community, we are moie anxious lo cure
him.    Read the following:
St. John's School, Okla., Aug. 18th, 1902.
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.,
Dear S.r-:— I have just, returned after a long absence, and feel it my
duty to write you concerning my two patients. One of them F.R..., gave
up the treatment after ahout. two weekB. Theother, Win. C..., conlinu. d
lo take ll e treatment faithful!v, and he has heen able to refuss whi-ky a
hundred times and does not crave it at, all. For nine vears he bas been
away from his parents and never dining that lime has he been aide to
keep away from hone long onoui.li lo visit home, lie is now visiting his
bom'.- in Clevelai d, Ohio, and I expect hit:: back In a few- davs. When he
lefi lu- promised he would not touch whi-ky while away. I trust he will
keep his good resolution. Kindly let me have a few pamphlets for distribution. There are a few cases I would like to get for your treatment.
W.shing you success, I am
Very truly yours,
Sister Superior.
£'. John's School,   ("rev Horse, Okla., Sept. 27, 1902.
Dr. W. II. Sam ders,
Dear Sir:— Yoni letter re.-eived and contents no'ed. My patient
returned after visiting home, and has not touched whiskey. I am so glad
that he look your treatment and I is mother is simply delighted to think
that he does not drink. The change worked in this man lias attracted the
attention of everyone.    Iain
Very respectfully,
Sister Superior.
St. John's School, Gray Horse, Okla., Dec. 28. 1902.
Dr. W, TT. Sinndeis.
Dear Sir:--1 wrote vou some time ago about publishing my letters.
I hesitated became they were written in baste, and I doubt if tbey are
lit to punlish. [i, is a debt of gratitude on my part and if the letters will
benefit yon in any way, make u-e of them. I; is the only means I bave
lo make any return for your kin Ine.s. Tnis I nsk- leave out my name,
and siaipiv sign, Sister Superior, and of course omit Ihe name of the patients     Mr. 0 is doing well.    He does not crave whiskey at all.
Witli best wishes of tbe season,
I am, very truly yours,
Sister Superior.
Polvadeta, New Mexico, Dec. 11th, 1901
Dr.  W.H. S Hinders & 0*).,
Gentlemen:—I have taken yonr medicine
for the liqnor habit, which was recommended to me hy a friend in my
town. I only took one month's treithi 'nl which completely cured tne.
I have no desire to drink any more. I suffered for yei»s with this curse.
Please accept m v thanks for lite treatment R-st assured that I shall recommend your treatment to everyone in need of same.
I am, very truly yours,
Calletano Garcia.
WE HAVE BEEN, and are, curing thousatids and we have hundreds
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consent.   Consultation FREE.   All correspondence without marks.
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Or. W.H. Saunders & Co.
Dept. B. 1180,
Englewood Station,
Chicago, III.
„B_M§ Mm
Vvbl _*_mln_]tTw __     ~J «_?
- -'-*-______
■_.   y
x„jmmmsr_W*£v™ ■    Hi' 11 [I I
_,„     ' ergSB._3is.eaa~.am,.Wmm
iOi_. «oSO^ __ _! _?! _*" f?1^ ili'i
a-EisrEiK,_A_i_j   __rv:_H]_R,0-E_r_A-^rTi
Miners Supplies."
Branch Stoic at Bridge River Where al
full stock of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are on hand.
,T. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C'
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are thc onlv reliable repeaters. ,f|
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
calibers, weights and styles; and are plain,
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose,   every   pocketbook,   and   every  taste.
made forall kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
rnrr Send name «nd address on n Postal '
r ntt     fur onr 104-puae Illustrated Catalog.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1 CO per annum. THE  PROSPECTOR-, LNXOOKT. \\C.  -1II. V 25, 1903.
Mt-,-:. Silvester Ue_u Leveen was polish-
¥ her brass knocker. Kcr l^ng-, thin
iikis rubbed and rubbed till the little
(ilte earls on her   .orehe.nl   dt.ncccl like
Ijjeet children,  Yet; the l.ubot' badno per-
ptible   efi'eui.    Tbo  metal   stone   like
jht. but so it    did   when    she begun to
nan it. It had shone like tlmt yesterday
■nl the diiy  before,   tiurt.   indeed,   every
hj for HO years.    There  wns   a smooth
|i-(-Ui ;tll i*ri.imil the  knocker where  her
ilk-ate bands heal worn into  tbe   hard,
iaok wood oi' the door. Nevertheless the
I/d lady rubbed  away   just   as  she had
Tone every morning since the  spring   of
3_S, when she   was   brought,   a   bride,
Ilto the house.    Sha   wns   the   pride   of
.eenwioh village then, and  she  meant
be still.
On this particular frosty morning Mrs.
B_veen tai-ried longer than usual at her
isk. After the lion's head was satisfao
orly even to her sharp eyes, she worked
in. But it was evident in the glances
(be shot across Bank street that her attrition was not. given wholly to the work
if her hands. Neither was it diverted to
ler customary inspection of the neigh-
ior s knockers. Theirs glistened like hers,
and, besides, every time she looked up
lier eyes turned to but one door, that of
the house in front of which stood two
[jturdy horses and a truck.
Pretty soon the door opened and a
jroung man in a carter's blouse came out.
Te saw the old lady   across   the  street,
f hough he pretended not to. Ho busied
limself ostentatiously about the horses'
leads for a moment and then turned
back to the truck. Mrs. Leveen had seen
Jim. She bent herself earnestly to the
[knocker and in a few strokes finished it
(off. Then she faced towards the street
nnd fixed the truckman with her eyes till
he had to look up
'Good morning, Aunt Martha," he
•aid, as be doffed his cap.
"Good morning, Percy," sha answered
pleasantly, as he approached her, cap in
band. "Come in a moment. I wish to
|speak with you."
The interview he had dreaded for
weeks was upon him now. He knew from
tbe first it was inevitable, but day after
day he had put it off, omitting his usual
calls on his aunt, and avoiding her sight
and summons. Now that she had caught
him he was glad. As he followed the old
lady iuto her prim, comfortable sitting-
room he made a pitiful figure of humility, but in the meekness of his soul there
was the cheerfulness of finality.
'Sit down, Percy," she said, in the
|"sweet-toned voice he loved.
He took thc chair she indicated, and
| she seated herself iu her old rocker.
'Percy, dear," she began, "Isthis true
[that I hear; you mean to marry this
'Yes, Aunt Martha. I was going to
tell you, but knowing as you were agin
it—knowing that you would not like to
have me do so—I w.is afraid to come co
you about it.''
He stuck his cap between his knees.
"I am sorry. Percy, you felt that way.
It '.s my intention always to be kind and
sympathetic. You should havo been quito
sure I would havo heard your story
through with understanding. Now, tell
ine everything. She is the daughter, I
am tuld, of a German in Hudson street."
"That's right, aunt, nor father las
the biggest corner grocery over there, and
he has made his pile—I mean has made
money since he's beeu there."
"How long has ho been here?"
"Going on 35 years. He's almost an
old Ninth-warder now. He's some in
politics, and his family is right in it."
"Percy! I never knew them."
"I know, hut you wouldn't. It ain't
my fault. I wanted to have them all
over to mother's so as yon could be introduced to them."
The old lady looked as though she
would answer this, but she did not. She
was silent for a moment before 6he proceeded.
"So her father is a grocer?"
"Yes; like Mr. Jamison, who you like
well enough."
"Mr. Jamison is a gentleman, my
dear. Tiie misfortunes of his family can
never alter that. The Jamisons are of the
oldest Greenwich families on both sides.
He Is a grocer by necessity. This person
of whom we are speaking is one by
"Well, Aunt Martha, it's as good as
being u truckman, and better."
Mrs. Leveen winced.
"You might have been a judge, like
your father, or a senator, like your
grandfather. I wanted you to enter political life."
"Politics is pretty low down these
days," Percy remarked. "It ain't what
it was. Besides, I tried to get an office
from Mike MoNaiuara, but he said I
wouldn't do in any where the pay was
as much as the trucking pays. And I
guess that's about so."
The last sentence was cheerfully
spoken. Mrs. Leveen looked at her nephew's rudy cheeks and sighed.
"I do wish, Percy," she said, gently,
"that you could havo found some one In
Urecnwich. That part of Hudson street
where these people live Is way beyond the
outskirts of the old village, out where the
hog fields were till the immigrants began
to settle around us."
"But what's the difference, Aunt
Martha? It's all one now. There ain't no
l-ireenwlch any more. It's nil just New
York city, so what's the use of pretending?"
The impatience in the young man's
tone amazed this aunt; almost as much as
the sentiment ho uttered. Nevor before
had he (ailed to show bur «"-•*   **" '""
much Ion I-.    You    may    tell   me .mm.
tiling abjnti i lis young—'his   girl.    How
old in she?,"
"She 'm going on 10, Aunt Martha.*'
•'Is she cultivated, e.lueated'.' Coine.
Percy, tell me all about her."
"She went through the granim ir
school, I think, bur. sho had to wnr..:
after that!1 So sho can t play thu piano
or sing, but. she is a nics girl ami can
lend the house and cook, now that her
mother is mad."
"That's right; sho ought to be able to
manage hei husband's house iold'. But tell
me moo about her. I* her voice si it,
are her man. ers geutl.', is sho nn dest?
Describe he.- lo me, my dear. Is she
P. j-oy was encouraged by the few word*
of approval ho bad won.
"Aunt, she's a beau.', that's—"
"What tlo you s.:y, a wha'f
"1 mean she's a beauty. She's git blue
eyes and blond hair and the nicest, biggest, reddest, cheeks. She ain't what you
would call quiet; she's more lively-like.
You ought, to hear h.r laugh when we're
down on the docks nights with the rest
of the crowd. I'll be. you could hear her
across the river in Hoboken. And jolly?
If she gets a mug as is too fresh she can
jolly him along to beat the band. But
she's on the level, too. She does t.ie
square thing by her old man evjry cli i.
The housework has to be done befor.
she's in for the game. And she slaves fer
her little sisters and brothers—just slaves
for them, and yet she does it as willing.
But then she's good to everybody*; always
ready to help out with work when neighbors are behind or sick or have company,
and she sticks up lor horses and cats and
all like that. You wouldn't bslieve she
was that way, though, to see her at a
ball or dancing on excursion boats up the
liver. She's a good looker an.I a good
dresser, and when she's out in full rig—
well, say, she's a sight. Theoth_r fellows
don't  do nothing when we're o.it—"
Percy stopped short. Mrs. Leveen had
risen suddenly, and she stood erect before
him, tall and white and proud.
"Why. Aunt Martha!" he exclaimed.
"That's enough, Percy. Thank you. I
see I have been wrong, all wron », in this
matter from the first. You shall have
your own way.for it is right. I consent."
"Oh, Aunt Martha!" he crie.l, springing up and seizing her hand to kiss. "I
am so glad. But I knew you would after
hearing about her. And say, aunt, you
ought to see her once. You coui In't help
but like her and admire her. Everybody
in the ward does. Why, do you know
what they call her the men down at th,6
Grapevine? The way you looked then
made me think of it. They call her the
Pride of Greenwich Village."—N. Y.
K    ' HIS I'*'     iHI-lli*' .
It is expected that the row Archbishop of Canterbury r. i" Le it.'.I "ti-
!jd \orj ffri ncis. This ceremony;
though not, of course, approaching a
coronation, is attended with n good
deal of pomp, in the eaily hall ol*
I he conturv the ceremony was | cr-
Eorined with comparative simplicity,
and often with .some difficulty. Archbishop Hawley, who w^s promoted
to the See of Canterbury in t'-c
height of tho Reform agitation, was
stoned out of the city, and it is only
in the latter half of tbe century that
the Archl.i-hofs have had any popularity in their own cathedral city.
With the growth of more ornate ser-
\ices it has become the practice to
carry out the enthroni 'i>tion of the
Archbishop with considerable splendor, and though Dr. Temple was nut
himself a man fond of show, his e'e-
vation to t'ie cathedral throne was
conducted in the mest imposing manner. The new Archbishop will be enthroned with probably a more splendid and impressive ceremonial thai:
his predecessors.
Hlntorlc Last Wm,.;*
At my entrance, CuxUm turned
from a large tome which be waa
reading, with a slight air of interruption.
"Sorry to interrupt you," I apologised.
"Oh, I suppose that's all right,"
ho responded wilh returning cordiality. "In fact, I'm rather glad
you've happened in, aa I want to
voice a kick which has occurred tu
mo from reading this book."
"Just what is your author?" I
"Why, it's a collection of deathbed utterances made by »omo Ingenious hack. He's patiently ferreted
out all the last words of history.
Anil I tell you the way they all uf-
I'oct me. All these final speeches aro
shot through with egotism. It in
strunge tbat when a man is about to
step out into the infinite his thought
should only be of hlniself and his
own petty part in the world drama.
Words from a deathbed have weight.
It is a pity that, all on record should
be tainted v ith conceit. The pronoun of tho first peison infects all
dying utterances.
•' 'We havo this day kindled a
lire,' siys the dissenting martyrs.
Nathan Halo initatcs us with his '1
iegret. I ht.fo only one life.'
" 'Roll up tho map of Europe,' are
ritt's last, and the colossal conc.it
of them is not to be surpassed, it
is strange that in the moment of supremo vision all sense of perspective
should be lost. Why should all the
swan songs of literature and history
foe - Rineti'.'"
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.       ^£^)
As l';i.i* back as the year 1858, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
ar, near the (own of Lillooet. The adjoining ground i being worked with profit at
the present time,
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has  been formed with a capital of $350,000,  to  operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillqoet:
2. Its Promising; Mineral Lands.
ANi)lisi.SON lake and imiDGEMVEit mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous cam}). Yet there are miles of  territory that remain unprospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds-<^—-
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is lure. Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
he a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.<^~~^>
In tlie i\vy belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit may be grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes ami geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Railway towns are ashoroft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific kaii.wav.
Prospector" Club Offers.
Manitoba Free Press and Prospector for $1.50
l"ht_  Manitoba Erec l'ress witli  its weakly Supplement gives 28 pages of reading matter every week. In ,-itUition to this, 22 admirabl-J
i-uiiiin; rep_j.luciioc._i will be given,   for $1.50 we will have the Free Press, the 22 paintings and   The Prospector sent to yon 0j
ons ye 11,
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
The uv > bj.uiilful picture.  "TUKl 1'V" and "ALONE" which are to b,: presented with the Family Herald arc 22 x 28 inches in
m'/., nnd ure suitable for framing,
a     )&      a      *
The Weekly Witness price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern Messenger 80.J
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
ll 75
Special.  We were successful in our last club offer, and will now* make a
special  rate.    We  will send you  all thc above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, would wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.oo. THE  PKOSPECTO.., LILLOOET., B.C., JULY 25, 1003.
Tlie following phi I form  was ;
do|ited iinaiiinioiisly by the Rev
elstoke Convention on Seplenibe
12th, 15)02:
1—"That this Convention reaffirms the policy of the Carly in
matters of Provincial roads and
trails; the ownership and control
of railways and the development
of the agricultural resources of
the I'rovinee, as laid down in the
Platform adopted in October
18i).), which is tis follows:
''To actively aid in tbe consirucion of
trails throughout tbe Province and the
building of Provincial Trunk roads ol
public neceseity.
"To adopt tbe principle of Government ownership of railways in eo far us
tbe circumstances of the I'rovinee will
admit, ami to adopt tbe principle that
no bonus shou!d bo granted to any mil-
way coinpmy which does not give the
government of tli<» Province control of
rales over lines bonused, together with
the option of purchase.
"To actively astiat by State aid in the
development of the agricullmal resourc
_B of the Province."
2—That in the meantime and until
the Railway po icy above eet forth cai.
be accompli, bed, a genera' Kailway Ac
be passed, giving freedom to construct
railways under certain approved regulations, analugons to the system tbat ba.
resulted in eueb exenslve railway construction in the Uui'ed Stales, with so
much advantage to trade and commerce.
3—That to encourage the mining industry, the taxation of metalliferous
mint s should be on the basis of a p. re.n-
of the net proiile.
4—That the Government ownership of
telephone systems should be ffioughi
about as a first step in the acquisition
of public, utilities.
5—That a portion of every coal area to
be hereafter disposed of, should be reserved from sale or lease, so tbat state-
owned mines may easily be accestible,
if tbeir operation become necessary or
6—That in the pulp land leases pro-
, vision should be made for refoie-tiiiy
and tlmt steps should be taken for the
general preservation of forestB by guarding against the wasteful destruction of
7—Tbat the Legislature and government of the Province should p.r.-eveie
in the effort to secure the exclusion ol
Asiatic labnr.
8—Tnat tbe matter of better subsidies
and appropriations for B.C. be vigorously pressed upon the Dominion Guvem-
9-That the eilver lead industries be
fostered by tbe imposition of increased
Customs duties on lead and lead products iin porte I into Canada.
10—That arrangements be made for an
amicable adjustment of Ihe relatione between employeis and employed.
II- That it is advisable to foster the
manufacture of the raw products of the
province within the Province as far at*
practicable by means of taxation on the
said raw products subject to rebate ol
the same in whole or in part when manufactured in liritish Columbia.
Use Lever's Dry Rn»p (a powder, to
wash woolens and flannels,—you'll like
it-  32
NOTICE is hereby given lhat all creditors
of William Frederick Allen, ol Lillooet, Ii,C,
Hotel-keeper, deceased, are required, on or
before Ihe 22nd day of August, iooj, to send
to the undersigned, post-paid, particulars of
Iheir claims duly verified.
And notice is hereby given that the undersigned will, after the said date,   proceed to
distribute the estate among thc parties entitled  thereto, having regard only to the claims
of creditors  ol* whose debts or claims they
shall    I hen have received  notice,  and  that
they will not be responsible for the assets, or
any part thereof, so distributed to any person
nr persons of   whose debts   or claims  they
shall not have received notice.
Dated  fuly 2lst 1903.
..l.l'.KTS & TAYLOR,
Solicitors for the Executors,
jo, Langley Street,
Victoria,   U.C. 1
More than half the battle in
cleaning greasy dishes is in tlie
soap yoa use. If it's Sunlight Soap
it's the best. «"
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone senrtlii!; ankel.li nml description moy
nulckly itsfiertiiiu our opinion free whether an
invention is prolmlily patentable. Communion-
I ion~ strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents
son! free. OHe__ agency for securing patents.
Patents tukon tiiroui.li Milan & Co. receive
special notice, without charge, in the
Scientific American,
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. T.nrecst circulation of anv scientific Journal. Terms, $3 a
veirt four mon! lis, CI. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.3G,Broad^ New York
Branch Office. .26 F St- Washington, D. C.
News from all the world—Well-written
original Btorie.—Ans«erc io f|UOrieE—
Artii-lee on Health, the Home, New
Book?, Hnd on Work ahout the b'ann
and (jiaiden.
Tk WF.EKj Inter-Ocean
Is* a mem her of the Associated Vn_^a
the only Western New spaper re eiv-
ing the entire tele^n phie news . er-
vice. of the New York Sin, and .pen-
ial cable of the New York World—
Daily reports of over 2,000 special
correspondents throughout the country.
St-h-eril-e  lor The WEEKLY
INTER-OCEAN (One Dollar)
und THE I'ltOSPEOTOK v!fl)
Hi)HI FOR 11.25.
NEW VVI*ST~| INST Ell, 15. C.
Genera. ILii-uw-u-e,
Picks nnd Shovels,
Axes, Hoes tt Makes,
Bui* Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils, P_iiu.ts.i~tc.
Paul Santini,
carries a   I'lfll stock of nil  kinds of < irocene
I M\* ( miuJ
JjlllbS ior Fall or Spring planting
Seeds, Plants,
hee .supplies,
fruit ha.si__.t_s,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster   Komi, Vancouver, li.C.
As n special and temporary offer lo
readers of thin ;..aper, we will mail Tiik
I'i'iii.it: to persona who are not now suh-
sci iIters, for ten weeks for leu cents'.
Tiik Rein 11: is a ■*■_, IG-puue weekly Review for democratic Democrats and democratic Republicans ; it- opinions are
exp'e.sej without fe.-ir or favor; it gives
an interesting and opnnectecl weekly
of all I i.toi ical news ; it always has ed-
iloiials wortli study ing, a cartoon worth
seeing, 000k notices worth reading, and
miscellaneous matter hoth valuable ami
interesting; and it is liked hy inti lligenl
women as well as by intclligmt meii
Tne editor is L-ruis F. Post. Send ten
cents in silver or mumps for ten week's
trial. All snhsr, iptions are paid BtriUt 1 y
in advance, and upon expiration the
paper is promptly atrpped unless suh-
.eription is renewed. Mention this paper
Unity Building, On c-uio, lit,.
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tenders aro Inviii-il for llm ivlmlo nf lhe
properly, Imiltidltig drown CI ranted chilins,
mill sile, Cyinililo nilll, (.-n purity 4fi to BO loim
iliilly), iriiiii.vnr, iissny ntlli-c, Inborn lory nnd
full rcjlli IHlll'lll. Ill  I Im-  Toronto    I.HIoOOt   Cl.olll
It.ul- (.'oinpiiliy l.iiiiliinl, situate in llie l.lllooet
ilislrli-l Of lliilisli < i,l 11 in bin ; ImdlltllUK tin-
Ample, VVIinle, MniiHi-eli mul Wollnml Vide
mInos which mi! Crown griinl.i1, also Hit-
North SOn-, Cliilil.n stripe, tloldun Hiiglo; It'll hy
nml jiiiniii) iiiiiicini t.i til nt _ In the snme Mist
rii-t, together w-illi n tun slump mill, tniiehlnu
il ril Is mul nlliur e<|il'lpii|Ollts. (.'ash lender, for
tii« whole |iiii|ii'iiy mc requested but
off ns fin- working o|>tIoiih or for portions
of tlie properly will ho considered .'rom I tic
former group 050 lonsof or. Ims been iiiftletl,
Willi 1111 nssny va I un approximating flO.tlO lo
|I1.(~) Wagon mud from Unfit-oil- 10 mill, 'the
whole of the above will l,enr looking into mul
Investigation anil lira 1111 exceptionally Important mul valuable group of claims with full
working equipment, Pull pai-.tleiilai-s may bo
hail 011 npplicnlioii in Kilgiir lilooinHeld
liquidator, I*. O, llnx 71::, Vnnrouvcr It. (!,
Have yon or.lert.tl your new
suit/.' (jive Mt.Co.sli it trnl. He
will g'ivoy(Hi,siiti«fiiction.
Drugs and fledicincs,
Spectacles and Toilet Requisites,
Fishing Tackle etc. etc.
Mail   Orders    Promptly   Filled.
Hoots and Shoe's, llnrdwai'G A
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mail you full directions for self-
measurement, at home, We then
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Come ti, either  of our stores,
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is th_ liest thing we know of. It
heals quickly, and is not sticky or
greasy. By mail 25c.
"V-_A._I_TCOTJ-V-*E"E,, _B. C
A new and thoroughly equipped
private hospi al specially adiipled
for Surgical and Electrical Treatment, with superior accomodation lor Lying-in Cases. Only
trained nurses employed
The McMillan Fur & Wool Oo. have
placed their c-ireu'ar of May 5th on file
at our oliice for reference. Thia house
was established a quarter of a century
ago, and on account of their exteneive
Inipine.e, they are in a position lo pay
high prices. Shippers find their dealings with them very satisfactory.
Read our special
offer on the
third page.
H. C. PARKER, - Lillooet, B.C. <^___.
Having purchased the stock
R.J. Atkins, we are now addinl
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Repair Shop in connection with Store, where yonr cvt
want will besupplied. A complete V\ limbingOutfit on luni
MAKE VOUR OWN Kl£iJAli<s.   Unaj'iki.i.kd   Knobs, Por Coffee Unci Ton Pi
iind Otliar Cookiiig Ulonslls.   PrleeB cents ench, wliile ihey lnsl."
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton _•_ VVtiy 1'oints: Mondays, Wednesclays nnd FridaJ
All points in Cariboo:      -   -    Mondays.
LSOMiU. House : Mondays Si Fridays [semi-weekly servici
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
H  Special conveyances t'urnislicd.    Send   for   folders   4
'J he  new stage line leaves l.ylton every Monday  .11
Friday  for .Lillooet, returning* next day.      Special tiijl
made.    Write ns for information.
.   Peter Itebagliati Si, Co., Lytton   B. 0.
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR]
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS MeCOSIf, M.i-uIih nt Till lor, Anil, roft, H. C!
VaiiGouver; R.C
Jflstahlislied, J890.
Assay work of all descriptions iimloi tal.ct.. Tests innile up to 2000 11 is. A special!}]
made of checking smeller pulps. Spin pics from the Interior hy Mail or l_.vpr.sJ
promptly att.nded lo.    Correspondence   solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
Wo carry the largest and best stock in B.C.J
Incltidjop Dar Iron, fast Sled, Spring Sleel, Tire Steel,
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
Page Metal Ornamental Fence
UanilRomo,durahloand low-prlcod. Spocially sui ahlo for front
: andilivliloiifoncosln town lots. eonioloria',orc_ihl'dH,oto. Rotalla
|1|   for 25 CEN IS PER RU ^i\ING FOOT.   Jnstahout.
tlie oheapesl fonci. you can put up.   Wiito for full particulars.
Use I'a/u Kami Fence and Poultry N'eltlng.
Tlie Page Wire Fence Co., Limited, WalVerville, Ontario.
Montreal, P.Q., and St. John, N.B. 7
E. O. PRIOR & CO., (iencral Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1.00 per annum.


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