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The Prospector Jul 4, 1903

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Vol. 5. No. 50.
$1-00 a year-
What has it ever done lor you but harm?
TRY LIFE AGAIN now without it.
THERE IS A WAY now of making
resolutions that keep; that cannot help but keep.
7f\ PK PK
LIQUOR DRINKERS CURED Easily, Safely, Absolutely.
AT HOME.    With no loss of Time or Labor.
There is an enl.lrened aid now which takes hold of a man instantly.
"it'll i dulliti g a drinker it gives him almost iiiiiiidiatelv tbe snap of
newlifeantl p„wer—let* tire Himliitlil of lio| e inm hi; tonl at unce and
eels his mind into operation with ali its lie.t intelligence — a prompt result of effects on tl e netve., st< niaeh and w'lole I o Iv which are qniek
antl marvelous. While al tbis point the cure lias only begun, ibe encouragement ii eo great that ptobably no medical Woik (quids this in
satisfaction to a patient.
With ibis help against the drink habit any man who wants to lift fiom
h's life the handicap of liquor tisinn i an do t-o wfth iiiimediate re-tilts.
This guaranteed treatment is within teach of all. Convenient term' can
be arranged sati.factory to any one who is at all rta onable, Ibotub, as
all people understand, it does nt com) are with tbe wo tide., quark
cures advertised at so much per p.teka.e, or "Free", etc. Il i* a different
matier from all tbis to perfect a cotir e of thorough. . pecial, personal
treatment that will teally do tbe work and cure forever. It is a .eriotis
undertaking and requites a high form of scientific professional w irk. All
the different kinds nf cases are li imllcd under guaranteed results. Only
.kill that is developed to the high.Bt can do iu. Only professional fees
can pay for the time it requires, though they are made moderate "ixl convenient for anybody. The n ethods of practice used in this work has cost
years of time, vast study and expensive experiments. The originator, Dr,
William H. Saund^r., had attracteil wide notice for his works on Neivous
diseases long before perfecting this treatment. And nill nothing but care
and personal attention to canes today makes it possible for him lo accomplish tbe absolu e cures wbicb he guarantees. So tbe reader will see
this treatment means thorough scientific, proles, ional attention. Hnt it
also means results that are absolutely certain. The splendid lirst effects
on a man are alone worth tlie entire cost of treatment.
This treatment can he given WITH or WITHOUT the knowledge of
the patient and can he placed in any of his foods or liquids that be utes,
and beint; colorless and*tasteless, it does its work so silently and quickly
that Ihe drunkard is, reclaimed even sigain.t his will and wi bout his
knowledge and co-operation. The wife mated for years loa husband addicted to (his curse will wonder if curing her husband by ber ow n efforts
can be true. "Is it possible that there is such a gloiiotis opportunity?"
_he will ask. And thousands of wives who have put it to tbe test and re-
j >ice in the reclamation of dieir spouses who seemed lost to all sense of
self-respect, generosity and manliness will trumpet out to the world,
"Yes, il. is true". Onr treatment is purelv vegetable, contains no narcotics, opiates, poisons or mineials. We ti-e no hypodermic Injecion of gold,
nor any dangerous compound. It can be taken at home without any loss
or detention from business. It. stimulates the nervous system at once,
increases the appetite, and affords perfect rest at night. It acts directly
upon the stomach, builds up the whole system, eliminates nil trace nf liquor from the body and leaves the patient in the same condition as if liquor
had never been taken.
those who have been deceived by worthies** remedies. If your friend or
husband is Ihe worst ca-'e in the community, we are more anxious to cure
him.   Read tbe following:
St. John's School, Okla., Aug. 18th, 1902.
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.,
Dear Sirs:— I have just returned after a long absence, anil feel it my
duly to write yon concerning iny two patients. One of tbem F.R..., gave
up tbe treatment after alwut two weeks. The other, Wm. C..., ronlinlitd
to take thc treatment faithfully, and he has beeu able to refus-j whisky a
hundred times and does not crave it at all. For nine vears he has been
away from his parents and never dining that lime has be been able to
keep away from home long enou.b to visit home. He is now visiting bis
homo in Cleveland, Ohio, and I expect lilm back In a few davs. When be
left, he promised he would not loud; whisky while away. I trust be will
keep his good resolution. Kindly let me have a few pamphlets for distribution. There are a few cases I would like to get for your treatment.
Wishing yon success, I am
Very truly yours,
Sister Superior.
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.
Dept. Bi 1180,
Englewood Station.
Chicago, 111.
Ynle bent Harvard iii (lie Ilu i-
versity I.out; r.ice.
Montreal is unable to handle
iill its summer trndeand business
is eoimesled.
Socialists li.i,ve gained 23 sends
in (lie German parliament.
Fraser River fishermen struck
for higher [toy tliis week.
MitnitoliH elections will tnke
plnce aliout, July 20t.li
The lb-Centenary of Wesley's
birth is being celebrated through
out- world-wide Methodism.
Chamberlain's greal trade policy is tiO.be the chief plank in
hot li pin (.forms al, the bye election for the l.arnnrd Castle seat
iu Durham Co. I-iiglnnd.
The l-i'ir.ish have won a great
victory over the enemy in Sonia-
liland. A thousand spearmen
were slain, nud all the Mullah's
cattle were captured.
Registration of vo',ers continues
(••lowly. It is likely that ninny
votes vvill he lost through the
neglect of mnny to register.
The sports held in town were
altogether of a. local nature, hut
yet excited considernble interest.
The manner in which the young
folks equipped themselves at the
foot race and other siiiiilnrgaines
gives the promise of it coming
generation of athletes. Master
(Jeo. Marshnll'sstanding jump of
over six feet is, we think, a record
one for a boy notyet, iu his teens.
In the evening it. crowded house
greeted the performers who book
part in the concert held iu Su.ll-
lini'sllall for the benefit of the
St. Mary's Church organ fund. It
would he impossible to mention
the most popular renderings for
each selection seemed to have its
peculiar charm.
or lady in each county to manage business for
miolil established lion so of sol III financial aland
ing. A straight, bona Ode cash Balar. 61 |18,00
paid by oliook each Wednesday with all expenses dlretil from headquarters. Money advanced for expenses.
Manager, 310 Caxton Building, Chicago.
___    LOCAL   NEWS.
F. Kinder has left town for l.o
work ou his claim, the l'ioneer,
on Cnilwalladercrcek.
II. T. Swartz is lying vevy ill at
his home at I'uchelqua.
The machinery for the Lillooet
dredge is being drawn iu from
Ashcroft, and will soon he nil on
I he ground.
Mt. McDonald, school-muster,
from Ashcroft, is visiting friends
in town.
Mbs Smith, of Clinton, is the
guestof Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Smith
in town.
Me~.sri.Geo. ('arson and McLeod
of Pavilion, have gone on a, trip
to the (oast cities.
Road Superintendent Hell has
rein rued from it visit lo tlie Marble Canyon rontl.
Mr. Twiddle, of Ibighton, England, is learning' the art of fanning- with Mr. Lochore nt the Rose
llauk ranch.
J. Patterson is down from his
claim nt; bridge river, lie has
brought down some rich pieces
of ore, and the prospect for a paying mine are good. As Patterson's claim is in the Sucker creek
section the area, of gold producing* ground ii.' the Bridge River
district has heen widened several
The Secretary of the town School
Ronrd has informed Mr. T. I.million thnt. his application for lhe
position vacated hy his brother
W.M. has heen accepted. The
enlargement of the school is likely to he effected at an early dale
and this will make the work of
the teacher less trying.
Sunlight Soap will not
bum the nap of; wooler.i
nor the surface off linens.
A»k for the Octagon Bar.
Annual School fleeting-
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant—ia strongly
recommended by the medical profession a
The annual School meeting* o."
I.iiiooet school was held on June
~~7 in the sehoolhoilse. The business of the meeting' was lo receive lhe annual report of the
l,i-ensure!', nud to electa truslee
in (he place of.I.S. Rell, resigned.
The accounts were received nntl
passed, uud .1.15. Uren wns unanimously elected trustee.
In I he course of the meet ing attention was called lo the inade-
(piatc ncconiotlntiou of the present school. Mr. A. .V. Smith, who
was present, informed the public
that there was n grant of $1200
appropriated for the purpose of
enlargement of the sc.'iool, and
the trustees hail only to make
application for it, to get it.
A vote of thanks to W.M. I.million for the efficient manner iu
which he hnd performed lhe duties of nchool teacher I'or several
years, was unanimously  passed.
Public Meeting
A meet ing-of the West Lillooet
Libera! Associntian was held in
Santini's Hall ou the 27th.   The
meeting was well attended.  The
resignation of i)v. Sihree Clarke,
H8 President of the Association
wti.s accepted.  The following appointments were made:
President,— Sninuel Gibbs,
Homy. Secretary, W.S. Coplaad
llonry. Treasurer, Raul Santini.
Mark It. Fagleson, T.Reed, and
d.H. Uren, Commit lee.
Two gentlemen were nominated
US candidates to contest the Dis-
Irict nt lhe forthcoming election
in the Liberal interest, nninely,
Dr. George Sanson, of Clinton,
and Dr. M. Wade, of Kamloops.
Five delegates were appointed lo
attend the convention to be held
at Clinton on or about the first
day of August. A meeting will
be held iu Snnth-i's Hall on July
11 Ml al 8 p.m. to make a selection of one of the above candidates to represent the district).
Voting wiil he decided by ballot,
anil every Liberal is expected to
Hnve you ordered your new
suit? 'live McCosh a twill, He
will give you satisfaction.
j a safeguard against infectious diseases.      »»        Subscribe for Till'. PROSPECTOR TIIK   PKOSPKCTOIf, LliiLOOKT, B.O.j JULY 4,  1903.
Till-. PRO SPEC IOI. I.s the only paper published in lhe Ullooet District, and Is all home
Subscriptions: One Dollar a vour in advance.
A<lverti~iug rn.es mnde known mi application.
Correxpondeiice is invited on nil mullein of
public or local interest. All coiiiinunleulions
must lie iiceotnpaiticd liy the uiiuie oJ* ihe
writer, bul not necessarily for publication.
Dominion Day.
Doiiiiiiiou D.iy  lias no-inn been
ci'lclinihtd loc.tlly  nml  Uirougli-
«ml. Ihis greul Iniid of ours. Sonic
ol' ns were born in (.'iiiiiitbi, while
ol hers lime  been    lii-iiiiN|ilniite(
from  every  soil   under lhe sun,
but nil nre b.eiiij>- i in pressed will
tl.e Irnlli   ihat' "C-in.-itbi,  only |
needs to be known ii: order to be
Mr. J. Cnstell Hopkins, editor
of "Ciiiiiid.-i." bus recently been
pointing out our need of u fuller
knowledge of this, our nn.tive, or
adopted, nud beloved country.
While Catindfi. is beiii"1 npprecm-
ied nbrond, it will be well for us
to become fn,niiiin.r with its pnst,
filled with confidence in its resources nnd strength, nnd conscious
of its national and material development.
Mr. Hopkins points out that
while the grent mass of people
in our Dominion look with ,-nl-
niiration and deserved respect
upon the splendid annals of the
Mother-land, her wars upon sen
and shore, her heroes in history
and slatecraftantl literature antl
every brunch of progress; the".Dominion, with its four hundred
years of picturesque history is
passed over as a matter of coin-.
pni-ativeunimportance and little
It is also shown that to the
young men of Canada a knowledge of its history nnd progress
is not only desirable but necessary. To understand the business
situation of today information
concerning the fiscal, financial
and commercial development of
the Dominion is exceedingly use
ful. To comprehend the posit im
political parties, the principles
and practice of national adniiu-
istaation, a knowledge of our
country's st niggles is essential.
It is not by regretting what is
irreparahle that true work is to
be done, but by making the best
of whnt we are. Life, like war, is
a series of mistakes. Ile is the
best who wins most splendid victories by the retrieval of mis-
Theenliie congregation, 1200
in number, of tht! Itoninu Catholic church of Wilke.l.iMTe, I'n..,
took the tolal abstinence pledge
for one year, after a recent Sunday service. Last year 1000 of
the congregation pledged themselves and it is .'-aid all kept the
pledge faithfully. Things are
moving that wny even iu Lillooet. During this week's spoils,
our town constable wns unable
to mnke the usual haul of the
"drunk and disorderly".
Mrs. Hiiatn : "You may stay until
your week is up, Bridget, but wben yon
go I must tell yon I won't be able to
write you a letter of recommendation."
Bridget: "Don't let your want of eddi-
cation initmrraf-s ye, madam. Oi'll
write it for ye, and ye can make yer
mark to it."
Asthmalene  brings instant  relief and  permane]
Cure    In   All   Cases.
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re lief, c v c n I n the u <>
.- ii . c i . It cnn*. alien nil i-I.e il
"I li..- Key. ('. I. Wi:i.l.S, ol Villa KI
III.,   says:    " Vtnir   dial   I ni lie nl   A. ilmil
icivi, .-.I   in (iniiil c illicit.    1  c.iiiiiii'.   iflli
initt lliiiiiKI'ul   I   feel foi  tlie  (;tinil tlciivcM
il.     I   was   ii  slm'-.   i hiiineil   \\ illi   piUml
t li roii t nn.I Asllnun fur  I en yen is,    I   ilesn:
nl   evei lieiii({ cured,     1 sum your iul veil i.-el
Im    ilu-   miii'  ul   ihis ilii'iiillnl  im,I   tunnel
disease,    Asllnun,   and   i' ■ ucjii .ynu Int]
sixiken    yiiiirsolve~,   hui    l.S'ilveil    in   ^i\e|
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a charm.    Send  me :t I n 11 -size  linllle."
Wev.    Dr,    MditIh    \V_cli~l_r.
Knliiii uf the (.'ony.   Ilnui   Israel.
New   \*«irk,  Jan.   j.    tycii.
IIICS. '.APT    IIIIKS.'    MICIll, |M.;   (•()„
Ceiitlcincn: Vour Asllniuilene isi
excellent remedy for Astlnua and Hay I'm
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ciiiiiliine willl Asllnna. Its success is nsluni _
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50  YEARSr
Trade Marks
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After having  il  carefully  annlyxed,  we  can stale  Mi it    Asllnutilene   contl
no   opium, morphine,   chloroform  or ellier, Very duly yours,
Xl'**.'.   DK.   MOKKI.S   WI-CIISl.l'.K.
Avon Si'kinhs, ti.  X.  l-'ei>. i, 1901,
Dit.  TAI'T  Hkos.   Ml'.DICINIC Co.
(ienllenien: write   litis  teslinionial   front   a   sense  ol' duly,   having Icslci
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.Kill us well iistli.it of   many  others,    I   chanced    lo  see   your   si^n    upon   your
hows oil  130 street, New Vork.      I  nl once  ohliliued ;t   Imltle  of aslhuialeiie.    My
eommeneed   inking   ii  about  Ibe   liisl   of November.    I very    soon   noticed   ;i   111
improvement.    Alter  using one Imille her  asllnna  hnd dis-ppeaieil  nnd she   i*. entil
ftce    liiim   all   symptoms.     I    feel    lhat   I  cnn   consistently   recuniinend  lhe   incdil
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O. 1).   I'lilCLI'S,   M]
Dit.  Tai't Hkos.   Mudicinic Co. I1 eb, 5. 1901.
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day.    This  testimony yon cnn  make such use of  us you see lit.
Home address, 235,   Uiviliglon .street. S.    Raphael,
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Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Teiuleis nm Invi(cil for Ilic whole of the
properly, Ituiliuling Crown Oral Mod claims,
null sile, t'yiiiiiilc inlll, (.ii|uicity 15 tofiO Ions
dally), tramway, assay oliice, Innovatory nml
full equipment, of tho Toronto l.illunet (iold
Itcefs Com puny l.iinitcil, situate III Ilic Lillooet
ilistriet of lliilisli Columbia; ini'liuling lhc
Ample, Whale, Monarch ami Wclltiml Vale
mines which ure Crown grniileil, also the
Norlh Star, (lolileu stripe, (lolileu ICugle. Ituby
anil jumbo mineral elillm, in the snme district, toguilier wilh a ten stump mill, machine
ilrills nml other equipments. Ciish lenders for
Ihe whole propoity lire requested but
off us for working options or for portions
of llie properly will be considered. From lhc
former group OfiO loiisof ore lias been milled,
with nn iissny value Approximating 110.00 lo
$11.(10 Wagon rond from Itallroad to mill. The
whole of the above will bear looking iuto and
Investigation and nre nu exceptionally Important and valuable group of claims wllli full
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|o.v tile Dispute Originally Aran lllmt
Ih the Coast .—Determination of llie
Line In » l.exul Qlt.Ktloil—Lanr anil
Uiu_-—llie Area In Dispute— t aiiada't
Chief (ontentli.il Is lor un Outlet to
the hea.
(-Neither Canada nor the United
dates can claim to be an original
arty to the Alaskan dispute wnich
i at laat to go to a sort of arbitra-
inn. Uncle Sam bought his share
f the contention from Kutsia; Can-
i'la received its portion as a legacy
thi.-h Uri.i.*h Columbia had inherit-
I'd front lliitish Governments.
How tho Dispute Aiose.
The boundary dispute takes us    a
fong way  baci..      One hundred    and
ii.-ly-l\vo .ears ago a ltussian     ex-
■i lorer named Behring accomplished a
It'eat  to  whi.h  we now owe the present problem.    He led an expedition
|to   the   nor.th~ca.tern   extremity   of
-ibe* ia,    crossed   a   narrow    strait,
I which he named the Behring Strait,
und l cached thc Continent of America at thc north-Westerly extremity.
JI his new country he named Al-ak-
shak, or "mainland," and that word
lias been corrupted into Alaska.
Uehiing was followed by fur hunters,
who found abuiulun.e of sea. otter,
seal, and beaver. After these eame
the great Russian-American lur
Company, the ollicers of which for
(>8 years were the lords of the North
in that part of the world.
Meanwhile the British had invaded
ffthe district from the east, and were
'exploring end occupying the country
through i .'. agency of the North-
West J.raci_.g Company, whoa; operations extended from the Arctii
Ocean to the Gulf of California, i,
soon Le.i.me necessary for Great
Britain and Russia to fix the limits
| of th-i.- icspecthe territories, whicli
they attempted to do by thc livatj
1 of L8~i5. This treaty is the basis oi
the present controversy. Its alleged
inaccuracies and ambiguities ha\e
kept the boundary (pieslion unsetll.-u
rltiiing more than three-quarters of a
century. Jn 1867 when the United
States bought Alaska from Russia
for §7,"200,000, tho Russian side of
ihe controversy passed over to the
Republic, and the same year saw the
birth of the Dominion of Canada,
whi.h eventually took over the Biitish side of the ease.
What Is the Coast?
Mnny interesting points have been
raised in connection with this particular treaty, but the most important,
so far as the boundary i.s concerned,
is "What constitutes the coast of the
the ocean?" Under article 111. tho
boundary line wns to follow the
s tininit of the mountains situated
parallel to the coast. By articlo IV.
it was provided that wherever the
mountain.1, weie more than fen
leaguCB (30 mile.) from the coast
tho boundary shall follow the windings of tho coast, but never exceeding ten leagues therefrom. Now .several questions aiise iu this connection, Hoes the coast constitute the
oiilerfiiiiec if islands or docs it begin with tho mainland? If it i° con-
lined to the mainland, docs the coast
follow all the bays and inlets to
their head even when that would carry the boundary far beyond the
range of mountains? If it docs,
some very remarkable results are
obtained. The l.ynn Canal, which
at its widest outlet is only four
miles and three-quarters wide, would
cairy the boundary 70 miles inland,
uiul then 80 miles beyond tidal waters. Another inlet, Glacier Bay, is
only throo nnd a half miles wide, nnd
•ixiends -a.i ..... _■        ...       -.,-
t.ntion of the United States i.s that
the boundary follows the shores of
these inlets as though ihey were the
Shores of the ocean. The effect of
this contention of sustained would/lie
to (!e:iy Canada any outlet to tho
I'nciiic along four or live bundled
infos of coast where it has been specially agreed that there shall be free
and uninterrupted traffic to and from
1he interior. It was stipulated by
l.is.ii in the Treaty of JS'2_ that
Russians should always have the
pthilcgc of resorting to British hur-
liors in case of necessity, yet, under
the reading of the United States authorities, there are to be no l.ritish
harbors whatever.
I.aw nml -gage.
The determination of the coast line
is a legal Question on which there
has been much controversy. Many
iHltholiiias might bo quoted to .how
that where the coast i.s identified
with bays it is customary to draw
tin imaginary line front ono promontory to the other. The law of some
of the .States of the neighboring Union is speei'lc on ti la point. Nome
of them enact thnt "when an inlet or
arm of tho sea does not exceed two
marine leagues in width (six mat ine
miles) bet wren its headlands, a
straight line from one heac'land to
the other is equivalent to the   shore
line." And this \i,*w has been sus-
telnctl by the Sttproino Court ul" the I
Ci ited Stales, whi-h has de lar tl '
that "bu,\s wholly within tho lori-
tory nf a nnti in, nnd hot excecdi.ig
si. nilm at the mouth, are part cf
the te lit.oiy of Iho nation in which
they lie." In this connection it i.s
onlv fair to point out that the Lynn
Canal has three ocean outlets caused by tho is'ands that lie at its
mouth, end that though no singli
outlet aggregates six miles, they all
com1 Intel make t i>lit miles. It has,
however, always been judi inly held
that in such a case each island is
considered as part of the shore,
'Ihe Area In Dispute.
So far as Canada is concerned, the
main contention has been for an outlet to the sea. Indeed the Canadian
Government, offered on a recent occasion to abandon the claim to the
greater portion of tho territory, including Dyea and Skaguay, provided
it was conceded that Canada had the
rieht to Pyramid Harbor, which
would afford it a highway into the
Int.Oi ior. This proposal was declined     We (all bac'v, therefore, on   the
territorial lights originally claimed,
less thc important concessions made
in the new arrangement. Altogether
the territory and inland water in dis-
pute is about 320 miles from north
to south, and 14 to 70 miles wide,
It is n territory which is said to be
rich in gold deposits. It has very
valuable fishing grounds.
Wh.tt. it. Means to Us.
But still more important is the
fact, that, according to the United
States contention, it burs the way
between the Canadian Vukon and
the sea. This renders it possible for
the United States to control the
natural entrance to Canada's important gold fields. Wc have now
in that far-off country, close to the
Arcti- Circh', a city in which twelve
millions of Canadian capital have
heen invested. Dawson City is now
a fixture, with all the adjuncts of a
growing metropolis. Its trade and
that of the surrounding country,
whi'-h is serviceable for agriculture
ns well ns mining, has to go throu'gh
lintel Stales channels, and, to be
subjected to all the inconveniences
and expenses of pasting through a
foreign country. In a military sense
Hie situation is en_barras~ing.
Unrle Sam hes sought to corral
the Canadian Yukon, and, now he
has submitted his case to arl.itra-
t ion on terms however that are not
above criticism..
Governor of Western Australia.
The London Star says that Admiral Sir Fredeii-k Bedford, O.C.i:
whom the King, in pursuance of the
apparently settled policy of having
military and naval Governors for tho
constituent colonies of thc Commonwealth, has appointed to be Governor of Western Australia, entered tho
naval service in July, 1852, and as
a youngster was pr.sont at several
of the opeiations iu the Black Sea
and the Italic dining the war with
Russia in 1854-.*"). As a commander
he served i.i the Serapis, when it
ct ri>d the King, when Prince
Wai s, on his memorable visit
India. As Flag Captain on
Hub, on the I'nciiic station,
took that vessel into action with the
Tei'ini n ironclad Huascar off Ylo in
May. 1877. In 1884, when in command of the Monarch, he received the
Special thanks of the Admiralty for
hi. efforts to organize the flotilla on.
(he Nile for the relief of General Gordon. For the Benin expedition he re-
toivod tho K.C.B., and the Grand
Cross of the Bath followed among
the coronation honors.
Ullooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.       -^^
As far back as the year 1858, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Bee.
ar, near the town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground i being worked with profit at
the present time,
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising; Mineral Lands.
andkuson lake and hui do is uiver mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of  territory that remain unprospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds.^^^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
L'aradise is here. Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.<^~^>
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Kailway towns are ashciiokt and lvtton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
Jok-N un Lovers.
The opinion has been expressed
that one reason why there nre so
many old bachelors in Ontario is because of the derision that a man
meets with when it is known thut he
is about to muny and the ordeal o.
going away in a shower of riee, perhaps with a "shivaree" as a welcome
home. In the cilios it is not so bad,
for people can get married und few
know it. In country plae s practical
jokers aro always getting in their
fine wtirk on young fellows who go
courting. Ihe following is from The
Uxbiidgo Journal, und illustrates
the point:
"The boys in I'll a country dearly
love a joke, espe lally if it happens
to be on soin_ y.ung fellow from a
distance who invades their neighborhood on a courting expedition. This
wns the case recently in the l'ine
Grove nei hborhood, where a young
man from town hud the wheels of his
buggy chunged and his 1 ncs crossed.
Hut a young mnn from the country
(Glen Major district) fared worse in
town on fair night, his horse antl rig
having i»een appropriated in toto. It
was rotu-ned to the hotel shed before morning, but the young mnn
and his girl were under the necessity
of hunting up sleeping quarters with
friends in town at a lute hour.
These practical jokes sometimes result unpleasantly for all patties concerned, and it would be well if thc
funny people would hnd somo less
annoying way of exhibiting their
Prospector" Club Offers.
Manitoba Free Press and Prospector for $1.50
The Manitoba Free Press  with  its weekly Supplement gives 28 pages of reading matter every week. In  addition to this, 22 admirabl
painting reproductions  will be given,    l-'or $1.50 we will have the Free  Press, the 22 paintings ami   The Prospector sent to you    fo
one year,
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
The two beautiful pictures  "PURITY" and "ALONE" which are to be presented with the Family Herald are 22 x 2S inches
size, and are suitable for framing.
yu     >£      *      >k
The Weekly Witness price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern Messenger 30
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
flt___T Special. We were successful in our last club offer, ..nd will now make a
special rate.    We  will send you  all the above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, world wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.oo. THE   IMIOSPECTOH,"LILLOOET, B.C.,  JULY 4.   1903.
Policy Seems In I'.e Much en the l.lnra of
Nii|ioleoii's   Fiil'ttVV.V i.f I'-fccr
the i.real _ Wi.l.
The passjge througli t'.io Unid.n
dies i.i' two unarmed l.iis_iaii toi-
pedo-boat destroyers is an incident
apparently insignificant in ituolf,
lint, viewed in i.Ii_ light ot' tlroat
Biitain's traditional distrusl of Hus-
. i t, und under the magnifying glasn
of irn.s,.onsi .le altirmisl -. it appears to lie almost a menace to the
existence ol the Empire. I is Majesty's representative at Constantinople
has protested to the I'm tc, who is
the guatdlan of the Black Sea, and
though no answer has been returned,
any possible ex| lanation has been already anticipated and discounted.
The action of the Russians was an
open violation of the Treaty of Paris. England assumes her attitude of
viituous indignation, and Kussia
quietly pursues her policy,
Salisbur.'a I'linmus slang.
When England and Franco undertook to uphold the tottji ing Turkish
Empire, and threw themselves upon
Itussio. in the Crimean War, the former country, as Lord Salisbury has
since said, "put its money on the
wrong horse." However, the "wrong
horse" was first under the wiie.
When the war was about at an end,
Lord Lyndhurst vigorously declared
that "there could be no place without first destroying Hussia's Black
Sea licet, and laying prostrate the
foi tilications which protected it."
Therefore the great, docks and
defences of Sebastopol, designed in
1830 by an English engineer, wero
demolished, and the Treaty of I'aris
whi.h concluded the conflict expressly
provided that the fortress should nott
he rebuilt a id that the Black Sea
should be free from the warships of
every power. The key to the Mack
Se.v is the Dardanelles, swinging ostentatiously at the Sultan's guide.
Russia's eye has ever been  upon it.
First Violation of Treaty.
Prince Gortchakoff, whose ambition
it was to be tho liie imarck of Kussia,
s.tw his opportunity in 1870 when
Franco antl Germany were at war.
lie issued a curt notification of tho
Czar 8 intention to abrogate that
clause of the Treaty of I'aris which
forbade the rebuilding of Sebastopol.
France was in no position to object;
England could not but liie a formal
protest. Thus Sebastopol is stronger than ever 1 -fore.
An Aiicg-ii llreucli of iiiitli.
By the treaty of Berlin in 1878,
which made peace between Kussia
and Turkey after their second con-
niet, all thi' powers were rewarded
for their kindly forbearance. It was
then that. Britain got Cyprus, while
the llli.ee Sea was made formally
what it already Was geographically,
a Russian lake. No restrictions wero
removed, however, from the pa.sage
of the Dardanelles. These slraits
were to remain inviolate. Tho
Czar's land frontier was extended to
embrace Kars, a port of |Batoum. It
was stipulated thut Batoum should
remain unfortified, but Russia soon
found occasion to disregard lhat provision. This violation formed the
text for other charges of bad faith;
but it. is said now that, there was a
secret understanding among the powers at the time of the treaty that
Batoum might bo protested.
Idleness and Temptation.
Few  temptations  beset  thc   Indus-
• trious, but all temptations assail the
Sunlight Soap will not
burn tlie nap of; woolero
nor the surface off linens.
Ask for Ihe Octagon Bar.
Respecting Timber Licenses.
MOTICE is hereby Riven Unit (lie Order In
-' Council niiikirig ii ickiiIhiIiiii for lhe survey of timber limits before the!, sue of special
licenses toer.l and remove timber from (lcotv.ll
liinil-, notiee of which \vn~ published in the
Itiitisb t'oliimblii (iH7.~it_H.mlanted26th March
1908, Iihs been rescinded.
.  VV.  S CORK,
Deputy   Commissioner of  I.iinds _ Works.
builds mul Works Department,
Victoria,'...th June, 1908.
A meeting of Ihe West I.iiiooet Libera] Assoc-
iiilion will be held in Santini's Hall on Saturday evening, lhc 11th of July at 8 o'clock p.m.
lor ihe purpose of dually selecting a candidate
to represent the ilistriet, nt the forthcoming
provincial (.lection. The candidates nre Dr.
Heorge Sanson, of Clinton and Ashcroft, and
Dr. M. Wade, of Kamloo-is.
The vote will be taken by ballot, and all
Liberals arc urgcnlly requested to attend,
V.   s. Copland,
Honorary Secretary,
I-illooet, 271b Juno 1908.
Subscribe for The L'-tOSPEOTOR
TIih following pbllloi-lli w.-is n-
dopletl iiiiiiiiinioiislv by Ilic Iley-
clsl okd (Ion vent.ion on iSe-ileinbt.i-
12l,li, 1902:
1— "-Thiil. Ihis Convention re-
iiffii-iiis tIt*.*polic,y of the r.-iity in
liinl leis of L'l'ovincinl i-oimIm mul
I til ils; the ownership anil control
uf liiilwiiys iiinl llie development
of lhe iioiiciill iii-;iI resources ol
the IVovinee, ns laid down in the
Phil form adopted in October
1899, which is .-is follows:
"To aolively aid in the construe ion of
Lrt.ils throughout the Province and tin
building of Piuvinuittl Trunk ro.ids of
iiulilie necessity.
"To adnpt the principle of Govern-
nicnt owner.hip of raiiwaye in _o far n.
the circuiii-tanees of the Piovince will
admit, and to adopt the principle that
no liontl-i Fliou'd bo granted lo any railway eoinp my which dues not give the
-overniiient of th~i Province control ot
rates over lines houu. etl, together with
ih- o|dion uf purchase.
''To actively a.-ist hy Slate aid in the
d -velojiineiil of tl-c Htiiiciiliiiial re.otuc
e. of the Province."
2—That in the meantime and until
he lUiWvay po icv above set f<>rth cai
he accompli-hed, a genera'Rtilwav Ac
ie passed, giving freeilout to construct
railways nnd). r certain appr v*d tgnla-
lion., analUgous to the . v. tent that ha.
resulted ill piicIi ex ens ve railway ton-
si ruction in the United State., with so
nuoh advantage tu trade and comuieice.
3—That to enctiuiage '.lie mining in-
iltl-try, the taxation of metalliferous
mini s should he on Ihe Im-is of a p icii-
..f the net profits.
4—That the Government ownership nf
telephone sxstinis t-hoiild lie Inotiglii
ulionl as a I'n hi step in the aiquititii n
■if ptililic uiilities.
5 -That a portion of every eo.il area to
ne hereaf'er di-~posed of, i-lioiilil he reserved from sale or lease, so that State-
owned miiii , may easily he acces.ible,
if their operation become necessary or
li—That in the pulp land lenses pro-
vi.iiin should be made for refoieling
and tint steps shmtld he laken for the
general preservation ol forests hy guarding against ihe wasteful destiuclion of
7—That the Legisla'ure and goven-
ment of the Province sin u'd per.evere
in the effort to secure the exclusion of
Asiatic lab r.
8—Tnat the matter ol bet'.er subsidies
and appropriations fur U.C. he vigorously pressed upon the Dominion i; .vein-
ni. nt.
9 That Ihe silver lead industries be
fostered by the imposition of Increased
Customs duties on land and lead products Im poll e I into Canada.
10—That arrangements he made for an
amicable adjust ment of the relations between eiuployeis ami employed.
11-That it is advisable to foster the
manufacture of the raw pr ulucts of the
iroviuce within the Province as fur as
practicable by means of taxation on the
said raw products subject to rebate ol
the same in whole or iu part when manufactured in Rritish Columbia.
Have yon ordered your new
suit? (Jive McCosh a l.r.'al. lie
will givo yousiifisfiicfioii.
or ludy in ench county lo manage business for
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mid by check cadi Wednesday vvtil) nil exi.cn
*es dlred I'rinii headquarters.    Money mlviinc-
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Mannger, :i 10 Caxton llulldiug, Chicago.
i\K\*    VVKS'IMINS'I'KK, II. U.
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Ticks and Shovels,
!Axes, Hoes Si. Kakes,
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Seeds, Plants,
lll'.l*. SUITI.IKS,
Catalogue free.
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AS Fishing Tackle etc. etc. {»\
/y Mail   Orders    Promptly   Filled. (*)
ii                ,i. ii
% CLARKE & Co. $
*       LILLOOBT, B.C. *
The most natural means of
helping nature Hi hold hones anil
muscles and ligaments in plnce,
while the muscles itloiit and glow
slrong, afler a sen ere wit noli or
strain. Saves litany a crooked
elbow and wrist and a.ilde. We
mail you full directions for sslf-
ineasiuenient, at home. We llicn
have the goods made to lit you,
I Come te, either  of our stores,
or write us and tell us what you
is tliL- he-*t thing we know of. It
heals quickly, and is not sticky or
greasy.    Ry mail 25c.
'V.A.lsrCOTTV'El'R., B. C
A new and thoroughly equipped
private hos|>i al specially ailnptcd
for Surgical ami lilectrlcal Trcat-
niciu, with superior nccomoda.
lion lor Lying-ill Cases. Only
trained nurses employed,
The McMillan Fur & Wool Co. have
placet! their eircu'ar of May 5th on liie
it, our office for reference. Thi8 house
was eetabll-hed a quarter of a century
igo, and on account of their extenaive
husiiie. _, they are iu a position to pay
nigh prices. Shippers (ind their dealings with them very satisfactory.
Head our special
offer on the
third page.
Paul Santini,
(iKNKU'AI,  .M KUCHA NT. |*;| l.U.K.l.T, ll. 0;
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mul Otlisr (,'ookllig Cicnsils.   l'ricc.'i ccnls eacli, while Ihey last.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton A Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays aud Kridaj
All points iu Cariboo:      -   -    Mondays.
150Mile House : Mondays Si. Fridays [semi-weekly servicj
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
H  Special conveyances furnished.    Send   for   folders
The new stage line leaves l.y Mon every Monday nj
If rid ay for Lillooet, returning next day. Special trj
made.    Write us for information.
Peter Itebngliati # Co., Iiytton   ll. Cj
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOI
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS Mccosil. Merchant Tallin-, Aslunii't, it. c
Viiiicon ver, B.C.
Established, 1890.
Assay wink of .ill descriptions undertaken.    Tents mode up to jooollis.    A specintl
mnde of checking   smeller  pulps.    Samples   from   llie   Interior  by   Mail  or   Kxpr
promptly ntttndetl lo.   Correspondence   solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry tlie largest and best stoek in B.C|
including: tar Iron, Cast Steel Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents For VAl.KNTINK'S Ui^li Grade CAUI.IA.ll_ VARNISH.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
Page Woven ^Vi«*e Fence
with Its coiilinuoits coil (not, nt'ltnpod)Is the
bust ttock-holiliiiK fence iniulc. Page No.
7 wire sin ml< a ,3,000 pounds' strain— common
No. 7 wire only 1,701 pounds. Common wiro
will not coil—it straightens out again—it
hasn't, ii sprint* temper — Pago  wiro has.
The P>j. Wire Fonce Co , Limited,
WaltcerWlle, Ont.
Montreal, P.Q., and St. ___, N.B.     11
E. Q. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.
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$1.00 per annum.


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