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The Prospector Mar 8, 1901

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Vol. 3, No. 35.
$2.00 a year.
a-snsr_E3_=^A.i_   i&xvx^GTiAjjLwn:
Miners Supplies.^-^^
■JOIIiXiOO-BT, _5_C5.
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
•rs Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
Paul Santini,
.Carries ft fall  stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry   Goods,   Boots   and   Shoes,
Hardware, etc.
BY   RIC    X.   FRASER.
•PIO:_T___0_-i __OT.BL.
i.tiioo.t a. c.
TOW. H. NELSON, Proprietor.
-.1.   (aisas   for   (.'uamsrelal    Tr.r.llers-
Ur.ry lublo In Connection.  Bus weuis
steamboat far fisKtt te rnQ 1'om
_adei'S3n  Lake and Krll .
Biyar polau.
Hotel Victoria.
Tads liotel being new and thoroughly finished throughout Is the only first
•Use hotel in Liliooet. Persons calling at -Ullooet will receive trery attention by
•tapping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with tbe liotel. Head-
ejeanero fur the I.illooet-I.rtten stage.
• «•«••   cHinone Mooan-Ti.   s)  •  o  e  e  •
M. ft.'EAGLESON, -       - .       Proprietor.
D.  y-BJLa-HI-*,   PBOP.
•<H-„OOET, Ba
The Bar Is supplied with the best Wines, Liquors and "Igsrs. — I
Stag© loaves Lytton every Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooet. returning next day.    Special trips made.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooet dietrict, write us tor information.
CAMERON A HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B L
Gar-oral Dealer
Full  line   of   Groceries,  Dry Goods, Boots   and  Shoes
Ohothing and Hardware.     Miners' Supplies.
Kamloops, B.C.
Fnrniture of every description,   Carpets,  inol.um,   Window Shaden, Cornice Poles, etc.
Canadian Pacific Navigation Company.
euy.   Rsrnlar iteaineri
C. ii. BJ.itKR.tj. p. .
Subscribe for Tho Prospector.
Oming to the failure of the remittance
of certain returns to the department of
mines on the pact of mine owners or
tbeir representatisea, W. F. Robertson,
provincial mineralogist, has issued a
strict order in the form of a circular
which is now being sent to tbe delinquents. Thee* returns should bave been
made by January 1st. and tbe department would like to collect them at as
early a date as possible. The provincial
law officers have been notified to strictly
enforce the law and adminster the pen-
altya ttached against those wbo fail to
forward tbe desired information this
time.   The circular reads as follows:
Department of Mines, Victoria. Sir:
Under section 16 of " Inspection of Metalliferous Mines Act, 1897," the owner,
agent, manager or lessee of every mine
to which this Act applies is required, on
or before the 15th day of January; to
make certain returns to this department
with reference tn such mine er mines.
Under date of l2t.li December, 1000, as
owner, agent, manager or lessee, or act-
frr such, -you were reminded of this By
circular letter and blank forma were
mailed to yov at your registered address.
Such returns bave not ag yet been re
ceived from you regarding  mine
situated in the mining  division.
I have, therefore, to inform you that unless you at once make the required required returns, filling in the blanks duly
provided for same, it will be my duty to
report to the attorney-general your neglect or refusal to provide and make such
required returns, with tlie^ request that
he take etepi to enforce tbe penalty as
provided hy the act. I beg you will not
force me to thia unpleasant necessity,
and that you will at once send me tbe
required information. Should your
property have made no output during
tbe past rear pleas* so state and fill in
returns to that effect, (Signed) Vf. F.
Ruber lacn, provincial mineralogist.
There may be some difference of opinion throughout the province as to
whether Trotnier Dunsmuir's government is all that itabould be, but when
it becomes an issue between tbe Dunsmuir government and Joseph Martin
tbe difference of opinion melts away to
the vanishing point.—Nelson Tribune.
The country suatained a great loss by
the death Saturday night at Ottawa of
Dr. G. M, DawBon, director of the geological survey. He waa at his office as
recently as Thursday, when he caught
cold and death resulted from bronchitis.
Dr. Dawson was well known in the west
having spent some time in exploring.
Jake Gaudaur will go into training
again this spring, to be in readiness to
defend his title of champion of the world.
Borne eastern papers have been publishing rumors of challenges to be issued by
him, but the big fellow says he is ready
to meet any or all aspirants during the
coming summer.
A rich lady cured of her Dcafncaa antl Noises
In the Ileatf by Dr Nicholson's Artificial K«r
Drums, gave |io,ooo to bis ImtltUte, so thnt the
dc..f pcopK- unable to procure the Ear Dm ml
mar havo them free. Addretw No. 14038 The
Nk-holfson Iustltute, 780, Eighth Avenue, New
York, . ,8.A,
J. H. Anthony.
General Merchant, LYTTON.
Storage and
Forwarding- Agent
Lillooet and Bridge River.
Have goods consigned to iny care;
railway charges are settled, goods stored
and forwarded with despatch.
Silverthorn Bros, Props.
LYTTON, . . B.C.
First-class in every respect,
Ciioice  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars. Sample
room   free.
The war in South Africa has again reached
a attire which the British newspapers _all the
eve of the termination. Rumors of the surrender of Gen. Botha and the collapse of all
Boer resistence flourish to the great benefit of
South African stocks. That those who are
most responsible for carrying on the war do
not share this opinion, is perfectly evident
from Mr. Brodrick's officials utterances and
the conviction of .his colleagues, including
Lord Roberts. Their carefully prepared campaign, which has been quietly maturing during the past six months, is beginning to have
its first results, and they are perfectly satisfied.
The new concentration of thei/ hopes referred
to by the correspondents at the front, is only
one of the maay steps for which Gen. Kitchener has so long been preparing. That it will
l«d to the complete disintegration of the
more important Boer units and possibly to the
personal surrender of Generals Botha and
Dewet, the British war office earnestly hopes.
Gen. Kitchener is almost as reticent towards
his chiefs in Pall Mall as to the general public.
When he has taken Gen. Botha into his camp
the war office expects to hear of it, but before,
as an official said to a reporter of the Associated Press, grimly, "armistices are not in Kitchener's line."
The meeting of Gen. Kitchener and Sir Alfred Milner at Pretoria, probably occurriog on
Sunday, is generally taken as likely ro result in
the establishment of a more permanent form
of civil government, in] which the severity of
martial law will be somewhat tempered in several sections of the country, but neither in
London nor in South Africa are the British
Officials shutting theireyes to the fact that they
have a long job ahead of them, which can
only be lightened, and by no means so'ved,
through the victories over the Boer units.' The
glory which thc British press sometime ago
showered on Geo, Dewet has departed from
him. In despatches and editorials he is now
belittled as a disappointed raider, deserted by
his own men and venting his fruitless anger by
Sjamboking hit reluctant handful of followers.
Calmer observers, especially officers who have
returned from the front, tre jjinclincd to fear
the elusive Boer leader is merely under a temporary cloud, from which he may he expected
tt any moment to 'merge accompanied hy a
force which, though not formidable in numbers, would be ptrticultrly formidable in execution. Tlie false announcement of Gen.
Botha's surrender on Thursday will be a matter of discussion in the house of commons, especially the fact which accompanied the assertion, that it was official. The latest " fake "
has given rise to many editorials commenting
upon the deterioration and unreliability of sections of tho British press, comparing the latest
example with the notorious Pekin massacre
Late War Newt.
The London Pall Mall Pekin correspondent says the emperor will return to the capital
tt the end of Mtrch.
The foreign ministers have"demanded|the
detth of twelve additional high officials and
the punishment of ninety mandarins.
Small pox has brokrt) out among the allied
A London despatch stys Lord Wolsely attacked the military system of Great Britain in
the house of lords saying: " My arguments
are not directed against individuals, but
tgtinst a system which I have honestly tried
for five years and found wtnting."
Gen. Dewet lost heavily in men and stores
by his incursion into Cape Colony but he
seems to btve mtde a clever escape with the
bulk of his command.
e following is the progrtm  for  the con
cert which will  be held this evening [Friday],
in th
: Methodist church:
"Ctprice   Hongroise"   [Ketterer]   by
Mr. Berks.
" What will you ttke for me," Flossie
" Vtlse Op. 41" [Chopin], Mr. Berks.
" Rest in the Lord," Mrs. Wright.
A selection from Faust, [Gounod], Mr.
" I   am   far   frae my hime," Messrs.
Song, selected, Mr, Berks.
" flow beautiful  upon the mountains,"
The Choir.
" Romance Alice" [Ascher], Mr. Berks.
Song, Mr. Heath.
Song, selected, Mr. Berks,
i a.
'* Work brothers work," The Choir.
-God save the King."
Forty recruits for lhe Baden Powell South
African coiutabularty were accepted at Vancouver and srarletl for Ottawa an<J Halifax on
Sunday fast.
President McKinley'* inaugural took place
on Monday and Theodore Koosevelt was also
sworn in as vice-president.
The returned heroes of tho  African   veldt
are lo receive grants «f land fronj the govern-
Thomai YV. Lawflon haa announced
that the BoMon America*! cup defender
yacht nouM be named hulependent'*,
Ar. all i.„„iiliiu ;\V.ll nnd tlie
Coasting Seaton Will Ue et liec-
ord Breaker. Development 1«
Advancing on nil tlie Pruper-
tten. The Lome Mill it at the
A. P. Brackett, M. D., returned from
San Francisco last week and leaves for
Bridge River tomorrow morning, to look
after properties io which lie ie interested. Tho doctor spent laat season in this
section and be ides being enthusiastic
over the mining outlook iB very much
taken up with the country generally.
Miss Brackett and companion will arrive
next month aud will spend thc season
at the mines.
The Bridge Kiver Hydraulic Mining &
Milling Company, whose property is on
the South Fork, aud known as the Scum
Scum, is one of the properties in which
Dr. Brackett and associates have acquired and last season did consideiable work
but was pat back by the heavy freshets
which played havoc with their whole
seasons work. The company have hydraulic pipe, monitors, etc., on tbe
ground and will be in a position early
this season to have the plant in place.
The dam wil be replaced as coon as possible a portable sawmill will betaken to
cut lumber for the construction of lhe
At the Alhambra Mines, which were
purchased by Mr. Milton Rathburn of
New York, Dr. Bracaett will attend to
aho. but the work will be superintended
by tbe managers of tbe Lome mine for
tlie present. About four men nru at
work and the number will be increased
as work continues. It was the intention
to bring in a five-stamp mill during the
past winter, but on estimating tlie cost
of transportation it was decided to wait
until ne_t year, when probably there
would ba better roaae, and expend the
amount on developing the property and
would then install the necessary plant
for working the property.
Mr. Rathburn, who spent a few weeks
here last year, will return again during
May and remain until the fall.
Big Bar (Joid Dredge.
J. G. Collins reports everything ready
to start the gold dredge at Big Bar as
soon as the river is clear of ice. For the
last six or eight «eeks he with his partners in the enterprise bave been working hard overhauling the dredge generally and replacing the gold saving arrangements with the DeKeyser system
of sluices and other appliances specially
made nfter many testa for tbe saving of
fine gold. It is claimed for this HyBteni
that it is an impossibility for any fine
gold to eBcape. Gold dredging men win
watch with interest the result of this
system of faving gold. Mr. Collins will
return to the dredge, whiob if now
about a mile above Big Bar, and operations may be expected to begin next
Word received from the Bend'Or mine
this week states that they expect to have
the mill started up in two weeks time
crushing ore. With the development
on the mine this winter it has shown it
up to better advantage and there is a
large quantity of ore in the bins a;.d
sufficient in sight to keep the mill going
for tome time.
The machinery for the Lorne mill ie
about all at the mine and is being put in
place, and will be ready to crush ore in
a short time. Tbe mine is looking exceptionally well and Foreman Barker is
doing good systematic work in opening
up the mine.
The annual general meeting of the
Bend'Or Mines, Ltd., will be held this
week at the company's office in Vancouver.        	
Does Dining Pay?
The Engineering and Mining Journal,
which makes a specialty of compiling
the dividends of mining corporations in
the United States, stated in a late issue
that the total dividends paid in 1900 by
210 companies allied with the mineral
industry of the United States is $30,-
The enormous dividend disbursements
place the mining industry among the
most profitable of the nation's indua
The copper mines paid $33,433,000, or
more than one-fourth of the total dividend disbursements for the year, which
puts our copper production first in importance.
This list of dividend payers, however,
does not include many metallurgical in-
lustries tbat disbursed large dividends
during the year, and which Bhouid be
added to the disbursements of the mining companies proper,
The Journal predicts that dividends
will bo materially increased during the
current year.
Tlie Cobeldlck Dredge Sold.
The large dredge and plant at Lytton,
belonging to the Cobeldick Dredge Co.
No. 1, Limited, was sold by Deputy
Sheriff Francis Webb, under execution
at the following instance: Butler, Barnum and McK.night, who had judgments
against the company, and also under a
chattel mortgage in which tbe company
were mortgagors and Thos. Dunn <t Co.
were mortgagees. The debt against the
compauy aggregated $4,277. Only a few
were present at the sale and the bidding
was quiet and the bid of $9,600 by Fred.
Wilson, M. Ii., London, Eng., was accepted and immediate possession was
Weil  Yale's  riember.
The Provi nee says: Tlie honor of moving the adoption ol the speech from tbe
throne was in the banda of Mr. Denis
Murphy, the result being an oratorical
effort which Hon, Mr. Turner pronounced the ablest, on such an occassien,
which he had heard in bis fourteen
years in the boose Mr. Murphy's reputation aa a speaker preceeded him to
Victoria, but he allowed all last «ci,i„
to slip by without once raising his voice
in debate, a distinction shared by tba
premier and Mr. Mounce. Perhaps this
fact enhanced the interests of his re
marks today. Evidently the young barrister from Ashcroft had devoted some
time to making the effort worthy of tbe
occasion, and that he succeeded was attested by the fact that when he resumed
his seat he was beseiged by cabinet ministers and prominent government supporters, eager to offer their congratulations to the young speaker, who, despite
his Hibernain name is a native born
British Columbian.
Oovernnient Aesav Office.
A despatch from Ottawa states that
the government has decided to open an
assay office at Vancouver, at which gold
will be purchased from returning miners
at its full value in the same manner that
it has during the past season been purchased at Seattle for the United States
mint. It is probable that a branch of
the Royal mint will bo established at
Wrath of a Voter Scorned.
Politics in New South Wales is quite
as uncertain a game as it is in this country, and tbo member of parliament who
is ungrateful enough to forget his constituents is likely to bear from them.
Tlie Western Grazier, which is published
at Welcannia, New South Wales, piints
this letter, which the member of parliament from the Big River country received not long ago. It was written by
a man who had applied for a job and
failed te get it:
" Dear Sir.—You're adamn fraud, and
you know it. I don't care a rap for the
billet or the muney either, but you could
havey got it for me if you wasn't as
mean as mud. Two pounds a week ain't
any moar to ms than forty shillins is to
you, but I object to bein made an infernal fool of. Soon after you was e'ected
by my hard workin a feller wanted to
bet me that you wouldn't be in the
house mooren a week before yoa made a
bass of yourself. I bet him a cow on
that, aa i thought you was worth it then.
After I got your note saying you declined to ackt in the matter I druv the cow
over to the feller's place and told him
he had won her. That's all I got for
howlin myself horse for you on pole day,
and months befo.ir. You not only hurt
a man's pride, but you injure him in
bizness. I believe you think you'll get
in agen. I don't. An what I dont think
is of more konsequence than you imagin
I believe you take a pleshir in cutting
your best friends, but wate till tbe clouds
roll by an they'll cut you—just behind
the ear whare the butcher cuts the pig.
Yure no man. Yum only a tule for a
few squatters. An I dou't think yonre
much of a grafter either. Go to Hades.
1 lower meself riteu to a skunk even tho
I med him a membor of parlement."
The Drunk  Must On.
The use of intoxicants bv employees
while on duty, is forbidden by the rule*
of the Wabash railroad. The adoption
of a eimilar policy hy many industries
employing hundreds of men marks a
new era in our development, and indicates that the regular situation-holders
of the future—in certain industries at
least—will bo those with clear braint
aiul ste.rlv nerves, A GEY AULD WIFE.
A Httle old woman with soundless Bhooa
And a heart 03 hard as Hint,
In tlie light of the sun and the glint of tlie _mx
ilti locks arc as white as lmt,
flht mQcketii youth, and she flouteth love,
fiit a gey auld wiiV is -he,
Ani ii-.-. __nds beneath and the stars abov*
Wer_ new ia her memory.
She i-'UcUth the rose, and it tails apart;
The stone, and it crumbles away,
'Jut iiever a tear to her eye sliall start,
This spirit of yesterday.
For this little old woman the sphinx beheld
When the dawn of the world was bright,
Tliii little old woman who came from eld
Ere tht Lord made day and night.
Bin creepeth about in her soundless sboon,
She singe th a dreary rhyme,
Ami tlie nations drowse to her eerie rune,
Fur tbe gey auld wife is Time.
—Margaret E. Sangster in Harper's Bszsr.
© • m #3 -e; ♦*♦?«# •:•'*♦•♦
9   How It   Was   Recovered   by a
0 Detective.
It was the night of Nov. 4, 1899, as
Mr. David Allen sat blue penciling
some proof sheets, wlien there earne a
ponderous thud that to him seemed
just under the window. It shook the
whole house, and when he looked out
of the window he saw that something
had made a deep hole In the garden.
The next day he dug up a small meteor. It was a most formidable looking piece of metal. It contained at the
surface a small crystal.
'i'he stone In size and shape resembled the egg of a rock pigeon, but in
color it was watery, with just a tinge
of yellow. Mr. Alleu wrapped it up In
tissue paper, placed it in a box aud called on the scientist to ask his opinion.
Dr. Itel'ord said it was a leopardlte—
a mineral, he said, found always In a
crystallized condition—and talkedabout
lateral planes, oblique prisms, translucent edges and wound up by giving
the component parts of this wonderful
stone aud its specific gravity.
"Is the stone of auy value, Dr. Re-
ford?" Alleu asked.
"Well, scientifically, yes; Intrinsically, no. But bci'ore returning It I
would like to make a further and more
exhaustive Inquiry into the chemical
parts of it."
"Certainly, Dr. Keford. Keep It as
long as you wish." Then Allen went
lie thought no more about it until
his friend Jones asked:
"What have you tloue with the pebble, Allen?"
"Oh, I took It to a local doctor who
dabbles a bit In science."
"Did he tell you what it was? I'll
tell you why I ask. Do you remember
Clayton of Yale? Well, no matter,
lie's a wonderfully smart chap. 1 saw
him absolutely make a diamond a few
weeks back, lie explained that the
piuhead he produced was of tho first
water and that when electricity was
better known diamonds would be as
cheap as they are now dear. He placed
a few metals nud other ingredients Into a crucible and then boiled the lot up
by the aid of a powerful electric current, with the result I've told you.
Now, Claytou says if he could only get
au odd hundred or thousand degrees,
1 forget  which,   more  heat  he could
make a diamond as big as a hen's egg.
Despite all efforts of Allen to dispel
tbe thoughts conjured up by Jones' remarks the matter would recur. He
tried to laugh It away, but to no avail,
bo ho walked over to Dr. Reford's to
ask for the pebble's return.
The doctor was iu and disengaged.
"Well, Mr. Allen, I have dissolved
that stoue. It was nothing more than
glass." Dr. Refold showed Alleu a
wide necked vial with some whitish
liquid in It aud beneath which was a
small rlilge of green sediment.
"There," said he, "is all that is left
of your treasure, Mr. Allen."
Allen was disappointed lu not having
tbe pebble to keep as a memento. He,
however, snid it couldn't be helped.
"I'll tell you what I will do, Mr. Allen. I'll solidify that sediment so that
you may have something to remind you
of your midnight visitor."
Alleu jumped at the offer and left,
About a week after this Dr. Reford,
accompanied by a youngish looking
man, called upon Allen. The doctor
Introduced the youngish looking mnn
ns Dr. Smith. He said Dr. Smith was
going lo take charge of his practice
while he voyaged to Europe.
The next day a gentlemanly Individual called to see Mr. Allen on urgent
"My name Is John Westlock," said
he, "and I'm a detective sent to you
under Instructions from Mr. Albert
Jones, a friend of yours."
"Hood heavens, man, what's up?"
"According to Mr. Jones, sir, a few
weeks back you had a meteor fall In
your garden."
"I had.   What then?"
"You sent a pebble it contained to a
local doctor named Reford for examination ?"
"Well, sir, tbe day before yesterday
this doctor called upon Mr. Claytou,
the eminent scientist, and explained
thnt the meteor fell In his garden and
that he found the pebble. Mr. Clayton
examined It and found it to be a most
valuable diamond. A few minutes after the doctor left Mr. Clayton's bouse
your friend, Mr. Jones, called and was
told the story about the meteor. He
was satisfied lhat somehow this doctor
had got the pebble from you and had
deceived you. Of course It's your nf
fair, but If my advice Is wortii any.
thing I'd go and get whnt he says Is
all that remains of your pebble."
To tills Mr. Allen agreed.
Together they Journeyed to Or. B*>
ford's and were somewhat surprised
when uot tho doctor, bul ihi housekeeper, came to the door.
"Oil, Air. Alleu, is it you, sir? I'm so
glad to fee you! Things is in an awful mess Afore any uf us were up this
morning thai Mr. Smith—or Dr. Smith
(contemptuously) — leaves the iionse.
Soon after the master was up there
was au awful row. He swore he'd
been robbed, and when Ue heard as
Ihis Smith man nad gone I thought he
was going mad, sir: indeed I did. He
raved round the place like a regular
luuy and then ran lo the railroad station-
Mr. Allen had no difficulty In obtaining the vinl. Inn Westlock learned nothing nt the station. There lind not been
a single passeijs_' either to arrive or
dopant. These two doctors seemed to
liave vanished completely.
Tlie green sudli'.icnt wns analyzed,
proved to bo nothing but copperas in
solution, nnd with thai solitary piece
if information tlie police and all cou-
eerned iu the mutter had in lie couteut.
Allen hnd almost forgotten about his
pebble, when Westlock, the detective,
-ailed again.
"Well, Mr. Westlock. any news?"
isked Allen, somewhat surprised.
"I've got your diamond, Mr. Allen.
As uo outside news was obtainable, I
eame to the conclusion that there bail
been some foul play, nud for the lasi
fortnight I've beeu searching the
neighborhood, nud met with success
ihis morning. Both doctors' bodies
wore lying in Merldon quarries hidden
nnong a lot of undergrowth. To ine ii
is clear. Dr. Reford must hnve seen
Smith hiding or seeking shelter, and
the two must have had a struggle on
he cliff and iu their frenzy have fallen
Allen took tlie pebble and examined
,t and declared it wns the one he had
•xtraeled from the meteor, lie said In-
wanted lo sell It at once. It was de
.•hied that he should run up lo town
md if possible dispose of it. Allen had
provided himself with plenty of work
o occupy him during the journey anil
ivas quite absorbed in it when a band
-oinely dressed woman entered the
•otnpnt'tnieut wherein lie snt. This
ather disconcerted him. for ho smoked
heavily. The train was ngnin in motion, when tho door was suddenly
ipened and an elderly gentleman stum
bled in.
Ten minutes later, without any warn
Ing, the elderly gentleman stood up.
'overed Allen witli a revolver nnd demanded the diamond.
"Dou't move, luy good sir, or you'll
liuil yourself perforated wilh u (-hunk
of lend, and you. madam, had better
keen quiet also, as tlie threat, 1 tun
lorry to sny, must extend to you. You
-iee, our friend there has lu his possession a diamond worth nearly half a
million of money, and we don'i pick
up fortunes like that every day nt' tl.e
"Now, then, sir. hurry up; 1 can feel
the train !s slowing up. nud I liltlsl
skip out lively, you bet. Dou't get oul
your precious diamond hurriedly or 1
may think you mean mischief, and pull
this trigger. Thai's the ticket, slow
r.nd sun-. Thank you; just place it on
the seat here. I'm union obliged. Ah.
the train is slowing up nicely, (live
my regards to Inspector Westlock, will
you, and tell him only for his untiring
efforts our little gang would never
have got this plum. Smith got the
doctor fooled, but made a mess of it
(iood evening, madnui."
All smiles nnd contentment, the elderly gentleman gof ready to "skip."
The train wns running Into the station,
nnd still covering Allen, he tried to
open the door, but II wns stiff and necessitated his stooping awkwardly,
nnd, of course, removing his "bond"
from Allen. The handle weut click,
and when the elderly gentleman looked
round, his face was a picture.
"Move aud you're dead." said lu a
voice that unmistakably meant It.
To Allen's utter astonishment it was
tin' Indy passenger, who was standing
and levellug two businesslike revolvers at the elderly gentleman.
"Drop that revolver on Ihe floor be
fore I count five or 1 lire. One, two.
three, four"—
The revolver was dropped on the
carriage floor.
The lady passenger thereupon walk
ed up to the man, one revolver dead set
all the time, and calmly slipped ou
handcuffs just as the train came to a
The man wns walked off Into custody, tlie Indy nnd Allen following.
"You don't recognize me, Mr. AllenV
iho ludy nsked.
"No—I'm sure I don't."
"My name is Westlock—John West-
"Well!" was all Mr. Allen could sny.
"Y'es, sir, I got my cue tbe day but
oue before yesterday. I saw our geut
there, but he didn't spot me In the togs
of a farm laborer. The rest was easy,
although I should like to find out who
Smith really was."—Boston Traveler.
A ITnnioronn Coincidence.
Edgar Pemberton tells the following
amusing anecdote of a rather startling.
not to say brusque, coincidence that
once befell Mr. W. S. Gilbert and Mr
John Hare, the well known malinger
"Rehearsals," writes Mr. remberton.
"are enough to Irritate a saint. When
Mr. Gilbert's 'Broken Hearts.' In which
Mrs. Kendal played I.ady Yavlr, was
In course of preparation at the Court
theater, he and Mr. Hare so differed ns
to the way In which a certain scene
should be presented that to prevent nn
outbreak each at the same moment and
without a word to one another resolved
to lenvo the stage. As every one
knows, Sloatie Square station Is clos"
to the Court theater, and In a'few mo
ments the Indignant author and-the
annoyed manager, bent on getting
away from ench other, found them
selves face to face In nn otherwise
empty railway compartment. The humor of the situation of course saved
It"—Mainly About I'eople.
i. It- 1 .»ii_ I inn- Tradition CouecruiQg the
Forbidden City Has liecciveil a Tremendous Jar, as the V liiuesc Are l.o.->iii;;
IL-fclK-i-t lor lhe Sacred Place in Consequence— Tito Ancient llrngon Tlu-one.
To those who fuvor the dismemberment, oi ( liiua und its partition
among Hie giv.it powers tho present
time and circumstances seem particularly opportune for the urging of
their desk us. '1 lie dismemberment
plan is urged as being tlie only practicable breaking o. the deadlock in
which tin- grent powers now lind
themselves. Months have passed
since tin- powers occupied Pokin and
tlie problem sccuis as far from solution us over. ih" High! of the
court from l'ekin has only complicated matters, rendering it ox-
troniely uncortuin whether the foreign nations nil- dealing with responsible port ;cs .ir not.
'I'i:e advocates of partition urge
that tlio Chinese government makes
treaties only for the soke of breaking 1 ln-in ami Ui.i agreements wilh
the wily Chinamen nn- useless. They
urge Ihe forcible occupation of the
torritory In Un- ; owers. but they
overlook or attempt to regard lightly the difficulties in tlie way of foreign occupation of so great a country ns China, i" iny nothing of the
jealousies of lhe foreign powers
themselves. lhc advocates of withdrawal, how o. or. do not explain
how foreign interests are to bo safeguarded among a hostile population,
and under a hostile government. Altogether it is Impossible to predict
anything  definitely  of  the future    Of
China   or   of   future   foreign   relations
with tho country.
(hi.nese traditions end conservatism received n tremendous jar when
the foreign troops marched within
lhe sacred precincts of lhe capital
city. ' The in er Forbidden City had
been until then a closed book, nol
only for foreigners, but to the \ast
ma'ority of t h tl tso as well. Now.
however, all things are changed, for
lhe ubiquitous camera has pointed
hs all devouring eye nt the sacred
city, end its -appearance is hound to
become fauilllur to all. Among the
objects of interests unearthed by the
Intruding "forolt. n devils," none was
looked at with greater curiosity than
the grottl anclcnl dragon throne of
The ancient symbol of royalty
stands on a d.tis in nn audience hall
oi tjio pld emperors. The hall is situated in a tower over the gale of the
Forbidden City. This is the place
where the ancient Mongol emperors
were accustomed to receive those
who complained ut the hands of
Lower officials. Th-re is a great bell
there, which wns , truck by the. seeker
for justice aftor the fafih'oh described
in f.onifcllow's Tell o( Atrl." The
boll is slill there, but it. is very
many years since any subject of lhe
Son of Heaven ventured into the
royal presence, for ihe law is thai
net;.- one presenting a 'needless or
trivial complaint shall meet with instant, death. Something of the sort
might work wonders with our overworked American courts.
Daughter of tlie Late <;. SI. Pullman Mont
Heavily IniHired Wotunii.
Mrs. Florence I'ullninn Lowdon.
daughter oi lie- lute 'Ceorge M. Pullman, is Hie mosl heavily insured woman in the world. She has just taken
out policies which aggregato S250,-
000.    Her husband, Colonel Frank O
Low-den. has been "written" for
similar amount, so lhat tho total
all their policies amounts to half
million. Co'civil und Mrs. LJowd
loft Chicago for tlie Pacific ooael
few days ago, with Mrs. Ptillnu
nnd Mrs. V. .1. I nrolan Before lie
departure po'icios represent ng Sotii
(100   life   insurance   were   tinned     o.
to thoin. 'l ho le in 'I;" mentis ne- in I
class known lo in uinu-.-e in. n
twenty-year life ind twonty-ye
trust | olicies SI oil'd eill ur of i
Ho'dors die the st,r\ i < r \ i 1 lop
an annuity oi SI '.<5 o. '. lie in n
premium on t' u o nl in nn n c v
be uboul $lli,CC/0.
How    He   Got   Ilenily    For   n    Storm
When tbe Sky Wns Cleur.
In 1S92 the old man wns on one of his
annual trips to the Herman mineral waters. At Carlsbad he met the moneyed
meu of Europe, and he put together all
the bints that he got from this oue and
thot one, and out of these hints he evolv
ed a theory. He packed his grip aud
started for borne, and the day he landed
in New York he telegraphed for the
heads of his departments to meet him in
"How's business?" he asked cheerfully
as he sat down in the midst of the powwow and within range of 20 telegraph
"Never better: making money hand
over fist," said the managers.
"Cut everything down to the very edge,"
said the old man in a very businesslike
way. "There's a storm brewing. Haul
in sail. Stack up every dollar iu ensh in
tlie vaulis that you can get your hands
on. (lo into the money streets and use
the nnme of 1'. D. Armour for all il is
worth. Get every dollar to be had and
then come hack and tell tne ahout it."
They all believed in their hearts thnt
the old man was getting panicky, but
they did exactly as he said. They procured nearly -J2.000.000.
"That's not nearly enough. Go out and
get more," he directed. "Don't be afraid.
Get every dollar you can nnd get it just
as quickly as you can."
Finally they obtained $-1,000,000 in
ensh, and tills, with securities on hnnd,
footed up $8,000,000.
"Now, maybe we can weather it," said
Mr. Armour, and his preparations were
hardly completed before the crash of
ISilil came.
One of the first things to happen in the
desperate financial stmts wns n run on
the biggest bnnks iu Chicago. One
morning a messenger brought word that
a mob was lined up in front of the Illinois Trust and Savings bnnk nud thnt
the people were demanding their money.
Some of tlie most conservative business
men had lost their heads, and the rush
was cuougii to stagger nny set of bank
officials. Ogden Armour, sou of tlie old
man, was a director in the hank.
"This mast be stopped." said P. D.
"He waited a minute to nrrange the
everyday bunch of roses in the horn vaso
ou his desk," said the mnn w-ho told this
story, "nnd then he snatched up his hat
and started for the' bank."
Mr. Armour mingled with the crowd
ou the sidewalk in front of the bank,
gi^ng first to one and then to another,
pledging Ids own credit for the deposits.
Ho never left the place until the closing
hour, nud by that time the run had stopped. He went back to his office aud
issued a call f»r a meeting of Chicago
business men the next mm ning. Thou
he cabled to London nnd bought hnlf a
million dollars in gold on his own account. He nte a little luncheon nnd
drove out to Armour Institute that afternoon ns usual. He watched the classes
at drill, and then he inquired placidly,
"Is anything wantedV" On his way
home to dinner he stopped nt lhe homes
of his two sons for u little visit. After
dinner he said that hn felt a bit tired
Unit evening and couldn't account, for it.
A Practical Joke Thnt Wns Played
on n I'IioIoki -anlier.
A professional photographer tells a tale
of a practical joke.
One day a young man came to sit for
his likeness. To the ordinary eye he looked likg any other young man. A couple
of plates were exposed, und then the assistant who was operating went into the
darkroom to develop the negatives.
He was goue much longer than u ual
and was heard berating the junior assistant pretty soundly for playing pranks
with the apparatus. When lie returned
to the studio, he asked for another sitting
and apologized for having before UBed
spoiled plates.
This time when he went away to develop he wns heard to utter a slight
scream, but he-reappeared and snid there
was a peculiar effect in tlie negative
which he couldn't account for, and would
the sitter oblige him ngnin.
Once nioro he went to develop. Then
the boll rang violently for the muster, and
the two held a long Confabulation in tlie
dnrkroom together. This time tlie master
tried his hand and went awny to develop.
It was not long before he returned nnd
snid he was sorry not to bo able to get a
satisfactory likeness, but a skull and
crosshones appenred defined on the young
<nan's forehead.
"Bubbish," said the sitter. "My forehead's nil right. Can you see anything
the matter with my foreheadV" Aud ho
peered Into a mirror ns he spoke.
"No, there's nothing thnt I enn see,"
answered tho photographer. "But 1
should bo obliged if you will please go
away and not come here ngain. This
sort of thing is just a wee bit creepy."
Upon this there wns n dreadful scene,
but the upshot wns that Ihe young mnn
had to go nnd up to the present has uot
returned. •    •
The explanation of the matter Is that
tlie young mnn wns a bit of n scientist
and had been playing n joke on the photographer. Bisulplinte of quinine is a
chemical which Is white In lhe linked
eye, hut seen blnck hy Ihe camera. Anything Hint is painted on (lie skin, therefore, with the chemical will be ordinarily
Invisible, but will come out prominently
In a photograph.— London Tit-Bits.
A Translator.
Tho word translator, meaning n mender
of boots, hns revived or perhaps hns
never died. Recently nudge Bncon at
Whltechapel asked n mnn, "Whnt arc
you?" He replied, "A translator." Judge
Bncon: "Of languages?" "No, boots. 1
mnke old boots new all the week nnd
sell on a bnrrow in Petticoat lane on
Bailey (1730 A. D.) explains "translator" ns "a new vaniper of old shoes,"
etc. I remember the word with this
no lining occurring in tlio old Uadnor
Church    parish.   registers.
.liitit I.Ike » Mnn.
She—Ah, F.tnil. my parents won't nllow
Hie to nnirry you. There's nothing for us
to do hut to die together!
He—Yes. dear, we have no other choice
but to die- but not tiidny. for we have
fricasseed chicken for dinner, my fnvor-
ite dish!
On This Occasion the Bud Mnn Fell
In With n Train Comlnctor Who
V.'us i.. Rrimtiil of Uesoitrces as He
Wns of Discretion.
.Innics Terry, the.terror of the Hed
Rock milling dis::id, hnd a reputation
for trying to ride nn railway trnius without paying ids fare. So when the truin-
tnen saw him get aboard they thought
tlicio would be double.
As the train moved out of the station
aud Iho conductor; Billy McMasters,
Started through the enrs to collect tickets
the Terror, who had dropped into a rear
seat in the inst enr, was very much interested in us much of tlie passing landscape as he could see out of the- car
window in tlio gathering darkness. Finally lhe conductor reached the Terror and
Stretched out his hand for a ticket. But
il wan no use. Mr. Tony kept liis eyes
(listened on the whirling panorama of
lights outside. McMasters began lo realize lliut he was hooked for trouble.
"Ticket, please," snid McMasters.
He got no response. Becoming slightly
annoyed, lie placed his band on tlie ghoul*,
der of the Tenor. That worthy then
turned uud seeing tlie conductor's outstretched hand grasped it heartily, exclaiming:
"Howdy?   I'm glnd to see yer."
McMasters, losing palicuce. shouted:
"Where's your ticket? How far nre you
"Aw," snid lhe Terror, "is fat all?
Why, I'm a "rrii' of t'e president of this
here pike, 'n I ride tor nuttiu.    See, t'nt
"Well, It don't go, cither," said McMasters. "You either pny your fare or
get off." And he raised his hnnd and
pulled the signal rope, notifying the engineer to slim the train.
Tiie train stopped, hut Mr. Terry made
no motion to get off.
"Here, you hoys." called McMasters
to a couple of hinketnen who hnd beeu
standing near lu anticipation of hostilities.
But ns they approached tho Terror rose
fioni his sent, whipped oul two revolvers
and issued nn ultimatum nn the spot.
"Now, you loek here," snid -lames
Terry, "1 want ter put yer nex' to t'e
fnc' t'at I'm goin ter lied Uock, nbout
BO miles from here. Where's ine ticket?
flight here iu me two mils, 'n if yer gc
ter nny queer business I'll put ye fellers
on t'e Upper Saudusky iu two shakes.
Conductor McMasters was a good
strategist. He raw nt a glance (lmt it
would he n needless risk of life ni'd hlood
to curry 'Terry's intrenched position hy a
frontal attack. He therefore reached
fur the signal cord nud started the train,
al the same lime waving his baud to the
arriving re-enforcements to follow him.
There wus an immediate session of tlie
board of strntcgy iu tlie baggage enr nt
which a plan of campaign was mapped
out, nltliough ench member of the board
declined lo he interviewed ul the close of
the session. The Terror meanwhile remained standing witli his hack to the
window* nnd his eyes searching Iho situation before him *to repel nny attack from
the front.
Wheu the train stopped nt the next
sttlll.'in, Hollygi-ove. n figure moved
stealthily along the simian platform from
tl.e baggage enr to it position directly e.e,
der lhc wiiiifow where the Terror of [led
Uock siood. master of tie- situation
There hnd always beeu animosity between thc Hnllygrnvers nud ihe Red
iloi-kiics. r.nd it look very little lo pro
vnke- it mix up when men from the iw-i
places met. When lhe tiguce, which was
Hint of one of McMasters' b.uLemen
no.-hed the Terror's wind.iw, lie uttered
u lor.,! yell:
'•I kin l.». the licst mnn from Itei1
Uock I lint ever lived. 1 kin lick two l..el.
from ihnt dend town wilh my right'Snud
tied behind iuK.ha.ck-," was Whal lhe tig
are snid.
The Terror of lied Rock grew red in
ihe face, lie surely (-mi!'.n't allow sue":
iusiltn to he hurled ngniust-' hi* tuwii
Viilhoiil reseiitiiiK them.    He hesitated:
"i would think iliul the Terror of Itoc
Rock with two revolvers was the juicles'
kind of cherry pie."
This wns loo inuch. The" Terror lies
haled no longer. He would uphold Ihi
honor of his town, come whnt. might
Quick ns a llnsli he threw ni> Cue win
duw- sash and stuck oul his head and
shoulders. ■• .
"Where's the unit that wntits to light?'
he screamed.
But when he put his head out of the
window nud turned his back on passing
events within the car the Terror played
right Into Conductor McVIiistjers" louji
Biiit. Foliowliig iho plan of campaign
mapped out iu Ihe hilggnge car, the con
ductor av-us neo'r'ut hnnd.when Mr/Teni
stuck his bend and half his body out of
the    narrow   enr   window.     McMnsiers
made a quick motron and before the Terror could realize his position had shut
tho window hnlf way down aud fastened
it so that the bottom of the sash passed
across the small of the Terror's back,
holding him as in a vise.
Conductor McMasters had provided
himself with a flat stick which made an
excellent paddle, aud lie soon was giving the Terror the worst paddling ho
ever bad in his life. A brakeman came
along and joined hi the flank attack with
an enfilading fire from another paddle.
The Terror's pistols were nbout as much
use as a divining rod is along the Chicago river.
lluder this terrific punishment from the
rear the Terror soon capitulated and
dropped his revolvers to the platform.
So the attack ceased, and the rough man
from Red Uock was allowed to draw hia
head in and pay his fare, although he
protested that it was a swindle to make
a man pay his fare who was compelled to
stand up tho rest of liis ride owing to
the stress of recent events.
As llsnnl.
"Isn't It n nuisance to bulton one's
gloves?" remarked tho fnir young giri
whose engagement hnd recently been announced.
"I always let my husbnnd do It for
mo," said her married friend. "He buttons them in a jiffy. Why don't you let
your young mnn button yours?"
"I  did tbe other evening, und it took-
hirn nearly half an hour."
"Strango that you have never played
golf when you live so near the links."
"Hardly  strnnge.     My  mother-in-law,,...
who lives with ns, is a fiend ul the game.''
—Brooklyn Life.
A returned missionary says that the-
Chinese emperor in giving out no order
for 129 books some time ago selected i-t
that dealt with the Christian religion.
Ou the occasion of tho visit of the-JBah, :
of Persia iu the pavilion of clockwork, iu
the Paris exposition, u clock wns shown
lo him which tired off u pistol every hour.
"To kill time, ch?" remarked thu Persian
The present mikado of Japan is seen
much more in public thnn most of his
predecessors. He is described ns short,
but well proportioned, vigorous, even
muscular, and with u face indicative of
the highest order of intelligence.
Prince Rupert, the heir to the throne
of Bavaria, dislikes ver., much the attentions of the White Hose League of England, which, because it recognizes the
claims of the Stuarts to the British
throne, persists, much to his disgust, in
styling him "tho rightful Prince of
King Victor Emmanuel of Duly Is desirous to introduce ihe American cabinet
system Into his government in addition
to thc European system of responsible
ministries uud is determined lo hnve a
privy council answerable to him nlnnu.
In order not to violate the constitution,
which makes the ministry Ins sole ofli-
ciul adviser, he will mnke his new council a sort of "kitchen cabinet."
Ex-Governor William' O. Bradley of
Kentucky has been appointed president
of lhe law school just opened in eonneq*
lion with Kentucky university.
Hermann Grimm's successor us professor of the history of art nt Berlin is Professor .Helnricli Tirade of Heidellliug.
whose wife is llichard Wagner's daughter. The cause or Hermann Urimm's retirement is lind'henhh.
Professor William H. Cnrpvutcr. tlio
head of the department of Gei-innn in
Columbia university, .wns u-r'ontl.vselected n member of the Society of Dutch Letters of Leyden. Holland, in ^^gnitian
of his services to tlio Teutonic l.»tf_U*el*lii
As the views of the faculty of the
Dnrversity of Bonn ns at present constituted nro too liberal for lhe training of
the crown prince of Germany, who will
enter lhe university in the coming winter,
the dictum hus gone forth Unit Die faculty must be reconstructed lo moel the
views of the emperor, nnd nlio,ady-two
new- professors hnve been called to thnt
end. -....
Thc executive committee, nf tho UnilciF.
Society of Christiuu Endeavor hus decided that the' twentieth, intejiialional
convention shall bo held nl.Cincinnuti iu
•The Augus'tnna synod of tlie sWedish
Lutheran Church of America, will raise a:
monuincnl to the memory of tiie late Dr-
Olnf Olsson, the president of the Angus-
tanu college in Moline, Ills., who'dieif
last spring.     ■ .
Dr. Chase Prevents Consumption ■
By Thoroughly Curing Coughs and Colds
Before They Beach the Lungs — Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
Has an Enormous Sale.
Of Priiellonl  1'ise.
"I want tin- hoy lor 1'nra history,"
said the farmer, "no's lie kin write one
o' them hisi.ir'erl novels nu mnke tn-.iiiei
enough to point lhe barn an have tht
mules shod."-Allnntu Const Iti: I i ii,
There would be no use for sanitariums for consumptives if Dr. Chase's
advice were more generally accepted.
Not that Dr. Chase claimed to bo able
to euro consumption in its last
stages, though his treatment is a
great relief to tho consumptive's
cough, but what he did claim was
that consumption can always bo pi"e-
veatcd by the timely use of his Syrup
of Linseed and Turpentine. It Is not
a tnero cough medicine, but a far-
reaching and thorough cure for tho
severe cQlds,   bronchitis and  asthma.
It is a pity that everybody on this'
great continent does not know of the
surprising effectiveness of this great
throat and lung treatment. The news.
is spreading fust, and Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine has
by far the largost sale of any similar
remedy. It should be In every homo
In tho land for prompt use in case of
eroup, bronchitis, sudden colds or
sorO'thrmiti- It is truly wonderful in
Its healing effects on tho raw and inflamed linings of the air passages. It
aids expectoration, loosens tho tight
chest coughs and positively cures
Mr. J. J. Dodds of Pleasant avenue,   Deer    Park,    Ont.,  writes :-"!
have suffered in my head and throat
and all over my body sinco hist summer from a very severe cold, which I
could not get rid of. I havo tried
several of what are considered good
ruinedies, but none seemed to be of
any avail. I began to think that
my cold was developing into consumption, as very many have to my
knowledge. 1 nm thankful now to
say that Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine has worked a
complete cure, ns I am uow.pptirelyi
free of the cold."
Mr. Wm. Davidson, St. Andrews,
Que, states :—"Dr. Chase's Syrup ol
Linseed and Turpentine hns cured mo
01. 'bronchitis. I have, without-, buo-
cess, tricdiHtiny remedies for tlie past
six years. Last winter when I had a
severe attack and was unablo to
work I procured a bottle of Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine, and am happy to state |hat tho
third bottle mudo mo a woll^inan."
Insist on having Dr. Chase's Syrufl,
of Linseed and Turpentine when you
ask for it, and beware of druggists
who offer mixtures of their own for
the sake of a little more profit ; 2.1
cenls a bottle, all dealers, or Ed-.
manson, Bates &. Co., Toronto. ■-*■
flei-clv Trt'ntment.
In (Ininna II n child is slow In Its
movements Hip parentR apply nn mil to
the child Instead of n whip to iiinUe It
move faster. This little ant bites more
cruelly thnn n mosquito, nnd Its lilte Is
apt to he troublesome afterward. As
you can Imagine, this treatment does
not make the child kind to others, nnd
tho children of (Julnua nre said to Uo
particularly cruel to animate. The little boys in (Iiiiiien do not tvolion their
nge by years, but by their ability to endure pain. Until he gets to the point
Where he can let the tilled nut bile hliu
without wincing he is considered merely n baby.
Ladies of Canada :
Lovo of country is tho strongest
characteristic of tho average Britisher. Nor is it develoited less in the
fair Colonist. See her bosom expand with pride as she speaks of the
old country. Hear her dilate on tho
pleasant time she had when there
There was nothing she enjoyed so much as the pleasant afternoon tea. And why ? Because she
sipped lhe pure product (GREEN OR
BLACIv) of Ceylon and India. She
can buy both in Canada now. The
delicious Salada, Blue Ribbon or
Monsoon packets await ber pleasure.
Undertook Too  flinch.
"George," said Mrs. Ferguson, "for
heaven's sake straighten up! You're
worse hump shouldered thuu ever."
"Laura," retorted Mr. Ferguson, "be
satisfied with having married ine to
reform me. When you try lo reshape
me, you are undertaking too much."—
Chicago Tribune.
_ was oured of a   bad   oase   of Grip
Sydney, O.B. 0. I. Lague.
I wus oured of loss of voice by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Yarmouth. Charles Plnmmer.
I was cured of Sciatica Rheumatism
Bnrin, Nfld. Lewis S. Butler.
A Mnlter of Choice.
"Yes, I know you enn walk better
than I can," the Chinese woman snid
to the wife of the American missionary, "but I can breath" freely, and
.you can't"
tow eed Linn'..
They were assured of a successful season nf grand opera, at least from n tim'.n-
cinl alaodpolnt. Accordingly the manager deferred to the two society wuun n
-who had made this ihiug possible.
"I prefer Italian opera," said one.
"The music is so soft and low."
"Ah, but Wuguer is my choice!"
"Yes, but <'ie Italian interferes but little wiih ine conversation in the boxes."
"True, but Wagner will give us au excuse for talking all the louder."
The WleUoil  Utile Cerm.
"Microbes attack tbeir victims when
they arc worn out."
"That's so; we rend about them until
we nre dead tired, and then they tnke
a menu advantage of us."—Indianapolis .'ournal.
-Why are you crying, sunny?"
"V,e    hrudder's    runned    away   from
hmtte "
".\i.'.  Ymi love your brother-?"
"Xaw:  Imh  lie hadn't  un business fer
'ii    go    walnut    tukin   me    wid    him.
|,„,.1 I*'
'Though Women's minds, like Winter wlads,
May shift and turn an' a' that,
To love of Scandal, Tea an' friends—
They're constant still, for a' that !
An' so awa'  wi'  Foreign Teas,
Boon wi' Japan an' a'  that !
'Ceylon Green Tea they loe'   the best,
And  wha'   a Crime tlaur  ca'   that ?
For  it's  iho  tea,  aboon tho lave,
They dearly loe' an' a'  (hat-
Blue Ribbon, and Salada, too.
And braw  Monsoon, an' a'  thut—
Because, you see,  'twixt you an' mo,
Japan, the Lino they dra'  at.
For syne the lirst are British Teas,
They loe' them wcel, an' a' that !
Though some may prate o'  ither teas
. An'. Haunt Japan, an' a' that—
The lassies say they'll hae' their way,
An'  drink Ceylon for a'  that !
For a' that, an' a' that—
Awa' Japan, an' a'  that—
'■The bonnie teas they loe' the best
Are Empire Grown, an' a' that I
The above suggestion, from a fair
'Canadian correspondent, "with apol-
•ogies- to Burns," has been gratefully
rreceived and immediately adopted by
An Occult  Influence.
• "The fortune teller told me that some
■powerful Influence wns standing between me and success in life."
"Do you suspect any one?"
"I can't decide whether It Is our baby or the cook."
Willy VVorrlen Hi,- TeaohOr,
"Say. teacher, here's a snnke called the
nnnycondi, an it takes it a week to di
gost its food."
"Yes, Willie.    What of It?"
"Well, would it be right to say it hail
a weak digestion?"—Cleveland Plain
■ Dealer. 	
la Uric Acid in the blood.
.Unhealthy kidneys are the
cause of the acid luring
there. If the kidneys acted
_s they should they would
strain the Urio Acid out
of the system and rheumatism wouldn't occur. Rheumatism is a Kidney Disease. Dodd's Kidney Pills
have mads a great part of
their reputation curing
Rheumatism. So got at
the canst of those fearful
shooting pains and stiff,
aching joints. There la
but one sure way—
A Slill Operator Who S-.iilVnn! From Kidney Trouble Spent Jlliiuy Jlollurfl In
IjHeless l..\ii<Tliiunit,. to IteKtore Ills
Health.—Dr. •Williams' l'luk Fills Acted Promptly and KHVi-iivi-l v.
Wood health Is the chief requisite to
happiness, low spirits, morosoness
iand irritability can iii most cases be
itoaced to ill health, and in not a few
instances are direct symptoms cf kidney trouble. These, added to the severe pains in the back which tfecom-
_ any tho disease, make the life of
the sufferer ono of abject misery. Oue
such sufferer was Mr. Darius Dean, of
Jordan, Ont. Mr. Bean in an interview wilh a reporter recently gave
bis experience as follows :—"I am a
saw and grist mill operator, and naturally a strong man; but thc life of
a miller is a hard one, with long
hours of labor and frequent exposure.
Soino years ago as the result of this
exposure I was afflicted with kidney
trouble, and although I spent much
money in various -emedies I did not
lind a cure un il 1 'as persuaded to
try Dr. Willia 1   ,ik Bills.   In the
autumn of 189_ trouble began to
assume un aggra\„Ltd form. I suffered from most severe pains in the
back, and a feeling of drowsiness
and yet so severe was the pain that
many a night I scarcely closed my
eyes. My appetite was poor, I suffered from headaches, lost flesh, was
miserable and wholly unlit for work.
It was while in this condition that
J was advised to try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, and procured three boxes.
Before I had Unjshed the third box
I felt much better, and I then procured a half dozen boxes more. I
used all these, but before they were
all gone I felt lhat my health was
fully restored. In tho interval since
then I have had just one slight return of the trouble, and Dr. Williams
Pink Pills soon drove this out, and
my health since has been tho very
best. I have gained much in weight,
cat and sleep well and consider myself as healthy a person as there is
in the county; and the credit for this
I feel is entirely due to Dr. Williame'
Fink Pills."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills increase
tho supply and the richness of the
blood, and in thjs way cure plsysical
and funct tonal weaknesses. Most
other medicines simply act upon tho
symptoms of the disease, hence wheu
tho medicine is discontinued the patient is soon as wretched ns ever.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills go directly
to the root of the trouble and cure
to stay cured. Hence it is unwise lo
waste money in experiments wilh
other medicine. These pills aro sold
by all dealers or will be sent post
paid at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 hy addressing lhe Dr. Williams'  Medicine Co.,  Brockville, fO»t.
A Pnnon'H Pun,
A writer In The CornhlU Magazine
credits tho late Canon Bingham with
the following bit of wit:
Uo was driving one day with other
clergy to a clerical meeting, when the
conversation turned upon the meaning
of the two places they were nearlng,
Wool and Wnrehnui, In the county of
"How do you account for the origin
of these names. Canon Bingham 7" asked one of the party.
"Don't you know this la a sheep county." replied tlie canon, "und at Wool
you wool the sheep nud at Warcham
you wear'cm'/"
Mrs. Ilibbits—Where were you fast
night, my dear''
Mr. Ilibhits—Reaily. my love, 1 don't
know: 1 had uo guidebook.—Ohio Statu
ner, Lungton, writes: "For ahout two years
I was troubled with lnwnrd Piles, but by using Parmelee's Pills. I was completely cured,
and although four years hnve elapsed s;nce
then they have not returned." Piunielee's
Pills are anti-bilious and n speellio for the
cure of tho Biver and Kidney Complaint*,
Dyspepsia, Oostiventss, Hcuditcho, Piles,
etc., and will regulate the secretions and re-
movo all bilious matter.
Do Not Trifle
with danger—and remember
every cough or cold means
will cure your cough or cold
at once. It will heal and
strengthen your lungs. It is
a safeguard for you always.
Take it at the first indication
of a cough or cold.
Rbv. Mr. Patton of Toronto writes : " I
used two bullies of Shii.oh and take [lieasuie
m rcconvnuidinB it. There l» ootlll ng like it
for COagh, throat and lung trouble.
Slslloii h consumption Cura In sold by all
druggists in Uiuwda anil United State" at
a.^c, Aoo 8i.no a bottla. In Great Britain
at U. ti!., 3s. 3.1. and 4». nd.   A printed
gufcratitee gii^i* vtllli every bottln. If you
are not satisfied go to your druggist and
get your money br.ck.
Write for illustrated book on Consumption. Sen:
without cost to yen.   S. C. Wells & Co., Toronto.
Blementflry Inn! rnptlon.
Mrs.  Brown—Airs.  .loues lias joined
one of those ooiTespouilonce schools
Mrs. Sniltli — Wlmt has slie lenriicdV
Mrs.  Browu—Well, she has learned
uot to depend on her husband to rnnll
her correspondence.—narpor'g Bazar.
Artlficiii Ryes.
Artilicl.nl eyes nre supplied to nil the
World from 'I'liurinirin. Germany. Near
ly all tbe grown Inhabitants of some of
the villages are engaged In their maim
fact ure. Four men usually sit at n In
b!e. each witli a gas jet in front of lilm,
and the eyes nr:> blown from gns plates
anil molded Into shape by bund. The
colors are then traced In with small
needles, no set rule being observed in
the coloring, mid ns every man uses his
own fancy no two artificial eyes therefore are exactly alike.
for Minard's and take no other,
.Itidge—How old are you, madam?
Witness (hesitatingly)—1 am—that Is,
Judge—Out with It! The longer you
wait the older you growl—Der h'loh.
"lUSCAfNA,     FACTORY. Montreal
Her Feellnne.
Husband (looking nt bis wife's check
book)—You should number every check
you send out.
Wife—But I don't want to, dear. I
am ashamed to let the bunk know how
tunny I use.—Life.
Hep WHAM liniment in the Horn,
Dust of the sea Is one of Ihe mysteries which perplex sailors. No matter
how carefully the decks of sailing ships
may be washed down In the morning
nn enormous quantity of dust can be
swept up at night
SIX OILS. — The most conclusive testimony, repeatedly laid before tho public in
the columns of the daily press, proves that
Db. Thomas' Eclectuio Oil/—an absolutely
Sure combination of six of tlio finest reme-
ial oils in existence—-remedies rhoumntio
pain, eradicates affections of tlie throat and
lungs, and cures piles, wounds, sores, lamo-
ness, tumors, burns, and iujuries of horses
and cattle.
A  smile is  the reflection  of a light
MINARD'S LINIMENT Is used Dy PbyslciaM.
BROKERS. . . .
Stocks and bonds bought, sold and  SJ
carried   on  margin.    Listed ft
mining stecks carried $
BROKERS, ETC.,       X
Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg »
Money lent at lowest ratos. '-"'
Stocks and bonds bought and sold. 9
Railway and other farm lands in 9
Manitoba and N. W. T. for sale. *
Maps and foldors sent on applica* 9
tion. Jf
Gait coal from Leihbridge. 9
Prices quoted to all railway points. 9
IIIk Thi'fiy.
A novel explanation of lhe cause of
thunder' showers waif once prven a r-o-
journef In a little >'ova Scotia town by
one of lhe Inhabitants.
"Do you know what makes thunder'/" the Nova Scotlnn Inquired of his
guest. "I've got a theory of my own,
and I call It a pretty good one."
"I should like to hear It," was the
diplomatic reply.
"Well," said the host slowly, "my
idea is this: You know we hear nbout
the air circulating nnd circulating all
the time. My notion Is thnt the pure
air from above comes down here In
summer and gets foul with all the
smoke and dirt and grease, and then
the heat drives It up again into the
clouds, and when It gets up there It's
pressed on all round by the clouds coming together, and it explodes! That's
my theory. Of course," he added, with
becoming mod ty, "other folks may
have others      /outh's Companion.
Dear Lu.dioE :
What to you has been for many
months the sa-ddest, yet sweetest
liour of the day ? Surely that when
in silence, alone, or in sweet communion with relatives or friends, you
have let your thoughts dwell on the
dear absent  ones   in  Africa. Your
hopes und fears, your prayers and
tears havo gone forth to them. And
was not that the hour of afternoon
tea ?
Your soldiers' comrades—thc British planters—make thc delicious
OUEEN teas of Ceylon and India.
This alone should incline you to try
these teas. Japans have no such claim
o» you, anal are, besides, of ioferior
qualities. Monsoon, Salada and Blue
Ribbon brands are all good.—Colonist.
A Culinary Arll.t.
Musrgins—I was at Bjones' chafing dish
party Inst night, lie's not much of a
success as a cook.
Bugging—Oh. I don't know! I've heart!
lhat when he gets home at 3 n. ra. and
his wife is wailing up for hi-n hn can
cuok up a storv that would make you'
li.iir curl.—I'liihulelnhhi Record.
There never wufc, and never will be, a
universal panocea, in one remedy, for all ills
to which fli'sh is heir—tho very nature of
mnny curatives being such that were the
germs of oilier nnd differently seated diseases rooted in the system of the patient—
what would relieve one ill in turn would aggravate the other. Wo havo, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for mnny ana
grievous ills. By its gradual and judicious
use the frailest systems are led mlo convalescence nnd strength by the influence which
Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives.
It relieves tho drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic fitato of morbid despondency and lack of intere-t in life is a disease,
and, by tranquilizing tlie nerves, disposes to
bound and refreshing sloop—imparls vigor
to the action of tlie blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout tho veins,
strengthening tho heaithy animal functions
of tho system, thsfoby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening the frame,
and giving life to thc digestive organs, which
naturally demand increased substance—result, improved appetite. Northrop _ Lyman,
of Toronto have given to the public their
superior Quinine Wine ut the usual rate, and,
gauged by the opinion of scientists, this
wine approaches nearest perfection of any in
the market.   All druggists sell it.
Run Over film.
"Oh, Mrs. Smith, do you know that
your son Billy hns been run over by a
train 7"
"Oh, dear, dear! My poor boy!
Whatever shall I do? Where did It
"Undei'iieath the railway arch. Billy's standing there now!"—London Fun.
The great lung heuler is found in that excellent medicine sold as Bickles' Anti-Consumptive Syrup. It soothes and diminishes
tlio sensibility of the membrane of the
throat und air passages, and is a sovereign
remedy for  all coughs^ colds, hoarseness,
Iiain or soreness in the chest, bronchitis, etc.
t bas cured many when supposed to be far
advanced in consumption.
A Cnrlonn Combat.
A traveler In South Africa witnessed
not long since n singular combat. lie
was musing one morning, with his eyes
on tlie ground, when he noticed a caterpillar crawling along nt a rapid rate.
I'ui'sulng blm was a host of small
black ante.
Being quicker in their movements,
'be ants would catch up with the caterpillar, and ono would mount his back
and bite lilm. I'tluslug, tlie caterpillar
would turn his head and bite and kill
:.ls tormentor. Alter slaughtering a
dozen or more of bis persecutors the
caterpillar showed signs of fatigue.
Tbe ants made a combined attack. Betaking himself lo n stalk of grass, the
■ nterplllar climbed up the tree tall first,
followed b.v tlio ants. As one approached he seized It lu his jnws and threw It
■ il' Ihe stalk.
Tlie ants, seeing that the caterpillar
had too strong a position for them to
overcome, resorted to strategy. They
begun sawing through tbe grnss stalk.
In a few minutes the stalk fell, ami
hundreds of ants pounced iron the
''alien caterpillar. He wns killed nt
tiee, and the victors marched off in
treat triumph, leaving tlio foe's body
ipon the field.
A Tent.
Edilh (to F.lhel. who has just reiurned
from Europe)—Ok, Rthel, were you seasick?
Ethel-Seasick! Why, Edith, 1 went
lu'o the stateroom ami sat down on my
host hat, and 1 didn't care!--Life
There I. more Ontarrh In this section of the
country tlian alt olhor dlseaset pnt together,
anil until the lust few years waft supposed to be
Incurable. Kora pi eat many years doctors pronounced it a local disease, and prescribe 1 local
remedies, nnd hy constantly failing to oure
with lbfftl treiittncn', pronounced it lnctiralile.
Scicneo has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore lequires constitutional trrntmont. Halls Catarrh l ure, manufactured by K.,I. Cluney-Co., Toledo. Ohio,
Is the only constitutional cure on lhe market.
It is taken Internally in do<es froot t'l drops to
a teaspoon fill it acts directly on the blood and
mucous anifacts of tho system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any case It falls to eoie.
Send for circulars and testimonials.
Address,      F. J. UHUNEY _ Co., Toledo, 0.
Sold by llrugKists, 76c.
Hulls Family Tills are thc best.
It's something new In
the field of medicine to
meet with a man who
positively knows what
his remedy will do, and
is willing to wait for
his fee until the work
is done. I am that
way. I know that my
Electric Belt will cure
where every other
treatment fails. To
make you feel secure I
don't ask for my pay
until you are cured.
The Dr. McLaughlin Way
It took me twenty years to perfect
ray appliance and lhe way I now use
it, but there is no guesswork about
it now. As sure as an engineer knows
that he can pump sieam into his boilers and make his engine go, I know
that I can pump electricity into your
body and make it go, and go right.
There's no guesswork about the engineer's task, as he has learned his
trade. 1 have learned irr'ne in the
same way—by experience, and know
what I can do.
If you are broken down from hard
work or any other reason ; if your
nerves are shaky ; if you have those
"come and go" pains in the back,
shoulders and hips; if your stomach
is weak, your kidneys and bladder
ailing, or if you are a man or woman with any trouble which you
have tried in vain to cure with drugs
I will cure you first and you can pay
me afterward.
My appliance cures while you sleep
and causes no bother.
•sPFCIAI NfkTITF P 5'0U nnve a ^ie^ of *he burning kind or q " do electricity"
or L,VIAL* ]"u ■ '^c band which 1ms dieiippointtd you, bring it in and I will allow
you hnlf price of mint' fur it.
r AI I TO l_ A V ant*' Set a *ree *est 0* mv Beit. If you can't call write for my beau-
W\l_L,    I U°U/\ I  tifully illustrated 80-p:ig_ bouk, which 11 '	
Address, inclosing thia advertisement
DU. m. b. Mclaughlin
will send, sealed, FKEE.
Yonge St., Toronto.
Whose baby ia loveliest T
Uother's own.
AU   around   the   world—north,   south,   cut,
Ilers alone I
For whether it be _ Chinese tot,
With ryes aslant anil a shaven crown,
Or a dear little girl of tlie land o( the fret
Or a toddling prince la Londontown
Or tho one .ure treusure a Sudun slave
Hut'a to her heart, all wee and brown,
Each in its mother's gentle pride
la fairer than all the world beside.
Whose mother is loved tbe beslf
Daby's own.
She whose checks was first caressed-*
She alone.
For whether , he be an Eskimo
Or colored mammy or Btately queei
Or a wandering or(,'im grinder's wife,
Jingling and besting her tambourine,
In every land where children are
The baby eyes from their duep, serene
Gaze, rapture bound by the tender grace
In the mother's bended, love lit face.
SLEEPLESSNESS is due to nervous ex-
citement. The delicately constituted, the
financier, thc business man, antl thor__ whoso
occupation necessitates great mental strain
or worry, all sulfur less ur mor_ from it.
Sleep is the meat restorer of a worried brain,
and to get sleep cleanse th-3 stomach from
all impurities with a few dose-i of Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, gelatine coated, containing
no mercury, and are guaranteed to give satisfaction or the money wili be refunded.
funnily the Cnae,
Aeklngton-Who was your friend
whom I saw you walking with this
afternoon V
Teller—Hoh! He wnsn't a friond.
That's my hrother-iu-iuw. — Llarper'ft
The  Wrc-trd.
She—This niaga:'.ini» snys tbm small
mouths (uo no longer fashionable attain>:
w ii men.
He—But, of eonrsi*. thpy will be worn
open, as heretofore.—Ch ion go News.
When on a diamond buying trip to
the cutters at Amsterdam, we never
forget to supply ourselves well wiih
four "special" sizes, viz. :
For our $15 Diamond Ring.
For our $50 Diamond Ring.
For our $75 Diamond Ring.
For our $1 00 Diamond Ring.
Every one of these diamonds must
be of such a quality that the most
critical cannot find a fault, for a
" Special" Diamond I\i"g from
Ryrie's must be of "first quality"
Scud for our Ring: Catalogue.
Established 1854.
Yonge a.nd Adelaide Sts.,
1, the undersigned, representing Jos.
Ullmumi, wish to inform those handling Purs that I am in the market. I
pay full market prices at the time I.
receive shipment, and make prompt
returns. Price lists nre misleading"
on a changing market. §h1p me
your furs often, nnd keep posted by
the returns you get from
Gk "W".   ■B_____IDV^I"N_
OlUce, Ovit J. Y. Urillln _ Co., 147
Bitnnatyne St. East.
V. O. Hui 064. WINNIPEG, Mnn.
Brass Band
Inttrnmonts, Drains, Uniforms, Kto.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Flue catalogu*
60Li illustration-? mailed free. Writ* tw for anj"*
ti_in_r In Music or MusJral In_trumentt.
Whaley Boyce & Co., Tor?vn__S_:*__
and so would many a young
lady, rather than take a bath
without the "Albert"
It leaviB the fkin wonderfully Boft
and fresh, and its faint fragrance Is extremely pleasing.
Heware of Imitations.
Complete Stock of
Constantly on Hand.
l__TMail Orders Promptly Attended to."^
Winnipeg, Man.
(Trade Mark Registered November 24,1800.)
Dr. Sanohe agrees to take Instruments  back
at half price If parties using them are not benefitted after using for fire weeks.
F. Freo, Winnipeg, says: I have need "Oxyd-
onor" for two weeks for Bronchitis and Catarrh of thc Head, and I feel  Ike a new man.
Mrs. /. U Cook, Winnipeg, says: I had suffered untold agonies from Bright b Diseaae.and
It relieved me of Pain, and in bix weeks I wil
Mr. W, Q. KUworthv, Winnipeg, aays: I have
Ruffe ed for 6) years with articular rheumatiami
wtti In hoflpital for 6 weeks, and used almost
every remedy, Including mesmerism gralvau-
ism, electrio belt, etc I havo used Oxjdonor
10 days and i eoeived more benefit than from
-nything else.
MrB. Gagner. Winnipeg, says: I have uaed ll
l«nefleiaUy wilh my family whenever slok,
and it has cured me ot severe Indigeitton and la
Suh-dealers wanted in every district. Address
Wm T. Oibhins, Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.
Send for liookletB of grateful reports.
#• -^-*»*-^—-^»..^..«. -4* ■»• -f -e*-4» ••« -y-*** +«♦• -4-—
MONEY^_______   «
To Loan on improved farmo at current r;ites.   Write to
Catholic Prayer ?r°°X?ncLp*
nlars, Religions Pictures. Statuary, and Church
Ornaments, Educational Works, ail orders re-
oelre prompt attention. D ft J
M_rr1o<l women should all
knuw of Oolden Seal, "Tht
Wtfa'B Friend,'' a oerUIn
cure for Leucorrhe- and
ftll lrraguUritles. 11m
been usad ity Lhouiutndi
of women, a trained
nuree will tnnwtr all on-
qniries. 11.00 per box,
stttDolent tor tin. .iiomh ■
treatment. i-Jdreu OoMm
S»l Hedlctl Oo., Teroal*
Ont. -___ WlnntpM. ■»*.
Fbr ml* !■) til Dr-anhta
Mamifnrliii.il  by THOS. I.KK, Winnipeg,
W. N. U.   303 t*
fjtASM.-WAjtrjF.t.i.—At Ai-Hirc^t, II. C, at
Si. AI ban i CJiurch, on Tuesday evening,
f-'rliruary 261b, 1901, by the Rev. A.
Anstcy Dorrt.l', Richard A. Kraser to
Louise V. W'ardell.
1) ni'i forget the concert tonight in the
"Mrthoiliet eliurch.
C T. IJarifs   ol  Tyaychton   io at the
Coast on a sl.ort trip.
Mr». A. Mcintosh ol l'embcrton Port-
a;e is visiting friend, in town.
)\. J. Alkin Bpenf a coupl/B day, at the
A"i|iiu Uljll Una weak repairing ruachin-
||II. B. Doxat came over from Clinton
{thm week and will remain in Lillooet for
» lew wsfflcs.
James McKivor constable for the
PriduB River district; is now on duty in
fiiai sectlpn.
.T. W. Pearson a Bridge IJiver miner
nml rancher wa, in town thia wejtlf pn a
-outlines* trjp.
Mr. and llrs. Ric. A. Fraser arrived
)iy Tuesdays stage from Lytton after a
tcvural days visit at the coast.
Mark R. Jiaglfieon proprietor of the
Jlotel Vit toria, returned Saturday from
u trip tp Anlicroft and Clinton.
Jlr. T. Reward of Lvtton has been at
fhc coast for thp paBt couple ol weeks on
business und visiting friends.
Ben Bell returned from the cqast this
week where he epent the winter and is
now employed at the Lorne mine.
Mr. D. C. Scott, amalgamator for the
Jlend'Or mines, wi)l return from Vancouver in a few days on his way to the
John Marshall, president of the Anderson Lake Mining $ Milling company,
it once more able io he around after his
D. J. Morrison who h»o b«on working
At the Bend'Or mine returned to town
find has gone out to liis ranch in the
femberton MeadowB.
Andy Walters Is Not $tuyrt.
Bays the Vernon News; Considerable
local excitement waa caused ihis week,
by tlui action o.' a man named Walters,
from Ashcroft, who is badly wanted hy
several people here, hut who at present
appears bent upon visiting friegda south
of the line. Mr, Walter* pur/jbaeed a
team Jro.m Mr, Henderson of Enderby,
giyipg a cheque in payment upon the
Bank of B. C. at Kamloops. He also
bought a buggy fuom Mr- Francisof
Armstrong, settling for it in the same
manner, Coming to Vernon he got M.
Healey and engineer Van Antwerp to
endorse a cheque for him, and also borrowed money from several others, including a $3Q touch from T. Norris of
th* Victoria. It Boon transpired that
the cheques were no good, but in the
meantime Mr. Wallors had left for the
south by Monday's boat. He ia well
known in the upper country and some
of his old acquaintances think that his
erritio actions are simply the result of a
prolonged epiee. Writs have been issued for bis arrest, and be will probably
be brought back before be reaches the
The lower classes in England are densely ignorant about Canada. When one
of tlie Canadian contingents went
through London, th* crowd exclaimed
in mrprise: " Why they are white 1"
Must have thought Canucks were r*d,
black or yellow.
Fishing Tackle.
Spring Cleaning
_^>T|ine is Close at Hand,
We have Carbolic Acid, Chloride of
Lime. Sulphates of Iron and Copper, etc.,
for your House and Yard, and a great
variety of Blood Purifying Medicines for
We are always pleased to show goods
and give informaiion about thorn,
Rods, Reels, Lines, Flies, etc.
I   Pavilion $
B. a W. CUMMING, Mf_»,
The Vaneouvor Westminster Northern and
Yukon Railway company will apply to the
Parliament of Canada at its next tsesBion for an
act declaring the works which the company 1b
by iti act ol incorporation authorized to construct to bo works for the general advantage
ot Canada, extending tlie period within which
the company may complete the same and authorizing an extension from its northern terminus in a northerly direction to Dawson city
in the Yukon territory, thence onward along
the Yu]ip» riyer to the boundary of Alaska, and
giving power to the company to constructor
acquire and to operate such branch line* and
extensions as the Gorernor in Council may
from time to time authorize, and to own and
operate telegraph and telephone lines, bridges,
warehouses, steam and other vessels, ferries,
timber-lands, wharves, roads, water rights,
water powers, and to deal in the generate
electricity and electric power and to make
such agreements for conveying or leasing the
company's railway and its rights and powers as
Is usually given to railway companies in their
net of incorporation and for other purposes.
Dated at New Westminster,
Province of British Columbia
December 12th 1W0.
0, O, M, DOCKRIL-..
Tender* are being called, foi tbe erection of a fence about the English church
property. This fence will greatly add to
(he appearance of the town.
The total yield of the catch of fish in
Panada laat year was $21,801,703, being
an increase of about $2,200,000 over th*
catch of the preceding year.
Parties in Lillooet and fridge river reviving freight should haye it consigned
to J. 11. intnony forwarding agent, kyt-
ton, who will attend to it promptly.
Arthur Martley ha* completed a large
stable and bunk house near tbe Big
filide, which will be used to accommodate his teams traveling on th* Lytton
T°»u, .
Tlie Bible Readipg Circle held it*
weekly meeting on Wednesday evening
at th* home of Mrs. J. B. Arthur. The
pext meeting will be at Mr. Brandon'*
A. S. Additon returned from Portland,
Ore., on Tuesday and is at the Toronto-
Lillooet Gold Beefs (*o,** mill on Ca-
yooah creak, a* chemist and in charge of
the mill, in which capacity he was employed fast season.
A terrific gale struck the town early
last Sunday inorn'ing and succeeded in
bringing several telegraph poles in the
east end to the ground, By the energetic
efforts of Mr. Macfarlane the line was
open pn Monday
A full stock of all   ituls of
is now for sale by
Store and Repair Shop in Uren Block.
Call and examine *tock.     No tropic to
show goods.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia at its next
session for an Act to incorporate a company
with power to construct and operate a railway
from tbe citv of Victoria thence north-westerly
to a point at or near Seymour Narrows, Van-
couver Island, thence by bridge or otherwise
to tho Mainland of British Columbia thence
north easterly alternatively by way of Tete
Jeune Cache or Yellow Head Pass or vicinity
of Fort George or Pino Kiver or Peace Kiver
PaBses to a point at or near the eastern confines
of the Province and from any point on such
line to the northern boundaries of the Province
or to anv coastal point thereof or to any mining regions or settlements in Cariboo, Lillooet,
Westminster, or Cassiar Districts and branch
lines of any length therefrom and with power
to construct, acquire and operate telegraph
and telephone lines (authorize to charge tolls,
thereon for the transmission of messages for
tho public) ships, vessels, wharves, works,
waterpo\v3n to supply electric power light and
heat and to expropriate waters nnd lands for
all such purposes and for such other rights,
powers and privileges as are usual, incidental,
necessary or condueiy? to the attalnmeut of
the above objects,'
ou behalf of applicants,
Dated December Srd, 1900.
-i . ». Til IN. COLL., I'V HI.l H.
Lillooet. B. C
Vancouver, B, Q.
Headquarters  for   mining
rae-A.      European
and Soo Line.
Tourist Cars
To ST. PAUL daily.
TORONTO Mondays and Saturdays,
Trains pass Lytton as follows:
East Bound, 2.05 West Bound 5.2S
For rates, pamphlets, Ac.
Established 18S(J. Incorporated 1896
Importers and Jobbers of HARDWARE,
iron, Sine!, Glass, Paints, Oija Metals, Slorcs, Tinware, Guus, etc.
We make a specialty ol supplies for
Hills, Mines, blacksmiths, UailroaJa, Contractors, Lumbermen, ete.
Agents for;—
Giant Powder Co.
Fairbanks Snalee
Bennett's Enulioli Fuse
Registered Trademark ' .ONSET."
Majestic Steel Ranges
Canton Mining Steel
Spooner's Copperina
Our guaranteed security plan is a popular and profitable policy to tbt asiarsd.
It will pay you to see our rates and different plana before taking out a policy.
WM. HOLDEH, Inspector, Vancouver. THOS. McADAM, Proyinoi.l Manager.
Oold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at tlie EXCHANGE.
FBEE MILLING GOLD  properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.
Parties bavinfr mining property for sale are requested to send sample
of tli^ir ore to tbe L.XOHANGE for exhibition,
We desire tn bear from prospectors who have promising mineral claims
in British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the EXCHANGE
their headquarters when iu Nelson.
AU samples should he sent by express PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104.   V. O. Box 700. NELSON, B. C.
Lillooet. B. C
Miners Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness & Saddlery
Furniture, etc.,
All orders promptly attended to.
dies. McGillivray, proprietor of the
Half-W»y House on tlie Lillooet-Lytton
road, is building an addition to his bouse
and will have the bar and sitting room
separate. Mr. McGillivray is ip a poei-
t.ip,i to supply first claSB accommodation.
John Bees, a Cariboo miner of the ftO's
died in San Francjsco on the 25th, iritt
Jn 18^4 he left Paribflo spd went to Cassiar, where ha mined on Mcflame and
Otber creekB for twenty years. In 1885
he went to the Yukon country by why
pf Ohilkpot p»«s »,n4 located near Circle
cjty. *f.a,ter b* Trent to Dawsen and pur
chased a c}»im on Hunker creek. He
was born in Wales 03 years ago and had
po relatives in this country,
A meet-in*- P' the sqpporters ot the
J,sorier «q*ernmpnt w»s b«>4 in Pin"
fini's ball on Wednesday evening. The
pbjectwastoorgani*;ealocal liberal association, Tbere was a gqod attendance
ponsidening that rtq notjee of tha meeting was posted ur, the meeting was mosl
harmonious. The following oncers of
the !»ssoeiatiqn were elected ; president,
Pr, _. Clarke | vice-president, P- D.
Wrayi secretary, J. B, Cherry; trees-
prer, Paul Santini; committee, A. Mc-
,\i\har, E, "3, f'eters and yi ^ibbB-
Kait AMD Wxst Ridikoj or Lilloojt Disibict.
NOTICE ia hereby giren, In accordance with
the Statutes, that Provincial KevcntieTax,
and all tuxes levied under the Assessment, are
now duo for the year 1901, and payable at my
ofnee, Lillooet.
Assessed taxes are collectible at the following
rates, vie:—
If paid on or before June 30th, 1901;—
Tl.m' filth* of ono per ceut. on real prop.
Two and one-half per cent, on the assessed
value of wild land.
One-hali of one per cent, on personal property.
Upon such excess of Income—
Class A.—On one thousand dollars, end not
exceeding ten thousand dollars, one per
cent, up to five thousand dollars, and two
per cent, on the remainder.
If paid on or after 1st July, 1901:
Four-flflhs ot one per cent, on real property.
Three  per cent, on the assessed value of
wild land.
Three-quarters of one per cent, on personal
On so much of the income of any person as
exceeds one thousand dollars:—
I'lah.h A.—On one thousand dollars, and not
exceeding ton thousand dollars, one and
one-half per cent., up to five thousand
(lobars, and two and one-half per cent on
the remainder.
Revonue Tax, 88 per capita.
tsuessor and Collector.
Lillooet, «lli January, 1901.
A. O. A. P.,
Vancouver. H, C.
Lytton, R.C.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
J, M, Mackinnon
Mininq Properties
Properties Bonded
Vancouver B. G'
Our Bpeolfftltica;
•_c____::r_oo:FS, b c
The Prospector is the
best advertising medium in this section.
Have your ad, in at
A large stock of Stationery will he here in
a few days, so bring
in your orders for
letterheads, Envelopes, Billheads, etc.
The Prospector,
J411ooet, B.C.
We   hereby -giTQ  notice  to  Reverend John
Mulholland, onr   partner   in   tlie Seqm Scum
[*l_cer clKim,  lituatfl on  tlie  Souih Pork of
. _.
feet from   the Canyon,
itream one hnlf   mile,   bein
Bridge River; commencing nt a point about 600
claim Th hold under lense dated 2nd  December,
iid   extending   down
k ir
Division of Lillooet District: which snid
in   the
y   '
Royal Hotel,
Sucker Creek, B.C.
jNTOW   BOYS^_>'
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
T hnve Jtiat received direct from Scotland the Lest sobclton of Tvrecd*, W»nt»4l, Nrf*f
Pan tings iu tlio Interior.  Satisfaction guaranteed,
THOMAS MCCOSH, Merchant Tailor, Ashcroft, B. C,
THEE  I___DLA._^l^^-a«-ij^>..
Corner of Haatings and Granville Streets.        VANCOUVER, B. tt
A. D..J896, wherein F. Sonus, (lolrt Commis
sionar, [s qnS (if t'fl'e. niirtics, ami for further
description and particulars said lease may he
referred to:—
That we require lilm on or before the 2nd day
of Mav to contribute his propoi linn of tha erf
penditure, as required (1) by the "Placer Min-
Ing Act and [2] by the said mentioned lease,
which has been exoended on snid I'lrtcerOlaiin,
togeth r with ull COStS (1) of Ihis advertisement
nnil 121 of any other udvertisements required
byqaiuAct. And unlosi the Hamc shall he so
met we give further notiee tq you the Reverend John Mulholland, and tq the public generally, lhat tho internal of the ta|d Kuverend
John Mulholland in said partnership property
shall be suld by Curdle Ai|c,tio'n, at the County
Court llousoal Ullooet, ou Thursday, the and
day of May, at 12 noon.
Dated at AlhcrofUllis »6th day of lebruary,
C. M. UllS.
Mrs. IJouskeep—J suppqse you waul a
piece of cake, too.
IJarYaril Haaben—No, lady, but if
there's an old black suit of clotbes about
tlie home I could u*e that. Tbe poor
teller you nave tbe cake to yesterday *>»
ffiy brother.
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils  and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Miners Steel, Picks, Shovels, otc., Wire Cubic
and Kussel Wire Fencing,
Central point for Bridge
River Miners and Prospectors. Good accommodation.     -     -     -    -
Stable in connection.
Notice in lieroby given that the head office of
the Anderson Lake Mining .ii Milling Company
has been transferred from Ashcroft to Lillooet.
Lillooet, II. O.i January 22nd,
Lii^ooet, B. C,
Manufacturer of nil k(nd of
Kono but the best material used. Minors or
prospectors sending In orders will receive
prompt atton'los nnd lattsfaotlon guaranteed
VANCOUVER,.   -   •   •   •   -f! C.
Dealer in Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and Optical goode. Our repnir department ie unexcelled, fpr lino work.
I/eive vour orders vrlth the postmaster
who will have it attended to as well as if
yon came personally.
TimeTaUo No. M.-Tflkinr  Effeel  K»T.  »*,
19 X*.
Victoria tn Vancouver—Dally at l p. n. Ta»«
couver to Victoria -Dally at 1.15p.m., «r •■ «•
rival of tho C.l\R. No l train.
Leave Victoria for New Westminster, Ln-iatt,
lailn Island, Plumpov'fl Pass—Tuesday aad
Friday at 7 a.m. Loavo New WentmiDit-r ftp
Victoria and Way PortB — Wednesday aatf
Saturday ai 7 t>.m
Steamships of this com panr  will leare for
Fori   Simpson   and   iuttMiiu-diate   points,   rl»
Victoria, 1st and 15th each month at 11 p.m.
Steamships of this comoany will leart trerf
Wc iiiLsdny for Wrangel and skagway at A p.m.
Si (tamer leave)     'ctorla   for  Alberni   aa4
Sound   ports,   on   tin- UKI,   and 2flth ot   ea«W
mnn iti,  extending  latter   trips  to  Quatiiaq
aiul Capo Scott,
Tin> company reixrvrn the right of ,h_nfl»i
thin time table nl any time without notlficait**
General Freight Ageal
r. s. BAXTER j
(..'■i.'-M 1'asNsnger Ageat.
Cariboo and Lillooet
Stage Travel
Clinton  and   way  points,  Monday,
Wi'dne-diiy and Friday.
All  ppintB iu Cariboo, Monday's.
Lillooet direct, Monday nndF.lday,
Forks pf Quesnelle, and way imintB,
A special coaoji, oarrylnpj pissenirerp
anil express1, m.i11 leme Ashcroft for Hit-
loOvMiie llou^c on Friday's, returning
Bprcinl Coi.reraiKet F.irui_.ed.
$ Insurance. 1
t - lflr_3it! . /^»««_ 1 O
It yon want
To insure tout UO,
To insure your property,
To insure .< muhii accident.
Call nn
Ric. A. Fraaer
I.iiiooet, B.O. ■£


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