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The Prospector Dec 14, 1901

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'$$/;;r:    ': V'i, '"■/'';■ .
*j{lil_ft»^-'!--i*t"^-' -   »
**V"*f'r :.- '% :^' -: ^ '!y—<<•*" ",:
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_S___^_^fc_i;'i___:^r^ _-c_i__
■p**"""*;*'—ri""";.;.,■", ;!'?"•*•?
■■' , r   ■ :
- ■     ■■■  wm ■■■:■,;    l . _.,-    .:,: _.-'      .. „_&*."..   -'..-'SK-y
■"'       ^ '*-;■' ■""    m4y&'£f,'Y'l'/:</> "_.r    "''*. >1   -     ,.       "'^'Ti'^i
"iiyf^^'' ^-.■'•--';r'v"''-'--V - ■;--■." T.,'5Ji:;«iK.-.^ iit--r*t**?C hO^'-.SJ'i." •&!&&«&&(_
?i?j*_«3*S5 -1 ~;~? *___§_»    " ■   ■- •■ rJ*jJ*w?^i :-." ■ ". c., •-,! T-.r,*~ . ■ ''«•■•• "\_^*3_£s
JfcW lf,-y'y;
."i.l%'e,:~;.: ;,_■ '„.-• ',   -.v-'-.j*. ■    , ,'.-
■ ,•».*>   .'''!*'•• ,v;_-," :-■.*.-_* ,:? \       !   / '*.   '.'-_;£
-     ■■ ;.*i.   "f/> '■'■■   'Si'/i^fe- '*~~
^jtf*? . •-"... i'
l^___i^____M___ll'|S*^ %/;d^m^nrr ____________§ 1_' ^i;!,^*^
V.i.4,   No.a'J.^
$2.00 a year.
a-_s__sr_Eu___e,_A_.L   m:_____^o._h:.__-:mt
iners Suppljes.^-*^^
Branch Store at Bridge River whore, a
full stoek of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits aro on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooot, B.C
Pao! Santini,
Carries a full Block of all kimla of Groceries, Dry   Good-,
Hurtlwi.re, etc,
RY   IIIK PH03PECT0I1 I'riil.l.-lllN'i  COWPANY.
Lillooet, B. C.
W. F. Allen, Proprietor.
This  llitnl is c»|ial le uf aicoinOilHlint! 80 tl m hip.   S ni.'e Kuome for
(,'oinini ri-.ial Truvellers. Ev.rytliiiitf  . irst-01 ieu.
Hotel Victoria,
TliiH lioti'l licini? new nml tliriroii.hly liniiliml llirniiuHfi.it. is tlin only lim
class lioli-l In Lil.ooet. Por-nna calling »l Lillooot will twelve uvi-ry Rttenlion i.\
BUi|*piii<i a, :'. > Hotel S'iotoria. Gooil "tabli'bg in connection with the hotel, HeaiU
quarters (or l!:e Lillooet-LrMon stu^e.
9    9   9   9    9   9     CHAROKH    MODKIiATI
W     -     V     W     V     w
The Hospital.
A public meeting was helil in Santini's
Hall on llie evcuir.R of Deceralier 6i)i to
consider the proposal made 1 y the coyern-
ment In regard til i.iv ital matters in the town
of Lillooet. The nuiu1: wns largi-ly amended. Mr. Peters acted ns>clitfirmnn anH Mr.
J. Dunlop as Secretary. A. yY. I iniih, M.
i'. I', explained lhc Perms offered by the y i-
ernmenl. A lot"*of talk followed hut liltle
liusir.csit was done *i!l Mr. iiiM* ui.
trio following motion, whicli was seconded
by Mr. ,1. Ii. Smith; that Mr. Smith be re
quested to write lo lhe government that Uniterm* in which the grant of ,f icoo was made
towards a hospital at Lillooel, are untenable,
and.ihal a grant of $toco be nppro| r'atul
toward* an hospital without any restrictions
whatever. This, motion wnscniiial unanimously, afler which the meeting adjourned,
Christmas Tree.
The usual preparations arc being made
f.ir the chi dren's annual Christmas treo, and
il i.s expected that this yen's will be fully as
good as the last, iiotliwithstandirig the prevailing hard times. The committee will not
have as large an amount al their disposal as
usual, but this cannot bo helped. The pro*
gramme will be good and quite up to the
standard of other years.
A couple of innovations an: being introduced. Siwashei and Chinamen will ne exclu-
'I nl from the entertainment, wiili the except,
ion ef the parents of those attending school.
I'his ia regarded ns necessary, owing to the
excessive crowding of past years. Ccildren
under two years nre nol receiving gifts, a regulation which has met with greal favor. The
entertainment will be held on Saturday tlie
mt at 7.30 p.m.
ICxtrnclB   Iron,  tl„.   ''Implement Aire''
IiUlilUliet] in Philadelphia. |ri tlio in nr-
OSIS of ihe iniidfiiiont hihI vehicle trade.
McGillivray Mine.
R. T, Ward accompanlrd by several
Sm Franei-ep cupitalii ts, will he in
shortly toeximlne the iuderson Lake
nil.ing jit0; eitv. An offer lias been
made for ft ton It oltif the etotlt. [f tbip
is aixeplid, as it is liitely 16 hp, these
•.-eiilb 11 ell will lake hold ut once and
I'otiduut operations on a proper scale.
Messrs A. A    Brett, T. A. Brett, .las.
<^~ Brief Despatches,    v
On Saturday, Sov. 23rd, wus shipped
fr. ui  O.tawu  the   lirst   lot ofstockr-r,
t ver  sent to   li:ititl. Columbia.   Ti.t
• Iii; n:"nt consisted of some 400 I eaii ol
calvt-s a_il yearlings ot excellent qual-
iiy.   Tli.se sink rattle  -111, without
liouiit, il given good ti. nt merit and feed
make some ol the best bei i that bar ever been   bi'Ud   in  Britieli   Cohitnh a.
Tbey bave been  lire I from very lur'gc
grade Short li 111 tows.   They are well
ribbed, broad backed cattle,  being bet-
tt r let do mi in ihe (liuik and bams thnn
mosl of tie    Britibh   C.dumbiu cattle.
Brett, T. Raeeile, II.  Thompson, Job. I    In 1900, $5000  worth  of   Block  was
De Side ib and .1. IJ. Arthur came down   .'i "'hated in the  Kist  and  .hipped ti
from the And reou bake mine on Tues-   HrUi'*1' *Coln_>bi„,   This year,   so   Par,
.,, , , 1*2-1,000  worth    hns   In en sbii pi d and
Hay. lhe mill has been cl ised down fo-  .1 1      1     1      ,1   .     n
1 there are now on hand otders Unit will
llie season,   The work done up to date j amount Id about $30,1 00 more,
shows lhat tin- mine is a lirst class low-1    II may not be generally known   Ilia1
irraile proposition, bul 1 .quires a str_i.J '" ""' Opp. reountry of il i ish Golnm-
,        ,        ,      ,      .bin, theie are  Several   herds running
conipany to wnak  and to develop it. , ,
into tho  thor.sai.ds, und a  number ol
Next Spring will he likely to see a large
plant on the hill and paying dividends
to shareholders,
smaller rani lies owning fiom S00 Io900
head Travellers passing througli tbe
country on the C, 1' R cm foim no uieu
tlie country Which extendi some HO*. 01
400 miles both north und south of the
LAND IN SOUTH EAST KOOTENAY. j railway line, \vlich is seldom covered
I with snow more .ban a few inches deep,
And   where  large trails  of country i
fiss a/td otherwise.
Ci: i'aiis correspondent of the London
Times credit? Great liritain with adroitness
in her dealings wilh Menelik of Abys inia.
It says that Grcit Britain has induced the
ocgus ;*> leave over the frontier question while
the South African wnr lasts. It is asierted
thnt Ool, Harrington ski fully gained au ex-
cellent footing wilh the emperor, and that
tiie vari pus British missions to Abyssinia were
designed to pave thc way for lhc seizure 0}
.he vast territory separating the Egyptian
Soudan ftem Aliyssinia.
As an indication of the more normal conditions prevailing at Pretoria, all restrictions
on transactions in stocks and shares at present prohibited, will be removed on Jan. 1st.
1 -
The money order business will also be resumed,
Stftsra leaves Lvtton ov.py Tuesday ami Saturday morn-
ing for I.iiiooet, returning noxt day.    Special trips made,
If you ontom plate a trip into Lilloout (list f let, wtile ns for hi formation,
CAMERON & HURLEY     *:-    Ly.ton and Liilooet, G t.
"TheCana'lin Fanners nre verv _n-
vions to In,vii iin|ili'inentr and n uehin-
1 ry from ibe United states adnil led
fieeofdniy into Cuii.mIu, or'f v..n low
dntypUiod III** 1. T!,,.y lire opposed by ibe Canadian Inaniifnclurer of
impleme t*, who maiirain ihat tbeir in
terests would be injnied if tbe present
nrrnngements benyween the United
States and Canada aie disturbed, Ii
"prplecliCn is *>f any ndviiiito.e the
Cunadjan manufaetmi-.i are well favor- i
Our namesakr, "Tne Prospector" of
l'orl Steele, lias published un article in
ils Nov. "0 iBsue, that deserves more
than local attention. tVe refer to llie
article which deals with Kiilway land
grants. The 'Prospector' says in pari
as follows: " Tbe most inipor'an' question befo e the people of South East
Kootenay today, is the mannerin which
:tf Provincial covernu.ent has disponed
of almost the entiie district of South
i'. tt K dtenny as railway land grants,
not only fur1 railways constructed in
this district, but for railways thai do
not approach within several bund red
miles of its borders. During the past
two years over 3,000,000 .lures liave bee
ci own gi.mied to the 11. O. Southern
ae land grants. A.-iu.ul stction, shown
on tlie it-.apas L. 4,.93, situated in the
south eastern poilionof the district was
lesetve*!. Also a portion shown at L.
4,504, was also nseived, as was tuppos
bJ, to be letained by tlie govennueni,
as lands valuable to the pibvince, iiul
this is not lu I e. The area is lich ill
cal, oil and pelio'otim.    Wuhan eyel
clothed with the nutritious hunch grass.
Beef catlle thut have never been fed
either muter or summer, have been
shipped fat from the Upper Eraser in
March. Tlie caltle have always obtain ■
ed their living on the open plain, with
uo special attention fr..m man.
Tlie Sipperton youths, who, some time
ago. starled an organization similar in aim,
to the Lillooet Sporting Club, have now a
fine gymnasium whsre winter games and exercises can be enjoyed. Lately a grant of
seven acres of suitable lanh Im. been made
for 11 public park. We hope that soon some
similar gift will be made to this town. We
need such a riift.
The Ottawa Y. M. C. A. have thrown out
Stead's publications on account of his pro-
Boer proclivities.
A little gill's composition en boys is
as lollowjt " When a boy boilers he opens his big mouth like fr >gs, but girls.
hold their tongue till they are spoke
t_, and then answer respectable aud tell
just how it is.
A   P'wFnn despatch  sny? that   it is
generally conceded that P.. P. Mcl.-n-
to business the C. P. U. lias managed to nan, ot the firm of MeLsnnan Mei'eely
i ave these two blocks crown granted to   & Co. of  Vancouver, will   be   the first
ihe Columbia and  Western   Railway,
o.Mied by the 0. P. R "
The above is pirt ol Ihe 'Prospector's
article. T*.e same article sa}a ''S-uth
East K «U'nny contains an acreage id
about 4,:1000,COO acr*'-, The Canadian
Pacific, Railway has received from the
Provincial Governmen. 8.400 000 acres.
And lb spile of tbe fact, that, of follow
ed, hut nevertheless tl.ey   meet w ill,  'ng out tlie agrectuents of their chailer,
Vancouver, B.C.
Established, 1800.
Assay work of all description* undeitaken.     Tcstsmr.de up 'o coco lbs.
made of checking   smelter   pulps.    Samples   from   lhe   Interior by
promptly all nded lo.    C n r r c s po n d e nee    s
A specialty
Mail or   Express
i 1 i c i I e d .
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
tOU "1 Ve.e ■ Is,  .,\.,s:e I*. S.*;,;e.
croll, It. U
tierce eonipetii.n, even in the face of a
In avy duty in imler loa-sisl t:nm. On
the other hand lhe Cai-adian f.,rhuts
alliim that they are oppressed by the
manufacturers, and thai a mine ion ol
the duly on implement,, would petrol
litem io obtain bet er lines from th-
United Suites, With a reciprocity treaty that permitted of low duties on implements between the two cauniiieB,
we would crowd the Canadian manufacturers 1ft  their own markets."
1   llHVf   1
.ant: 'if, .   I
I  receiveil dlrOG
■ I ■•■• ior,   Sa'is
', Im n S-n
kciIoo ff.it
land tlie bast sola
wan i i:n B_y_s__ PtKsoNs of oil m
aotei ami good repatatlon in each stale [one
In itils county required ) to represent aud a.lc
ertlsi* old e*lilt'H-*:i .* 1 wealthy 1» is*n ■** house
ol solid nniucul standing. Salary,fI8.U0 weekly   wl U Qxpeuscs ndditiotial, nil ^ryable tu
iu   eisll   all payilbtQ   in ensh  0 i eh   \\'".!lie.*.lnv
ttirioi from the head ofllco*. ttor. o ana earrl
";:,-s lurnl.he'1, when necessary, [tefcren M
Knclese pol(*Tdd ssod stamped envelore. Stan-
agcr, ?1 .Cax'.on   '' del ■■ £   t'hlotigo.
" the taking of alternate tectums on
either side of said railways" it is taken
in blocks prospected and practically
selected by the railway conipany,"
We expect tbat tbe Pro.incinl Government will soon be asked'to explain
its action in this matter.
Tim " News-Advertiset" tells us that
Mr. John Marshall, the Lillooet mine-
owner, whose name bas been mention d
as a probable candidate in ihe next
Prtviiicinl election election, is register
• d at the Commercial ll.ite'.
Advertise in ThePros-
chief magistrate of that city.
An Urgent appeal his linen received from
(iovemor .oiniuettnnt of Ant'costi, calling for medical and other aid tn check
the ravages of diphtheria which ha"
tUBtimeil Uuiost the proportions of an
Tbe international six day bicycle raee
began on D,c. 8th. Sis'een teams nre
competing. Tbe ineb will rideA_honr.-
a day. The prize money will amount
to pfoOO.
Albert Hrett had a
narrow escape from a serious mishap when
crossing thc Lake Creek al the Anderson
Lake end of the Portage. The bridge there
is not boarded over, and when Hying to walk
tlie icy logs Mr. Brett slipped off. Fortunately a pile of brushwood prevented a worse
accident. The Indians, we are informed did
lhe foundation work on this bridge on the
tindcis'.rnding that the government would do
the rest II this is so the work ought lo he
done.    The cost would be very small.
A simple remedy for indigestion is tlie
while ol an egg beaten to a stiff froth,
stirred into a wine glassful of cold water, and taken alter each nu el.
Wo want your orders
for 1 -otter-ieads, Envelop*, s, Billheads, etc.
The Prospector,
Lillooet, B. C.
Ifyouwant seeds, bulbs,trees
and plants write to _lr. Henry
whose ad. appears in this issue
Read it.
The Will of the late W. II. Massev.
Tie va ue .if the estate of the late W
IS. II. Masscy is $700,118.17, chiell,
- o k in the Massey-llairis Company
md ihe S wyer-Massey conipany,
Mr. Massev, b.-q:e.Uhid i.OOOthar.s
wbicb will n size PflOO OtO, to varioiH
i-ba itttbteu d r. bgu'ois objec.s.
NOTICE is Jicreby fiiven  that nt the  next
court vi licensecbminlsRionorBfor litis district
iiis my InienUon lo apply for atratufer of the
ftoneor Hotel liquor-teensolri my own name,
W. F. Allen,
XOTl jV. is hi'i-ohygiven tlinl it is my inlent-
■nn, at t_e new meeting tii the Board of License
omTnissifnt-W, ut apply ihnt the liquor licou*
tehf-herto grnnted to the P-ccolsior Uoiv) iu
ny tiftmo; hall in future bo In the nam as o!
lolm Miller, my p:\itner in thc Bald Imsluesa,
md niy.elt.
Achievements of Brain and Hand
During the Past Year.
Rev.   I>r.   Talm-se,   In   an   Eloquent Di »■
lourie, stir, tlie Heart, of ill. Hearer.
to Joyful T_au_._lvln_ by H.countins
the   -Icrcie.   Vouchsafed   to   Them by
un Aii-wi.e Creator.
KntL-rcdaccor-intfto Act of Parliament of Canada, in lbs yonr HKJI. by William Hiily.of Toronto, at Iho Dop'u of Agriculture, utunva.
Washington, Nov. 12-.—This discourse uf Dr. Talmage is a national
congratulation over the achievements
of brain and hand during tlio past
twelve months. '1'he texts are :
1 Corinthians ix, 10, "lie that
ploweth should plow in hope"; Isaiah xli, 7, "lie that smoothoth
witli the hammer"; Judges v, 14,
"They that handle the pen of the
There is a, table being spread
across tlie top of the two great ranges of mountains which ridge this
continent, a table which reaches from
the Atlantic to the Pacific sea.
It is the Thanksgiving table of tho
nation. They will come from the
east and thu west and the north
and tho south and sit at it.
Welcome, Thanksgiving day! Whatever we. may think of New England
theology, wc all like New England
Thanksgiving day. What means
the steady rush to the depots and
tl.e long rail trains darting their
lanterns along the tracks of the
Boston and Lowell, the . Georgia
Central, the Chicago Groat Western, the St. Paul and Duluth and
the Southern railway ? Ask the
happy group in thc New England
farm house; ask the villagers,, whose
song of praise in thc morning will
come over the Berkshire hills; ask
all the plantations of the south
which have adopted the New England custom of sotting apart a day
of thanksgiving. Oh, it is a great
day of national festivity I Clap
your hands, yo people, and shout
aloud for joy! Through the organ
pipes let there come down the thunder of a nation's rejoicing! Blow
tho cornet! Wave tho palm
branches! "Oh, that men would
praise the Lord for His goodness
and for His wonderful works to the
children  of  men!"
Things have marvelously changed.
Time wns when the stern edict ol
Governments forbage religious assemblages. Those who dared to be
so unloyal to their King as to acknowledge loyally to tho Head of
the universe were punished. Churches
awfully silent in worship suddenly
heard their doors swung open, and
down upon a church aisle a score of
muskets thumped as the leaders
bade them "Ground arms!" This
custom of having the fathers, the
husbands, the sons and brothers at
the entrance of the pew is a custom
which came down from olden time,
when it was absolutely necessary
that the father or brother should sit
et tho end of the church pew fully
armed to defend tho helpless portion of tho family. But now how
changed! Severe      penalties      aro
threatened ngainst any one who
shall interrupt religious services,
and annually, at thc command of
the highest official in the United
States, we gather together for
thanksgiving and holy worship. Today I would stir your souls to joyful thanksgiving while I speak of
the mercies of God and in unconventional was recount the conquests of the plow, the hammer and
the pen.
Most of the implements of husbandry have been superseded by
modern inventions, but the plow
has never lost its reign. It has furrowed its way through all the ages.
Its victories have been waved by tho
barley of Palestine, the wheat of
Persia, the flax of Germany, the
ricestalks of China, the rich grasses
of Italy. It has turned up the
mammoth of Siberia, the mastodon
of Egypt and the pine groves of
Thessaly. Its iron foot has marched where Moses wrote and Homer
sang and Aristotle taught and Alexander mounted his war charger. It
hath wrung its colter on Norwegian
wilds and ripped out tho stumps of
thc American forest, pushing its way
througli the savannas of tho Carolina* and trembling in the grasp of
tho New Hampshire yeomanry. American civilization hath kept step
with the rattle of its clevises, and
on its beam hath ridden thrift and
national  plenty.
I do not wonder that the Japanese
and tho Chinese and tho Phoenicians
bo particularly extolled husbandry
or that Cincinnatus went from the
consulship to the plow or that Noah
was a farmer before he became a
shipbuilder or that Elisha was in
the fieid plowing with twelve yoko
of oxen when tho mantle fell on hiin
or that the Egyptians in their paganism worshiped the ox as a tiller
of their lands.
Piltheus, the King, found some
rich gold mines in his province, so
he turned all the population to digging in tho mines. Tillage was
neglected, and there came a great
famine. One day the wife of the
King invited him to a great banquet, and he came in and sat down,
and there were pieces of gold in the
shape of bread and pieces of gold
in the shape of biscuits and pieces
of gold in the shape of joints of
meat, and the King was disgusted,
and he said, "I cannot eat this."
"Neither can the people," said his
wife most suggestively, and then
they went back to tho tillage.
To get and appreciation of what
the American plow has accomplished
I take you into the western wilderness. Hero in tho dense forest
I f.nd a collection of Indian wigwams. With belts of wampum tho
men lazily sit on the skins of doer,
smoking their feathered calumets,
or, driven - forth by hunger I
track their moccasins fnr away
os they make the forest echoes crazy
with their wild halloo or fish in tha
waters oi tiie stiip inke. Now tribes
challenge, and council fires blaze,
and warwhoops ring, and chiefs lift
tlie tomahawks ior battle. After
awhile wagons from the Atlantic
coast come to these forests. lly
day trees are felled, and by night
bonfires keep oil the wolves. Log
cabins rise, and the great trees begin to throw their branches in the
path of the conquering white man.
Farms are cleared. Stumps, the
monuments of slain forests, crumble
aud are burned. Villages appear,
with smiths at the bellows, masons
on the wall, carpenters on the housetop. Churches rise in honor of the
Great Spirit whom the red men ig-
nornntly worship. .Steamers on the
lake convey merchandise to her
wharf and carry oust tho uncounted
bushels that liave come to the
market. Bring hither wreaths of
wheat and crowns of rye and let
the mills ami the machinery of burn
n nd field unite their voices to celebrate the triumph, for the wilderness
hath retreated and the plow hath
Parts of the country, under industrious tillage, have become nn
Eden of fruitfulness, in which religion stands as the nee of life and
educational advantages ns the tree
of knowledge ol" good und evil, and
ono of them forbidden. Wc are ourselves surrounded by well cultured
farms. Thoy were worked b.v your
fathers, and perhaps your mothers
helped spread the hay in the Held.
On their headstones are the names
you bear. As. when you were
boys, in the sultry noon you sought
for the harvest held with refreshments for your fathers and found
them inking their noon spell sound
asleep under the trees, so peacefully
now they sleep in some country
churchyard. No      more   fatigued.
Death has plowed for them the deep
furrow of a grave.
Although most of us have nothing directly to do with the tillage
of the soil, yet in all our occupations we feel thc effect of successful
or blighted industry. We must, in
all our occupations, rejoice over tho
victories of tlio plow to-day. Tho
earth was once cursed for man's
sake, and occasionally the soil revenges itself on us by refusing c
bountiful harvest. I suppose that
but for sin the earth would be producing wheat and corn and sweet
fruits as naturally as now It produces mullein stalks and Canada
thistles. There  is hardly  a      hil
lock between the forests of Maine
and the lagoons of Florida, between
the poach orchards of New Jersey
and the pines of Oregon, that has
not sometimes shown its natural
and total depravity. The thorn and
thistle seem to have usurped tho
soil, and nothing but tho rebellion
of the plow can uproot the evil
supremacy. But God is good. Now,
if one of our seasons partially proves
a failure the earth seems to repent
of it the next summer in more munificent supply.
Praise God for the great harvests
that have been reaped this last
year I Some of them llijuiod
by drought or insects or freshets were not as bountiful as
usual, others far in excess of
what have ever before been gathered,
while higher prices will help make
up for any decreased supply. Sure
sign of agricultural prosperity wc
have in the fact that cattle and
horses and sheep and swine and all
farm animals have during tlie last
two years increased in value. Twenty
million swine slaughtered this last
year, and yet so many hogs left.
Enormous paying oil of farm mortgages has spoiled the old speeches of
tho calamity howlers. If the ancient- in their festivals presented
their rejoicings before Ceres, the goddess of coVn and tillage, shall we neglect to rejoice iu tlie presence of
the great God now? From Atlantic
to Pacific let the American nation
celebrate tho victories of the plow.
1 come next to speak of the conquests of the American hammer. Its
iron arm has fought its way down
from the beginning to the present.
Under its swing the city of Enoch
rose, nnd the foundry of Tubal Cain
resounded, and the ark floated on the
deluge. At its clang ancient temples spread their magnificence and
chariots rushed out fit for the battle. Its iron list smote tho marble
of Paros, and it rose in sculptured
Minervas and struck the l'enlelican
mines until from them a Parthenon
was reared whiter than a palace of
Ice and pure as an angel's dream.
Damascus and Jerusalem and Home
and Venice nnd Paris and London
and Philadelphia and Now York and
Washington are but the long protracted echoes of the hammer. Under
the hammer everywhere dwellings
have gone up, ornate and luxurious.
Schoolhouses, lyceums. hospitals and
asylums have added additional glory
to the enterprise as well as the beneficence of thc American people. Vust
public works have been constructed,
bridges havo been built over rivers
and tunnels dug under mountains and
churches of matchless beauty have
gone up for him who had not where
to lay his head, and the old theory
Is exploded that because Christ was
born in a. manger wo must always
worship him in a barn.
Railroads of fabulous length have
been completed, over which western
trains rush past the swift footed
deer, making the frightened birds to
dart into the heavens nt the cough
of the smoke pipes and the savage
yell of the steam whistle. In hot
hasto our national industry advances, her breath the air of 10,000
furnaces, her song the video of uncounted factories, her footstep tho
fins"- of wheel buckets and the tread
of the shaft and the stamp of foundries. Talk about antediluvian longevity! I think tho average of human life is more now than it ever
was. Through mechanical facilities
men work so much faster and nccom-'
plish so much more in a lifetime that
a man can afford to die now at forty
years as well as one of old at 900.
I think the average of human life
in point of accomplishment is now
equivalent to about H00*"years, as
near as I can calculate. In all our
occupations and professions wo feci
the effect of a crippled or enlarged
mechanical enterprise. We all have
stock in every house that is    builded
and in every public conveyance that
is constructed and in every ship that
is sailed. Whin we see lhe hardworking men of the hmd living in
comfortable abodes, wiih luxuries
upon llieir fables ihat once even
kings could not afford, having the
advantage of thorough education, of
accomplishment and art, we are all
ready at this season to unite with
them in praise to God for his goodness.
Now I come to speak of the conquests of the pen. This is the symbol of all intellectuality. Thc painter's pencil and the sculptor's chisel
and the philosopher's laboratory aro
all brothers to the pen, and therefore
this may lie used as a symbol of intellectual advancement. There aro
those disposed to decry everything
American. Having seen Melrose and
Glastonbury by moonlight, they
never beheld among) us an impressive
structure, or, having strolled through
the picture galleries of tiie Louvre
and the Luxembourg, they aro disgusted with our academies of art.,
It makes me sick to hear these peo-
plo who have been to Europe ct mo
homo talking with a foreign accent
und aping foreign customs and talking of moonlight on castles by the
sea. I think the biggest fool in the
country is the traveled fool.
But, considering tho youth of our
nation and the fact that comparatively few persons devote themselves
entirely to literature, I think wo
liave great reason to thank God for
tho progress of our American literature. As historians have we not had
in the past such men as Bancroft and
Prescott, as essayists Irving and
Emerson, as jurists Story and Marshall and Kent, as theologians Edwards and Hodge, as poets Pierre-
pont and Sprague and Longfellow
and Bryant, as sculptors Powers
and Crawford and Palmer, as painters such men as West and Cole and
Inman and Kensett? And among the
living Americans what galaxies of intellectual splendor and power! Edward Eggleston and Will Curleton
and Mark Twain and John Kendrick
Bangs and Marion Harland and Margaret Sangstcr and Stockton and
Churchill and Ilopkinson Smith and
Irving Bachetler and Julia Ward
How. and Amelia. Bnrr and Brnndcr
Matthews and Thomas Nelson Page
and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps and William Denn IIowclls and a score of
others, somo of them fixed stars and
some meteors.
As the pen has advanced our colleges and universities and observatories havo followed the waving of
its plume. Our literature is of two
kinds — that on foot and that on
the wing By the former I moan thc
firm and substantial works which
will go down through the centuries.
When, on the other hand, I speak
of literature on the wing, I mean
the newspapers of the land.
How things havo marvelously
changed! We used to cry because wo
had to go to school. Now children
cry ii they cannot go. Many of
them can intelligently discuss political topics long before they have
seen a ballot box or, teased by somo
poetic muse, can compose articles for
the newspapers. Philosophy and astronomy and chemistry have been so
improved that ho must be a genius
at dullness who knows nothing about
them. On one shelf of a poor man's
library is more practical knowledge
than in the 400,000 volumes of ancient Alexandria, und education is
possible for the most indigent, and
no legislature or congress for the
last fifty years has assembled which
has not had in it rail splitters and
farmers and drovers or men who
have been accustomed to toiling with
the hand and tlie foot.
Tho grain fields have passed their
harvests above the veto of drought
and deluge. The freight cars are not
large enough to bring down tlie
grain to the seaboard. The canal
boats aro crowded With brendslufls.
Hark to tlie rushing of the wheat
througli the great Chicago corn elevators! Hark to the rolling of the
hogsheads of tlie Cincinnati pork
packers! Enough to cat, and at low
prices; enough to wear, and of homo
manufacture. If some have and somo
have not, then may God help those
who have to hand over to those who
have not! Clear the track for the
rail trains that rush on bringing the
wheat and the cotton and the rice
and the barley and the oats and the
hops and the lumber and the leather
and everything for man and everything for beast!
Lift up your eyes. O nation of
God's right hand, at the glorious
prospects! Build larger your barns
for tho harvests; dig deeper the vats
for the spoil of the vineyards; enlarge the warehouses for the merchandise; multiply galleries of art
for the pictures and statues. Ad
vance, O nation of God's right hand,
but remember that national wealth,
if unsanctilied, is sumptuous waste,
is moral ruin, is magnificent woe, is
splendid rottenness, is gilded death.
Woe to us for the wine vats if
drunkenness wallows in them! Woo
to us for the harvests if greed sickles
them! Woe to us for tha merchandise if avarice swallows it! Woo to
us for the cities if misrule walks
them! Woo to tho land if God defying crime debauches it! Our only
safety is in moro Bibles, moro
churches, more free schools, more
good men and more good women,
more consecrated printing presses,
more of the glorious gospel of tho
Son of God, which will yet extirpate all wrongs nud introduce all
But the preachers on Thanksgiving
morning will not detain with long
sermons their hearers from the home
group. The housekeepers will be angry if the guests do not arrive until
tho viands aro cold. Set the chairs
to the table — the easy chairs for
grandfather and grandmother, if they
be still alive; the high chair for the
youngest but not tho least. Then
put out your hand to take the full
cup of thanksgiving. Lift it end
bring it toward your lips, your
hands trembling with emotion, and
if the chalice shall overflow and
trickle a few drops on the tablo do
not be disturbed, but let it suggest
to you the words of tho psalmist and
lead you thankfully to say, "My cup
runneth over I"
lU-u.one Why Animal FlB_re» Are
Rarely Seen on Persian Rugs.
Prayer Rubs of the Mohaminedans
and Their Use—The linen of SHae.
The designs of eastern rugs are often
the spontaneous outcome of the fancy
of the weaver. Sometimes they are
handed down from one generation to
another. In some eases young girls are
taught the design by an adult, wlie
marks it in tho send. At other times a
drawing of the rug is made on paper,
the instructor showing her pupils the
arrangement of every thread nnd the
color to be used. When all this bus
been done, the pupils must make thc
rug without looking at tbe drawing.
Persian rugs excel those of other
countries in artistic design as well as
In harmonious coloring. The Persians
seem to have a natural Intuition In the
use and blending of different shades,
nnd In the designs that contain these
certain colors they achieve the happiest
results. It is really wonderful whnt
exquisite fabrics these people, born
nnd reared In Ignorance and poverty,
The designs In Persian rugs are generally floral, nnd In some districts, especially Fars, the women weavers Invent the designs, varying them every
two or three years. The Mohammedan
religion does not allow any direct representation of animal forms, consequently rugs woven under its Influence
take florul, geometric and vegetable
forms. The Shinh sect of Moslems,
however, numbering about 15,000,000,
of whom 8,000,000 are. Persians, do not
regard representations of animals ns
unlawful. By the industry of this sect
aud that of infidels and of all who disregard the law of the Koran animal
forms are seen on some Persian rugs.
The prayer rug was evidently Invented for the purpose of providing the
worshipers with oue absolutely clean
place on which to offer prayers. It Is
not lawful for a Moslem to pray on any
place not perfectly clean, and unless
each one has his own special rug he Is
not certain that the spot has not been
polluted. With regard to the purity of
the place of prayer Mohammedans are
specially careful when making their
pilgrimages, the rugs which they take
with them having been preserved from
pollution hy being rolled up until the
journey is begun or until the hour for
prayer arrives. It does not matter to
these followers of Mohammed how
unclenu a rug that Is on the floor may
be, because over It they place the prayer rug when their devotions begin.
The Turkish rugs made nt Slvas are
always woven of wool, and almost every hamlet cnrrles on the Industry of
weaving in the homes. There are no
factories, thc young girls and women
doing the work here as Ih other parts
of Turkey. Slvns rugs are in most
cases small, measuring about eight by
four feet, but In these years larger and
more attractive rugs nro being mnde.
Even the poorest families have fine
rugs, for they regard them ns valuable
property, to be sold only under the
pressure of great extremity. The weav
ers are so frugal In their manner of
living that their daily earning of 15 to
10 cents Is sufficient to supply their
wants. Their food consists usually of
rice and crushed wheat, with occasionally a small piece of mutton.
Smyrna is only a mart for the sale
of comparatively Inferior rugs that are
made In the interior from the coarse
hair of the Angora goat. These are
woven In Irregular designs aud, although not artistic, are largely sought
as coverings for tbe bare floors and to
add warmth. The weaving of these
rugs Is crudely done by girls aud women. Sometimes tho loom Is primitively constructed from the trunks of trees.
The deslgus are very simple and have
either beeu handed down from earlier
generations or are supplied from the
Yuruk rugs are so called from a band
of nomads who dwell among the mountains of Anatolia. They have Inrge
flocks of fine sheep nnd weave rugs of
firm, even texture. The colors nre very
good, the field often of dark brown, or-
nnmented with largo deslgus.
About 200 years ago small embroidered rugs were largely made In Persia,
chiefly nt Ispahan. These were prayer
rugs, and on each of them, near one
end, wns a small embroidered mark to
show where the bit of sacred earth
from Mecca was to be plnced. In obedience to a law of thc Koran that the
bend must be bowed to the ground In
prayer this was touched by the forehead wheu the presentation was made,
and so the letter of the law wns carried
out. The custom prevails. The Persian
women who weave the finest prayer
rugs seldom weave any other kind of
rug. '
His  Error.
Consumer—I say, what kind of a
cigar do you call this'/ It's the worst
tobacco I ever tasted.
Dealer—Beg your pardon, hut you
nre wholly In error. There Isn't a particle of tobacco In thnt cigar. It Is so
easy to be mistaken, dou't ycu see^
1'rinls of n Lecturer*
A well known English womnn lecturer tells these stories at her own expense;
"I was," she says, "on a tour through
the provinces, and one ulght as I appeared on the platform In a small town
the chnlruian introduced me to my audience in the following way: 'You have
hoard of Mr. Gladstone, the Grand Old
Man. Let me now Introduce to you
the grand old woman.' This was Intended as a sincere compliment.
"On another occasion a bluff old farmer, who boasted of his ability to look
on all sides of a question, announced
me as follows: 'This lady's come here
to talk ahout her rights,' he said. 'She's
hired the hall, and so she's got a right
to be here, and if any of you don't like
what she's got to say you've got an
equal right to walk out in the middle
hospitals for their final illness and burled from nn undertaker's parlor. It ig
becoming a fashion to take everything
from home except the family rows.
Tbey are still sacred to the family
Italian Brigandage In 1848.
One summer evening in the crowded
theater an Impatient house demanded
the drawing of the curtain preliminary
to the first act. When at last It was
upraised, II Passatore and his armed
band occupied the stage, with muskets
aimed at the affrighted audience. The
chief slated that he should levy a tax
per head, whicli ho then and there collected. The gang made off with their
booty unmolested.
The specific gravity of gold ts 19.50—
that Is, it weighs nineteen nnd a half
times us much ns its own bulk of water. The ductility and malleability of
this metal nre equaled hy no other. By
ductility Is meant the property of allowing Itself to he drawn out Into a
wire und by malleability Its property
of flattening without splittiug under
the hummer.
Make Some One Happy.
Charles Klngsley thus counseled a
friend: "Make It a rule and pray to
God to help you to keep It never, if possible, to lie down at night without being able to say, 'I have made one human being at least a little wiser, a littlo happier or a little better this day.'
You will find It easier than you thlnlt
and pleusunter."
Bovrlegged Sailors.
Sailors are a bowiegged class. An
old salt always walks as If he wero on
the deck of a ship, and he never takes
great strides like a landsman. He la
used to having to walk great distances,
In liis imagination, on the quarter deck,
and he can't get rid of the habit of
making the most of his promenade.
Avrny From Home.
It Is becoming the fashion for a woman to seek a maternity hospital that
her children mny be born amid conveniences lacking at home. The children
nre sent away from home to school.
They nre married nwny from home, nnd
members of the  family nre laken  to
The Sponge.
Tlie sponge reproduces Its kind main.
ly by eggs. In each animal nre contained both the male and the female
elements, and it throws out the ova to
be hatched In the water. At first the
young nre free swimming, and afterward they attach themselves to cou.
venient spots aud grow.
From Different Standpoints.
Ethel—Oh, nt Inst! It has been years,
Alphonse, since I saw you.
Alphonse—Oil, my own Ethel, it has
been centuries!
Ethel's Father (up in tbe library)—
Mary Jane, who was lhat you just let inJ
Mary Jane—It wus Mr. Cunilots, sir.
Ethel's Father—Groat eiuis! This ii
the ninth time he's been here this week.
He might ns well live here.
Why Colnmbns Thought So.
Ti.'uhci—Whnt led Columbus to conclude thut the win-Id wns roundV
Bright Buy—Well, his experience with
It proved that it wus anything hut square.
It is difficult to convince the man who
Is starving that lhc world is growing better or the one who has just dined well
that it is getting worse.—Pittsburg Dispatch.
Irritability, Sleeplessness, Feelings of Lassitude and Depression, Weakness and Ir*
regularity of tlie Bodily Organs.
These are the symptoms which point to a depleted nervous system. Thoy tell of thin, weak, watery
blood, of wasting vitality and lack of energy and ambition. They warn you that nervous prostration, locomotor ataxia,  paralysis and even insanity aro possibilities of the future.
Mrs. Henry Clarke, Port Hope, Ontario, states :—';I have used seven boxes of Dr. Chase's Nervo Food
for nervousness and a completely run down system, and can heartily recommend it as a wonderfully effective
treatment. Before using tins remedy I had been in very poor health for some months. I seemed to have no
energy or ambition, felt tired and listless most of the time, and could scarcely drag myself about the house.
I was woak, irritable and nervous, could not sleep well, and felt discouraged about my health. Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food has taken away these symptoms and given back my usual health and   vigor,    consequently I en
dorse it fully.'
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
Fills tho shrivelled arturles with ncw, rich blood, strengthens and revitalizes the nerves by forming new
nervo force and gradually and thoroughly overcomes disease and weakness. It forms new healthy tissues
and gives a well rounded form and clear, healthy complexion to all who use it. 50 cts^ a box, 6 boxes for
S1.50.   At all dealers, or Bdmanson,  Bates _ Co., Toronto.
An Offer te Men.
T HAVE always given proof of anything that I claimed for my Electric,
* Belt, because 1 know that there are people who claim a great deal
more for their remedies than the truth wouM justify. Ifyouwanta,
remedy which will cure you, it seems wise for you to take the one that
has cured others. I have published thousands of testimonials from
cured patients, and I will pay $1,000 in gold for evidence showing that
I have ever used a testimonial which was not true and honest.
Dp! McLaughlin's Electric Belt Cures Rheumatism, Lumbago, Pains and Aches in any part of the Body, Weakness
in any part of the Body, Tired Feelings, Sleeplessness, Premature Old Age, Weak Stomach, Weak Kidneys, Loss of Vim,
Ambition and Youthful Fire.
don't ask any man to buy my appliance on a speculation. I know!
tha it will cure these troubles and I want my pay only when the cure
is complete. I don't ask you to try it one month, nor two months, but|
long enough to cure you, and when I have cured you you can pay me. If I fail in my task it's my loss, not
yours. All you lose is your time, and if my Belt fails to cure you you will have the satisfaction of knowing
that the best, strongest and finest electric body appliance in the world—one with 50,000 cures to its credit—
has failed, and that there is no cure for you in electricity.     Remember,  my terms are
I have just completed my beautiful Illustrated Book telling how it
cures the weakness of men and women. It's worth reading. I will
Bend It closely sealed FRI51-upon request. Cull, if possible, and I
will explain what my itelt will do.    Call or writo to-day,
Beware of concern-* Offering a thin piece of felt an ft substitute for my cushion electrodes.   Thoso cheap coverings arel
used only to disguise their buro metal blistering electrodes.   The;? have to he snaked in water, whlen quickly dries'
and leaves them without current.   My cushion electrodes are my exclusive invention and cannot be imitated.
If you have one of these old style, blistorinE bolts 1 will take  it in trade for one of mine.   1 do this not that the old belt is of any uso, fori
it is not, but to establish tlio value of my goods with ncoplo who have been misled by tho false claims of concerns selling a cheap, worth-)
less article.
o___.Ho__M>..__.tou>p_n. DR. M.  B. MCLAUGHLIN, 130 Yonge St., Toronto, Ont. THE PROSPECTOR
At rtrai ni.uli. However, His Nerve
Seems  Appalling-.
The hour wus glowing late, and yet he
sat an 1 sat in the parlor.
She yawned openly and above board,
and yet he didn't take the   dnt.
"Wait till Ijiot the pitch ■ out for the
milkman," she said tit leug a and disappeared, only to lind him comfortably ensconced in another chair upuu her return
and with no apparent idea of tailing the
"My," she gasped, yawning again env-
ernnu.ily, "but it sounds quiet! I believe
tbe cars have stopped."
"I'h-huh," said he and snt on.
She weut down to the basement to put
the cut out, nud bu was still perched on
bis chair looking wide awake when she
returned to the parlor.
"The morning paper hasn't come yet,"
she mid affably, hut meaningly,
"That soV" said he, twisting bin mustache, and he weut on sitting iu the
"Ilow little sleep you require!" sho
broke out a tritle Impatiently after a
"Uh-hnh," said be musingly.
"Well," said slf) after another pause,
rising and stretching her arms, "I believe I shall go to bed."
"•Well, doggone the luck," snid he,
emerging from his reverie and glaring
at her, "why the dickens don't you, Instead of gaping iu my face that way?
Wbo tho deuce's keeping you up, anyway V"
Whereupon she bestowed an amiable
smile upon him and weut «p stairs.
Not so very. Ho was her busband, you
see, and be was sitting in the parlor sulking and glooming and nursing his grouch
because he'd been invited to sit into a
little game of poker that night nnd
couldn't accept the same because be
didn't havo the dough to buy the first
round of chips.—Washington Tost
He Had Proof.
"Sny, ma!"
"There nre seven liars lu our class at
"(lb, I wouldn't sny that, dear. You
might bo mistaken."
"No, I ain't. Yesterday the teacher
snhl all of us that never told a lie should
bold up our bauds."
"And there were seven there who
didn't hold up their bands?"
"Nu. There were seven that did."—
Chicago Kecord-Hcrald.
I    believe    MINARD'S    LINIMENT
will cure every cose of Diphtheria.
will produce growth of hair.
Stanley, 1'. E. I.
is the best household remedy on
Oil City,  Ont.
Both coal und tobacco smoke are
very injurious to lacquered surfaces.
Tho*. Sabln, of Eglington, says: "I hnve
removed teu corns trom my feet with Lfolo-
wuy's Corn Cure." Reader, go thou and do
The fellov who falls in love often
finds difficulty in getting on his feet
Tt seems paradoxical but it i.s true
that when a man is so set in his
views that we cannot turn him we
call him a crank.
SKEPTICISM. — Thia Ib unhappily an
age of BkopticiBtn, but there ie one point
upon which persons acquaint-d with tlin nub-
ject agree, namely, that j)r. Thomas' JiScIeo-
trio Oil is a medicine which can be relied
upon to cure a couch, remove pain, heal
pores of various kinds, and benefit anv inflamed portion of the body to which it is
Observation leads to the conclusion
that a political job is not hard after
you g*ot it.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy tho seuso of smell
und completely dcrango tho whole pystom when
enterin^ it through tho mucous surfaces. Such
articles should nevor bo used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage
they .-.ill do is tenfold to tho pood you can pos-
tbly derive from them. Hairs Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by lr. J. Cheney & OoMToledo, O,
contains no morrury, and is taken iutoruully,
noting directly upon tho blood nnd mucous surfaces of tho system. In buying Hall's Catarrh
Curo be suro you got the genuine. It Is tnken
intornrdly, nud made In Toledo, Ohio, by P, J.
Cheney it Co.   Testimonials froo.
Sold by Druggists, price 7!ic. per bottlo.
Hall's Family Tills aro tho best.
Some fellows' only idea of a good
time is to havo a headache the next
Miliar. _ Liniment Cnres Bums, Etc,
The chorus girls in a performance
aro there as a matter of form.
The best man does    not win at a
Beauty is someti   es  not  even  skin
deep when it comes to the rub.
It is easier to sew on buttons than
to men your ways.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Ereryw_ert
11*3—Clarice, you know I have always thought a great deal of you,
and I have flattered myself you think
nor. unfavorably of me. Mny I—will
you lie my wife ?
She—Whnt a start you gave me.
Hurry I Do you know, I thought
you were going to ask me to lend
you some mouey.
We'll skip-it, reader; for it would look
ueseemly to begin a story with an oath
like that (ius Gurley swore, standing
over his wife's dressing table that morning. And (ius wasn't a swearing man
How came he. then, to commit such a
breach of etiquette and ethics? Well,
may be you wouldn't have done it; but
don't be too sure till you've heard enough
to be able to "put yourself in bis place."
Imagine a young husband'of si-
months' standing.ardent, fond and trusting, casually entering bis wife's dressing-room in her absence, and stumbling
on a mischievious looking, rose-coloreil
note, freshly opened, a cupid in every
crease, and a lurking lock of another 8
hair—red—peeping stealthily from its
The very paper blushed guiltily as
<tU8 caught it up. Eagerly aud wildly
bis eyes ran over the contents. For a
luomont ho stood amazed and metion-
less, and then broke out—. But we've
promised to skip that. Perhaps nny
other man would havo given utterance
to as much, reading sueh a missive as
this, addressed to bis wife:
" Affinity, Auk. —th, is—,
"D-AKKsT Katf. :—How could you go and
marry that (treat hulkv fellow behind my
bark, anil without n word of notice V
"Though I've returned loo late to forbid the
bans, I'm still in time to irive that tor.l and
master of yours a hint- which I mean to do
that an older loyo than his won't quietly sutler
another to monopolize its i 'tjhts.
1 _xtmot me by Monday, ,md keep a kiss for
'■'Your ever affectionate      SAM Smith."
__ithl Smith! 8am Smith!   Faughl
hat a name! Had it been "Brown,
.ones or Robinson, there might bave
been some bearing it. But Smith! And
red-headed, too! "Frailty, thy name is
woman I" Yet it might be that Smith
was Bomo presuming puppy, whose vile
epistle was the sheer result of his own
impudence. But no; tne wife that
could receive such a communication and
conceal it from her husband could not
be else than falso.
Smith's heart's blood was the very
least atonement the case admitted of.
Had Gus been more collected, he might
probably have bided his timo and taken
his peace-destroyer unawares aud then
"tripped him," trusting to an intelligent jury and proof of a mental alibi to
bring him out all right. But he was
not sufficiently rational for that, and so
adopted the foolish plan of summoning
Smith to mortal combat.
Gus had a friend, Captain Borax, a
retired quartermaster, thoroughly versed
in points of honor. The captain was
just the man for the emergency; but, as
ill luck would have it, he was out of
town for tbe day.
That no timo might be lost, Gub demanded satisfaction by mail, directing
his challenge to the address indicated in
the caption of Smith's note, aud fixing
a time and place at which his friend,
Captain Borax, would be prepared to
confer with any friend of Smith's. At
the same time a brief message to Mrs.
Gurley explainel that important business necessitate- her husband's absence
for the next few days. Meanwhile,
Gus took up quarters at an obscure
country inn, leaving everything to the
management of the captain, whom he
had succeoded in finding at last, and
who, proud to be sought for such a service, promptly repaired to the appointed
rendezvous, where ho was punctually
met by a friend of Smith's. The preliminaries wero speedily settled, and a
meeting was arranged for the following
As the time drew near, Gus grow nervous. Tho fact is, Smith's alacrity had
taken him a littlo aback. He had felt
quite confident that that miscreant
would shrink from encountering tho
man whose honor he had outraged. But
instead, without turning tbe word,
Smith's second hail chosen pistols, and
named ten paces as the distance! It was
plain the wretch was as bloodthirsty as
unscrupulous. Besides, Gus was no
shot, which Smith, judging from his
choice of weapons, no doubt was. How
mucti better, Gus began to think, to
havo fled forever from the scene, of his
unhappiness, or to have invoked the benign aid of the laws of South Dakota,
But it was too late now to retract.
From a troubled slumber, such as condemned criminals aro apt to fall into in
tho last hours of their last night, Gus
was startled by a sensation as of a bullet piercing his thorax. It was only
Captain Borax poking him in tbe ribs,
by way of reminder that hin "hour had
almost cornel"
In a brief space—how very brief it
seemed—they were on the fatal field.
At nearly the same instant a close carriage drove up, containing the enemy's
Smith's second sprang out, closing the
door behind him. He took Captain
Borax aside, and the two held a hasty
consultation; which over, the. ground
measured, pistol-loaded positions allot
ted, and everything in readiness, it only
remained to place the men and give tho
The combatants were to stand back to
back, und. at a signal, to wheel and fire.
Gus had already taken his place, anil was
Struggling', manfully but doubtfully,
against an inclination, will-nigh
irresistible, to leap over nn adjacent hedge, and mu its fast and
far as his legs could carry him, when
nn exclamation from tho captain caused
him to turn his head.
" In Heaven's namo, who's that?" said
Captain Borax, accosting tho fellow-
second, in tho act of conducting a young
and beautiful lady to tbo very spot destined for Smith.
" My principal, gentlemen. Miss Sam-
antha Smith—'Sam Smith,' as she's
called for short.' the other answered.
Gus saw it all. Flinging down the
pistol, he rushed forward, and would
certainly havo hugged nnd^rissed " Sam
Smith,' without ceremony, if her second—no other than her affianced lover
—hadn't looked like a chap that would
stand no nonsense. As it was, no mau
was ever equally pleased by the discovery that he had made an ass of himself.
The lock of hair was the only puzzle
unexplained, and "Sam " booh cleared
that tip. It wns one of Guy's own, given
long before to Kate as a souvenir.
" Sam " bad stolen it, to tease her friend,
and had taken the method we have seen
of returning it. Of course it wasn't red,
but auburn.
"Sam"and hor friend went home
with Gus, first solemnly promising, as
did the captain to keep tho Beoret, and,
above nil not to let Kate know; but,
bless yon, sueh things always doget out.
He   Hull It Kail.
IsaaoNewton was very absent-minded.
Sometimes, nfter arising In the morning,
he would Often sit with one leg in his
breeches, and thus remain I'm-hours con
sh!. ring some mathematical problem,
without ever thin-lug of the other leg.
The above is a likeness of Mr. G. H. Kent, 408 Gilmour
Street, Ottawa, taken from a recent photograph. Seven years
ago Mr. Kent was cured of Bright's Disease of the Kidneys in
its last stages by Dodd's Kidney Pills and has enjoyed jaoocl
health ever since. The full particulars of this remarkable cure,
as sworn to, were published in  these columns a few days ago.
Tbe l'rlmroie.
Primrose was at first the prime vest,
or tbo first rose tbat opened In spring.
Znn-ihiir Commerce.
In Zanzibar cottou goods form the
chief article of commerce. Gray cloth
Is sold to a very large extent under the
name of "anicticanl." Printed cotton
kerchiefs, worn by the native women
aud called "kangas," always Cud a
ready sale.
Anstrnllan  Wheat.
The principal wheat growing states
of Australia nre Victoria, South Australia nud New South Wales.
Allium!  Collector-.
Animal collectors working In South
Africa for European and American zoological concerns command high salaries. Their white assistants even are
paid nt tbo rate of $11,000 per aunum.
Persian   Guitars.
The Persians bave throe kinds ot
guitars—Ihe sitnr. the tar aud su_—all
played either with tbe fingers er with
u ulectrum.
In bis Vegetable J'ii.-s Dr. Pnrmelee has
given to the world the fruits of lung scientific research in lhc wholo re 'in of medical
science, combined witli new . nd valuable
discoveries never before known lo man. .or
Delicate an_ Dkhii.itated Constitutions
Parmelee's Pills act like a ebann. Taken in
small doses, the eil'eel is both a lonie and a
stimuluut, mildly exciting the secretions of
the body, giving tone and vigor.
Her Fat/her—Well, sir, what can 1
do for you ?
Her Lover—I-er—called to see if
you—er—would give assent lo my
marriage to your daughter.
Her Father—Not a cent, sir; not a
cent,    flood day !
Some persons have periodical attack,-' of
Canadian cholera, dysentery or diarrhoea,
and huvo to use great precautions to avoid
the disease. Change of water, cooking and
green fruit is sure to bring on tho attacks.
To such persons wo would recommend Dr.
J. D. Kcllogg's Dysentery Cordial as being
the best medicine in the market for al! summer complaints. If a few drops are taken
in water when the symptoms are noticed no
further trouble will bo experienced.
Hoax—There's two things   I   can't
cat for dinner.
Joax-—What are they ?
Hoax—Breakfast anil supper.
It if. on.sy enough to love your
iii'i^hliors if they ure far enough
__NA_J)'_ LINIMENT ReMes Nenraia
A 00 candle-power oil lamp burns
8,050 grains of oil an hour.
When poverty comes in nt the door
the fire got__i out of the heator.
FAGGED   OUT.—None  but  thoso  who
have become fugged out know what a de-
Eressed, miserable fueling it is. All strength
> gone, and despondency h;is taken hold of
the sufferers. They fuel us though there ig
nothing to live for. There, however, is a
cure—one box of I'lirmoiee's Vegetable I'iils
will do wonders in restoring health and
strength. Mandruke and Dandelion arc two
of tiie articles entering into the composition
of Paniielee'B Pills.
"No w"    by any chance could be
As pleasant as a book to me,"
The-bachclor said.
"A book once read
Is easily shut up you sec."
"A man is known by his "works."
declared thc irrepressible talker, who
was addressing a large and enthusiastic audience.
" Yours must bo a gas works,"
shouted a rude, uncultured persan
who occupied a bnck seat.
The greatest, the strongest, above
all thc cleverest man is he who
knows how to wait.
If yon nro interested in anything in
tho Jowollry lino and wo will send
you our now, up-to-dato CATALOGUE
which will mako Xmas buying easy
for you. Thf.ro you soo muny of tho
very latest dosipis and our prico is
tho lowest in Canuda. You have our
puaranteo with overy articlo, aud if
not suitable, money will bo refunded
cheerfully.     :::::::   J    :
Two Storos *jj*     MAIN  ST.
An   Amerlenii   Woi-un'a   Reason   Fofl
AVaiitlng to De on the Spot.
"George, if there's any danger of a
breakup iu Turkey I .want you to take
me right over there."
"Why so. my dear?"
''Because there's sure to be a bargain
sale ot all the harem effects, and 1
wouldn't miss it for tho world. Only
think of getting a prayer rug on which
the favorite once knelt! Or a Moorish
mirror that had reflected the perfect features of some lovely Zobeide!"
"Or a beautiful Circassian hour!, my
dear, who might, in view of her altered
circumstances, be willing to do our
kit.'lien work."
''George, you aro simply odious!"—
Cievelaud Plain Dealer.
s Changed Ills Mini!.
"No," said Mr. Fosdick decidedly, ")
tell you once for till, my daughter, that 1
cannot think of letting you marry thai
young mini. Why, he's nothing hut a
pour farmer."
"Poor farmer, papa?" repeated Miss
Fosdick. "I guess you don't know thnt
Keulien hns ten acres of fine potatoes
ready for the market."
"Heavens! Vou don't sny! I withdraw
nay objection. My dear child, you will be
rich beyond the dreams of avarice."—
Detroit Free Press.
For all  misfortunes  there nro  two
remedies—time  mul  silence.
When a fool lien lilies a notion to
sit she doesn't care whether there
arc any eggs in the nest or not. and
some men are built on the same plan.
The blood of an eel injected into a
-vein is a deadly poison to man.
Tooth      o/-c
Powder    "**-*
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bad for Good TeetH
Snzodont Liquid a:c Tarpe Liquid and Powder 75c All
literal or by null tor thc price.    Sample lor postage 3C.
HALL & UUCKEL-    Now Vork.
.♦*   Onr Mr. Hatcher ia now in tho oast selecting a stock of pianos pjs.1 organs for holi- V
;    days.   Among his selection will be a large number of tha latest __v<e_ of tho UIL- V
V   ..JAMS' FLU. 08 famed for their pure, full and lasting tone.   Our uow stock will bo- *•*
gin to urrivo about Dec. 1st und it will bo well for those intore_Usd to .•ill o_-r_y,   Out- ♦t*
of-towu customer*, will receivo our be=t ut-cntion and all enquiries will bo promptly ♦**
answerod.    \\ o sond catalogue and price list on request*   Wq handle several different ♦*♦
makes of organs and will be pleasea to quote prices delivered anywhere.    We have a JS^
number of good second hand organs and pianos, in good repair, somo as good as new, J
at very low prices.   ¥our credit is good with us, no matter where you live ill
Y. M. C. A. Blk, Portage Ave., Winnipeg.
*_* *_* •_• •_* *•* *_* *_•
Eldredge "B" Sewing Machines.
d^v-v MHL, 4u/fC<x4/ AaJ" _£t____?
rftA/ /A  aUM^uI   79   «t- 'K4nv*-M/ 4*4/
Has won an enviable reputation in ihe Stove world, in its
construction every important
improvement has been addod
which has made it the most
desirable steel range for domestics use.
Every detail has been carefully studied t • mako it efliei-
ent, and wo aro proud t - otter
it to you as a model of steel
range oonbtructton at a reasonable price.
Wo makw this magnificent
steel range as illustrated with
four or six No. 9 cooking
holes. It has a large copper
reservoir, is fitted with improved duplex grate to burn
any kind of coal; the oven ia
large and is lined with asbi s-
tos board.
It will bake biscuits In THREE MINUTES using a very small quantity of coal.
Prico as illustrated,    (wiui 4 No. 9 cooRng holes $55.OO >_■_ o. jj.
(to burn coal or wood) (    "   6 No. 9     " •*       SSO.OO .at Wpg.
Wo give   guarantee with every range sold.     If not kept in stock by your focal
stove dealer, writj us f r further particulars.
I  THIE    OTJI_lsrE-_r    ."FCXJIsrrJPt,^-    CO.,   Limited,Winnipeg
Cost only a fraction more than those with thc old iron band.     The
All sizes may be had from Winnipeg wholesalers.
"What is a conjunction?" asked
the teacher.
"That which joins together," was
Ihe prompt reply.
"Give me an illustration," said bhe
The up-to -ate girl hesitated and
blushed. "The marriage service,"
she said at last.
. V*. w
OUR business to-day is an
entirely  different   affair
from  what  it  was   ten
years ago; it has expanded
until we are in touch with all
points of Canada.
Tho Toiedr_ph, the Tolophon.-,
_r\d the M_.ll bring vis orders
from tho_s_*nds of fo.r _.wf_y
Through our Catalogue and
the Mail we can furnish you
with the very newest and
choicest in Diamonds,
Watches, Silverware and
Money cheerfully refunded
in full If doslred.
Cor. Yoa|e *w\d Adelaide Streets,
T  O  R_ O N  T  O .
Oustomer—Suy, a month ago you
told me this material would wear,
aaid here it is,  nearly gone !
Snlppft—Nearly gone in a month ?
Well, if that isn't wearing, what is ?
If your children monn und are restless
during bleep, coupled when awake with a
loss of appetite, pule countenance, picking
of the nose, etc., yon may depend upon it
that the primary cause of the trouble is
worms. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator effectually removes these pests, at
once relieving the little sufferers.
Some people only know by hearsay
that it is more blessed to give than
to receive.
illoway & Champion
Write to us for prices of SCRIP,
Got our List ot Lands.
Stocks and  Bonds Bought and  Sold,
Wo can furni-i the exact amount of
Scrip  for any  payment  on Dominion
Lands.   Do not pay cat-h.
till   Hit.,:
He—Often, when I look lip nt th»
rtara in the finunment I cannot help
thinking how small, how Insignificant,
1 am after nil.
She—Gracious! Doesn't that thought
ever strike you except when you look
nt the stars lu  the firmament?
In the year B. C. 12S eight hundred
thousand persons perished hy n pestilence arising from ih. putrefaction of
great Rtvarni* nf ilend loensta.
The   sorrow   of    to-day   makes   the
happiness  of  tomorrow.
__aE:iNrT.3   ■w__._>-t.e__<
WANTED, Agontu fnr tho sale of Hardy Russian
apple***, currants* ?,-oo.-*rljerrit*!;. ornameutal trees
and seed Potatoes, Every salesman has e-clu
Bivoterritory. Sample outfit free Good pay.
We aro ono of the eldest established firms in
Canada. Appply uow. PELHAM NURSERY CO.
Toronto, Ont.
N. P.C»talo(Tiio free.   Farmers cnn mako cood
money during their slack season.       P. N Co.
An  Rxc. plloiinl Case.
Digffs—Your wife looks worried of late.
%Vlnv      ems to he the trouble?
Blg_s—Oh, she is worrying because
she's afraid our daughter won't get as
good a husband as she did.—Chicago
The Plnce to Stop.
Edgar—Is yonr fiither favorable to my
love for you. Ethel?
Ethel—Oh. yes; everybody gets along
with pa unless they try to borrow money
of him.—Detroit Free Press.
Their Preferences.
"I like a play wilh n Rood, husky villain in it." remarked tlie Ingenue.
"I would rather have one with a good,
husky angel back of it," replied the come-
dian.—Philadelphia lteeord.
The average actress' diamonds    are
about n.s real as her complexion.
Indifference is the heart sleeping.
W. N. U. No. 352. TIIE NtOSrECTGU, MLLOOET, B.C., SATURDAY,  DEOEMBl. I   N   1001.
8      LOCAL    NEWS.
The Public school closes  nexl   Friday the
201I1  for   the Chrislronii   holidays.    I'uW
examinations will be held on Friday nurn-
Mr. Dan Hurley returned from Vancouvei
on Tuesday.
Mr. ]■'. Richardson, traveller for Ames,
Holden Co. came In last Saturday. Mr. U.
who is ;i violinist of the high-! class, favored the 'Sporting Club with a few celections
last Saturday evening.
The l'tospea-i had a call ihis week ftom «   _-»*'Tr<-_f  nf7.    A      /"* W   Y T>- T^    Tr"1 F"*** I-"*'iT~^
Mi,  ,.   Callu,n, of Sticker Creel,   John is AS I   M Ll\ A   CURCr    rKCC.
in town making arrangements for ilu Spring
rash to iiridge i*cr. Asthmalene brings instant relief ana permanent
—. _ cure   tn   All   Cases.
. ^;;''^1-;--;1 •"»';■'"=•<•;;'!^*T A1.S()i:rT!.:i;Y iMnci': ()XMU'^^:Ti'roiM>o:nv\i.
last   1 ne day.    While in  lown s.,e was the >   ''-,1   "•"■
guest of MUs Hrelt.
Ju.dt Mc I'll iii  reiurned to  Dridge River
:.-i Tuesday
Major llurnet came in on   Monday from a
purveying  rip.
Street croi ings wete laid ihis week, and
pedestrians will appreciate the Improvement.
Dame Rumor tells us lhat our water inspector should have the credit for negotiating
this deal, Whoever lhe prime mover was,
he has our thanks.
Admi-uistrato-'s  Noli
Clarke & Co., Lillooet, have acorn
plele Stock of Dru-P, Medicines and eun-
dries. Letter orders promptly attended
to. .Inst tell iheni what, >on wmt 01
what the tioulile is, encloaing money ami
they will do the lust.
VV. Ii). Brett, Manager of the Anderson
Lake Mines returned from Vancouver on
Mr. J. F. Cihson formerly of Lillooet, i-
conducting a large general sioie rn Ailin.
His many friends here will be glad !o learn
that 'lack' is doi'ig well in thc Northern
Turner is coming.
The Rev. James Turner, wcil known
throughout th; Province, and the pioneer of
Methodism in the Cariboo and the Lillooe.s,
has written to say that he will visit his old
friends in Lillooet during thc Christmas hold-days. Arrangements are being made for
him to deliver his lecture on his "Trip 1" the
Yukon, and expsriencea in Dawson city during the rush" The lecture will be delivered
on New Year's Day, at 8 p.m. Full particulars in next issue.
lie the estate ol llie kite William YjUeg,
(<l...„.i d).
Any } erson Indebted to Ihe estate, or bavinc
anything belonging lo the del pueod, is herel y
uotitluil to pay over or ittliver phiiio lo the
tinder-lgned lialore tiie'JHili of .edrunry l»_.
And nil persons e.ahull.g any tu-'t utint will
deliver Ihe .-- um- duly v-ritl 11 and sworn in,
after w bier, data I shall prm eeil 1*1 admlnlstei
said estate, having due i*■*<:*r*l in all the :;:
.orestH and aeeuunts retideied.
Jainos II. Young,
Ho.-slaml. B.C.  November Lit'*"u 11)01.
-_!e oi Persona
i __..
*W " M \
\r f    _iWu h Sn>
h       AXES   '&   AXE3   '0   AXES.
Wo carry   a  large   stock   of  the  famoiM
KoIh rt Mann's Double I ii b Axes ill Falling,
Swamping and California Reversible; also
Single Bit   Axes bandied  and  uhhandled,
Ax,e Handles, Tick Handles, Sledge Handr
S\|   les, Cant Hooks, L'eavies, etc.,  etc., andean
-   l    fiiriiiidi low prices and   quick delivery on
■-',   cbese goods.
McLennan, „3_re_!y & Co. Ltd.
(22 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
W' i.
T here    is    nothing   I i k e  A f> t li - J      1
,n alone.     1      b r i ii tr h    instant
ri 1 iff,     even   i n     the     worst j    '
■ ■ a s e o .     It   lines   when   all   i li-e fall-.     ;;
The  Rev.   ('.   F.   WELLS,   uf  Villa   Ui lge, j {■-.
111.,  says:   "Your   trial  bottle of Asll.mnhnc
received in g< oil ci n*'itirn.    I crnnot   Icll you
how thankful   i   feel for the good derivul from
il,     I   was    a   slave,   chained   wi'.h   putrid   sore
throat and Asthma for  ten years.    I   despaired
if tvrrhtini! curid.    I saw your advertisement I
' I
foi   the  cure  ol  this dreadful  and   tormenting
Uiul.    To  my aslonishment, the trial acted like pi NO. 4 K.-W.-O. BLOCK, SELSON, li. (
lurm.    Send  me a (ull-r..,•    bottle." < ,;0lrl. _ |..r*T,.;H and Copper Mines wanted at Ihe EXCIUNGl..
lie,-,   ne.   Mor-la  Wechsl-r > FREE MILLING GOLD   pio.-itk'B  wanted al  bnce fur Ea-tain In
Rabbi of the Cong.   Itnai  Israel
New   Vork,   Jan.   3.    1901.
1)!'.S. TAIT    Dl'.OS.'    MF.IM- IX1S   CO.,
(iciit'cnicn:    Your   Asthmalene   Is   an
excellent   remedy for   Asihnm ami  I lay  Fever,
l'M-iies litivii). niii'in. prnpprty f *r nale are reiiuesled to  Bend  .ample
of Ur ir nre lo llie I .-CO HANOI'* for t xl.il ii lion.
We ilei-ir. in hear from |iros[)«elo."a who have promiei ig mineralclulme
,    in Briti-h Uoliinihin.
^ I'rospeetors und minii g men nre req'H'Htcil lo make Ihe KXCIIAMIE
s    iln'i*- liea. hiuarier-i i\hi*n i.i Nelson.
und  its(Uinr"siti"n nllevinles oil lioul.lcs whiili    > A|| *..l;,,. ],.. P|„.„ ,| ..- nml hv exprees PREPAID.
combine vxill. Asil.ma. _ Iii* Miccess is astonishing \._ Oorri-apoi.deni-e sol cited.    A lilri *•** all. aniiuuniuittinnp to
and wondeifid. K ANDUEW   F.    BOSENBEP'.'fE
After having   ii caefully  analyzed,   we  can slate  lint    Asthmalene   contain.
no  opium,  morphine,  chlorolutm or eilier. Very ludy yours,
I'lephone No. 101.    P. 0. Rox TOO.
Avon  Sl'RlNiis, X.   V.   Feb. I, i<pi
Da, Tait Mhos. Mf.ijicine Co.
Gentlemen:    I   write  ihi; teaiiinini.il   from   a   sense  nf duly,   having tested the |   ___„_,
onderful elTeclol'   ynr Aith 11 de.i.*,  for   Iii ■■  car.'   of  Asthma.     My  wife has  been
<y tion stag
1      I. 1     1. ,        afflicted  with  simuno'lic  a-t'i 111   fur   thi   im-*i   12 years.    Having  exhausted  my own mi , l- 1 r     it ir        1 1
'.tin     Ua'II    mWTrtArti'! in ,    .n ,   1 ,   ' ,1       111 .' • 1'!('  ni'«r Btttffe line leaves Lvtton every Alondav and
/.lill       ll I  A I      I   I ll'ij   I  I V    " astli.nl .ii   many  others,   1   chaac.nl   to  see   your   sign   upon   your   win-     ■•   , , . .
(Aim      _\_tll    lI\M>Vllr     Irons on 130 street, New Vork.     I al once  ublained a   l.otllc of asthniaicne.    My wife    Fl'iday    lo)'   Lillooet,   1'eiill'ilillg   Uext    day.        Special   tl'ip.-J
*■ *  -..,,       ,_t  ....      I,     „, ,,   .       r._. ....      ,      .. ,        -_.!__.!      _ _.!_., ,         .. . „
.Codec Is hereby Riven., Hint un-lor tho Assc
tnenl Act and ninvudmniiiE Iherblo,   ihpre
lue Hiui nnptiid for Mineral Tax  lhe sum ni
commenced   taking  i. about the   firsl   uf November.    I very   .-.,.1   noticed  a  ,ad cal   -fl|.fj0<     Write US .01' information
improvement,    Aft-r using Due bottle Her nsthmn bad di*-.-.) peaicd  ar.d ibe   is entire1)
free   worn   all   symptoms.    I   feel   lhat   I cnn  consistently recommend  the   medicine
to    all    who   ar*.-  afflicted   with   thi-    distressing   disease.    Vours    respectfully,
O. D.   I'lIKI.I'S,   M. 1)
Our friend Mr. Jones, iho packer
railed the otlier day, and wo were plea-
Hcd to inform hi n that liia contention
with a member of tlie Dar regarding p
certain pan-age of scripture was correct.
The dinputad passage U found in J *b
Chapter 23th, and tlie flr?t verse.
Mr. Alex. Lecture waa in town on Thut-
HOter and good reputation in eaeh statCi one
in this county required, to represent uud advertise old established wealthy business hiina*
us of Solid financial standing. Salary J180C
weekly with expenses additional,  nil payable
in eaSh each Wednesday direct fiom head off-   fifth day oi February. \wy ni ii*
ices.   Horse  nud   citrriages furnished   when dis par l'linh',
necessary.    Enclose   self-add retted   slumped    Aesoasor and <'6U_e;nr for ihj   I.ar.u.jt   Ass-
envelope.    Mas agar,   316   Oaxton   Dullding assment District.
Dr,  Takt Uros.  Mkdicinr Co. beh, 5. koi.
Cienllttinen:    1   wns    tvouhled    with   Asthma    or   22   yenrs.    I hive tried numerous
.uj, hy the   Bond  Or >lines,  I iniied, the I remedies,  hut   they have  rJI   fiile.l.    I   ran a'cros-i your advertisement nnd  slarud wt
roi the Littlo Joe and White  Crow .Min-   a   tml   bottle.    I found  relief at ones.    I  have  since   purchased your full sized bottle,
and I mil evjr grateful. I hive a family of fnir chlldrii, and f..r six years was
Unable 10 work. I nm now in tha h_.i nf luiUh and am doing business everj
ilny.   'l'liis testimony you can mike such use of as you see fit.
Home address, -:j5,   Riving ton street, S.    Raphael,
67 Easl 129th -st.,  New  Vork t'ity.
Tr.a. bottle sent absolutely free on recoipt of posta'.
Do   not  delay.    Write  at  mux*,   addressing  DK.   TAKT  BROS* MEDICINE CO.,
■ml (.'laims, being Lots 589 and -~>l". Group 1,
Lillooet District, Bitunte nt t.'adwallader creek
in the Lill t District, and  in the  Lillooet
,.s>e-*meiit District,
In accordance wilh the provisions and le-
quirenientsof the Asvesmenl A-t and Aineud-
ments thereto, I have distrained the poods
and chattels (including » ton slump tiuartz
mill and tools] of tho said Bond Or Mines Limited, in the said district for the payment ol
the said Mineral  tax and shall expose  lhe
same tor sale, by public  nuctiuii, nt the Court 1 79  Eust   St., N,   V. Citj
House, Lillooet, on Tuesday the twcnty«stxlh
rtnyofXovember.WM. afc.tha botir *f two iu F(\](\   _TV   flll    F.T17r-C?irffi
theafternoon, or sornuch thereof as mav be K y'LXi   K>tT    «**    -*-**■ ** * *■ ^.Xi  il *
necessary to satisfy the said Mineral Tax and |	
In default of sufficient distress upon said
personal property, tho goods and chattels of
tho said Oompnny or the nmonnl realized fr m
rhc public sale thereof, being insuITicient tc
meet said Mineral tax nud costs, I shall at th*
time and place above mentioned, expose for
sale by public auction, thu lands of (lie said]
company, consisting of tho Linle Joe, Jim
nrow Fraction, SVhitoCrow, Bend Or Fraction J
and Delighted Min
Peter Rebagliati & Co., Lytton 15. C„
/4N  /% v.  ,\. 4v/i\ /t,\ /•*'., -■« ,/*\/<^/*\/*>\/i\
The Prospector is the
host advertising med-
ium in this section
Have your al. in at
luUtdll 5 ji.ai._dl
:::;;:;;:;::ir;,:;;!;^'';;u!:::;;;^;;:L"r^;J i\ H.Nelson, prcPj
;itt   as   may  be .ufTicient  to   pay  the said
Mineral   Tax and costs.
Given  under mv hand at Lillocel I
liislBthday oi October, 1001,
Caspar Phair,
Assessor and Collector f ji* the Lillooet Assess-
nont District.
Boats for list' of guests.
Repairs   neatly   executed.    Uarm^B   mad<
and repaired.
The above sale is postponed   to the   twenty
ne   hen
Mining Prsper'ey for safe.
In British Columbia.
—. -	
INCORPORATED   1898.      |
Ai'THO'SIZ-D  CAriTJL.  -100.(100.
For Downright Satisfaction,
Shipment after Shipment,
Ship Your Coo_.s to Us,
Full    Prices    and    Imme-
__ .^'^vJ''
...■ US
'■■ ■*<?.
■   ...
•; ■
: 'i
t  .
dtate Payment Every Time.
Hern Established 24 Y?;:rs.
Write for Prices.* Make Trial
Shipment.    Convince Yourself,
Tenders arc*    Invited  for  lhe whole of the
propu   ;..  including   drown Grail tad   cl'aii a,
null site, Cyanide mill, ( apaciiy 4fi toiifl ions
daily), tramway, assay office, laboratory r.nd
full equipment, of the Torouto   Lillooet  Gold
Iteefa C-ompany Limited, situntain the Lillooet
district of  British  Columbia;   Ini'luding   tho
, Ample, Whale,   Monarch v.m\  Wolland   Valo
: lulnes   which   are Crown  grfinrod   also  Ihe
! North Star, Golden stripe, Ggldon Kagie. ituby
; mid jumbo mineral  einim,   In Ihe earn a   disl
j rlet. logo her with a  t^ustamp mill, machine
: drills and other equipments,   Cash tender!' for
1 tho   whole    property    aro      requested    bul
off tra  for   working options or   Io;- ; orttops
of Hi" property '.ill bocomdderod     Ki nn tho
former group 95') ionsbf ore lia-a  born   milled,
with an nssny   value  nppioxlmaling flO.OU  to
fil.iio   Wagon roatl from Ltailroad to mill. Tho
whole of th. mo .v • will boar looking i  to and
Investigation nud aro an exceptionally Impor-
I tani and valuable iron-, of claim* Willi nil
work!* | uquii iiiout. 1 nil pi i ticuliu n m hv be
had on up] IIont Ion to IS _ . I In mfi thl
Liquidator, lJ, 0. Uo]    li!, Vain ouvi    ll
III u»* liu,
\ lull stock of all   indsof
is now for sale hy
Store ami Repair Shop in Uren lllock.
Call and examine  slock.      No trouble  t.
-liow goods -
General Hardware,
SEM£.m. s!_d 0EEHSECIi8S-
Daily BOrvice to and fr m
t-T.   I'Mil,
nd  uli  poinm   E-bt  ani   W.st.
I _st ateamar ffvloa from Vaiicoiivtr lu
,i \r.\N.
A L \ g K A.
II V\\ AilAX IS!.a: DS.
Pi'p-i nu'i"rc hnnkeil lo and from Old
Cr.u.il i v pr.il) tP.
Full iiitormalion and illuBtrn'ed
pamplilotB will he fufninli.tl on np.
plication lo an y   (.'.!'. il   agent,  or li
I   .i. ROV-E,
A. fl. P .A.,
Vaiicoiivor, ll. C
Paints, Oils  and  Vavnishci
Stoves, Enamelof.1 Iron
and Tinware,
Minora Bleol, I'li-kn, Bliovols, etc.. Wire C«
mill ltus*,L'I Wire Feitein..
Cariboo and Liilooct
Stage Lines.
Head Office-Ashcroft, B.C.
Lillooet, B. C.
M mufartnrcr of all kind of
Sono but ine bost mnlerirl Hed. MItuth or
oroB] ei'torx sending in order* will re. elve
prumpt attoiUlun mid suits-action tiuaianleo
Lillooet. B. C.
Miners Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness *t Saddlery
Furniture, etc..
All orders promptly attendedto.
11. S. DOXAT,   PROP.
Bus in eels nil -Icanicvs.    Teaming by day
or contract,     Ri^s anij hordes for
hire til moderate rates.
200*212 mHET AVE. N.
KISIN-./_POi.lS,      -      RIIRF-ESSTA.
To ai*I'\ani:|.u Mi'DOXAM), DrloHny iicr-
■un iii :iT-nn- iu Whom ho may hnve   tram
i.'i rod \\\r\ inierestfi  in   tho   font   mini
I?niisti "a mini  * ,   laiins sltn :
cici':, 111 t»»c Lilluoel   Mlnln,. l>ivi«io i bi Ml*
looet ilb   I '
You are h ii • '■  :| ■■' I f;. * Hi ii 1 1 hn\'o i
. ,1 :,.   sum ol ?H foi labonrttitd i . [»rnvei*nonts
upon t lie above meii'lonod  ,.■,!■!
ord ■- to liol ;   •" *   "... no: il cl« tafl   nnd      tin
|)r*.vi '■"-■• oi Mifi -i'i'.;' .1  \*t, and   .i '\: '.<..
ii -,.( : y d, ; - (, -.,-. I hi. *., ■ :' • ynu i:i I ur  11 fnci
to i imirlltnte yo  i ■■■■• lunnfsn.rli      i    I    n
together . It.li alloom of ad\« i sing, y n    i
loresls In said elahoa will bouumo Ihn pro) f-r'
df ib" BuhteHber, nnMer BTdlnn  ! of an ■
iMUiilo i ihe Mineral Aid Ainondinent Act, h
Im ed at Lillooet this 21il day oi Bopter,
Clin ton  nn-l  way  rolnts,  Morula.,
-| Widnon.ny ai il Frulny.
All   puima   in   Oiiriloo—(Horpffl*,
1^    ■«! ' Q i----m, 1 Fork*.! Olii culoj Alkuli  L >». ,
- Ll   l)S   or Fall or Spring p_ant.ny.   l)M \i , l(jltyB.
1 "i0 Mile   II<ui!»o m il way pointa—oi
; Fridrty,  ( uXtn. » iv.ee )
Lilluoel,     — Mumtay  lind Fiula;
Seeds, Plants,
^(;•U<'■"•.',■:',: \1. IMPLEMENTS,
ilKI    '■■  I i'i !KC,
l ,:ui r izi i.s.
U. J. Henry,
'^■og, We tminstcr  Rond, \-r.couver, Ii.l .
whits i..\iior. oni v;
S fi lul iionv. Jiu.c.h .'urtiitbid.    Sotn
ior [ul_.i-.
I.illo.j-t. B. Ci
NOTARY   PI l.'l.l'.', C   NV, VANCER
ANI) iV.INI,.(i BR'JK. K,
Mineral Act, 189G.
[Eorn. I'.J
Certificate ol Improvemeiits.
Bt. Joseph   nnrlSl.John Minernl CIbIihb
tliuatu til Hi-I.ltlooul   Mining   Division
of I.llloo-rDUtrii't,   wlicic limiiril:   on
Andiireoii Lake aud both Met u: Me-iil-
mi,'y Ur-ak
Take no lee that !-. I'o'nr Hiirtict,  uciirg *b
...i.i  ror A. St,   Uinrgc Hi_nn .r*li*.,   Freo
in jrl   DtllllCHt: So   n   MSI],   Prue Mine) i
iL'rtitl '.'f N't. IK200, lnten-i sixty daya irom
the ilu;*-- lit'ii'uf, io apply In tho Mining Kvenrd-
■ 'i im ,* in hiic." u> ol Iniprov.maiiia,  lor U>o
iinrpnt*e if obtaining  h   Cionn t.rniit  of d.te
Ami I'uiilmr take notice that action, nnd*t
. ii   ii n7, musl ho uoi iraen; i :   before lhe   I*-
.ii-iii.■(■ ut **irii -erli-pnte of  IniproVen.eii *i.
Datctl  biaeig.'.o-iult nay i*i Ortobur, 1901,
.. M. f. Ko. 18.2.10.
Half-Way Honse,<!fc__
1.11.1 i"i|Vl"--LYTTuk' ROAD.
IIe.iilqu;liers fur all Stages.
"(tVRI.ES McGILLIV^AY,  Propri^ler,


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