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The Prospector Jun 6, 1903

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Vol. 5 No. 46.
Sf.ro ayear.
Sampling Ore*
The average specimen of rock an
.ought in liy I lie prospector to be as-
lived, seldom fairly repiesents the ac.
mil value of the ore found. This fools
oth himself aiul the prospective pur-
liaeer. The main teason for thia is
lint tlie sample is loo small, antl t ven
uis ie often reduced liy the assayer not
limiting down the whole sample, bur*
uartering il in too large pieces. T■>
et a proper sample the miner should
el 50 lbs. or more of ore right across
he vein or ledge; bieak this with a
lamuier into pieces one inch square on
an iiou plate, i|ti«ri_'r aiii* h snivel,
taking Iwooppo.ite qnai'ers an*l "■whirl
these with the hummer aniiiti In one-
half inch, quartering these a id taking
opposite quarters until he has about 5
lbs. lo take to llie aseajcf, who sliMild
reduce this to one-quarter in the
crusher, iinarler and griuil un ilic buck-
ing hoard tn 10 tnesli, quarter and reduce to MO mesh, until one-half is left to
sample for the crucible.— 12x.
A retort leached town last night oi
the discovery of very rich pl.icer ground
in the Iiridge River section. Claims are
now being slaked.
What, baa tt ever done far you but harm?
TRY LIFE AGAIN now without it
THERE IS A WAY now of making
resolutions that keep; that can
not help but keep.
a*, a\   ___
LIQUOR DRINKERS CURED Easily, Safely, Absolutely.
AT HOME.   Wilh no Iosb of Time or Labor.
There is an enl ghtened aid now which takes hold of a man Instantly.
Instead ol* dulling a drinker it gives him almost immediately tiie snap of
new life and p_wer—lets the sunlight of hope into his soul at once and
sets hi» mind into operation with ali ils he.t intelligence — a prompt result of effects on the neives, stimuli and while i ody which are quick
and marvelous. While at this point the cure has only begun, the encouragement is eo great that piobably no medical woik tqualB tbis in
satisfaction to a patient.
With .his help against tie drink habit any n ai who wants to lift fiom
his life the handicap of liquor using can do so wfth immediate re. ulta.
This guaranteed treatment is within reach of all. Convenient term . can
be arranged satisfactory to any one who is at all na o table, though, as
all people undersland.it does not com) are with the wpithles. quack
cures advertised at so much per p.tckage, or "Free", etc. It in a different
matter from all thi.-. to perfect a (our e of thorough, special, personal
treatment that will really do the work and cure forever. It ia a serioui
undertaking and requites a high form of scientific professional work. Ali
the different kinds of cases are li milled under guaranteed results. Oul;
-kill that is developed to the highest can do in. Only professional fe~.
can pay for the time it requires, though they are made moderate . nd convenient for anybody. The methods of practice used in this work has co«t
years of time, vast study and expensive experiments. The originator, IV.
William H. Saunders, had attracted wide notice for his works on Net vou ~
diseases long before perfecting this treatment. And still nothing but cure
and personal attention to cases today makes it possible fo» him to accomplish the absolu'e cures which he guarantees. So the reader will Sethis treatment means thorough scientific, professional attention. Hut it
also means results that are absolutely certain. The splendid first effects
on a man are alone worth the entire cost of treatmeut.
This treatment can be given WITH or WITHOUT the knowledge of
the patient and can he placed in any of his foods or liquids that he utes,
and being colorless and tastelo-., it, does us work so .neully and quickly
that (he drunkard is reclaimed even t gainst his will and wi bout his
knowledge and co-operation. Tl.e wife mated for years to a husband addicted to this curse will wonder if curing her husband hy her ow u efforts
can be true. "Is it possible that there is such a glotiotis opportunity?"
she will ask. And thousands of wives who have put it to the test and rejoice in the reclamation of their spouses who seemed lost to all sense of
self-respect, generosity and manliness will trumpet out to Ihe world,
"Yes, ii is true". Our treatment is pnielv vegetable, contains no narcotics, opiates, poisons or mineials. We ut-e no hypodermic Injec'lOn of gold,
nor any dangerous compound. It can be laken al home without any lo.#
or detention from business. It stimulates the nervous system at once,
increases the appetite, and affords perfect rest at. night. It acts directly
upon ihe stomach, builds up the whole system, eliminates all t rice of liquor from thc body and leaves the patient in the same condition as if liquor
had never been taken.
those who have been deceived by worthies- remedies. If your friend or
husband is lhe worst case iu the community, we are more anxious to cure
him.   Address,
Dr. W.H. 8~unders «, Co.
Dept. IJ. 1180,
Englewood Station,
Chicago, III.
The recent i'fiptd changes in tho
lYovineiul legislature Imve led
l,o Llie long-desired party li ■«■
Tlie-oiiiiiiilieedio.-~.ii from both
Hides of llie Utilise Imve iiu*reed
upon the estimnles, as prepared,
with some additions, and these
weie |Hissed li.v lhe House last
Wednesday, with nut little discussion.
Mr. Mcl.ride expects to announce his Cabinet shortly.
S     LOCAL  NEWS.       S
I'issoluliou <a the Provincial
Parliament is expected today.
Mrs. R.H. I.I.1.I., of Bride river
is spend in"' a few days iu town.
Constable Curlei* left town today for Kamloops with prison, r
Seroy, who will slmid his t'-'ml
for incendiarism am) other charges. 	
The snd news of the accident.d
drowning-of Rev. Mr. Foote, of
Kelownn, reached town this week.
Mr. Foote was IV'esbyteriun pastor at Clinton until quite recent-
A Wonderful Athlete.
Some time ago we expressed aston
ishment at tho performance of Prebendary Webb-Peploe; who in
month's Quiver, is said to
jumped from a si~k-hcd, won
event in the university sports,
then returned to bed, and "remai ed
on l i- bock foe the next twelve
months," A lettir from Uv. Wobb-
l'e| loo assures us that this is in the
main accurate, but an uudci'-stut -
ment. He did it twice, and won the
high jump and diving nnd swimming
in the intoi'Mils of a throe years' reclining—not exactly in lied, but on a
sofa. "Where J went the spinal couch
went," writes Mr. Webb-Poploo. And
to tbe spinal couch came oven the
Cambridge examineis to p«S3 him
through his examinations to his degree. It was a notable triumph of
mind over matte", and we aro glad
to get. confirmation of these extraordinary ex| loits from their doer.—
London Chronicle.
Kipling    » Komi ... I'le.
Rudyard    Kipling,    it appCat'8,    is
fond of apple pie baked on the Amcr- I
ican system.    To gratify his taste a
glass rolling pin s;>e: tally    used    in
tbe manufacture of    these pics    has |
just  been  forwa'ded  to   the  no\olist '
from Wanamaker's.     The glass   i oil- :
ing pin    has    among   other    advantages  the      me it    of   always    being
sweet end dean, and of being hollow
so that, it can be liiled with ice    to
cool the pie crust.    When Mrs.   Kipling,  who  is an  American,     was     in
that country last summer, she great- ,
ly    admired    this    contrivance,    i nl
knowing that her husband ard child- |
ren were fond of American pies,    d_- ,
tided    to    get   them   the    next host !
thing by having h.r pies made   with
an American tolling pin. ~
Making ot   H»u<lm~.le   _uo<l~ Will  Cultivate It in l anailiiuis.
In Canada, abovo all other coun-
ti'i s, we have gr. at, need to ei.cour-
a e individuality, for <.ur system of
public education, howovd. excell mt,
takes but little count of the indiid-
ual, and I'rom a, certain standpoint
we tiro educating on a system which
tends to destroy anything like strong
int i. idunlity. In fact, if you take
th- spi-.it which prevails in our
s.null.i' towns and Ullages you will
lind a positive resentment against
the man or woman who dares to
sti iko out in any line, of bis own. Go
into our larg_ si oris and you will
lind one huge table coveted with tho
snme form of ba>,, reproduced a thousand times. Pass into thc mantle de.
piirlment, and on great tiees hang
coats and jackets of tho exact cut
and mako and color; and all this is
influencing our people and their view
of individuality and ils right, to assert itself in any lino in li'e. With
all our boasted freedom, e*s compared to the past, we fall into tine IL e
mild-eyed sheep'and follow the mass.
In the old days we mijjht ha^e been
led by ''individuals; to-day it is tho
unthinking crowd that takes tic
load. 1 ow . many people think or
care what has been the oil in or
inspca im of any fashion we follow
sj blindly? Suiely thi re is nothing
so deadening, so calculated to still
the l.cvt that is in tho human sou),
as im i erence. IVn t'ic Society for
Arts and Crafts stir up the public to
take an intelligent interest in tlie
thought and il. tne which ere expressed in the handmade art i le, they
will btifig closer to the muss cf purchasers in the Dominion tho problems
whi h face tho men and women who
design and execute the work they
I ropoE- to encourage. Those groat
factories hide s> much from us that
is beautiful and worthy in human
lives end the struggles ot tho workers to beautify their own flves by
contact with beautiful things. Can
wo but encourage work which will
not separate mon and women from
th.ir homes and their children, can
we but rui;c the teste of tho i idler
classes in the Dominion so that tl cy
will take into consideration all that
a good handmade article represents
and he wi liiig to pay for thut idenl
quality of human individuality, as
Well as for the time and labor ox-
I ended on its construction, wo. shall
have much to thank the Society of
Arts and Crafts in Canada for. —
Lally Bernard, in The Glolo.
I'.i-ltis i vine Drinking.
The consumption of claret in Groat
Britain, which grow pretty steadily
after the French commercial treaty
negotiated by Mr. Oobden in 1861,
would seem to have received a check.
The importation of R'till wines from,
France has fallen off by :-07„000 gallons. The sales of Burgundy, Sau-
terne and Chablis have not matei ial-
ly varied, and the tlctkit is entirely
attributable to the comparative neglect of claret. In spite of war in
the first five months of 1902 and
high taxation, there was an increase
in the consumption of champagne of
nearly 20,000 gallons. The decline
of claret has naturally been followed by an increase in the drinking of
port. Thc importation of this Wind
has increased by 33,000 gallons, and
if Dr. Johnson's dictum be true that
claret is the drink for bo5's and
port wino for men, we ought, I suppose, says a London correspondent,
to rejoice at the change. All good
patriots will be glad to learn that
the importation of German wines hasi
fallen off, and thoy will bo equally
delighted to hear that there has boon
a growth in tho consumption of Australian wines of over 2*56,000 gallons.
Hon. Mr. Si nil Inn is to resign
! h is portfolio.
Hush and forest fires surround
M tin Ilea1.
Germany  will not exiend hci;
tariff campaign beyond Canada.
The rapidly-rising- Fniser >■
I >euio closely wai died in the lower country.
Mr. (,'orueliiis Booth, the well-
known liritish (.'olunil.ii.il, is
Mr. Jos. Mill-tin hns resigned
fie leadership of the Provincial
Idlieral I'nrty.
Colonial -.et-retary Chamberlain
is supported hy Premier l.alfoiu-
in Lit preferential trade policy.
Several CaundiaiiH have heen
honored with I he Imperial Service
Order. Among them is Col. Wol-
feiiden, of Victoria.
Later news concerning the
Aim s failure in Toronto is more
reassuring. Senator Cox gives
hopelnl report.
President Roosevelt has invited the English parliamentarians
who will visit Canada shortly, lo
extend their visit to the United
Captain Sir Henry llulse, who
wns press censor during the lute
South Africau war, has been shot)
hi his house at Johannesburg.
It. 1*. Borden, the opposition
leader, has moved a resolution
iu the Ottawa House in favor of
effective protection to the iron
,n.l steel industries iu Canada.
Have you ordered your new
suit? Oiye McCosh a, truth He
will give you satisfaction.
or Indy in em'li county to inaiiHKe Imsincss for
Mi old established house of sol ul tiiiiinci~.Ut~.iid
ing. A straight, bona fide cilllli salary ol $18,00
paid by eliock uath Wodnesday ivilb all oxpen-
s«s dlrcrl Irom headquarters. Money ndviiiu;-
■d for expenses.
Malinger, _40 Caxlon Building, Chicago.
Subset 'ibe for Till. PROSPECTOR TIIK   PKOS-PEO-TO'f. I .IT,LOOET,'i.O„  JUNE 6.   1008.
HV  Tllli  I'ROII -Jl'Olt   1'1'III.ISIIINII   I'oMI'ANY j
THE   PROSPECTOW Is the only paper puh- |
lisli-tl in the I.iiiooet I).strict, und i . till home
_iilj-M'ipllous: One Dollar u venr in inlvi.tn •.. \
AilverlisiiiK ru'.ex mnde kuuivu nn >< p|*l i••>■ I ion. j
('orreKpoiiitciH - is liivileilou all iiiiit'em of i
pilhlle or local interest. All i-.nn in u ti itn linns j
infiKt lie ii. cniiipiiuieil liy Um n.r.nii of lhe
writer, but not necessarily for pu lil lent lou.
mc mm w & wool co
Lillooet to the Front
. Lillooet is proving ilself worlliv
of the coii-idence of ils friends.
There Im vis iilwnys been itnilinlier
of |iei-sons whoso fni.li in the re-
.tilliees'of 1 his tlistrid hns been
unshaken by lenipornry set-l.'ii'tks
nntlj-eeent development-- tend lo
inciense the niinibei- of llie f.iith-
Lillooet is iindoiibtetlly one of
llie most nttractive points on
(he golden Fi'liner for parties interested in placer mining. The
extremely low wnler tliis Spring
enabled pessimists to test the
Fraser gravels and the results of
rocker operations siibslunliated
Ihe repealed claims that fori lines
lie untouched 'ii_.it.li the Fraser's
low-water innrk. It is not in accord with the spirit of the Anglo-
Saxon to allow such wenl th to lie
untouched. Despite olistncles, a
dav will come when some plan lo
win the wealth hidden in lhe river will prove successful. Fortune
will then favor the brave.
In conversation with Mr. Hamilton, whose firm are now building a dredge for thelowa-Ullooet
(iold Company'a property at l.il-
loet, we learn that the plant will
be reudty for work by October 15
and will be the most up-to-dale
dredge in the Province. Mr.
Hamilton will remain iu Lillooet
Ihis summer and personally sup*
erintend the construct ion of the
And the outlook for the Anderson Lake properties was never
more encouraging than at present. The Boston syndicate made
a furl her payment ou this properly last Monday and arranged
for immediate operations at the
mines. We are pleased to health at the Brett l.ros. who were
the original owners of the property, have been appointed to superintend the work this summer.
We believe that under their management results will be satisfactory to all concerned.
The work at the salmon hatchery is progressing. There are 15
men employed at this new industry and ns the season advances
more workers will he needed.
Such evidences of renewed activity in business iu this section
cnnnot be ignored. Lillooet is
destined to win a first place for
business and pleasure among the
towns iu tliis Upper Country.
^l-Nf-CA, ^ _■__]_______■ Wr ^>t-
'._       n     "« *        -EXPORTERS    pi   IQQ
„   ' NORTHERN      I     UnO
^ZOO-212 Rrst^AveMprth. .MINiNJEAPdllS.MINN.
■     '    WRITE   FOR   CIRCULARS
Asthmalene  brings instant  relief ::i:;!  perfnaiiei]
Guro    In   All   Cases.
\V   l!>: VOIIV N \MF. ANI) AI)I)K; ss  im aim.v.
EVERY^     ^sB**.IN*88
'I' li i' r t* i * i> ii I li i n i: I • U .. A
hi n ti* n f . I i li.r i ii ir n i n *. i ji
rt' I i » I , '• \ e ii i ii t h t* m i, _
ii ■ c « . 1: iiir. - iv.*.h nil t Im* |'j
I ho Hoe. C. I'\ \\ KI.I.S, oi \ illn Ki
111., "says;    •' \ dim     lii.ii   I'tilllc   ol    AslhitiA
l.'l'llM'll     i||  ytlllll  ('ll||i'ili<  II. I     C.III.ll'       h'llJ
lion thankful   I   feel IVir ilu.'   e,niit1 tleiivuj l|
il.     I   \\il~   ;i   si.no.   I'li.iini'il   ttilli   I'iiIiiiI
iliiii.il  iimj Astliiun I.■•   it'll years,     I   *li'*,|i;ij
nl' t'vt'i lieinji  int til.    I sutv ynnr nilv. iiis_ij|
lbi    (lie  tint   ol   tliis tlreililfiil   nml    luinii'i"
iliseuse,   Asllnun,   uml   i! mi^hl ynu I ml
■spoken   yourselves,   Iml   resolvi'il    to   iiive,,
trial.    'I'n   my astonishment, the liinl neleiM
a charm,    Semi   ine a  lull-si/.e   Imtlle."
Hev,    l >r.    Morris,   \V_cli_ler
Uillllil   uf llie   ('onjr,    liuiii   Israel.
New   York,  Jan.   j.     1901.
nits. 'I'Aii'i'   linos.'   m 1:1 > 1. 1 \ 10  co..
tienlleiiieii: Vour Asllimtilciie is!
excelleul rcnictly I'nr Asllnna anil Hay |'<.{
anil its cuilipnsilititi alleviates all lltuil,|-» u ll
eoiiiliine willl Asthma, lis success is »sliinisl|
anil  uouilerliil.
The Labor Market
The call for suitable men to
carry on (Janatlian industries is
loud and long. Three months
ago a Provincial Premier was
waited upon liy a representative
delegation of fanners who said
that, at least 3000 men were
needed to help them with their
crop.". The directors of Iron industries in the same province are
asking for 5000 suitable men.
It seems that men are not so
scarce as are workers.
Subscribe for The L'hospkctoh
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be made liy lhe Canada Central
Railway Conipany to the Parliament of Canada at the next session thereof for an Act
giving the said Company power to construct
and operate lhe following lines from or in
connection with the main line of the sail
1- From some poinl at or near
Sudbury ill the I'rovinee of Ontario to a poinl
at or near Scotia Junction; thence southerly
to a point at or near lialsam or Sturgeon
I.aUes i.i lhe townships of Huxley, Ycrulam
or Fenelon, continuing southerly to the Cily
of Toronto.
2- From some point on the
main line in the District of Keewntin or in
District of Sackalchewan, to l'ort Churchill
on Hudson's Hay.
3-- A continuation of its main
line from Tets Juan Cache by way of the
The Thompson ami Fraser River valleys lo
Vancouver, or New Westminster,
4-- From some point on the
Thompson Rivet or some of ils tributaries to
Wadtlingloii Harbor or  llllte Inlet.
,5•■    From a point near  the old
site of Fort Assiuiboia 10 some point  on the
I'eace  River ami  wcsleily lo  the Portland i
Canal on the Pacific. I
6,    From some  point on the main I
line of said Railway at or near the Montreal
River in the Province of Ontario easterly to
some  point on the (.a'.ineau   River in  the
Province of Quebec.
And to exercise with regard to
such lines all the powers antl privileges given to lhe said Company by ils Act of Incorporation.
DATl'l) at Toronto this 10th day of
January, 1903.
Johnson & Falconbridge.
Solicitors for the applicants.
Subscribefor Till. I ..OSPECTOll.
A. 11 . penal ami temporary t tier lo
i'.hiIim. of thi* ;.»H|ier, wt* will mail Tiik
I'-Hi.tc 10 persons who are not, now . nb-
■m'I iiit'is. for ten week, for lell rent. .
This l'rm ic is a sj.2, J6-pa~e weekly Review for ili'iiioeriiiif. Democrats antl democratic Republican*;: i<a opinions are
expie.se.I without fear or favor; it give,
.in interesting antl COIlll-i led werklj
if all l.i.totical news; it. always lias ed-
itoiials worth stuii. ing, a cartoon worth
seeing, :100k notices worth reading, and
miscellaneous matter both valuable and
interesting; tint! ii is liked hy intelligent
women as well as hy intelligent men
Tne etlitor is Louis F. Post. Send ten
cents in silver or stamps for ten week's
trial. All snhsn iplions are paid strictly
in advance, ami upon expiration the
paper is promptly strpped unless subscription is renewed. Mention this paper
Address:       THE PUBLIC,
Unity l-iiildiug, Out'Atio, lu,.
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
'I'unilois nre Invited for Um wlinlu of llie
properly, Inducing Crown Ui'itiiloil claims,
null site, Cyanide mill, (.upiirity la lo M) tons
tliiily), tiiiiiiwiiy, iissny oliice, laboratory nntl
fullci|uipiu~nl, tit llie Toronto I.iiiooet Colli
Huffs Conipany l.liulleil, situate iu llie Ullooet
dl-lriel of liritish I'nluiiiliiir, Including llie
Ample, \\ Im lo, Monarch nml Wulhltld Vale
mines wliieli are Crown g hi III oil, also Iliu
Nortli Star, Oolilun stripe, tloliluu Ung'.e. Itiiliy
ami jumbo mineral claim, in the same dlst*
I'll',., lopellier with a leu slump mill, ninthiin.*
tl rl I is ami oilier o<]ili |tmt~llts. Cash lender, for
llie whole properly are requested hilt
offll'S for winking options or tor portion-
of llie property will be nouslilered Kroin Hit
former group 1150 lonsof ore lias hoell mil led,
Willi nil nssny value nppioxiimiting flil.nu lo
Jlt.iin Wagon rond from llnilroiid to mill. Tlie
whole of the above will hear looking into and
Investigation ami are au exceptionally Important, and ynluahlo group of Chilian wilh lull
working equipment, thill piii'tleillai's mav lie
luiil on iipplienlion 10 ICdgar llloomlluttl
l.iquitlator, I'. 0. Ilox 71:1, Vancouver II t).
Alter  having   il  carefully   atuily/.etl,   we  can slate  ihi!     A .linn dene    contij
no  opium, morphine,  chlortiloiiii or ether. Vc.ry.tiitly )our.s,
I.MV.   DK.   MDKUls   \\i:c| ISI.KK. ,
Avon  Sl'ltlNus,   N.   V.   I_h. 1, 1901.
Dit. Tact linos.  Mkdicink ('0.
(i.enlleiuen: wri'.c  lliis lesliinouial   from   a   sense  di' duty,   having  tested
womleilul ell'ectof your Asthmalene, lor ih; cure of Asthma. My wife has b!
afl'dcled wilh spasmodic asllnna lor tin; past 12 years. Having exhausted my tl
.-kill as well as ihat ol many others, I chanced to see your m^h upon y„tu' «|
bows on I^O street, New Volk. I at once obtained 11 bottle of asilnnalene. My J
commenced taking ii about the lost of November. I very s,„,n noticed a imlJ
improvement. Afler Using one bollle her nslliiiin had .lisapptmml ami she is .ntiij
free from all symptoms. I feel lhat I can consistently recommend Ihe medic]
*''    ''h     "ho   aie   afflicted    with    this    distressing    disease.     Voius     IC-pccllully,
O. I).   I'lll'.l.l'S,   M.J
Da.   TAI'I'   Itkos.   Mi:tiit:iM'; Ct), |ie|,, t. iqot.
(ienlli'iuen: I was Iriiidiled with Astlitna or 21 years. I have tried numenl
remedies, bul they havt: ••.II failed, I ran across your advertisement nntl stalled wl
a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I hue since purchased your full sized hottl
antl I am e.er guileful. I have a family of fur children, and for six year.-, \\
unable lo work. I am now in ihe |,e»_ of health and am doing business c\\
day.    This   testimony you can  make such use of  as you see lit,
Home address, 2J5,   Uiviuglon street. S.    Raphael,    •
67-Knsl   I29II1   si.,    i\ett    Volk   Cily.
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postaj
Do   nol  delay.    YVrile  at   .nice,   addressing  DR.    I'M''I-   UKOS'  M I.DICI \ V. CI
79 Knst   i.^oth  Si.,    N.   ^'. Cily. /  '""
Sold by all Drutavists.
Q-_E3Isr_E3_E6-A__E_i     _]_vd:Ii]__f^,C~E^_A__ISr,
Miners Supplies.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1,00 per annum.
Branch Store at Bridge Uiver where t|
full stock of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B..
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are the only reliable repeaters. $j
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
calibers, weights and styles; and are plain,
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose,  every  pocketbook,  and  every  taste.
made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
pn rp Send name and address on a Postal
■  ntt     forour III.-page Illustrated Catling.
firs. Silvester D<\iii Leveen Wits polish-
her brass knocker. Her Inn)., thin
litis rubbed anil rvbbed till the little
lite curls on hor forehead duiurd like
"bet children. Yet, the labor hail no per-
Itlble effect. The metal shone like
|ht, but so it   ditl   when    she began to
an it. It had shune like I hat yesterday
ll the day before, and, indeed, every
t for 60 years.    There   was   a smooth
Me till around the   knocker where   her
Jlcate hands had worn into   the   hard,
|ick wood of the door. Nevertheless the
lady rubbed   away   just   as  she had
io every morning since tho   spring   of
181), when she   was   brought,   a   bride,
Tto the house.    She   was   the   pride   of
(.eenwieh village then, and   she   meant
I be still.
LOn this particular frosty morning Mrs.
Tveen tarried longer  than  usual at her
Isk. Alter the lion's head was   satlsfao
I. ly even to her sharp eyes,   she worked
li.    But it was evid.nt   in   the   glances
Tie shot across Bank   street   that her attention was not given wholly to the work
If her hands.    Neither was it diverted to
Iter customary   inspection   of the neigh-
lor's knockers. Theirs glistened like her?,
Ind, besides,   every   time   she looked up
ler eyes turned to but  one   door, that of
pie house   In   front   of which stood two
turdy horses and a truck.
Pretty soou the door opened and a
loung man in a carter's blouse came out.
Ke saw tiie old lady across the street,
■hough he pretended not to. He busied
TUinself ostentatiously about the horses'
heads for a moment and then turned
luck to the truck. Mrs. Loveen had seen
phn. She bent herself earnestly to the
jnocker and in a few Strokes finished it
fcff. Then she faced towards the street
Ind filed the truckman with her eyes till
^e hud to look up
'Goad morning, Aunt Martha," he
[laid, its he doffed his cap.
"Good morning, Percy," she answered
jjleasantly, ns ho approached her, cap in
'land. "Come in a moment. I wish to
(.peak with you."
The interview he had dreaded for
Iweeks was upou him now. He knew from
the first it was inevitable, but day after
|lay he had nut it off, omitting his usual
.tils on his aunt, and avoiding her sight
land summons. Now that she had caught
■him he was glad. As ho followed the old
|lady iuto her prim, comfortable sitting-
room he made a pitiful figure of hutnil-
lity, but in the meekness of his soul there
|w.is the cheerfulness of finality.
'Sit down, Percy," she said, in the
[sweet-toned voice ho loved.
He took the chair   she   indicated,   antl
| she seated herself in her old rocker.
'Percy, dear," she began, "is this true
I that I hear; you mean to marry this
'Yes, Aunt Martha. I was going to
tell you, but knowing as you were agin
it—knowing that you would not like to
have mo do so—I was afraid to come to
you about it."
He stuck his cap between his knees.
"1 am sorry. Percy, you felt that way.
It 's my intention always to be kind and
(Sympathetic. You should have been unite
sure I would have heard your story
through with understanding. Now, tell
me everything. She Is the daughter, I
am told, of a German in Hudson strePt."
'' That's right, aunt. Her father 1 as
the biggest corner grocery over there, and
he has made his pile—I menu has made
money since he's been there."
"How long has he been here."
"Going on 25 years. He's almost nn
old Ninth-warder now. He's some In
politics, and his family is right in it."
"Percy! I never knew them."
"I know, but you wouldn't;. It ain't
my fault. I wanted to have them all
over to mother's so as you could be introduced to them."
The old lady looked as though she
would answer this, but she ditl not. She
was silent for a moment before she proceeded.
"So her father is a grocer?"
"Yes; liko Mr. Jamison, who you like
well enough."
"Mr. Jamison is a gentleman, my
dear. The misfortunes of his family can
never alter that. The Jamisons are of the
oldest Greenwich families on both sides.
He is a grocer by necessity. This person
of whom we are speaking is one by
"Well, Aunt Martha, it's as good as
being a truckman, and better."
Mrs. Leveen winced.
"You might have been a judge, like
your father, or a senator, like your
grandfather. I wanted you to enter political life."
"Politics is pretty low down these
days," Percy remarked. "It ain't what
it was. Besides, I tried to get an office
from Mike McNamara, but he said. I
wouldn't do in uny where the pay was
as much as the trucking pays. And I
guess that's about so."
The last sentence was cheerfully
spoken. Mrs. Leveen looked at her nephew's rudy cheeks and sighed.
"I do wish, Percy," she said, gently,
"that you could have found somo one in
Greenwich. That part of Hudson street
where these people live is way beyond the
outskirts of the old village, out where the
hog fields were till the immigrants began
to settle around us."
"But what's the difference, Aunt
Martha? It's all one now. There ain't no
Greenwich nny more. It's all just New
York city, so whut'n the uso of pretending*-"
Tho impatience in the young man's
tone amazed this aunt almost as much as
the sentiment he uttered. Never before
had he failed to show hfrr-"--'   n~ ""
 7r_T.T---pecii.-un the"
contrary, the humbleness of his demeanor
had been a grievance to her; it did not
become, oue of her blood to manliest the
same awe before her that an ordinary
Ninth-warder did.
The old lady straightened in her chair,
the lines about her mouth stiffened and
her eyes glistened like her knocker as
she answered:—
"Percy Dean! You forget to whom you
are speaking. You forget yourself, sir,
aud your good breeding is evidently
suffering from the associations you permit yourself."
Percy was frightened. The last time
he had been rebuked in this temper by
his aunt was when he was a boy. He
meant no offense.
"I beg your pardon, Aunt Martha,"
he murmured.
Mrs. Leveen took her knitting from
the table and worked busily at it till she
was quite calm. She looked up after
every few thrusts of her needle, indignantly at first, then coldly, and finally
the habitual expression of kindness returned to her faoe.
"I da-re say you are in a hurry to go to
town, Percy, and   I shall not detain you
inuoh ion ror.    Yu   may   tell   me something about t vis young—this   girl.   How
old is she?"
"She is goitie on 19, Aunt Martha."
"Is she   cultivated,   educated?   Come,
Percy, tell me all ahout her."
"She went through the grammir
school, I think, hut she hnd to wor.-:
after that? So she can t play the piano
cr sing, but she is a nice girl **ihi can
tend the house and cook, no.v that her
mother is t/ad."
"That's right; she ought to   be able to
manage her husband's ho..se oi*;. But tell
me more about her.    I.   ner   voice srft,
I are her man:.ers   geutl', is   she mtdest?
I Describe  her   to   me,   my   dear, is she
| pretty?"
P. rcy was oneourrged by the '.e:s words
| of approval he had wen.
j     "Aunt, she's a be.tu ', that's—*'
|     "What do ypu sty, a wha ? '
"I mean slip's a beauty. S.icvsgit blue
j eyes and blond hair and   ihe nicest, big-
j ge. t, reddest cheeks,   She ain't what you
i would call qubt; s ie s more   l.vely-like.
; You ought to hear' it *r laugh when we're
! down on the docks   nights   with the rest
! of the crowd. I'll Im   you could hear her
I across the river in Hobo ken.    And jolly?
If she gets a mug as is too fresh she can
1 jolly him -long to beat   tbe   band.    But
she's on the   level,    too.    She   tioes   tie
square thing by her old man ev ivy   cli .
; The housework   has   to   be   tlo na befor >
I she's In for the game. And she slaves for
her little sifters and brothers—just slaves
for them, and yet she does it as   willin ..
But then she's good to everybody j always
ready to help out with work whan neighbors are behind or sick or have company,
and she sticks up for horses and cats and
all like that.    You wouldn't   believe she,
was that way, though,   to   see   her   at a
ball or dancing on excursion boats up tl.e
river.    She's a   good looker  an I a  good
dresser, and when she's out in  full rig—
well, say, she's a sight. Theoth.r fellows
don't   do nothing when we're o.it—"
Percy stopped short. Mrs. Levaen had
rissn suddenly, and she stood erect before
him, tall and white and proud.
"Why. Aunt Martha!" he exclaimed.
"That's enough, Percy. Thank you. I
see I have been wrong, all wrong;, in this
matter from the first. You sh^Il have
your own way.for it is right. I consent."
"Oh, Aunt Martha!" he cried, springing up and seizing her hand to kiss. "I
am so glad. But I knew you w mid after
hearing about her. And say, aunt, you
ought to see her once. You coui ln't help
but like her and admire her. Everybody
in the ward does. Why, tlo you know
what they call her the men down at tho
Grapevine? The way you loolcfd then
made mo think of it. They call her the
Pride of Greenwich Village."—N. Y.
Talking; About Camilla.
"When I first came to the Senale,"
said Senator Cullom to those lunch-
; ing at the same table in thc Senate
I restaurant the other day,     "1     had
| great  ideas about  a greater   United
I States.      My     eyes wero not turned
I southward, where everybody seyns to
be looking nowadays, but northward;
| I was lust as sure as sure  that  before
this timo we should huvo gobbled up
Canada.  I did not think that wo wero
going up there, and make a conquest
of the country,  but  I could  not set-
any chance of its getting away from
us.     Whv,   when  I was elo't.ed      the
second timo, and went out to Illinois
to mnke my bow to the Legislature,
my little ~>;:ec.h was flllod with   the
annexation of Canada.      Since that
time.  I have     watched Canada slip-
pi ig farther and farther away   from
us, until  now it takes a brave man
even to suggest that Home day   tho
Stars and Stripes may float beyond
our northern  boundary.    I have often wondeml if any of the members
of that   Legislature   remember     my
speech.    If they do, they must think
that I am a mighty bud prophet."
",Yes," s.id Senator Burrows, who
hnd listened as befitted a man so
much Air. Cullom's junior, "you
could not, pry Canada away from
Great, Britain now with a jimmy."—
Chicago News.
or I«tiy in ench county to immune llUSl 110-8 tor
in nhi established house of solid liniin. inUlanil
iiiR. A straight, buna title cash salary til $18,00
paid by check each Wciliiesilny with nil ex^eii-
.es direct from lieailquarlers. Money ntlvniic"
ett for expenses.
Manager, 310 Caxton BuiMIng, Chicago.
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.    -^^}
As far back as the year 1658, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
ar, near the town  of Lillooet.   The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
the present time,
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying succes.., and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooi_t.
2. Its Promising; Mineral Lands.-^
andkuson lake and lUt.DGE imvei. mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of territory that remain  un prospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds.^—
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman s
Paradise is here. Mountain sheep, hear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a, luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Glimate.<"^
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at tbe present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Railway towns are ashckoft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
"Prospector" Club Offers,
Manitoba Free Press and Prospector for $1.50
Ih- Manitoba Free Press with its weekly Supplement gives 28 pag,
res of reading matter every week. In  addition to this, 22  admirably
» liming reproductions will he given.    For $1.50 we will have th
une year,
e Free Press, lhe 22 paintings ami   The Prospector sent to you f 0
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
PUR-TV' and "ALOXF." which are to be presented with the Family Herald arc 22 x 28 inches
The two beautiful pictures
size, and nre suitable for framing.
7K A<
The Weekly Witness price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern Messenger 30,
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
I 75
Special. We were successful in our last club offer, and will now make a
special  rate.    We  will send you  all the above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, world wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.oo. THE   PI-OSiM-ScTO!., I-II-LOOET, KG.,   JUNE fi,   1903.
<|     LOCAL   NEWS.       8
Harry Brett was down from
Bridge Uiver this week.
T. Cole. I'avilion, spent a few
days iu town this week.
Moses Foster, of the 15-Mile
House was in town last Wed lies-
C. Shepherd was down from then
North Fork placers thit1 week.
Mrs. Curry and granddaughter
from Vancouver are visitors of
Mr. Bryson at The Grange-
l)r. Reynolds, of the Vancouver
Ledger, was iu town lust Monday.
F. Richardson, representing the
Ames Holden Shoe Company,
was in town last Monday.
Mrs. Harthorne and her brother left town last Wednesday to
join Mr. Harthorne nt the Coast.
0. Abercrombie, who has been
spending the winter at oul side
points, returned to I.iiiooet last
Monday for a, brief visit.
T. and A. Brett arrived from
the Coast last Monday and left
town on Wednesday for the Anderson Lake mines.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant Soap
Powder is a boon to any home. It disinfects and cleans at the same time.
Messrs Lung-worthy and Biek-
fortl, of Victoria, left town for au
extended hunting trip up iu Ihe
head wul ers of the Cayoosh ('reek.
Crank Gott is acting as j>uide.
The representative of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company is
in town and the road leading to
the proposed dredge site is being
laid out.
Mrs. Cumming Senr. left ou the
B.X. stage last Tuesday for I'a-
viliou Mills, where she will join
Mrs. Robt. Cumming in a. visit
to the Coast.
Mr. vV.W. Brown had the misfortune, last Monday, of being
injured by his horse, whicli stumbled and rolled over him, while
on the Nortli Fork trail. Mr.
Brown, fortunately, is not injured
The authorities have commenced a. much needed street cleaning on the side street between the
Telegraph oliice and the Methodist Church.
Inspector Gordon is expected
at Pavilion Mountain school today and will conduct examinations for those pupils who are
seeking entrance into the High
School. Mr. Gordon will be in
Lillooet next, Thursday.
Unless the soap you
use has this brand you
are not getting the best
A~k lor Ibe Octagon Bar '45
is a very troublesome complaint
to he bothered with. Some people go around ihe entire year
complaining about "This cold in
my buck." Ollieis do the sensible thing, get one of our rheu-
niiilic plasters which relieves
them of their trouble,
Mailed anywhere for 25 cents.
+        .1
CUTILAV15   cures   all   roughness
of the skin, chilblains, eczema, etc.
Send for a free sample bottle.
NKV  VVI.STMINSTI.lt, It.   ..'.
(joii-i'al Hardware,
1'iel.s and Shovels,
Axes, Hoes Si Bakes,
1-ur Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils, Paints, Sic.
Paul Santini,
Jill ll)S ior Fall or Spring planting
Seeds, Plants,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3_u9,  Westminster  Koad,  Vancouver, If.G.
(jl.NI-l..\l.   . I ...£(. lU'NT, I-I'-.I.-OOI.?, I.. <\
eariies a   full stock of all  hinds of tiroceries.   i hv (looll
Hoots and Shoes, llarthvnro <.v.c
The edition of 3,500 of Bulletin No. 7.
on tbe Mining Resources of British Oo'-
uinbia, issued by the 1'rovhiCial Bureau
of Information about hx weeks ago, is
cxiiaiistcd, ami the d.maml for copies
is bo great tbat the government bas decided to print a tecum! edition of 5,000
Have you ordered your new
suit? -jive McL'osli a, tr-a.1. He
will give you satisfaction.
A new and thoroughly equipped
private hospi al specially adapted
i'or Surgical and Electrical Treatment, with super'.*•* accomodation for Lying-i.) Cases. Only
trained nurses employed
Tbe McMillan Fur & Wool Co. have
placed their ciretl ar of May 5lb 011 liie
nl our oflice for reference. Tbis hou.e
was eMablislied a quarter of a century
ago, and on account of tbeir extensive
bu. ine.'B, tbey are in a position to pay
nigh prices. Shippers find their dealings with tbem \vry satisfactory.
Drugs and rtedicines,
Spectacles and Toilet Requisites,
HHh;n_ Tackle etc. etc.
.Maj!   Orders    Promptly   Filled.
.  +
'OTICE is hereby given that at lhe
next Licensing Court holden at Lillooet, ll C. 1 intend to apply in ray name
for a transfer of the License of the Pioneer
Thomas Pearson Keel,
Lillooet,    May 27. 190^.
Vi ITICK is hereby given thnt tho under-
•''signed have applied to the hoard uf
License Commissioners for lhe West Lillooel
District Or renewal of their hotel licenses,
under the provisions of lhe "Liquor License
Act, 1900" and lhat (lie said applications
will be considered hy the Hoard at the Court
Mouse, Lillooet, II. C, at lhe hour of eleven
o'clock in lhe forenoon ol the 15th day of
June, 19,13.
Mark U, F~.gle.on, of the Victoria Hotel,
Lillooet, B.C., for the renewal of his hotel
liquor license.
Duncan Fraser and John Miller, of the
Fxcolsior Hotel, Lillooet, for the renewal of
their hotel liquor license.
Thoma* P. Reed, of lhe Pioneer Hotel,
Lillooet, II.C , lor the transfer of the hotel
liquor license now standing in the name of
William  F. Allen, deceased.
Arthur S. Carter,
Chief License Inspector,
West Lillooet District.
Lillooel, May 27, 1903.
News from all Hie world—Well-wi itten
original  stone-—Answers loqneih-e—
Artii-les  on   Health,   llie Home,   New
Hook., wild 011  Work   about the Fa-111
Is a member of the Associated Press
the only Western Newspaper receiving the entire telegn phic news t-er-
vice of the New Ymk Sun, and special cable of the New York World—
Daily reports of over 2,000 special
correspondents throughout the country.
Subscribe tor The WEEKLY
INTER-OCEAN (One Dollar)
RDTH FOR $1.25.
50  YEARS'
Subscribe for The Prospector
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending n. ketch and description ma.
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly conlldentlnl. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest aeency for securing patents.
l'litenu taken through M111111 & Co. receive
ipecial notice, without charge, In the
Scientific Jftiericam
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Lnrgest clr-
I'lilntloii of any si'lentlflo Journal. Terms, |3 a
year; four months, tl. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN&Co.36'0-^ New York
Branch Office, 025 I. St. Washington, D. C.
Head our special
offer on the
third page.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
•Soap Powder is hetter than other powders,
as it is both soap and disinfectant.     24
or lady in eaeli county to manlike business for
un old established house of solid financial stand
Itlg,   A straight, bona fide oasll salary ol $18,00
paid byolieckeac.li Wednesday with nil expenses direct from headquarters. Money iidvuiic-
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Malinger, 310 CaxtOll Building, Chicago.
^^-*s~> H. C. PARKER, - Ullooet, B.C. ^<________
Having purchased the stock
R.J. Atkins, we are now addinj
to it and prepared to fill all order*
Repair Shop in connection witli Stun.,..where your t-ve|
want will be supplied.  A complete iMurabingOiitfi ton haul
MAKE YOUR own REPAIRS.   Knasiki.i.ku   Knobs, For Coffee mul Ten ro|
nnd Otli.r Cooking Utensils,   Price» centsesch, while Ihuylnst.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
(Jlinton Si Way Points: Mondays, Wednesilayi. and l^ridaxj
All points in Cariboo:      -   -    HVIonihrys.
150 Mile Mouse : Mondays Si. Kridays (semi-weekly servictj
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
H  Special conveyances t'urifished. ' ScMid1 for   folders    _
The new si;ij>e line leaves Lytton every Monday ui|
Friday for Lillooet, returning next day. Special trif
made.    Write us for information.
Peter liehagliati St. Co., Lytton   I.. CV
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR]
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McCOSH, Men-hunt Tailor, Aslicrofl, 11. C
Vancouver, B.C.
V:stahlished, 1890.
Assay work of all ilescripiions undertaken. Tests ninile up lo 2000 His. A specialH
made of.cliecking smeller pulps. Samples from llie Interior liy Mail or Kxpr.„l
promptly altt-nded to.    C o r r e s po n d e n c e    solicit e d .
Blacksmith Supplies
Wc carry the largest and best stock in B.C.
including: Bar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
.Sole Agents For VALENTIN K'S llij.li Crude CAKKIACJE VARNISH.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
II iiiiiiiliiiiiliiiii
Page Metal Ornamental Fence f
Handsome dumblo and low-priced. Specially gut able for front
; umldi vision fences in town lots. comot43rles,orcli~*l'(lH,etc, 1 totalis
for 25 CENTS PER RU .MNG FOOT. ~ti.tabou.
tlic cheapest fence you can put up. Write for full particulars.
Use 1'ftH- Farm Fence und Poultry Netting.
Tbe Page Wire Ft nee Co., Limited, WnUerville, Ontario.
Montroil, P.Q., and Bt. John. N.B. !
E. G. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1.00 per annum.


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