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The Prospector Feb 3, 1899

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/C^^^cA^ ^U^^du^L^
LVol. i. No. 30
$2.00 a year.
I   At the Ida May work is still  going on
In good shape and the lower tunnel ie
ow in about 90 feet.     They have en-
ountered a small ledge, which is prob-
bl} a branch of the main ledge in the
pper   tunnel.     They are   now   pretty
/'oee on the main led>e and expect  to
,-rike it very shortly.     Sinking on the
jjdge still continues.    Eight men are at
resent employed at the mine.
At the Blackbird near the Ida May,
wm. Young has started to work with
Jfoe intention of running a tunnel.
0. A. Harthorne, who runs the laoard
lg house at the Bend'Or Mines is in first
mill, and  will shortly have  a gang of
millwrights to assist him in completing
the work.   Everything is now in readi
ness for the mill.
ass condition and feeds the people who
[vop at his place on the best in the land.
' Dan Hamilton, Dan McLeod and Jake
.'atlerson are working steadily on   the
buth Fork and report taking out from
wvlf to an ounce per day of coarse gold.
A few of the boys are boiling down
hooshum " root, an herb used hy the
\dians for all ails. Considering things
;iere has not been very much sickness
"oing around. ■__
Arthur Noel and W. F. Gibson met at
"Vauehton   last   Tuest'ay   evening, and
hen these two meet on trails the boys
lay depend on   some  good   enter tain-
lenti   A smoking concert was held at
§. Dunlops place and a fine time enjoyed
v all.   The star song of the evening was
| Chilcoten song by Hunter Jack, who
id justice to it in the Indian language.
gravelera always get first class care while I dition before leaving their works.    Tlie
Bend'Or Mines Machinery.
Word received from Ashcroft states
that the stamp mill for the Bend'Or
Mines Ltd., arrived there the first of
the week. The machinery in all weighs
about twenty-five tons and will be
brought in at once. The first load expecting to arrive in    Lillooet    today.
Arthur Noel has the contract for taking the machinery to mines   from   Lillooet and will commence at once to move
the machinery along to its destination.
As   reported some time ago that Daa
Cameron had the contract for taking it
from the Mission is not correct, as Mr.
Noel will take the machinery along himself.    It   will  be   taken  over  Mission
mountain on horses to Jacks Landing
and from there will  be taken up   the
river on the ice.   The ice on the river at
present is  in first-class condition   and
little trouble is anticipated in getttng
the mill to its destination.      The   machinery  was expected to have arrived
sooner but was delayed on account of
oeing a special order,   as   the   heaviest
piece was not to weigh over 350 pounds.
The well known firm of Wm. Hamilton
Manufacturing company had the contract
of supplying the machinery, and seen   to
it that everything was iu first class con
Special to The Prospector.
Victoria, B. C. Feb. 3rd.—The bye-
elections for the provincial legislature
held yesterday, were the most exciting
ever held in the city. The opposition
party are very jubilant over theit success
of electing their three candi lates. Below are the final returns:
Opposition. Government.
Turner  1,509   Gregory  1,319
Hall  1,451   Patterson  1,2;"6
McPhillips  1,434   Stewart  1,216
The Golden Cache Mining company
has received no offer for its debentures.
The annual meeting of the company
was adjourned for a week until Thursday
afternoon until the bids which were expected tad been opened. At the meeting last Thursday, last year's board of
directors was re-elected.    The secretary
Mming company, limited, R. H Vtrei"
and N. Wilkinson, of Brantford. Om.,
regarding the crown grant r r the mill
si:e, n -w in thu company's possession,
ihe company be ng $1,291.47.
Third—An s ction by Dr. J. T. Carrol,
ex- r Htee. Tins suit w s brought by
Dr, J. T. Carroll for service rendered : s
trustee and is still pending. Yonr directors by the advice of their solicitor?,
have paid $100 into the court with the
The e suits have been and continue to
be very detrimental to the company's
interest", and no doubt have been a
principal factor in preventing the sale
of the deb ntures.
Your directors wish to place the position of the; company plainly before you;
that unless the present suit is withdrawn we evidently cannot dispose of
these debentures, the company's property will be held to pay the company's
debts, and the stock of the shareholders
will be appointed later on.   The directors
elected W. Skene to act as president and   will be practically  worthless,   your  di
rt Tyauchton.
Bend'Or Mines.
.Arthur Noel returned to town Thurs-
juy afternoon after ten days absence up
ridge Kiver where he had heen looking
tier   the    interests    of    the    Bend'-
\r Mines.     He reports everything  as
hrv favorable  at   the   property.     Six
i*?n are at present working in the mine,
Ld the staff will be increased   shortly,
orking day and  night shifts.     No.   1
Imnel is now in about  500   feet,   and
fork on another tunnel  82  feet  below
11 be commenced shortly.   The tunnel
j'oposed will give   the  company   con-
[Jerable stoping ground as a shaft will
T; sunk fiom the upper tunnel  to  collect it and from which the ore will  be
ken out.    Where No. 2 tunnel will be
in the indications are good and ore will
continually taken out.   At the mouth
No. 2 a large ore bin will be  built for
t store the ore, the bin at No. 1  tunnel
| present is pretty Well   filled.     From
b. 2. f,:»nel a double track   tramway
' II be built to run to the milk site a
stance of about 500 feet, with   a good
work of moving the machinery will employ a number of men and, will t,end to
make things a little more lively along
the trail and Lillooet. We hope shortly
to give a full description of the mill
which will no doubt be of interests to
the people of Liliooet.
To Work the Lome.
As will be seen in another column is
an ad calling for tendeis for the sinking
of an incline shaft on the Lome group
of claims by Ohas. F. Law. Mr. Law
recently secured a bond on this group of
claims and intends to open up the property in first class shape. The tenders
wanted is for an incline shaft on the
Lome vein. The shaft is to be double
compartment, four by six feet, lagged
and timbered. The work to be completed inside of three months. Mr. Law
will be in Lillooet on Mondays stage and
see to further arrangements. This is
a good chance for some of the miners who
are wintering in the district to get in
and make a bid for the work. Mr. Law
represents a good strong syndicate and
J. J. Banfield as  vice-president,  while
W. T. Stein was made auditor.
The Directors Report,    •
On tij|half of the directors W. Skene,
preeident, and A. Grant, secretary, submitted the following report, which was
The business of the company since
the last annual meeting has been so
fully placed before you by vice-president William Skene at the extraordinary meeting of shareholders on November 16 and 23 and December 7 last,
that vorv little remains for your directors
to lay before you on this occasion.
Duiing the year 28 directors' meetings and three extraordinary general
meetings of the shareholders have been
The resignations of J. M. Mackinnon
as president and director, and   WillLin
rectors being powerless to protect your
On September 18th, Superintendent
Rives telegraphed: "All my gold amalgam was stolen during the night from
the mill safe at the mine," The provincial police have done all in their
power to track the robbery but so far
without success.
The last run gave 146.67 ounces refined
go'd, valued at $2,613.67, in addition to
the 398 1-2 ounces of gold amalgam
stolen, estimated by Mr. Rives at $1,433.-
The funds obtained from the sale of
the 100,000 (treasury) shares provided
by the Golden Eagle syndicate to buy
the necessa.y plant for opening the
mine and paying the preliminary ex-
pences are exhausted, and operations
had to be suspended on September 30th,
there being no pay ore  in   sight   upon
Munsie, as director,  were accepted  on j wh}ch to operate the mill
November 28, and John J. Banfield and
6. Douglas were elected to fill the vacancies on the board.
On December 8th last Vice-President
William Skene was elected president
and John J. Banfield vice-president.
The balance  sheet  now   submitted
your directors regret to say is  of  the
most disappointing character,  showing
a very heavy Joss to the shareholders.
Three vexatious lawsuits were forced
upon the company.
First—By Dr J. T. Carroll, who, in
October. 1897, refused to comply with
the resolution of the company, dated
July 23rd 1896, and forthwith appealed
to the courts to define his duties ae
trustee. The supreme court decided
in favor of the company and ordered
him to comply with the terms of said
resolution, and on his  refusal   to  obey
whatever he undertakes is always done
Me.   The dam is completed and is  a j up jn business shape.   The Lome group
fbd piece of work.    The flume is  built j 0f claims are considered one of the best
■host to the mill site and the necessary j properties in the  Bridge River district jtne order of the court the company  was
(Liber is on the ground ready to finish j an(j wju ma_e a great mino. | at liberty to move in a summary way for
R,  H. wood  who has had charge of j j his removal as trustee.
I*, work of putting in the dam  and ar
Till funds are obtained  nothing more
can be done in the way of development.
To provide fundi for further development your directors, agreeable to the
resolutions adopted at the extraordinary j i
general meeting of shareholders, held on -
December 7th, prepared 1,500debentures
oi the per value of $10 each, bearing 6
per cent, interest, secured by a mortgage over all the property of the company. They also iesued and mailed a
circulardatul December 15th, to all the
shareholders, inviting applications for
the purchase of these debentures, but
regret that up to this date no response
lias been received.
All the plant  and   machinery   is   in
good condition, and the best of its kind.
W. Steele who was employed at the
Golden Cadie mine last summer, can
not be found.     His relatives in Calil'or-
pgingfor the mill site haB all theiarge j    Wednesday, February 2, was Ground- j 15.
hber sready for the foundation for the   ho^ day.
nia have written to J. D. Ferguson at
This action of j Lillooet, asking him for information con-
Trustee Carroll cost the company $2,253.- j cerning Steele.     He left last September
Second—Suit with the Mineral Point
for Montana and nothing has been heard
Published every Friday.
Payable in advance.
The completion of the Lillooet-Lytton
wagon road should be done as soon as
possible. The amount necessary to finish the few miles at the slide, and even
up the numerous curves, from one end
to the other, is about $5,000. This road
will be a great advantage both to Lillooet-
Lytton and the surrounding districts.
The government having spent $20,000
already, it would be as well to finish the
road at once and get action on their
money. The estimates will be brought
down shortly and the amount necessary
will most likely appear on the list.
A slight row occurred in the lobby of
the parliament building at Victoria last
week, between Hon. Jos. ^Martin, attorney general and Price Ellison, member
for East Yale. Ellison had made some
very uncalled for remarks about the attorney-general, who on meeting him
promptly called him down. The language used by both men would not make
them eligible for Sunday school teachers.
A customs office should be opened at Lillooet. At various places in outlying districts the postmaster is usually assigned
to du.es of thiB kind. There are quite a
number of customs packages for Lillooet
and it would save considerable trouble
and expense if an office was opened
here. This matter should have been
nut before our member when he visited
this section.
Several tenders have been forwarded
to the post office department for the
carrying of the mail to Cadwallader.
Tenders are receivabie until February
10th, and the contract will take effect
March 1st. The service at present will
be once a month, and it is quite likely
that better arrangements will be made
during the coming season.
The Toronto Telgnam is not far astray
when it says: "Any DominionGovernment which tries to please the United
States by interfering with British Columbia's mining affairs will meet much
the same fate as the government which
tried to please the Quebec hierarchy by
interfering with Manitoba's elucational
affairs. *
At the Church of England Synod held
at Montreal a couple weeks ago Major
Bond asserted th_t of $he alleged 90,000
majority recorded against prohibition
\h Quebec province, tit least 50,000 w6re
fraudulent votes. T|>4#, he said, would
be brought before parliament at the
proper time.
It remains for the Chicago Record to
pay Rudyard Kipling the most delicate
compliment he has yet received. The
Record suggests that Great Britain prove
its loyal devotion to the United States
by lending Rudyard Kipling to the
nation for a while to write a decent
poem about George Dewey.
Hon. Fred Hume, Minister of Mines,
resigned last Tuesday having ascertained
that he was guilty of a breach of the Independence Act, owing to the fact that a
Provincial constable produced a meal at
his hotel in Nelson. It is expected that
Hume will be re-elected by acclamation.
The Daily Tribune published at Nelson is a first class newspaper. The Tribune has been published weekly for a
number of years and is the best paper iu
F. J. Deane, M. P. P., has taken steps
to have the administration of the railway belt handed over to the provincial
Queer advertisements.
"No person," wrote an imaginative
undertaker, "ever having tried one of
these air-tight coffins of ours will ever
use any other."
The following advertisement is from
an Australian:paper: "Wanted- a young
woman (the plainer the better) to help
a small, genteel family in their domestic
matters; one witLoutringlets preferred."
An American paper published in Paris
recentle contained the following unique
advertisement: " A young man of agreeable presence, and desirous oi getting
married, would like to make the acquaintance of an aged and experienced
gentleman who could dissuade him from
taking the fatal step."
Here is a specimen jf domestic adver-
tis'ng from the column of the London
Times: "Mrs. George Ashton, 5 Victoria street, Westminister, takes this
opportunity of thanking her numerous
friends for their kind letters of sympathy
on the dissolution of her marriage."
The court of Schieswig-Holstein once
isaued the following curious notice: "At
the request of Herr Peter Lohmanof Al-
tona the seaman Dietrica Lehman, who
was born in Kirchmoor in November,
1848, and was drowned on the journey,
from Stockton to Hamburg while sailing
in the ship Bertha Jenny, is hereby
called upon to appear before this court
and report himself on or before Friday,
Jan. 20. 1793, at 11 o'clock p.m., under
plain of being declared dead."
G. McL. Brown has been made executive agent for tne whole of the O. P. R.
system.                 . .
Henry N. Coursier has been appointed
gold commissioner, stipendiary magistrate, government agent, etc., at Revel-
stoke,, for the Lardeau and Trout LaJke
mining divisions.
Forty convicts at the Kingston penitentiary refused soup at dinner last
week; they also refused to work on
account of the light food given them.
The ringleaders were arrested and the
others found their appetites.
W. F. Allen  Proprietor.!
* ¥ * * * X >K
First Class Hotel in every respect.ll   Accommodation
for Eighty Guests.    Large Annex comfortably furnished.     Commercial travelers and others
receive every attention by staying at the
Pioneer Hotel.   Larg sample room.
Headquarters tor the B. C. Express Stages-
As soon as the Lillooet-Lytton road is completed we will run a through stage
from Lytton to Lillooet. At present we have riga at both ends of the road which
will take you as far as possible, and we supply saddle horses for the rest of the
trip.   By starting from Lytton over twenty miles is saved when going to Lillooet.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write us for information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B t
Hotel Victoria
x.xx.x.aox^x. b c-
This hotel being new and thoroughly finished lhrougttb.it is the only first
class hotel in Lillooet. Persons calling at Lillooet will receive every attention by
stopping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel. Headquarters for the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
9   O   9   «   «   ®     CHARGES   MODERATE.     9   9   9   Q   9   9
X). F_5ijft_s_a__a!' j?_=ao_?.
B. 0.
The Bar is supplied with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigars-
Flour Milling Produce and
General Merchandise,
:fa.vilio__t, J3. c.
Flour and Offal sold at mill and delivered at reasonable rates.
-^     -^     ^     a-_33__T_33_?i_ft_I_  STOf&E.     <*,     <*,     <±
Post Office and Telegraph Office in eonnection.    Freight teams plying once a
week between Lillooet and Ashcroft.
LEE & CUMMING, Agents, LillooetB.v1 THE PliOSPKCTOK, LILLOOET, 13. 6_  FRIDAY, FFIUU'ARY &, 1890.
Mining Laws.
m    The mining law, of British  Columbia
bare on the whole very good,  but   there
i are some ways in which they   must   be
I vim proved.     For instant there is no rea-
i son why a man should  have   a   license
to hold mining land or work in a   mine,
b any more than to hold farming land or
u work on a farm.      The present govevn-
U ment are about to take   a   step   in  the
j i right direction in abolishing the   license
'ias far as it relates to workers in   mine?,
jibut while this is a  great   boon   to   the
[j mining community, it does not touch the
most important class,   the   prospector..
If the tax weighs hard on men receiv-
u ing $2.50 a day how much more   heavily
it must it weigh on the prospector who, at
}(the cost of many years of  anxiety   and
often semi-starvation and at the risk of
H his life is exploring the unknown   fast-
h nessesof this great land, with the prob-
fv ability before him that others will   reap
1 the fruit of his labors.     Very few pros-
B pectors make   anything    worth    their
u while.     In another way an amendment
h is required.   Most of the claims   staked
_k in this country are staked by men   who
\-{ are not prospectors for men who do  not
intend to work them.   Sometimes a man
fj will in this way stake 20 claims for   $100
or so, and the valuable land of the coun-
[7 trv is locked up.   The only wav in which
\\ this could be prevented by making claim-
^ owners do the  assessment   work   soon
y after staking.       This would work some
hardship, much of which might be prevented by giving the gold commissioner
power to   lay  over   claims  difficult  of
access.   It would increase the value  of
claims, as it would take so many  v'.heap
, ones out of the market.    Some step   is
certainly needed to correct this abuse.—
G. F. Monckton, M. Fed. Inst., M.  E.
in Kamloops Mining Record.
Company, Limited, for 1 he ensuing year.
Gordon Hunter is   president,   Rh-haid
Hall   secretary-treasurer,   and   C.     A
Gregg managing director of the company.
A small boy entered a grocer shop
with a pot in his hand, and placing the
pot on the counter, the following dialogue took place: Small Boy—"Will
you let my mother have a pound of
coffee, and fehe'll pay you on Saturday?"
Assistant—"Tell your mother we don't
give credit." Small Boy—"She don't
want credit; she wants a pound of
The parrot had been naughty and hurt
the baby, This made the mistress so
mad that she threw the bird under the
bed, where   it  remained   in   disgrace.
When the husband came home he
inquired for the bird, and was told that
it was under the bed. As he crawled
in after it the bird required: "Well
what have you done?"
Leland House
Cor er of Hastings and Granville Streets.        VANCOUVER, B. O*
■w:m:- i_:j_._^ii_TOisr, _?_e_o_p.
Is now under new management and has been thoroughly renovated.   Culirar
department unsurpassed.     The Bar is stocked with choice liquors and cigars and
will be in charge of experienced men.   Every convenience for commercial men.
FRED H. NELSON, - - - Proprietor.
A young woman had a check for
$25 on a certain bank presented it at the
cashier's desk, and he politely said:
"You will please endorse it, miss," She
took it over to the desk and wrote on
the back: "I want this money awful
bad yours truley please pay the bearer."
J. n. Clements,_<::sjBi^ ashcroft.
Lillooet Mtiil orders carefully attended to.
An Alaskan Lake Drained.
The indomitable spirit that in California changed the course of rivers and
overturned mountains is still in evidence
In Alaska some California hydraulic
miners have drained a lake 3,0u0 feet
long, 2,000 feet wide and 150 feet deep-
Gold lake, in Pande basin, near Sitka—
in the belief that in its bottom would be
found gold-bearing gravel. Six months
of tunneling resulted in drawing off the
waters of the lake last week, and the enterprising prospectors hope to recoup
sufficieni to pay for the effort and expense.        	
Although the health of King Osear of
Sweden continues to improve, his physicians have ordered him to take complete
rest. Therefore his majesty has entrust
ed the government provisionally to the
crown prince Gustaf and has gone to
Sultoja, Baden. .
"I've come to kiil a printer," said the
little man.
"Any printer in particular?" asked
the foreman.
"Oh, any one will do. I would prefer
a small one, but Ive got to make some
sort of a bluff at fight or leave home
since the paper called my wife's pink
tea a 'swill' affair."—Indianapolis
"Hopkins is the
earth." "Why?"
meanest  man on
" I   iode  down
with him this morning and let him
tell me all about his sufferings with the
grip, but when 1 began to tell mine he
got off the car."
j !
$2.00 A  YEAR.
Victoria's New Evening Paper.
. Dr. G. L. Milne^Captain John Irving,
Richard Hall, Gordon Hunter and C. A.
Gregg have been apDointed directors of
the newly incorporated Globe Publishing
3sv_E_E3_Roia:^.isrT tailor
_^.S_E_IC_-2,0__nT7 IB. C.
Tweeds, Trouserings, Serges, Winter Goods, etc.
Call and inspect our stock.  Good workmanship and moderate charges.    Repair
ing and cleaning a specialty.   Orders by mail or express punctually attended to.
Storage & Forwarding Agts
Consign your goods to our care.     We settle railway charges and forward to
destination without delay.   Correspondence solicited. W. B. BAILEY & Co
N. de Kevser,SHCR0FT-
Manufacturing Jeweler, IWatchmaker and Optician.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, Eyeglasses, Field and Magnifying
Glasses, Compasses and Aneroids.
All orders by mail and express promptly attended to. All work warranted or
money refunded. If your eyesight is defective call and have your eyes tested free
in the most scientific way. Spectacles and eyeglasses sent on approval to responsible parties. Tell distance you can read the smallest newspaper print and
age.   We will guarantee satisfaction.   Repairing department a specialty.
Clinton and way points—Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All points in  Cariboo—Monday.
LILLOOET DIRECT—Monday and Fridav.
Through and return tickets at reduced rates.    Special conveyances furnished.
Head Office:   ASHCROFT, B. C.
The Prospector
STJ_3SCI2;IS_H3  FOBTT,  S2  ___   __-_2LA___J.
In view of the new placer mining
amendments that restrict the placer
mines of British Columbia to British
subjects, no doubt there will be quite a
number of aliens who will be anxious
to know the conditions upon which they
can become naturalized as British uub-
jects, so as to benefit in all the privileges
which that right gives them.
The only necessities for a person to
become naturalized are that the applicant is a person of good character and
has resided in the Dominion for three
years. The applicant makes oath of
residence and takes the oath o! allegiance
before any of the following persons: A
judge of a court of record in Canada, a
commissioner authorized to administer
oaths in any court of record in Canada,
a commissioner authorized by the Governor-General to take oaths under the
Naturalization Act, a justice of the peace,
of the county or district where the alien
resides, a notary public, a stipendiary
magistrate or a police magistrate. The
forms of oaths to be subscribed to are as
Oath of Residence.
I, , do swear that in the
period of years proceeding this date
I have resided years in  the   Do
minion of Canada, with intent to settle
therein, without having been during
such years a stated resident of any
foreign country. ' So help me God,
Oath of Allegiance.
I, , do sincerely  promise
and swear that I will be faithful and bear
true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen
Victoria, as lawful sovereign of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland, and of the Dominion of Canada,
dependent on and belonging to the said
Kingdom, and that I will defend her to
the utmost of my power against all traitorous conspiracies, and attempts whatever which shall be made' against her
person, crown and dignity, and that I
will do my utmost indeavor to disclose
and make known to Her Majesty, her
heirs or successors, all treason or traitorous conspiracies, and attempti which
I shall know to be against her or any of
them; and all this I do swear without
any equivocation, mental evasion or
secret reservation. So help me God.
1 The oaths are suscribed to be the person applying for naturalizations and are
certified to by the officer before whom
the oaths are taken and who, being
satisfied that the applicant is of good
character, shall grant him a certificate
setting out that the proper oaths have
been taken and that there is no reason
why the applicant should not be granted
all the rights and privileges of a natural
born British subject.
All that now remains is to have the
certificate read in the Supreme or
County court in the electoral distr c in
which the applicants resides, the cer-
tificant is made happy with a certificate
of naturalization declaring him to be a
full-fledged British subject;' <   ■*
The officers mess of a crack regiment
was recently the scene of an amusing bit
of comedy. Tlrey were giving a dinner to
a man whose bravery wasi! more remarkable than his familiarity with the
usages of good Bocity. The guest of the
evening got on very well on  the   whole,
but when finger-bowls were brought
round he looked at his for a moment or
two of indecision, then took it up and
drank the contents. The officers saw
the mistake their guest had made and
in order to prevent him finding it out
and so feeling uncomfortable, the colonel,
who was at the head of the table, immediately took up his own finger-bowl and
conspicuously sipped it. The other officers followed suit, and at a sign the
bowls were removtd.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
B. C.
First-class in every respect.
Choice  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars.  Sample
room   tree.
Anthony & Robson,
(Successors to A. Stevenson.)
Business established 1863
General flerchandise and
Miners Supplies.
. * - -.
Groceries, Drygoods,
ConfectJQnery, Tin
Goods, Flour, Fruit.
Butcher Shop in Connection.
Lillooet-Lytton Wagon Road.
CHAS. McGlLLlVRAY, Proprietor.
First-class accommoda
tion for travelers.   Choice
liquors and cigars.
Headquarters for stage.    Stable in con
riection. '
\ supply of " ~    "
■always on hand.
TROREY The Jeweler
JVancouver, B. C.J
Offical watch   inspector for
A P. K.
Post Office Store.
Book, Stationery, Soaps,
FancY Goods, Tobacco, etc ,]
Twenty-six years with Messrs. Vivian &
Sons. Swansea, England.'
Office and Labatory:   614 Hastings St.
Assays and Analysis made of all kinds of Ores.
1 The Labatory is up-to-date, with all modern
appliances, including GATES' most approved Ro*ck Grinding and Crushing  Machinery.
Printers' Supplies,
Job Printers'
Paper Stock.
Gas and Gasoline
Engines at
Toront Type Foundry Co.
LIMITEI).   ' -
British Columbia Branch
620 Cordova. Street,
■ _
Mininq Properties
Properties Bonded'.
Vancouver B. 0
- ;
Contractors for the design and construe-
tion of complete stamp mills, concentration,
clornation, cyanide and smelter equipments.
Peterboro, Ont., and Vancouver, B. C. THE PFOSPfCTOR, LILLOOET. B. C\, FRIDAY,FEBRUARY, 3 1899.
Notes from Ashcroft.
Malcolm McLachlan a well known
-ospector died at his cabin on Friday
bring the day. His partner William
I ogers left the cabin at ten o'clock in
| \e morning and returned at three in
lie afternoon found Mchtichlan dead,
'•e was a member of the Burns society
[nc1 had taken an active part in the-infer held on Wednesday evening from the
meets of which probably caused his
ieath. The funeral took place Sunday
nd the officiating minister preached a
Ifror.g sermon on the evils of drink and
banquets, etc. and said very little of the
man who was everybody'6 friend.
Rev Anstey Dorrel returned from the
jfoast last Thursday evening  with   his
bride.     He received the usual  ovation
endered to new benedists in this town.
The Burns  dinner   last   Wednesday
hven'ng was a grand success everyway.
[The committee in charge  had  matters
'arranged so that an enjoyable evening
[was spent;   May they come again.
■g   A tramp "sky-pi lot" struck town last
lweek and insisted on rescuing a fe <v  of
[the  degenerates  from   thy bottomless
[pit.    He received a very warm welcome
hi eggs.   He retaliated on his persecutor
|v>ut, stood no show with the crowd.   He
[left for the  station, hitting  the high
[places with an occasional egg hitting him.
iHe is no doubt a Utile  "buggy."     A
i hot time was had during the rest of the
^evening and a few of the ''boy," enjoyed
\ It is reported that a couple of our
young men will shortly join the ranks
of benedicts.   Good luck to them.
M. P. Stewart is getting his feed store
in shape and has received a few carloads of hay and oats.
Fred Nelson is getting the Cargile
House renovated and will have the nicest
place in town. He will no doubt get his
r share of the tirst-class trade. Fred is a
popular man and knows how to attend
to the wants of his guests.
Henry Cargile will  leave  in  a
weeks for the Atlin country.
Lagrippe has had a few  of
dents at home   lately,   but
prevalent a few weeks ago.
The bank of British North America
which was opened here a few weeks ago
is a great convenience and should receive
the patronage of Cariboo aud Lillooet
Denis Murphy, barrister is still at
Victoria on legal business.
A few men who went into the Peace
river country have returned and report
it as a good country, with a few kicks
which are absolutely   necessary.
The weather has been delightful for a
few days, but the winds have been very
di agreeable.
Roi. J. Atkin one of Lillooet citizens
arrived in town a couple weeks ago and
is working in M. Dumond's shop. He
says there is more life in Lillooet than
here, but he wasn't at the "hot time"
Thursday evening. Jkbky.
Notice is hereby given that an  application
will be made to the legislative assembly of the
province of British Columbia at its next session
for an act to incorporate a company under the
name of the '• Vancouver, Northern and Yukon
Railway Company" and empower it  to  con-
tfruct, equip, operate and maintain a standard
or narrow guage railway from some point at
the City ot Vancouver or some other convenient
point oh tne  snore  of  Burrard Inlet; thence
running in  a northerly direction by way of
Seymour creek, or the most feasible route to
the Squamish Valley; thence by the most feas
ible route through the Pemberton Meadows to
Lillooet; thence northerly to Ouesnelle; thence
northwesterly to Hazleton, or some other point
on the Skeena river; and thence northerly to
the northern boundary of the province; with
power to build  a  branch line  from  or  near
Hazelton,   along   the   valley   of   the   Black
river to the northern boundary  of the province;    with    power   to   build   branch  lines
from said railway to Fort St. John; with power
also to build branch lines east and west from
the main line along the north shore of Burrard
Inlet to Howe Sound and the west shore of the
North Arm of  said inlet; with  power  also to
build and operate branch lines from time to
time to groups of mines and to farming lands
from any point on the main line or any of its
branches; with power in operating the railway
and its branches to use steam, electricity or
other motive power; with power to build telegraph and telephone lines tor the purposes of
the company and for transmission of messages
for the public and commercial purposes;  with
power to build all necessary bridges and roadways  and to  build, operate  and   maintain
wharves, docks, and sawmills and  own and
operate ferries and with power to equip and
maintain steam and other vessels and operate
the same in connection with railway and its
branches on any navigable waters along or near
the line of railway and its branches; with
power to acquire water rights and to construct
dams, flumes, etc., for improving and increasing the water privileges and to generate electricity for operating the railway and any of its
branches; and to erect and maintain all necessary works for the generation and transmission
of electricity or power within the area of the op
eration of the said company, and for the supply
of light and heat and other-power;  and with
power to expropriate lands for the purpose of
the company;  and to acquire lands, bonuses,
privileges, or other aids from any government,
municipal corporation  or  persons or bodies
corporate, and to levy and collect tolls from
all persons using and on all freight passing over
any of such roads, ferries and wharves and carried on any of the vessels used, built, or operated by the company; and with power to lease,
make iranic or ouier arrangements with railway, sterinboat or other companies and for all
other usual, necessary or  incidental  rights,
powers and privileges in any way conducive to
the attainment of the aforesaid objects.
Dated this 23rd day or November 1898.
Solicitors for a pplicants.
Lillooet. B. C
the  resi-
is  not  as
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate of Improvements.
Svrprise, Alpha Bell Fraction, Omega Frac
tion mineral claims, situate in the Lillooet
mining division of Lillooet district. Where
located:   Cayoosh creek.
Take notice that The Alpha Bell Gold Quartz
Mining Company, Limited Liability, free
miner's certificate No. 95643, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
recorder for a certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice -that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this twenty-seventh day of October,
1898. 17
The Alpha Bell Gold Quartz Mining Company, Limited.   H. DePencier, Secretary.
Rev. Frank A. Ford, rector of St.
Peters church, Revelstoke, while attempting to board No. 1 train at Albert
Canyon last Friday evening, slipped and
fell under the wheels. The train was
stopped and the injured man taken to
Kevelstoke where he died the same evening. He was very popular anong his
his acquaintances.
Certificate of Improvements.
Little Joe, White Crow, Delighted, Jim Crow
Fraction and Bend 'Or Fraction mineral
claims siluate in the Lillooet mining division of Lillooet district. Where located:
Cadwallader Creek.
Take notice that The Bend 'Or Mines, Ltd.,
free miner's certificate No. 39122 a, intend, sixty-
days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificates of improvents, for
the purpose of obtaining a crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that actio.i, under
section 37, ninst be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of impute nents.
bated this first day of Decern otr, 1898.
The Bend 'Or Mines, Ltd.
21 per C. T. Diamond, agent.
Notary Public, Accountant and
Nlining   Broker.
Reports on Mining Properties.
Mainland Cigar
British Lion
And be sure that each Cigar is branded, otherwise they are not genuine.
They are not only made of the Choicest Tobacco but are of home manufacture, and
should be patronized by all good citizens.
123 Water Street, VANCOUVER, B. C.
VANCOUVER, - - - - B C.
Dealer in Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and
Optical goods. Our repair department is unex
celled for fine work. Leave your orders with
the postmaster who will have it attended to as
well atrif you came personally.
$2.00 A YEAR.
Route to all  FSantern I'ointn.
Fewest Changes,
Quickest Time
Through First class Sleeping Cars and Touriu
Sleeping Cars to St. Paul, Montreal and Toronto
without change.
The Dining Car Service along the line of the
C. P. R. is unequalled anywhere.
Connections at Vancouver
With Steamer lines for
For full information as to rates, time, etc
apply to the nearest ticket agent, or to
District Passenger Agent, Vancouver, B. C.
Tin  shop  in  connection.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
Established 186:2.
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Stoves and Tinware. Miners steel, Picks
Shovels, etc.
Remember the minstre.
tini's hall on the 15th.
3how ;.n San-
The skating rink is in fine condit.op
and has been extensively used the last
few days.
J. W. Oollis left last Saturday morning for Vancouver on business. He will
be absent about ten days.
Word received from Ashcroft this
week states that Mrs. Glencrosf is no
better and that she very low.
Word received from Vancovuer last
week says that Mrs, Robb was ill at St.
Luke's Home with inflamation of the
lungs. Mrs. Robb left here a couple
weeks ago not having bron well for some
Tuesday was visiting day at the public school and a number of the parents
and friends visited the school. The
pupils are bright cnildrenand show that
they receive good instruction from theii
The funeral of the la*e Mrs. J. Oleson
took lilac last Saturday afternoon from
the residence of Mr. Jensen. A large
number of frienda and acquaintance followed the remains to their last resting
place. Revs. Hardie and Hughes officiated. 	
W. F. Gibson returr'J from Vancouver last Friday evening after a weeks
visit on business in connection with the
Ida May mine. He left fcr Cadwallader
on Sunday morning witu his pack hcrse
loaded with tue necessaries for an ore
car. He will return again to Lillooet in
a couple of weeks time.
A Japanese arrived from Clinton Monday evening on his way to Vancouver
via Lytton. He was taken to Clinton to
work having had his fare paid, and not
being satisfied departed. Constable
Burns took him as far as the 21 being
met there by Constable Mitchell, who
returned with the Jap to Clinton.
The steamer Minnehaha which is being built at Seaton lake is fast assuming
shape and will be about com_leted in a
weeks time. It is a neat model and will
ply the waters of the lake in good time.
In the neighborhood of fifteen tons of
freight can be carried, this will be able
to supply the demand for awhile. Mr.
Appleyard the owner has considerable
enterprise in undertaking the venture
and everyone wishes him success with
his Bteamboat. The launching takes
phvee shortly.
T. A. Brett who is working on the
Brett group of claims on McGillivray
creek for the past couple of weeks, came
down last Friday evening, returning
again Tuesday noon. He reports the
property as looking fine and the work is
progressing. They have run an upraise
of thirty feet to the surface, which is a
great convenience for working. The
property is under bond to Mr. R. B.
Skinner of Vancouver. The group hpsa
good showing and with the work done
so far has indications of making a great
W. Lee of the firm of Lee & Cumming
left last week for California where he
will spend the winter.
Rev. J. S. Bastion, church of England,
will hold services in the school house
on Sunday evening.
Rev. W. W. Hardie left Monday morning for a visit to Mr. Alex Lahore's
ranch on the Lillooet-Lytton road.
vliss Noel returned from a few daye
visit to the Fountain ranch Sunday, and
was accompanied by Miss Louise Letalien who is spending the week in towr.
Rev. R. Hughes visited Clinton last
w °k and lectured on "London" to quite
a large audience. During the evening
several _olos were rendered by local
In another column will be found a
notice from J. Oleson, thanking the people of Lillooet for the kind assistant e
rendered his family during the sickness
and death of his wife.
R. H. Wood and his gang of men are
expected to arrive in town this afternoon
from the Bend'Or mine.   Mr. Wood wil
leave for the coast for a few days   on
business in connection with the mill.
R. Lambert of Hat creek, who was last
week sentenced to two months or a fit.e
of $20 and cost for beating his wife, was
allowed to go free, having raised the
amount necessary to pay his fine, $86.
The members of the Black Diamond
Minstrel company are having regular
practices for their entertainment which
takes place about tne 15th of this month.
C. T. Diamond has the affair in hand,
and with the local talent will put up a
first class show.   Don't fail to see it.
Word was brought to town this week
of a disastrous snow elide at Rogers
Pass on the C. P. R. Tuesday. The
slide came down and completely demolished the station and surrounding buildings. The foHowing are the list of killed: Wb. Cator. station agent, Mr?.
Wm. Cator and two childr n, Frank
Corson, tel graph operator, James Ridley, engine wiper, and an unkrown
chinaman. The injured: Mis^ Annie
Berger, both legs broken, Frank Vago,
head bruised A slide at this point
is something unusual, although numerous slides occur everv year iu this vicinity.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned
at Lillooet, B. C, for the sinking of an incline
shaft, one hundred feet on the Lome vein on
Cadwallader. Shaft to be double compartment,
four by six feet, lagged and timbered. The
work to be completed in three months.
Lillooet, B. C, Feb 2nd.       CHAS. F. LAW.
Established 1886.
Iucorporatnl 1895.
Mclennan, mcfeeli & Co., u_
Wholesale and Retail Hardware.
Mining Supplies.     Blacksmith Supplies     Mill Supplies.
Railroad Supplies.    Contractors' and Lumber Supplies.
Agents for The Giant Powder Co.. San Francisco.
Paul Santini
Carries a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry Good,
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, etc..
a-_n_sr_±3K/__.i_   _vE_±i_^c_3:A._>rT.
.  Miners Supplies!
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C,
Card of Thanks.
General Merchandise
Miners' Supplies a specialty.
__—-BAITK  OF-
The undersigned begs to return lo the good
people of Lillooet and vicinity, his most heartfelt thf nks and gratitude for their kindness, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
sympathy and assistance ex.ended to the fam-1        THE ASHCROFT BRANCH is the most convenient  Bank  for Lillooet mid all
ily during tlie recent illness, death and funeral    places in the Cariboo district.   Money received on deposit.    Drafts issued and collect ion.-- made •
of his wife, Mrs. Ada Olsen. in an>' {jart of ('rt»»<'»- ('n!ftt Britain and the United States.
Oolcl Dust unci AiiwiltiMin Purchased,
■pBMBMHWMUi * Win*"


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