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The Prospector May 16, 1903

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 1     /     I
//1 $
A    -.-.   .-
.j<.,mee .'■■ .   -* '*tr?——T**^rr
*_7^: -ju'-*--*...,...,. .
'      ■   ~«^EJ——'"*-'- ■*
;;  -gii'SSfetf^      ''■■**"
. , ;*??.?      ",.f*-*'r-:
— ■ ■'    ■       ' -*_vI^_£S__ir' 'v- ■'■■'<     ■ -t_.
-.*.--;.*_.-  .-•;        . ■J*,;C'i-..-r^--"4" "'"■■   -      »*«>-;--
*^*_*r-f-".;jj.:-'   :. ^-~~-~
_#^^gg|^rJ-*a--~r v-5 -
; *'-'i^a.»~^y/~-. _r-*
■^   _? * * *■ -—■____
ti-~~~~*-    •:',     ^
ol. 5 No. 43.
$100 a year.
LOCAL   NEWS.       \%
I. ir«. ^^ ^-T~_'-~T-.^_~r<_' _-?_. _&_«_ _t_ ___ \?-_
Dr. S-inson   was culled to Anil
[■off Inst, Monday.
[Cluirlie Glenn, one of (lu, olil-
liiieis in litis ilisLi'ii.t, c<-itne in
[oni California Inst, Monday.
[it., v. J. 11. Wriolit left, lown lust
fnesdiiy do al tend llie Metliod-
pt Confnrence in Vicloria.
Mr. Gelliniiiiin ;tnd fun lily of
Iowa ciline in liy the Lytton
|ta»e on Saturday.
Qnile ii, Inrg'trmiintier of fishei-
|nen   daily   visit (,'avoosh creek
'i quest   of   the   nimble trout.
[Willi the advent of warm went-
pier large bags may be ex pec till.
Dr. Srbree Clarke will conduct
[Divine (Service in  the  Methodist
[Church  next Sunday   eve.   The
[.Horning'  service   will   be   withdrawn.
.1. Sweeney came from I/.chores
ranch where he spent the winter.
W.Jones of 1.ridge river was in
town for a. few days.
The fruit trees present a mn-t ait met
ive appearance ami the great vanelv iu
bloom indicate lli.it this will be another
heavy bearing year.
The recreation ground •* are beinsj tie.d
quite extensively. A row of ornamental
treee on each side would make these
pound, a most 111 tractive spot.
Large numbers of yount: fruit tiees an
being let out all over this section. A
few yea-8 will see a large quantity ol
fruit exported from Lillooet District.
The water in the Eraser ia ris .._ slowly. The enow in the mountains ie goii g
olf very gradually.
Sprinklers are in operation on  the
lawns and gardens   in all pa ts of  the
town.   The people generally are t kin
full advantage of our splendid water sy-
In laying the water main Mr. Macfarlane had connections made so that hydrants may be placed between Meser.
MacArthur and Millers' residences, iu
front of the Court House, at Pioneer
hotel, at Victoria hotel, at Duguid's
corner and at Ch. of England cornir.
Five hundred feet of hose would thus
reach any building in town.
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant—is strongly
recommended by the medical profession as.
a safeguard against infectious diseases.      _a
Milking ot   llHiuiiiiuil-   Goods Will Cultivate It In l iiiiuiliiins*
In Canada, above all other coun-
tri.s, we havo gtvat need to encour-
a e individuality, for our system of
public education, howe\e.- excellent,
takes but little count of the individual, and from a certain standpoint
wo are educating on a system which
tends to destroy anything like strong
individuality. In fact, if you take
tha Spirit which prevails in our
s.nailer towns and villages you will
lind a positive resentment against
the man or woman who dares to
strike out in any line of his own. Go
into our large stores and you will
lind one huge table covered with tho
same form of hat, reproduced a thousand times. Pass into the mantle department, and on great tices hang
cor.ts and jackets of the exact cut
and make and color; and all this is
influencing our people and their view
of individuality and its right to assert itself in any line in lifo. With
all our boasted freedom, as compared to the past, we fall into line li o
mild-eyed sheep antl follow the'ma.'s.
In the old days we might have been
led by individuals; to-day it i.s tho
unthinking crowd that takes tlo
lead. 1 ow many people think oV
care what has been the oii.ia or
inspi ali.jlt of any fashion we follow
so bli.-dly? Sutely there is nothing
so de.tdening, so calculated to still
the l.e-t that is in the human soul,
as lhc i.Verence. Cnn the Society for
Arts and Crafts stir up thc public to
take an intelligent interest in tho
thought and viitue which ure expressed in thc handmade at'titlo, they
will hi ing closer to the muss of purchasers in thc Dominion the problems
whi h face the men and women who
design and execute the work they
propose to encourage. Thoso great
factoi ies hide so much from us that
is beautiful and worthy in human
lives and the struggles ot the workers to beautify their own J.yes by
contact with beautiful things. Can
wc but encourage work which will
not separate men and women from
th ir homes and their children, can
we but raise the taste of t e i ichor
classes in the Dominion so that they
will take into consideration all that
a good handmade article represents
and le wi liag to pay for that ideal
quality of human individuality as
well as for the time and labor cx-
I ended on its construction, we. shall
have much to thank the Society of
Arls and Crafts In Canada for. —
Lally Bernard, iti The dole.
Didn't l.i.si* IIIn Mm,I.
A man hopelessly lo t in thc brsh
in South Australia, nf.or wandering
about for four days, came upon t e
telegrai h line between Adelaide and
Poit Darwin, lie hadn't strength
to go farther, bt.t he managed to
climb a pole and cut the wire. Then
he made himself as comfortable as
possible aid waitod. Tlo telegraph
repai os wove sent along the lino,
and they came to tha wanderer in
time to s«lv« his life.
Crown a Loudon Y.andlord.
Among the great ground landlords
In London the Crown is one of the
gicatest. owning prope ties iu various pa ts of the Capitol yielding iu
ground rents 41460,000 I>cr annum.
Fifteen years ago the estates puidrc-
ed £250,000 only, but many leases
have fallen in within that time, and
the inci-eascd rent, have been exacted for renewal linos or for new leases. Tho Carlton Hotel is a striking
instance of the increased value of
ground in London. Formerly t'-e
site on width the hotel stands was
held for the Crown for a ground rent
of 4~7t5.'l per annum, now £4,200
yoaiiy hus to be paid.
Policy Serum to  liii jtiuch nil the l.iius of
NhpoI.oii'k Foritery ~f i'-ter
lln- „ii-iit's Will.
The pass tge through tie Duid.n
elles of two unarmed KusMan toi-
pedo-boat destroyers is an incident
apparently insignilicant in itself,
but, viewed in the light .of Groat
lb Haiti's.traditional distrust of hus-
0 , and uiiuci- tiie liiugniiying glass
of invs.ioi.si le alarmists, it appears to be almost a menace to the
existence ()f the Empire, i is Majesty's repusoa'-ativo at Constantinople
has protested to tl.e Lotto, who is
tl.e gttaidi ,n of the l^lack bea, and
though no answer has been returned,
any possible ox| la.n~.tion has been already anticipated and discounted,
'ihe action of the Russians was an
open violation of the Healy of Paris. ■ England as.siuues her attitude of
vi tuous indignation, and Kus&ia
quietly pursues her policy.
iSnUsbur  '.i Fiiiiiiius ' .a if.
When England and France undertook to uphold the lott.iiog Turkish
Enii ire, and threw themselves upon
llissij. in the t.riinean War, the former country, as Lord SalisiUiy has
since sai.l, "put its money en the
wrong hoise." However, the "wrong
horse" was hist under the wi e.
When the war was about at an end,
Lord Lyndhuist vigorously decL.rtd
that "there could be no place wilhout first destroying Russia's 1 lack
Sea fleet, and laving prostrate the
foiti.lrations which pr.ottcted it."
Therefore ti.e great docks and
defences of Scbastopol, designed in
1830 by an English engineer, were
demolished, and the Treaty of Paris
Whi h .con-hided the conflict expressly
provided that the fqr.tre.s should not,
le rebuilt and that the Clack Sea
Should be free from the warships of
cve.y power. Tho key to thc Black
Se.i is the Dardanelles, swinging os-
tentatioutly at the Sultan's guide.
Russia's eye hos ever Leen upon it.
. ir»t Violation ol Treaty.
Princo Gortehakoff, whose ambition
it was to be the l.i. umrck of Russia,
s.iw lis opportunity in 1870 when
I'tante and Germany weie at war.
He LsuCil a curt nolilicution of the
Czar S intention to abrogate that
clause of the 'treaty of Paris which
forbade the rebuilding of Sebastopol.
France was in no position to object;
England could not but liie a formal
proUst. Thus Sebastopol is stronger than ever before.
Au ..IIi'hihi llieuck of Kalth.
By the treaty of Bet Hit in 1878,
which made peace between Russia
and   Turkey  after their second  con-
1 ice, all thf powers were rewarded
for their kindly forbearance. It was
then that Britain got Cyprus, while
the Bit-'.. Sea was made formally
what it already was geographically,
a Russian lake. No restrictions wero
removed, however, from the passage
of tho Dardanelles. These straits
were to remain inviolate: The
C.ar's land frontier was extended to
embiace ICars, a port of|Batou~n, It
was stipulated that Batoiim should
remain unfortified, but Russia soon
found occasion to disregard that provision. This violation formed tho
text for other charges of bad faith;
but it is sai'l now that, there was a
secret under itanding among the powers at the time of the treaty that
Batoum might he protected.
Kin-tin Not Conquered.
In 1870 one clause of the Treaty
of Paris was abrogated: in 1908 another. On both occasions Russia has
been accused of faithlessness, If she
could le frank with her accuseisshe
would say that an individual or a
nation is not morally hound by uny
promise whi.h may be extorted by
armed forces.    The vital point to he
rememleied is "that Ru:* ia vvas h_"C~
a conquered nation at tho end of tlie
t'l i c n Wnr. ' h • pec'td 1 a iiii-
miliating peace, it. is tri.e, but since
then she has tome to know her
strength. She wanted to rebuild Scbastopol as a fortress. She did so,
I ecause she was strong enough, 'ihe
wanted her two unarmed t-t'iot'o-
boat dcst-oyeis ti en'cr tui\ 1 lack
set. 'Ihey ha 6 entered. > er t'.e-
tiijfrs on Ccnst. ri.i mi la i-1"-' indisputable.
In England dead Weight of public
o;i ion is hostile to Ui!-. si a. A
speaker who ntUmptcd io prove that
India is safe otough from tho Bear's
paw, even s lould Af.'hapistnn be
swallowed up, woulJ be laughed at
Even a move i'n Manchuria is considered a menace to the ,'unjuub.
The ruinous loi-^i'd  Wil..
When Napoleon prepared to inade
Russia he caused a vvill of t'eterthe
Great to be for~o:l by M. Ltsur. This
fabrication was designed to thoroughly tor.ify Europe as to Rus ia's
i.itent iot.s, and to via inttrnatioi al
sympathy for the Gersiccn's great
venture. The documc.it is _e.rvi.ig
Us pt-tvoeo genet ai ions titer the
s lameful nature of ils authors! ip
was laid bare. The passage whi.h
many Englishmen regard as an art-
i lo of their creed to-day lends ns
fillows— "Bear in mind that the
commerce of India is the commerce of
t'e wcrld. Fe who controls it is
the dictator of Europe. No mesion
should be lost, therefore, to pi o • ' e
war with l"er;ia, to ha: let her
cay, and advance to the lcr.-ian
OX If."
Though it has been proved that
Pete- the Great rover used any such
v  " s,   h nv   cnn   i'    be  divers'ntt'vl
that they do not embody his dn an:-'
or lhe dreams of I{usM*n statesmen
in the twentieth certury)
Unlil this can be done, the average
Pri'on pufe's t"i keoo his eye on
l?ii'si>. bearing L mind, nt the same
time, Nelson's dictum, "Close with a
Pre •'itiinan, and outmanouvre a
Ar K  u'» Safet \
An Iv'vii (brgyman during his first
curacy found the ladies of the parish
too he'pful. Ho soon left the place.
One day the:eafter he met his sui-
ce. sor.
'•How ore you getting on with the
lac'ies?"  asked  tl.e eleaped curate.
"Oh, very well," wrs the arsiver.
"There's safety in numbers."
"1 found it in Exodus," was the
nuick reply.
tin* I.iile AiclibUhop of I mil. l Inn v.
A peculiarity of the late Atchl ish-
op  of  liiul.erbury,   whi.h   I  liave n  t
j seen referred to in any of his ol.iiu-
' alios,   was   the  extraordinary   harsh-
! ness und rttsj ing character     of    his
; voice, a peculiarity of whicli  he wi.s
well  awaie and  concerning  which   he
' was  wont  to   tell  ull  sorts  of  amus-
1 ing stories, among others one to the
i effect that on a Sunday evening, liav-
1 ing     slipped    into a back | ow of a
' popular church  in the east    end    of
London, und joined in the singing of
a Moody  and  Sankey  hymn  from    u
hymn  book  wl i h had been extended
to him fiie.tdly  fashion  by  a  laboring  man,   the latter,  at  the enel   of
the first verse, drew away the hymn
book from him,  gave him a dig    in
tho ii s with his elbow and remarked in a loud whisper:
j    '-Here,    dry    up,     mister,    you're
spoilin' the show,"
I    Nor have I stvn it mentioned   that
the   Into   archbishop  was  doscendod
in  a  direct  line  from  Lady  GOdlva,
fo   famous   in connection    wi h   her
de:oLte tide through tho streets    of
Coventry.     The   old   archbishop   vvas
proud of this ancestry, us well as of
the fact that he was entitled to hear
the same coot  of arms as  her  husband,  L0O-iiC,  Earl  of Mercia.—Marquise do Fontenoy.
Olcl-l'HSllio    I*.i    1.1,1    '..     (|<-   >0.\.
People say the old f* shionetl til is
coming into f~.h,on. t may lo to—
it all depem s. But wo do bt if the
late t form of feminity vvill ta. e tie
sna| e of a re.-.i.al. An adaptuti-.i,
perhaps, of a modification, or a to-
vise.l edition. Bi t a nitr. r .."ii.'a—•
No! Women htve their phases, Ji e
the moon and other c eatioi s of the
tender, but. t.n i e tho 1 ,nur | lanit,
they ne--er ret evt tnemsil.es. The
early Vic'o.ian gi 1 was a :im-
Itering, giggling, blushing, f inting,
ringleted, ihainpagne-liot.le s.ioi.l-
dercd, white-_tockingid, tloth-boot-
ed, impb-ca'blo nottonity. lto mid-
Victeritn Miss was a thing of
bustles, chignon-, s_srig)vtl't.iess, t.r h-
ery meetings, and dawning emancipation, 'rite later Victoiiaji New Soman vvas composed ol | I .tfoi in
jihrascs cropped hair, thick boots,
forinlo-S arguments, ulle ted animadversion of the ty tint man, and do-
s >air of tho mat i noni. I estate. \.'o
to-day are f ll if "smart" i nil.i-
tions, overflowing with smart shim .
weighted down with saiuit I i Is I r
smart (. thos, compel ed to li>e in
smart st ct-, to te g*e. t atienua-
tion of bur I;;; smart incomes. Never, in fact, has there leen sueh an
Old Man of the Sea as this foi if h of
smartness that we hm e I ee i huggi ig
ti our souls—or what re; r s:'i Ct
| thorn—fer the last da. en .ve.is .'ot
to be smart is to be so ial'ly eead,
i and to be social y defunct it weie
| I e lor never to have Loan bo n. So
I says the mode n Saga. With what
result, one need uot add. A gla- c? at
names gracing the Bankrupt y Court
lists, < r, say, a few side-lights by a
tax-co'.le tor, and the ■ b. int'- of unpaid tradespeople wo> 11 ai i r.'l snne
cont.mpoi my hit % >'"_*' f 11 < f t "HI ing
■ situations and eo tar to oxpl: in to
i futuie generatioi.'i  the curious fe-er-
■ heat with which tho desire to be
| smart has all'icted this Edwardian
I c*'it.      Meanwhile, rs ore    swing    of
the pendulum inevitably i du e ano-
the'-, we are promised a retrogiossion
to Arcadian simplicity, which will
dislodge rtiado-dhhes, banish
"Bridge" after a.m.. introdiTo tie
cult of mere muslin free'vs' and leaven our erotic literi t ie with tho
heavenly manna of .lane Austen and
Allied Austin. Villi t i< to le done
with Ladies' Clubs uiul private telephones his net yet cone up for .discus ion; but, doubtlers, Phyllis and
Corydon will arpropi lately re-appear attuned to the surroundings if
their biue-i ibhoned era, as the painted fans nnd rnouches noires of Pierrot antl Pierrette recede on this overdone horizon.
tl!in..il mill I'nrl.f., Vet I.iv<*,l.
It is not given to muny no. to he
hanger I and buried, and .vet be able
to tell the tnl', hut such wus thc experience of one John Baitcndn'e who
was executed at Vork io 1684 for
felony. After his body had hung for
nearly an hour, it. was burJod, A
gentleman passing by the grave,
which had not been filled up, thought,
he saw the earth move, and with the
help of his s r.ant, he disinterred
the convict, who was still olive, It
was t*re custom in thoso days to
bury sui. ides and executed criminals
without, any coffin. The man was
Carefully treated, and entirely recovered. He became hostler nt the
coaching-house in York and lived a
most exemplary life. When asked
what he could toll in relation to
hanging, as having experienced it. bo
replied "That when 1 was turned
off flashes of fire Seemed to datt from
my eves from which I fell into a
State  of  darkness  and insonsibtiitv."
N h. r- He Got tlie Iiteu.
"There are sermons in stones," mused
the minister. "That gives me an idea."
he added to himself, and then he went,
to his Bt-tdy.
The next Sunday he preached oa th*
■in of wearing diamonds. THE   PIIOSPEOTQK, LirjX)('I.'i:, H.().,  MAY 16,  1003.
BY TUB I'RO-'KCH'Olt I'I I'.l.lsll I Nil  COM. ANY
THE PROSI'ECIOW is the only panel published in the l.illunet District, and is all home
Subscription-: one Dollar ti vettrin twlvHiice.
Advertising in.es made known on application.
Corr.Kpondum . is luvileilon all imiiiei- oi
public «.r local Interest. All coiiiiiiuiiiciuions
ID list be iicciniipiiiiieil by llie nnnie of Ibe
« rili'i', bul nm iii*i i'smirilv I'm' n'lliHemlim.
II' tliere'H any clmiice to boom
business in  our lown, boom it.
Don't, be ti, knocker. Don't pull
tt long wise Fnce nntl get sour iu
vo\ i-stoinncli. Hope a bit. (it;
it, smile on vou. Il-ilil up your
Iic-hI. Gel lioltl with both hands.
Then plill. Hury .your Imlcliet.
Drop vour toiunhnwk. Ilitleyour
little hammer. When R>t*-angei-
drops in, joll.y him* 'leb him this
is.tineof lhe greatest towns on
earth. It is. Don't get muleisli.
Don't roust. Just jolly. All men
like to be jollied always. So jolly.
Get popular, it's dead e.-isy.
Help yourself along. I'ush your
frientls with you. Soon you'll
have a, whole procession, lie a
good fellow.
No inn. i ever helped himself by
pulling other people tlown. N
man ever got rich trying to mnke
people believe lie wns the oul..
good mnn tin enrth. You can't
(•liinl) the ladder of fame by ste-
ping on other people's corns.
They're their corns. Not yours.
And they're tender. Keep off the
corns. All men nre not alike.
Once in a while you mny find one
who is very much alike. But,
some are different. You're not
the only one. If you don't, like
their style let them alone. Don'i
knock. Walk right in. And make
yourself look piensant. You
get, used to it. There's no end
of fun in minding your own mis-
iness. And it makes other people
like you better. I letter have
others stuck on you than gvi
stuck ou yourself. Nobody _,els
stuck ou  a, knocker.    Don't   be
one.   Stick to   I.iiiooet.    V;\\	
attention to the knockers.   The
mining and   other   interests   of
I.iiiooet will plant moss over I In
dyspeptic knockers' graves whili
the town is yet iu its youth.
A Wonderful Athlete.
Rome time a__ we cxprcstiod aston
ishment at the performance of Prebendary Wobb-Poploe, who in this
month's Quiver, is snid lo havo
jumped from a sick-hod, won his
event in the university sports, and
then returned to bed, and "remained
on his hack for the next, twelve
months," A letter from Mr. W.bb-
Peploe assures us that this is in the
main accurate, but an iindt.r-.stat..-
ment. lie did it twice, and won tho
high jump and diving and BWiiiiining
iu the intervals of a threo J'oa.s' reclining-—not exactly in lied, hut on a
sofa. "Where I went the spinal couch
went," writes Mr. Wohb-l't pine. And
to the spinal couth came ovoti the
Cambridge examine;s io past him
through his examinations to his degree. It was a notable triumph of
mind over matter, and we are glad
to get continuation of these extract.-!
dinary exj loits from their doer.—
London Chronicle.
'._*■-_ • -. •
"■'''      "      '     ;
Z00-m first Ave/North.   HlNNEAROllS. MINN.
:   Writs-~f6r circulars"•
Klpllii*. » FiiiiiI nf Pie.
■Rudyard Kipling, it appears, is
fond of apple pie baked on the American system. To gratify his taste a
glass rolling pin apctially used in
the manufactuie of these pies has
just been forwauled to tho notollst
from Wanamakcr a. Tho glass loll
ing pin has among o her advantages the me it of always being
sweet and clean, and of being hollow
so that it can be filled with ice to
cool tho pie trust. "When Mrs. Kipling, who is tin American, was in
that country last summer, she girat-
lv admired this contrivance, i n.l
knowing that her husband tti.il children were fond of American pies, da-
tided to get them tho next best
thing by hating hi- pica made with
«._ American rolling pin.
NOTICE is hereby given that nn applic-
.iiiini will be made by the Canada Central
Railway Company to the Parliament of Can*
-ida al the nexl session thereof for an Act
jiving lhe -.aid Company power to construct
antl operate lhe following lines from or ill
connection with the main line of the sai.l
1- From some point at or near
Sudbury in the Province of Ontario to a poinl
il or near Scotia (unction; thence southerly
io a point ' at or near lialsain or Sturgeon
Lakes i.)  the townships of Huxley,   Verulam
>r Kenclon, continuing southerly lo the Cily
of Toronto.
2- From some point on llie
main line in the District of Keewalin or in
District of Sackatchewan, to Port Churchill
on Hudson's Hay.
3- A continuation of its main
line from Tels Juan Cache'by way of the
The Thompson and Ktaser Kiver valleys lo
Vancouver, or New Westminster,
4-- I'rom some point on Ihe
Thompson Kiver or some of ils tributaries to
Waddinglon Harbor or  liute Inlet.
V- i'rom a point near the old
site ofl'drl Assiniboia lo some point on lhe
Peace Kiver and westerly t<> lhe Portland
Canal on the Pacific.
6. I'rom some point on the main
line of saiil Kailway at or near the Montreal
Kiver in the Province ofOntarlo easterly to
some point on the Catineau River in the
Province of Quebec.
And lo exercise with regard to
such lines all the powers and privileges given lo lhe said Company by its Act of Incorporation,
DATED at Toronto this loth day of
January, 1903.
Johnson & Falcotibridge,
Solicitors for lhe applicants
Subsci-iliefoi' The I'bospkotob.
TEN   c-.N-S   F.ik   TEN   WEEKS.
A. a -1>■ <•'it 1 uiul li'iiiporary 1 ffer to
trade), ol ihi* *o I*«r, »e will ill it i I Tiik
I'.m.lC to pei'-on** who are not. now .ull.
sci ii>i'i-. for ten weeks for (ell rent P.
Tiik lYm tc - a $2, I6*i>ti_e weekly Review loi ■'• inoi'i'uti. Democrats amide-
moerniie Republican. ; ii* opinions are
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ATiflyloss Scandal
Author of "The Little Minster,"  "Auld Licht Idylls," "A      fy||
■) Window in Thrums," Etc, Etc      . £mik
([Haggart came home on a Saturday
'oning, when tho water-barrels were
inning over, and our muddy Cords had
st their grip. But at all times re took
nail note of the weather, and often said
was a fine day out of  politeness to tho
(iiqttaintunccs he met casually, when
illyloss dripped in rain. To a man who
us his loom for master it only occurs nn
n afterthought to look out at the win-
His shortest antl natural   route  would
Itave taken the wanderer to Tillyloss
vithout zigzagging him through the rest
if Thrums, but he made a circuit of tho
own, and came marching down the
"I wanted to burst upon the place sud-
len like," he admitted, "ami to let
sverybody see me. I dinna deny but what
t was a proud moment, lads, as Thrums
!ame in sicht. I hud naturally a sort of
tontompt for the placey, and yet I was
tell awld to be back in it too, just as a
_ody is glad to slip into his bed at nicht.
[Ay. foreign parts is grand for adventure,
Ibut Thrums for eompany."
A. the top of the Hoods ho was recognized by two hoys who had been to a
farm for milk, i:nd were pluylug at
swinging their flagon over their heads
without dropping its contents. The apparition stayed the flagon in the air, and
the boys clattered off screaming. Their
father had subsequatly high words with
Tammas, who refused to refund the prico
of the milk.
"Though my expectations was high,"
Haggart said, "they were completely
beuten by the reality. Nothing couli
havo been more gratilying than the sen-
Ration I created, not only among laddies
and lassies but among grown men and
women. Very weel I ken that Dan'l
Straehen pretends he stood his ground
! when I came upon him at the mouth of
[ Suuners line's close, but whaur vvas the
honor in that, when tVe crittur was paralyzed with fear? Ay, he wasna the only
man that lost his legs in the Hoods that
day; Will'um Crewe being another.
Snecky Hobart, you was one of them os
1 walked into at Peter Lambie's shop
door, and I'll never speak to ye again if
yo dinna allow ns I scattered ye like a
showman in the square does when he
passes round the hut."
"I allow, Tammas, as 1 made my feet
my   friend that nicht."
"And did 1 no send the  women flying
nnd skirling in al' directions?   Was it me i
or was it no me that made   Mysy lMnnio
faint on her back in   tho   corner   of the
"It was you, Tammas, and michty
boastful the crittur vvas when she came
to, and heard she h;»d fainted."
"And there's a curran women as says
they hung out at their windows looking
at me. I would like to hear of one proved
case in which ony woman did that except
nt a second story window?"
"Sal, they didna dare look out at low
windows. Na, they were more like putting on their shutters."
"And did some of them no bar their
doors, and am I lying when I say Lis-
beth Whamand up with her bairn out"" of
the cradle and ran to the door of the
Auld Licht kirk, thinking I couldna !
harm her there?"
"You're speaking gospel, Tammas.
And it wasna to bo wondered at that we
should be terrified, seeing we had buried
ye live months before."
"I'm no say lug it was unnatural. I
would have beeu particular annoyed if ye
had been so stupid as to stand your
ground. And what's more, if I had met
the Auld Licht minister he would have
run like the rest."
But this oft-repeated nsser; Ion of Haggart's was usually received in silence.
His extraordinary imagination enabled
him to conceive this picture, but to such
a height we never rose.
By the time Haggart reached the Tone- i
ments tho town hod sufficiently recovered i
to   follow him   nt h distance.     How  he
looked to the populace has been frequently discussed, Peter Lambie's  description
being regarded as the best. j
"Them   of   you,"   Peter  would   say, j
drawn to the door of   his shop   by Haggart groups, "as has been   to   tho  Glen '
Quharlty   Hieland   sports,   can   call   to .
mind   the   competition  for  best-dressed
Hielander.    The   Hlelanders    stands   in !
their glory in a row, and the grand   leddies picks out the best-dressed one. Weel,
the competitors   tries   to look as If they
didna ken they were being  admired, implying us they're   indifferent to   whether
they get the prize or no, hut all the time,
there's a sort of   pleased smirk  on   their
faces, mixed up with a natural   anxiety.
Ay, then, that's   thc look Tammas Haggart had when he passed my shop."
"But ye saw a change come ower him,
did ye no?"
"1 did. I was among them ns ran nfter
hint along the Tenements, and, though I
just saw his back, it wasna the back he
hod on when ho missed inv shoo   I would
;   W   ■ h:  .   ' .
v.... iu,  .-■ y   i .
'.,as lik ' fitlt
i   \ oar
ii huiitdvls'.,
~tn n, I s„y ass
ye     ma*
lire io
' nut} on, it's an
l; hue ye've shot
.r.:e-.   Lid.    Y>'v
ower the
i all sen!)
I say, judging from his back, as his  chest
I was sticking out, and he walked  with a
| sort of strut, like the   Hielander   as  has
I won the prize  and   kens it would  be a
haver to make pretence   of   modesty ony
i     "But ye   never   saw   me   look   back,
. Pete,'* Haggart said, when Lambie's version was presented to him.
"Na, It was astonishing how he could
hare kept frae turning your head. Ye
was like one unaware that there was sieh
a crowd running itfter ye."
"Ay, lad, but very weel I kent for all
that. Thinks I to mysel' as I walks on
before ye—'This scene winna be forgotten
for many a ye,*r.' ''
"And it will not, Tammas. It did the
work of the town for a nine days. Ay,
I've often said myself that yoi» walked
hame that nicht more like a circus procession than a sinsflo num. Tha only
thing I a kind of shake my head at is
your saying ye wasna a humorist at that
"I didna just gang that length, Pete.
I vvas a hilar)' _____
1st. ...y la-inn
its hole Hie u
"Ye St.id its
wanderings it
considered as
boil.     Weel, tti
nbcil     when
''Na, Loo
argument t .
top O*    t.i  '___ 	
nuxai so t.r.i;ii • n '.••* ! e oil that if ye
toilua it with your finger it doss begin
to Loil?"
"Ay, that's true; but a spoon is bettet
to toxica it with, in ease you turn your
Lookaboutyou got a laugh for this,
which annoyea Thammns.
"Ta!ij care, Loqkabotityou," he said,
_ warniugly, "or I'll lei y. s te as my
humor can burn too. I fc-n a sarcastic
thin; to say to ye, my m n. '
" But what a ._u. the water so near
the , oil?" as;ed Hob.ir., while Lrok-
alot 71 u shrun : bt ek.
"My humor was in that condition,"
said Haggart, still eyeing the foolish
farmer threatening.-, "when I came back
to Thrums. It jus'j needed a touch to
make it boil."
|     "And, Sal, It got tho touch!"
"Ay, I admit   that; but   no   till   tha
1 Monday."
Vie _o back to the march from the
Roods to Tillyloss. In less timo than it
would have taken Haggart to bring his
■sarcastic shaft from the depths where l.e
stowed these things and fire it into Lookaboutyou, he had walked triumphantly to
Tillyloss, and turned up the road that
was presently to bo named after hlhi.
His tail of fellow-townsmen cante to a
stop at tho pump, whero they had a good
view of Huggart's house, all but it few
daring ones, nearly all women, who ran
up the dyke, in hope of witnessing the
meeting with Chirsty.
"I suppose, lads," Haggart said to us,
"that ye're thinking my arrival at Tillyloss was the crowning moment of my
"It was bound to bo."
| "So ye think, Andrew; but that just
shows how little ye ken about the human
heart. I got as far as Tillyloss terribly
windy at the way ye had honored mi;
tut, lads, something came ower mo ai
sicht of that auld outside stair. Ay, it
had a michty hame-like look."
"I've heard tell ye stopped and gaitod
at it, like grand folk admiring tho riew."
"Ay, lathies, I daursay I did «..; but
It wasna the view 1 was thinking abaut.
I'll warrant ye couldna say what wm in
wiy mind?."
"Your funeral?"
"I nevor gave it • thocht. Na>, but
I'll tell ye: I was thinking of Chirsty
"Ay.and the startle she was to gflt?"
"No, Snecky; it's an astonishing
thing, but the moment my e'en law
that outside stair I completely lost heart,
and frae being lifted up with pride, down
goes my courage like a bucket in a well.
Was It the stair as terrified me. No, it
was Chirsty Todd. Lads, I facatl the
whole drove of ye as bold as a king sitting down at the head of his tea table;
but the thocht of Chirsty Todd brooht
my legs to a stop. Ay, for all we may say
to tho eontrairy, is there a man in
Thrums as hasna a kind of fear of his
At this question Hagga-t's listeners
usually looked different ways.
"Lads," continued Tammas, "it ran
through me suddenly, like a cold blast of
wind—'What if Chirsty shouldna be glad
to see me back?' and I regretted michty
that I hadna halved the guineas with
her. Ay, I tell ye openly, as I found
mysel' getting smaller, like a gas-ball
with a hole in it, and I a kind of lost
sight of all I had to boast of. I was
ashamed of mysel' and also in mortal
terror of Chirsty Todd. Ay, but I never
let her ken that: na, na; a man has to
be wary about what ho t»H« »■><«
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.
As far back as tlie year 1858, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
bar, near tbe town ot Lillooet. Tbe adjoining ground is being worked witli profit at
tbe present time,
A conipany is now working a gold dredger on tbe Fraser, with gratifying success, and
ti new company bas been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved.
dredge near tbe town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.-^
an di. use n lake and liii'.dc. is nt v lint mining properties \yill prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of territory that remain unprospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds-^^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that tbe sportsman's
Paradise is lure. Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find tbe lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.<^^>
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at the present time,November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Railway towns are ashcroft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
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„!.. THE   N.OSPEOTCM, LILLOOET, B.Q.,  MAY 16,  1903.
Tito (Mid beach nl; s behind us In 'ho grip
of the sen's uur. st.
We've  i i ne  wl h   s a^'it  u    hnrbors,   we're
ileckisi  (uit in  out'  lust.
Willi .1  w lie  Imml on the funnel  InsleaJ
of dirty gre.',
We're oil lo __eoi old friends upon the blue
Wives and sweet-Parts call  us, mil to u*
o.* h.ine,
The  read     gleam   r_   a   tavern   creeps  out
across  the   foam,
Hut  we Uea,I for 'In* tri'eliel horizon where
tln> great wh.f * breakers be.
And all tie star>  ait shinlii..;, u-shlnlng on
the sea.
t'oiiui'.'iibs' voices warn us of tho road we
The lips of (_ue drowned keep (Tying, crying in our wake.
Hut we head fir the notched IhtIkcu where
the great white breakers, lie.
And Mother Onrev fed* lier eliJeks. feeds
her  chicks  at   sea.
The (old beach cries Ixihlnd its In the grip
of tho sea's unrest,
We'ie  i'< n ■   witli   -tapnant   harbors   we're
decked   out   In   oil.   best,
With  a   white  li ml  in  the  funnel  Instead
of •'''irty  gre,-,
We're off to meet ol J friends upon the blue
—Walter   Itiddall.
Paul Santini,
Ol.iNI.I..\L M101 .OLANT, LILLOOKT, 15. 0.
carries u   full stock of ull kinds of Oi-oeeries,  Dry (Joods,
Boots and Hlioes, Hardware Sr.c-
Belies   Sold   ut  Auction   Fetched   Hardly
.'crap Iron Prices.
Holies of old Newgate Prison were
fiold at auction on the afternoon of
tne 5th Feb., and hardly fetched th_
value of .crap iron. "There was a
large crowd of spectators present,
including u number 01 Ameticans,
but the bidding wus yeiy slaci.
There was __me competition for the
old oalv, the hangman s key and the
cupboard mentioned in "llarnaby
Kudge,''  which  brought §(52.50.
The old. death bell fetched §500.
The staf on whi It the bhek Hag was
hoisted went for §60; copper washbowls us-d b.v tho prisoners wer«
sold for §5 each, nine plaster heads
of persons executed we e knoc. ed
down at §25, and the main entrance
door, which was b ol*cn down by the
Gordon  rioters,   brought §150.
Newgate Prison, with the histoilc
.essions house, known as the Old
Bailey, in the heart, of the city of
London, which may be compared
with the Bastile of Paris, or the j
Tombs of New York, will have soon
completely vanished, to male room
for the new Central  Criminal Court.
The old jail was massively built,
of stone, and immensely str.ong,
though not impregnable, as many
irisor-eifi managed to effect their escape from its gloomy into'ior. It
dated only from 1770, and was much
damaged in the London "No Pop-
cry" riots, ten years later, whi h
make the most picturesque episode
in Pickens' ''Butnaby Kudge." The
tloters then battered in the door and
reiaased the pi i oners. Ioid George
Gordon, the fanatic ringleader, was
himself confined in the building on
its reconstruction.
. idelightii   on    l'l-oH-nt    A flail's   in   Some
M.I'. _ _Mr.il.
Two members of Parliament have
quaint stories to tell of adventures in
Venezuela in times past.
An honorable baronet, while on a
visit to the Republic, had interviews
with certain members of the Government. Le dined with them in the evening, and retiied at a late hour, lie
was awakened from his sleep by a
noise in his room, and saw, as he
thought, one of his hosts disappear
through the bedroom window leading
to  the verandah.
Concluding that this was a polite
custom in the country, the visitor returned to sleep, but in the morning
he found his trousers upon the lloor,
their peckets tinted inside out. His
old-fashioned, highly decorated chain
purse was gone, but its contents wero
on the ground. His gold-edged cigar
case and some geld charms attached
to his fob had _ls„ vanished.
The Englishman went, straight to
the sent of Government, and coin-
|1 lined to one of the Mini-iters, who
expressed his dismay, and was thereupon informed that tho person scon
In the room bore a resemblance to
"Very strange," replied tho Minister, ' for there is no one alive who
resembles mo."
"In that, case," rejoined his visitor, drily, "you should have no difficulty in securing the restoration of
iny property."
Later in the day the Englishman
discovered an anonymous packuge
upon 1 is room table.. Opening the
cover he found all the missing articles save tho gold-edged cigar case
and one of the charms—a little god
dess in diamonds and emeralds.
Lanhy _ Kxperlence.
Mr. Henry Labouchero went
through a revolution in Venezuela
son.e years ago.
"A battle took place on the Plaza
one afternoon," snid Mr. Labouchore
in telling his story, ''and I watched
it from a grass hammock on the terrace in front of my hotel. The Government fore s were put to flight,
und I was joined by my revolutionary fiiends keen from the light.
Later one of the fallen Ministers
visited us and said he could show us
Sunlight Soap will not injure
your blankets or harden them. It
will make them soft, white and
fleecy. 73
Every household should be
supplied with a hot-water bag
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help, to ihe doctor and patient.
Our special _<|ti.irt Hot Water linllle, guaranteed for one
year from dale "I sale, mailed
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offer on tlie
third page,
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfect an i;—iB 6trongiy
•ecotnniended by the medical profession a;
v safeguard against infectious disease*;.      _a
where 250,000 silver dollars were
hidden. lie     was   as  good   as  his
wo: tl, and patriotism being sunk by
my fil.m's in obedience to tho eor.i-
foiting moral of the place; To'kind
to ourselves,' it was proposed to
di ■ i lo the swag.
*'[ said: 'No, don't do that; it
might offend the pooplo. Flay for
it! Which was agieod to. Tho Government man was allowed to come
in, and we played and the Government man won it ull to the last
dollar. So after all no harm was
done."—London   Mull..
An I oilerv. nti'r KviicTt.
Captain Reginald II. S. Ra'on, D.
S. O., who has just, been appointed
to the newly-treated potl of ' m-
spo tor I'npU.in of Submarino
Boats," is, n mi-ding to Tho 'Chronicle, one of Hi: grcatist cxpor.ts in
all methods of iinderwal-. wai.ui'oin
the royal navy. For n any months
he was in command of tho t> rpodo
gunboat 11a, „r~l, whi h wus stationed at l~ariow to act us "mother-
ship" to the live tiny diving torpedo boats built by iUe'sts. Vic'ivs,
Sons ,_ -Maxim, 'i wa't Captain
Bacon's business to make a trip
undoi- water in oath of these "s b-
lnaiino ass'tt'Siis" ins tin old writer
culls them), and We rejoice to leant
that he is none tha worse for his
experiences of "potted uir." Captain
Ba-on has now vacated the command
of the Ha aid on being appoint od to
tho se'.'ond-( 1-Ss cruiser I-ittonn.
which i.s stationed ut 'Portsmouth to
look after submarine*; Not-. "2'JJ and
".'!," which have ani tod at the
southern port. tion. "1," "■_"' and
"5" will be delivered o\or to thp
Admiralty in a few days' time, nud
the lln aid will convoy them to
Portsmouth, It is a pity no names
havo boon found for these newest engines of naval warfare.
Iit'eneM nn<1 Temptation.
Pew tomptalions beset the industrious, but all temptations assail tho
General Hardware,
Picks antl Shovels,
Axes, Hoes Si I takes,
Bar Iron, Drill Steel,
Oil.., Paints, Sic.
iMllhS tor Fall or Spring planting
Seeds, Plants,
Catnlogiie free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster   Kottil, Vancouver, B.C.
Will IK   l.AllOlt ONI V.
Drugs and . lediclnes.
Spectacles and  toilet Requisites,
Hsh;n_ Tackle etc. etc.
Mail   Orders    Promptly   Filled.
News from ail 1, o world—Wel'-wittoi:
original si..tie.—Answers toqiieiiee—
Arti' lee on Health, the Home, Now
Hook., «iul on Work about tbe Farm
nnd Oaitli'ii.
TkW.EKY Inter-Ocean
lb a inenibor of the As.ociatetl Fitf-s
the only Western Newspaper re'eiv-
ing tbe entire telej. ri plilu news service of tbe New Yotk Sun, and special cable of the New York World—
D.iily report- of over 2,000 special
correspondents throughout tlie country.
8i;i>si-ril_ tor The WEEKLY
INTER-OCEAN (One Dollar)
mid THE I'ROSl'BOTO.-,$!)'
I'.oril FOR $1.23.
50  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending 11 ~~et-h nnd description ma.
middy usc-rtiiiii our opinion free whether an
Invention Is prnhnbly patentable.   Communion.
quickly iisceriiiln our opinion free I
Invention Is probably patentable.  C	
tlons strictly contldeiitlnl. Handbook on Patents
sunt freo. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken throii«th Munn & Co. receive
Ipecial notice, without charae, In tbo
Scientific flitiericam
A handsomely Illustrated weeklv. I.nruest circulation nf any sclentlHo journal. Terms, 13 a
year; four montlits. tl. Sold liy all newsdealers.
MUNN &Co.36,Bfood^ New York
Branch OlDce, 625 K Kt. WashlDRton, D. C.
or Ihrty in einli county to manure huBlnoss for
1111 ul,1 c.,ini>iishi'il liotiso of soliil financial stand
ing. A ~t.ill_hl, bntin fide eitsli snbiry ol (18,00
paid by check each Wednesday with nil ex|icn-
ses direct from headquarters, Money advanced Jnr expenses.
Malinger, 310 Oaxtotl UulMIng, Chicngo.   .
yu ■   M    K<
Lillooel, B.C.
W. R. Allen, Proprietor.
First-Class Hotel in every respect.      Accomodatf
for Eighty Guests.   Large Annex comfortably finished      Sample Rooms for Commercials.
All   guests   receive   every   attention.
^^-_____^> H# c  PARKER, - Lillooet, B.C. .r______
Having purchased the stock I
R.J. Atkins, we are now addir
to it and prepared to fill all orders
Repair Shop in connection  -villi Store, where your ev<
want will be supplied. A complete L'lumbingOutfitoiiha]
MAKE YOUK OWN RBPAIHS.   KNAMRt.i.Kti   KNOBS, For Coffee unit TeH I_
11111IOtl1.il- Clinking Utensils.    I'lne.nenlseiich, while they lust.
Head Office - • Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton & Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and IMd-ij
All points i'n Cariboo:      -   -    Mondays.
ISOMile House : Mondays Si Fridays [semi-weekly servi(J
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
'$£  Special conveyances t'lirnislied.    Send  for  folders   |
'Ilic  hew singe line leaves Lytton every Monday a
Friday   I'or  Lillooel, returning next  clay.      Special  (ril
made.    Write us I'or information.
Peter l.ebagliati Si. Co., Lytton   It. C...
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOFj
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McCOSH. MetellHIlt T»ihir, AsIm-ioD . B. 0
Yjincoiiver, I5.C.
..stablished, .1890.
Assay work of nil (lescii|)liohs iindei taken.     Tests made up to 2000 I hs.    A special li
made of checking   siuehet   pulps.    Samples    front   lhe   Interior  hy   Mail  or   Expr;~J
promptly altMided to,    Correspondence   solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We (.arry the largest and best stoek in I-.C.
including: Bar.ton, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents For VAI.KNTlNI.'S  High Grade CAI.klAGl'* VARNISH.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
Page   Metal Gates
Singlo op double—light, strong, durable, economical.   Will not sag or got rickety.    Fitted
" with self-acting latches,  which open either
1    wiy.    A child can open  or close in a strong
wind—no surface to resist.   Host farm gate
r:_: rnndo.  Uso Pago Fences and Poultry Netting.
E. O. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.


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