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The Prospector Jan 19, 1905

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Array the prospector:
Vol. 7, No.  4.
LILLOOET,   B. C.   JANUARY   19,  1908.
[Kindly Contributed.]
By B. IUE.
Having returned to Lillooet
after tliree and a luilf years' ab-
Hence, Knocking around southern
1.. C, 1 decided to put in a winter digging' for the ever needed,
ever scarce article, gold.
Knowing from past experience
that work on tlie Fraser iu winter is impossible, tlie choice rested between Cayoosh creek and
the north fork of Bridge River,
where, owing to the swift current
and rapid fall, it is possible to
use ahiice boxes and mining may
be carried on all winter by thawing the ground.
llepoits given me of Cayoosh
civek not being very favorable,
I decided on the North Fork ; at
the end of November I pulled
out, and wns pleased to find
many improvements ou the trail,
grades having been much improved, and a great deal of unnecessary hill climbing eliminated. 1 noticed a few places tlmt
have been fenced and brought
under cultivation bv (lie Indians
but the larger part of the land
is lying hh it has always been,—
uncultivated through lack of water, and useless except for mining
purposes. But white men are not
allowed to worK on reserves, and
the Indian does uot work under
ground : so the land is locked
up, und no use for anything, except to pasture a few,—a very
few ponies.
After passing Antoine creeK,
the reserve came to an end, and
I came to land that is open to
miners, but 1 found that it is
held by the Horseshoe Bend Co.
having been leased a number
of years ago, , and 'very little
done for a long time beyond putting in some pipe at the bend,
and piping for a short time.
It is extraordinary that these
hydraulic companies which have,
or are supposed to have money,
should be allowed to violate so
many terms of their leases, even
the rent or taxes in cases, and
nothing is said ; whereas the individual placer miner must work
continuously, or leave his claim
open to being jumped. It looks
as if the powers that be, ure iu
favor of the speculator, who
takes up the laud with the intention of fishing for suc&ers, rather
than the poor beggar who bucks
boulders because nothing better
is.in sight.
If the land held by the Horseshoe Bend Company were thrown
open, it would make an ideal
stock ranch, though rather expensive to get wnter on it.
After crossing the north fork
of Bridge River, there are some
leases held by the Bridge River
Bevelopmeiit Company, of which
Mr. \V. W. Brown is manager.
They have done a good deal of
work and sluiced off quite a lot
of gravel ; as fnr ns I can learn,
with not very satisfactory results
from a financial standpoint.
From my observation it seems
as if these high benches carry
their pay. streaks deep iu the
banks, at or below high wnter
level, and as the flumes are generally plnced at high water level,
rising as they recede from the
face, the gravel run througli is
generally low grade; the real
values are uot touched at all.
Another great item of expense
is the size and number of the
boulders, making the powder bill
high. Some individual miners
who have worked on the low pay
streaks, undoubtedly got good
returns, though the season is
short. It is an undoubted fact
that men working get good returns if they attend to business.
If conditions were improved a
little, there would be more men
winter up there instead of hanging around town.
(. ne improvement, would be a
small store or trading post, to
enable miners to get their supplies on the spot iu exchange for
gold dust. Another improvement
which is the duty of the Government, of whichever political stripe
—namely, the enforcement of the
game laws. Ib is well known,
that the Chilcotins come into the
Bridge River country and slaughter game an all seasons, bucks,
does nnd fawns, far beyond their
requirements. If this continues
the deer will go with the salmon,
and a deer hatchery is not a
I think plenty of game would
be another great inducement to
winter there ; besides helping the
prospector for quartz.
Concluded next week.
Quite a large ice jam came
down Cayoosh creek last Friday afternoon, passing over
tlie falls 20 ft high, but not
destroying dams or any of
the Company work. It carried away a dump 75 feet
long, and a foot bridge, but
on the whole did more good
than harm. It proceeded further, however, with terrific
noise, carried away Marshall's dam, and spent its force
above tho bridge.
A Company is talked of,
to run a tunnel from Mission
reserve to Jack's landing, to
turn Bridge Kiver into the
Lake. It is feared that J.
Dunlop may oppose it, to
say nothing of J. Marshall :
and it might wash the little
fishes at the hatchery so far
up among the rocks, they
would not get to the cannery
on time.
Moving a steam boiler, in
mountain country, is apt to
be exciting. Hurley and Duguid loaded one on a raft on
its voyage to Pemberton. It
was accompanied by experienced boatmen, and on the
raft itself were 3 Indians,
A strong fair wind blew it
to its destination, and seemed to moderate to allow a
safe landing. 3 awful empty
Indians, by dinnertime. A
tremendous pot of beans was
appreciated, from the boat-
finen on return trip. The
boiler came to the rails on
crossways encountered.
James Dickens' hotel has
busted up, near Marshall's
Bridge. The star boarder,
Mr. Dan Fraser, has gone to
Seaton Lake, and is stopping
with Mr. Peters
>K General   Merchant. H
Outfits   and Guides  furnished
£0T      to Hunting Parties.      Jf3
Groceuies, Hardware,   Okugs, Photo
Supplies, Dry Goods, Etc.
XjiiiXiOOEia:   -   -   lb.   c.
Joe Deshields, returning from
Birkenhead, saw a band of ]2
mountain sheep, near the 9-mile
point. Some looked gray and
thin, most of them were darker,
sleek and fat, and one or two
had grand big horns.
The morning lesson, at the
Methodist Church was from John
seven teen, a wonderful chapter,
worth any man's while to read.
In the evening the text was, The
Just shall live by Faith, and we
heard considerable about justice
and its coadjutor, charity ; and
also something about capital and
General Store and B.C. Express Agent
Tlie Pioneer Drug Store.
Druus, Medicines, Sundries,
Trusses, Spectacles, Etc.
3M2.0.     LILLOOET, .B. O. The   Prospector.
Advertising rates low as possible,
Basis of 30 cents per square
Inch,  pek   Month.
LILLOOET,  li. C, JAN. 19,   1905.
A historian wrote in 1844- of a
vast region on Uie Pacific ocean,
between tlin Columbia River and
Alaska, thus :—
Ib indeed contains land in detached portions wliieli may afford to the industrious cultivator
the means of subsistence, and in
time some luxuries ; but it produces no precious metals, opium
cotton, rice, sugar, or coffee. It
has not, like India, a numerous
population who may be forced
to work for others ; and has no
harbor in which articles of commerce from other countries can
ever be deposited for re-export;
while the irregularity of its surface, and hopeless obstructions
in its rivers, forbid thatproducts
of China ever be carried across
this remarkable region, to the
Isn't that acoi'Ker ?
There was a boundary dispute
on, and be was arguing that the
country was nob worth arguing.
We can do without opium, we
can wear wool the yenr round,
we can let the Chinamen have
the rice, we do not need sugar
on our bacon and potatoes, or
bread nud butter, while coffee
never helped any body. We had
to legislate against the eastern
population mentioned, aud we
have a few carloads of tea or silk
for the Atlantic every week ; so
we wonld remind our contemporary,—but hold, the man is dead.
It i.s reported, the temperature
a1") Hat Creek was 32 below zero.
Thnt is only 30 miles east, but
much higher than here , our lowest vvas 8 above, a difference of
40 decrees.
The BX stage   runs a sleigh
from 19-mile liouse to Hat Creek
— Jingle Bells !
Iowa dredge closed down while
this little cold snap lusts, as it
interferes with certain processes
of the operation.
Mr. Drinkwater Rae arrived on
Friday from the Bridge Iti ver
mines. He reports having walked over twenty miles.
Win. Abercrombie slaughtered
4 beeves at the end of last week.
A large boiler went up the lake
from here to Birkenhead, for the
new Hurley and Duguid sawmill.
Mr. Carter, of the Provincial
police, is recovering from grippe
and sciatica., having lost 40 lbs.
He hojies to be well enough to
move to Victoria this weeic.
Arthur Murkley is getting up a
good stock of wood across the
river. If you want prompt delivery and good measure try him
'goi    A pair that cannot fail to if*
"SS     It*"*6   salMacilou   l«   our jjjf
''•'**■    special pearl mounted, No. '■-'••«
90104 at $3.50.
How much the enjoyment of an evening's
entertainment depends on
the quality of your Opera
Our ilote'i reputation of
fifty yean assures satisfaction
in purchasing. Send for complete catalogue.
^.William Cleveland and John
IJ. McPhail, will still continue
to cut ice at the Big Itock, for
Mark Eagleson.
Gr2*-l_T_--_-B,J-.Ti STOBB,
50  YEARS'
Stewart Henderson, M. P. P.
for Yale, was married at the glad
New Year time, in San Francisco
to a former Ashcroft girl.
McGillivray and Cane have begun rip-sawing the timbers for
the new school house.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending n nltet. ti and description may
onlokly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
invention la probably p.itontnlile. Communion-
Hons strictly confidential. Handbook on Patenta
sent free. Oldest asency for sccurliif. patents.
I'Ments talien throuali Munn & Co. receive
wecial notice, without chiiree, ln the
A handsomely llltisfrntfltl weekly. J.nraest clr-
■'illation of any scientific journal. Tonus, 13 a
year; four months, .1. Sold by all newsdealers.
WUNN&0o.36'B—v. New York
Branch Office*. <~!_ T BU WnsMng. .&. D. C.
Take a course of study, in
winter. Mr. Brandon can
till you about International
Correspondence, famous and
Bulbs, Seeds, Plants,
Trees, etc.
Send for Catalogue
_m:. j\_H.E3:i_>r_R/3r
3009   Westminster Road,
What's in a Name.
Alkali Lake was named
from the soil.
Ashcroft from the house
of the Oornvvalls in England
Barkerville, after William
Barker, miner, who died in
the Old Men's Home at Victoria, in 1900.
Boston Bar, named by the
Indians for the Americans,
or Boston men, out-numbering the Canadians, or King
George men.
Cache Creek, from miners
who stored or hid grub.
Camerontown, after Cariboo Cameron, who struck it
Canoe Pass, used by miners of 1858, coming up the
Cariboo, from that deer,
now getting scarce.
Cassiar from the Kaska
Dease Lake, for Explorer
Peter Warren Dease.
Douglas Lake, after Sir
James Douglas.
Ducks, for Duck, the first
Kamloops^ Kamalulipa,—
out through and water meet.
Keremeos, cut through bj
a stream.
Kitamat, island people.
Lac la Hache, an axe lost.!
Liard river, lots of cotton!
wood growing on the bank
lillooet, an Indian name.
Lytton, for Lord Lytton.
Metchosin, smelling oily.
A whale stranded, was cut
up and dried : Indians antl
place both very odoriferous.
Pavilion Mountain, lhe
French word pavillion means
banners: The grave of an
Indian chief on a mound at
the foot of this mountain,
was covered with flags.
Quesnelle was a French
explorer for H. B. Oo.
Richfield, a placer mining
locality, explains itself.
Rossland, by Ross Thorn p-.
son, a successful prospector.
Spence's bridge was built
by Spence as a toll road.
Williams creek, for Dutch
Bill, the   discoverer.
Leaves Railway at Lytton at 7 a. m.
.Monday*. Tuesdays, Friday.-, Kai unlays
One hour at noon at Half-way Hon. o
Reach Lillooet 5 p. in. Returning on
rue. days, Wednesdays, Saturdays aud
Sundays.    47 miles along the Fraser.
Beautiful  Scenery.
Special Trips  made.
Write to
P.    REBAGLIATI   &   CO.
"The Bow-legged Ghost ud Otber Stories."
With aa Intro
luctlon by
greawst poet,
James Whit-
-omb Riley. An
illuj.n_.ed vol-
ume of original
h um orous
sketches, veree,
facetious para-
graphs ana col-
loiinles. A book
that will not
disappoint the
reader, aa It
enters a new
and heretofore
field of humor.
A book tc be
read aloud and
enjoyed among
your friends. Contains "The Bow-legged Ghost,"
'■When Ezra Bang Firat Bass. "The Man Who
CouMn'l I_augh,,r "Possible Titles of Future
Books," "Selling Looks of Hair," "No Woman, No
Fad." "Society Actresses," etc., etc This flirt
edition bound in cloth, printed on extra fine
paper, and absolutely the hast humorous book published. Worth $3._0, mailed postpaid for $1.00.
Order at once. Send for our new special illustrated catalorns mailed .res. dives you the low-
sat prices on all good books.  Address ell orders to
\klKkan »•* KuafMUurtn. Akron. Ohle.
"**• Wsnur Co»t*B- •> ilMtwigtily raliabla.]—Cdltoa.   , The Prospector.
While    Investigating,
or investing,
3_v£TTST   ISTOT?     BE   PORaOT
No District affords greater
Opportunities for Prospector or Capitalist. Gold
is found everywhere. A
trip into this region will
convince you !
Climate cannot
bo beat for Consumption or for
From 20 to 30 wealthy
Sportsmen, English, American and German, come
here each year tp hunt
Grizzly, Big Horn, Caribou
or Mountain Goat. Here
are the best guides.
This is Magnificent! One
may be swayed to ecstasies over Italian or Swiss
Scenery; but let him see
our panorama, and lesser
scenes fade I
_____-* j The Prospector.
Jrom Our Own Correspondent.
Mr*. G. Sanson and children returned
home In»t Saturday from Victoria where
tbey .pent Xmas holidays with Mm*
D. E. C« ntpbell.
Mi.b H. milton of Chilliwack it visit-
_i>R her sister, Mrs. I. Kerr, al the Douc
liuoii Hotel.
Mrs. R. Boyd returned home aftei
spe tilling Xmas holidays with Mrs. J.
Fi. Iifr, Canoe creek.
MissC. UI rich ot the 182 is visiting
friends in town.
Tiie young people bad a most enjoyable time at tbe towu hall last Monday
G. McCarthy of the 137 passed through
town on his way to Kamloops.
Mr. J' Smith, Jr. in on tbe sick list.
Or, S.inson arrived home,
vVeare having fine bracing weather
and fiood sleighing ; the glass registering 12 below.
Miss Irene McCarthy returned home,
after a long visit to her sister, Mrs Me-
Mrs. Robert and Miss Walker of the
M mile were in town Monday, and last
week the familiar form of Mr. Paul,
waB welcomed by his many friends.
The Clinton Annual Ball is tn he held
on the '.1st inst. and 1st of February.
Come one, come all ! It is going to he
tbo best party we ever had in Clinton.
Be Hire and dou't miss ft. A good committee is appointed, to look after tbe
comfort of those attending.
Miss C* Olding returned to Vancouver
after spending Xmas with her sister,
Miss Olding, the school teacher.
Don't forget the Annual Ball.
Hotel Victoria,
The ground is being prepared and
timber mu.lv for the . ehool Imildiug in
tlie new school district between here
and Lyuon. The trustees are, Wm.
Cain, Fred. Watkinson, and C. McGillivray, secretary. The school will
!>e pleasantly located in a sunny spot
nbout '»alf a mile to the south of tbe
McGillivray hotel, and north of a little
stream. This is a favored locality, as
there are some good ranches, and considerable fruit raising and dairying. A-
mong the eatly settlers are Lochore*,
Watkinsons, Roderick, Cain, McGillivray, Swarts and others. They hope lo
have the school open soon after the 1st
of February.
Headquarters of
Wire for Outfits, guides
Etc.   Cost  Reasonable.
Every Attention to Travellers and Commercials.
Large Sample Rooms.
Headquarters of Ashcroft and Lytton
Stages. Special rates for families SPENDING   SEASONS.
Rooms,  Table, Liquors and
Stabling,   All   Excellent.
will be given in
Tuesday and Wednesday,
Jan. 31 & Feb. 1, '05.
Committee, Charles Weetoby,
Isaac Kerr, Wm. Holton, J. M.
Smith,   J. McGillivray, Sec'y.
TicKefca including supper both
Night,. $5.00
Music by Clinton Orchestra.
Special arrangements for the
comfort of those attending.
Lame Johnny had a had accident, by
which he may lose his eye. He wan
using dynamite, whicli he said he wa.
familiar * ith; but he was too familiar
with one stick of it. This wus on the
road work beyond Anderson Lake. A
charge failed to explode, and he tried
to get it out, hnt he was not at all gentle
about it, and the explosion took place
verv unexpectedly. We hope Lame
Johnny's eye will get all right, so he
can use it.   He has enough trouble.
The Glee Chili met at the Victoria,
on Tuesday evening.
Mr.W.J. Gales lett on Tuesday, for
Vancouver to meet some mining men
who desire to negotiate for the Seton
Lake Mining property.
Mr. Buscomhe, an old Hamilton boy,
has been elected mayor of Vancouver
by a m~ j>nty of 1024.
'Ingli. Uren is still seriously ill with
inflammatory rheumatism, and will
probably   be confined  for some time.
.1. S. Hell walked home from Pemberton, about 60 miles. He has been
superintending n-ork ou the Birkenhead
road, for about 10 weeks.
1). Hurley was in town arranging lor
. upplies to be seut to Birkenhead.
Don't fail to hear Mr. Laidley next
Sunday evening on
Buddha, Brahma, Confucius,
and their doctrines
The text, " This is a true Baying and
worthy of ali acceptation, that Jesus
Christ, came into the world to save "
W.W. Jones just arrived in town,
from ihe Big Horn Ranch, 35 mile.,
having walked most of the way ; the
la. t 14 miles by water.
Roy L.idley is up and around again.
Mr Marshall has secured a man to
take charge of the 40 thieves claim,
H. M. Bahb's roof caught fire last
Sunday, but was soon extinguished.
The annual meeting of the Iowa and
Lillooet dredging Co, took place on Jan
12atIo-va Falls. We have not heard
the name* of the new officers.
We have an article this week touching
the game question: we understand the
matter was taken up at one time, by
some of the authorities here, without
securing much action by the Govt. Il
is a bard law to enforce.
Paul Santini,
_A._BTXJ_H._EaSO___>r     X,_A_:_____:_H_
2>a:xiiT±3sra- & a^iiiXiiuro-
00^~TF-A.ISr*Y*,    LI-fc-IITIESID
The Annual General Meeting of the
Shareholders of the above Company will he
held at ,he head office of the Company at
Lillooel, B, 0., on Saturday, the 11th day
of February, 1905, at lhe hour of 7.30 in the
evening, for the purpose of receiving the
Directors' report and statement of income
and expenditure for the past year.
SAMUEL GIBBS, Secretary.
Dated at Lillooet this
7tbday of Jan'y 1905.
From our own correspondent.
W. Riley is laid up with the mumps.'
According to re-pone the school hone
is rather chilly, owing to the absence
of firewood.
B. Larochelle intends building a fine
new house for his family.
There ie talk of building Un addition
to the school hou. e, but we have not
heard the reason yet.
Lytton Notes.
Mr. Bmphy has taken charge of the
Post Oliice instead of Mr. Anthony.
John McKay's stable was bnrned last
week. He lost 3 horses, a saddle and
hurness and a ton of hay.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hurley havo
gone to Vancouver.
The train from the west now arrives
one hour later from the west, the time
being ten o'clock, or rather, as they
say on the road, 22 o'clock.
/^;./r m i RETURNS
;.'SENECA -™
;• ,.-.:'-**'    v*.'\./' kxpobte~hs ci foe.     ."-**• -•
'.;.,.:iT »*/■^H^Jl-A '■'■:■ '■;.•-* northern •   ~,LIM O    •   '-'"    : '
,t^$$i$iffi0£mfa. v;MlNNEAP0LIS/tflNN.    -
Lot tho GOLD DUST twins do your work*"
Snow white olothes mm tho result of using
It makes X\$& tha .I~.bors of washing.    Turns
wash day into play day.   Better than any Soap
end more economical.
t~fade only by THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY.
Chicago,       New York,      Boston,      St Louis.     Montreal-
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fall to extract,
ln a word, they are the only reliable repeaters.fi
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
calibers, weights and styles; and are plain,
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose, every  pocketbook,  and  every taste.
made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
CDC ET—Seod name ind addrtia on a Pottil '
"ntt    |or our 164-pai* llluatrated Cautof.


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