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The Prospector Aug 10, 1901

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 a u
Vol.4,  No.5
$2.00 a year.
GXUl-Xtttt-AlL,     lv£XilXZ;GXIA'2XrF
Miners Supplies.'
BV Tltll l-lrojrKelof'. PUBMSHIKG riOtriKY.
Branch Store at Bridge Iti ver where a"t
*~ . | sible credit
full stoek of General Merchandise and Min u
ers Outfits are on hand.
A largely signed petit; a was sent :.. Vie-i
toria tlii* week, praying that the r lovernraent |
open up ill* had, slreel«.    The petition Stated
how impossible it   was lo have  llrftstreet at
    ''"' ''■"'''' °f'he town opened'up, on account
of the    benches,    li   also   pointed   out thc I
appropriation of $i,'Boo hns beeu made ' necessity ..i making iho present back smeots
hy ihe Government for na hospital in  Lill- ! .13 reel wide instead ol 06; the same width 1
■met.    tt   appears  lhat   it  is   Mr.   Smith's   was asked for the side streets.
opinion that an hospital i; iv.: at present re- |    This mora was ., very good cue.    A  good
rpiired, owing (o the preseht dullness in our   deal el needless trouble has been caiucd hy i
•"'"'neu'Wrs. this street question.    A .,1, i   rond would j
Of curse cverj-nun  Ins a  right to   Us   necessitate the  moving of several buildings
pinion, and we- give Mr. Sinsth all pas. : which would be on 9 66 fool rond, bul nol
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
In fart, iii
(hose  si.lr
Paul Santini,
Wnrrtes a fail suck of nil kinds ui' Groat.tes, Dry   Gooda,   Rootd   and   Shoes,
Ilitrvl-irarv, etc.
for his: ncverthel
e differ fiorn onr mcmlieij
We contend that an hospital
solute necessity; every town i
importance in li. 0 , with •
Ullooet, has an   hospital.    live
mote camp as  liark-ivillc has
good one.    Does Mr,  Smith not expect lhe
:-ri.le,e Kiver mines logo ahcal?    He inns:!    The assessment papers being sent oul Ihi
certainly seems  to show a decided want  n|   S'car ■'"• causing greal   ninusenienl   nnd,  ir
of faith in their future.    At anv rate, an hos- ' s""ic places, indignation.   Tli
pital Is required forl.lllooct.tnwn nlone   nnd   ver*>' humorously described by a
.s, in thiscase, on a ]; fool oi
cry materially, on whatever w
here is an ah-    be more 110111,33 feet,
an)   size audi    If ihis petition is granted,  lhc  town  wil
■J exception of j be immensely improved without causing anj
Biich a re- | inconvenience aad loss lo any property own
n .   nml  a ■ er.
Milton K.ithbun, ot New fork, owner ol the Alhambra mim-ril claim on
Cadwallader, arrive! in lown on Tues-
day, accompanied by Leslie Uill et lire
Mines Exploration Company. In conversation   with   the   Prospector,   Mr.
Ruth bun expressed ti,,. crcntest eoli-
li'lein-e in tlio fntrirc prosperity of Ilu
mining industries of Lillooel, ami predicted a glowing future (or lhe camp.
Mr. Ixnthbiin unu Mr. Hill left Thurs-
ir- i no r-a-. d*v morning lo. Cadwallader, to look
tteets should over tiie work being done by l'oretnau
TIIK BEN  1'iiK.
Arthur   Noel, manager  oi   the  Hen
Dor mines, came down this week   with
lhe clean-up, which uineunted to $0,01)0.
Lillooet, B. C.
W. F. Allen, Proprietor.
This Hotel is capable ol acconn datirfg 80 Quilts.   Saini-ls Kuoms for
Coinmrroial  Travellers. Everything  First-OUsa.
HE\D.QU.VRl"ER8 KOK It   X. 8r_«iE.
tile surrounding coimiry.    An   ex-ample of j       '" lssl
what inconvenience and trqublc die want ,.i  llle cens,ls W
one causes was afforded not   very long ago
when the Government authorities lind lo,  be
callcil upon lo provide 1-t a wounded man.
li is allege.! Ihal an hospital would be
too expensive lo maintain, _ n nurse would
have to be hired. If tlteret vtetp only n few
isolated cases, the friends cf'tlie injured pws
would most certainly look afn-r.them.    li, ,,„
ions,     i li.ei
.uppi.se   ilia
: is fool enouj
n record wdi
A marl is al
oi his book
pi est
ilic Government foi one minute
i any competent business man
;!i lo place Iii, |.rivate olfairs on
ich anyone can demand to see?
in is arsn supposed to stair lhe ainoun.
. book debts, and In pay an income tss
j the oilier hand, llie'hospijijj increasd in si/.e u" t'lcm uccordiugly. How is a man to di.\
'and importance, ii would tHen iupport itseli C"VI'1 ''"w m*ny of his book debts aie good?
I by the inoney.ailvnne'cd iv those who'would ^'"' debts are surely nol an asset.
1 he able io pny ter'iheir attendance. The above are only examples of the  gen-
The very fact of their not   being an hos- - eral "•'llur''  "f   'he  thing.     To judge from
j pital in a town, will certainly ,I,i ihat   town   recenl  •"a',i'"K-   the  presenl  government   is
■ a certain amount of harm;  for  it is  patent   E^ll'ni
■ Ihnt a family would much sooner reside in a I
in M.till.l.tYKAY CREEK,
situstion iv i    Mr. -John Marshall, ireasurei of the
'"""I I  'Anderson   Lake ('■.,., returned   la-tK.il-
asked  U   unlay from MeUillivray Oreek with the.
apposed lobe the height   cl«an-up.   The gold brick weighed  10-1 +
•I   personalities,    fade   into   insignificance  ounces, constituting the   result of a 2,
when compared   wilh  lhe assessment
lo b<
Hotel Victoria,
place with an hospital lliau in one that  has
Moreover, lhe money lias   linen granted
and it is not in die power of anv  one  man
I dnys actual run.    Aa the gold from thin
I mine assays very highly,   the clean-up
will amount lo over $1,800.   Considerable development work  was done <lur-
I ing the past  month,   which   revealed a
very large body of rich ore in an Upraise
irom the lower luiinel, over nut) [pet   in.
It is a burning shame ttatj this coui-
i puny have never received any assistance
j Irom tl.e Government in milking roads
ilo Ihis   mine.    Although   il  employ-   j.
larger number ol men  ut the  present
j time  thnn any   other   quartz   mine iu
the district, aud is a steady producer,
:iliu sum total ol Hovernment  aid  hai
NECESSITIES OF   WAR , ,  „,     „
been the enormous sum   ...   $311     1 hi-
Sentimental   Britishers are   peginn- j company pours., considerable r.venui
to nne   at    l.-ird    Kitchener    because; inl„  lllB  iT_tittty   col,.-,* -„.,,-    v.-,,,
bis war    methods   appear harsh, and■|,B„,   with  only ordinary fair pity,   '«
r.o better fast.
I injunction   is a distinct abuse of authority
Let us have that hospital while ih.v money i.
■ there for it, or soma day we won':  be nbh
Thia hotel  being new and thoroughly finished  throughout is the only Krst   l0 Bet " when we need   i; much worse
Haas htitel in l.il.ooet.    IVrsons calling at Lillooet will receive every attention by   at present,    Our.member al  that  lime
stopping in the liotel Victoria. Good i-tuiiiing in connection w iti. the hotel, ilerni-
(|nart4>rs l'«r the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
e  e  * •  9  9   cHAiiasM  Menr.MATK.    e  *  s   41  9  9
to say that it shall not h= built.   Such an J heraUfe   U» liber,    nre   suffering   in j'eniitled to some remuneration for the
consequence.   This is always the case,  largo amount ot money which it has ex-
at least   it   liaa   always  been   the  case   pended on trails, ami it is going to  get
nine  the dailv   newspaper   undertook ! it or know the reason why.
than   UiKivp the wjrld in tinoh  with   all
may passing evente. Tn our own experience W.K. Brett, Dr. Hanna, 0, VV. Ra-
.1 hadn't we have had a taRte oi it i„ conn- (use and VV. M. Brandon came down
action with tiie l'hillipino trouble, from McGillivray Cieek Tuesday eve.
Stivers! commanders who have Or. Hanna left next day Mr bin home,
burned lillagas which were rallying in Everett, Wash. Mr. Rafuse, who
points, and banes of supply [pr guer-1 lias been foreman at the mine fnr th-
illns bave been culled on Use carpet ■ last couple of months, has gone to \ «n-
iind severely disciplined,   lu  the Oiv-  couver, whence ho   will,go   1.0 Mount
bo greeted  with  "(lo awny' If
common sense  enough to   lake   ilu-money
when   it was  offered ymi, don't
: now"
lor   11
I    And what i; the will of ::rc people, public
ly expressed?   At a  largely  attended  puhli,
; j meeting, held on the evening of Feb.   Sth
1901, the following resolution was passed,
Moved by  Dr. Sanson, seconded   bv Mr.
much   worse.
A. Lochore,  "that Mr Smith seen
re .111 ait
Stage leaven Lytton every Tuesday ant
ing for Lillooet, returning nuxt day.    Special trips made.
If yotl contemplate atrip Into Lillooet district, write us for information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     •:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B L
Saturday mom-   proprlatlon-for die   erection  of an
in Lillooet". CAKLII'.n li MAXIM 01
, LY. 'Ihis Is lhc voice of thc people', a
, any country nol governed l.y the voice oft
'people isasecond Russia.
Bridge River Travel -*•€ jas. b. uren
Steamer leaves the Mill wharf every morning (except
Sunday) at 9 a. m.. for lake poinUr.
Returning leaves' the Mission at 2 p.m,
/or information concerning rate.s, special tn'ips &<:.,
write the company or call at the Mill wharf,
Seaton Lake Steamboat Company.
ILillooet, Ii. C.
Manufacturer of all kind ol
MINER'S Ba-PPLfEB, PICKS. IiRll.l.s, Etc
il  war conditions    were
In his march to the sen, General on Thursday
Sherman spread devastation over a
I"1-1' strip oi country linndreda of miles
long and nearly forty miles wide,
liis army wns cut off from support
from the nortli. It could not afford
to leave subsistence, behind, so n,at ,
enemies would lie able to keep close
on it.j trail. ILi.l General Shorninn
proceeded in u perfectly ladylike man-1
ner, respecting private private prop-
eriy, leaving well-filled barns stored
vvilli hay nnd grain, plenty oi horses
cattle and chickens and well-slocked
provision stores, his route might have
ended iu AnilerBOnville prison, instead
pi in  decisive victory,
Had the ferlilo Shenandoah valley
been lefl linilevaslated, Um f_<l_ral
inny nii:;lil not have been able to
reach lliebniniid ns eoon as H did.    lino
\V.  Brett re turned to the
i.ili.oolt, u. <.
AH v orlv Warranted.
J. If. Anthony.
(leimrnl Mercluiut. LYTTON.
Storage and
Forwarding: Agent
I vo*
Ullooet and Bridge River.
Kone but the bestmnlorlal tied,    Minor
I prospocturs  sendlni; in   unlem   will   reii
promptuttentlou and »aH«lH4tr|on.enarani«sd I Urant stoppod Rghting when  the Fen-
'  , limeutulistsraised abow'l because iluni-
, san.lt" ol men were dying In the 'vVil
deriicss in a ben' thai ,vas overpour-.
ine:, and amid burning woods nnd sctub
which   milled  to  their terrible  sufi'sr-
Brief Despatches.
1'0111's, ti.O.
The bituminous coal recently discovered 80 miles nortli of Grand 1'orks. is
pronounced to be cokins coal of excellent quality.     The nseny is ns follows—
fixed carbon, 73, 3 iter cent.
Volatile matter, .2.2 ]ter cent.
Vaila   •'! per cent,
lu all about 7000 acres bwe beea
A lull stoek of jill   inds, nf
lord   Kitchener   reports   that   Gen.
Kitchener,   alter   tl   long  elniRC   of   Hell
Vlljoan's conimimdo. caught up with
it. A sharp light ensue.I , We captured a pom-pom   and  22 wagons,   nml
A rirlr lady curs'] ul Imr Deafness aiei Seises
In tln> Hi.- -I l.y Ur   NinhAisnn's  Artlli.-.ii>l Rktj
1'ruuit", rh j |iij.OOO io mt. Institute, su itiat i:.-.
deil pef>|ihl unrtllU to pror-ure thit Knr I'runin     Have xoods
wntr   nr,v« ttit'iu   l,i*t".    Atl"lrr*s   N'o.   ll.v>S  'Phd
ti.-tioisnn iMfiiiuie, 78c, Kighih Avenue, SewTailWHjr ijliargw are rettldd
vort, i
consigned   to   my   cBre;
ouds storei!
1..1 TR^. COLI...PVIUK.
Lttlnoet, r>. ..,
ami (oi'waided wltb despatch,
Half-Way T Lou8o,<^
PUBLIC Headquarters foi all Strigcj.
j '.TtM.'T i     \i.-i-i! | IVR.VV, Proprietor,
bigs, the saciifieeol   life would    liavu  took   32   prisoners.    1'i.e   British   bud
been   useless    because it would  have I live wsunded.
UP"T0"I;ATF    rL'llNITU^E     l'Pf°v«l   undecisive.   There ia but one | Commandant Haermanus Steyn, acoue-
purpone in wnr   and   that  is a finish j in of President Slevn,   won  killed   on
which  will put  a  end   lo contention  l August 1st while lighting ut Ficksburgi
! War in South Africa to'lny i* uudoubt-
: cilly ns  bloody  and   cruel   ns it   eve
i was.   There is no occasion   for amending Gen. Sherman's  vigorous deflni-1   The harvesters in Manitoba have com-
I tion ol it.   II a nation  is to ba blolt-  menced  operations,     The aid of.20,000
is 11 w\v for vile by
Lll.I.Ool'T, 11. C.
Store and Repair Slrep in I'rtn lltotk.
N'b troiiiste tc
j    Call and examine
show jou..
cd off the face of lhe earth nt nil   it ! additional men will In needed lo get in
lis  belter    lo   pnsieuie   Ibe,  work as   the 60,000,000 bushels of flue wheat.
! speedily n" possible.   There is no  hn- j    At the recent agricultural exhibition
j inanity in cutting ofl a don's   tail an  held in Winnipeg, the beautiful building
j inch at  a time, erected by British Columbians wai gre-
.'.: ci/o . .1U-.1.I1.
n'ly lulmired. OLD WORLD BRIEFS.
Iteconi of Ooourrencei in the Land That
Kelvin, Unique in the World's Hitttory
irrir Srrpi-Hine io llr. Commercial 1 il.-
of   ilia   World—Side   Lights   on   Great
il. ii  and  I  .- i.: -
The fund for ilu' national memorial
to    Queen    Victoria      now    exceed.,
.t 11.::, i n n i
in certain London hotels wine left
on tlie tables is the waiters' p«r-
1..11 Maclaren hus boon lecturing
Punch for it- caricature of llr- Saui-
uel  Smith,  M    I'
I'i.i' nol pruill .ni th.' Leeds corporation trams during the past year
amounts to C81 058.
A man h.rs (riven a Heading mason
a penny for finding a lost purse con-
luilllng   LIHIU    ri   miles anil  goid.
h ,s proposed i o erect a siatii"- to
tin" Ian- Sir Arthur Sullivan on the
Thames embankment,  in London.
John Keat's autograph poem "Ode
10 the Nightingale." fetched £105 at
Sothebj s.   I ondon,   tin-  other day.
There are 3«!G pi, s of public entertainment in London, wiih a coni-
1 hied seating capacity for 400,000
People in the west end of London
are spending much money this year
nn external Uoral decorations for
their houses,
In tli.- past forty years Croat. Britain has produced forty million tons
of steel, nr about one-third of the
world's total product.
Tho Karl of Sealleld holds Greal
Uritain's recortl as a tree planter,
having planted 60,000 trees on    40,-
i   acres   in   Invernesshire.
A London cashier named Robb was
remanded for falsifying lire books of
bis employer and stealing sums
amounting to over £10,000.
The Manchester School Board 1ms
47,000 scholars .m the books inn!
1,577 teachers. There are 16,390 pupils anil 906 teachers at the evening
London, to all appearances, was
niver more prosperous than now.
The theatres, music halls and eon-
cert rooms are crowded. Every hotel
is full of visitors.
The value of lish landed in Great
Britain and Ireland last year was
fully nine millions and a half sterling, as compared with less than
seven millions  in   1802.
The value of haddock landed on
English coasts is usually- £800,000
greater than lhat of herrings, and
const itues one-third of the value of
all th.   fish annually taken.
Miss Ellen Terry hus a friend who
obtains tlie portrait of lhe actress
as soon as published and puts them
in her rooms. "It made me quite
wretch, d when I last called," said
Jliss Terry. "There was I weeping
ir, her bedroom and mad in her dining-room, while in the front parlor
I was positively dying in three dif-
feieni   positions."
An extremely pretty "daffodil"
wefldine took [.hue in Pcvonshire the
oilier day. All ihe bridesmaids were
in daffodil China silk Empire dresses,
with toques to match, and carried
crooks surmounted by a bunch of I lie
spring flowers. At the wedding
breakfast, which was a good old-
fashioned silting down one, no flowers   were  us. il  bul   daffodils.
Referring to ihe subject of temperance recently ihe Archbishop of
Canterbury said thai a very few
years ago 'be man who did not indulge in 'nloxicnting drink was re-
gaiihd as an "odd" man. hut that
public opinion was changing so rap-
idly that it seemed likely that before long the "odd" man would be
th    man lhat  did  indulge.
Ur. -lames Cow, i lie new head-master of i lie Westminster School, London, is tlie lirst layman to hold
that oliice since Queen Elizabeth re-
founded the school. At i'ambridge
he was chancellor's medallist and
Fellow of Trinity College, and he Ins
given further proof of liis learning
b.v his books, which embrace such
subjects as Greek, mathematics, and
the odes  and epod.-s of Horace.
Miss Baden - "..well, only sister ol
Major-General Baden-Powell, is to be
married shortly to Sir William Bis-
ell Berry, N.A.N.lb, who so greatly
distinguished himself in Cape Colony.
Many old friends will be interested
in knowing thai Sir William Berry
was the favorite nephtw of the late
Mrs. John Leslie, of Ottawa, "nt.
He is a cousin of Mr. .lames A. Leslie and of Mrs. T. Alfn-d Code, of
Riverside, Perth.
The royal inotiogrn.nl which is to
be placed upon the King's liveries is
of the neatest possible style, and
consists of ihe letters E. It. with
VII. beneath them. The sum.-what,
flarabuoyatit manner in which Hie
royal cypher appeared upon 'In- livery and harness of Hie previous sovereign now gives place to a severer
tasie. tt_d ihi- applies not only to
the full stale trappings, but also t"
the Asian nnd Goodwood liveries,
both of which an- also in preparation.
The now throne for the use of
Queen Alexandre Is an almost exact
replica of ihe old nn.-. Its design is
mainly Tudor-Oothlc, the seal being
embroidered in gold anil bllvor nfter
the Gothic pattern ol the one us. d
by Queen Victoria, the back i .insisting of a very handsome embroidered
Royal Standard, which is surmounted by a beautiful gilt scroll centrepiece on which are Inscrlbid the letters "V. 1!" II was the King's special command lhat "V. it." should
not be replaci tl  I y "B.  II."
A     high     11-! ale  was   paid   to  thc
British  nurses  by
said,   in   a  Si
Mrs. Bullock   Wnrkmau   Conc.-dt-d   to lie
the Champion   1 a ly Mouutain
Climber of ihe World.
Mrs. Bullock Workman is the champion lady mountain climber of lhe
world, says The London Express,
having made three successive mountaineering records for her sex in India, ihe highest being 21,000 feel.
Ih-r experiences were very interesting.
'Before I climbed Koser Gunge, my
highest and third record peak, 21,-
000 feet, the rarefied air proved io
be the most potent sleep vanquisher, and I suffered much from the
want of it. We were at 18,000 feet,
and it was bitterly cold. The stillness
was death-like, broken here and there
only by the roar of an avalanche, or
the groan of a coolie trying to sleep
under a rock. I shivered in my Bleep
bag, but worst of ail was the effect of
the rarefied nir, which often caused
me to sit up and gasp for the oxygen that was nol procurable after ell
one's efforts. I did not particularly
notice 18.000 feet when climbing in
the day, but nt night, when trying
to sleep. I found that altitude distressing. In regard
to tho effects of diminished
pressure nfter 15,000 feet, my experiences were the following: My breathing was shortened, and I had to
climb more slowly, at 10,000 feet,
nnd very slowly indeed from 18,000
f.ei to 21,000 feel, often halting to
rest. I had severe headaches at
times at 10,000 feet and 20,000 feel;
but at 21,000 feet I recall no headache. We were in a severe wind and
sleet storm for scleral hours during
the last part of the assent, and we
ull suffered from cold and exhaustion. It wns a great struggle lo
reach the top, take our measurements, nnd get down lo a point of
comparative safety; and so absorbed
was 1 about doing this that I forgot
about my physical symptoms, except when my hands and "feel began
to lose all sensation. By pounding
and rubbing them, the guide restored my circulation sufficiently for me
to go on with more safety: but it
was a wild and dangerous climb towards  the close."
Mrs. Workman has not been free
from accidents. Her most unpleasant experience of uciscon crevasses,
for instance, was on a neatly-covered
one, about half a mile long, on the
Great Biafo glacier. "Luckily," she
says, in recalling the adventure, "we
were roped, for down I went into the
bottomless pit, and before I realized
what had happened my head was
peeping out from a thick collarette
of heavy wet snow. Press out
witli you feet and riraw on the rope,'
called the guide, as he braced himself for me io pull myself up. Frantically pushing against space, held
on both sides of the crevasse by the
rope. I did not. nt first make much
headway. Finally, afler wearing my
gloves through with my hand-to-
hand struggle with the rope, I felt
myseW coming tip a bit, and soon
reached a point, where my purchase
on lhe rope was of some account,
and thus 1 at last came out of my
snowy ease. This was not. a particularly dangerous adventure, but it
dis! inctly  disagreeable."
Story of tin-  t- ur -ll:ir--ihul.
As everyone knows, the Buke oi
Norfolk's carelessness about dress
and unassuming ways are very marked and have caused him to be the
victim of many curious mistakes. My
friend had a house near Arundel, and
when she and her family w.-re removing to London the liuke contemplated
buying Hie place as a house for a
member of his family. One morning
Mrs.   was in her bedroom shortly after breakfast, when a servant
came up to tell her Unit a messenger
had called from Hie Castle. "Where
is he?" she asked. "Oh! he's in the
hall, ma'am." Knowing the Duke's
habits of activity in the country she
felt some misgivings, and hurried
downstairs to lind the Furl-Marshal
of England sitting quite patiently on
a hall chair wiih his hat in his
hands. She overwhelmed liim with
apologies, of course, but the Duke
was most amused, and laughingly
said lhat hi' delighted jn an appearance which protected him from attentions which would make his life
•I find it did -
gratitude    will.
Sisterhood l a
serving  in  Sol:
tion,     skill,   i'
displny. il   by   I
vice.     and   by
from   the   '.I   'ii
admiral b"i , nd b
thut  I bold   as lo
economy  lo  Hie
*UIT-'*lg   S 'l'VI<
Lord  Roberts,  who
African    despatch:
i o express Hi" deep
which lhe    Nursing
aspired    0.11     ranks
Vfrlca,  The    d?vo-
■   and   i i durance
-"■my   n" ■s'n '    '-" -
I    .!  o;   tin ■' .' Ions
a v ■ i :.  i i d     my
i   i il   e:y      opini   a
li • ttecesrily    i n :
■.'. ice of an    am] 1
nir army.''
1. .1  all   tlookh.
Sentimentalists are shedding a
tear at Hie prospect oi the disappearance of Lallah Hookh at Mus-
well Hill, tin bouse and estate associated wiili the fame of Thomas
Moore. It was in the cottage on
the estate that Hi" poet wrote part
of tlie poem which has given tlie
property its present name. He received £8,000    for    the | in,      lea
ihal was at a period when people
slill read poetry anil publishers
found  ii   paid 10 rcmi rate bards.
Moore's daughters also died in the
same col I aire. Hut alack and aduy .
i In- well-wooded grounds and small
lakes around il an- wanted for ibe
cans! rucl ion of a new ri ml. The
District Council has rcsolvod upon
ile ii.-i'cii'iil d- <1 ami Moore's famous   i ol lag.-  will   short l.y   I"' no more.
The Exports of 1900 Were the I.argoit to
the Colony's ijintory.
The Newfoundland eust«_s returns
for the year ending June 80, 1000,
show that the exports of ihe island
were the largest in its history, lhe
total sum being $8,o97;41A, as compared wilh $6,936,810 lhe previous
year. Brazil continues to be the
best customer of the colony, ils
purchases amounting to ?ll,008,o86,
tiie United Kingdom coming next
with $1,942,093; Portugal, 81,009,-
11:17; United Slates, $975,863; Gibraltar, $975,883 and Canada, SollO,-
137, Although sixth in the list of
purchasers, Canada heads the record
of commodities sold to Newfoundland, the importation from the Dominion having been $2,805,490; Unit,d Kingdom, $2,224,853; United
•States, $1,998,505. The totnl importations were $7,497,147, tus compared with $6,811,244 the previous
year. The great bulk of the Importations from Canada were Hour, the
value of ihis commodity alone being
$918,884. The other articles which
Canada sells to Newfoundland in
greater quantities than any ether
country are apples, sheep, beans,
butler, cheese, fresh meat, oatmeal,
fieas, poultry, eggs, hay, horses,
oat3, entile, potatoes. In most of
these articles the Dominion has a
decided lead, and is steadily drawing away from its rivals, which
shows the value, of propinquity and
ease of communication. Canada ha*
no advantage in regard to the
duties, the imposts being the same
for all  countries.
Newfoundland's lending export was,
of course, dried cod, the value in
1000 being $5,458,538. For the first
time the exports of fresh cod were
of sufficient value to be worth quoting, namely, 81,001. There is a
great possibility of expansion in the
exportation" ol fresh lish by refrigerated transportation. Let it be hoped
thai, small as this sum is, it, is the
Beginning of a great trade. The frg-
iir. s of the pickled herring industry
do nol show the re!urns that would
be desired. 'Ihe exports of copper
were 8617,015, the largest since
1892, and of iron ore $313,940, the
greatesi sum yet reached, although
ihis export will show still greater
figures for the years to come. Newfoundland appears to have keen satisfactorily prosperous and progressive during lhe year in question.
Whnt We (in, to Kins Alfred.
It is a thousand yenrs since the
death of the great Englishman, King
Alfred, in whose humble translations
we may see the beginnings of Kng-
lish literature. Until it has a literature, however unpretending and
however artless, a language is not
conscious of itsclt; and it is therefore
in no condition to maintain its supremacy over the dialects lhat are
ils jealous rivals. And it is by its
literature chiefly that a language forever binds together the people who
speak it —b.v a literature in which the
characteristics of these people are reveal'd find preserved and in which
their iil.-als are declared em! passed
down from general ion to general ion
as ihe most precious heritage of ihe
The historian of the English people asserts ihal what made Alfred
great, small as was his share of action, was "the moral grandeur ol his
life.      Ile  livi ll   solely   for  lhe  g 1 of
his people." lie laid lhe foundations for a uniform system of law,,
and he started schools, wishing that
every freeborn youth who had the
means should "abide at his book until lie can understand English writing." lie invited scholars from other lands to settle in England; but
what most told on English culture
was done, not by them, but by the
King himself. Ho "resolved to
throw open to his people in iheir own
tongue the knowledge which lill then
had been limited to Hie clergy," anil
lie'took his b<ioks as he found thein,"
Hie popular manuals of the day, Bede
and Boethius nnd Orosius. These he
translated wilh liis own hand, editing freely, and expanding and contracting, ns he saw fit. "Do not
blame me H nny know Latin better
than I." hi' explained wilh modest
dignity; "for every man must sny
what he says and lnusl do what he
does according to his ability." And
Green from whom this quotation is
borrowed. insists that, "simple as
was liis aim. Alfred created English
literature"—ihe English literature
Which is still alive anil sturdy after
a thousand years, antl wftlch is today flourishing in Great Britain and
in the greater port of the civilized
Til,"  lillluiiiev   KnirlcK l...in-.
The famous eagles which used to
hatinl Ilu' Lakes of b. illarney. making llieir home in lhe Eagle's Nest
mountain, have been exterminated
within the last throe years. They
were exceedingly picturesque, and objects of greal interest to visitors.
Their depredations, however, among
the grouse, and iheir capture of
lambs and kids from tin farms all
along the countryside, rendered il absolutely necessary to get rid of them,
and the lust of Hie birds has been
shot.—London   News.
rnknown, unseen,  whate'er Thou  firt,
Win,   nrarl'st   the   world   whereof   we   an
An.l tlid'st devise tlie liuuinn heart;
If supplication be lint In vain,
Grant us release from worse than pain,
Ami   give  felicity   again.
ilive, for Tin.u canst benignant years,
L'ke mercy breathed  In furnished ears;
And calm that comes uf noble tears.
Strength that In perfect sweetness grows
An.I labor crowned with fruitful close;
And  the  lost secret  uf repose.
A  vision passionately .lust;
Aiul Power tlmt  pultctli not Its trust
In endless leagues of subject dust.
Aa  England confidently whole.
Moving to her appropriate goal
In pure security of soul,
Tlio lovelier England, dear and true!
'Hie Itnlglitller England, armed anew,
Itather to aid tlnin to subdue.
Fashioned heroic, to await,
Willi breast serene, with brow sedate,
Her  lofty ami   her lonely  fate.
—William Watson.
According to Tlt-Iliti There Are That
Niitnher In the British Knipire.
There are, snys London Tit. Bits,
nineteen parliaments in the British
Empire, ten jn British North America, seven in Australia, and two in
South Africa, to which might perhaps be added (though not parliaments in the same sense) the Supreme Government of India and tlie
Presidency of Bengal, which nre
both situated in Calcutta. The len
British North American Parliaments
are the Dominion Parliament of Cnn-
ada, which meets at Ottawa; lhc
Parliament of Newfoundland, which
meets at St. John's; Hie Parliament
of Prince Edward Island, which
meets at Chailottetown; of Nova
Scoiia, which meets at Halifax; of
New Brunswick, at Fredericton; of
Quebec Province, nt. Quebec; of Ontario, at Toronto; of Manitoba, at
Winnipeg; of the Northwest Territories, at Itegina; and of British Columbia, which meets at Victoria,
\ ancouver Island. The seven Austra-
iun parliaments are those of New
Zealand, at Wellington; Victoria, at
Melbourne; New South Wales, at
Sydney; Queensland, at Brisbane;
South Australia, at Adelaide; Western Australia, at Perth; and Tasmania, at Ilobart. The two South African Parliaments nre those of the
Cape Colony and Natal, meeting respectively at '.'ape Town and Fieter-
Origin of Naval  « iisl.nus.
A curious fact, not generally
known, is that the black silk handkerchief which .lack knots around
his throat was first worn as mourning for Nelson, and has ever since
been retained. The three white
stripes around the broad blue collar
of the sailor's jumper commemorate
the victories of Trafalgar, Copenhagen and the Nile. Thus the Nelson legend affects not only .link's
work, hut his food and clolhing as
well. The broad blue collar itself is
older llirin the great Admitnl. It
was first adopted at, that periotl
when sailors plastered their hair into
a stiff pigtail with grease and powder.
Al nine o'clock each night the sentry in every ship iu harbor fires oil
his ride. For the origin of this custom we may have lo look back to
Hie days of flintlocks. Then, in order to tesl Ihe priming and see that
his weapon was in usable condition,
the sentry had to lire it off each
night, There is no necessity for such
a test with modern rifles; but the 0
o'clock firing is religiously carried
livery officer or man climbing to
the quarter-deck salutes. The origin
of this usage dates back a long way.
Winn England was a Roman Catholic
country a crucifix stood on the quarter-deck of ulf ships. Every time
any of the crew approached this h ly
symbol ihey crossed themselves, Otii
of that has grown the custom of saluting the quarter-deck.
The    Annual    Report    Shows   Ihnt   This
Country In Advancing Ilupidly.
T_8 annual report on mines and
mining in Canada shows that this
country . is advancing rapidly, although many will be surprised to see
how small a place iron still holds in
our mineral production. An increase
in the production of iron ore may
now be looked for. The growth of
our mining is shown by this table:
per capita.
1886   ..._ S2.23
18(10   ..._  3.50
1898    4.09
1896     4.40
1807    _  5.63
18(18    _     7.32
1899     9.33
In 1880 the production per capita
of Canada was less than one-third of
that of the United States; in 1899 it
was about three-fourths. In other
words, while the United Stales was
adding 70 per cent, per head to the
value of its mineral products the
Dominion was adding more than 300
per cent. 11 might be inferred that
i-f this conl inues our mining industry
will soon be as important relatively
as that of the United States. It must
not be forgotten, however, that the
increase is largely due to the placer
diggings of the Yukon. Thc proportionate value of the different mineral
products  was,   in  1899,,  as follows:
Per  cent.
1. Oold    ...'.  42.88
2. Coal   and   coke     21.45
3. Copper     5.30
4. Bricks   (estimated)       4.43
5. Nickel      4.17
0.  Silver        4.10
7. Building stone (estimated)     3.03
8. Petroleum       2.42
9. Lead         1.97
10. Lime (estimated)         1.61
11. Cement         1.28
12. Asbestos    98
13. Natural gas  78
14. Gypsum  52
15. Salt 	
10. Iron  Ore  	
17.  Sundry   under   1
4 03
y Jealousy.
between  Glasgow anil
The jeal
Edinburgh, so old anil so natural
that it is one of lhe slock Instances
of the kind, slill manifests Uself in
ev.-r varying ways. At one time
complaints used lo be rife as to Glasgow artists being unfairly treated I y
iheir Edinburgh brethren, who are in
the majority in Hie Scot lish Academy. Now it is the turn of the
Edinburgh men to complain of the
Glaswegians. Al the annual meeting of He" Scottish Artists' Society.
dissatisfaction was lately expressed
ihai ui the Glasgow International
Exhibition only six nrtisis Iroiu
Edinburgh hud been selected to send
their wink, as compared wiih sixty
Glasgow artists, nf course Glasgow
has lhe larger population, though
scarcely in tin- proportion of sixiy
lo six.
The  \1 inil-or   U lid   lion™.
It. is staled Ihal the wild boars in
Windsor Great Park are to be shot,
by order of King Edward. The'herd
was presented lo Queen Victoria by
lb.- King .'-•line years ago during a
tour in India. Tin- animals have
largely increased in numbers, and
have iaol io be killed ..IT periodically.
They have been a considerable source
oi attraction to visitors, but ihey
an- dangerous, and several people
have narrowly escaped injury.
Sootluml's Kr-ieml the "almon,
It has been said that more laws
have been passed for the protection
of the salmon than for lhat ot any
other living creature save man himself. But, then, lo Scotland the salmon is worth a good deal. The rental of lhe Tay alone runs lo over
£20,000 a year. Indeed the amount
paid to Scottish lairds for Hie privilege of catching lhe salmon and bis
lesser kinsman, tlie trout, is believed
to be considerably over £100,000 a
year. And the benefit lo Scotland
does not end her-. Sportsmen must
live. They usually live well, ami
have to pay well.—People's Friend,
Fllseltilltlol.K of Itrldge.
One of Ihe strange features of
bridge is the extraordinary fascination it has for beginners; the mere
fact of winning or losing seems to lie
overlooked by the novice in the delightful speculation, of declaring a
trump suit or thi' novelty of doubling
the ndversnries's call. No harsh
criticism on the purl of his partner
or sarcastic reference lo his inability to count thirteen cards can cool
liis ardour. With the fervor of a
convert he insists on his right of cutting into a tabic, anil although at lhe
.nil of the rubber lhe other players
lind various and cogent, reasons for
leaving oil', he with a light heart and
probably a lighter purse calmly
awaits the formation of a new table.
—London World.
Munohester -hit. Canal.
The  slea r  Tandil,   with   170,000
bushels of grain from the river Plnte,
in navigating the canal to the gruin
.levinoriiibout 85 uiilesi, discharging the whole of her cargo, and passing out again by the eastern locks
mio ihe Itiver Mersey, occupied only
ok hours.
The steamer Cap. nor. wilh 8.974
bab'S   cotton,   1,300   pieces   pitch   pine
lumber and 96 logs from Savanah
only took 76 hours to discharge the
whole of her cargo at the Manchester docks and navigate the canal
twice its length, a total distance of
about  70 miles.
Canadian iron in Britain.
The London, Eng., Speaker says:
"The arrival in tiie Clyde ot 3,500
tons of pig iron from Canada is a
development of some significance.
Hitherto the iron which has come
into this country has been brought
from the continent and the United
States when production there has
been in excess of the demand; and
so far from importing from the Dominion we have sent it nn average
of about 10.000 tons annually. The
shipment represents the first effort
of the Dominion iron & Steel Com-
pnny to cultivate a foreign trade.
This concern is of a magnitude equal
to some of tlie largest establishments
of Pittsburg: it owes its inception
to American brains, which wero
prompt to recognize the iron and
sleel manufacturing possibilities of
the country. Its works ure situated
ut Sydney, Cape Breton, and from
the immediate neighborhood it
draws Inexhaustible supplies of good
ore. coal and limestonu, at prices
which bring tlie cost of the materials to only about 3s. 3d. per ton.
us compared with His. at Pittsburg.
Being located in Canada, the company pays no duty on such of its
products as are consumed in the
country, and its position at tidewater gives it ii great advantage
over American rivals for the purposes of a foreign trade. Moreover,
it. receives a bounty from the Canadian Government, and this suffices
to pay freights to and landing
charges ill Knghind. The whole of
Ibe Dominion Company's four furnaces a I'e now in operation, aiul as
an outlet in Canada itself is not
likely to be found for the'whole of
ils output of over 200.000 tons per
annum, there i.s every prospect of
regular shipments an a big scale to
England. In fact, Canadian it'on
to prove a more serious
than either American,
German or
Whr  He  111,I,i'i   (lo  lo I'liuri'li.
A Scottish minister who wns Indefatigable In looking up Ills folk one day
(tilled upon a parishioner "Uieluird."
be suid. "1 line na seen ye nt the kirk
for some time and wad like to know
ibe reason."
"Week sir." answered Rlelinrd. "I
line three decided objections In gnltl-
llrstly. I dlnn.'i believe in belli wlllllir
ye does n' the inlklti: secondly. I ibuiui
believe In si' inuekle sliigm. nn. thirdly
tin In conclusion, 'iwus there I got iny
They   Were   Finally   Dispelled,   nnd
the San Shone UrlKlilly.
And another of those little "Dolly Dialogues" tlmt the chippie birds Hying about
the $22.50 per month Capitol hill chateau
overheard went something as follows:
She—I'm going to puck up this very
day and leave you to your stinginess and
IIl—What, again? Let's see. how
many times in the last six months have I
seen those 38 cent pictures taken down
from the walls and wrapped in pieces of
aged portieres, anil the bureau drawers
dumped iuto the trunks, and the general
dismantling going en as if—
She—Well, I'm going this time, and—
He—Couldn't get you away from here
with a 32 horsepower windlass. Where's
the sense in all this four flushing?
She—Pour flushing! You've got so depraved that you can't speak except in
those nasty old gambling terms. If you
think that I'm going right on putting up
He—Same old line of talk. What have
I been doing now that you should heave
the red lacquered mantel clock into the
top trny of your trunk and begin to yank
your costumes down from the nails, and—
She—Vou mean what haven't you done?
You never take nie to a single plnce, but
leave me to drag out my lonely existence
all by ray-
He—Why, last night was the first time
I've been out for ten days, and—
She—And you don't appreciate a single
little thing I do for you, but—
He—D'you want me to stand on my
head anil wiggle my ears every time I sit
down to a decent menl?
She—There yon go again—that's the
way you talk. And you never so much
ns come near me any more, but every
time I try to make over you n little you
net just ns though you loathed and hated
the sight of nie. And I don't believe that
you care one bit for mo any more, so I
She-Well, tlo you?
He—Cinch. You know you've got a
cinch nt that. Couldn't live without you
for 20 minutes, and you know it.
She—Now, honest. Jack, cross your
He (folding her in his embrace)—Well,
listen to the monkey—as if she didn't
know it all the time.   Sure thing, I do!
She—And is it a-going to be gooder than
it has been?.
He—Uli-huh. Honest. Make a stab
at it. anyhow. Get your things on, and
we'll tnke.in some show or other.
(Much up stage business of fondling and
expressions of mutual sorrow over their
"awful badnesses" nnd confessions that
they didn't mean a single word they said,
followed by slow curtain as they depart
burbling  for  the  theater.)-
Nnturnl Waters.
All natural waters contain a greater
or less amount of mineral matter In solution. Rain water has the smallest
percentage of solid Impurities of any,
and therefore it Is takeu ns tbe standard variety of soft water.
The terms soft nud bard, however,
as applied to water are scientifically
considered purely relative.
Water is usually reckoned to be
"soft" when It contains less than oue
five-thousandth part of Its weight of
mineral Ingredients and "hard" when it
contains more than one four-thousandth.
Soft wnter has the property of easily
forming! a lather with soap nnd is
therefore suitable for washing purposes, while bard water will only form
n lather, nud that Imperfectly, with
considerable, difficulty.
A mineral water has more than one
two-thousandth of its weight of natural dissolved solids, and a medicinal
wnter Is a variety of mineral water
containing a varying percentage of dissolved natural solid or gaseous drugs.
Henrnny Kvldenee.
Judge (to witiiessi-Let me remind
yon ibat your evidence In ibis court is
given upon oath, so tbat you will only
be allowed to slate what you know
from venr own observation and not
what other people have told you. In
ibe lirst plnce. you are a medical prae-
v, liiiess— I cannot say that 1 nm, my
lind. I only know It from hearsay. I
bave bad no patients yet
The Shun-  i-'iHh.
The ray. or skate tisli. has n mouth
set transversely across Its bead, the
Jaws .working with n rolling motion
like two hands set back to back. In
tlie Jaws are three rows of flat teeth,
set like a mosaic pavement, and between these rolling J«ws tbe tjsb
crushes oysters and other mollusks l _e
m many inn*.
Race nf Ape Men.
Sir ITarry Hamilton Johnson, Special  Ci ilssioner for ihe     Uganda
Protectorate, has returned to London, after an absence of two years
in lhe interior of Uganda, with lhe
facts in a mosl wonderful discovery
of men hitherto unknown. They are
ope men and were found in the
depths of the Cqngo forest. Thoy
differ entirely from the pigmies discovered by Stanley, and are invr-
,-st inn little people. Sir Hurry has
secured phonograph records of their'
language and  of  their  music.
Health and Vitality
For tlie Old People.
Wasted muscles, shattered nerves and failing strength may
result from old age as well as from disease. As old age creeps
on vitality is lowered, the heart beats more slowly, the blood
becomes thin and watery and the power of resistance is lessened. It is the Old people above all others who require the
new life and energy which comes with the use of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food.
Scores and hundreds of old people depend on Dr. Cnase's
Nerve Food to restore their exhausted nerve force and replace
their wasted tissues. Itcalmr. and quiets the nerves, gradually
and certainly enriches thc blood and builds up the system, and
makes old people feel again the thrill of new^life and vigor in
their shrivelled arteries. From childhood to old age this famous
Food Cure is the greatest blessing which medical science has
bestowed on mankind.
SOctH.,0 buie* lor $2.50.   At all deulur,, or —d—MUMon, Bates * Co., Toronto. THE PROSPECTOR
A Lady Who Cures Her Husband oi
His Drinking Habits Writes
of Her Struggle to
Save Her Home.
"I had for a long time been thinking of trying the Tasteless Samaria
Prescription treatment on my husband for his drinking habits, but ..I
was afraid lie would discover that 1
was giving him medicine, and the
thought unnerved me. I hesilaled for
nearly a week, bub one day when he
camo homo very much intoxicated
and his salary nearly all spent, I
threw oil all tear and determine 1 to
make an effort to save our home
from the ruin I saw coming, at e.ll
hazards. I sent for your Tasceless
Samaria Prescription and put it in
his coffee as directed next morning
and watched and prayed for the result. At noon I gavo him more and
also at supper. lie never suspected
a thing, and I then boldly kept right
on giving it regularly, ns I had discovered something thai set every
nerve in my body tingling with hope
and happiness, and I could see a
bright future spread out before me—
a peaceful, happy home, a share in
lhe good things of lifo, an attentive,
loving husband, comforts, and everything else dear to a woman's heart;
for my husband had told mo that
whisky was vile stuff and he was
taking a dislike to it. Il was only
too true, for before I had given him
the full course he had stopped drinking alLogother, but I kept giving
him the medicine till it was all gone,
and then sent for another lot to
havo on hand if he should relapse, as
he had done from promises before.
He never has, and I am wriiing you
this letter to tell you how thankful
I am. I honestly believe it will cure
the worst cases."
package of Tasteless Samaria Proscription SEXT FREE with full particulars in plain sealed envelope. All
letters considered sacredly confidential. Address The Samaria Remedy
Co., 30 Jordan street, Toronto, Out.
Roman's Christian Temperance IMoi
"_____ PffiCfTIlF
Letter from Mrs. Georji Grant, of
Paisley, Out., giving pat Uoulurs of
a cure effected by "Samaria Prescrip-
tii n," resulting in its use and adoption by tho Pals'ay Woman's Christian Temperance  Union.
Paisley, Ont., "December 11th, 1000.
i'ho Samaria Remedy Co.,
SO Jordan Street.  Toronto, Ont.
Dear Sirs,—I penned a few lines to
vou some time ugo,—as a member of
the temperance cause, I wrote for
information; at that time I had in
my mind fri. nds whose son was a
great eause of anxiety and trouble on
account of i.i.i drunken habits. I
strongly urg.d the fri. nils lo try the
remedy X saw advertised in the Toronto Globo. They did so. It wai
the Samaria. Remedy that, was administered and 1 iidi pleased to inform the company tlio medicine was
helpful; the young man has not
drank a drop since, breaking oft from
old companions: and special prayers
ou his behalf, all aided iu breaking
the chains.
At the last) meeting of the W. C.
T. U. here, 1 Introduced your medicine for the cure of tlio liquor habit,
ilid a resolution was passed, '"lhat
Inasmuch us it is the aim of this organization to help Hie poor inebriate,
wo should rccoiuiitiiiil this rj'nedy in
homes whero persons are ac*dieted to
the use of intoxicating ."quors."
Now, sirs, wishing you a successful
career in your noblo work, and feeling that assistance can bo given in
the precincts of home b.v the hand of
mother or wife, trusting God may
upon up useful avc'iues for your labors,      Yours very respectfully,
(Signed i       MRS. GEORGE GRANT,
On behalf of Paisley W. C. T. U.
FREE SAMPLE tffflflfigft
ation, testimonials nnd nrlce sent in plaii
Berilcd envelope. Enclose, i'o stamp. Addresi
IHE 8AMAK1A KEMEDY 00., 8u Jordan St.
      TORONTO, Ontiirh
Subject to Headaches, Dizziness and
Heart Palpitation, They Grow
Discouraged and Prematurely Old.
From the Review, Windsor, Ont.
"Dr. Williams' Fink Fills is the
only medicine that ever gave me any
reni benefit,:' said Mrs. R. K. Harris,
a well known resident of Windsor, to
a representative of the Review recently." I do not know exactly
what my trouble was: doctors seemed unable to tell me, though I
thought myelf it was consumption.
I had a constant racking cough, and
a constant feeling: of languidness.
Sly blood seemed to have turned to
water, and I was very pale. I had
a feeling in my chest as though some
foreign substance was lodged there.
The slightest noise made me nervous;
I was dejected all the time and could
not scarcely do any household work.
I tried medicines, but they did not
help me in the least. Doctors did
not seem able to help me or tell me
whaL ailed me, although their bills
increased with alarming rapidity. I
grew so weak, and so despondent
that finally I decided to take a trip
to Colorado to see if a change- of
climate would benefit me. While
contemplating this trip I read in a
paper one day the testimonial of a
person whose symptoms were almost
identical witli my own, who was
cured by Dr. V, illiams' Pink Pills. I
decided to give them a trial and
purchased a box. When that box
was done I got another, and found
gradually that the pills were helping
me. The trip to Colorado was
abandoned, and I continued using the
pills until I had taken eight or nine
boxes when I felt like an altogether
different person. I became the picture of health, nnd felt it too. It is
several years since I used the pills,
and I have rnit had. any return of the
trouble. I am positive Dr. Williams'
Pink Fills saved me from an early
grave, and I cannot recommend them
too highly to those who are afflicted
as I was."
It is the mission of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills to make rich, red blood,
nourish the nerves, tissues and various organs of the body, and thus by
reaching tho root of the trouble,
drive disease from the system. Other
medicines act only on the symptoms
of the disease, and when such medicines are cliscnntmued. The trouble
returns—often in an aggravated form.
If you want health and strength, be
sure the full name, "Ur. Williams'
Pink I'iils for Pale People" is on the
wrapper around each box. If your
dealer cannot supply you the pills
will l.e sent postpaid at 50 cents u
box. or six boxes for $2.50, by addressing the Dr. Williams' Mediy'no
Co., Drockville,  Ont.
The l.nr.y.  Slnpltl  Sinn.
"The shag is the laziest nnd most sin-
pld form of life to be found anywhere
on the globe. It is nn aquatic fowl,
witli big, clumsy looking bonk and wilh
a form something like the dodo, now
extinct," said ti western man. "I have
spent much time in watching this fowl,
which is found in some of tbe shallow
lakes, nnd the chief point of Interest
to me was the startling stupidity displayed. They generally squat on
stumps or logs In the hike and watch
i'or the smaller fish that play around
lhe surface of the water. They nre
fairly clever in catching whnt f_«'V
went, apd they throw out their bill
with considerable precision wheu they
gig for game. F>ut they never get to
eat what they catch until they have fed
at lenst one and maybe more than one
member of another kind ot wnter fowl.
"Whenever a shag begins to catch
fish, a long legged, long necked water
hen will take a place Immediately behind him. When the shag lands a lish,
tlie water hen simply reaches over nud
gets It. Without any show of resentment and without turning around, Ihe
shng will continue Its watch for lish,
and this Is kept up until the water hen
hns fiuisbed a meal, nnd then, If no
other enterprising member of the same
tribe comes along, the sling Is permitted to enjoy tbe product of its own
sleepy efforts.
"I knve on one occasion seen one clin»
feed ns many ns three water hens before eating a single lish. It Is certainly a siugtilnr display of stupidity, and
nfter having watched the performance
a number of times I am convinced that
the shng Is actually too dull to even
know that the water hen stands behind blui ta steal the lish out of hl»
How Ronmlnfr llflev Rescued a Har_
Hearted   IniiiiK Man.
Roaming Riley, the Traveling Thirst,
nailed the young man who had just
emerged from the clothing store looking
pretty spick and span iu a spring suit.
"Sir," he began, walking alongside the
young man, "1 trust you won't consider
me obti'iisive.'but"—
"To the dunk virgin forest," ent in the
spick and span youth.    "Nothing doing."
"Uut," snid the Traveling Thirst, "my
nnly purpose in presuming to address you
is to call your"—
"Now, look a-here," growled the young
man in the new set of counter duds, pulling up and facing the Traveling Thirst,
"you couldn't panhandle mc with a baseball but if you belong", to the home niie
nnd hnd the top butting average and
there were two outs and three rnvti on the
bases and you were up and trying one of
your famous hunts ou the pitcher. Nobody cnn panhandle me. I'm a craggy
young person. I'm a nonproducer. I've
always got the goods ou me, but I'm notorious for the habit of never giving up
under any circumstances. It wouldn't
liuthec nie any if you needed a hooter so
bad lhat you were seeing purple hippopotami playing gulf with fence pickets
for brassies. I'd let ynu go right on seeing 'em. I'm naturally eru-el. Consequently, hack to the unbl.'ized path, and
hack quick!"
Roaming Riley, tltu Traveling Thirst,
stoud with his hand on his chin in a rueful attitude during Ihe delivery of this
litlle speech, and at its wind up he turned
"All right," he snid. "I didn't mean
nny harm. I simply desired to inform
yiul that on the left shoulder of that admirably fitting coat you're wearing there's
n lnrge yellow tag bearing, in large, insistent figures, the legend. 'Thirteen dollars.' and"—
A blank expression flickered over the
countenance of the young man with the
freshly plucked glad rags.
"Sny. is that right?" he Inquired in a
low. iniifllcd tune. "Take it off. will you?"
"Sure thing," replied the Thirst, and
then he walked up behind the young man
mid deftly removed the tag and exhibited
"That's worth the half to me." said the
chagrined youth. laying the four bits in
the Traveling Thirst's palm. "I was going to spring It on my landlady in about
a half hour from now thnt it had stood
me $41.50, all of my two weeks' wages,
to cough up for this apparel ns nn excuse
fnr not coming to the front with my little
board coin, and if she had seen the tag
after I'd handed her that swift con.
there'd hnve been some vestibule Inn-
gunge within the quiet precincts of that
hoarding house that 'ml have given the
houseful of rubbernecks the chance of
their lives to stretch. Take the money,
iny hoy. nnd mny your hnrrel house souse
trickle to the spot."—Washington Test.
i n
Fencing in  hot weather  is apt  to
make people feint.
_ots  of  fellows    who can  rend    n
menu  in  French,  haven't  the price.
Some wives lind it easier to patch
_\   up a quarrel than to darn socks.
Minard's Liniment Cnres Diphtheria.
I was cured of   a severe   cold   by
Oxford, N.S.        R. F. IIEWSON.
I was cured of a terrible sprain by
Yarmouth. N.S. Y. A. A. C
I was cured of Black Ervsipelus by
Ingleville. J. W. RUGGLES.
Nell—She's a Mighty sort  of girl.
Belle—Yes;   the fellows sav she's a
Thomas' Eel otrlo Oil slum d be used by
persons troub.ed with tilled ions of the
throat or lun,;s, sores upon the skin, rheu-
lcutic puin, corns, bunions or external Injuries. The reasons are, that it is speedy,
pure nnd unobjectionable, whether taken internally tu- applied outwardly.
The weather man  is  certainly   hot
Leave I Lcuve
stations and Davs.   Going   uolng
South. North.
A rolling stone may gather no
moss, but after all. moss has very
little  commercial   value,
Leavo from Canadian
Northern depot—
Winnipeg io Morris.Em
erson.St. l'..ulito.dly
5t Paul to Einers u
Morris, Winnip' il dly
VViirjipeg io 14 Irril
Miami, Bol iiont.Hart-
ney & Brandon, Mon.,
Wed and Fri.   -   - -
Brandon, Harfcnoy, Bet-
munt, Miami, Roland,
to Winnipeg, Tucs-,
'I hur3 nml Safe.   - -
SVir.ni egto Portage In
P. rniiT intermediate
s atlons, daily e.i Sun.:
Pert go la P. and inter-l
mediute stations t ■'.
Winnipcffdly ex s„"
Winnipeg to stations on
beaver ana Delta lira i
chesiTucs. and Thurs
Beaver aud Delta br'ch
stations, to Winnipeg
Tnos. ami Thurs.    -
IVinnipegto Portage la
P., Gladstone.   - - -
Dnuphlu, etc., Mon.
Wed. and Erf.
Dauphin. Gladstone. P."
la Prairie, Winnipeg
Tues., Thurs. &   Snt.
iVinnipeg to W'p'goai.s.
Tues. and Thurs.   -   -
ffinnipcgosii to Wpg
Mon. and Fri	
tvinnineg to Gianil
View, Mon. and Fri.
Jrand View* to Wpg
Tucs. and tat	
Dauphin to W'p'posis
and. return, Sat	
Dauphin to Swan liivcr
& Elwood, Wed	
Elwrrod to Siva". Wver
_ Dauphln.Pri	
Leave from 0. P. depot
Winnipeg to Warroud
lieaudotte nnd intermediate stations.Mor.,
Y\ed., and Fri	
Bcauib'tte, Wnrrond.etc
to Winnipeg Tues.
Thurs. and Sat.     ....
13 00
Gen. Supt
Traf, Jlgi
An Alberta Man Reports His Entire
Satisfaction With the World Famous Remedy—Blood Disorder the
Cause of His Trouble—Dodd's
Kidney Pills Have Removed it
and He Is Thankful.
Rlairmore, Alberta, July ^.-(Special i—Dodd's Kidney Fills nre just as
well thought of iu the Great Northwest as they are any place else in
tin- world. The people have confidence in them. They do as they are
claimed to do.
.Nor is tho claim a small one.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are claimi-d to
cure some of the most dangerous and
deadly maladies that flesh is heir to
and what is more, they do it. The
proof is positive Thousands and
thousands of reputable people attest
For instance, every one knows
Bright's Disease meant at one time
meant the sentence of death. Does
it now ? Ask Arthur Colely, of Somerset, Man. He was cured of Height's
Disease, tlie Inst stages of it, by
Dodd's Kidney I ills.
Dodd's Kidney Pills will cure the
lesser disorders tf the human system
arising from Kidney Disease with
just as much certainty, and an even
greater promptness. Of these, Skin
Eruptions, such ns Boils and Pimples, arising from an impure state of
the blood are not the most uncommon or the least distressing. Dodd's
Kidney Pills, by improving the action of the kidneys, purify the blood,
and Boils and Pimples immediately
Walter II. A. Noble, of Blairmore,
Alberta, writes in this connection :
"I had been troubled with Pimples
nil over my face and Backache. I
tried everything to cure it, nil kinds
of medicine,  but failed
"I was told to try Dodd's Kidney
Pills and did so at once. I got throe
boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pills and
took one after every meal. They cured tne. They are tl.e only things
that ever did me any good. I will
always use Dotl.l s Kidney Pills in
case of sickness and advise all other
sulTerers to do so "
S. s. Mnri..>, Owen Sou d, Toronto
nnd Rust, Via Luke,,   Mon., Thurs
nud Mifc	
Tues ,Frl. andbuu	
Moniivwl, Toronto,  New  York and
inst, via nil rail, dnily. .....
Rat     iVrhipo    nnd    initrmi'diute
nilnU, Mun.,\Yo!l. &Fi!	
Tue'-i'l burs. & .Sat   ,
Hut    PortrtRO    mid     Intermediate
i.-hits, Tu(>_..Th<ts, antl Sat	
Moi..,\Wd. and Fri	
Moi_(jn, L:io   Im _5*nuu't   nnd   inter
mcibato Points. Thurs only	
Porta go laPrnirie, Brondon, Colffary
Krl-on uud n)J Kootyni y and Coast
points, daily 	
Portages l*i 1'i.lrie, lErtvidou, nml in-
tenii-'dUito points, dally ex sum —
Por tn (ye la P-a ric, llrandon, M>o c
jaw end latormoalate point, daily
ex Kuuday 	
Q! *.tl-tono, lN'cfcpawa, iMinneJnsa nud
Intermediate points, ...ily ex Sun.
3h al Loire, Yorkton nnd intermediate iioima, Mon., We.I. and Fri ....
Tugs. Thurs., and si' unlay	
[ia-ftd   City,    Haralota,    Mlnoti.
Tucs.. Thurs. nnd hut	
Mon., Wed n-dFil	
Mordcn, DoJoraino andhitcnredlcve
points daily «£L> tin
N.ipinku, AbitoeiU mio. intenufdlatr
l-oint.s Mon., Wed.,Thurs. & ssat
Mor., xaes., Thura. and I'M	
{vlonboro, S.turlg,  nnd inio.-meillat
poi"its,(mil*/ ex Bun	
NTnpiuka,M.-litii, Alamoda and inter
nindifttiMii-'iiHs.   Mon., Wed.,  Fri.
Tucs., Thurs. andSat	
Pipestone, Re^on,Areola md intt1*'
mediate points,  Mon. Wod., Fri
Tucs.. Thura.andSat ,	
Frubysn're, llir.h. Btcnfatt   Esto-
vat, am	
0r.)t:ia,yt. Paul. Chicago daily
Stonewnll, 'l?uelon..TiH.-4, Thurs, S:u
Wc8tSelklrK Mnn. W ed, Fr!
W'csfc Selkirk Tuea, Thurs, Hut
E oer^ou Mon, Wed and Fri
18 00
11. 0
io '
12 2
18 30
1 .15
13. 1
10. n
Gen. bupt. C^u. Pas3. Ace-at.
Tho message to t.h_ collar is "wilt
thou ?"
It  isn't    worth   while    to get hot
over an lea bill.
Don'1  send for a doctor if you happen to have cold in the ice chest.
If every dog has his day, there
must be a lot of dog days to go
There never wuh, nnd never will he. a
universal pumicea, in one rem* dy, for all ills
to which fl eh is heir—the very nature of
many curatives beiny eueh that were tht
germs of oiher and differently seated die-
eaire-3 rooted in the Bystem of the putient—
what would relievo one ill in turn would ag-
gravate tlie oth t. We have, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated crtute, a remedy for many and
grievous ills. By its gradual and judicious
use the frailest systems are led intocouya-
ie^enee and i-treiigth by tlie influence which
Quinine exert* uD nature's own restoratives.
It relieves the drooping spirits of tho^e with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of interest in lifo is a disease,
and, by tranquilizing the nerves disposes to
sound und refre.-hing sleep—imparts vigor
to the action of the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the vein-?,
etrengthoning ihe heti thy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, htien-ytlieiiing the frame,
and giving life to the digestive organs, which
naturally demand incr-ated substance—result, improved appetite. Korthivp«£ Lyman,
of Toronto have given to the public their
■upertor Quinine Wine at the usual rale, ar.d,
gauged by the opinion of scientists, ihis
wine approaches nearest perfection of any Id
the market.   All druggists sell it.
Xo Maude, dear, there is no excessive heat from a. mountain range.
"I hear Jones is dead, and it was
only yesterday that 1 met him. Do
you know what was tlie matter ?"
"Milk, cucumbers and beer."
"Oh !'*
Fall r>lrr«t hm* For thc DUcovery of
This Sort of Individual.
I read a fable some time ago. It was
about a "piker." Hut it seems to me that
thu writer did not understand the nature
of tlie prehistoric but recently classified
piker. lie says a piker is a man who
has all his goods in his show window.
The statement is faulty in three respects.
A piker is on no occasion a man, he has
no goods and no window.
A piker is a fellow who plays a two
call five sort of n game and frequently
edges a nickel to change his luck. lie is
tlie fellow who says, 'Tut up for me,"
nnd along in the stretch of the sam_
breath reminds you that you are his debtor in the sum of twenty odd cents.
(Adam was the first piker. He would
not steal the apple, but he very willingly
helped poor Eve to eat it, and it's a safe
bet he split the fruit.)
He will regale you for hours with opinions formed upon Denver on a ono day
stop over ticket. He gets a severe headache when he takes a lady to a "European plan" restaurant. It is he from
whom you first learn that "standing
room only" tickets to the opera company
are all gone. lie thoroughly enjoys a
week stand minstrel show with "ladies'
night," but honestly lacks conception of
classical music of high histrionic art. He
can't see why he shouldn't be a two time
winner when he entered the 2:20 elasg
with a straw collar and chain tugs.
A piker is a fellow who's been up
against it—ma; who's seen things—with
pa; who's been around some—around
The fellow who Is always waiting for
something to turn up Is a piker. He's
afraid to turn over a rock looking for nn
opportunity for fear that he might find
something injurious, never once considering the effectiveness of n rock under
sneh circumstances, nor does he figure
that he would at least be one rock *hcad.
There are pikers in every line of business and every place of pleasure. The
fellows who heat the water with a fishing
pule and want to go home because tish
utui't bite; who get the hack fever on
a rainy dance night: who tell you they'll
sec you through; who "stag" it; who
drop in while yon are doing the good
to a ninuber of friends at n soda fountain
and remind you of something yon wanted
to forget; who tell you that they don't
need the money just now; who wonder
how Jones lives and where Higgins gets
his money; who are conservative or common, according to the financial thermometer; who lose a game of billiards and
tell you they did so purposely to lighten
your expense; who will borrow, but won't
hnd in a game; who won't advertise, because every one knows they are in business; who won't support the ball team
nor the churches—they arc all pikers.
The first step whiih identifies this individual is "telling the teacher;" next he
reveals your confidences; then he knocks
on you. A knocker is a most-buck, aud
mossbacks are pikers.
4 Talile of  the   Hinr  Reckoning,  of
All Nations,
Tbe difficulty of appreciating the illf-
ferenee In time Unit prevails between
I different countries is very general, nud
, tin." following list is printed tor tiro purpose of a ready  reference guide  by
I wbicb to calculate tbe time of any »c-
' currence in another country.   All na-
\ tiiiirs except Spain, Portugal and Itus-
I sin calculate tbeir time from the meridian of Greenwich, accepting as stand-
! aid some even hour meridian cast or
i west of Greenwich.   For instance:
Western European time, or that of
! the meridian of Greenwich, is legal in
England, Belgium. Holland and Lux*
J emburg.
Central European time, or one hour
east of Greenwich, is legal In Germany,
Austria.Hungary. Bosnia ami Herzego-
riun, the Kongo Five State, Denmark.
Italy, Servta, Sweden, Norway and
Eastern European time, or two hours
east of Greenwich, is adopted by Bulgaria. Iiouiuania. Natal and Turkey In
Eight hours east of Greenwich applies io the Philippines.
Nine hours cast of Greenwich Is
adopted by central Australia and Japan.
Ten hours east of Greenwich is official in Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.
Eleven and a half hours east has
been adopted by New Zealand.
The United States, Canada and Mexico have adopted  the  liftli.  sixth, seventh and eight li hours west of Greenwich.
The Hawaiian Islands adopt the me-
j ridian of 101/. hours west.
In Spain the meridian nf Madrid. 14
minutes 43 seconds west of Green-
i wicb, Is legal; In Portugal, that of Lisbon, or 30 minutes '■'.'.) seconds west,
I and in Russia, that of St. Petersburg,
I or 2 hours. 1 minute and 13 seconds
| cast of Greenwich.
I A DINNER PILL—Many persons suffer
excruc titing agony after pin-taking of a
licariy dinner. The fund partaken ot is like
a ball of .'cad upoa tiie stomach, and Instead
of being n healthy nutriment it becomes a
poison lo tire system. Dr. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills ure wonderful correctives of
such troubles. They correct acidity, open
secretions and convert th. food partaken of
into healthy nutriment. They are just the
medicine lu take it troubled with iudigcBtion
or dyspepsia.
Minard's Liniment Cures D-Stempsr.
Nearly 10 per cent of those mIiu
have won the Victoria Cross are military  and  naval  doctors.
An interesting experiment "was recently made by a Frenchwoman.
With  a   view to testing  the suatain-
; iny powers of chocolate she lived upon  that   for sixty days,  and lost  but
, fifteen pounds in weight in the interval.
At the end of June the del".-nee
forces of the Commonwealth of Australia were declared to be (i1,_!_?3
men antl _5,000 cadets.
[ New KriKlish words are constantly
I being* mad-- to tui ihe needs of modern inventions. To give sum.' idea
! of the tremendous growth of the
language, the words and phrases under ilu* lotter A have increased in 50
years from 7,00; to nearly 60,000.
The cost of maintaining royj.li/ in
Great Britain entails an aV'-raiv
expense o_ threepence upon each citizen of the kingdom.
Love  is  blind,   and yet   lovers  pull
down  the blind.
How's This?
We offer On- Bundled I»*.11*ir? Itrtrard tof
any cu-c of Cat-rrh that cannot t-e cured hy
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F ... CHENEY & CO.. Pi-op." . TVled... O.
We, the ander-rigaed, hqve known F. J.
Cheney f"r the last 15 year" and belitvc Mm
,i rfeody honorable lu ah business transactions,;
ami tin ncinlly able o eaixy opt any obligation
mane by their firm.
WRBT&TRUAX,\\ hule^al* PrurffHtH Tt U-do.O.
Wai.ihn.,     Kls\ \N    A:    Mahyin,    Wl.oltvtt''
I    Drugg.sw, f«ie ... 0.
Halls Catarrh cure iMnk'ii internally,act>
lr.g directly lijinn tlie blood ami nnr us eur-
fRC« of ihi« «yHiem. Price, ".'._. per Ih-iU-c. Sold
by all druggets.   '.''estimonUlB free
Hall's Family I-'IKj are tlie b» t
1 owe no man a penny, said he
proudly. They u;..ed on him with
wondering admiration. Xo mnn on
earth V The onh two persons to
whom I owe moue_ ar--my landlady
and washerwoman !
Patent needles and pins are made
to thc number of 175 different varieties.
Tlie town of Nasso, in Sweden, lias
a female contingent in its fire bri-
Tho rich consumptive's coffers won't
keep him irom coughing.
Some doctors would rather stick to
theories  than build up .a practice.
Ohhonip DBBAtfGBtfttNTS of thr Stomach,
Liteu and Blood tire Pi>eedi y removed by
tin1 active principle of tbe Ingredients entering into the eompo-ition of Parmelee's Vegetable Pd's. 'lhetu1 pills act «p eitieally on
the riornn ed organs, Btimulfitlng *o action
the dormimt energies Ihesystem. thereby removin_ d:^1 st- i nd n new iny life and
vitality to the afflicted. In tht- lies the L'rcat
everet of the popularity of Parmelee's Vegetable pills.
It was a sultry afternoon and the
teacher of a geography class was endeavoring lo get a lew good answers
before closing thu lesson.
Now.  boys,   tb'  word   'stan'  at  the
end     of    a    word   means    'place   of.
Thus wo have Afghanistan, the place
of  the  Afghans;     also    Sindoostan,
the   place  of   tbe  Hindoos.    NOW,   can
anyone giw tne another example ?
Yes, sir. sani the small.-si boy
proudly ; I can. Umbrellas tan, tin1
place  for umbrellas.
Ho i bat  lacks money, employment
and   con lent   is   without   three     good
We are in nee<l of a   fen*   *eM*.b!     . reoti
ihrounhout the conn'ry t«  handle ou*
I     Good profit and quick sales.    Poi parUov
ire uddret-a
3(3 Main St., U lnntp#g.
Wlgg—Is  she  a  professional   musician ?
W&gg—Well, Bhe professes to be.
Some worn.'ii entertain for the
pleasure it gives them of not sending invitations to some other women.
F*m and easy expectoration immediately
relieves and frees the throat and lungf from
fieeid phlegm, and a medicine that promotes this is tho bor-t medicine to use for
coughs, colds, inflammation of the lungs
nnd all affections of the throat aud cheat.
This ia precisely what Bickle'r- Anti-Consumptive Syrup is a specific for. and where-
over used it ha> giv. n uuboundtd satisfaction. Children like it because it is pleasant,
adult-*1 like it because it relieves and cures
the disease.
Nell—So far as style is concerned,
ho ,;s a  perfect  goose.
BelJe—Yes; bo still persists in wearing duck  i rousers,
|    Conceit may puff a man up. but it
j is not  a good prop.
Minard's Liniment Cnres Colds, Etc.
When you face a difficulty never let
iii   stare you out of coimtennnee.
The tnial cost ni lhe I'ntiiisli rc
cret service (ur 1000 wns only S(i."i.
! Minanl'i Liuiieut cures Rarcet U Con
"That dull Miss Whigs doesn't seem
to have a partlclii of Imagination."
Tie  who  talks    of  the  unalterable I    "Yes sl"' has;  f-he thinks she    can
laws  io' man  is an unalterable fool.     s:ng.
W. >>.  I Tflg pR04rECTt4!, Ml,
ET   (J. C, &ATUHD.VY, A I. OUST ;o , IU01.
4 PffiCI triwfc in '•-,:■ :^t!>
irulmlM lii-t yom -".it-lie
don i; .l-i», A liird in >'•■■
HW i; SUSieWM,
T^icc note nf li;.;;h  lilacs  pd, ii,   it,,.-
)_ue;     M,,    |r„:.at   I H   tlU I'llsi-	
pessis M! .,(-.-:.:..■ ;,.:,i obliging manner   ">'• P*"1*""1 lh»™*>f''« ^"*» "' <-'  '
., ,      .'  '.ri'l in slimline ibe ladles of';;,,.  i,.,ri.  some
jiB,|   |i   M-irf.',:.|Hi,'ol   i'e-   p-i'.i .;i-ei.   ol   ,;.,e,y - i       -
' escelleni   fishing and  liufitlng ground, and ;
.;!!   arrived   lioins  ;., cm illenl   ►plrlls   mid
Jos,   Unwell is ilmvn fimu the   Ren   '"•'•'■"* down with the spoils r.f Up chase.
pQf mines,
"lOiriMi" BJVBH
Prom n .t ....:. rorrs i >n I :•'■
Ah,-   ,-i., IQOI,    On iJiinds)   !.-.   t STfe '
merry part)  -. .i in i imp, aftm nn ah J
v-i,.." .a 9 »'.vt ni tic! (,uiin i'i ek i,,ikft
llun,   Tiie party were niiilef fiia (jnWance
o| Jss,  ||. H,  Ro»ho||nin and J'*  RttWfll,
\V» a.i  111-.,■! | i.r'.'i , fof
i ,i.ion prill '■:.-''.; htli ruoi -I...I,
|      -,;-..    I o.,l   l-.J.i 1, Jt.,r   lion, \of.
,t,,r Iron, Cuil Chain,  Fi II IVsleil
i !: tin, Mlneis licks, Mbieis Sliorcls.
Agium rm
I!,   i ll*al I'mwlei Co,
I use, Caps  el i,     ,     ,
We ilsn i irry i.ll kin-Is of Sliall and llftn
!|;.o|».i|".     l..i|!t-Jp,ilr,i,-ri,'e |livi|0ll,
Kami oIIiIm distinguish, .1 himsell hy lead I *M»lw fof I'M I PORiliiniieing Juno loth, 1961
pip, I uvalvtf p.-unilor- l!ri, j.-,  I i ll.ii *[,,t\---
|[f,,T. B, t'lltury  returned on Tiles-   „in, .,  ,,ni,il  rod  nm)  fly,    It  would he.    pQUf   DfiVS
day ffow ;i trip to tbe count citius, . i,..,.„ [mpn   Ibli  to have secured  |hls benuiv   s
- I If he hid  nol  literally (led  himself up in Bj ROrOSS   tli"   GOJItlnCFlt
PubHo S.ibool opens on Momlny,  the :, nill |n ,,,,   _jM .„,',, ,„„„„, (.fl„lb ,,, ,   | ■
Igtll  itiat,, at U A. M, rape,     i.iu-ti   favored   Ham,   lor   in   one   of       This is ll,- fash's)  end I •■■!■'  c.prlppe.l u.,,.i     ','
missing |)ic etindneni,    If ynu are going K»s| '
Oeo, Hurley ie  takipj; a holiday at
I Ills Immense jumpi Ihe  trout  settled
the const,    {'rank  Tinkliaw    pci-nirjc.-.
. , . .      ih'd 1
Vie front sest c| the sidub m loa ah.
hitch amend bis gills, winch eventually set-
o,   iv tu-   ,..«.-   facts   nv.n.ii::.;   tin     service, I
I ml ilu -ric ryalong tl'« Ca^api^.sj ('A-iyu'
lira, and   he was landed  amidst  grand j |;V/ „,•,;,-;,   „,, s|.w,j|,| \-..UWi
rpplatise from the spectators. Tlin party]
mnsisl .1 nl Mr,. A. Noel. Miss K. Hrnrkel! !
Master Rqv   Brackett,   Master  Harry (ilbh
Thi  nil"' Is  inged to |mss iii" (o'ea;*. I ?
si ciijc tenures ol the line during tljiylighi,       j S
Asbcrolt snd Clinton.
to,     Jiiot  tell tbem what you want or I
what the tioubie is, enclosing money and
ibi-y will do the rost.
;•:. j. I'.'ivi.r.
a. r. r .a,,
y,itH'Hi;"j»i, II. I'..
THOU, C'l.iKK,
I.Hum, li,I-.
lliss Eileen Cherry le't "" Wednes- ■ —
-   .      .      ... ■ and Messrs Rowbottom an<i   Russell.    Ilnv-       oo,>...i,i,.,    i,,,,, -h.-.i o,.-  ,.,  ■nnliraiinn o
day's stage for Bstension Mines, \maie i    I'ampiiieia rumMted ina on appnraiion u
. ,   i   Inq  snent i   i   enjovable   time,   lhe parti    any C I', U. Aevnl ur lo
.:.?  |i::s eecartd   a  positiou   aa Bthool i        i *"! -■'
are row settled down   to the husiaoss ol a
teaelipr, ,     .
tlirJ .,;:■;  mining camp ngain.
Mark Eag*esqn  i.s uyvny cnn   trip  to'     '"''l: Mwnshas Btruch  another lent	
Dr.  Bauson's claim, and  has i'  showing up
En fine ,iiape.
Pr, Sanson, who was  called suddenly i     Mandi villa and   Russell have a fine show-
to Clinton the first part of the  week lo   ing of free gold ore  ">i  Ihoir  elaiins.   Good
intend   4  case of sunstroke,  returned   |uck lo them.
on Wednesday,  accompanied  by   Mrs.1     Jan. Gates has struck aome very rich free
Hanson's Sister, ifiss McDonald, inilling ore on the Two Pavels, which limmy
-- —  says i. alright am! a beauty and a joy forever.
Clarke &   Co., Lillooet,  have  acorn-      John Collum, of Sucker Creek  Hotel, vis
plele stock ofjlruss, Medicines and sun-  it.,'(1 Ca(,wan_deF>  M;(vi„i;  ;„   ,.,,  Dowdrop
dries.   Letter orders promptly attended  .
'. ...       r ,_;...      . | Ion, the guest ol Win. Johnson,
The Hen  D'Or cleaned up tlin last of il<-
luniuh,  and amalgaaiptor  joe  .\litriill  -ays
jhe's pretly thick IhUlirtie,
McLennan, MoFecly & Co. Ltd-
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
SO, \ L.'W,-c, r-LuCiv, KEWsOS, H. c,
(inhi, :-! Ivi-r L»biI and L'oppec Mines wanted nt tbe KXt'lffASQU.
IKIvL MILdlNU (iOi,l» properties wanted ut once l«.r Kaatern In*
I'nrttes bnvim? mining nropoitc for sale nie rer|t!ested to send  sample
of tlii'ir me io tbe LSCUASGK for exhibition,
We desire to in-iir from prospeetors who bnvn promising mineral claim*
iu British Goluuibiit.
i'rospeetors an,I mining men are requested to mnke Hm  lCXOMAXtlK
their liead.iiDiirters v. ben in N'elson,
All tii.tipl.'s shoo'd ho aent by exprcsr' ri:i"'.l'A l|>,
Qurrespoildenee solicited,    Address nil coiiiiiiunicat|nr<a In
AMHll'.W   F,   HOBEMirEBaKB,
Telephone Ko. 104.    I'. 0, Box 70U. NEIXIN, ft. ('.
Ullooet 8. G,
W, Miller and W,  Ct. Duguid tire at
the Portuyti, repairing the bridge tic.re.
To   the   Editor of the   I'ro'pector.-
Pr. Clarke is having his. house paim
Sir—When I'd dona witli Ihnt Census nun tbe other day, with ull his
tpies-l ions as to wlielh.r 1 was blneb
P, V. Heath, and laraily, left town on  or white,   male or  female   aid what
_      , . inv tribal origin wits meaning by thai
Tuesday morniii'" ^^^^^
! [aj'dwarfl
Jliiiore Supplias
Yaf.w li)i|ii("iiieiits
j [tti'iicisa ti SsUliilery
K.J 5
g Properties
l"i!iiiituv#, etcr,
All orjers piompi-jy attended to.
I liny   boy   told nie)   ns lo whether 1 . r)/>»T«-i1    H'\t"/v|
,,.    'could  remeniber grandtallier livinst uii   l((|V/ll     ill III  I
Miss  Clarke,  Miss  .„ a ^ ^   Mr. Danvin »uyfl ,l0 .n,.,! Ul/J Ui    MUIV,1,_
Miss McDnn;iH|
Carson, Miss Curtis and Dr, Sanson 11 Uiouubt my troubles was over, nud,
took a trip up the lakes ou Friday.' nnd I wns almost beuonilnj; n Hauan-
The ladies   were  infatuated   with  the:'"8 *""1 Seppliiry  in aome of  the an-
Properties Bonded
piagnificiont scenery   oi   Seaton   Lake
I ewers   J   pive.   Well,    I  thought   in)
_—_—_—_________—______________________](troubles was   over, as    I    said   'nei'iire, I
but   yon can   judae    til  my   surprise
There ia  a good openin« here for n   when tllB other day  1 receives a letter t
first class   Oarber,  with tbo accent on   from   the   fjoverntnent   ollim marked
the'firat'. I private and  confidential,   Well  I like!
. .....    . ie be  written   to In tlmt   way and in
course 1 thoutlbt he nan a-king uty
advice iu reference to ibe Oovernineni
and how I wanted tbe appropriation!"
spent, but when I begins to read it 1
finds it was a tax p ipea with tlio most.
Sorter Creel B.C, Wow so-yrs
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
ri.i.rn, i».-»ii.
Miss McDonald will sin_ the'Holy City'
in the Methodisl Church,   to-niorrmv   even
Centrail point i<);' Briilgo
Kiver Miners aiul Hroa-
pcctoi'M. (iiir.a acconi*
iiinilatioii, -   -
Stable in cenaectlon.
j ht.rtt h'li rosMfsd direct Irotn Scttlaail tut htst selection ot Tweeds,VfMstads, !•_••
t'astlaija ia tic latartor.   Satisltxltloa iranrauiesd,
THOMAS .Mc'.'tHn. HsrohautTallnr, Aahoroll, H. C
jab.. H, L'rcn i* painting his hi
redickerlaps qiiosti'ins as ever I   heard-
cent improveinent
hai. a very pleasing :•;'
west end of ihe town, by reason  of lhe  re-1 what  was   lhe   value  of  Uiy   stock-in
trade,   merchandise,   wares,  elialtela,   „sO|1K!  (jSl'OWH
cficits, outstanding accounts, notes bil e
ontplaiiding, bow much   money  in the bruit ami Ornamental T
hank, ecrip, depotitf   How many steam I        Shrubs, \ itms, llulbs, H1
The Titixr stagQ Iii;"   leuves Lvtiou over
s, b'-'-""-,
;t- bUni*,
■___■_■     ,,,,., nank, scrip, ilei    .       Uow many steam
Something ought to he dune by   the   Kiith- , •_       ' , ,'
° hoate, skifrs, eoows and canoes 1 owned V     _ . .
erities to   prevent .He wholesale lighting of | Hq_ m„d, ^ _ „_„„„ .„ ^ ^ | ^_%^^^^_\^__ :
lifti cLiw J-vh-ncfudearfron*,   lUiatis,   Ctewiuis, \
BayTr«M, Hyllicl, etc,
Lillooet, returning next  .lav.
Mn'.iilay am
Hptvia! trlj.s
Write uu for information.
Peter Kebaglinti & Co., Lytton B. C
fires by Sjwashes, who labor undtr tht old! |10w oiucb revenue 1 derived fioni mv
supesstition that smoke attracts the salmon, bouseboltl furniture? Ill could think
Serious inroads will be made on oar  limber ( of anything else I owned which was nol
,-   •    •/ i •      .   i e.■     ■   -.  .       i ' °-n the paper I was to put it down,       I ,„.| :, ,u„ u'.v'r     v., a,,_„ ,,','„,, „„r inon,«-i'i<m i
limits il thu sort of thine isn t stoppsd. ,,       ' ,       , ,        ,, . gei u wc ne\>.    ruiniiwg.uiug nor inspncuon
Here. 1 was a bumble cultivator ol the [ pUartw,     Ure«»hiniKi plnnls, nflrlcultr.irai un-
; soil wilh a few plus's  of   flttyuses, and | elowmtV..fttfliliwr*, bee supplies, etc.    I.,n
Clarke „ Co., at the Pioneer Orug Store,   broke  down  far;
kave lhc best slock of Fishing  Tackle ever | wrote, to us if
brought into Lillooet.    Lovers of the gentle  Oarnegte or a Alfred Smith.   Iltltmoii
.,,..,..,.   r i ■ ,       : anou,
a.rt   wul tmii the  host of everything andean
obtain full information js :'■> local conditions act! requirements. "Ullooet has undoubtedly the finest climate anil the beat
-unting  and   fishing region  in Dritish   Col
KF.W  W1'STM1\K?LT:, 11. c
■ -________________■____» _________________■____________________        ________■ .    ■'______________________■___________________________■
arm   instruments    being   s„d,-,       „,    __ or ___ ,„,, lmk_ ,e]  I     ^„npl„l    fTor{]Wnrfi
I was a I'ierpoint Morgan j -lions before pjaciwg youi orders.    AMnr*  i     ° *- i'"i '"   -5 » tt U i >V a I C,
I'lroTTul.'.c No, fA-Tnains I'C'.s-i Nov.  l.'.ih,
fvf. J. HENRY, Vancouver  Paints, n
Vours trulv
Will 1II LABOR iiXI.'i
tllld    \ timislit'S '    Victoria to Vswf«nver- Dat>y s,t t p. n
      (ii- '   eiiiiYi't Ui VlclorU   Ir.-ily nl  l >■-[..in., o
.   i^i-.    .       1     If,.,,., ! imilu! Ui ■'.'.I'.l'.. No 1 train.
3ves, Unanuaeu uu.i M,,w w_,tm_,'S'i'._j xorru.
aiH1! TinWai'O. !    lrf.«yiei.orlB.tofSew«-eaunin«to
Minor! 9tcei
■yM Kittsel 'A ue i-'euinuit
"v-   *'"'  I t.nlii   IslniiJ,   I'luinper'i   Vnu    iiiuVa,"i")   ,u .;
.,..     ,,  ,,,,    rrlilrtVrtlVii.nl.   l.eavi-  Nc.v   We.liiiianitr  n.r
-I'i-''.'-■'■■"-.■ - -e;-'- •'.a-tub.i-   ,;,.,„.,,,   „„_,,   Way  Puns - weunosuuy   mut
urnbia,   if nol  iu  North America,   famous
Between Bridge  Ri
spartsnicn bum England, United States anil I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Eastern Canada com. here fur Griaztks, Lillooet a time chock Q11 tllC
Dig Horn, mc. Experienced Guides, Horses Bend O'r Mining Co, ill faVOr
lind outfits can be obtained here. of A. G     Hill,     DfttO, JulV-15
1901,  No.859,   Aiiiiumi '$S_
What might have   terminated in   n  and - I'i'llts.  Finder is It'ii'.uv
very serious fracas was averted by thc  ___fi _0   (.;1||   a. or OOmmuni'
peeeenceof mind of our constable, Mr.   .^ ^j,^ {^.. ,,<(•,,,,_
il.  Hume, ib Chinatown   on Tuesday
evening,   A guvg of Chinamen, about
fiO iii number, came down from   .North
Pork, threatening to kill the Ohinaman
who hnd hired   tbem, am',  who is un
sbie to pay   tbem.   Mr,   Hume intervened to save Charlie   Im;   drew   the
&n_ry crowd on himself.   Tl.ii.cii waxsd
rather warm for a  time, but  by coral-
ling the ringleaders  with a revolver,
the policeolbuer was eiuuled tu reatoie
: -NUUl'iM)' Ul ? ') lil ____________________________
,   BiMwslii'raoi Uil. oouxpuny  will ituvj
; rm i   Sim i'nitii  uiul in i un, ifii tn ie
i'u p.m,
1 Inland Opr Manufacturing Co, |'   ;:"''" 1_iS;
0,F B.C., LTD.
.!, MactVtiHart, Proprietor. ,o„r _t»0uuum>
j  This wt'll   known
First.-clasi in every
!iaeral Act, 18%.
|Kor» F-l
Certificate oi Improvements.
AUiflinh-,'*, Nijht t',.uvk-. MetfyolUnn, r.ui ;
gnn Fraction Na i n&d iurga_ yracrloii (
Nc.*i Mineral r\niw« fjiviiw in lhc Mil |
ooftl MUilng Mi vidop nf l.lllotiti Di»ui;i
iv he re located     catiw *Ii,»1'hm- vtovV.
ThIco noiK-eilt.it l, A., s. Dronkotl, Free Min [
er'd p-wtilieate No.it _Mb7, Agei>t («r  Wilton j
(lath^HA, yr^»i Minei'h CertKicat** Nf.. It I&166.
lnUmd,   Rixty i\uyy from  t'.te tlain liereof,   ti, '
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ ar'plj t« H Mii^int; B order turn *"nr lifi *rn ir
upector ol Vanconvor in going between [of Im^rpTementi. lor ihe pnrp*o»eof oblainlnp j
Recovery -and Vancouver ia!mida i.lcn-  ,l c"?" 0mnl of u,u ft^ovo _UimH'
And further take notice that arMfnn, under j
tlfled a Yankee Lug boat lowhm ten fleli- '■ K*«tlon 87. ruunt be eommeneed bel»re Ihe fn
I Hunure of such Certificate ol Improvomeii.n,    ]
hotol   is
MienmRhipSOf tUl* foninuny rtiil l.-iv;o uvi.t-j
VYe«-uuaU«y ior VYmuKul ami rdlcugway ut h ^.iu.
St i jnr. tr IcftVt'N 'ttoiiii Cos .\lN-rni »n-l
Pound plii'tt mi Unj XUtb -ami UlUU ot » et\
nn mill, extending  lutlw   ttipn  to  tluitttJiia
dll'l C.ipu rtitUl.
'Ihoi-ainptiny i-escivtaiVw nght oi ch*tngin«
1 lliibtmio tuhiu alaujiiincwlilHMil nolltt jiiii-u
tifin-i'iti J lelghl Arceni.
. . \   IIA.\'ll.H,
Ciet t-tii I'uHscHgBr Agent.
bampte room   tvc«.
! Cariboo and Ullooet
Stage Lines
i Av!.>.l..l.AA'"i''v<4f4,<v,4!'i$'
XAMLOCPS, B O. j .W.. ? .'».'''- '*   «'■ 4 - «  ^    ' - * -^-
LILLOOET.   11. t'.
Mr, .1. A. Tliompsou, stQttQibo^t in-
\ntt baaU is t'le tUrecUott of Plsccvery
i    t>i.'»l tlil«r:\tvi--ith iiny «I July, twi.
Ttr■ ;.->. rv   n*aUy   CKW
tnd i(.-,..i'.i*".
ii;o-%t.    Hal au*M
Miss Cook,   Item
w iirr.,     '•',.',■   ,
Tyanchl' ■ ■,   \s
Clinton  nml   urtijr*  polntfl> Monday,
U"uliii>.liiy i\ri"l Kn tnv.
All points  vn  Cariboo, Morula)''g,
| iinrl l"'riilnv.
I.illnovt illfpct, Mi'ti-liiy nntl I'ri.Iny,
Fort* «l QrusnyDfi iiul way points, j
si.i..-"-.' miiiKft iiiilr [learnerCharlotte
■ai F'vl.t i-rii« k,
,.,.i r-.)r,.,.r,,',;..., Puaif'.i'j'l,
Ejus meets nil t-tvuiuois.    'I'etimltig by ilay
»v  i i.'.'.'a.ii;1..     Vii^s. uiul  uvrsci fcr
Iiinvnr inoileratc intc
,*r. A .;;s.;'.,{. •.^y^;.^-^.t, •4..^;
A 1,'riiliUi ucciilriit will) l.itnl eoit"
siiqttenoes lo till eotice-rneil littp.|>4ni"il
tliu otlior ilfty. An KtiiilinhniHii nml
t,;ri Indies, loiietlicr «i,li tbeir nuiile*
plnnjjil over a fea'fnl ptocirHiie. it*
tryltt'g toauvniJ ll,e UtttotltM-.


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