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The Prospector Jun 20, 1903

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« J**-? Jtr-
Vol. 5. No. 48.
$1.00 a year.
What has it ever done for you but harm?
TRY LIFE AGAIN now without it.
THERE IS A WAY now of making
resolutions that keep; that cannot help but keep.
ph. ph ph
LIQUOR DRINKERS CURED Easily, Safely, Absolutely.
AT HOME.    With no loss of Time or Labor.
There is an enli_h'ened aid how whirl, takes hobl of a man instantlv.
I'Mtnul i .lulling « drinker it (jives liim almost iinni'diately tiie snap cf
liewlife and power—let" the Bilnliitlit nf hoi e into lil. -Otil-at ojnre and
sets his mind intooperMtion with all its lieit IutelIi^euce — a prompt result of effects on the net ves, st. inaih anil whole I olv which are quirk
and marvelous. While at this point the cure has only heynn, the encouragement ia eo great that piobably no medical woik tquals this in
satisfaction to a patient.
With ihis help .gainst the drink habit any man who want" to lift fiom
Ins life the handicap of liquor using ran do so wfth immediate r*e-11.18.
This guaranteed treatment is within teach of all. Convenient term-" ran
be arranged satisfactory to any one « ho is at all rtaoiiable, thoni.h, as
all people understand.it ilocs rt t com pare with the wo thles- quack
cures advertised at so much per p~cka~e, or "Free", etc. Ii i. a tliffereit
matter from all thi. to perfect a «our e of thorough, special, pergonal
treatment that will really do the work and cure forever. It is a .erious
undertaking ami requites a high form of scientific professional work. All
the different kind- of oases art* h nulled under guaranteed results. Only
•kill that is developed to the highest can do in. Only professional fees
can pay for the time it requires, though they are made moderate . nd convenient for anybody The n ethods of practice used in this work has cost
years of tint-, vast situly and expensive experiments. The originator, Dr.
vVt'linin H. SauniWs, had attracted wide notice for his works on Neivous
diseases long before perfecting this treatment. And nill nothing hnt care
and personal attention to cases today makes it possible for him to accomplish the absolu'e cures which he guarantees. So the reader will see
this treatment means thorough scientific, professional atteniun. lint it
also means results that are absolutely certain. The splendid lirst effects
on a man are alone worth the entire cost of treatment.
This treatment can be given WITH or WITHOUT the knowledge of
the patient and can be placed in any of bis foods or liquids that he sites,
and bein. colorless and tasteless, it does its work so silently and quickly
that the drunkard iB reclaimed even .gain.t his will and wi hunt Id's
knowledge and co-operation. Tl.e wife mated for years to a husband addicted to Hi's curse will wonder if curing her husband bv her own effort"
can be true. "Is it possible that there is such a glotious opp.rtunity?"
she will ask. And thousands of wives who have put it to the test and re-
juice in the reclamation of heir spouses who seemed lost lo all sense of
self-tespecl, generosity and manliness will trumpet out to lhe world,
"Yes, it is true". Our treatment is purelv vegetable, contains no narcotics, opiates, poisons or mineials. We u~e no hypodermic lnjec'ion of gold,
nor any dangerous compound. It can be taken at home without anv loss
or detention from business. It stimulates the nervous system at once,
incieases the appetite, and affords perfect rest at, night. It acts directly
upon Ihe stomach, builds up Ihe whole system, eliminates all luce of liquor from the body and leaves thc patient in the s~tne condition as if liquor
hud never been taken.
those who have been deceived by worthless remedies. If your friend or
husband is Ihe worst case in the community, we are more anxious to cure
him.   Read the following:
St. John's School, Okla., Aug. 18th, 1902.
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.,
Dear Sirs:— I have just reiurned afler a long absence, and feel it my
duty to write yon concerning my two patients. One of them F.R..., gave
up the treatment after about two weeks. The other, Win. 0..., contintnd
to take the treatment faithfully, and he has been able to refits., whisky a
hundred times and does not crave it at all. For nine years he has been
away from bis parentsaud never duiing tbat lime hns he been able to
keep away from home long enough to visit home. lie is now visiting his
home in Cleveland, Ohio, and I efcpect him back In a few davs. When he
left he promised he would not touch whisky while away. I trust he will
keep his good resolution. Kindly let me have a few pamphlets I'or .distribution. There are a few cases I would like to get for your treatment.
Wishing you success, lam
Very truly you*-..
Sister Superior.
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.
Dept. II. 1180,
Englewood Station.
Chicago, III.
The Conservative platform is
being brought prominently before (lie peopleo. the I'rovinee, so
that tlie electors may com pure it
with that of the Libe'al Party.
As soon as the platform of the
Liberal purty comes to hantl, we
shall, in a future issue, place the
two platforms sitle by siile iu our
columns, s-> that our readers can
compare them. Eil.
The following-platform was a-
dopted unanimously liy the Rev-
elstoke Convention on September
12th, 3902:
1—"That tliis Convention reaffirms the policy of the Party in
matters of Provincial roads anil
trails; the ownership and control
of railways and the development
of the agricultural resources of
the Province, as laid tlown in the
Platform adopted iu October
1899, which is as follows:
''To actively aid in the construe ion of
trails throughout the I'rovinee and the
building of Provincial Trunk ro.tds of
public necessity.
"To adopt Ihe principle of Government ownership of railways in so far as
the circumstances of the Province will
admit, and to adopt the principle that
no bonus shou'd be granted lo any railway cotnpiuy which does not give the
government of Ih-Province control of
rales over lines bonused, together with
I he option of purchase.
f'To actively assist by Slate aid in Ihe
development of the agricultural resources of tbe Province." •
2—That in the meantime and until
the Railway pn'icy above set forth can
be accomplished, a genera' Kailway Act
be passed, giving freedom to construct
railways nnder certain approved regulations, analagous to the system that has
resulted in such ex'ensive railway construction in the United States, with so
much advantage to trade and commerce.
3—That to encourage the mining industry, the taxation of metalliferous
mints should be on the basis of a p.icen-
of the net profits.
4—That the Government ownership of
telephone systems should be b>ought
about as a first step in the acquisition
of public utilities.
5—That a portion of every coal area lo
be hereafter disposed of, should be reserved from sale or lease, so that state-
owned mines may easily be accessible,
if their operation become necessary or
6—That in the pulp land leases provision should be made for refoie-ting
and lhat steps Bhouid be taken for the
general preservation of forests by guarding against the wasteful destruction of
7—That tbe Legislature and government of the Province should persevere
iu the effort to secure the exclusion of
Asiatic lab ir.
8—Tnat the mailer of lietier siiiisulie.
and appropriations f'ir 11.C. lie vigoront-
ly pressed upon the Dominion G veiii-
9--That the silver "lead itiilu. tries be
fostered by the imposition of increased
Customs duties on lead and lead products importe I into Canada.
10—That arrangements lie made fi r nn
amicable adj istm -nt uf the relations between employe's and employed.
II —That it is advisable to losier tlit
manufacture uf the raw pr ducts of the
province within the Province as far a.
practicable by means of taxation on lhe
said raw products subject to rebiie ol
the same in whole or iu part when manufactured in British Columbia.
|    LOCAL  NEWS.       J
Mr. Uicl.ey, Senr., of Pacl.elqim,
is visitino,' iu town for afew days.
The Fraser Uiver reached its
high-water mark last Thursday.
Part of the lish Hatchery dam
at Seton Lake was Washed away
last Monday.
II.C. Parker is moving his hardware store into the store recently occupied liy Ho Sang.
The crop prospects for the Dominion are most encouraging.
A flood   in  lleppner.   Ore. has
letl to the hiss of 500 lives.
Sir Thomas Lipton has arriv-
eil in New York with Shamrock
The Liberals are considering
the advisability of fusing with
the Labor parly.
The South African colonies approve of Chamberlain's preferential trade policy.
There is a. serious hitch in (he
Irish Laud Bill deliberations.
Fire at Rochester, N. Y. did
damage to the extent of nearly
a million dollars last Thursday,
The Un it. etl States 1uu.coik.IikI-
| ed a  treaty   of commerce   wilh
Another Chinese store is to be j Chlliti.
opened iu town.   Thi." will make
three Chinese stores opened this
year, ami  two of thein ou  the
main street.
The License Commissioners for
West Lillooet met in the town
Court House Monday, granting
all the applications for liquor licenses for this section,
A. Martley left town last Thursday ou a, prospecting tour into
the Iiridge Kiver country.
The Dredge Co. are stocking
the Cellars of their cook house
with provisions for the men who
will work on the pontoon.
The '-Figaro" one of the leading papers of Prance, will devote
an entire issue I oCanada shortly.
The Con-t-Kooteiiay railway
bill has passed the Dominion
House of Commons.
Ilrs. Sanson and Brandon came
iu from Ashcroft last Thursday.
Dr. Sanson returned to Ashcroft
this morning.
John Miller, of the Excelsior hotel, who has heen in poor health
for some time, left town this
morning for the Coast.
Captain Bickford and his hunting party who are up the Cayoosh Creek, are having trouble
in s>'ettine' back on account of the
high water.
The Sacrament of the Lord's
Supper will  be administered  in
Prince 1-aiageoigevilch has
been declared King of Servia.
Have you ordered your new
suit? Cive McCosh a ti'nl. J le
will give you satisfaction.
Subscribe for TllK PkOSPECTOR
or lady in oni-ii county lo inannK. liuslnens for
nn ohi .slit bi ishcii house of sollil fliuinulal stand
fiiK* A strnl_hl, binm (lde ensh salnry oi $18,00
piiid by cheek chi-Ii WcduS-ilsy with nil expun-
sos direct from headqtuirlors. Money ndvnuc<
ed for expuiiKes,
Malinger, 310 CKXtOll Building, Clllciigo.
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant—ia strongly
recommended by the medical profession as
_ safeguard oguinst infectious diseases.      a_
$5,000 Reward OftS*
Limited, Toronto, to any person  who
the Methodist Church tomorrow  can   prove   that   this   soap contains
....j     ,     a ii ru..• ,,;       i   I. any form of adulteration whatsoever,
morning.  All Christum believers orrcontains any injurious chemicals.
are invited to participate. | Ask for the o..ns«» nar.        .,. THE  PlIOSPEGTOP, L~I~T.bOETl.'RC.I  JUNE 20.   1003.
THB   PkOSI'EC I OW is the only paper pub- j
lisli.il in the l.i lionet District, uml Is ull lirnne
Subs, lipliniis: One Pol I ii rn vi'iiiin uilvMii-. j
Anvei'tiMiiiK ra.es made knoivu "" H|i|illi'ii.il<in, !
CoiTO-poii-cnce is inviteilnn nil mati.rs nl i
fillbliu or Ideal interest. All roinmnnlciilhill- |
must lie iieconijiiinieil liy the name el thr,
\\ tiler, lint not necessarily for publication.
mc imwiiif ii co
We would draw the i.li.t-iilion
of .-ill onr renders to the fact tlmt
much llie tlissointion of llie IVo-
vincinl I'ni-li-iineiiti Inst, Tuesday,
.-ill voters lists nre void. No one
in the Province will hnve any
lio'lit (o volt* nt the next election
unless he applies for registration
in iu.-t.onlance with the |iro visions
nf the Pi'oviiicinl Elections Ac
of 1897, which shales that—
Any male British Hilliject of fie
full nge of 21 years who has lived
in the Province for a period of G
months immedintely prior to Ihe
l iine of sending in application for
regisliy, and in the Elect .oral tlis-
I riot; for one mouth immediately
prior to the date of liin application, aud not otherwise disqualified, is entitled to be registered
ns a voter.
An affidavit will hnve to tie
I nken before a J. P. or Mnybr,
Alderman, Registrar or Deputy,
Itegisti-ar of Titles, Notary Pub-
lit., Pro vincinl Constable, Government Agent, Post-Muster, Indian
Agent; or others, and the follow-
ing questions nnswered: Nnme
of llie npplicnnt; plnce of residence and post-office address;
that he is 21 yea's of nge, ami :i
British subject; that he hns been
nt least six months iu the Province, and a resident for 1 mouth
in the district where he wishes lo
exereisn voting privileges, and
lhat hois iu good failli a quali-
lied elector iu that/Electoral disl-
trict, and hns not nbendy registered elsewhere in the Province.
This registration of names is
upt tt) be neglected by some, he-
t-nuse it means .1, little personnl
t rouble, therefore we now bring-
to your notice the fact thut if
you do not register you will hnve
no vole at the next election.
e;x!?ort_rs   pi |Qe
NOF{TH;ER£J       P   U ft O
Z00-2I2 First Ave.North,  MINNEAPOLIS. MINN.
-iistrnlin, ami especially New
iSouih Wales, is becoming heartily sick of fheolil nge pension law
wliieli is now regarded ns an almost iiitolernble burden. The
payments nniount to 5 percent
of (he entire revenue. In New
South VYnles this year the payments will nniount to #2,750,000
nnd while the pension list is
steadily mounting higher, the
government asylums for the aged have not heen affected in
(lie lenst.
The Inw lins crented a new clnss
of stale dependents at an enormous ndd it ionnl expend itn re. Ex.
A workman engnged in paiut-
i11<•• n house lind the miifortuue
to bill aud wns taken iiitcons-
t-ious to a hospital nenr by. Tht'
house surgeon exnniined liim nnd
told the dressers Ihnt while the
mnn was hurt by the fall yet
thnt, what was the real mutter
with the man wns nppendicifis,
nud nn immelinite operation wns
iie:c.es. ary. linugine their surprise when on stripping him the
following words were found fa-
Looed ou his chest: "Please do
not operate for appendicitis; I
have already i.ieeu operated leu
limes for ib, uit.li no result.''- Ex.
NOTICE is hereby given tlmt ;>n application will be made liy the Canada Central
Railway Company lo the Parliament of Canada at the next session thereof for an Aet
giving Uu; said Conipany power to construct
and operate the following lines from or in
connection wiih lhe main line of the sai.l
l- From some point at or near
Sudbury in the Province of Ontario to a poinl
at or near Scotia Junction; thence southerly
to a point at or near lialsam or Sturgeon
Cakes i.l tlie townships of Boxley, Verulain
or Kenelon, continuing southerly lo lhe Cily
ol" Toronto.
2-- From some point on the
main line in the District of Keewalin or in
District <if Sackalchewttn, to Port Churchill
on Hudson's Hay.
3-- A continuation of its main
line from 'Pels Juan Cache by way of the
The Thompson and Fraser Uiver valleys io
Vancouver, or New Westminster,
4-- From some point on the
Thompson Kiver nr some of its tributaries to
Waddington Harbor or Bute Inlet.
5" From a point near the old
site of Fort Assiniboia to some point on lhe
Peace Kiver and westerly to the Portland
Canal ou the Pacific.
6, l-'rom some point on the main
line of said Kailway at or near the Montreal
Kiver in the Pr.ivince of Ontario easterly to
soma point on the (iatineail Kiver in the
Pru\ ince ol Quebec.
And lo exercise with regard to
such lines all the powers and privileges given lo the said Company by its Act of Incorporation.
DATF1) at Toronto this loth day of
January, 1903.
Johnson & Falconbridge.
Solicitors for lhc applicants.
Subscribe for The Pbospeotoii.
As a .pedal antl temporary offer to
readers of this Jiuper, we will until Tiik
Public to persons who are not. now sub-
wi ibeiH. for ten week? for ten rent..
The l'L'in.ic ia a $2,16-pa_e weekly Review for democratic D-inocraie ami democratic Republicans; ii« opinions are
expret-se.l without fear or favor; it (rives
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of all I istoiical news; ii always lias editorials worth studying, a cartoon worth
seeing, nook notices worth reading, and
miscellaneous matter both valuable and
interesting ; and it is liked hy intelligent
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Tlie editor is Louis F. Post. Send ten
cents in silver or stamps for ten week's
trial. All siibsrt iptions are paid strictly
in advance, and upou expiration the
paper is promptly strpped unless subscription is renewed. Mention this paper
Address: THK 1'UIiLIC,
Unity Building, C11 cauo, Iu..
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tumlui's me Invileil lor llie wllcil. of llie
property, liieluilliig down (liiinloil eliili.iH,
null site, ('yiiiiiile mill, ( iipaclty lf> lo at) Ions
iiiiily), 1 in 111 wuy, nanny oliice, laboratory nntl
lull equipment,, of the Toronto  i.iiiooet Oold
Keels Coin puny l.imlleil, Situate iu llie I.iiiooet
ilistriet of British Columbia; inihiillni* llie
Ample, Whale,   Mni.nrcii  mid   Wellnnd   Vlllfl
mines  wliieli  Hie drown grunted, nl-o the
North Slur, Clolilon stripe, (loldttll ICitglti, Itiiby
nnd jumbo mineral claim, in the snme ilistriet. together with a ten stump mill, machine
drills ami other equipments* ('ash louder, foi
lhe whole property are requested but
off 1.8 for work i Itg opt Ions or for portions
of tlie property will bo considered. From Ilu
former group ORO tons of ore haa been milled,
with an assay value uppioxliuallllg fflO.OO lo
111.00 Wagon road from Kail road lo mill. The
whole of llie above will bear looking Into and
Investigation and aie an exceptionally important and valuable group, of claims wilh full
working equipment, Pill I particulars mav be
had on application to Kdgar llloomfluld
Liquidator, I', 0, Box 7l:i, Vaneouver B 1:.
Asthmalene  brings instant  relief and  permanent
Cure    In   All   Cases.
T li e I' t:    is    ti 11 1 li i ft' |t   1 ' k e   A .  li
in a I o 11 e .     I 1    Ii r 1 11 if fi     i n s I a
re lief,      e v e 11    in     llie     u  o  i>J
1' h li'.,      11,   t'll 1 •-.     when    all   else I'avl
The Rev. ('. I'. WILLS, 01 Villa \iu\_
111., says: "Vour dial lolile <*l A»thiii:i*g
received in good cmn'llim. I canno: lei
how llmnkl'til I feel for the _»<id derived fi1
H. I was a slave, -ltaincil wilh putrid wfl
throat anil Asllnna lur ten yeais. I i!es|nii*l
ol ever being cured. 1 saw your advertise!
lor the cure of this dreadful nud loinicnlfl
disease, Asthma, ami liiuujlit vou lad i.\;_
spoken yourselves, lint resolved to give Wi
trial.    To   iny'iistiMiishiuenl, the I nu I acled  _\
a charm.    Send  me a full-size  bottle."
Kev,    De.    Morrln   Weclisle-
Kabbi of the Cong.   Ilnai   Israel.
New   Vork,  Jan.   3.    1901.
IHIS. TAI'T   IlliOS.'    MKIIKINK   co., >_
tIenllenien:    Vour   Asilnnalene   is
excellent   remedy  for   Asthma anil   May   l'tv-l
and   its composition alleviates all troubles wh''
combine wilh Asthma.    Its success is astonish!
aud  wonderful.
Afler  having  il  carefully   analy/ed,   we  can slate  lint     Asthmalene   coillaM
no   opium, morphine,  chloroform  or ether. Very liuly yours, ■
RKV.   DK.  MORRIS   W'l't'll.SI.KR.
  ___ ^
Avon Spiunos,   X.   V.   K_b. 1, 1901.   il
Dit. Taft Hkos.  Micihcink Co.
(Ienllenien: write   this  testimonial   from   a   sense  oi duly,   having  tested l**|
wonderful effect of your Asthnialene, for th.; cure of Asllnna. My wife has be'
afflicted with spasmodic asthma for the past 1. years. Having exhausted my of
skill as well as that of many others, I chanced t.i see your sign upon your via
bows on 130 street, New Vork'. I al once obtained a bottle of asthnialene. My w
commenced taking il aliout the fust of November. I very soon noticed a iml .
improvement. Alter using one Imille her asthma had disiippcaied and she is enliu,
free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recommend the medici
lo    all    who    are   nll'iicled    wilh    this    distressing    disease.     Vours    respectfully,
O. 1).   I'lll'.l.l'S,   M
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$1.00 per annum.
Du. Tact linos.  Mkhk:inic Co, I'eb. 5. 1901.
(Ienllenien: I was troubled with Asthma or 22 years. I Imve tried nuineioM
remedies, Iml they have all failed. I 1,111 across your advertisement and started wil
a trial bollle, I found relief at once. I have since purchased your full sized hotllt
and 1 am ever grateful. I have 11 family of four children, and for six year* wi
unable lo work. I am now in lb- best of health and am doing business eveij
day.    This   testimony you can  make such use of  as you sec lit.
Nome  address, 235,   Rivinglon sheet. S.    Raphael,
67 l'aisl  1291I1  si.,   New   Yoil*  (ily.
60 6fl fl fifl
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postal!]
Do   not  delay.    Write  at   once,   addressing   DU.   TAK'I'   IIRUS1  M I.D1CI N I'. Cdi
79 Kast   130th  St.,    N.   V. Cily. _i
Sold by all Druggists.
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Miners Supplies."—^^      ■■■■
IiIIiI~00~E3T7 *B.*rC.
Brancli Store at Bridge Uiver wliere aj
full stock of General Merchandise and Miiv-1
ers Outfits are on hand.
,T. Dunlop, General Merchant, Ullooet, IJ.C
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In * word, they are the only reliable repeaters.fi
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
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[hiUi's  Flnunei'N    l;t*«*-i|>U   Keuell J hfII {
Jiigli-.it  11 jmv- -1 x .iii.isiiin   In -■"» j
Yearn— Diiju.stiH i.riiM iJ'iiiely*
In tho annual roper* on the public
j:ounts ol' i.anucl- for lt>.02., thc
|.uty  Minister,  Mr.  J.  Id.     Court-
of'et- the following retnari s:
'I lind that ihis is the twenty fifth
jual lei'oit i. nave had thc honor
present as Le.>uty Minister of Fi-
pice. At the time of tie puLli a-
Jn of sny first, loport, the fa.it.t.es
ke«; ing in touch with tie eliiler-
pcr.s of the Dominion were veiy
Cerent from what th^y aie today,
that lime it was a matter cf as
;h difficulty to go from the east-
part of the Dominion to the
stern part as it is to-day to go
im Ottawa to South Africa. The
I'ovincei have Lean moulded into one
Infedeiation. The Dominion of Ca-
Ida has arrived at a stage of de-
klopmRiit that e.en the most san-
} ine Canadian of those <la_ s hardly
•earned of. and there is every like-
lood that the progress of the coni-
[ig j ears w,ll Le even gre iter,
•'it hus be..i iny pleasant d;.ty and
Jrivilege to have taken part during
tie past quarter of a cei.tury in
Iving many public financial prob-
fms, and looking back over the
irjod 1 feel it can be said that, as
whole, thc dop.aitment hrs not
|oen unsuccessful in ils undertakings.
Tli- i.tniii. ,-\'k  l'X|iiii>ftiiii>.
"As the    business    of the    country
Increase:! the worK of the department
Increased  in like proportion.      Some
|iea  of  this evolution  may  Le  infer-
-d from the statement   that on my
In try upon the dut.'es of the office of
l.eputy  Minister the amount of   Do-
Jninion   notes   in   circulation     of     all
<inds, large and small, was less than
lhe circulation  to-day  of the    note.
[if small denominations only  ($1 and
¥2..    The total amount of Dominion
ites    in    circulation has    iuereased
."threefold.   The  deposits  in  the    savings  bunks,    both   Government     and
postoffice,    have increased   se.enfol.l.
hwing    to the development    of    tho
l.anking     facilities    throughout    the
jountry,  in onsoquemc of the opening of the   branches  of the    various
chartered banks,  the numl er of    de-
liosit entries for revenue ricjived has
Jvery largely increased. The total   absolute turnover in  cash of the daily
•transactions of the department    ha.
ludvarc.d from §85,086,954 on    Juno
1.10,      1879,        to      ?223,091,827.04:
Ion June 30,1902.    All the work   en-
jtai'ed   by   this   expansion    has been
Imet without the slightest increase in
j the cost of the department.
""With    advancing    age, that neecs-
Jsarily  prevents me  taking    up     new
financial problems, my ofi'cial career
' mist soon    close.        The department
| requires as its deputy head a young-
,i)r and more active man,  thorough v
well  versed  in the varioii features of
modern  finance,  wbo shall be able to
sive to tho    heud  of the department
that advice and assistance which the
inirieale    nnd      important    linaiuial
questions of the day demand.
Hi!;., vl   It. cripiH on i;riun„
The consolielated fund receipts for
the year weio !~58.060,7.i0, t'le largest the country ever knew The expenditure on tho same account wag
§50,759,891; The surplus of re-
ceif ts over oxpond;tt>re wus the ."fore
§7,291,398. Aside from this, however, there wus an cxpondjtuie on
c.apiLfl account of ¥4,02(1,811 upon
the Intercolonial, and $475,195 on
tho Prirc.i Edward Irland railway, of
J.7,217,528 upon the canals, of $2,-
190,125 upon public works, of §370,-
837 upon Dominion lands, of $299,-
(.27 upon militia, and of ¥2,098,989
upon inilwuy subsidies. The sum
of $79~,089 wi s paid in iron and
st-el bounties and $247,741 in connection with the South African contingents and  thc  Ilalifux ganison.
Ilirr«*a~-   In   l._|M~4ltn.
At the close of the fiscnl year the
balance at lhe credit of the c.epositcps
in the Pest office and Government
Savings banxs amounted to §58,-
437,988, an increase of $2,389,029
over the balan e held on June 30,
1901; part of this increase, $1,662,-
258 roprdsonfs int oi est added to the
various accounts, and the remaindev,
$726,771 thc ex ess of receipts over
Dominion notes to the amount of
$32,780,387 were outstanding on
June 30, 1902, us against $27,898,-
509 on June 30, t.f the pervious year,
or an inctea.e of £4,881,878.
The demand for $1 and $2 Dominion notes still continues, as will be
seen from the following table, showing their cil dilation at the end of
September and October for each year
from 1894:
1895.        1902.
September ...97,078,592   $11,293,752
October    7,312,917     11,511,447
The railway sui si.ii'a paid during
the year amounted to $2,093,939.
.he mothre.
Grrar pas tons 1 awake tint miifit
how  it ii. -   wimiau   lo  t ie   ilust
W.fcb.   iar list she slumld f ll io v'.ne
As high   as  those  enamored  <_._.
Now for Muse flying da.vs and  sive*
I  alt   iu   Beauty's   Mercy   Sent.
My sii-.lu ,  my  fnv 1'g  1  award,
Since 1 am beautiful, adcred.
T'Uey praise my cheeks, mv lips, my eyjs.
With  Love's uioat exiiulsl e  -lei teii'les,
<_.,tt my bauds t'dat tliey iin.y It sti
Anil to their a.dint besoms press.
My  feet  upon  the  nursery  stair
Mnko-i thein a music i' ch and rare;
My skirt tlliat ninths as  I  eotne .
I'or every rupture sir kes them dumb.
Whnt Jes'.oti-1 s of word ami glance!
The light of my pooa- countenance
Mglits up their world that else were drear,
"But jxti tire lovely,  mother dear!"
I go uot to mv grave, hut I
Know* Bear.,.,'s fuK supremacy;
fjlke Cleopatra's self,  I pewe
The very heights and depths of fjovc.
So to he loved, so to lie wpoc.1,
Oh! in.'ro than mortal woihnn sluuld!
What If she full or fnll hi liinl!
Lord moke me worthy, keep ihein blind.
Why Pb|i« Would Let ft.. «_.
Edith—•■Richard, this would be a
..Rood time to apply to pupa for his
c< nsent. Richard—Is he in a partiC-
til rly good humor? Edith—Dy no
means. He Is very angry over my
dressmakers* tills, and would be glut!
of almost any excuse to get rid ul
inn.—,Sydney Town and County Jour-
"ftl- .... . _
Lillooet District
Lawyers the B„~t Alius.*! ami Moat Trust-
eil of Men.
The third of the public lecture
course of McMasler University, Toronto, on "The Ethics'of Law" proved most entertaining and instructive,
many of those present coming away
with a very different opinion of some
phases of the profession of law and
its practice to that which they had
before the lecture. Mr. 1). E. Thum-
son, K.O., dose, ibed lawyers as at
once the best abisad and the most
gem rally trusted members of the
community. He analyzed thc business of thc ordinary law firm, of
which not more than 2 per cent, ia
criminal, and of the balance not more
than 10 per cent, ever comes to trial
in the courts, while in four-fifths of
the cases which do reach the courts
there are no appeals entered. Tho
nature of his business and experience
made the lawyer conservative in regard to changes in the law, and,
c immenting upon what is sometimes
termed the .'lavish adherence to precedent in the law. Mr. Thomson insisted nothing could be more revolutionary and dangerous than departure from this practice. In this connection he laid down three cardinal
piimi. lea for guidance:—(1) That
law is better than justice; (2) that it
is more necessary the law should be
certain than that it should be light,
and (3) that equity administered according to the Judge's personal idea
of right and wrong would result in a
cross between lottery and despotism.
Mr. Thoinj.san illustrated the numerous points he made by umusing anecdotes antl entertaining reminis-
ii ncs, which made thc subject of
"law" anything but dull.
The Itml nf a Tree.
Among the curious things rerontly
discovered by the students of plunt
life is the fait that a bud taken from
one tree and grafted on another carries tie age cf the oiiginol tree with
it. It bus always been belie.ed that
the bud so transfer! ed began a wholly new life, bit thi'" new theoiy—it
may, after all, be more theory than
fact ns yet—shows tlo matter in an
entirely dlCoiont light.
For example, if a bud be taken
from a tree that is twenty-five ,\ ears
old with a natural life of fr.'ty years
and grafted on another tree it will
not live as long as its patent tree
is entitled to live t'ie full fifty
years, but only for the ie iod of
life then left to lli« tree, twenty-five
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.
As   far back as the   year lt.58, successful placer mining  was carried on at Horse Beef
ar,   near the town   of Lillooet.    The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
the present time,
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
ANI.1.1.SON f.AKi- and it it EDO'is itiVEit mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of  territory that remain  un prospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds-<^^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Kirmlise is hero. Mountain sheep, hear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers lind the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, aiul
at tlie present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen iu bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Uailway towns are ashckoft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
Origin nf llnb~»ii'~ Cliolre.
Mr. Harper tells us all there isi to
be told about Thomas Hobson, the
fauioi s carrier between London nnd
Cajnbiidge, who died in l«33t. It
was from him that thii proverb of
'Ho'>~on's choice," arose, moaning,
of coins., a choice whi.h is no
choice. "The saying arose from tho
livery stable business carried on by
Hobson at Cambridge, in addition to
his carrying trade. Ile is, Indeed,
said to have been tbe first who
made a business of letting out saddle horses. His practice, invariably
lolljwed, was to refuse to allow any
ho ire i'i bis stable to be taken out
of i s proper turn. "That or none
wns bis unfailing formula, when the
Cambridge students, eager t>. pick
and choose, would have selected their
own fancy in hoiseflcsh. Every customer was served alike, wilhout favors'—London  Telegraph.
Nr iv KhIImhv Car.
A new typo of railway carriage wr>s
inspected at Newcastle, England, the
other day. The dusty, cushioned,
padded scats havo been rcp'ncod by
il..'.bt cane aim hairs, comfortably
cushioned, four each side, easily removable and permitting of speedy
antl thorough cleaning of the compartments. The carriages will be
put into tires trains between Newcastle nnd Cm lisle.
"Prospector" Club Offers.
Manitoba Free Press and Prospector for $1.50
I'hs Manitoba Free Press with its weekly Supplement gives 28 pages of reading matter every week. In addition to thi., 22 admirable
l-.lintit|_ I'epro lueiion. will be given. For $1.50 we will have the Free Press, the 22 paintings ami The Prospector sent to you lor
ons year.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
The two beautiful picture.  "PURITY" and "ALONE" which are to be presented with the Family Herald arc 22 x 28 inches
size, and are suitable for framing.
The Weekly Witness  price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern Messenger 30
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
W-W Special. We were successful in our last club offer, and will now make a
special  rate.    We  will send you  all the above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, world wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.oo. THE   rKOSrECTO!?, LI I.UX>].I\ P..C,  JUNE 20,  im
Na.v,   iloa't  for.ot   the   ol:l   fri'.Us,   boy_,-
.      I llr; "ve   not   jjorgp ti u   yon ;
riicttgli ;e«r.s li.Vvo |>ii_soil rime you  were
home,  ihe Lil<l   utttt'ta s.i I  are inn1;
Antl     not     an     uvi ning   pass s   liy   they
lta\ in'   the  desire
T_ see your faces   n e aj,'a!n and hear your
lootwiep-  ii.jjli.-r.
Voti're  joting    nml   buoyant   am!   for   yon
Hope beckons with L.r lian Is,
Ami  li.e spreads  out  a   wavrlcss sen  tliat
latis but  tropic  strands;
The world is all ibe.ore jour face, but let
yo.it memories  I urn
To   where   fond   hearts   still   cherish     yob
and loving bosoms jearu.
No matter what your duties are nor what
your place In l.fe,
There's tie.er been a time they'd not assume  jour  load   of  strife:
And shrunken shoulders, trembling hands,
and  forms racked   b.v disease
Woubl bravely, dare ihe grate lo bring to
you  the  pearl  of  peace.
So don't forget Ihe old folks, hoys—they've
rot forgotten yon;
Though years lave passed since you  were
home,  the oil  hearts st.ll are true;
And   wr'.te   them   now   and   then   to   bt'.llg
(lie light Into their ej*s,
And make  the  world  glow-'ine again  and
blud- gleam  the skies
—Will  T.   Hale.
NI.V vvkstminstki;, u. v.
runch's   Cartoonist   Is   Very   I rieiully  Jo
the Loudon " Force."
In an appreciative sketch of Mr.
Phil J\Iny, the famous cartoonist and
humorist artist, M.A.P. tells the following:—Mr. May's friendliness with
"the fcjr.ee" is ol' old standing, and
theie is hardly a policeman in his
district who does not think of him
whenever any very funny expei ience
is encountered. Only the other clay
a constable accosted the artist in
the street to tell him a "good story
lor Punch." A moment or two later
a second bobby came on the scene for
the same purpose, and, turning round
a corner in St. John's Wood, Mr.
May found himself supported on
either side by an eager raconteur in
blue. He then cair.c faee to face with
a lady of his acquaintance, and, as
he tells it bin self: "She looked at
me with such sympathy and an expression that so plainly suid, 'Don't
make a fiiss, better go quietly with
them,' that even the bobbies had to
smile at the .situation!"
The '• Uolt.vvill-" Drawings.
The series of "Dottyville" drawings in Punch is well known to Mr.
May's urtist. fi ionds, one of whom
brought him a letter from an inmate
of IJanwell Asylum, which said: "I
greatly resent those sketches. You
apparently do not understand your
subject, for you have drawn the head
of an idiot and labelled it n. lunatic.
Vou ought to know the difference,
but you dou't—nnd 1 nm not Surprised, for, although ] have never
6' e:t you, 1 nm very familiar with
I i.rtur.s of you, and in all drawings
and photographs 1 ha\e nol etl that
yours is the head of an idiot." Mr.
May rcaordi. against himself the fact
that, having proceeded thus far with
the letter, a listening friend who tlid
not. mean lo be uncomplimentary
broke in: "Oh, the man who wrote
lhat letter was no lunatic," a remark that naturally upset the gravity of the party and covered the
speaker with confusion.
$5,000 Reward £LbXtr.
Limited, Toronto, to any person  who
can    prove   that   this   soap contains '
any form of adulteration whatsoever,
or  contains any   injurious chemicals.
Ask for Ui;- Octagon Bar. 215
An Island  .'atal 10 Mice.
There is a small island named Papa
Little, that lies in St. Magnus Hay,
on the west side of Shetland, it gets
tils name in contradistinction to Papa St our, or the Big Papa, another
Island in Ihe same bay, Po.h names
aro of Noise origin, anil signify
Priest Islands, fiom the fact that
they weie coloni ed by the Irish Catholics who first introduced Christianity, 'lheve was a solitary ero't
on ihis Island at one time, but all
lhat now remains is a ruined homestead, for the pla^e is used purely
fer graying purposes. A striking
feature of the isles i.s the fact that
no mice can live there, and on various occasions, to test the truth of
this, mice have been caught and
slipped on lhe isle, hut so uncongenial did its soil prove to their existence thnt in a short time they
were dead. There aie instances of
crofters on the mainland, when
troubled with niic, going the lenf _h
of fetilvng earth from this isle nnd
sprinkling it on the ground before
building their stacl-s. This is snid
to have hnd the desi e:l elect in all
Sir It ed vers v.it Vindictive.
Sir Kedvci's Duller has had some
hard knocl s from the press, but apparently he dots not harbor tiny animosity against .journalists as a class.
At tho recent Devonian dinner, a
young .journalist wanted to get into
a small gallery ovorlco ing the
scene, instead of sitting wiih his
colleagues down below, the mole particularly as he was stifle: ing from
dyspepsia, nnd the good things provided we 0 forbidden him. Uut the
door leading to tho gallery was
locked, antl none of the officials
would produce the key or oven listen
to his appeals. Pi'c.ontly Sir iied-
vnis apj eared on lhe scene, and tho
journalist, inking his courage in both
hands, as tho French say, went up to
him and said: "Paidin me, Sir Hedvers, hut I am a poor, unfortunate
journalist    in a fix.    Will vou    help
There _re several of the'e.
Theie is llienittiral cure,
waii inn several hours fjr it
lo slop.
There is the batulaired
head and sleeping cure—always inconvenient and some
times no cuie at all.
Then there are MulWy'.
Headache wafer., which
c ue a maj >rily of cases in
a few minutes. Mailed anywhere for 25 c iits.
Geiieriil JI ani ware,
Picks and Shovels,
Axes, Noes Si. Hakes,
Bar Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils, Paints, Sic
1)Mil. S ior Fall or Spring planting
Seeds, Plants,
Paul Santini,
(Jr.NI.l-AL  Mi~lt('.|-(ANt;  UbhOOl.T,  15. 0.      «
carries a   full slock til'nil kinds ul' Ci roc-erics.  Dry (Joo-j
l.oots and Slioes, hardware etc
IlKlt SUl'I'I.IKS,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster  Koad, Vancouver, It.C
vviiri'ic i.Aiioit oni v.
"VA.-_TCOTT*V*E!'E-, IB. O.
A new and thoroughly equipped
private ho.si)i al specially adapted
fnr Surgical and Electrical I'nat-
nient, with superior nccoriliMillion lur Lying-in Cases. Only
trained nurses employed
Drugs and fledlclnes,
Spectacles and Toilet Requisites,
H ,h;n_ Tackle etc. etc.
Mai!   Orders    Promptly   Killed.
•C—-^> H. C. PARKER, = Lillooet, B.C. <_-_____
Having purchased the stock
R.J. Atkins, we are now addinj
to it and prepared to fill all orders
Repair Shop in connection  with Store,  where your eve
want will besupplied.  A complete L-j limbing Outfit on lian
MAKE YOUR own RiCi»An*s.   Enajiki.i.kd  Knobs, For Coffee ami Ten Pol
ami Other Hooking Utensils.   I'rieei) cents eaeli, while lliey lust.
The McMillan Fur & Woo! Co. have
placed their eir.'ti ar of May 5th on liie
it our oflice lor reference. This liou.e
whs e. lalilial.ed a Miarter of a cenltiry
igo, and on account of llieir extensive
bu. ine. 8, they are in a po.iiion to pay
ii>;li prices. Shippers lind iheir dealings with tbem very satisfactory.
[OTICE is hereby given lhat at the
nest Licensing Com! holden at I.iiiooet, lit,'. I intend tn apply in my name
fur a lraiisrer of the License of the l'ioneer
Thomas Pearson Reed.
Lillooet,    May 27. 1905.
V'OTICK is hereby (riven that the under-
I'siglied have applied lo Ihe Hoard of
License Commissioners for the West Lillooet
District fi r renewal ol iheir hotel licenses,
under tlio provisions of ihe "Liquor License
Act, 1900" and lhat the said applications
will be considered by lhe Hoard at the Court
House, Lillooet, H.C., at the hour ofeleven
o'clock in the forenoon ol the 15th ilay of
June, 1913.
Mark It, IDaglesoii, of the Victoria.Hotel,
Lillooet,   H.V., for the renewal of his   hotel
liipior 'icetise.
Duncan Fraser ami John Miller, of the
Excelsior Hotel, Lillooet, for the renewal of
their hotel  liquor license.
Thomas I'. Iteetl, Of the l'ioneer Hotel,
Lillooet, 11.(' , lor the transfer of the hotel
liquor license now standing in lhc name of
William  .. Allen, deceased.
Arthur S. Carter,
Chief Licens: Inspector,
West  Lillooet District.
Lillooel, May 27, 1903.
Subscribe for The IMiosimcctoii.
News from all tne world—VVelUwritten
original  stone.—Answers to queries—
Articles  on   Health,   the  Home,   New
Hooks,  -nil on  Work   about the Kami
Is a member of the Associated 1'ie.n '
the only Western Newspaper re living the entire teleg~i.plii~ news ser-
vice of the New Yoik Sun, and special cable of tbe New York World—
Daily reports of over 2,000 special
correspondents throughout tbe country.
Subscribe tor Tlie WEEKLY
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60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sen-Inn n sketch and description m».
quickly ascertain imr opinion free whether an
Invention is nrolmbly patentable.  Communica
tions strictly coiilldentlul. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest n.ency for securtiii. patents.
1'nt.ents tuken tlirouKh Munn & Co. receive
ijiretal notice, without char.o, In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. J.nrircst circulation of any ~c ionttllo Journal. Terms, f- a
year; four months, JI. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN &Co.36,Bfo1"1^ New York
Branch Olflco. 625 V Bt. Washington, D. C.
Head our special
offer on the
third page.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
■ Soap Powder is better than other powders,
as it ir both soap aud disinfectant.     34
A meeting of the West Lillooet Liberal Association will be held in Santini's
Mall on Saturday evening, tlie 20th of
June, at 8 o'clock Ior tbe election of officers and other bus'n.ess.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton & Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday]
All points in Cariboo:      -   -     Mondays.
150 Milt; House : Mondays Si Fridays [semi-weekly service]
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
^»   Special conveyances furnished.    Send   for   folders   )l
The new stage line leaves Lytton every Monday an
Pri day for Lillooot., returning next day. Special trij
made.    Write us for information.
Peter liehagliati Si. Co., Lytton   H. C,
McCOSH is your nearest TAIL0I
, Don't Forget the.Address.
•••.THOMAS McCOSH. Monl t Tailor, A~lu!intt,-|_,_J.
Yancouver, 1..C
.Cstahlished, 1800.
Assay work, of fill (lesciiplions iimltilnKcn. Tests made lip to 2000 11 is. A specialty]
made of checking smeller pulps. Samples from the Interior Uy Mail or Express]
promptly attended to.    Correspondence    solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We curry tlie largest -.nd best stock in 1~».C.,|
iiicliidijig: Bar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel Tire Steel,
Sole Agents For VALENTINE'S  High Ciade CAUKlAtSE VARNISH.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchant*
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
In summer the continuous coil
takes up the slack.
Page Woven Wire Fence
All  fences slacken  in warm weather and ■
   tighten in cold —except tho Page Fence,
In the waiter season pays it back. I>aS° aP""*- coil takes up the slack in sum-
l~> ~i     "1 1    _ ——'      mcr and lets a 011 tin winter. No looso sagging
"^"*''      in suimner, no straining or breaking in winter. Common crimped wlro is not spring tempered ani if it slackens it stays slackened; if it
tightens it loosens again worse than ever.    Pago wire is tempered to regulate its own
tension summer and winter.   60,OUJ miles0. Page wlro fence in use now.
Tha Page Wire Fence Co., Limited, Walkerville, Ont. Montreal, P.Q.,and Bt. John, N.B. 8
E. Q. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$100 per a num.


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