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The Lillooet Prospector Feb 2, 1912

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Array THE
Vol. 1 No. 12
$2.00 Per Year
Donald McLeod of Hat
Creek is here on a visit with
his sister Miss Katie McLeod
Foo Wang will be delighted to see you at Santini's hall
next Monday night.
Constable Daunt is wearing a happy smile these days
aa he announces the arrival
of a baby girl at his home.
Harry Logan spent several
days in town this week leaving today for his home at
the 19-mile house.
A treat—Sassasfras Jackson's (Dick Clarke) catchy
songs at the minstrel show
Monday night.
Barne./ Rodenberg, who
has been spending the winter
here, left on the auto last
Thursday enroute for Chilli-
wack where he expects to
spend about six weeks visiting.
Gei/rgj Carson and Walter
Mcgee of Pavilion drove into
town on Saturday afternoon
and after transacting business and visiting friends and
relatives returned to the
Carson .anch on Sunday.
The v Bay that section is enjoying with Lillooet the
spring-like weather.
W, C. Keeble, formerly
manager of the Baillie hotel
at Lytton paid his usual annual visit to his numerous
friends in. Lillooet and expressed l.im§elf as highly
pleased with the outlook for
this section and with the improvements that have taken
place in Lillooet since his last
visit here.
L. Loring of Botania and
A. McKibben, brother to
Hazen McKibben, the popular freighter on the Lytton-
Lillooet road, are spending a
few days in Lillooet on business and pleasure bent. It is
their intention to stay over
and attend the minstrel show
and dance next Monday
Don't forget the dance
after the minstrel show.
Slewfoot White is in good
Quite a number of Lillooet
visitors and local boys made
the trip up Seton lake on
the SS. Britannia last Wednesday, the guests of Captain
Kinder. The boat went to
the Portage, touching at the
Mission to deliver- freight
and to allow Tony Viera to
land. Tony is on his way to
his ranch situated at Jack's
Landing, Bridge river, where
he will be employed for the
next few weeks in clearing
land and building an addition
to his house which he intends to convert into a stopping house for the benefit of
the travelling public. The
'•joy-riders" were composed
of the following well pleased
tourists who thoroughly enjoyed the trip: Harry Logan,
Dick Clarke, Pete Rebagiiati
Bert Phair, Joe Russell, Ray
Powers, Tony Viera, Arthur
Humphries and last but not
least, Charles Noel.
Primrose Jackson (Bertie
Phair) is interlocator for the
minstrel show. He keeps
things moving all the time.
Tonight's Ashcroft stage
brought in Miss Reynolds and
her brother Percy of Cache
Creek, and H. W. McKenna
of Ashcroft, who comes to
assist the local boys with
their minstrel show. He is
said to be a comedian with
marked ability and capable
of drawing a smile from a
mummy so should be an added attraction to the exceedingly fine array of local talent now rehearsing for the
performance. All are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dick
Ruf us Jackson (Teddy Holt)
has a surprise in store for
those who visit the minstrel
E. Bottomley and A. Lan-
don returned from a trip to
Tyaughton this week and
left for coast points.
Billy Page has received
word that the pool table
which he ordered recently
had been shipped and should
arrive in the very near future.
When it comes Billy will
have it set up in his store
room and will cater to the
cue wielders of the commun-
Fred Kinder left by auto
on Thursday for Victoria and
New Westminster on a short
business trip. It is his intention to make arrangements to provide better transportation facilities on Seton
lake to cope with the increased business expected this
coming season.  N
"Pete" Rebagliati, ex-stage
driver on the Lytton-Lillooet
road showod ' his smiling
countenance in Lillooet ,on
Tuesday. On Wednesday he
accompanied the boys on a
pleasure trip up Seton lake
on the SS. Britannia. Pete
announces his intention of
moving to Lillooet to take up
his permanent residence in
-the near future.
While out on a quiet Sunday afternoon tramp Artie
Phair and Frank Gott had
the good fortune to secure
four good sized coyotes within a short distance from
town. With a bounty of
three dollars from the
government and the skins
worth three to four dollars
apiece it wasn't a bad afternoon's work. Artie also got
a red squirrel which was a
freak in that it had a tusk
protruding from its mouth
of such length that it curled
up and completly encircled its
eye. He has sent it to the
coast to be mounted and will
soon have ifron exhibition in
the store.
Mose Foster ad wife returned from a visit -to Ashcroft this week.
G. H. Gibbs of Vancouver,
representing the Taylor Safe
company, paid Lillooet a
short visit this week.
J. A. R. Rome of Victoria
did considerable business
with the local hostleries this
week in the wet goods line.
He arrived by auto on Wednesday and left Thursday-
noon for Lytton.
A laugh every minute at
the minstrel show next Monday night.
A special driven by Butch
Rebagliati brought in R. D.
Douglas, representing the
firm of Kelly Douglas and C~.
of Vancouver. After doing-
considerable business with
the local merchants he will
leave for Ashcroft tomorrow.
Chris Meniel, Lytton's
butcher, paid Lillooet a business trip this week, coming
in by auto on Tuesday evening. He spent the week visiting the ranches in this vicinity securing beef cattle for
the market in the busy railroad town.
^iorice Farr (Peck's bad
boy) arrived on Friday by
Harrison special from Lytton
and has been occupying the
Victoria sample rooms, doing-
business for the firm of Peck
and company of Vancouver.
Laugh and grow fat—
Slewfoot White (H. W. McKenna) will certainly hand
out flesh-producers at the
minstrel show.
Mrs. F. C. Mills came in by
' Ashcroft stage the first of
the week and is registered at
the Excelsior. She represents the American Life and
Accident Insurance company
and has succeeded in interesting several local parties
in the necessity of insuring
against accident and sickness.
Foo Wang will give you
your money's worth at the
minstrel show. The    PrMp3ct9'r
Permanently camped at Lillooet, B. C.
Sending out samples every  Friday
afternoon  to    be   assayed   by   the
public at large.
Yearly,   $2.00   in advance.      Single
copies, five cents.
Advertising   rates " on  [ application
A Mistake.
The following editorial
from the Ashcroft Journal
so nearly expresses our views
on certain sections of the Liquor Act that we can do no
better than to reprint it:
1 'While the Liquor Act
which passed the legislature
in 1910 is very ; admirable jn "
many respects, there is one
section which, we think,
could be amended to advantage viz: the necessity of the
family of the hotel-keeper to
live in the house. The enforcement of this section of
the act brings a great deal of
hardship in many respects
and is certainly a detriment
to the children's moral upbringing and future character. The hotels in this country are as punctilious as any
in the province, regarding
the enforcement of the law
governing their premises and
we much regret to note the
proprietors and the'r families
are now compelled to move
from their adjoining buildings and take up their residence in their respective
hotels. We cannot see where
the advantage conies in as in
all cases known to us personally the proprietor in every
case has a competent and
thoroughly efficient manager during his absence.
If this law is to be enforced, it looks to us as if an embargo were placed on good
men from joining the great
army of benedicts as their
consciences   would     forbid
them bringing up a family in
a public hostelry.    That this
section of the act is more or
less farcical is proven by the
fact that at the present time
some 40 licenses are in the
hands   of    batchelor  hotel '
keepers and several incorporated hotel companies holding
licenses are at present conducting hotels without the
doubtful     assistance     and
moral influence superinduced
by a flock of children.    As
the legislature is at present
in session it might do worse
than the  amending of this
rediculous section of the  liquor act."
The Victoria Colonist says
the decision of the government to call in the $4 notes
and issue $5 notes in their
place is a good one. It has
led to the suggestion that
new and smaller cents ought
to be coined. Out here we
have only platonic interest in
the cent, but we know
enough about it to know that
its value is not commensurate with its weight. On the
other hand the silver 5-cent
piece is too little. The chief
objection with our gold coinage is that it is too scarce."
Cadwallader Creek
In the fall of 1898 Mr.
Robert Hamilton of the Hamilton Manufacturing company
decided to make a trip to
Cadwallader creek and although he found that the difficulties were great he was
convinced that if he could
find the man to superintend
the work of taking the machinery of a stamp mill to Cadwallader creek, the difficulties need not be unsurmount-
able. His choice fell on Mr.
Arthur F. Noel, a man who
knew the country well. The
result was that Mr. Noel took
a contract with the owners
of the properties to erect a
ten stamp mill, flume, dam
and tramway, andundertake#
the running of the mill for'
thirty days after construction. The mill which was
shipped in sections, in all
weighting some 25 tons, was
hauled by freight teams from
Ashcroft; a small steamer on
Seton lake conveyed the
machinery to the Mission,
here it had to be landed and
packed on the backs of horses
for conveyance to the top of
Mission mountain, a height
of 4000 feet. On the summit it was transferred to
sleighs which safely took it
to the frozen river below. At
Bridge river new sleighs and
toboggans had to be built,
the old ones being worn cut
by the trip down the mountain, for the further conveyance of the machinery on the
ice to above the rapids. This
part of the work on the. journey had to be accelerated as
rapidly as possible for at any
moment the ice might break
up. This part of the journey
was safely accomplished,
however, the machinery being landed below the rapids
in the space of two days and
a half. The ice was in a
most dangerous condition
and completely broke up the
following day. It would take
some weeks for the river to
clear and the time was utilized in building boats. For a
fortnight men were busy
whipsawing the lumber necessary for the construction of
Delivered    When    Promised
and Correct When Delivered
The Prospector
Lillooet, B.C.
the bateaux. Five boats
were built thirty feet in
length and six feet in beam.
By the .time the boats were
completed the river was open
and the machinery was again
started on to its destination,
twenty-six Indians being employee! in poling boats to
Sucker creek a distance of
forty miles. Each boat took
3000 pounds and four men to
each boat. The trip took two
days to Sucker creek and a
half a day to return, so the
work continued until the
whole of the machinery was
safely landed at Sucker
The different petitions for
telephone lines that have
been signed by the residents
of Lillooet district are well
worthy of note. The proposed line from Lytton to Lillooet and one to Cadwallader
creek mines with an extension to the Pemberton Meadows would help greatly in
the development of the country and could be b.iilt at a
low figure considering the
climatic conditions and the
easy manner in which the
lines could be installed permanently.
~NO.. ~~~~
that an applicati ill be made
to the Legislativ Assembly
of the Province of British
v olumbia, at its next Session for an Act amending'
Section 3 of the Bri is! 2 ilumbia
& Alaska Railway *d 1910,
(Ch. 56,'Statutes of British Columbia, 1910), by striking out all
the words after the word "Columbia," in   Line 10 of said Sec
tion and  substitute
the following-:
■. "And or from Fort George in
a northeasterly direction to the
valley of the Parnsip River by
way of Fort McLeod, thence
along the Parsnip River to a junction with the Peace River, thence
along the valley of the Finley
River through Siftori Pass,
thence down the Stikene River
to a junction with the main line
at Telegraph Creek. Also powers to build branch lines either
through the Pine River or Peace
River passes to the eastern bound
ary of British Columbia, or by
way of the most feasible route,
or in the alternative by the mos
feasible route between Lytton
and Teslin Lake, also to build
from a point on said line of Railway to the City of Vancouver
or from th« City of Vancouver
to a point on the said line by the
most feasible route."
AND FURTHER for an Act
extending the time within which
the Company has to commence
construction, and extend ten per
cent of its capitalization.
DATED at Victoria, B. C,
this 5th day of December, 1911.
Robertson & Heisterman
Solicitors for the Applicants, the
British   Columbia    & Alaska
Railway Company. The     Prospector
J. K. Moore, general road superintendent, left for the upper
country on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ulrich are spending the week in town.
It is rumored that Messrs. Mar-
wich and Price who arrived from
Ashcroft on Friday are to take
over the Clinton hotel next week
D. A. Stoddard of the 83-mile
house came down last week and
went down to Ashcroft on business.
Mrs. D. A. Stoddard gave a
children's party in honor of little
Earlie's birthday, which was
thoroughly enjoyed by all the
little one's present.
Among the visitors in town
this week were Mrs. J. Walker
of Cache Creek,Mrs. 0.0. James,
Ike Kerr and W. W. Boyd.
A leap year dance was held in
the town hall on Friday evening.
A large crowd attended and supper was provided by the ladies.
Everyone seemed to have a most
enjoyable time.
Mac and Alec Payne', who have
been visiting the coast returned
home on Thursday.
A dancv will be held in the
town hall tonight (Friday) which
will undoubtedly be well attended
Mrs. McGann, wife of Constable McGann is now able to
be out of the hospital after an
illness of two weeks, and has departed for coast points.
There were in addition to the
regular stages to Lillooet this
week two special, one driven by
"Butch" Rebagliati and one by
Martin Chernault andxthe auto
made three flying trips in good
time considering the condition of
the roads which at this time of
the year are at their worst.
The minstrel troupe which ar- .
rived in Lytton last Sunday gave
their performance on Thursday
which was well attended.
Lytton was well represented at
Lillooet this week and all the vis
itors report a good time, enjoying
themselves thoroughly, making
new acquaintances and binding
the old friendships tighter.
On Tuesday last the  body  of
Ed Bowman, an employee of No.
2 construction camp above Lytton
was found on the banks of the
Thompson river.  Apparently the
man had slipped on the frozen
trail and fell over the steep cliff
to the beach below.   Dr. Sanson,
the coroner arrived from Ashcroft and after an examination of
the body found that death had
been almost instantaneous as the
neck was completely broken.
Hill & Burnett
New Westminister
B. C.
Represented in Lillooet by
W. Hayimore
If you want freight hauled from Lyt+on to Lillooet
just  bear it in mind that
McCaffery & McKibben
have the two best" outfits
on the road and can give
you quick service and
guaranteed      satisfaction
Address Chas. McCaffery at Lillooe
or   Hazen   McK bben at Lytton to
make arrangements
Alfalfa Seed
Clean new seed, $18.00 per 100
pounds. Lillooet or Lytton. Alex
Lochore, Rosebank, Lytton, B.
Lillooet General Store
W.J.PAGE   -   Proprietor
A newly-bought stock of
staple and fancy groceries
An excellant line of dry
goods, clothing, furnishings, etc. Call and see us.
Lillooet General Store
W.J.PAGE   -   Proprietor
xcelsior Hotel
First Class Table and Good
Liquors and Cigars.
B. C.
— J   DUNLOP  —
Store near Seton Lake
General Merchant
Large Assortment of Goods Always on Hand
Dry Goods, Groceries,   Hardware,
Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Miner's Supplies
-- Outfitter for Camp or Trail
Otis Swart came to town on
Wednesday and reports that a
dance will be given by the Pachelqua boys at Babtish LaRochelle
on Snturday next. Good local
music and a pleasant welcome to
Mr. and Mrs. Munroe, accompanied by their neice Miss Mur-
roe drove to town from the Jones
ranch on Tuesday and left on
Wednesday's stage for a short
visit to the coast.
Willian Dickey was a visitor to
Lillooet on Tuesday and reports
that his father James Dickey, Sr.
a well known old timer and
rancher who has been a liltle under the weather is now recovering his usual good health and
C. Dearlove, who is employed
at the Jones' ranch drove up to
Lillooet on Wednesday and reports everything at the ranch to
be in fine condition.
Foo Wang, the celebrated
Chinese conjurer will be a feature at the minstrel show at Santini hall next Monday night.
K. Brigman has been doing
considerable prospecting for ore
in the vicinity of Riley creek and
up to the present time has fonnd
good indications fr_m the float
he has discovered.
There is comp. rat.vely no s n w
on the west bank of the Frass r
in this vicinity up to an altitude
of 1000 feet from the river. The
warm days we are enjoying are
making the snow go at a lively
£andy Duguid is at piesent
staying at the Jones' ranch making preparations for the removal
of the Se ;on lake sawmill to that
place where W. G. Duguid has a
contract to cut a large order of
A sure cure for the blues-
Sleepy Snowball (Jimmy Row-
lottom) in the minstrel show
next Monday night.
General Merchant
Forwarding Agent
Ship Goods To Lillooet in my Care
Prompt   Attention  Guaranteed
LYTTON        --.:;•.       B.C.
I, Moses Foster,   of Fourteen
Mile Creek, by occupation a farmer, give notice that I intend on
the 20th day  of March next, at
eleven o'clock in the forenoon,
to apply to-the Water Commissioner at his office at Clinton, B.
C, for a license to take ,and use
four cubic feet of water per second from Fourteen Mile Creek, a
tributary of Fraser river,  to be
diverted at  a point   about   1-2
mile above Lot No. 1589.
The water will be used on Lot
1589 for irrigation purposes.
Signature: Moses Foster
Dated this 31st day of January.
Hear the old Southern melodies
at the minstrel show Monday
night in Santini hall.
FOR SALE-One Berkshire
boar $7.50, and pure bred Collie
pups, $5.00 each. Alex Lochore
Rosebank, Lytton, B. C. The     Prospector
Manager Dick ClarK reports that the minstrel show
is coming on in great shape
and that the boys ars even
surprising themselves at the
rehearsals. All arrangements
have been made and there s
nothing now to prevent its
being a great success. A
dance and supper will be
given to add to the evening's
pleasure. The price of admission has been arranged
so that those wishing to see
only the show will be admitted for 50 cents while those
taking in both the show and
the dance will be charged 75
Harness Maker    Saddler
Carrying All Lines. Horse
Blankets. Repairing of
all Description a Speciality
Ashcroft      -    -     B. C
Lytton to Lillooet
Four   Hours    Enroute
Expert Driver"
Connects With all Trains
Enquire at the Victoria Hotel
Lillooet Meat Market
Fresh Killed Beef, Pork & Mutton
Large and small orders
given our   personal attention.        Satisfaction   •
Fresh    Vegetables    in    Season
General  Hauling,
Roy McDonald
Six Tables
Cigars and Tobaccos
Smokers cupplies
ASHCROFT   -    - (
Subscribe for
The   Prospector
and get all the home news
FOR SALE-One Berkshire
boir $7.50, and pure bred Collie
pups, $5.00 each. Alex Lochore
Rosebank, Lytton, B. C.
Prospector Ads Pay.
Alfalfa Scei
Clean new seed, $18.00 per 1C0
pounds. Lillooet or Lytton. /lex
Lochore, Rosebank, Lytton, B.
■ CA. PHA1 ■
General Merchant Manufacturers Agent
For  Twenty-five Years   Lillooets Leading Store
Complete up-to-date Stock in all Departments
Carefully Bought at Right Prices
Sole Agent for Kodak supplies, Singer„Sewing Machines,
Edison Phonographs, Sherwins-William's1 Paint, McClarey
Stoves, Aladdin Lamps, etc. Publishers of Local Post Cards.
Made-to-order Department in connection with our Clothing.
Prospector's and Miner's Outfits. Guides furnished for
Hunting Parties. A car of gasoline and coal oil just arrived
Groceries, Na-dru-co drugs, Famous "Big Horn" Brand
Overalls, Miner's Shirts, Blankets, Sweater Coats, W in ter
Caps, Fancy Neckties,   Men's Furnishings just opened up
The nnly Store that can give satisfactiom on orders
from the smallest to the largest.   Our Cash Price
is the Lowest Good Goods can be Sold For
We Lead, Others Follow
— C A. PHAIR —
The Store of Satisfied Customers
Mail Orders Receive our Careful Attention
When in LYTTON go to the
Durham Barber Shop
First-class Shave or Haircut
Two doors west of the Harrison stage
, Office
Lillooet   -   B. C.
Outfitters for Prospectors, Trajppers,
Miners, Ranchers,
Etc. Our goods are
the best and prices
are right
Chinese Goods
Notary Public
Lillooet   -   -    B. C.
Lands,  Mines, Insurance and
Mining  business  in   all branches a
specialty.    Farms,   Fruitlands   and
Residential properties for sale.
R. C.  Stephenson!
I Blacksmith mid
Expert   Horse- j
shoer jj
All Work Promptly      ]
Executed I
j LILLOOET    -    -   B.   .1
"""' 1MB—t—1 -■'"*■*
Stage Line
Regular Stage leaves Lytton Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m.
Regular Stage leaves Lillooet Wednesdays and Sun
days at 7 a. m.
Wire or write for Special Stage or
Desired Information
LEE HARRISON  -   Lytton, B. C.
ASHCROFT      -      -    B. C
Frank Mclntyre
Lillooet's Barber
Operating in  the  southwest cornerof the Victoria
Hotel   Lobby
Don't forget the Number
Livery and
Feed Stables
Horses and Riga  for Hire.
Express Delivery
Light and Heavy  Draying.
B. C.
Subscribe for the Prosper to.-
Hotel Victoria
Fifty-five well-furnished rooms. Hot and cold baths
Excellent table. First class bar. Large sample room
Two autos on request from  Lytton or   Ashcroft
Headquarters for Lytton-Lillooet stage line.     Stage    ,
meets Seton Lake boat. Rigs furnished on demand.
RATES: $1.50 per day and up. By month $35 and up. Meal?, 21 for $9.00


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