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The Prospector Feb 15, 1901

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 yUuLto^Ai    \r^^J^u^4    1 -<*XI
Vol.|3, No. _._.
$2.00 a year.
OEi_^_e___?,___.___   j_v^3ii_e^cj__:-a_j_tt
Miners Supplies.
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
►ers Outfits are on hand.
1 J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C^
Paul Santini,
Curries > full Steele of all kinds of Groceries, Dry   Goods,   Bjots   and   Shoes,
Hardware, etc.
•Fio:t>r:__3:EG:j-e rTiOT.Er..
Litiooet, w. c
FRED. H.   KIH-SON, Froprlttor.
m;.l*   R-.iiiih    f(»r    Coaiiiit>rciul     TruvnIU-n.
Ll I'try St nLI■-• in t'ttTIHect i'lll.   Htl< nu<ot_
itu-itutiDAt fur ■jilT-'lit In it mi frtiiu
A^Jursnn EtticttABtJ Krid^c
Jti.or jiuiii.ti.
Hotel Victoria,
This hotsl bein? new and thorough1*- fltitsliB'l tlirnttilio.it is the only first
•lass hotel in Lillooet. Persons calling al L'lteoet will receive every attention by
•tupping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel. Headquarters (or the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
•   •00
•     CHAKUEH   MODKIUTE.     0   0   6   0   6   0
X>.  B__.__S:H2_-i,   PBOP.
MU-OOfcT, * B.C.
The Bar is supplied with tho best Wines, Liquors and Cigars. ______[
Stage leaves Lytton every Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooet, returning next day.    Special trips made.
If yon contemplate atrip into Lillooet dlstllut, utile us for information.
CAMERON ft HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B I
Cenarai D.alsr
| Full  line   of   Groceries,  Dry  Goods,  Boots   and  Shoes
Ohothing and Hardware.     Miners' Supplies.
Kamloops, B.C.
Furniture of even- description.   Carpus,   iiobum,  Window Shades, Cornice Poles, etc.
Canadian Pacific Navigation Company.
r.f   i|.cL. Bttfttntri for Skij'.my mid AltBltA pftlatd li\irc Vlcloria every Wednesday
POr H]d5Ko.   evening »u*i v_,uio.r_; i-v-rv rnuitilnyai l p.m.
StMMtri iwr H. c. Noiiliern roitiitf.lcit'j V-'Iclorln au*\ Vancouver n-aoklv.   Hcgulnr *f (miner*
to rllkni]-.b«luinbiApoiBi-.   KnriUuUr* on hp'Ah .lioa. C. 8. UAXTCit ,'i. P. .
Subscribe for Th* Prospector.
Some months ago a change was made
in the constables at Lillooet and much
improvement was expected. An inexperienced man replacing one who bad
been in tho service for years. Previous
to the appointment, for a year or bo the
town was run more or lees wide open,
few restrictions were used to prevent
Indians receiving liquor, and from a
moral point of view the Chinese section
of the town was in a deplorable state.
Well, conditions have not improved and
we think are worse than heretofore, as
at present the Indian women who infest
the town have more freedom. The town
of Lillooet iB of some importance and tbe
laws should be enforced as there is no
reason why conditions should remain as
they are at present. It is too bad tbe position of constable could not be made, so
as to be independent of politics,
Bii'lge river district bas now police
protection a constable being appointed
last week. As the district needs a recorder also, why n »t allow the constable
to receive records, collect, etc.. the same
as the constable at Lytton and other
places along the railway. The police
service will not be bo great that a constable cannot attend to recording or will
Ihe recording he so great as to interfere
with the duties of a constable. Tiie salary attached to the job of constable is
not sufficient to induce a man to accept,
but hy including a small stipend for
other work, the income would be such
that the duties would be performed in a
first class manner.
Tlie question of rural mail delivery in
Canada is receiving consideration, in
localities at present. Such a move would
entail much expenditure, hut when one
views tbe reforms of Hon Mr. Mulock in
the past few years it is not too much lo
expect even a rural mail delivery in tbe
most distant future.—Stratford Beacon.
Tbe Cariboo and Lillooet sections of
Yalt-Cariboo distiict are more fortunate
than other places, as for years they bare
had a raral delivery. The stage companies having mail contracts leave and
collect the mail at nil houses along the
route traveled.
In this issue is a cominunicotion from
Peter Burnet re the cemetery. We were
aware that steps were made a couple of
years ago to have this attended, but so
fur as having it put on the town plan,
the matter ended there. The member
has done this much. Ootild not a meeting such as is suggested be held and a
board of trustees be aopointed to have
the plot of ground in tbeir charge and
make arrangements to put it in better
A rich lady cured of her Den/ties, and Koines
in tlie Heiwf or Dr NleuoUon's ArtillciRl K.r
l»rumF. gave |H',0_ lo his Institute, tu. that tlie
tlenl people umible to procure tlie Ear lininin
niHV have them tree. Address No. U6S8 'I'lic
Nicholson Institute, 780, Ki_tii_ Avenue, Now
York,   .8.A.
Perhaps the quickest nomination, election and returns to be in, on record, is
that .bleb will take place in Vancouver
and Nanaimo cities, the first of nexl
week. Both seats were made vacant by
the member resigning, to become a candidate at the dominion elections. The
nominations will take place on Monday
18th, election on Tuesday 19th, returns
to be in Wednesday 20th, to allow tbe
members-elect to take thier seatB in the
legislature on the 21st. The professional
politi .'iiiiis on the coast are pretty swift
A petition to be sent the no tmasler
general asking that the mail Bervice to
Bridge river district be increased from
once a month to a weekly service, is in
circulation for signers, and will be forwarded to Ottawa. This is a matter of
much importanceand with Mr.Galliher'e
assistance there iB no doubt but what
the service will be established. The demands of the district are such that increased mail eet vice is necessary, owing
'.o its rapid development and with the
prospects for thiB season the present
monthly service will he inadequate to
supply the residents.
Tbe board of license commissioners
met on Tuesday afternoon and granted a
renewal of the license for tbe Royal
Hotel at Sucker creek, having on December loth, 1900, refused such application,
causing considerable inconvehience to
tbe owner and necessitating public opinion to point out the board tbeir duties
as license commissioners.
The provincial legislature meets on
the 2let February for the transaction of
the business of the province,
Tlie Ceuietery.
Editor Pitosr-iicTon, Sir: In your issue of the 8th inst. you suggest the advisability of our M. P. P. securing eround
for a cemetery. This Mr. Smith did
some length of lime ago. I surveyed
the plot and it is shown on the official
plan of the village. It contains about
one acre and a hnlf, measuring 261 feet
by 24-1 feet, requiring about 1,000 feet of
Could not a committee be formed from
amongst those who have relatives buried there and therefore those particularly inteiested, to devise means to have
the plot properly fenced.
There iB I think little doubt that the
inhabitants of the neighborhood would
willingly subscribe for that purpose and
so do away with what is now an eye
sore and disgrace to Ihe community.
Prteb Burnet.
Lllooet, B. C, February lltb, 1901.
J. H. Anthony.
(Successors to .    Htevenson.
iluuinesseststiliHlied IgOJ.
General flerchandise and
Miners Supplies.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
B. 0
Fii'st-class in every respect.
Choice  Wines,  Liquors
and Cigars. Sxtmplo
room   tree.
Fanatic:, at  Large.
Chicago, Feb. 7.—Crying out that
drugs were the agents of the devil, a
half dozen women tollowets |of Dowie,
the faith cure lender, adopted tin tactics
of Mrs. Carrie Nation yesterday and
wrecked a number of | Irug stores on the
west side. In Botne instances there were
hand-to-hand lights with the druggietB.
Armed as they were with pitch forks,
umbrellas and canes, the women came
out the victors in nearly every encounter
and succeded in destroying property
wherever thev went.
The womtn went in a well-orgonizc I
band, were of middle age, and well dressed. Mjst of them wore automobile
coats, under which they concealed their
implements of destruction while on the
street. On leaving a drug store they invariably Bang "Praised be the Lord," or
" Zion Forever."
The Death Flat.
A Pekin despatch says: The ministers definitely decided at a meeting held
last Wednesday, to demand the imposition of the death penalty upon all twelve
of the Chinese officials, named in the
list submitted, including, for the purpose of moral effect upon the O'uneee,
Kang Yi, and Li Ping Heng, who committed suicide some months ago. The
seutence on the living must he inflicted,
except in the cases of Prince Tunn and
Duke Lan, which the emperor may commute to banishment to Turkestan.
The tJr.at Ooebel riurder.
Georgetown, Ky., Feb. 0.—Henrv E.
Yontsey, stenographer to Governor Taylor, during his incumbency, and who
was tried as a principal in the shooting
of ".Governor William Goebel, and found
guilty, was arraigned before Judge Can-
trell, late this afternoon, and sentenced
to life imprisonment. When sentence
was pronounced, Youtsey exclaimed:
"I am innocent."
No appeal was taken, and the prisener
was conveyed to the state prison shortly
llnvc Tlieir Flve-iStniiip —•otionitf
Mill on lt» Way to tnelr F"roj>-
ertlei. on Cnctwnlloder. Will
Have It Ready to Crush Roclc
In tlie Eorly Spring.
Two wagon loads of the machinery consisting of the five stamp mill for the
Lorne mine, arrived this week and is being unloaded at Seaton lake wharf. The
mill is alive-stamp sectional, the heaviest
piece weighing 350 pounds, and in al
about 30,000 pounds.
The machinery will be kept moving
along Ihe trail and no time will be lost
in having it placed on the property. The
ice on Bridge river is good, which will
allow the machinery to be taken over
Word received from the mine Bays the
work is progressing rapidly and the property is looking better than ever before.
With the stamp mill grinding the rich
rock from these properties, there is no
doubt, but what good returns will be
made, when hist year with arrastras the
cleanup was in the neighborhood of $!,•
000 and grinding about a ton and a half
of rock a day.
The Mines Exploration Ltd., are conducting their work and business in a satisfactory manner, which ib a great deal
f >r the advancement of the district.
It is believed that the loss of gold in
water used in stamp-iniliingis too infiui-
testitnal to be taken into account.
The Kin. s Message.
London, Feb. 5.—King Edward has
gazetted the following to his subjects
throughout the empire:
To my people: Now that tbe lasl
scene has closed in the noble and ever-
glorious life of my mother, the queen, I
am anxious to endeavor to convey to the
empire, the exlenl of the deep gratitude
I feel for the heart-Btirringand affectionate tributes, which have everywhere
been homo to her memory.
" I'i the welfare and prosperity of her
subjects throughout Great Britain the
Queen ever evinced a heartfelt interest.
She saw with thankfulness the steady
progress which under'llie wide extension
of self-government they had made during her reign. She warmly appreciated
their unfailing loyally to her throne and
person, and was proud lo think nf those
who had so nobly fought and died for
the empire's cause in South Africa.
"I have already declared it would he
my constant endeavor to follow the great
example which nas been bequeathed to
" In these endeavors I shall have confident trust in the devotion and sympathy
of the people and their several representative assembled throughout my vast
colonial dominions.
" Willi such loyal support I will wilh
the blessing of God, solemnly work lor
the promo'ion nf the common welfare
ami sei urry of our great empire, over
which 1 have now bee., called io reign."
Twelve thousand nine hundred and
eighty-nine soldiers have been killed
since  the   war   commenced   in   South
Tne queen of Iljllftnd was nnrreid
hut Thursday.
Tlie fine Not 111.
A London despatch says that Professor
Sir Felix Semen, physician for diseases
of the throat, to the national hospital
for epilepsy and paralysis, and president
of the Larengylical society of London,
etc., asks the Associated Press to Bay
that there is positively no word of truth
in the Btory published in the United
StateB, that King Edward is suffering
from cancer of the throat.
Canada and the Pacific Cable.
The Melbourne correspondent of the
London Times Eitys: "Mr. Chamber.
lain has telegraphed to Sydney, that
Canada is considering h"r position aB a
contracting partner in the Pacific cable,
in view of the concessions granted to the
Eastern Extension Company."
Thc Headman's Island Case.
Victoria, Feb. S.—The dominion government has closed its case before thc
supreme court, in re Headman's Island,
and counsel for Mr. Theodore Ludgate,
has decided to accept a decision as between the two governments, and offer
no evidence as to his claim.
The standard of a foot of fuse is thirty
seconds. Tiie estimate that a foot of
I'tiae will take one minute to burn is a
dangerous one in practice.
There is nothing statutory to prevent
anyone writing " M. E." after his name
and claiming to be a mining engineer,
though those who have a just claim to
that title are often rightly indignant at
its gross misuse.
Iu Swedish mines the workmen have
their tools sharpened by a special blacksmith, paid not by the number of tools
sharpened, but by the number of yards
boted by the miners whose implements
he has sharpened during the month.
Provlnciol Uy-Hlectlon.
Writs for the Vancouver and Nanaimo
by-elections were iiStied list Friday.
The nominations will take place on Monday, February 18lh, and the elections
on tho day lollowing.
The Wilcox  Fire Escape.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox Bays divorce is
the fire-escape from hell. A good many
people Becin to think that one fire cBcai e
isn't half enough to got out on, though.
— Montreal Herald.
It. L. Bo-den, of Halifax, was selected
at the Conservative caucus last Wednesday at Ottawa, as parliamentary leader
of lhe party.
The king will open the Imperial parliament In person on February 14th.
Late news tends to the belie! that the
coronation will be held this year.
It was expected that many would bo
injured during the progress of the funeral procession of tho queen. Happily,
however, out of some 2,000 reported injuries, only sixty were of a serious nature, 	
Friends of Mr. James F.Garden are
circulating a requisition   in Vancouver,
which asks in effect that he reconsider
his resignation of the seat in the legislature that he was chosen to fill at thc
goneral elections of last summer—in
other words that ho become a candidate
at the bye election thetcby rendered
Ivlte Blld Cards.
Life and cards resemble each other. Many
of us are (linked to death hy playing heart
solos we cannot win. Sometimes wc only
have a deuce in the whole where we thought
an ace reposed. A hand of diamonds wilh a
king at the head is often mingled in thc debris
through a collision with clubs topped by a bullet. Many of us want lhe sweet music of a
solo best when lhe croak of a frog would suit
our stack imicli better. Twenty-one is the
age at which all expect to will, although
many are "busted" at sixteen. There is
many a slip between the "split" and lhe
check rack. Il is not always warm when the
hall rolls on the green. It is zero if you are
not on it. If you arc it is rcro for the other
fellow. Many of us have to beg when clubs
nun up. The falling of a queen is often hailed with delight, although three of them will
turn pale when confronted hy four plehian
deuces. The pni is not always for the swift.
The man who waits generally gets everything,
even cold feet. lie who bets all on a single
card often sleeps where ozone is more plentiful than carbon, while he who spreads his bets
frequently swallows the hank and becomes a
plutocrat, lie who has never loyed with the
cuds saves himself endless misery, but lacks
an experience that pares the lop off of human
nature, and lays hare lhe quivering passiors
thai shake the human soul in itsdesirefor gold,
without labor. By standing pat the world
does not know, if there is no show down,
whether you hold the bobtail straight of poverty or the royal flush of wealth, Many a
battle is won by courage, and many a poor
hand is hoisted into fame through nerve.   The
lice gotten honestly is more pure than the
ace raised on a hold-out. Hearts and diamonds rule this life, but clubs and spades are in
at the death. The spade is black, bul it always turns up when thc player can no longer
draw cards and shovels him into that kitty,
called the grave, from which there is no appeal
and from which no man has ever returned lo
lell how cards are dealt in lhc next world.
Some reports say the game is a hot one,
while others say thai the hank in Paradise
has gold slacked on the street.—New Denver
"Hobs" Decorated.
The Emperor William   has conferred
upon  Earl  Roberts, the Order   of   the
Black Eagle, tho highest German decoration. ^...•..•o.l: •«••-©••<•*•»'€■♦•••♦•••♦••<
t       B
«^> copyright, l»no, bt o.
When It was Snail; settled that 1
was to go up Into the mountains of
Wyoming on a hunting trip with old
Bill Totts, a dozeu men called to bid
me a last goodby. They looked their
pity and sorrow, and their bauds lingered lovingly in mine. 1 was rather
skeptical. I didn't see why I should be
pulled dowu by a mountain liou, clawed Into mince meat by a grizzly bear
or buried under a landslide, but they
smiled feebly uud shook their head!
lu a solemn way. Only oue telegram
received out of eight or ten threw any
light on the matter, uud the light came
too late.   It read:
"If you are going bunting with old
Hill Potts, you'd better make your will
and leave things easy for the widowed
and fatherless."
The other telegrams simply read
that the senders would see that my
grave was kept greeu, If it could ever
be found, and that it was to be hoped
I wouldn't suffer over a week lu dying.
1 liked old Bill, lie was bale and
hearty aud good natured, and he could
puck a mule, cook a good meal aud
shoot fairly straight. lie wus a smoker and a cbewer, played a good game
of euchre, nnd 1 hnd every confidence
that the pair of us would get aloug
like brothers. We got away in good
style, nnd It was two full days before
anything happened to shake my confidence In him. Then, as I sat cleaning
my rifle, he picked up the ax to cut
some wood. He hadn't made sli
strokes before the ax flew off the handle aud almost shaved my hair as It
"Excuse me, colonel," said old Bill
as he held up the bundle. "That ax
lias bin loose for the last six months
nnd orter have bin fixed. I'll tend to
It the first rainy day we have."
"But. man, that was a close call for
me." I said as I felt my anger rising.
"Yes, colonel, but as long as uo damage was dore It's all light. I kinder
thought It was goin to cut yer head
off, but it riz a leetle aud missed ye."
I figured that It was pure accideut
and overlooked it. Next morning old
Bill found tbe trail of a lion near our
camp, aud after breakfast, we took It
up and started out. 1 had a Winchester, anu he had a double barreled shotgun loaded with buckshot. He took the
lead, nnd wo had trailed for half a
mile when I stumbled over a stone
nnd pitched forward. Potts was about
20 feet nhead of me, gun on his
shoulder and passlug perfectly open
ground. As I went down both barrels
of his gun were discharged, and my
hair curled as the handful of shot
shrieked over me aud cut away half
the branches of a young pine.
"What Is It? What were you shooting at?" 1 shouted as 1 scrambled up,
half expecting the lion had got In our
renr and was stalking us.
"Ye see, colonel," replied old Potts,
with a sheepish look on his face, "I alius carry my gun on the full cock, so's
to save time, and I guess I must have
bin Ungerin them hammers."
"You dolt! You Idiot! You jackass!"
1 yelled at him as I looked for a club.
"If 1 hadn't stumbled over that stone,
you'd havo blown a hole through me ai
big as a barrel."
"Yes, but ye stumbled, nnd, bein as
no barm was done. I hope ye won't get
mad about it. Wh£. sieh things are
liable to happen every day."
I told Potts that if I ever caught him
carrying his gun in that shape again
I'd pump lead into his legs and leave
him to the wolves, and for the rest of
thc day the relations between us were
strained. Under he Influence of a
gootl supper nnd a pipe wo got closer
together, however, and by and by ho
went Into the tent for the cards. He
was fussing around for several minutes, and 1 had_just opened my mouth
to ask lilm the cause of his delay when
a bullet lifted the bat off my head and
sent It ten feet behind me. 1 made
two jumps for a bowlder and yelled
to Potts, thinking I had been fired on
by a renegade Indian, but when the
mnn came out with my self cocking revolver lu his band I knew what had
"You blunderbeadl You fool of •
Jackass!" I shouted as I made up to
lilm, but he backed off and protostlng-
ly explained:
"Don't git narvous, colonel. I had
never seeu one of these self cockers
and was jest tryiu It. I might have
p'inted It tho other wny, but I didn't
"No, you didn't, aud the ball went
through my hat. Potts, you are a
fool. You don't know enough to chew
"What a fuss tn raise over a leetle
nccldeut, and nobody hurt nt tbat!"
sighed Potts, nnd we spoke no more
together that evening. I made up my
mind before going to sleep that the
firm of Soft & Potts would dissolve
after breakfast by mutual consent or
otherwise, but ho prepared such a
gootl meal and seemed so downcast
and repentant that I found myself
melting. We had with us a thufltfilng
big bear trap, ami whilo he shouldered
It nnd set off to place It In hopes to
catch a lion I took up my guu and
went In another direction.
I came buck to camp nt noon with e
small deer on my back and found Potts
and dinner waiting. Two hours later,
when we had taken care of tho meat
nnd the bide, be nsked mc to go with
him and see a hot spring he had discovered further up the mountain. I
enw that the hammers of his gun were
clown; but. not knowing what surprise
lie might have up his sleeve, I took the
lead. Now and then he gave me n
word of direction, anil he had just announced the spring us close at hand
when I tripped and fell. I heard the
flunk of u clmlu. and It flashed across
me thnt I wns pitching forward on to
his bear trap. I fell, but I also swerved aside, and It was my rifle which
struck the pan and sprang the trap.
The terrible jaivs, each armed with IS
great teeth, dosed together within a
foot of my face and witli a sound that
made ut.- thluk of a surgeon sawing
off le.as. 1 bad escaped, but my gun
was caught In a giant's vise. 1 got up
and tried to call old Potts names, but
l( was so shaken nud mud that not a
word would come. He stood looking
at me with a puzzled and anxious expression on his face, as If wondering
what there was to break loose about,
and at last I grabbed up n club and
jumped In on lilm. 1 believe that 1
chased him fully a mile before I gave
up, but he kept out of my way. When
I Anally sat down to rest, he cutne
sneaking back to say:
"Colonel, they all said ye wns a queer
sort of a critter, but this last circus
heats my time. Mebbe ye'll tell me
what it's all about'.'"
"And maybe I'll pump 10 bullets Into you as soon as 1 get hold of my rifle!" I gasped. "Potts, you ought to he
killed out of hand. It won't be murder
to wipe you off the face of the earth."
"Bekase of that b'ar trap'/'' he asked.
"Yes. of course. You knew where It
was und never snid a word to me. If 1
hadn't struck the chain with my foot.
I'd have walked right into It."
"Y'es, I'd sorter forgot 'bout that
trav." he mused ns he scratched his
e_r, "but It's ail right, ain't It? Ye
didn't wall; into it, and 1 cuu't see why
yo should kick up sieh a row. Lordy,
but ye seem to be a mighty pertlckler
It was a bit of a Job to get my rifle
free of the jaws, and I then dumped
the old trap into a ravine and warned
Potts that if he showed his face In
camp I'd fusillade him. He waited
for two or three hours nnd then came
in with an injured expression on his
face aud started up the fire for supper.
By that time I had got over my desire
to shed his blood, but 1 couldn't overlook his carelessness. We ato nud
Binoked nnd snt around In silence, and
uext day would hnve seen the partnership dissolvetl for sure but for nn Incident of the night. Soon nfter midnight u grizzly came skulking around
nud almost stampeded our mules, and
Potts showed his gameness by bluffing
the old fellow back Into the thicket
without waiting for me. This broke
the Ice and made us friends again, and
It was agreed to give old Ephralm a
hard run for it next day. When morning came. I had about taken old Potts
under my wing ajjaln and was secretly
glad tbat I hadn't reached him with
my club. As soon as breakfast wns
dispatched we started out. The bear
had left tracks ns big ns n house and
in going away had beaded along the
mountain. We could reasonably hope
to hole lilm up somewhere within a
mile, provided he had satisfied his
hunger and got home in the due season. When we finally came to a likely
spot, I went to the right and Potts to
the left to Investigate au opening iu
the rocks. 1 made a slow advance,
realizing that the bear might be in
ambush behind any of Ihe big bowlders, and I was crouching alongside of
one, with neck stretched out, when
there wns a whiz nnd a spat, and 1
was blinded for n moment by particles
of stone flung Into my eyes. Potts wns
carrying a rifle thnt day, nud as Its
bnrk followed tbe spat of the bullet I
knew what hnd happened. While 1
had my bands lo my eyes I heard him
shout at the top of his voice:
"Hey, colouel. I've got lilm—got him
fur sure!"
Half a minute Inter he stood beside
me, prepared to finish off the "game."
I think he wns really surprised and perhaps considerably disappointed wheu
he found n living man instead of n
dead grizzly, and he hadn't a word to
say. He sat down near mo on a rock,
nnd it was five minutes before I had
my eyes cleared enough to make blm
out. Then I brought up my Winchester and said:
"Potts, I'm going to shoot 1G holes
Into your jackass carcass! Where do
you want the first one?"
"So it was ye Instead of a b'arl" be
queried In reply.
"It wns, nnd you knew It was. You
meant (o murder nnd rob me, you old
villain! Talk fast, now, for you haven't
got GO seconds to live!"
"Look here, colonel." he protested,
but only mildly, "It was a mistake anybody might hnve mnde, and, bein y«
wasn't hurt, I don't see why ye should
kick up Dnn'l,   Fact is. colonel"—
"(io on! Go oul You have 20 see-
o'ids more!" 1 saltl as he halted.
"Waal, tlie fuel of II Is I'm goin to
ijult. I never was out with one of ye
newspaper men before, and dang my
hide If ever I wnut to be ng'ln. The
boys snid ye was a crank and n kicker
and that I'd soon cut my Job, but y«
talked smooth and give orders fur
plenty of grub, and I was willln to
tnke chances.   Ilowsnmcver"—
"Howsumever what, you nea ight
ed. squint eyed, dunderhended pot
"Howsumever, colonel, the boys was
right, nnd, bein I can't do tiulhln to
plense ye, though I have tried my best,
I guess I'll resign, aud ye kiu run the
circus yerself."
Next day we started the outfit for
home. Potls might hnve reconsidered
his resignation, hut 1 wouldn't give
him a chnnee. 1 couldn't slay up there
alone, but It was death to stay with
him. We made the journey of 50 miles
without a word. When we reached
liome, 1 paid him off nnd snid:
"Potts, you—you—you are an unhung
"What fur, colonel?" he Innocently
"Because you can't help It."
"Wnnl, mebbe I am, but if ye could
only hnve held on lo that crankiness of
yers we'd have got at least four b'ara
aud five or six lions, to sny nuthln of
wolves and wildcats. Day to ye, colonel. Awful sorry ye can't help yer
t't-eiieli Canadian. Inalai 'i'but Dol-
la.-. Be I e.i iiHini. .1 Into Francs.
Storekeepers nt Oldtown Obliged
to Keep Behind the Times,
Oldtown contains a larger transient
population nud a greater diversity of Inu-
guage than any other city in Maine, lu
the autumn, when the choppers are going
to the woods, and again in midsummer,
when tbe drives come out, the little city
is filled with a babel of tongues lhat te
not equaled anywhere in New England
except in Fall Kiver, Mass. These people not only talk iu strange language,
hut they compute the prices of the goods
they buy in denominations that are uu-
famliiar. One evening u Preach Canadian walked iutu a crowded grocery store
nfter a roiiiul of salt pork.
"You will to me sell 'M pounds le salt
pork," said he in his best English.
"Yes," replied tlie trader. ".Vuylhius
"No. Eet iss pork that nk'm bin want.
How much?"
"Eight cents a pound—$1.00 for the
"One  dollar  sekty!    Otii,   otii!     How
much  heein  be?    Ah'ni  no  comprehen,
"Eight francs," replied the grocer.
"Eight  francs—onii   vrnlmeiitl    Ah'ni
pay hem now." snid lhe Frenchman,   He
took a dollar in paper nml a 50 cent piece
nnd a   10 cent piece  in silver from  his
pocketbook and gave them to the trader,
saying as he went out:
"Send lleelll nop."
Later In the evening an old farmer
who wns on his wny home from Bangor
to Argyle put his head in nt the opeu
door, saying:
"Let me have a pound of your 3 shilling tea."
"I'm sorry to say that I'm all out of 50
cent ten," replied-the trader, "hut I can
sell you some that is a lot better for 02
"All right," said the fanner. "Make il
three nnd ninepence, 1 guess 1 can
stand it."
As the evening grew late and trade fell
off the grocer lighted his pipe and sat
down upon a stool buck of his desk.
"It's queer about these two men," snid
he. "To hear 'em talk you'd tliiuk one
was a nntive Frenchman nnd lhe othei
wns n blooming Englishman, hut they
ain't. One was born in Quebec uad has
lived in Oldtown for more thnn 20
years. The other is of Plymouth rock
stock and was born in tiie house where
he now lives more than GO years ago.
They are both citizens and vote ul every
election. They nre fairly well educated,
too, hut neither of them enn talk United
States when he comes to counting money.
Both of them know all about our currency, so you enn't cheat them for half n
cent, but when they hnve to put the
names of value into words they go away
back for more than n century and talk
the lingo of tbeir forefathers. 1 humor
their whims and get n good part of their
trade, because if I tallied shillings and
pence to the farmer or francs and sous
to tho lumberman they'd quit me riuht
away, Both of them seem io think they
hold a monopoly on the outlandish lingo
and resent nny interference.
"What makes the business seem Btrnnge
to me is that congress lixed upon dollars
and cents fls the standards of value tnoro
than 100 years ago, and not over 500 new
Frenchmen have come over to Canada
since Quebec wits captured by Wolfe's
troops in 1750, ami yet both men cling lo
their old methods of talk as if it wns tlie
latest tiling out. I rather think their
children and grandchildren wiii have lhe
same habit. What's bred in the bone is
sure lo come out in lhe flesh.
"The most troublesome case I ever
hnd, nnd I've lots of them ou my hands,
now, was an old fellow named Hall. He
wns Yankee horn nud Yankee hied, bul
be not only talked English money, but
actually thought English money und cast
his interest in pounds, shillings anil
pence. He was generally ensy enough to
gel along with until he came lo the shillings. Then unless you explained and
specified in every item he went ns mail
ns n batter nnd refused to trade with
you until you told him what he wanted to
know. He was terribly dowu ou what he
culled the 'York shilling.'
"Yon know when iho states fixed the
exchange value of an English shilling
New York counted .S shillings lo a dollar,
while all of ihe New England states
made 0 shillings equal to a dollar. Blghl
away nfter this tbe trouble begun ami
continued'red hot for many years. All
over New England a shilling was worth
10 2-3 cents, while its value in New York
was only 1 li1 _ cents, or a nlnepeuce in
New England money. Years ago when
this old mau Hall was skipper of a bun
ber schooner lie bod token » cargo Io
New York nud snid it for so mnny sitil
lings, causing n loss of 25 per cent on the
cargo, which ale up I lie profits nnd left
the captain badly in debt. lie never got
over it. Whenever anybody snid York
shilling lo him, he Hew in a rnge ami fair
ly frothed at Iho mouth. He had u
shock during one of these lits anil died
the next day,
"Until tin- lime of ihe civil war," said
tlie grocer, "more than half of lhe people
hereabout talked nud thought in money
of lite English dehouiitiitiinns. A dollar
wns generally called by its tigbl uittne,
but $1.25 was always seven and six, ani)
$1.50 was 0 shillings.
"In many cases, such as three and nine-
pence nud seven nnd ninepence. a ceul
was split in two, requiring the use of a
half cent coin. In order to check ihe half
ceut habit Ihe mint Btopped coining half
cents. But this practice went on Hie
same ns ever, the purchaser paid over the
money retaining the half cent In every
transaction. For example, if you owed
me a ninepence, which was equivalent to
Vl\'. cents, you gave me 12 cents, which
squared lhe bill, but if .vou didn't have
the exact change nnd passed me out n
quarter of n dollar. I handed 12 cents
back lo you and kepi 13 cents for myself,
It was always a wise plan for a man lo
carry u lot nf small change in his pocket
when he went oul among the men who
tallied shillings and pence."
"When are lhc people going to (ret oyer
these foreign ways?" asked a bystander.
"Never, wholly, I think," was the deliberate answer. "II lakes longer lo eradicate a llllhll Ihnii II does to acquire It.
Tlie English speaking race have talked
in pounds nnd shillings for more than
C00 years. Koine of us Americans will
continue lo talk it until the year 3000 or
longer."—Boston Olohe.
An  acroball. Snider,
A curious instance of the ability of
an Insect lo successfully measure dis-
tnuce was evidenced once while ! was
traveling through northern Argentina.
I first uiade the acquaintance of my
friend on thu buck veranda of a little
village tavern. I was lying in a hammock. About two feet from me was a
3 by 3 inch hand rail of wood, supported by wooden balusters. As I lay there
1 noticed a fly alight on the top of the
wood. Wlille 1 watched him, the fly
apparently turned Into u spider. I
could uot believe my eyes, but ou
closer Inspection I saw that a spider
Jumped from somewhere aud alighted
on lop of iny fly.   .
1 thought this worth wetehlng and
found that this was his method of
procedure: A Hy would alight Oil top
of I lie railing, the spider would take In
the distance at a gmnce and would dis-
uppear down the side of the rail, walk
along toward the Ity, but out of sight,
until he reached the place on tile sido
of tlie mil nl right angles to Ihe position occupied by lhe fly when lie last
saw It. Then lie would walk nearly
to the top of lhe rail and fasten his
web, then wall; down, paying out his
weh as he went till he wns us far
from Ihe place where he had fastened
liis web as was the Hy, then one vigorous leap, lhe web swinging him
round In tlie arc of a circle, and he
would alight on top of the fly.
1 have never seen one miss this
seemingly difficult leap, except when
tin- Hy left his position before lhe
spider had finished his preliminaries.
- li. A. Knverkrop in Scientific Ameri-
Rlnek Sea 1'ecnllurltlea.
The Blnck sea has peculiarities
which distinguish it from ihe Mediterranean, Atlantic or Pacific. The greatest ascertained depth Is 1,200 fathoms.
A surface current Hows continually
from lhc Black sea into tiie Mediterranean through the Bosporus and
Dardanelles and an undercurrent of
suit water from the Mediterranean
Into the Black sen. This undercurrent
of wnter is warm nml sinks to tlie
bottom nnd in consequence of its great
density prevents vertical circulation.
Thc result Is that these deeper waters
are rendered stagnant. They nre saturated with sulplpireted hydrogen, and
consequently life is Impossible. In nn
expedition in which Sir .lohn Murray
tool; part tlie water brought up by
means of a water bottle from a depih
of 300 fathoms smeited exactly like rotten eggs. No life therefore is possible
in tlie Black sea beyond a depth of
100 fit thorns, which is a striking contrast io what happens in the open
ocean, where there is an abundance of
nnlmnl life ut Hint depth. This brings
nbout another extraordinary condition
with reference to the deposits—that In
all lhc deeper deposits there is nn
abundant chemical precipitate of carbonate of lime, a condition not obtaining an far as Is known in nuy other
TI»e Ilonoralilo ClInffRtone DAV fa An-
pireN to ui'-Ji Office aiul Is Promptly Humbled, While Colonel L'pael
JjM.es Gets the I'ii-mI Par! of Ilia
[Copyright, 1.00, by C. B. Lewis.]
The announcement that the Hon. Cling*
stone Davis of Georgia, Colonel Upset
Jones of South Carolina and .Judge O. K.
llowker of Maryland were to speak al
Paradise hall drew out a tremendous btrt
rather suspicious crowd of Possumltes.
That Belfisb men, intent on gaining their
own ends, had joined the party and were
seeking to run it e vary body knew. That
at least six men wanted to be nominated
president on the colored man's ticket wftfl
common knowledge, and it was further
whispered ahout that a plot had heen
concocted to assassinate Brother Gardner
and sell the parly outright to the Republicans or Democrats for $25 in cash and a
load of watermelons. Only the members
of.the Limekiln club could bo counted on
to remain loyal aud slick to first princi-
Roltrn Fish na Food.
One of the national delicacies of
northern Russia is "trosea," nn appalling dish, consisting of codfish
caught the previous summer, nnd eaten
in an advanced stage of decomposition. Its odor alone is beyond words,
its taste the writer fortunately does
not know. It Is ditlieiilt to stay long
in the uiom with it. ami yet It is preferred to fresh meat or tisli, both of
which nro cheap <md easily Obtainable lu most, villages nud obviate the
trouble of dryiug and rotting, which
dried  tresca implies.
"The poor," says Chaneelour, "are
very Innumerable and live most miserably, for 1 have seen thetn eat the
pickle of hearing and other very stinking fish. Nor the tisli cannot be so
rotten but they will eat it nnd extoll
It to be more wholesome than other
fish or fresh monies, lu mine opinion
there is no such people under the BUUne
for their hardness of livelng."
The Myatery of Itmlliim.
The substance called radium emits
radiations resembling the X rays without the application of work or energy
from external sources and without appreciable loss of weight. This seems
to be inconsistent with the law of the
conservation of energy, but the mystery Is explained by the calcrlatlous
of M. Bocquerel, which show flint a
loss of weight so Infinitesimal that In
a thousand million years It would
amount to no more than a milligram
would sulllce to account for the observed effects. According to ihis explanation tbe emanations from radium
consist of material particles. Rut how
llltiuitely minute must those panicles
pies, aad ihey showed up with razors lu
their pockets and determination in their
faces. That Brother Gardner hnd heen
worried and cast down by the plots and
plans and detections was known to
scores, nnd yet his face wore a smile, and
his demeanor was placid as lie appeared
on the platform aud introduced the Hon.
('lings tone Davis, who was the first
■speaker. Tho honorable was a chunky.
Fiswed off man with a liberal supply of
feet nnd cheek, ami his voice had n rattle
to it like nails iu a tin pan as he bowed
and began:
"My fr'en's, I had begun to despair—1
had 'bout abandoned all hope of de cull'd
man ehor gittin his political rights—when
I heard 'bout de orgauizashun of dis
Possum party. I hastened to ^ine it, ns
yo' all know, nnd I has beeu puttin my
shoulder to de wheel de best I knowed
Imw. [Point applause.] It am useless
fur ine to go hack to de diskivery of
America or to talk to yo* 'bout de pilgrims Inndin. What yo' wants to know
is what de Possumltes am gwine to do.
["Yes, yes!" I We sot out to stand by
ourselves. We wanted a party nud a
candidate of our own. We wanted to
show de white man dat we had de power
to do fur ourselves nnd dat we proposed
to hev o voice in de guv'mcut of dis ua
lion. [A few yells. 1 We hns bin or-
gnnizin and waitin and wati-hiu up to
dale, but now de time hns come to show
our hnmi. We lias got de white mnn
sheered, nnd if we jump in vid boaf
feet we kin knock him out. ["OflUtloUS
oppin use. |
"A party nm nnflin widout a lender."
continued the speaker nfter pausing for
breath. "De time has a trove to nominate
our candidate fur de presidency, [Sinister sileuee. 1 I hev bin nsked to tnke de
notninashun, but hev declined on de
ground dat Bruddor Gardner was de man
fur de place. [Enthusiastic cheers for
Brother Gardner. 1 Up to an hour ago I
hev used my influence to make him take
it. hut when I learned be had a sore heel,
dat de later hugs had attacked his garden patch, dat his oie woman had a bile
ou her neck and his dog hnd run nwny 1
saw dat he was out of de race and dat
Rome one else must saerlfir-j blsself.
'Whoops, yells and confusion lasting five
minutes.] Who am do man? Who will
take de emblem of de Possum party in
his hand aud jump Into de breach? Dar
am only one man in dis kentry, and I air
dat mnn.   Yes, my fr'en's"—
The speaker got no further. Two hun
died men rose un nnd howleTJ nnd shrieked nnd threw encumbers and tomatoes
and potatoes at him, and as he retired
under the bombardment he was seized
by Elder Toots and Waydown Bebee aud
booted out of the side door. There was
danger for a time that the hall  would
be wrecked, hot at length Brother Gardner came forward and held up bis hand
nnd restored order and then introduced
Colonel Upset Jones. The man was as
tall and thin as a seven foot lath, but his
smile wns like that of a red core watermelon, nnd the crowd decided to let hiiu
go on.
"Cull'd patriots of America," ho began
as W» bowed seven times in seven different directions, "it nm needless to say dat
I nm astonished and overwhelmed by de
mighty assurance of de speaker who has
just been kicked off dis platform. [Applause.] Did any oue ehor hear of sieh
cheek and egotism? Did de hydra head
of political villainy ever show itself wid
sieh consistent ponderosity? [Groans.]
I almost doubted my own cars and eyes.
Does dis Possum party want a candidate
fur president? ("Yes, yes! Brother
Gardner!"] No, my fr'en's, it does not.
Should we put up a candidate he would
not come widin a million miles of bein
Mected. He wouldn't be a straw in n hurricane. We'd simply go to %o or $0 expense fur 0tiffin. [Shouts of surprise nnd
anger. 1 I hev arrnve yore from Souf
Carol iny to aid dis party to do de right
thing, and I'll tell yo' what de right thing
am. We must go ober to de white man.
[Parlous shouts and yells. |, I air authorized by a perfectly 'sponsible individual
to say dat if we will drap all dis possum
bizness and pull fur one of de uashunal
parties he will pay us $25 cash down and
put Up money fur de biggest cake walk
eber heard of in America. It air my advice to yo* "—
But tho advice was not given. Tho
whole hall was in nn uproar, nnd a score
of men climbed upon tlie stage and played ball with the carcass of Upset Jones
for-a long five minutes. The hand played, and Brother Gardner came forward
and called for order, but when order finally '•np'o wreek nud ruin were to be seen
on every hand, and Upset lay on n pile ot
sand in the alley. That the Possum party had been thrown down again was realized by all and that the sacred Magna
Charta, the grave of Washington and tho
principles of Jefferson had been knocked
into a cocked hat was patent to the dullest mind. No man on earth except Brother Gardner could have brought silence
and saved Paradise hall from being razed
to its foundation.
"My countrymen," he said when his
voice could make itself heard, "1 started
out to organize dis Possum parly under
de belief dat de black mnn was an unselfish patriot who was willln to make
sacrifices fur de gineral good of his race.
From what I hah seen and heard up to
date it 'pears to me dat he ain't no different from de white man 'eept in color,
and I reckon we'd better break dis mcetiu
in two and go homa and think it ober."
There were yells, screams nnd cheers
as he retired, nnd as the crowd surged
out it tipped over the stove, smashed the
lamps aud broke the backs off a hundred
chairs. M, Quad.
"Not Ont of a Doolc,
"By the way," said the mau who had
stopped at the farmhouse to water his
horse, "15 years ago a poor boy came
this way, and you look him in."
"Yes?" queried tho farmer, somewhat
"You were kind to him," went on the
stranger. "You fed him, gave him words
of encouragement and an old suit of
clothes, put C shillings in his pocket and
sent him on his way rejoicing. lie told
you at the time thut he never would
forget your kindness.   Am 1 right?"
"I believe you are," replied tho farmer.
"lie snid thnt if he prospered he would
sec that you never had occasion to regret your kindness to a poor, struggling
"Land's sake!" exclaimed the farmer's
wife excitedly. "It sounds almost like
a fairy tale, don't It?"
"Well," continued the stranger, "he
told me to tell you that he is still poor."
And as he drove away the farmer went
out nnd kicked the pump viciously, whil_
his wife threw a rolling pin at tho chick-
t'nder thc m^nt Conditions,
"Still, one can learn to love," he urged'-
"True," she admitted.
"Even you might."
"True again, but"—
"But what?"
"There Is uo study for which it is s»
absolutely essential that one t-hall have
the right tutor."
Then he koew' lhat his suit was hopeless.- 	
An Etinnl Dlrlalon.
"Johnnie, how would you divide 13
apples equally amoug 14 boys/"
"Maka 'em into apple sauce, iirl"—
Uf*    .    	
"Up to Dntc" Vet.
McJiggcr—Young Simpkins graduated
from the veterinary college last month
and his father presented him with n case
of instruments.
Thingumbob—Surgical Instruments, eh?
McJiggor—Ob, no. Machinists' tools,
for repairing automobiles.—Philadelphia
E* perl cure Veraaa Tht-ory.
"Marcus Aurellus says," the professor begun, "thnt nothing happens to
anybody which ho is not titled by nature to bear."
"Oh. that's rot!" replied the man who
had eloped ut tlie nge of *J1 with n girl
whom he bad known three weeks.
"Just tell Marc for tne that he has another guess coming."
A Candid Opinion,
An old servant was nuked by nn artist  what she thought of her master's
portrait, which he was palming.
She looked at It critically, "Ye mlgjit
havo made him a trifle better looking,
may be, but If ve 'tul yo'd ha' spoilt
Octopus is largely eaten iu the Isle of
Snvfd t-MO.
"Did you st* Jones? lie was looking
for you."
"Yea! I saw him. but I managed
things so he didn't see me."—Chicago
Interference with digestion is n by
no means uncommon effect of excessive exercise, and, so far us training Is
concerned, It Is one of the most de-
A Severe Case of Chronic Asthma Which Would
Yield to no Other Treatment Cured by Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine.
The symptoms of asthma are keenly distressing and are not easily confused with those of any other ailment. The victim is suddenly aroused by on intense anguish in tho chest,
lhe breathing is accompanied by a
loud wheezing, tho face becomes
flushed, aud bathed in perspiration;
he gasps for air, believing that each
moment may be his last. After
these paroxysms, which may last for
hours, tho patient usually falls asleep to arise next day weak, languid
and  debilitated.
Dr. Chase's traa tin ont lor asthma
consists in the combined use of two
of his remedies, Ur. Chase's Syrup of
Linseed nnd Turpentine nnd Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food, Asthma is a
nervous disease and the attacks aro
brought on by some irritation of tho
nerves along the air passages. These
nervefl are soothed and quieted nnd
immediate relief afforded to the patient by the use of Dr. Chase's Syrup
of Linseed nud Turpentine. In fact
nsthnm is frequently thoroughly cured by the use of this remedy alone,
ub is evidenced by the lestimuuiul
quoted  below.
In most cases, however, it is found
advisable to combine the two remedies, Ur, Chase's Syrup of Linseed
and Turpentine und Dr. Chase's Nervo
Food, The former as a local treatment noting directly on the bronchial
tubes and air passages, and the latter as a nerve restorative to build
up uud strengthen the whole nervous
system. H is confidently believed
llu-re is no treatment exlant that is
so perfectly successful in the cure of
asthma as the combined use of these
two great remedies.
Mrs. George lJuddon, Pulnamville,
Ont., says:—"I feel it my duty to re-
connmnd Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed nnd Turj>entine, as I had the asthma very bad; could get nothing to
do mo any good. A friend of mino
persuaded me to try this remedy, aa
he hnd tried it, and it proved suc-
te si'ul. 1 tried it and ;it cured .me.
I am thankful today to say I am a
well woman through the use of this-
remedy. I keep it in the house all
the time and would not be without
It," ■ 	
Dr. Chase's family remedies are for
sale at, all dealers, or. from r.Mman-
sun. Dates & Co., Toronto. THE  PROSPECTOR.
In 21 hours nearly 700 tiains pnss in
and out of New street stuliou, Birmingham, lhigluml.
The efforts of street rn'lronda to encourage pleasure riding hits arisen out of
a realization of the important part that
factor plays iu the receipts. Kor instance, it is stated that in Chicago "tho
difference between a pleasant and a rainy
Sunday often amounts to $20,000."
The Bolivian government lias appropriated about $00,0011 for the preliminary
survey of three railway lines, from Ol'liro
to La Pas and Lake Titiciica, from Oruro
to Cochahamba nnd from Challapata to
Colqucehaca. Another road isto run
from l'otosi to the Argentine boundary.
Last year two Italian railway lines
passing through swampy regions supplied
all their station houses with mosquito
nets. In consequence there has been
such n inmimition iu the number of cases
■of malaria that other Hues in Italy and
in Sicily are about to udopt the same
Hear Sirs,—I was for seven years
„ suileier from bronchial trouble, ruid
■would bo so hoarse at times that 1
•could scarcely speak abeve a whisper. 1 got no relief from anything
till I tried your MINAKD'S HONEY
BALSAM Two bottles gave relief,
•and six bottles made a complete cure.
1 w«uul heartily reconunondit to any
■one suffering from throat or lung
Prodi ricton.
How CodflNll Cutcli  l.nlialera.
It Is probably news to the majority
•of people to know Unit lhe red. or rock.
■codfish is a hitler i ueiiiy of the lobster that has Just crawled out of his
shell nnd is Soft and unable to protect
Hiimsolf. During shedding time these
lobsters crawl up under projecting
H'ocks. where the sotnvood nud kelp
.■arc Hick nnd where they flml protect-
■ed places lu which to go through the
process of slipping out of their old
■shells uud Inking on n new coat of
unnil. in to apeak. I'or some days after
ishetldlug tiie 1 ilistsjs are weak and
luunblt' to cope wilh those lish lhat
wvuge war upon them. This fact the
■codfish seem Intuitively to know, nnd
ilhey will swnriu around these retreats
IIn great numbers nud wait for the
ishcddors to crawl out.
An old lobster fisherman snid that
■many times he had stopped his dory
■over n large number of these red cod-
llish and watched their operations. He
ihad even dropped his line down and
■dangled templing halt within n few
(feet of them. Unless It happened to
fall directly lu front of their noses.
Ihowever, they would seldom take It,
as they were after lobster ment. When
the thin shelled lobsters would crawl
■out from beneath the protecting seaweed, the codfish would dart at thorn
and strike them fierce blows with their
tails, disabling them completely. They
would then fall to and devour the helpless crustaceans. This performance,
the lobster fisherman said he had witnessed mnny times.
Ladies of Canada. :
Inter-mutual trade is lhe true basis
of the federation of the Empire. So
far as possible, one colony should
consume the produce of another.
Canadians and India and Ceylon tea
planters taught side by side in Africa. About 10 per cent of the latter
volunteered  for  the  war.
Tho leas of Ceylon nnd India are
ithc best and purest the world provinces. Already the Black Teas of
those colonies have captured (he Canadian market. The Green is now
fast displacing Japan's colored article. (Quality and sentiment unite to
recommend it. Canadian Indies who
■drink Japan teas should help the
British planter by drinking Ceylon
green tea. Blue Ribbon, Monsoon
and Suladu. packets are ready for
you. Colonist.
"Do you think that it is a man'B
duty to acknowledge always he is in
the wrong, when he has a difference
of opinion with his wife ?"
"Well." answered Mr. Meekton. reflectively, "better late than never.
But it really seems to me ho ought
to base had sufficient perception to
know lhat ho was ill the wrong before there was any discussion in tho
matter whatever."
A man's accusations of himself are
alwnys believed; his praises never.
of Dodd's Kidney Pills art
legion. The box is imitated,
tho outside coating and shape of tht
pills aro imitated and the name—Dodd's
Kidney Pills is imitated. Imitations ara
dangerous. The original is safe. Dodd's
Kidney Pills have a reputation. Imitate.* have none or they wouldn't Imitate.
So they trade on the reputation of Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Do not be deceived. Thera
Is only ono DODD'S. Dodd's is tha
original. Dodd's ia the name to be careful about—
A Crnel Game  Played  In  the Cnraps
of Canaillun Lumbermen.
So full of peril Is the lumberman's
Ufa that even Ids sports aud games
must be spiced with danger or they
will pall upou his taste. On the lone;
winter nights a cruel game called
"Jack, where be ye'/" Is frequently
The middle of the largest room in tbe
camp is cleared. Two men are,secure-
ly blindfolded aud, having previously
drawn lots for the first whack, they
kneel on the floor. In his right hand
each mau holds a stout leather strap.
In his left nuotber leather strap, or a
rope Is held by the end, either close to
the floor or, iu some camps, actually
on it. The latter strap, being kept
taut by tho combatants, guarantees a
uniform distance between them, They
aro quite near enough to hurt each
other severely, which not Infrequently
Now, tbe man who has beeu lucky
enough to draw tho first call shouts,
"Jack, where be ye?" to which his opponent must Immediately answer,
"Here I be." Then the first man
strikes at the place where he imagines
his adversary to be with the heavy
leather strap. If he hits his man. he
is entitled to another blow—may call
out again, "Jack, where be ye?" and
the other must answer, "Here 1 he."
This is continued till tbe first man
misses, when he must take his turn
at heing struck.
The others form a ring around the
two combatants,' bets are made, and
each factlou encourages and applauds
Its chosen mau. There are regular
rounds, and tlie game is usually kept
up until one or the other has had
enough or perhaps till one is carried
off the scene wounded. Hard heads
can stand hard knocks, and volunteers
for the sport are, numerous. At the
beginning there is generally uo malice.
A hard blow Is struck—It Is expected—
It Is the game. But It occasionally
happens tbat the game develops iutr
a fierce duel.—Pearson's.
Hon m tVoiunn   L'phelil  Her  Ili-mitii-
tlou For Cconouiy.
She was the wife of an official of a
8t. Paul street corporation. Her one
pet hobby wns economy. Though her
husband made an excellent salary, she
was rigid iu her rules pertaining lo the
buying of the necessaries for the
household. Sho would haunt bargain
counters unil market stalls for hours in
order to get tbe benefit of a reduction
of a few cents ou the article desired.
The corporation official, with much
laughter, used to tease his better half
about what he called her "stinginess."
So oue day. feeling hurt at his ridicule,
she resolved to take lilm to market
with her and demonstrate beyond a
doubt that she was a most economical
buyer. Ho consented, stipulating that
he was not to be asked to carry tbe
Arriving at the market, she made
several purchases, and then at one
stall inquired the price of eggs.
"What," she exclaimed. "10 cents a
dozeu?   No. Indeed, that. Is tbo high."
She dragged her reluctant husband
after her from one stand lo another,
still Inquiring the price of eggs and always receiving the same answer until
mar tho upper end of the market.
Here she found a dealer who offered
to sell her oggs lu any quantity' for 13
cents. To her husband she snid joyously:
"There. 1 told you so. Why. those
others wero robbers."
Turning to the salesman, she ordered
half a dozen eggs, gravely banded lilm
Ihe 8 cents asked In pay men I and
went home, prattling away about lhe
worth of economy In marketing and
the alleged willingness of dealers to
gouge the unsuspecting customer.
And to this day she does not know
that her husband and his friends
laughed over It at the club.-
Man'M Snpertorlty.
One sees many curious phases of hu-
ninu nature lu the safe deposit vaults
of a banking Institution—from the women who never by any chance kuow
where their keys are and go through
bag and pocketbook wilh reckless haste
to the man who Is not quite certain
that he has locked his box and returns
to the vault three or four times, puts
his key In the lock, shakes II hard and
finally goes away convinced that "all
Is well." But lu recent experience with
a new customer to whom I was renting
a box the cliinnx was reached. When
I handed him the keys nud said:
"Now, here nre two keys. Separate
them so Hint If you lose one you will
have the oilier to admit you."
He quickly replied:
"Very well. 1 will put one on my
key ring nnd lock the other up In my
Ami yet thry tell us thnt men are
more logical than women.—New Lip-
First SynauoKne In Xew York,
In 1085 lhe Jewish residents of New
York petitioned for leave to build a
synagogue nnd sent the petition to lhe
governor and he to Ihe mayor anil common council, who refused to giant it
on the ground that worship was extended only to sects professing fitlih In
Jesus of Nazareth; but Governor Don-
gnu lu lhe next year of Ids term granted the permit, and lu ltilll the Jews
had a place of public worship, which
stood on the south side of what Is now
Beaver street, between Broadway and
Broad street. The attendance was 20
families, or about 10(1 souls.
A Terrible Threat.
"How did yon finally break your
husband of smoking in the drawing
"1 threatened to make a smoking
picket I'or Uiul myself If he didn't give
It UP."—Stray Stories.
There te more Catarrh In this section of the
coumry than all other disease! put together,
nnd until the hist few years was supposed to lie
ini'lir.ible. For a ir: '-al many yearB doeturs pronounced It n l< eat disease, and prescribe t local
remedies, und !iy constantly failing to cure
with loenl treatment pronounced It incurable.
Science has proven catarrh lobe a censtilu-
tlonal disease, and therefore lequirea constitutional tri-a! ment. Halls Catarrh l ure, manufactured, bv K. J. Cheney-Co., T< ledo, Ohio,
la Iheonly c'UiBtitutlonal cure on the market.
It Is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to
a teaspounful It acts directly on the blood and
mucous am faces of the system. They offer one
hundred dollars lor any case it fails to cur*.
Bend fur eircularsand lestiniMiials.
Address,      F. J. t'HKNEY & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Drugei'.tB, 7Se.
Halls Family Pills are the best.
"Ah, but you have a loving husband, Mrs. Sinims. 1 remember before your marriage he said ho would
move heaven and earth for you."
"I remember; but now that wo are
married ho won't even condescend '.o
move the dresser so that I i:n.y
sweep beneath it."
Parents buy Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator because they know it is u safe
medicine for their children and un effectual
expoller of norms.
It is further evidence of bis good
sense and taste that "Little Bobs"
is not goinj; to write a book about
his doings in the South African war.
Minard's Liniment Cnres Diphtheria.
''Would rushington sacrilice principle for success ?"
"Would lie ? lie would consider
success dirt cheap at thc price."
Youth—"Oh, I don't want to take
that charator. I'd make a fool of
myself, sure."
Maiden—"Well, you said you wanted an easy part."
Minard's Liniment Cnres Distemper.
When we are linally saved, we want
the job done by an old man who has
spent a long and creditable life in tho
ministry, and not by a "boy preacher."-—Atchison Globe.
1 U_-W\P< A,     FACTORY. Montreal
"What does the poet say 'a sorrow's crown of sorrow' is ?" mused
the thoughtful mj\n-
"I don't know what the poet says"
replied the one wjo had had experience, "but I think it's the aching
crown a fellow has on the morning
after he tries to drown his sorrow."
Where can I get Bome of llolluwiiy's Corn
Cure? I wui? entirely eurtd of iny coins by
ihirj remedy aud I wish Borne more of it for
my friendd. So writes Mn. J. W. Bkown,
A Philadelphia woman Ims sium! per
sons who culled her an old maid for $5,
0iK) damages, I.iu.'« enough. No un
married woman Is ever old. ami no worn
at) would ever he single if she could gel
the right sort of ?iusbai)d.—Kuusas Cil*
The submarine boat must be reckoned
with ns n permanent factor in future nu
val warfare. Ami il is not ton early Ui
consider the innililicjiti.ms to hi- made in
battleships in order thai they may meut
un t'ven t:M*ins this new biubor defense
ter ror.— I'biludelphiii Ueeord.
Miaarl's Liniment Coras Grot li Cows.
Means to Hie Hnd.
Oolflrox— Bo you tt'unt to marry my
daughter. What menus have you to
thnt end'/
Mr. Korehi'ii-llunt- Ob. we'd be married In the usual way hy means of a
minister That's easy enough.—I'hlla-
delphln I'fi'Ks.
Minard's Liniment Cnres Colds, Etc,
Very fine razors nre mnde nt the preset;! day, hut of no liner steel than that
eulit.'lint'd In Ihe 1 jtitunseus swords mid
knives wfiich the iineleuts used several
thousand years ago.
Vou enn pstpeil a shower nt Panama
nlimit 3 o'clock every afternoon during
ihe ralnv senw
The grent demand for a pleasant, safe and
reliable antidote for all affections of tho
throat and lungs is fully met wilh in Bicklc.
Anti-Corifumptivi' Syrup. It iB n purJy Veg-
otnble Compound, and acts promptly nnd
magically in subduing all coughs, coldfl,
bronchus, inflammation of the lung . etc.
It is so palnlahle that a child will not r, fuse
it, and i. put al a price lhat will not exclude
thc poor from its bciuntu.
BROKERS. . . .
£  Stocks and  bonds bought, Bold and
_ carried   on   mnrgin.    I.tetcd
& mining Btocks carried
Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg
Money lint at lowest ratos.
Stocks aud bonds bought ar.d sold.
Railway and other farm lands in
Manilohii nnd N. YV. T, for sale.
Maps and folders Bent on application.
4j     Gait coul from 1 odibrldge.
4?    l'rices quoted to all railway points.
This Kecortl In of Especial \ .lu.-; to
Parents—It Is a Message from a Mother
io Mothers of Growing Girls.
Among the young girls throughout
Canada who owe good health—perhaps life itself—to Dr. Williams' l'ink
Pills, is Miss Ilattie Althousc, of
Co—ipden, Ont. When a representative called at thc Althousc homestead
to make enquiries as to the particulars of thc euro, ho was cordially received by Mrs. Allhouse, who readily
consented lo give a statement for
publication, "Dp to the age of
fourteen years," said Mrs. Althousc,
"my daughter Ilattie had always enjoyed thc best, of health. Then she
began to complain of weakness, and
grew pale nnd languid. Wc tried several medicines, but instead of helping
her she was steadily growing worse,
and we became alarmed and called in
a doctor. He told us that her blood
vus in a very watery condition, and
that she was on the verge of nervous
prostration. She wus under his care
for several months, but still kept
growing worse. She had become
very pale, had no appetite, frequent
headaches, and after even slight exertion her heart would palpitate violently. As time passed, she seemed
to grow worse and worse, until at
last she could scarcely move about,
and would lie upon a sofa most of
the day. At this juncture she had
occasional fainting fits, and any
fright, as from a sudden noise, would
bring on slight attacks of hysteria,
Unth my husband and myself feared
that sue would not live more than a
few months. It was while Ilattie
was in this condition that I read an
account of a girl cured of a similar
ailment through the use of T)r. Williams' Pink Pills. Then T decided
thut Ilattie should give them a trial,
and procured three boxes; when she
had used them there was an undoubted Improvement in her condition, and we felt hopeful that she
would regain her health. She continued using the pills and from that
on daily made progress toward complete recovery. Her appetite returned; color began to come back to
her face, headaches disappeared, and
in the course of a few months she
was as well ns ever she had been in
her life. It is now more than two
years since she discontinued the use
of the pills, and in all that time has
enjoyed the best of health, with absolutely no return of the trouble. I
can scarcely say how grateful wc
feel for what Pr. Williams' Pink Pills
have done for my daughter, and I
would strongly mge mothers whose
daughters may be ailing to give
Lliem Dr. Williams' Pint: Pills at
once, and not experiment with other
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills create new
blood, und thus reach the root of the
disease. In the case of girls merging
into womanhood they are almost indispensable, and their use is a guarantee of future health and strength.
Other so-called tonic pills are mere
imitations of Ihis medicine and
should be avoided If your dealer
does not keep them they will be senl
postpaid at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for S_.50, by addressing the
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockvlllo,
Mrs. Floodyer—Oh, Mr. JJatts, how
I enjoyed your lovely volumo of
Butts—You're very kind, indeed I
Do you like the Alcaic meter ?
Mrs. Floodyer—Alcaic meter ! Oh.
ject. Modesty is the crown of genius. But, really, I cannot say.
I see, you want to change thc sub'
Doesit save much gas?
TELL THE DEAF.—Mr. J. F. Kellock.
Druggist, Perth, writes: "A customer of
mine having been cured of deafness by the
uso of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil, wroto to
Ireland telling his friends there of the cure.
In consequence I received an order to send
half a dozen by express to Wexford, Ireland this week."
The Uoffneir  Refuge.
1 here Is one corner of Central America that Is nt present a perfect paradise
for men who have committed any
crime. It Is a place where the outcasts
of the world's society rule the land of
their adoption nnd where the olllclnls
of the govern ment protect all thieves
that come to them and make It dangerous for any detective to molest them.
This Is the republic of Honduras, one
of the least advanced of the states of
South or Central America. Honduras
Indeed Is n curious mixture of Jungle
and gigantic forest, of cocon nnd of
rubber trees, of bugs, vampires, snakes
and crocodiles—of all manner of things
Hint creep and crawl am] sting and
bite; a region where life In the daytime
is n'tnockery and at night one feels ns
though sleeping In red pepper.
Here, in every hamlet and city, are
to be found men from different lands,
mostly outlaws from their own country. Chicago, Boston. New York and
Philadelphia all furnlsb their quota.
England, Prance, Italy and even far
awny Russia have their share. They
make no attempt ut concealment, hear
the nnnies they were horn to hear and
go nlong nbout their business as if the
laws of their own country bud uot declared them outcasts.—London Bint ess.
Round  (o Honledy It.
Disgusted Amerlcuu tun a dusty road!
—Well, here we nre riding behind a pair
of burses ami litklug their dust, just because out- grandfathers did.
Friend—What's the matter now?
"The horses otighi to be bitched at the
rear end nt the carriage. Quick! As I have
ten nituu(es to span1 1 il Invent sunn
way "
"What did Aunt Lib say when Ihe
census man asked her how old she
was V
"She told him she wns old enough
lo know better than to tell how old
she was."
Tenth amJ love and a cunny sVy,
■   an   ':. ■ things et the tuul'a desire;
All else is but nn empty cry,
Anil    I'M in the place ot fire.
Slag who may ol other Hue things,
Never a heart thot makes reply
Like that which thrills to the voice that Btngl
Ot youth and leve and a tunny sky!
V'outll and love anil a sunny Eky. -
What is the rest but an idle dream?
Talne and rkhes and power high
Placed henide tiicm pitiful secra;
Who that Uvea till the hair is gray,
Though ail else coin i ::* ti' I years pass by,
Cut knows there's naught like one swc.t day
OI youth and luve and a sunny sky?
—ltiuley P. Saunders ii St. Louis Republic
Ladies of Canada ;
Whil? statesmen and politicians argue the Zollverein and differential
trade within the Empire (which they
will do while jaw displaces common
sense), settle this matter for your-
Your brother colonists of Ceylon
and India are growers of pure leas;.
Black and Green, Canadian and
United States importers supply yon
with 11,000,000 pounds annually of
Japan leas, yet they know Japans
are artificially colored and adulterated. Let the knowledge of these fads
and the sentiment of patriotic sisterhood move you lo help the British
British grown Black Teas hold the
Canadian market. Drinkers of Japan lea should try tbe Ureens now
coming on the market, and your
dainty palates will approve them.
Yes, we hear your grocer's excuses;
but insist. Ladies can always get
what they want. Remember how
you ran your husband to—well, do
they still think it Paradise '? They
certainly will if- you give them Ceylon and India green tea. Blue Ribbon, Monsoon and Saluda packets aro
now   obtainable. Colonist.
jrhc flniilMiviilii'n JnriKtnent.
It was somewhere in this wide/wide
world, just where has slipped my
mind, and they were about to buy
beef on hoof ror Ihe chips. So the officer whose duty it is to make the purchase took ashore with him the
bo's'n, ns representing the crew, to
look over lhe animals and either object
or not Thoy approached the lirst animal.
"How will that do?" asked tbe officer.
The bo's'n cautiously approached
the beast, bent down and gingerly run
his thumb nud forefinger down first
one shank and then the other until the
whole four shanks had been examined.
Straightening up he said:
"He'll do nil right, sir."
The officer, BaL*ergasted, cried:
"But, dash It all. you can't tell the
good points of a bullock by the
"Perhaps cot, sir. but they're the
ouly parts we ever gets, sir." was the
reply.-Pull .Mull Guzetle.
THE BF.ST D1LLS.-M". Wm. Vtinder-
roort, Sydney Crossing. Ont., write : "We
havo been using Parmeleo's Pills, and find
them by fur the best pills we ever used."
Ion Deucatk and Debilitated Cohbtiiu-
tions these pills act like a charm. Taken in
small doses, th.> effect is both a tonic and a
stimulant, mildly excit ng the secretions of
the body, giving tone at.d ''ip"*-,
Mrs. Jones—1 don't see what you
ahould have against my lirst husband,      'lhe poor fellow is dead.
Mr. Jones—Yes, that is the only
thing I've got against him."
"When we're married, dear, you
won't be always threatening to go
home to your mother will you ?"
"No: I'll threaten to have mother
come and  live with us."
"Oh,  Mrs.  Miggs,  what a dreadful
black  eye !    I  do  hope    you  haven't
been lighting '?"
"Figlitin', miss? Me? Sure, 'ow
could I be tightiu' wiib me husband
dead these two years ?"
that do not convey a hint of
how little you pay for lliem
are illustrated in abundance in
our igoi catalogue, which wo
will send upon application,
You will wonder how such
pretty tokens cf friendship
could be purchased for the
prices we ask.
Each article will be initialed
without extra charge and enclosed in a dainty box to make
the giving so much prettier.
Established   1SS4.
Ryrie Bros.,
Yonflo e~nd Adelcxldo Sts.,
cures coughs and colds at
once. V/e don't mean that it
relieves you for a little while
—it aires. It has been doing
this for half a century. It has
saved hundreds of thousands
of lives. It will save yours if
you give it a chance.
" I cnu£he_ and raised _ontin_o„r.!y. Co.ld
not attend to business. Or.c buttle of Shitoh
stopped the couijh and restored me to perfect
J, J. TAGGART, Torunto.
BIiUoH's Constimpiifin Cure !m Bold by all
druggists in Cant-dti am] Uulted uta*" ■* »t
SSOtSOOi $1.00 a bottle. In Great Itritaln
at l*. 3d , 2s, 3il., ami 4«. (id A printed
Kaaranteo con-* wiih every bottle. If you
Are not aatiaficd go to your druggist und
get your money back.
Write for illustrated book on Omsimr.uion. S«nl
With-iit cost to you.  S. C. Wells & Co., Toronto,
Served  Him fUffbt.
A modem rraidfii gal at Imine
And won-kml to hrricH
Why booih yomig leUcm didn't corn*
And lake her "off the glielf."
Arid when there eonie » e'\ap who wai
HeKoived to Uarn his fate
6he .vouldn't look at hiin, becauae
£Ua necktie wauTt straight.
Fkvbh and Agl'e and BiLioua Debanqb-
hxnts are [jus lively cured by the use of
t'urmolre's Jill_. Thoy not only cleanse the
-tomach lind bowels from all biiioud matter,
but they open the excretory vessels, causing
them to pour copicu-i effusions from tha
blood into the bnwcls, after which the corrupted mass is Ihrown out by the natural
passage of tho body. They are used as a
general family medicine with the best
re^u ts.
Askit—Ts Loafer a lazy man ?
Tellit—Lazy ! Why, he has killed
so much t iine he is ashamed to look
a clock in the fac !.
will find our' slock of Watches,
Jewelli'i-y, Silverware and Diamonds in greater profusion than
over. There is certainly not a
finiT class of go..ds to bo seen in
WHITE US about your Jewellery wants and we guarantee to
give you the very best value obtainable.
OR SEND us your name and address und me will forward you
free our handsome new illustrated catalogue of useful and appropriate articles for Christmas gift-
B. & H. B..... „.,
The Leading Jewellers,
I 44 YONGE STItl-l-T,
iTo Loan on improved farms at current rates.   Write to
NAllKS, i:o:.i ..son & B> v.
Catholic Prayer ?r°a0ok,fl^nJ'.V:
aUri, KeliffiousPietnre..SUtu*rv,andCtmrob
Ornament*, Educational Works. Mail orders i-*-
oetve prompt attention. _, & J, JalllB & CO. ,MGGQat
Married women _houl_ _u
know of Golden Seal. "Th«
\Vir_H Friend," » certain
euro for Le_(x>r-h_a and
-U irrcKiilarities. Urn
been used by Lhaiiaandi
of women. A trained
nurse will answer all en-
Hiiiriee. tl 00 per : box,
-U _ici.nl for ono .in "iuh*
treatment. Ad_ruaUold«a
«•»! M-..1! _: Co.. Toio_t»,
Out. tim WinntppR Haa.
ft>r -*!• UT all 1 'rc_(uU
__»nufH_tiir.d  bj  THUS. LJKK, W tnnlper.
The Only Printers' Supply
House in th-TNorthwest
I7fi Owen Street, Wlnnipog.
IiiHtrumcntH, Drumft, Uniforms, Rt_,
lidWPHt prices ever quoted. Fine calnlogut
BO.: illustration? mailed free; Write us for anything in MuhIc or Muh1< ul IiiKtrumenli.
Whaloy Royce & Co., ToTtanw"tli;,S_,
(Trade Mark Registered November 21, ISM.)
Dr. Banohe aprreen to take Instalments back
»th«If price If parties using them nre not ben-
Muted after ualng for five wc-i'ks.
F. Free, Winnipeg, says: I havf need "Oiyd-
onor' for two weeks for Brnii'liitls anil Catarrh of the Head, and 1 feel   Ike a new man.
Mrs. f. L. Cook, Winnipeg, says: I had suffered untold ag.mios Irom Blight's D:»rase,and
It relieved ine of Pain, and i.i si we_a 1 wai
Mr. W. O EUworthv, Winnipeg, says: I have
suffo ed for 6* years with articular iheumallsml
wa« 111 hospital for 5 weeks, and used almost
every remedy, including mesmerism galvanism, electriobelt, eto 1 have used Oxvdunor
10 days and ineeived more Unerit than from
Miythiug cIbo.
Mrs. Oagner. Winnipeg, says: I have used 1)
lienefli'lnlly with my family whenever sick,
and It has cured mc or severe indigestion and la
Sub-rlealers wanted in every district Address
Wm T. (UbMns, Hrain -lohange, winnlp _.
Send for lluokleta of grateful reports
W. N. U.   300 the raosrECion, lillooet, L.C., fiud
;u;a:.y ir», pol
Dr. ClMfke h« 4 clunj;e of ul. in ibis issue.
Wm. H.iylmore returned  Wednesday
from tlie South Fork.
D.  Hurley, Dr. Sanson and Jolin G.
Walker leave next week for the coast.
the bible circle reading will be held on
Wednesday evening at the residence of Mr. J.
B. Uren.	
Beyeral of the crack shots of tswn have
rwea bagging ducks along Lake creek
the past week.
Dr. Sanson who has been confined lo his
tooms tlie past week wilh lagrippe, is now
able to be around again.
Mr. C. T. Harris manager of John Dunlop's
general store al Tyauchton, will leave for the
coast shortlv on business.
John Marshall, president nf ihe Anderson
Lake Mining ct Milling company, will leave
for the coast next week on business,
. The weather the past few days has been delightful and every ipdicationjof spring. The
plimate of this section is unexcelled.
Charlej Place lost $20 ihis morning and before noon the money fell into hands of Win.
McKivor who promptly turned Ihe money over.
Robt. Sparrow and A. Thivarge who have
been working on the government bridges on
the Bridge river trail returned to town Wednesday. .
A. W. Bmltb, M. P. P., and wife left
Wednesday morning for Victoria to at'
tend to the legislature which meets on
tbe -1st.   	
Rowland Machin of Victoria, agent for the
Crown brand fuse, is in town this week on
business for his company to establish thti:
goods in this district.
A very nice, «ocie>'le dance was held
in Sanlini's hall on Thur:day evening.
Mr. B. B. Osier K. C., tbe well known
Toronto criminal lawyer, died last Tuet.
day at Atlantic City. N. J.
Word has been received here from Ot-
lawa that the Dominion government
have reduced the rate ot interest on the
puichase price of Dominion lands from
6 per cent, to 5 per cent.
A special meeting of Ihe board of license
commissionlns for West Lillooel was held on
Tuesday afternoon, when lhe application for a
renewai license lo John Collum, Royal hotel,
Sucker creek, was granted and a transfer of
the license of the Hotel Victoria lo Mark R,
Eagleson was made. The applications of J.
C. Shermer, Cadwallader, and G, A. Ward al
the ferry, were refused licenses.
Fishing Tackle.
Spring Cleaning
_J\m is Close at Hand.
We have Carbolic Acid, Chloride of
Lime, Sulphates of Iron and Copper, etc.,
for your House and Yard, and a great
variety of Blood Purifying Medicines for
We are always pleased to show goods
and give information about them.
Rods, Reels, Lines, Flies, etc.
'4 -,
re. „ w. cuMMWa, M _•,
pavilion, s. c.
A. A. McArthur who had the contract for
building the bridges across Gun and Tyauch-
. ton creeks, returned to town Wednesday hav-
ng completed tbe work,
W. E. Brett manager ol the Anderson
Lake Mining A Milling company, returned to the mine Wednesday, taking with
him supplies for the camp.
Robert D. Gumming wai in from Pavilion Milll Tuesday, to attend a special
sitting of the board of licenae commissioners, of which be le member.
Wm. Young and E. J. Taylor who
have been along Bridge river on a bunting trip, returned to town Wednesday
after an absonce of a few weeks.
Charles Shepherd will leave in a short
time for Bridge river where he will con,
duct a general butchering business tup
plying tbe mines with fresh meat.
Word received from Fred 0. Richardson in San Jose, Cal., aaya he is enioy-
ing life, and that he ia leaving this week
for Cuba befoie his return to Lillooet.
C. M. Glenn may return in a few week'
time, _	
E. P. Gilman ot Vaneouver returned
from McGillivray creek Saturday, where
he had been examining mining properties. He waa very much impressed with
the showings and predicts a bright future for this country,
James McKivor has received the ap
pointment of constable for Cadwallader
•nd will leave in a few days to com.
pience his duties. Mr. McKivor will nn
doubt make > good officer and will le
able to keep law and order in tbe Bridge
liver diatrict.
A full stock of all   inds of
is now for sale by
H. C. PARKEll,
Store and Repair Shop in Uren Block.
Call and examine stock.     No trouble to
show goods.
The VancouVflr Westminster Northern and
Vukon Railway I'ompauv will apply to the
raiiirtiuentof Cfnntidn hi It*next Besgion for an
Hfi declaring the works which thu compart? Ik
hv its act of Incorporation ftutfcorl-ed to construct to bo works for the general advantage
ot Canada, extending the period within which
the company may complete the same mid authorising an extension from its northern terminus In a northerly direction to Dawson city
In tho Yukon territory, thence onward along
the Yukon river to tlie boundary of Alaska, and
giving powor to the company to construct ur
tu quire ami tooporatesueh bTunch lines mul
extensions hk thc Governor III Council limy
from time to time authorise', und to own ami
operate telegraph and telephone l'nes, bridges,
Warehouses, steam and other vessels, ferries.
timber-land!*, wharves, roads, water rights,
water powers, and to deal in thc generate
electricity and electric power nud to make
such agreements for conveying or leasrinj? the
company's railway and its rights and powers us
Is usually given to railway companies in their
act of incorporation and for other purposes.
Dated at New Westminster,
Province of British Columbia
December 12th 1000.
CJ.O. M. Dockrii.:..
A. B.THIN. COM... nciaiK.
Lillooet. II. C
Vancouver, tt. 0.
Headquarters for  mining   men.      Kr.ropcan
NOTICE IP HEREBY (iiVKV that application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly ol
the Province of British Columbia at it* next
session for an Act to Incorporate a company
with power to construct and operate a railway
from the city of Victoria thonre north-westerly
to a point at or near Seymour Narrows, Van
couver island, thence by bridge or otherwise
to the Mainland (tf British Columbia thence
north   easterly   alternatively   hy way of   Tete
Jeune Cache or Yellow Head Fuss or vicinity
of Fort (ieorgo or I'ine River or Poat'o Biver
Basses to a point at or near Ihe eastern ton II net1
of the Province and from any point on such
line to the northern boundaries of the Province
or to any coastal point thereof or to any min-
ng regions or set tie men is in Cariboo, I.iiiooet,
Westminster, or  Cassiar Districts and   branch
lines oi any length therefrom and with power
to construct, acquire and operate telegraph
and telephone lines fauthorls d to charge tolls,
thereon for the transmission of messages for
the public) ships, vessels, wharves, works,
waterpow rs to supply ele ti le power Ugbi snd
heat and to expropriate waters and lands for
all sueh purposes and for such other rights,
powers and prtv leges as are usual, Incidental,
necessary or conducive to the attainment oi
the above objects,
on bebalf ol applicants.
Dated December -id. 11*00.
Lillooet, B. C.
Manufacturer of all kind of
None but the best material used. MlnerH or
prospectors sending in ordem will receive
prompt attention and satisfaction guaranteed
A. 8.Brackett, M.D., of San Francisco,
who spent several months on the South
Fork last season -vill return to this section in the course of a few weeks. He
-rill go up the company's property to
pot tliitiKti in shape for commencing
WCfk for the summer.
Mark K. Kagleson lias no» the Victoria hotel in full swing; antl as soon as
possible will put an addition to tho liotel.
Mrs. Kauleson will arrive this week from
Clinton and the Victoria under their
management is a guarantee that guest,
will receive first claps attention.
John Collum will leave ihis week fcr Suck r
creek, with a supply of liquors fur his holel,
the Royal, which was granted a renewal lie.
r.ise on Tuesday. Mr. Collum is r sparing to
accommodate Bridge river visitors in first class
style this season and is having a stock ol all
kinds of supplies taken in-
R. H. Brett who has purchased the Big
Horn ranch on Bridge liver, ahout 3° m'1''*
from town, is having new buildings erected,
which will lie completed shortly, to accommo
date the traveling public to the mines. This
is the usaal stopping place and when arrange
ments are completed travelers will be able to
enjoy a good meal and bed.
Head Thc Pl-ospe.
$2.00 a year.
Lillooet. B. C.
Miners Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness & Saddlery
Furniture, etc.,
All orders promptly attended to.
and Soo Line.
Tourist Cars •
To ST. PAUL daily.
TORON TO Mondays and Saturdays.
Trains pass Lytton ae follows;
East Bound, i.Oi West Hound i.if
For rate', pamphlets, &e.
Established I38fl. Incorporated lS9o
HcLEiW McFEELEY & Co., Ltd.
Tmporters and Jobbers of HARDWARE,
Iron, Steel, Glass, Paints. Oils Metals, Stoves, Tinware, Gun., «tc.
We make a t-pecialiy of supplies for
Milts, Mutes, Blacksmiths, Railroads, Contractors, Lumbermen, etc.
Agents for;—     Giant Powder Go.
Fuiibanks Scales
Bennett's Knglibli Fuse
Registered Trademark "8UKBET."
Majestic Sleel Ranges
Ganton Mining Steel
Spooner's Copperine
Our guaranteed scciirilv plan is a popular and profitable policy to thc assured.
It will p ■>• you to see our rates and different plans bvfofle taking out a policy.
WM, KOLDES, Inspector, Vancouver. THOS. McADAM, Provincial Manager.
A. 0. A. P..
Vancouver. II. C.
Lytton, B.C
East and West RipiNoa OF Lii.i.odkt Uistiiict.
Notice i» hereby given. In accordance with
the Statutes, that Provincial kevenneTax,
and nil tuxes levied under th. Assessment tin'
now dm* for the year 1001, and payable at my
office, Lillooet.
Assessed taxes are collectible at the following
rates, viz:—
If paid on or before June Mth,1901:«
Thri'o-tHihs of one per tent, on real prop*
Two and one-half per cent, on the assessed
value of wihi land,
One-hali'(jf ono [or tent, on personal property.
Upon such excQss of iircome—
Class A —On one thousand dollars, and not
exceeding ten thousand dollar*, ono per
cent, up to five thousand dollars, and two
per cent, on tin- remainder.
If paid on or after 1st -inly. 1901:
Four-lift lis of one per i ent. on real property.
Three   per  cent, on the assessed value of
wild land.
Three-quarterii of one per cent, on personal
On so much of ilie Income of any person as
exceeds ono thousand do larat -
Class A.—On one thousH.ud dollars, and not
exceeding ton thousand dollars, one and
one-half pur cent., np to live thousand
dollar?, nni two and one-hali pur tent on
tho remainder,
Revenue T_.x, til per en pit a,
As«e*8or and t.'olluctcr.
Lillooet, 6th January, 1901.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
Inland Cigar Manufacturing Co.
J. M. Mackinnon
Mininq Properties
Properties Bonded
Vancouver B. O-
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
T hnve j"st rocelv
i'amings in thc lute.ii
Our Speolaltieai
b.'st selection ol Tvvoods, Wuratedi, Series
THOMAS M<'( 08.1. Merchant TftUor, Ashcroft, n. (J.
dlreot from Sjstl i
s,uisi..'.-ii(m ifiiumi
■1 th:
t___:___ Xj_zii____.__q-;
Corner of IF.i_:in-_s nml Granville Streets.
Royal Hotel,
Sucker Creek, B.C.
Tlie Prospector is the
best advertising medium in this section.
Have your ad. in at
A large stock of Stationery will be here in
a few days, so bring
in your orders for
Letterheads, Envelopes, Billheads, etc.
The Prospector,
Lillooet, B. C.
i-its HONOUR the Mentenfttit-Govornor In
1 ■   Crmnitil hn« been plauoil to make iiiu ful-
Lowing uppolnttnonui
*2_lh January, 1001.
('HBjiBr Phftlr, of Lillooet, Enquire.9, M ,to he
r i otoner in mi<\ fur tho * ouuty of < nrlbot);
inch fti.|»uinttr.f!tit to lake effect on unil from
thu 10th iiiKtuii!,
10th of Juimnry, UJ0I,
Frederlelc \V. Valient), Ks'inire, s. tf„ to perform the ilmies of the undermentioned offices
atCHnton, dining thu ub-unee, upon l.ave, ot
P, Boues, Enquire; such appointment to tnke
effect ou and from the IfitJi Initant, urimuly;
(lOverument Agont,
AkcUihiu t'ommUbioner of Land, and Works,
Gold Commlaaiouer,
Clark Of tho I'enrc,
Colleutor of Votes,
Deputy DUtriet Itegiatrar of Births, Deaths
and Mnrritigi y,
Deputy District Hefflstrar of the Hupreinc
Boglstrar of the County Court of Cariboo,
i _glstr*r under the Marriage Ai.t, and
Doll-actor of Revenue Tax.
Transfer of License.
Koilrc if horubf ifa'i'ii iiuu ii ),> mv Intontlmi
to apply toihy Lituki i'Oinutl8>lom'rfl nl ihi'tr
next ^itiiiiK, t'ir h triiiiffi-i (if the IIcotihu uf lhe
Viclnrfn lloul, l.illorn'1, In'n utv iittmo.
Mlloopt,nih rutmmiy h'oi.
Central point for Bridge
Kiver Mr^iiera and l.'os-
peclors. Good accommodation.     -    -     -   -
St ihle in conneclion.
Notiee la hereby given that the bead offlre of
the Anderson Lake Mining A Milling Company
ha* bui'U transferred from Ashcroft to Lillooet.
Lillooet, B, C,, January 33nd,
Excelsior House
Dining Room.
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils and Varnishes,
Stoves', Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Minors Stool, Picks Blinvols, etc., Wlro Cabk
nml (lusselWiro Fencing.
A. W00E-,,
-   -   -   l'roj>riptor.
First Cass Meals Served.
Open day and night. Short
Orders a Specialty.
___..  -UXPFOJRjJD,
VASCOOVER,  •  •  •  •  B.C.
Denier In Wiitolifi1, Dinmond», Jewelry nml Oplii'Bl iiixhIm, Onr If(>uh ilc-
partinent la nni-xi-rllicl l"r IInt work.
Lc.vc your onlerawitli lliu poslinaetur
«lio «ill have itutlendi.il lu ue Hill us if
juii cHine portonally.
Cariboo and Lillooet
Stage Travel
Ctintnn   Brnl   we.y   poiuts,   Muudfly,
Weil ne; ilny itml Friilay.
All  polniB in C"hii 1 en, Monilny'p.
Lillooel ilini'i, MnnilR)' mill V liny.
p'urkB ol Q'leeiul d mil >vnj poinis,
A  i-peiiil poBori, carryiiiR pifsenrer'
Mini l-xpnB", will liuve Asi.i r■ (; Inr h e
160-MllO Unu e du 1-1-i11.i\'.., ii-liiriiii y
ThrtiuRhnndRturn Tickets r.t Reduced Kites
.Special I'uuYtiyuuiee l''uiiiUii».-U,
TlmoTaUo N
Taking Effect  Nov.
19 J«
to Vnncour-ar -nally nt 1 p. m. Van-
[•ouvep to Victoria -Pally at l.lfip.m,. ur on «tt>
rival of thu C.IMt. No 1 tiniu.
Leave Vii'iorlrt for Now WostmlH'Kor, Lfidntti
l.uhl    IfdHlld,    I'llllUl'l't-'B     IVSK—Tllff-dny    nud
Friday at' u.ra, Leave New W'eatmlnttar i»t
Vlctnrfri nnd Way Hurts — Weduoulw and
Saturday at'/ ii.m
StonniBhlpsof this conipitny will ltiive Ur
Fort   81 ini.son  ami  Intermediate  points,  rU
Victoria, 181 mid lOtll Haeh inAnlK at 11 p.m.
Stenmj'lilpsof tliis 1'otimany will leave every
iVeanesday for Wrung l nud Skagway hi m p.m.
Btoamcr  leavui      ctorlH   ft»r   aUhm-hI   and
Sound   porta, on  the HMh  nnd UOih nt   .m-h
nit'tiili,  extending  latter   trlpa  tu   qit,u*inn
and L'atuS ott,
Tlio company reserves tlio r'ghl of rlisuKhig
thU timo table al any time \\ Itliotit uotillcntUn
ti. ,\ OARLBTON,
Ueiieral Kivigln Agent,
i*. s. BAXTER,
Ootid.al r.t-.-fiiger Ageul.
'■••!■'•;■' l'%" l-%"'i-4>'K4>4'"*>
I Insurance. |
! Genet*
I As:ent.
»N II von w.int fl%
' To inanro yotir life, ^
To 11,fur.- your property, ***,
T.i in lire .1.; .inat neeiilent. "r.
& Call on p.
'm       Hie. A. Fraser ^
: ' i      i,   n ■*'.
\»      "      *. '   ■*> ■     ■>/'♦'«■'■?/' S*,' V.V ''.*• s ft,   vfx
:,"•, -.■•;■■..*:. wMXXMyrM


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