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The Prospector Jan 11, 1901

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Array •   ■
•i ~
Vol. 3, No. 27.
$2.00 a year.
LV   ■
O-E-tT-BI^A.Ij     _-v_:iil_E?/C_E-T--_.__TT
.        HY   Kin    A.   PRASEIt.
Miners Supplies."
i Branch Store ut Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and 31 in
ers Outfits are on hand.
fj    J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, Jl.O
Carries a lull elock of all kinds o( Groceries, Dry   Goods,   Pools  mul   Slioes,
Ilurdwaie, etc.
1 •
j?ioisr-____- :hot:el.
MJl-QSt, 1-1. C.
t'R-D. H.  NELSON, Proprietor.
Sample  K.oiim   for   I'ojiiintMcial   Travellers,
—(vary Stable in Connection. Rus uicci*
■lea.iboal lor guests to mid from
A-iluntnti hake tntl —1 i.t(f_.
. -iv«r points.
Hotel Victoria,
*-■ LILLOOET, -3- O
This bet- being ne- nml thoroughly finish*'.! Uironglio.lt is thu only lirst
•!>■• _•!«! in Lillooet. Persons culling Kt I, llooot will receive every attention bj
■Mtppini at iii* Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the liotel. llcad-
juarwri lor 111* Lillooet-Lytton stage.
•    ••_«•      fMAKIIKS    MOIIIiKAT..      iu    «
w   .   u
1).  HURLEY,
ID.   FEA3EB,   _?_.OJ?.-
__e Bar il .applied with th»best Wines, Liquors nnd Cigars. —     -»—s I
An Ottawa liov named Malloy went to
South Africa nan plicate in one of the
contingents |-ent froni Onnada to help
the mother country, lie hns returned
to Ottawa Mind. The people of that
city nre talking of schemes hr his bene-
lit. The people of Ottawa are wrong.
Private Malloy should not be a charge
011 anyone. The treasury of Canada
should take charge of all such men. He
risked hie life for ids country. His country is not risking anything in providing
him with a pension as long as lie lives.
The  Tribune calls-on  W.  A. Gailiher,
I the member elect for Yule-Cariboo, to
?ee that Priv.ite Malloy of Ottawa is
voted n yearly pension of $000. That is
the wny to take care of  blind volunteer
i soldiers,   and   tho   onlv   way.—Nelson
I Tribune.
The suspension of the London and
ijlobe Finance C irporation will have
<ome prepdicinl effect upon tho immediate pnspects of the groups of llbssland
mine ventures with promoting which it
and the British America Corporation
have recently been concerned. It will
also lend to arrest torn tin.e tbe ready
How of British Capital to British Colum
liia for mining purposes. The trouble
in London should however be void of
any permanent ill-effect upon British
Columbia mining, well established as
tho industry ij. It will in one tespect
even   do   good,   by tending to prevent
■ wild cutting " und  over-capitalisation
in the ense of future mining promotions
11   England,   affecting   our province.—
In The Prospector of December 2Sih
there appeared an article intimating improper connection with m'neral claims
on tiie part of present government officials, in Lillooet. We now wish to truth-
j (ally declare that the article in question
was published without proper consideration nnd was calculate i lo do a gruve in-
j istice to the government officials referred to. With respect to Mr. Phair
we do not hesitate to say that a suggestion of intentional wrongdoing in hi-
official or personal dealings would be an
insult to tiie intelligence of all who
know him. We desire to unresrevedly
retract the cha _as Implied in ihe article
reftrred to and express our regret thai
the same should have been published.
I    Ti those who contemplate taking in
i mining machinery up  Bridge river IhL
A'intor,   we   would   suggest   Unit   they
j ibou'd have it in Lillooet asFoon as pos-
-ible in order to lake advantage of the
unusual favorable conditions that now
exist for forwarding,   From Seaton lake
10 Ward's ferry the sleighing ii first class
while the river from the rapids lo.Sucker
p ek is frozen to a   sufficient   d ptli  to
carry a four-horse team.    How long this
will last The Prospector is not in a posi- j
tion to prophesy, but as the weather has
no appearance of moderating and should
tlie mining men get a move on  lilt ma- j
chinery   should   be lam.id just now   at
the lowest possible cost.
In this issue are two communications
dealing with the question of a licensed
house in the Biidge Eiver district. Tin
columns of Tin; PkoSPECTOh arc open for
discussion on this subject.
Stage leaves Lytton every Tuesday and Saturday morn-
i!. { ing for Lillooet, returning nexl day.    Special trips made.
\/ \        if you contemplate » trip into Lillooet districl, write us for information.
' CAMERON & HURLEY     ■:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B I
"I —
A rich lady cured of her Deafness and Noises
In tho Uoud hy Dr rN'l.liol-on's Artificial Ear
Drum*, pave $10,00Q to his Institute, so thm tlie
do„f people unable to procure the Kmr Drums
may bttve-theiri free. Address No. 14623 The
Nicholson .u.iitutu, 780, Kigiiih Avenue, New
York,    .HA.
I ;.   '  '     __L. GK R/ABAGLIATI,
General Dealer
Full  Hn«   of   Groceries,  Dry   Good!,  Boots   and  Shoes
Ohothing and Hardware.     Miners' Supplies.
M. P.
Kamloops, B.C.
J. H. Anthony.
(Successor* to .   Stevenson.
Business rstabli^'u-d lNill
General Herchandise and
Miners Supplies.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
Pemberton .Meadows.
Mr, Duncan J. Morrison arrived in
town this week from the Pemberton
Meadows on his wav to Bridge rive'.
The weather iu that Section lie states is
very mild and onlv a slight snow fail oc-
corred this year in coinpatison witli past
Juhn Currie lias secured the services
of .Mr. Morris for tlie purpose of breaking in his bund of large steers, 80 as to
enable -^hiiii to drive lliem nut to the
coast via tho Squamish trail this coming summer.
A petition lias been passed around to
the residents of the Meadows which has
been signed bv ail of them. The petition
begs that the Pemberton Meadows may
be taken into the Westminster district
instead of remaining in the L! looet district, ns it is the opinion of the petitioners that their own particular Eection
would be benefitted by the chango and
would altogether lie more prosperous.
They also consider that the treatment
they have received in the past, at the
bunds of the government has not been
of such n nature as to encourage settlers
to continue their improvements, especially when tlie facilities forgetting Iheii
produce and stock ou', and their provisions into this splendid far .ning country are consi lere-1.
Tbe bridg'3 acioss tbe Ldlooet river
and Toole creek, entirely disappeared
last big;i water, therefore this really cuts
off transportation between the to«n of
Lillooet ami tlie Pemberton Meadows.
The sctil.irs are unanimously in favor of
the continuation of the surveyed road lo
the coast via Siunmiuh, and nil seem to
hold the same opinion on this matter
and therefore of a necessity tbev are pe-
tioning the gov.ru ment lo alow them
to be annexed into lhe Westminster district.
The Chare!.-. - Orator.
An orator in  Missouri got off tlie following:    "We live iu   tlie land ol   high
j mountain; and   high taxes, low  wages,
I big crooked  rivers   and crooked   states-
! men,  big   lakes   and   big   strikes,   big
drunks and big pumpkins, big men with
pumpkin   head",   silver    streams   that
I gambol  in   the   mountains, and   pious
■ politicians (hat gamble  in   the  night,
j roaring cataracts   and roaring  orators,
j fast horses and fast young men,   sbar, -
lawyers,  sharp   financieis  aid   sharp-
I nosed gossips, ferlile plains that   lie like
I sheets of water and thousands ot  newspapers lhat lie like thunder,"Argonaut,
 »- -
He Must Nave.
She was a famous ''healer" and rhe
hnd converted the major's wife, nnd at
her earnest request the ma] >r had consented to be cured of swearing by the
Christian S.'ienco methods. Tiie heiler
sat on one side of bini ami Irs wife on
tne other, in silence. Each held one o'
the major's bauds. The minutes ticked
into a half hour, the healer looked rant,
and dually the maj >r's wife ventured :
"How do yon feel now, major?"
" hike a damn fool, my dear!"—Ex.
Will   !>e   Huppliecl   !>y    tlie    1'ivloii
Iron   -vvorttM    of   San   l-'randsl-o.
A I'ivc-stump Sectional.
The Mines Exploration Ltd , owners
of the Lome mines, have ordered a five.-
I stamp rectional mill from tbe Union
' Iron Worksof San Francises. The mill
! lias to he sectional so that no piece shall
; weigh over 3oO poundsjto enable it being
! laken over the trail easily, The mill
! ordered will weigh about 30,000 pounds.
! A sectional mil! is more expensive than
I a standard and companies putting in
; mills are compelled to go to considerable
I extra 'expense owing to lack ot trane-
j portation facilities.
Work at the mine nnuer Foreman
Barker still continues and good reports
are brought down from the mine that it
is has improved considerably since the
work commenced.
Mine Timbering.
Probably nothing ill   the world can be
i aaid to exceed in structural wonder of its
kind the labyrinthian system of suif.ice
I timbering peculiar tc the ininejon the
[ Comslock   lode,  at  Virginia and Gold
Hill, Nevada, the sum of $35,000.0001) -
! ing considered   a   moderate estimate of
tho cost of the same from the opening of
lhe mines to the present time.   The size
of tbe timbers varies  from   huge  pieces
sixteen inches r'quare and twenty-four
i feet long to the smaller   pieces   used in
j cribbing.     The   species  employed   are
iliieflv yellow pine, fir  and  cedar, fully
two-thirds ef the whole amount being
j the first named—a   favorite   timber   in
j fact, witli  mine carpenters, on account
J of its exactitude in  joining.     Cedar, of
conr«e, is inferior to no   Known timber,
i not even excepting redwrod, lor its last-
' ing   qualities   underground,   but,   it   is
j said   that   vellow   pine has heen taken
j from the lower levels of these mines so
! compacted by the enormous  pressure it
lias withstood as lo have  a density nnd
i weight exceeding those of lignum vitae.
None of the timbers   in. the  Comstock
I mines has yet badly decayed, and their
life there cannot   be   accurately   determined, but the   heat anil vapors  ef  the
j mines Burc'iarged  with   mineral atoms
I appear to have a decidedly preservative
^effect upon the limber.
Ilrlclee River t.icenss.
Editor Prospector, sir: Trusting you
will publish this letter and thai I am not intruding loo much on your valuable space.
I would like to express my appreciation of
the magnificent effort the Lillooet license commissioners have made lo abolish the curse of
liquur to mankind. What a noble precedent
for civilization to follow.
The laws of I!riti*h Columbia are so Inadequate that license commissioners have to make
their own. The liquor aa distinctly states
that, "on lhe application for renewal of license, the commissioners shall gmit same, unless they can show cause for uot so doing."
"Cause" distinctly means charges brought
against the applicant, sworn to and proved.
Now, why should the licenses be granted in
the town of Lillooet and not granted r.t a way
side hotel, w-here the chief license inspector
states in his report that a licensed house is a
What justice and fair play is it [?] which is
so dear to us Britishers, that allows one hotel
to have a license and stop the renewal of
another whose owner has been to a large expense and is now on the way to get his money
invested hack again.
I will admit we miners do sometime take a
drink or two, would il be better for us to go
and buy flour and blankets and give them to
siwasnes. There is no better hearted or more
liberal class of men under the sun than the
miners. Surely they can (lo what they please
wilh their hard earned wages.
There is nol a fair minded man in the district of West Lillooet who is against the renewal of lhe license at Hotel Royal, Sucker
creek, and yet a few nnd very few indeed, owing to their ignorant fanaticism regarding tiie
sale of liquor arc endi avoring lo make a camp
worse than it is by abolishing licensed houses.
As sure as the camp has one or mere men in
it they will have liquor legally or illegally.
Trusting that right and justice will hold its
own and that the license commissioners of
West Lillooet will abide by the laws of tlie
province in the future and not attempt to make
their own. Wil.I. IIaylmork.
' Knncke'."
ft f JftoraifciiM' of every description,  Carpets, moleum, Win-     vni,-<
% > flow Shades, Cornice Poles, etc.
p.. c.
•RE_hB"-nii_-L'«, _u _*-.___-_--.-:
Canadian Pacific Navigation Company.
__"/._• Al fkcLr * 8r«*m£rn for Skagtrny nnd AluakH points Ichvc Victoria every W*d_Le_daj
rOl   HISaKfl-   *rcnlriK nnd Vmh'diivim- evfltj I'hundAy i\< 1 |i.m,
fiteameri f»r B.C. Northern Poind lea v.' Vict inn nnd VmuouYor \*oeklv.   Regular steawor*
■Jf   }    Jei ailUnn-tol-iniMa [>omt_.   PdriiOUl_.il on  ;:_.lieaiion. C. 8.' D.-Xrt..t , O.P. .
Subscribe for The Prospector.
First-class in every respect.
Choice Wines,  Liquors
and Cigars. Sample
room   free.
tor to deliver and collect in HriUsii oluiuli *■
for old established -Mnufaoturing wholes B
lintise. p.KHI a yesr, su re pay. Honesty ui('''e
than experience require.. Our reference, niiv
hunk In any city. Enclose 1 sell-addrcsvca
Mumped unvelojie. Miiiinf .1 hirers, 'third
Jeerr3»t-I'P«rt.-.'TO Pt.. fl-lefcl
Terrible Pat! ol a diner.
Wliitewnter, B. C, .Tun., 2. — A miner
named A. Morrison, Hged 40, nnd R
native of Nova K.oii.i, was blown to
pieces at 11 o'clock yesterday morning
in the powder thawing house of the
Sunset mine. 1 ho cause is nnv yet
Miown,   The coroner arrives tcday.
.' tu-.il Located.
'* To Hell for Twelve Dollars," is the
name of an article in an eastern religions
publication. If these are railroad rates
that price will just carry ub lo S.m Faan-
cisco.—Los Angeles Times.
With tbe dawn of civilization, jealousy
was burn. There will always, be mm
who will always miss the train of prosperity and remain sour and disgruntled
for lhe rest oi their lives. This claBS is
appropriately called "knockers." In
mining camps the " knocker " is found
in great variety of form. There is the
" knocker " who bas been told that tbe
title will not bear investigation; that
the oie body is too low grade to work;
that the ore bouies are pinching; that
Hill Smith lias a better mine for sale at
less money; and that generally all mine
operators are suspicious characters unless he (the "knocker"; is personally
identified with tbe deal. In lhe search
for metals two men may start equal.
Both locate nn the same lode and work
nith the greatest harmony. At night
they sit nt their ramp (ires, their hopes,
ambitions and sorrows are shared. Put
let one of ttieFe men secure capital lo develop his individua' claim and al once a
coolness springs up between lliem. The
old partner cannot understand why it
was not his mine that was developed.
The friends drift Aider apart. One grows
richer; the other becomes more bitter.
Their mines may be equally valuable,
but the owners are not equal in energy,
and push. Perhaps tlie best definition
of a "knocker " is one who has failed.
It is stated Senator Proctor of Vermont, lias bought 'he famous Carrara
quarriei of Daly, thus securing with hfs
Vermont holdings, control of the bulk
of the world's output of stationery and
building marble. The sum paid was
about $10,000,000.
United P'atcs Minister Swauson has
informed the Danish government tbat
the United States offers twelve million
Ukrone. (appromately $3,240,000) for
the Danish Antilles, and will uot give
Drastic  Police  Measures.
Taris, January 3.—The sweeping po-
i lice measures taken to purify  Paris in
conscqunece of the alarming situation
[created by the closing of Ihe exposition
' and tlie consequent throning cut of em-
■ ployinent of  thousand   of   peojde, who
: in mRny cases were cast upon the streets
j have resulted in no fewer than 12,970
i arrestB during the month of  December,
of which  vagrants, drunks nnd piosti-
] tutps 'contiibutcd  the greater number.
: The persons arrested include li  murderers, 9.6 lhbvcs, thieves and   footpads,
'■ '.'.STO tramp". 2,493 ditinkcn people nnd
'■ 3,983 prostitutes.     P.ut in spite of the
drastic police measures, the man whose
body was found  in  two parcels in  the
streets on December lib has never been
I identified nor have  his murderers been
i discovered,
Editor Prosi'KCTOr. Sir: We notice in
last weeks issue a letter by " David Dalziel " nn
ih^ suhjeri of temperance, the w.;her taking
the ground that the recent action of (he Itcanne
commissioners in refusing licenses on Bridge
Kiver was a body blow to lhe whisky traffic.
Indeed if one were lo judge from the language
of lhe letter, which appears richer self-commendatory as David Dalziel was one of the
commissioners, the act of the license coinmis- ■ M
sioncrs marks a distinct era in the cause of ^
We quite agree with David when lie says
lhat the evil of intemperance is anoverwhelm-
ing one. He mentions war and whisky as the
two predominant evils of ihe human race and
we venture to say that whisky lias caused'
more broken hearts, more ruined homes and
more ruined business establishments than war.
Hut we submit that Mr. Palziel's plan of removing the evil is cnlirelv tr.)sa'.i-,f.-.ctory and
useless. What earthly use is there in prohibiting the sale of liquor on Cadwallader, and
thereby depriving lhe residents of stopping
places, when it can lie purchased in Lillooet
hy the pack load and passed from hand to
hand. On the same principle Mr. Dalziel
would seeli to prohibit tlie sale of cigarettes in
a city by closing up one suburban tobacco
shop and leaving the easily approached ones
open. f
There is a license law in force in Canada,
one that has worked wonders for the cause of
temperance, and by refusing To stand by that
law Mr. Dalziel at once conveys the ioea that
[he laws of our country arc no good and he
| starts at once to frame a new code. Mr. Dalziel is like the bull who charged the railway
train. We admire his courage—gall would he
a more appropriate word—but we think very
little of his common sense.
Mr. Dalziel states that whisky is a never
failing follower in the steps of man. No
stronger condemnation of the license prohibiting plan could he adduced than that statement.
According to his own statements the whisky
will be sure lo get into Cadwallader license or
no license. With a license t' ere will be a
check on its use, without one there will be
none. If whisRey is.«uch-a dcterlniue.l pursuer of civilization, the only way to treat it is
to teach people to use it in moderation, the
plan which today is doing so much for temperance. To refuse a license on Cadwallauer
and grant three in Lillooet is not only incon-
sisledt but useless. lhe "evil of evils" is
no worse on Bridge Kiver than in Lillooet
and under the present arrangement the liquor
will travel to Bridge Kiver as sure as water
finds its level, while the residents of that^Jo-
cality will be utterly deprived of suitable _
stopping places.
We do not wish to make any caustic remarks
'out we have heard far better arguments' than
Mr. Dalziel brings forward, stigmatised as
A Max Is The YViui. Wild West.
Oueen to Visit trance.
Osborne, I«le of Wight, Jan. 2.—It. is
officially announced tbat Queen Victorbi
tins decided to visit CimliK. in the SoutU-
»LFr„nw, in Msr'1'1 or \-vmK LAUGHTER   IN  THE  MORNING.
Dam. Fortune hath a soul of wrath
For tho_- who truckle to h-t;
She loves to flout ami put to rout
Weak hearts that, trembling, woo hor;
But milU as milk and bolt on silk
U she, all others scorning,
To that bold wight who braves her spite
With laughter in the morning.
The breakfast face of cheerful grace,
Full well this vixen knows it;
Against hi-r will it wins her still,
'Tib hopeless to oppose it.
So yields ihe jade full sore dismayed
With her beat gifts adorning
The dauntless foe who tempts her blow
With laughter in the morning.
-Ripley D. Saunders iu St. Louis Republic.
I Finder- and Losers. ,!
+.»■ ♦ ■ 9*+*+JSj+»+*4>* ■♦—♦••■♦•►♦
Broadly  speaking,  girls are divided
Into two greiit classes—tbe ones who
lind and the ones who lose.
Meta Is a girl who finds. OwnerlesB
earrings nnd brooches and shirt studs
are scattered along her pathway, entreating her to pick them up, whichever way she strolls, nnd little things
like horseshoes mid four leaved clovers
seem to leap up In the most unlikely
lliaces at the first sound of her step.
"Guess what I found today?" is her
regular form of greeting; so no one was
surprised when the question came that
day nt Georgia's ten.
"Oh, I don't know," snid Lilian indifferently. "Probably a cotton handkerchief or somebody's other glove."
Lilian is one of the glrla who couldn't
lind anything if they would. Possibly
that's the reason she assumes the manner of one who wouldn't If she could.
Meta gave a withering glance at the
scoffer. Then she removed her Ladysmith hat and extracted from Its crown
a roll of money, which she spread upon
her lap. A $50, n $20 and a $10 bill
stared out.
"Counterfeit!" gasped Lilian.
"No, sir. Uncle Mac says they're as
good as any ever made."
"You didn't hnd them, Meta; you're
Joking," protested Georgia.
"No joke nbout it. I wns walking
down Wabash avenue, nnd stacks of
people were passing in loth directions,
too, but suddenly there wns nn open
space nbout a yard square right in
front of me. and straight In the middle
of it lay this money, all rolled up. It
Just seemed as though the crowd parted and everybody looked the other
way on purpose to let me have it."
"Well, 1 never!" sung the chorus.
"What are you going to use it for,
Meta?" somebody asked, but Lilian,
whose interest had revived wonderfully, didn't give her timo to answer.
"Use it for?" she cried. "Do you
s'pose Meta would spend that money?
Think of the poor woman who lost it!"
"Woman. Indeed!" retorted Meta.
"Uncle Mac doesn't think that. lie
snys there's a little pocket just inside
the waist 'band of his trousers where
he keeps a wad of bills—whenever he
has oue—aud thnt it's the easiest thing
in the world to slip the money lu back
of the pocket Instead of Into It. Aud
1 nsked him If thnt ever happened to
htm. You ought to have seen how
guilty he looked when he snid, 'Ouce;
but don't tell _llen!' That's my aunt,
you know. Well, we think—Uncle Mac
aud 1—that some rich club fellow lost
it and that he'd put It to some extrava
gaut use even If he had It agalu."
"Hut 1 can't help thinking about
some poor old washerwoman who
hadn't another cent In the world,"
murmured the blue eyed Innocent.
"Washerwomen without another cent
are so likely to go strewing $80 rolls
around!" said Metn.
"More likely 'twas a schoolteacher
with her mouth's salary. And teaching
is such nervous work!" suggested Lil-
"Or a fagged out woman clerk," added Georgia.
"Well. I wouldn't take It from a
woman any sooner than you "would,"
declared Meta. "Of course 1 wouldn't
mind so much If it belonged to a man.
But I luteud to advertise It anyway."
"Certainly!" exclaimed Lilian, as If
she'd been thinking of that all the
lime. "Thatjs the proper thing to do."
Aud blue eyed innocent udded, "I
should Just use that money for advertising every day iu every paper until
there wasn't a cent left."
Mela pursed her lips. "Well, I'm
taking Uucle Mac's advice about this,"
she said. "He says to study the papers
a day or two and see If the loser advertises. Then, after that, he siijb to
advertise: 'Pound—Sum of inouey, nt
such a place, nt such a time.' Not a
word to give n false elalmaut nny help
iu Identifying tbe bills, you see. Hut
he doesn't think I'll ever Hnd tbe owner, und, sny, girls. If he shouldn't turn
up, what do you sny to a lake trip together or some klud of a regular spree
with this money?"
"1 couldn't utijoy It," said the righteous Lilian.
"Not unless you gave half to a hospital." amended another.
"Oh, I don't know," dissented Georgia. "I think my conscience would
take In a trip to Mackinac."
"Good for you!" replied Meta, as she
rolled up her wealth aud put on her
hat "We'll, speud It all for gum If
we wnnt to, Georgia, nnd we won't
treat them, either—sec If we do!"
fhey didn't see her again for three
weeks, nnd then she came flying In to
luncheon nt Lilian's with a look in her
eyes as If she'd just fallen heir to a
million In gold.
"I've hnd tbe loveliest experience In
the world!" she announced. "You remember that money I found? Well, 1
waited a few days, ns Uncle Mac said,
nnd no one advertised the loss; so I put
one In myself. Told them to address
X, the newspaper office, you know-
th'e wny they do. Next morning I
went down to get the returns. There
were nine answers, and of nil the pn-
' thetlc things! Not one of the people
W »i_t« _a» lo-t their money on tbe
I     s 	
day or nt the place I found mine, but
they were just as hopeful, for all that,
ami they actually made me feel responsible for their losses.
"First there was a man who had
dropped a small, flat, black book, with
a pawn ticket, a laundry bill nnd two
$2 bills In it. And distressed over it!
You'd think he'd lost a gold mine. And
he was so sure 'twas his money I'd
found-poor fellow! Then a woman
poured out a "whole sbeetful of her
heart, nnd drew a picture of the purse
she'd lost, and told me how the money
in it belonged to her sister, who was in
the hospital and who needed It dreadfully, and how I'd be blessed forever
if I only restored it. Next there was
an old man who lind dropped two $20
bills, nnd he went on In a shaky, feeble
hand to explain that the reason he
was carrying It was because he
couldn't trust the hanks; and then
another girl, who told about an alligator skin pocketbook containing a latchkey and a time pass over the Cincinnati, Jackson nnd Mackinac rood. When
I showed that to Uncle Mac afterward
be snid thnt road was a regular joke,
because It didn't run to any of the
places mentioned In Its name, and he
just shouted over the pnss, because it
had expired Sept. 30, ISO". But It
wasn't funny to me. I thought the girl
must he In a sad way to be hanging ou
to an expired pnss over a road like that
for three whole years. Besides, she
mentioned In a postscript tbat there
was a $o bill In her purse.
"1 got awfully worked up over these
letters. Then, suddenly, I had a brilliant idea. I just made up my mind to
wait a week and then, if no one claimed that $80, to send for all those forlorn
people nnd pay them what they had
lost out of what 1 had found. I didn't
dare tell Uncle Mac the scheme until
the week bad passed aud I had really
written notifying them all to be at his
office at 10 o'clock this morning. Then
[ just gave him the news ull In one
piece. I don't believe In breaking
things, especially when you've set your
heart on doing them.
"Oh, he thought I wns crazy, of
course, and wished he'd answered my
'ad.' himself und claimed the money.
Said he could have done it through
some one else so I would never havo
suspected, aud then could hnve kept
the money for rue until this lit of
sentimental foolishness had passed off
-aud all that sort of talk. But the end
of it was thai he took a chair over by
the window in his oflice and let me
have things all my own wny with the
people I had sent for, Tbey all came,
mind you. und of all the surprised look-
lug beings! Each one wns expecting
to lind the identical purse be had lost,
and at lirst every oue looked suspicious
of every one else. They couldn't seem
to grasp the situation.
"I bad the money all changed Into
the right amounts and lying In tempting little heaps on Uncle Mac's desk.
First 1 made a little speech and then I
served gold und silver refreshments.
It took every cent of Ihe money, aud
I had to put in a dollar besides, so
there goes our gum. Georgia. But you
wouldn't grudge It if you'd been there.
Such larks! 1 never felt so much like a
beneficent fairy In my life. Oh, dear,
fun! Vaudevilles arc nowhere. And
say, the mnn wbo lost tbe pawn ticket
will never get over his grudge against
me because I couldn't give that back.
He thinks I've lost him a fortune! But
the rest were more than sweet. Girls,
I've been blessed nnd hugged, and tho
old man with tho two $20 gnldpleccs
actually kissed my hand. Think of
that, will you? And the woman with
the sister in the hospital was so happy!
And I cried. Me crying—enn you Bee
It? Aud Uncle Mnc needn't pretend he
wasn't willing his own eyes either. But
when they were goue be squared
around at rue, stern ns stern, and snid
In a disgusted way:
" 'Well, of all the glrly glrly per
"I looked straight back at hlni and
just said: 'How would you have a girl.
Uucle Mac, If not glrly? Do you want
me manny?' And. honest fact, lie
didn't know n single thlug what to
say."—Chicago Record.
CUlneis. ruiBc Feciinff.
The Chinese physicians, It Is well
known, have long hud the credit of
pitying very particular attention to tbe
j.ulse. They even pretend to derive a
much more minute und accurate knowledge of the state of the sick from that
nouree thau European practitioners lay
nny claim to.
The patient Is directed to be laid in
bed, with his arm resting on a small
cushion. The physician must hi seated, and both parlies are enjoined to remain calm, silent and collected. The
lingers are next to be applied in due
succession, one after another, In order
to judge of the compressibility of the
Tbe Chinese do not infer solely from
tbe rapidity of the pulsations. Their
mode is to compare the number of pulsations of tbe artery with the intervals
of the respiration of the patient. The
number of pulsations of n man in moderate health they consider In relation
to the time of a natural inspiration and
expiration. Pour beats of the pulse
during this period they consider ns Indicating perfect health. If It exceeds
live pulsations, It is considered ns too
quick; If under that number, ns too
slow respecting good health. It is required to reckon 00 pulsations in order
to form a correct Indication. Tbeir
chief divisions of tbo pulse are four.
the superficial, tbeiprofound, the quick
and the slow. These tbey consider as
having relation* \o the four temperaments, the choleric, the sanguine, the
phlegmatic nnd the melancholy.—
A Snnke Tlmt Crows.
There exists In Venezuela n species
of snake of an exceedingly venomous
nnd crafty character. This snake utters n cry that Is the almost exact replica of a cock crow. The unwary traveler when walking througli the bush will
be astonished to hour near at hand this
extraordinary crowing. He proceeds
'ownrd the sprit, when the snnke darts
out und stings t^e unfortunate man
with Its terrible forked tongue. If not
taken promptly in hand, the sting will
in nine cases out of ten turn out to be
The blnck Inhabitants of Venezuela
are. like nil otlntr dark races, very superstitious. And as regards the rattlesnake thoy have a curious belief. Thoy
nlllnn that If a rattlesnake is captured
and the bones In Its tall which form
the rattle removed the snake will never
rest until It has sought out the mnn
thnt committed the theft and exacted
vengeance for the robbery.
They cite instances of men who have
taken the rattles nnd gone far journeys
only to be followed by the Infuriated
snnke nnd killed. Whether there is nny
truth In this Is n mutter of conjecture.
If half the tales that a,re told have any
truth In thi'tn. It would seem superfluous to gainsay the superstition.
How to Bundle a nun.
In lucking up your gun from lying
Cut, st.mi.ling against anything, from a
companion or u bout, do not lake hold
of the uiu-zlu and drag it toward you.
Take hold of it by the forestock nml
barrel if you nre only using one build;
If two. In the regular way you grasp ii
when you go to shoot. In currying
your gun do not keep the muzzle directly behind you. Throw the butt to
the right or left, whichever shoulder
you ure carrying It on. This will bring
tbe muzzle toward the opposite shoulder, lluis rendering it easy to curry, it-
it will be resting on your nock -lid
shoulder Instead of on the small i;ttrt
of your shoulder and with tlie muzzle
upward will also lighten it u little.
I think there ure more men shot wilh
tbeir own guns by taking them from n
bout than In any other wny. When
you run your bout or cunoo to the bunk,
your gun Is likely to be In the bow,
which I lliink Is the best place for it.
Take hold of it by the forestock nnd
stop out. Put it In n safe place where
you nre sure It will not full down. Then
draw up your bout or do anything else
you have to do. but do not let your gun
Stay in tbo bout until you have shouldered your puck and then catch hold of
the muzzle, drug It up over the gnn-
wnle. hook the hammers and have It
explode. It is likely to blow out your
brains.—Forest and Stream.
Coll li -•   11 i " o    In    Mom :<	
It is a custom in Morocco that ull the
property of an ollicial reverts nt death
to the crown. Tbe logic which leads to
sueh a result Is simple, fur the government argues that all fortunes thus accumulated consist of moneys illegally
retained by the authorities. A governor when appointed is probably possessed of no considerable fortune. When
he dies, he may be a millionaire.
Whence came his wealth? Squeezed
most certainly from the tribes under
his authority and therefore amassed
only by the prerogatives of the position in which tho sultan had placed
It has never struck the Moorish government thnt these great fortunes
might more honorably be returned to
the people from whom tbey were stolen. The result Is entire confiscation to
the crown, including often such private
properly as tlie governor limy have
been possessed of before his appointment and not seldom, too, of the property of his relatives.
When the mighty full In Morocco, the
crash brings down with thcni tbeir
families, even uncles and cousins and
all connected with them, and it is not
seldom tbat the sons of great governors, who have been brought up in the
luxury of slaves and horses and retinues of mounted men, have to go bugging in the streets.—Blackwood's.
tint gaze on the lawyer's shirt front,
"it was whiter-considerably whiter, I
should say."-Youth's Companion.
A   EUelou Ions   Spot.
There Is more melody In Andreas-
burg. I'russln. In the Harz mountains,
than In any other town In the world.
There 2-0.000 canaries are annually
reared, and four-fifths of them are sent
to the United States. "Professor birds,"
perfect singers, are placed among the
young birds, so that the latter may Imitate the trills of the experienced warblers.
Steel  Fork* In the  White HoOMe.
Writing of "One Hundred Years In
the White House" and recalling some
of the notable entertainments given by
our chief executives, Heue Bucbe In
The Ladies' Home Journal says that
"President Madison revived much of
the formal ceremony which Thomas
Jefferson bad discarded, und nnder his
administration great attention wns
given to the state banquets, no expense
being spared in making them as line as
possible. President Jackson disliked
ceremony even more than did President Jefferson, nnd, preferring a steel
fork himself, he always provided each
guest with one silver fork and one of
steel. After dinner ho smoked a long
stemmed corncob pipe. He wished to
throw the doors of the White House
wide.open to the public, but this idea
he was forced to relinquish nfter the
experience of one occasion on which he
extended an ill judged hospitality to all
comers. The carpet in tbe east room
wns ruined by punch which tlie mob
spilled in Its eagerness to gctnt the
buckets containing the beverage, tlie
gowns of many ladies were spoiled,
and the furniture was broken. At Ills
farewell reception President Jackson
introduced It curious novelty In the
shape of a gigantic cheese which was
ci:t into pieces and distributed among
the guests."
The Itmtnllntlon.
The" day on which I wits Installed In
my present charge I wns requested to
address tbe Sunday school. I attempted to make plain to the children the
Ideu of installation. In doing so 1 related this anecdote: A congregation
has called a new minister, His Installation Is announced for n certain
Sunday. Coming home from chinch a
boy who evidently has listened to the
announcement very attentively, nsks
his father: "Father, what do they do
when they Install a minister? l>o they
put lil in In a Stall?" "No," replies the
latter, "tbey bitch him to a congregation and iniike him pull."
A little girl had evidently not seen
tbe point In tills, for when she got
home she told her mother—tbe mother
related this to me afterward—that she
wanted to go to church that evening.
My Installation was to take place In
the evening. "What for, my dear'/ You
never go to church In the evening."
"Well, but tbe minister snid we should
come, nnd then I want to see It, too."
"What do you want to see?" "Iion'l
you know, miiinnia?" "No. WIuil do
you mean?" "Why, they are going to
hitch the minister to a cart and make
him pull It around the church."—
Homlletlc Review.
Onr Old ShlnpianterH.
An officer of the treasury department
estimates thnt more than $li>.000,000
worth of the old fashioned fractional
paper currency is still outstanding, and
though some of it has doubtless been
destroyed the hulk of it Is held by collectors and private Individuals. Every
now and then some old person dies,
nnd the heirs, finding u quantity of tho
"shlnplasters" In a disused pocketbook
or some other hiding place, send them
to Washington to be redeemed. Occasionally, too, banks forward quite a lot
of the notes In unbroken sheets, just ns
they got them many years ago. At first
those sheets hnd to bo cut apart with
scissors, but afterward they were perforated like postage stamps so as to
be torn apart. Not long ago the treasury received a handkerchief full of this
currency of the first Issue, each note
being signed by Treasurer Spinner
with his own hand. About $3,000
worth of this fractional paper conies
In fur redemption each year, and some
of the best of It Is saved out hy the
department to bo given away In re-
spouse to applications from collectors.
One Quite Knoue.li.
"I don't see how nny sane man enn
want more than one wife," ho said as
be finished reading nn article on Tur
"Yes; one Is quite enough. Isn't It.
dear?" she returned. "The human heart
Is not large enough for more than one,
and then polygamy always seems to
me to so cheapen women too."
"I wasn't thinking of thnt," he answered. "What bothers me is how any
mnn can go to work deliberately to ne-
eunniliite troubles—to make a collection, as you might say."
Knocked Out the Toelry.
James Itusscll Lowell was dreamily
strolling along toward bis home In
Cambridge one unusually beautiful
night. Slowly, with serene, queenly
majesty, n full moon was ascending
her "azure throne." pouring her lavish
light over all things and softening into
semblances of beauty even the ugly
outlines of the conventional domestic
architecture round nbout. Duly Illuminated by the loveliness of the spectacle, the poet as he passed by tlie bouse
of the estimable brother man who supplied meat to him regularly for a slight
consideration of profit noticed that valuable citizen leaning on Ids fence and
gazing up In a kind of rapt way.
It pleased Lowell to think that the
butcher's Immortal soul wns bathing
Itself in the flood of semtsplritual
moonlight and, pausing, he remarked,
"What a beautiful night it Is, neighbor!"
"Yes, Mr. Lowell. I wns just n-thlnk-
in what a bully night for a slaughter-)
this would be!"
"Of course, of course," gasped the
poet, heating a hasty retreat.—Argonaut.
A curious bit of adaptation to clr
cunistunces mny be seen In summer
among the cattle of the swamp lands
along the Mississippi. Prom July lo
mid September blood sucking Insects-
mosquitoes, (lies, gnats nnd so on—nre
so bad there cattle are sometimes In
danger of their lives. So arc people,
unless thoy make smudges—that Is to
say, fires so thickly smothered that
they fill the a'r with clouds of smoke—
and thus drive nway the pests. The
cattle soon learn the use and value
of the smudges.
C'-oiiiK  In Suimhlne.
To the world—tbe thoughtless, misjudging world—he appeared a man
without one humane Impulse.
"Nevertheless," suld he to himself, "1
have this day done my share toward
lotting In the sunshine on the life of
the poor."
Pur had not Ids agent by Ills direction taken the roof from the humble
home of Mrs. Mcllooggnrlty on account
of her Inability to pay the rent nnd her
disinclination "to   move?
A  Wlllln.  Victim.
"Well, Mr. Bickers." said Lawyer
Breef. "your wife sues for divorce and
nsks $.ri,000 a year alimony. Of course
,jvo will defend It."
"No. Mr. Breef, we will not defend,"
replied Mr. Bickers.
"But that Is nn enormous alimony."
"That's nil right, but I am for pence
nt any price."
The Slimed  Petition.
"What was that petition he wns circulating?" asked the Inquisitive man.
"I don't'know," replied the extremely
polite inun.
"Why, you signed It when he nsked
you to."
"Of course I signed It, but be didn't
nsk mo to rend It, you know."—Phlla-
dolphin Uecord.
Aa Gootl as Teeth.
Less than an hour's ride from New
York Is a community In which a certain meat and vegetable grinding machine has attained such popularity thnt
it threatens to affect the dentist's work
and Income. Not content with using It
for the preparation of hash and similar
made over dishes, It Is screwed to the
tabic In many bouses aud made to do
the work of kulfe and fork In cutting
up food.
"Father and 1 was tnlkln about gct-
tln some false teeth," said one elderly
woman, "but Rlnce we bought this machine, I declare, we don't need 'cm, and
we can snve the money. 1 guess It
would cost us much as $."> apiece for us
to get new teeth, and I bought this inn-
chine for $1.15. If I'd only know'd It,
they had n bargain snle one day when
1 could  a  got It for 85 cents."
A Home's  Illiinlr ■■;!.
A horse's blinders are usually con-
cave on the Inside. True, the surface
usually Is a dead black, lut not absolutely so, so that a glimmer of light
tuny be reflected from them. By constant cleansing this dead surface is
made more or less smooth if not actually glossy and shiny. Moreover, the
blinders are usually set at an angle, so
thut ns n result of the law of reflection
rays of light concentrated by the eon
vox surface nre reflected into tbe eyes,
not directly In the nxis of vision, hut
more or less transversely or obliquely,
the result being even more injurious
As a result of this reflect Ion tho vision
Is weakened If not destroyed.
Moreover, the u.'i'i'oi'llke blinders in t
only reflect sunlight, but tbey relied
objects ns well, so thut n "blinded'
horse sees not only objects dlrectlj
ahead of him, but has a more o1' less
blurred vision of other objects, nib r
mixing with and confusing the Image
of objects directly before him, and as a
consequence he is rendered uncertain
In his movements nnd is easily seared
No further proof of this Is needed than
the fact that a nervous horse witli a
reputation for shying and running
away often becomes tractable If the
blinders are removed, because bo enn
then see distinctly what before lie
could only see indistinctly und confusedly.—Our Animal friends.
A Pax-Ier.
An ancient epitaph In Latin In the
chateau of Cbautiliy, Franco, may be
translated thus:
Aella Laolla Crlspti
Neither man, nor woman, nor lsrr~inpllrOdlte,
Neither Infant, young no- old.
Neither chaste, depraved, nor modest,
Uut all these.
Removed neither by hunger, aword or poison,
But by all,
8he lies neither In the sty nor In the water, Dot
Lucius Agatha Crtspls.
Neither husband, lover nor friend,
Hut all these.
Neither weeping nor rejoicing,
Hut both.
lias erected this, neill—r a mausoleum, a pyramid
nor a sepulcher,
Hut ail three,
Both knowing and not Knowing to whom he hath
erected it.
Tills la a tomb that holds no tiody,
Tills is a body held In no tomb,
But is its own body and Its own tomb.
The answer is not known, nnd so every nimble wit Is Invited to exercise itself on the tough old puzzle.
A Two -diced Joke.
Sometimes n Joke reacts, ns the Bangor (Me.) Commercial proceeds to prove
by relating thnt a young man In Auburn, to play n Joke on n barber, paid
him 35 old fashioned cents. Later,
when be found that the barber had sold
one of the coins for $:J5, he did not feel
so well satisfied with his Joke or at
least thought it had become misplaced.
Feed on Arsenic.
The practice of taking arsenic In
minute doses Is very prevalent among
the peasantry of the mountainous districts of Austria-Hungary and Prance.
Thoy declare thnt the poison enables
them to ascend with ense heights
which thoy could not otherwise climb.
The women have n great deal to say
about the necessity of a young mnrrled
woman "beginning right with her husband." ns if she ought to go nt lilm like
n horse trainer _oes at a young colt—
Atchison Globe.
nnalnenn Tomorrow.
When the Spartans seized upon
Thebes, tbey placed Arcblas over the
garrison. Pelopidaa, wltb 11 others,
banded together to put Arcblas to the
sword. A letter containing full details
of the plot was given lo the Spartan
poloinni'ch nt tbo banquet tabic, but
Archlns thrust the letter under his
cushion, saying. "Business tomorrow."
But long ere that sun urosu he was
numbered with the dead.
Ilendy  For Vne.
"Beg pardon," snid the long haired
visitor, "but is there a literary club
around here nnywhero?"
"Yes. there Is," said the editor significantly, reaching under his desk. "Are
you a literary man?"—Catholic Standard nnd News.
Ancestors of Presidents Tyler, Lincoln, Ilnyes nnd Cleveland were among
Major John Mason's bund of B6 pioneers who founded Norwich, Conn.
Whiter Thnn n  Shirt.
Inventors hnve a power of abstraction which serves them a good turn on
some occasions nnd Is liable to betray
them Into strange statements on others.
"So you think you've perfected your
little machine nt last, do you?" asked
the lawyer of bis dreamy eyed client.
"Yes; It's ull right now. There's not
a flaw In It," snid the Inventor. "But 1
can assure you, sir, that when It came
to making the final test I wns frightened. I happened to see my face in a
mirror when tbe thing wns safely over,
and It wns as white as your shirt, sir.
In fact," he added, bending nn Impnr-
ChentniitN Supplied.
If in till- world you wish to atur «•
And he esteemed at lilghcat par,
Don't lake the path that Webster took
Or lead a page in Browning's book;
Don't try your hand at something new;
A few old Inusty jokes will dol
If you'd tie popular in a crowd
Of Kirls and have them say aloud,
"He ts the brightest chap I kliowi"
Don't win them will) a languuge flow
Or take Britannia as a cue;
A few old musty jokes will dol
If you attend a banquet grand
And have no ready speech on hand—
Nu speech to grind out ns you cat,
Witli words bolli long and obsolete—
Don't let the error worry you;
A few old musty jokes will dol
II you would to tlio senate go
And have no natural eloquent flow,
Don't lot this thwart your worthy aim
To make lhe laws and carve your name;
A memory good will sec you through;
A few old inusty jokes will dol
—Chicago Ncws.
Dccldcdly Unreal.
"Fine show," remarked tho first night-
er at the close of Ih'e new comic opera.
"Tbo i^iinie fisherman was a very realistic character, don't you think?"
"No, 1 don't," replied the amateur
auglcr; "his lines were loo catchy."—
Philadelphia Press.
The Watermelon Wny.
1 up en gone at de breakln ev de day, i,
En I pliiwiu up de grass so dat he'll never come"
t.r hay,
En I wish de furrow lead nic ter do watermelon
Raze 1 hungry fcr de melon In de mawnlnl
I up en gone at de hreakin er dc day;
Par's llshin in de river, but 1 ain't got time ter
En 1 pray dc road'11 lead mo ter de watermelon
Rase I hungry [er do melon in de inawnlol
Oh,  I wish dat t wuz livtn whar de watermelon
'Slid  er  follenn de  furrow  at  de broaktn cr de
Kara Uo road 1 knows dc bos', suh, go de watermelon way,
.f.n I hungry ler de melon tn dc niawnlni
—Atlanta Constitution.
"you   .i"o
Knocked silly.
"My   dear,"   said   U rowel I
simply talking nonsense."
"1 know it," replied his better halt,
"but it's because i want you lo understand what 1 say."—Chicago News.
I flay tiiat life's a hollow show.
That nothing's worth while hero below
Or any other place;
Hut when 1 have on nil my rings
And sonic sweet gown ol filmy tilings
And lots of lace,
And go to dine with Mrs. llicll
And half the men ale trying which
Shall lie the one
To make mo talk the most and laugh,
Why, life's not ii bad thing by half;
It's rather fun.
—-Town Topics.
How Thoy Dill it.
"Mamie wouldn't slug for us because
she wanted to he teased."
"And did yon lease her?"
"Oh, terribly! Wo didn't nsk her
again."—Philadelphia Bulletin.
Chafing and Itching Skin
Exasperated by Summer Heat Becomes Intolerable—Relief is Prompt and Cure Certain When Dr. ChaW's
Ointment is Used,
To many lleshy people summer Is '
tho timo of much misery from chafing nnd skin Irritation, s o complain particularly of sore feet, caused by perspiration while walking. I
Others suffer from itching skin diseases, such as eczema, salt rheum,
rash  or  hives. :   |
Persons who have tried Ur. Chnso'n '
Ointment for itching or irritated
skin aro enthusiastic in recommending it lo their friends because it is
the only preparation which affords
instant relief, and speedily brings
about a thorough cure.
As a matttr of fact Dr. ('base's
Ointment bus eomo to be considered the standard preparation for
itching skin disenscs, and has by far
tho largest sale of any similar remedy. |
Try It when tho feet are chafeq,
and sore wilh walking. Try it whop
tbe skin Is chafed.  Inflamed and in-
til I used Dr. Chase's Ointment. I
would advise all sufferers and especially bicycle riders, to always have
it on  hand."
This is a copy of the letter from
Mrs. .Tamos Bradley, Amber ley, Huron county,  Ontario:
"I was afflicted with eczema for
over six months, and it was so bad
that my head was a Holid mass of
scabs, and would ulcerate when
scratched. Tho Itching was intense.
I could not stand it. I had doctored for four months, and it did not
do mo any good. I bad to give up
housework and go homo to my
mother. I tried nearly everything,
but could get no relief. Seeing your
advertisement in ono of the Toronto
papers 1 decided lo try Dr. Chase's
Oint tnent.
"I got relief from tho first application,  and  it only  required  one box
tated. Try it for pimples, blacli- Wid part of anothor to euro mo.
heads, hives, eczema, salt rhoum, null I nm sure that Dr. Chase's Ointment
every form of skin diseases.     It. eail-fis worth Its weight,  in gold."
Mnny scions of European roynlty
hold military commissions before they
are old enough to walk.
not  fail  you. |     Dr. Chase's Ointment hits never yet .
Mr.  M.   A.  Smith,  Brockvlllo, Ont ,   boon  known  to fail  to cure piles.  Iti
writes:    "1 suffered many  years with MH  ''"'    l'"'-v  remedy    guaranteed  to J
Chafing,   burning,   und   itching  of  the '.cure   piles   of every form.     00 cents
skin, and never found anything to do I a uox lvl a" dealers,     or Edmanson,
mo good, or even glvo mo relief, un-   Bates & Co., Toronto. I
1'nii'iiil   Fml.
Mr.  Heupeck—1   wish  tbey  liad  never
stnitiul this new '"sliirt waist iiian" f::il
Mr. WimuVr— Wlinl's trrongi with itV
Mr.    Ili'iipeik —My    wife   makes    me
wear all her old liig sleeved shirt  waists
now.     That's   what's   wrong   with   it.—
Baltimore Ami'iicnn.
Society   '.olea.
There was Utile doing in society yes
Mrs. Van dor Bilk-Smith ordered veal
cutlets for dinner. She was exquisitely
gou nod in gray.
The .1. Cantilever Bridges sat on their
front porch. Mrs. Bridge wore a check
e<l gingham trimmed with very old lace.
Miss Bridge nud Miss Gladys .Bridge
were in pink and blue, respectively.
Mrs. II. Chatterbox Clinttm.ox-.Iont>*
bail   her  luncheon  carried   to  her  i ui.
She wore red, with ft corsage bouquet of
natural llowera.	
lu n  Uiul   Wny,
Ilome.-tay—So roll were sick coming
over from abroad, eh?
Traveler—1 should say. The only
thing I could keep on my stomach at all
was a small mustard plaster.—Philadelphia Press.
No CnliNe  Fur  Kleklilit.
Dissatisfied Customer—You said these
crackers were rich with butter.
flnicer—So thoy are, sir. Try them
witli buller once and you'll nee. Anything I can show you, madam?—Chicago
Doy'a — xenic.
"What did Freddy say when you
caught him coining out of the pantry
with his hands stained red?"
"Me told the truth by saying that he
had jammed bis lingers."—Philadelphia
„ ejected.
"This." said lhe niodest .voting anlh.tr,
"is i".y idea of the perfect short story.
I submit ii for publication."
"ll'm!" ri i.lied ihe editor, glancing nt
the iiiniiiiscrlpl for ihe fraction uf a
minute and handing it back. "Your
i lea is decidedly original. IJooil morning."—Phi lade! phia   Press.
Alivny*  llelleveil.
"People are growing more Incredulous
each year." rcmtll ked lhe mull who dis-
lielievcs in human nature.
"1 iloii'i think so." answered the optimist. "I have noiiec,1 thai whenever
the thermometer goes above So you can
tell anybody it's the hottest day ever
known and he won't doubt you for a sec-
oud."—Washington Star.
You need not cough nil night and disturb
your friends; there is no occasion for you
running tbo risk of contracting inflammation of the lungs or consumption, while you
can get B'ckle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup.
This medicine cures coughs, co'.dB, inflammation of the lungs and all throat and cheat
troubles. It promotes a free and easy ev-
pectorntion, which immediately relieves the
throat and lungs from viscid phlegm.
Sttffar In the lluiiiiin System.
Btignr Is a substance thut dissolves
easily nud lu tousicletalile quantity In
water. When in solution It easily pass
es through arilinul's inenilirane uj
osmosis, ami so tbo question of lu
absorption seemed simple enough
Tbe disease diabetes showed, how
ever, that sugar might exist very
plentifully ln*tuo blood and yet tbe nu
tiition of ;;u Individual suffer verj
much for the luck of It. Something
else besides its mere presence lu tlie
system was necessary to secure lis
consumption by the tissues.
Bernard thought that the liver was
active iu the consumption of sugar nnd
that disease of this organ caused diabetes. He therefore secured some of
the blood going to the liver of a living
animal and some of the blood tbat wus
Just leaving It. To bis surprise, the
blood leaving the river contained more
sugar tbau that entering It.
After assuring himself thnt his ob
servations were correct, be tried bis
experiments in different ways. He
found that even In the blood leaving
tbe liver of au animal that hud been
fed ouly ou substances containing uo
Btigar, sugar could be demonstrated.
Even In a fastiug animal the liver It-
self and the blood leaving It showed
the presence of a form of sugar.
The only possible conclusion from
this wns that the liver wns capable of
manufacturing this form of sugar oul
Of noustigar containing material, 01
even from ihe blood of a fuming aul
Remembered Snff.rlitffM.
An Atchison woman of -1(1 Hilda by
rending over buck- diaries, that hoi
heart has been broken Just 17 tlnief
and Hint she longed fur the cold lonil
twice a year during tier hammock liiiy.--
—Atchison Ulobe
is a symptom of Kidney
Disease. A welt-known
doctor has said, " I never
yet made a post-mortem examination in a case of death
from Heart Disease without finding- the kidneys
wereat fault." The Kidney
medicine which was first on
the market, most successful for Heart Disease and
all Kidney Troubles, and
most widely imitated is
J BROKERS. . . .
S  Stocks and bonds bought, sold and
_ carried   on  margin.    Listed
_ mining stocks carried
Some   l.'l-ll«*rt'.HN:iry   HcimO-lM.
At the Woman'* league convention
MisH Qogfin had attention;
-lie wus billed tu lecture un u theme ot Interest to
It was this: "Why 1 Am Single,"
Ami their ncrvei were all a*tingle,
Willi, a must Impressive -Pence filled the l>i},r convention hull.
"I will tfil you," uid Mtsa Qoggin,
"Why in slngloneu I'm joggln,
Why no manly oak may nay  that  I'm hid dainty
Clinging vine-
Why I've never faced a preacher,
Led by a mule fellow creature—
I will tell you—1 have reason-, und their number
is just nine.
"And I think the very worst one
Is also the very lirst one;
With Its telling just one-ninth of ull my reasons
la disclosed.
Listen carefully, my sisters;
Not a one uf ull tlie misters
Ever pupped the question to me or in any way
Then the ladles began shouting,
Further information flouting,
And Miss liogghf; voice wus druwncd, IL'b really
very sad tu slate.
Uut thoy shrieked out to her shrilly!
"Further reasons would be silly.
If   tliat's  tlie   lirst,   you   needn't   mind  about   the
other ciyh'tl"
—Baltimore American.
A Breach of rromine.
Swift before he took orders ninde love
to u young l:uly uud promised thut he
"would marry her when he beeuuie u
clergy mau,"
When he wns established iu his Lirst
living, the fair out1 preBOUted herself and
reminded him uf his promise.
"Certainly. I shall bo delighted," ip-
pUed Swift. "Have you brought the
"What man?" asked the lady.
"Why, your husband (hut is to be."
"But," sobbed tbe poor girl, "I thought
you promised to marry tne yourself."
"No, my dour," said Swift, "I never
said that. I meant thut I would be
pleased to perforin the ceremony for you
when 1 became a clergyman."—Loudon
He and She.
Would you love me, my darling, my sweetheart,
Would you love me ub dearly ns now,
If the fortune I have were to dwindle
Or slip through my lingers somehow—
It the millions my grandfather left me
Were ruthlessly taken away,
Would you love me, my sweetheart, my darling,
With the love thut you give me today?
Oh, I'd love you as dearly as ever
If you hadn't a dollar to claim I
Uut why not get rid ul ull daugcr
By putting your wealth in my name.
I'd love you, 1 know, just us fondly,
If I had to be put to the test;
But, dearest, suppose that 1 carry
The pocketbook; that'll be best I
—Chicago 'rimes-Herald.
Gut It   All.
Superintendent —I wus watching you
and observed that you entered but oue
house in the square between Upth ami
Blank streets, yet your report gives full
statistics of every family iu that square
Please explain this, sir.
Census Taker—The lady whom I saw
in thut oue house belongs to the same
card clubs ns do nl- the other Indies in
thnt neighborhood.- Baltimore American.
Ef you's born a bumblybee, i
Yuu's gotter buss an work;
Ef you is a song bird.
You uius" sing an never shirk;
Et you is u squirrel,
You mus' hup film tree to tree;
Ain' nobody luatin
Jes' ut present, 'ceptln me.
Ef you Is a hornet,
You mus' hunt foh folks to sting;
Ef you is u butterfly,
You's always on do wing.
Bo 1 llietS my eyes contented,
An I loafs de Us'. I can.
An I'ze feel In mighty thankful
I was bom u cullud man.
—Washington Star.
Their Line of lleimonliiir.
She—You ure so peculiar!
lie—In what way? Vou tell me thnt I
nm faithful and manly nud sternly iu my
habits, and you know my love for you is
She—Yes, but there ure times when I
would Uk*» vo" to ulinear oi'-envise than
all this.
The  Polite   Hiirulur.
"Will you please go away, sir?" she asked in a
Of the burglar she found In the dead ut the night
Admrgllng away ut her plate,
And   the   burglar   politely   he   bowed   his   shock
And "Fin quite at J'uur service, dear madam," lie
"Which perhaps It Is seedless to state."
—Chicago llerord.
At Newport.
Miss Rlugoro—May ..nehnnoe snys she
hears there's n Russian count cumin.
here (his summer.
Miss Hyupp—Of course, then, she's
Just crazy to learn lhe Russian lungunge
Miss Bllltfore—Oh, she says she kmiws
already how tu say "yes," and that's
enough.—Philadelphia Press,
Revenue  of the  Critic.
"I'd like to Interview him with a club!"
exclaimed the novelist angrily.
"Why, I thought he spoke in tho high
ent terms of your book," returned the
"Highest terms!" cried the novel's!
"The scoundrel did the best he could to
kill It. Why, there wns u hook designed
for summer resort rending. It WAS pub
lished just ut the right time, advertised
extensively, and there was every promise
of nu enortnoUS sale when this fellow
published a criticism in which he said
there wus not n word, scene or incident
in the whole volume to which even th'*
most fastidious Puritan could object. Uh
his muJifuitv is simply pust comprehen
We ain't a-runnin farms unite yet
For pure philanthropy; leastways.
We ain't umeanin lo, 'n yet
This takin boarders souraely pays,
to matter what the price may be.
What seems our gain i- niur.'n offset
By ail  the costly new ideea
Our women folks contrive to get.
They're bound to have the farm fixed up
'N everything all slick "n spruce;
New furnltoor 'n brlckerbrack
'N .erumntious clothes lhat play tbe deure
With ev'ry surplus dollar.    Style
Cornea high, but they must have it; "tia
A fact, since summer boarders come.
Our wives 'n daughters' standard's riz,
Tlie women lake us natural
To Slyle us ducks tu water.    I
Ain't quarrelln wilh what it rosta
Nor folks that caused it. hut I'm nigh
'Bout nazy, though, with the deumnj
Now made on me.   A feller I ■< '■'■•
The money strain, but worse'n, that's
The tyranny of style at meals!
1 ain't ilctuin thnt Ihe place
Looks I'i'iti r 'n the women, too;
Tbey have u heap mure comfort; nor
I ain't denyhi i'-at 'twas through
The boarders ll a'.\ come 'bout,
'N yet i think of these us thii vee
Who've robbed me of my farmer's right
To cut my meals in my shirt si.eves'
enn d
own |
f a ees
Am Men Come nml Go.
unvernineiil   will  ever get  rich  by
ti nti Inheritance tag on wisdom,
modesl   man   never  boasts  of  his
re are two kinds of successful men—
who enn do things right without
directed by others nnd  those who
o things right  when they nre told
is n wise mnn who would know \\\j
ilctujo if it were drawn true to liffr.
pie seldom forget the mimes or
of others who enn help them.
THERE IS NOT u more dangerous class
of disorders than those whioh affect the
breathing organs. Nullify this danger
with Dr. Ttiomas' Kulecfcrio Oil—a pulmonic of acknowledged i-ilicacy. I. oureB
lameness and _oron_.i_ when applied externally, as well »s swelled neck and
crick in the bauk; and, a. an inward specific, possesses most substantial claims to
public con-ldenco.
Ills Simple System.
"How were you able," said tbe poor
man, "to acquire such an immense fortune V"
"Hy a very simple method," replied
the wealthy citizen. "When 1 wns
poor, . made out I wns rich, and when
I got rich I made out I was poor."—
Columbus (0.) State Journal.
Dear Sirs,—ThiB is to certify that I
have been troubled with ?• lame back
for fifteen years.
I have used three bottles of your
pletely cured.
It gives me great pleasure to recommend it and you are ut liberty to use
this in any way to further the use of
yonr valuable medicine.
Two Rivers. ROBERT ROSS.
Then nnd Now.
Mr. J. W. Ctury, who Is DO years old
and lives In .Minnesota, has been cuter-
tnlutng the Chicago Old Men's Social
club by reading poems of his own composition. Mere arc sum*1 specimen stanzas from one of his masterpieces:
*Twas less than ninety years aso
Tlie llcklc tut the Brain, 1 know,
The scythe, the grass, with eweat of brow;
Machinery dues this laliur iu\v.
When Fulton showed the power of steam,
A change was wrought on land and Stream,
Boats it propels; it drives the mill
And handles cars witli matchless skill.
Brave Morse, tlie telegraphic king,
Has given to words their swiftest wing;
The wires now spanning earth and sea
Bring daily news to you and me.
His phonograph nnd telephone,
liis magic speaking graphophonc,
All these and more are his invention
And challenge now the world's attention.
We don't want to walk on Mr. Cra-
ry's grass, but it seems as if be might
have gone on with his subject in this
From state to Btatc we used to go
With ox teams that were sure, but slow;
Now we hy railroad make the run
Wliile one can say, Jack iiobin-sun.
Men used to climb up stairs, and, oh,
How they did have to puff and blow,
But now we lake the elevator
And reach tlie roof eight seconds later.
They used to slaughter hogs by hand,
But now thoy have machinery planned.
Down iu the shoot the hog they scud;
He's sausage at tlie other end.
We used to walk the tloor nt night
When baby wasn't  feeling right.
And here I'm stumped I    1 can't see ho*
It is they do the untie thing now.
SLEEPLESSNESS is due to nervous ex-
oitement. The delicately constituted, the
financier, tho business man, und those whose
occupation necessitates groat mental drain
or worry, nil suffer lo„_ or more from it.
Sleep in tho greatrefltorer of a worried brain,
nnd to get sleep cleanse the stomach from
all impurities with a few doao* of Parmelee's
Vegetable Pllli, gelatine coated, containing
no mercury, and are guaranteed to give satisfaction or tho money will be refunded.
Wfcfit'B 111* AdtlrcM?
Borrows—Easy, Is ho.
Graphter—Well, I Bhouid say. I
wrote to him once and nsked him to
lend me $_.. It seems I spelled "two"
t double o nnd forgot to cross tho t
He sent me $100.	
When It In tmeful.
"This engine won't work." said a fireman lo the chief of the tire department.
"No wonder." wns the reply. "It was
made to play."—Tit-Bits.
The Catchy Color*
"By gum," said the old citizen ns be
threw the sensational sheet aside, "that
paper's yellow enough to cnteb tiles!"—
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
ner, Lnngton, writes: "For about two years
I was troubled with Inward Piles, but by using Parmelee's Pills. I was completely cured,
and although four years h .ve elapsed s'neo
then they nuve not returned." Parmelee's
Pills are anti-b'lious and a specific for the
oure of tho Liver and Kidney Complaints,
Dyspepsia, Ooetlveness, Headache, Pile-.-*,
etc., and will regulnto tho secretions and _■_■-
movo all bilious mutter,
A. lie Grew Older III. Trouble Seemed
ti> lucr u-e uiul Hi. P.irent8 Thought
Him l>o,»lli»,l lo HI. Inv. Ud. Life—L>r
Willi.mi-' Pink I'illn Cured HUnWheu
ii..p.  Hud Almost Departed.
From  the Post, Thorold,   Ont.
Mr. Junius D-buuld and wife are
two of the beat known residents of
the town of Thorold, where they
have passed many years. In their
family they have a little son who,
although but ten years of age, has
experienced much afllietion, and his
parents expended many a dollar in
the search for his renewed health—
all in vain, however, until l>r. Williams' Pink Pills were brought into
use. A Post reporter hearing of tlie
cure, called at Mr. Pabauld's cosy
homo and received Ml particulars
from Mrs. Dubald. "'. am pleased,"
said Mrs. Dabauld, "to have the public made aware of the facts of my
boy's case If it is likely to help some
other sufferer. Charley is now ten
years of age. In infancy he was a
delicate child, but from four to seven
he scarcely passed a well day. At
four years of age he began to complain of frequent headaches, which
later became almost continuous, and
soon symptoms of general debility
developed. His appetite was poor
and he grew pale and emaciated, and
the least exertion caused a severe
palpitation and fluttering of the
heart, and dizziness. At times there
was considerable derangement of his
stomach; a blifeness of tlio lips and a
shortness of breath. He would often lie awake at night and rise In the
morning haggard and unrefreshed.
During his illness he was treated by
two doctors. Both differed in the
diagnosis of the case. One said It
was catarrh of the stomach, and
while his treatment was persisted in
there was no improvement. The second also attended him for some time
with no better results. Some time
after my attention was attracted by
my aunt to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
and about September, 1807, I procured the pills and he began taking
them. We had long before come to
the conclusion he would be an invalid for life, but believing it a duty
I owed to my child to procure all
means of relief, I was determined to
give Dr. Williams' rink Pills a fair
trial. The good effects of the lirst
box was apparent, and live boxes
were used, which were taken in
about six months' time, when he was
strong and well, and could attend
school, and play and frolic as other
healthy boys do. As every symptom
of his old trouble has vanished, I
consider his cure complete. The pills
have certainly dono him a world of
good, as nearly three years have
since passed away and he has not
seen a sick day In that length of
time. I shall ever feel that we owe
our boy's health to Dr. Williams'
Fink Pills, and believe that their
prompt use would relieve much suffering."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are just
as valuable in the case of children as
with adults, and puny little one-
would soon thrive and grow fat under this treatment, which has no
equal for building up the blood and
giving renewed strength to brain,
body and nerves. Sold by all dealers or sent postpaid at 50c. a box
or six boxes for S2.50. by addressing the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont. Do not be persuaded to try something else said to
be "just as good."
Not  Married   Yet.
"Do yon think I will hnve any difficulty in learning to float, George?" she
"No, indeed," he replied enthiisinstienl
iy. "Why, with a little practice, I'm
sure you could fly."— Philadelphia Press.
Not  II   Listless   Summer  llreum.
"Didn't  the quiet   in  the count)-)   I'
come monotonous in you?"
"Quiet?    We  had  to  turn  out   all
seven times every night anil chase e„..
"H the porch."—Chicago Record.
The New Tea, Ceylon and India
Green Tea, is rapidly growing in favor with Japan tea drinkers, because It is similar In taste to the finest Japan Tea, it is infinitely more
delicious and far more healthful In
use. It is being introduced by the
"SALADA" Tea Company in their
well known sealed lead packets and
they say it is going to displace Japan Tea just as "SALADA" Black
Tea has displaced all other Black
Lyddite nn n Dye.
Veiy curious is the action of lyddite on
trees. This explosive is. it seems, uol
only dnmnginii. >< an excellent dye of
a light mustard yellow color.—Lumlun
Generous   Imnnlne  Thwarted.
"What a lovely fan. Clarn!"
"Isn't it sweet? I bought it for Julia
on her birthday and liked it so well thai
I kept it myself."—Chicago Record.
There never waa, nnd never will be. a
universal panacea, in one remi dy, for nil ills
to which fit eh is heir—the very anturo of
mnny euintivea being such that wero the
genua of olhor nnd differently sented diseases rooted in the system of tho patient—
what would relievo one ill in turn would aggravate the oth'r. We havo, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for many and
grievous ills. By its gradual and judicious
use the frailest systems are led into convalescence and strength by the influence which
Quinine exerts t n nature's, own restoratives.
It relieves the drooping spirit- of those with
whom a chronic stato of morbid despond.
ency and lack of n.terest in life is n diseaso,
and, by tranquihzing the nerves, disposes to
Bound and refreshing sloop—imparts vigor
to tho action of tho blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the veins,
strengthening the hea.thy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening the frume,
nnd giving lifo to tho digestive organs, which
nnturally demand increased substance—re-
Bult, improved uppetite. Northrop — Lyman,
of Toronto hnve given to the public their
superior Quinine Wine at tho usual rate, and,
gauged by tho opinion of scientists, this
wine nppronches nearest perfection of any in
the market.   All druggists sell it.
Jye/wloil/ amJI> lo 4, 4-tonhsii*n/.
The Hands of the Worker
And his face also, will of necessity get stained
with Oil, Paint, Rust, etc.
The Master Mechanics
Extraordinary Soap
Will make all stains disappear, leave the sktn
white and soft, and the tar of which it is made
heals any cuts or bruises.
Sold by all dealers in good soaps.
How's This?
We offer On ■ Bundled Dollars Reward for
any case of Catirih that cannot \>v cured by
Hall's Cutunli Cure.
F  i. CHENEY & CO., Props , Toledo, o.
»\ e, the under.Iffiied, have known F. J.
Clnney fnr the last 15 yearn and believe him
im rfeotly honorable in all business transactions,
ami tin neitilly alih- o carry out any obligation
mn'e hy their flnn.
WB8T&T.iuax.N holetnle DrugglstB.Toledo.O.
Wammnu,    K INN ah   &   AIakvin,   Wholesale
Druggist", I'delo, 0.
Halts Caturrh Oure is takin Internally,acting dire'tly upon tlie blood and mucus sur-
facejof iho system. Price, T6o. per bottle. Buld
by all rtrugg sis.    Testimonials flee
Hall's Family Pilis are the be t.
Blue Monday,
"Yes, we had quite a blowout at our
house early Ihis morning."
"Peculiar lime for it."
"Yes. Tbe new hired girl blew out
the gas in the gas stove, and the gus
blew out the side of the kileben."—
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
I UOVAHA,     FACTORY, Montreal
The Sultan.
Abdul Humid smiled nnd blew the blue
wreaths of his cigarette ceil Ing ward.
"No," he said, "I nm not an advocate
of peace. Let there be war and plenty
of it."
"Why are you thus minded?" asked
the foreign diplomat.
"Why, so long as the powers nre on
war's edge with each other they won't
havp time to remember our little indebtedness."
The diplomat quietly tore up Ids bill
end went back to liis legation.--Syracuse
ImpreHHlon Correct.
Dinguss—Didn't I lend you $10 a
month or two ago?
Shadbolt—You did. If you had a good
business head on your shoulders, you
would be able to remember a loan like
j tbat    witli    absolute    certainty    and
I wouldn't have to ask anybody about it.
(Trade Mark Registered November 21,1890 )
Dr. Banche agrees tn take Instruments back
at half price if parties wing them are not ben-
eflitid after using tor five weeks.
F. Free, Win;ii'» g, Bnys: I have used "Oxyd-
unor' forttV'i weeks for Bronchitis und Catarrh of the H ad, and I feel   ike a new man.
Mrs. F. L. O>o'r, Winnipeg, say?: I had Buffered uiitold ag.nies Irom Bnght's Disease, and
it relieved me of Pain, and it sx weeks I was
Mr. W. G Elhvorthv, Winnipeg, says: I have
suffc erl for t'k years with articular iheumaiism;
in- in hospital for 5 Mceks, and used almost
every remedy, Including mesmerism galvanism, electric lelt, etc I have used Oxy donor
lOdars and iece:ved more benefit than from
nything else.
Mrs. Giigfier. Winnipeg, says: I have used it
beneficially with my family whenever sick,
and it has cured mo of.cverc'indigestion and la
SuVdealers wanted in every district Address
Wm T. (iibbins, Grain Exchange, Wlnnip.'g.
The  Professors' InventlRrntlonH,
Professor Brown is making an Investigation as to how the peach stone got
into the peach, and Professor Black Is
endeavoring to tind out bow tbe peach
got around tbe peach stone. Professor
Brown thinks that Professor Black is
crazy, and Professor Black Is sure that
Professor Browu is underwitted.—Boston Transcript
Free Bas. Am.
E. P.Sl.OOen.
I'rolinlily She Didn't.
"How nre you getting on nt .your new
place?" nsked n lady of a new girl
whom she had recommended for a situation.
"Very well, thank you," replied the
"I am very glad to hear It," said the
lady. "Your employer is a very nice
lady, and you cannot do too much for
"1 don't mean to. ma'am," was the
Innocent reply.—Stray Stories.
The Track l-'oremnn.
The track foreman nctliall* accounts
for a greater proportion of the railroad's expenditures lliair nny other employee, heen use the greatest cost of
railroading is in the roadbed, and Its
equipment and tlie expense of main
talulng li. The track foreman is in
fact an Important employee, hut ahoul
the only time a passenger ever sees
his sunliurneil face is while he Is being
whisked by uetwreD stations at UO
ntil -s an hour.
Minarfl'. Liniment Cures Burns, Etc,
l.nckluir  In   UcNp<>,>t.
"I josi know lliem Chiny fellers ain't
geiu in ironi tiie itptipiniiiitiiiii nf Secretary Ilny's wilh no rcKpeek."
"Whnl d'ye .pose they'll do with it,
"Crenin, their plglalla with it na like u«
_ot"'-CI' veliiii.i  I'litili  Meiiler.
MINARD'S LINIMENT Relieves Neuralgia.
One Defect  Remedied.
"What's the matter uow?" asked the
hard up landlord.
"Don't you see the plaster's nil fallen
off the celling?" snhl lhe truant.
"Well, now I hope you're satlslled.
The lirst thing you did after moving in
was to complain about (he ceilings being too low."—Stray Stories.
The Only Loss.
"I believe," said the well meaning
man. "in giving your friend a littlo
wholesome advice whenever tlie OO
casiou arises. It duesn'l cost you nny-
"It costs you your friend, very
often." snid lhe wise man.—1 -Model-
phia Tress.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Ererfwliere.
________ -Sf-C-A-S _-:_-_-__: __ _2___C: _.
We keep a large Stock always on
band of
W* can fit out Dnilj or Weekly
Papers or Job Outfit! on a
few hours notice.
We also supply R_>DY-PRINT8,
In.iii'h   un    I it .-ul    ,'..11. y.
Mb;™. Manltub. nml N. W. T„
Winnipeg, Man.
Or to TETEK DICKSON, General Agent,
Winnipeg. Man.
Brass Band
lusl inmt'iits, Drums, UntformH« Etc.
Lowest prices over quoted. Fine catalogue
50.1 illustrations mailed free. Write us for anything1 iu M.UH.C or Musical Iii-trnmeutB.
Whaley Eoyce & Co., Tor^i,n°n?p,et-;'S*n.
F^0ALBANI q___
Manufin'lnre- bv THOS. 1.1S-, Winnipeg,
Catholic Prayer SE.__5rs_£
uUrs, UelijjiouH Picturea, Statuary, and Church
Ornaments. Educational Works. Mailordararv
celve prompt attention, fl, & Jt fejfyf & C0.,E0ftt_Tnl
W. N. U.   293 Xlit PltQS.'ECTGR, LILLOOET, B.C. FRlTUi1, JJ.VYMS 11,1901.
The public, school opened on Monday
Wm. Flndlay left by way ol" Lytton on
Wednesday morning (or Seattle to epen.i
Several week.
S. Weeks has entered.into partnership
with Allison Woods, at the E-celtioi ,
The Seaton Lake Steanii oat will make ;
trips on Monday, Wedni s.lay and 6a-'
ind ivs until further noti. e.
Wm. Cumming and  bride arrived I y   j
Priday's stii.o from Pavilion and will reside in Lillooet.
Punc. McDonald bad the misforlune'
during tlie week lo fall on the iey around ;
and dislocate, his shoulder,.
\Vc told yu abpirt are at Lytton '
wailing r.»r t!i. weather to moderate
I some of them bejng freewdile.   \Yl:-,n i
i they conic, we'll tii.uk them as low
1 as we think U right, antl if you think _
■they are too high TELL US.    \V_
mny be ahh; lo explain to your satis- <
t faction, if not it will be in order to
i nj.irl. them lower.      Like others we .
make  mistakes,   have   made lots  cr ^
, them, in fact we're not a bit stuck on
ourselves.      We've been in the dr,uS <
1 business over forty years, and havn't
1 mpre than two or three million do!-
, lars to show for it.     There must be ,
i something wrori^ wiih us, and  we
want to find out what it is.
Vwwv "
Mineral Act, 1896.
(I-'oii.M   If.)
Certificate ol IniDrcvemeiits.
[.orm\   M.irquU und    CJnldiin K.mff    Mlngral
(IriimR slruate fn the MUooe):Y mil $ Uiv:-
_.::n of I iP'::..t Dr■'-*■;!. \\'i;.a' - tft^jl,
1 tulwttlliul.r Ci-i-k.
TtikeimtiiL' that I, Ihtuid fTifrlov f;oi.« iiiijiei's
cer'ili-Htti'No. iMiito hnd hh b ire hi _.■_ X. .'(High
Ian into rrjl/ier's euiiifidU- No, 17vJ*.. J.' A, M'w
ray free miner's eertifleniq No .;i,v l, \v J
Vbercrombio 'freq mmpr'ti I'-urtrflvAttrNV, lKjst-1,
Willitun Vo.nit: fri\* iniiit'i'sccrliJ!. ttlu Nn. i 01
•tint John V May it'uu niiu_iV i-i'j'iith-jiut lo.
Ijaljj, iniend, sixty Unyit from tno'into hoi of,
to rtpjily lo thu Mining Kui'ot'dtjr Vi.i » 1,'oj ifi-
cii'tii of [mprovomcjjtt1, for: tho purpose (if obtaining a drowij Qram of the >i »y.»«Iti.titfl
Ami further luke tiotfee.-lmt iiciUht, undei
.sim tton ttt, miiiti bi- ro/t) mowed bufttiy.tliti is-
siniin'f of j-ui'li Cenlfti'Hti' of I in i invcnx »fs.
Uaied UiiS fifth dav ot Nuvulnbui, lii.lt.
n. tnntucv
A. H.T.'l'S. CQM...DUBLIN.
IvIUoppt. B. C
^Vai.couvcr, It, 0.
P.y-RTftS & KLACKS.TONE, Fro;>8
IciLdijunrlti'f;   U
KetivbUfcheJ 1380.
wMK i
Incorporated 1895
& Co., Ltd.
minim;   me-,      European
Importers and Jobbers of HARDWARE,
Iron, St—ol, Ulass, Pntnts, oIIh Metiils, Bioves, Tinrvoro, Gunu, do,
We iimUe a specialty of su|>iili<"< fur
Mills, Mine.-, Hluel—millis, Ittiilroads, OontructorR, f.'.iinhomcn, ato,
A gents fur;—     (iiunt Powiler d>. Majestic Steel Ranges
i-'iiiilmnlii' K.'iilm Canton .Minion Steel
Hcnnett'u Enulltli l'use Siajoncr'a (Jopperino
Registered Trademark ''SUNSET "
Jas. P. Ferguson Itft U r the const ot)    , ■,   ,   , ..   . ___    .    ____   _
Wednesday     mornbiK    nfter    Beveral    *   «.♦.*.«..♦.. ♦. .*. ♦ -.. « . *.. ♦, >
liionllm etiiy at. the Am|ile n.i.ic \ %%
In this issue will be lounil an ail. nsk-
inK for tcnilers lor hiking in Btippliea
nnd maeliinary lo tiie Lorne mines.
Morning  service will lie lii>lil in  tlie1 vo/
Oliurcb oi England by Rev. Mr, BaEiin,   *»
on Sunday next 13tli inst. at 11 o'clock,  j  "*\
lTilile reading was held nt .Mrs. Harry
Brett's, losidence on Wednteday even-
inc. Ke-t week it will be lieW at Mrs. ,
.-♦ ■
R. ft W. CUMMINO, MfB».     I
H. 0. Parker is adding to  liis stock of | ^ pavilion, u. c. w
iirniture and h«i now a good supply on   Q^WWWW^WWWW^Q
land.    Anyone needing tiuniture could l-z^SS/VSyf   •   »\.'*^/i^7^^.^/'\/t\/4^
not do better than inspect liis stock.
Tlie firm of D. Ilur'ey & Co , liiitclierr,
lias been dissolved by mutual consent
mid Mr. W. J. Abercrombie will continue
tbe business. He will -.'commodate as
in tbe past, all customers with a lirst
class supply of all kinds of meats.
Mineral Act,, 181)1).
(Form !■'.)
Certificate of ftnproyements,
EI J r nm ninl Copclanil Mlnernl C'IhIidr, dtitmlc
[ii the l.lllooot  Mining. Pivision oi ItllliHie
I>I-irlut.   wihm-c it. nk'fl:     un thy t\gu
bit ilk ot Cathvi.Urtdci-cr.ec'lc,
Tiikc notice thnt  I. Alfrod WelllifK'on Sf) 111,
frco niiinM's ct .-tltlfnii' No, 1WI31.1; iriti.iit. pJx J
il.iys [rora lb'* dnte h-N-ot, t», »'pp)y to thi) mining recorder for » cqrtirii'Hto uf m'piovujj on is,
for th« purpose of obininii.t; u i-vonn g;*iii.i ui
the rthove cllitms,
And fnrth'or uUfl noticoihHl itrih-n. ti'ide.
section w, niu.-it l»o Roiuiiioin<qi) hefoio.thti l«.n-
mifo il Bueh oertiilcate u( Improvu   u   s
Datoa this fourth dav ui Uetoiler linKi
'i'mii'ist Curs
Onr pun ranteed serin it v plmi is n p ifiilnr and profitable policy to tbe assured,
li w ill \i y you in see our rules and dilfeieut plniis before taking out a policy,
WM. BOM>EN, Inspi'i'tur, Viilifimvor. THUS. Mi.AIlAM. l'ri.vlln:i«l Hills IS r.
uc-dava tint
1 Snt ii nl
A. W
Tho Vancouvor Westminster
Vukon Kaihwiy t'oinptuit' ivilJ
Pdrliamunt of Canada at ll« nex
act doclarlng the Works u ..ft .t
by its in t of incorporation an I
struct to hi- works for* the p_tui
ol Caiifl-hi, extending the pej-io
the company may i omplute ii
tiioriziui: ane^tonslon fmin i.
inimi- in ti northerly diroeiiop
in tho Vukon territory, ihoui*(
Vukon riviT lo Ihd bout!
■ini  ani
lo     til'
ni for in
. .lursuiiys to
Trains puss l.y'.ton as follows:
inst noiint], 2.05 Wiistllouii.I0.2f
r,u;i|iblet.f fiiriiirliid bee.
E. J, rovtE,
A. 11. A.
. II. c.
I.yllun, B.C.
Fred Nelson of tbe Pioneer Hotel it
preparing lor next Beasona ice and line a
number of barrels at the creek, near tbe
Church ol England, which lie fills with
water,and when frozen solid the baireU
nre removed and a block of ice is the result.
Tcndc-G wnntoil for packing machinery nnd
supplies from Soaton b-ke to the Lorneminos
in the Ltllooot district.    For particulars apply
Xi__ST_I33   HILL,
ManiiRiiiB Diroctor, Mines Exploration,U.-,
P. O. Dniuer 7-1'.', V.\sei.I'VKl:. B. C.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily'accepted
Dissolution Notice.
The provincial   government   lias
Notice Is hereby stlvon thai the partnership
I heretofore existing between Daniel Hurley and
w. .1. AbereroinbTe, under tlie linn inline nl
i Hurley >t Co , butchers, has tliis day been dis-
ap- I solved bv inufinl consent;    All aci'onnls 10 bo
         .   .:  i   ...   .".'       I       .1 l.l
...     f ,; ,   .   .    ii   i.   ui.| paid to w. J. Abercrombin who will settle Un
pointed the following ().-. a:    11. II. W  | rndebtodnossagainst tl.eiirn-
Aikman,  A,   St.   George Himmersley,
Aulay Morrison, \V. J. Bowser, A. Wil-!
liam?,   F.   J.   Fulton,  Gordon Hunter, i
Rohert Casstday, C. W. JIcAnn,   L. 1'
Li'looet, II. 0„ De'ceiBber 81st, louo.
tbo YukonHver to.the.boiiiiiis'ry of .vtan^a; iu.n . i t-i  i i-ri,/\TtT 1     i  frit
giving, powej- to the eumpuny. tn i-niis.iiiiiio, V   1     if  i\\\              %  \J  I,
,,,,,,,1-c mul to-orcriile-Muh Wn.-iil/iiei and V \<   \            | _              :l   i   h
•xli'iiKimis   us   ifie (ip.isrnor  iu t!..uln-ll   hm i)i,,|   I   \j{\ I.HIVL
from tlmo'.to lime aiit-prlKo. Mid io'rtivri,.«iiC \~>U±l -VI' i.iil-.w
. bj- ttgf*«
,   f.-ir.-. .-.
operate tolegraph ttutj te
warehouses, stuiun tiiul
tiinh'.ri.htinlfj, \vhrt'rvea, roads, wat or t;'-
wnter powers, anil to rteiil hi thy _ ut
lilevtricify and e.qgtrio power and :d n
sueh agreoments.foir copveyiii}? or, hiiBii't1
-Ouipatiy'H railway and lis.righ it ami jio\>t-
is usually giveq to ruil'.vny coin pun ioa in i
act of tnuofpor Alton and for other purpose j
Dated at N'l'w Wqstiriiiist-i',
l'rovihco of'Brii'ish Columbia
Du.omher 12th Ifiou,
(i. O. M. Poc:.n;i.i
Why are tho peopJe of Pavilion so healthy?
Because they use Pavilion Roller Flour.
Application ia now heinj; made tn the
Dominion government for a charter in-
uorporating the l'acilic Coal company,
-with a capital ol $! 000. The ohject of
the company ie to develop coal proper-, „,„_, ,retobe.
lies in the regions lying between (J.ecn j
wood, renticton and Okanagan lake.
Sucker Creek, li.C.
Dee. 20th 1900.
l'remier Dunutnuir and Attorney den-]
pral EherlB will go to Ottawa this 111011th :
to confer with Sir  Wilfrid   I,aurier and!
i.ther   members   of   tlie   cabinet.    The
Hongliees Indian reserve enl  the  inter- j
jelation of provincial and dominion gov-'. ,\ |uj| sloc]. 0(-a;|
rrnnient railway politics will engaire the j
Httent'on of the ministers at the  con-'
Notice is hereby given tint the nartnership
heretofore existing between John Collum antl
David Coughlan, as hotel keepers al Sucker
cteek.ha. been dissolved. John Collum will pay
all  debts again— said linn, to whom all ac
inus Collum
David Couohlan.
NOTICE TH L!£RKBY OIVEN that application j
will be rhutlo to tne 1-oR.tUtit vu Awinbly ot ;
ilm I'roviiirc <if Brftish ('uliinilna io  i«c u'fexi .
SL-ssit}ij for an   Act to imorpuratc  a   coiJipan.v
.vith power Locoufftruol aritl op-r^tt1 ;i raiiwuy
from tin' blty of Vl-to'ria thiihou ntirlh-wt'slei ly
to a point at or near Boymoii'r N-arr»vvn, Van   ,
■otivyr Island,   ihemu by hi :'it-'('1"'  othMM it*u
io the Malnlauil <^f Uritlsh Lutumbja tlnmre j
1011I1  oaarorly  all-rni.tively   by \vVy ot   .eli*
Jeuna.C'fti hu or Vellnw ilead I'.t.-.^oi'  vilclnliy
of Fort Gpprcc or llind Kivor or (!oat e   IMvor
I'hsscs ton point ut nr noav lhe e«Ktui n   onfiue^
of the Province ami from  any  pnin' • n  h ich
liny to 1 In- iionhi-111 bpun_lar'-0- cif lhe l.ortiHT j
or to any t*oa.stul point thurvof »■! tu my uiin  i
in;* rc^iontt or KPttlomenlBin Cnrlboo, LI Honor, :
Ui'siitiiiisii-r. or Cro-sinr ntKtrlc.fi i w\  bra'ni'b '
lines nl any teii^tb therefrom h:i«I with   power I
to construct, acquire mul   operate   lututerrtpb ;
mul telephone Liuosfauthorts il to chnrffU i'i-. i
thereon tor tho trunsinission of niCSHr-geH for
tho   public)  phlps. vos'Ois,    wharvu*,   works.!
waterpow in to supply eio- trie power litrtn a no !
beat and to expropiTftiy wntcr*.anrt 1mh].» fo* j
all such,- purpose.H ami for am'-li  hthor right*,
powera and priv Wge* ne nro uspal, ini-irlvutal, i
necessury or courtuclvu to ilu- .:_...11....-_-.ji o. !
ihL' abovo objects,
K. (! TfI,T.ON
o(i luiiail of applit'ivutif.
Rated Docomber Rrrt, 1900,
Lillooet, B. C.
Plavo in stock till  kinds ol
rietl     I.iinilu'r,     l''inisliii!L
l.iiiiil.i.'r ;ii;t! .MuiiMiiiu,^.
AL! oi'deiis will i:oceiv<
pronipt tiiU-nlioi!. Write for
prices or apply at tlie yard.
Tho regulations are gaz>tted for the
carrying out ot the provisions ol Mr.
Tallow's British Columbia Immigration
Act, 1900. The province la divided into
two districts, Inland and Mainland, Mr.
■■•V. II. Ellis has heen appointed Immigration officer for the Island, and Mr.
Angus Mc Vllister of Vancouver for the
mainland. The act provides for educational test.
Ilall-Yearlj Rcpart.
The following is the half-yearly report
of tlie Lillooet Methodist Church, and
fhows a considerable increase since the
Kev. Mr. "Wright took charge in Ju'y.
Lillooet Collections.
'.mlv » s 95o.
August  Jil 711
Seutemiier , t!H .Ml
October.... _ 75
Vovembpr.. 80 HO
Uecember.. It 10
165 :ir>
Brett Gimp ..   fi 110
Ainji'e Mlno..   3 40
A Friend    5 00
I For Church.
(lil  t'< SOc.
( "I'I "f tvood, .") 7".
Healer, pipes. 9 on
Lamp wiek.,. -vi
Fence posts.., t ihi
is uow for sale by
II. C1. PAItKEll,
Store and Repair Shop in Uren Block.
Call and examine stock.      No trouble to
show goods,
Inland Cigar Manufacturing Co'.
Our Spec.etl tie*:
Royal ilotei^_
Sncker Creek, B. C.
J, M. Mackinnon
Mininq Properties
Properties Bondeo
Vancouver B.C
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
I linvc JmbI reielvod lilroel rro-n R:»:linl thp bast soleetion of TirejJa, Wontedi, Ssrgoi
Pantfngn In the lute, lor.  SatUfnutlop Kuaranteoil.
THOMAS .Mii'osil. Merchant Tailor, Ashcroft, n. C.
THE   IL._ELlIj___.3STr)-
Corner ot Hustings ni)d Granville'Sti cite. ,''\NCC)UVFR   B   V
Central point for Bridge
I ivt )• Miners nml Rr.os-
pectoi'fl. (intiil accommodation. -     -   -
jC_   Excelsior House
Dining Room.
H'one hire
For salary.
21 7.1
. 11 0.1
. 1 III Ul
Total .78   "0      I        Total (IT.
A very pretty wediling took place on
Cli.iiHl.inas niglit at the hoii^e ol li. anil
Jlrs. I .Mock, BarnarJ etreel, uncle ami
mint o£ the briile, when Kev. D. A. Melt ie . nitetl in matrimony William Cim-
ming, merchant of Lillooet. to Isabella
Prentice, "late of Glaegow, Scotlnnti.
_ liases Hazol Dickinson anil Anna Pollock, the latter a coui-in of the briile,
acted as maids of honor, while the
(jroom wns supported by William Heron.
After the ceremony and congratulation-
were over Ihe guests, to the number of
about 30, eat down to a sumptuous repast and afterwaids spent a few pleas-
nnt hours in singing, music and name-.
"phe presents to the yoimu couple were
Tiumerous and well ehosqn. Af.or spind-
jnc a few days in Vancouver the I app;.
»-iii|>!e left for their home in  -lllcoe'.—
Lillooet, li. C.
Mimufiicturcr of nil kind of
None but tho host mnlcrful used, MlimiB or
progpoctora Bonding In onlera will recolvo
prompt attontlou and Batisfaotion guavautoed
British Lion
or   Mainland
And be itir. that each 1 Kur in branilud, other-
ivi.^u thoy are not genuine;
They are not only made of ihn    hoicost To-
bRcco but are of home   manufacture,   and
should he patronixed hy nil good r.itizens.
'.?tw«lei Street, VANCOUVER, " V
1 Work Horse,
1 3-inch l^iiii? wagon:
1 sot bobsleighs
1 Stool bosun plow
Double work harness,
l>0 cords dry wood,
1 IJod room suite,
1 J>cd lounge,
1 8-day clock,
One-third iuterest in
the Banishee and Centennial minora 1 claims
situate near McGillivray creek.
Apply to
lillooet, B, C.
WEEKS,   •   -   Proprietors1.
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Miners sii-ol, nii'lu, S'u.iv.i'!.., e.n-., Wire Cable
and Itii-se] Wire Pom Inir.
A. TJ-FTnO-E^-D,
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   -   11 C.
Drtllirln Vv'alc'iri-', Oianioinl-', J.'«-
Iry in il Oplli'iil unnils. Our repaii tin-
nHrttn.ril in niifxrellit] fur linu wtirk,
L'.mW vnur orilei- witli llip poatniHrtu
ul.o will have it ultciiiliil'io ub will aa il
;on I'aiiiu |i(ir«oiinlly.
First Class P-sals Served.
Open day and night. Short
Orders a Specialty.
Lillooet. B. C.
'I in ware
Minors Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness & Saddlery-
Furniture, etc.,
Al' onlfre.pioinp'lj' uttm-Cil to.
Cariboo and Liliooet
Stage Travel
OUnlon  and  way point?,  Monday,
Widno day and Frulnv.
All   poUilB in Ctt :bi >, MondayV.
I.lilt oct direct, ^'oIl 1 ly nnd V i lay,
l'\nk_ ol Qi-'-iuI r,  and way poiuts,
A  Kpei i:>I Ron_h, parrying pispenireie
m<| ex.pr*'P°) "i"  louvo Asticrufj tor t..t
iTiO-MiIh Muu.o on Friday'^, rtilurnii>v
Tiirons,ii ant! kt tirn TIcKftlO at Reduced Kates
Special Conveyance*] Ktmi-i "d.
ter tn ilflivcr bikI eoll^ctin British CnlumblH
for oltl.e t .Ml. i,i'ii trntnufat-turing Wbott dc
ii ou sir. f.t'i i m year, tiurirptiy. [.otten y mon
(thnn ftxparloni e require*!. Onr i ifere ■ a, nny
i.;i,k iu wny city. Kn close s..'l ■ , ;.i --<-"
blHtu] ctl  ciVvelopti.      Mnn iii";,;,..!,    rbird
Tlir.o Table Nn. 04,-Tiiking  Effent   Not.  IJIh.
Victoria m Vancouver—Daily «t 1 p. m. Vna.
r-ouvorto Victoria -tiiilvm J.l.'tp.m., or on *..
rival ol thu O.I'.H. No 1 train
I.onve Vtiioria Inr New vt'cstmtnateri I n.tmir.
Lulu Maim, I*luni|.er> Ptra-Tuei-day «ini
Friday ut 7 «.in. Lcuvc x,.iv We»tnituilor t»r
vli'inrla and n'uy Porlt — Wedhudai '.ml
batuVdny in 7 p.m
Blaamalilpaof ihis company  will loavo tor
Fori   Simpson  and  Intermediate  point.,  vi«
Victoria, Is', and liili each month ai 11 p.m.
Stoamnhlps of this eoniminv will leave every
« e li.ei.ilay for IVrauttpl and Skagway at 8 p.m.
Stoatncr leaves victoria   for  Alberni   and
Sound   porta,  on   lhe imh  and 80th ol eaeli
month,  extending  latter   irl(«  io  ynaikln.
and 1,'aie Scott.
The company renerrea ihe I'irht of chanilti
Ihis tune lahle al any Urn.' wllhont linlillenllo-
II. A  (,' UtI.KI'ilN,
iieiieri'l Freljrhi Aaeiu.
i . s. H IXTEK,
Gemini! I'aasenger Agent
,% .♦, j.; a* .*.. ,v. j. ,.», 4. .]•« 4. ^.^
t To ipstiro your lil^,
T<i insure vour property. %f.
7S\ Tn insure a.alnst uccideot. 7K
_^ Call on ?k
|.       Rio. A. Fraser       ^}
,|> Lillooet. II. 0. O
nsu ranee.
'¥ r,
f\ II vim want
Read The Prospector.
$2.00 a year.


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