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The Prospector Apr 25, 1913

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VOL. 2, NO. 24
Pioneer Best Claim on the
Hill, Says 'Billy' Leach.
Encouraging Results Attend Progress
of Recent Development.
"I wouldn't give it for any
claim on the hill," said "Billy"
Leach to The Prospector, discussing the Pioneer mine. Mr. Leach
has for some time been working
"contract" at the mine, and is
enthusiastic regarding the showing which is being made.
One tunnel has been driven 312
feet, and a second is into the rock
a distance of 300 feet. Twelve
feet of ore is in sight, according
to Mr. Leach, all of it containing
high values in gold.
Similar success is being experienced on the workings at the
Coronation group. At the Countess a two and a half foot lead
has been struck in very rich ore.
The Little Joe is working at the
present on an eighteen inch to
two foot lead, upon ore in which
gold can be seen all through.
Water has been turned on the
recently-acquired Blackbird, and
this promising claim is being
ground-sluiced in an effort to
pick up the lead there.
Under the direction of Supt,
Copp work is being steadily pushed on all the claims in the group,
and big developments are expected this year. With plenty of capital behind the venture, and with
full confidence of operators on the
mining exchanges, Coronation
should this year do much toward
advertising the rich gold wealth
of Bridge river.
To the consummation of this
end the operation of the ten
stamp mill this summer will contribute. As announced last
week in The Prospector, arrangements have been made for the
services of a competent foreman
to put the mill in shape and
superintend its operations.
Martley Home Endangered by Fire
Early Tuesday Morning.
Fire seriously endangered the
Martley premises at the west end
of town early Tuesday morning.
Only by the strenuous efforts of
neighbors wa« the fire prevented
from destroying all the buildings
on the place.
Fires burning in connection
with spring cleaning spread to a
wood pile close to the house. This
was well ablaze when the reflection from the flames awoke Mrs.
Hay lemore at three o'clock. Hurriedly dressing, Wm. Haylemore
secured the assistance of Donald
Manson and Arthur Martley.
These fought the flames until
nine o'clock and succeeded in saving house, barn and outbuildings,
only loss being six cords of wood.
Exemptions for Prospectors and Farmers.
Have you taken out your
gun license? If not get busy,
for deputy game warden J.
Russell will from this date
enforce the provisions of the
new Act. This came into
force April 1st, but has not
been enforced owing to delay
in securing licence forms
from the King's Printer.
According to instructions
from the provincial game
warden the Act applies to
unorganised, as well as organized, districts throughout
the province. The only men
having exemptions being Indians, farmers and prospectors. Farmers may secure
permits to hunt on their own
and without payment of a
:fee. They may also hunt
deer all the year round, if in
need of meat. In applying
for permit farmers must give
the acreage and description
of their land. The permit
only grants permission to
shoot over their own land.
Prospectors are also entitled to a licence free of charge
and are exempt from restrictions when in need of fresh
meat. Whereas the farmer
is restricted to deer, out of
season, all game is fair prey
to the prospector when actually engaged in his work.
Licences can be obtained
from deputy game warden J.
Russell, or government agent
Caspar Phair. No licence
will be issued to boys under
16 years of age, unless at the
request of a parent or guardian, who must undertake
Use of pump or repeating
shot guns is prohibited. No
repeating shot gun may have
a magazine capable of holding more than one cartridge.
It should be noted that this
provision applies only to shot
guns and not to rifles.
In a communication received by Mr. Russell from the
provincial game warden, the
latter says: "The free farmer's licence and the ordinary
farmer's licence do not in any
way alter the old Act. The
same applies to the free licences for prospectors. The Act
stands exactly as it did before, except that it is now
necessary for them to have a
Ordinary Licence, $2.50—
This licence only permits the
holder to hunt birds and deer
(but not moose, wapiti, and
General Licence, $5.00—
This licence permits the holder to hunt birds and all big
Special Licence, $10.00—
This licence will permit the
holder to hunt birds, all big
game, and also to trap.
Guide Licence,$5.00-This
licence only allows the holder
to act as a guide.	
Ashcroft Deprived of Light and
Water When Dam Bursts.
Frank Engerman, of Ashcroft,
was in town early this week and
brought first-hand news regarding the water and light difficulties
in that town. Owing to the
break of the old dam, which has
done duty for 17 years, Ashcroft
is without both light and water.
Some attempt is being made to
supply the town with water from
the C. P. R. mains, but owing to
low pressure the service is very
unsatisfactory. To repair the
dam has been found impracticable, and the Ashcroft Water and
Light Co. is therefore forced to
commence construction of a new
one. This will not be completed
until four or five months. In the
meantime an attempt will be
made to run the dynamo by gasoline engine, in order to temporarily restore the light service.
Fred. Kinder leaves for the
Britannia group, on Cadwalhder
creek, next week, to open the
properties. Mr. Kinder is backed
by eastern capital to a considerable extent.
Magistrate Saul's Decision in Liquor
Case to be Appealed May 20.
William Abercrombie, proprietor of the Excelsior Hotel, and
Frank Powers, bartender, have
appealed the decisions of Magistrate Saul, in which each were
fined $100 for supplying more
than one imperial quart of liquor
to Wm. Leach on April 4.
Appeal has been granted on the
ground that the defendants did
not contravene the Act. Although
several bottles were sold Leach,
only one was supplied at each
single vending.
The case will be heard in Lillooet on May 20 before the County
Court. It is expected that Judge
Calder will preside. Defendants
will be represented by Messrs.
Long& McDougall, of Vancouver
William Abercrombie now has
his butcher shop in first-class
shape. New equipment has been
installed, and Mr. Abercrombie
now has facilities for handling
about 15 carcases daily for home
consumption and construction
camp supply. All beef is stall
fed and imported from Alberta.
Centre Should be Provided
to Preserve Relics.
Jade Chisel,  Ancient Musket and
Pestle Discovered at Seton Lake.
Several interesting finds of
Indian relics have been made
during the past few days. On
Friday last Mr. G. Ferguson
turned up a fine specimen of jade
chisel, about twelve inches long,
inch and a half wide and half an
inch thick. The instrument was
in good condition, with a well-
ground sharp edge. At the
same time Mr. Ferguson found
an old pestle. Both instruments
were discovered while plowing
through some teepee holes on the
Cox ranch at Seton lake, adjoining an old rancherie which has
long been out of occupation.
A few days previous workmen
engaged on grading the P. G. E.
at Seaton lake came upon an ancient Hudson Bay musket. Numerous other finds have been made
at various times.
In view of the fact that conditions at Lillooot are changing,
that the romance of the early
pioneer days is giving place to
the changed environment of modern commercialism, it would be
well to preserve the old-time associations as far as can possibly be
done. Splendid material is available as a nucleus for a museum.
This might not only embrace Indian and other local relics, but
might also contain a collection of
geological and floral specimens of
the district, together with preserved fruits. Last, but certainly
not least, mounted specimens of
the game of the district would be
an imposing and valuable feature.
Provision could be made in the
proposed new town hall for spa.ee
in which to stage the exhibits.
Not only would such a museum
keep green the memory of early
days and its pioneers, but it would
be a valuable asset to the town
from an advertising standpoint,
and, if properly developed, would
attract scientific visitors to the
town of Lillooet.
Britannia New Schedule.
For convenience of passengers
traveling on Seaton Lake, Capt.
Cox has arranged to start all
trips one hour earlier during the
summer months. The new schedule came into effect Wednesday
last. The Britannia now leaves
for Mission, Short Portage and
way points, at 8 a. m., returning
from Short Portage at noon.
Henry Cargyle and A. Glen-
cross came in from Ashcroft on
Published to promote the Welfare
of the Lillooet District.
Managing Editor.
APRIL 25, 1913.
Opening of Road.
"Why is it that we only
get one mail a month on the
Bridge river?" asks a correspondent to The Prospector,
whose letter is published in
this issue. Sorry we are unable to answer 'Miner's' question, which is one of pertinent
importance, not only to the
miners and ranchers of the
Bridge river, but also to
merchants of Lillooet.
That such a prosperous and
famous district, with its ever-
increasing settlement and
development* should only be
served monthly by mail service is a matter of surprise,
and calls for comment. Perhaps the Dominion Government has so many claims
upon its revenue that it cannot afford, as Col. Lowery
says, to put in a mail service
and a navy at the same time.
Have the claims of Bridge
river been properly presented
by our member at Ottawa,
or has the attention of Hon.
Martin Burrell been so occupied with agriculture, in the
abstract, that the interests of
men and their affairs have
been forgotten?
Coronation and other valuable properties of the district
have been so prominent in I
the eyes of the mining world j
during the past few months I
that it is certain a big influx i
of settlers to Bridge river!
will be seen ihis year.   This
fact adds force to the demand
for  improved  facilities for'
communication with the out-;
side world.
Co-related with the mail
question is that of the telephone service. In connection
with this complaints have
reached us that no stations
are maintained between Tyaughton and the Coronation,
a distance of 22 miles. In
this section, which is bridged
by the wire, are a number of
properties upon which development work is now being
carried on. Included are the
Wayside, South Fork, Marconi, and the Gun Creek
ranch. Nearest telephonic
communication from these is
either from the Coronation
or Tyaughton.
Exactly why this condition
of affairs should continue is
difficult to understand. The
wire is already strung from
here to Cadwallader creek,
and as a call rate per message is charged, it would
benefit the revenue of the
line to install additional stations, as well as confer a very
real boon on settlers.
Development of the south
end of Lillooet is being retarded by reason of the delay
in opening the road through
the Chinese quarter. The erection of several buildings at
the west end of the section
is planned, but cannot be
proceeded with until the cut
is filled and the grade established. Apparently one cause
of delay is the existence of a
row of shacks across the
roadway. These only consist
of an unsanitary Chinese
rookery. For the maintenance of good health these
should be removed. In any
case they should not be allowed to interfere with legitimate development. Promises in number have been
given by the provincial authorities that this work
should be proceeded with.
The time has now arrived
when action should be taken
and the work proceeded with.
A Word of Thanks.
The editor expresses thanks
for the many kind words of
appreciation regarding the
broadening of this paper's
sphere of usefulness. In
order that this journal may
become an organ of useful
service to the community the
co-operation of citizens is
essential. The editor must
have means of sustenance
and cannot live on "pi" alone
Merchants are asked to support their home paper when
making their advertising appropriations, and subscribers
are reminded that in many
instances a cheque for $2 is
due, and that its receipt will
be appreciated.
What Radium Is.
a month at Bridge river? For
four weeks at a time we are
cut off from the outside world
unless somebody happens to
bring letters to us from town.
Even then we have to wait
for the monthly mail to get
a newspaper several weeks
old. Bridge river is an important district and many
miners are now settled here.
There are good trails, and
there is no reason why we
should not have a mail at
least once a fortnight. Application has been made to
the government for this, but
apparently they are taking
no action in the matter.
Cancellation of Reserve.
New Wagon Road from Pemberton
Meadows to Summit.
Angus Stewart is in charge of
the construction of a wagon road
from Pemberton Meadows south
up the valley of Green river to
the summit of the Cost Range
to connect with the wagon road
now being extended up Cheaka-
mus valley. This work will be
started at once, and the entire
work is expected to be finished
in two months.
Radium is an elementary
substance, just as iron and
copper are elements. It is
found in exceedingly minute
quantities in pitchblende, a
mineral which is mined in
Bohemia, and has not been
found in any other part of
the world thus far, although
many claims have been made
that it has been found in
other places. There is no
reason why it might not be
found elsewhere in quantity
by one who knows the character of rocks and minerals,
and who should study the locality to find if such rocks
| might exist in that locality.
Pitchblende is a shiny black
rock, which might be taken
for a piece of anthracite coal
at first glance. It is very
much heavier and harder
than coal. There is not
enough energy in a piece of
pitchblende to show any energy, nor would there be
' in a ton of the rock.
p]ditor Prospector: -Why is
it that we only get one mail
Solicitor: "Have you ever been
to this court before, sir?"
"Witness: "Yes, sir, I have
been here often."
Solicitor: "Ha, ha! Been here
often, have you? Now tell the
court what for.''
Witness (slowly): "Well, I
have been here at least half-a-
dozen times trying to collect that
tailor's bill you owe me."
The teacher was intent on the
lesson, and continued impressive-
"And vast swarms of flies descended on the land and came
into the houses of the Egyptians
and covered their clothing and
tables and all their food, but
(emphatically) there were no
flies on the children of Israel."
A small boy from the rear of
the room interrupted:—
"Please, ma'am, there ain't
now, either."
A story is going the rounds
about an American gentleman
who put up at one of the big
London hotels without first taking the precaution of asking the
price of his rooms, meals, and so
on. When he got his bill he was
staggered at the size of it, but
he was a very wealthy man and
paid it without comment. As he
was about to leave, however, he
asked for the manager, and when
that gentleman came he asked: —
"Have you any penny stamps?'
"Yes," replied the manager, a
little surprised at such a request
being made to him. "How many
do you want, sir?"
"It depends," was the reply,
"on how much you charge for
them here.''
"Areyou playing bridge, Mrs.
"Not this month."
"Indeed!   Why not?"
"This is Mr. Brown's month
to play poker.''
NOTICE is hereby given that
the reserve existing upon Crown
lands in the Cariboo and Cassiar
Districts by reason of a notice,
bearing date September 12,1907,
and published in the British Columbia Gazette on September 12,
1907, as well as thp reserve existing upon Crown lands within the
Land Recording Districts of Cariboo and Lillooet and the Kamloops Division of Yale Land Recording District by reason of a
notice, bearing date April 3, 1911,
and published in the British Columbia Gazette on April 6, 1911,
is cancelled in so far as the same
affect the acquisition of lands
under the provisions of the "Coal
and Petroleum Act."
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B. C, April 14, 1913.
Water Notice
For a Licence to take and
use Water.
NOTICE is hereby given that
Clinton H. Brigman, of Lillooet,
will apply for a licence to take
and use 10 miners' inches of
water out of a spring which
flows in an easterly direction
through Lots 292 and 3096 and
empties ii to Fraser River near
Lots 292 and 3096. The water
will be diverted at source and
will be used for irrigation purposes on the land described as
Lot 3C96.
This notice was posted en the
ground on the 13th day of April,
1913. The application will be
filed in the office of the Water
Recorder at Clinton,B. C.
Objections may be filed with
the said Water Recorder or with
the Comptroller of Water Rights.
Parliament Building, Victoria, BC.
By E. L. Boultbee, Agent.
April 15th, 1913.
Water Notice
For a Licence to take and
use Water.
Notice is hereby given that
C. J. Payne, of Clinton, Lillooet
District, will apply for a licence
to take and use 150 inches of
water out of Kelly Lake Creek,
which flows in a westerly direction through Cut-off Valley and
empties into Fraser River, near
Big Slide.
The water will be diverted at
Valley Lake, and will be used for
irrigation purposes on the land
described as Lots 270, 271, 272,
273, 274.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 26th day of Feb.,
1913. The application will
be filed in the office of the Water
Recorder at Clinton.
Objections may be filed with
the said Water Recorder or with
the Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria,
B. c.
April 15th, 1913.
Contractor and Builder
Contracts and Estimates Prepared.
Desperadoes Make Daring
Escape From Jail.
Harry Brewer, Wanted in Kamloops
for Attempted Murder, at Large.
Using a watch spring saw,
a timber wrenched from a
partition and a rope made
from torn prison blankets,
Harry Brewer and Clifford
Sargent, two prisoners confined in the city jail on Railway street, made their escape at 7:30 Sunday morning
only five minutes being occupied from the time the men
were released for their morning wash until they were
running for liberty down the
railroad right-of-way.
Brewer, the more desperate of the pair, who is wanted in Kamloops for the attempted murder of Police
Constable Gibbs and several
alleged holdups, has not been
apprehended, but Sargent
was recaptured on the shore
of Burrard Inlet, in Burnaby,
by policeman Jelsburgh, of
the Burnaby police, who surprised the pair. At this time
he fired four shots at Brewer,
who disappeared into the
bush, and is of the opinion
that he wounded the convict
in the right arm.
Investigation of the means
used by the prisoners disclosed the fact that the two bars
in a large cross section fixed
at one end of the jail had
been half sawn through, and
then forced by the piece of
2x4 timber, evidently wrenched from a nearby partition.
Compared with the cells in
the old police station, those
in the temporary jail on Railway street are quite flimsy
and the conditions are much
more favorable for a successful escape. It is not thought
that Jailer McLean, who has
been in the service for a number of years and is a trusted
and efficient police officer,
will be held responsible for
the mens' escape, taking into
consideration his many duties
and the construction of this
temporary jail.
After the men had once
succeeded in getting through
this barred partition to the
windows, which were unbarred, it was a simple matter to climb over the frame
and gain the tracks, from
thence being but a moment's
work to slip uptown.
C. P. R. Will Spend Many Millions
in Western Canada This Year.
Announcement comes from
Winnipeg that the Canadian
Pacific Railway will spend
$46,000,000 in Western Canada this year. This vast sum
is more than twice the amount of $19,000,000 spent by
the company last year, and
it is a record amount ever
devoted to construction by
any one road on the continent in any one year.
Ths natural resources department of the road also has
some huge irrigation and industrial schemes on hand
which will easily raise the
amount to $50,000,000.
The main works include a
tunnel through Rogers Pass,
which it is estimated will
cost six or eight millions,the
continuations of the work of
double tracking, continuation
i of work on terminals, yards
jatTrascona, Winnipeg, and
! Calgary and Coquitlam; the
I building of many large brid-
j ges such as that over the Red
River at Winnipeg, the Saskatchewan at Medicine Hat,
the Bow at Calgary and the
Pitt in British Columbia; the
j additions to the depots and
[hotels, and Vancouver and
Discoverer   of Fraser River
Over Half a Century.
It is over a hundred years:
since Simon Fraser first saw:
; the site of what is now New
! Westminster and viewed the
Gulf of Georgia from a point
adjacent to the mouth of the
' Fraser.
In 1807 Fraser received instructions to explore the Fraser, of which only the head
, vaters were known to  the
'traders, and which had not;
been named.    Under the im-j
■ pression that he was following down the Columbia river j
the pioneer reached the end
of   the   stream   which now
; bears his name and which is
mow overlooked by his monu-;
ment at Westminster,  and
! those who have seen the Fra- \
ser  canyons can realise to;
some extent the courage and
hardihood of the explorer.
Service Sunday.
Farewell services will be held
in  the  Methodist  Church   next!
Sunday, as follows: In the morn-1
ing at 11 o'clock, and evening at
7:30.     Rev.  H. W.W. Bromuich
will preach.
Dentist In Town.
Why suffer with toothache or
other dental troubles ? For a few
days an opportunity is offered to
secure relief. Dr. Alward, a
well-known Vancouver dentist,
will be at the store under Santini's Hall during the next week,
where he will be prepared to receive patients for all kinds of
dental work.
Business   Openings.
There are good business openings in Lillooet for a smart lawyer, a watchmaker, and a tailor
who can undertake repairs and
"Billy" Leach passed through !
. town on Tuesday, on   his way
from Cadwallader to the coast,
where he intends spending a va-l
General Merc! ant
Forwarding Agent
Ship Goods to Lillooet in my Care
Prompt   Attention   Guaranteed
LYTTON        - - - B. C.
Fifty-five well-furnished rooms. Hot and cold baths
Excellent table.  First class bar.  Large sample room
Two autos on request from Lytton or Ashcroft
Headquarters for Lytton-Lillooet stage line. Stage
meets Seton Lake boat.  Rigs furnished on demand.
RATES: $1.50 per day and up. By month $35 and up. Meals, 21 for $9.00
Lillooet, B. C.
Established 1830
Ha.d Cffce Mcntrea
Savings Department
Accounts opened for sums of $1 and upward.
Current Accounts
Issue cheques and  have paid cheques
returned to you for receipts.
Made in all parts of the world.
Travelers Cheques
Issued payable anywhere,
General Ranking Business Conducted.
J.   M.   Mackinnon,
Lillooet Ranches and Fruit Lands a Specialty.
Correspondence Solicited.
Suite 5 Williams Bldg. 413 Granville St.,
Timber Lands, Ranch  Lands. Coast Lands and Real Estate. The Prospector
To Karl Wagner, Miner.
Notice    is   hereby given
that   unless   within ninety
days from this date you contribute your share of the assessments performed by us
on the Royal Group of mineral claims situated on Cayoosh creek,   we the undersigned hereby give you notice that we shall apply to
the   gold   commissioner of
Lillooet Mining Division to
have your interests vested in
Lillooet. January 3, 1913
Frederick Johnson
Axel Gustaffson
Harvey A. Christie
Section 35
Notice   is   hereby   given
that  on   the   10th day   of
April next application will
be made to the Superintendent of the Provincial Police
for the grant of a licence for
the sale of liquor by retail
in and   upon   the premises
known as the 59-mile house
hotel situate at 59-mile post
Cariboo road British Columbia, from James  Ryder  to
Fairburn   and    Harvey   of
British Columbia.
Dated this   10th  day  of
March, 1913.
James Ryder,
Holder of Licence.
Fairbanks and Harvey
per George Fairbanks
18    Applicant for Transfer.
For prompt and efficient
freight service see Charles
McCaffery, Lilooet,     B. C.
For a licence to take and
use water.
Notice is   hereby given that
Frederick Parsons of   Lilcoet,
rancher, will apply for a licence
to take and use one cubic foot
per second out of an unnamed
spring which flows in northerly
dirertion through P. R. 1755 and
disappears on P. R. 1882.
The wat9r will be diverted at
the spring and will be used for
irrigation purposes on the land
describee as II. R. 1882.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 11th day of
March, 1913. The application will
be filed in the office of the Water
Recorder at Clinton.
Objections may be filed with
the said Water Recorder or with
the Comptroller of Water Rights.
Parliament Buildings,   Victoria,
B.   .
Frederick Parsons,
20 Applicant.
For the
Read The
Mineral Act, 1896,
Form F
Certificate of Improvements
Success mineral claim situate
in the Lillooet mining division of
Lillooet district.
Where located; Cadwallader
Take notice that we, LeRoy
Ledgerwood andAlbert Williams,
Free. Miner's Certificate No.
41618b and 41616b, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that
action, under section 37, must be
commenced before the issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 6th day of March,
1913. LeRoy Ledgerwood
Albert Williams
Experienced Driver
Reasonable Charges
Apply WALTER C. KEEBLE,        LYTTON  B.0
Lillooet's Big Department Store
We Handle everything you need.   Carry a large
Stock.    Sell as cheap as anyone in all lines
and for less in some. We are always prepared
to meet all prices.
We lead in Men's
clothing and have just
received several large
shipments of Suits,
Shirts, Shoes, Underwear, Etc.
Men's Shirt's from
50c to $4.50.
Suits from $12 to $22
1000 pairs of ladies and
men's shoes, latest
styles, in black and
tan, button and lace,
also fine line of heavy
A dozen new lines in
spring hats.
Remember we also -car-!
ry   the   most complete |
line in town of hardware !
Na-Dru-Co.  drugs,  stationery, dry goods,  groceries, saddlery,  cutlery
and furniture.
We are agents for kodaks, phonographs, Sher-
win Williams' paints,
Singer sewing machines,
wood pipe, Robin Hoed
Our New Store Just Completed
Terms, Cash
Ease and Comfort
Speed and Safety
Lytton to Lillooet by
Inquire of A.   G. REBAGLIATI at Lytton or at the
Listings of Lillooet Farm Lands and Town Property
If you have property for sale we can find you a buyer
We write fire life and accident insurance.   Ask us
for our rates.   They can't be beat.
Let us attend to your conveyencing.   Notary Public always on hand.
Boultbee,   Jacks   and Cruickshank
Exclusive agents for the Lillooet Townsite Addition. THE   PROSPECTOR
Scotch Lassies to Replace Japanese
at Fraser River Cannery.
The employment of Scottish
girls in a fish cannery on the
Fraser river is the innovation
planned for this year by Capt.H.
M. Fleming, manager for the
Canadian Canning Co. He is
bringing out twenty-five girls
from Scotland who are experienced in the fish-canning business, and will employ them in
the company's cannery at Steves-
ton. He will also employ nine
young Scotsmen, who are already
here, to fish on the Fraser during the big run of salmon. This
is an experiment on this coast in
replacing Chinese with white
labor. Quarters will be established for the white employees
on the cannery premises along j
the lines of those in the old
country. Another innovation in
this cannery this year is a machine to manufacture the cans
required right on the property.
They wiil have a plant with a
capacity for the manufacture of
160,000 per day. This is the only
cannery to manufacture itd own
cans wholly.
P. G.E. Files Plans.
Plans have been filed with the
District Registrar at Kamloops,
the location of the P. G. E. railway at Seaton lake, north, from
Mile-0 to Mile-13. The district
covered by the drawings extends
from above the Mission to the
"Were you ever in love?"
"I thought I was once."
"I hope it didn't turn out very
"Well, we were married.
Pioneer Watchmaker
and Jeweler
318 Cambie St.      Vancouver, B.C.
Orders by Mail Attended to.
Fine Watcli Repairing  a Spcialty
Try an Ad
in The Prospector.
If you Need
Commercial Work
Give Us a Call.
Good Work
Cheap Rates.
Headquarters for Mining Men
Free Bus Meets All
Boats and Trainsl
Commercial Hotel
L. H. Clement, Prop
Guest Comfort is My Motto
Corner Hastings and
Cambie Streets
Vancouver, B. C.
American and European Plan
Livery and
Feed Stable
Horses and Rigs for Hire
Light and Heavy Draying
Express Delivery.
Emmet   Darcy
Bus Meets all Regular Boats
at SeatonLake
Lillooet   -   B. C.
Outfitter for Prospectors, Trapper s,
Miners, Ranchers,
Etc. Our goo ds are
the best and prices
are right
Chinese Goods
Notary Public
Lillooet   -   -    B. C.
Lands,  Mines, Insurance and
Mining Aflairs in all Branches
specialty.    Farms,   Fruit lands    and
Residential Properties for Sale
P- D. BOOTH, B. SC. B. C. L. S.
Booth & Downton
1011-1014  Rogers Building
Phone Seymour 1544
Vancouver  and Lillooet   B. C
Samuel Gibbs,
Lillooet Representative
Store near Seton Lake
General Merchant
Large Assortment of Goods Always on Hand
Dry Goods, Groceries,   Hardware,
Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Miner's Supplies
Outfitter for Camp or Trail
EGULAR Trips up Seton Lake every
Convenient for  all passengers to Mission,
Bridge River, Short Portage, Anderson Lake,
MaGillvray Creek and the Pemberton country.
Leaves, 8.00 a. m.    Arrives at Mission, 10 a. m.     Arrives
Short Portage, 11 o'clock
Returniug Leaves Short Portage, 12 p. m.     Leaves Mission
12:45 p. m.    Arrives, 3:00 p. m.
W.   J.  Abercrombie,   Proprietor
A First-Class Table.
New Lillooet Townsite!
Very large lots at very small prices
If youwish to purchase land in the Pemberton
Meadows, write us for our list of prices.
Merlin Grimm and Co.,
811 Rogers Building Vancouver, B. C.
Indiscreet Letter  and
Much Talking.
Lillooet Ball Team Backed for $1000
In Series Against Lytton.
A $1000   wager for   a three-
j game series between the baseball
CHARGED WITH EMBEZZLEMENT, teams of Lillooet and Lytton was
made the other night between
.,,.   . »» r, ,    o .7~.    „      en i     Arthur Noel of Lillooet and J.
Alfred H Goby Said to Have Stolen j Farrell of Lytton     The firgt
Valuable Securities in England.    |game will be played at Lnlooet
Ion May 3, the second at Lytton
Glibness of tongue and an indis-! on   May  10>   an(j  the   deciding
creet letter to a girl in England, game on neutral grounds either
landed Alfred Hugh Goby within j Ashcroft or Kamloops,   on May
the clutches of the law on Tues- j 17^
day, charged with embezzlement i where is the Lillooet ball team?
in Scarborough, England, of se-: what practice are they having?
curities valued at $500. He was; The above news item from the
brought before Magistrate Saul! Vancouver Province indicates
Wednesday,   and   remanded   to that considerable confidence has
been placed on the team by Mr.
Noel. It is up to the boys now
to see that the Lillooet man does
not lose his wager. Then again
there is the Merlin & Grim cup
Get out,
Timber  Limits Retard Agricultural
Development of Pemberton.
Kamloops for hearing.
Accused was arrested under a
warrant issued at Scarborough,
England, and endorsed by Chief
Justice Hunter. In his home town
Goby was chief clerk in an office. I j-0 be competed for.
The securities alleged to have | Doys> and p]ay ball,
been stolen by him were the property of fellow clerks. Following
the theft he decamped to Canada,
and arrived in the town of Lillooet
four months ago. Since that time
he has worked as cookee at Welch j Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gold, E.
& Kennedy's construction camp j Thompson and P. J. Salvas arriv-
under the name of Smith. | ed   in town last   evening   from
Some remarks that he made ! Pemberton Portage and are reg-
about his home town caused the: istered at the Victoria,
local police to suspect that he J, Speaking with The Prospector
was the man wanted for the I last night, Mr. Thompson was
crime. At the same time a letter! enthusiastic regarding the agri-
written by accused to a girl in | cultural possibilities of the Port-
England came into the hands of 1 age, which he regards as being in
the police authorities there. These | every way equal to Pemberton
circumstances led to his arrest by j Meadows. One of the disadvan-
constables Daunt and Arken. An ■ tages under which settle;s have
officer is on his way from the old j been laboring is that large tracts
country to t ke him back to stand '. of splendid agricultural land is
trial there. covered by timber licences.
 o  "There might be 500 families
No Increase in Rate of Remuneration, between Anderson  lake and the
for Jurors Until July.
Alas! The shadow of trouble
hangs over the fair town of Clinton, one of its resources having
been throttled by the grim hand
of Law. Not in fruit or scenery;
not in big game or mining has
been the chief source of its revenue, but in juror's fees. But]Mr. Thompson.
with  the present increased cost     Land in the district is now sell-
Portage, were it not that it is
blanketed by timber limits. In
many cases there is very little
timber on it, especially in the
bottom lands. I know of several
100 acre pre-emptions on which
there is not 2000 feet of available
land to the acre, the rest being
covered by timber permits," said
of living these have not been so
ing at from $150 to $350 an acre.
profitable as in the past, and the | Potatoes   and roots grow to en-
hope has been fostered that the j ormous  size, are of fine quality
rate  of  remuneration  would be! and keep well,
increased.   Again, alas ! the hope 1  0	
Blast Wrecks Phone.
is false, at any rate as far as the
spring assize is concerned.
At the close of the assizes in
Vancouver, when the jurors were A heavy blast on the construe
paid off, they found that their j tion work at Seaton lake put the
cheques bad been made out at I telephone line out of commission
the old rate of $2.00 per day in- !on Wednesday. No communica-
stead of at the new rate of $3.00! tion with Bridge river points has
per day as provided for in the j since been available, the line
new Jurors' Act, passed at the i being clear only to Welch's head-
recent sittings of the Provincial quarters at the east end of the
Legislature. lake.    A repair crew is out fixing
A letter was drawn up, calling j up the line.
the attention of Mr. Justice Mor-1  o	
rison to the grievance, and asking , ——————^————
his lordship if he could make an j does not come into force until
order that they should receive'July. All that I can do is to for-
payment at the advanced rate,    j ward your letter to the attorney-
"I am sorry, gentlemen, that general, which I will promise to
I cannot do anything for you in do at once, and to assure you that
this matter in the way you sug- I am in entire sympathy with
gest," said his lordship, after your request."
reading the recommendation. "I With this consolation in their
may say that I entirely sympa- minds the jurors repaired to the
thize with you in your request, registrar's office and drew their
but unfortunately the new act '■ cheques.
Neill's Ranch Suggested as
Advantageous Location.
Pemberton Meadows Settlers Desire
Depot at Portage Bridge.
Around the Town.
Strong representations have
been made to the Provincial Government asking its influence toward the location of a station on
the Pacific Great Eastern, at the
point where the upper Lillooet
river is crossed by the Pemberton
Portage bridge. The proposed
location is at Neill's ranch.
The resolution was the outcome
of a public meeting held on April
12th, at Pemberton Meadows.
The gathering was well attended
and represented all parts of the
district. That the suggested point
was an advantageous situation
for a station and one at which a
depot should be located, was
unanimously conceded.
No information concerning the
location of stations in the district
could be obtained of P. G. E.
engineering staff in Lillooet today.
Appreciation from the Coast.
Says the Vancouver Sun, under
date April 22:—"Under the able
guidance of Mr. Herbert Booth-
man, formerly employed in the
editorial department of the Vancouver Sun, who has assumed the
managing editorship, the Lillooet
Prospector, which is quite a newsy
newspaper, makes its bow under
the new management. The appearance of the paper is a great
improvement, and, in no uncertain way, it reflects the progress-
iveness of Lillooet, which is now
humming with many developments. To a great extent the
paper is for the purpose of making Lillooet and the surrounding
country known to the wide world,
but the local happenings of only
interest to those in the section is
in no wise ignored. In fact, the
paper is published on a comprehensive basis and clearly indicates that it will look after the
interests of Lillooet in the matter
of publicity. "Bob" Hume, an
old-timer of Lillooet, has charge
of the mechanical department of
The Prospector.
One team of grey horses—
gelding and mare—weight about
fourteen hundred pounds each—
guaranteed true to pull, for immediate sale. Will take $350.
Apply to
Half-way House, Lytton Road.
Martin Welch, Spokane was in
town Thursday.
Fred. Parsons was in town on
Thursday, from his ranch on
Seaton lake.
Dr. Sanson arrived in Lillooet
on Saturday, returning to Ashcroft Sunday.
Angus Nicholson was in from
the camp Wednesday, returning
A. G. Rebagliati, the Lytton
merchant, spent a few days in
town this week, on business.
Frank Keeley returned to Lillooet, Tuesday, from Vancouver,
where he has been on a business
J. Conklin, one of Merritt's leading citizens, has been in Lillooet
during the past few days in
search of business openings.
Without any boasting, Lillooet
can certainly lay claim to having
two of the best tonsorial artists
on the coast.
Joe Place, of Dog Creek, was a
visitor in town over the weekend, and reported business brisk
in his district.
The P.G.E. are known to have
land at the Portage bridge, and it
is therefore the opinion of the
old-timers and others that the
station will be located there.
Billy Durban's fine new gasoline boat will be launched at
Seaton lake in a few days. It
will then be placed in commission
on the regular run to lake points.
John Dunlop, the energetic
Seaton lake merchant, reports
business brisk in his line, having
just forwarded several large
orders to the Bridge river district.
Mr. and Mrs. William Mclntyre
and daughter left Lillooet on
Sunday for a few weeks' vacation
on the coast. After staying in
Vancouver for a day or two, the
party went on to Victoria.
Commencement has been made
on a sewerage system in Lillooet.
A drain is to be put in to serve
the centre of the town and to
lead to the irrigation ditch on the
flats. Among the initiators of
movement are Messrs. Keeley
Bros., Mark Eagleson, W. Abercrombie, W. Duguid. E. Darcy,
Jim Man Lee and Wo Hing.
Louis Gold Sells Ranch.
Louis Gold, of Pemberton Portage, and in days gone by a good
little policeman of that district,
today sold his ranch on the Portage to Mr. E. Thompson for the
consideration of $50 an acre.
Specialist in Crown and Bridge Work
For ONE WEEK at Store under Santini's Hall.


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