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The Prospector Mar 15, 1901

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JScAAj^^i J-~^~>&U.A^J
Vol. 3, No. 36.
$2.00 a year.
C3-S3j_TEK,A.Xj     l^/LXnjR,GXXJLXTrr
Miners Supplies."
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise antl Min
ers Outfits arc on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.O
Paul Santini,
sStrrl** a lull Btock ol all kinds of Groceries, Dry  Goodu,   Bcots  and   ShoeB,
Hardware, etc.
jpxoi_T3_Em :h_)t.el.
i,i:ioo»t. m. c.
Flti!). H.   N5.LSJN, Proprietor.
fi.-un-.'.e   ftf-ium   fgr    (N>mtlervial    Travellers'
lAftvf "Sub', ii C«inQ(j;tio:i.   Bti-j -ascli
ht.'-i,jj'j.<A! fer {h«h|)| tu mill from
AiJui'i'^   I.«.'■;•• mi I  Bri«l£«
Hotel Victoria,
3LIX.X,OOI_T; _3. C
This hate! helm n«* ani thirou,''ily (1 lishad tlircugho.lt is tlie only first
class hotel in Liiiooot. [Vr« n* imlllnti al Irllooet will receiyo every attention by
■topping at thc Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the liotel. Head-
«,nartert lor the Ull.mct-I.yltiiin stage.
•   tt    •   •    ft    0     CtlAKOES    MOUEIUTK.     9   li    •    9    9   9
r>. 3T_»__a_s_3; -Piao-3.
•f__00_T, B.C.
!_• Bar Is iupplitJ ivhli th» bust Wines, Liquors and Cigars. ■_■_ I
BY  R1C.   A.  FRASER.
Stage leaves Lytton every Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooet, returning next day.   Special trips made.
If yon contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write us for information.
:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B l».
A large portion of the revenue of the
province goos towards educational purposes it has been under consideration by
the government for some time to overcome the heavy drain on the provincial
treasury and keep up the high standard
of tba schools. The minister of education lias now a bill before the bouse to
come up in a few days. It is the intention to increase the revenue or poll tax
from :'* to $5 and the whole to go into
tlio provincial treasury and be devoted
to educational purposes. Tbe cities in
rteurn will receive a per capita grant
per annum bused on the average attendance, and shall be paid quarterly by
the minister of finance. Trustees in
cities it will be necessary to have property qualifications before eligible for
the board. In the rural districts there
are very little changes in connection
with the running of the schools. In
Borne parts of tho province there is considerable kick about tlie bill, as tbey
seem to think it il directed at the working man, not taking into consideration
that all pay this tax. In the cilies some
of tho sections do not suit and their objections arc therefore forthcoming.
There will likely be modifications in the
bill before finally passed although the
principles will be about the same as at
present brought forward. It is necessary
that something should be dons in this
matter, and the bill Hon. Ur, Prentice
has brought iu looks feasible, as the few
dollars a year paid into tbe provincial
treasury for the privilege of living in
this country is not exhorbitant and can
cell be afforded by all.
The question of titles for property in
Lillooet iB a burning question and nine
out of ten persons do not know whether
they own what they have or not. During the paBt week alloys and private
thoroughfares and vacant lots have been
closod up and fenced, so that parties
owning them will be sure that they have
some hold on them. Tiie matter of titles
and ownership of town lots should be
settled ae the present state of
affairs causes trouble and the residents
are in a stale of uncertainly. All through
the interior their are old records of land
made years ago and the land registry
oliice knows nothing about them. It
would be a good Idea for the government
to cull in all the old books from their
offices and straighten up the laud  bus;-,
ntsssr the province.
If h man owns a lot in this section,
pays tax taxes, whether it is fenced or
not mils-tie he bas actual possession, lie
stands   chances   of   having   it jumped,
i , 	
If a properly owner allows the public to
use his land for a short cut or thoroughfare he will be compelled to lose eame for
his good nature in allowing the public to
use it.
Once again the residents of Bridge
Kiver ana Lillooet are petitioning Ihe
postmaster-general for increased mail
service between Lillooet and Cadwallader. What becomes of these petitions,
are they ev«r forwarded to the proper
The placer mining law is being " fixed
up "again and miners aad others will
have the pleasure of trying to find out
where they are. There is no doubt but
what the act needed changes.
Tlie mining committee is considering
tiie advisability of allowing crown grants
for hydraulic leases.
Tbe Large Cyanide Mill at Ample lias Com-
Dfenced Running on .j(h, and the Anderson Lake 5tamps Started Crushing on
the 6th. Both Properties Are Looking
Floe   and  Will Have a  Good Season.
Sudoral Dealer
Fall  line   of   Groceries,  Pry  Goode,  Boots   and  Shoes
Ohothing arid Hardware.     Miners' Supplies.
Kamloops, B.C.
Furniture «f every description.   Carpets, inolsura,   Window Shades, Cornice J'oles, etc.
"Mac" Is Watched.
The town of Lillooet had for a ntimber of years been euppiied with water
through an open ditch. About two
years ago through the efforts of Mr. S.
A. Macfarlane an appropriation was asked for and granted to purchase pipe for
the bringing in of water to the town,
rhich was done, and the residents have
since had the water system carefully taken
care oft with no cost, besides receiving
abundance of pure fresh water. Mr.
Macfarlane'sdisinterested efforts are appreciated by the people of Lillooet as
the following will show:
Deaii Macfarlane:   On behalf of the
residents of Lillooet the undersigned beg
you to act ept this watch as a slight token
oi their   appreciation of your untiring
and disinterested efforts  in connection
with the water supply of the town.
I). Hurley,)    .
J. S. Bell, i Committee.
Lillooet, B. C, March 13th, 1901.
MoBsrs. D. Hurley, J. S. Bell, Dr. San
eon,  Committee of  the residents of
Gentlemen: There is nothing so difficult as to properly acknowledge tbe receipt of a very great kindness. It is impossible for me to adequately convey to
you my thanks for the very tangible evidence of your good will, as manifested
in the presentation of a valuable and
useful article—and also in tbe very kind
letter whi_i accompanied the same.
If, as you generously state, I have-
in my imperfect way—heen of some service in cr nection with the town water
system, I can assure you that Buch services had been fully repaid in the knowledge that the people -vere furnished
with abountiful supply of tbat necessary
liquid without cost.
It will be my earnest effort to cooperate with the people in every wav for
acontinuance of a free and untaxable
water supply and the preservation to the
trwn of this benefit.
Again thanking you for your valuable
and beautiful gift, believe me most sincerely 8. A. Mackahlanb.
Lillooet, B. 0., March 13th, 1901.
This week the Toronto-Lillooet Gold
Reefs company's property was visited by
W. 0. Fox of Toronto, one of the directors, and Mr. John Dern, and Mr. Lege,
of Salt Lake City, Utah, After spending a few days at mill they returned to
town and left Wednesday to spend a few
weeks at the coast cities.
Tbe cyanide mill at the company's
property started up full blast on the 4th
of this month and is averaging about
forty toes daily.
At the mine every tliinglis looking well
and the ore is being taken out iu large
quantity to supply the mill.
Mr. Dern who is a practical mining
and will man, in speaking ol the works
said it was one of best constructed and
nice a running mill as he has seen.
Col. KiveB, the superintendent, is
working away and is doing his utmost
to keep the mill running full time, and
with the abundance of ore at the mine
the returns from the seasons work will
be good. The company have nearly 40
men employed.
A rich lady cured of her Deafnasii and Koines
ja the Houd by Dr Nicholson's Artificial Ear
bruins, gave $10,01)0 to his Institute, §o that the
•Ho.it people unable to procure the Kar Drums
way have thein free. Address No. 14628 The
NMcholson Institute, 710, Eitfhih Avenue, New
Vork, . .ti.A.
J. H. Anthony,
General Merchant, LYTTON.
Storage and
Forwarding Agent
Lillooet and Bridge River.
Have goods consigned to my care;
railway charges are settled, goods stored
and forwarded with despatch.
Canadian Pacific Navigation Company.
Far Ala^.!' 1 ^"re.crr for SkaftraT nn.l .\]*»!tn p.Mn'i Rive Victoria every Wednesday
VI   nillj..,..    evj.iniff nn I V,ini-.uve.-ei-ei* "('!;'i,.«i,( nt 1 n.tn.
_.   •A*'1;"!''.", ("r ."■''• Noltl;,'"i Holllts leuvo Victoria mul Vancouver l>ceklT.   ltcgnlar steamers
Mr *U British . u...mi,in nouns,   fartljulan Oil applanation, c. S. BAXT_lt,o. P .
ubscflbe for Ths Prospector.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
First-class in every respect.
Choice  Wines,  Liquors
and Cigars.  Sample
roem   tree,
The Anderson Lake Mining & Milling
Company, on McGillivray creek, ftaited
up their ten-stamp mill on Wednesday
and is crushing about fifteen tons daily.
A nrw eet of shoes and dies are expected
in this week when they will replace the
•ones now in use. The bins and stopes
are full of good ore and bave sufficient
on band to keep the mill going for some
It is expected that a very fair cleanup
will be made in a few weeks time. The
ditch line brokeaway for quite a distance
and necessitated considerable cribbing
and repairing, but at present work is
all right.   	
A. W. Smith of Lillooet, was appointed chairman of tlie mining committee in
the provincial legislature at its first
meeting held on Thursday morning, and
Thos. Taylor, of Hevelstoke, secretary.
Is it Jumping?
The lot on Main street adjoining
Clarks _ Co's drug store,and commonly
supposed to belong to Jos. E. N. Smith,
of Clinton, was refenced the first of the
w«ek by R. J. Atkins and P. V. Heath,
wbo intend to bold tlie lot unless title
can be shown that it haa an owner.
Another fencing " bee " was Btartcd
by E. S. Peters, J, F., but was discontinued after considerable argument. The
street running past Geo. I). Pell's house
and M. B. Eagleson's stable was tlie
land in question and Peters was fencing
same in which adjoins liis land.
fn 1900 this was certainly not the case, for the
mine companies, in order to reduce the amount
uf their mineral tax payments, based their returns of values on usually conservative lines,
fn conclusion it may be noted that as compared with Ontario, onr province's mineral
output of 1900 shows that 'he industry with us
makes a yield of nearly $7,200,000 ra e than
does in the eastern provinces.
The School   BUI.
The new School Bill, which was considered
at the caucus of thc government held on Tuesday, was brought down last Friday. It will
not come up for a day or two until the bill to
increase the revenue is presented by the Hon.
Mr. Turner, minister of finance, then the two
bills will be read together. The feature of
the hill is that the revenue tax-, known amonj
unmarried men as the poll-tax, will be increas-
from $3 to $5. The government may not
have acted along the suggestion of the member for Southeast Kootenay, E. C. Smith, but
the othei day he said three dollars was all too
small a fee for lhe privilege in this great and
glorious province. But the new provision of
an increase is intended to work in with the
new School Act. There has besides been
some disagreement in thc matter of collection
between the cities and the Government, and
the arrangement which it is proposed to adopt
that the whole amount is to be collected by
the Provincial Government will do away with
the cause of this. To offset tlie possibility o
any complaint from the cities an increased per
capita grant will be made. Then too, the
School Act will provide that $300 a year be
granted to each teacher in the high schools,
which is entiroly new. Section 35 of the old
act has been repealed and Ihe following has
been subsituted: A per capita grant of $13
V" for cities of the first class, $15 for cities of the
\J second class, and $20 for cities of the third
ass and towns of the  third class per annum,
A return presented by lion. Mr. Sifton to parliament, IaBt Friday, contain!
an order-in-council. dated the 28th of
February, transferring to the commissioner of the Yukon the right to issue
permits for the importation of liquors
and intoxicants. Permits will not be
given to any one who has not had previously a wholesale licence, which will
cost $2,000. Permits will cost $10 each
and the lee will be $2 per gallon to bring
liquor in.	
Upon the opening of the provincial
legislature last Tuesday, the premier
read a telegram from Mr. _u!uy Morrison. M. I'., stating that the visit of thr
Dukl of York and CornwaM to British
Columbia whs practically arranged. The
announcement was greeted with great
A man at 1 he Ample mine was slightly
Ing tired about the head this week, hy a
roc1* Jailing from tlie iQvf of the tunnel
Our mineral oul put of last year showed a
generally satisfactory advance. Thus the provincial minister of mines has in a summarised
estimate recently made given the output of
igoo as representing a total value of $16,-407,
945, as against a like worth of $12,393,131 in
1890, a gain of 32 per cent. Of this aggregate
the total metal yield advanced from $8,096,-
504 to $11,340,756, and showed an increase
of 40 per cent. Again of metal pn.ducts the
yield of those got by lode mining advanced 49
percent, the output of $6,751,604 in 1899,
rising to $10,062,032 in 1900. Descending to
further details the gold output, despite a
imall decline in placer yield rose by 21 per
cent., the yield being $2,857,573 in value in
1899, and $3,461,087 in 1900.
Silver', increase was much greater than that
of gold, representing 38 per cent., the figures
being respectively $1,663,708 and $2,295,097.
The copper output meanwhile increased by
I9j per cent., growing from $1,351,453 to
Lead, however, showed the greatest ad-
VflUce of all, considerably more than trebling
its output, the figures for that metal being
$878,870 in 1S99, and $2,699,557 in 1900, a
suggestive circumstance, as revealing the necessity that there for silver-lead smelting and
refining developments. The province's coal
and coke yield gained hy 25 per cent, in 1900,
rising from $4,053,651 to $5,066,889:
Placer gold alone showed a faliing off, a
fact which is partly explained, as the minister
of mines stated, hy an exodus of placer work-
ersjto Nome. It is also explained by the fact
thai apart from the Carihoo Consolidated Hydraulic company's yield, the hydraulicing companies of Cariboo last year in general disappointed their own hopes of immediate gold
production on any considerable scale. Then,
too, Atlin yielded less placer gold than was
anticipated. However, both as regards Cariboo and Atlin, we may as a result of hydra ir
licing, expect to see thc slight decline of last
year in placer gold replaced hy a gain of considerably more than the 5 per cent of temporary decline.
Thc cual and coke output of this year is also
certain to show a very large gain indeed on
that of 1900, as a result chiefly of what is now
happening as regards East Kootenay colliery
Another point worth noting is that the
metal yield of 1900 showed a really greater
advance of values than the returns indicate,
for in 1889 the estimates of Rossland and
some other districts were based on overrating.
hasHsl on the average actual attendance of the
public school pupils, shall be paid quarterly
by the minister of finance, out of the consolidated revenue fund of the Province, to
each of the municipal corporation! of the city
school districts of the first, second and third
class respectively, provided that the schools
have been conducted in accordance with the
rules and regulations prescribed by the Council of Public Instruction. The average actual daily attendance shall be calculated upon
the attendance for the half year preceding the
Lord  Kitchener.
Speaking of Lord Kitchner Frederick
Villers the veteran war correspondent, who
is in Montreal lecturing on thc war in South
As-iica, said:
11 Lord Kitchener is the man for the position at present. He is a splendid organizer and
is stern, but not inhumane. He is not a brilliant genera! in the field—not as good as men
of whom little has been heard, for it was not
Lord Kitchener who won the Soudan campaign so much as Hunter and Macdonald.
But for the action of these generals the British would have been in queer street, but then
Lord Kitchener organized the campaign. Ho
had three months supplies ready at hand, there
was not a detail missing. He finances, he
knows just how far every shilling will go. It is
genius. But there are better fighters than
Lord Kitchener.*'
Imperial LlmltcJ.
The Imperial Limited service is to go into
effect on a date to be selected about the middle of June. Thc company purpose making
some changes which will result in cutting
down the time between Montreal and Van.
couver by some hours. The C. P. R. is figuring on 'au unusually large amount of transcontinental business, among thc fixtures being
several parties of English tourists who are
expected to take in the Koolenays. The C.
P. R. house boats on the Kootenay and Slocan lakes are to be widely advertised and arc
expected to be in almost constant use.
A disgraceful scene occured in the British
House of Commons on Wednesday when sixteen Irish members refused to vote or leave
the house. Thc police were called in and removed Cran, a Cork member, alter a desperate fight in which other Irish memlters engaged, and the remaining members were similarly removed and suspended.
Dr. Manchester, who has been acting as assistant superintendent of the asylum for the
insane, at New Westminster, for a couple of
years, has been placed in charge of that institution. It is said to be the intention to superannuate Dr. Boddington, the present superintendent and appoint Dr. Manchester in his
Dr. Curry resident dentist of Kamloops,
will be in Lillooet about the end of March.
Gas aud cocaine for painless extraction.
Crown and Bridge work. Artifical teeth without plates. Everything in dentistry. First-
class work guaranteed. Come as soon aa
A. C. Doxat, lieutenant in the yoemanry,
and who was one of the winners of thc much
coveted Victoria cross, for bravery on the
field, is a brother ofC. R. Doxat, of Ashcroft
and H. S, Doxat, of Ullooet. Lieut. Doxat
at last reports was sick with enteric fever, AN  OLD  MAN'8  DARLING.
The hair is white that sweeps across
His <'.r \>\j furrowed brow;
The head that once war. proudly polled
lJroopa forward (eebly now I
De swings no jaunty cane, but leans
Upon a heavy Btick,
And as I watch him come and go
I notice that the itep Is slow
Which once was light and quick.
Her hand is laid upon his arm.
And love lights up liPr face.
When he, with trembling gullantry,
Still helps her o'er the pluce
Where small obstruction chance to 11%
Assists her up the stair,
And, after fifty years have run
Their course, still looks on her «B one
Who needs his aid and care,
A smile oft plays around her lips
When she accepts his aid,
for only loving, gentle hands
Haa Time upon Inr laid;
Ber eyes are bright, her step Is light.
Hut he, with ancient pride.
Must guard her and assist her slill—
klust he ber knight—as dowu tlie hill
lie totters at her side.
—S. E. Riser in Chicago Times-Herald.
COPYRIGHT,  1900,  BY C.  B.  LKWIS.
? 5>r<H^^'^«5>!-«+4-«>+*+*+?>
Two years before the outbreak of the
Franco-Prussian war and tbe downfall
of the last Napoleon an American
liiinied James Birney landed In Paris
from New York. He was what might
lie called a general utility man. He
bud been a small merchant In Michigan, a bookkeeper In Ohio, a manufacturer In Indiana and an editor in Iowa.
He wns n good nattired, easy going
tiiiin, taking life as be found it and
making no kicks. If he got a dollar
abend, be would find some new excuse
to get rid of It; If he was behind the
game, bis creditors would bave to extend bis account Nobody called lilm
smart, but everybody said he had a
strong fund of humor and philosophy.
When a man lu Cincinnati Invented
a bullet proof vest, Mr. lilrney somehow got hold of the European ageucy—
thnt is, lie went to Paris at least to
bring tbe patent directly to the attention of the French emperor, wbo was
always on the lookout for military novelties. The American's cheek and persistency secured him an audience after
weeks of red tnpe. He bad Insisted
that be would uot deal wltb the miuls-
tor of war or any other olliclal and was
at Inst granted an audience with the
emperor, it wns in the war office, aud
several cabinet officials were present
A musket was lying on a table, and
Napoleon greeted tlie agent with:
"Well, sir, what about this bullet
proof vestV"
"1 have It here, your majesty," was
tlie reply as the vest was held up to
"Put It on."
"With pleasure."
"Now go to the farther nnd of the
"Certainly, your majesty." '
"Now, sir," continued the emperor as
he lifted up the musket, "1 am going to
tire at your breast Are you willing to
tnke tlie chancesV"
"Fire away!" was tbe reply.
The emperor fired, and although the
bullet did not penetrate the shield the
force of It knocked Birney bend over
heels and put him out of It for the next
ten minutes. While it was decided that
the vest was not a success, the American's nerve exeitetl such admiration
thut be was given u handsome present
In ensh and graciously dismissed. He
Seemed to want to say something to
the emperor before he left the room,
but did not hnve opportunity. Early
the next day, however, lie bobbed up at
the war office for nn Interview wiib the
"It is no use," snid thai official as be
gave lilm a minute. "The emperor has
decided that he will not buy the vest"
"I knew that yesterday, of course,"
replied lilrney. "I nm not here about
the vest, but altogether another thing.
The fact Is 1 do not like Napoleon's
nose, and I want to improve It."
"Mon Illcu, man, but what do you
say!" exclaimed the minister as be
sprang to bis feet
"I say that the emperor's nose Is off
and thnt I enn Improve It 1 wanted to
tell liitn so the other day, but be hustled me out too quick. Cnn you bring
about aiiother Interview?"
"The emperor's nose? Yon sny It Is
wrong? You say you can fix It? Man,
What mean you?"
"I mean Just what 1 sny," calmly replied Birney. "1 am not n surgeon, hut
several years ago I Invented n little attachment to cure a badly shaped nose.
II bus been tried In half n dozen cases
nml proved Itself n big success. 1
brought one ulong witli me. nol knowing what I might run up against, and
If vou will give the emperor n lilnt"-
"Mon Well! Moll Hiell!" gasped the
minister ns he looked nt tlie American
with  wonder and  terror  In  liis eyes.
"Then you hnve gone crazy! You nre
out of your mind. You know not whnt
you say."
"1 am all right from bead to heel, my
dear sir. and I can't understand your
agitation. What's the matter with my
scheme for improving Napoleon's
Tbe minister rang his bell with nervous band, and a minute later Birney
was out ou tbe sidewalk with a flea in
his ear—thnt is. be was told to tnke
himself off or he would be locked up as
nn iusane person, it was rather a setback for bini. and Vt took him a dny or
two to get over it, but he finally came
up smiling. If tbe minister would not
help him out. there were other officials
who would. Ifc tried two or three of
them, with tbe result thnt he was
eventually haled before the chief of
police. That offlclnl probably sized him
up correctly, for lie snhl to him:
"You do not realize what you nre
doing. Don't you understand that you
can lie sent to prison for Ibis? You do
not appear to have lost your mind, and
you are no fool, and tlie best thing you
enn do Is to get out of Paris at once."
"But what Is the crime?" argued
Birney. "All I have done Is to say
that I can Improve on tbe emperor's
nose. Can a man be sent to prison in
France for that?"
"He can. sir, ns I wish to mnke you
understand. You must not talk this
way. You have made trouble for yourself, and yon had best get a wny ns
soon as possible. Should the emperor
himself hear of your insulting words
you would be sent to some fortress for
live often yenrs."
"Shoo! You don't say! But you
Frenchmen are queer people! Well. I
don't want to leave Paris for a few
days yet, but I'll keep still about Napoleon's nose. 1 had no idea he was so
techy about it. Not another word from
me if that's tlie way things are."
The chief added another warning,
though be saw the humor of the thing
anil smiled behind his mask. Birney
might stay on for n few days, but he
must keep that nose attachment of his
In the background and his tongue between his teeth. He went out of tbe
police office meaning to do it but
scarcely 2-1 hours bad pnssed away
when he accidentally met n French
doctor who could speak English fairly
well. Birney was naturally asked why
lie had visited Paris, and of course be
told of tbe bullet proof vest. Having
got stinted, he couldn't stop there.
"Say. do you know I could Ilx the
emperor's nose In less thnn * month?"
he remarked In n burst of confidence.
"Yes, sir. I could Improve that smeller of his at least Tit) per cent in three or
four weeks, and I wouldn't charge s
cent either."
"Tbe emperor's nose!" gasped the
doctor. "But what alls the emperor's
"Out of plumb, sir. and no excuse for
It All I want is three weeks' time.
Can't you get me an audience with
"Tlie devlll Why, mr.j, you are in
suiting tbe emperor! You ought to be
locked up!"
"Oh, come now!" laughed Birney in a
protesting way. "1 never saw such
people before. Can't the emperor's
nose tie out of plumb ns well ns any
other man's?"
The doctor left blm without even a
cold bow and probably went to the
police, as lilrney was arrested an hour
later. According to his story, he was
sent to prison without a trial and de
milled for a full ycHr. Then be was
taken out one day and conveyed to tlie
war office and Into the presence of Na
"Sir," said tbe emperor after glaring
nt him for awhile, "is my nose out of
"It is ns plumb as a plumbct," was
the ready reply.
"Does It need any fixing over?"
"Not n Ox."
"And how Is it with yours?"
"it's out of Joint, your majesty, but 1
think 1 could follow It out of France."
"Then you may try."
And try be did, and his nose led him
back to the land of the free without
any lingering on the road.
-nptiH«ftc and  t nines* Symbols.
The ninny Bymbols which decorate
ceramic ware lu .Inpan and China are
Interesting to those familiar with them,
and by means of them n test is furnish
ed which distinguishes the ware of the
two countries. For Instnnce, » three
clawed dragon Is Japanese, while a
live clawed dragon Indicates Chinese
art. lu .lapan the crane, turtle, pine
and bamboo nre emblems of longevity
und do not appear In Chinese decora
tion. The sacred symbols of Jnpnn-
the mirror, the sword, tbe jewel—ap
pear only in Japanese art. Tbe cbrys
niithemiitn. the Iris antl the lotus are
sacred dowers, The gods nre different
and a little study will make It Impossl
ble for one lo mistake lhe pottery or
decoration of one country for that of
another If a sacred subject Is palmed
Happiness Is symbolized by a white
stag; strength by the pine; the stork Is
Indicative of long life; tlie tortoise
stands for riches; a hawk for courage;
a bear In the snow endurance, and a
carp swimming upward Is the emblem
of perseverance.
Improving the Oiiporlnnltr.
My small nephew wns ready to start
on a long promised week's visit to his
grandfather's in the country. There
wns nn exasperating delay In the appearance of the carriage to take us to
the station. The young man worked
off his Impatience In various anuoylng
ways for half an hour. Then suddenly
he wns seen to kneel beside n cbnlr In
tbe corner and bury his face In bis
bands. After n few minutes bis mother suld;
"Well, Kenneth, what are you doing?"
".lust getting my prayers said up for
while I'm going to be out nt grandpa's.
There's nothing to do-here, nnd I 'spect
to bo pretty busy w_lle I'm there."—
llnnicr'u Magazine.
I.ndy Georgian Grey, a daughter of Ite-
form Bill Enrl Grey mid the oldest of Ihe
Indies residing at Hampton Court, died
recently at the age of !)0 years and 7
Mrs. William F. Apthorp, the wife of
the well known musical critic, invented
the sounding board of plate glass which
will be ,one of the novel features of the
new Checkering hall in Boston.
A fountain marking the birthplace in
Nantucket uf Abiah Folger. the mother
uT Benjamin Franklin, hns been present-
oil to the town. It is the gift of the
Daughters of the American Revolution.
Mrs. Florence F.. King, who wns the
cr.lv woman member of the Law School
of the Ohio Wesieyan university, class
of "111, hns just been admitted to practice
at the linr of the Kosciusko (Ind.I circuit court
Mrs. l'l.ehe Hearst has established in
the University of Callforuin n lectureship in the hibtory of nt't. Mrs. Henrst
hns nlsu advanced the money necessary
to Iniilil the residence fur the president
of tlie university.
Mrs. Funny Bullock Workman, a
daughter of ex-Governor Bullock of
Georgia, is gaining reputation ns n woman explorer nm! mountain climber. She
hns just completed n bleytlo tour of the
Indian jungle country nnd hist year mnde
ti record iu climbing among the Himalayas.
Mrs. Mary Anderson Navarro recently
rang in the town hall of Evesham,
Worcestershire, in aid of n fund for her
house of worship in Brnailwny, where
she and her husband nnd little son live.
She wns welcomed hy a fashionnble nnd
enthusiastic audience. She possesses a
rich, clear contralto voice, anil she has for
the last two years been a pupil of Frances Kurlniy, the Hungarian composer.
Mrs. Ti Di nf Idaho City will vote as
aa American citizen nt the coining election. Being horn in tlie stnte, Idaho's
womnn suffrage Inw took her in. while
her husband, n native of Cliinn, is barred
from the franchise. Mrs. Ti Di received
a common school education nnd is n cou-
stnnt render of the American dailies nnd
followed assiduously all Ihe proceedings
of the Etepublicnu national convention.
Miss Helen Cbaddick of England has
been astonishing both the whites nnd
blacks in central Africa by her five
munths' Journey, all nlnne, save for her
black attendants, into the far interior.
Miss Chaddlck bus courage, independence and money, all nf which are esr.?n-
tlnl for n successful journey by a white
woman in regions where the means of
transportation are still primitive.
At one time tbo kaiser called Victor
Emmanuel III ''the wandering royal encyclopedia.
The kaiser is one of the fastest of
public speakers. It lias been estimated
that in the course of n speech he utters
au uvernge of ""."> syllables a minute.
it seems that tlie young king of Italy,
economically inclined though he he in nil
■other respects, intends to indulge in good
music nnd plenty of it. Beth lie nnd his
queen ure passionately fond of anisic.
A humorous friend uf the Prince nf
Wales recently gave him a silver stetho
scope ns a present—the point lying in the
fuel that his royal highness has broil
given diplomas ns n physician nnd sur-
Queen Willieliiiiiiii is said to have profiled by the shah nf Persia not visiting
England, for she hns received the stipcvb
snuffbox of the linesl enamel covered
with brilliants which lie curried nbout ns
a gifl I'm' Queen Victoria. It was to have
been presented nt Osborne on Aug. 10
nnd wns valued by u Paris expert nt fiO,-
01)0 francs.
The king of Sweden r.nd Norway is an
admirable linguist. When the oriental
congress met at Stockholm a few yenrs
ngu. he addressed the ussembled scholars
in the latigtiuges of the unttnnnlities to
which they respectively belonged nnd
seemed to speak wiih equal fluency in
English, French, German, Italian, Bus-
sinii and Spanish.
But if the guilty woro puim-hcd first
tlipre nii-L'lit tint ho nny Chinoso governi
iiiciii to iipgoliftte witli.—Detroit  News.
lY'in- noKotintloiH wi:!) Chinn have
pvo^i-essi'-i to thiii point where nil that
minims to hv done is to decide to do
something.—Baltimore American.
It may or may not be true that Germany contemplated wnr witli Cliinn, lnit
tiie silniiiiou is sm-li tlint nny raisRtep in
lhe munngement of affairy at Peking may
prec'.pltnia nn ngly quarrel,—Chicago
Neither Oermnny nor Russia is likolj
lo rush Unu wnr with China unless support.-il morally or physically hy other nations. It would In- too dangerous a
game to piny, even though the Chinese
thi'insi'lvca  cou'd  easily  he overcome.
ftviih'nee of n custom is not admissible
to contradict the plain terms of a written
The adjustment of a controversy hou-
esiiy Inaugurated is n Bulflelent consider*
nl inn to Blip port the agreement.
Damages cannot ho recovered of na
agent fur n breach of contract by his
principal, the fact of agency having been
One who conceals his Ogenoy in making
a contract is liable in the same manned
and to thc eame extent as though he were
Where the report of nn agent shows s
ha hi nee in his [muds, which he neglects
to pay over on demand* the principal is
entitled to interest on such balance froin
the date of such report.*—
AP eonlheils ure of vegetable origin.
Tlie ocean, il is estimated. eontnii4
7,000.000 iiiliie miles nf salt, and if it
etiiild he taken out al once the levtl of
the water would nut drop an inch,
In a rereul eouiiitiinientlnn to the
French Academy or Medicine, M. I.. I hi
trrnihlny advocates ihe treatment of seasickness hy inhalation of pure oxygen
iinilei pleasure.
Aft' i keeping n cylinder of gold nml
one of lend together for four yenrs nt
nhoiit id degrees I''.- Hint is, n cnmpnra-
tivclv eool temperature -Sir W. Roberts'
Austin found thnt lhe gold had slowly
but surely made its way into, or luuetl
with, the had.
* -—
Doing    on    Adventure    In    Which    *
Count nnd a Milltonntre Fl„nre.
[Copyright, lyoo, by C. U. I*wis.]
"Ah. count, Is it you?" snid the millionaire ns he arose and extended his
hnnd.   "1 hope I see you well?"
"You behold me in ze grande health.
Let us now to business. 1 loaf your
"Yes; yeu love my Knthalene."
"And I would marry her."
"I expect you would. How much
rhino have you got, count?"
"Rhino!   Ze rhino?"
"Money, greenbacks,cash. How much
can you settle on my daughter?"
"Hut zhat la mereeiinrie. I do not
speak of money \vl:; my loaf. I loaf
her all uiy life, but I settle no money."
"Then we may consider you out of it
and my coachman in. He can settle
$1,000 on the girl and will continue to
drive for me at half wages. 'Sense me,
count, but this Is uiy busy day."
"Then my title and my loaf was
"You've hit it."
"And n coachman"—
"Knocks down the persimmon nnd
gets the prize. Ta. ta! Boy will show
yon out, and the cable car In the next
street will do for you with neatness
and dispatch." M. Qoad.
more Serious.
Asklt— What ever became of that patient of yours you were telling me
about last spring?
Ur. Bokuvu—Ob, he's got n complaint
now that's giving me a great deal of
Askit—Indeed?   What is It?
Dr. Solemn—It's n complaint about
the amount of my bill.
He Vli Only .Toklns.
They sat on the rustic seat. He held
her hand. "This reminds me of playing poker." he giggled softly.
"In what way?" she Inquired.
"Holding n big hand." He was only
(olcing, but lhe neighbors will tell you
that she takes those delightful moonlight  rambles   with  another   fellow.
II lind Siinii.
Wright—I wish to submit this article
on the "Daily Lives of Our Millionaires."
Editor—Hon't want It; too dry. Why
don't you write nbout something with
more snap to It?
Wright-Gee whiz! I can't Imagine
a bigger snap then n millionaire's life.
Advice to Wenry 'Willie.
"I see yer movin out, boss," remarked .i very disreputable looking Weary
Willie who hail stopped lo watch the
operation. "Is dey anything you dou't
n»ot! 'at I might take?"
'Yes," snapped the crusty suburbanite, tosslntr » bundle lc*o the »pn • "*
Cnn See n Joke.
Watts—Don't tell me an Englishman
lias uo sense of humor or cun't see a
Potts—It Is now up to you to prove It.
Watts—Well, I have told nu English
acquaintance of mine the same joke 14
times, and lie likes it better every time.
All Looked I'or It.
Mr. I.urUcr— Excuse me, Miss Snapper, but I have long sought this opportunity-
Miss Snapper—Never mind the preamble, Mr. I.urker. Hun along lu nud
nsk |in. He's been expecting (his would
conic for the last two years.—Exchange.
All ToRelher Now.
"All of us fellows iu Ihe graduating
class," said the new Hedged medico,
"have decided lo grow n beard."
"That should be easy," replied the
Biircnstle mnn, "if you nil work together. How many hairs is each to contribute?"-
Their Wny.
The Cigar—Say, you ate nervous sort
of chaps.
Tlie Dlee- Yes. We get rattled a good
Grin nn Hour It.
Don't yon lyinptthitu With trouble;
l.tiiT II tlirn.
Look bvyonil _' (-liiuils wtiirb threaten
Per 111' blue.
Don't go erumpitl round an sulking
Wliimcl Him.
It 'ull klml ot r.isi. yer speerlt.
When yi-r glum.
Wlim ye tori like ^t^liln, holler
All yrr might!
When ye w.-liil  1' rry, try aingin,
Jis fer ppite.
Pon'l civ' up liYiiz Hi' world won't
t ump v. r wny;
Kf ie Imnj; on Uj yer eyelirnwa,
"i'will some day.
It* llouiifnK Wbi Brought About by
the Inlrodnctlon nnd Perfection ot
Pliotoffrupiiy—TUe Wcrk of Mailer
end Korghen.
Twenty-five or more years ago, when
Art was uot spelled with a capital letter,
no self respecting citizen would have ventured to invite his friends into a "parlor"
not adorned with specimens of the alleged art of more or less Incompetent steel
engravers. "The Pilgrim's Progress,"
"The Guardian Angel," diminutive and
Irritating children offering lonvrs of
bread to preposterously grateful and ragged "poor"—such works of urt as these
adorned the walls i*f 00 out of every 100
houses, it was depressing from an aitis-
tic point of view, hut this feeble imitation testified to the supremacy of the noble art of steel engraving, of which the
masters were nn inspired few. The en-
graved atrocities have vanished from the
walls, aiul along with them the trulj
beautiful specimens of tlio art have
grown to he less nnd less highly prized,
except by the connoisseur. Steel engraving lias come to lie oue of lhc lost arts.
In n few years nil its followers will have
passed away, and the good engravings
now extant will even more distinctly become merely interesting subjects for the
collector rather thnn for the admiration
of the many.
Steel engravers have not yet found
their occupation gone entirely. The old
nun wiio once engraved pictures of ambitious size and scope uow toil—such est
thein as aro left—over the details of
lunik notes. It is the one living brunch of
steel engraving, one worthy enough in its
wny, for the work is benutlful, but oue
which will never win the ndinirntion once
showered on huge copies of great pictures. To the general public Ihe tijrure
rather than the design of n hank note is
of .Importance, mil few stop to tune the
delicnty of tlie lines, tlie grace of Ihe
composition, all engraved, very likely,
witli loving care by some old man whose
pride in his art remains, although lhe
glory of It hns gone foreVcr.
This brunch of engraving has reached
a higher development in America than
anywhere else. The delicacy of the work
is sometimes extreme and uives an idea
of the standing of the artist in the days
when his skill was put to higher uses.
The old men ate growing fewer every
year. For lhe special profession or banknote engraving young men are being
trained lo take their places, hut for the
broader work, as it used to be carried ou,
there will he no successors. The old engravers nre the last of their ancient
guild, and with them the art of steel engraving ns it relates to Inrge picture!
will die.
Uut, nnrrow as is their field, it is interesting to fiiifl thnt these old artists recognize one another's work by the minute
detnils of Ihe bnnk note or stcek certificate. Much of it is done by geometric
l.uhe In the hands of apprentices, hut thc
touch of the true nrtist is perceptible to
his brother, jusi ns it is possible to delect in n moment the style of n painter.
There is always infinite pnthos nbout
the iden of the world's losing anything
beautiful it once possessed. It does nol
matter whether or uot there has come
something to take ils place—the sadness
is there. As a matter of fact steel engraving has passed away because some-
thing as satisfactory and far cheaper
has been discovered. Photography ia
a good enough substitute for the iuferior
work which was so familiar n quarter of
a century ago. Tbe rage fur etching
also helped lo overthrow sieel eugriiv-
ing from its position of security, but the
downfall was brought about chiefly hy
the Invention or photography. The platen
engraved by really good workcr-s cost a
large sum of money and nu amount of
time disproportionate even to lhe high
price. Mullet- spent sii yenrs iu perfect'
lug liis "Sistine Madonna," nud the price
paid for it rewarded his time nt a less
rale than thnt of nu ordinary dry goods
elerk of today.
Such works were, indeed, a labor of
love, nad to lliem there nttnehed a seuli-
nientnl Interest thut enn never cling
around the photograph which hns driven
the engraving from the field. An ordinary photographer—that is, u man with no
special artistic inspiration—enn produce
the beautiful work which hangs in the
place of I hose once honored copies of
grent pictures. Of course, steel engravings arc still bought and sold and still
hang in the houses ot artistic people, hut
those who buy nro iu the main collectors,
The general public no longer looks nt the
old time favorites. To take up some volume of a good art journal of 25 years ngo
and compare it with recent issues is to
meet a forcible reminder of the wny in
which taste has chaugeil. A quarter of a
century ogo the pages of such volumes
were   filled   with   steel   engravings   aud
nothing else, while now dashing color effects, daring "studies" In charcoal, fill
page after page.
The position in the art world of the
great engravers is quite beyond dispute.
There Is no question of whether or not
there is geueral interest in their manner
of work.
The value of their enginvings is fixed,
and their service to the world is beyond
question. Were il not for Morghen we
might hnve hnd no idea of the beauty of
Leonardo da Vinci's "I.nst Supper." The
I mm- spirit of art bus been nobly preserved l.y such engravers nnd their followers,
nnd there is uhout their work a charm
which fashion cannot nffect.
But these works are too high priced for
the public to know much of them, and every year will increase their value. For
au engraving, if it is to be perfect, must
be printed nt the-thne the plate is mnde.
Copies made after ninny yenrs are. from
the point of view of the connoisseur,
Worthless, Attain, mnny plates have been
retouched hy some clumsy hnnd und thus
ruined, or worse than ruined, since they
slill exist to give a false impression of
the work of n true artist. The engravings for which nit lovers seek must he
those mnde nt the lime of Ihe making of
the plate. Since there are no more engravers nnd the work of the musters Is
in tlie course of nature becoming more
porishnble with every yenr, "(vie mny oh
tain nn Iden of the value lo Ihe artist of
these tew great works.
A Donlilfnl Compliment.
He (fondlyl—I like you so much.    See,
even Fldo nnd the horse there like you!
She—Oh,   yes;   nil  dumb  animals  like
It wns Thacydlde's opinion thnt "tj
know n thing und not to express it is nil
otie„ as if he knew It Bat"
neldcnt That Led Hliu In loini-
terninm! n 111k Order.
**A credit man hus muny strnnge experiences," snid a gentleman who formerly occupied lliul position with a larne
jobbing bouse. "Chance will play into
his hands i'n all suits of curious ways,
nnd often he will feel ns if Provldeiice
had directly interposed to save hint from
some swindler.
"I remember a remarkable Incident that
occurred the first year I wns in the business. We had a customer in a good sized
interior town who had been trading wilh
us for a long time nud enjoyed the eulire
confidence of the house. One day iu May
he [mid us n visit and placed a very large
order, going, in filet, lo the extreme limit
of his credit, ile explained ils unusual
size by saying thnt he was about to enlarge his estahllshmeut, that ho had allowed his stock to run down preparatory
to making a big splurge to wipe mu a
rival establishment and, iu short, told
such u plausible story that I nt once approved Ihe account.
"That afternoon a young man from n
furnishing  store  dropped   in  and  asked
whether   Captain    ,   mentioning   (he
merchant's mime, hnd loft the city. '1
nm sorry,' he remarked when he learned
that he hnd gone. 'The captain placed
an order wiib us for a couple of suits of
extra heavy underwear and was anxious
to have them delivered next week. I
wanled to tell him that we'd have to send
north for the goods.' he added, *and Ihey
mny he delayed.'
"That incident set me to thinking.
There might lie Q thousand perfectly natural aud Innocent explanations of tho
order, yet it certainly carried lbt» inference that our fl'ieud wus contemplating
nn early trip to u cooler climnle, anil—
well, 1 hnd n strum; premonition, or whatever you choose to call il, that something
wrong lurked in tlie background. The
more 1 thought nbout li the more uneasy I became, it seemed absurd to
turn down an old friend and lose a handsome sale simply because lie had ordered
some heavy underwear, and 1 knew I
was risking severe censure, If not my
situation itself, hut before night I coun-
tcruiaiiiled his purchases and notified liim
by wile that we hnd decided to trim our
credit lines for the summer and were
sorry that we could uot oblige blm.
"Ile sent buck a furious letter and
placed his order with an opposition firm,
who accepted him gladly. My bosses
looked pretty black when they beard the
story, but they changed their expression
curly in June, when the worthy captain
suddenly disappeared nfter turning everything lie hud into cash. Just ns 1 had au-
licipnteii, lie headed for a cooler climate.
When last heard from, he was rusticating
in Manitoba."
In Tartnry onions, leeks nnd garlic
nre regarded as perfumes. A Tartar
lady will make herself agreeable by
rubbing n piece of freshly cut onion on
ber hands and over her countenance.
More  thnn   1,000   kinds  of  rubber
are mnde lu thc United States.
When the Brain Lags, the Body Weakens and Physi.
cal Bankruptcy Threatens, Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
Seeks Out the Weak Spots and Builds Them Up.
Canadians are workers. Some from
necessity, others from ambition.
Some to provide for self, others for
the dally bread of those dependent
upon them. All alike fall when the
system weakens and health gives way
to disease. The strain of work Is on
the minds of some, on the bodies of
others, but, the nourishing of both
is in the nerves ami blood.
When tlie mind refuses to concentrate in thought, when the brain
tires and aches, when sleepless nights
are followed by days of langour aud
discouragement, when tbe heart palpitates, tho stomach weakens and
there are pains and aches of heart
and body. Dr. Chase will help you by
means of his Nerve Food, the greatest blood builder and nerve restora-
tivo of thc ago.
Without deadening the nerves,
without stimulating the heart to
over-action, I*r. Chase's Nerve Food
gradually and certainly reconstructs
tho tissues wasted by overwork ami
disease. Tbe quality of the blood is
enriched, thc nerves arc revitalized,
and tile new and strengthening tide
communicates   itself   to  every  musclo
of the body.
Mrs. 1). W. Cronsberry, 108 Ilich-
mond street west, Toronto, Out.,
states :—
"My daughter, who sews in a white
goods manufactory, got completely
run down by tlie steady confinement
and close attention required at hor
work. Her nerves were so exhausted, and she was so weak and debilitated that she had to givo up work
entirely, and was almost a victim of
nervous prostration.
"Hearing of lir. Chase's Nervo Food
she begun to use it, and was bone-
filed from tho very lirst. It proved
an excellent remedy in restoring her
to health and strength, After having
used four boxes, she is now at work
again, healthy and happy, and attributes her recovery lo the use of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food."
The strengthening nnd building
power of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is
most extraordinary. From week to
week new vigor and energy are added to tbe system, until health nnd vitality is ngnin restored. 50 cents a
box, at all dealers, or Edmonson,
Dates &. Co., Toronto. THE  PROSPECTOR.
Tlie rrofessot-s1 t-lsrnpeil  IJBi-u'rm.
He wns apparently an old mau, wore
large spectacles aud carried a small
Batchel. Across the satchel wns labeled, "Professor Kedd, Chicago." He en-
tcrcil the waiting room uf a suburban
station and deposited thc satchel carelessly near the lec cooler. Suddenly
those near saw the satchel fall and
heard the sharp tinkle of breaking
glass. Tho old man picked up the glass
and muttered exclamations of distress.
"To think I brought them all the way
from I'.ra/.il," be said.
"What were tbeyV" Inquired some
tne In the sympathetic crowd.
"Genus!"       *
"Bacteria of a strange Brazilian fe-
"Quick, man! Crush them with your
"I can't, sir. They are now floating
around in the air."
There was a moment of horror. Then
there was a rush, and a little later the
old man was the only occupant of the
•wailing room. A window was raised
from lhe outside.
".lust let them out easy. Pete," cautioned a voice.
And the bogus professor obeyed.
Satchels, grips and cases went through
the window. After he had finished collecting the professor followed the
booty. Ills false ..e.-ird fell back 111 tlie
room, but be did not attempt to reclaim
If. The arrival of their train prompted
those outside to venture In for tiieir
baggage. It bad vanished, and the
black   beard   told   the   tale.
I was cured of Acule   Bronchitis  by
Bay of Islands. J   M. Campbell.
I was cured of   Facial  Neuralgia by
Spriughill,   N.S. Wm. Dauiels.
I was curod of Chronic  Rheumatism
Albert Co., N.B.      George Tiugloy.
If tv woman has only three lines to
write on a slijot, ot noto paper she
i.nn't resist the temptation of writing two of them on the side margins
and signing bee name upside upside
down over the date. ,
The crying oi children in bed is one
kud of sheet music.
Ladies of Canada .
"Should old acquaintance bo forgot '!" The answer comes mechanically from every Britisher. Nor
Remember that on tlie bloo-iy li.'hls
of South Africa your brave soldier
boys were on tlie firing line, flanked
by loyal British subjects from Ceylon
and India. In the midst of danger,
lasting friendships were formed, and
you, ladies, of Canada, have it in
your power to cement those bonds.
The flrcen teas of Ceylon and India
appeal to you from sentiment. By
using thein you not only aid your
brother colonists, but you get absolutely the best teas. Those of you
who drink green Japan teas have a
revelation in store if you make the
change. Blue Ribbon, Salada and
Monsoon packets may be had front
your grocer.—Colonist.
Accounted Kor.
"Vfliflt seems tn lie the matter with
him?" nsked tie tluctor, approaching tlie
bedside of the Qinn who lay swathed lu
"He found the ens leak," esplnlned tho
nurse.—Chicago Tribune.
N«  Interference.
"I hope you help inn all you can nbout
the house," sniil May.
"Yes. wiieu she's b'ipy." answered Nan.
"I keep out of her way."—Philadelphia
A   Itnn   I Inr,
"The hoy that pays he likes tn go tn
school," snid the corn fed philosopher,
"is sere in grow into u tunn that will siij
he is not afraid of his wife."—Iniliniutpu
lis Press.
From Ihe New Firat flender.
See the hnil boy.
Why is the boy hnd?
Re-cause of a prov-erb he once rend iu
a book.
Wlutl did the prov-erb sny?
It snid. "Tlie good die young."
Thai is why the boy is not tnk-ing nny
rhan-ees.—Chicago Post.
is a symptom of Kidney
Disease. A well-known
doctor has said, *' I never
yet made a post-tnortein examination in a case of death
from Heart Disease without finding tlie kidneys
wereatfault." The Kidney
medicine which was tirst on
tho market, most successful for Heart Disease and
all Kidney Troubles, nnd
most widely imitated is
If It  Be   Feeble  and   Scarce,  He  Ham
CllUHC   to   !!i-ji)tfc.
All humau * rings past tbe ago of 4 carry with thein some secret sorrow. Even
young babies have secret sorrows sometimes. These tnke the form of a safety
phi that is not safe, or of a nurse all
smiles and affection when parents are
around, but inclined to scold and slap al
One very common sorrow we propose to
uproot. This is the sorrow of the young
man whose beard, feeble nnd scarce, is
like the down on Huffy gosling.
How often have yon noticed such a
young man pulling Badly and bitterly at
the mustache that will not grow? How
often have you felt sorry for the young
clergyman tugging at pale tide whiskers
barely visible? Verily, "thc heart know-
eth his own bitterness."
'Our mission today is to te 1 younj men
and clergymen that there is no more
hopeful sign iu nil their make up than a
faint and backward growth of beard.
Feebleness of beard indicates that the
man has ahead of him progress, mental
and physical. It indicates that he has not
seen his best day or full development,
that he can wisely hope for better things
later on.
On the contrary, tho mnn whose face,
shoved, looks like a very dark slice of
castile soap, the young man who pride:;
himself on a nutmeg grater chin, has in
all probability seen ihe limit of his development. This is sad, but it is true, aud
we hnve got to say it, for we nre truth
tellers in ordinary to the American young
If you doubt what we tell you, investigate for yourselves. Study pictures of
grent men at 30 or .'-!_.—you find that their
beard, even nt that age, is often nothing
more than a promise.
You see, we are nil related, in physical
mnke up at least, to the animal kingdom.
Throughout lhat kingdom outward signs
indicate full maturity. The lion's mane,
the bison's hump, the elephant's tusks,
the boar's tushes, the peacock's tail
feathers—these correspond to the beard
In man and indicate the state of development which each animal has attained.
The state of your beard measures your
development, and there is nothing to be
more thankful for than slow development.
Tiie better the creation the slower its
growth. At (J weeks of nge the cabbage
far surpasses the oak, but at thc end of n
hundred years, when the oak defies the
storm, where is your cabbage?
If you try hard, you may find imaginary exceptions to this rule. Perhaps
you'll say thnt Napoleon had n beard ns
stiif ns tlint of a walrus almost before he
was out of his teens.
True, but he was fully developed almost before he was out of his teens. He
was a great military genius nt 20, and his
full development and full beard came
early. Uut his career ended early. His
predecessor, Cicsar, had practically no
heard at all, just a few hairs here aud
there, but he lasted longer than Napoleon and could hnve gone on indefinitely
if his friends had not murdered him.
In all truth remarks on young men
there resides of course a useful lesson of
some kind for young women.
Here is the lesson for young women:
Don't despise your young man because
his mustache i.s sickly.
If you are wise, you will tell the young
man to shave, since all beard is nn abomination. Hut if you belong to the primitive female type which demands hair on
the man's face make the best of what
there is there.
You want your young man to develop.
If you get him witli a thick mustache, he
will never bo much 'better than at present, and you will probably have to let
that magnificent mustache take the place
of mental growth and future glory.—Ne
A  IIii-jm -lent.   (JiHi-.
A cnb driver had been driving n cab
for four years nnd got a little more
weary looking every dny.
"I can't stand it no longer," he snid nt
last "I ain't n-going to have nny more
women finding fault and claiming that
thoy didn't have courteous treatment."
There was a woman standing nt the
next corner. Instead of the customary
"Cab, ma'am?" he stopped his horse, dismounted from his perch, nnd going toward the curbstone, lifted his lint and inquired:
"Do you propose making use of this vehicle today?"
"Sir!" she said iu tones of astonishment.
"Do you wish to ride in this cab? If so,
I will gladly escort you to it. I aim to
"Why, I never heard such impertinence," she stammered. "1 did intend
riding in your cnb, but I shall certainly
wait for the next. And you may expect
u complaint from me nt the police station
concerning your conduct, sir."
He remounted the seat and pulled his
hat down over his eyes.
"'Tain't no use! Gee up!" wus all he
said.—London Tit-Bits.
Knox nt thc Door.
"Thomas Sexton." says Justin McCarthy, "who was for many years a member
of the house of commons, had the reputation of being not only one of the grentest
orators in the house, but also one of the
wittiest men in private conversation.
One day, while I was sti'l leader of the
Irish National party. I w;.s particularly
anxious to got some information on a
pressing subject before the house from
Yosey Knox, who was then member for
the Ulster city of Deny. 1 rushed from
my seat in the debating chamber into the
central lobby, when1 members often
lounge nud talk, ami looked around for
my friend. There I saw Sexton, and 1
went eagerly up to him and asked,
'Where can I find Knox?' 'There he is
ot the door,' replied Sexton. 'Knox tint
urally would he at the door.' "
The ProHt  In It.
A gentlemnn who was visiting one of
the public schools in n Scotch town ask
ed a bright looking boy:
"What profit is there In the study of
ancient history?"
"About 18 pence, I suppose," was the
"\\ I'll, the teacher makes us buy the
books'from him. nnd we have to pny 3
shillings. I thinks ho gets them for 18
pence apiece, so he has a clear profit of
18 pence, according to my calculation."
Fit mo.
" 'Opportunity comes once to every
"That's right. Ami nny mnn is bound
to become famous if he ouly lives loug
"Oh, I don't quite believe that."
"You don't? Suppose a man fives to
be 150 years old. Wouldn't that make
him famous?"—Philadelphia Jtccord.
Fired nt Random. They Hay Yet Hit
Tbeir .Murk.
Every once in awhile vou run across a
man with a very impressive voice who
doesn't amount to anything.
Every man that goes up u back alley
is not necessarily a thief, lie may be
learning to ride a bicycle.
When a widower gets married, nearly
every other widower is interested.
Uockiug chairs would not be of much
use if it were not for women who put
in most of their time rocking.
Hardly any jokes are tunny unless
they are ou the other fellow.
When a man gets to the age where be
keeps an accurate account of the time of
day, he has uot much else left to do.
Ahout all the satisfaction some folks
have is thnt they are not like other people.
Even folks who maku a good deal of
fuss wheu they get married look very
common soon afterward.
If there is a real big chair in the room,
pvery chump that comes in tries to
move it.
Folks mako presents of fountain pens
to people who cannot write,
Dcnf men always seem to have n special hankering to walk on the railroad.
A woman will use tho potato mnsher
to drive a nail rather than hunt the hammer.
If it were not for nn occnsionnl senn-
dnl, some folks would not seem to have
very much fun.
The height of martyrdom for a farmer boy is to wear collars and cuffs on a
hot day.
Every man has n grudge at some doctor for a big bill he once charged him.
When you find a man that snys he is
Independent, you will soon find thnt he
thinks that it p-ty* better.
Whon n man begins to do things of
which he is ashamed, he likes to associate wilh other men who have also done
mean things.
People who never get to he worth
much think all who becom* vdi oT ho***
'■) do i; bv being Rtlngy,
Tho London school board is responsible for the laucation of a population more than double that of Dcn-
:nui K and 0 reece and larger than
that of Scotland. The children of
I.mi,don outnumber the total population of any European city except live.
'The sum spent on elementary education in London is equal to the entire
government expenses of either Den-
1 ark,  Norway  or Sweden.
Wife (at the theatre)—"The pro-
g-umnie says th; play has a moral,
but I fail to see it."
Husband who paid S3 for two
seats)—"Oh, the moral's there, all
Wife—"I'd live to know what it
is ?"
Husband—" 'A fool and liis money
mo soon par:e:l.' "
Ask for Miiiard's anil tale no other.
Electric coal cutting machinery is
I'H] idly displacing band work and
other varieties ul mechanical mining
.ijM liuncoe in Lhe colieries in Great
P-'Uiin. The cool thus mined is
e'et-ner, the w,\_ie less and the effect
uf the machine on thc ventilation
•nd temperature of the mine less
ihan  with  any   other  mechanism.
The Loudon J*atly Mail says that
the days of t.ie banjo are numbered
in England and that that instrument
•will soon be included in the same
c.itegory with the mouth organ and
the accordion. Tho zither will prob-
tibJy be the ,ruvoritc instrument during the coming winter.
Keep MINAED'S LINIMENT in the House.
Colored globes in the windows ot
hiinisls* shops were first displayed by
ho Moorish druggists of Arabia nnd
Snails, by means of nn acid which
hey exude, contrive to bore holes iu
■•olid limestone.
HMD'S LIMEST is used by P&ysiclau.
Iter  KlmtMcnl   Look.
The plotl ni' u until nrri'steil fur swrnr.
inn nt iiis mother-in Inw wna that she
"eittiiiileiuni Willi tutu lin*l."
"Hii! slut sweni ut you?" nslieil fho
"Xo. jnur hniiiir, hut she Innked It."—
All.imii ("\i|!i|Hiili"ti
If unable to decide whether to buy
or hire a hor=ie, bear in mind that
o*' two evils you  should choose   the
C»li1, 2:07"., hns an Austrian two mils'
record of 4:27 3-10.
Monterey won the western stallim)
stake which wns trotted n few weeks aire
nnrl went one lient in 2:12.
Masculine, n trotter by Online, 2:01.
Pacini;, is reported to hnve beaten 2:20 in
a race without winning a heat.
The two ntten\pts of Crcsceus nt Term
Haute to bent his own mark of 2:04 resulted in miles in 2l05% anil 2:04V4.
Allertoii this season lias Hi new performers to liis credit, while 11 previously
hi tiie list have reduced their records.
Crcsceus, 2:04, recently trotted a mile
over tiie Toledo half mile track iu 2:00:ri,
trotting the second quarter in i.0% seconds.
When Myilhi Wilkes reduced iier record to 2.09VJ nl Tcrro Haute recently, it
lmisio the seventh 2:10 performer for
Baron Wilkes,
Craosoto, chestnut grilling, driven by
Ilnyilen. has been winning all liis races
i:i New Knelr.tnl recently anil has taken
a record of 2:22*4.
Free Bond, 2:0414, hus been styled tho
fastest Canada bred pacer, but was really bred in Ic.wn nnd taken to Camilla lie
fore ho was a year old.
Crosceus' wonderful victories In 1000
have so stimulated the horse loviug public of Toledo that il has been decided to
build o mile track there next «■'» '*•
An   El.leilv   Lady   Tell«   of    Iter   Cure
Through  the  Use  of Dr. Williams'
Pink   rills  After   a   Score   of   Other
i:.i„i-.ii.s Bad Failed.
Dyspepsia causes more genuine distress than most diseases that afflict
mankind. In this country from one
cause or another its victims are num.
bered by the hundreds of thousands,
and those alllicteil always feel tired,
worn out nnd miserable, and ure subject to fits of melancholy or i,l temper without apparent cause. It is
obvious that tlie human body, in order to perforin its functions, must be
properly noyrished, and this cannotl
be done when the food is improperly
digested. Those who sufler from indigestion should exerelse discretion as
to diet, and only easily digested
foods should be taken. Hut more
than this is roqulred-tho blood needs
attention in order that the stomach
may be strengthened, and tlie secretin of the gastric juices properly
curried on. There is no other medicine offered the public that will act
so promptly anil effectively as lir.
Williams' Pink Pills. Troof of litis
is given iu -he cn.se of Mrs. p. X.
Doddridge, St. Sauveur, Que. In conversation with a reporter, Mrs. Doddridge said:—"For quite a number of
years I have been a terrible sufferer
from dyspepsia, accompanied b.v tlie
sick headaches that almost invariably conic with this trouble. 1 suf-
fcred from terrible pains in the stomach, bloating and belching with wind.
All food seemed to disagree with me.
and as a result of the trouble I was
very much run down, and at times I
was unable to do even light housework. I am sure I tried a score of
different medicines, but without success, and as 1 am sixty years of age,
I hnd come lo believe that il was
hopeless to expect a cure. A friend
who had used Dr. Williams' rink
Pills with good results, urged me to
try this medicine, and my husband
brought home a couple of boxes. Before they were finished, I felt much
better, and we then got another half
dozen boxen, and tiiese havo completely restored my health, nnd I not
only feel belter than I have done f< r
years, but actually feel younger. T
very cheerfully recommend Dr Williams' Pink Pills to similar sufferers.
If your dealer does not keep thrs;
pills, they will be sent postpaid b
f.O cents a box, or six bi .c? fur
£2.50 by addressing tlie Dr. Williams
Medicine Co.,   Itrockville.  Ont.
BOOK  A.'i'J  HEAR!.
For mary a year Ir. grubbed ameng
Tlie stalls where anttqu' tomes lie pfkid.
And the! lies .vli.ii, f r a Bona;,
He bought     .ne jt'--, !if ever Broiled.
SU,'    , at til     . of: !,i     yen
Slanted tin'   wifi eager loo'.1'.
As if lie stooi. in a irr-disi
'Nealh trees ol knowlpiiia hung wltb -■««_
So long the reftr     n It of islf,
Morocco, Vellum,    ' li.-        ;
That it is leathern now by half,
And Timo'? deep toi 11   , we tin tra' i.
Volumes grew human [n I  a   are,
While ho their form a..,i   enihiaace u  .,
Till men stood on tin    l.i  ling there
And in tbe trtncbuil  . died J book.
But books and men v .1] fray and fade
As Care's rude tlliger luiin the page.
Or in some suideis e lamber I lid
They warp and mildew Into age.
The living leaves p. iw scar u J wan.
The bail knows many an ache and crook,
Til) into limbo's fl'lr    il.e man
And to lhe grai    .^ lioine tl;e book.
Who i ..'■ ■   yon p] e of ragged leaves
May, vrtien apne  r ri:i   fir. Is it there,
Be gathered up iilce golden iheaves
And vaii et' i-i beauty p:  i compare.
E'en so, II anglil of worth lie (Ind
Between in n arrrins he id and white.
Koine hea rally Urolier J-.-l  may lind
The book. <an's soul .    <   v  -s brigtr I
-•Oeoi»c      bel in Critic.
$100 1, :wart>. $100.
The renders of his paper will be pleased to
learn Hint there 18 at leaet i in- dreaded discus
Hint boience his been ub e lo i ure in nil its
atJigefl, "nd tlm! i1 catarrh. Hah-s Catarrh I ure
Istneonlv poslt'vocure known to the medical
fniteii. y. Cs-arrli being a constitutional ..i-
,n.iv requires n eoii.-utntienal re.tm nt
Sail's Catarrh Cure ia taken Int-rnally.,.
directly upon 'lie bio id null mucous surfat
iho system, thereby il stroyii g the foundHtion
if the ot ease, and giving (he atient Htrengdi
by buie Ing ii]) thi constitution and a*» ht ng
ne.'iri Lidding its work. The proprietors have
.-ii jn .cb fiii li in iv Ol rative powers that tlicy
ol*, r _i -11" otred Dollars for any case that it
falls I i oure.   Hc.d for list of ti .tnnonia s.
Ad.'.™?,     1". J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo,0.
Sold by Druggists, 7/>c.
Hull.- 1 :.n :,/ Tills are *he best.
Tlie Father—I never heard a youngster howl like lhat boy of mine-'pon
my soul, I didn't.
Tlio Grandfather—I never heard but
one youngster  beat him,  John—that
was   you    when    you were a baby
Why, .lohn, you just about bawled us
out of house and home.
Are you a sufferer with corns r If yon
are get a bottle of Holloway'n Corn Cure.
It has never been known to fail.
Mistress—Marie, I must ask you t»
put a lillle more pepper in your
Now Domestic-Lor", ma'am, Idoi.'L
like pepper in soup. You'll hevj to
season it yerself when it comes on
the table.
Ladies of Canada :
Side by side stood Canada's noble
sons with the best brawn of Ceylon
and India in tlie recent unpleasantness. The slogan was "help one another," and no one forgot tho watchword. You, ladles of Canada, have
the power to wage a relentless warfare on the impifre teas that come into your homes from China nnd Japan, and at the same time ussiat
your brother colonists who produce,
the pure Ceylon and India teas. If
you drink Japan tea. try Salada,
Monsoon or Blue Itibbon packets of
Ceylon and India teas.—-Colonist.
The world is not ruled by the so-
celled rulers, but by the people who
make the rulers.
people suffer untold misery day after day
with Headache. There is rest neither day or
night until tho nerves aro aH unstrung. Tlie
cause is generally a disordered stomach, and
a cure can be effected by using Purmolee's
Vegetable Pills, containing Mandrake and
Dandelion, Mr. Finley, W'ark. Lysander,
P. Q., writes: "I iind 1'armelee's Pills a
flret-elass article for Bilious Headache."
A Jn mo lean Experience.
For seme years after my mnrrlntri I
lived nt Old Harbor, a small place
nbnut 20 miles from Kingston. One
day when n visit to my Kingston dressmaker wns a necessity 1 ordered a
young negro boy to get upon tlie rumble nm! drive lie. to the ti \vn.
I paid iny visit to tlio, dressmaker,
arid, receiving my frock, n light summer thing, from ber, I placed it in the
box beneath thu buggy sent nnd drove
:n to my sister's, where 1 went ill to
i.'iienpe tlie heated part of the day. giving my boy sixpence and bidding lilm
see the sights and return nt 4 o'clock.
He turned up punctually, with the
grin still on his face, and In due time
we reached Old Harbor once more.
When I went to tnke out my crispy
muslin, I found, to my consteriinllon, it
vns n wet, sloppy mnss. No rain hnd
fallen, nnd even then—
I turned to the boy: "Solomon, whnt
Mi the world does this menu? How"—
'Hit the look of utter helpless amazement on his fnee stopped me.
"I.or', missus, It nm queer, but not so
'Ulcer ns whnt done happen to me. Mo
iie.iight n quattig (1V_ d.) wort' of dnt
pretty t'lng dey culls 'Ice' to bring
homo nn show mn sister, an 1 put him
in dar wld your dress to keep bini snfe,
nn now lilm gone for true, nn how him
get out I dutiiio wld yon sittin on him
nil de time!"—Harper's Mngnzlne.
Hens are the most  cheerful of fowls
jet they brood a good deal.
Every timo £ small boy gets a
whiff of the odor arising from the
kitchen he proceeds to get hungry.
At tne asylum nc were mu :ii depressed  by what we saw
"A terrible fate, indeed! " he ex-
"Less terrible, however " i iterpos-
ei a tail distinguished look ng mail ao, ' than a fete champetrel Oh,
by ull odds!"
T''itn inquiry we learned that this
i. lu. becoe mad through being
thc husbnnd oi ore socially ambitious
Cucumbers and melo.ia nro "forbidden
fruit" to many per onj 6.' constituted that
iho least indulgence if followed by uttacks
of cholera, dysentery, griping, etc. These
persons are not aware that they can indulge
to their heart's cent jnt ii they have on hand
a bottle o: Dr. Keiiogg's Dysenlci. Cordial,
amcdiclm lhat will give immediate elief.
and is a su.'e cure for ail tummer complaints.
Extruded Clinrlty.
SllJ was great upon lite Kijis,
The Zulus and the Turks;
To, swarthy ICtckaboothfans and yel' w Tlmbuk-
lacessaat were her works.
Ai.u ne'er a heathen savage
Ui..... petti, ia'. trgown;
Hir cheitty extended from vliere the south pole
T" " .ere the tun went down.
"V laroff Abyssinia
S .e ■--     s her homemade frocks;
P      ifrlr's   S'     y   fountains   or   India's    ilstant
mouu tains
They wear her knitted socks.
In the wtlds of Patagonia
The natives sp.-ak '   r fame
..nd don the moments sent  'cm,  with tracts to
fiivplenicnt 'em,
vVith blessings on her name.
Her work ts most unceasing
In every sphere end clime;
Every penny that's collet-ted to the black man If
Witli an energy sublime.
But at home in darkest Kngland
Tbe cry she never heeds;
Though her sisters die around her, no man yet hst
ever fousd her
ray attention to their needs.
. ... . —Pick Me-Up,
"Bliffkins seems to be a pretty se'f-
confident sort of fellow."
"Self-confident ! Why. he's got
more confidence in himself than ..
woman has in her family phys' inn!"
berry, Tuseurora, writes: "I nm pleased to
say that Du. Thomas' Ecukctkio Oil is all
that you elaim it to be, aB we havo been
using it for years, both internally and oxter-
nally, and have always received benefit from
its use. It is our family medicine, and I take
groat pleasure in recommending it."
"I would be your devoted servant
forever." he pleaded.
"Thut sounds so old-fashioned!"
laughed she.
"Well, your devoted help, then ! "
exclaimed the youth.
This is the best value in a
Lady's Diamond Ring-
ever offered for $50.00.
The stones in these rings are
personally selected by us from
thc cutters in Amsterdam,
and are absolutely perfect.
You will find this and
hundreds of other styles
illustrated in our new catalogue, a copy of which
will be sent you free.
DIAMOND rri/UL, Established 1854.
Ryrie Bros.,
Yonge and Adelaide Sis.,
It's a Short Road
from a cough to consumption.
Don't neglect a cough—take
when your cold appears.- The
"ounce of prevention" is
better than years of illness.
" Words cannot express :,,y gratitude for the
good SlIILOll'ft Coiiiurapllon Cure has dune
ae. I had a chronic couiih—was in a dangerous condition. Shu -et cured the couyh and
saved me from consumption."
J. E. BTUBGIS, Niagara Falis.
anllnh'n ConsuiiipHun Ciirei i« sold Ur all
Irnpxh.ts hi Clitiiniln end United States lit
tie, ISOc, •1.00 a bottle. In Oreat Itrlula
at In. 8«1., 2h. 3d., and _ ed. A printed
Koarantee goes wllli every Imttie. If you
are nut satisfied tro to your druggist and _el
your money back.
Write for illustrated book on Consumption. Seal
without cost 10 you.    S. C. Wells *4 Co.. Toronto.
"Jane came homo today crying and
fce'd -she was sure Ooor_e no longer
lo 1 her with his whole heart. And
they've been married only two
"Lane's a goose. Anybody who
looks al George knows that his heart
is all right. It's his liver that's
gone back on Jane."
There can bo a difference of opinion on
most- subjects, but there is only one
upiuien as to the reliability of Mother
„rnves' Worm Kxterminator, lb is oafe,
sure and eiTeoiual.
Critic—Yes, you'll have your mime
carved in marble some day.
Poet—Oh,  thrrih you, sir.
Critic—No thanks. It wi,l be i.i n
Tho proprietors" of PHrmelee's Pills are
constantly receivinj? litters similar to the
following, which explains itself: Mr. John
A. Beam, Waterloo, Out., writes: "I never
u.-ccl nny medicine lhat cun equal Parmelee's
Pills for Dyspeii&iu or Liver end Kidney
Complaints, 'lhe relief experienced after
uriinir them was wonderful." As a safe family medicine Parmelee's Vegetable Pills can
be given in all eases requiring a cathurtic.
"I i'pose it's ill right," Hid Mr. Cuin-
ror.    "But it doesn't seem fnir."
"Whnt doesn't seem fair?"
"For Matilda to scold because I want
to eat dinner in my shirt sleeves. 1 don't
make any fuss aliuut her party dresses,
and tliey hnveu't any sleeves at all."—
Washingtoa Star.
Instruments, _ rnms, Uniforms, Kto.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Fine cataJogua
'.-■) Illustration--' mailed free. Write us for any
thtnff hi MuhIo or Muslml Instruments,
maley Eoyce & Co., Togff&%fcgl
(Tr-tde Mark Registered November 84,1890.)
Or. Banc m ng ees to take instruments baok
it half pric. tf parties tiding them are not ben-
•fitted after using for five wet-ks.
F. Ftp.8, Winn 1 in g, says: I have used "OiTd-
mor" for two weeks for Brutu-hltls and Catarrh of the H<ad, and I feel  ike a new man.
Mrs. F. h. CViok, Winnipeg, Bays: X had suffered ur.told ag-iica from Bright s Dis-aa-a-and'
it rullevod mo of Pain, and In s.x wetSuIwsj
Mr. W.G. Ellworthv, Winnipeg, says: I havs
suffu ed for*1-, years with articular iheumatismi
wi* In hospital for 6 weeks, and used almost
every remedy, including mesmerism galvan-
Isio, electric lielt, elo I hare used Oxydunor
10 davs and reseivod more benefit than from
nvihii-ig ttlae.
Mrs. Ctaguer. V\ innipeg. says: I have used it
tienefietal.y with my family whenever siok,.
and it hus cured mu offevere indigestion and la
SuS-d_alers wnnted in every district. Address
Wm T, liihbins, Grain Exrhnuife, Winnipeg.
S«ud for Huoklets of grateful reports.
To Loftn on improved furms at current rates.   Write to
■_*+«e»^-»e>-+-«e*-^-.e--^-.e' |~». + ^.^-->.^.->.^.^
Catholic Prayer gSftk^SlS
ularf., kolipious Pictures. Stntnarv, and Churoh
Ornaments, Kducaiional Works. * ail ordersre-
oeive prompt attention. D, ft J, Saflli.r & CO. rM0Htre__l
afHnufiu turt (I  hy THOS. L£Bt \Th.ntppg.
W. N. U.   304 «3i
Sunday, March 17th, is St. Patrick's
The new Lytton  Btage lias an ad. iu
tiiis issue, ^___	
Clarke & Co., druggists, have a change
pf ad. iu tiiis ir-piie.
Dr. Smson reUrned Tuesday evening
from a ten days visit to Victoria.
Ji'iiifB B. t'riti's   bllckemiib   shop is
much improved by »eyeral coats of paint
4.1ex. Beaton who has been employed
at the Bend'Or mines for some time it in
town for a few dayi.
Win J. Abercrombie, the city butcher,
has about completed a large and commodious stable for his hones.
Frank Tinkham is in charge of tbe
Hotel Victoria stabler A bus will be
run in connection with the hotel.
Mies Carson and Eobert Carson, jr.,
were viEitors to town from Pavilion
Mountain for a few days this week.
Messrs. A. Eichey and B. Terry have
secured the cantract for the building of
u (pace around the Church  of England
Duncan Fraser, proprietor of the Excelsior Houee, returned Taesday evening after an absence of several week in
John Miller has returned to Churn
creek and will be absent several weeks,
when he will take up hit permanent residence in l.ilkoet.
Ii. H. Brett is moving bii household
goode to the Big Horn ranch and Mrs.
Bieltgoss up in a few days where they
will make their home.
A telegram from G. R. Maxwell, M. P.,
at Ottawa says that he has secured a grant
of $50,000 Ironi Andrew Carnegie for a library for Vancouver, provided the city furnished a site and $5,000 expenditure.
The concert held in the Methodist church
was lhe best musical entertainment ever held
in Lillooet. The chnrch was crowded. The
proceeds of the entertainment $39.50 goes
towards fencing the church property.
Mark B. Eagleson, proprietor of tbe
Hotel yietoria is making a number of
improvements in the property he has
acquired and will in a very short time
have liis accommodation capacity considerably increased.
A meeting of all those interested in
having tlie Lillooet cemetery put in decent condition are requested to meet in
Bantlni'l hall on Saturday (tomorrow)
1 vi'niiur st 8 o'clook, when businesadealing with this question will be discussed.
The laat Bible Beading Circle for the
season was held at Mr. Brandon's residence on Wednesday evening. These
reading; will be started again in tbe fall,
as it is evident from the interest so far
taken that they will become an established affair,
Dr. Curry, resident dentist of Kamloops will be in Lillooet for abont ten
days at the end of March. Gas and cocaine for painless extraction. Crown
and Bridge work. Artificial teeth without plates. Everything in dentistry.
First class work guaranteed. Corneal
toon as possible.
B. H. Brett who has been postmaster
(or tlie past three years resigned the office some time ago, and up to the present no appointment has been made. Mr
Brett being compelled to attend to other
limitless and on authority from tha department is turning the post office over
"to Wm. Cumming, jr., who made apph
cation and alto had a largely signed pe
tition requesting his appointment. The
appointment of Mr. Cumming will be
made permanent in a short time, For a
few days until the arrival of the inspector no money orders or postal note buii-
yess will bo transacted,
Farewell Sermon.
Rev. J. S. A. Bastin preached his fare'
well sermon in the Church of England,
lest Sunday evening. The church was
densely crowded and there were many
expressions of regret at the departure of
(be reverend gentleman. Mr. Baitin
has beeu very popular in this lection
and through his splendid qualities has
been a source of strength to the Church
pf England in this part of the province
I lis work in British Columbia hai extended over seven years. Before leaving
{or Lytton Mr. Bastin was presented by
tbe congregation of St. Marv'e church
with a yerv beautiful album aa well as a
jiocket hymnal and prayer book in a
pretty leather case, Tu* album wai filled with photographs of Lillooet and
vicinity, which will he a reminder in the
future of his past scene of work. Whoever succeeds Mr. Bastin, in the Church
of England missionary service in this
part 0? tbe province cannot do better
('inn follow in hia footsteps in the work
tlipy liayt to do,
Mike Qaynor returned to Cadwallader
the first of the week.
Mr. D. U. Macdonell, counsel for Mr.
G. R. Maxwell, M. P., has received notice from Mr. Duval's laweri that the
decision of JUBtice Martin in the recent
elsction protest, will be appealed before
the supreme court of Canada.
The scheme toeell one hundred mil
lion acres of land and use the proceeds
in building railways and public works
is receiving attention aud the provincial
government may substitute it for the
scheme of subsidizing railway! out of an
empty treasniy.
"Do you attach any credence to the
theory that men are developed from
monkeys?" said Willie Washington.
"I think tbat some are," laid Mill Cayenne. "The others appear to have remained atationery.
"Tbe Chinese believe that they are
tbe greatest people on earth, do tbey
not?" " Yes? " Tbey are not bo very
different from other folke, are they?"
Pioneer Drug Store
New Goods:
Cuticnra Remedies, Sanapaiillai,
Menthol Liniment, Plasters, Trusses,
Spectacles, Favorite Prescription, Msd.
Discovery (Pierce'e and Kennedy.), _u-
bin'e, Violet Powder, Lypsvl, Thialon,
Eno'aSalt,Chlorodyne, Shaving brushes,
Genuine Cologne, Insect Powder and
Guns, Packer's Tar Soap, Minar.'a Liniment, Borated Talcum, Cascarets, Laxa.
Bromo Quinine, Balsam Aniseed, Want-
pole's C. L. Oil. Pyny Pectoral, Cham-
berlain'i Cough Cure, Pi«o'» Coniptn
Oure, Shiloh'a Cure, Linseed and Turpentine, Emulsions 0. L, 0., Witch
Hazel, Pond'i Extract, 3 H, and a thousand other things. A good assortment of
fluent Perfumes. Official and Officinal
Linimenta in hall-gallon containers.
Half-Way House,
Headquarters for all Stages.
Dr. Curry, resident
dentist of Kamloops,
will be in Lillooet for
about twelve days beginning last of March.
Gas and cocaine
for painless extraction.
Crown and Bridge
work. Artificial teeth
without plates. Every
thing in dentistry.
First-class work guaranteed. Come as soon
as possible.
A full stock of til   iadiof
is new for sale by
Store and Repair Shop in Urea Block.
Call and examine stock.      No trouble to
show goods.
lillooet. B. C.
Miners Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness cfe Saddlery
Furniture, etc.,
All prdera promptly aUendedto.
Pavilion  §
. a. W. OUMMIKO, M _»,
Lillooet, B. C,
Manuffiotarer of all kind of
None but the best material used. Miners or
prospectors sending in orders will receive
prompt attention and satlsfae-Mon guaranteed
We hereby give notice to Reverend John
Mulholland, our partner in thc Scum Scum
Placer claim, situate on the South Fork of
Bridge River; commencing at a point about GOO
feet from the Canyon, and extending down
stream one half mile, being in the I.iiiooet
Mining Division of Lillooet District: which said
claim Th held under lease dated 2nd December,
A. D., 1896, wherein F. Soues, Gold Commissioner, is one of the parties, and for further
description and particulars _ald lease may be
referred to:—
That we require him on or before the 2nd day
of May to contribute his propoilion of the expenditure, as required (1) by tlie "Placer Mining Act und [_] by the said mentioned lease,
which has beeu exuended on mtid PlacerClalm,
togeth r with nil costs (l) of this advertisement
and [21 of any other advertisements required
by said Act. And unless the same shall be so
met we give further notice to you thc Reverend John Mulholland, and to the public generally, that the interest of tlio Baid Reverend
John Mulholland in said partnership property
shall be sold by Public Auction, at tho County
Court House at Lillooet, on Thursday, the 2nd
day of May, at 12 noon.
Dated at Ashcroft thii 18th day of February,
F. 0. Richardson.
C. M. Clen.
t-llloo-t. 11. C
Vancouver, B. 0.
Headquarters  for   mining    men.      European
and Soo Line.
Tourist Cars
To ST. PAUL daily.
TORONTO Mondays and Saturdays.
East akd Wist Ridifcb or Lilloobt Dibtkict.
NOTICE is hereby given, In accordance with
the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax,
and all taxes levied under tlie AsscKfiment, are
now due for the year 1901, and payable at my
office, Lillooet.
Assessed taxes are collectible at the following
rates, vlit;—
If paid on or before June 30th, 1901 :—
Three-fifths of ono per cent, on real property.
Two and one-half per cent, on the assessed
value of wild land.
One-half of one per cent, on personal property.
Upon such excess of income—
Class A.—On ono thousand dollars, and nut
exceeding ten thousand dollars, one per
cent, up to five thousand dollars, and two
per cent, on the remainder.
If paid on or after 1st July, 1901:
Four-flfths of one per cent, on real property.
Three  per  cent, on the assessed value of
wild land.
Three-quarters of one per cent, on personal
On so much of the income of any person as
exceeds ono thousand dollars:—
Clars A.—On one thousand dollars, and not
exceeding ten thousand dollars, ono and
one-half per cent., up to live thousand
dollars, and two and one-half per cent on
ths remainder.
Revenue Tax, |3 per capita.
Assessor and Collector.
Lillooet, 6th January, 1901.
The Vanconver Westminster Northern and
Yukon Railway company will apply to the
Parliament of Canada at its next session for an
act declaring the works which the company is
by its act of incorporation authorized to construct to bo works for tho general advantage
of Canada, extending the period within which
the company may complete Hie same and authorising an extension from its northern terminus in a northerly direction to Dawson city
In the Yukon territory, thence onward along
the Yukon river to the boundary of Alaska, ana
giving power to the company to constructor
acquire and to operate such branch lines and
extensions as thc (Jorernor in Council may
from time to time authorize, aud to own and
operate telegraph and telephone lines, bridges,
warehouses, itoam and oilif r vessels, ferries,
timber-lands, wharves, roads, water rights,
water powers, and to deal in the generate
electricity and electric power and lo make
such agreements for conveying or lensing thc
cotnpanv's railway and its rights and powers as
is usualfy given to railway companies In their
act of incorporation and for other purposes.
Dated at New Westminister,
Province of llrltlsh Columbia
December 12th 1900.
G. O.U. Dociiill.
TrainB pasB Lylton ae follows:
East Round, 2.05 West Bound 5.28
For rate*, pamphlets, &c.
A. G. A. P.,
Vancouver, B. C.
Lytton, B.C.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
Ail orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
Royal Hotel,
Sucker Creek, B.C.
Central point for Bridge
Kiver Miners and Prospectors. Good accommodation.     -     -     -   -
Stable in connection.
Notice Is hereby given that the head oflice of
the Anderson Lake Mining A Milling Company
has been transferred from Ashcroft to Lillooet.
Lillooet, B. C.i January 22nd.
NOTICE IR HEREBY GIVEN that application
will be made to tlie Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia at its next
session for an Act to Incorporate a company
with power to construct ana operate a railway
from the city of Victoria thence north-westerly
to a point at or near Seymour Narrows, Van
couver Island, thence by bridge or otherwise
to the Mainland of British Columbia thence
north easterly alternatively by wny of Tele
Jeune Cache or Yellow Head Pass or vicinity
of Fort George or Pine Kiver or Peace River
Passes toa point at or near the otislcrn confines
of the Province and from any point on such
line to the northern boundaries of the Province
or to any coastal point thereof or to any mining regions or settlements in ''mil , Lillooet,
Westminster, or Cassiar Districts and branch
lines of any length therefrom and with power
to construct, acquire and operate telegraph
and telephone linesfauthoriz5d to charge tolls,
thereon for the transmission of mcssr.ges for
the public) ships, vessels, wharves, works,
waterpowars to supplv electric power light and
heat and to expropriate waters nnd lundy for
all such purposes and for such other rights,
powers and privileges as are iif-nal, incidental,
necessary or conducive to the attainment of
tho abovo objects.
on behaif of applicants.
Dated December 3rd, 1000,
The Prospector is the
best advertising medium in this section.
Have your ad. in at
A large stock of Stationery will be here in
a few days, so bring
in your orders for
Letterheads, Envelopes, Billheads, etc.
The Prospector,
Lillooet, B. C,
A household necessity anil a household bsaulifjer— a dry powder, put un in five
pound packages, and in twenty-live beautiful shades.
When house cleaning he sure and yse MURALO and have something for your
Easily applied and won't nil) off.    A color card for lhe askii
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the EXOHANQK.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eaatsrn Investors.
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send samul.
of their ore to the LXCHANGE for exhibition. »■»_«
•   JfH "?e8Ar1t0 !'*>ar from Prospectors who have promising miner»lclaims
in British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the EXCHANGE
their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples shou'd be sent by express PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communications to
- ,    ,        „    .„,     „  „ ANDREW   F.   ROSENBERGER,
Telephone No. 104.   P, O. Box 700. NELSON, B. C.
J, M. Mackinnon
Mininq Properties
Properties Bondea
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
I have Just received direct from Scatlnnrl the best detection of Tweed., VY.rit.li Innl
Panting* iu the Interim'.   Satisfaction guaranteed,
THOMAS McCOSH, Merchant Tailor, Ashcroft, B. C.
Tlie now stage line leaves Lytton every Monday and
Friday for Lillooet, returning next day. Special trips
made,    Write us for information.
Peter Rebagliati & Co., Lytton B. C.
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils  and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Minor. Steel, Ticks, Shovels, otc, Wire Cable
and ltu.sel Wire Fencing.
Inland Cigar Manufacturing Co.
Our  _fp*ulnltic.-Mi
Cariboo and Lillooet
Stage Travel
Clinton  anil  way  yioinls,  Monday,
Wtilnetilay and Friday.
All   points in Cariboo, Monday's.
Liilooel direct, Monday and I'Mlny,
Forka ot Queanolle, ai.d way points,
A  HpoiiiU  coach, carrying passengers
and cxprcs', will  leave Ashcroft for the
joO-Miiu Houee on Friday's, returning
Special Conveyances F .tnishotj.
Time Tni.h; No. li.   Taking zttb.i Xev. umi
Victoria to Vancouver— Dally at 1 p, __, Ya»-
couver to Victoria-Daily at 1.16p.m., or ei ar*
rival of tho C.P.R. No 1 train.
Leave Victoria for New Want minster, Ladaat,
Lulu [aland, Plumper's Pass—Tueiday aaA
Friday at 7 a.m. Leave New Westminster far
Victoria and Way Ports — Wednesday «■*
Saturday at 7 p.m
PteninHhii'S of this company  will leave fat
Fort   Simpson   nnd   intermediate   points,   via
Victoria, Ut and loth each month at 11 p.m.
Steamships of this comriany will leave everf
Wednesday for Wrangel and skngway at I p.m.
Steamer leave*     'ctoria   for  Alberni   ai*
Hound   porta,   on   the lOih   «nd 20ih ol   eae_t
month,   extending  hitter    trips   to   Qnatilaa
ami Cape Scott.
Tho company reserves tbe right of e_an(ing
tin* i him- tabic at nny time without *otifienU«*
Ueneral Freight AreaK
General !'■■ •■: cnger Agtat.
| Insurance.
$ General
j Agent.
- i\
It you want
To insure your lite,
To insure your ptop.rty,
To insure ni'iunat ucci_»»t.
Call on
Ric. A. Fraser1
Lillooet, B.O.


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