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The Prospector Jan 23, 1904

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Array n «' V
J>      / Ir
Vol. 6, No.27
ii-OC . year.
Th* *tbbr*Tl»       i  •* lotrlcal.
.'he tendency lish people
ko clip long v tort    ones
l.»r oven into moiiosy*. .0. is notori-
its. Thus "cabriole!*' has become
Jab, "omnibus" bus and so on. But
jjlie chance of ''zoological" into zoo,
t... to any one who knows ,hc origin
r.f tl word, the most exasperating
if all, and jot we now meet with
'  <o iu well w.itten journals, ,
T   -fe it   another variation,    which
■omes    simply    from bad pronuncia-
!■ ion,    as    when a cockney    holiday
|ilinker tells you lie lias been   to the
slogical."   If "zoological" is to un-
Plorgo a shortening  lile  that    which
■ as  befnhon   'omnibus"   and  "eabri-
i)le.t" let it at least become zo. This
|*«vould be correct as far as it    went
land would not be so excruciating aa
"he    detestable    zoo. — Notea    aad
Himi.wi ia v iik.
A weV-lnowa Grand Rapids   milk-
me'   was recently made the victim of
u cruel    joke by a fisherman    friend
., w"n.    happened   to be    passing    the
: milkman >     wagon     just;     as    that
worthy man was dodging around the
F. corner of a house with a bottle    of
|i lacteal fluid,     The fisherman h-.'i     a
I pint or   iso oi minnows in an oysior
can.    Quickly    he dumped    he   little
ifish into t.'.e milk tank and fled. "Patrons    that    morning were dazed    +o
I find    the finny little fellows in     tho
.seasoning of their coffee provided b.v
Jt their    faithful purveyor, and    nearly
J mobbed him before the truth    cam*
m out.
AT LILLOOET       f'..
BY   I'KiC PJt>.e&'j|_t« l» J I' COMl'ANV.
THE PROSPEC-OK l~ tt Hy paper published In the Ullooet Diftiii., and Is all home
SilbiittriptloilN: Otic Dollar n vent'in hcIvkiiic.
_ilveilisiiiK ia.es iimile known on H|i|illt!Kllon.
Correufnomlunce i~ invitee on all mutters of
public or local interest. All communications
inilNt lie Kcconi|ianleil by the limne of llie
Writer, but not necexKaiiiy for publication.
"A Kr.i.tfininaii,"
Mr. Roger Jocosk's stories of tha
Canadian West in the 'eighties, related in "A Frontiersman," are of
never-failing color and viVacity. Invalided from thc N.VV.KLP.,    ho    be-
1 came a missionary to the Indians in
an inaccessible corner of British Columbia. There was much to do, he
nays. The heathen lived healthily in
their well ventilated barns of hewn
cedar; but tho righteous must needs
have ■tufty little houses, microbe
traps to cultivate the phthisis which
Bent them up to heaven fn a hurry.
They sacrificed  much to    dress   like
,missionaries, gave themselves airs
and graces among the heathen, and
were needlessly uplifted because successive white men had been sent
from the outer spaces to learn their
precious language. I flatly declined
to leai n .that wonderful dialect, be-
causo they had need of English, and
1 had no occasion for Cactkshian;
wore gum boots or deerskin hunting-
dross in church to show that religion
ilid not consist of ugly garments,
nnd discouraged thc endless loquacity
of their prayers ns tending only to
rolf-righteou.ness. It did them
good to be shocked, because a mission has no need to be a ranch for
raising prigs, and a Christian Indian
ought not to be distinguished from
his fellows for unctuous raKality,
vanity and gloom.
}t A Dutch doctor at Yokohama,
'.Tapan, hus built himself a novel
house wMh a view to guarding
against microbes and earthquakes.
The walls of this edifice are made of
blocks of glass. They are built hollow tho interstices being filled up with
• solution of salts of soda, which is
intended to regulate the temperature
of the interior. The windows nre
hermetically closed,  and nir is only
i admitted after passing through filters.
Ills Urciiin.   nre of wcnlth of sweet remit.
An lie  tf als nu, tilt-  .narrow  slreeti
Or ft sc!ire!ilii|_  for mils.or of , |)ns rn.
Or W.ltH.eril.g 'mid  xoltVon  WJlOttt.
An tt licit w1nr~ b~.t('V'..ij. liis Wrth.i_.ht ■
for the city  sin ke uiul fcloew.
J-tit  his spirit   iIwcIIn in  the  li* nie bunt,
Though his It'imls nny tiftl nt llie 1 Him.
- Kntltei Ine A   Clarke.
TUe sound of Uie Mtesiiii ivliistle
on (.tie gold dredger cnn 1>« heard
in (.own, lind one oui nlniosl. ini-
iigine Mutt. tlit. new railway to (he
Yukon, via Lillooet, lind lieeti
built. Itnt. liet.ler even (luili the
rnilway will lie the HiiecewKful o|i-
erntion of the three dredges now
retidy to lie o|ternted hetween
liillooet nint lvtton. It can he
truly said thnt never lieloiv litis
there heen such coni|»le(e eqni|i-
inent for gold dredging on the
K-iiser, and conditions geyernlly
were never more iiiis|iicious.
The Estimates for the I'rovin-
cinl fiscal yenr have come to hand
nud it is quite evident that the
government ure lien toil liringing
the expenditure within theinctinie
nud even to wring out a siirplits
from the business of the incoming
yenr. Lillooet Dislricl. suffers,
with others, from the government's policy of retrenchment.
The nppropri.ition for rond work
is Severn I thousnud dollars less
thnn Inst yenr, there is no provision mnde I'or the enlnrgeiuent
of the school, nud the subsidy offered last year for a resident physician in this lown has been withdrawn. Iu the past we hnve hnd
to complain that the monies appropriated for nn enlargement of
our town school and for a resident physician, were never spent
for those purposes. We suppose
there was, whnt T.iuniy Atkins
would call "a 'itch" somewhere.
This yenr the items ure dropped.
During the yenrs of agitation for
better school accomodation several other projects were curried
out iu our midst whicli were nol
culled for by the public or by the
needs of the town, nnd ainong
these st;inils the jnil, whicli, I'or
8 months, has not been occupied
by hnlf a dozen persons. Whether the empty jail speaks volumes
I'or the good conduct of the populace or the dilntoriness of lhe
police officer, events of the last
few III'.Hth's have proved. Meanwhile, school improvements nre
neglect •(., and, ou nccolint of the
cohls contracted by the pupils,
the present building will be closed
next week. To build an addition
to the empty jail in the face of n
crying need of enlargeiuet for nn
overcrowded school will always
be regarded as a blunder and a
shame. TheappeHatiou, "Smith's
Folly" given lo I he jail building
will hold true for many a year to
The public will be gratified to
know that |3,00() is iu t.he ssti-
mntes for the I'eiuberlon Meadow trail. No immey can be used
to belter purpose. Incidentally,
the Anderson Lake Mining Oo.
will be beuelittetl, as the trail
passes with iii four miles off that
a      LOCAL NEWS       *
The Lillooet Town school will
he closed n«.xt week, on account
of au epidemic of colds among n
majority of the pupils.
Mr. Bui ley." of Lava, who has
been on a visi*. to the dredger,
ret iirnetl home last Sunday.
Mrs. 1'alii.l., of Hat Creek, is
visiting her sister Mrs. Eagleson,
at. the Victoria, hotel.
Messrs Dunlop and Abercrom
bie, are attending the Liberal
Conservative Convention held at
Kamloops this week.
T he ft r-M t of a series of "At
Home" entertainments will be
given by Mrs. J.It. Uren, on Tues
day evering, Feb. 2nd, at 7,30
o'clock. The ladies are asked lo
bring refreshment!-, viz: cakes,
tipples, candies, cocoa, uiilf, etc.
Admission, 15 cents. Proceeds
logo to purchase matting for
t.he Methodist. Church.
To The Kditor,
The report printed last, week
about the Christmas Tree ditl
not give pai ticulars. They Hint
gave the in ney for I he Christ.
mas Tree liave the rigid to know
how the money wns speiil. nml
who it was paid lo ami what for.
The bills nml receipts for the
_><>ods shoul I all be printed in
the Prospector, so that everybody can see the particulars.
A telegram to the Prosptetor
from the Kn in loop. Convention
announces that Hun-ell, of tin'
Boundary, has secured the Liberal ('ouserval ive nominal inn (or
eler nml good reputation 111 emh stiiie (o> o
in Ibis county Willi rod) to voprufOiiJ Mid >'I-
VJrllse old esiiiblisbcd uenliliy IiiikIiiuks linns •
Noliil (liiHitcbil slHiiilinn.   Hiiliny f_l.ini wroli-
,ly wit'i cxpeiiseM  KilililirtliHl. mII  |i~yabta in
'•iish ttll'OUt ench Wcilncsibiy  fiom beml olllcis
Horse ami chiiUikc fiii'iiiMhod when liei'OSSHl'},
|    Keferuuces, Unclose tclf-mlili'drcs* .livolore;
Colonltt't 883, lleniboin St. ('liie no.
I.iiiooet    Lytton    Ashcro t
Rond.        Koail.
$ c.       $   c.       $    c
January 10,15	
February 6,50 1 50	
March 11,65	
A|»iil   8.00 ..2000
May 5,60	
June 7,30 2,10	
July ii,4"	
August 9,80	
September... .14.30 2,50	
October 8,25    15,00
November.... 11,75 2,50	
December.... 12,(0	
TOTAL    116.10       8,60
The amounts raised were disbursed its fn'.!
lows:    Connexional Funds $37*"<>
S.ilnry......:...        1 _2 70
 tn] Vie
Wc could expel the Xear'thi 8 atrahi
the ubstrat Ac.tdians,  hut ve vvoul.i
take abundant cate that an oxceutloi
was made in the ca^o r. EftahgeM..!'
and Onbriel.  Fur of  thnt    erowd
-on!*i*ivc,    pulsntlpg    l:_'o   h  r i il I
t' e ships these f.vo s and o; t ns t'
trly  human    I c ngs.     Tbe e.\i"'!si
of thc Acn.**iai!_ lus heen ."ti: t ii' tl l,.\
Mr.  I'nrkinan,    antl    many  n   toni'o
nl trot.l.l.d c;ins iqnee wi'l bits
f ir     the     soothing    1 ence    ho
brought.       The   expuhion   was
ri  bt.    It was just the tbinir.
■hat refers only  to  Acadirn-  in
•ibsli'iict      Wo  lonp as onr  langtittg
is   RpoVon    "Pvan'-clino   and   Gabriel
■ I'  be like the ghost of Baritjuo   at
the feast,.
An   Intrr*~t 11:   I'npvr  Itciwl   I'tfora   tha
C'oIoiiIhI  liiHtilut..
In his paper, "The Canadian West
and Noitbwest," which was read ie-
cently at tbe meting of tiie Koyal
Colonial li stitute, London, Mr. W. I
Albeit Hickman said he did not be-;
lie»e tln.t the American itoation involved the slightest danger to Jb-.t-
ish interests, lie had the \.\t».s re,
of going north i;i the Saskotchewaii j
country with a special train containing 106 AiiK'.iican caj itul ts to buy
Canadian land. The tain was pla- 1
carded "Special Train ol" tho i^as- j
kat howan Valley Land Company." ;
which company bought no Ies tnan
one million q,ues of land. Ho had j
stttdietl tlui in\ading army carefully
and it impress!il l.Lu tlii.t the ma- |
jority of them appro i ited liritish '
institutions, and became good Ca- i
nadian eili ens with gieat mpidi.y.
He looked upon this in oslment of
many millions of Ainet Iwtn money in I
Canadian latttls al but tho for;.ing o'
one moie chain in the nbcatly exist- |
ing infoi'inal alliance—tho An lo- '
American co'federation. Figure* lo 1
l.ini to the inference that in 15 years
the United >St_t.s would not be exporting one bushel of win at. All
would bo required for Itoute con- 1
sumption, .md her wheat hinds woi 1 I 1
all be under riiltlvttioh*. The United
Kingdom might tlf.011 look to getting
her wheat supply from t!ie Canudian
pl. i is—ami much of her supply of
ment mid dairy | rpdl ce nls >. Nome
of thom who were in thr.t room
would oat bread made f 0111 Hour of
wheat grown in the valley of the
Pen e Uiver as si re as day wis tloy.
Last \ear the llt.dson Tlay Coin rnv
soul it 810.1'OCi imI'it flour ml1! i td
Fort Ve "million on the I'eat'e ! i er.
nntl for all l'.O l-now son.e .f them
111 iiflit btoc eaten breatl froi 1 th«n
Much Wa»te Laml on Which ttonill Could
he I'lai.ted.
The Departmental Committee on
British Forestry has is.i.ed i^s report. It remarks on the fact lhat
there are some twenty one mill on
acres of was*e land, a U.r„e proportion of which might pi out ably oj
afforested. ,t recommends that two
areas for pructic..:l doniOnstrat.oa, of
not nude*- two t.nd not over ten
thousand acres, s.ionld l.e acquired
by the State; that lictutc. s on forestry be appointed in con.e t on with
the universities; und that the agricultural col eges inai.c t.e sib,e t
part of t teir course. The pio^sal
to set apa.t nxpei imenti.l aro.is is
interesting, and we are rather oi
opinion t at such an experiment
would not make Alice Holt—one ol
the areas suggested—much Ies profitable t'.an ,t is today. fc.01. e, Li-
deed we may say all, the otl or recommendations ft.ike Us as pious
and qUito p o; ir. Cuba |i'y wa
doubt gravely u 'vi t ior t is e. tli ly
well-n.eaniiig ie; 0^1 will i.s It in
any considerable planting aiul .e-
planting 01 ei'i tions on tie part ol
tbe owner of bind. The f 11 in the
vul e of linibei i rid unilci woi tl l.ja
Lee.1 great during tlit: last qua e tu'
a century. Oa , f r instance, tin iy
is hardly worth tho Jt Ippifg. tl.o ,ii
the price of tbe woou i s If bus I c.-n
lower in tie past. 1 aicb i.s one pf
the few timber trees whi h th_
landowner fii.d- I c ten plant on | o.if
land with soniethi ig li e itsst r tl ] rc-
fit. The clause i:i t e ie ort ie r-
ling to the estate ilttt.e.* muy ■ en i KI
us of the undoubted fact that . if
William Haicoitrt's Finance A t
must be held responsible f r t 0 f 11
of a gloat deul of fc.nher in ugL-Sli
woods which is not li e'y to be 1 c-
placed in the nenr future. Too often
it must be the only way to pay off
tl.e duties.—Si.tu,(lny Ueview.
bele    11    • .    w  :l ei t.
Events reproduces the following dose Ipticn if I_r. Jose,ih 1 hambirbiin
fiom a s'.veUh by J. Swiit li_t..ul.,
an Irish Nationalist M. 1 .. "He is
of medium si e, somewhi t slightly
built, with lej s too th.iit in proportion to his frame. Jt i si. b.v pl y-
Biologists that the be 01 eveiy h '-
man being Wl en clu.c.y s r.tti i el
resembles son.e ; iiimnl, end, ui , lying t.is test to "ur. t hambei 1. ie, I
think his face le rs a by no mei ns
far (etched 11 enca to t'e f e of a
fox. Tbis lescm. luiite is *e y St ii-
|HC{ when one loous at liis 1 roli.e.
l.a has a bigh forehead, a [Toman
nose, well-chiselled feaiti es, a mouth
•xpre:si\e <f glfi I <i t ' nt'tn li n,
and large, da. k 1,1 0. 1 mini), s 1 ml
somewhat cruel oyis, Li- 1. ce.
which seems pal J id in Us color i.t n
distance, has, when one loo s al it
closely, nn Unhealthy ytl'ow h 0.
which pel Imps is mado nn v_ Sf 1 i.ig-
ly appaunt by the conlll.c< Colo.'
of his thick and lt:xt riant hair. As
one looks nt Ttlr. ( hambeibii c;- Hiul -
ly, 0 e wot.l,I guss hit a: j I • bo
nbout li e nnd lift.v, In t is ■' 111 t e
of fnet in l.r>76 "\'r. t'hnmbe 1 i v* •_
a man of the mature ago if f t
yen's, who had already en ;«'j eti 1
li'ic careir of great ilistiici ti 1 :ul
luid  made a  b.rge fr>l*une i.i  tctle."
T« Buy r.i-.. •• ■■ 11... 1 ' ntlwrra
A Toronto nldernian has n »- heme
to buy the Street Uailway when tlo
franchise expires eighteen 'e.is
hence. The gist of the proposal is
that all Iii" money 'CCOived 'noi 11»
Street Uailway Conipi>nv. over nul
above what *s reqi:iretl to pny 1 he in-
torotit and sinking fund on lhe strw'i
railway pavement do'il. shonbl Iw put
into a fund. The resn't or it. i!
adopted, will be thai when Iho Toronto Uailway Comnonv's ncrt'e'Wiit
expires the cily vvill IvhVc ?'■ I.f'CM).•'('<'
with whi b lo purchase tbe rails,
plant, and equipment. THE PROSPECTOR, LTLLOOET; B.C., JANUARY 23, 1904.
Origin of Hobsoti's Choice*
Mr. llut'per tells its all there ia to
be told about '1 'homes Llobson, the
fuinoi s carrier between London ailr
Cambridge, who tlied in 1631. Iv
was irom him tbat, tho proverb ol
"llobson's choice," arose, meaning
of course, a choice whiih i_ n<.
choice. ''The saying arose from the
livery stable business carried on by
llobson ut Cambridge, in addition to
bis carrying trade, lie is, indeed,
said to have been the lirst who
made a business of letting out saddle horses, liis practice, invariably
iollowetl, was to refuse lo allow any
horse in bis stable to be taken out
of i s proper turn. "That or none
was his unfailing formula, when the
Cambridge students, eager to pick
and choose, would have selected their
own fancy ih horseflesh. Every customer was served alike, without favor."—London  Telegraph.
The Troubles . < .
In a moment of absent-mindedness
we consented to officiate as one of
the judges at the carnival last week,
says the editor of The Aylmer, Ont.,
Sun. At. that time we thought we
knew all about fancy antl comic costumes, and that it wouldn't take us
two minutes to convince our confreres who should have thu prizes.
Before the work had been in progress
two minutes, we were perfectly willing for the other fellows to do the
judging, while we acted as secretary.
They would not have it that way,
and it. took the three of us nearly
two hours to award ten prises. And
it seems that there weie at least a
do/.cn in every class who should have
had the prizes rather than the ones
we picked out. The critic could not
get at the other judges very well so
we had to take all the abuse, which
continued until the hockey match last
night switched their attention. About
200 who were not in costume, but
were wailing for a skate, have refused to recognize us since, whi'e our
little girl whom we left in the band
room for the "few minutes" while
we did the judging, got mad and
went home, nearly fio/en. Ever act
as judge at a carnival? Try it some
time, and then come to this office for
Derivation of Word " News."
"News" is nothing more than a
plural formed from the adjective
•'new," treated as a substantive. The
singular was once spelled NKAVE and
the plural was once spelled N EAVES.
Each word was then regarded as a
dissyllable, and was so i rofiounced
Like the word "tidings" the woid
"news" is now plural in form, but
singular in sense. Though the latter
contains the initial letters of the
four points of the compass, the explanation usually given is only a
fanciful way of deriving the word.
The four cardinal points of the compass are North, East, South, Vtest,
not North, East, IVest, South.
"New" is from the same root as
"now," and, as Professor SI-rat observes, it means ' that which is
now," "news," therefore, is something recent, or something belonging
to the present time.
The Sudbury Nickel Milieu.
Fifteen years ago tho world's sup.
1 ly of nickel was chiefly drawn from
the mines of New Caledonia, supplemented by the Gap Mine in Pennsylvania,  and  a  few  isolated  workings
(n    Sweden    anil    .Norway;      to-day
nbout one-half is derived from     the
Sudbury district  In  Northern   Ontario, where mining operations began in
3 880.     Some years ago  experts   employed  by  the  United States      Navy
■Department    examined   tbo  Sudbury
deposits of nickol-boarlng olio (.i pyr-
rhotite containing  from   I J-.'l   to  ."IJ
)ier cent, of nickel,   and from 2 to   I
) er cent,  of copper,   wbicb  does not,
therefore, deserve the namo of "k.up-
fer nickel"  o''  "goblin-copper")    nnd
reported that there were 650,000,000
tons  of  ore   in   sight,   and  since then
other important discovot ies, some   of
which     are already  being  developed,
Lave been made within  an area     of
about 2,000 square miles.     In  1000
the  Sudbury    distiict  produced   7,-
080,000       pounds       of    nickel       in
"matte,"   which  averages  about    25
per    cent,    copper and  18  per cent,
nickel,  and    there can   be no  doubt
that is product will eventually monopolize the world's markets,and that
Sudbury is destined to occupy much
the same position in regard to nick-
.1-miiiing that Kimberley holds in regard    to    the    production    of    diamonds.       Wherever strength, malleability, the capability of taking a tine
polish, antl freedom from rusting are
requited—as in tho construction    of
cannon,    small     arms,   nrmor-plate,
boilers and machinery—nickel steel is
in  request,   antl  the fact  that      the
price of  nickel  has risen considerably  in  the  last  two  or  three     years
would appear to show that the supply    has   not   Increased   pari  passu
with the   demand.—London Morning
I ost,
IS vou
A   $
One Dollar Plan
The purpose of this advertisement is to explain lo the readers
of this pap r .ow this c hi be done, how we call treat patients
for only $1.00 pet month.
In the i'i st place wc t-eat from five hundred to seven bundle I by in til. O.tr mail order 8\ stem of treating patients i~ tbe
largest in the United States. We buy all our drugs, etc., at
wholesale, and compound Rid put up nil our medicines, hence,
some idea may be lormed of tbe enormous business carried on.
From the tl iy this plan was adopted, it bas Mead ly gtown and
developed, and its popul.iritv i-i evidenced by tbe hundreds wbo
bave availed themselves of llie opportunity to be permanently
benefitted and cure I at the nominal rue of
$1.00 a Month.
Our method of treatment is strictly up to date. Every case is
given a thorough diagnosis, antl the same close study antl attention t irouajliout ibe course of treatment as if it were visited daily.
We ask our pat'ents io write us tbeir condition fully ami often,
and i i thit way we are kept, in close touch with each new symptom as it develop'. 0 ir $1.00 a mon li plan bas no special
offer feature of a si' gle month, but is good for any month in the
year. It is a regular plan. It has pioved a successful plan to
onr patients ami to u->. S Mid ih a complete hi_t'»rv of your case
with otie dollar, and beyiii treatment at once. Remember we
wil furnish complete diagnosis of your caee, and furnish all
inedi-tues, tipplimc.es, etc., nee.ssirv for a lull month's treatment f.r the V"iy low fee of $1.00. ' CAN YOU AFFORD TO
OVERLOOK THIS PLAN? T,,e rich and tiie poor al.ke have
endorsed it. The greater the number of patients, the greater
tbe popularity of the plan.
Sore Tlnoa
Skin disease
Hay  l'ever
I lendiiches
Diseases ef
the Bladder
Heart inlhire
Liver trouble
Blend Poison
Privnte Dis-
Klomncli &
liuwel Diseases,
Ovario Tumors,
I'.ye & Ear
St i ict ure.
All of these d seases treated until cured on the "one d .liar
plan." If you aie sick ami snffeiing, Hnd i.e.d txpeit Ir.ai-
me i, do not delay, but « rile t<> us at once. Delay ie dangeious.
Do not. let your disease get lo > far advanced. C'ire yourself il
ils early stages and vou will save yotiisell yea.s of niffeiimr.
The 1 nger vou let il run Ibe longer it lakes a'ltl Ihe harder it
istoenre, Di not experiment aith patent n edicine*. Don't
berobbel by frauds who promise anviliing and accomplish nothing Thev are here lodav an-' a«ay tomorrow. VVe.arees-
ta'.iished (.27 vears) and responsible, fiu.iuei.illy md profes-ion-
ally. Incompetent phvei ian. mav not only swindle yon, but
tbey may ruin your system. In mtn)f of our metropolitan papers yotl often «ee advertisements offering free cures, free prescriptions, service Leo lill cured, and long article of tbe lines
eff vted liy some pa ent medicine . These md numerous other
8 •••ernes are lor the sole purpose of gulling the public, and en rich
some per ons or firm wbo have not even a physician among
them. Ot'iers advertise testimonials of persons they have cured
after everv thing else bas failed. Wl. USB NO NAMK8 OF PRHBONK
We advertise, but under no eon-ideration do we offer false inducements to'wain patronage. We welcome investigation, but
despi-e dishonest methods and will not cater to those wbo do
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The doctors of this institution have been healing tbe alllicted
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b vti wide and searching Tbeir skill is bevond dispute. Their
integrity is unquestionable. Tbeir reputations as physicians is
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p .in, ma-ters of all chronic and other ailments.
200.000 Weak men cured. ke. der! are yon a victim? Have
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'•ONE DOLL _R A MONTH" treatment will cure yon. What it
has'done for others it has time for others it *iil do for you.
Consult Us About Your Case Without Cost.
We invite vou to consult us freely without charge. We deal
with onr patients in a-t honorable and straightforward manner
and coir, tbe closest inv.stig .'ion of our methods. If you cannot see us personally write us fully about your case.
Send a 2- st mp to pav postage on our bonk, "A WARNING
VOrCE*' for men onlv, that shows bow strength -slo-t ami h. w
it may be renamed.   It is sent securely sealed in pl un envelope.
a\\ corre-pomlence nud packages sent in plain Mrappers
without marks to indicate contents.
Dep*. A. 1457,
Englewnod Sta.
Chicago, III.
|fe__(ik*MlttIW«! _„,.,.
111 ""Tlii ■"""'""
•"*•.;.. .-.*•    *.«.-'-**. *_■*-.nohtwe-rn  f Ur(0    ■••>■*#•_>•.   *   ~f' ;■ :
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J. Dunlop, General Merchant, I.iiiooet,!*.!.!
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made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
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ATiflyloss Scandal
Author of "The Little Minister,"  "Auld Licht Idylls," "A
Window in Thrums," Etc., Etc.
William and I waded through the
Jhlsn to a hollow in the hill, known as
|he toad's hole. It vvas here thut Hag-
flirt, returning boldly to Thrums four
Jays after Chirsty had the last word, feel
with D. Fittis.
"He was cutting away at the whins,"
ll'ammas remembered, "and 1 didna
Think that the whole time me and him
[.poke he ever raised his head; he wus a
|errible busy man, D. Fittis."
Jlaggart, big, with  his   buttons,   had,
lloubtless,   as   he   approached the whin-
V;;yer, the bosom of a victorious  soldier
Iriarehing home  to  music.   Nevertheless
It hus been noticed that the warrior, who
irives on battles, may, even in the hour
fit his greatest glory, be forever laid prone
fiy a chimney can.   For   Tammas   Hag-
art, confident that a few minutes would
K! Um   in   Tillyloss,    was   preparing a
[surprise that rooted him to the toad's-
Kiold like a whin. I have a poo* memory
Lif I cannot remember Haggart's uwn
[twords on this matter.
"I stood looking at D. Fittis for a
Ivvhile," he told me, "but I said nothing
loud out, though the chances are I was
pitying the stocky in my mind. Then I
[says to him in nn ordinary voice, not expecting a dumfounding answer, I says,
J'Ay, D. Fittis, and is there ony thing
[fresh in Thrum's.'
' He hacks away at the whins, but saj s
the, 'The bural's this day."
'Man,' I says, 'so there's   a funeral!
; Wha's dead?'
'Ye ben fine,'   says   he implying ns
'■-(he thing was notorious.
'Na,' I says, 'I  dinna  ken.   Wha is
; 'Weel,' says he, 'it's   Tammas Hag-
>gart.' "
Tammas always warned us here against
attempting to realize his feelings nt taes.
kmonstrous words. "I dinna say I c*i
^picture my position now mysel'," In
said, "but one thing sure is that for th*
moment these buttons slipped clean out
of my head. It was an eerie-like thing
to see D. Fittis cutting away at thi
whins after making such an announce
ment. A common death couldna hav.
affected him less."
" 'Say wha's dead again, D. Fittis,' 1
cries, minding that the body was daft.
" 'Tammas Haggart,' says he, witl
the utmost confidence.
" 'Man, D. Fittis,' I says, with un
.controlled indignation,  'ye're a big lair
" 'Whaever ye are,' says he, 'I would
lick ye for saying that if I could spare
tho time.'
" ' Whaever I am!' lories.   'Very weel
yo ken I'm Tammas Haggart.'
" 'Wha's the liar now?' says he.
"I wus a sort of staggered nt this, and
I says   sham-like,   'What   did   Tammas
Haggart die'of?.
"I thocht that would puzzle him, if it
was just his daftness that made him say
' 1 wa* gone, but he had his cause of death
leady. 'He fell down thequurry,' says he.
"Weel, lads, his confidence about the
thing sickened me, and I says, 'Leave
these whins alone, D. Fittis, and tell me
all about it.'
" 'I canna stop my work,' he says,
'but Tammas Haggart fell down the
quarry four nichts since. Ou, it was in
the in idle of the nicht, and all Thrums
were sleeping when it was wakened by
yno awful scream. It wakened the whole
town. Ay, a heap of folk set up sudden
iu their beds.'
" 'And was that Tammas Haggart
falling down the quarry?' I says, earnestlike, for I was a kind of awestruck.
" 'It was so,' says he, tearing away ln
tho whins.
" 'They didna find the body, though,'
I snys, looking down on mysel' with
" Ay,' says he, 'the masons found It
the next, morning; and there was a rleht
rush of folk to see it.'
" 'Ye had been there?' I says.
" 'I was,' says he, 'and so war tlie
wifle ns lives beneath me. She took her
bit im too, for she said, "It'll be something for the litlle ane to boast about
having seen when be grows bigger."
Ay, mi*n, it hnd been a michty fall, and
the face wasna recognizable.'
" 'How did they   ken,    then,'   says I,
'that it was Tamilian Hngh'tift':'
. »" 'On,'   says   he   nt  onco, 'they kent
him by his top-coat;.'
"Liids, of course I saw in a klink that
the man ns stole my top-coal, had fallen
down tbe quarry and been mista'en for
me. Weel, I nipped mysel' at thut. It's
nn unco thing to say, but I admit I was
glnd to have this proof, as yo may call
it, thnt it. really me us wns standing in
the toad's hole.
" 'When did ye say tho bural was?' I
asked him.
" 'It's nt half three this day,' he snys,
'nnd I'll warrant it's half three now, so
if ye want, to be sure ye're no Tammas
Haggart ye can see him buried.'
"I took a long look at D. Fittis. nnd
it's gospel I tell ye when I say I never
liked liim from that minute.
Then 1 hurried up the hill tot ■■ ie-
tery dyke, and sat down on it. 1. . I
sat there, just at tho very corner, .. aur
they've since put a cross to mar., the
spot, and I watched my ain bu.t'.l. Yes,
there I sat for near an hour, me, 'lam-
mas Haggart, an ordinary man at th.it
time, getting sieh an experience as his
been denied to the most highly edicate.1
in the land. I'm no boasting, but facts
is facts.
"I'm no wiving it wasna a fearsome
Right, for 1 had a terrible sinking at the
heart, and a mortal terror took grip of
me, so that I couldna have got off that
dyko except by falling. Ay, and who i
the grave was filled up and the mourners had dribbled away, I sat on with
some uncommon thochts in my mind. It
would be wearing on to four o'clock
when I got up shivering, and walked
back to whaur D. Fittis was working.
There was a question I wanted to put to
" 'D. Fittis,' I Fays, 'was there ony of
the Balribbie folk as visited Tammas
Haggart's wife in her affliction?'
" 'Ay,' says the crittur, trying to bieak
a supple whin with his foot, 'the wifle
as lives beneath me was in the house at
Tillyloss when in walks a grand  leddy.'
" 'So, so,' I says, 'and wus Chirsty
ta'en up like about her man bein   dead?'
" 'At,' says J). Fittis, 'she was greeting, but as soon as the grand woman
comes in, Chirsty takes the wifle,as lives
b?neath me into a corner und whispers
to her.'
" 'D. Fittis,' I says, sternly, 'tell me
what Chirsty 'food whispered, formuckle
depends on it.'
" 'Weel,' he says, 'she whispered, "If
tho leddy calls the corpse .Teames' dinna
co'nterdiot her." '
"I denounced Chirsty in my heart at
that, not being sufficient of a humorist
to make allowance for women, and I
s;iys, just to see if tho thing was com-
nionly kent. I says,
" 'And wha would .Teames be?'
" 'I dinna ken,' says' 1). Fittis, 'bnt
nmybo you're Jeames yersel', when ye
canna be Tammas Haggart.'
"Latls, yo see now that it was D. Fittis
as put it into my head to do what I subsequently did. 'Jeames.' I said, 'I'll be
frae this hour, nnd without another word
I walked off in the opposite direction frae
"I dinna pretend as it was Chirsty's
behavior alone that sent me wandering
through the land. I had a dread of that
funeral for one thing, and for another I
had twelve gold guineas about me. Moreover, the ambition to travel took hold of
me, and I thocht Chirsty's worst trials
was over at ony rate, and that she was
used to my being * -ni   now."'
" 13ut the we'll■'•• ,.      -      "   .we
would s. ■* hi
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.       *gj)
As far back as the year 1858, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
bar, near the town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
the present time,
A conipany is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising; Mineral Lands. =^§;
ani.kiison lake and i. ii [IK* is i.ivEit mining properties will prove themselves suflicient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of territory that remain unprospecte'd
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds-^—-
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here. Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.<^^
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equably,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit may be grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Railway towns are ashcuoft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific rail vv . v.
Vv. .
11 ■>.•■ _.* "
t.  Til ; bu;   . ; l
neve.!" .,   oi. a. ■    .i*.
"ft eil, i   mil, not pemi.A.e i j ' i
I i.i.. i j List, to gun- b.e.U   . i
an nd ower the siller to t i.i   ~y.   ..nd
io, ..s ye all ken, I compromised.    1 hur-
licd Lack to the hill—"
"But ye've forgotten the cheese?"
"Xn, listen: I hurried back to the hill,
wondering how I could send a guinea
to Chirsty, and I minded that I had
about half a pound of cheese in my
pouch, the which I had got at a farm in
Glen Quharity. Weel, I shoved a guinea
into the cheese, and back I goes to the
hill to D. Fittis.
" 'D. Fittis,' I says, 'I ken you're an
honest man, and I want ye to take this
bit of cheese to Chirsty Todd.'
" 'Ay,' he says, 'I'll take It, but no
till it's ower dork for me to see tho
"What a busy crittur D. Fittis was,
and to no end 1 I left the cheese with
him, and was off again, when he cries
me back.
" 'Wha will I soy sent the cheese?' ho
nsks, I considered a minute, and then I
says, 'Tell her,' I snys, 'that it is frae a
"'Ihese were my last words to Di
Fittis, for I was feared other (oik micht
fee me, and away I r;in. Yes, bids, I
covered twenty miles that, day, never
stopping till 1 got to Dundee."
it was Haggart's way, when he told
his story, to pause now and again for,
comments, antl this was a point Where
we all wagged our (loads, the qtiefttiort
being whether his assumption of the
character of a well wisher WHS not a
clear proof ot humor. "That there was
humor in it," Ha^f.irt would Bay, when
summing up, "I i\»ii now see, but compared to what was to follow, il was nel-.
ther here nor there. My humor at that.
time WOS like a laddie trying to open it.
stilt gate, and even when it di.l squeeze
past, the gate closed again  with  a snap.
_ j
 —y- ..-_._ —
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[^SPECIAL: We will send all of the above seven
papers valued at $6.30, postpaid, for only $3 75
Subscribe for 'The Prospector' $1.00 a year THE PROSPECTOR, LTLLOOET, B.C., JANUARY 23, 1904.
Tiacmiiileaa <.'ustl«i*i>M»e'a ri_m~;iiit SurpriHC
III   tli«  Kllhirut-y   Fut-nitlirtt  Industry.
On crossing tbe threshold of either
the  "Kiilarney   Furniture Industry,"
or the CuKilcrosse School, as it is
called, the feeling i.s one of exhilarating surprise und pleasure. Hern
are neither pigs, nor Paddies, nor
bog-oak horrors. Tbe lirst-named in-
stilt|tion—once the Kiilarney School
of Arts and Crafts—has been put lip
on u thoroughly business footing,
unu furnished with thc best models
in craftsmanship from England,
France und Italy. A great deal of
the work executed was disposed of
at the London sale of the Home
Arts and Industries' Association,
Minio little time ago, and since thin
the manager has in hand orders to
the amount of $2oU, which implies
admirable management, us the industry was started only about live
years ago with a little class of boys
taking carving lessons ut Kiilarney
House. Now it hus developed into a
thriving business, including ecclesiastical work, school furniture,
electric littings, and overy brunch of
wood carving and gilding. The airily
inclined visitor will hanker after the
stained green curd-boxes, gilt with
appropriute word.ng, "The iiridge of
Sighs." the literary will appropriute
book-cases and slides, with the motto, "un livie est un ami qui ne
trompe jamais," while the artistic
will hardly know which most to admire, the whitt'V'Ood bedstead, which
bears the diploma of thc Glasgow
Exhibition, the colored bas-reliet of
poppies blowing before the wind, the
true lovers' knots for electric light
fittings in Kauri pine, or the dark
wood carvings copied front Roman
churches. Further on one pusses
through a modest doorway into a
little school of industry quite unique
in Ireland, and which would have delighted the soul of Ruskin, Thc latticed casements open on green paces,
the white walls have a tulip frieze,
und over the mantel arc thc lines:
There are three things,  fair maiden,
AV.tli which I'd see .toil ludem;
Your book wherein to pray,
Yonr purse wae.e.'.th to pay,
Your needle and . our t untile,
To keep jour lingu's nimble.
In the various departments the
girls learn sewing and various housewifely uris, such us cooking, so neglected as to be almost unheard of in
the cottages, and launury work,
which is highly successful. From .25
to 30 girls can be received as boarders for a nominal sum a week. These
are the industries which, owing to
circumstances too long to chronicle
and too melancholy to recall, were
disappointed of receiving a substantial grant. It is dillicult for people,
although of the highest ideals and
entire singleness, of heart, to continue to support with undiminished
fuith and enthusiasm, even a beautiful and philanthropic institution at
heavy personal loss. The tourist season being now in good swing, it is
hoped all those who are intelligent
enough to know that to leave Ireland
without seeing Kiilarney is to remain ignorant of her supreme
beauty, will not drive past these
sources of interest unheeding, but
will, by orders to tho furniture industry and donations to Eady Cast-
lerosse's school, second this rare and
most gallant effort of a patrician
Irishwoman to help her country people to help themselves. One of the
very greatest pleasures when at Kiilarney is to stroll along tho road
where Lady Castlerosse's workers
bave their interesting emporium, and
watch them through the open doorway, laboring industriously and
singing cheerily over their  work.
A touching story is told of a beautiful girl living in the Canadian
Northwest who was deserted by her
lo"er. It was her custom to resort
to the .Saskatoon Uiver on moon-
lifs.it evenings, and at the former
tiysting place watch and Walt for
Ihe return of the one she still loved
She also conceived the idea that a
loon which haunted that portion of
the river would yet let her know
something about the absent one:
On  the bunks of the  Saskatoon
B.v the IjK-ht of the silvery ino.in,
A   midden 'fair
With intt-bfcwn hnlr
Is listening to the lo:n,
To  the  plidtntlve,   mystic   loon.
With its wi inl nnd woesome rune,
As It floats by the edge
Of the ye ow sedge,
On   tbe  banks  of  the   Saskatoon.
Kre  clouds   do  hide the  mooal"
"Oh,  will  he not come soon,
The maiden cries,
, With tear-lllled eyes
As she waits b.v the Saskatoon,
i Then a sound comes Irom the loot
like nn ancient beldam's croon,
"He Is gone for aye,
Fnr, far awny __,„__.       M
From the bunks of the S~~9kalo.«.,*i
On the banks of the Saskatoon,
By  the  dull,   half-bidden  moon,
A   fur-off   cry
So wild nnd shy
Comes up from the lonely loon,
From the distent, tlm d loon*
AVlth Its awe. nine,  mournful rune.
.v.- the maiden --■*«*
With the nut-brown hair .
WHO sleeps in ^ *£%^,,c_d~_r.
NOTICE is hereby given lhat 60 days
afler dale I ai 111 end to_applyJ lo ilte_Chief
Commissioner of Lands and WorksJ-for permission to purchase the following land situated at tli.|.''iiuntain, I.iiiooet Disliict, more
pariiularly described as follows: "**"*"
__ConiiiiencingJ.at post on the Southern I
boundary ol Nicalo lioiiini's ranch, 'marked
Pan! Santini's No. i]post'north west corner,
tlienee South 15 chains, *j I hence . East j 25
clitiiH, ih.nci North 15 chains, thenceJlWeM
25 chains to .point of coinmenceinentjcontain-
ing 40 acres more or less.
Lillooet, January 5,  1904.
Dominion Elections.
A Convention of tbe Liberal-Conservatives ol Yale-Canboo will be held
at the
Conservative Club Rooms
THURSDAY, JAN. 21, 1904
V >r the purpose ot" selec in_r a cannitl-
tte to contest the forthcoming Dominion
Elections in tbe interests of the L.heri.1-
Conservative Patty. Local Association*
.ie requested to meet and elect delegt es
a once, liepresentalion at the Conven-
ioll will be by delegations f 1 oil! tli.
I'lovinci.l Electoral Dn-tiict.oi Grand
Fojks, Greenwood, Sitiiilkiinieeii. Okan-
.iiian, Kamlo p^, Yale, I/llonel and Cat-
iboo. One delegate will be appointed foi
each twenty t.i Ira tion of l enty V >te>*
cast at each poll. Accredited delegates
may vote either in person or by proxy,
but not more than twe ve rnxies shall
>e liebl liy   any one delegate.
Chair will  be  taken at  - p.m..   A I
.3'iHi-eiV.ilives tire invited 10 attend tbe
'(invention,  but. on1)'  accredited  delegates will be allowed to vole.
'■   esident  Yale-Ctuibou Liberal-Conservative Associati'.u.
December 8, 1903.
I r gentleman to manage business in this
I County and and adj'itiing teniory for
.mu. e of solid financial staiutii g. $20
S raigbt cash salary aid expenses paid
acb itliitnlav direct frmii headquarters.
Expei 8e mnnev anvanced; | osition per-
nanent. Address Manager, 603, Motion
Building, Chicago.
Tiih Rev. Irl Hicks Almanac for 1901
is co* rea.'y. It will be mailed to any
nldress f.ir 80 een Is. It in t<urr>i iriui: low
sueh an el* g -in, cowl I v book can be sent
.repaid so che.iplv. No laiuily or petS'.n
1- prepared to hiui1\ the heavens, or tin
loin.B ami wealber in 1904, without ibis
w.iiidciliil lli.'ks Almanac and Proletsi.r
Hicks splendid j-aper, Word and Woiks.
B *tb are sent fur only One Dillar a year.
Word and Works is um nig the best Am -
eiican niiignz'iiee. Like the Hicks Almanack, iI is too well known to nici
fn ther cou.mei.dat.on. Few men havi
labored moie fanhfully for the public
.noil or f.itiiid a waru.ei place in tin
hearts of the people.    Send orders to
Oo., -201 Lucu-t St.eet, St. Louts, Mo.
FOUND on the  l.ydon-Lill oet R lad,
a piece of gold.    Owner  can    have the
same by proving ownership and paying
A J. Swart,
14 M'le Creek.
Tanunn 5,  1904.
iieter and good reputation In em h stale (oue
In I Ills county required) to represent, anil a<l-
verlisc old-usinblbhcd wealthy business I101.se
iifsolnl financial standing. Salary "(121,00 weekly willl expenses additional, all p.iyali'ie in
ciisli direct each Wednesday fiom head oljlces
Horse Hint carriage furnished when necessary.
Keferences.Eiiclofct. self-added ress envelope
Colonial, 882, Heat born St. Chicago.
Head our special
offer 011 tlie
third page.
Our Drhg Store is the "House ol
Perfume." If there's a new perlume
nr a new cidoton (he market we're tlie
first to have it. We have all the old
standiy oilois—Lubiii's, Atkinson's,
I'inaiid's, Deletiez', (Juliet's and Colgate's. An excellent line, 50 cents an
The sweetest among rose pcrlttmes
at 75c. a liottle.
Paul Santini,
carries a  full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry Good]
Hoots and Shoes, Hardware etc-
ets£e--l wi'ire-ri- tC
t <tf/ /' W'  y •     *$>
i. 'c/e-el.4     C_J>* o.c<f*/.t'*#*     __./*#.
makes an acceptable gift for either
lady or gentlenntn 1'iices frufn $z 50
to $10 each. Every pen sold on 30
days trial, and, if found unsatisfactory
will be exchanged, or money refunded.
DRUG Co. Ltd.,
*■* Jt_Jl
Our Catalogue is a veritable bank book, wherein
every article illustrated
means to our customers
a direct cost savin?.
Th 5 new edition, ready Nov. 15,
will b_ of incalculable value to
every person into whose han J»
it comes.
It will illustrate articles
of high quality only at the
extreme   lo .vest   prices.
Write for a copy. It will
be forwarded free oi -ost.
Ryrie Bros, g
|»_-HM»Y«_^ Toronto
50  YEARS'
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Copyrights 4c.
Anyone nenrilng n Mietrti and description may
• ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is im.hnl.ly patentable. Communications strictly coiilldotitlat. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency fur securhiK patents.
Patents taken through Munti & Co. receive
ipcciat notice, without chargo, In tbe
Scientific flrcericatt
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. J.nnrest circulation of any ericutlUc Journal. '1'crnis, (3 a
year; four months, tl.  Sold byull newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.36'0-—New York
Branch Oflice. 625 V Ut. WashlDKton. D. C.
There are very few cleansing operations in which Sunlight
Soap cannot be used to advantage. It makes the home bright
and dean. m
The McMillan Fur & Wool Oo. liave
placed their circular of Dee 12th on tile
it our office for reference. This lionet*
was established a quarter of a cntury
igo, and on account of llieir extensive
hiif-ine. e, tliey are in a position lo pay
dgli prices. Shippers lind their deal
ings villi them very satisfactory.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton & Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday;
All points in Cariboo:   ,-:,-   -    Mondays.
150 Milt. House : Mondays Si Fridays [semi-weekly service'!
Lillooet: Monday and Friday. |!
H Special conveyances furnished.    Send  for  folders   )||
Tlie new stage line leaves Lytton every Monday anJ
Friday for Lillooet, returning next day. Special tripl
made,    Write us for information.
Peter liebagliali & Co., Lytton  B. C.
Blacksmith 5u ppl ies
We cany the largest and best stoek in B.C J
including: Bar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel, |
Sole Agents I'or VAl.liNTINK'S  lligli (Jrad. CARKlA(it__ VAUNIS1I.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McCOSH. Meii'luinl Tailor, Ash. mil, II. C
mining i:ngini:p:h8 and assaylhs,
Vaneouver, 15.C..
Establislied, 1S(.K).
Assay work of all (lesciiptioiis midcitaken. Tests made up to nooo His. A specialty!
made of checking smelter pulps. Samples from llie. Interior liy Mail or lixpr.ss'
promptly attended to.    Correspondence    solicited.
OeetlSj for Spring   plant!
Bulbs, Plants,
A. a special and temporary offer to
r^adfrnof thi» ;>np«'r, we will intiil Tiik
Public io persons who are not now cob-
ciilitUM, for ten week, for lell cent.,
The l'i'iii ic is a $2, 16-pm.e weekly Review lor democratic Democrats and tie
mocnitic MepulilicaiiK ; ii# opinions are
expre.se.l without fear or favor; it givei-
nn interesting and connected weekly! Catalogue free,
of all 1 i-toiical news; it, always lias eil- ff__ J    Hnnrir
itoiials worth studying, a cartoon worthl
seeing, nook notices worth leading, and
miscellaneous matter hoth valuable and
Interesting ; and it is liked hy intt lligent — 	
Women  as well as by  intelligent inei-!q   ■■    A 1 _J f\
Ti.e edio.ris LinisF. Post.   Semite.  f|. f .MllUC foOdO. \j0
eenta in s-ilv>-r or stamps for ten weekVI
lll'.l*. S'UPI'l.l.liS,
fkuit iiaskkts,
trial. All Biihsr* iptinns ape paid strictl\ j
in advance, and upon expiration Hie
paper U promptly jt-pped unless su1-
sciiption in renewed. Mention this pap 1
Address:      TIIK I'll 111,IC,
Uniiy Ullildiii|)i Oh caoo, Iii..
N'l-',\,r VVKSTMINSTKU, It. C.
Use Lever's I'Ty S^np (*} powder, to
wash woolens and flaiine.s,—you'll like
it- 32'
General 11 a. ra ware,
Picks ami Shovels,
Axes, Noes Si li'akcs,
Bar Iron. Drill Sleo),
Oils, I'ainls, Sic.


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