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The Prospector Jan 5, 1905

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Array "•i****-*!!!*'.   ifm'j  *
Vol. 7, No.  2.
■ V-
jAr: 9 .
J ^
LILLOOKT,   B. 0.   JANUARY   5,
a Year
Port  Arthur was surrendered on Sunday last 1
We hope the Russians will
[excuse si few flags.      From
.lie   latest daily   papers   it
j\vas evidently a   matter   of
lours. The   following is by
k'ire and  reliable.
To the Prospector :
Advices from Tokio, Jan.
|2nd state that General Nogi
ireports as follows :
At o a.m. Jan. 1st, the enemy's
•[hearer of a flag of truce came iu-
|to the first line of onr position,
and handed the following letter
|to our ollicers :-
" Judging by Hip general condition of Uie line of hostile positions held by you, I. find further
resistance at Port Arthur useless
and for tlie purpose of preventing needless sacrifice of lives propose to hold negotiations, with
reference to capitulation. Should
you consent to same, you will
please appoint commissioners to
'liscnss tlit- order nnd conditions
regarding capitulation and also
appoint place for such commissioners to meet same appointed
by ine.
■{signed}        Stoksskl.
General Nogi replied,
1 have the honor to reply (o
.yonr proposal to hold negotiations regarding conditions and
order of capitulation. I have
appointed Major General Ijiclii
us commissioner, fie vvill be
accompanied by staff officers,
■and civil officials. They will meet
your commissioners on Jan. 2,
at noon at Shuishnng. The commissioners on both sides are empowered to sign a convention
for capitulation without waiting
for ratification, and cause same
to take immediate effect.
{signed }• Nooi.
Tne Japanese made the last
attack on Sunday and after determined lighting captured l-ort
"II" This, immediately preceding Port Arthur's full, set Tokio
wild with joy.
A  Special   Dispatch   to
the Prospector reads,—
Tokio, Jan. 3. The term, of the capitulation were t-igiieil last tii^lit. K.i_.mhii
officers are to be permitted to return
to Russia on parole ; the rank and fil«,
nuiuoering aliout. 10,000, Uisut go to
Japan as prihoneis ol war.
Almost immediately after making! certain that satisfactory conditions for a
surrender could be obtained, 'General
Stoeseel gs.ve orders that all -hips in
the harbor, and all the principal buildings be blown up. Stoessel'a treachery
is sharply criticized by t>« pres-, which
also reviews charges </i Red Cross violations, and declares that no treatment
would be too severe in tisiug term,
of  surrender.
There arc 14,000 men in the lioapitalb
of Purl Arthur.
Avery good suggestion war.
made the other evening at
the Entertainment when Mr.
Gibbs, on behalf of the Public School Trustees, informed the public that a Library
would be formed in conjunction with the Athenian
literary Society, and that
he would be prepared to receive donations of books and
act as Honorary Librarian.'
As the Library is intend-
ed for the benefit of all in
town, we would like to see
the movement go ahead and
will therefore put it on our
free list. Send in to Mr,
Gibbs any books you may
have : they will all come in
Win. Riley; Jr, has been engaged to work at the Ample.
Mi. Carter is still suffering a
taste of the real original Grippe,
George Blakie has gone up to
Birkenhead to work with Hurley ai.'d Duguid, on the hatchery
t'o be erected on Owl Creek.
James Rowbottom is visiting
at Pachelqua.
The dredge has resumed work
Don't forget, Sunday 'school
as usual, next Sabbatlft
MdGillivray settlement has
been granted a school, which
will be erected in the next three
Mrs. J. Marshall spent New
Year with Mrs. dimming.
A. prominent member of the
Athenian society has stated his
staled his intention of presenting
two silver medals to the candidates next summer ; one for tlie
teachers' examination, the other
for the entrance chiss. There are
three in each class.
So Durban got the mando-
lin, Bell the literature, and
Enterprise man a goose,—
is it not,—Jimmy ?
Take a course of study, in
winter. Mr. Brandon can
tell you about International
Correspondence, famous and
inexpensive. Assaying .$'-»0,
Electricity, $35, Bock keeping $15. etc.
There are agents trying bo Imve
a townsite boom iu Pt. Simpson
as well as Kit am ant. The name
alone is enough to kill the latter.
C. S. Douglas, Vancouver has
an ad five feet by three, based
on the I8S0 report of Sand ford
Fleming, who seemed to favor
Port Simpson more than Vancouver then.
France and Morocco are having
trouble. Anarchy reigns,— not
the sultan ; the British are moving iuto the city of Tangier for
The Trustees of onr Public
Schools have a lot to contend
with, but when they get pointers
from parents as to the course of
tuition desired, it goes wvy h.-ird
as the following letter, recently
received by a board of trustees,
will demonstrate :—
Trustees of the Publick School,
I shall be much obliged if yon
will not teach the chikben no
fancy things. They learned nie
lots of nonsense wheu I went to
school, and 1 never made the
first dollar out of it. There's
arithmetic, I want you to play
light with that. 1 Imve no ob-
jection to their learning division
and substruction and long .-iml
short Provisions but 1 draw lhe
due at Frae lures. J.r.tT'1 ',..*;>.
teach no fractures 1 1 los'; six
months at them. Last week 1
spent two days trying to measure an acre of laud, and  would
have been at it yet if I'd stuck
lo those fractures. Had to go
over the ground with a 2-ffc rule,
after all 1 Fractures is too puzzling; you are always converting tlie Divider the wrong vny,
or getting the Navigator mixed
up ou tlie wrong side ol' liie line.
Then there's English Grammar
that's another thing , i.. fc too
much of lhat. I learned i. all
when a. boy and wot do I know
now ? Nothink ! Couldn't pass
Un words. Of course if the boys
intend running for MPs why it
would be useful : the parts of
speach, for instance, including
the article, nown, axel tree, herb,
the parsnip, injunction and the
rest, of them.
My  views ou Geography and
lligyen  1 shall   j^ive   yon  nexl,
week :   iu the meantime you can
draw up lhe above rules
young man can ac(  on 1
Yours trt . ,
•a luUA..* i•*jI..~. __*~».
Advertising rates low as possible,
Basis of 30 cents per square
Inch, per   Month.
LILLOOET,   B.C.,   JAN. 5,   1005.
Ib is a rather remarkable thing
that most railroads run east
and west on this continent. The
wheat of the Canadian North-
West, and tlie gold of Dawson,
have given some a northward
trend ; and we hear of the Pan
American route from Winnipeg
to Buenos Ay res via Mexico; but
one thing is certain :—when the
(J. T. I'. comes, there must be a
line run from Vancouver through
our back yard, and northward
to secure a share of the tonnage
which is developed.
We were surprised bo meet another Prospector, one from Ft.
Steele, and a fine sheet ib is :
Vol. 10, No. 52, three years
our senior. Let us hope that
)h 1908 the mines of this district may resemble in development and activity those of the
The columns of the Prospector
are open to you Clinton scribes:
remember yon are in the same
district and advance together.
AVe want to avoid sectional and
sectarian feeling. Only one paper in this vast interesting district, so i.alk up and let every
body know you are still alive
and doing business. Clinton has
the honor of being the business
place of the local member, and
may have natural advantages
not widely known; bub blow
your own horn !
Mr. Marshall of Cayoosh has
Mgreed to do all the lying for
this paper, which will be a fine
help. vVe have not made inquiries as to his ability but he
believes he can do it and there
is uo salary attached-so it's a
Wanted by this paper, a a
article or story without any y
in it. The preacher-primer did
not. leave very many ys when
he left. It's up to the teacher,
to produce a boy or girl who
cau write such a composition.
3   MINING   NOTES.   *,
Burleigh Smith 1ms an option
on the Anderson Lake Mining
ami Milling Company's property.
He will arrive in the Spring, to
lake direct charge of operation..,
when a thorough test will be
made. This property is a very
desirable one. and would prove
a, boiuuiza lor Lillooet, when it
is thoroughly launched. In the
past ib has beeu hampered by
a. want of funds but the directors
at last, see daylight coming into
their mine.
McGillivray Circle has been well
staked. W. E. Brett has a fine
copper ledge on the summit of
the mountain ; one which will
prove very remunerative when
J. IT. S. Rowbottom is interested iu five claims, which run
parallel to the Anderson Lake
property, and require development. A little capital would set
the machinery going, stimulate
other seekers for investments and
greatly benefit the town.
Tlie Pioneer Drug Store.
Drugs,  Medicines,  Sundries,
Trusses,  Spectacles,  Etc.
81-12-04      LILLOOET,    _3. C.
o. J--. i?h:~a.i_R;,
H General   Merchant. ^
Outfits   and Guides  furnished
gjGT      to   Hunting Parties.      jj
Groceries, Hardware,   Drugs, Photo
Suri-LiEs, Dry Coods, Etc.
XjIXiXiOOET     -     -     IB-     C.
The Prospector will print free the fol-
owitag I'.dvertUementa :
School Notes.
The following is the report of
Inspector Gordon on the schools
iu onr District :—
Alkali Lake.
Pupils present 10. For the
short time the school has been
open, the children have made
good progress.
Average attendance 8. Primary grade, reading and number
work good. Manual work and
senior arithmetic weak,—-pupils
lacking interest.
Average attendance 26. Prescribed subjects taught systematically and intelligently. Perfect
discipline regularity, punctuality and close application have
resulted in a year of good work.
Lac La Hache.
Present 10. Writing and drawing well taught. Many pupils
lack interest, and senior work,
especially geography and Literature need more attention. .Greater care in discriminating between
the important nnd the unimportant is required in teaching.
Lac La Hache Noith.
Present 10. School just open
after a vacancy of some months:
scholars interested and making
advances iu writing, spelling and
arithmetic. Should have more
practise iu reading, and a more
systematic treatment of drawing
and nature study.
Average attendance 35. The
tone and standing of this school
have improved during the year.
Interest has increased and more
thorough work has been done.
Present 11; Children write neatly, are good spellers, and do
number work with rapidity and
accuracy. Their reading is poor
and knowledge of language and
literature limited.
Average attendance, between
v and 10. The teacher haw worked faithfully,, taking care to be
equipped himself if or work, and
also to have the children so.
__3 p§j p^pi P| P| IJSEf
Paul Santini,
The Athenian Club Entertainment was a grand success. The magic lantern, in
charge of Mr. Gibbs, pleased
old and young. '1 he program
was given entirely by the
school, and rehearsed after
hours, so no study time was
wasted. Speeches by Leroy
Laidley, and Inglis Uren,
were masterful, tho' neither
claims to be Cicero or Demosthenes, yet both can express their ideas clearly.
L\ B. Brandon gave a short
address on the school, lie
thanked the parents for encouragement and co-operation, and pointed out that
.the real object of the children is to prove their training by passing the prescribed
standards. Program closed
by cheers for T. B. Brandon
and S. Gibbs.
Miss Nellie Uren was presented with a writing case,
as a prize for neatness in
school work.
Opening Chorus School
Chairman's Address S. Gibbs
Selection Marine Hand
Recitation M. Miller
Insrtumental V. Miller
Speech - Inglis Uren
Recitation Ruth Brown
Song Nellie Uren
Recitation Lila  Arthur
Violin Duet F. Durban C. Manson
Speech J.Leruy Laidley
Selection Marine Hand
Recitation Grace Miller
Address D.  Dickey,  Sec
Instrumental E. Gibbs
Recitation T. Hurley
Duet M. Hurley, N. Hell
Dialogue I. Uren, Roy Laidley
Recitation M. Terry
Instrumental      M. McDonald
Pedagogical Speech T. B, Brandon
Presentation to Nellie Uren.
Hotel Victoria,
Headquarters of
Wire for Outfits, guides
Etc,   Cost  Reasonable.
Every Attention to Travellers and Commercials.
Large Sample Rooms.
Headquarters or Ashcroft and Lytton
Stages. Special rates for families spending seasons.
Rooms,  Table, Liquors and
Sta'jling*.   All  Excellent. LILLOOET,   B. C.   JANUARY   5,  '06.
George Forbes, Junior, of Lac
La Hache, arrived here about a
week ago, and is employed in
J'hair'H store. What's more, he
likes his job.
Tlie heaviest frost ever seen in
this town was on Mrs.Eagleson's
Christinas cake, (ive stories high.
Tlie tables were set end to end,
forming' one the length of the
dining room. The Victoria sets
a fine table any day, so yon may
imagine how this particular one
was crowded and stacked with
the best.
H. Cargile the Ashcroft stage
■driver lost his watch on the roatl
about the time the snow came ;
no if yon find one you know who
belongs to it.
There are some flue mouth organ artists iu town. They heap
aavey that instrument here, ou
in.count of much practise, and
the fact that they are cheap
and portable, while organs and
piaiion are not: the latter tire
not very " importable" either.
Yet they may lie heard at all
hours of tlie day; (and fire
trackers nt all hours of the
night. What, will we do when
China New Year comes?
, ASA ,ASA\sA\/*S/aSA,/*K 'iS/*\ASA\
Leaves Railway at Lytton at 7 a. m.
Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Raturdi.yb
One hour at noon at Half-way House
Reach Lillooet 5 p. m. Returning on
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and
Sundays.    47 miles along tne Fiaser.
Beautiful  Scenery.
Special Trips  made.
Write to
P.    REBAGLIATI   &   CO.
50  YEARS"
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending n nkotcb nnd description mny
quickly nsoertalit our opinion free whether an
Invention li probably patentable.* Communications atrlotiy confidential. Handbook on 1'atonU
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn k Co. receive
»pceta! notice, without charge, lu the
A handsomely Illustrated woekly. J.nrceBt clr-
dilution of anv RcientlUo Journal. Terms, %'. a
year: lour months, il. Sold by nil newsdealers.
MUNN &Co.3e,Bfo*av. New York
Unroeh Offlco. «S V tit. '.Va_ hl_igtoii, D. C.  .
While the plainest of
all rings, they are the
most important and
the most constantly
Hence tho desirability of
bavin** them well and coui-
fi'.t:ibiv proportioned. All
J Ryrie" rinK* are. Send
for "mail-order catalogue.
Our wedding rings are
of solid 18k. gold and
range from $4.00 to
New Governor of Australia.
lord Northcote, G..C.I.E., CD., at
present Governor of Bombay, who
has been appointed to succeed Lord
Tennyson on his relinquishing the
appointment of Governor-General of
thc Commonwealth of Australia in
December next, was born in 1826,
and has had a varied political and
diplomatic career. The second son of
the lirst, Earl of Iddesleigh, he was
educated at Eton and Morton College, Oxford, taking his B.A. degree
in 18S.1, and M.A. in 1B73. At the
age of 22 he became a clerk in the
Foreign Oflice, and in 1871 was attached to Lord Ripon's special mission to arrange the Alabama treaty.
In that and the next year he was
secretary to Queen Victoria's Claim
Commission under the treaty of
Washington. He was private secretary to Lord Salisbury on his embassy to Constantinople in 1876-77,
being appointed third secretary in
the diplomatic service in the former
year. From 1877-80 he was private
secretary to the Chancellor of tho
Exchequer; from June, 1885-86, Financial Secretary to the War Office;
Surveyor-General of Ordnance from
July, 1886, until the abolition of
that office in tho following year, and
a charity commissioner (unpaid)
1891-02. For nineteen years onwards from 1880 he sat as M.P. for
Exeter in tho Conservative interest,
and was appointed to the post he
now vacates in 1900. Lord Northcote, who was created a Baronet in
the year of Queen Victoria's first
Jubilee, was elevated to the Peerage
on taking up his duties in Bombay,
lie married, in 1873, the adopted
daughter of Lord Mountstephen.
Latest Assyrian Finds.
The well-known Assyriologist. Dr.
Hugo Winckler, has unearthed and
published an account of the legislation promulgated by King Amraphel
of Babylon, which, so far as is
known at present, was thc first book
of laws given to the world. King
Amraphel lived 2,250 years B.C., and
Is mentioned in the Bible as a contemporary or Abraham, so that his
Btatutes were drawn up fully five
centuries before the laws of Moses.
They number 282, and contain the
following:—If a woman who sella
beverages gives bad value for the
money paid to her, she shall be
thrown into water. If a wife be tt
spendthrift, or if she otherwise neglect her duties, her husband may
put her away without compensation!;,
but if a man put away his wifo for
no other reason than that sho hau
no children, he shall return her wholo
dowry. If a betrothal be rescinded,
the man shall pay the woman compensation. A widow with grown-up
Children may not marry again without permission from a judgo.
<L0Ji8TE0USTREAT>lEHT    ,,,
_- iout.;>~ U_~___a
' '_S5ttaft___3SK
' V*>>~ I ",
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extra*.;. ||
In a v/ord, they are the only reliable repeat;;.. .Ski
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable il
calibers, weights and styles; Ind are plain,
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose,  every  pocketbook,   and  every taste.
made for all kinds cf shooting in all kinds of guns.    JJ
r-nr-r-     Send name end address on a Postal
rr.fc.fc.    torour 164-pnge Illustrated C»t~!o_. 1
r^r__-«-iV-* *^--'*'*^'*'"1J~'"*"*" '-y^"- "       ■ ■ _Mm_mm •"** '**»»
wm. mmnw,
\♦ -"-,v. \f/\., '\» "■ t/s*/sv/si.'"-& 's$/*-.t/',.->, -
* t '""•."""CD "TT"
Church irlotes.
St. Mary's Church.
Morning' and  evening services
vvill be held in Sb. Mary's .church,
un Sunday next;, Ven. Archdeacon
Small officiating*.
Rev. Mr. Laidley tolled the old
ve.ti* out and the new year in;
" rang* out (he false, rang* in the
true," perhaps for some of us who
have made gootl resolutions. At
ihe Methodist church, three ser.
were li 11 ;is usual, including the
Sunday school where several new
scholars were welcomed. Evening service was impressive, as a
very earnest appeal wus made,
to young men especially, for a
determination to make a success
of life. A duet, soprano and alto
was sung well, by Mrs. Laidley
and Miss Clark.
While    Investigating,
or investing,
IcLennan, _V.eFe.e~y & Co.
"The Bow-legged Ghost and Oiho. Stories.1
Wiib nn intrn-    £■»_■•.-.• •■'•-,-.-''<t7_\___Z_l____B,-
I'd    VI
y»ifm.i 'y %% &*.m
■-:■:■ ;■:  V-r.-V tyfm
Wj '.V.'i:.^ ■
ume '.;f original
he norios
sketches, verse,
facetious para-
prnphs and colloquies. A book
thc*t will not
disappoint tta
reader, <xs ii
outem a csw
and heretofore
field or huaor.
A book te _>•»
mad aloud and
enjoyed &._.».£
your frienri"-. Contains "The Bow-legged Ghost;*"
'".Vliea t'.ra Bang First Bans, "The "Man Who
Ctouldn't Laugh," "Possible Titicn of Futures
Books," "Selling Look-, of Huir," "No Woman, No
rad." "Society Actresses," eu-., etc. 'Ib\_ first
edition tvuiKi in cloth, printed on extra Une
pij.i'r, an''.absolutely th. best humorous book published. Worth $2.50, mailed postpaid for $I.0(\
Order at nnce. Bond for onr new special I'/lns-
trated cataloguemallfld free. Glveayon tho low-
est prices on all good books,   Address ail orders to
HMUIiitn »n* MMtt__.C-Ur.ri. A1-.7011. Ohio.
*"%* Werner Campaiv- '- Miorcnfrtlly rettaUc.J—Editor.
There will be no preaching in
tlie iletliodist church, next Sill)-
liatli, as Mr. Laidley will be down
tlie river, preaching at Lochore's
on the Lytton road. Renieinber
Sunday evening, Jan. 8. Every
second Sunday iu every month,
the Methodist missionary goes
either to Pavilion or Lochore's ;
and the English Church services
onie on that Sunday.
WW{&/   *Ww%
Bulbs, Seeds, Plants,
Trees, etc.
Send for Catalogue
3009   Westminster Road,
No District affords greater
Opportunities for Prospector or Capitalist. Gold
is found everywhere. A
trip into this region will
convince you !
Climate cannot
be beat for Consumption or for
sycr .
'SSt'"        i ii nn
Page Woven Wire Fence
with its continuous coll (not crimped)is Ilic
host stock-holding fence made. I'ago No.
7 wire stands a jLOOOpOUnds'strain—common
No, 7 wire only 1,701) pounds, Common wiro
will not coil—it straightens out again—it
hasn't a spring temper--Pago wire has.
Tho Pa jo Wlro Tenm On., Limited,
WsUkerviUe, Ont.
Montreal, P.p., o.n& Ct. Joan, W.B.     11
E. Q. PRIOR & CO., (federal Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.
iff:~#£ PACE
^_i_._.i.i____^.ir **iic_._-.._
This i~ tbo PfiffQ stn.ndi.r~ olnvftn bn. viret tene...   Ooll, ~»*rlprr wlro ft.rt erfmp9_f)— tftVes tnj thoRtir*
••-.,..       ■■:■,; - ■■ I   ...   .      ■-. ,,        .  ■    • •      . • :    -«.      J?SUS
  ... .• ..     stessa. ai.
.    ...'■■.    tonl ■'1-, j'*'*- a-
From 20 to 30 wealthy
Sportsmen, English, Am*
erican and German, come
here each year to hunt
Grizzly, Big Horn, Caribou
or Mountain Goat. Here
are the best guides.
This is Magnificent! One
may be swayed to ecsta.
sies over Italian or Swiss
Scenery; but let him see
our par»ora..;a, and lesser
r. f. ts\ p ft g   r;:


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