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The Prospector Aug 8, 1903

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... (« (il-
i . 3' ■
- '
Vol. 6. No. 3.
$1.00 a year.
Political  Items
Ijolin Oliver of Helta Im... liwn
rongly endorsed by his eonstit-
•n Is.
Iriie Conservatives of Chilliwack
lave nr'initialed .I.L.  Atkinson
government candidate to op-
ose the re-election of Mr. Munro.
There fire over  300 ninnes on
\\e voter's list for tliis district,
is uol expected th.it inoretliiiii
[00 iiiimes will lie listed.
There nre, at. leant, half a dozen
tunes of probable Conservative
Inndidat-'S     mentioned   by  the
[•mu on the street, but most of
ill be dropped at the meetings
leld preliminary to the Coiiven-
At the Liberal Convention for
the I lillooet district, held atClin-
f on on Saturday, August 1st, Dr.
!iH»i-a'n Sanson wiih i nnniinonsly
■hoseii .-is the Liberal candidate
In content  the   constituency nt
|l he forthcoming elect ion.
The convicts who escnped from
iKolsoin prison, California, aie'
Int large. Two inililiaiueii were
-hot in a conflict with them last!
I Sunday and Inst Sunday, at I'lac-
lerville, a resident was shot liy a
icon v ict picket.
The new Pacific'.-able will liave
lo report a deficit of one million
doll.-irs on its first venr's work.
... •'•■
Hr,    '
- m
tllil-l ailiioi.~,i (.iii  >i   tit* New.
People say tho old-fashioned girl is
coming into fashion, it, may In so—
it all depends. Hut we doubt if the
latest form nf feminity will take the
snap. <>f a revi.al. An adaptation,
pcihaps, of u modification, or a rc-
vitoJ edition. Hnt a mere replica-
No! W'tmicii h.oe their punses, Ij^e
the moon ami other mentions of the
gender, but, unlil-e the lunar planet,
they nc\cr repeat themselves. The
early Victorian giil was a Kim-
poring, giggling, blushing, fainting,
ringleted, champagne-bottle shouldered, white-stockinged, cloth-booted, impeccable nonenity. The mid-
Victorian Miss was a tiling of
bustles, chignons, sprightlinoss, ar* fiery meetings, and dawning emancipation. The later Victorian New YTo-
man was composed of platform
phrases, cropped hair, thick boots,
formless arguments, affected animadversion of the tyant man, and de-
8..air of the matiimonicl estate. We
to-day are f.ll cf "smart" ambitions, overflowing with smart slang,
weighted down with smalt liis 1. r
smart clothes, compelled to live in
smart st eets?, to tie gieat attenuation of our 1 s-i smart incomes. Never, in fact, has there been such an
Old Mar: of the Sea as this fetish of
smartness that we have been hugging
to our souls—or what re] r.sents
them—for the last dozen years. Not
to be smart, is to be so lally dead,
and t.o be socially defunct it were
letter never to have been born. So
says the modern Saga. With what
result, one need not add. A g'larCQ at
names gracing the Bankrupt y Court
lists, or, say, a few side-lights by a
tax-collector, and the plaints of unpaid tradespeople world afl't r,:l some
contemporary hi.|pry full of thrilling
situations and go far to oxplain to
future generations the curious fe'er-
heat with which the desire to be
smart has afflicted this Edwardian
era. Meanwhile, as ore swing of
the pendulum inevitably indutcs another, we are promised a rotrogl ossion
to Arcadian simplicity, which will
dislodge made-dishes, banish
"Bridge" after a.m., introduce the
cult of mere muslin frocks' antl leaven our erotic literature with the
heavenly manna of .Jane Austen and
Alfred Austin. What is to be done
with Ladies' Clubs and private telephones hns not yet come up for discussion; but. doubtless, Phyllis antl
Corydon will appropriately re-ap-
pen.r attuned to Ihe surroundings of
their biue-ribboned era, ns the painted fans nntl mouches noil'OS of Pierrot and Pierrette recede on this overdone horizon.
|     LOCAL   NEWS.       |
WW  Jones, ihe Iiridge River packer, was
in town this week,
P. II  Br-tt    is down  from   the Anderson
Lake Mines.
Mrs. Pocock, of the Carihoo Koad, is visji
ing her daughter at the Victoria Hotel.
W.   E.  Hrelt   left town  last   Wednesday
or the Anderson Lake Mines.
Jos, Watkinson, of th- Lytton Road arriv
ed in town last evening.
Dr.   Sanson, of Clinton,  arrived iu  lown
last Wednesday.
T. Brandon, the hew leacher lor the Lillooet Schoolj arrived in town last evening on
:her_ X. stage.
Mr. and Mrs. Abb ut, who liave bcei
spending the summer ai lhe bend 'Or Mines,
left for tlie Coast this morning.
The Misses Carson, who h ive bean  v isil
ing friends in town, returned to Pavilion on
Mr.. Gethman left town last Tucilay for
Iowa, on business in connection with the
Lillooet dredge.
Messrs l.agle.son, Copland and Gibbs relumed last Monday from Clinton, where they
had been attending the Liberal Convention.
Mrs.  Doherty. of Hat   Creek,    who  has
been on  a  visit  lo   Mrs, Eagleson,   at  the
j Victoria Motel, leit home last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Combes, of San   Francisco,
who have been guests of Commissioner antl
Mrs. Babcoek, at Seton   Lake,   left lor home
1 last Wednesday.
Use Lever's Dry Soap (a powder) tc.
wash woolens and flannels,—you'll like
it. 32
''"o All Whom it May Cone rn.
We call the attention of all sufferers from
the liquor drinking habit toour advertisement
mi page 2 of this issue. Dr. Saunders guarantees to cure the worst cases, easily, safely,
and absolutely. He offers to forfeit t_151.11 for
nny case he cannot cure. Send for f ee booklet io Dr. W.H. Saunders,
Dept. B. 1180,
Englewood Station.
Chicago,   111.
llmiL'.il nml  lluil.il. Y«*t  I.l veil.
It is not given to many men to be
hanged and buried, and yet bo ablo
to tell the tale, but such was the experience of one .John Bartondale, who
was executed at York iu Ili.'U for
felony. After his body had hung for
nearly an hour, it was buried. A
gentleman passing by the grave,
which had not been Ailed up, thought
he saw the earth move, antl wilh the
help of his servant, he disinterred
the convict, who wa.s still alive. It
was tbe custom in those days to
bury sub ides and executed criminals
without any coffin. The man was
carefully treated, and entirely rorov-
ored. He became hostler at the
coaching-house in York and lived a
most exemplary life. When ask a, I
what he could tell In relation to
hanging, us having experienced it.
replied "That when I wus turni
off Hashes of lire seemed to dart from
my eyes, from which I fell into a
State  of  darkness  u_nd insellsilv^lltv.',
l»r<»|» rr~_«iU»t.
"When you have n gr.at reform to
carry out, for (.oil's sake drop precedent for the moment fcn(| i-otiw down
to Inii-InO-*."—Lord Kosebery.
A mooting of iiiiiseiviilives will be held in
the Fntser Hull, l.illooot, tills evening, In Old r
in iii'biiiiIj.1! a brunch nf iho Million Conservative A "social hui, After organ!., tion members
will in* dulogiitud tn attend the Conservative
■ 'lU'Vcutlnn In lie hold ni (.Union mi Aug. 16th.
Lillooel, Auk  Kill, 1008,
Tht CLLE   hlO.  V. AY.
The cold beach erics l-elilnd us In •'he grip
of the sea's unrest.
We've  i'i ne  wiih  sugu n'  harbors,   we're
decked out in our lust.
With 11 white band on ,he funnel Instead
of dirty grey.
We're oil  10 tt.eei old friends neon tlie blue
Wives nnd sweet'lieart. call  us, call lo us
of heme,
The  read    glen-in  of  a  tavern  creeps out
across the foam.
Uut w« head for tlie notehcl horizon where
the great while breakers be.
And uli the stars. _ui shlnin_, u-shlnlng on
the sea.
Oomirnrtcs' voices warn us of the rond we
The lips of t__e drowned keep crying, crying in uur wake.
But we head fer the notched horizon where
the great white breakers be.
And Mntlinr On rev 'eeda her eb-lcks. feeds
her  chicks  at sea.
The cold lu.-ich cries l» !lilnd us in thc grip
of Ihe sett's unrest.
We've don"  with  stagnant  harbors,   we're
decked  oui  In  onr  best,
Wiih a  white bund  on the funnel Instead
nf ''ilrfy  grey.
We're off to meet old friends upon tbe blue
—Walter   Klddnll.
in- indy in eiu-li county to man nge business for
nil old established house of solid llnniiciiil stnnd
ing.   A straight, bona lide cash salary ol $18,00
I luild by check each .Vciliiesilny with nil ex pen*
: send I run I from headquarters.   .Money ndvnnc-
| ed for expenses.
Malinger, 1H0 Caxtou Hulliling,Chicago.
Tnke Nolle* thai sixty days after date I, the
uuileislgneil, Mill apply to the Chief Cotiiniis-
louei of bauds and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lauds lu East
liilllooeti   Commencing ilia North-West  post
ill Ibe IMIew Hills, si tha ted oil Upper Dead-
, mull's 1 reck  thence 80 chains Kasi, thence 10
1 lining South, thence  so chains West, thence
1 10 chains North to the point of commencement,
coiiiuiiiiiig 820acres inbro or less, for grn/.ing
.lames 11. (Jren,
Unted 111 Lillooet, i.e.   .Inly Stli, 1908.
-.alien  Sold   nt Auction   Fetched   Hardly
mthp Iron Prlees,
Relics of old Newgate Prison were
sold at auction on tbe afternoon of
tho 5th Feb., and hardly fetched tha
. aluc of fccrap iron. Ihcrc was a
large crowd of spectators present,
including a number of Amoiicans,
but the bidding wus very slaci..
There wus some competition for the
old oak, the hangman s key and ttie
cupboard mentioned in "Darnaby
Kudge," which brought §(i2.;*i0.
The old dealh bell fetched S500.
The staP on whi h the black Hag was
hoisted went for .60; copper washbowls used by tho prisoners were
sold for $5 each; nine plaster beads
of persons executed we c knocked
down at 8-0, and the main entrance
door, which wus bi oken down by the
Gordon rioters, brought Sloth
Newgale Prison, with the historic
sessions bouse, known ns lhe Old
Bailey, in tlio heart of tho city of
London, which may be compared
with tbe Bast ile of I'aris, or the
Tombs of New York, will have soon
completely vanished, lo make room
for 1 !■<   new Central Criminal Court.
The old jail was massively built,
of stone, and iniiin-nsely strong,
though imt impregnable, as many
prisoners managed to effeel their escape from its gloomy Interior. Jt
dated only from .177(1, ami was much
damaged in tho London "No Pop-
• ry" riots, ten years later, which
make the mosl picturesque episode
• n Dickens' "Barnaby Rudge," The
rioters then buttered in the door nnd
.eleased tbe prisoners. Lord George
Gordon, the fanatic ringleader, was
himself confined in the building on
its reconstruction.
Cardinal HilHo is elected  Pope.
Lord Curzon's term ns viceroy
of India lins been extended.
Tlie.  sockeye  run  continues to
improve on t l.e I'Ynser.
Tlie  lide of    immigrntiou    to
Canada, continues at Hood.
Hon. Eilwni-d Blake has definitely resigned his AIii.hI.hii Boundary Coinniissionership.
A general lock-out hits heen ordered liy tlie I.adder's K sell an fie
League, of Piteshurg, L'a. It will
put  25,000 men idle.
Tlie failure of llie fruit crop in
Kn^laiiil gives another grand opportunity to Canada.
81 nun rod. 111. has been proven a much more rapid lioat than
oilier Lipton ch.illcn<>eis.
The municipality tramways of
.Sheffield, l.nglnnd, show a profit
of over £28,000, a large proportion of which will lie devoted to
the reduction of rates.
The Chicago and Nortli Western
Rail wny arc discharging all the
women stenographers and appointing* men in their place1..
The Prince of Wales is assist m<>;
a. nuinlier of families to emigrate
to Camilla under the self-help
scheme of the London ['.migration Society.
The Austrian  Supreme  Court
has decided   that marriages  between Christians and   persons of
no particular creed nre invalid in
Victoria a* a H01I.
The London Chronicle says the announcement that the King of Italy
will be the guest of King Edward
VII this year recalls the visit paid
by his grandfather, Victor Emmanuel, when he was King of Sardinia,
to Queen Victoria. The king used to
tell his friends for many and many
a year afterward littlo stories to illustrate Queen Victoria's friendly and,
homely spirit. When his leave taking of the Queen and Prince Consort
was formally over and he was in his
apartment on the point of departure,
the Queen knocked on the dour and
ran in alone for a last handshake
with her gruff but greatly delighted
t-ii con raging?.
George—All these articles about the
danger of contagion from kissing; are
very charming, don't you think?
Horn—M—yes; but we women greatly
admire   courage in a man!—Sketchy
The Dominion goveriiinen^.'s
Grand Trunk Pacific a__,Teeiiieii'
was signed on .1 uiy _.Sl h. by I Ion.
Mr. Melding, Acting Minister of
Railways, and Hays, Morse .-nul
Wuinright for the (.rand Trunk.
Forty-three cruisers ami 2(>
battle ships nre taking part in
the annual British naval manoeuvres. The will be a mock battle for the command of the sea
between two man. time countries.
Harry Caldwell, a surveyor, -1!)
years of age, was killed at Mac-
ntilay point lust Wednesday, by
the explosion of dynamite which
he lind taken wi'.h him ou a fishing expedition. THE   PI.OSPECTOK, LTLLOOET, B.C., AUGUST S. 1003.
BY  TIIK  I'KlHI'K.irmt  HUltl.lHKINU   ClIMI'.-NY
THE PKOSPBCIOK is the only paper published in llie I.iiiooet District, und is nil home
Subscriptions: Ono Dollnr n vein i Iviinco.
Advertising rules untile kiioivu nil ii|i|iliciilioii.
ConespnniUince  Is ijivlteil on nil nuitiois nl
intblin nr local Interest.   All cniiiiiiiiniciitlnns
lllllsl    l„.   ,!<-■'< >>il I oi ll i .-< I   liy    Ih,.    nil! if    lill* '
wriler, Iiul nol i Ksiully for piililli'iitlon,
Dredging For Gold
The "Mining   Record" I'm- thi-^
inonth contains an    interesting
review, by Wm. Hi-ewer,  M.E., of
dredge mining- in  tliis Province.
Among ol her things  Mr. I.i_.vei-
points ot I I hai prospect ing work
has determined  that, especially
in the 1-raser and N-orth Thoinp-
son  rivers,  the bedrock  enn-ies
pay iu  placer gold   in   variable
quantities.    He writes further:
"When the prodticl o_ plncergold
yielded  by  the  Fraser Uiver in
days gone by is  taken into consideration, together with the blither fact   Unit prospecting has
demonstrated   that  the bedrock
of the river carries values in pay-1
ing quantities, it would seem asi
though  operating-   by dredging
should certainly result satisfact-
oi-ily,   and  that a  considerable
quantity of placer gold oughl to !
be wnii every year liy this met h- j
oil of miring, but up to the pres-1
ent   time I lie  records show inure
hiss t hau profit.
"After looking over I he field for
dredge mining aud taking into
consideration lhe fact thai the
problem of hoist ing the material
from the river Let Is has been si-Ived because both the single dipper
dredge installed near North lleiid
and the buckets on an endless
chain which was I he type iusl idled near i.vt ton have hoi h heen
I horoiighly proven in I Iml respect
one is forced I o look furl her for
I lie cause of t he iinsal isfacl ory
resuIts which have so far been uli-
t ained from t his met hod of niin-
ing in It ri I ish (loliiuibia.
"Dredging inacliiiiery is tube
installed iu I he Al lin I list rid as
well us in Lillooel during the
present year. The o pern I ions
will b*' watched \\ il It a good deal
of interest, and there is no doubt
I Init if Ihe management have used good judgment in firs1; prospecting tlie ground as thoroughly as possible before buying the
machinery, and nexl in having
purchased I hat type of machinery
which hns already proven its ability to raise I he material from
I he river lied, I he opera,! ions will ,
resull sal isfactorily, provided I he i
operal ut's do no! make the same
mist ake as was made by I hose in
charge of i be ('ohhledicl. dredge
when according to I liecliitiriiian's
lest iinony only about 1 <> percent
of I he gold I akeii from l Im river
was saved.
•■Successful operations liy even
one com puny opera! ing any where
throuu'li the placer belt would un-
doubledly be followed by I he in-
stullal loll of plants in osher por-
I ions, bul when t he past record
of dredge mining in t his province
is considered, il is nol at all
si range I Iml l he indtisl i-y does |
not (I.SSIInie greater proportions* I
Society is reformed only when
the individual is regenerated, till
then the devil is king.
We .annot understand,  therefore we should not criticise, one)
whom we do not care for.
Wtiat lias it ever done for you but harm?
TRY LIFE AGAIN now without it.
THERE IS A WAY now of making
resolutionsthat keep; that cannot help but keep.
s A \
I.lQl'OR   -HUNKERS CURED Easily, Safely, Absolutely.
AT HOME,    Willi no lose of Time or Labor.
Tl ere is nn pnliuhtened aid now whicli lakes hold of a man instanllv.
Iusl. ml ol dulling h drinker it yivc hint almost immediately tiie sna(i -.'I
new    liie ami   p.iu ei--lets tlie KUIllitllil "f Il0|-e lit to his .Old al mice ami
sets hie tutml into operation with hIi its he-<t intelligence — a prompt result of effects on the net ves, s t < ii i at-11 ami whole I .oily which are quick
and inaivelnns. While al this point the cure has mdy lie^iin, the en-
<•<hicji!_., 111.• iit i- m great that piobably no medical woik equals ihis in
satisfaction to a patient.
With 11 i-i help against, tlie drink lml.it any man-who wants to lift from
Irs life the handicap ol liquor using can do so with immediate refills.
Tnis (.'tiaritnteed treatment is within reach of all. Convenient terms can
lie arranged satisfactory to any one who is at all rea onalile, though, as
all people understand, it does rt.t conipaie with the woithless quack
unies adverii-ed a' su much per package, or "Free", etc Ii is a diflerent
matte- from all thi** to pet feel a course of thorough, special, personal
treatment that will really do the work and cure forever. It jm a reriuns
undertaking ami requites a high form of scientific professional w irk. All
the different kinds ol cases are ll.ltitlled under gua- anleed results. Only
-kill t hat is develop'") to the hisrhrfst can doit,. Only professional fees
can pay for tin ie it requites, though they are made moderate . nd convenient fur any ly. The n ethodsof practice used in this woik has cost
vears of time, vast, study and expensive experiments. The originator, Dr.
Wi'liaii) II. Saunders, had attracted wide notice (or his workaon Neivous
diseases I ni},' hefore perfecting tliis treatment. And si ill nothing hut care
and personal attention incases today make- it possible for him to accomplish the alisolii c cures which he guarantees. So the reader will see
it.is treatment means ihnrnut.li scientillc. prol'eBsional attenii-in. I'mt it
also means results that are absolutely certain, Tiie splendid lir_t effects
on a man are alone worth the entire cost of treatment.
This treatment can he uiven WITH or WITHOUT the knowledge of
lhe pa'b'lit and can lie placed in any of his funds or liquid" I bat be ntes,
and lieinir ttu'oih-ss and tasteless, ii does ils work so silently and quickly
ihat lhe ii unktird is leclaitued even iigain-t his will and wi limit hi*
know led. i* ami en-opera linn. The w ife mated fur years lu a husband addicted to tins curse will wonder if curing her husband hv her own efforts
can he true. "Is it pussible t hat I here is such a glotious oppirtunity ?"
■ lie will HBk. Anil 11 ii in-a rn Is u| wives who have put il tu tlie test ami ie-
j dee in the reclamation of heir spouses who seemed lust to ad sense of
*-eli lesptct. generosity and manliness will trumpet out lo tlie world,
" Ve-, i' is true". Our I cell tin ent i* purelv vegetable, con tains no narcotics, 11 pi ales, poisons or mi net als. We use no hypodermic In jee'ion nf gold,
nor any dangerous compound. It can be taken at h une without any loss
or detention from bu-iness, [i stimulates the nervous sy-ieni at once.
incie~-.es tlie appetite, and Afford*, perfect ivh:. al night. It acts directly
upon the stomach, hui Ids up i h • who'e sysieiu, el i mi nates all trace of liq-
n or fn un the I indy and leaves the patient in the same condition as if liquor
had never been taken.
those who have la-en deceived liy worthies- remedies. If yonr friend or
husband h the worst ca-e iii t he community, we are more anxious lo curt.'
him.    Read t he I' 'llm* ing :
Si. John's School, Okla., Aug. 18th, 1902.
llr, W.H. Saunders & Co.,
Hear   Sir*:— I have juM   returned   afler a long absence, nnd feel it my
duly to write yon eoncerninsr mi i wo patieius,   One of them F.R..., gave
Un the t real ment niter a hi nil. two Weeks. The nl her, Will. ('..., con till Ui tl
In take I he ireatinent fail b full v, nud he has heen able lo re fuss whisky a
bundled times and does not crave it at all. Fur nine vears be has been
away.from his parents and never during tbat time lias he been aide tu
keep awav from hon e lung enniteli lo visit home, lie is now visiting Ids
11 nn 11.' in Cleveland, 11 bin, and I expect hit!', back In a fc.v davs. When he
lefi he promised be would not toucl whi.ky while away. I trust he will
keep his gootl resolution. Kindly let me have a few painphlets for distribution. There ure -.. few case- 1 would like lo get for your treatment.
Wishing you success, 1 am
Very truly you^s,
Sister Superior.
s». John's School, Orey Horse, Okla., Sept. 27, 1002.
Dr. W. II. Saunders,
Hear sir:— Voni teller rp.'eived and contents noted. My patient,
returned after visitimr home, nnd lias not touched whiskey. I am so glad
that. In* im iii your i real in en I and I is mot tier is simply del iuh led to think
that lie does not<irink. Theehange winked in tliis man has attracted the
attention of everyone.    1 am
Very respectfully,
Sister Superior,
St. John's School, Gray Horse, Okla,, Dec. 28. 1902.
"Dr. \V.   II. Saill dei..
Dear Sin I wrote vou some time ago about publishing my letters,
I Mediated becnuse tl ey were written in haste, and I doubt if they are
lit to pin-I ish. 11 is a 11 i'h t, of gnu it tide on my part ami if the letters will
ben eh t vou in any way. make Use of I hem. I; is tlie only means I have
to make iny return for your kindness. Tliis I ask leave out my name,
and sun nl v sign, Sister Superior, and of course omit the name of the patieius Mr. C. .is doit g well. I le dues not crave whiskey al all.
With best wishes of the season,
1 am, very trnlv yours,
Sister Superior.
I'olvadeia, New Mexico, Dec. 11th, 1901
Dr.  W.H. S Hinders & 0*).,
Gentlemen :— I have taken your medicine
fir the liquor habit, which was recommended to me hy a friend in my
town. I only took one mouth's tre nan -nt which completely cured ine,
I have no desire to drink any more. 1 suffered for yet'-s With this curse.
I'lea'-e accept mv thanks for the treatment, R"st assured thatl shall recommend your treatment to everyone in need of same.
I am,  very truly yours,
Calletano < iarcia.
WE HAVE l.KKN*. and are, curing thousands and we have hundreds
of testimonials on file sppnklntr nf lhe.# wonderful cures WE WILL
for particulars and save the il iwnfalleu. All correspondence is held sar-
redly confidential. .No name-iof patients published without their written
consent.   Consultation FREE.   All correspondence without marks.
FREE BOOK.    Dr. Saunders latest treatise on Hie pnii°es, various
tvppB, anil successful  treatment of Die liquor habit—"A CLRSE  AND
ITS CURE."—mallei   free for a 2c. stamp.
Dr. W.H. SHinders & Co.
Dept. I'.. 1180,
Englewood Station,
Chicago, III-
III! fi
.**•■. •^^■^■.-'•^ -Y'"■ r -A
pl|l|#i Ave;«W0Ft|i. 'MINNEAPOLIS,MIKN   *
....   . .. t_ Bsi>_JBS_iiai!___a____a .— .
Let tho GOLD DUST twins do your work."
Snow white clothes are the  result of using
It   makes light   the labors of   washing.    Turns
wash day into play day.    Better than any Soap
and more economical.
Chicago,       New York,       Boston,       St. Louis.      Montreal-
__v <• afc
_>__B__i_Nr_Bi^_A.iJ   __i_x^3ii__E^o__E_rA_:]_>T_r
Miners Supplies.
Branch Store at Bridge Uiver whore a I
full stock of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C!
■~ *-' *•
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pripp Send mime ond address on n Postal
r tt tt     lor mil* llil-piif-e Illustrated Cutnlug.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1,00 per annum. TIIK   PI.OSri.CTOM, LTLLOOET, B.C., AUGUST 8, 1003.
Ity   13.   Pauline Jnlinscm.
sltpi.im  ul'   li a Irr   ain |n,.-s,
blmy s.in, unu    inn  i.ii.c.i skies;
uuri.i mi Uii'.iiiiti t- nir .lt.it   l.gltily lied
11 l.i.l Li:   r.ugs,
JIht.    swiiil,,    .sw.ns.s
lb lUUh.c nl   ll   UlOUollUll  wings
iul almost tune  io saiiuivH.
Midway 'twixt enrth un.l heaven,
liuliule 'da ihe pearly air, 1 seem
Uo.it tipoii ihe ifuyphlri! uoor. a dram
I   e.ouds ui shotv.
Jliove,   below,
(Ut win, my  tli'.l t'.ng, dim uud slow,
ne tWillgut  ili'i.ls  in  even'.
The  lit.le fern-leaf,  bending
lion the brink, i.s green rejection greets,
ud kisses to.t  ilia shadow that il nietta
tilii touch so tine,
Ine border l.ue
he keenest v.s on can't deflnej
o perieet is tne bleudlug.
T:he fnr tli- lives that c ver
Ue brownish liills with, needles green and
ftepleiured  are
li'iieath  mc far,
VUem  no.  a  ripple  moves  to  mar
ihnilis  uuilt.iii_.iii.   or  over.
'.M'.ne  is  the  undertone;
The beauty, strength and power of the land
Will never stir or bend at my eonuuand;
but all the shade
!s mm red or made
if I but dip my paddle blade;
Ai_d it is indue aksue.
"Oh! pathless world of seeming!
Th! patli'.ess life of mine, whose ileop Idea!
Is more my own than ever was the real;
j.'-'M' others Fame
Aud Love's retl flame,
Antl yellow go.<l; 1 only claim
The shadows and ihe dreaming."
Sketch of Miss Johnson.
No    complete    collection     of    Miss
I Johnson's poems i* ia existence, 1
reg'iet to suy. 'ihe above example
>oi her work is quoted from a   small
I volume    published   in  ia^i,  entitled
j'-'lhe  White   ..attipum."   Since   that
date,    however,   tuany   of     her best
poems have been proauced, and, it is
to  be hoped,  will  be gathered  toge-
J l.her in book form in the near future,
■'For no living     Canadian poet     has
\ anything like the interest for us that
Alius  Johnson    has.     This is largely
ion account of her race, She is the
daughter of 4he lato (J. II. M. Johnson, head chief of the Mohawk Indians, who marri.il an English lady,
a iVii.-.s llowells. a relative of William Dean llowells, the novelist.
Pauline was boil) on the Six Nation Indian Reserve in the County of
Brant, and was educated at the
lirantford Model Sihool. Her lirst
verso was published in "Gems of
I'oetry," a New York periodical,
and for many years sho has heen a
contributor to the best peiiodicals in
Canada and lhc United States.
The predominant qualities of her
poetry, as we have it in ''The White
Wampum," are those which have
long been recognized as distinguishing her race: eloquence, graceful imagery, picturesque language and dramatic passion. The Iroquois wore an
intellectual, as well as an imaginative, people, and established a con-
fi-ilenit-y that for years held tho balance of power on this continent. This
daughter of theirs, it is evident, has
inherited rate instincts and traditions that one time found expression
in such tleeds as that of Ojistoh, or
sueh choice as Dawendinc's. Now
they inspire a fun. Here and there
the "wilderness enl" crops out. In
such lines as "Ponseroso," for example—tho third stanza of which
reads:- -
'Let mo but font athwart my cheek the
Of  whipping  wind,   but hew the  torrent
.id-own (lie mountain stoop, 'twere more my
Than  louelt  of human haud,  than human
Mi.s Johnson's attitude towards
Nature in this volume appeals to be
a. stock-taking of effects, tnough an
appreciative stock-taking; slid, occasionally, its in thu lust stanza of
"Shadow Rivor," her contemplation
of nature bi comes a revealing
agency, an opening into tlio transcendent world, or what wo choose to
think so, though the idea may be
to the real worltl no more than the
shadows were to the far fir trees,
and brownish hills, and 'the little
fern-leaf bending."
In 1891 Miss Johnson began a
species of entertainment, the unique
-eature of which was the recitation
of her poems on Indian life in costume and character. She has been
most successful, having appeared in
England, the United States and all
over Canada. Her home is in Brant-
ford.—Pharos, in The Globe.
Crown a i.omlon Landlord.
Among the great ground landlords
In London the Crown is one of the
gieatest, owning propeities in various paits of the capital yielding in
ground rents ~~-.l<30,000 per annum.
Fifteen years ago t)u> estates produced £250,000 only, but many leases
have fallen in within thut, time, and
the increased rents have been exacted for renewal flues or for new leases. The Carlton Hotel is a striking
instance of the Increased value of
ground in London. Formerly tho
site on whbli the hotel si anils was
held for the Crown for a ground lent
of J_.7(i,'! ] oi- minimi, now £4,200
yea'l.v has to be paid.
Verigin TiilL* s,.|,„«* to IMIfft'iins    liiueitir.ns
\\ iiys    ll«*;i**,»iis Willi  I .«iiil* Inlino .-
Peter Verigiu, one of the lenders nf
tho I i((iil*lniiioi':, \lio hns in-ill in
l.ussiii, and of whom gietO tl.i.igs
are expected in tho waj of inducing
the people to settle dowu nnd give
up their foolish idea of nnother | il
gi image in the spring o convert the
world, *is now in tne 1'ioukhobor
villages north of VorKtoii, und, according to reports from there, is
meeting with considerable success in
his effort. Tie started tit tin* village
oi 1 roterpersky, when.' los home was
before loivlng for Kussia, uud where
his mother still lives. .Mis. lirst
meeting was held in his own house,
and in the course of his address he
discussed thc whole situation. He began by taking up the question of
the suitability of Canada as a place
for the Doukhobors. lie declared
that thc Doukhobors wore here by
(loci's will, and that there wns no
need to look anywhere else. While
the climate, was cold it was healthy,
an I the soil produced all manner of
grains and vegetables, so that there
was no reason why they should not
bo happy and prosperous. Having a
good soil and climate, the other essential to success was the possession
of animals. Every family should
bave a team of horses and two or
three cows.
Animals Co-Worker* With Men.
One of those who had been on the
pilgiimago here broke in with the
remark that in Canada all the work
was done by horses, ar.d man got the
benefit of enslaving lliem. Verigin's
reply was that the relation was not
that of master and slave but of fellow-workers; thaf, while the horse
worked for the n an, both labored to
produce oats for the hoi so us well
as wheat for the man. Hay was cut
and stacked and stables built (or
the horse's benefit, so that the benefits were mutual. Animals were in
this sense to be considered members
of the community. But the leader
was not yet "out of thc woods." for
the same pilgrim raised the point
that if they kept cows for the milk
/mil butter there would bo the annual excess of males, and it would
not be right to sell these to tho
butcher. Verigin had evidently
thought this matter out further than
the pilgrim, a.nu no wus teady. He
suid fhiiL on the ship he came across
in from England there were Till) immigrants, poor people, who expected
to settle on land, if the i-ouUbo-
bors found they had too many I ul-
loc.ks they could give the surplus to
these poor immigrants to plow with.
Urged Adaptation.
Then he went on to counsel them
to adapt themselves to llieir surroundings, and settle down, lie urged them to fake up land without delay. They had been in Canada four
years, and ht d been acting us if they
were not going to stay. The Gov-
e.nmeiit might liave given awny the
lands to others, but it. bad been patient. It was not right for tbem to
be looking for trouble, and expecting
evil. They were no longer in poor
Russia, ground into the dust, of bad
government. Canada was si free
country, and he saw no dangers
ahead, but even if evils did come
they could meet them like men . us
they had before. They should also
comply with the law in regard to the
registration of vital statistics, which
law was meant for their good.
Turns Tables on Tlicm.
Verigin dealt with tho lato pilgrimage. Some fi Tt called to do no work.
but to go out and preach tin; con
version of the world. Oi course if
they saw that as their duty they
must go, but they should consider it
well. Were tbey so perfect that there
was no reforming to be done in theii
own lives befoie they 'Acre quite
ready to pi each perfection? Ii such
was the case, why, of course, they
should start again in the spring. Qui.
tbey must remember this, ihat while
they wore free to adopt such a mode
of life and to subject themselves to
any privations they might see lit.
they had no tight to involve their
relatives, anil especially their wives
and children. If any of thein should
again go out they should leave behind their wives and children, with
their relatives, who would, no doubt,
be glad to take care of them.
Things Look Hopeful.
Verigin Is  now traveling from village to village with a party of   selected followers, and talking to all in I
the   same strain.     The purty  travel
in sleighs drawn by horses, and havt;
met.     with     a    very    good   reception
wherever  they  hnve appeared.      The
appearance *if milk antl butter on the !
tables indicates that part, at least of
the Doukhobors havo given  up    the |
worst features of the craze.     It, cannot be told until spring how successful  Verigin has been,  but everything
now  looks  very   hopeful   for   another
pilgi image being prevented.
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.    ^=^Ezz
As far-back as the year 1858, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
ar, neat' the town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground i being worked with profit at
tlie present time,
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
u new company has been formed with a capital of $850,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands. -^
andkrson lake a ii < I mtii)ai«] iuvei. mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of  territory that remain  unprospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds-^3^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here. Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find tin; lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease in
be a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.<r~^>
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
tlie climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at Ilu- present time,November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Railway towns are  ashckoft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway,
"Prospector" Club Offers,
Manitoba Free Press and Prospector for $1.50
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Total value 3.30
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant—is strongly !
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i safeguard against infectious disease-.      _, i
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Tress, Montreal Star, Witness, would wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.25. THE  PROSPECTOR, LTLLOOET, P.O., AUGUST 8, 1903.
COXSI.l.YATlYI. I'l.ATI'olt.M.
Thi' .olio .villi*; I1''1' f"1'"1  W;IS ;|-
ilopti'il lilitiliiliiiillsl v hy I lie ltev-
i'1st oke Coin en lion i in Sept till iliei'
L2t.li, L..02:
1—--Tluit this Convention re-
tilliriiis tlie -loliev of 1 lie I'iiilv in
jilt!Iters of Provincial roads and
t rails: I lie ownership nnd control
of I'liilwii vs and I he development,
of the ng-Hciiltiii'iil resources of
1 he Province, tis laid down in the
Platform adopted in October
1899, which is its follows:
''To actively aid in tbe enn. true:ion of
trails throughout tbe Province and the
building of Provincial Trunk roads of
public necessity.
"To adopt tlie principle of Government ownership of railways in so far as
the circumstances of tbe Province will
admit, and to adopt the principle that
no bonus should bo granted to any railway company wliieli tloes not give tbe
government of tha Province control of
rates over lines bontn-eil, together with
tbe option of purebase.
"To actively ae_ist hy State aid in the
development of tbe agricnltutal resourc
es of the Province."
2—Tbat in tbe meantime antl until
tbe Railway policy above set forth can
be accomplished, a genera' Railway Ac
be passed, giving freedom to e.oiistruct
railways under certain approved regulations, analagoiis to tbe system that bai-
resulted in such extensive railway construction in the United States, wilh so
much advantage to trade and commerce.
3—That to encourage the mining industry, the taxation of metalliferous
mines should be on the basis of a p.rcen-
of tbe net profits.
4—That the Government ownership of
telephone systems should be b'ougln
about as a first step in the acquisition
of public utilities.
5—Tbat a portion of every coal area to
be hereafter disposed of, should be reserved from sale or lease, so I bat state-
owned mines may easily be accessible,
if tbeir operation become necessary or
6—That in the pulp land lease" provision should be made for refolding
antl that steps should be taken lor tbe
general preservation of forests by guarding against the wasteful destruction of
7—Tbat the Legislature and government of the Province should per-eveie
iu the effort to Beeure tbe exclusion of
Asiatic lab »r.
8—Tnat tlie matter of better subsidies
and appropriations for li.C. be vigorously pressed upon the Dominion Guveill- |
9—That the silver "lead industries be
fostered by tbe imposition of increased
Customs duties on lead and lead products importe I into Canada.
10—That arrangements be made for an
amicable adjustment of the relations between employeis and employed.
11—That it is advisable to foster the
manufacture of the raw products of the
province within the Province as far as
practicable by means of taxation on the
saitl raw products subject to rebate ol
t be same in whole or in part when manufactured in liritish Columbia.
Sunlight Soap vvill not injure
your blankets or harden them. 11
will make them soft, white and
fleecy. 7B
50   YEARS"
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending a sltcleh and description mny
nutckly ascertain out- opinion free whether an
invention is pi'ohnbty patentable* Communications ntrletlycoiiUdentlal. liiiiiiilinoktm Patents
uc-iit free. Oldest agency for securing putonts.
Patents taken througli liluim & Co. receive
tpeclal notice, without charco, in iho
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Lever's Y-Z(Wise Head) Disinfectant Soap
Powder is a boon to any home. It disinfects and cleans at the .same time. 39
NOTICE is hereby given lhat all creditors
of William Frederick Allen, ol Lillooet, l.,C,
Hotel-keeper, deceased, are required, on or
before the 22nd day of August, 190,5. to send
to the undersigned, post-paid, particulars of
their claims duly verified.
And notice is hereby given that the undersigned will, after the *aid date, proceed to
distribute the estate among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims
of creditors of whose debts or claims they
shall then have received notice, anil that
they will not be responsible for the assets, or
any part thereof, so distributed to any person
or persons of whose debts or claims they
sliall not have received notice.
Dated July 21st 1903.
Solicitors for the Executors,
_o, Langley Street,
Victoria,   li.C.
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original storie.—Answers' to queries—
Articles on Health, the Home, New
Books, ami on Work about tbe Kami
and Garden.
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Is a member of the Associated Press
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Address:      THE PUBLIC,
Unity  Building, OlUCAGO, [...,,
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tenders tire liivlleti for Iliu whole "i llie
properly, including Drown Grunted eliilcis,
null site, rymiiile mill, (,-iipiielly IR lo fid tolls
dully), tramway, assay oliice, Inborn lory nntl
full equipment, <>| Hie Toronto I.iiiooet Until
Iteefs Com |>ii 11.v 1,1 mi ted, si Unite In Hie I.iiiooet
ilistriet of lirilisli t'elueiInn; Including llie
Ample, Whale, Monarch ami Wellillld Ville
mines whicli are drown grunted, also lhe
North Star, Golden slt-lpe, (lolduil tingle, It 11 by
and jumbo mineral claim, in Hie 1same ilistriet, together with a ten stump mill, machine
tl ri I Is u ml other equipments, (lash lenders for
llie whole properly are requested hut
off IIS for working options or for portions
of thu properly will la* considered . Kraut I he
former group 0R0 tons of ore hus heen milled.
Willi an assay value approximating $10,00 to
?ll.on Wagon roatl from Railroad to mill. 'The
whole of thc above will bear looking into aud
investigation anil are an exceptionally Important tmd valuable group of claims wiib full
working equipment, Ktill piirtieiihirs mav he
hail 011 application to ICtlgnr lllonm Held
Liquidator, P. (). box 7-llt, Vaneouver U. ('.
NI.V WIWMINSTI.il, 11. 0.
General Ilu row nre,
Ticks and Shovels,
Axes, Hoes Si Kalces,
15-.ii- Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils, Paints, etc.
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