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The Prospector Sep 5, 1903

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C (!'v
„.___» J—*,
S___ffcW^;i,> ■
I ^i_s3?_..%y_
~    "^vTl/.^Sr-l
■ '--'.'■',   r..\$pi,
■'..   ':■::     ■       ■      ■■:■_.■:■:.
^yp>rty*$//y/ ■
^ r'W^^/^ft"
5_*_3k_?:S*' fp^^
■■^S-B-K. ~--_4_JP~.
Vol. 6. No. 7.
SI.CO a year.
Alherni I
[Cranhrook I
I Cariboo 21
Tom Cavm.
|Ohilliwack    1 [.I,. Atkinson...
I Columbia 1 j"	
Grand Forks.
Jas Kirkland. (Lab.)
Dr. King   	
C. VV. Munro.
• •I E.M. Skinner	
K. Mcll. Young.
J. N. Evans	
. I Geo. II, Eraser..
 i|F.J. Fulton	
|    LOCAL   NEWS.       ||
VV. VV. Ili-iiwii. uf IIih North
l'ork placers, has returned fiom
liis business triv In llie Coast".
Kaslo (I    |. T. Retallick
 iMcI'herson  ..(Soc.)
Neil  McCalhun....lJ.Kiordan.... (Soc.)
| I.. llrcwn ....
T.W. Patterson.
K,[   Deane	
;Dr. Sanson.
Lillooet  ii.
Nanaimo if.
Nelson I John  Houston |S.S, Taylor.
Newcastle i'"	
Ncw Westminster. .1 	
(Jkanagan  1 Price Ellison . . .
Revelstoke    1 T. Taylor	
Richmond "... s'	
Rossland 11  	
Saanich   1	
Similkameen ilL.W.   Shntfdrd.
W.J. Stirling
T. Clifford..;.. (Ind.)
j.W. Bennet.____ (Soc.)
Skeena 1 C.W.D. Clifford. ... I'. Herman
Slocan  1 W Hu Her    R.A. Bradshaw ..
Vancouver   5	
A R. Ste..bins. (Soc)
J. Edwards . .(l.ali.)
A.G. I'erry ..'Lab. >
E. Williams... (Lab.;
Yale 1 iT.G.McManamen..   S. Henderson.
. 1 Harry Wright Alfred I'arr
J.C. Walters.. (S"c.)
Lee Charlton. .(Soc )
Rev. .111. Wiijilil is iittt-iuliiig
tl iii~,etin<_; of ministers in Eniler-
l»v tliis week.
V. Hiley left U.wn on tlie 11.X.
for Ashoroft, where he will appear ns a witness in the Court.
Mrs. Uren reltirneil from a vis
it 111110110   friends in Kn in loops |
this week.
The Ken 11 >n I^ike Salmon Hnt
cherv. employees  were dismissed
Inst Monday mi account of  the
total fail. 1 re of this season's salmon run.
ullooet libkhai_-(.on8__kvativ e
A meeting of the Liberal-Conservatives ol
West Lillooet will be held in the Fraser
I fall, Lillooet, on Saturday, September 51I1,
1Q03, at 8.30 p.m., for the purpose of electing delegates to attend the Convention at
Clinton on Sept. 12th, 1903.
WJ. Abercrombie, President.
John   Marshall,    Secretary.
Lillooet Conservative
The Convention of the  Liberal-Conservatives of the Lillooel Electoral District will be
held in lhe   Town   Hall, Clinton, on Saturday, September 121I1 1903, at 9,30 a.m., for
the purpose of selecting a candidate for lhe
Lillooet Electoral  District, for   the coming
Provincial  Election.    Conservatives in all
sections of the Riding are requested to send
delegates.    In cases of unavoidable absence
votes by proxy will be allowed,
Secretary of Central Committee,
Clinton, B.C.
NOTICE is hereby given that I shall, on
behalf ol the High Bar band of Indians, apply
to the Commissioner of the Lillooet District
for permission to reconl two hundred inches
of water from Watson Bar Creek, at a point
above the Indian Reserve for domestic and
agricultural purposes,
Indian Agent,
Clinton, B.C., August 28th, 1003.
West Lillooet Conservative
Associatio N
■vV.J. Aliercroinliie, President*-,
A.VV. SmilhJIon.-IVesidenl,
Jos. Watkinson. Vice-President
John Marshall,   Secretary,
W. Durban,        Treat.liter.
Mb. Wm. Saul,   President.
Mr.Jno. McGillivhay, Treasurer.
Mr. j. e. n; Smith, Secretary.
(with power to add to their
number): Messrs Wm Saul.
J. E. N. Smith, and John McGillivray.
All supporters and friends are
cordiall.y invited toco-operate.
Machinery is now lieinjj; hauled
from Ashcitifl hi the new dredge
properly near town and it will
be installed ;:s rapidly as possible.
Elections on  October Third.
The Provincial (loveriiineiit, in
changing the date of the provincial elections from Oct. 81st to
Oct. 3rd has created quite a stir
iu local political circles.
MacDoiiald Consents.
A. MacDoiiald, tlie road Superintendent ior East Lillooet, lias
expressed his willingness to contest the I.iiiooet District as the
Conservative candidate if tl.e
Conservative Convention to be
held at Clinton on the 12th so
orders. The two parties can m w
get into line for four weeks of
stiff campaign work.
Contributed by S. Gibbs.
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The meeting called by J. P. Uren (Schnol Trustee) re siliool
matters was held iu Santini's
Hall 011 Saturday evening. The
meeting was well attended, but,
owing to the absence of Messrs
Durban and Miller, the meeting
was adjourned until Saturday
lhe 12th of September when llieir
al tendance is respectfully ae-pies-
led. The object of the meeting
was to impress upon (he trustees the necessity tor immediate
steps being taken to spend the
appropriation made for the enlargement; of the present school
and to spend it wisely.
Iu a matter iu which every one
is so much interested harmony
should certainly prevail.
'I In* Mitllluri   Nir!,r!   .Viit.'N.
l-'iflcm years ngn (ho woild's .sup.
I Iv i.l' i.i.-ki. wuh c'.i ■11;. drawn from
iho minis of Mow (nie lonia, supj.L<-
ini'iiloil by Un.' Ouii Mine in lJennsyl-
■ nriia, and u fc.v isolated workings
in Sweden aud Norway; to-day
about one-halt' is derived from 1 l.o
Sudbury iis ii.t, i.i Northern Ontario, when! tnii.iny operations began in
JS'80. Some years ago oxpe. ts eiii-
I loye.l by the Ui.itcd Stairs Navy
llepartm nl, exnii ined tho Sudbury
deposits of nickel-bearing ono <a pyr-
rhotite containing from I 1-3 lo 8 J
per cent, of nickel, uud from '2 lo I
1 er cent, of copj.e.', which dens not,
tlxerefoie, deserve thc ntinic of "Kiip-
fer nickel" or "goblin-copper') nnd
reported that there wero 650,OOP,000
tons of ore in sight, and since ihe;i
other important diSCo\ ei ie-, some of
which are alioady being developed,
have been mnde within an area of
about 2,000 square miles. in 1000
the Sudbury dietiict produced 7,-
080,000 pounds of nickel in
"matte," whi.h averages about '2"t
per cent, copper and 18 per cent,
nijkcl, and there can be no doubt
thut i s product will eventually monopolize ihe world's markets,and that
Sudbury i.s dis ined to occupy much
tbe same position in regard to ulck-
il-mining that Kimbetley holds in regard to the production of _ia-
lr.onds. Whoreuv strength, malleability, the capaLili'ty of taking a sine
polish, and f.oedom from rusting aie
repiiiofl—as in the construction of
cannon, .small 1 r.ns, armor-plate,
boilers and machinery—nickel steel is
in request, nnd the fact that the
price of nickel has risen considerably in the last two or three years
would appear to show that"the supply has not increased pari passu
with the demand.—I oudon Morning
1 o>t.
Mr. Balfot r is not in politi s fo;
money, lie has a pii ate income ol
about 8100,000 a year. He is a
close student of lite attire and tho
arts. For one picture, "Iho Lei end
of the Brier Hose," which Sir. Balfour purchased front Bu no-Joms, he
paid §75,000. Soasic n- s procnts
him from traveling abroad. Tie secret of Mr. Balfour's ba hdoihood
has never been revealed, it is said
that at one time ho offered his heart
nnd band lo a captivating lady, who
did not accept the hono", and henceforward, though an edinl er of thr-
Bex, he has been invulnerable to Cupid's arrows.
Talliing About (lunula.
"When I first came to the Senale,"
said Senator Culloni to those lunching at the same table in the Senate
restaurant the other day, "1 had
grent ideus nbout a greater United
States. My eyes wero not turned
southward, where everybody siy.ns to
be looking nowadays, but northward;
T wns Inst ns sure as sure that before
this time we should havo gobbled up
Canada. I did not think that we wero
going up there, and make a conquest
of thc country, but I could not see
any chance of its getting away from
us. Why, when I was ole:ted the
second time, ami went out to Illinois
to make my bow to the Legislature,
my litlle spec.:h was filled with the
annexation of Canada. Since that,
time, 1 have watched Canada slipping farther and farther away from
us, until now it takes a brave man
even to suggest that some day tlie
Stars and Stripes may float beyond
our northern boundary. I have often wondeiiel if any of the member!,
of that I epi-laturo remember my
speech, if they do, they must think
thnt  I am a mighty bad prophit."
"JYes," sid Senator Burrows, who
had Pstered as befitted a man so
much Mr. Cullom's Junior, 'you
could not: pry Cnnuda a way from
Great Britain now with a jimmy."—
Chicago News.
"I In* lie.1 IIuiilliii; (.round on Hai-lli—-Lacks
Hui. Tun \l.-iitti.-rs of iliu liroitt (.unu*
.'amlly, Itultal,* anil Wild Pigeons-
Ilow IVoIvkk liici-uuMetl X Costly Kx-
]i.'riiiient    Wolf us it llcro
At the rem 11 convention of the
1V.11.li uiK-i ii'aii 1 ish and (..aloe l!ro-
te.tiie Asso. _ ii i ui at Ottawa, Colour! Turin 1. tl.e I uited States Consul at Hie capital, declared that the
Homi i 111 i.s tie greatest country in
the world for game, 'Ihis is a
statement whi.h may surprise non-
spoiting citizens, but which, nevertheless, is quilt- 1 rue.
\. or.d _ l.est Htnittllg Grouml.
Americans come over here by thousands nt different seasons of the year
for a lew days' spoil wiih gun and
rod. New Brunswick boasts the most
uri=toiralic lishing iluLs in the
wo. l.i, the membership* fee of one jif
whi.h amounts to severul thousand
dollars. Most of the lakes in all the
eastern [i-jvinces swarm with bass,
said to be tl.e gumist lish in tl.e
world, with the exception of the salmon trout. Quail is found in the
Western peninsula, and partridge is
common in nearly every county in
the country, 'lie ratine of the 10,1
deer and Ihe black bear i. equally
wide, while moose, thanks to a long,
close >e..son. el~. nnd cariboo nre 10-
portod plentiful at the outposts of
ei\i.i atian. With Manitoba and the
Territories the home of the prairie
chicken, geese, ducks, and sandhill
crane, with grizzly nnd silver tip,
mountain sheep, and the grey wolf
in the Uockies and the footht.ls, with
sea salmon in British Columbia, besides otter, mink, beaver, and other
animals valued lor their pelts alone.
Canada may assuredly elaim to bo
considered the happy hunting
grounds of this world.
Iluft'.ilo and |-||.<><h>*.
The gieat game family lacks two
mcmbeis--the lordly buhalo and the
wild 1 Lean. Forty ye. rs ago the
bulla lo roamed the Western prairies
by the tons of thousands, while tho
llights of blue rocks literally darkened the sun. To-day thero i.s not a
specimen of either iu tl e country outside of a zoo—except, us to buffalo,
tbe herd at Banff. They have been
wiped from (he face of Hi;' earth, No
word Imt "ci imo" ran bo applied to
the extermination of the buffalo b.v
White "sportsmen." At the Same
time, though nothing can compensate for their loss, the win) sale destruction of one gr._ut s|iocies has
served as the mosl powerful argument for tin- preservation of oihers.
Tins is the precedent cited wnen a
close season is do>ired for any bird
or Least. Son.. 3'eurs ago it was
found imperative to nioie 1 igorously
prod-t the heer in Canada. The
shooting of moose was prohibited ul-
togilhrr lot' a time, and llie open
Season for cariboo, elk, and red diet'
was limited to a very few days. The
desired ind was achieved ami the
deer Increased iu a most gratifying
manin r.
How W.ilvt;.* Im-rcHs.-il.
Wolves also multiplied in the Bame
proporli, ,. a. cut-Ming to Ibe laws of
nature; tiiltl now they nre more numerous llniii fur many years. Wohes
In their i l-'usniit home, associations
with Iheir prey occupy very much tho
same position as railway rute„ in relation lo iioielil. A popular working motto for both sretns to be "All
lhe Traffic Will Hear.'' The deer nie
i-asi for ilu «nt.::.\. hai strenuous role
of I rattle II might appear at first
-ight ll.iii when the doer are no longer      so     ioaloiish   prcs.Tvcd   und   the THE   PI.OSPECTOB, LILLOOET. U.O., SEPTEMBER 5,
PUBLISH KI)   i;v IKY    S.\ I l KliAV
AT i.u.i.ooir. B.C.
tiv nn: t'liin-n tr.'ni eottr.isHt no company.
HIE   PKUSI>„CIOK I.s the only paper pub-
lulled In Ihe Lillooet District, anil i.s all home
.iiljni-r)|itlmis: One OoIIhiii von i in ml vmx-o. '
UlvertitiiuK r« .es nunle knoivit un ti|i|iliciiiiini. *
CoiTC'ipou-lt-uce  i** liivileifiut iill niHtlers oi ;
linblie or loeal liilei'.Kl.   All i-oiniiiiinlitHllons
must  he Ht-riiiii).Hiiii''l  l.y   tin-   inline   nf   Illy
filler. Iml um tiei-O-.iirll.v fin- imlilii'iititill.
There is nol.liin<> thai so needs
to lie brought' before llie-niiinls
of young' men in llie West as (lie
duties of citizenship. Every one
might to make himself nciiniinl-
ed with liis duties ns a citizen,
lie ought to study social questions, aud make himself a. politician, It is nonsense for people to
say that the less men have to do
wilh politics the better. If political life is corrupt purify it by refusing to sell your vote, by voting for the best man, whether
Liberal or Conservative, and by
holding no grudge against the
man in the opposite party. 1
think I am right when 1 say the
study of social and civic questions among us has given plnce to
a. morbid interest iu individual
members of the Provincial and
Federal legislatures. There used
to be in every community, societies in which the vital questions
of polities were eagerly debuted.
Some of the leading statesmen
of our own day owe much to
these societies. Ii- the days of
Chartism there were iu every vil-
lagegn-tips of enthusiastic youth
among whom political questions
were keenly discussed. Their
minds became familiar with public affairs, and they were able to
give reasons for (heir political
faith. Out of such discussions
leaders were horn,and Ihey mnde
their influence felt iu the national life. Much of this has passed
away. Youths cycle, play football, read novels, huthave to depend on others to tell how to
vote, as they have not studied
civic questions. They have no
political convictions, and, when
lhe time comes for them to exercise their vote, they have only a
few prejudices and heresay opinions tog.ii.le them. This is greatly to be deplored. It means the
decadence of citizenship. It
menus the decay of political intelligence. I ct in see nothing so
advantageous at present to the
community thnn a. revival of
those meetings iu which the principles of government and policies
are earnestly studied and debated, for at the bottom of all national error there lies political ignorance.
W. G. Dawson.
Hnlf a. dozen different limiting
parties have left town tlih we-ik
for the limiting grot uds. Lillooet only needs to be known in order to become oue of the inoct
popular health resorts and headquarters tor hunters after big
game. Every year the lilluiOer
of tourists increases.
The account of the meeting in
Ban nidi's Hall is given in this
issue. We understand that the
meeting was intended as a. protest against proposals of a, majority of the public school trustees to spend the appropriation
of $1200 in building fill annex
to the present building. Objection is made to the site. We Impel
lhe matter will be settled amicably.
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can be true. "Ii it possible that there is such a glotious opp irtuuily?"
'be will ask. And Ihtm-ai'ds of wives who have pit it to the test and ie-
j «ice in the reclamation of heir spouies who seemed lost to all sense of
self-respect, generosity and manliness will trumpet out to Ihe world,
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nr detention from business. It. Humiliates the nervous system at once,
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had never been laken.
those who have been deceived hy worthless remedies. If your friend or
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him.   Read the following:
St. John's School, Okla., Aug. 18th, 1902.
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.,
Dear Sr-:— I have just returned afler a long absence, and feel it my
duty to write yoti-concernini: my two patients. One of them F.R..., gave
up tbe treatment after about two weeks. Tne other, Win. C..., continued
tn take the treatment faithfully, and be has been able to refuss whisky a
hundred times aud does not crave it at all. For nine vears be has been
away from his parents and never dining that time has lie been able to
keep away from home loot; enotivh to visit home. He is now visiting his
homo in Cleveland, Ohio, and I expect him back In a few davs. When he
left he promised lie would not touch whi-ky while away. I trust he will
keep his good resolution. Kindly let me have a few pamphlets for distribution. There are a few cases I would like to get for your treatment.
W.shing you success, lam
Very truly yours.
Sister Superior.
S*. J .hn's School,  Orav Horse, Okla., Sept. 27,1902.
Dr. W. H. Saunders,
Dear Sir:— Your letter re.-eived and contents noted. My patient
returned afler visiting home, and has not touched whiskey. I am so glad
that be look your treatment and lis mother is simply delighted to think
tint he does not drink. The change worked in this man has attracted the
attention of eyeryone.   I am
Very respectfully,
Sister Superior,
St. John's School, Urav Hirse, OkU., Die. 28. 1902
Dr. W. FT. S*»undeis.
Dear Sir:—I wrote yon some time ago about publishing my letters.
I he-Hated because they were written in haste, and I doubt if they are
tit to punlisb. It. is a debt of gratitude on my part aud if the letters will
benefit you in any way, make use of i hem. I; is lhe only means I have
to make any return for your kindness. Tnis I ask—leave out my name,
and simplv sign, Sister Superior, and of course omit the name of the patients.   Mr. C is doii g well.    He does not crave whiskey at all.
With best wishes of tbe season,
I am, very truly yours,
Sister Suporior.
I'olvadeia, New Mexico, Dec, lllh, 1901
Dr. W.H. S .under. & Co.,
Gentlemen :— I have taken yonr medicine
for the liquor habit, which was recommended to me by a friend in my
town. I only took one month'-. treUin-nt which completely cured me.
I Irave no desire to drink any more. I suffered for yei-s with this curse.
Please accept my thanks for the ireatinent Rest assured that I sliall recommend your treatment to everyone in need of same.
I am, very truly yours,
Calletano Garcia.
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Dept. B* 1457,
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lie follow iii" philforiii  wns ;i-
Jtetl uiiMiiiiiioiislv liy Hie \\e\-
(foke Conveiilioiion September
li, 1902:
-"That this Convention verms (lie policy of (lie I'iiity in
I,tiers of Provincial i-oiids mul
*ils; the ownership ami control
mil wny s nnd the development
the ngTicultiiriil msoim.es of
Province, ns hud down in the
itform  adopted   in   October
!99, which is as follow s:
;To actively aid in tlie construction of
lis throughout the I'rovinee and tlie
ilding of Provincial Trunk roads of
lie necessity.
,'To adopt the principle of Govern-
ent ownership of railways in so far as
circumstances of the Province will
linit, and to adopt the principle that
bonus should be granted to any rail-
■ company which does not give the
bvernnient of tha Province control of
ktesover lines bonused, together wilh
ne option of purchase.
f "To actively assist by State aid in the
-svelopment of the agricultutalresourc
i of the Province."
2—That in the meantime and until
ie Uailway policy above set forth can
ie accomplished, a genera' Railway Ac
b passed, giving freedom to construct
ailways nnder certain approved regula-
ions, analagous to the system that ha.
esulted in such expensive railway con-
itruction in the United States, with so
1'iiuch advantage to trade and commerce.
3—That to encourage the mining in-
lustry, the taxation of metalliferous
lints should be on the basis ol a percen-
)f the net profits.
4—That the Government ownership of
[telephone systems should be brought
about as a first step in the acquisition
of public utilities.
5—That a portion of every coal area to
be hereafter disposed of, should be reserved from sale or lease, so that state-
owned mines may  easily be accessible,
Cif their operation become necessary or
I advisable.
6—That in the pulp land lea.es provision should be made for reforesting
and that steps Should be taken for the
general preservation of forests hy guarding against the wasteful destruction of
7—That the Legislature and government of the Province should per.evere
in the effort to secure the exclusion of
Asiatic hibr-r.
8—Tnat the matter of better subsidies
and appropriations for B.C. be vigorously pressed upon the Dominion 'Government.
9—That the silver lead industries be
fostered by the imposition of increased
Customs duties on lead and lead products importe 1 into Canada.
10—Tnat arrangements be made for an
amicable adjustment of the relations between employed, and employed.
11- That it is advisable to foster the
manufacture of the raw products of the
province within the Province as far as
practicable by means of taxation on the
said raw products subject to rebate ot
the same in whole or in part when manufactured in British Columbia.
Use Lever's Dry Soap (a powder, to
wash woolens and flannels,—you'll like
it 32
NOTICE is hereby given that all creditors
of William Frederick Allen, ol Lillooet, B,C,
Hotel-keeper, deceased, are required, on or
liefore the 22nd day of August, 1903, to send
to the undersigned, post-paid, particulars of
their claims duly verified.
And notice is hereby given that the undersigned will, after the said date, proceed to
distribute the estate among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims
of creditors of whose debts or claims they
shall 1 hen have received notice, and that
they will not lie responsible for the assets, or
any pari thereof, so distributed to any person
or persons of whose debts or claims they
shall not have received notice.
Dated July 21st 1903.
Solicitors for the Executors,
30, Langley Street,
Victoria,   B.C.
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
1. Its Fraser River Placers.       *c^)
As far back as the year 1858, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beei
bar, near the town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
the present time,
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
Anderson lake and BRIDGE HiVEii mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of  territory  that remain unprospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds*^^
Increasing numhers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here. Mountain sheep, hear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.<^~^>
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, aud
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may he seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Railway towns are ashckoft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
Policy Sci ins 11
Prospector" Club Offers.
Manitoba Free Press and Prospector for $1.50
The Manitoba Free l'ress with its weekly Supplement gives 28 pages of reading matter iwery week. Iii aiUlittan to this, 21 admirable
p dniiiig reproductions will be given. Forj$i.50 we will have the Free Press, the 22 paintings and Tlie Prospector sent to you fo r
ons year,
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
The two beautiful pictures  -'PURITY"   and •'ALONE" whicli are to bo pr
size, and are suitable for framing.
bo presented  with* the Family Herald are   22 x 28 inches in
iii     yu      yu      *
The Weekly Witness price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern Messenger 30.)
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
Special. We were successful in our last club offer, and will now make a
special rate.    We will send you all tho above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, world WIDE, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.25.
Il~   \iiM-ll nil  ll*.   Lill. I. nf
» I*,, mi iv . i' iii* i-
^^^^^^^^^^^^      l.|e:il's   \\ i.l.
The puss ig-c    i !.!■(. 11._;! i   i :e  I ..tit]  ii-
ClIcS      (,i       l.\<l     UIIUI'llK'll     I.US;  i.Ill     Ull-
1 .oiio-bout destroyers is uu incident
apparently insignificant in itself,
but, viewed in the li_ln of Croat
iiiituin's lva_liiitJii.il clisiiui.1 of llus-
iji, mul under the magnifying glass
of iiT.s.iot.gi ile i.l.inuists, ii appears to bo almost u menace Lo lie
G..|._teneo ot* the Empire. I is .Majesty's i'i'|ii i soul ut i\ i* at Coi.sl mil inople
bus protested t.i the L'oite, who is
ti.e cuuii.i n of Ilic black Son, and
though uo answer has been returned,
any possible ux| l.uit.tiou bus been already anticipated and discounted;
The acl ion of the Rut-sluns was an
open violation of thu Tiealy of i'aris. England assumes her attitude of
vi.tuous indignation, and Kussia
quietly pursues her policy.
iSulisbuii'» I'ulllnllH •*!» ip.
When England and France undertook to uphold the totteiiag Turkish
Empire, and throw themselves upon
Russia in the Crimean War, the former country, as Lord Salis nil'y has
since said, "put. ils money i.n the
wrong horse." However, tbe "wrong
horse" was fust under the vviie.
When the war vvas about at an end,
Lord Lyndhurst vigorously declared
that "there rould be no place without lirst destroying Russia's Black
Sea fket, and laving prostrate the
fo; titrations which protected it."
Therefore the great docks and
defences of Sebastopol, designed in
1S30 by an English engineer, were
demolished, ai.d the Treaty of Paris
Whi h concluded the conflict expressly
provided that the fortress should not,
be rebuilt and that the Black Sea
should be free from the warships of
eveiy power. The key to the Llack
Sea is the Dardanelles, swinging ostentatiously at the Sultan's guide.
Russia's eye has ever Leen  upon it.
frirst Violation of Trent}'.
Piince Qortchakoff, whoso ambition
it was to be the Liiaiarck of ltus.ia,
saw his opportunity in 1870 when
France and Germany were at. war.
He issued a curt notification of the
Czar s intention to abrogate that
clause of the Treaty of Paris which
forbade ihe rebuilding of Sebastopol.
France was in no position to object;
England could not but file a formal
proUst. Thus Sebastopol is stronger than ever 1 efbre.
An Alleged Breach of Faith.
By the treaty of Berlin in 1878,
which made peace between Russia
and Turkey after their second con-
lict, all the powers were rewarded
for their kindly forbearance, it vvas
then that Britain got Cyprus, while
the BU.c'.v Sea was made formally
what it already was geographically,
a Russian lake. No restrictions wero
removed, however, from the passage
of the Dardanelles. These straits
were to remain inviolate. The
Czar's land frontier was extended to
embrace Kars, a port of |Batoum. ll
was stipulated that Batoum should
remain unfortified, but Russia soon
found occasion to disregard that provision. This violation formed the
text for other charges of bad faith;
but it is said now that there wns. a
secret understanding among the powers at the time of the treaty thut
Batoum might be protected.
.* Wonderful Athlete.
Some time ago we expressed astonishment at lhe performance of Prebendary Webb-Peploe, who in
month's Quiver, is said to
jumped from a skk-bed, won
event in the university sports,
then returned to bed, aud "remained
on lis hack for the next twelve
months," A letter from ?_!>. Webb-
Peploe assures us that this i.s in tho
main accurate, but au under-stale-
ment. lie did it twice, and won tbo
high jump and diving alu| swimming
iu the intervals of a three years' reclining—not exactly in hed, but on a
sofa. "Where 1 went the spinal couch
went," writes Mr. Webb-Peploe. And
to thc spinal couch came even tho
Cambridge examiners to pass him
through his examinations to his degree. It was a notable triumph of
mind over matter, and we are glad
to get. confirmation of these extraordinary exploits from their doer.—■
London Chronicle.
Kipling la Fond of IMe.
Rudyard Kipling, it appears, is
fond of apple pie baked on the American system. To gratify liis taste a
glass rolling pin spe'.inlly used in
the manufacture of these pies has
just been forwarded to the novelist,
from Wanamaker'g. The glass rolling pin has among other advantages the mc it of always being
sweet and clean, and of being hollow
so that it can be liiled with ice to
cool the I'ie crust. When Mrs. Kipling, who is an American, was In
that country last summer, she greatly admired this contrivance, and
knowing that her husband and children were fond of American pies, decided to get them the next bc^t
thing b.v having hjr pies made with
an American rolling pin. TIIE  J-I.OS!\I':CT()i:. LILLOOKT, B.C., SEPTEMBER fi, 1903.
I'd Hilda's I'
Uracil Tln-ii
lli.-lliees    l£,-ri-i|,!s   uracil  i ii.-ii  i
liiglie-l   l-lju.n—hxpansion   in '•'*"» |
Veil rs    lii'iii.siis ..row I .nely.
Iii the annual rcpon on the public
necotints "f Canada for li•('-, tin
Uoputy :Winist_r, Mr. J. ~l. Court'
noy, o/Ters the following reinarl s:
"1 lind that this i.s Ll\e twenty-fifth
annual lopoit I Have had the honor
to present as l.'eptity Ministsr of Finance.    At  the    tin i    llie publi a-
tion of my lir.-i leport, the f.u il.t.es
for keufdng in touch vvilb thu diflcr-
ent purls of the Dominion wore very
different from what Ui.y aie to-day,
At thai lime it was a matter of as
much difficult}.-' to go from the eastern part of tlio Dominion to the
western part as it is to-duy to gj
from Ottawa to South Afiica. The
provinces have been moulded into one
confederation. Thci Dominion of Canada has arrived at a stage of development that even the most sanguine Canadian of Uiofo days hardly
dreamed of, and there is every likelihood that the progress of the coming years will Lo even greater.
"It has bej-n my pleasant di.ty and
privilege to have taken part during
the past quarter of a cer.tury in
solving m iny public financial problems, and looking back over the
period 1 feel it can lie snid that, as
a whole, the dcpaitinent his not
been unsuccessful in its undertakings.
The      ui,      'm i:\  atigMin.
"As the business of the country
increased the woik of the department
increased in like proportion, Some
idea of this evolution may le inferred from the statement that on my
entry upon the duties of the oiTiec of
Deputy Minister the amount of Dominion notes in circulation of all
kinds, large and small, wis less thnn
the circulation to-day of the notes
of small denominations only (SI and
$2.) The total amount of Dominion
notes in circulal n has increased
threefold. The deposits in the savings banks, both Government and
post oflice, have in'reused se enfold.
Owing to the development cf tho
ban ing fa" lities throughout the
country, in ousequence of the opening of the blanches of the various
chartered ban s, the num er of deposit entries for revenue received has
very largely increased. The total absolute turnover in cash of the daily
transactions of tbe department ha.
advanced from $85,086,954 on Juno
-0, 1879, to $228,091,827.04
on June 30,1902. All the work on-
tai'ed by this expansion has been
met without the slightest increase in
the cost  of the department.
"With advancing age, that necessarily prevents me taking up new
financial problems, my olVcinl career
must soon close. The department
requires as its deputy head a younger and more active man, thoroughly
well versed in thc variad features of
modern linance, who shall be able t*-
give to the head of the department
that advice and assistance which thc
intricate and important flnnutinl
questions of the day demand.
MADAME /-Lb.  .   t la i E.
A Leaion in Her  Life ior Ciiuailians Who
Muy lit Hume,
If Madame Albani Cye was a groat
singer, she is sill a great, mi siu.ii,
devoted to the uplifting and aggrandizement of her art. So true i_
the inspiration of her artistic feeling
that she does not hesitate to bring
in her train voices which are fi eh
and full, clear and true, wil hunt one
thought that tl ey may furnish a
contrast to her own—a contrast
which would be avoided by a wot*.an
of less great fibre than the prima
donna, whose modest demeanor bus
endeared her to thousands of thoso
struggling in tho musical profession.
Theio is much concerning the life
of Albani which has never bom published, and vvill never bo published,
which would prove of grout interest
to Canadians. Possibly no artist
bas ever oLtuinecl such a world-wide
reputation as Albani for cjlluliL 03
which have made her the pride of tho
lace from which she sprung. The fact
that sho took the name of Albany,
irom ..hi-h city in tho United States
she received her lirst sot'lous nil in
her stibsoqiu.il career, popits to tho
fact that gratitude is one of hor
mnny virtues. This ought to be a
lesson to Canadians to ko.p a lookout, for all possible moans of helping
their native-born artists In the future, says Thc Toronto News. But
the ono most charming aspect of Allan is character i.s the retention of
thnt modesty of demeanor which ie
conventual trailing hud so thoroughly instilled. One cannot be in i-.er
presence for any time wilhout recog-
I'.i'ing that, great, us is the arti.-t,
the strength of hor honest WomaHj
attributes is greater. She has earned
unsullied, through all the difficulties
of a long musical career and through
all the omotionnl pitfal'a which sir-
round the artist in grand opera, the
reputation of Unit excellent type of
French-Canadian woman who is uptight in every action of her private
und public lifo, without a taint of
prudery or purltanisin, who has nil
the tnct nnd finesse necessary to
moke her a welcome guest in social
gatherings in every part of the
world, and who yet carries under her
C'oak of spontaniot.y nnd gui ity the
veritable chain armor ol the self-respecting,   spiritually-minded   woman,
The  satisfaction  of  having the j
washing done   early   ifl   the day, j
and well done,  belongs  to  every
user of Sunlight Soap. iob    I
60  YEARS"
M.\>*   vv KSIWHNsTI.I., II. C.
(iciici'ul 11-iniw.-ire,
ricks 'ind Shovels,
Axes, I Iocs S l.ako.s,
Bur Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils, Pain Is, Sic.
Paul Santini,
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sen-Ins a. Iicl. ti mid description may
Quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention is probably patentable. Contmunica-
I Ions strictly conlldentliil. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest neency for securinu patents.
1'iitents taken throut.li Slunii *& Co. receive
ipecial notice, without charge, in tho
Scientific American,
A hnndsomcly Illustrated weekly. T.nrccst circulation of any sclentlflo Journal. Terms, $3 a
year; four months, ?1. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.36tBroadwav New York
Branch Office, G25 V St. Waal.ln_ton. I>. C.
News from all V <■ worlil—Well-written
original sturief—Answers io queries—
Artiilee on Health, the Home, Net.
Book., and on  Work   ahout the Farm
' Tii. WFI'imiit..-. .can
Ir. alnemher of the A~.oeiateil Press
the only WestrrtiNewspaper reviving the entire telej.ri.phii'. news ser-
viee of the Ne* Ymk Sun, anil spec-
iul cable of the New York World—
Daily reports of over 2,000 Bpe.tial
correspondents tliroiiglnnu the country.
Si;liwr.»<e tor The WEEKLY
INTER-OOEAN (One Dollar)
und TIIE ri.OSI'KOTOl: .fl)
BOTH FOR $1.25.
Asa special and temporary < ffer lo
readers of this ;>aper, we will mail Tiik
I'Ulil.lC 13 persons who are not now subset iheis, for ten weeks for ten eenls.
Tub Prni ic is a !(__, iG-pajie weekly Review for democratic Democrats and democratic Republicans:-lit opinions are
expre.se.I without feur or favor; it gives
an interesting and connected weekly
of all Listoiieal news; it. always lias editorials worth studying, a cartoon worth
seeing, nook notices worth reading, and
iiiiscellani'ous matter both valuable ami
interesting) and it is liked by intelligent
women as well as by intelligent men
The editor is l.misF. Post. Send ten
cents in silver or stamps for ten week's
trial. All snlisr, iptinns are paid strict 1_
in advance, and upon expiration the
paper is promptly st'ppetl unless subscription is renewed. Mention this pup. r
Address: THE PUBLIC.
Unity Ibtildinj.', Oil CAGO, I l.i..
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tenders nro I it vi I oil for llm wlinla nl Uu-
propel iy, liieltiilllig Crown CI ran I oil elnli'iN,
mill nilo, (lyiinlile inill, ( ■iipacily ... InfK) ions
■ hilly), Iriiiiiwny, iissny nlllee, liilinrnlory nnd
f1111 *■ <lii i I>1111■ i11, of Iho Toronto i.iiiooet tinlil
liii'is Coin |ni ny l,im 11 ml, si luiiic In the Mllnoui
ilisli'ict of lll'llixll i'oliiiiilmi; int-linling the
Ample, \Vlui 1>*. Min.i;rcli nml Wolliunl Villi1
in I lies which nl'u Crown grinned, nl~o III.
Nor III Slur, (illlilon stripe, (inlilull Kngle. II ll liy
iml junilio mineral eliilm, 1.1 llie SHIIIO dlsl
rlut, togullior with a ton slump mill, machine
ill'llts nml oilier <-'111i|*11>i■ 111y. CiikIi lenders I'm
ilic whole properly mo requested li.il
offil'S for work 11IS options or for portions
if llm properly will bo uonsliloruil I'roin the
roriiior group OM Ions of oru hns been ni'llluil,
Willi an nssny viilue, iippioxliiiiitlng $10.00 in
$11.0(1 Wagon I'oiiit from Itililroiii] lo mill. Tlie
■vliolu of lhc n hove will belli' looking into nml
InYOsllgiilloti nml nro nn oxcuplioiinlly I in por-
liinl nml vnluiihle group of claims with full
workingui)illpiiii!iil, l"'n11 purlieu In is mnv he
liinl ou npplienlioii to ICilgitl' lllooinfluid
l,ii|iiiilntoi-, I'. (>. Ilux '.'lil, Vmieoiivcr II. 11,
ITitVG yotl on.el'eil your new
suit? Give McCoali ii, fci-ntl. \le
will uivc voiisiijisfjti'tioii.
15llll)S  ior Fall or Spring planting
Seeds, Plants,
Cnliilogae free.
ML J. Henry,
3.09, Westminster Komi, Vancouver, B.C.
WII1TI.   I.A1I0U ONI v.
Drugs and riedlcines,
Spectacles and Toilet Requisites,
Fishing Tackle etc. etc.
Mai!   Orders    Promptly   Filled.
As people live nl thc present
tiine'ii is very I'sSenllnl til III Ihe
teeth l.e biushmt every day. Our
"26i\ (iiiiiiniileeil" tooili brush
is the bosl valtto for the money
llmt we hnve ever seen. It you
enn Hint n boiler lirusll fori'ie. we
will give you free ii huge Imille
ol our  looih 11 vwlor.
(lur Tooth PowJer is made of
lhe purest inaiorlals i'freleanslng
the leelli nn't keening lliem flee
from ileeny   Largo bottle   Price
25o.   Ofeonr.-e ive sell nil of the
advertised Tooili Piupnrniions.
■VA._N*COU*V*E!"_B) _B. C
A new and llruouglily equipped
privatehosni nl specially mlnpleil
for Surgical nml lilectricalTreatment, wilh superior accomodation lor Lying-in ("uses. Only
trained muses employed.
The McMillan Fur & Wool Co. liave
placed their lireuur uf .Inly 5th on liie
it onr Qfllce for reference. This house
was established a quarter of it century
ig", and on account of their extensive
viuaine. 8, they are in a position to pay
ligli prices. Shippers find llieir dealings villi them very satisfactory.
Read our special
offer on the
third page.
(..I.NI'_I...I, ]\[I.I.('.|..NT. UI.I.pOI'.T, I'.. 0.
cam cfs a   I'n 11 stock of nil kin.ds nf (ii'occi-ics.  I-)i'\'(Jtiof
l.ools an.d Slioes, llardwiiro See.
icter and good reputation in eneh slate (one
In this county required) lo represent nnd nd
pei't.so old established wenltby business home
of solid financial standing, Salary $21,00 weekly witli expenses ndditlon.il. all payable in
eiish direct eneli Wednesday from head olllces.
Iforse nnd carriage furnished when necessary.
References,   Enclose self -add ressod envelope, i
colonial, 332, Dearborn St. (..'liicngo.
^^~-_____^_~ H> c. PARKER, = Lillooet, B.C. <_-^-
Having purchased the stock
R.J. Atkins, we are now addin)
to it and prepared to fill all order.
Repair Shop in connection with Store, whore your eve]
want will he supplied. A complete Plumbing Outfit on haul
MAKE YOUR OWN REPAIRS.   Enamki.i.kd   Knous, For Coffee nnd Ten l'o|
nnd OtliL't- Cooking Utensils.   I'rieofi cents eneli, while they Inst.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton t& Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday]
All points in Cariboo:      -   -    Mondays.
150 Mile House : Mondays Si I'Yidays [semi-weekly service|
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
H  Special conveyances furnished.    Send  for  folders   -'
The new slage line leaves I.ytton every Monday 'ani
Friday for Lillooot, returning next day. Special trijl
made.    Write us for information.
Peter Rebagliati Si.Vp,, r.ytton   M. C~
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR]
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McCOSH. MerehiintTiillor, Ashemfi, II. (J
Vancouver, B.C.
Established, 1800.
Assay work of nil descriptions tiiHli'itnUen.    'I'esls niiule up to jooo 11 is.    A specialty!
inaile of cliecliinj;   snieliei   (ml|is.    Smujiles    from   the   Inlenor  liy   Mail  or   Expr:
promptly ntu ndeil io.    C o r r e s po n d e n c e   solicit e d .
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry tlie largest and best stock in -B.C.,]
Including: liarlron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents For VAI.BNTINK'S  lllgll tirade CAUUIAOIC \AUMSII.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
with Its continuous coll (not orlmpod.ls tho
bust stook-holdluK fenee mado. \'a%o No.
7 wire stands (.B,(Kf0pi..1 nils' strain -COtnnion
No. 7 wiro only 1,700 iioumls. Coninion wire
will not eoil it straightens out again—it
hasn't a spring temper -Page wire has.
The Pa__ W-ro Fsnce Co , Limited,
Walkerville, Ont.
Montreal, P.Q., and St. ___. N.B.     11
E. Ci. PRIOR & CO., Qeneral Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1.00 per annum.


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