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The Lillooet Prospector Dec 22, 1911

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Vol. 1 No. 6
$2.00 Per Year
We   Wish   You All   a   Merry   Christmas
W. Mitchell, who recently purchased the Mose Foster ranch at
15-mile, came in by auto on
Thursday, accompanied by Win.
Daves of Notchhill, B. C. This
latter gentleman is to be the
manager of the newly-purchased
property, and the two motored
up to the place Thursday afternoon to look over the ranch. It
is understood that Mr. Mitchell
will take possession the first of
the year. It is the intention of
Mr. Foster, late owner of the
ranch, to take up his residence in
This week wiil probably be the
last that the SS. Britannia will
make trips up the lake this season, for it is the intention of Cap
tain Fred Kinder to dry dock the
boat and put extensive repairs
and improvements on her, and
he will depart for the coast soon
to make arrangemerts for having
the work done. He contemplates
adding to her length and installing a more powerful engine,
and states that he has let a big
contract for wood that he may
have an ample supply of fuel for
next season's busy run.
Owing to an unavoidable delay
in securing the first part and
music for the minstrel show,
cutting the time for rehersals so
short that it would be impossible
to do the show justice, the production which was to have been
put on during the holidays, has
been postponed, but will be put
on at some not distant date.
Alex Phair was a visitor in town
for the week end from his Anderson lake ranch. He reports the
new dwelling as nearing completion and expects to have his
Christmas dinner in the new
home. He returned on Wednesday's boat well loaded with supplies.
The new school superintendent W. S. Windsby paid the town
a visit this week. He was disappointed at finding, the school
closed and left for Ashcroft by
Tuesday's stage. He expects to
return in the spring and then we
expect to show him the remarkable progress which the children
have made under the able instruction of Miss Baker.
Mrs. R. Chisolm of High Bar,
who has been visiting with Wm-
Dickey and family at Pachelqua
for some time, returned to her
home this week.
J. Browning arrived on Wednesday and expects to remain in
our midst until the snow haves
the surrounding hills.
Herold Burkholder came in today with two pack horses intending to take out a load of Christmas supplies tomorrow morning.
He says North Fork folks are
expecting to have a big time during the holidays.
E. J. Taylor paid a business
trip to town this week from his
ranch at the 37-mile.
C. C Smith who has holdings
at Pemberton portage came in
by auto on Saturday last and en
Tuesday was joined by G. K.
Burnett, B. C. L. S. They left
Thursday, accompanied by Will
Haylmore and Ab Brett, to survey Mr. Smith's property and expect to be gone about a week.
N. J. Tait and son Nelson parsed through town this wck en-
route to the souther part of the
states. They were driving 12
head of horses, including one fine
Percheron stallion weighting
1800, through to Princton, from
which place they will ship. Nelson will return to the High Ba
ranch from this point and Mr.
Tait will proceed to the new south
em home which will be either in
Arkansas or Texas.
There is reported that there
will be a monthly mail service
started up the North Fork early
in the spring. This has been
long needed in this locality and
the service will be a great benefit
to the settlers of this progressive
Charles Holbrook is hard ix
work these days on his placer
claims and reports say that operations are going ahead in gcol
shape. He is running an open
cut on the claim and has sluice
boxes at the river, and wiih
weather conditions in his favor
has worked the property to the
best possible advantage and has
been rewarded with considerable gold.
The weather   is   the mildest J
seen up  here for years.     The
ranchers have not started to feed
their cattle yet.
A card party was given by
Mrs. Burkholder the other evening which was greatly enjoyed
by all present. Mr. Burkholder
and Joe Russell were .the toby
prize winners.
As soon as the new floor is laid
in Mr. Webster's new cabin the
first annual dance will be given,
and everything points to a big
time. The refreshment bill of
fare promises to be a unique feature, consif ting in part of dried
mowych, Birch's big potatoes
and Burkholder's winter radishs.
Everybody cordially invited.
Watch the Prospector for dates.
Mr. Bishop returned from Lillooet this week with a load of
Christmas supplies.
James Cickey of fie I la?k Hi 1
ranch came in today with a big
load of turkeys which will help
decorate the "festive braids of
Christmas-tide" in the hotels and
at several private femilies. Mr.
Dickey states that the prici of
these important holiday luxuries
range from t wo dollars to two-
fifty per. He will return tomorrow and on his way will pick
up a small bunch of cattle which
he purchased at the China ranch
and drive them through to his
Special to The Prospector.
Word comes from the Pemberton that Johnnie Sandy when
making his rounds the other day
came across a cougar in one of
his small traps. For some reason
or other ht ..^^ vmhont his gun
that day. "If a cat can jump so
far what can a 'kuga' do?\ said
Johnnie. However, he thought
of the fifteen from the government, and his confidence won by
experience in the value of the
big stick stiired Johnnie to
action. Stick in hand and open
knife clinched between his teeth
and with his heart probably near
ec his neck than usual Johnnnie
commenced the attack. The
scratching, hammering, spitting,
jumping a:id "hyas wau wau '
has never been fully recorded;
but the end of it all is that Johnnie is in possession of a hide
measuring from nose-tip to end
of tail eight feet and two and
half inches and all the time he
wears a smile which his "white
man tilikums" are afraid is going
to add another wrinkle or two
to his already happy face.
(Joe Russell remarks that it
fortunate that it didn't happen
to be the famous Pemberton grizzly or there might be a different tale to tell.)
Ralph Cunningham, (Raffles)
C. M. Johnstone, A. Langdon,
and C. Kellogg, accompanied by
Grant White, came down from
Bridge river last Sarurday, and
left on Monday by auto for Lytton a d the exist. Those gentlemen have been looking after mi.i-
ing interests in this section.
G 'ant, well laden with supplies,
retimed to the ranch by Wednesday's boat.
Jimmy Row bottom came in on
Lee Harrison's stage last Tuesday, after a three weeks' visit to
coast points.
The weather man will have to
get busy soon or Lillooet will enjoy a "California" Christmas. «
The    Prospector
Permanently camped at Lillooet, B. C.
Sending out samples every Friday
afternoon to    be   assayed  by   the
public at large.
Yearly,   $2.00   in advance.     Single
copies, five cents.
Advertising   rates   on   application
No, this is not a Russian
nobleman's name, but rightly
interperted makes an excellent motto for any booster's
The Prospector extends to
its many patrons and readers
the compliments of the season and trusts that the approaching holidays will have
many good things in store
for them.
The past season's development in our mining section
has showed up wonderful results. Ail the claims that
have been worked show improvement with depth and
the owners are well satisfied
while the prospectors coming
out of our hiils are very optimistic in regard to the general conditions. Though
this section is not having a
mining boom at present, the
sort of development that
points to a good substantial
camp is steadily going on,
and capital is becoming interested in the district as a
result. Lillooet district is
all right ann the people who
have stayed with it will come
out on top.
As Others See Us
The Lillooet Prospector has
again come to life and a very
creditable little paper it is.
Things are looking up in the
Lillooet country and the
Prospector will serve a
very useful purpose very useful purpose in attracting min
ers and capital to the district
which has by far the most attractive array of free gold
deposits to be found in the
province of British Columbia
—Merritt Herald.
The publication of the
Lillooet Prospector has been
resumed, and the resurrected
journal should be welcome to
every exchange table. —Victoria Colonist.
Every man is supposed to
know his own business, but it is
often hard to convince his friends
that he does.
Is not mining a branch oj:
business in which co-operation could be worked to advantage? Instead of our pros
pectors scattering in all directions would it not be better for a few practical men
to get together on the most
promising claim on their list
and co-operate in working it
for all that it is worth? By
this method instead of selling undeveloped properties
for a mere trifle, they could
develop their claims and rake
in the big money, which
otherwise might go to someone who has not endured the
hardships and privations that
the original locators have.
Such a system would also be
very beneficial to the district
and would tend, toward its
speedy development, as one
developed property in a dis-'
trict does more to establish a
reputation than a score of
prospects however promising
they may be. It does not
require more capital than the
ordinary miner or prospector
possesses to get into a scheme
of this sort. When men show
their faith in a property by
devoting all their energies to
its development they naturally gain the confidence of
capital. Practical men will
know a good thing when they
see it and if it be their own,
they will work it more energetically and economically
than if it were in the hands
of some corporation. Sufficient work can be done by
hand and a cheap plant installed to demonstrate the
value of a property before
heavy and expensive machinery need be introduced. Mining is essentially a business
adapted to the co-operative
plan. A few men, bound by
ties of self interest if nothing
else, could accomplish much
in this way. The plan is at
least, one worthy of consideration.—Ex
Advertising is business
news. It tells of things that
are of great daily importance
It is of more account to the
frugal housewife to know
where she can get certain
necessary commodities at a
less price than usual than to
know all the troubles of
China or Mexico. The news
should be news. It should
not be allowed to grow stale
with repetition in the same
old way. If you can only advertise in a small way, pick
out the paper in your territory
and spend all your advertising money in that. Don'r
scatter. When your business
grows and you can spend
more money buy more space
in the same paper until you
are sure you are using all you
profitably can.
Do it now—subscribe.
Delivered    When    Promised
and Ccrrect When Delivered
The Prospector
Lillooet, B. C.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an application will be mhde to the Parliament.of Canada at
the session thereof now being: held for an Act to
incorporate a Railway Company under the name
of Vancouver and Peace River Railway Company,
with power to lay out, construct, equip and
operate a line of railway from the City of Vancouver in the Province of British Columbia by the
most practicable route north easterly to the Fraser River in the vicinity of Lillooet, thence northerly following the Fraser River to a point at or
near Fort George, thence northeily across the
Parsnip River, thence northeasterly through the
Pine River Pass, thence easterly akng the Va try
of the South Pine River to Coal Brook in the Dominion Reserve Block, thence southeasteily to a
point in the Grand Prairie in Alberta in the vicinity of Bear Lake, thencein a Northerly diiection
to the Peace River in the vicinitv of Dunvegan,
thence crossing the Peace River and northeasterly to a point in the vicinity of Peace River Crossing, thence northerly on the west side of the
Peace River to a point in the vicinity of Foi t
Vermilion, thence northerly to a point on the
Peace River beiow the Vermilion Chutes—-with a
bianch from the main line in the vicinity <f the
Middle Branch of the South Pine River noi therly
to a point on the Peace Rive.' in the vicinity of
Hudson's Hope.
To construct and operate telegraph and telephone lines and to charge tolls for the use thete-
of; to carry on and do an expiess business, to construct bridges and to construct the same so that
they may be available for the use of foot passengers and vehicles, to collect tolls for the passage
over said bridges, to Construct, acquire, and navigate steam and other vessels, to const; uct. acquit e
lease and dispose of wharves, docks, tlevatois,
watehouses, offices and other structures, to construct, acquire, maintain or othetwise utilize
hotels, to acquire, generate and utilize water and
steam power for the purpose of completing air
or generating elect! icily ar.d to dispose tf tl.e
sut p us not required for the purpos.es i,f i l.e Company, to develop and acquire electricity and other
power and to dispose of and distribute the surp.us
thereof; to enter into agreements with other Companies together with all other usual and customary powers. The Railway and wol ks to be coi.-
sti ucted to be declared a work for the genetal advantage of Canada.
DATED at Vancouver, B. C, this 27th day of
November,   911.
Soiicitots for the Applicants.
an Application will be made to the 1 eg-
is'ative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia at its next session,
for an Act to ii ccij title i Unjny
with power to lay out, build, construct,
equip and operate a line of railway to be
operated by steam, electricity or other
power for the carrying of Passengeis
and freight from the ( ity of Vancouver
in the Province of I ritish < olumbia by
the most practicable route north easterly to the Fraser River in the vicinity of
Lillooet, thence northerly generally
following the Fraser River to a point at
or near Fort George, thence northerly
across the Parsnip River, thence northeasterly through the Pine River Pass,
thence easterly along the Valley of the
South Pine River to Coal Brook in the
Dominion Reserve Block, thtnee easterly to a point on the eastern boundry of
Brit sh olumbia in the vicinity of Swfa*
I ,ake—with a branch from the main line
in the vicinity of the Middle Fork of the
South Pine River northerly to a point
on the Peace River in the vicinity of
Hudson's Hope, and thence across the
Peace River and easterly to the Eastern
i .oundry of i ritish i olumbia, and with
power also to construct and operate
telegraph and telephone lines and to
charge tolls for the use thereof; tocarry
on and do an express business, to construct bridges and to construct the same
so that thev may be available for the
use of foot passengers and vehicles, to
collect tolls fortne passage over sin I
bridges, to construct, acquneand navw
gate ht-am and other vessels, to construct, acquie, lease and dispose of
wharves (belts, elevators, warehouses,
otlicis and other structures; to const' uct, acquire, maintain or otherwise
utilize hotels; to acqum , generate and
ut lize water and st am power tor tne
purpose of compressing air or generating electricity and to dispose oi t< e surplus not requ red for the purposes oi the
t ompany, to develop and acquire electricity or other power and to dispose of
and distribute the surplus thereof; to
use, own, equip and operate water
power convenient to the road for Railway and other purposes; to enter into
agreements with other Companies and
with all powers given by the "Model
Railway Bill" and with such other
powers and privileges as are usual or incidental to all or any of the aforesaid
DATED this 27th day of November,
A. D. 1911.
Abbott & Hart-McHarg
Burns & Walkem
Solicitors for the Applicant"
.■ k .-,. ■HMp -'-■■
—   ■   . The      Prospector
Special to The Prospector.
D. A. Stoddart of the 83-mile
house, J. D. Boyd, of the 78-mile
house and S. Graham of the North
Bonaparte paid the town a visit
the latter part of last week.
S. Harrison, manager of the
B. C. Cattle company's ranch at
Canoe Creek, B. C, passed
through town last week with a
few carloads of beef cattle.
J. A. Benefield undertook to
supply the town with wood, but
the men he had working for him
took "french leave" one night,so
the people have to depend on the
Indians for fuel once more.
F. W. Engerman still runs his
auto to Clinton several times a
week regardless of the snow.
Bert Wright and Leo Forbes,
Jr., passed through town recently enroute to Vancouver.
A number of freighters came
south this week and report excellent sleighing on the Cariboo
Mrs. S. S. Boyd, who left last
week for a short visit to Kam-
loops, is expected home some
time this week.
A small dance was given in the
town hall on Tuesday night and
was enjoyed   by all present.
A. McDonald, M. P. P., left on
recently for Vancouver where he
will spend a few days before returning home.
Mrs. W. Kelly and family who
have been visiting at the 741mile
house for the past month, came
to town Thursday and are now
the guests of Mrs. Barton.
Rev. Downie left Friday for the
115-mile house where he held
service on Sunday, returning to
this place for the Sunday before
Henry Young, who was recently severely hurt in a runaway is
rapidly recovering from his injuries.
From our Special Correspondent*
Miss Emily Spetch and her
brother of Pemberton Portage
were the guests of the Pemberton Hatchery Sunday December
10th. During the afternoon they
made a call on their father, S.
W. Spetch. Miss Spetch holds a
high opinion of Lillooet, but she
says that this place (the portage)
has them all stopped. We second
the motion.
S, W. Spetch, of Pemberton
Portage, has just finished his new
woodshed. Something stirring
all the while.
Johnnie Sandie, an Indian off
the reserve has lately captured a
cougar which measured ten feet
from tip to tip. That's going
Syd Spetch is busy erectipg a
new house. More improvements.
I, T. C, Clark, of Pavilion, IS. C, by
occupation a farmer, give notice that I
intend on the 10th day of January, 1912
next at eleven o'clock in the forenoon
to apply to the Water Commissioner at
his office at Clinton, B. C, for a license
to take and use one cubic foot of water
per second from an unnamed spring on
Lot 18.
The water will be used on Lot 661 for
irrigation purposes.
Dated this 28th day of November, 1911
I, Charles Noel of Lillooet, by occupation a miner, give notice that I intend
on or about the 25th day of December
next at eleven o'clock in the forenoon
to apply to the Water Commissioner at
his office in Clinton, B. C, for a license
to take and use one cubic foot of water
per second from Noel Creek, a tributary of Seaton Lake on the north side.
The water will be used, on Lot 1664
for irrigation purposes.
Dated this 25th day of November, 1911.
Lilooet General Store
W.J.PAGE   -   Proprietor
A newly-bought stock of
staple and fancy groceries
An excellant line of dry
goods, clothing, furnishings, etc. Call and see us.
Lillooet General Store
W. J. PAGE   -   Proprietor
Excelsior  Hotel
First Class Table and Good
Liquors and Cigars.
B. C.
Store near Seton Lake
General Merchant
Large Assortment of Goods Always on Hand
Dry Goods, Groceries,   Hardware,
Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Miner's Supplies
Outfitter for Camp or Trail
General Merchant
Forwarding Agent
Ship Goods To Lillooet in my Care
Prompt  Attention   Guaranteed
LYTTON        - - - B.C.
Walter Keeble has been feeling
ill for several days but is now on
feeling much better.
It is rumored that there will be
a branch of the Bank of British
North America started in Lytton
in the near future. The rapid
strides this place has made since
construction was started, has
brought it forward as a business center and it is now believed that it has sufficient support for a banking institution.
The children of the town have
been busy all week rehearsing for
the entertainment which was
held in the town hall on Thursday
lsst and which was  a   decid<d
Mr. Godfry of the Bank cf B.
N. A. was a Lytton visitor this
Pete Bell, well known as a
teamster on the Cariboo road, is
now employed freighting between
Lytton and No. 2 camp.
Real estate is reported active
here, several deals for town property supposing to have been
put through this week.
The Globe Hotel will be formally opened on Christmas day,
and Lytton folk are looking forward to the events The building-
has been practically completed
for some time and portions of it
have been in use, but Christmas
all the doors will be thrown open
and the public invited to inspect
this new first class hostlery.
There has been considerable
traffic on the Lytton-Lillooet road
this week owing to the approaching holidays. The "A. G." car
made several well loaded trips
and the stages came in for their
share of the trade.
A little boy of a neighboring-
town was required to write an
essay the other day, ' 'The News-
papee" was the subject and here
is the result: "I don't know how
newspapers came to be ir the
world and I don't think God does
for he hasn't got nothing to say
about them and 'editor' is not in
the bible. I think the editor is
one of those missing links you
hear about and stayed in the
brush till after the flood then
came out and wrote the whole
thing up, and has been hero ever
sincv. 1 don't think he ever dies
I never saw a dead'un and I
never htaid of one getting licked
Our paper is a mighty poor'un;
the editor goes' thout underclothes all winter and don't wear
any socks, and paw hasn't paid
his subscription in five years."
Shipwrecked Captain—''It's
useless, I can't find my bearings.'
Anxious Passenger—"Perhaps
> ou left them in your other coat.''
In the midst of life we are in
doath—but it is often possible to
postpor ■? tl e interment. ■MT-
The     Prospector
BORN-To Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Dickey, of Pachelqua, on December 15th, a son.
William Dickey was up from
his Pachelqua ranch on Thursday
Fred Bishop made a business
trip from his North Fork place
the first of the week.
Pete Rebagliati, ex-stage
driver, made a flying trip from
Lytton on Wednesday in the
"A. G."auto.
Joe Fletcher came in from his
place up the river on Thursday
and will return Saturday.
Billy Rilej\ has just completed
a cabin on his Pachelqua ranch,
and in company with Dick Means
left for the Lome on Monday.
The Annual General Meeting of
the Shareholders of the Anderson Lake Mining and Milling Company, Limited, will be held at the
head office of the Company at
Lillooet, B. C.,on Friday evening
the 12th day of January, 1912 at
the hour of 7:30 p. m.
Samuel Gibbs,
December 12, 1911.
Lytton to Lillooet
Three   Hours    Enroute
Expert Driver
Connects With all Trains
Enquire at the Victoria Hotel
that an application will be made
to the Legislative Assembly
of the Province of British
Columbia, at its next Session for an Act amending
Section 3 of the British Columbia
& Alaska Railway Act, 1910,
(Ch. 56, Statutes of British Columbia, 1910), by striking out all
the words after the word ' 'Columbia" in Line 10 of said Section and substituting therefor
the following:
"And or from Fort George in
a northeasterly direction to the
valley of the Parnsip River by
way of Fort McLeod, thence
along the Parsnip River to a junction with the Peace River, thence
along the valley of the Finley
River through Sifton Pass,
thence down the Stikene River
to a junction with the main line
at Telegraph Creek. Also powers to build branch lines either
through the Pine River or Peace
River passes to the eastern bound
ary of British Columbia, or by
way of the most feasible route,
or in the alternative by the most
feasible route between Lytton
and Teslin Lake, also to build
from a point on said line of Railway to the City of Vancouver
or from the City of Vancouver
to a point on the said line by the
most feasible route."
AND FURTHER for an Act
extending the time within which
the Company has to commence
construction, and extend ten per
cent of its capitalization.
DATED at Victoria, B. C,
this 5th day of December, 1911.
Robertson & Heisterman
Solicitors for the Applicants, the
British Columbia & Alaska
Railway Company.
Andrew Swart of 30-mi!e
house Lytton road was a town
visitor on Wednesday.
■ C. A PHAIR -
General Merchant Manufacturers Agent
For   Twenty-five Years   Lillooets Leading Store
Complete up-to-date Stock in all Departments
Carefully Bought at Right Prices
Sole Agent for Kodak supplies, Singer Sewing Machines,
Edison Phonographs, Sherwins-William's Paint, McClarey
Stoves, Aladdin Lamps, etc. Publishers of Local Post Cards.
Made-to-order Department in connection with our Clothing.
Prospector's and Miner's Outfits. Guides furnished for
Hunting Parties. A car of gasoline and coal oil just arrived
Also big stock of Christmas Goods, Toys, Christmas Cards,
Groceries, Na-dru-co drugs, Famous "Big Horn" Brand
Overalls, Miner's Shirts, Blankets, Sweater Coals, Winter
Caps, Christmas Ties,   Men's Furnishings just opened up.
The °nly Store that can give satisfaction! on orders
from the smallest to the largest.  Our Cash Price
is the Lowest Good Goods can be Sold For
We Lead, Others Follow
The Store of Satisfied Customers
Mail Orders Receive our Careful Attention
Notice is hereby given that unless a certain steer branded FM
which has wintered at my place
for the last six years is removed
at once and all expenses paid including the cost of this advertisement I shall at the expiring of
thirty days from this date sell
same to defray expenses.
per Samuel Gibbs,
Leon Creek, B. C.
18th November, 1911.
Subscribe for
The   Prospector
and get all the home news
Outfitters for Prospectors, Trappers,
Miners, Ranchers,
Etc. Our goods are
the best and prices
are right
Stage Line
Regular Stage leaves Lytton Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m.
Regular Stage leaves Lillooet Wednesdays and Sun
days at 7 a. m.
Wire or write for Special Slage or
Desired Information
LEE HARRISON  -  Lytton, B. C.
General  Hauling,
Notary Public
Lillooet   -   -    B. C.
Lands,  Mines, Insurance and
Mining business  in  all brunches a
specialty.    Farms,   Fruitlands   and
Residential properties for sale.
ASHCROFT       -      -    B. C
R. C.  Stephenson
Blacksmith and
Expert   Horse-
All Work Promptly
Frank Mclntyre
Lillooet's Barber
Operating in  the  southwest corner of the Victoria
Hotel   Lobby
Don't forget the Number
Livery and
Feed Stables
Horses and Rigs for Hire.
Express Delivery
Light and Heavy  Draying.
Lillooet       ...        15. C.
Fresh Killed Beef, Pork & Mutton
Large and small orders
given our personal attention. Satisfaction
Fresh    Vegetables   in    Seaw
Victoria Hotel
M. R. Eagleson, Prop.
Finest Liquors & Cigars Good Stabling
Lillooet,   -    -   B. C


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