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The Prospector Oct 26, 1901

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& .)
_---'»■... .,..,    ■"■   ,,.. .i'.',-",'    :■■■■.i/,t " Ts'Jit'* ,1
"■ :**?#r^^^^
■■. >•">-., *;."^-r'..,,..ff ■,-,''i^^%:'-;..'*^»
* ;- '-I'^v-   ■ l_      _,-       ^'*_k5jSw_**_i_*''
i*s?*_!«^^^^^^_^*g3^___^^ _S||g
V0I.4,   No
.16. | V
$2.00 a year.
G-_EisrE_E^^-i__   -M:__ii_E^cH:JL3srT
Miners Supplies.^-*c^-
XiiXiXiOO-sa:, -_3_c
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
fnll stoek of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
Carriea a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry   Good).,   B ots  and   Shoes,
Hardware, ete.
Lillooet, B. C.
W. F. Allen, Proprietor.
This  Hetel is capa'!e of accomi dutiny SO OuiBte.    Sample. Rooms for
Coin 111 ircuil  Traveller*. Everything  First-Cltss.
Hotel Victoria.
LILLOOET   _3. C-*
This hotel being new ami thoroughly finished lhrcugho.it is the only firel
clans hotel in I.iiiooet. Persons calling at Lillooet will receive every attention by
stopping at the II Jlel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel. Headquarters for tho Lillooet-Lytton stage.
*.  9 _ 9 9 9   charqb. Mi)i)i;»,vni.   e is e . e e
Stage leaves Lytton every Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooet, returning next day.    Special trips made.
Ef yon contemplate a trip into I.iiiooet district, write us for information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B I.
Vaneouver, B.C.
Established, 1890.
A*say work nf nil descriptions undertaken.. Tests mnde up lo 2CCO lbs. A specialty
iwnflc of checking smelter pulps. Sr.mplis firm llie Interior by Mail or Express
promptly ate nded lo,   Co r res po n il e n c
While the people of the United Slates
have given vent to quite natural express*
sions (if grief at i\\- assassination (if President McKinley, their attitude against anarchy has taken a must inconsistent farm.
Unless incorrectly reported, ma y prominent
men have been making most inflamimtory
remarks, and among thin number are several clergymen, who, instead of preaching
the reign of law ami love, are urging a reign
of terrorism. The Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage
al Ocean Grove is reported to have said. '1
wish with all my heart that the policeman
who arrested Czolgosz had, wilh the butt
end of his pistol, dashed his life out.' I
would.have blown the scoundrel to pieces'
was the remark of the Rev. J. II. Taylor
in Washington. The Rev. John LlnydLce
in New York said, 'Until a belter way is
found, lynch him on the spot. When an a-
narchist makes red-flag speeches, then, and!
not when he has killed a president) he done*
with liim.'
There can he hut one result of such sentiments expressed l»y men of larije influence,
and that is—anarchy. The word 'anarchy'
mtians 'no law.' Countries in which lynch
law dominates, and is advocated by leading
men, are certainly not governed by law; a
country which is not governed hy law is in .1
state of anarchy.
Thc New 1'ork 'Nation', a leading periodical, says: In the last few months our
annals have been blackened by many crimes
of violence; and mobs, no longer content
with banging negio ravishers, have bu_;iin to
burn and torture with a malignity worthy ot
the veriest savages'. If this is not anarchy,
we have no desire  lo see the real article.
The antidote for anarchy is not anarchy,
but law. There is only one way to crush
forever this wide-spreading menace to all
liberty-loving peoples, and lhat is hy compelling absolute obedience to lhe' law,
Fanatics like Emma Goldman will succeed
In their efforts in favor of anarchy, if governments resort to anarchy to extirpate  them,
. Mr. A l/'o. representing  Frank  Bar-
naid, Victoiia, Hceotnpnnied by Arthur
|o_l, lv't lust Sunday for Cadwallader! from $1_.4<) to $15.5U tin ounce, adv.in
where .Mr. Lee inspected  the Bend Or
«^"~Brief Despatches. ~"X-
During the last two years the price
of platinum has been steadily advancing, and now exctede that of fine
gold, having reached as hi^h au $21 per
ounce. Tbia is a little more than double tbe price quoted in 1805, when it reached about tbe lowest p mit in recent
yean-, about $10 an ounce. At the op
euiugoi' 1899 platinum was qu.ted at
properties, ' Tbe affairs of this company
fee in a very bad state, and it is greatly to bu hop id that something will bt
done to Utiprove^them. The property
is recognized everywhere a. a go^d ont
but a certain amount of capital \v
necessary for development work before
[£00(1 results can be ott.ined.
We und rstand that litigation has
commenced between the Lorne owners
und the Mi es Exploration Co., Messrs'
Martin and Deacon being counsel for
the owners. Tbe li igation is in connection witli the o stamp mill built by
the Exploration Co. on the AWo.lchuk
laim. The owners demand that the
mill and mill-site be handed over to
them, or, in lieu thereof, $7, 500, as
tbev claim that these conditions are
implied in the bond.
Tbis is only another instance of tlie
bad luck which seems to be tho fate of
Lillooet mining properties. The Lome
is probably the richest free-milling
proposition in B. C.,yet it ha-s been
.ied up fur a whole teaeon. J.he Exploration Co'e. bond txpirtB Nov. 1st.
*. I i c i l e d .
__srow boys.—=_>-
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
lelootlon til Tweeds, Worsteds, Scrgos
I'ltUt.'   gS-lll ll:
Stttisf.ctliill yiit'iiinH'. I.
Itk'M \-
'•«"!1, MerchantTailor, Ash
B. C. Mining Laws.
Tin- Engineering and Mining Journal
of New York, in ils Canadian Supplement, eives a summary of llie Milling
laws of thiB province, extracts from
which may lie of use.
No free miner may legally hold more
than one mineral claim on the tame
lode or vein, and in placer digghgs Le
.nay not loale more than one claim m
each creek, ravine or hill, antl not
mure than two in tlie same locality,
only one of which may he a creek
I/'Uses of unoccupied ctown lands
arc granted for hydraulicking or dredging, upon the recommendation of the
gold coinmiBBioner, alter certain requirements have heen compiled will .
An application fee of $20 ie payable.
Leases mny not exceed _'J years tlura
linn. For a creek lease the maximum
area is }_ mile and the minimum annual rental $75; hydraulic lease, area
80 acres, rental $50 and at least $1X00
per annum lo be spent hi development;
dredging lease, area fl mile?, rental $5*.
per miie, development work $1,000 net
mile per annum ami a royally pnv-
able to the government ol 50*'. per
ounce of gold mined.
M!neral or placer claims are nol sub.
joct to luxation miles? cmwngraitteil,
in which case the tax is 23c. per acre
per annum; lint if 9200 he spent In
vork on Ihe claim in a year this lax if
remitted, A t;ix of - per cent, is levied
on nil ores uud oilier  mineral product-
fray .
Mr. Lee antl Dr, Simon left yesterday morning (or McGillivray Greek
where Mr. Leeis looking over the property with a view to taking it over.
Big Strike in Carihoo
The recent strike nt the headwaters
■f Horsefly is reported to be very rich,
Home prospects going as high as $300
to tho pan. An o'd Barkerville miner
says 'It's it second William! Creek'.
'The bent lies are rich hut they eould
not get Leirock in creek, hut got good
prospects everywhere they p in net!.'
The reports are believed to be authentic in as much that they come (rom
thoroughly reliable mining men of Cariboo.
cingsomew hat during the year and was
quoted at $17.50 ill December. This
price was quoted until April 19U0, when
it advanced to $18.20 and remained at
that figure until tlie spring of thisyea:
when it again advanced. The demand
is somewhat in excess of supply, sntl
il ii believed will advance still further.
There is alsoquite an active demand
Ur lhe associated metals, osmium anil
iridium, for use in the manufacture ol
incandesctnt gas buineis,
The Yukon Go'd Commissioner has
decided that a bill side claim can be
located adjoining a creek claim where
the creek bottom is so wide that after
allowing 1000 feet wid th for llie creek
claim theie is still morn than .000
feet before the hind rises into hill s'npes.
The contention of adverse claimants
hns heen tbat under such topographical
conditions the location Bhouid leof a
bench claim which is allowed only 25o
feet of width. This, if sustained, would
'nave given to lhe conlesiaiils7.0It.el
of the tirat locator's claim,
. iirtios sending samples lo an assny-
er for a test as to .nines should be cine-
fill to explain to the assayer just what
kiml of a lest they desire. A litlle
care in thisresard often prevents misunderstandings and confiiiion . Some
suggestions that are well to remember
aie aB follows:
Wrap secuiely in paper bags or boxes,
and mark your name on the outside.
If the package contains mo;e than one
sample, number them with figures;
and in a separate letter with remittance
for assay charges, give full instructions
as to what tesls are to be made.
Write name anil address plainly. If
vou call at Ibis oliice we will supply
tags free of -barge, to Pellew-H.irvey,
liryaut ami Oilman, Vancouver. Mr.
lMlew-IIarvey is well known in his
connection with the government assay
i llice. Those who forward samples will
help us hy referring to this paper when
they for ward samples.
Australia it the wool centre of the
world, ll possesses mure than one
thousand million sheep, and the revenue Irom tlie sale of wool amounts to the
sum ol $100,000,000 per  year.
Wisa and otherwise.
Mr. Job. Martin saya that the in.ra-
tluctioti of party lmeB into provincial
politics will probably he discutBed at
the next meeting oi the Liberal Association to be held in Vancouver.
To a representative of the Vancouver
•Province" last Munduy morning, Mr.
Martin .said "i um in favor of party
politics, and will advocate this if the
malier conies up at the next meeting.
I think ibis is what should be done
for tlie good oi the Liberal party, antl
ihe cause of the beet interests of the
Thin Boy is Alright.
A story is Iold ol an Irish pedagogue who
flered a prize to tlie boy who could write
the best composition in live minutes on how
to overcome a habit.
The following is the prize essay.
"Well, sir, habit is har.l to overcome.
If you lake off the lirst letter it does not
change 'ahii.' If you take off another you
still have a 'bit' left. If you take off slill
another the whole of 'it' remains. It you
take off another it is not wholly used up, all
of which goes to show that if you want to
get ritl of habit you must throw il off altogether."   Ex.
A deficit of $18,000,000 has been contract! ' n eonnectiou with tbe public
Government of France. It iB fenred
tbat a large addition will be speedily
made to the National Debt.
The reason assigned for tbe falling
revenue is British, American and German competition.
We want your orders
for Letterheads, Envelopes, Billheads, etc.
Thc Prospector,
Lillooet, 15. C.
Sale of personal and  real
Property for Taxes
he valuation being the net return
rom the assayer. These tHxes are in
mbstilulion for all taxcB on the land,
nul   personal property  tax in  respect
of 5c. per ton of <oal mined, or le. per
panel ol" petroleum, is payable. After
proof that laud covered by lc»Be bas
been worketl continuously, lessee may
,[ sums bo  produced,  so   long as Ihe   _,,„,,„ three mo„,h9 of  expiry ot lease
and is used only for mining purposes
A royalty of 50-. per 1,000 fl, is charged
on all timber taken from the land for
mining uses.
Applications for coal or petroleum
licenses'must, after the publication of
certain notices, be made to the gold
commissioner, accompanied by plant,
of the land an ! a fee of $.i0, ■•* bieh sum
will be applied as Ihe first year's   rent.
Limit of hind a license will   cover is 610
pu chase said land a; $"i per acie.
Feus payable are : For a free miner,t
certificate, $5 per annum: records,
$2.50 each; iucor: orated companies
pav for a free miner's certificate $.0
per annum w here tbe nominal capital
is $100,000 or under, or $100 when it is
over that sum.
Riasia hai built ft greater length of
icres.    Extension of lease for a  second   rn iwi,y in  the lust  25 years  than any
>r third year may  be obtained.    Upon
proof of tlisruvery  ol   toul a   5   years'
leas., at a rental   of   lit
per aire per
ier European  country—15,152 mil.!
ber   icon!   since   1875.   German*
mes next wilh 14 066   miles.   Frano
iniv.un   nny  be obtained.     Aroyaby  _ajbuilt 1',099, and Britain5*089milei
Notice i< hereby given, lliut under the Asses-
mueiit Ael and iimeinliin'iits thereto, there ia
d_o anil unpaid lot Mineral Tux the sum ol
SS97.92, by lhe ''end "r Mines, Limited, the
owner of the Utile Joe and White fro" Mineral Claims, being tots IBS nnd M0, omul' I,
Lillooel District, «ltnato nl Cadwullador Creek
In ike t.llloool liisliict, und In lhc Lillooel As-
BQgBiuont District.
In accordance with the provisions and ro-
qul lenlBol Ihe Asscsmcnl Ael mid Amendment! thereto, I hnve distrained lhe goods and
ehaltels (in -ding n len slump mill and luols)
of the snid Item! t'r Minis, Limited, ill tho suid
District do the payment of the suid Mineral
Tux uud shall oxptiic the Mimo for side, hy public auction, at lhc Court House, Lillooet on
Tuesday the twenty sixth day of November,
1901, at two o'clock In tho uttcrnoon, or so
much thereof us mny he necessary to satisfy
iho said amount of Mineral Tax and costs.
In default of ■ufllctont distress upon said
personal property, lhe goodB und' chattels of
t lie suid t'ompany< or the amount realized from
the public sale thoreof, being iiisiifth ienl to
meet suid Mineral Tux, and costs, I shallat iho
time nud place above mentiono. .'xiosefor
sale by public auction, tho lands**! the suid
Company, consisting of, thc Little Joe, White
Crow, Rend'Or Fraction, Jim Crow Fraction,
und Delighted Mineral Claims, in snid Lillooet
District, or so much of the said landB of Uie
snid Company, situate in Lillooet Assessment
District us mny be Bll_lcfcnt to pay the said
Mineral lax and costs.
Given undeV my hand at Lillooet
this 18th di s of October, 1901.
Caspar Phair,
Assessor nnd Collector ier the  Lilloset Ass-
otament District AN EXALTED RELIGION:
Its Charm   Illustrated  and Commended by Dr. Talmage.
Kverythinc    111   Our   LIvm    Ib     -Ain.ii_-.t--J
Without the   PuMibillty   of   Miaii-k. b -
ihe Kdg« of tjod'* Hob** of Government Never ETrayi Out, Nor Are Til era
Luust)  Sorewi I"  World'.**  Machinery.
Washington, Oct. 0. — Tlie charm
of an exalted religion Is by Dr. Talmage in this discourse illustrated
and commended; text, .lub xxviii,
17, "The crystal cannot et.uul it."
Many of Lhc precious BtonCti of the
Bible have conn' to prompt recognition. But fur the present I take
up the less valuable crystal. Job,
in my text, compares saving wisdom with a specimon ol topaz. An
Infidel chemist or mineralogist
would pronounce the latter worth
more than tlie former, but Job
makes an intelligent comparison,
looks at religion and then loo I.s at
the crystal and pronounces the former as of far superior value to the
latter, exclaiming, in the words of
my text, "The crystal cannot equal
Now, it is not a part of my ser-
monic design to depreciate the crystal, whether it be found in Cornish
mine or Harz mountain or Mammoth
cave or tinkling among the pendants of the chandeliers of a palace.
The crystal is the star of the mountain; it is the queen of the cave;
it is the eardrop of the hills; it
finds its heaven in the diamond.
Among all the pages of natural history there is no page more interesting to me than the page of crystal-
logrnphic. But I want to show you
that Job Was right when, taking religion in one hand and the crystal
in the other, he declared that the
former is of far more value and
beauty than tlie latter, recommending it to all the people and to all
the ages, declaring "The crystal
cannot equal  it."
Jn the lirst     place,  I remark that
religion is superior to thc crystal in
exactness.     That  shapeless  mass    of
crystal   against  which  you   accidentally     dashed    your foot is  laid out
with more exactness than nny earthly city.    There are six styles of crystallization   and  all   of  them  divinely      ordained.        Every   crystal   has
mathematical p ecision.  God's geometry reaches through it,  and  it is a
square,  or it is a rectangle,  or it is
a rhomboid,  or in somo  way  it has
a mathematical      figure.     Now,  religion  beats      that in the simple fact
that      spiritual     accuracy      is  more
beautiful     than      material   accuracy.
(Jod's attributes    are exact,     (iod's
law     exact,      tiod's      decrees exact,
God's management   of  tho  world exact.     Never  counting   wrong   though
lie counts   the  grass   blades  and   the
stars  and   thu  sands and  the cycles.
His  providences  never  dealing    with
us  perpendicularly   when  those   providences ought to be oblique, nor laterally  when  they ought to   be vertical.     Everything  in  our  life arranged   without  any   possibility   of     mistake.     Each  life a six-headed  prism.
Born at the right time; dying at the
right  time.     There    are  no   "happen
bo's"  iu our theology.     Jf I thought
this    was      a    slipshod   universe,     I
would be in despair.    God i.s not an
anarchist.    Law,     order, symmetry,
precision,  a perfect square, a perfect
rectangle, a perfect rhomboid, a perfect circle.     The edge  of (.Jod's robe
of government never frays out. There
are no      loose screws  in the world's
machinery.     It  did   not  just  happen
that Napoleon was attacked with indigestion at Borodino so that he became   incompetent   for   the   day.     It
did      not    just      happen   that  John
Thomas,  the missionary,  on a    heathen      island,   waiting  for  an  outfit
and   orders      for  another missionary
tour,   received  that  outfit and   those
orders in a box that floated ashore,
while     the     ship and the crew that
carried tho box were never heard of.
1  believe in a particular providence.
I   believe   God's   geometry   may      bo
seen in  all  our life more  beautifully
than  in  crystallography.    Job     was
right.      "The    crystal    cannot  equal
Again I remark that religion is superior to tho crystal in transparency. Wo know not when or by
Whom glass was lirst discovered.
Beads of it have been found in the
tomb of Alexander Sever US. Vases
of it aro brought up from the ruins
of ITorculaneum. There were female
adornments made out of it It,000
years ago — those adornments found
now attached to the mummies of
Egypt. A great many commentators believe that my text means
glass. What would we do without
the crystul? The crystal in the window to keep out the storm and let
in the day; tho crystal over the
watch, defending its delicate machinery, yet allowing us to see the
hour; the crystal of the telescope,
by which the astronomer brings distant worlds so near he can inspect
them. Oh, the triumph of the crystals In the celebrated windows of
Rouen and Salisbury! But there is
nothing so transparent in a crystal
as in our holy religion. It is a
transparent religion. You can put
it to your eye nnd you see man —
his sin, his soul, his destiny. You
look at God and you see something
of the grandeur of his character. It
is a transparent religion. Infidels
tell us it is opaque. Bo you know
why they tell us it is opaque? H is
because they are blind. "The natural man receiveth not the things
of God because they are spiritually
discerned." There is no trouble
with the crystal. The trouble is
with the eyes which try to look
through it. Wo pray for vision.
Lord, that our eyes may be opened!
When the eye salve cures our blindness, then wo find that religion is
t r.ui. parent.
II   is a   transparent Bible.     All tho
in. unlaiiis of  the Bible come out —
Sinai, the mountain of thc law; J'is-
gaJi, the mountain of prospect; Olivet, the mountain of instruction;
Calvary, the mountain of sacrifice.
All the rivers of the Bible come out
—llidekel, or the river of paradisaical beauty; Jordan, or the rive:- of
holy chrism; Cherith, or the river of
prophetic supply; Mile, or the i iver
of palaces, ami the pure river of life
from under the throne, clear as crystal. While reading this Bible, after our eyes have been touched by
grace, we find it all transparent, and
the earth rocks, now with crucifixion
agony and now with judgment terror-, and Christ appeal's in some of
liis 256 titles, as i.w as I can count
them—the Bread, i he Uock. the tho
Captain, tin- Commander, tin- Conqueror, the Star, and on and beyond
any capacity of mine to rehearse.
Transparent   religion]
Tin- pru\ Idence that seemed dark
before becomes pellucid. Now you
lind God is not i rj Ing to put you
down. Now you understand why
you lost that child and why you lost
your property. It was to prepare
you for eternal treasures. And why
Kick tie.1) ■ cunt', ii being t he precursor of Immortal Juvi sconce. And
now you underst and why i hey lied
about   you      ami   tried   to   drive you
hit her   and    ihll iter.       H   WUS   to     put
.'.■on iu the glori .i s compunj of such
men ns Ignatius, who, when in* went
ont    to      be       lif   1 n   ivi\   l.\    I he   lions,
s.i iii. ** I ;,ii] t !if wheat. ami i he teet h
of i lit; wild beasi s mil* i lirst grind
me before 1 can becume pure bread
for Jesus  Christ."    or  the company
of such   men  as   "lhat   ancient   Chris-
fian   marl yr1
who.  when  standing in
the  midst   l}|
the  amplill heat i e  wait
ing   for     the
ings   lo   come   out   of
their   cave   a
id   destroy   him   ami   the
people   in   t!
e  galleries   jeering     and
shoul ing,
The       lions! "       replied,
•Cel.      II,un
t time   on! "   ami   then,
stooping       i
own        toward      t he   rave
where   the   u
i!d   beasts   were   roaring
lo   get   oul,
again  cried.   "Let  them
come  on!"
Ah,       yes.   it   js   pei'SOCU-
lion      to      I
ul   you   in  glorious  cnii-
pany,     and
whJle   there   nre     many
things   that
vou    w ill    have    to    pOSt-
pone   to   the
I'ul are  world  for explan-
atiou   1   t.'ll
vou  that   it   is the  whole
tendency of
vour religion  to  unravel
and     explaii
and   interpret   ami   il-
lumiiie      am
Irrndiuto.        Job was
right.      Il
is   a   glorious   trauspar-
ency.      "The
crystal    cannot  equal
i'eople talk ton mem aboul their
cross and not enough about t heir
crowns. Do you know that t he Bible
mentions a cross bul seventeen
limes, while it mentions a crown
eighty times? Ask tlmt old man what
he thinks of religion, lie has been a
close observer, he has been cultivating an aesthetic taste. He has seen
tlie sunrises of half a century. lie
has been au early riser, lie 1ms been
nn admirer of cnineos and corals and
all   kinds  of boaul I fill   things. Ask
him what he thinks uf religion, and
he will tell you: "It is the most
beautiful thing 1 over saw. The crystal   cannot equal   il."
Beautiful in its symmetry. When it
presents God's churactcr, it does not
present him as having love like a
■/.real pertuberunce ou one vide of his
nature, hut makes that love in harmony with his justice — a love that
will accept, all those who come to
him. ami a justice lhat will by no
means clear Ihe guilty, Beautiful religion in the sentiment it implants!
Beautiful religion in the hope that
it kindles! Beautiful religion in the
fact that it proposes to garland and
enthrone and cmpnrndi.se an immortal spirit. Solomon says if is a lily.
Paul says it is a crown. 'I'lie Apocalypse says it is a fountain kissed by
the sun. Ezekiel says it is a foliaged
cedar. Chrisl says it is a bridegroom
come to fetch   home; a   bride.     While
Job iti the text takes up a whole
vase of precious stones — the topaz
and tho sapphire ami the chrysopras-
US — he holds oul of this beautiful
vase just ono crystal and holds it
up until it gleams in the warm light
of the eastern sky, and he exclaims,
"The crystal   cannot  equal   it."
Oh, it is not a stale religion; it is
uot a stupid religion; it. is not a
toothless hag, as some seem to have
represented it; it is not a Meg Itfor-
rilies with shriveled arm come to
scare tlie world; it is the fairest
'laughter of God, heiress of all his
wealth; her cheek the morning sky,
her voice tlie music of the south
wind, her step tin; dance of the sea.
Come and woo her. The Spirit and
the Bride say come, and whosoever
will, let him come. Bo you agree with
Solomon and say it is a lily? Then
pluck it and wear it over your heart.
Do you agree witli Paul and say it
is a crown? Then let this hour bo
your coronation. Bo you agree with
tho Apocalypse and say it is a
springing fountain? Then come and
slake the  thirst of your soul. Do
you believe with K/ekiel ami say it
is a foliaged cedar'.' Then come under
its Shadow. Iio you believe with
Christ and say it is a bridegroom
come to fetch home a bride? Then
strike hands with your Lord and
King while I pronounce you everlastingly one. or if you think with
Job that it is a jewel, then put it on
your hand like a ring on your neck
like a bead, on your forehead like a
star, while looking Into 'he mirror
of God's Word you acknowledge,
"The crystal cannot equal   it."
Again, religion is superior to the
crystal in its transformations. The
diamond is only a crystallization.
Curboidte of lime rises until it bo-
comes calcite or arngonito. Hed oxide of Copper crystallizes into cubes
and octahedrons. Thoso crystals
which adorn our persons ami our
homes and our museums huvo only
been resurrected from forms that
were far from lustrous. Scientists for
ages have been examining these wonderful transformations. But I toll
you in the gospel of lln- Son of God'
there is a more wonderful transformation. Over souls by reason of sin
black as coal and hard as Iron God,
by his comforting grace, stoops and
says. "They shall bo mine in tho
day when I make up m,\  jewels."
"Whatl" say you. "Will God wear
jewelry?" If ho wanted if. he could
make the stars of Um heaven his
belt and have thc evening cloud for
the sandals of his feet, but In; does
not want that adornment.      He will
-l.LU_-_. --.-' ' : .     .  ' _
not have that jewelry. When God
.vants jewelry, ! ■■ comes (lown and
ifjzs it out of the ■■■ pi lis and .lark-
rieKs of sin. Those souls are all crystallizations nl mercy, lie puts them
on. and he wears them in the presence oi the whole universe, lie wears
'hem on the hand that Was nailed,
over tho heart that was pierced, on
the temples that were stung. "They
shall be mine," saith the Lord, "in
the day when I make up ny jewels."
Wonderful t ransformation! Where
sin abounded grace shall much more
abound. The carbon becomes the solitaire. "The crystal cannot equal it."
Now, I have no liking for those
people who are always enlarging in
Christian meetings about their early
dissipation. Bo not go Into tho particulars, my brothers. Simply say
you wero sick, but make no display
of your ulcers. The chief slock in
trade of somo ministers and Christian workers se.-ins lo be their early
crimes and dissipations, '"he number of pockets you [licked and the
nuniher of chickens you rtolo make
very    poor prayer meeting  rhetoric.
I'e ides that, il discourages ot her
Christian people who never go1 drunk
or stole anything. But it is pleasant
to know that those who were farthest dowu have b.-en brought highest up. Out of Infernal serfdom into
oternal liberty. Out of darkness into
light. From coal to the solitaire.
"The crystal cannot equal  it."
Bill . my friends, tho chief transforming power of the gospel will not
be seen In this world, and not until
heaven breaks upon the soul. When
that light falls upon the soul, then
you will see the crystals. What a.
magnificent set t ing for t heso jewels
of eternity 1 sometimes hear people
representing heaven in a way that
is   far   from   at tract ive   to  me. It
seems almost a vulgar heaven as
the;/ represent it. with great blotches
of color aud bands of music making
a dea I en ing racket. John represents
heaven as exquisitely beautiful. Three
crystals' In one place he says, "Her
light was like a precious stone, clear
as crystal." In  another place    he
says, "I saw a pure river from ui.der
the throne, clear as crystal." In another place he says, "Before the
throne there was a sea of glass clear
as crystal." Three crystals! John
says crystal atmosphere. That means
health. Balm of eternal June. What
weather after the world's east wind!
No rack of storm clouds. One breath
of that, air will cure the worst tubercle. Crystal light on all the leavye.
Crystal light shimmering on tho topaz, of tho temples. Crystal light
tossing in the plumes of the equestrians of heaven on white horses. But
"the crystal cannot equal it." John
says crystal river. That means joy.
Deep om\ ever rolling. Not one drop
of the Potomac or the Hudson or
ihe Rhine to soil it. Not one tear of
human sorrow lo embitter it. Crystal, the rain out of which it was
made. I 'rystnl, I he bed over which
il. shall roll and ripple. Crystal, its
Infinite surface But "the crystal cannot equal it." John says crystal sea.
That means niultitudiuously vast.
Vast in rapture. Itapturo vast, as the
sea, deep as the sea, ever changing
as the sea. Billows of light. Billows
of beauty, blue wilh skies that, wero
never clouded and green with depths
that were never fathomed. Arctics
and Ant a relics and Mediterraneans
and Atlantics ami Pacifies in crystalline magnificence. Three crystals!
Crystal light falling on a crystal
river. Crystal river rolling into a
crystal sea. But "the crystal cannot
equal   it."
"Oh," says some one, putting his
hand  over his eyes,   "can  it be    that
I   who  have 1 a  iu so much sin and
trouble will ever come to those crystals?" Yes, it may be — it will be.
Heaven wu must have, whatever we
have or have mil, and we come hero
to get it. "Ilow much must I pay
for it?" you say. You will pay for it
just as much as the coal pays to become the diamond. In other words,
nothing. The same Almighty power
that makes the crystal in tho mountain will change your heart which is
harder than stone, for the promise is,
"I will take uw:iy your stony heart,
and I will give you a heart of flesh."
"i 111," snys some one, "it is just
tho doctrine I want. God is to do
everything, and 1 am to do nothing."
My brother, it is not the doctrine
vou want. The coal makes no resistance. It hears the resurrection voice
iu the mountain and it comes to
crystallization; but your heart resists The trouble with you, my
brother, is the coal wants to stay
1 do not ask you to throw open
the door and let Christ in. 1 only ask
that you stop boiling and barring it.
My friends, we will have to get rid
of our sins. I will have to get rid of
my sins. und you will have to get
rid of your sins. What will we do
with our sins among the three crystals? The crystal atmosphere would
display our pollution. The erystal
river would be befouled with our
touch. Transformation must take
place now or no transformation at
all, Give sin full chance in your
heart and lhe t raiisforinu t ion will bo
downward  instead (jf upward. In
stead of crystal  it will  be a cinder.
In the days of Carthage a Christian girl was condemned to die for
her faith, ami a boat was bedaubed
With tar and pitch and filled with
combustibles and set, on lire, and tho
Christian girl was placed in the boat,
and the wind was offshore, and the
boat floated away with its precious
treasure. No one can doubt that boat
landed at the shore of heaven. Sin
wants to put you in a fiery boat and
shove you off in an opposite direction— ofT from peace, olT from God,
oif from heaven, everlastingly oil,
ami 1 he port toward which you
would sail would he a port of darkness, and the guns that would greet
you Would be the guns of despair,
and I he flags 1 hat would wave at
your arrival would be the black (lags
of death. Gh, my brother, you must
either kill sin or sin will kill you!
If is no exaggeration when 1 say
lhat any man or woman that winds
lo be saved may bo saved. Tremendous choicel A thousand people are
choosing this raoirent between snlv*i-
lion and destruction, between light
und darkness, between charred ruin
mid glorious crystallization.
The conditions existing in New
Zealand are shown in the following
interview in the Toronto Globe with
Mr. Thomas Fleming a leading miller and grain merchant of Invorcar-
yill, N. Z., who recently visited Canada :
In every other country, I__ngland,
Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the
United States, I find that every inducement is given to people willing
to start local industries of any
kind, whereas in New Zealand, per
contra, every obstacle is thrown in
your way. Take, for example, the
railway department. Jn New Zealand, if you wish to start a manufacturing establishment of any kind
you have first of all a tremendous
up-hill fight to get the Biding granted to your mills or manufacturing
establishment. Then you have to
pay every cent that the siding costs,
the railway department reserving the
right to pull up that siding at any
time and take uway aB the material
for which you have paid. Then they
charge you a rental of £ft0 per annum   for   the   siding   that  you     hnv<-
id for. In addfl ion lo all thai
you have to guarantee before get -
ling tlie siding. I.ven the local bodies tax us unduly. I'or instance, in
our own town the corporation
charge us for tlie water wo pump
out of a running river for our boilers and condenser and afterwards return  to  the stream.
"Compulsory arbitration i.s simply
a gigantic failure. The papers are
full of nothing else. Tlie work of the
judge is far in arrears and general
dissxU.is.netion exiists. This government rolled in on the labor troubles
and strikes and have kept the pot
boiling  ever  since.
"The old-ago pensions are a great
drain. The recipients aro not bound
to contribute to the fund; so long us
they keep clear of the jail they get
it if they have saved nothing. If people have saved anything they do not.
get il. It is simply a premium on
thriftlessness, a tax on thrift. New
Zealand last year did not increase
in population 2,000 against Canada's
increase of 70,000. There is absolutely no inducement given to Europeans to settlo there. There is no
sign of improvement from present
conditions, and I am going back
with a firm resolve that if I can
leave the country I will do so after
40 years, as I think Canada or Arnica,hold out so much better inducements lo people to get along."
In speaking of tho railway rates
ou the government railways in New
Zealand, Mr. Fleming said that he
found that grain can be carried from
Chicago or Manitoba and thence
across the Atlantic to Britain at as
small a cost as it can be carried
in New Zealand on the government
railways 500 miles. He approved of
the government ownership of railways as they had it iu New Zealand
formerly, when the railways were
under ihe control of an independent
board of commissioners but tho
present government abolished lhat
board and assumed direct control of
the railways with bad results.
How the Genuine Article Ma. I.O..
ltd Attrnctiv. netts.
This Is tlio season of the year when
butter fades In the market and loses
much of its bright yellow, attractive
appearance, writes William Conway in
the Boston Cultivator. Merchants are
considerably bothered with this sudden change in the butter, and it sometimes causes them loss as well as tlie
producor. The cause of this loss of
color Is not always easily ascertained.
It was supposed nt one time that faded
butter was simply artificially colored
butter, losing its coloring matter added
after churning, but this is not necessarily true. Some pure butter that has
been made without any artificial color-
lug seems to bleach out almost the col
or of clean tallow. Naturally butter
thus bleached out does not sell well.
The cause of this is partly due to the
poor handling of the butter.   It Is necessary to keep all the butter at a low
temperature   In   summer   to   make   It
keep, but In transferring It from cold
storage to the store this temperature
is frequently changed quite violently.
The sudden change causes the butter
to undergo ft chemical change In extreme Instances.    It is not nt all unlikely  that this causes  the color to
change nlso and produce the bleached
out appearance.    The greatest care In
handling butter In hot weather _> Inst
ns urgent on the part of commission
merchants  as   the   farmer.     Without
doubt u good deal of the spoiled butter
that sells down  at nominal prices Is
due to the carelessness of the shippers
and  city  merchants.    On  tho   other
hand, this should not release the milkers  from  responsibility,  for much  of
the   poor  butter   Is   duo   to   slovenly
methods of the farmer.    Bleached out
or faded butler may he saused by the
hick of the proper Incorporation of tho
Bait in the mass,    if the salt Is not
thoroughly worked through every part
of the butter there will be some of It
that will become rancid.   This rancidity In a very small part of the butter
will   spread   and   In   timo   cause   the
whole  mass to  undergo   a   chemical
change.    A peculiar tallow or greasy
flavor develops, nnd tho natural yellow of the butter fades to a pale, sickly hue that Is  very  unprepossessing.
In extreme cases, where a high or sudden change of temperature hastens the
process   of   degeneration,   the   butter
may become almost worthless on account of Its appearance.   Tho sale ot
first class butter depends as much upon Its looks as upon Its actual taste.
It Is consequently essential to guard
against anything that will  make the
mass   lose   Its   color  and   bright,   attractive appearance.	
A SerloilM C— He.
"The sexton digging over there looks
like a heultliy man, ihiesu'l he?'1
"Sure.   Nothing wrong with liim."
".Nn,  but   I   untied lie lias oue foot In
tin* grave."—Denver Times.
Scotland Seeks** li — !t**}trt*setit.ii i v>* t onfter*
ence Kciiitlv 1JU-UI in U lasso tr—
Impur.ail.  Action   riiketl.
Refe/ring to the recent meeting in
Glasgow of agriculturists and others
interested in the removal of restrictions on Canadian cat lie trade The
Herald of thtjt city suvs:
The importance of the meeting
held to devise steps for the removal
of the restrictions on the importation of Canadian cattle, may be
measured by the diversity of its
composition. Those who are promoting the movement are not farmers abme. or tleshers uhuie. or cattle
salesmen alone, or shipowners alone,
hut all iu combination, ami tl.ev
are supported by representatives of
the Local Authority, of ihe Harbor
Authority, and of the general public.
Apart from his intei'CSl in the sub-
Jecl as a consumer of beef every citizen   of  Glasgow   has   an   interest       iu
ii as part proprietor of tho extensive sheds n-ud si ores erected by ihe
corporation for a trade which Was
killed by Ael of Parliament. The
restrictions were imposed in LS92 by
order of the Board of Agriculture.
as a temporary precautionary expedient, ll wns stated, intended and
expected that when all fear of the
import at ion of contagious ploutO
from Canada wns removed ihe restrictions would be withdrawn, and
the importation of Canadian cattle
Into lhe country—and not merely into the slaughter-house — would be
tree once more.
So far, however, from being removed, the restrictions were made
pormonenl by Act of Parliament in
1806, without the production of
nny evidence that the disease which
Was supposed to be guarded agaii *.t
was prevalent in  Canada.    Into   the
reasons urged for that legislation at
lhe i hue we need not now enter.
Certain il is that many who were
then in favor of lhe restrictions now
desire  thai   i ue;,   should   be removed.
The fanners are as anxious to
have Canadian slock for their herds
as the dealers are anxious lo have
free trade in cattle. The point at
present is not whether the restrictions were Justifiable when they were
imposed, but whether there ift any
good reason for continuing them.
As Lord Provost Chisholm defined
the question, if is—"Is there any
evidence lo warrant the maintenance
of these most offensive restrictions?"
Then' appears to be none, but there
is abundant evidence to the contrary. For instance, the Dominion
Minister of Agriculture positively
affirms that contagious pi euro does
not exist in Canada; nml that even
if it did exist, it could not be exported, so thorough are 1 lie regulations anil precautions in force in
Canada. And it was stated by one
of the speakers, who doubtless can
substantiate Ids statement, that in
800,000 Canadian cattle landed on
uur shores nol a. single case of
plcuro   has  been  delected.
If, then, the evidence shows no
cause for the retention of restrictions which can only be justified as
precautionary, il is desirable in the
interests both of t his country and
of Canada to have them removed.
Dut as they are established by Act
of Parliament an Act of Parliament
is needed to abolish them. That is
whero the trouble comes in. It is
always dillicult to gel Parliament to
rev<ike its own deeds. What is
necessary most of all is to elicit a
Strong  expression   of   public  opinion.
The conference was important in
this respect, and as it wns thoroughly representative of all classes, the
resolutions passed by it cannot fail
to have weight wiih the Government
and wiih Parliament. Dut its example should be followed vigorously
hy other communities in Scotland.
It must be demons! rated that this
is no mere question between 'l.e Canadian breeders and the Scutch feeder, but a question of real lutcresl
and vast importance to the whole
community. If Canadian cattle are
healthy we should have ns free uud
unrestricted Importation of them as
we have of  Canadian  wheat.
us and nre very useful. Some ot
them are, of course, better fitted for
onr kind of work than others, ami
when wu lind they are not suitable
we semi them back to the refugee
camp. I discharged lour men the
other day whom I found unserviceable and rel lined them io ihe camp.
A few days after I received a letter
enclosing a ring which had been
worked by them and which shows or
tends to show that the feeling
among lie- Dutch is not so bitter as
Sony- w.mld like to make out. I expect in a few weeks to add one hundred men to my corps."
cr<*«» Indian* Dl-ud of Starvation.
Correspondence received by the Indian Department goes to sustain the
statements made by Uev. .1. c Stevens. Methodist missionary, lhat a
number of Cree Indians hud perished
from starvation in the Oxford House
district. 400 miles north oi Winnipeg,
during the winter of 1809-00. Grossly exaggerated reports of the rev.
ecu11enuiti's statement weva unfor-
liuiltly sent out to the press, i**i
which he was represented as having
said thai IU Indians had died of
hi n-er and hundreds of others were
in the last stages of starvation. Tho
nt tUul number oi victims mentioned
ly Mr. Stevens was fourteen, but he
8 id he had been also told that a
tool tu I of others succumbed. Mr. C.
L\ I hipmnn, Hudson Day commissioner, admitted that a number of
I d ens in the Oxford House district
di d from starvation. Thc sufTorers,
t':i- commissioner said, were too far
rom relief to make their condition
l-nown st> that assistance *could bu
given or seat lo them in timo.
A Llar'S Trnth.
Two eommereial travelers, ono from
Atherstnue and nne from New York,
were discussing the wAither in their respective countries. Thu I.ngllHhu_en said
Unit English weather had one great fault
—its sudden changes.
"A person may take a walli some day,"
he said, "attired in a light summer st_.t
and still feel quite warm. Next day lie
needs an overcoat."
"That's nothing," said the American.
"My two friends Johnson and Jonea
were once having tm argument. There
were eight or nine inches of snow on (ho
ground. T'.e argument got heated, ami
Johnson ..irked up a snowball and threw
it at .buies from a distance of not more
than five yards. During the transit ot
that snowball, believe tne ur not, ns you
like, the weather suddenly changed ani
became hot nnd snnimerlike, and .Tones,
instead of bein:,' hit with a snowball,
was—cr—scalded  with hut water."
rtnrjfter.t uoik .vitii Uritlsli.
Writing to Frank Newly of Ottawa. Major Charles ttoss, lb S. o..
commanding the Canadian Scouts in
South   Africa,  says:
"The corps which I have lhc honor
to command has been doing good
work and 1 have received much
praise from the General Ollicer Commanding the Mounted Infantry Brigade (General Alderson) for whal
we have done. We have a troop ol"
burghers   who   work   very   well     with
Ren-ly  Tor  tho  Itnsb.
They had heen drifting about In tho
open boat seven days, and all wero near
unto death, when the half famished sailor in the how leaped up aud cried: "A
sail!  A sail!"
"What, a bargain sale?" shrieked tho
half dead woman passenger as she began
fumbling for her purse.— Baltimore
An OvorNi»;lit.
The visiting tenia came lo bat for the
last time and made eight runs, just
enough lo win. "Yah." shouted tho victorious captain, "I thought ynu said you
could see our finish al the beginning!"
"So 1 did," replied (he other dolefully,
"hut 1 couldn't see ynur big inumg ut the
finish."—Philadelphia Press.
I,n ii dun ii in Drtttktnff.
It Is surprising what one's constitution can be made to stand In tho way
oi' narcotics. From small beginnings It
Is possible to go on Increasing the
ilotv* until a quantity can be taken
which would kill two or three persons
unaccustomed to anything of the sort.
In the course of a coroner's investigation at Sheffield, England, It was shown
(hat a man hnd been a constant laudanum drinker for ten years. Commencing with a pennyworth at a time, he
had gone on until he had taken fully
uu ounce a day.	
Rank   1; ■• [ion'i ion.
"Some folks Kit sleek mighty easy," remarked Farmer Clorertop, looking up
from his copy of The Podunk County
Clarion. "Kor all Ihey think they're so
all fired smart the city folks Is bavin
artificial ice shoved on 'em. IM like to
see anybody fool me on ice."—Philadelphia ttoeo.d.	
Jmt  tho  Snnie.
Bobby—Mamma, if God is as good as
you sny he is, why doesn't be always answer our prayers?
"He does, Bobby, when they deserve
to be answered."
"Well, I prayed thnt I might not steal
any more jam out of tho butler's pantry,
but it didn't inuke any difference."—New
York Life.
A Warning to You
That thc blood is losing its richness and the very life itself is being sapped from brain and nerves. You feel weak
and run clown. You get pale and sallow, with dark rings under the eyes. You lose flesh.and the food you eat does not
seem to nourish you. Your hands and feet get cold. You
are nervous and irritable. Litlle things worry you. You
suffer with headache, neuralgia and nervous dyspepsia. You
grow melancholy and depressed at times, find your memory failing  and feel  unable to  concentrate your thoughts.
This is the train of symptoms which lead to nervous prostration and paralysis or land their victim in the epileptic hospital or insane asylum. Nearly everybody needs a nerve restorative and blood builder at certain periods-m their life. When
nerve cells are being wasted away more rapidly than nature can
replace them collapse is certain, unless some means is used to
assist in enriching the blood and creating new nerve force. Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food is the most effective preparation obtainable for thoroughly restoring richness to the blood and strength
and vitality to thc nervous system.
Fifty cents a box,  0 lioxen (or   S2.fi0 ;   ill  nil dealers,   or   post    pair
from Edmanaon, Rate- & Co.,   roroalo, r. _ ■w^_-_>A1fa-M--^--.lt*a;--w-w--
-ii-fTJ *-r"--T' -i-iT'r -
of th
the !
■Jmc -
The Paper Doexn'i State.
d ynu hoar about (bat dreadful noei-
ibat   occurred   in   Ml nrl?   Nol
it seems tbat a frog found ;i lump
tiomlte nnd swallowed  it.   Then it
1 i:iin ;i nearby bouse and in Rome
made a iniHStep and came down so
;   that tbe dynamite exploded, tore
m«» to pieces nnd kilted -i child."
■nd.    But ynu omit the most  inter
! point uf the story."
!   Wluit'-x thai V"
lieu the dvuamite went ofT, did thr
The golden eagle hus great strength
—it, lifts and carries off with ease a
weight of HOIh.
Africa has nearly 700 languages,
and ihis fact presents great difficulties   to  missionary  effort.
Slanslcud Junction,  1't...
L2th Aug.,   1803.
Messi-H, 0. 0. RIOHAUDS & Co.
Gentlemen,—I fell from a bridge
loading from a platform to a loaded
car while assisting my men in unloading ti load of grain, The bridge
went down ns well us the load ou
my back, and I struck on the ends
of the sleepers, causing a serious injury to my leg. Only for its being
very lleshy, would have broken it.
Jn an hour could not walk a step.
Commenced using MlXAKD'S LINIMENT, and the third day went to
Montreal on business and got cooiit
well hy the use of a cane. Jn ten
days wns nearly well. I can sincerely recommend it as the best Liniment
thai, ! know of In use. fours irulv,
A pianL that grows in India, called the philotacea olectrica, emits electric sparks. The hand that touches
it   immediately  experiences  a shock.
There never win., nnd never will he. a
universal panacea, in one remi dy, for ull ilia
lo wh eh fli sh ia heir—the very nature of
muny curatives being such that were tlie
germ*, of other find differently s-i-ittcA diseases rooted in tho (system of the patient—
what would relievo one ill in turn w* uld aggravate tlie oth t. Wo hnve, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadultorau d state, a remedy fur many and
grievous ills. By ils gradual and judicious
use th<' frailest systems arc led in:o convalescence and i-trciigth by lhc influence which
Quinine exerts in nature's own restoratives.
It relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom :i chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of Interest in lifo if a disease,
and, bj tranquihzing {lie nerves disposes to
sound and refreshing steep—imparts vigor
to the action of lhe blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout thc veins,
strengthening ihe lieu thy animal hmetioua
of the system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening tho frame,
.ind giving life to lhe digestive organs, which
naturally demand iner a.-ed SlTbstnnce—result, improved appetite. Northrop & Lyman,
of Toronto have given to the j abllo iheir
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rule,and,
gauged hy tho opinion of scientists, this
Wine approaches nearest perfection of anv in
tho m.rket.    All druggists _ell it.
Ai Singapore the post, of "Tiger-
Slay or-ln-Chief for bhe Straits Settlements" has just been given to a
Frenchman, who has a record of 500
The educational system of Denmark is so perfect and popular 11ml
throughout the entire country there
is not an  illiterate  family.
MINARD'S LINIMENT lor Sale Everywhere.
Some of lhc scales for weighing
diamonds nre so accurately adjusted
that n speck of dust, or an eyelash
Will nfh ct   the balance.
Thomas' E< 1 ctrie Oil shou'd be used hy
persona troub ed with atlcctlons of tho
throat tu- lun-.s, sores upon the skin, rheumatic pain, coins, bunions or ex terra I injuries. The reasons aie, that it is speedy,
pure and unobjectionable, whether taken internally or a[ plied outwardly.
The most extensive cemetery in the
world is that at Homeiln which ovor
0,000,000 human beings have been
Monrnriii Farewell Heard Only by
tjir Me mm iris*
"Our time is almost up," he said regretfully as he looked rather gloomily
across the wide subdued blue of oceau
that stretched far away in front of them.
"Yes." she said, wiih u slight sigh,
"only a few hours more and we shall be
ns far apart from each other as ever."
It was late iu July, and they were sitting on the quiet little piazza of the admirable hotel lo which they had drifted
together a fortnight before. The water
lapped on tbo beach at their feel and the
sea gulls Mallei ed their wings against thc
sky above them as If in full harmony
with the healing of their own hearts.
Two weeks tugetber! Aud now tbey
were to he separated for no one knew
how long. All romance must end some
"Tomorrow," she said, "you will go
back to your work in town. Vou will Attend those Important directors' meetings
that you have told me of. Then there
are stocks to buy and sell, political friends
to meet, campaigns to arrange nnd
Speeches to think over. Your horses, too,
will claim your attention, and of course
there are your club and thc dinners aud
all the other things Cor a man to do."
"And you," he said half playfully,
"you, too, will he busy. You have your
lifo work, you know. Tl\prc is the church
with Its round of social duties. There arc
the societies to which you belong, the papers you are to prepare, the charities you
are interested in and the literary events
which claim you."
Yet there was a ray of hope that glis
tened iu her woman's eye ns she laid her
hand on his arui.
"Never mind, dear." she said. "Rome
day we may learn better how to economize our time, Perhaps when we have
been married nnother seven years u >
shall he able to sec more of cucb other**'
lhe Local Paper Publishes a Column
About His Case—Worst. Form of
Ithcumatisin—Dodd's Kidney Pills
Have Proven a Blessing to Him.
Bundrldgo, Ont., Oct, 7.—(Special)
—The 1'lcho of this place has published a signed statement which cannot fail to interest all who understand the full meaning of thc word
Hheuiuatism from personal experience. A representative of thnt paper
Interviewed Mr. William Doeg, awell
known farmer of Strong Township,
who was cured of Rheumatism by
Dodd's Kidney i'iils this spring, nud
he gave out, the following statement.
for  publication :
"For four years i suffered excruciating torture, during Which time 1
was scarcely an hour free from pain.
The trouble commenced in my back,
Where it often remained stationary
for months, nnd so intense was the
pain that I could not lie down or
take rest, bmt had to sit night, and
day In a chair. The pain would then
remove to other parts of my body,
and when in my knees, disabled me
from walking, confining me constantly   to  my  room.
*'l was treated by several doctors
and also tried many medicines, without receiving any benefit. Almost in
despair I feared f would never again
experience the pleasure of being free
from pain.
"Early this spring uiy attention
was called to some reinurkafble cures
of Kheumalism effected by Dodd's
Kidney Pills. 1 procured a box. and
soon found they wero doing me good,
so I kepi on. until now I can sny I
am a new man, entirely free from
pain and have continued so ever since
being aide to attend 'to my daily duties on the farm und feel strong and
able to work. I verily believe this
great change was effected by Dodd's
Kidney Pills nntl I think it my duty
to make this statement public for the
benefit   of all atllicted  as I was."
Dig a well before you are thirsty.
Tlie ripest fruit will not fall Into
your mouth.
Great wealth means destiny. Mod-
ernle wealth means Industry.
The pleasure of doing good is the only
one which does not wear out.
Water does not remain on the mountain nor vengeance in a great mind.
To nourish the heart there is nothing
better than (o niaho tho desires few.
When life comes. It cannot he declined. When It goes, It cannot ba
Good governments get the people's
wealth, while good instructions get
their hearts.
Those who labor with their minds
govern others. Those who labor with
their strength nre governed b.v others.
A small bag cannot be made to contain what Is large. A short rope cannot lie used to draw water from u deep
Let every man sweep the snow from
before his own door nnd not busy himself about the frost of bis neighbor's
Rnpture   Bhown   by   n   Serpent   Over
One of Cbopln'f  Noeturne..
"Dining our first year in Colorado,"
said the ex-ranchman's wife, "my daughter uml myself were desrerati ly lonesome, nnd for the gill's suae more than
tor my own I urged my husband to try
his utmost and tut :i piano brought there.
A Colorado ranch wns then much further from any point of civilization than
it is today, and for a long time the feat
seemed hopeless, Lut at lust, after long
and tedious effort, aa instrument found
its way to our wilderness.
"My daughter hnd u fairly good mo-
sienl education before we went to the
ranch, ami after the arrival of the piuuo
she spent all her leisure time at it. Une
evening, about two weeks utter it enme,
siu* bad spent a couple of hours practicing some *,1* Chopin's waltzes; then she
struck Into the uocturaeB. Chopin is my
favorite among the composers. While I
snt there listening Intently, my elbow
resting on u table l»sMf me and tny head
on my hand, I fell myself Impelled to go
to the window and look out. I bad heard
no sound, everything was us sii.l us
dcutli, but there wus just a consciousness
thnt something mus outside.
"I moved cautiously, peered out slowly
and drew backwsudderily. A Uuge snnke
wns coiled up close tinder the window.
Its body wns perfectly still. Its head
poised in a listening attitude uml swaybig
slightly from side lo side, us ir in rhythmic movement with the music. 1 did not
see this all at oure. I took in tho situation niter I returned to the window und
stood (here watching the creature out uf
range of bis eye nml wondering if iny
presence wool.I mnke Itself fell nnd divert its interest from the music. Hut no;
I don't believe even speeeii would hnve
broken the spell. The creature seemed
dazed, entranced, fnsolnated!
"After watchiug him for a time 1 went
quietly over to my daughter and without
startling her l.y so much ns a hint of my
strange discovery I asked her to desist
foi: u few moments from the minor and
semiweird notes she .wns playing and
strike into one or two lively oil's. She
did so. while I returned nud watched the
"After u couple nt minutes of the rattling music the sunke begun to grow restive. I; reared its head, beat it from side
to side and showed other symptoms of
restlessness or anger. Tlie music kept
on; the sunke began to writhe nml shiver
ns if in distress; finally it uncoiled nnd
glided away oui of Bight in the underbrush.
"When I told my discovery to tiie male
portion of tlie family, they were ull ready
to watch for thnt snake nml kill him at
the lirst opportunity, bul I forbade thnt.
I desired to make n further study of liis
love ni music, uml 1 did so. I prepared
my daughter to look for his advent ngnin,
ami his snnkeship did not disappoint us.
Again nml again we watched him creep
to his musical rendezvous, und ngnin und
ngnin we tested the quality of hi.; mil-
Bieal tastes. Wu proved beyond the
shadow of a doubt that low, (wool music,
minor, sad or weird notes, fnscluated that
snake, and that anything lively or noisy
repelled him.
"I grew positively interested in iho
study and oven found "myself bestowing
n sort of hum.'i. pity on the reptile, but
it resulted iu in good, for the other members of the family did not shore my feelings, and I must finish my story by saying thnt tbe creature's love for Chopin's
noetuwes cost lilm his life during oue of
liis visits under onr window."
S'i'atk or Ohio, Oitv oe Toleiio, |
Lucas rotnerr, i
.hank J. i'uk.nkv intik-i oath that lie's In-
Botdor partner ol the tlrni of !•'. J. C'hknky _
Co, do i g l.nsi e-t* in th cil* of .meek,
1 mint v nut still*-iifeies;.ill, nml tlmt Fold firm
will pay the    inn  of  IINK  Hl'XIlltH) DOL
A WS ior each mill every ens.' ef cillarrli th .1
cannot becurou by tho use of IIai.i.'sCataimmi
1 unu. -BANK .1. l HUSKY.
sworn to Leforo mo and subsortLed in my
presence, ihi- lith day of line" tier, A. U., I_*
 . ' A. W. GI.E -MIN,
(ska 1.1 Notary PubUc.
Hull's Catarrh Cure is ink n internally nml
nets ilheeliy on lhc It cil and mi.oous surliiee*
of the svsii in    Seiet mr i«*iImonlatB, tree.
_   .1 CHENEY &.0U.,Toledo 0
Sold by Druggists, 7.'e.
Iiul. b Family Pills »re the best.
ExpreRn Elevators.
To tbe man who is accustomed to
buildings where staircases are still useful as well ns ornamental the speed ot
the "express" elevators in New York
skyscrapers Is disturbing. Ileeently
nn "up state" man, who was ueing
shown about tbe city by a friend, was
taken nt last up to the sixteenth story
of oue of the high buildings. He went
up In a "local" elevator, at moderate
speed, but even that caused lilm to
suffer many qualms before be stepped
out ou the linn loud lag. lu coming
down to street level again tbey took
nu "express." Wltb one switch of the
handle and a few sparks from the controlling apparatus tbey were deposited
on the ground Boor, The city man
asked the other If "lhat was quick
enough" for him. "Quick enough!" ho
exclaimed. "Why, I might just as well
have jumped."
Society novels seldom niuke a hit.
A novel in order to succeed must lit
bright enough to be half-way entertaining
Minard's Liniment Cnres Burns, Etc
In Gvery L000 bachelors there arc
thIrLy-eig'ht criminals; in every 1000
married men (here are only eighteen
Tho proprietor-of Pflrmelee's Pills are
constantly receiving letters similar lo the
following, which explains Itself: Mr. John
A. Beam, Waterloo, Ont., writes: "I never
used any medicine that can equal Parmelee's
Pills for Dyspepsia or Liver uud Kidney
Complaints. The relief experienced afler
using them wits wonderfnl." As n safe family n.edieire Parmelm's Vegetable Pills can
bo given in all case*, requiring a cathartic.
Somet inns
man s     appearance
suits a woman, ami  there are times
when his disappearance would pleas*
Iter more.
English convicts get 101b of bread      'l1" be perfectly proportioned a man
a week,   while   paupers   receive ouly    should   weigh  28lt> for every  foot   of
II.. 'his height.
f©_T  3?.
Not Bad for Good
SozO-ltmt ■ "       2_9-
Sozoiiont. Tooth Powder      » 3_"_.
tarpjet Liquid! and _*owcl®r        •»    75c.
All stores or by mail for the juice.    Sample for the postage, _c.
A shipyard   at Orninato,    Japan,
still   in   operation,    was    established
over l .'.mu years ago.
illoway & Champion
Writo to us for priuc3 of SCRIP.
Get our List of Lands.
Stocks and  Bonds Bought and  Sold.
Wo can furnish tho exact umount of
Scrip for any payment ou Dominion
Lands.   Do not pay cash.
Not for a year, but for a lifetime.
Watches that may be handed from
father to son—heirlooms.
The movement of a " Ryrie'
Watch is as nearly perfect as
possible, and yet, it's not expensive.
That is why it has brought to our
store so many buyers who are
particular about accurate time.
Let us send yon our Catalogue,
•Showing the many styles of solid
gold, line, gold filled, silver and
run metal "liyrie" Watches in
both [ladles and gentlemen'!
The "Ryrie" Monogram Watches
are particularly attractive.
Yonge and Adelaide Sts.,
DIAMOND HALL, Establish 18.4.
Free Reclining Chair Oars
For Full Information U3 to timo of trains, rates
etc., ml'liv**'!. VV TDAsiul.':, _en. Pas*. Aet,
or      CHAS. J, CRAY. TravolliiiK Agent.
P. O. Bo_ l^i... \\ Lauipeg, Mini.
Canadian Noilhern Depot, Wattr Strec
T'T  D
MonK Emerson, St. Paul, etc.,
Uol md, Mi-rimi, Belmont Ilartuey
nnd   Binndoii, Monday, »eu-
vim lay and i r day	
Tu.fidu. . i hui■■*■!.■ >. Saturday
Por luge |g Prairie nnd Intel mc-
dl iii' stations,   I_uily  except
8 OO
Bon ver,   i eHa  and  (ntermedinta
KtatioiiB, Tnrr'sd&y ft Thu Bday
0 4.1
Macdonald,    \\ estbonrne,   '■Ltd.
Bfa.no, Dauphin imd intermo.
d'alCTKilnl-t!, Monday, rtediic*.
da« , Fri Iny.
Jt'ivsday, ffiursd-*y, M .m.di'.y
vV'imUpegtwiB, Mon . Wednesday
_5ueiday aou*. bursdny 	
8 OU
* 0,4.1
X  Of
Grand View, Monday, I'"iid-.>  ...
Tut'riiliiy aiul A.-iiuiduy     ...  .
Swan River, Brwood And hit _rmtr
14. to
Spragu*.', Warroad, ltaatidctteaiid
iu term edlute  etstlotis,   Mon-
day, Wednesday, Friday ....
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
I .' ■:ii
mm ti
■■       ''•*&
r4f _,*"■*:
v / ,
//mr !
■ ■ .   ;   ' .■ ■ ■ -. ; ', ,:i fjuaHty and until
the WiUietns Fianc  become u factor in musical
..;* i iva     ilmost as hard to
find,   Wi        !L     '  '    ■' .*NO isnow recognized
!"■ ,'*'■" ■ an   ■■■   an Instrument that
i   nfoi .■:   bi   thi   '• ■ ■ ;■■■:'.' •■ ton attainable In
iction.   *.'■    i;      11 organs, iniiosogrHpIji
uud iiidrodso "IJ" so'.v'ng inacLineo.
X, M. G. A. JUo-k   —PurL;;„o A\e„'.io —Winnipeg
their name ihallrodi
it otf : romombor procrasliniit
in mukiiiK this romnrkablu *.tl
SB*5_       Jr __rC„ri,-J__i
^i?\_^ __T--E_____a?s^**iS21
■J \^fi*^-^_r_itfrxc_i_:.~^	
y2\-^:rx ■"' ,':"l-"^''^t'____-_,
Is Thia Elogant Spoun
Worth Asking Tor f
This elogant spoon can bo had free by  ondln addro   .     Wo adopt this way to intrpdnci
our miverwaro nuinufactttrbd from a new uud [irocious motal —Yukon Silver,   j* i* superior In
ory respoet to any o 'inetulknowu to the _>tli   mntury.    A.-j   r,- -1*. .-.-* ihlo ye-.it eettdnte
iili.   ibymnil-    R__3   posta oproi   Id    vt'ritot*>day. dont put.
in tho tbolf of time and our liberality may wane.    Out object
s to cot a samnloof Yukon Silvorwure hito every home in the
H KON I [LVEH tv., V.I KlutfSt. East Turonu,, Outuriu.
JLcstH/ j£ yfrcCcbuMs <fi* edUs-14 Q.ui/t/
iCo <Zen>~d/ 4*ds fK(/ f*C~trt~ yfaUH/ <&iv<r
(? Wo will givo tlie above reward to nny pi>reon wlio will correctly urrange the f
aubovo letters to epell tha names of three Canadian cities. Use each letter btiti
\once. Try it. We will positively give the money away, and you may bo the\
*f fortunate person. Should there be more than 1 set of correct answers, thef
A money will be divided equally. For instance should 5 persons send in correct A
.answers, each will receive J-io ; should 10 persona send in correct answers, _
(reach will receive JL'O ; twenty persons, f 10 each. We do this to introduce(f
iour firm r.nd roods we handle as quickly as possible. EEXD NO MONEYi
\ WITH YOUfl ANSWER. This is a FREE contest, A post card will do. _
$ ^ Tho5e v.ho linve not received anything from other cnnte._, try this one. ' f
_»*e.'»^eiK-<!vEMPIR_ SUPPLY CO., ORILLIA, CANADA.**-''*.*1
Dolled nie..
Although plain boiled rice is the fonn-
il.'itinu   of  nil   rice   cnukiutr,   few   people
understand   how   to *.l t::in   the   best   re
mils.      Properly    ( keil.    each    kernel
: li'itilil reiuaiii separate anil nnhrnki»ii
nml should swell lu three limes iti ,ni;i
mil si;:e. Firs! wash :!:•' riee ill twe
waters tn remove the superfluous slareh.
allowing il to stat:;! in i lie lai i waler for
four or live minutes. !)ii;'-!:.'ili' etipful uf
rice will require Iwn quarts of water and
two teaspuunfi ii of wilt. Rrlns Ihe salt
oil water tn li boil and drop the riee iulu
it cradiially s i as nol tn si ;i ■.'':■■
Boil rnpi ily f ■ 20 niinuti-H te tluuit stir
rill;;, Thi n drain thrnu rh a eolandi r.
riiisii with cold water llhn ;■!' the enlaii
derl, Rlinke it free from llie witter, return
ii to the s:;1-. ; nn am] I t i stand un
covered mi tlie haeli of the stove for live
minutes. Thi:; is the basis of nil rice
Tile  World's  Oldest  flosebnch.
The ulilest rosebush in the world is nt
Mildersheiin, nn i.iil town i.i lliiii.ivcr
Il \i::-: planted innre thnn 1,00(1 years ■■>■■'■
ly OhnrU'itttiime in commemoration ut' n
visit made tn liim by tlie embassador ui
ihe eulipli Iltiriiun-al-Itiischid of "Am-
bian Nliclits" fame. Afler it had bcennir
n lloiirisliiiiR vine a eathedinl « is bnili
over it. tlie dale of ti.e bnildiUK 1 •.!;;':
doubtful, It i- known, however, lhat a
coliin shnpeil vnull wus built around Its
sailed routs i:i the yea- _1H. the vault
nml bush surviving a lire which deslruyed
tiie catliedial in 11 15. Tlie bush is now
said tn he 2(1 feet !::_i mid to cover 32
feel of ihe wall. The stem, nfter 1.U00
years' growth, is only two inches in diameter.
Gun. Snpt* Traf. Hgt
14/ 0
19. 'C
B.B.   Marie. Owen Soimd,  Tomnt'jLV
nndKisi., Via L:Lke_,  iMo:.., Thurs |
mid dat |sW0
Tue._ ,1'rl. "ndftun	
JIoniriNU, 'J'o.oiito,  Now Yorlc an-1,
tMtb.vi*. all rail, dnily  -U^BO
l.at    Por.offe   n.*ad   mtetmedlato
points, Mnn., Wed. & Fri, ..,
Tua'., Thura. dfcyat	
lt:it    Portage    nnd     liitcrmodi.itc
it 'IniQ,Tui**..,Ti.u._, And Sat	
Mon.,Wed. nnd t».*l	
Moisuii, J,no i>u B'>imut Etna  inter
mo 1 iu. Points. Thnra only	
Portage laPratrJe- Brandou,Cala try
is'i laOD and all Kootenay and C'uaai.
p.lints, (tiiily	
Portnge l;i Vratrie, Urandon. ami in
ifinii uiate points.daily ex Sun....
Portaffola Pralrlo, Brandon, Mnu o-
jaw and intcrrmiiiato j-jintJ dully
ox Sunday	
3lidjtono, Neepawa, Mhi:iQd(j*.a and
Intermet.iatopoi \tn} daily ex Bun.
Shoal Lake, Yorkt on and IntPrmodt-
ate points, Mon., Wot I i r.d JTri ....
Tucs. Thuir i and Sat uv.!ay	
Rnnid   City,    Hamlota,    Hinota,
Tuet., Thurs. and Sit	
Mon., Wed. a d I-'i t	
Mordon, Delornlne and intermediate
points daily ex Bun
Napinlta, ALimeila and Intermediate
l.nint-iiM'in., Wed-.Thnrs, &• Sat.
Mon.» Tues., Thurs. and _M	
GlitdKTO, Sonvis, and In. irmuVati'
poiatflidally ex "Sun...., 	
Napintift.Mv'Iita. Alainofia and Inter
medlatOTTOintS,   Mon., Wed, h'ri.
Tuos., Thurs. and .'at	
PIpi'stono.l.o-.lon.Ari'ola and inter
*mr--.l.nto points,   ^lon. Wed., Fri.
Tuc_.t Thuia. and S.it	
Frobysnlre, Hlrsh. Blenfalt, Kste-
\nnt Hat	
Gretna,St. raid, Ciuvffo......daily
Sto:;-?wall, Tuvlon-.l'iu-s. Th\iib, Sat !2.2  18.&
West Selkirk Man. Wed, Fri 18.90
West Selkirk Tues. 'xhnrs, Sal 10.0
Kmorson M-.n, Wi-d and Fr'I 7.^0'17.11
Oell. PiLW, AK-'lt
.. _U 13.2
18 H
8 4.
1 .4.'
13, I
•^.eQ. Supfc.
An average man is  one who thinks
In'   is   nisi   ji   liltle   bet ter   than      the
Coal is worked so easily in China
thai in Shansi it sells at less than
une shilling per  ton  al   Lhc  mines.
Dicklo'a Autl-Oonsumptive Syrup dtnndttat
tbe head of tho list for nil diseases of the
Lhrout und lunus. It acts like magic tu
breaking up a cold, Acuush irf poon *-uh-
dued, tightness of the cln st is relieved, oven
th.- worst ea-e tif consmmptlon is col eved,
while in recent cafCB it mny be -n d □ ri i to
fail. It i- a medicine prepared from Lhe
active prinolpli a ur virtues oi Beveral mi dlcl-
n il herbs, and can bo depended upon fur all
pulmonary eum-plainte.
The jawbone of the average whale
Is 25ft. In length. The long'uo oi
such a monster will yield a ton of
The Bank of England has usuallj
about £25,000,000 to £30,000,000
of its imies In circulation.
No family living in i\ bilinn« country
should b<- without Parmelee's Vegetable
pills. A few do es taken now and vh n will
kioptho liver active, cleanse the stomach
from all bilious matter and prevent ngue*
Mr. J.L. Price, Shonls, Martin Oo., Ind.,
writo- : '"I have tried a box of Parmelee's
Pills and find them tho beet medicine for
Fever and Ague 1 have ever used."
One inch of rain falling upon one
square mile is equivalent to about
17,500,000  gallons   of  wnter.
There are 28,q94 juvenile temperance societies in the British Islands,
with u membership of 3.586,000.
Greek   ladies  are   said  to  have  187
different styles of dressing the hair.
r.'imt ITo KnOYVH Mi out the Valae mt
Small ThiHgB.
"I can tell you one thing," said the retired burglar, "we gentlemen of the road
know* a groat deal more ot the value of
tbe small things of a household than tho
families do who own them. Now it would
naturally appear that a creaking door
v.ou_d be an alarm to thc sleepers as well
as to the person entering n house at midnight, but it isn't ko in either case.
"You know there's a saying that creaking dooas hang long. Tho people who
live In a house that has a creaking door
pet so used to it that they never hear it.
Or if they should waken they sleep again
us soon as they recognize the sound. The
best work I have done has been in a
house where the duors creaked and groaned at the lightest touch.
"The next best aid to us is a clock. You
cnn havo no iden how noisy a clock is
until you have been without one in your
Bleeping room and then start in with one
of those round nickel plated timepieces
that you can hear all over the house and
out in the back yard. I could test the silver on tho dining table or make a fire in
the kitchen stove, and thnt clock would
prorent any one hearing me. Just so
often it will give a click that would
waken the seven sleepers, but nobody
pays nny attention to it.
"llut the best help of all In our trade is
■—bless Its little heart—the baby! Everybody is so deail sleepy in the house where
there's a baby that a roll of thunder
wouldn't waken 'em. And if the baby
cries they can't possibly hear any other
sound on earth. Either way you take it
the baby is the burglar's best friend, and
sve'ro always good to the little shavers."
-Chicago Record-Herald.
It's difficult to convince the unlucky man that there Is no such
tiling* as  luck.
roots and hens yield themselves to
the mystic spell of brooding memories.
Dealers      PAPER   WINNIPKL
Printers'  Supplies
Billheads, Envelopes,Stationery
p. -h* 4*; *-kj:?v^ -■;•* %-i-%"
LOCAL    NEWS.      *
.* .4-* 4* 4» i" '¥ '•¥, &. *&•*?*. 4* 4-"I*
H. S. Doxat returned on Tuesday V
Mr. P. U'lirady, oi Vancouver  came
in on Tuesday.
Richard Terry, of Lillooel, disd at the
Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, on Sunday
the 20tti.
li Hurley has heen undergoing an opei-
cruii.ui ill Victoria.
W, Ahercrombic spent a few days in lhe
vicinity ofClinton, buying cattle.
Ric, A. Fraser has retired from the editorship of the Vancouver Trade budget, his
place hving laken by Wentwortli Strel, who
has recently severed liis connection with the
Kamloops Standard,
Mark Eagleson returned from Clinlon on
Clarke & Oo., Lillooet, have a com
plele stock of Drugs, Medicines and sundries. Letter o"-i!er» promptly attended
to. Just tell them what you want oi
what thettonble is, enclosing money and
they will do the rest.
.Ins. Abbott, wbo was taken to the
Provincial Hisp'tal, Kamloops, died
on the dav after his arrival.
The staff oftli3 Prospector were   favored
thi* week with a visit from Mt  (J. A   11: i-
lllon.e, ni liliiLe Kiver.
Ow'ng to the unavoidable absence ci
.Mr. .I.s. il. Is. Kowlxttiui in Lritlge
Kiver, uud the dt pan ure euily ties
week of Mr. A. K. O chard, the ■ on cm
iu ail ol lhe public libinrj l.as Lfcit
iii Iclinitely postponed,
The committee, however, tlo not
intend to let the mailer drop, but witli
t ie * id of the citizens of Lillooet, rarni
,o have the library, Any assistance
in tlie  matter will  be appreciated,
Farmers and Slock breeders who have
been readers of the "Family Herald aid
Weekly Slar" will find a still greater im.
provement lids year in llie agrituiiuinl pag.
,-s .it' ihat grent piper. The "Family Her-
ild" we learn, has added t<> iheir olrend)
large number of editors, Mr. J. B. Spencer,
one of the best known agricultural journal.
i is in I'm.ul.i,    Mr.   Spencer  Ins   foi   oiic
ysars hem n ciatc editor .>l the "Farmi r's
advocate," and is recognized us un able authority on Agricultural and Live htock ques- After havin
lions. The "Family llerahl" will be more no opium, morpliin
lhan ever to tlie Forming community, and
Mr. Spencer is to he congratulated in his new
position with lhe leading paper of America.
Astl rrfikr.e tifigs irstant relief end permanent '
Cure    En   All   Cases.
WKire vournamb and auui*_ss plainly.
n lief,
R__l_. .
s nothing 1 • ke A a t h-
T I brings i n - l a !. I
e v e n i u t h r ■* *i r s I
h tines wl eo ell els, i id-,
lhe Rev. C. 1'. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
III., says: " Your trial bottle of Ailhnia'cnc
rcccived in gcod ccn-'iticn. I cannot tell you
how thi,1.ful I fee'for the good derived from
ii. I wns :i slave, chained with putrid sure
throat antl Asthma for ten years. I despaired
of evei hemg ctiicd. 1 saw your advertisement j
for the cure nl tin* drtsulfid and tiumentirg
lisease, Asthma, aid thought you had ov.i
*n Ion yourselves, but resolved in give ilu
liia!. In my astonishment, the trial acted like I
a ch.iini.    Send  mi' n full-size  bottle."
Rov,   lie.   Morris   Wtchiler
Rabbi nf the Cong.   Ilnni   Isrtii I.
Ncw   Vork, Jan.  .;.   1901,
UPS. TAP.    ' HOS.'   MKI'!. INK   III..
iii ,'iunii: Vour Asthmnlene is nn
cxceltcni remedy for Asthma nml liny I',v.,t
nml its rom posit ion nllevinlcs all troubles whh h
comliine with Asthma. lis sm cess is astonishing
.nul wonderful,
Fireside Cobblers' Outfits
win     fill tlie   hill If j-tin went
[1 complete    nnd    iip-lo-tlate     Ret.
Il contains   Lasls, Cement,   An Is,
Nails,   Knife, etc., etc..
^f     ¥      ^
Wc also carry ;i lar^c stt-ck of Haif So'es,
flcels, Brass and   lion   Shoe  Rivets   etc.
^(jri-e'-ii»>ii<i«.uce Invited,    Mall orcler..
receive  prompt attention.
McLennan, rflcree.y & Co. Ltd.
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
.NO. 4 K.-W.-O. BLOCK, NELSON, D. 0.
(lolil. RlcPr.Lead at'.I Co| per .Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
I'LK.L Mll.l.lXi; OULD protiBitieB wanted at once for Eastern Investors,
i'urii.s linvin. minintr property f.,r -ale nre requested to send sample
of ilu ir ore to the l.XUlANiiKfor exhibit ion.
We de-ire in Iicht from prospectors who have promising mineral claims
iu British Coliimbin.
Arthur Phair returned last Saturday
from the coast.
I). \V. It iwlanda, deputy-sheriff, Ashcroft, came in on Monday on judicial
Mrs. Reid led on SuuJay mor.'ing
for tbe coast.
"Mr. C. Shepheid has  gone   inlo   the
Cnilcoten Diatrict.
ilr. Sanson's sprained ankle ie ou tin
high road to recovery.
Jack Walker is in charge   of ilu Pi(
neer bar.
T.  A.   Brett  returned   on    Tuesday
from tbe coast cities.
Mr. S. Gibbs moved his  family into
town tbis week.
Jas. H. S. Rowboltoui left on Tues-
ior ihe Bend Or mines.
In tbe absence of R. Hume on bis
holidays, Donald Fraser is discharging
tlie duties of constable.
Lillooet can fairly lay claim to the
finest climate in II. C, tlie fall weather
experienced to date being unsurpassable. In tliis nature bas shown herself very kind, ae, with the pieaent
financial outlook of Ibe district, tlie
additional adversity of the elements
would be unbearable. However, while
we cannot expect any improvement in
the weather, we certainly have reason
to anticipate something better ill the
financial outlook.
The efforts of 1 he United States Government to lo. ate the brigands who
kidnapped tbe American Missionary,
Miss Sione, have been unavailing.
The ransom pri. e 1 f IfloO.OOO must be
paid before tbe end ol lids month or
the missionary \*tll lose her life. 01
this amount $100,000 has been raised.
It is safe to say that thu rans uu money
will be paid,
i  carefully  annlyzed,   we  can state  tint    Asthmnlene
ihloroform or ether.        Very truly yours,
Clarke A Co., at lhc Pioneer Drug Store,
have the best slock of Fishing Tackle ever
hiouglit into Lillooet. Lovers of tbe gentle
.ot will lind ihe best of everything, antl can
obtain full information as to local conditions   and   requirements.
Lillooet. B. Ci
Mineral Act, 1890.
[Form K.]
Certificate of Improvements.
St. Joseph   and St. John Mineral Claims
bitiiiitu Inthe Lillooot   Mining   I. i vision
ot' Lillooel District.   Where located;   On
Andorson Lake and both lidet of McUill
iviity Creek
Take notifo that I, Pe'.nr Burnet,  Roting us
agent for A. St.   George Hammersley,   Fre<'
Miner's eertifieate No, B. 46231,   Free Miner's
eeitiftcatoXo. 18200, intend, six iy .lays from
tin- date hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecord-
er for a eertifieate *>! Improvements,  lor   the!
purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant  of the
•above claims,
And further tnke notice that action, under
section 3", must be commenced  before ihe   is*
nuance of such Certificate  of  Improvements,
Datea this eighteenth uny of October, 1901,
K. M.  C   No.  18,2'X..
Avon   SPRINGS,  N.   V.   Feb. i, 1901.
Dr. Taft Bros. Mem- ink Co.
Gentlemen: I write tliij testimonial from n sense of duty, having tested the
wonderful effeetof yotr Asth nile.i., fur ilu cur-? of Asthma. My wife hai. heen
afflicted with spasmodic asthdia for the past 12 years. Having exhausted my own
.kill us well as that of many others, I chance* 1 to sec your sign upon your win-
hows on 130 street, New Vork. I at once obtained a bottle of asthmalenr. My wife
commenced taking it about the first uf November. I very soon noticed a 1 ad;cal
improvement. After using one bottle her asthma had disappeared and she is entire!)
free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recommend the medicine
to   all    who   are  afl.icied   with   this    distressing   disease.    Yours    respectfully,
(). I).   PHELPS,   M. I).
Dr.  Taft Bros. Medicine Co,       . -felt. 5. 1961,
Gentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried numerous
remedies, but they have all failed. I ran across your advertisement and started wt-1
a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I have since purchased your full sized bottle,
an«l I am ever grateful. I have a family of four children, and for six years was
unable to work. I am now in the b_ul of health and am doing business every
day.    1". is   testimony you can make such use of as you see fit.
Home address, 235,   Hiving Ion street. . S.    Ra*phael,
67 East 129th st.,  New  Vork City.
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postal.
Do   not delay.    Write at  or.ee,   addressing DR.  TAFT  BROS' MEDICINE CO..
79  East  St , „\.   V. City,
Sold by all Druggists.
Hall-Way House,<^
Headquarters foi all Stages.
All work warranted.
Duncan's Station
*-HoteI -*«.
F. II. Nelson, Pre?
Boats for use uf guests.
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Do ywi want a bargain? Wc offer the
DUCHESS of YORK: and ths
Tender.-- ure Invited for the Wluile of the
property, Including down Granted etnins,
mill Bite, Cyanide mill, (eapaeltj 43 to 50 tons
dully), tramway, n_»ay ofll -o, laboratory anil
fullequlpmeiit, of the Toronto Lillooet Gold
Kucfa Company Limited, situate in the Lillooet
district of British Columbia; including the
Ample, Whale,  Monarch and  Welland   Vale
mines    whieh    art;  Crown   grtintod,   ttlBO   the
North Star, Golden stripe, Golden ICaffle. Ruby
and Jumbo mineral claim, in the same rllst
net, together with » tan stamp mill, machine
drills und other equipments. Cash tender*, for
tlie whole property are requested but
off Irs for working options or for tortious
of the property will be considered From the
former group 950 inns of ore 1ms been milled,
with un assay value approximating |10,00 to
$U.OO Wagon road .rom Railroad to mill. The
whole of the ab ive will bear looking Into and
investigation and are an exceptionally important and valuable group ot claliim with foil
workiug equipment, Full particulars inav be
hud on application to Edgar lllooinfield
Liquidator, V. <>. Box ,..", Vancouver BC.
To Delinquent
Repairs   neatly   cxeeuted.    llnrneps   made
uud repaired.
IVospectori! and mining men arc r.q'i.ntcd to make llie  EXCHANGE
itieir li.Hilqnnrt.ra when in Nelson.
All sample* alinnld I _ Rent hv express. P_EPATD.
(Juriceiiuiideuce Boli.ileJ.   Address, nil eomniunicitinna to
rrleplmne No. 101.    P. O. Rnx 700
NELSON, 11. C.
The new stage line leaves Lytton every Monday and
Friday for Lillooet, ret ani ing- next Jay. Special trip*
made,   Write us for information.
Peter Rebagliati & Co., Lytton B. C.
WWWW^^ ♦)_»'♦*_
•0s ,,\/. *.- .   .     .,. tt\.  it\.   I
y West Lillooat ^
^   Libera! Association. ^
Momliersliip in tlie uliove
HRsociAtiiin ih open to all
JjilicrnlH in Lillooel and ,ul-
j'K ent di-lrii'ls. Tlie niijecta
of the R890utniion are to se-
enre a more iliorongh optimization, and In Kdvanie Ihe
principle? of L1 hernllsm.
W. A. GalliliPT. M. P., linn. Pr,
S. ("iarl-e, M.l) , Piesident.
S.inuiel Gibbs, Secretary
\*?.' \_ "\t y\..-"• * " tA*A. '"\t/\&/" ♦, " ? '\t
*$» *;!> ot.t* •* >«- ? »8& «■■".* t_» » i <*>■ ■).*■,-:*> «*K« «.H*
A lull stock of nil   inds of
is now far sale by
LlLl.OOKT, B. C.
Store and Repair Shop in Uren Block.
Call and examine stock.     No trouble l<
show goods
Daily service to and from
V.\NCor\ EK,
ST.   I'AL'I,
and nil  points  East  nnd   West.
ie sood for t he
The subscriptions to boti> pSfpers wi
remainder of this year. Those who liave already
renewed can, upon payment of the above,
have their subscription extended.
The photos  will each be ahout J-lx20 inches in size and
will be suitable for framing.   Xo better opportunity can be
given for obtaining photos of our future King and Queen.
To ALEXANDER MilKlX.U.l), nr lo any pp.
boh or roraonp lo Whom ho rony linvo trail. •
ii-11.-ri bis Interests in the omiIi nnlal nnd
rmish *n mineral ilu hns si tun toon McMllUvray
Cteok, In lhe Ullooet Mining DlvUIo i of Lillooel ilislrii-t.
Vim nre hereby notified Hint I liavi; expend-
ed the nuni of fl-t for labour nnd Improvement!)
upon t.ho above mentioned mineral clnlmSi In
order to hold snid Minora] claims   under Hie
provisions of the Mineral Act, nnd  if within
ninety days from thin noiioo ynu fall or refttri
to contribute your portion of such cxpond.ltun
together with all cost of advertising, yonr ii
torcsta In nald-clnimfl will become iiu- proper!
nf Ihe Buhscriber, under s- tlnu  I of nn a
entitled the Mineral Aet Amendment Ai 1.1"
\hv*jtl at Lillooet i li is* 21.t day of 8opteml
Fast steamer service Irom Vancouver lo
PftfiFPtlgere booked to and from Oh!
Country points.
Full information and illustrated
pnniplileta will he fiirnielird on ap-
plicaUon to an y  0. P. I*  agent,  ur l»
A. u. P .A..
Vancouver, B. c.
General Hardware,
Taints, Oil.   and  Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware,
Miners Steel, I'iiks. Shovels, etc., Wire Cable
nnd Itussel Wile Penulng,
Lillooet, B. C.
Mrtiiufacturerofall kind ol
None but tho lie«t mfllerlitl *\ *ietl. Minors or
^rospoetoru sending in dfders will ret!eiv8
prompt attention und Batisfaetlon _inu-uut. i-d
Lillooet. B. C.
Miners Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness it Saddlery
Furniture, etc..
All orders promptly attendedto.
Royal Hotel,
Sucker Creek, Ii. ('.
Cariboo and Lillooet
Stage Lines.
Ciiiilon and  way  pointB, Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
All   poitllB   in   Cariliuo,   Monday's,
.un! Friday.
I.iiiooet direct, Monday and Plidny,
Fork? of Q-..uelle, and way points.
Singes connect wiih BteatnorObartotti
at Soda ere. k.
Special Ooirveyancea Furnished.
Central point for Bridge
I'liver Miners and Prospectors. Ootid accommodation. -   -
■ in connection.
actor and good roputtttlon in oaeli state, om
In ihis iiiuniy required, lo represent and ad
viTii-e i.lit eata-Uahcd vvoo-lthy li . Ine s In ut
es nl BolIU llnnnola) standing. Balaiy fis m
weekly ivitli expcuiioa additional, all payable
in i isii -.uli iVe*lneaday dlrecl llnui hoad oft
lew, Horse mul cnirliiiros Puiutsbed ulie
utM essiiry. Enclose fi_f-addre_*od Btaropci
envelope. Maengor, '.ar, Caxtou Building,
etiii ago.
Hus meets all steamers.   Teaming l>y day
or  contract.     Hi^s  antl  horses for
hire nt moderate rates,
»   ■     .  '    »/\./\«.-'V/x «    \f/\t■/,Nf/\t/\t^t/
J. MacMillan, Proprietor.
LYTTON, - - B. C
This   well   known   hotel   ia
."irst-class in every respset.
Sample room   free.
A rich ittiiv cured ot her Pe Lfness and Nolic*
n the \U'>o\ by Ur N'luliol-uii'B Artlflctttl Ker
•rumit, *Kiivc |.ii.ooir to his IiiBtttutOkio ihal triti
lu ,i [n'Ople unable io procuro tin' E«r I'm >*a
uv Iikvo them free.   Ad-Area*. No. 1_D_S Tho
■'u'lmlsnii I UMll I it Mr,  7HU,  Btghth   AVOUue, Nuirf
t'ork, • .8.A.


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