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The Prospector Dec 28, 1901

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"jCTT-53 ■ '■■."'"''■'—~.—'.—'■*""".   v.—v**** ■.in1,1','."—" !.ti: i:|V',        — "TT-"
fK3,',:cr-.f^vs& xK: >■    ■        '-■'-.    ■'   /:„
«tifci*i*lf_i    *...-,, .. ge_ss
_-_«____----•-•._--*-—■-■■   -_-.'—■—.,     ^.'^aigs^fj^^
___<&___3______s^_----b ^f^pfeiie*-' -
Vol.4.   No.^Q?
$2.00 a year.
a-_E____Nr_B_R^_.iL.   :_N£.3G:_^a_E_r--v:]_q"T
iners Supplies/-
LILLOOET,   -_.'<_.
Brunch Store at Bridge River where a
full stoek of General Merchandise and Min
ers Guti.ts are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooot, B.C
Paul Santini,
CarryeB n  full  stock of nil kinds* of Groceries, Dry   Goode,   IS otH   and   Shoes,
\\ ir-lwuie, elo.
J. MacMiHan, Proprietor.
11. C
This   well   known   hotol   is
First-class in every re.pect
Sample room   tree.
%       *       *
Lillooet, B. C.
W. F. Allen, Proprietor.
ThiB  Hi't-l is caput le nf accomodating 80 Guests.   -■ tuple Rooms Ior
Ooilltlii rul-l  Traveller.,  Everything   First-Clios.
Hotel Victoria.
This hotel Iieini^ ne*v ami thoroughly finished  througho.lt, is tlie only fir;
clftSH hotel in Liliooet.    Persona calling ut Lillooet will receive every attention In
Slopping nt l.i' Motel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the liotel.  Headquarters tor the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
9   9    w   »    9   w     CHARt-ISS    MODEIiATII.     9    -    9    i_    v.'    *J
Administrator's Notiee
Re tlio estate oi the late William Yoong
iny person Indebted in the estate, orliti.vf.tK
1 tiytlitiifr belonging tu tin* ilafeuKUrt, is heiehy
11.1titii-,1 to |iity over or deliver rruiu io tin*
undersigned before tho28th "i Keclruary.MXtl.
Ami illi   persons   calming nny hi imint  will
deliver the s.nii.- duly veritio i unit sworn lo,
after ivhieli date I sli'ill proceoil to administer
sui■ I estate, ImviiiK due regard to ail the In
lei-ems ami accounts reudetcd.
Jmnes ll. Yoie I
RosslaHd, III'.   Xovemhcr 29th 1901.
Advertise in TliePros-
naiidtnunc Amorican l.arly, independently
vifli. \vii'its-KO"ii-h(ii)i*st hiiHbimiL Address
Krie. 198 \Vnshtngiou Bt., (.hicHgo. til.
X,A.2sTID____.__i33-XS'X'R-_r ACT
In the matter of I Jig Title to lots 1. 2,8 4
Block 2 Town of Lillooet, Lillooet Division
ofCaHboo District,
Whereas tiieCertllleatoof Title of tho i.ortl
Hlshnp of New WeatmlnKter to the acovc hei'l-
'IniiH'ii's litis been destroyed and applicatlan
haa beon made tome tor a duplicate thereof.
NOTICK is hereby given that a duplicate
Certifl ate of Title will  in- Usuod at   thc ov-
pir.atlon ot ono month   trom  date hereof  uu-
Mess in tlio meantime valid objection   to the
utruryis made tome In writing.
\v. ll. Edmonds,
Distriot    Uegtstrrtr.
Land Kogtstrj Office.Kamloops, B.C,
December lUb,   1901,
Stage leaves Lytton ev.ry Tuesdaj' and Saturday morn
ii>g for Lillooet, returning iit'xt tiny.    Special trips made.
If yon Contemplate a trip Into Lillooet ilistriet, write na (or information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     -*.-    Lytton and Lillooet, B I
actor tiinl good reputation in each stato [one
hi this county required ] to represent und adv«
eriisf i.Li e-labltsh 11 wealthy b.isfuess house
nf solid tin niciai standing. Balftry f 18.00 week*
!>■ wl.-h cxpenneH uddltlouaL all >ayablu In
iu cash all payable in chsIi eueh WudnoKda-y
rtlrretfnnn lhe'head office*, Ser.-e anu earrl
agos furnished, when neces**ary. References
BnclosM seH'rtddres-.ed stamped envclei o, Mmi-
nL-.-r, :|.i.i'n:.tini    litiil<lui[L', ( hltiugu,
Vancouver, B.C.
Established, 1890,
AMiy work of all (lesefi'pUons undwtnlion.     Tests made up to 2oco lbs.    A specialty
made of checking   unci let"  pulps.    Samples   from   the   Interior by   Mail  or   Express
-promptly :. it mltfd lo.   Correspondence   solicited.
rf you want seeds, bulbs»ti*oes
and plants write tt> Mr. Henry
whose ad. appears in thisissife
Road it.
Our editorial of lust week has met witli
many responses, all of them, so far, in hearty
accord with ur in the desire for street improvements. Hut some, while admitting the need
of a sidewalk to thc Posl-ofilce* pe-inl out the
equally pressing need of an extension of a few
hundred feet of sidewalk from the Cumming
store to the Government offices.
Without having to set aside the Project
already advocated we readily endorse this
ncw suggestion. The fact that it hns come
from sources which do not often give sugges
lions respecting public matters, leads Ui to
believe that uur town is not dead.
Much can he said in favoi of the immediate completion of the sidewalk to the Government offices. The expense of the extension
cannot be mentioned as a hindrance, for a
score of dollar? will supply the material. A
preference mny be advocated for this extension, foi wni'e tiie Post •Office is used
only four days of the week, tlie business a!
the Government offices is continual.
The statement that this town Ims been neglected while outside woik lias been pushed
may be a. fact in favor ot the member for this
district, who does not wish the town in which
he lives tt> be pushed ahead of oilier places
in llie district,. Hui this reason can hardly be
given to explain why some of the most important buildings in town, such as the Court*
house, Government and Telegraph offices,
have been left without sidewalks leading up
tu them, while other places have these conveniences. Not that others havo not needed
them, but the need in front of these buildings is equally great.
While we suggest improvements we .slmu'd
not close our eyes to the excellent work carried on in this district within thc last two
vears. Two years ago thc Bridge Riv. r trail
was the cause of" more profanity among pack-
_ts ami prospectors, than all other disputes
put together. The very pack-mules preferred
U) tread the virg 11 Foil rather than to go along .he uian-made obstacle route Even last
year while the trail was good as far as Gib,
Ward's, from that point to the Brett Ranch
ii was nothing but hills and holes. The trail
would pass around the ends ol fallen trees,
and then double bnck tu what might liave
been a straight load.
All thi- is now passing away. There is a
good road Frsm the Steam boa I landing ai the
Mission on past the Brett ranch and at least
half way up to Bridge River. The Government deserve commendation   for this work.
In many other places the roads have been
Bridge River.
Few of onr remlere outfit!, ol the town
of Lillooet. are uware of tl.e fart tliat in
the I.oiier Iiridge Kiver Ilistriet there if
a stretch of country immense!, rich in
placer gold. This h»6 heen kii-»n 'or
muny yenrs hy oi.l iefiiili-ni8 in Lillooet.
But the linn- of ihe pro-pi-dor m uunhle
to lake holil of the coveted treasure.
Ad far hack as 18")8 enterpiisinn prospectors found this stretili of country uud
at once urran^id to cany on operations
on a large scale. Tneir dream* of immediate wealth weie rudely dispelled hy
the ac'ion of the Dominion Uuve.ui-ill
of lhat time who handed over to to the
Indians a Si*etch of country 13 uiil.a in
exit-lit ou holli sides of the liver at thin
point. Tne leteive land went hack from
tne river as far as the base of the ui-uu-
During these intervening years the coveted streich has remained unworked save
by prospectors who yearly get what they
can wtieti the water is verv low, fur as ia
known, they are entitled to that portion
of ihe bank of the river between high
and Ion" water mark.
At the present time, F.Nicholson M.
Ma.loy. A. McArtl.er 1), McLeod are
pllliitj iu a Wing Dam.
The rising water which ily the recent
snows ani rains in toe upper ciumry,
is seriously hindering their woik which
can only he curried on for a short period
under present cODrlitiont.
Tiie question again is brought promir.
enily befor us why should nol the Indian
Reserves he open for mining operations
let the Indians receive full conpens: tion
ior damage dot e to properly land own-
ur* now do whose hand ia bring used in
ibis way. Miners and ininig companies
are quite willing to grant Biich compensation.
Some of the richest placer grounds of
the ujipHrcountry are Indians Reserves
It. seems a great pity that such places
should be clored to business enterprise.
Brief Despatches.
Major ll.UWc Wound<_.
Montreal, Dec, LO.—John Ogilvie received a telegram from Governor-General lint night informing him lhat liii
son, Major J. H. S. Ogilvia had been
dangerously wounded at Kilpeai in
Soutli Africa.
Winnipeg, Man., Dec. 21.—-(Special}—
The Fiee l'ress save tonight: "Mattere
in connection wilh lhe Liquor act aie
fast Approaching a caisia a_d a hastening incident occurred this morning.
Premier Koblin and hie lolieaguea
who were to meet a deputation representing the liquor mtereats this morning, met in council instead. The session
wiih of brief duration, but of c.neider-
able importance. The Premier, with
his colleauues, gathered around iiim, ,
outlined a proposition to the effect that
a compensation clause should be added
tn tbe act, and that this clause ahould he
submitted to the people iu the form of a
retereiiiinm, This bethought would
Bolve the question and help the government out of its <i if fi Ity. The Premier was
supported in this view by his bosom frind
of the cabinet, lion. Robt.Rogers.
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
t hnve J'isi received <tiro~i fro;»i sY'-inml lhe best solsction of Tivsods,'A'orslods, Sorgm
-sut.' •<! ».* rbc I.ivrini.   -a-:Ut-e.iniii Rti-rautOQil,
The Family Herald and Weekly Star
nf Mi uli en I ia i his sen on receiving n lap
ger mimh. i of new subscribers thnn ever
before. Tnylr three beautiful premium
pic,tires urn genorallv regarded as alone
worth lar more thin the year's subscription pric* (one dollar), nnd il is no won-
er ilia., thousands of new subsc ibers are
being n.hleil, Old subscribers it is -aid,
are renewing nmnthH ahead, jnat t" eet
these itreat pictures. Tne publishers are
al their wits end endeavouring to t stub
up with the mailing of pictures end are
appealing lo silhac ihera not to he. nine
iixiou , as ihey positively guarantee
every subscriber f-r 1102, new ut reuew-
al, will receive the pictures.
Spain's papers number lt6o, nnd their sv-
e age circulation is only  1,100 each.
Austria is the only empire in the '.vjrl-.l
wliicli h.".s ne___h:ul colonies
There was a time in the history of mining
when the business was surrounded with
more or less risk, hut that time litis passed
away forever.
The fakir, who could not tell granite from
basaltic rock, has laken bis pines with the
race tia k tout, who always knows which
hurse is going lo win.
Tbe rise of Ihis minimi fungi *'«b due
10 the enormous (or nues m hich eame
from tbe early gold discoveries in Oal-
ifiunia, antl also to the fact tbat liltle
was known of lhe origin and locution
if gold, lint now that the business Hat
been red.iced to a science, and made
public property through intelligent
mining journals, tbe fakir taken his
place with tbe man wbo believes that
there is a fool born into the house every
minute, aud continues tu do business on
tlmt basis,
—- ' improved with a saving ol lime and trouble TJ,e *'llief work of l1"* min,n* Mir now
Durban, Dec.17.-A despatch received
here from Nkandhia. Zululand, dated
December 5,and delayed in transit by Uie
censor, tells of a recent action near Ln-
uenberg. Transvaal, in which Comniau-
dant Louis I'-oilia was shot through the
leg, below the knee. He onlv escaped hy
crawling into the bush. His followers
asy they do not know where Botha is
now. The despatch adds that tbe Rrilialt
look 80 prisoners.
P.rown Brothers, of Empire Valley, have
disposed of that part of their property knowa
as Empire ranch to A, Bishop tor tbe sum ef
1. McEwcn, of Empire valley, who recent*
ily completed his dwelling, will, at thc opening of the year give a house-Manning. John
s a 'jolly fellow' and no doubt he will entertain guests to their satisfaction.
The llcrm.n Claims.
Beilin, Dec, 22-D is stated up on
good authority that the German government is preparing for military ariiuti
against Feneznela in order to compel a
settlement against that country.
KiTi.it That R  L. Drurv Hat Acnpted
Provincial _ccn-t«ryfttilrj
It Is reperted, but Tiik I.KniiDi could
get no confirmation of tbe report yesterday, that Saturday evening R. L.
Drury of Victoria, was snorn in as pro
vincial secretary in the Dunsmuir government and will in-ke the light
against K. V. Bodwell.
to all travellers.     Mud holes have been tilled
in  and hills levelled, and   everywhere  there
is to -I'cure introductions to iinsophb-
ticuled prospectors who wpnt 10 get 'in
-' j touch' with capital, and who generally
is evidence given that  those responsible  for | .jet touched for their pains. Asiue from
the spending of the government  approprint* j thle, be is out of business.
ion, have used the money to good advantag*
Our new post-master has given out the following instructions: " On and after January
Ist 1902 for the following business the hours
will he as follows: sale and payment of postal notes, sale of stamps, ami registration ol
letters, from 0 a.m. to li p.m., esceptinc
Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturday*
alien for the transaction of the annve business the uffice will he closed on arrival of stag*
Thc Rev. Mr. Mulholland, who spent
some weeks in Lillooet looking over ground
for the proposed new dredger, stayed some
time in Lvtton examining the big dredge
there. Mr. Mulholland on leaving for the
East stated that thc dredge at Lillooet
would be started in a few weeks.
Any child over seven   can lie prosecuted
in or.',.,-to distribute the mtiil ilic same even  j v. a -r;mil,-i   ;„  England,,hnt  in German)
T, P. Reed, Postmaster
r.velve is the age of responsibility,
London. Dec, 23.—According to Sofia despatches an agreement has been
reached been tne Brigands holding
Miss Stone cspiive and the
American legation ut Constantinople
under the terms of which lhe brigands
are to accept £14,000 sterling for the
release of Miss Stone . The ransom is
to be paid 011 Bulgarian soil and Miss
.Stone is to be liberated in Turkey territory.       	
The Indian who had his leg broken nl the
Upper Anderson Lake has now been brought
down to the Indian reserve. Il was tctonjjht
necessary tc amputate the limb lint the man
refused to submit to '.he ordeal. He uow
lies in a pr-carinus condition. The best
medical care has been given him and his
wounds are dressed daily by ill. Bull, WORLD'S ROUGH TIME
God Said :    '■ I Will Show Wonder, in the
'1o_v.ii.* and in the Enrth." and    Kev.
Dr.    Tulmu-e     Thinks    tho    Prophecy
Ban Ileen in   Part aud I.    Bain,    lul-
fllled—1 .ii.u.-ll to  Death.
Entered ncoordingtoActof I'-rllnmcnt of Canada, in tho year 1001, by William li-lv. of Toronto, at ibo Dop'i. of Agriculture, (jitawa.
Washington, Pec. S.—In this dis-
conrso llr. Talmage recite- sonic
great events and shows that lhe
world is advancing in the right direction; text, Joel il, 30, "I will
show wonders in the heavens and in
the earth."
Dr. Cumming—great nnd good man
—would have told us the exact time
of the fulfillment of this prophecy.
As 1 stopped into his study in London nu my arrival from I'aris just
after the French had surrendered at
Sedan the good doctor said to me:
'It is just, what I had told you
about France. I'euple laughed at nie
because I talked about the seven
horns and the vials, but 1 foresaw
all this from the book of Daniel and
the book of Revelation." -Not taking any such responsibility in the interpretation of the passage, I simply assert that there are in it suggestions of many things in our time.
Our eyes dilate and our heart
quickens in its pulsations as we read
of events in tlie third century, the
sixth century, the'eighth century, the
fourteenth century, but there wero
mure fan-caching events crowded into
the nineteenth century than into any
other, and the last twenty years
eclipse any preceding twenty. We
road in the daily newspapers of
events announced in one paragraph
und without any special emphasis —
events which a Herodotus, a Joseph-
US, a Xenophon. a Gibbon, would
have taken whole chapters or whole
volumes to elaborate. Looking out
upon our time, We must cry out in
thc words of'.the: text, "Wonders in
the heavens and in tho earth!"
I propose to show you that the
time in which we live is wonderful
for disaster and wonderful for blessing, for there must be lights and
shades in this picture ns in all others. Need I argue that our time
is wonderful for disaster? Our world
has had a rough .time since by the
hand of God it was bowled out into
space. It is an epileptic earth—convulsion after ' ' convulsion; frosts
pounding it with sledge hammer of
iceberg and fires melting it with furnaces seven times heated. It i.s a
wonder to me it has lusted so long.
Meteors shooting by on this side and
grazing it and meteors shooting by
on the other side and grazing it,
none of them slowing up for safety.
Whole fleets and navies nnd argosies
and flotillas of worlds sweeping all
about us. Our earth like a lisliing
smack off the..banks of Newfoundland, while the Majestic and St. Paul
and the Kaiser Wilhelm der Qrosse
rush by. Besides that, our world
has by sin been damaged in its internal machinery, and ever and nnon
the furnaces liave burst, and tho
walking beams of the mountains
have broken, and the islands have
shipped a sea, and the great hulk of
the world has been jarred with accidents that ever and anon threatened
immediate demolition.
But it seems to us as if the last
hundred years were especially characterized by disaster — volcanic,
oceanic, epidemic. I say volcanic because 'an earthquake is only a volcano hushed up. When Sfromboli
nnd Cotop.ixi and Vesuvius stop
breathing, lot the foundations of the
earth beware! Seven thousand
earthquakes in two centuries recorded in the catalogue of the British
association! Trajan, the emperor,
goes to ancient Antioch and umid the
splendors of his reception is met by
an earthquake that nearly destroys
tho emperor's life. Lisbon, fair olid
beautiful, at 1 o'clock on the 1st of
November, 1775, in six minutes 60,-
000 have perished, and Voltaire
writes of them. "For that region it
Wns the last judgment, nothing wanting but a trumpet!" Europe and
America feeling the throb—1.500
chimneys in Boston partly or fully
But the disasters of other tithes
have hud their counterpart in inter
times, in 1812 Caracas was caught
in the grip of an (|vrthqUftke, in 1882
in Chile 100,000 square miles of hind
b.v volcanic force upheaved to tour
and seven feet of permanent elevation, in 1854 Japan felt the geological agony; Naples shaken in 1857,
Mexico in 1858; Mendoza, the capital
of the Argentine Republic, in 1861;
Manila terrorized in 1808; the Hawaiian Islands by such force uplifted
and let down in 1871; Nevada, shaken in 1871, Antioch in 1872. California in 1872. San Salvador In 1878,
while In 1883 what subterranean excitement! Ischia, an island of the
Mediterranean, a. beautiful Italian
watering place, vineyard clad, surrounded by all natural charm and
historical reminiscence; yonder Capri,
the summer resort of the Roman emperors; yonder Naples, the paradise
of art—this beautiful island suddenly
trippled into the trough of the earth,
8,000 merrymakers perishing, nnd
some of them so far down beneath
the reach of human obsequies that it
may be said of many a one of them,
as it was said of Muses, .'"lhe Lord
buries him." Italy, all Europe
weeping, all Christendom weeping
where there were hearts to sympathize and Christians to pray. But while
the nations were mei 'iring that
magnitude'of disaster, measuring it
not with the golden rod like ■ that
with which the ungel measured heaven, but'with thc black rule of death.
Java of tho Indian archipelago, the
most fertile island of all the enrth.
is caught in the grip of the earthquake, and mountain after mountain
goes down and city after city until
that island, which produces the best
beverage of all thc world, produced
the ghastliest catastrophe. One hundred thousand people dying, tlead!
(Joining nearer home, on Aug. 31,
188*1, the great earthquake which
prostrated one-half of Charleston, S.
But look at the disasters cyclonic.
At the mouth of the Ganges are
three islands — the Hattiah, the Sun-
deep and the Dakin Shabazpore. fn
the midnight of October, 1S77, on
all those three islands the cry was,
"The waters!" A cyclone arose and
rolled the sea over those three islands, and of a population of -10.-
000, 215,000 were drowned. Only
those saved who had climbed to the
tup of the highest trees! Hid you
ever see a cyclone? No? Then I
pray Ood you may never see one. I
saw a cyclone on the ocean, and it
swept us 800 miles back from our
course, and for thirty-six hours during the cyclone and afler it we expected every moment to go to the
bottom. They told us before we retired at y o'clock that the barometer
had fallen, but at 11 o'clock at night
wo were awakened with the shock of
the waves. All the lights out. Crash
went, all the lifeboats. Waters rushing through the skylights down into
tho cabin and down on the furnaces
until they hissed and smoked in the
deluge. Seven hundred people praying, shrieking. Our great ship poised a moment on the top of a mountain of phosphorescent tire and then
plunged down, down, dowu until it
seemed as if she never would again
bo righted. Ah, you never want to
see a cyclone at sea.
But look at the disasters oceanic.
Shall 1 call the roll of the dead shipping? Yo monsters of the deep, answer when I call your names. Tho
Villo do Havre, the Schiller, the City
of Boston, the Melville, the President, the Cambria, the Oregon, the
lloliegnn. But Why should I go on
calling the roll when none of them
answer and the roll is as long as the
white scroll of the Atlantic surf at
Cape  Hatteras  breakers?'    .
Look at thc disasters epidemic. I
epeak not of the plague in the fourth
century that ravaged Europe and in
.Moscow antl the Neapolitan dominions ani Marseilles wrought such terror in the eighteenth century, but I
look at the yellow fevers and thc
choleras and the diphtherias aiul the
scarlet fevers nnd the typhoids of our
time. From Hurdwar, India, where
every twelfth year 8,000,000 devotees congregate, the caravans brought
the cholera, and that one disease
slew 18,000 in eighteen days in Bos-
sorah. Twelve thousand in one summer slain by it in India and 25,000
in Egypt. Disasters epidemic. Some
of the finest monuments in Greenwood and Laurel Hill and Mount Auburn are to doctors who lost their
lives battling with southern epidemic.
But now I turn tho 'cat in :ny subject, and I plant the white lilies and
tho palm tree amid tue nightshades
aad the myrtle. This age nu me.«
characterized by wonders of disaster
thun by wonders of blessing—blessing of longevity; the average of human life rapidly increasing. Forty
years now worth 100 years once.
Mow I can travel from Manitoba to
New York in less than three days.
In other times it would havo taken
three months. In other words three
days now nro worth three months of
other days. The average of human
life practically greater now than
when Noah lived, with his 950 years,
and Methuselah lived his illiil years.
Blessings of intelligence: The Salmon F. Chases and thc Abraham
Lincolns and the Henry Wilsons of
the coming time will not be required
to learn to read by pine knot lights
or seated on shoemaker's bench, nor
will the Fergusons have to study astronomy while watching the cattle.
Knowledge rolls its tides along every
poor man's door, and his children
may go down and bathe in them. If
the philosophers of a hundred years
ago were called up to recite in a
class with our boys and girls, those
old philosophers would be sent down
to the foot of the class because they
failed to answer the questions! Free
libraries in all the important towns
and cities of the land. Historical alcoves and poetical shelves and magazine tables for all who desire to
walk through them or sit down at
Blessings of quick information:
Newspapers falling all around us
thick os a September equinoctial.
News three days old rancid and stale.
We sec the whole world twice a day
—through the newspaper at the
breakfast table and through the
newspaper at the teatable, with an
"extra" here and there between.
Blessing of gospel proclamation:
Do you not know that nearly all the
missionary societies have been burn
within a hundred years and nearly
all tlie Bible societies and nearly
all the great philanthropic movements? Christianity is on
tho march. while infidelity is
dwindling into imbecility. While
infidelity is thus dwingling the wheel
of Christianity is making about a
thousand revolutions in a minute.
Wonders of self sacrifice A clergyman told me !n the northwest tti.it
for six years lie was a Missionary at
the extreme north, living 4.00 milea
from a post iiffl-O, and sometimes,
the thermometer .10 degrees below
zero, he slept out of doors in winter,
wrapped in rabbit skins woven together. I said: "Is it passible?
You do not. mean 40 degrees below
zero?" He said. "I do, and 1 was
happy." All for Christ! Where
is there any other being thnt will
rally such enthusiasm? Mothers
sewing their lingers off lo educate
their boys fur tlie Gospel ministry.
For nine years no luxury on the
table, until the course through grammar school and college and theological ' seminary be completed;' Poor
widow putting her mite* into , the
Lord's treasury, tho race of emperor
or president impressed upon the coin
not so conspicuous as tlie blood with
which she earned it. Millions uf
guud men and women, but more
women than men, to whom Christ is
everything. Christ first and Christ
last, nnd Christ forever.
All dead churches, wake up! Throw
back the shutters of stiff ecclesiasti-
cism and let the light of the spring
morning come in! Morning fur the
land! .Morning for the sea! Morning of emanclpationl Morning of
light and love and peace! Morning
uf a day in which there shall be no
chains to break, no sorrows to as-
suage, a,i despotism to shatter, no
w<>es tu compassionate. Blessed
( hrist, descend! Scarred temple,
take ihe crown! Bruised hand, take
::;■■ so pterl Woundi a foot, step
un   tin-  throne!       "Thine     is the
kiiij   loin "
These things I say because I want
Vpu iu le alert. I warn you to be
tvutcliing ,:,, these wonders unrolling from the heavens and tic earth.
God has ciassilied them, whether calamitous    i.-     pleasing.     The,divine
pin p.isis are harnessed in traces that j
III li I break an*! in girths that Can-j
nol loosen and are driven by reins
tlie: must nnswor. 1 preach nu j
fatalism. A swarthy engineer ut
une of ihe depots in Dakota said,
"When will you get un Ihe locomotive and lake a ride with .us?"
"Well," said 1, "now, if that suits
you." So I gut un une side uf the
locomotive, and a Methudist minister, whu was alSO invited, gut un
the other side, and between us were
the engineer and the stoker. The
train started. The engineer had his
hand on the agitated pulse of the
great engine. The stoker shoveled in ihe coal and shut
the door with a loud clang.
A        \ast plain      slipped    under
us. and the hills swept by, and that
great monster on which we rode
trembled and bounded and snorted
and   raged   as   it   hurled   us  on. I
said to the Methodist minister on
the other side uf the lncomotive :
"i\ly brother, why should ministers
quarrel about the decrees and free
agency? You see that track, that
linn track, that Iron track; that is
the decree. You see this engineer's
arm; that is free agency. How beau-
ii'ully   they   work   together! They
are going lu take us through. We
could not, do without the track, and
we could not do without the engineer."
So I rejoice day b.v day. Work
for all to do, and we may turn the
crank of the Christian machinery
this way or that, for we are free
agents. But there is the track laid
so long ago no one remembers it—
laid by the hand of the Almighty
Ood in sockets that no terrestrial or
satanic pressure can ever effect.
And along the track the car of the
world's redemption will roll and
roll to the Grand Central depot of
the millennium. I have no anxiety
about the track. I am only afraid
that for our indolence nnd unfaithfulness God will discharge us and
get some other stoker anil some
other engineer. The train is going
through wilh us or without us.
So, my brethren, watch all the
events that are going by. If things
seem to turn out right, give wings
to your joy. If things seem to turn
out wrong, throw out the anchor
of faith and hold fast.
Those of you who are in midlife
may well thank God that you have
seen so many wondrous things, bul
there are people alive to-day who
may live to see the shimmering veil
between the material and the spiritual world lifted. Magnetism, a
word with which we cover up our
ignorance, will yet be tin explored
realm. Electricity, the fiery courser of the sky, that Benjamin Franklin lassoed and Morse antl Bell and
Edison have brought under complete
control, has greater wonders to reveal. Whether here or departed ibis
life, we will see those things. It
does not make much difference whero
we stand, but the higher thc standpoint thc larger the prospect: We
will sec them from heaven if we do
not see them from earth.
Years ago I was at Fire Island,
Long Island, and I went up in the
cupola from which they telegraph to
New York the approach of vessels
hours before they come into port.
There is an opening in the wall, and
the operator puts his telescope
through that opening and looks out
and sees vessels far out at sea.
While I wns talking with him he
went up and looked out. He said,
"We are expecting the Arizona tonight." I said: " Is it possible
'-on know all those vessels? Do you
know them as you know a man's
face!" He said: "Yes. I never
make a mistake. Before I see the
hulls I often know them by the
masts. 1 know them all—I have
watched them so long."
Oh, what a grand thing it is to
have ships telegraphed and heralded
long before they come to port, that
fiiends may come down to the wharf
and welcome their long absent
ones! So to-day we take our stand
in the watch tower, and through the
glass of Inspiration we look oil and
see a whole licet of ships coming in.
That is thc ship of peace, flag with
one star of Bethlehem floating
above the top gallants. That is
the ship of thc church, mark of salt
water high upon the smokestack,
showing slie has had rough went bee,
but the Captain of Salvation commands her nnd all is well with her.
The ship of heaven, mightiest craft
ever launched, millions uf passengers
waiting fur millions mure, prophets
nnd apostles and martyrs iu the
cabin, conquerors at Hie foot of tho
mast, while from the rigging hands
arc waving this way as if they knew
us, and we wave back again, for
they are ours. They went out from
our own households. Ours! Ile.il,
hail! Put ull the black and put
on the white. Stop tolling tho
funeral bell and ring the wedding
anthem. Shut up the hearse and
take  the   chariot.
Now the ship conies around tho
great headland. Soon she will
strike the wharf and we will go
aboard her. Tears for ships going
out. Laughter for ships coming in.
Now she touches the wharf. Throw
out the planks. Block not up that
gangway with embracing long
lost friend*!, for you will have eternity of reunion. Stand back and
give wny until other millions coma
aboard*her. Farewell lo sin! B'are-
\*.i, iu struggle] l_.rewell to sick-
no's! Farewell to death! "Blessed
are all they who enter in through thc
gates into the city."
Specimen Annwci- Culled From
Public School i:\aiiiiniitieii** That
V* rile u 11**1,1 Text For a Sermon on
the Method, of Teacltlnir.
The following is from  Mark Twnin's
introduction    to    "English    as    She    Is
Taught," by Caroline B. Le Row, published hy The Century company.  Miss Be
Bow vouches for the genuineness of all
the answers to questions iu public school
examinations that are quoted in the hook:
Every   ono  has   sninpled   "English   ns
She T.s Spoke" nnd "English ns She Is
Wrote."   This little volume furnishes us
an   instructive   nrrty   of   examples   of
"English as She Is Taught" in the public
schools of—well,  this country.   The collection was mnde by a teacher in those
schools, and nil the examples in It are
genuine.   None of them have been tnm-
pered with or doctored in nay way.  Here
nro soia- qunint definitions uf words:
"Alias, n good nian in the Bible."
"Ammonia, the food of the gods."
"Emolument, a headstone to n grave."
"Ipecac, a mnn wdio likes n goud dinner."
Hero is one where the phrnse "publicans nnd sinners" has got mixed up ia the
child's mind with politics, and the result
is n definition which takes one iu a sudden and unexpected way:
'Republican, a siuncr mentioned in the
And in Democratic newspapers now
and then.
As to sentences,  hero is ono which—
well, now. how often we do slnm right
into tho truth without ever suspecting it:
"The men employed by the gns company go round and speculate tlie meter."
ludeed they do, dear, and when ynu
grow up many and ninny's the time you
will notice it in the gas bill.
"The coercion of some tilings is remarkable, ns brend and molasses."
"Her hat is contiguous becnuse she
wenrs it ou oue side."
Here is an odd but entirely proper use
of a word and a most sudden descent
from a lofty philosophical altitude to p
very practical and homely illustration:
"We should endenvor to avoid extremes like those of wasps nnd bees."
And here, with "zoological" nnd "geological" in his mind, but not ready to his
tongue, thc small scholar has innocently
gone and let out a couple of secrets
which ought never to have beeu divulged
in any circumstances:
"There are a good many donkeys in
theological gardens."
"Some of the best fossils are found in
theological cabinets."
The chapter on "mathematics" is full
of fruit. From it I tnke a few snmplcs
nininlv in nn unripe state:
"A circle is n round straight line with a
bole in the middle."
"Things which are equal to each other
are eqttnl to anything else."
"To find the number of snunre feet in a
room you multiply the room by the number of the feet. The product is the result."
These pupils did not hunt geography
with a microscope; they hunted with a
shotgun. This is shown by the crippled
condition of the gnmo they brought iu:
"The Rocky mountains arc on the
western side of Philadelphia."
"Cape Hatteras is a vast body of wnter
surrounded by land nud llowdng into the
Gulf of Mexico."
"Ireland is ended the Emigrant Isle
becnuse it is so beautiful nnd green."
"The two most famous volcanoes o'
Europe are Sodom and Gomorrah."
We come now to historical matters—
historical remains, one might sny:
"Washington wVote thc Declaration of
Independence in 1402."
"Queen Isabella of Spain sold her
watch nnd chain and other millinery so
thnt Columbus could discover America."
"The Indians pursued their warfare by
hiding in bushes nnd then s.'.ilping them."
"The Puritans found nn insane asylum
in the wilds of America."
"Hem. Fight was famous for being n
grent widower, having lost several
"Lord .lames Gordon Bennett instigated the Gordon riots."
"Abraham Lincoln wns born in Wales
In 1500."
In a chapter hended "intellectual" I
find n great number of most interesting
statements. A sample or two may be
foiled not amiss:
"The 'House of the Seven Gables' wns
written by Lord Bryant"
"George Eliot left n wife and children
who mourned greatly for his genius."
"Holmes is a very prutiigute nud amusing writer."
When lhe public school pupil wrestles
with tl.e political features of the grent n>-
onblic, they throw him sometimes:
"A hill becomes a law when the president vetoes it."
Truth crushed to earth wull rise again,
ns follows;
"The constitution of tho United States
Is thnt part of the book nt the end which
nobody rends."
And here she rises once more nnd untimely. There should be a limit to public
school instruction. It cniinot be wise or
well to let the young find out everything:
"Congress is divided into civilized, half
civilized and savage."
The chapter on  "physiology" contninn
much that ought not to be lost to science:
"We hnve nu upper nnd a lower skin.
The lower sk!r moves nil the time, nud
Hie upper skin moves when we do."
in tne stomach starch is changed to
cane sugar and cane sugar to sugar
If a Inagh is fnir here, not the otrug-
gling child nor the unintelligent teacher
or rather tlie unintelligent bonrds, committees and trustees are the proper target
for it. All through this little book one
detects the sign? of a certain probable
fact, thnt a 1-rge part of the pupil's "instruction" consists in cramming him wdth
obscure nnd wordy "rules" which he does
not understand and has no time 'o understand. It would be as useful to cram him
with brickbats. They would ot least stay.
—Mark Twiin.
How Anirelo Worked.
Before bin return to *he pnlaee Michael
Angelo Lnd bei.un n series of careful
studies in cnni-iny to fnmilinrize himself
wdth every line and dimension of the figure. He toiled nt the study for years,
until his mastery of the human form was
complete. He never pninted or chiseled
n figure wdthout working out in n drawing the most delicate details of the anatomy, so thnt no turn of vein er muscle
might he false tn the absolute truth. It
is hv such means that any mastery is sc-
Dlntnnee la Often Lens Important
Thun  thc   Way   of   Allien) >>>r..
"There is something rather curious to
me about the distances thut men mny fnll
without getting hurt, observed n New
Orleans contractor, "hut it is not always
the case that a drunken man cnn fnll farther than other men without getting
bruised up or killed. In my own experience in construction work I have observed a few instances wdiere perfectly sober
men liave fallen great distances without
getting hurt. Of course, as a general
thing, a man wdiose muscles are thoroughly relaxed on account uf the inllu-
ence of liquor is less liable to injury thnn
the sober mnn, who will make all kinds
of efforts to catch himself nud who wall
in this wny endanger his limbs by making them rigid and stiff.
"But I recall the case of a man who
was working on a building wdth mo several years ago, nnd at the time he'was
engaged on thc fifth story. Ho was working in ono of tlie windows in the side of
the building. In some way he lost his
balance and went head over heels down
the side of the building toward the sidewalk. The sight mnde me sick, and I wns
actually afraid to look on the sidewalk
below, because I felt certain that my
friend had been mashed into pulp by thc
long fnll. We got down to the ground ns
soon ns possible. I wns surprised when -
failed to sec my friend.
"He hnd not stopped on the sidewalk,
but went crashing into the cellar, and you
can imngine the surprise I felt when I
met my friend with a smile on his face
and making his way to the short, durnmj
steps that led up out of the cellar. I
nsked him if he wns not hurt, nnd he replied thnt the fall jolted him a little and
that his blood chilled somewhat while he
wns going through the air, but he was
not hurt. He had struck nn iron gate
that worked rather ensily on its hinges,
nnd this apparatus allowed him to slide
wdth ease into the basement, and it was
this simple device thnt snved ids life. He
was perfectly sober nt the time too.
"But now mark what happened to nnother friend of mine while he wns under
the influence of wdiisky. He wns not
drunk, hut he was in that condition
called comfortably full. He wns walking
along n sidewalk that was as smooth and
as even os any I ever saw. For some unaccountable rensou he fell. His hend hit
first, nnd it struck in such n wny that it
threw him over on his back. The turn
was sudden, spasmodic, und seemed to
hnve been caused hy a muscular relaxation. He never regained consciousness.
His skull wns fractured badly, nnd he
died in n few hours. These things go to
show that it is not so much a question of
how far a mnn falls. How a fellow hits
seems to he far more iinoortant than the
matter of distance."
box t'ing vat valks people oop der stairs
stoodeu still?"
"Oh, that's the elevator," was the answer.
"Oh, dat's vat idt is, is idt? I haf a
pocketbook mnde offen der peel uf one uf
doze." He tried a ride, but didn't like it-
Then he said:
"I vould told my wife nefer to go in
mit von uf doze alligators yen der valkiug
by hand vas coot."
How Onr Ancestor. Quarreled.
A study of medlmval rural life Is apt
to give tbe impression that the principal part of the life of the people was
spent In quarreling or In the commission or prosecution of offenses. Our
ancestors certainly were a very litigious and n very disorderly people.
The records teem wltb Instances of men.
and women drawing knives ngnlnst one
nnother, of breaking Into bouses, of
prosecuting ono another for slander.
Then we hnve such entries as these:
"It Is ordained by common consent
that nil the women of tbe village must
refrain tbeir tongues from all slandering." "Thomas, son of Robert Smith,
is lined 12 pence because bis wife Agnes beat Einmn. the wife of Robert,,
the tailor, and Robert, the tailor, sixpence becnuse bis wdfe Emma swore nt
Agnes, the wife of Thomas." "It Is en-
Joined upon nil tbe tenants of the village that none of tbem attack nny others In word or deed, wdth clubs or arrows or knives under penalty of paying
40 shillings."
Such entries, frequently occurring, in
addition to tbe innumerable instances
of Individual attack, slander, petty
(heft and other Immorality seem to
show a community of far from perfect
Italian* Love Tomotoei.
Italians more than nny other people
value tomatoes, and each one that
. omes to perfection Is as carefully tended as though It were an apple of gold.
Not only do tbe housewives delight ia
tbe fresh vegetables themselves, but,
generally speaking, those home tended
are better than any purchased nt tbe*
market, and so each one Is Jealously
saved to make totnatoe sauce for the
spnghettl, without which no Italian
Sunday would be Sunday. One soapbox
gardener one season sold enough tomatoes to give ber quite a little pin money.
No one who knows the Itallnu well will
be surprised to learn tbat many of the
boxes are devoted to peppers, for tbey
In truth furnish much of tbeir spice of
life, nnd even tbe little Italian girl*
know how to stuff and cook tbem in a
dozen different ways that tempt the
Fear Scots and   Hebrews.
Is it true that a Scotchman can never
he employed in the Bank of England*
London? A gentleman who has traveled
in England nnd Scotland a number of
times recently made the following statement :
"No Scotchman has ever been employed
In the Bank of England either as a clerk
or in nny subordinate enpneity for the
reason that the English controllers of the
bank believe that if they once admitted
a Scot to the bank he would eventually
control its affairs. In fact, it may be
snid, going in nnother direction, that no
Hebrew can make a livelihood iu Scotland for the reason thnt the Scot is quite
ns acute in financial and commercial matters ns tlie Hebrew, and even more so.
This statement may be a little hazy, but
wdiat I wish to sny to you is this—the
controllers of the Bunk of England would
not admit a Scot to any place in the bank
any more than they would a Hebrew for
the reason that the Scot nnd the Hebrew
would eventually control thia great bulwark of  English  finance,"**
The  Breach   Between   the   Bean  nnd
-tin  ltoyn.1  I-tron.
One of the most touching and in its
way pathetic incidents in the drama
"Beau Brummel" is in the last net when
n poor, broken down dandy henrs that his
old patron and prince is passing through
Calais. Nerving himself with n grent effort on his pnrt wdth his Inst remaining
snuffbox, he sends it in the shnpe of a
pence offering nnd token of contrition to
his former royal friend.
No bigger sacrifice wns possible to the
actual George Brummel. In the days of
his prosperity lie had no greater fad than
the collection ot all sorts of snuffboxes.
It amounted, in fact, almost to a mania,
and by his sagacity and good taste he
possessed at one time nn unrivaled collection. During his palmy days of London life there was among his collection
] one box which the regent especially admired.
"Brummel," he said, "this box must bo
mine. Go to Gray's nnd order any box
you like in lieu of it." Brummel of course
assented and nt the snme time begged
thnt the new box might have a miniature
of the prince as its chief ornament, to
which the Intter, much pleased, consented. The box wns ordered, and in its manufacture Srummel took the most active
interest, an interest shared by the prince
himself, wdio suggested several alterations and improvements in the design.
When it wns almost completed, the
qnarrel took place at Clareinont betw*een
the prince nnd the benti, which was the
primary cause of the latter's ultimate
downfall. A day or two after its occurrence Brummel went to the jeweler's to
Inquire about tlie box and was then told
thnt tlie regent had sent express directions that it was not to be delivered.
Brummel's chagrin and surprise were intense, nnd it was this somewhat ungenerous act which first induced him to bear
himself with hostility against the prince
and by his own acts nnd foolish words to
widen a breach wdiich wns to extend for
Ilia   Firat    Elevator.
Tie wns evidently from the country,
this little old German* nnd ns his eyes
rested on the elcvntur, undoubtedly for
the lirst time, his sense of the ridiculous
wits touched.
For a few minutes he stood in wonderment and then, laughing softly to himself, he stopped the first person he chanced to see, wdio happened to he the janitor,
"■d fired this at blm, "Vat v~s dot lcedlc
The Victoria duck contains 74
acres. The dock is 1,050 feet wide.
It cust £700,000.
Thu average Englishman eats 21
ounces of bread u day. 7 ounces of
meat, 2 ounces of butter ami 5
ounces of sugar.
While the war in South Africa has
diminished the number uf English
tourists in Switzerland, it has 1 ene-
litted that country to tbe extent of
nn increase of about 5.750,000 francs
in the sales of chucolatc and condensed  milk.
Hoarseness, Dry Throat, Sore Throat, Bronchial Troubles, Coughs, Colds and Asthma Or. Phase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine is a Cure ot*Proven Merit.
There ore more ministers, singers and public speakers using Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
tin.u any similar preparation, because it is exactly suited to their needs. B.v taking a dose of this preparation before going on the platform they feel certain of freedom from dry throat, hoarseness and throat irritation, than whicli there can be nothing mure embarrassing to a singer or  speaker.
Besides thc annoyance of throat irritation public speakers seem to be especially suscoptible to bronchial
trouble, pneumonia and lung diseases, nnd for this reason it seems wise to have in your grip when leaving
home n bottle of Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine, which is beyond all doubt the most thoroughly effective treatment for bronchial  and lung troubles that is to be obtained.
Dr. Chase's Syrup of
Linseed and turpentine
aids expectoration, clears the throat and air passages, soothes and quiets the nerves which cause coughing,
nnd thoroughly cures nil throat and bronchial troubles. There, are Other preparations of Linseed and Turpentine put up in imitation of Dr. Chase's. Bo sure that the portrait and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase are on
tho bottle you buy. 25 cents a bottle ; family size, three times ei much, 00 cents. At all dealers, or Edman-
son, Bates & Co., Toronto. -:
Transact Ion    In    Wlitch    Si milium »■
Waa  Not  a  Ilantllcap.
''There is a small crosseyed boy living
in this city who if he doesn't lose his
life through just retribution will grow
Op to become a great financier," declared
Jones. "For some time my wife has possessed a yellow purp that has no earthly excuse for living. But she thinks ihat
he is tho finest dog in the city and spends
most of her time hugging him and kissing his dirty little nose. Finally the dog
worship became so unbearable to me that
I resolved to end the nuisance. Chancing to meet a small crosseyed hoy one
day, I said to him:
11 'See her, boy, do you want to earn a
" 'Sure,' said he.
" 'Well, then,' laM I, you go up to my
house, watch your chance and steal the
yellow cur that you will find hanging
around there. When you get him, bring
him down to my oliice and get your dollar.'
"Within two hours the boy was back
with the cur tied to a rope.
"'What will I do with him, boss?' ht
asked after I paid him.
" *I don't care,' I snapped, 'drown him
If you want to.'
"That night I discovered my wife in
tears, and 1 was Informed between sobs
that poor, dear little Kido was missing.
The next day she had an advertisement
inserted in all the papers offering $10
for his return. The third day she met me
joyfully at the door and announced that
Fido bad been found.
" 'Where?' I asked, concealing n groan.
" 'A little boy brought him back,' she
"'What kind of a boy?' I asked suspiciously.
" 'A small crosseyed boy with the most
honest face that I ever saw on a boy. I
gave him $10, it being all I had, and told
him if he would go down nnd see you
that I knew you would be glad to add
$j to it.'
"But the boy didn't show up. As a
matter of fact, I hadn't the slightest idea
he wonld. I wouldn't tniuil Wviug hin
$5 if he wonld call."
In the centre of Liverpool there is
one largo roof garden. It forms the
hobby of a laxly who' has at present
in successful cultivation currants,
gooseberries and a fine show of outdoor flowers, besides exotics in a
greenhouse. The earth was taken up
to the tiles by means of a lift, and
the garden is efficiently -drain-Cl and
free  from despoilers.
H. Porter, Lower Ireland, P. Q., writes :
"My son, 18 months old bad croup so bad
that nothing gave him relief until a
netffhbor brought, me some ot D.-*..
fave him, and iu six hours he was cured.
t Is the bi'st medicine I ever used and I
would not be without a bottle ot it in my
Sometimes a man is judged by his
appearance and sometimes by his
Respect ability is contagious, but
folks can't always catch it when
they want  it.
tho best.
Matthias Foley,  Oil City, Ont.
Joseph Snow,  Norway,  Me.
Rev. R. O. Armstrong, Mulgrave,
N. S.
Chas. Wobten, Mulgrave, N. S.
Pierre Landry, senr., Pokemouche,
N. P-.
Thomas Wasson, Sheffield,  N. B.
There is a dull sort of a man who
becomes prominent in spite of the
fun made of him.
Free and easy expectoration Immediately
relieves and frees the throat and lungs from
viscid phlegm, and a medicine that pro-
motes this is the bot medicine to use for
coughs, colds, inflammation of the lungs
and all affections of the throat and chest.
This is precisely what Btckle's Anti-Con-
BUmptive Syrup is a specific for, and where-
ever used it has given unbounded satisfaction. Children like it because it is pleasant,
adults like it because it relieves and cures
the disease.
Cures Coughs and Colds
al once. It has been doing
this for half a century. It
has saved hundreds of
thousands of lives. It will
save yours if you give it a
chance. 25 cents a bottle.
If after using it you are not
satisfied with results, go to
your druggist and get your
money back	
Write to S. C. WBT.W & Co., Toronto,
Can., for free trial bottle.
Karl'b Clover Root Tea corrects tfce Stomach
Sven Tlodin, the explorer, reached
Charlihilh, in the heart of China, last
April,without hearing of the troubles
in liif eastern part of the empire. He
found the Chine.se polite and obliging.
If u girl marries a poor .'nan, it is
strange how soon her old friends forget, hi:, name.
Mr. T. J. Humes, Columbus, Ohio, wr'teai
"Ihave been iifnicted for eome time with
Kidney and Liver Complaint-, and find lJ~r-
melee sl-'illa the best medicine lor tlie*e diseases. Thi se pills do not cause pain or
griping, and should be u*"e1 when a oathartio
is required. They ore Gelatine Coated, and
rol.eointhe flour of L:corico to preserv-
their purity, and give them a pleasant, agree*
able taste. •
Slight, no man 'because of his poverty, antl esteem no man because of
his wealth.
The Amazon and its tributaries
hold the record among rivers of pos-
compurtment, was forced to a6aoci-
sessing 25,000 miles of water suitable for steam navigation. The nr. a
the river drains is two-thirds that of
Eut ope.
Don't Give nim  -p.
Don't Rive up a bad boy or turn against
liim because ho is bad. If your parentage and surrounding hnd been the same
as his perhaps you would have been had
too. lie may not be altogether had.
(live him another trial nt least. Put
yourself to the trouble to do n favor fnr
him and do it with au earnest, loving
spirit. Iu tunny cases this will win
him, and when once you have won him
he is true until death. If your first effort
to win him does not succeed, try again
and again. Yotl will get nearer to him
each time, and as his associates come over
In you he will he drawn nearer and nearer.—Southwestern School Jon.nal
Life  Often  Made a Burden   Through
Nursing a Cross and Fretful Baby.
All babies should be good natured;
well babies, if there is no outward
reason for discomfort, are always
good-natured, and yet now many
mothers permit themselves to be thorough y worn out caring da. and
night foi a sick, cross and fretful
bab,', when a little care and foresight would remove all the tr< able
and muke both mother and bal y
happy The little one's suffering and
crossness may be canst- by any one
of the numerous ills that make l.aby
lives v. misery to themselves and a
constant source of worry and discomfort to the moth'.'r, , suph as colic,
worms, indigestion, constipation, the
irritation accompanying the cutting
of teeth, etc. When baby is cross do
no'., if you value your child's future
welfare, give it any of the so-called
"soothing" medicines, ns they only
stupe.''/ und deaden without removing the cause of the trouble. What is
needed is a simple, vegetable compound such as Baby's Own Tablets,
which reach the root, of all the minor
ailments of little ones, making them
well and happy. The best proof of
this is tht high praise all mothers
who have used this medicine award
it. Mrs. W. S. Beaverstock, Church
street, Brockville, says : "1. have used
Baby s Own Tablets in my house
for several years and know of no
medicine for little ones thut can
equa) them. When my baby wns
teething she was restless, cross and
peovisli and I could do very little
with her I gave her the tablets und
they quieted her when other medicines tlid no good. When baby was
troubled with constipation the tablets always gave prompt relief, but
j above all things 1 think they are
most excellent in indigestion ; she
von.itc _ a great deal, was very cross
and would scream with pain, and I
had lo get up with her many times
during the night. No matter how
much she ate she kept growing thinner. It was then I began ths use of
the tablets, and she grew plump and
fat, and I had no further trouble
with her at night. I can recommend
the tutl-ts to any mother who has a
sickly, cross or fretful baby, and I
am sure she will never be without
them again." Baby's Own Tablets
are easily administered, antl dissolved in water can be given safiiy to
the youngest infant. If your druggist does not keep them send 25
cent** to the Br. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont., and a box will
be sent  you  by mail, post paid.
No Epidemic in the Last Quarter of
a Century Has Carried OH as
Many People as Annually Fall
Victims  to Consumption.
"You have a lino pedigree," said
the American multi-millionaire to
the nobleifntn.
"Y'es," was the nonchalant answer.
"And I want to tell you I appreciate such tilings. If there is anything 1 Kike an interest m it is a
pedigree. Why, whon I was younger I could go. to the races and name
over the ancestry of every horse at
the track."
L'Avenir du Nord, St. Jerome,  Que.
Throughout Canada much alarm
has been felt during the past few
months al the outbreak of smallpox
that has occurred in various localities, and thousands of dollars have
been expended—and rightly so-in suppressing it. And yet year in and
year out this country sutlers from a
plague lhat claims moro victims an-
nuiill,* than have been carried off by
any epidemic during the past quiu-
ter of a century. Consumption—the
great white plague of the north-is
more to be dreaded than any epi-
de le. Its victims throughout, Canada are numbered by the thousands
(Icmic. Its victims throughout Can-
annually, ami through its ravages
bright young lives in every quarter
aro brought to un untimely end.
Why ? Then* are two reasons, the insidious character of the disease, and
the all too prevalent belief that
thos,! who inherit weak lungs are
foredoomed to an early death and
that, the most that eun be done is to
give the loved ones temporary relief
in the journey towards the grave.
This is a great mistake. Medical
science now knows that consumption,
when it has not reached an acute
stage, is curable. But better still, it
is proventible. Su/Terers from weak
lungs who will clothe themselves
properly, who will keep the blood
rich and red, not only need not dread
consumption; but will ultimately become healthy, robust people. Among
those upon whon. consumption had
fastened its fangs, and who have
proved the disease is curable, is Mr.
11 It lege St. Ceorge, of St. Jerome,
Que. His story as related to a reporter of L'Avenir du Nord. will be
of interest to similar sufferers. Mr.
St. (ieorge says : "Up to the nge of
fifteen years I had always enjoyed
the best of health, but at that age I
became greatly run down. I lost
color, suffered constantly from headaches and pains in the sides; my appetite left me and I became very
weak. For upwards of three years—
though I was having medical treatment—the trouble went on. Then I
was attacked by a cough and was
told that I was in consumption. Then
the doctor who was attending me ordered me to the Laurciitinn Mountains in thc hope that the change of
air would benefit me. I remained
there for some time, but did not improve, ami returned home feeling
that I had not much longer to live.
It was then that my parents decided
that 1 should use Dr. Williams' I'ink
Pills, ami I began taking them. After using several boxes my appetite
began to return, and -his seemed to
mark the change which brought about
my recovery, for with the improved
ippitite eame gradual but surely increasing strength. I continued the
use of tile pills, and daily felt the
weakness that had threatened to end
my life disappear, until finally I was
again enjoying good health, and now.
as those who know me can see, 1
show no trace of the illness I passed
through. I believe Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills saved my life, and I hope
my statement will induce similar
sufferers to try them."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make new,
rich, red blood. With every dose the
blood is strengthened, the quantity
increased, and thus the patient is enabled not only to resist the further
inroad of disease, but i.s soon restored to active health and strength.
If you are ill or weak, or suffering
from any disease due to poor blood
or weak nerves, take Dr. Williams'
Pink Pilb: at once, and they will soon
make you well. These Pills are sold
by all dealers in medicines, or will
be sent post paid at 50 cents a box,
or si.*: boxes for S2.50 by addressing
the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co ,
Brockville,  Ont.
A woman in love is more or less
foolish, but she never finds It out so
long ns the man is good to her.
Minard's Liniment Cnres Distemper.
Kvcr>-where religious orders nro on
tho increase. In I3cltfiiim, for in-
stnrce, in 1846 there were 779 eon-
ven's and monasteries, with 3 2,000
inmates In 1000 the number had
Increased to 2,200 convents end mon-
astericp, wilh 37,000 inmates.
W. Snow & Co., Syracuse, N. Y., wrhe:
Pleaeie Bend ns ten gross of pills. We ara
■elling more of Parmelee's Pills than any
other pill we keep. They have a great reputation for the cure of Dyspepsia and Liver
Ouinplaint," Mr. Charles A. Smith, Lindsay, writes: "Parmelee's Pills are an excellent medicine. My sitter has been troubled
with Bevere headache, but these pills have
cured her.'*
Every mnn may have his price, but
the market is apt to be overstocked.
The np;c of the whale is calculated
according to the number of laminae,
or layers, of the whalebone, which
Increase yearly. From these indications apes of flOO to 3.r>0 years havo
bein assigned to whales.
Signorina Teresa Laborioli is the
first woman lawyer in Italy. She has
passed her examination with honors,
but, as she floes not desire to advocate the'''new woman" she determined not. to practice.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
tis mercury will surely destroy tho sense of smell
and completely -Orange tlie whulo system when
ontorhiK it thi-ounh the mucous BUtf-COS. Such
nrticloi should never be used except on prescriptions from roputablo physicians, as the damage
thoy „iU dniM tout-Id to tho pud ynu cnn pes-
Ibl. derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured hy -. J. Chonuy & Oo.,Toledo,0,
contains no mercury, nnd is tnkon internally,
acthiK directly upon tlio hlnod and mucous surfaced of tlio system, in buying Hall a Catanh
Cure bo Bure yon gob the genuine. It Is taken
Intornnlly, and mndo in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J.
Cheney *lt Co, Testimonials froo.
Bold h*- Druggists, price Wo. per bottlo.
Hull's 'Family l'illa aro tho host.
Champagne has 12.2 por tent, of
alcohol, and gooseberry wine 11.8
per cent.
There is nothing oqunl to Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator for destroying worms.
No articlo of its kind has given such satis-
The largest, of flying birds is lhe
Californinn vulture, or condor, meus-
urint-f from tip to tip !)•_ to .10 feet,
and excecdinir considerably in si/*e
the true condor of South America.
The bird lays but one egg each season, large, oval, ashy green, and
deeply pitted.
Minari's Liniment Cnres Dinhtheria.
Uv using compressed air in the
blowing of glass a Dresden inventor
hns discovered a method of iiuimifac-
ing glass vessels of unusually large
size,'such as bath tubs and kettles.
A Nice Story of the Prince.
M. A. P. tells the following pretty
story of our recent, royal guests: "I
hear a pretty story of .the Duke and
Duchess of Cornwall and York, who,
walking in tlie country near San-
dringham a few days before the beginning of llieir present journey,
came across a woo-begone little boy
sitting at the roudside crying bitterly. The liltle chap, on being
questioned sympathetically by the
Duchess, sobbed out that he had lost
himself. A liltle further cross-examination showed Ilea the youngster
lived in a village about a mile distant, and the Duke and IHtchess determined to see liim home, lint as
the child was evidently tired out,
the Duke stooped down and told him
lo clamber on lo his _houlde._, a
feat which, with Hi" Duchess' help,
lie accomplished, encircling the Duke's
neck with his chubby arms ami
spreading his small Iocs across the
royn! heck. In this fashion lie was
curried triumphantly across tlie meadows and down tin* lanes till the village was reached, to the amazement
and dolight of tl"1 mother end hor
neighbors ul such a restoration. Bo-
fore leaving' the visitors extracted a
promise from llie women that the
hurti *.f this royal pick-a-Jmck should
not liave the 'spanking' lie possibly
A Freuch court has awarded flain-
agi'S to a railway passenger who.
while travelling in a second-class
compartment, was forced to associate with third-class passengers who
were put into his compartment because there was no room in the third
class carriages.
A Indy writts: "I was enabled to remove the corns, root and branoh, by the
use of Holloway's Corn Cure." Others
who have tried it have the same experience.
Tf a man does one bad act and it
is found out it casts a shallow over
a do/on former gotid  ones.
Mnlnt ia continue- to be a greater
scourge of the British army in India
than any other fatal cause.
Minari's Liniment Cnres Garget in Cows.
A more or less fair cyclist, known
to punch, met a rarm laborer in an
English lane.   Snid she :
"tan you direct me 'to Higham Up-
Icy, please 7"
".You've only got to toiler yer nose,
miss," said he, "but you'll line! it up
11 work I"
There seems to be more then one
way o' saying that a nose is " tip-
tilted like the iK'tal of a flower."
Testifies to the Powers of the Famous Dodd's Kidney Fills—Cured
of Backache Like Thousands More
Spreads the flood Work Among
His Friends.
Oak Lake, M__f, Nov. _„.—Frank
Colleaux, of this place has turned
missionary. A conscientious sense of
duty has impelled him to spread a
certain good work among his friends
and neighbors. The work in question
is tho work of Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Somo time ago Mr. Colleaux was
cured of Backache. He,had it for
years. Though he didn't know it,
his kidneys were affected, and it was
his kidneys that caused him such
But he found relief. He ditl more,
ho found a positive cure. He read
that Dodd's Kidney Pills cure Backache. So they do ; they've cured
thousands of cases of it, simply became they act on the kidneys with
siedi splendid effect nnd thus get at
the cause of thnt fearful disablement.
So Frank i.s spreading the good tidings among his friends as fast as he
can. If he meets a man suffering
with backache he tells him right
straight what is really the mattir
with him and recommends Dodd's
Kidney I'iils. In this wny he is thc
means oi helping many a poor victim ef Kidney Disease who might
never have understood that in Dodd's
Kidney Pills he has a sure escape
from his  afflict ion.
"lt gives me a. great amount oi
ple/t.'iire," says Mr. Colleaux. "to recoil, mend Dodd's Kidney Pills to all
niv neighbors and friends. I can testify ti* their excellent curative proper! i.'s for Backache because two
bo*"S cured me."
The steamer W. L, Brown, out of
Diilntli. made a record season. She
carried 5,780,000 bushels of wheat in
twenty-t wo cargoes.
Minari's Liniment Cnres Colds, Etc.
"So your name is Paddy    O .\arn.
Are >ou skilled ?"
"Am  I  phwat ?"
"Are you up in your occupation ?"
"No.   Oi'm down.    Oi'm a coal miner, sor."
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bad for Good Teeth
Sozodont . . 25c
Soindont Tooth Powder 29c
Urgv Liquid end Powder 75c ""'
' t  fr prcvri
. . . . . . ....... ... ... ... vv-... v
,% Our Mr. Ratrher is now in tho ea^t yeloctinp n stfM^k of pitinn.a  and  organ-   for lioli- V
I days.   Among his ___uectioay*-U Iwa largo iiumb_r of tho latest styles of tho  wri_- ***
{ LIAMS' PIANOS famed for their pore, (ull and Lasting ton.?.   Our new Btock will bo- *-*
'♦• gin tu urrivo about Die l.«tund it will be well for those intere-trd to cj-li <;irly.   Out- ♦2*
C* of-to-.vn cuitomers will rocroivo our t»>t alt.-niion and all enquiries will  be i>'*"nipt!y ***
»♦♦ answered.   We send catalogue and price list on request.   Wo hnnd In several different #*v
►♦» makes of orpans aud will be pleased to quote prices delivered any\t here.    We havo a
fa number of good second hand organs ami pianos, iu good repair, some as good as new,
J ut vory low pricojj.   Your credit is good with us, no inattor where you live :    :   :    :   :
T. M, C. A. I-lk, Portaee Ave., Winninef-..
Eldredge '■(;" Sewing Machines.
*j *
• •♦♦•♦«••♦
Jry, ift 4slA/ *^c/ &rT\ArtsnAAs4/-
»»»o»_«._o_ao i___.eo-tf-.-~ea t*si»»*og4 e .*___»
•  *
For Sale Everywhere •
Try our Parlor Matches.
They produce a quick LIGHT
without any objectionable
fumes.     ::•.•.•.'•
E. B. Eddy Co.
Free to Men!
Are you a weakling? Are you one of those unfortunate
young men who, through ignorance and bad company, have
contracted nervous spells, weak back, varicocele, gloomy
forebodings, loss of courage and ambition, loss of confidence,
bashfulness, despondency and weakness ? Dr. McLaughlin's
Electric Belt will cure you.
Are you a middle aged man suffering from varicocele,
prematureness, indigestion, constipation, rheumatism, lame
back, etc ?    Dr. McLaughlin's  Electric Belt will cure you ?
Are you an old man, declining before your time, having
lost all ability to enjoy life, with prostatic trouble, lost
strength, debility, pains and aches, and general decay of
organic powers ? I can cure you with Dr. McLaughlin's
Electric Belt with free suspensory for weak men.
I will send you, sealed, free, my beautiful book telling
about it if yo" will send this ad.     Send for it to-day.
130 Yonge Street,
dr. m, w Mclaughlin,
$ Oliice Hours-9 A.M. to a30 P.M.
__B______B_BB___g \^^m:^SttVt^\W-tW^^-^SM^!rs^m-^.
We can only by illustration and a word or two of
description in our catalogue,
let out-of-town buyers know
ahout our magnificent selection of rings.
All the _ eras are represented.
All the _ood styles shown.
" Ryrie " Rings appeal
to those who admire ring
beauty, and tho large number we sell enables us to
carry a stock that allows a
splendid choice.
Ryrie Bros.,
Yonge and Adelaide 3ts.,
To lease or purchase a Flour Mill or Elevator
or would build if liberal indufoments offored.
In the meantime am open to buy HK).(X»0 bushels
different grades wheat, oats and barley-
Apply   JAMBS UOD1), iGr;iinE-Lchango,
Late IT. AC.  Milling Co., Stratfurd. Ontario..-
ilioway & Champion
Writo to us for prices of SCEIP.
Get our List of Lands.
Stocks aad   Bondj Bought and   Sold.
Wo can fanilih the exncl amount .f
Scrip for any payment oa Do_~lti:on
LtindH.   Do not pay cash.
AKTnrn atkin-*o:\
Flour nud Grain Merchants,
Room 212 Grain Exchan-re, Winnipeg.
Wo aro buyers of wheat for December and Jan-
nary shipment from westorn points and iu Store
Port William or Duluth, Our Mr. _:.mes Hodq
h_vingn long and well established export Flout
trade, wo specially desire correspondence with
millers. HODD __ ATKINSON,
Tho most severe critics old-fashioned, pfople have nro g'irls between 12
ami 20 years of age.
Have you so much leisure from
your own business that you tun lake
cure of that of other people Uiat
does not belong to you ?—Terence.
Both  Trained.
Little Edith hnd been very sick, but
was convalescent. WaUiug* up suddenly
nnd liiuiiiiK a strange lady at her bedside,
she nsked:
"Are you the doctor?"
"No, donr," replied the Indy. "I'm your
trained nurse."
"Oh"' exclaimed Edith, pointing to a
enpe hanging nenr lhe window. "Trained!
nurse, let me introduce you to my trained
W. N.  TT. Vo   854, THE PR03PECTG1-, LILLOOET, B.C., SATURDAY, I'l.i KMl;!... _iS,-J901.
Mr. tjib. Ward returned lo  Bridge Kiver |
__ , last Tuesday.
.V. 1
II. S. Ddxal is in town having com, tlown
from Ca-lwnHa-.er Creek.
Rod Atkins left town on Wc-ilncs-lay
morninfL; for the Const on n business trip.
There will l.e .1 watch night service in the
Methodist Church on New Year's eve. Service io commence at  11.15 p  m.
Mr. J. N.J. Urown, of Dog Creel;, ami
Mr. Woods from the 141 mile house, nre
Spending their holidays in lown.
Mr. copeiaud and Mr. j. Ro«d>o torn j   Asthmalene brings instant relief and permanent
came clown from the Ample mine thi*. wtek, ' _ • __.■___
.,,,.,. Cire   In   A!i   Cases.
nnd will spend thc holidays in town.   _   	
Charles L-iSoush, a well-known Indian,
died of ConKimiplion this week. _ liis is tie
fourth recent death among the Indian
Mark Efl^tei-nn returned from Clintonlu I
Monday, We itnder-*..nn.l he was able t"
place une nf tin- Victoria (iasoline I'.enern-
Lois which are ilu- invention of une of our
townsmen and are proven i<» he mosl -, ; -
The voters lis) is  compleied r.nd now is |    Jut! HlHBtll has been BW* rn in as spe-
, r , . ,    I oial constable durinu ii. ilome.
placed for inspection unci reference near the   .      . , ,    ,.
I in liie At belief of K. Hume.
door in the Government office.    It will he
well for all to see it.
W. V. Gibson, formerly of Lillooet antl
well-kno.wu in this section. \v;is married re-
cecently to Miss Julia Clarke of Vancouver,
slur of Mrs.  T:  Ihett of of I.iiiooet.
Mr. \V. M. Brandon left town last Sunday
morning tu spend his holidays at the coast
cities. From Vancouver he will proceed lo
Trail where a brother resides.
C.arke <k Co., I.iiiooet, have a com ■
plete stock of Drum*, Medicines and .un*
dries. Letter onier-H promptly attended
to. Jiibt tell ihein what yon want 01
what tha t.ouhle is, enclosing money and
tbey will do tlie test.
There will h« a meeting of the Lillooet Sporting Olub on Saturday 1 Vt ti-
inu for tin* election of new ul.iei-.
Afuirthi**!, none hut inmn.tord wili l<*
admitted to tlit. hall.
\V. G. 0. Maneon ia inaktnu POtue
further iinpioveni.-nlt*. on l in house.
T li v r *'    i a    nothing   1 *> k e  A . t h ■
in ^ 1 h n i*.    11   b r i 11 tr h    1 n h t a 111 j    ag
relief,     e v e n    in     t h e     wo r p t.    ISR
i' ll f u b ,      U   mim'H   when   all   clue tail-.
lhe  Rev.  C.   K.   WELLS,   of  Villa   Kidge,
111.,   srys:   "Your   trial   bottle of Asthmalene
reeeiveil  in gt od crn-'itlrn,    I cannot   tell you
how thankful   I   feci for the good derived from
il.     I   uns   r>   slave,   chained   with   pal rid   sore ]
throat and Asthma for  ten years,    I  despaired!
nf uvtr being turtd,    I sow your advertisement
8   for   the cure  of this dreadful  ami   tormenting ,
disease,   Asthma,   mul   tl ought you had  over*
spoken   yourselves,  hut   resolved   to  give it a
trial.   To  my astonishment, the trial acted like ]
a charm,    Send  me a lull-size  hoi tie."
L««V,    Dr.    MoiTlH    VV ©dialer |
Ktibbi of the Cong,   Hnai  Israel.
New   Vork,   Jan.   3.     1901.
PI'S. TA.T    BK08.'    MI.IH. INK    CO.,
Gentlemen: Your Asthmalene is an :
excellent remedy for Asihma ami Hay Kever ■
antl its composition alleviates all troubles which i
combine wiih At.tl.ma, Its success is astonish in;. I
and wonderful.
We carry   a  large   stock   of   the  famous
Robert Mann's Double Bit Axes in Falling,
Swamping and California Reversible; al**.
Single Bit Axes bandied and unbundled,
Axe Handles, Pick Handles, Sledge Hand,
les, Cant I looks, l'eavies, etc., etc., and can
furnish low prices and quick delivery on
these goods
McLennan, McFeeiy & Co. Ltd.
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
After  ha\in};   il   carefully   analyzed,   ue  can slate  tint
(inlrl, S;lv'pr.T.Hni*. and Copper Mine- wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FKKE MILLING GOLD propertied wanted at once fof Eafliein In-
pMrtieH bavine tnioinir property fnr "ale are requested to send nam pie
of their ore to ihe LXCHAKt-K for exhibition.
We desire to bear from pru_pe_tunj wlio have promibin^ mineralelatmH
in British Columbia.
I'roHpedors anil mining men are requested to make the EXCHANGE
their headquarters wh**n in Nelpon.
All naniple- pIiou il he Kt*nt hv express PREPAID-,
OorreHponderiee fiidieitod.    Address all eoniinunlCHtlon" to
104.   1'. 0. Hox 700. NKI.SON, B. C.
M ______________»
nn   opium, morphine,   chlorofoui
eiher.        Very duly yours,
Avon Sprixos, N.  V.  F.
A crowded house greeted thc school pupils
at iheir entertainment last Sauirda) evening.
The quality of the performances wns equal
to that of lust year which i.s saying a good
deal. Mr. Brandon was the recipient of a
number of beautiful presents fiotn the pupils
of the school.
While the despatches from the East report storms and intense cold, the people in
Lillouet District are enjoying beautiful and
clear weather. Even in old Carihoo the re-
Cent snowstorms have been followed by clear
and warm weather.
_   Telephone N
Asthmalene   contains ! L*^s>>^/'*-+S\s>***
S/.!P   (11      I   Pl\..11?. i Cienll.ni.n:    1   writ. tlii< testimonial  from   n   -ense of duty, hnving tested the j  ______*/    J       i_^  ^\J^ iS. -i.     -!___•   V*CJ_*- «£L V*'
1       UU.lv   \)i     1   VI *" Mill I     ! won,l_rfiil ~f...tof   y mi-   Vtth nilc.i.-,   t".,-   thi  en*   of  Astltnin.     My  wife   hns   been V • C_U
I afflteied  with ~-a.mn.lic .ulhnm   for   the   put   it yean.    II.vIdr exhausted my own -.j       nGW  SUlge  lillO  leaves Lytton evei'V MojldaV  «iul
'..TO       1//I'I I      Ol**.'lT__*lT*Tr]            nswell asin.iI nl   many  others,    1   chanced   to  si-c   your   siyn   upon   yiuir  win-. a " .    *
ailil      Ivtdl     I   I _I|J(j1I V h.o«son 1.0-treet, NcwVork.     I at once  oklnined n   bottle of aMhma'ene.    My wife    Friday    fOV   Lillooet,   1'1't ai'lling   llt'Xt    vlilV. Speflill   tl'ipS
I J   | cimmenced   Inking  il nbout the   lirst   of November.     I very   s i   noticed n  rad cal | ma_e*      \\'l'it(' US t'oi'  illl'ill'lliatii ill.
■ for Taxes*  	
fcment. Afl^^^^
free .r.,m .ill symptonts.
in   all    who   me   afflicted   wilh   ill
liolile her asthma lind disaj-penred  und she   is entire!)
I   feel    lhat   1  can  consistently  recommend  the   medicine
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ li-tri's-Jiii1,    diser.se.    Ymirs    lespeclfully,
(J. L).   I'HELI'S,  M. I).
Notice is hereby Riven, ihnt nmler the Ami-- |     "r.  Takt   Bros,   Mr.iiins'E Co. I*cb. 5. 1901.
incnl Aet nntl Hiiieudiuents theieto,   there b iientlbinen:    I   was    troubled    with   Asthma    or   2.1   yenrs.    I have tried numerous
clue nml uuimkl (or Mineral Tax ibe sum 01 remedies, bul ihey have all failed. I ran across your advertisement and started wM'.i
H_7.0-, by tho Bcml Or Mines Llmltcil,,IU« , ,rin| ,,.,„__ ,. r„,„„, ra,ief ,„ „.,,,. , h ,, purclmsed your full-s'zed buttle,
owner ol the Utile Joe nml  Hlnte   Crow Mill- , ' ;'
eral Claims, being Lots5110 ami (  Croup 1,   an*'   ' *'"   ov!t B"ler'>l.    ' h-';a   a fa•"'l.   "'   l""'  childrei,  and  f.n   six   years  was
Ullooet Dlslrlet, situate at t'ltihvallnder creel:   unable   to   work.    I   am   11 r.v   in   tita   bast   of h-ilth   an.l   am  doin^   businei
In the l.iHoo.'i Distriut, nml   lu the   bi lionet j day.    Thi*   lestimony you can make such use of  as you see fit.
Home address, 2.55,   Kiviugton street. S.    Raphael,
67 1-^asl 1291I1 st.,  New   Vork City
Peter Rebagliati & Co., Lytton B.C.
ess  every
Ascenmonl District,
In Aeeorrtiince with the proviplona anil re*
qtnreinmits of the AhfeiimciH Aet antl Amend
itients  thereto.   I   have rllstrHlnurl tho (roorlt.
antl chattels (Inelnrtii)g u  ion stHinp r-uaiizi   t™**    i  i_    in __     l       t    ■    9     e ,      - ,
minaiid touis] ot the said Bcn.i or wines u,n.   Tridl bottfe sent aDsoiuteiy tree on receipt of postal.
lto_,lnthes»M,.,strlcUor  llie   pnymeul   of       , ,„   „nl  de|n       Wriu. „,  „
all c\ nose   \\k ]        ,, ..",..-
1 -9   East   Si., \.   V. City.
day, \V, H. Miller nnd A. Fhflir tarried
off the prizes.
A party was tield at Mr*Shermer'_
last Thursday evening Mr*( Shermer
WAB the recipient of a  aet uf  beautiiui
Miss A. Fable who recently visited Lillooet has returned to her home in Vernon.
the   sni.l   MUh'i-hI   tax   |
name ior niUe, by  pnbHe  rtllelloii.iii tiie''(n_ri j
HnuM.', IjlHooct, nn  Turtathiy tho iwenty-slxtii
pny (if X.ivt-niLer. 1SI0J, at tin-   tinnr I H I   ii; I
At  the Shooting   match  last Thurs- | llio «(ioruoon. or so much thereof  ar nut.   be
lifi'i-BSKi-y tosniisfy the saiil  MIuei'Hl Tux  mull
hi default of RUlfltdont   distress   upon  sii'i .
p'Tsonul property 1  thu goods and  ehtttfels ul j
the •"■■■li'l Company or the ■unoonl rcaHxed from
ihe public vale thereof,  being   inptifflelenl i<> |
mccl sni'1 Mineral lax and eostf, I fhall at Mi*
lime and placa above   meii-ioiied, espore  for)
salo by publie Huulion. tho landx  of   the said
eompany,  ponsistlng of the Little Joe, .Mm
Crow Fraetlon, White Crow, Bend Or Fmetlon
and Delighted Mineral elnimn, iu paid Lillooet '<
District, or .0mueh of   tlmlini.ls  ol   the  said1
eompany, situate In ^illooet Asscssi-iani   Disl-
tih.t   ks   may   be Miilicieiu  to  pny   the said
.Mineral   Tax  aud costs.
Given  ui d ir my band a; Mlloocl ,
tbis 18th day ol Oetober, lWlt,
Caspar Phair.
Assessor au-1 Collector f »r the Lillooet Ahkosi
mmit District.
nddrcsninR UK.  TA1-T  UKOS' MEDICINE CO.
Sold ly all Biuggists.
The Prospector is the]
best advertising mod-j UNtRAL BliCKSil
ium in this section!    AND HORSESHOEING.
Have your al in   at [Lillooet, Ii. C.
auter and good reputation in each state, one
in this county requlrod, to represent and ad<
Y«riisu old establUhed wealthy business lm"s-
e^ of Solid ftnancial standing. Salary (1800
Weakly with exftenses additional, all payable
Inciudi each Wednesday diret-t fiom head off*
1cm. Horse and uarrlagefl furnished «hen
necessary, Enclose self-addressed stamped
envelope. Manager, 31 ICaxtou   Building   c
Ch'n ago.
loncan's Station
F.  II. Nelson,  Prep.
Tin* iilmv. suit-is pnstpuiK"!   I"  tllC   twonty-
llfth day of Fobruivry, 1902, iii llm samu  l.oiir I
io*~nraml rullc'i-toi-lur the I,.!1iici-I   Ass
tllll  lliMtiil.
tlu.it * fnr CIS- of tfii-.st.s.
lining Property for sale
In British Columbia.
[.ILLOOET,   li. C.
tcpnirs   neatly  i*xeuute_.    Ilarness   -laili-
I .i.i*i rujialro-.
iNCORPOaATtD    189e.
For Downright Satisfaction,
Shipment after Shipment,
Ship Your Goods to Vs.
Full    Prices    and    Imme-
__S- - ■■  ...'   ' ~   " ~      ~   1
!    Tenders urn    Invited  for  ihe whole of th.
I propfurty, Ineluding   (howu (imnted   elnii'iK,
: inill site, f'y mile mill, ( apai Ity l> to 50 'onu
daily), tramway, assay .iMi <•, Inborn-lory and
(ntler-iiipment.of the Xornnt)   Ullooet  Hold
Iteefs t)<mipany hlnilU'd, slluaie in the I.illno.M
dlstrlet of BH.IkIi  rtiluiuhia;   IneludiiiE   ihn
' Ampin, Whale.   Moia.rch aud   Welland   '/alp
Inline*,   which   are Crown  urauiod, also  (he
N.irih Star, '.l.ihlen slrlpe,(Jol ten Eagle. Kuby
■iij.l jsin.it.> mineral   elaim,   in the samo   dNl
rlet, togoihor with a   tnu rstamp mill, much Ine
drllli and oilier equipments,   ('ash tendeiH for
ihn   whole    propnrty    aro     requostod    biit
uff krs   fur   working  options  or    for portions
uf the property a ill he considered      Krom lhe
forinei ei-on;. .>:<> mnsof on; has  been  milled,
with an asswy   valtin  appToxtmatlng $lti,(Hl   to
$11,011   Wi ;_ •*) road from Itailtoittl tu roil I. The
w bol>> .tt' the Kb ivu u ill boar luoklnjj Into and
invc>iteatio'i and nre an exceptional!}   li Ipor* ,
tan; and valuable   group  of i la1in«   with   full
' working i'i|ulpuiont.   Full partleulara inhv  be
had  on  appHoitiun    to   ISdgnr    lllooinrtold
Liquidator, r  D. Mux 713, Vancouver 1! 0.
A lull mock ..fall   Intlsof
I**, now for salebv
i    H. C. PARKER,
Store and Repair Shop in Uren lllock.
Cult ami examine slock.      No trouble tn
show goods
NJCV  v. K.S'l'jriXSTKK, 15. <-'.
Trains depart ns Wlmvsi-A-hcroft, Gciierui  HaT(l*\VarC,
E-StbnuniJ -;. 14 W.-ilioiind  2.y3
Train, pass i.yit.mM 1.1 OWS:- Paints, Oil.   and VarnislieB,
ta-tliunn- 30.57 Wc-lbounrl  5.28    |
Tourist Car Service—To St. Paul   do! v [ St'lVfS. iMlilintdtM.l ll'H'.l
Monlrcnl nml Kostnn Thurs.I ty*. and 'I'inwarO.
Toronto Tttesdax'n an.l Saturd.-iys, I
Mlnorn Steel, Plckn. Slinvdi, etc, Wlrn Cabli
I anil KiisseMViie Fi'iii'liiu.
.Hit aieiiiiier >r*-vlue ir.uii Vancouver lo
.1 \I'A\.
.M.unit-clur. rot all kin.t or
M SKK'S .sfl'I'LIKS. I'lCKS, Illlll.I.S    _trr.
Kone but the best material Mteil. Mlnem ~r
proRpucturH Hcnilhig in er'Aetn wilt recelrt
pruinpt attuntluti i.n.l hatlalacvloii guarantee
dlnle Payment Every lime.
Been Established 24 Years.
Write for Prices. Make Trial
Shipment.    Convince Yourself.
200-212 riRST AVE. N.
K_S.K_-APOUS>      -      f_.fii._:S0iTA.
wf5iX_    FOR     PRICtL    CIRCULARS.
To Delinquent
T.i M.KX ANllKH M.-IltiN M.li, ..rm nny  i,,m-
* 11 l.'1-.i'i* tti Wliuiii In- umy have   'r.iiis-
1.ii-.-.1 lil* Int-icHtii iii itn- 1 .■iiii-iiul.il ami
fimuh 11 mineral elaiii-.a h:ttmleni MHiilllvrny
rireuk, In llm l.lllm.et   MIiiIhh DIvUI  l.i.-
Inili'l .ii-l;'ii-l.
Vounru li l.y ii..iii':i-.l iliatlliftve e-:)onil.
prl iho *..in ..1 *u for la1-.. n-Mii'l Imprnyomeiitlt
111,1111 theabnvii iii.'ii'linml nilneinl iliilmn, lu
nrtlur in hiil.i»,il(l Minora! clullmi uuiler llm
|.r<.* i-i..i..i rn' iho Mlucnil Act. nuri   II vvl'hln
ninety >;.:*s r.  ihis noli te ynu l-il ur 11 '11*.-
t,i r inti-ilitiiL* yiiur port Ion nf mifh cxpen 'ttjtri'
mgi ihui   1 Itli ..II .'..-1 -.1 ailvii iIhIii.. yonr i...
I-VI -   * III -:  e\ rl.-n.:- V.lil ...'*... Ill lllll  |."n| ITl •
nl :h - 1 ..!.■ ri il.--!.  iiit'it-i- *» -.-ll.in -I  .if  1.11  ...
Untllll   '. Ihil Mu. -I.lt A-l Am. lldllllMll Art.I'.n      j
r„ •-;..' I.lllno-I u.is ~lst itiiy ul Suptopib
Carihoo and Lillooet
Stage Lines.
Vile, !i(r~r* Imokeil lo and  from   all
point- iu lowest ruti*.. H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
K'.u mc .on .n,i nm..-,,,,,, |BRITISH COLUMBIA EXPRESS
pnntphletH   will  be  furnUlieil on   up-.
plication to any    C.!'. I!   agent,  ortoj
H J. imivi.k,
A. <:. I'  \.,
Vaiiuouyer, 11. C
Head Office - Ashcroft, B.C
11. .7. ATKIN
Lillooet. B. C.
Minors Sirpplio.
Fanii Implements
Harness & Saddlery
Furniture, et<\,
All orders promptly nttiimi.ilto.
Hus meets all stuonten,    Teatnlnj; by At_t
or  cnntr.icl.     Ri^s  uiul  ln)r»es for
hire m moderate rat**.
,^ isJOK)^^ ^* & J$0^ ^ M ifiri )¥,
11151 l)»S ior F_.11 or SprinK plantini:
Seeds, Plants,
i:i-:r. s'.'l'l'l.ll'.'',
Catuliigue free.
Olinton  um,  way  points,  Monday,
1 Wi-ilii-clny uiul Kri.lay.
All   piiinin   iu   (.'aiil.oo—(HnrBellv,
JQ-ifsii.l Furl)*, Olilicuiun Alkali I*.it.-)
j .hi M<in.lava.
■1    150 Milt)   llnnee 111.il wny point.— 01.
Friday, ( u-ttni si-rv ie )
LiiiuO-l,     -- Mnn.Iny and K.idn. ,
S .fin] i'onv-)'Hii--~ ltiriiiplu-<l.   -.in'
lor iijldi'is.
tii. J. Henry,
no. Westminster Rond, Vnnn
l.lllou-t. II. C:
Mineral Act, 1896.
[Form r.)
Certificate ol Improvements,
St. Joseph   anrlSl..t'.l.i» Mliieml I'lalma
^Uu■rlte III the i.illinmt   Wlulttg   l>tvii«:-"n
ol tJlluout Diflrli-t,   Win-it- lnr«n*(l:   Tin
Aii'lt'iKon I ukf nml both ~\t\i>%ol Me_.ll
Iviny Citek
Take notice iIim. I. l*e'»ir Biirnrt. aninv «p
•itfeni  (or  A, St.    Umorm-   Umiinieii.l**y.   F.-*.
Mli:u.*V . erUlU-rtto No. li. -WJ*),   Free   Xint~r'«
•■ertltieati** Nn. tSWO, tntt-inl. rfxljr «l«ya U*p
in. iImIc hereof, lo iipplj-1» Ihe Njlnlnf ref^rrt-
i»r (nt h eerlHli'n-,e o( linf-rovrt^enic,  tt»r   .he
ptirpoxeof ohtH^iiltig  ri  i rnrtti (triijit  '■f rhe
ilinvf rliilinn,
And further teke notiee thnt ictjort, ntiiler
Meuttch 3", luust im I'mittneni v-l belore 'he l»-
• iinmii of BUeli CurliBrute of   lwipu»Ti_iri*.*i'e
D.i l l>i| (llin eiKlll-MMitb tuiy   01   (Vlobrtv.   lft«.
1'hlKK Mfl'.NKT.
K. M.  C.   No.   lA.)ftf.
,*a=3-_-_------i-'Tri i -ii i    I'_   ii i     pi
i Hnlf-Way Houe/j,^
IIaa-I*|tt«rtars foi *H St«ge*.


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