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The Prospector Jun 1, 1905

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 Vol. 7, No. 23.
ULLOOET,  B. C.    JUNE 1,   '05.
Dollar a Year.
12         3         4 5 6 7
8      9      10        11 12 13 14
15     16      17        18 19 20 21
22    23      24        25 20 27 28
29    30      31
12      3      4
6      6        7 8        9     10     11
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26     27      28      29      30
—-i  ii   -- .h .ni ■ I    —
X_iJ__2-TJD SXf_E_-VJ__\'_r<D_G-,
I make a trip througli Lillooet District
every summer.
Notice is hereby given that 6o days after
date I intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works for permission to
purchase 240 acres more or less of pasture
land situated in Lillooet District.
Commencing at a post marked M. E. Be-
loud Lot 66l N. E. corner ihence east 40
chains thenCe south east 20 chains thence
west 40 chains ihence norlh 20 chains to
point of commencement.
17 Mile House \
April 7,   1905. J
Encyclopedic Dictionary,—
6 volumes, cheap. Call at
my office and examine.
T. li. Brandon.
Notice is hereby given thai I shall at the
expiry of 60 days apply lo the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Work* for permission to
puicha^'640 acres of land, commencing at a
post at the S. E. corner of land applied for by
Alex. McEwen, thence north 80 chains, east
80 chiins, south 80 chains, west 80 chains to
initial post.
Empire Valley, JOHN McEWEN,
May 13, 1905.
Notice is hereby given that I shall at tbe
expiry of 60 days apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works lor permission to
purchase 640 acres of land, commencing at a
post placed at the smith east corner of land
applied for by John McEwen ; ihence nonh
80 chains; east 80 chains; south 80 chains;
\vest 80 chains to initial post.
Empire Valley,
Hay 13, 1905. THOS.   McEWEN
yu y&
Harry Gibbs has secured a
position, at the Birkenhead
Salmon Hacchery, and is up
there assisting with the construction work.
McMillan Fur Co new circular at Prospector Office.
W. Haylmore took $'-. out
of one pan of Cayoosh creek
pay dirt.
J. G. Y. Burkholder, a well
known Hamilton broker, arrived with three companions
to look after his hvdraulic
claim on Bridge River.
Bev. Mr. Laidley and family left for Sidney. B.C. They
had a very pleasant day at
RosebanK, Mr. A. Lochore's
beautiful place, on their way
to Lvtton.
MarK has leased the Smith
Liotel at Clinton.
The Dredge's President is
here from Iowa, and Mr. E.
Surveyor Ross was in from
McGillivray Mountain to record some claims, Jini Brett
was trying to scare him with
the Grizzly Bear History of
that hill.
Hurley's sawmill is being
re-installed at the old stand.
Stanley Marshall arrived,
from Vancouver.
A little Sunlight Soap will clean
cut glass and other articles until
they shine and sparkle.^ Sunlight
Soap will wash other ttos than
cbthes. f% iT
Naval Battle.
To live our life as though it be,
The length of all eternity.
To live as happy as he can*
Should be the object of each man.
To know all things that can be known
And reap alike as we have bowd.
To bow that seed which grows to be
Peace, Justice, Truth and Purity.
To merit all reward and reet
That come from sowing what is best
To Blay the savage, brutal part
That sticks tenacious to the heart.
To gft the savage in control
And feel it parting from the soul.
To feel that every day is more
And better than the day before.
To know not of an end that brings
Its aches, and pains, and pang0,
and Sting!1,
To look on death as though it be
Beyond the great eternity.
To be astonished when we die
As though we knew it not, nor why.
To weave a web of purest dye
And leave it to posterity.
Ashcroft, B. 0.
May 26, 1905.
At   Smith   Bros'
Vernon and Kamloops
Tokio,—Admiral Togo reports
May 27th as follows : —
Our combined squadrons attacked the Russian squadron today in heavy j-ea near O'Kino-
sliima, deieating* it, sinking four
ships and inflicting heavy damage on others ; damage to our
ships insignificant.
Under date of May 29th, Togo
reports that the main force of
our combined squadrons continued the pursuit since the 27th—
attacked the Russians on the
28th near Liaucourt Rocks.
Russian losses definitely known
so far, nineteen vessels.
There are more than two thousand prisoners on 4 ships which
surrendered, besides 2000 taken
by main force. Rear Admiral
Nebogutoff is among the prisoners. The personal fate of Admiral Rojestvensky is not known ;
some believe that he has possibly perished.
Thermofuge, Eno's Fruit Salt, Hall's
Hair Renewer, Assorted Perfumes, Min
ard's Liniment, Paregoric, English Nursing Bottles and rubber tubing for them,
Family Syringes, Household and Tyrian,
Sen Sen, Bieatblets, Sozodont, Epsom
Salts in oz. packetB, Pain Killer, Face
Powder, 3 H Liniment, Carboline for
tbe Hair. Strychnine Xtals for coyotes,
Lime Juice Tabloids, Lorillard's Scotch
Snuff. Emulsion C. L. Oil, Silver Polish,
Rough on Rats, Combs and Brushes.
Some of these goods bave been asked
for, and this is to let you know they are
Buv your medicines at the Drug Store,
Juat to the extent that you help us by
buying from Us, we shall be able to help
you by keeping a large assortment of
goods to 6upply your requirements
LILLOOET, IV ., he  Prospector.
fiiT'il"  I i
As the Prospector was being
issued last week, Court was in
full blast. Some Lillooet people
had been expecting the Sheriff,
With his jury summonses, but—
Alas! how many of our names
do you find among these;—
G. Anderson.. W. Boyd, A. Baser, E. Carson, T. J. Def-by, Robt.
Ferguson, Gfeo. Hardy, W.Kelly,
J. B. Leigh tail; J. McGillivray,
W. Saul, I). Stoddard, G. L.Wat-
won, Grand Jurors.
Petty Jurors,— S. Adairi-ton,
J. Bain, W. Bishop, I). Briggs,
It. Cowie, D. Carey, M. Buutoud.
C. B. Deans, E. Dougherty, J.
Eholt, C. H. Gibson, R. T. Grass-
ham, H Horan, W Hocking, J
Hocking, A Haddock, J Haddock
A. Jarvis, C Jourt, C L McCain-
lnon, J. Murdock, VV Murdock,
F. Mills, F Rosenburg, H C Ray-
son, I Stephenson, R. Stewart.
R. Stoddart, F. Welsh, A. Watson, J Gannon, A Wills, Gerald
Sweet. T. McCosh, G. Munroe.
Eex v_ Diedrich, theft,   Did not appear,
Grinder,       <~o not guilty
Mclnnee,     do do
McCauley    do ho bill i
GlencrosB, disorderly bouse   do
MclnneB vs Mclnnes Petition for Judicial separation, Petition granted.
The divorce caSe is a chapter
in a romance beginning in Paris,
and ending iu Clinton. He felt
like 59, and she looked only 50.
Meeting at the same hotel, he
Was enabled to render assistance
in connection with a lost ticket.
They met again in England She
held a good position' at $500.00
a year, but he had a mansion in
lovely Lillooet District, and she
c.ould not always work. A pure
matter of business, it was; but
not well carried out. The home
at Alexandria appeared to her a
mere hovel ready to fall down,
and he was a corker to drink.
And so it goes.
The Deputy Attorney General,
paid a visit to Lillooet before returning to Victoria. He took
the opportunity of visiting Seton
Lake, which' he declares is the
j'not-1 beautiful view he ever saw.
I' venture to say he enjoyed the
stage ride out, also,
Urltl-'i Tl'Inc Drinking.
The consumption of claret in Gttjat
Britain, which grew pretty steadily
after the French commercial treaty
nefptiato.-l by Mr. C'obden in 1861,
would seem to have received a check.
The importation of still wines from,
France hus fallen oft by 807„000 gnl-
lons. The sales of Burgundy, Sau-
terne and Chablis have not materially varied, and the deficit is entirely
attributable to the comparative neglect of claret. In spite of war in
the first five months of 1902 and
h: i taxation, there was an increase
in the consumption of champagne of
nearly 20,000 gallons. The declina
of claret has naturally been followed by an increase in the -drinking of
port. The importation of this wine
has increased by Stf.OOO gallon-, and
if Dr. Johnson's dictum be true that
claret is the drink for boys and
port wine for men, we ought, I suppose, says a London correspondent,
to rejoice at the change. All good
patriots will be glad to learn that
the- importation of German wines haa
fu'len off, and they will be equally
delighted to hear that there has been
a growth in the consumption of Australian wines of over 256,000 gallons.
Exhausted Nerves
Aching Head
Three years ef suffering—
Health restored by seven boxes
of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Persistent headaches usually come from an
exhausted condition of the nervous system, and
can never be cured until nerve force is restored
by sueh treatment as Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Misa Lacbink Wells, St. Catharines, Ont.,
writes: " For three years I suffered agony with
nervous headaches, and
my nervous system waa
entirely run down.
Though I consulted sev
eral physicians, I got but
little relief. On theadvice
of a friend I began using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
and it was not long until
the spells of dizziness and
fainting had entirely
• "I U3ed altogether
seven boxes of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food, and
. ,       now I do not know what
t is to have a headache. I cannot _ay too
much in favor of this medicine, for it has done
wonders for we and saved me many dollars in
doctor's bills."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, the great blood
builder and nerve restorative, £0c'f a box at
all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
J ortrait and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the
i iamous receipt book author, on every box.
Notice is hereby given that I shall at lhe
expiry of 60 days from da'e, apply for permission from the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, to purchase 640 acres of
land in :he District of Lillooet, commencing
at a poinl about one mile Irom North Kast
comer of Loi 325, ihence N<>rlh 80 chains,
Ihence wesl So chains, thence spilth 80 chains,
ihence East 80 chains to initial point.
Empire Valley,    )
March 20, 1905   J  S
Notice is hereby given that I shall at the
expiry of 60 days from date apply for permission from the Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works to purchase 640 acres of land in
the District of Lillooet Commencing ahout
five miles from North Last cornei of lot 225
thence north 80 chains thence west 80 chains
thence South 80 chains thence East 80 chains
to initial post.
«s,          c_.
ta          sa.
ta            tar
tar          na.
t-T               $3.
Paul Santini,
Arthur H. Martley
Henry Schwartz
_E3HJ~3~>TT~E3KS   &.   OUID-ES.
Our terms tire equitable.
We have a complete outfit.
We give you a guarantee.
April, '05
Empire Valley,
March 20,
alley,    )
, -900   f
Notice is hereby given that I shall at lhe
expiry of 2 months after dpte apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to
].u-chase 320 acics more or less of land in
Lillooet District commencing at a post about
I mile east of 19 mile post Lillooel & Clinton
waggon road thence south 40 chains thence
east 80 chains then norlh 40 chains theif west
80 chains to initial post.
18 Mi'e House,    )   DANIEL  HURLEY
April 10, 1905.    f
Notice is hereby given lhat at the expiry
of 60 days from date, I shall apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase 640 acres of land :
commencing at the S. W. corner of Lot 463 :
thence west 40 chains along the lines of Lois
463 and 464; ihciue north 160 chains, east 40
chains, soulh 160 chains to initial point,
Clinton, May
23rd, 1900. JOHN COLVIN.
■ 'vt,«e?~.'biGi;m-ii^st^Et:__:i^;Hr_.;;'~i6ii'st buyiNi; *
' '■*   '" -~__j___nt________:   '■■  •    *■*='   ' -•' -_■_-.--.   •■;„.:... 1.. :■...-...
••.,.;.;•       ■■■i\y  . ,;2iO<}.-.2I2     FI,RST      A VE~ ' N 0'.%T* .H     ' '    '.       .-     '
M INNE APpi-1s       '■'•/' M INNE SQJvA*
.VKPr-Tfl'lif• i Mfi.,rirXQUR CIRCl"  "R5 A klK KEEP POSTED
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, B.C. for permission to purchase 640 acres
of pasture land commencing at a stake marked N. E. corner about % mile west of Hog
Lake and I mile north of Lone Cabin creek,
Empire Valley B.C.—thence 8o chains west,
thence 80 chains south, thence 80chains east,
thence 80 chains north to point of commencement.
Dated May 23 '05. E. J. CARSON
Sixiy days after date I intend to apply to'
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
Victoria, B.C. for permission 10 purchase 640'
acres of pasture land, commencing at a point
about l mile north of Hog Lake, EmpireVal-
ley, B.C. —thence 80 chains norlh, thence 80'
chains east, thence 80 chains south, thencer
80 chains west lo poinl of commencement.
Dated May ~3,'05, I. H. CARSON. he Prospector,
Leaves Railway at Lytton at 7 a. m.
Monday., Tuetdays, Fridays, Saturdays
One hour at noon at Half-way House
Bench Lillooet ' p. m. Returning on
Tuesdays, ■Wednesdays, Saturdays and
8ui.da.vs.   47 miles along the Fiaser.
ReautiftiS   Scenery.
Special Trips   made.
Write to
P.     REBAGLIATI   &   CO.
Notice is hereby given, that 30days after
date, 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for permission lo
leas-.-320 acres of pasture land, described as
follows:— commencing at a post west of the
Lillooet-Alexandrin waggon road on the north
line of my lot 62, Lillooet District; thence I
mile west, thence a half mile north, thence I
mile east, thence a half mile south 10 point of
commencement; containing 320 acres.
bated this 9th day*l
of May,  1905.     J
Notice is hereby given, that 60 days af er
date, 1 intend to npply to the'Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for permission to
purchase 40 actes of land, more or less, in
Lillooet District, Commencing at a post clo>e
to the N. K. coiner of Lot 38, thence east 20
(chains, ihence norlh 20 chains, ihence west 20
chains, thence south 20 chains to initial post.
T.-vilion, B. C.
May 2, igo5. PETER   GARICAN
Nutioe is hereby given that 1 shall at the
expiry of 60 daysapply to the Chief commissioner of Lands and Works tot permission to
purchase 640 acres of land; commencing at
tlie south west corner of Lot 465 ;— thence
west 40 chains, north 160 chains, east 40
chains, south along the lines of Lots 466 and
466 to initial post.
Empire Valley, AUSTIN JANES
May 13, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that I shall at the
expiry of 60 days apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase 640 acres of land, commencing at a
post about half a mile wtst of the north west
corner of Lot 466, thence north 80 chains,
east 80 chains, south 80 chains, west 80 chains
to initial post.
Empire Valley J. S. PLACE.
May 13 1905
Clin toll and way points,
Advertising Rates low as possible,
Basis of 30 cents per square Inch,
per Month. Land or Mining Notices
3o days I4        60 days $6.
The Annual Report of the Minister of
Mines is out for 1904.   Some items in regard to our District are as follows,—
The year 1904 has shown an improvement over the previous, as some properties are being developed that were idle
for years. By an Order-ii-.-Oouneil, the
Southern boundary of Lillooet Miuin.
D.vision wijs extended to a Hue crossing
the Fraser 4 miles below Foster's Bar.
The Audei-son Lake M.& M. Co. property is bonded to J. Burley Smith, of
Montreal, who has also purchased interests in the White Rose and Ro.emount
and other claims on the creek, and is
expected to begin development work.
The Iowa-Lillooet Gold Mining Co'y
Limited, commenced dredging on their
lease on ihe Fraser on March 21st, 1904
and continued running until Dec. 21st
with a force of 10 men.   Soon  after the
all our boasted freedom, as compared to the past, we fall into line like j dredge was put in operation, some of the
mild-eyed sheep and follow the mass. continued breaking, resulting in
In the old days we might have been | °
great lo. b of time in procuring duplicate
parts from the East.   Not a month pass-
Making ot  Handmade  Goods Will Cultivate It in Canadians.
In Canada, above all other countries, we have great need to encourage individuality, for r>ur system of
public education, however excellent,
tikes but little count of the individual, and from a. certain standpoint
wo are educating on a system which
tends to destroy anything- like strong
individuality. In fact, if'you take
the spirit which prevails in our
smaller towns and villages you will
find a positive resentment against
the man or woman who dares to
strike out in any line of his own. Go
into our large stores and you will
find one huge table covered with tho I
same form of hat, reproduced a thou- |
sand times. Pass into the mantle de-
partment, and on great trees hang
coats and jackets of the exact cut
and make and color; and all this is
influencing our people and their view
of individuality and its right to assert itself in any line in life.    With
Jed by individuals;  t6-day  it is   tho   great lo.s of time iu procuring duplicate
unthinking   crowd    that    takes    tho
loud.     How   many    people think or
care what has  been  the origin     or
inspiration of any fashion we follow
great deal of gold was taken out here, by
Chinamen, from 1887 to 1901; but on
account of water, they weie unable to
mine deeper than about 15 feet below
the surface, which did not nearly reach
bedrock. The gold of this creek is very
The old channel of the South Fork of
Bridge liiver, which was (struck in 1903,
was worked again in 19.'4, and about
$1500.00 obtained.
Last spring was not so profitable for
Indians and Chinamen mining the bars
of the Fraser, on account of the water
riBing early and covering the pay grav_l;
otherwise much gold would bave been
added to the output.
The ascertained value of gold produced
in Lillooet Division for 1904 is $23,057,
but undoubtedly the itinerant Chinese
mining at the u; per and lower boundaries of the Division, sell a good deal of
iheir gold at Ashcroft or Lytton; which
is not estimated in the above amount.
The revenue collected by Mr. Phair in
1904 was $6,483.94.
td, without work being suspended  for
so blindly?    Surely there is nothing j repajrg  eomelimes a couple of weeks be-
so deadening, so calculated to   still
inglost, waiting for renewal parts; so j    T1)e Vancouver World has half
the output of gold, although conaidera- ft colllllJ11- ou fche wonderg o}  the
the be»t that is in the human soul,
as inciilTerence. Can the Society for
Arts and Crafts stir up the public to
take an intelligent interest     in   the   ,, .  ,, , „ ,. „ „.M„l.,i     r,-., 0
thought    and virtue which are     ex- I ,,lp' waa not ^ large as expected.   The L>k|e  f|.()ln   Jjytto„} with a driver
pressed in the handmade article, they   dre(lgei wuen working, paid very Well; h:^ Qeo,.ge<      A   traveller   who
showing that the bed of the liver holds [
will bring closer to tho mass of pur
chasers in the Dominion the problem*
whi h face the men and women who
design and execute the work they
propose to encourage. Thoso great
factories hide ao much from us that
is beautiful and worthy in human
lives and the struggles ot the work,-
crs to beautify t.lieir own ifives by
contact with beautiful things. Can
we but encourage work which will
not separate men and women from
thiir homes and their children, can
we but raise the taste of the richer
classes in the Dominion so that they
will take into consideration all tho*
a good handmade article represents
and be wiiling to pay for Jhat ideal
quality of human individuality, u*
Well as for the time and labor expended on its construction, we shall
have much to thank the Society oC
Arts *nd Crafts In Canada for. —
Lally Bernard, in The Globo.
The Nurse's
Two distress! ns cases of
eczema lastingly cured by Dr,
Ohase's Ointment.
ias staged in Californhx, Coloru-
snfflcientgold topay for dredging, and \{]o> CttpJboo alld the Yellowstone
that it can be saved by the appliances l^ g.iys theltf ttoll rideciipB
used on this dredge. No doubt, with tl.e j . ,iem u„ The scelipry ;, gp,e,._
experience gained, the wearing parts of i jj0 . t,,e t,.jp ()|l]y ^^ ^^ g
the next dredge built here, will be made illom.S) .^^ is \livk]ed sqnnn
stronger. I jn j.jJe ,11jlid]e \_,y a generous noon
hour, so the trip is not tiresome.
George has been doing* the trip 4
Four creek leaees for hydraulic mining
were worked in partnership by Messrs.
Babb, Walker, Ferguson and Swauson, years, without tne slightest mis
on Alexander Creek. They diverted tbe
creett, and laid 600 feet of flume, 2J x 3
feet, and built about 1000 feet of ditch
and flume to deliver water under a head
of 50 feet. They reached bedrock at the
end of tbe season, and intend putting in i
a sawmill, and expect to commence tak-
lug out gold when the eeason opens. !
At Cayoosh Creek, a channel is being
liap.   Quite a record.
O.  A.. PHAIR,
)£ General   Merchant. yfc
Outfits   and Guides   furnished
10   Hunting Parties.
60  YEARS'
Miss C. Stanley -Jokes, professional mas-1 blasted  through the falls, to lower the
sense and nurse, 283 Simcoe Street, Toronto, I
Ont., writes: "In my occupation as a nurse I   creek for the purpose of  mining  Mr.  J.
have come across many cases in which Dr. i
Chase's Ointment haa been used with extranr-   Jesperson'n two leases  to  bedrock.      A
dinary results.   One ca-e I recall was that of   „______________________
a ohild of sixteen months
who was in a vory bad way
with scr.ly head.   It was a
really ra«ty case, causing
the  child  to suffer very
much and to be very troublesome.    I persuaded the
mother to use Dr. Chase'a
Ointment, and in ten days
thechild wasentirelycured,
"Anothercase was ihal
of u lady who was greatly
distressed with eczema of
,the face.   The doctor was
dosing her with medicine,
which was doing no good.
•a- 1 a \i I& 'bis case cure was ef-
~a~~ JutteS fected in seven days with
only one box of Dr. Chare's Ointment. Both
of these cures were lasting."
Tho control which Dr. Chase's Ointment
exerts over eczema and all itching skin diseases
>*» wonder to all who have tested it.   60 cts.
Trade Marks
copyrights &c.
Anyone lendlnR n sketch and description mny
quickly aacsrtnlii our opinion tree whether an
InTantlon Is probably pi.tontat.le. Communications strlotSycot.il'lentlal. Handbook on Patents
•ent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patent! taken through Munn & Co. receive
tpecial notice, Tcllhout charge, lu the
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of anv . Pleiultlc journal. Terms, $3 a
year; tour months, $1. Sold by all newsdeale
» box at all d«to, « ~S.ta£«>~_. Bate. A      & |To %T£_J    j      fjT» (Ti'S
o*.**** ^     j, MUNN & Co_3S,Broadwa» New York
: Groceries, Hardvk'are,   Dkuos,  Photo
Supplies, Dry Coods, Etc.
LILLOOET     -     -     IB.     C-
W        is for        ^
General Store,
Agent i'or the B. X.
Miners   Supplies,
&c.   Lillooet,
Drop in
\m      aud       in
Brandt- Office. *!» F St. Washington, D'. C. The  Prospector.
■  •■■-•■ -      •■ ■"*•■-   -- •'■■' ■- *-- --■ T'l-iir
ID IR. _E3 ID Or ~E3
The Pittsburg Dredge Co will
operate at Lytton tliis fall. The
Directors are Ouiadiatis. The
startling* statement is mnde that
100 dredges will one day exist-
between Lilkn.et and the C. I'. R.
Never ! The lenses will amalgamate, and the whole 50 miles be
scooped by twenty machines.
The first attempt at dredging*
was made in 1891. It was simply a pump, and was too small
Next, the dipper dredge, was
all right in still water ; but the
Fraser   would not  keep still.
The Suction Dredge worsed 0.
K. Sucked up all the gravel in
flue style, and left all the gold.
Then appeared1 the Battery
outfit. The gold-savers were no
good, and the Ubiquitous Chinaman made quintuple wages, by
Washing the tailings, (laundry ?)
Well, the Clam-shell machine
was a Scheme— It handled those
bothersome boulders, but they
kept the jaws open enough to let
the precious gravel out.
The New Zealand bucket rig
beats thein all, but must be varied to suit conditions, as is done
at Lillooet by the Iowa folks.
The river is said to-be leased a
distance of 110 miles below here,
but is open for location above,
from the bridge up.
No bedrock has yet been reached in this river. Gold is found
iu alternate streaks. First one
of pay, then a layer of chicken-
feed, or decomposed rock, then
sand &c until blue day is struck
at a depth of 35 or 40 feet, not
reached, however, by the scoops.,
under ordinary conditions ; but
this year the water will be lower
than in fifty years, and 15 feel
through that clay may be worked, and  bedrock   tested.
There will be great doings all
along the Fraser in August, and
some old miners say, tlie output
will rival 1858.
Experience would seem to indicate that leases are valuable in
inverse proportion to the swiftness, and depth of the water.
McDonald and ^IcGiifivrayj Ltd.
General   Merchandise,
Clinton   B. C.
By George Hurley.
Bailiie Hotel - LYTTON
Under   Entirely New   Management.
Excellent  Accommodation for Travellers.
A choice and  varied Assortment of liquors   and cigars,
Good  Stabling
Charges Moderate.
Is  the  v.-estern  metropolis  oi  Canada
Is the newspaper that you should read I
if you want to keep abreast of the !
Sub?cr:ption price, Daily, $5.00;
Weekly, ,,1.00 a year. Send ub 2uc for
the Daily for a month and see for your-
self   what   we   are.
P. O. Box 812, Vaneouver, D. C.
or. w. PBABsois*,
If this be respectfully marked red
It moans tliat your subseiipton tind
my rent liave not been paid.
If miirked in a thankful blue you
will know your dollar got .here,
nnd a receipt Is returning.
The Old Bath Hotel.
For nearly 150 years the old Bath
Hotol has been looked upon by generations of Londoners as one of the
mysteries which only the aristocratic
might penetrate. There is something-
forbidding in the words, painted on
the Piccadilly sk'e oi the house.
"Bath Hotel—for Families and Gent-*
lemon," and millions of people must
have looked upon the plain, dowdy
old corner building, with its coat of
dirty paint, and have fancied the interior to be, by contrast, a marvel of
But now, being doomed to destruction, the old place has been subjected daily to inspection by brokers,
and the auctioneer has sold its contents. And the famous Bath Hotel
stands revealed as a wretched jumble
of passages and rooms, devoid of attraction, nnd fit only for the houso-
breakor. Its floors have reached the
"•Witchbaok" stage. There are un-
siispected little steps, some up and
some down, into many of the rooms.
The old portable baths—in a Piccadilly Hotel!--emphasize the change
which has taken place between t.he
era of the Bath and the era of Clar-
idge's and the Carlton.
All over the West-end the "hotel de
luxe" is springing up. In Sloane
Slreet, tbe Oadogan, close by the
Hans Crescent, in Mount Street, the
Cobourg. in Kensington Gore, the
Be "Vere and Royal Palace Hotels,
nil tell the same tale. And thc middle-aged hotels in Albermarlo Street
and thereabout are blossoming into
a new and more luxuriant existence.
—London Mail.   •
Notice is hereby given that 60 days froth
date I intend to apply 10 ihe Chief Commis'-
sioner of Lands nud Works for permission to
purchase 320 acres of pastoral land sitilfetect
in Lillooet District, crnunencing at a posl
nt the northwest corner of Lot 536, marked
Elisabeth Foster's Southwest post, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 4-j chains, ihence
south So chains, thence west 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated the 5th dayl ELIZABETH FOSTER
of April; 1905.   f
Notice is hereby given that 60 days from
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of. Lands and Works for permission to
purchase 320 acres of 1'astoral land .situated
in Lillooet District, on Thomas J. Cole's
mountain, commencing at a post marked
Moses Foster's west post, thence north 40
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence west 80 chains to point of
Dated this oth day i
of April, 1906      /
SITUATED in the Lillooet Mining District
on McGillivray Creek aboul 2 miles above
Anderson Lake. Take notice that I, J. H-
Purdy, free miner's certificate No. U5L'8d4
nnd I, Dr. Alfred Poole, free miner's certificate No. 13 78438 intend 60 days from dale
hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
certificate of improvements for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the above claims
and further take notice that action under
section 37 must be commenced before the
issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 14th clay of April 1905.
Notice is hereby given lhat I shnll nt llie
expiry of 60 days apply to lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for permission to
purchase 640 acres of land, commencing at u
post about one mile up little Cliurn creek from
its junction with liig Churn creek, ihence
north 80 chains, east 80chains, south 80 chains
west 80 chains to initial post.
Empire Valley, May 15, 1900.
IVE. J"~.
TELEPHONE Mineral Claims.
Situate  in   the  Lillooel Mining Division of
Lillooet   Wstrict.      Where located,  on Cadwallader creek, a tributary  of Bridge  River.
Take notice thut I,   Leslie Hill, Free Miner's
certificate,   No.   It 81409  for  myself and as
agent for E.J. Taylor, Free Miner's certificate
No. B 5:1-182  and L. G. Burns, Free Miner's
certificate  No. B 8o353,   intend, sixty  days
from the dale hereof,   to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements lor
the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the
above claims.
And further lake notice lhat action under
section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
I'l-ntcd this 8th dav of   \     LESLIE HILL
i   A1
)ated this 8th day of    \
April, A. I>.   1900.     I
-"■fT-AT-JIT     TBEB3
E_:~~E]isr_Ry"2r,s :ntt:~r. series
"V" -A.1STC OU 7EB
Noticd   is  hereby given that I shall at the
expiry of 1 months  afler dale  apply   to the
I Commissioner of Lands and  Works  10 pur-
TE.EIH13 I chase 5o acres more or less of hnd iu Lillooet
  j District commencing at a post near top of 17
mile hill west side of waggon road t.1211 north
to my pre-emption then west to my post then;
south to southeast post  then   east   to   initial"
iS Milt: House, ' lllo:.. }■ 1 ■.Ll'.,.


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